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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 8, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> yes, how would you like to wear these? these are eyves st. laurent. they're so heavy, you have to look them back. maria: that's quite an earring. these are great. >> some are almost museum pieces and this is a copy of the necklace that jackie kennedy had and that was copied from the necklace that the duchess of windsor had, and i wore this many times. maria: of course, the letters from all of the men who loved you so much, like warren beatty, i saw that as well. joan collins, thank you for joining us, julien's auction is where all of these are. stuart, so sorry, pass it to you. apologies. stuart: no problems, maria. joan collins is joan collins, i've got it. maria: i'll say. stuart: no muslims allowed, trump said it last night and yet again, he dominates the
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headlines and the debate today. good morning, everyone. there's near universal comden nation of trump's call of stopping muslims coming into america. some are calling it unamerican and an uproar, trump is at the center of it again. and trump slips to second place in an iowa poll, he's not used to being second, but a national poll puts him on top with a solid lead. new developments in terror. farook had money transferred to his bank account weeks before. and pipe bombs were found at his home, timed to kill first responders. it was a deadly terror cell in our own back yard. look out below, your money is at risk in the markets today. the oil plunge down again. the likely rate pike, slow down in china, you add it up. the dow will be down close to 200 points today.
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down 200 in a few minutes' time. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ >> the hatred is beyond comprehension of such a big portion. where the hatred comes from and why, we'll have to determine. we're going to have to figure it out. we have to figure it out. we can't live like this, it's going to get worse and worse. stuart: that was donald trump from a rally in south carolina just last night. he wants to ban muslim immigration until lawmakers figure things out. look who is here, former new york city police commissioner ray kelly, the author of the book "vigilance" a very well-timed book, mr. commissioner. >> yes, yes. stuart: you heard what donald trump had to say last night. you were the police commissioner in the largest city in america. what do you make of his call to
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stop any and all muslim immigration. >> whether it would work or not, the constitutional right to extend beyond the citizen so i assume it will be fought out if he goes further. stuart: is he raising an issue? is he voicing what may be popular opinion below the surface, not on the part of the political elites, but under the surface there, at the giving voice to a feeling in our country? >> yeah, people are concerned. san bernardino is not exactly the center of the universe so people are very much concerned throughout the country now. there is this idea that big cities were the ones that were mostly at risk and, of course, this attack has changed that. so, yeah, there is a lot of anxiety out there, no question about it. stuart: to respond to that anxiety, would you have more surveillance of mosques, more intrusive surveillance of mosques, given your druthers if you had the power to say do this, this and this? >> no, i would follow leads as
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to what we did, followed leads wherever they took us. if they took us to a mosque, so be it. if they took it to a synagogue or a church, so be it. it shouldn't be a-- >> didn't new york city at one time look at specific mosques, right after 9/11, they figured those mosques were radicalizing institutions and they picked on them and went after them and looked at them. >> no. and surveilled them. >> only in particular investigations. people going to the mosques who were involved in suspicious activity. stuart: do you agree with me, do you think that trump is voicing not a popular opinion, but a beneath the surface opinion? do you think he is? >> i think he's touched a nerve. stuart: he has? >> and there's tremendous anxiety out there and he's using that and apparently using it effectively. stuart: i want to talk about the $28,500 transferred to seed
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farook's bank account weeks before the accident and also about the pipe bombs found at the house in california timeded supposedly to go off after first responders arrived. they didn't go off. you were a first responder and-- >> i find it hard to believe that the family knew nothing about this. 19 bombs. it's 1100 square foot house. the mother supposedly lived upstairs, so, i mean, that's pretty close quarters. a lot of information potentially was without, and people coming and going from the house. as far as the $28,000 is concerned, it may very well have been suspicious activity report filed on that. it takes a long time for that to be processed. there are millions every year. so, you know, i certainly would like to find out where it came from and i think they will. stuart: big picture.
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are you comfortable with our stats on domestic terror at the moment? would you like to go after them more than we are? >> what i think we have to do is involve smaller cities, smaller law enforcement agencies. the fbi has a network of joint terrorism task force, there are about 100 throughout the country and that only covers-- it doesn't cover every law enforcement agency. >> do you want more informers? >> we always try to get enveloped and you get informed in a variety of ways. you look at who has been arrested and you look at the list. stuart: you've got a lot of people who are worried, they see something, say something and then maybe get sued? >> no, these things are anonymous. you call the hot lines, you don't want to give the information, you don't have to give the information. i don't see any downside to reporting what you see as suspicious activity. stuart: that's what we need to do. is our system working that ray kelly is comfortable with this? >> look at it this way, we had
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a horrific attack on september 11th, 2001. up until november 13th, the attack took place, we haven't had another successful attack here. that's a long run. the system is not perfect by any means. the law enforcement, the fbi, rolling up these people over 70 cases that have been made in the last 14 months, 16 months. i think that's a good record. stuart: ray kelly, thank you for being with us. very important. we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: two new polls that they tell you about, i'm going to tell you about them. first of all, from iowa, it's an iowa poll, it's a monmouth poll, this is iowa. ted cruz second, rubio, and this is taken after the san bernardino poll. >> and this was taken before,
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during and after the shooting. trump 33, cruz 20. carson 16, rubio 11 and bush way wn at 4: all right, let's address the trump issue. do you think that trump's proposals could give him a bump in the polls? >> well, that's what's been happening. every time president obama fails to address the concerns of the nation as i think he evidently did on sunday night. trump gets stronger, more bellicose and guess what, gets standing ovations when he launches verbal fire bombs like he did in the last speech. this is pretty extreme. i think most americans are going to say, wait, this is know the country i believe in, we do not have religion tests, et cetera. people are anxious and with all due respect to commissioner kelly, we did have the boston marathon bombings and have been other things going on, fort hood shooting, et cetera. this administration has failed the american people in terms of
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intervening and thwarting isis in sirius. people are worried they're having the same impact here, ie, they're failing here. in terms of refugees and people coming into the country, a republican lawmaker announced yesterday that intelligence shows that these syrians that are applying for refugee status in the united states, there is evidence that isis is trying to penetrate that stream of refugees and it happened in europe. people are going to be worried it's going to happen here. ashley: it shouldn't be a surprise. >> no, it isn't a surprise. stuart: i'm not supporting trump, not condemning trump, i'm asking what the view of the average voter, not the political elites, the average voter. we don't know yet, we haven't seen the polls, i have a suspicion we could see a bump for trump. welcome back. i've got news all over. apple unveiling a surprise new product today. jo ling kent has the story in
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case you missed it. >> an external battery case that could add 24 hours of juice to your phone. so it looks like this, you can see it there, white and gray, $99, but many say it looks like the mofi charging case which has been so popular. chipotle is having new problems in massachusetts. college students became sick after cheating at chipotle over the weekend. the federal investigators say the e. coli outbreak has expanded to nine states. they've temporarily closed down this in the circle. they say there are no confirmed cases connected in massachusetts. stuart: may i interrupt, that screen closed at 5:51 and open at 5:29, thereabouts, there's another 20%, 20 point loss on chipotle on the news. jo: they're feeling the heat on that. >> down to 530 from 551. must have dropped a hundred
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points or so in a day-- >> good news for lebron james, a deal fit for a king. the basketball star signed a lifetime contract with nike. the company isn't saying how much it paid, but it's the first deal of its kind and espn is reporting it will easily surpass the 10-year, $300 million deal that kevin durant signed with nimike. stuart: there's money out there. >> our next guest is calling for stronger vetting of migrants. he's a democrat. we'll deal with that in just a moment. the markets, real action today. they're going to open the door, much lower 20 minutes from now, we'll be down in the neighborhood of 200 points lots of factors involved here. oil down, china reports a near 7% export. janet yellen likely to raise rates and down a near 200 points in the opening.
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this is one of the drivers, oil. at 3709 right now, just a few moments ago, it was at 36.80. that hurts the market, but brings gas prices down. 2.02 the average, can we hear the-- no, no trumpets, this is a serious day. more varney in a moment. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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>> a senior official tells fox news, iran has carried out a medium range ballistic test. this breaches two u.n. security resolutions. the white house was aware and when pressed, did not offer any. and it breaches the iran nuke de deal. and this is happening at donald
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trump calls for a ban on all muslims entering the country. trump's son, donald trump, jr. stopped by fox and friends this morning and told an interesting story. watch this. >> the driver that you said, this is not someone i've met before. i want to introduce myself, i'm a muslim. oh, boy, this is interesting. i'm still for everything your father is saying i went back two years ago to my country and my brother-in-law who came with us for vacation was kidnapped and held for ransom, i don't want to see that here. stuart: that was donald trump, jr., got it. and with me, john, welcome to the program. good to have you with us on a very important day. you want a safe haven for people coming to america, but you also want stricter screening of refugees. so, would you accept syrian refugees into california as-is now without extra screening? >> well, the current screening program has been in place for
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some time. i think there's some 21, 2300 syrian refugees that have come to the united states and all of them screened, but we want to make sure that it's better and that that screening process works all the way through. starts with the u.n. and then the united states, various agencies get involved. we've got to be very careful, but we do know the want to slam the door and make sure we maintain an open countries. stuart: there are people in the pipeline ready to come to california. will you accept them or will you ask for, at least nicely ask for, more screening of those in the pipeline coming to california? >> well. >> the legislation that we passed simply said that the president -- that the agencies responsible, fbi, homeland security, that the heads of those agencies certify that appropriate screening had been done and that these people are not terrorists or likely to become terrorists. so, i think that's been done and it needs to be looked at and. stuart: are you comfortable with that.
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>> am i comfortable right now? yes. stuart: they walk into california, you're comfortable with this? >> i am comfortable with it and i don't want to slam the door on refugees. stuart: what happens, and i don't want to be speculative or pejorative. >> sure. stuart: what happens if some of these refugees who come in now under the existing vetting process, turn around and kill americans? what will you do? will you feel in any way responsible for what's happened? >> well, here is the situation. these refugees have come in, unlike people that come in on the visa waiver program, thisser' continued to be monitored, they're not just in the community. they're monitored and every sing of one of them is connected to some organization and some in the community, usually a church organization and continued to be monitored unlike the visa waiver program and obviously, the fiancee waiver visa program. those programs do not provide
9:19 am
the continued monitoring. stuart: would you stop them? >> the refugee program does provide continuing monitoring of the refugees that come here. so. stuart: are you comfortable with the program. okay, the fiancee visa. the killer in california lied on her fiancee visa application, the lady on the left there. would you be comfortable stopping or at least awes spending temporarily the fiancee visa program? >> well, we certainly want the visa waiver program to be really clamped down and take a very, very close look at that. obviously there's a problem. stuart: would you stop it and look at it closely now? >> it's not a matter of stopping it. it's a matter of saying, as of a week ago, the fiancee behavior program all around the world, wherever those were in the process of being vetted. those vettings need to be ramped up and a much closer look at every one of those. should it be stopped? probably not, but certainly, it
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ought to be much more heavily vetted and a more careful look at it. similarly with the visa waiver program for those countries that are in that process and more than 20 just in europe. stuart: i'm sorry, i don't have more time. i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. stuart: how about this, the air in china is so bad you can choke on it and that's no joke. you can. they're closing schools and all kinds of things because of that, what you're looking at. more stories in just a moment. will you look at that? sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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>> extraordinary video, beijing issued its first ever red alert for heavy smog. schools closed for three days. this is soot and particulate matter in the air. ashley: it's pumped out by coal fired power plants, other industries. the particles in the air, 30 to 100 times thinner than a strand of human hair. the danger is it's solid mass and you can breath it in, it lodges in the lungs. tremendous health hazard. schools are closed for three days and you can only drive every other day and they're getting pushback from the chinese people. one of the state run newspapers
9:25 am
say how bad the air quality it in new delhi, india. there was a huge kickback on that, people angry saying you've got to do something. stuart: let's talk about particulate matter in the air and a gas. >> this is something they have to address, it's nothing to do with the accord. stuart: check the futures market, please. you don't like this. we'll be down nearly 200 points at opening bell. we're all over that one. plus, hillary clinton wants to tax companies who leave the country. tax them on the way out is her policy. and later in the hour, judge napolitano on donald trump wanting to stop all muslim immigration.
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all of these stories in a moment.
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>> people are concerned, san bernardino is not exactly the center of the universe so people are very much concerned throughout the country now. there was this idea that big cities were the ones that were mostly at risk and, of course, this attack has changed that. so, yeah, there is a lot of
9:30 am
anxiety out there, no question about it. stuart: that was ray kelly, former police commissioner in new york city. remember, everybody, we start sharp 9 a.m. every tuesday. the good stuff. the opening well is ringing and it will start trading and it will not be pretty. we're going to be down maybe 200 points right from the get-go this morning. the dow is falling. check two big oil companies, exxon and chevron. and i don't know whether that's enough yet or not, but they will be down and that will drag the dow down. wait until you see the price of oil. that's another huge negative for stocks this morning. ashley is here, liz: and what's going on this morning, what is dragging down stocks? is it china, which has much lower exports announced today? is it interest rates likely going up? you first, you say it's armageddon if janet yellen raises rates this month. make your case.
9:31 am
>> good morning, stuart. look, i don't think it's armageddon. i think if they don't raise rates, it's a problem and shows weakness, i think they have no clue of what's going on, backwards in this economy. they should raise rates where they could have growth from entrepreneurs and small businesses, interest rates where banks are willing to loan money. until we get to that point, i think it's a disaster by the federal reserve because with their inability to step up and say, we don't care about the stock market, let it go. stuart: tom thinks it's a disaster if we don't raise rates. mike murphy, is it a disaster if we do raise rates? >> absolutely not. we need to raise interest rates where we're no longer in a zero interest rate environment. the fed has done a good job of kind of walking us to these
9:32 am
points. they're telling 80% likelihood they'll get a hike next week. i think today's market down 2 had 200 points, puts us roughly 4% off all-time highs. it's not a time to be panicking, but looking at your portfolio and making quality adjustments. stuart: i want to show you the price of oil. we're at a seven-year low. of $36 level, 37.04 right now, the price plunged in the last couple of days and clearly affected the stock market. tom, come back in, please. i don't see-- with a glut the way we've got a glut around the world. what is there to stop oil going to $30 a barrel or lower still? >> there's nothing really to stop it except if the u.s. dollar becomes much weaker. these are the unintended cons
9:33 am
questionses of pushing the markets down and manipulating currency throughout the world. we've got our commodity markets at 18 year lows-- oil eight-year lows or seven-year lows. if we raise rates the dollar should raise and more pressure on the commodity space. >> the s&p 500 turned negative for the year and the dow industrials are down close to 200 points the first business liz: the energy sector is getting hit hard and the dollar strengthsening does cause oil prices to drop in value and that opec has lost control. the cartel can no long are command the market for oil as the basic individual states in opec are blowing off the ceiling and opec, it's like every man for itself. ashley: i think that opec levels are irrelevant.
9:34 am
stuart: any stop to 30, or below? >> could oil drop another 20, 25%? i don't believe it could. stuart, i'm not a trader of oil and i think most the people watching this program are traders of oil. as i've said in the past, on days like this, you have the selloff in oil. i'm looking at chevron paying a 5% dividend this morning. that's what people should be looking at. ashley: the pressure, the lower it goes, does it put pressure on any of the oil companies to cut dividends? because a lot of money goes into those stocks for the dividends liz: 56% drop in sales for global oil producers. it's wiped out. >> and ash has the question. if it got so bad. that large oil companies, not talking about the smaurl companies, but the big ones, there's nothing out there that
9:35 am
tells you 37, 35, 30 that these companies are going to cut their dividends. they're to scare people, but nothing tells they they've plans on cutting dividended. stuart: i see this as a positive. we move overnight to 2.02 the national average for regular, now, the question is, if the oil price plunge overall a plus for america's economy or it's a minus or america's economy. to you first, mike. >> the gas price plunge is a huge positive for the economy. you can look and say certain retailers are getting hit, but i don't think that has anything to do with overall spending. look at amazon's money, some of the retailers will this to shift away from bricks and mortar to keep up with amazon. >> it's cheaper to transport goods when gas prices are low.
9:36 am
it's a knock-on effect for parts of the economy. stuart: tom, is it good for the economy or bad for the city when oil plunges to $36 a barrel. >> a plunge in oil prices here is good for the consumers who has to pay rent, authority, the average american is not making what they ma made five years ag. and yes, amazon is providing big numbers, why? they're selling stuff that home depot sells and every other consumer staple product. we're not getting excessive buying, we're getting purchases through home depot-- through amazon. stuart: eon and chevron leading oil companies both now down 3% as ail goes down to 36 and
9:37 am
change per cheryl. the dow industrial is low for the day. a couple of individual stocks. toll brothers, weaker profits there, it's down 3 1/2%. ref year for go pro stock, you've seen it on this program yesterday. it's down again not much, it's at $17 a share. netflix down after the chief content officer said its plan to overseas has not been easy. lots of politics involved. mike murphy did you still like netflix even at 123? >> still like netflix, they're getting competition, but they're ahead of the field. you hear over and over, content is king. and netflix will take their own programming from 16 original content program to over 30 next year. this is a positive.
9:38 am
they've shown they can put out good jobs so people will went to got on to this, they shock on net flex, you can't reach sports there. >> maybe they'd be interested in getting into sports, forming their own sports league. >> oh. >> i don't know, i just want to throw that out there. stuart: and s&p and the dow negative, the dow, we're down 217 points so we've fallen from the opening bell, eight minutes in the session, down 216 as we speech. some boston college students and athletes became sick after eating in chipotle. a big drop in that stock yesterday. nicole, where is it today? >> 5%, it's off the lows of the day. talking 30 boston college members, and some athletes of the basketball team, but chipotle noting a spokesperson saying while they're looking at 20 reported cases here, they
9:39 am
said 30 students, that there's no direct correlation yet to chipotle in massachusetts. so, that's under investigation by the public health department of massachusetts. in the meantime, though, stock is wasting no time selling off and it's down 25% this quarter. and yesterday we talked about the fact that they said it's dropping this quarter. stuart: down 22 a share right now. and mike murphy, would you think it's going down some more? >> i do, i don't think we've heard the end of the story. i think that chipotle has it figured out. it's the e. coli scare in other states and told us on friday, sales are roughly down. and more sales to come, and more drops in steals to come. i wouldn't be a buyer. >> ouch. how about nike. that company announcing it's signed a lifetime sponsorship deal with the nba superstar lebron james, down a fraction, down .4%.
9:40 am
i guess the market likes the news. nike hasn't said exactly how much it's worth, but, mike, it's going to be huge, gigantic. >> it's going to be huge roughly 300 to $400 million-- 400 to $500 million for lebron james. stuart: wait, let me get that, 400 to $500 million. >> and ken durant was ten years for 300 million. and lebron is bigger. air jordans, michael jordan selling 2.5 billion in sales of air jordan products last year for mike. you tell me if lebron is as close as you're going to get to michael jordan, it could turn out to be a nice deal. ashley: many kids never saw jordan play, but they still want the shoes. stuart: hillary clinton set to announce plans to impose an
9:41 am
exit tax on companies that move their headquarters out of the country or merge with foreign firms to escape high taxes at home. todd, i think we've got the shot back. excellent. okay. what do you make of that idea, the exit tax, any comment? >> i think that it's the most ridiculous thing i've heard in my life. why don't we have an exit tax to bring them back. if we do the right thing in the first place, we wouldn't have these. we've got too many minds that one could-- >> i think he meant an exit tax break. and announcing tomorrow, it's up to congress to overhaul the tax code. the republican say you can't rebuild the tax, you've got to have a stable tax environment. stuart: she's running dependence wall street, that's what she's doing. big bad wall street.
9:42 am
check that big board one last time. we're no longer down 200 points. we're only down 193. donald trump says stop all muslims coming into america. now, what would judge napolitano say about that? he is next. so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> we're not exactly coming back, but we're back a little. we're now down 172 instead of 220. that's where the dow is now. how about the price of oil. 37.16. it had been at the $36 a barrel level. it's way down. energy stocks taking a hit. in fact, one third of the energy stocks in the s&p 500 are at their lowest level in more than a year. the big names are way down. and how about this?
9:46 am
headline of the day, donald trump speaking at a rally in south carolina last night, he says, no muslim immigration until lawmakers figure out a better plan. roll tape. >> the hatred is beyond comprehension of such a big portion. where the hatred comes from and why we'll have to determine. we have to figure it out. we have to figure it out. we can't live like this. it's going to get worse and worse. stuart: now, some people say he struck a nerve. did he strike a constitutional nerve with judge napolitano? can you do that and ban all muslim immigration and do it within the constitution? >> no, the congress writes the laws and not the president. even if the congress wrote a law and the president attempted to enforce it and the law was based upon a religious test, the courts would invalidate it before any meaningful endorsement.
9:47 am
it removes from the government's arsenal the concept of religion for a variety of historical and moral reasons, the freedom of religious is enshrined in the first amendment, the great amendment, the most important amendment to reflect the commitment of the country in 1789 and up to the present time of the primacy of this right. stuart: could congress pass a law which says no immigration from this country, this country, this country. >> yes. stuart: it could do that? the religion test-- >> it would only require congress to exclude people from the place they were born. there are moral implications there and may be some constitutional implications there because it's an immutable character of birth. one could never change the place of one's birth to qualify. there is no express in the constitution as there is
9:48 am
religion. stuart: you're a constitutional scholar and what he proposes is unconstitutional, i've got it. look below the constitutional scholar level. >> what he's done for his own cause is brilliant. he has energized his base. he has caused people like us-- >> his base is getting bigger, i suspect, i don't know, but i suspect. >> he's caused people like us without expending a nickel, all he did was distribute a four line statement last night and everybody in the media is talking just about this. and the jeb bushes, chris christies, ted cruzes and marco rubios, can't get a word in to draw attention to themselves. donald trump has demonstrated himself as the master communicator, master manipulator of the media and the master expander of his base. fox and friends did an informal, unofficial e-mail
9:49 am
poll of fox viewers last night from 5:00 when this announcement came out to 5:00 this morning. stuart: and the results? >> 99% approval. unofficial, unscientific, but telling nevertheless. stuart: it's fascinating, judge, it is. >> it's fascinating. from my point of view, it's grist for the mill. it's politics-- it's unique, i know him and have a financial relationship with him, his unique ability to capture the center of attention like nobody else can. he captures the center of attention more than the other 14 opponents combined and it's not even close. stuart: what is everybody, every network, and newspaper talking about this morning in donald trump and muslims, that's it. he makes a four line statement and he's the-- >> and jeb bush is spending, he
9:50 am
did not spend a nickel. and what about the case about the coach who was fired. stuart: later in the program naturals saints tight end benjamin watson wrote a book about race in america. he shares his thoughts on trump and muslims. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much,
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>> 23 minutes into the trading session and we are down 173 points. how about the price of oil, which is to some degree driving this market selloff. right now the price is $37 a barrel. what you're looking at. there is oil, 37.34 and it's helping push stocks down. the children's place, higher profits, up 8%, that stock even in a sharply down market. high profits and sales and autozone as well, another winner in a down day. it wasn't just the left feeling outraged at donald trump's comments, calling for a ban on muslims coming to america. republicans condemned the ideas as well. first off john kasich, this is more of the outrageousness that characterizes. that's kasich.
9:55 am
and jeb bush says he's unhinged. and lindsey graham called him down right dangerous. and mercedes joins me now. do you have a suspicious that the political elites on both sides of the aisle are opposed to trump on what he says about muslims, but voters may well like what he said? do you have a sneaking suspicion that that's happening? >> you know, i think that it's time will tell. we've seen trump make inflammatory comments before. it's actually helped his numbers as opposed to hurt him in terms of the g.o.p. grass roots base. with that being said, you know, conservatives pride themselves in being staunch defenders of the constitution and if donald trump continues with his approach on this policy on banning muslims from entering the country, he's basically trampling on constitutional rights which is clearly against what conservatives believe in. it's going to be interesting to
9:56 am
see how the base reacts, but stuart, what's important here is the fact when you have a vacuum of leadership in the white house, it gives the opportunities for candidates like donald trump to make these outrageous comments and people applaud. stuart: that's precisely right. on sunday evening president obama addressed the nation and it was underwhelming, according to many people who watched his performance. 36 hours later-- actually 24 hours later, donald trump makes this emotional statement, no muslims, no more muslims, it's not a detailed plan, it's obviously unconstitutional and unworkable, yet, you're right, he jumped into a political vacuum with an outrageous statement that really catches the nerve of the country. >> and last night i was talking to one of the trump representatives and they said this is under the banner of immigration and i was like, if it is under the banner of
9:57 am
immigration, why not talk about securing the border or close the border, but to target a specific group of individuals, muslims, many of them who are being persecuted by isis, is just so unfortunate. it just is so-- it takes it to a point whereas americans-- >> i've got 20 seconds left. i'll pose it to you. will you answer it? the next poll taken after trump's comments, will trump be up or down? >> i think trump will stay where he's at. i don't think you'll see him go much further up. i think he's pretty much sit a ceiling. and ted cruz strong on foreign policy and could attract evangelical voters, again, it's interesting to see, but i think that trump has reached his ceiling. stuart: you'll live on videotape. all right, mercedes schlapp. thank you. an important day. there were warning signs before the san bernardino attack.
9:58 am
money trail and a neighbor. and tracking down al qaeda islamis islamists. she spoke upon zero dark 30, about the capture of usama bin laden. she's on the program, coming back in just a moment. cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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10:00 am
jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. half hour into the trading session, yes it is a triple digit sell uoff. oil and energy stocks down. i mean, big again. where's oil? 37 dollars a barrel. have been up 36. former presidents of shell oil will join us shortly. donald trump says don't anymore muslims into america. we are all over that story. in the national polls trump still ahead, but in iowa ted cruz surges to first place, and the cia analyst who helped it track down osama bin laden on how to track don radical muslim who live among us here on the show hour two, here question --
10:01 am
we go. >> we are down as of right now 192 points. exxon and he chevron following price of crude oil way down. those two are down they're dragging the dow lower. isn't it a surprise. airlines are largely lower as well. big gains yesterday, coming back down a bit today. that's a surprise because jet fuel keeps getting cheaper all of them are down. netflix is among that bunch that we follow closely and that is biggest loser of that group today. donald trump hitting nerve with comments calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states that's a quote. watch this. >> the hatred is beyond comprehension such a big portion.
10:02 am
where the hatred comes from and why we'll have to determine and figure it out. we have to forget it out. we can't live leak this. it's going to get worse and worse. >> now were earlier on the show i spok to former new york city police commissioner ray kelly. here's what he had to say. >> works politically or o not i think it is unconstitutional and supreme court is held many instances that constitutional rightingses extend beyond citizens so i assume it will be fought out if he goes further. >> more on trump statements throughout the program today. latest on the san bernardino shooters there they are. we're learning that bombs left at the scene of the crime were set to go off when first responders arrived. fox news is also arriving 28,500 deposit into syed farook's bank account just two weeks before the shootings. now, my next guest served 20 years as an analyst at the cua
10:03 am
tracking down radical islamists many of them in al qaeda featured in man hunt search for bin laden, and spoken on "zero dark thirty" that depicts it. welcome analyst, cynthia welcome to the program. great to have you with us today. i'm going to ask the same question i think motion of our viewers would scf you. how do we track down and more to the point, how do we identify radical islamtists who are already here? we know gite what trump says and fbi and cia has been working with fbi for self years now. that's why we've seen associate why path in the united states. unfortunately you cannot get everyone. >> i'm theg of two people in california. sorry to interrupt you. but look we're looking at two people in california. they got in.
10:04 am
they organized a terror cell. we didn't know about them. we didn't catch them. that's a problem, isn't it? >> right. right well it's very difficult to catch everyone. government will be looking how they slip through, no matter we're at war, an there are going to be people who slip through the cracks. >> okay, now are we going to have to rely to try to catch the people already here radicals already here, do question of to rely on informants or on neighbors do question of to rely on people saying if you see something, say something is that kind of our first line of defense? >> yeah, first line eves defense is people seeing things but it's also local police knowing what happens in the areas. people in mosques knowing what's normal in their mosque or in their neighborhood and looking for things that are, you know, or at least being aware of thingings that are out of the norm. it is also actually one of the
10:05 am
biggest ways to identify people who are radicalized is by looking at the network that you know exists and even if they're lone wolves you're going to find them working around at the edges of that network. again it is very hard we don't have enough reare sources to focus on everyone who could possibly come to attention. that's part of the issue. what we don't want to do, though, is a situation where neighbors are turn on neighbors and everyone is afraid of everybody else because you have a totalitarian state and no one wants that. >> right. you offered a study on radicalization how does it happen and come about? can you explain to us how you could radicalize that young woman who left her sex -- month old daughter who massacred people how cold this happen? can you explain it? >> there are multiple steps along the way. we've identified them. we know pretty with how it works. but why any particular
10:06 am
individual makes decisions along way psychologists are working on nap it is not mental illness as far as we know. but some people decide to go further down the radical path an some don't. >> seen anything like this in hirings before? >> yes. every extremessist movement. every terrorist group, it's all the same as far as i'm concerned in all of the groups that exist now. >> how many other groups have been prepared to sacrifice thousands of people who do suicide bombings? any other group that you know of? >> i'm really glad you asked that question because in the herself of modern history, there are groups who have instituted quotas but they've said a certain number of people have got to sacrifice themselveses for the cause before the win can happen. and they did this, the man who flew his plane into the federal building in austin, texas had
10:07 am
the same thing in his manifesto. when people believe that, they believe they have to leave their children. they're a part of bringing about the global change. >> extraordinary stuff i wish we had more time. cynthia i really do. fascinating we really appreciate you being on the show today. at this particular moment and time. very important. much oblige to you. cynthia, everyone sure thing. let's get become to the market to check out price of oil, 37.48 now television down at the 36 dollar level. now, obviously, it has come back. john is with us a former president and shell oil joining us now from houston i think you owe me $100. >> it is looking that way. but it is not december 31st yet stuart. tell our view rs what's going on here. by the 31st price of gasoline is $4 and price of oil is $80 to $100 per barrel. >> i think you should declare yourself to be utterly and
10:08 am
totally wrong, and send $100. however what's your forecast now? i don't see anything stopping oil going down to $30 a barrel or less. >> was with a group here in houston yesterday who said they can see a pathway to the lower 20s actually. i expressed some shock and dismay at that. but they said that, you know, when you have so too much of something nobody wants it. trying to sell in this market is very difficult. so traders make money bidding price down as well as they make money bidding the price up. so we don't know what bottom is right now, stuart. but i can tell you this, there will come a day i don't know when there will come a day when we'll all be wearing neck braces because of the snapback on the oil price and we'll say how could this ever have is happened? with the destruction -- >> what would cause it? >> the value destruction is taking place in the industry right now. it is going to to result in materially lower production at a
10:09 am
time when the world has been trained to buy more oil because it's inexpense of as we see increases demand u.s. is running at record levels of gasoline consumption miles driven, and because of the low oil price. so as we continue to consume more and companies continue to cut back investment in the future we're going to reach an equilibrium to reach disequilibrium demanding will be high and wearing neck brace on the snap back. we don't know 2016 could be. but could be 2017 . >> i shouldn't do this on live television but anyway. i'm going to make a bet with you. i don't think that the price of oil will get become to $80 a barrel for at least -- a year and a half. which will put us into 2017. $100 on it. you with that? >> no welcome i think it is too
10:10 am
uncertain. >> you owe me 100 bucks by the way. you know that don't you? [laughter] i'll give you my address offcamera favored guest and we preeshts you being with us. you can be totally wrong been no problem. shouldn't do that. but i like a hundred bucks. just in time for christmas apple has a new product. not a huge -- but -- >> not a phone but for your phone, and that's where shop terse will be surprised apple came out with a new iphone accessory claim this smart battery case will extend battery life up to 24 hours of talk time and 18 hours of internet browsing. the case pretty good made from soft touch silicone fits and 6s for 100.
10:11 am
interrupting i always interrupt better do it again. >>sorry looking at chip politicn no apple the battery thing is that a big deal? >> it is because they have never had a additional accessory before and taking battery life into consideration here. thought about wireless charging as well stuart as you you know w installing these types of charmingers look hot cakes for a long time. >> charminger everywhere. in my offings, bedroom, kitchen. everywhere. keep it charged. >> same here. >> i don't need this product. do continue with the store. chipotle is closing after some may have gotten success from eating at the restaurant. several members from the basketball team are suffering from e. coli and missed the game. the massachusetts health department is investigating
10:12 am
whether this latest incident could be related to national e. coli outbreak tied to chipotle. eagles returned for a special concert three weeks after their concert at the bataclan stormed by terrorist who is killed 90 people. u2 welcomed band to the stage to perform patty smith poem have the power. lead seaninger jesse hughes told them the banted will never stop rocking and rolling and visited bataclan where they laid throwrs at the -- flowers at the memorial. >> donald trump calling for a ban on muse muslims entering the united states. yiengting against hmm but his supporters seem to love it. we're talking to congressman chris stuart about it next.
10:13 am
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>> i guess you can call it stability to the stock market down 172 point that's the way it has been for a few minutes now. constant fall appears to have stopped the dow 168 as we speak.
10:16 am
how about this got a new all time high for go daddy they create websites and run them for you $34 a share right now. and chipotle says it is isolated to one restaurant so what it is now 14 dollars a share at $5.37. as we speak now, intelligence officials say isis targeted refugee program to enter the united states. liz mcdonald details. >> oklahoma land security chairman this is michael mccall saying he has a letter that has been declassified for the center saying that yes, they have detected individuals tied to there terror groups attemptin syria to enter united states via refugee program basically an issue that is on the radar screen now, there's no more information beyond that so hard to fact check and prove that.
10:17 am
>> refugees in the pipeline waiting to come to united states and this congressman who knows what he's talking about says isis has infiltrated refugees that's how they're trying to get in. >> haven't seen letter either it's mr. mccull making a statement in a speech. awarded with ties to syria, with traveling to syria report of 50 came back. but not all are linked to humanitarian or other -- >> bottom line is in contention is syrian refugees coming to america? mr. mccall says isis has infiltrated them. >> we don't know how many. i'm cor to be a stickler about that. we don't know anymore details beyond that report. >> mccall is what's his position? head on? >> homeland security. >> head of home lapd security saying isis is ill filtrated this. >> separate from that saying that couple were long radicalized it to raises questions about did they gain the marriage visa system to get
10:18 am
us to the united states also the idea that single men are the problem. that is jarring now that a family, a couple were a problem. >> got it. >> interesting update. donald trump's call could ban all muslims from coming to america. resonating across all media today. that is topping number one, in fact, only topic for many media outlets. goes for chris stuart republican in utah joins us now. chris, right from the top what's your reaction to what trump said? >> well, i'll tell you it's nothing else mr. trump is entertaining isn't he? because he always gives us sthng to talk about. i think frankly it's kind of nutty, and it's just not what americans represent. it's not the american idea that many of us want to put forward. and it's unfortunate because it takes us away from conversations about more serious topic some of you mention, you know, just recently syrian refugee.
10:19 am
>> i want to narrow this down for a second the visa program would you stop it, suspend it, put it on pause now until we've vetted all of the people in the pipeline bottom line is would you put a stop on the visa, fiancé visa program right now? >> experience more careful with all our visa programs. enough evidence to see that we need to be concerned with nearly all of them and look at all of them. how can we improve them and be more certain that the poem that are coming in are people who say they are that don't have intentions to hurt us. ig that's across the board but i would like to point out congress is trying to do some things this week to help that. visa waiver program in the next couple of days is a important part of those looking at the programs and how can can we better protect ourselves. >> but you're close trump position to say we can look at all a visa programs you're not
10:20 am
close keep them all out. but you're getting close. >> i think there's a difference between using religious test. he's saying all muslims are a threat to our country. i don't believe that's true and i think we can put other processes in palace to identify those who are a threat to us. >> um i'm trying to -- i think donald trump has hit accord i think he resonates, i think he resonates with you. >> well, there's no question he resonates with a lot of american, there's no question that he's identified what many of us have been saying for a long time. that there's a real threat out there that we need to take steps to counter that threat to know who is coming to our country. i've been saying that for weeks now i've been saying that for years. but again, i don't think we can use a religious test saying, you are a muslim therefore, you are a threat, and you cannot come here.
10:21 am
i just think that's a stretch that is well beyond anything that most americans consider good policy. >> okay. all right. now, you're a former army bomber pilot, i believe. our viewers are about to see a new navy destroyer that was just set out to sea yesterday. i don't think you can see it. viewers are looking at it right now. i've never seen a ship is look look that before. that looks nothing -- look a floating platform. do you have any idea what this new navy destroyer actually does, congressman? >> i have a little bit of an idea although difficult for me to talk about that. i'm not sure what the naff released as far as what is still classified and what is not. i would rather not sign myself leak hillary clinton looking at indictment for classified information. [laughter] >> very good answer. i was just intrigued at the look i'm told that it is the self vessel. >> very sexy, and look as a former air force pilot some of
10:22 am
the new technology down the road is really dramatic, and it's kind of things that is so porpt to protecting, protecting america. >> you have to give us a private briefing. [laughter] fascinating stuff. we appreciate you being here. thanks a lot, sir. >> thank you so much, all right. >> a huge blow to free speech. two yale professors leaving their posts, the campus climate no longer conducive to civil dialogue. that's what they say. more varney in a moment. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
10:23 am
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> president obama is looking at the no fly list. hep doesn't want anyone on that list to be able to buy a gun. not so fast. there are many innocent everyday people on that list.
10:26 am
more from katy in just a minute. free speech, just lost. and the defeat occurred at the nation most prestige use universities, yale two professors will no longer teach classes next semester they say the campus clit is, quote, no longer conducive to civil dialogue and open inquiry. you can't speak freely at yale these days. erika, and nicholas student activist yale sent out a message urging sensitivity about costumes worn for halloween. yes, yaleers were told to be aware of costume sensitivity. erika sent out a memo she didn't looking the censorship that appeared on campus. e she o opposed costume sensitivity. upruer from sensitive students, her husband was ambushed on campus by an angry mob. which demanded he step down of his wife's insensitive memo now
10:27 am
both have instead stepped down and no longer teach at yale they say civil dialogue is no longer possible for those of white house believe passionately in free speech this is a disaster. it costume sensitivity stops two professors at yale from teaching then yale has gone nuts. the inmates have taken over the asylum, replaced intellect and debate this matters for our universities for our national life we're consumed with matters of islamic terror if we can't speak our minds, we all lose. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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10:30 am
stuart: the low of the day. below 175.
10:31 am
audio is driving this in part. 3748. earlier it was way below $37 a barrel. now it is really coming off. house speaker paul ryan just commenting on donald trump's hopefuls will to stop all muslims from coming here. >> normally i do not comment on what is going on. i will make an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. more importantly, it is not what this country stands for. stuart: he just made that statement. ashley: he held a behind closed doors meeting. what it is doing to the party overall. maybe mister trump is tapping into what many people think or
10:32 am
is touching a nerve at the very least. i think that they are very concerned. >> ready much across the board. leading the republican candidates and democrat candidates condemning. >> trump is now doubling down just moments ago. i do not care what they think. i am doing what i think is right. >> they identified a third man. in re gay markets. he is a guy the guy that bought the rifles which were used in the shooting. who is this guy? jeff: 829 euros man that lives in his home here behind me. he is a childhood friend of mr. zhudi.
10:33 am
they rated this home just over the weekend. they broke into the garage and took away some evidence here. he was the man that purchased the two assault rifles. the ones that were used in the attack. authorities making pictures available of those rifles. apparently, he bought them legally and transferred them to mr. farouk. nearly $30,000 transferred that i know you have been reporting on. they are looking at whether some of that money may have gone to mr. marquez to compensate him for the guns. that transfer, obviously, it raises questions. at this point, it appears that it was a loan taken out by mr. farook to finance it.
10:34 am
some of that money going to his mother as well. the fbi said that they are looking very, very closely at her as well. having a lot of guns. >> jeff, you are right they are on the spot. thank you very much. making sure people on the no-fly list cannot buy a gun. a big supporter of the second amendment. what do you make of the president saying if you are on the no-fly list, you cannot get a gun. >> when you hear the president say that, it makes a lot of sense. however, when you look at what the watchlist and no-fly list, actually two separate things,
10:35 am
entail, supported by senator diane feinstein is about the terror watch list. it has several names on it. 700,000 names under president obama. it is very easy to get on the list. a fox news contributor. what it comes down to is you cannot strip the second amendment rights from american citizens without due process simply because you are trying to prevent them from getting firearms. stuart: it is after the terror list. a much bigger list of people. >> very big. recommending 100,000 names per year. 1000 names of them are rejected. the people being submitted to the list.
10:36 am
actually connected to terror organizations. it is very easy for americans to misidentify. to be put on the list without any due process. that is a very big problem. stuart: there are a lot of suggestions following the paris attack in san bernardino. more american citizens be armed. we thought it was a church, a sporting stadium, a shopping mall, how do you feel about that? guns everywhere. >> i did a document all about gun free zones. gun free zones are not gun free. we saw that in france in paris with the attacks in paris. guns are highly regulated. terrorists were able to carry attacks with guns and pipe bombs. we are not only talking about firearms here.
10:37 am
it really is a laughable notion. they will be able to get their hands on guns. americans will want to defend themselves. stuart: how will people feel about this? if i go into a shopping mall, i am not so sure i really want to know that the other people there are packing heat. >> this is why we call it concealed carry. i would be happy to take you to a class and learn how it is a much better way for people to carry and protect themselves and other people without causing uncomfortable situations. the state with the least amount of gun control, the less, the fear and terrorism is not an exception.
10:38 am
stuart: a lot of people are having that discussion right now, as a matter of fact. now this. iran has tested a new ballistic missile. the missile test it has a range of 1200 miles. it can carry a nuclear warhead. the test is also in breach of the iran nuclear agreement. china's exports falling for a fifth straight month. this time down 6.8% in november. i will not call him out. he is our economics professor. the state of china's economy. a drop in exports is huge. >> it is growing more slowly than in the past. maybe about 4% if we can really measure it.
10:39 am
that is the second thing. china links its currency to the dollar. what is telling about their numbers and how they manage their economy is that their imports fall even more. the other thing is our trade deficit with china getting worse, they cannot sell it in europe, so they ship it all over here. stuart: i am not quite sure about the pronunciation there. taking pleasure. taking pleasure in your rival discomfort. maybe going into recession. >> do we believe in free markets and free people. it is not important as long as you have economic growth.
10:40 am
it has become much more difficult to the united states. china's success. china's growth is slowing to some degree. as is the soup over in beijing and china this morning. the fact that you cannot breathe the air is another illustration that china is not working. stuart: china is slowing. will they be able to get back to six, seven, 8% growth? >> only by victimizing us. they will only be sold in china. they will keep them out. that is absurd. i am expecting that they will prop up that way. it will be bad for americans. it will be bad for the chinese in the long run. in the long run, we are all
10:41 am
dead. stuart: all good stuff. we appreciate you being with us, as usual. we are learning that the san bernardino killers have been radicalized for quite some time. the neighbors were too afraid to say because of paletta call correctness. islam of phobic for kissing -- for kicking a muslim off a bus. we have an expert. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business breathe. the dow jones industrials is down right now. off the lows of the day. s&p 500 down 13. the nasdaq down 21. oil falling for the third day in a row. right now 3752. energy shocks hitting lows. doing it again today. energy down 2%. it had been down 7%. airlines are falling. yesterday we saw them falling. they are giving it all back. down 2%. amazon and in maryland coffee roasters coming out with good news. start your day 5:00 a.m. on fox biz.
10:44 am
i will be there. ♪
10:45 am
>> look at this. down 245. now we're down 140. the price of oil has come back. we were at 36.
10:46 am
the couple left pipe bombs behind at the scene. they wanted to set them off when first responders arrived. fortunately, they did not go off. both subjects were braddock allies and had been for quite some time. and then there is this. you know the saying, see something, say something. passengers on a bus and pretended that. one passenger looked -- they had him removed from the bus. now the bus company is being called islam phobic. that could happen here. you could see something, say something and get soothed. >> i think so, stuart. the real issue when i look at what unfolded in california are a couple of very intriguing aspects.
10:47 am
terrorist cells like this surveilled multiple targets. we have not seen or heard what else has been looked at. to me, that is critical to try to determine, and i'm sure that the task force is looking into that. >> you see something you say something. is that our first line of defense? look at what happens. the same thing could happen here. we have a problem. >> i think that we do have a problem. in essence, it takes better human intelligence. stuart: what are we supposed to do about it? it is here. it is now. i do not want to be sued. that will affect our pursuit of radical jihad. what are we going to do about
10:48 am
this? >> you raise good points. you are absolutely correct. they are very insular. they are hard to penetrate. their suspicions of the police. you have folks concerned about being sued. these are the kinds of issues that we will have to struggle through as a nation. stuart: okay. thank you very much indeed. what are we going to do to get these lawyers off our backs? >> the man was sitting with luggage. a computer printer in his lab. the question is, other people sitting there, too, with laptops. racial profiling and criminal profiling. what do you say when you see something do something. stuart: authorities tell you to do it.
10:49 am
at the same time, you have a lawyer that is waiting in the background. maybe a year ago or two years ago. they insisted on praying loudly before they got on a plane. some passengers object did. they've been sued to find out the names of the passengers. that would be direct intimidation. they see something and said something. there is sensitivity. getting more steamed up here. we will tell you how cute can place a bet on it. back in a ♪ fortable with, i'd steer clear.
10:50 am
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>> we want to make sure that it is even better that that screening product works all the way through. you have to be very careful there. we do not want to slam the door. stuart: right. >> all he did was distribute a
10:54 am
four-line statement last night. everyone is talking about this. jeb bush, chris christie, ted cruz, marco rubio cannot even get a word in, meaningful word and. >> conservative pride themselves in being defenders of the constitution. donald trump continues his approach on this policy, he is basically trampling on constitutional rights. that is clearly against what conservatives believe in. >> if you had to bet on a presidential candidate, would you choose donald trump or ted cruz? something called a prediction market. ashley: thank you so much for joining us, neil.
10:55 am
what is a prediction market and how accurate is it? >> and online gambling platform. it lets you bet off the likelihood of future events. it is like a stock market. instead of trading in, you trade stocks for future events. it is extremely accurate and paletta goal accusations. you have a stock for every candidate. trying to win elimination. the stock is trading each candidate between zero and $1. only for the candidate that actually wins elimination. all the other candidates. today, you could buy donald trump stock for about $0.25 on the dollar. if donald trump wins the
10:56 am
nomination, it will be worth $1 you will have $0.175 for every share that you borrowed. $0.25 for every share that you bought. >> fascinating. more accurate than the single voter. $0.44 for rubio. do you think that at this point rubio is in the lead? >> rubio has been in the lead for a while. interestingly, he is not leading in the polls. he is 15 points ahead of trump in the market. >> a long way to go. we are out of time. fascinating stuff. more varney after this. ♪
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11:00 am
that immediately from both democrats and republicans. from both sides of the aisle trump's idea is reviled as unworkable, un-american, and unconstitutional. the political class is clearly outraged. but what about the voters? we don't know their reaction yet. trump made his comments last night. there's not been enough time to conduct a poll to engage iraqi. as of now, we don't know how man on the street america feels about this. perhaps trump was voicing the concern that many voters feel when they see islamic terror in their own backyard. those two jihadis came here to kill americans. the woman lied on her visa application. trump wants to stop any muslim coming in until the authorities figure out what's going on. that may anger that prefers caution. look at france. the antiimmigration, antimuslim just won a huge victory in regional elections. vote came two weeks after
11:01 am
islamic terrorists, some of them homegrown killed 130 people in paris. the national front clearly resonated with french voters. one more point. if there is another attack in america, how will the public and the political class react to muslims coming here? how will voters feel about trump's no muslims allowed if there's more american blood on the streets? yet again trump has pushed a vital issue on the voters right onto the front burner. we're talking about him this morning, not president obama's oval office speech just 36 hours ago. as i look at the media spectrum this morning, there's universal condemnation for trump's stand. the next poll will show whether voters feel the same way. ♪ ♪ >> the hatred is beyond comprehension of such a big
11:02 am
portion. where the hatred comes from and why? we'll have to determine. we're going to have to figure it out. we have to figure it out. we can't live like this. it's going to get worse and worse. stuart: that was donald trump at a speech last night in south carolina. the criticism for his plan rolling in. listen to what speaker ryan said about it. >> normally i do not comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for. stuart: now, that was speaker ryan. all the leading republican candidates for the presidency have condemned donald trump. all the democrats contending for the presidency have condemned donald trump. there is a universal condemnation that it is un-american and
11:03 am
unconstitutional his proposal to ban all muslims. general joins me now. what do you say, general? is it -- okay. maybe unconstitutional and workable. but what do you say about his plan stop all muslims coming in? >> well, the way i read it, stuart, is that he is asking for a pause for us to look at the problem on more immigrants coming in. it's not an unreasonable request for people to ask. it may be unconstitutional, it clearly is not politically correct and neither party wants to have the label on them that they're antimuslim. but the fact is we do need to do something because the administration has similarly failed, isis to include the united states as we've just seen in san bernardino, but you had the russian airliner, paris, et cetera, so you do
11:04 am
have to discuss the issue emotionally, constitutionally, and factually. stuart: now, i just said that essentially the political class universally opposes what trump said. but we don't yet know what voters actually think about what he said. and we won't find out until we've got some kind of poll taken after his statement on muslims. what do you think's going to happen? do you think trump's support will go up or down? >> i think it's going to go up. because i think the american people want to know more answers what this administration is going to do. look, she was really a black widow. she came in on a visa marriage visa and the fact is she was already radicalized. he was radicalized is what the fbi is saying. what are the techniques we are using to find people that have already been radicalized or on
11:05 am
the verge? and we don't have that answer yet. that's a very tough answer, but we must look at it. right now we are not looking at it, stuart, and i think you're going to see the american people are going to support trump in just looking at it. stuart: so your interpretation of trump's remarks is he's not calling for a total ban forever. you think reading between the lines if there are lines to be read between, you think he's looking for a pause. stop it all until we figure out what's happening -- is that your interpretation? >> that's my interpretation. it is not an unreasonable request. stuart: got it. general tom, always a pleasure. thank you, sir. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: let's get to the markets. it's a big action day but will you look at this? if i brought you the dow jones industrial average a half hour ago, you would have seen a loss of 250 points. that was when oil was around $36 a barrel. since then, oil has come back
11:06 am
up again to $38 a barrel it's now up and up goes the stock -- well, still down but up from where it was earlier. as oil goes down, stocks go down, oil comes back, stocks come back. that's what's happening this morning. price of gas continues to fall. the price -- or the average price for a gallon a regular is now $2.02 and now look at the stock market, exxon mobile and chevron, they're feeling the pain from cheap oil -- chevron was down, now it's up 30 cents as oil recovered. exxon still down 69 cents. more hits for chipotle. boston college student sickened after eating one restaurant. saying it's isolated to that one location and chipotle is now down $4. it had been down $25. donald trump junior, repeat donald trump junior appearing on fox this morning. speaking about an encounter with a muslim taxi driver.
11:07 am
roll that tape. >> the driver that -- this is not someone i've ever met before, and he goes i just wanted to introduce myself, mr. trump, and i'm a muslim, i said, oh, boy, this is going to be interesting. he said honestly'm so for what your father is saying because i went back two years ago to my country and my brother-in-law was kidnapped, held for ransom, i don't want to see that year. stuart: that was donald trump junior. his father has been receiving heavy criticism for his comments throughout the day. many saying the numbers that trump used were questionable. liz, he did quote a poll to reference keeping muslims out. it was a pew poll, was it? liz: yeah, he said according to pugh research there is great hatred toward americans on the muslim population. but the pugh study that we found in 2011 showed this -- go ahead, stuart,. stuart: wait a second. the poll that trump quoted that he used to back up his
11:08 am
assertion that all muslims should be kept out is a recent pugh poll, isn't it? liz: no. he didn't cite a poll, the only poll we could find was something pugh did in 2011 -- and actually a study on muslims attitudes toward americans. this is what we found. stuart: and that is from 2011 did find hostility on the part of muslims. liz: here's what we found. eight of ten were satisfied with life in america and the communities were excellent that they lived in. half said the muslims did need to do more to fight extremism. here's the number you need to look at. 21% sought the extremism. stuart: no, it's 5%. that's one in 20. tens of thousands of people. liz: so not large segments. stuart: no, 5% is one and 20 and when you've got several millions muslims, that is tens of thousands of people who support al-qaeda. liz: understood.
11:09 am
i heard what you're saying. but the poll numbers are mixed, they're not entirely answering or supporting what donald trump is saying about muslim americans attitudes toward extremism. stuart: okay. got it. i think political correctness is turning into a national security issue, for example. in san bernardino a neighbor saw strange things at the couple's house. they said nothing. representative loretta sanchez joins us now. democrat california. congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us. >> it's my pleasure, stuart. thanks for having me on. stuart: what's wrong with imposing much more strict vetting of refugees coming to america in light of the terror cell that was discovered, active terror cell in california? what's wrong with much more vetting before you let new people in? >> stuart, it's about the different programs we have. so because we have so many ways, so many different types of visas and so many programs,
11:10 am
because we are a nation of immigrants, people are getting confused. for example, with the syrian refugees, that is probably one of the tightest vetting systems we have and in this past year, for example, in a community therapeutic, orange county, california where we are known for refugee resettlement, we've only had three syrian refugees go through the process, which takes almost two years and many times many are turned away because we can't find the gaps, we can't fill in the information. stuart: so you don't want to pause -- >> that is actually one of the better -- stuart: no pause? >> i do not believe that that's -- i don't believe that's the program, stuart, that we need to be worried about. take a look at this visa waiver program, and i have been sitting on the homeland security committee since its inception after 9/11 and visa waiver is a program of convenience. it used to be when i was
11:11 am
younger, and i wanted to go to paris or rome i would have to go and apply for a visa. and vice-a-versa with people who were coming from those countries. we put in for convenience sakes for business sake for family reunions, et cetera, a much better process which we thought was better, which would allow people going without having to think about, oh, eye got to get a visa in advance. those programs are much more susceptible to being used to allow people in. stuart: the visa waiver program, do you want to pause it? >> we're actually addressing it this week -- stuart: what's your position? >> for a vote. i say we have to we relook at every program that we have. stuart: pause it? >> every program. stuart: pause them all? -- >> well, no, i think we continue because there's some -- there is travel, there is christmas travel going on. but let's put the resources in to take a look at these different programs and say.
11:12 am
stuart: okay. >> what's the gap? where is the weak link? where are these alleged proposed terrorists could use to get into our country. it's a smart thing to do. stuart: could i just raise this issue -- >> anxious it's your program. stuart: christians in the mid-east have been the subject of genocide, certainly ethnic cleansing. would it be okay to giving them priority in america? that's under religious test. saying this group has been subject to genocide so let them in first. got a problem with that? >> i think they have to -- i believe they have to go through the same program that any other person who's putting forward a refugee status and wanting to come into this country. i mean we're not going to pick and choose. we're going to say okay. if you think that you are subject to death because of what's going on, get in line in the program. let us take a look you.
11:13 am
what's six months compared to two months? if you have your documents in place -- stuart: not if your christian. not if your village has been wiped out -- >> there are lots of villages that have been wiped out regardless of religion. regardless of religion. stuart: you don't speed it up for christians? >> i would say get in line, if we can find the documentation we have -- that's why we need resources into those people who are doing this. stuart: yeah, but the question is would you -- you wouldn't give them priority? you wouldn't give christians priority? >> i would give everybody who is trying to get out of a torn country, get in line, let's go through the vetting process. let's not be specific to any particular group. stuart: okay. >> not to women, not to children, not to muslims, not to christians. stuart: in a moment i'm going to be cut off and i don't want to be rude. thanks very much indeed, loretta sanchez from california, thank you very
11:14 am
much. >> thank you. stuart: i'm sorry to do this. we've got to go. hard break. here we go ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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11:16 am
11:17 am
stuart: see something, say something. that is the maxim of the day. but in britain passengers who said something when a muslim man riding a bus made them feel uncomfortable, they're now being labeled racists. let's address this here in america. >> uh-huh. stuart: see something, say something. >> and then you'll be called a racist. stuart: and then you could be sued. >> or publicly shamed. if you see something, say something to keep people safe, because it should be more important to be safe than politically correct but you could have extreme consequences like you said even getting sued. this guy brought on a ton of luggage and was reducing to put in the hold and abusing staff and stormed off. perhaps didn't have anything to do with the fact that he was muslim.
11:18 am
come on, i'm so sure, what happened the bus driver said you're muslim, there's got to be more to the story than that. but we've reached to the point now where people accept that. because if they contest it, they'll be called a racist. stuart: political correctness is on trial. >> uh-huh. stuart: and if political correctness wins, somebody who's going to do something bad may slip through. if politically correctness loses, then our society is affected negatively because we're picking on a group. >> shouldn't pick on a group, it's sick when i hear people say all muslims are bad -- stuart: of course. of course. >> at the same time, though, you can't say something bad about someone who happens to be muslim or criticize them in a way and assume just because they're muslim. that's ridiculous. we need to be open about it, we do need to be able to talk about like what happened in san bernardino that is a disgusting example of being someone too afraid because of political correctness.
11:19 am
stuart: exactly. what about the profiling? that's what we're going to do. >> well, we have donald trump just saying the most ridiculous things ever. it's just really gross -- it's also unconstitutional, by the way,. stuart: do you think maybe he struck a nerve, though? he's not politically correct, this guy. >> he struck a nerve. and i don't know why everybody is assuming that this is going to hurt him. i think it may not. i think there's been fearmongering on this issue to some extent and especially because in addition islam phobia, phobia where people are afraid of saying something being called racist. so it's this huge mess and we should be worried about a solution but not horrible racists, which on the one side that has been a problem. stuart: that is true. always a pleasure. >> thank you. stuart: clarity. we like that. >> thank you. stuart: check the price of oil because that's the driver of the stock market at the moment. now we're at $38 a barrel. that's very interesting. because we were at 36.
11:20 am
and when we were at 36, the stock market sold off. now we're at 38 and the stock market's come back a bit. in a moment, we're going to ask where is the bottom for the price of oil inquiring minds got to know. he's on the show after this you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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11:24 am
stuart: how about that price of oil? now we're at $38 a barrel about an hour ago we're at 36. who better to bring in than to tell us where the bottom of the oil market is going to be than eric, cohost of the five. that's that one again? very good. very good. all right. right from the get-go you traded oil from years and years. >> 18 years. 18 years in those trading pits. stuart: whereasth where's the bottom? >> i can guarantee you i can tell you where the bottom. stuart: where is it? >> zero. the market traded around 36, 36 and change, bounced up to 38, sucking everyone in, everyone's buying saying, hey, that was the bottom, we tested low, i want to buy real cheap now. no chance. there's a 35-dollar low about ten years ago. don't forget 15 years ago oil
11:25 am
traded $10 a barrel. 15 years ago. so it can go lower. oil has always been the widow maker. right now there are hedge fund managers, young hedge fund guys who said here you go trade oil for us, there are people who have blood in the streets right now, i hope blood mixes with oil because right now there's a lot of blood on. stuart: also right now it bounces back, at 36.80 right now, bounces back up to 38, you say that sucks everybody -- >> the hold trading edge on trying to catch a falling knife? this is trying not to catch a falling chainsaw because oil goes further up and further down than any other commodity, any other asset class anywhere. it's called the widow maker for a reason. there are people driven out of the oil markets. very, very volatile. stuart: very soon. >> how many times have i been
11:26 am
on the show at 70, 80, 50 saying it's going to go lower, i say it's going to go lower. i think you're going to attest a 29-dollar price just to see what happens down there. think of this. the hurricane season is over. you don't have a production coming off the hurricane season. opec said they're not going to be the price support anymore. they have dictated a lower oil price through fracking, other methods, that's what you're getting. stuart: you know what you're talking about -- >> stronger dollar is a big affect on oil. stuart: i tell you if it goes down to the 29-dollar level, that stock market will sell off big time. >> it's great for the economy. stuart: another segment tomorrow maybe. he knows what he's talking about and we appreciate it. >> thanks. stuart: what will it take to beat isis on the ground? impress man mike veteran of both iraq wars here to answer that question in a moment. and two yale professors will not teach classes next semester. they say the climate on campus is stifling freedom of speech.
11:27 am
political correctness gone crazy. that will be my opinion. more varney in a moment but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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stuart: coming back down again. now we're down 120. okay. come on in, michael, with fellowship financial.
11:31 am
you say if this is a term of uncertainty, problems for the market, so why not go out and buy a stock that pays a big dividend. that's your position? >> it sure is, stuart. especially in the volatile market that we have right now. i mean i've talked before with you about my sense that we're going to see a larger correction in the market. and so if you've got to have some portion of your discretionary money in the market, you might as well hedge a little by investing in companies that have a long history of dividend and then also some growing dividends. companies like at&t and chevron, for example,. stuart: hold on a second. earlier in the morning this morning, an analyst said if you're buying chevron at the current price, it's paying you a 5% dividend, it's not in doubt, it's not in danger, is that what you're talking about? >> yeah. and you have to look at the history and some of these companies have paid a solid dividend and at least if
11:32 am
you do it that way, when we do see the market correction that i've been predicting, at least you're likely to have that dividend paid out while you're waiting for the market value to recover. stuart: what does at&t pay? dividend? >> same thing. at&t actually pays between 5 and 6% dividend. so they're a very strong player in the dividend market and they've got decades of history of paying a substantial dividend. stuart: we'll take that to heart. five, 6%? pretty secure? i'll take that. especially in a volatile market. >> not a bad -- especially if you're investing for income. so that's important. stuart: sure banks a bank cd, doesn't it? >> sure. stuart: thanks a lot, michael, we'll see you again soon. the fbi is now trying to figure out where the san bernardino shooters got their money. $28,500 deposited in syed farook's bank account two weeks before the shooting. ashley, any idea where this came from? ashley: well, that's what the fbi would like. it could have been a loan.
11:33 am
they know that just several days before the shootings he cashed in -- took out 10,000 in cash, they theorize it could have been given to the man -- his name is enrique marques who bought the two rifles that farook used but also three individual transfers of $5,000, two what appears to be farook's mother. which is interesting. all of this i think shows that there was premeditation and not the result of a christmas party argument that got oif hand. liz: that's right. ashley: and that's a critical part. neil: and very well financed. ashley: very well financed. stuart: slammed terror cell. liz: that's right, stuart, and the fbi has repeatedly said the 9/11 hijackers and terrorists they found a conspiracy between them and international nonprofits, via the money trail. so that's what they're doing now following the money trail to see if there's financing from overseas.
11:34 am
stuart: but we don't yet know the source. ashley: we don't. this is a guy who made 55,000 a year. stuart: that's a very interesting question. ashley: yeah,. stuart: president obama said in his prime time speech we should not enter a ground war in iraq or sear just to defeat isis and said that air strikes were working. congressman is with us who served in both iraq wars. i'm getting conflicting reports about ho many troops and how much time it would take to go in, boots on the ground and kill isis. what's your answer? >> well, i think the president is giving us a false choice in terms of saying it's either limited actions or all-out war. i mean the fact is we could have much more robust air campaign, wider target list, certainly increased in the number of special operators in part, which is doing solely to
11:35 am
take out high targets and our advisors to go forward outside the wire with the ground element in terms of, for instance, providing air controllers to knock out targets. is to is on there's a lot we can do. certainly we have to hit their oil infrastructure, that's vital. stuart: okay. so much more robust air campaign, but you're also calling i think -- i'm reading between the lines here, you also call for boots on the ground. now, i've heard john mccain 10,000 troops on the ground would do it. what's your number? >> well, i think we use indigenous forces for the ground element, so i disagree with senator mccain on that. certainly we need advisors that are -- our advisors right now are held behind the wire, they need to be able to go outside the wire with those ground forces and be with them. . stuart: okay. how do we -- if we had a genuine robust air campaign and these advisors going outside the wire and actually getting stuck in
11:36 am
there, how long would it take? because the president implies that we're there forever. you put boots on the ground, and they're there forever. so how long would it take? given the will to beat them? >> the fundamental issue is we have to deny the ability for isis to control territory, to establish -- as long as they can do that, they will attract recruits and attract money. so we need to deny them that, deny them the ability to raise revenue off the land that they control. every oil tanker truck moving . stuart: is it a year? a robust air campaign and our guys on the ground, no matter how many it is, how long does it take? >> the point is not how long it takes, the point is starting to do the right things and the problem is we don't know how long it's going to take when we're not doing the right things to push them back. we've just got to do the right things, we've got to be serious about fighting isis and the administration is not willing to do that right now. they've got to step up to the
11:37 am
plate, they've got to take this seriously, that's the fundamental problem. it's not whether it's one month, two months, three months, four months, it's about national security and protecting the american peopl. stuart: okay., we hear you. i'm breaking we very quickly, i'm sorry to do that to you, but i've got a new hillary clinton twitter post am. ashley: yeah, look at this. stuart: what do we have, ashley? ashley: well, it's interesting tell donald trump ate is not an american value and in this large print love trump's hate . stuart: okay. so that's just out. ashley: just out. stuart: this is a response to what she said -- ashley: coming up after a saying. stuart: raise the issue to a very high profile. ashley: yes. stuart: how about this? two yale professors will not teach their classes next semester because political correctness intruded at yale. erica and nickelous say it's
11:38 am
not conducive to dialogue. tamara holder is here. i think you and i will agree on this one. >> well, have you ever sat here? because this is a different dialogue of -- i don't know. political protectness. stuart: i don't know where you're going with this one. i think you agree with me. political correctness, gone absolutely crazy. >> yeah. stuart: and happening on a prestigious campus like yale. outrageous. >> i did some research on this and the atlantic is seen as a left leaning liberal magazine if you will, talked about the victim hood culture and how the millennials seem to be victims of their environment. so that's -- this is coming from the left. so when it comes from the left, it's really interesting that they're looking at this and saying why aren't the kids taking be accountability? why are they upset about everything? why is everything a big deal? and the article actually talks about a student being upset about an e-mail. an e-mail. stuart: so what was -- what's the atlantic's conclusion? why are these kids so
11:39 am
sensitive about everything? >> so that the question to me. i don't know if it's necessarily sensitivity or if it's grounded and there's a basis in this. because if you think about it, the civil rights movement was so long ago, but we kind of got complacent, and we got lazy, and that's what they're fighting for. they are looking for change on the ground. throw out a professor if there's discrimination at a school. stuart: well, this was about costume sensitivity. yale sent out an e-mail to be sensitive of the costumes you wear on halloween. >> right. stuart: the lady, erica, she said wait a minute. we're entering a prohibition censorship on campus. i don't like that. her husband on the screen now, he was ambushed. >> right. stuart: by a mob for heaven's sake and now they've both stepped out. this is about costume sensitivity? >> are you going to blame the
11:40 am
parents or the students? . stuart: i'm blaming the students, an anger mob forces them out? >> i understand but people who abuse the system and people who hurt each other should definitely be thrown out but the bigger issue is why are they upset? and what are the changes that are going to occur? and if there are things going on at campus -- or on the campus that are racist or any other issues, they nd toe dealt with. and i think that students are now having a voice. and we're seeing it very much so with student athletes and kareem abdul-jabbar jet a story in time magazine about that. stuart: that's another story. >> no. stuart: costume at yale and two professors aren't going to teach. can you believe this? >> that's shocking. but they're taking it a little bit too far. but they go to yale. what do you expect? . stuart: they're taking it a little too far? >> you have to go to a state school like i did. don't go to yale. [laughter] .
11:41 am
stuart: tamara, you're all right. >> thanks. you'll bring me back? . stuart: absolutely. i want you back on spot actually. university of southern california's football coach fired for several alcohol-related incidents. he's now suing the school. he says alcoholism is ajudge nar this. has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief.
11:43 am
the dow jones industrial average down 138 points right now. has been down that a points. here's a loss three-quarters of 1%, s&p 500 down 12, nasdaq down also, we've seen pressure on oil originally, lows that we haven't seen since 2009 but that has since turned around. nike, home depot are miles an hour dow jones industrial average, home depot back, all set for long term targets. home depot up just fractionally, nike owe up 3% on lebron. and smith & wesson the gun maker, hits another high today as gun demand continues to surge after all the terrorism. morgan stanley cutting 1,200 jobs, that is under some pressure, down about 2%. start your day right here fox business 5:00 a.m. every day. i'll be there with you all the breaking news you need that make edward jones one of the country's biggest financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you?
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stuart: chipotle down 9 bucks? why? 30 boston college students say they got sick after eating at a chipotle restaurant. lori is here this morning. what is chipotle saying about this? >> all right. so it looks, stuart, as this is an isolated incident according to the chipotle spokesperson that is nor avirus, not e. coli, but the important distinction, the c.d.c., the federal health investigators investigating this as a possible e. coli to
11:46 am
the nine states who have been confirmed with e. coli cases stemming from these chipotle restaurants. here is the quote from chris arnold, the chipotle spokesman. there are no reported illness from any other restaurants and the pattern here looks like virus related to one incident, the system no likely less awful than e. coli and, by the way, chipotle has anorra virus at a southern california restaurant this summer. stuart: thank you very much indeed. the stock is down $9 as we speak. took a big hit yesterday as well. previous days as well. now this. former usc football coach steve sarkisian suing for a disability. what was the disability? alcoholism. a classified disability in california. all rise judge napolitano is here. first of all, is alcoholism a disability? it is in california. >> well, it is in the united states.
11:47 am
this is a federal statute, the americans for disabilities act, the george hw bush and has contraband as a disability. but it's not a disability like the inability of walk is a disability. it's a disability except when it gets too serious. i know that sounds bizarre and heartless but if a person is so addicted to alcohol and is drunk in the workplace, they can be sent home. if they are personality drunk in the workplace, they can be fired. so if you're an alcoholic but not too serious, your employer has to accommodate you. if you're so serious you can't function, they don't have to accommodate you and get rid of you, which is what usc did with this coach. stuart: they could have accommodated him by taking away from his job and put him in rehab as opposed to firing him and getting rid of him. >> well, they argue that he was unable to function and i
11:48 am
don't know how they could know he was irimmediate i don't know how they're going to give him that, but they're going to give him something to go away. if they don't, if they take a hard defense, this will be litigated and all of his medical data will be spilled before a jury, a jury will decide was he so far gone that were justified in firing him or was he remediable in which case usc a major and wealthy university, well insured i'm sure to accommodate him. stuart: i would suspect that this kind of case, alcoholism as a disability and being fired for that disability, that must come before the courts a lot. because alcohol is a s a lot more prevalent than people think. >> yes. i agree with you on that. actually when we did the research this morning when your producers asked me to look at this. i was surprised how many cases there were. this is a high profile one
11:49 am
because of what he did for a living, you know, a football coach of a major ranked university. and, unfortunately, for him, these drunken episodes were public. stuart: yes, on tape. >> in front of students, on tape, one is on television, the athletic director himself, former superstar quarterback pat haden had the awful duty of firing him, rejected the firing, that was very, very nasty, and i hope it's not laid out in court, i hope it goes away, but it depends on your friends the lawyers. stuart: how many cases were there, by the way? >> there were dozens of cases in which the courts found that alcoholism is a disability. stuart: is a disability. >> is a disability regularrable by the americans for disability act. stuart: regulatable you mean? >> regulatable. lawyers even make up their own words. stuart: like the french who got a new word and different word for everything. all right. quarterback w be
11:50 am
judge, we appreciate you being with us today. >> french? . stuart: different word for everything. really they do. benjamin watson, nfl star and author about new book of relations. political correctness is hurting our fight against terror. he's with us after this it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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stuart: donald trump getting a lot of criticism for saying he would stop all muslim immigration calling him a racist. that's what some people are saying. benjamin watson is with us, he's like that new orleans states tight end and the author of a new book under our skin, which is all about race relations. ben, welcome to the program. very good to have you today. >> thank you for having me. stuart: what do you make of trump? if he says no more muslims coming into this country, is he a racist? >> i wouldn't say he's a racist, i don't know mr. trump. whether a i will say is he's having some uncomfortable conversations and that's i didn't wrote this book under our skin because we need to have some uncomfortable conversations about race, political correctness on our fronts doesn't do us much good especially when it comes to race, religion, and what we're seeing is we need to get to a place where what you know? we need to express our feelings and that's how we move forward. stuart: yes. there is some talk, ben, that some of the victims in the san bernardino
11:55 am
shooting had expressed their opinion about christianity or judeiasm and that was why they were shot. by farook. what do you think of that? >> well, first of all, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families, this is horrendous, first of all, we need to learn about islam, i don't know much about it, but there are two sides, many say tha that the they tell those to kill and also sides that say that's not true. so, again, it comes down to that there are incidents that we've seen, san bernardino being one where those have been targeted and this is a real threat. people are scared, premium afraid, and i think the reaction you're seeing from donald trump is the fact that people in this country are feared right now for their lives, they don't know what's going on.
11:56 am
stuart: yeah, but can e can we have a rational conversation about race and religion when we're so, so sensitive about it in our own side with black or white tend to be very defensive in these conversations. this is a very difficult time for all of us, isn't it? >> it is difficult. and whether it's islam, whether it's terrorism, whether it's race, the things we've seen in ferguson, baltimore, the things we're seeing in chicago, this is very -- the tension is really high in america right now, but i do think that people want to know -- people want to move forward, people want to have some feeling, but it only comes when we're able to address and be honest about our fears, about our embarrasses, our assumptions, and we're able to see ourselves in this narrative and see where we come. and we're not afraid for someone to call us a big o bigot or racist. stuart: ben, we've got to see each other as individuals, not some member of group that we give values to you. >> yes. i definitely agree with that. it's about the individuals whether it's race or islam, it's about the individual,
11:57 am
it's about seeing people, in my opinion, the way christ sees them. but also understanding that there are threats that we need to address and things that we need to be honest about. stuart: it's great to have you on the show, ben, and i wish we had more time. i like that book, and i'm going to read it. ben watson, everyone. we appreciate you being here. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: under our skin is the name of it. got it. more varney after this . you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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stuart: viewers may remember it was just a couple days ago where we had an original handwritten copy of the federal papers. john j had written it in longhand. it was up for auction at christie's. between $60,800,000. the actual selling price was $1.4 million. the judges on the set.
12:00 pm
i predicted $1 million. it actually went for 1.4 million. the last in private hands of handwritten federalist papers. this is america. my time is up. ashley: do you think i paid too much? [laughter] neil: thank you guys very much. we have a lot more coming up. they are talking about the flipside of that. very low gas prices. unfortunately, such a predominant theme in our economy. not good news for them. i was thinking to myself, this happens sometimes. where is the call for people feeling sorry for the energy industry.


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