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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 8, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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it actually went for 1.4 million. the last in private hands of handwritten federalist papers. this is america. my time is up. ashley: do you think i paid too much? [laughter] neil: thank you guys very much. we have a lot more coming up. they are talking about the flipside of that. very low gas prices. unfortunately, such a predominant theme in our economy. not good news for them. i was thinking to myself, this happens sometimes. where is the call for people feeling sorry for the energy industry.
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this tomball in prices and the certain that must be at work here. forcing these prices down to these multi- year level lows. i had not heard anything. maybe that is coming. in the meantime, exactly how low we do go. >> i demand an investigation. >> if you think about it, they go up a little bit. there is an agenda. >> nothing. there is an agenda. it is opec right now. lifting those sanctions. trying to lift u.s. producers out of business. i tell you, when you see these prices get to these levels, we have not seen these type of price level since the dark days of the economic slowdown in
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2009. it is not good news on these falling prices. whenever we see prices like they did the last couple days, there are ramifications. there is no such thing as a free lunch. look at what it has done to the stock market. look at what it has done for confidence. look at what it has done for the concerns of global deflation. this is not great news. when prices go down because of new production, it is not good for anybody. people take advantage of the low gas prices. the energy industry not very helpful for them. a global slowdown taking hold here at seems to be the predominate v here. >> that is a concern.
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sometimes it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. you see prices being manipulated . you know, that can really hurt the global economic recovery. neil: thank you very, very much. thank you very much. all right. we are still trying to find what those assailants in san bernardino, california were doing. indications that there is a money trail. jeff flock on what he is finding out. jeff: just got a report from reuters. that tells pales a little bit earlier with the earlier reporting. there is reporting that does not appear that the money came from anywhere overseas. fox news broke the story yesterday.
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transferred to the account of syed rizwan farook in the couple weeks before the shooting. this is based on the fox news report as well. it was a balm that they took out. this was their own money. some of that money made it to syed rizwan farook's mother who had some financial difficulties. three transfers of $5000. a separate $10,000 unaccounted for withdrawn by syed rizwan farook. it was to go pay the man that lives in the house behind me. it is a man by the name of in re gay marquez. a childhood friend. bought the assault rifles used in the attack. it appears, neil, just to give you the headline, it does not appear to be a sinister money
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trail. it does go to their planning, their premeditation on this. neil: if they took out a loan or loans, the proceeds from the loan and they would have to look at the sources of that. it is a little more complicated. >> it appears it is a loan because it came from and entities that specialized in consumer loans. probably as good a news as you can probably get. i want to get there read from all of this. what do you make of those latest developments? outside influence money. the proceeds from a loan are not
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what they appear. >> it is clear it is a terrorist attack. this administration is still in denial. i think that we face a triple threat. we face legal travel. congress will act before christmas break. congress acted on the refugee. this president is still in denial. >> holding off on getting any muslims into this country until we sort this out. >> donald trump. i have not met him. a lot of america feels, he is articulating that we do not feel safe. the job of the government is to make sure that families feel safe. >> i know that anxiety. j johnson. the homeland security secretary just announced the proposal saying that it was un-american.
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>> just by religion alone. i think that that is an unfair test to the constitution. i think that we have to look at the source of the problem. radical islam. i think, you know, carpet bombing long-term, you look at different groups. that is not the american way. i certainly think we have to focus on what is the issue. that is radical islamic terrorism. we should identify what the problem is. neil: he was radicalized after coming here. to your point. my point is, he got radicalized. some say after a trip to saudi arabia. others say through the internet. various types of leaders. he became radicalized. his girlfriend, later wife, similarly act in pakistan.
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you can only assume more horribly. >> resolves and rich read. there are holes that need to be filled. legal travel. passport holders can enter the united states with an expedited visa. we do not revoke passports. congress acted on the refugees. that was a step one. identified in his latest tragedy. remember just a few days ago that the president said to congress, you should not fear women and children. i would like him to reconsider what he said. >> obviously, things have changed. thank you. hard to believe.
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only at a sleep number store. know better sleep with sleep number. neil: all right. we have a big fed meeting a week away. i have not seen this guy this excited ever. what is going on here? connell: we should building more excitement.
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neil: preparing when the hands open on broadway. i thought that was a big day. this is big. >> we are all over it, as you may suspect. you can make the case with the recent events that we have seen. oil prices declining as much as they have. that would convince some of the federal reserve may be we should not go ahead with this rate hike. you would most likely be wrong. some of the latest comments, he told the "wall street journal" that he is ready to go ahead with a rate hike. similar stuff. he has been pushing all along. the rate hike at this point is overdue. oil has been falling. maybe weakness in china, for example. a weakness story. seven-year lows.
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it should help the consumer with lower gas prices. san bernardino and paris. the rate hike should not go forward. rates go higher next week. neil: thank you, connell, very, very much. we have jared leavy here. a global slowdown notwithstanding. is there was no room here? >> latest models. you could show about an 80% chance we will raise rates. this is not about controlling oil prices. control prices. what prices? opec 13 countries cannot control the price of oil.
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i do not think that that is a priority. low prices when it comes to oil. i think that they will hike next week. >> carly fio reno was among them. she thinks the fed will crash. the latest may be the paris attacks. and then this collapse in oil. why add salt to the financial wounds. all of this, you know, those comments on fox business. anything and everything comes up to get in the way. high uncertainty. continued distortion and credit markets. i think anyone who is a free-market person could look at
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it and say, you know what would be better, if we did not have this fedex dimity or this fed impression of rates that continue to force people on a request for yield. continuing to plate that bubble. looking like 2008 again. >> the fed does not move. there will be held to pay. it sounds like that. >> i think that there is as much risk or more. that is my guess. that is probably what is going to happen. >> the last meeting back in october. a press conference attached to it. i do not know why there was so much shock about that. if the fed has drawn that line in the sand, they have to act on it. it is just a series of rate hikes out follow. do you buy that?
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>> typically they do so in a sharp fashion. we have a mental aspect to this, too. we will have this amount of growth in the stock market will do this. at this point, the expectation is so high. now the trigger becomes a serious problem. neil: that is the fear. because of some of these latest concerns. people panic because they start thinking i should be really nervous. >> yes. the best thing is get the shackles off the banks actual lending. all kinds of interference.
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regardless of what the fed does. >> one and done. we will see what happens, gentlemen. thank you very much. the worst nuclear deal. we signed up on it. it was done. do you know who has not signed up on it? iran. iran. yeah. ♪
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some are coming back up. some continue their freefall from yesterday. two very prominent components. really exaggerates the percentage loss here. down to the point we are. focusing on what is going on in iran. i know that this seems like old news to you. add insult to injury. it does things that are kind of forbidden. in agreement that we try to have with iran. testing another ballistic missile. all of these things that we thought were done years apparently from iran, not delivered. if we need any more proof that they are not to be trusted, i guess that this is just that.
12:23 pm
>> exactly. i am reminded of the old magazine. i do not think that iranians are worried at all about any deals. they will mark down a path that they are on. i do not think that there is much that will turn them around. >> they still get this money. they said the sanctions are off. you will get the money. some of that is our money. the 100 or so billion, 130 billion that. this but not signing on the deal. i thought that was bizarre. >> it is unreal. our white house here, our administration, secretary of state rushed into getting an agreement despite the fact that the iranians have literally
12:24 pm
killed hundreds of iranians. they killed hundreds of americans in iraq. holding americans that were not even part of the deal. the iranians do not care. the white house has complained to the united nations. consultations. both of those missiles -- neil: here is what really worries me. to your point about distractions and all, we cannot stand isis. we have reasons to be very leery. iran kind of false second two isis. that is the concern. i would think we could worry about to simultaneously. obviously we cannot. >> you are absolutely right. all eyes are on isis.
12:25 pm
iran is taking advantage of that. just included in a report last month that at least up until 2009, despite all of their denials. from 2009 until right now, they are not sure. the iranians, conducting this investigation, god giving them access to facilities. i think that most of them have a wary eye on iran forever. despite an agreement. a nuclear weapon. it goes alongside these missiles that they just tested. >> pommel, always good seeing you, my friend. >> donald trump in a heap of controversy. saying it is okay to start. what if i told you that this is not going to politically hurt
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just a cultural. nine-five. what is that?
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anyway, they are planning a march watch event. it will be called watch two. we do not know much more than that. it happened on the same day that apple announced an iphone battery case today. welcome to this. this comes out a lot of people have said, all right, empty products. it has been selling well. not doing nearly as good. the company would break out the sales. now it seems to be that they will have a new incarnation of this much like they did with the ipod and the ipad and the itouch. it gets thinner and thinner. unfortunately, that is the way of the world. making it dinner and thinner and thinner. all of you people that pot that
12:31 pm
made watch, you will be wondering what the heck. elizabeth macdonald. another big story. isis. more to the point with how successful they have been. targeting people and getting recruits. liz: michael mccall. he came out with a speech yesterday that quoted from a.d. classified letter from the national counterterrorism center. yes, they do have evidence that isis is potentially using the u.s. refugee program to put terrorists here in the united states. i am paraphrasing. >> we do not know. we do not have information beyond that. the congressman is saying that we must shut the highway coming out of these complex owns. >> you, from iraq.
12:32 pm
a separate measure to pulleys that. it does raise eyebrows. >> pushing back beyond the check the box that you engage in terrorist activities. i'm not sure anybody does. clearly, it is not. it is pushing back against the president's narrative. the refugee program is not an issue in terms of terrorists here in the united states. people have come in. a small number. a number of iraq use. this is a problem back to 9/11 for that case. the question is, you are absolutely right. how do you know who these individuals are when they're coming into the refugee program? >> even when we do have a paperwork, the woman behind the
12:33 pm
attack last week, you know that can go bad. >> this couple was radicalized for a long time. radicalized for a long time. did they know how to gain the marriage visa? neil: the same thing. did you ever notice that guy? yes it did. are you carrying any fruits or vegetables? yes. i have a whole case with bananas in it. who is going to answer yes to that? it is what it is. reaction to donald trump and his comments. kathy lynn taylor on the republican side. richard, he said quite a few things. he will go up in the polls as a result. what do you think? >> when i am on with you or any
12:34 pm
other network, it is against self-interest. i pray for donald trump's political health. [laughter] the fact of the matter is, crazy in so many levels. it is counterproductive. this is exactly what they want. it is unenforceable and unconstitutional both. trump says you will ask people. it will be put off by a guy with a clipboard. neil: i know what your feelings are and i know the passion there. my view with the populist it you that donald trump has, a new coalition, otherwise independents are not democrats. i do not think that this will hurt him.
12:35 pm
i think that it will actually help. >> i agree with you, neil. an uncanny ability. what this is showing, people are fearful and they are frustrated. they are frustrated that the president has continued to fail to define the radical islamic jihad. neil: a prepared statement. he was reading, he was reading his own statement. these were written and planned remarks. >> i think that he absolutely believes. one thing he is right about and let's be clear about this, it is not all bad. doctors profile when they take your medical history.
12:36 pm
neil: in the end, until we settle it and understand it, i think he makes and exception. >> profiling. you must remember it is a religion, not a race. they will profile people from certain countries. there are plenty of mud zones from china and russia. kathy, do not interrupt. it is a common courtesy. we have black widows of blowing themselves up. it is not that easy to profile. what we should be profiling, if anything, is behavior. >> i get your point. though i had. >> that is love profiling is. >> it is not about muslims. >> let me finish now.
12:37 pm
>> five points to the polls next week. >> i agree. >> david duke. neil: we will see. thank you very, very much. we are getting more word now on this show pulled chipotle food program at boston college. they are saying 18 students now. that one particular restaurant believed they had it shut down. again, no indications. they are there. the numbers states. it directly relates to chip all day disproportionate cases.
12:38 pm
it is a problem. it is a big problem. right now, they cannot get out of their own way. stick around. ♪ how do you make sense of it all? a simple, unbiased stock score consolidated from the opinions of independent analysts... is that too much to ask? nope. equity summary score, powered by starmine, will help you execute your ideas with speed and conviction. and it's only on open an account and find more of the expertise you need to be a better investor.
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neil: donald trump brings out the passion and the hollywood crowd. jk rolling. tweeting with an article on donald trump. how horrible. [laughter] >> apparently that was bad. trump gets worse. we have confirmation that he plays an ex- billeted. remember when trump bashed the washington post. the left-wing bubble. you know, jeff owns that paper. apparently, he tweeted out.
12:42 pm
he really does this. he said we will reserve him a seat on the rocket. his way of saying, to the moon. [laughter] >> donald trump just brings out out of people. gerri willis. a nonpartisan warning over obamacare. gerri: that is right. this is not cato. saying that the labor supply will shrink nearly a full percentage point over the next 10 years. why? because of obamacare. 2 million people shorter. why? again, because of obamacare. people who have obamacare, maybe they decided to leave their job. they do not have to have a job to get coverage.
12:43 pm
there is another factor playing into that. small businesses have been shy about. a tipping point at which they have to offer some type of health care or pay the penalty. they are just not hiring. neil: how can they calibrate what a business may or may not do? premiums go up. the demands do not change. extrapolate the 2 million. >> they can tell you anything you may want to know. >> you are less inclined to hire. it is interesting. gerri: the government is now saying that they will not be expanding the obamacare deadline. if you do not sign up by january january 31, you will be out of luck with the obamacare
12:44 pm
coverage. they also lowered their sights on how many people they want to sign up. they are saying next year they are hoping to get 10 million. remember, originally 23 million. not so much. >> thank you very much. donald trump. not letting it go very long. harry potter was the worst. worst character in modern day. he did not say that. okay. fine. we have a lot more. we have this big selloff. now, to combat all of this, the u.s. refugee plan that they say will really scare you. and likely scare the markets as well. we are all over. stick around. you are watching harry potter. you both have a
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liberty mutual insurance.
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neil: that were attired u.s. army master sergeant. good timing here, if you think about it. the woman involved in the attacks last week, a clean bill of health. whether the fiancée visa, she said no. she is fine. we do not have the benefit of the country. there is no paper trail at all. i get worried. >> thank you for having me on. you are right. there are a lot of people that will not raise flags. we will take a different look or different approach about how we
12:49 pm
will go after the radical islam ideology. we cannot just focus on one thing. >> a problem that worries me is we are always full by it. both of these individuals, apparently more radicalized ones here. it took some time. he had pakistani parents. holding a trip to saudi arabia. getting more. then the conversations and writings on the internet. hating all things israel. how do we even release that? >> when we look at this as a random act or an and instantaneous radicalization, we are missing the point. we really need to ask ourselves, what does that mean. it begins and it takes a long
12:50 pm
time. it points to a network or a global international central control. radicalization does not happen in a bubble. >> i will get into this with a congressman that is front and center in just a minute. i have a feeling that it starts there and then just pick's blogs >> you know, because it is about ideology, it can start anywhere. moving into right radicalization can move anywhere. under government regions in north africa. there are a lot of places where it can be thrown. the u.s., states like pakistan, you need to be more aggressive. it looks a little bit like going out after the mafia in the 80s. we need to see them as connected networks. neil: maybe hold off on taking any muslims then until we figure
12:51 pm
this out? >> and long approach they are. it is not about one series of people or one set of ideology. >> that is a very extreme statement. we need to look at the network and the people involved. it is not radicalization in a bubble. >> sorry, my friend. a very powerful thing at that. making things happen right away. we talk about this program. this revelation that when it came to one of the attackers, she got a clean bill of health. either she was radicalized there or radicalized leaving their. we have a whole heap of problems they are. >> we do.
12:52 pm
that is why the houses taking action. we saw even the fbi directors say they cannot back syrian refugees. there ought to be an actual vetting process. people coming into our country. of course, this week, it is a waiver program. forty-eight countries. many of them do not have the same kind of standards that we need to have. radicalized. using a western passport. you should not be able to come into the united states. our defense leaders in the house have come together. coming and saying let's fix these problems. these loopholes. neil: a lot of our diplomats would not be welcome back. >> it does not exist right now.
12:53 pm
>> right now, you have been to syria or iraq. >> high-level screening. depending on where you have been. neil: you fill out a form to be radicalized. >> right now if you're not in one of those countries, you have to get a visa. if you are in these other countries, all you need is a passport. a higher-level scrutiny. you been with other countries like that. we are seeing a lot of activity by isis. we should have a higher level of screening. if they do not raise their level of scrutiny, then they will not be able to participate. it is a form that has been needed for a long time. i think you will see strong
12:54 pm
bipartisan support to get this done. neil: stopping all muslims from coming here. the un is slamming the campaign rhetoric. it is giving the impression that everyone is against the energy program. everyone is against welcoming refugees. i think it is big un's way of saying republicans are bigots. >> no. we are making sure we are a great country of immigrants. >> the un has gotten so many things wrong. i do not even want to get started. why don't we talk about what will solve the problem to defeat isis. rarely the president does not have a plan to defeat isis. talking about taking away the second amendment rights.
12:55 pm
neil: who is worse then? the president and his policies or donald trump? melissa fleming was quoted as referring to donald trump in geneva, with the candidate you are speaking of, an entire population. this also impacts the refugee program. is religion blind? our resettlement programs select the people that are most in need and this is dangerous. >> neil, i disagree with this. nobody has denied rights based on their religious beliefs. we respect all religions. neil: it has gotten increasingly violent. we will have some problems. >> we don't do it based on religious beliefs.
12:56 pm
we do it based on affiliation with terrorist organizations. you do not solve this problem by taking away anybody's constitutional right. the commander and chief needs to lay out a clear strategy how to defeat isis. it should not involve taking away peoples rights that are here in america. it should involve taking the fight to them. they maybe already have. in terms of bringing terrorism into america. let's fight them on their grounds. >> your party's nominee. would you be worried that it will go down in flames? >> we will win this election by laying out to the american people how to keep america safe. also, either way, how we will get our country back on track
12:57 pm
from all the devastated policies from president obama. >> thank you very much. thank you very, very much. we have the dow down about 157 points. back now at seven-year lows. how low do we go. after this. ♪ you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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neil: you think that security is getting a little iffy here. the foreign airport security. the reflection point. back in october. the second bombing which isis has already taking credit for. egypt. they broke up at 30,000 feet above the air. they crashed over the sinai peninsula. the house homeland security transportation security, they
1:01 pm
will hold a hearing dealing with foreign airport security. it is enhancing security at the last point of departure airports. they complained rackley into the united states. overseas or nearby. foreign soil here. we will hear some of the questions, some of the testimony focused on employee vetting and access. those are potentially gaps that have been brought into the forefront. the tsa is rad reacted with some and security enhancements. screening of items that make it onto the airplanes. our international partners. complicating all of this. they tsa does not have direct oversight of these airports that are on foreign soil. the threat here is ever changing. we are about to have this
1:02 pm
hearing momentarily. >> how can we believe? >> you can say whatever you want. once you get overseas, what do you do? you have to imagine that will be part of the conversation coming up. >> a separate issue that has come up ever since the terrorist attacks. agencies not really talking to one another. globally. this happens all the time. we sought saw it in boston with the boston bomber situation. apparently having intelligence coming from russia. that was not being shared with local security folks there. what do you think of all of this, andrew and what it means? >> the sharing is really important. if you think back to one of the big foreign airport issues the
1:03 pm
last couple of years. in 2009, the underwear bomber. even though the cia was tracking him, he had not made either of the fbi's list. >> how does that happen? >> right. each agency, this is a really big government. each agency has different procedures. they have different standards. each individual person on the no-fly list is not going to go up to the deputies committee at the white house. there will be a lot of decision-making. >> you are controlling your own little turf. as hard and difficult as it has been over the years. we heard officials were unaware of what forces were gathering on
1:04 pm
those terrorists. certainly the same. certainly this, the local police, they had no idea. i do not know in san bernardino what the case is or not. >> the interaction with the local police in any country, it is sort of a tricky thing for any intelligence investigation. those people are not only bearing disproportionate amount of the risk, but security clearance wise, they have been vetted the least. they have very, very high security. cops in san bernardino do not at all. the ability of the fbi and other agencies to push information out to the first responders and the folks that nominally controlled investigation is really limited just by the nature of this.
1:05 pm
>> i think that you brilliantly hit it. working through the periodic receives. one agency gets word of a potential problem. filling out forms to share with the rest of agency. you are right. you are right. >> frankly, look. how many top-secret can security clearances have been issued since 9/11. it will grow larger. there will be a wave of pushback's after these attacks in san bernardino to increase fbi agents, to increase the amount of oversight. this is a constantly growing enterprise. neil: i hear you. thank you.
1:06 pm
neil: you probably heard about energy prices recently. i have been waiting for these commissions that will get into this clear if off to set prices. just like a were when prices were rocketing. >> americans are paying more than double than when president bush first took office. >> all the company profits. get tough on big oil. the president refuses to do that. if the ceo was giving a retirement gift of $400 million. neil: let me ask you this. >> we are one accident or one terrorist attack away from oil at $100 a barrel. not just 75. we have no leadership. >> we are at 37 a barrel.
1:07 pm
i do not hear any sympathy for the 100,000 workers that already lost their jobs as a result of this. connell mcshane has been looking at all of the above. connell: neil, holding your breath. you are right. this is a story. only one has been presented as many times. helping consumers know all about that. for that energy sector, the numbers are really, really difficult. the number you are siding in terms of jobs lost this year alone, over 120,000 job layoffs over the energy sector. 122,300 jobs in terms of layoffs. going they are from the individual companies, twice this year they have announced job cuts. now 20,000 -ish year alone. another example.
1:08 pm
13,000. halliburton at 11,800 also slashing jobs. they cut back 6400. companies that fly planes. people that heat homes. they like the lower heating oil. in this energy sector, it is a different story. people that are working are seeing lower ages. an opposite phenomenon of what we are seeing in other parts of the economy. there you go. neil: thank you, connell. if former army intelligence officer says look at the saudis on this. particularly what they did over the course of the last week. keep supply where it is, if not increase it. i think what i am reading is maybe it hurts our energy.
1:09 pm
maybe even more. chokes it right out of existence. what do you think? >> i can tell you to the deal, i think it is a move by the saudis to punish iran i had of its statements. it will actually put out a million barrels of oil a day once it gets the sanctions relief and get soil structure back on par. what they are doing here is basically showing that they have leverage in the price of oil. it also punishes russia, venezuela, iran. it actually punishes isis. they are likely to see their return on the holistic oil production production by five-$10, if that. >> the view. they can wait this out. isis can. presumed by extension we can.
1:10 pm
the oil industry. the drivers seat when all is said and done. >> i think they are trying to get the u.s. to engage. maybe sit down with the saudis. maybe have talks with the iranians. this is directly tied to what they want to do with iran and by extension. punish this administration towards iran. there are companies in the united states that have prepared for this. they will be able to survive this. oil prices will probably stabilize, late spring and summer. in the meantime, they have good leverage. i do not think -- i think they will be a lot closer. just like the iranian foreign minister was.
1:11 pm
>> always coming up smiling in the end. we will watch closely. thank you very much. obviously, the president at a loss. congress cannot speak without the voice. we need an isis czar. really. ♪
1:12 pm
1:13 pm
1:14 pm
neil: the white house now weighing in on donald's trump's no muslims in this country until we sort this whole thing out comments. he is not qualified to be president of the united states. the trump statement on muslims confirm that.
1:15 pm
the candidate should say right now that they would not support trump as president. they are having a field day with this. we will keep you posted on how that goes. i do not think that it will hurt him in the polls. meanwhile, american founder on another question not getting much reaction, but probably should did i am not talking about anything that donald trump has said here it how to deal with isis. get an isis czar. someone devoted only to isis. i thought we had all agencies and departments from ward doing that. i may have missed something. what do you think of this? >> billions of dollars that we are spending. a department of homeland security and departments being with the terror threats. let the military generals know
1:16 pm
how to win wars. the problem we are having right now is the administration is receiving intelligence from those that know how to defeat isis. they are either ignoring the intelligence or are not following recommendations. that is exactly why we have this problem. >> obviously, they are at a loss. former commission. wanting to deal with the debt in this. a form of commission. we have done this countless times. a czar is a very good excuse. valuable time and money. >> it does. that is exactly what it is.
1:17 pm
alike diddle facials. administration. doing something about it. the american public. they are not buying the lies. underplaying the threat. right now the country knows we are facing a problem. there are sympathizers. underplaying the threat of iran. does not believe that iran is really that radical. not that dangerous. we are the radicals that are concerned about iran. supposedly appointed with the isis threat. >> what you think of donald trump's comments? just stop them coming here. >> the problem is far more.
1:18 pm
first of all, it is unconstitutional. remember that the brothers, not muslims, they came from russia. there is nothing, there is nothing in their names that even applied that they were muslims. isis has evolved. europeans with christian names. christian names. we do not say religion on the passport. there is no way to even verify they are muslim. this is why we have to become very smart and evolved in the way we are fighting terrorism. eavesdropping. this is how we will be able to do this. finding out who is being radicalized. we need to have eyes and ears within the islamic community. neil: thank you. >> thank you. >> urd know someone on a no-fly
1:19 pm
list. the president says it makes perfect sense. is it constitutional? so you do not trust the president. you all apparently trust the judge. he is here. ♪ anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family.
1:20 pm
right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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1:22 pm
the 15 you know what i love about catherine's, she is like a dog with a bone. she does not give up. who is talking to whom, you know that she is on it. breaking some new news concerning it. catherine, what is the latest? >> there has been a lengthy set of lawsuits in washington. they continue to produce documents. this new document is an e-mail that was sent on the night of
1:23 pm
the attack run the chief of staff to then secretary of defense leon panetta. let me just remind you about some of the timing on that evening. the first was at the consulate. five hours later, a cia operation in in about an hour later there was the strike at the annex. they killed the two navy seals who were defending the operation. this particular e-mail shows that after the first wave of the attack, secretary of defense and chief of staff wrote to the most senior levels of the state department and said that we have designated assets that are ready to go and we are waiting for your signoff. let me get my glasses here. i want to draw your attention. it reads in part, after consulting with general dempsey, general ham in the joint staff, we have identified the sources that could move to ben godsey.
1:24 pm
they are spinning up as we speak. the defense department had identified and was available to go. there was no sign off from the state department, neil. those two navy seals, their supporters argue could have been saved if assets would have been sent to storm the attackers and put them off that final wave of the attack him and neil. neil: no response. any rejection? >> look, the parted the e-mail chain that is missing is the response from the state department. looking at the e-mails that had been reviewed. the production so far. there had been nothing related to this particular e-mail. i think to be clear, after the attack comes the consulate the secretary of defense, leon panetta offered to move to ben godsey to the senior levels of
1:25 pm
the state department waiting for their signoff. as we know now, that signoff never came. neil: all right. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. neil: in the meantime, we have judge napolitano here on the no-fly list. if you are on it, good luck. >> it is a trojan horse a sneaky, on appeal both way. here is how it happens. often, you are not even told you are on it. often you do not even know you are on it until you try to fly. you are not told the reason then you do not have a meaningful opportunity to get off the list without suing. neil: if a bureaucrat does that -- >> some people should be on the list. most people should not be on the
1:26 pm
list. suspicion can get you on the list. being at the wrong place at the wrong time can get you on the list. certainly was not a terrorist. looking at somebody who was substantially similar. neil: most of the time, would not have been able to walk it. >> the supreme court has ruled. it's a landmark case in 2008. the right to keep and bear arms is a personal, not national liberty. it can only be taken away after you are convicted of a crime. it cannot be interfered with by secret bureaucratic decision. democrats have come up with this. hillary clinton is saying the same words as barack obama. martin o'malley saying the same words as sanders.
1:27 pm
the trick to get around a constitution they do not respect and a supreme court decision they hate. neil: too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to have a gun. that is an appealing argument that are unaware of the levels of liberty being implicated. donald trump's remarks on focusing on muslims. his responsibility for a lot of the cases in this country. he says let's sort this out. no more muslims. >> it has all of us talking about him and it for 24 hours. the other 24 republicans have faded into the background. congress writes the laws, not the president. neil: you were his attorney general, you would say? >> do not say of mr. president. well, say it, mr. president, for political reasons. this is not going anywhere.
1:28 pm
neil: got to do the tv thing. [laughter] neil: would he be good? would he be good at that? i am telling you. in the meantime, gunmakers have been soaring throughout these issues. the constitutionality on the no-fly list and whether you should or should not get a gun. gunmakers themselves have been on fire. smith & wesson more than doubled over the year. the gunmakers then do it and rampant order after that. recent developments here and around the world are pretty much confirming that. if in dow, get armed. ♪ i have asthma...
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neil: still a school out there when federal reserve start as meeting to raise rates, there are plenty of ammunition not to do so, leaving aside terror and drop in oil prices. leaving aside skiddishness globally there might be a better way to tie this sort of thing. jim what do you think? jim, what do you think? >> i like to remove uncertainty to get it out of the way but in terms of whether they should do it there are reasons not to do it. neil: like what? >> the manufacturing sector is in contraction, it is not in expansion right now.
1:33 pm
it would be very unusual historically for fed to raise rates when manufacturing is in decline. corporate expenditures from ahn 8% year-over-year. corporate profits are down. the coumns spending is apparition. if you don't believe me, look what global markets are say. commodities prices are tanking, not just oil prices. base metals and copper, predictors of economic growth they're all down. 10-year treasury yields at 2.2%. most global markets are telling you we're not expanding. most of the data outside of the service sector, and i realize the service sector is a big part of the economy, but jobs we created there, bar tenders and busboys and burger flippers. they have not been high-paying jobs. neil: the argument for against continuing to wait, we've within waiting for a long time. we had easy money. creating a bubble. you heard all the tactics if we
1:34 pm
don't do something soon we'll have bigger mess on your hands. what do you think? >> i agree with those arguments. quarter of a point maybe something gets you in the middle of this. the problem is the language. if the fed says we'll raise quarter of a point now and by end of the year up to a percent, i think market was have real issue with that. you would have a riot. that would be too much. if they said they raise quarter of a point now -- neil: they're never that explicit, are they? they are never that explicit. >> they have been trying to be more transparent. neil: you're right. >> problem too many are talking bond talking out of both sides of their mouth. that is big issue for the markets. uncertainly by all the fed governor bleatings. one day you get two people up and next day get two people saying we're not raising rates. a lot of uncertainty and
1:35 pm
confusion coming out of one board. neil: board is down 155 points. the flip side for the oil argument careening whole world, they have cheaper gas prices. that should goose things a bit for holiday sales. do you buy that? >> not like the bank slowdown or crash we saw in 2008. lending getting into position where it impacts entire economy. as you mentioned lower oil prices are good for the economy. a lot of the problem is a lot of our economic recovery was from the shale boom. so it is not as good as it used to be to have lower oil prices but i don't think we should be fretting too much because in net-net, in a net-net world, net-net is good for the economy to have lower gasoline prices, lower manufacturing costs. we just have one sector way overindebted. that is only problem.
1:36 pm
we have too much debt in the sector. neil: morgan stanley, big brokerage firm cutting 1200 jobs. i don't know if that was in the fixed income area where it was telegraphing it would. stock is down almost 2% ahead of this news. last week they were telegraphing such a move the stock was up. you are right, ample signs of weakness. thank you, my friend. good seeing you. >> good seeing you, neil. neil: you heard problems with chipolte and concerns about e.coli. going back to those that became ill, quite ill, as boston college and nearby, what they attribute to chipolte there. lori rothman with the very latest outside of chipolte. lori? >> neil, looks like it is getting worse with these kids, boston college kids getting worse after they ate at chipolte in the area. including members of the boston
1:37 pm
college basketball team. they are now up to 80 students being sick. chipolte put out a statement to their credit. this is from a spokesperson. we do not have any evidence to suggest that the incident is related to previous e.coli incident. there are no confirmed cases of of e.coli in the west. this looks like like cases of neurovirus. they have been tested for e.coli and norovirus. we are awaiting results back in two days. government health officials continue to investigate the sources of e.coli in chipolte restaurants in nine other states. still have not found a source to that confirmed contamination that made about 50 people, 53 people sick again in nine other states. massachusetts, again, still unconfirmed. what is confirmed according to boston clege that now 80 students there did get some kind
1:38 pm
of a food poussinning after eating at chipolte restaurants. neil: do we know what they were eating? was it beef or something else? hard to say? >> hard to say. 80 students probably, you know across the board. obviously the bean bowls, tacos, this is mexican food. a handful of ingredients, sort of mishmash in every which way. but it's a problem for chipolte and to the company's credit, though, neil, they're reacting quickly. they closed this restaurant. it is in cleveland, boston area of chipolte called cleveland circle near boston college. there were cases earlier in the fall in washington and portland, oregon and seat tell. those restaurants why closed immediately. they got rid of food and did cleaning. reassessing safety protocol. wall street is not too impressed. shares are getting hammered, off 25% over last couple of months. neil: incredible. thank you very much, lori rothman.
1:39 pm
we talked a lot in this country how folks get into this country and lies they tell as they get into the country. the common one that you're not a terrorist, can form an allegiance to any terror group and not a good idea and if they ask you, you just say no. it is that simple. that easy. maybe time to toughen it all up? the congressman has some ideas after this. ♪
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
>> time for your fox business brief as we take a look at airline stocks today. certainly economically sensitive group. a group that is down today. down much more percentagewise than the broader market. if there is talk about a global slowdown, a group that will feel it. some weak economic data out of china overnight. that is certainly part of it. all these airline stocks, plunging along with commodity prices in general being a story today of economic weakness. american airline 3%. spirit four plus. southwest is down by a lot more than that, 10 1/2% today. all down again, more than the market which also is down. most of the energy complex is down today. look at the big drops for the year. the energy stocks are dragging the markets lower. the dow down by almost 160
1:42 pm
points. s&p 500 for the year earlier went negative. now two points higher for the year. more on all of this coming up as cavuto "coast to coast" coming back in a minute. increased battery life - needed for everything from electric
1:43 pm
cars to smart phones, requires lithium. pure energy, developing their nevada lithium project, signed a supply agreement with a company building the world's largest battery factory. pure energy minerals neil: maybe the problem who we let into this country where radicalized here or where they were, we don't have a good idea on that.
1:44 pm
congressman brian babin is trying to change that right now from the fine state of texas. congressman, good to have you. >> neil, good to be here. neil: we just don't know who is coming here. what do you want to do about it? >> we need to stop this program. we have inconvertible evidence now that isis is exploiting our refugee program. and people are coming across the border down in my home state of texas from the middle east. we've had numerous syrians, middle east earners coming in from -- middle earners from south and central america, neil. after listening to the president speak the other night, the american people are worried we don't have a plan and they're worried about another terrorist incident like san bernardino. neil: congressman, you probably heard the flak donald trump is getting but by extension, all republicans are getting not only muslim community but refugee trying to stop it and what you're doing is sending a wrong message to refugees.
1:45 pm
the u.n. wan to like it and wants you guys to shut up about it. what do you think? >> i have great compassion for any human beings at great risk and seeking asylum but nevertheless, my main and absolute focus is my interests in the national security and health and safety of the american people of my constituents. and, i mean, all you have to do is look at paris. all you have to do is look at san bernardino, listen to this president who doesn't have a plan. and, we've got to stop this program. we simply have to -- only way we can do it is by defunding it. and i think that's what we need to do. neil: how do you avoid the rap that you're sending the world a message, the walls are up around america, you are not allowed in? that stuff about your tired, your hungry, your poor, no more? >> you know, look at paris? look at san bernardino. look at chattanooga, tennessee.
1:46 pm
these folks are already here, neil. they plan on coming in droves. the president wants to bring in tens of thousands of them. if only 1%, only 1% of them are isis sympathizers or isis affiliates, then we have 100 people coming in a year. and that is far too many. i don't want to see anymore dead or maimed americans. this is my job. this is what i will do, as long as i'm serving in congress trying to get my colleagues to get together and defund this program. neil: you know what really worries me? that is one aspect but what is going on at our airports and all those we take in on visa, what have you, where a lot have to fill out a form where the last things are just beyond idiotic. you know, do you belong to any terrorist group? i'm trivializing it, mucas they ask you about the at airport, are you bags ever been out of your sight? who will fill out affirmative for any of that stuff? would-be terrorists or actual
1:47 pm
terrorists have our number already, don't they? >> they know how the game is played, and exploiting it to the hilt. my concern again is stop the refugee program, seal this border, do visa waiver changes so we can protect ourselves and have them, the american people be vigilant and let them feel free to report any activities that look shady or look suspicious. one of the neighbors of these san bernardino killers was reluctant and afraid to turn these people in. neil: that's right. >> pause of political correctness and then the president doubled down on that and said that we shouldn't be looking like that we are discriminating against islam. well not all islamic people are bad but some of these folks are and the ones that are doing terrorist deeds are radical islamic terrorists. his own department of justice attorney general came out and
1:48 pm
said she was definitely going to prosecute anybody that had hate speech against islam. well, you know that doesn't exactly encourage folks to come forth around start reporting incidents or suspicious activity. i think that is very, very dangerous for this country. neil: congressman, thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. neil: all right. you know, chicago mayor rahm emanuel is in a heap of trouble. a lot of folks are saying better part of valor might be for you to step down and get out. do you think that is fleeting thing? charlie gasparino says, think again. [shouting] you both have a
1:49 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
neil: so much to talk to my buddy charlie gasparino about. talking about rahm emanuel and calls to step down.
1:52 pm
first i thought it was all political fodder from the other side. apparently not. >> there is huge racial unrest in chicago of killing of two black teenagers. one where a police officer, video clearly shows shooting him 20 times or whatever it was, even when walking away. another one, i don't know if the other -- neil: another one is not cut and dry. they were -- >> i think bigger issue for rahm emanuel in chicago, this is bad stuff, don't get me wrong, fiscal issue is really bad. this city fiscally is starting to implode. huge pension costs. he is raising taxes on -- neil: they will have to biggest sales tax on country. >> i think property taxes he just raised. maybe sales tax too. when you have that plus crime, it was, murder capital, one of the murder capitals of the country. all that together is creating a 1974 new york city issue. where, it looks like they're heading down the road to a fiscal collapse. i will say this, and here is
1:53 pm
interesting thing if you're out there and investor, wall street is pushing muni bonds of chicago at this time. if you look at last couple months, yields have gone down, prices have gone up. neil: why would that be? >> they're telling investors, this is generally a good city it has, has a broad economic platform. neil: they're probably afraid of contagion. >> this is what they're telling average people. buy the bonds and get the yield. it has a higher yield than other bonds. but this is exactly what they did in puerto rico couple years ago. wall street pushed those bonds. exactly what they did in new york prior to the fiscal crisis in 1974 and 75. i would tell the average viewer, triple tax-free income, if you live in illinois there are other things to buy instead of chicago debt. that place is really scary. it is where devoight is -- detroit is now maybe five years removed. neil: despite cuts in services
1:54 pm
he has not gone after the big problems like pensions. >> they're raising taxes to fuel tax pensions that are going out of control. you have high crime, racial unrest and budget fiscal problems. that is the recipe for middle class peopleo leave, businesses not to go there. so if you're bets on chicago bonds, as wall street is pushing them right now -- neil: just hold off, right? i switch gears real quickly. donald trump and all the hullabaloo he is getting on muslim thing. >> he said we should stop immigration of muslims. neil: telling connell this before, he planned those remarks. he wrote those remarks. he wasn't making a flippant comment. so it was well thought-out? >> i say i had from the beginning. did a story on, google, my name and trump and campaign finances. he does this because he knows it will generate massive amounts of publicity and free ad time. neil: will it hurt him? a lot of --
1:55 pm
>> i don't think it will hurt him in the republican base. listen, i was looking at my "new york times" app before i got in. four of the top eight stories were all about donald. now, i'm telling you can't buy that type of publicity. he, by the way he goes on the air. he sits on a phone. goes on the air. fights with joe scarborough or whatever, that is free advertising. it will help him with republican base. neil: many in the republican establishment said this will be sword going after him. >> listen, they have done that with mccain which was really outrageous when he said john mccain wasn't a hero. neil: it never works. >> a lot of republicans who think that we should take a breather of all immigration right now. neil: what do you think about the new coalition he is developing, independents, blue-collar democrats, people dissatisfied with the system? the base isn't issue with the republican party. it is this new crowd he could be bringing in. >> gets elements of the base. gets a degree of tea partiers.
1:56 pm
i'm sure there is religious people. neil: do you make anything of john mccain's of the world, he gets nomination, republicans lose everything including senate. >> i don't know. i -- neil: i think you know. i think you know exactly. you're afraid to say. >> only thing i can tell you if he wants the nomination he can get it. i just wonder if he really wants it. there is a way of doing this where you can be just as crazy and not as toxic, you know what i'm saying. i just wonder if he is, if he is doing all this crazy stuff because he doesn't want the nomination. at some point it will hurt him in the general election. neil: that is something out there. buddy, thank you very, very much. threw a lot at you. handled it flawlessly. >> i took off yesterday. neil: big workout day? >> i ran eight miles. neil: i drove. we look at dow and oil and connection that won't disconnect. should you worry?ma after this. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets,
1:57 pm
through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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neil: they are still very worried about oil at corner of wall and broad. stocks selling off. oil a big reason again. concerns that the federal reserve will ignore all of this an hike rates when it meets next week. hard to say. this much is not. trish regan. trish: breaking this hour, everyone, any moment we'll be getting a vote from the house on a bill designed to restrict travel as as a way to fight terror, anyone traveled in four questionable terror-ridden countries will be banned from the united states of america. welcome to "the intelligence report." i'm trish regan. also breaking we have exclusive details on the money that fueled the san bernardino attacks. who is it that deposited $28,000 into syed farook's account just weeks before the murders? a source close to the investigation telling fox they are demmed to try to figure out just exactly what this money went to and who it is from. meanwhile our catherine herridge


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