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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 10, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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and lastly, ted wants to restore america's leadership position in the world and i think this will make the country a much safer place. maria: is that why you're coming out and doing interviews, making sure who he is as a father as the head of a household. people want to see his family life. >> absolutely. and there are some qualities about ted that i learned very early on when we first met. we met on the george w. bush campaign in 2000. we've been married 14 and a half years, carolyn seven, katherine five. and there were qualities immediately that struck me about ted and i fell in love with ted immediately. we had a love at first sight romance and i want americans to know what the qualities were that made me fall in love with him. and the first is he's principled. this is a man who knows what he believes. he memorized the constitution, not memorized only, but understood its meaning ands' a person of great courage and seen it in the senate on many occasions and he's incredibly articulate and unflappable and
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even at home he's laid back and low key. maria: principled and courage. >> you can't rattle him. the last thing he's very thoughtful. he's a romantic, loves a broadway play. and never misses date night, and brings flowers. look at how a man streets his wife, his children, his mother. maria: thank you, heidi cruz, joining us. stuart varney, so sorry to get to you late. stuart: hold on, it's worth it. maria: it's heidi cruz. stuart: mrs. cruz, thank you very much. we have the early numbers, trump is surging. right after he made those comments about muslims his support went straight up. good morning, everyone, a fox news poll shows trump with 30% support before his statement on muslims, 38% after. the poll was conducted in south carolina where the first southern primary will be held
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early next year. look at this, mark zuckerberg, he says he will create a peaceful and safe environment for muslims on facebook. he says nothing about the jihadis using facebook as a recruitment tool. another important election issue, the shrinking middle class, a pew study finds the middle class is no longer in the majority. it used to be, not anymore. just to make a truly great show sore you tod-- for you today. we have joe namath, i served him in the '70s when i was a waiter in connecticut. did he tip well? big time. [laughter] "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> we begin with this, ibrahim al-costy is former staffer in
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guantanamo. he was released. and he's now a leader. start with the gitmo returnee. your judgment, please? >> good morning to you, stuart, what we have to come to understand again. these are unlawful enemy combatants that we're releasing back to the battlefield. when you think about the position and the prominence that they gain by having been released from being held by the americans, they are immediately put into leadership positions, as you see with this gentleman, with al qaeda in yemen or the arabian peninsula. we know 30 to 33% of those released from guantanamo bay return back to the battlefield. we experienced some of that in my two and a half years when i was in afghanistan. it makes you ask the question, what happened to those five senior taliban leaders released to qatar. stuart: extraordinary, you were fighting these guys on the battlefield, released from
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gitmo and firing guns at you? that's extraordinary. hold on a second. i've got the latest fox news poll in south carolina, shows trump surging after his muslims comments. support 30% before the comments, 38% afterwards. now, he defended his comments on bill o'reilly, the factor, last night. roll tape. >> maybe it's not politically correct to do it, but somebody had to bring it up. it's a temporary ban on not everybody, but many. i would set up a system to see who qualifies to come in, who doesn't, until we come down with the answer as to what's happening with the muslim population. all i'm doing is bringing a situation to the forefront that everybody is talking about and nobody wants to do anything about it. this is about security, it's not about religion. stuart: now, he appeared to walk back the original statement a little bit there, allen, saying it's going to be temporary, not shutting out everybody.
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he's bringing this to our attention. you're a republican. are you one of those republicans who's going after donald trump and, you know, telling him, look, stop it, we don't want this. are you one of those republicans? >> well, first of all, my existence is not predicated upon agreeing or disagreeing with donald trump and it's very easy in the light of what just happened a week ago to tap into an emotionalism and an emotional response, but i think the most important thing, we have to look at a policy. first and foremost, i was not aware of a fiancee visa program, we have to look at the program that tashfeen malik use today get in the united states of america. we know she used an erroneous address and why was that not thoroughly checked. a few weeks ago we were discussing the refugee issue and i told you we need to look at single military aged males and should probably be excluded from entering into western civilization. we know that's an issue based on what happened in paris and
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probably look at single military aged females because we know that females were involved in paris and definitely what happened in san bernardino and look at the list of countries on our terrorist watch lists or countries that have terrorist groups operating. that's how you develop a policy that, that's what leadership is about. that's tapping into the emotions of the american people at this time. stuart: i suspect as trump is surging and he is surging, this is preliminary numbers, but i suggest as he he's doing that, maybe some of the opposition to him will be a little less sharp and harsh. colonel allen west, thank you for joining us as always. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: charges likely against a former neighbor of syed farook. enrique marquez reportedly sold rifles to the killers. quote, he provided substantial information to investigators about the san bernardino suspects and their acquaintances.
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the fbi saying the couple was discussing martyrdom with each other on-line before they met in person. they were talking about this. that news from san bernardino, that's the backdrop to this. a special facebook post from mark zuckerberg, a quote, if you're a muslim in this community as the leader of facebook, you're always welcome here and we'll fight to protect your rights pan create a peaceful and safe environment for you. tamara holder is here. he invokes paris, invokes what he calls the hate this week, referring to trump. he ignores san bernardino. he ignores facebook being used as a recruitment tool. what's he up to? >> he's ignoring everything. this is not just about the muslim community. this is about a pattern and practice at facebook, and the
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way they require members to do community policing. it's like having a neighborhood watch sign in front of your gated community. i've talked to them about this, this isn't something-- >> what does this mean? >> they expect the other members to report and even when other members report and flag things, inappropriate content we don't know what goes on at facebook after that. sometimes they don't do anything at all. stuart: is he saying i'm not-- we won't shut you down, you can recruit for jihad, but we won't shut you down. you've got a peaceful safe environment right here at facebook, a safe place, is that what he's saying? >> well, he's saying --. >> i'm at a loss here. ashley: the fbi would probably say yes, the authorities have done battle with them constantly over the encryption methods and sharing of information. >> years ago we had the desecration of images of gay young kids going on facebook, and they allowed the pages to go up and this is about facebook and their behavior and
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the way they have their own set of rules, like their own country, a billion users, they do what they want and everybody turns a blind eye to them. is it a pr move? >> it's just more of the same. it's more of the same. stuart: there's no change here then. >> oh, you've got neighborhood watch against isis and that puts it in perspective, that's what is seems to me. stuart: it's a hill of beans to me as a recruitment tool. >> if you mark it as inappropriate content, you hope they do something about it and what they do, nobody knows. stuart: you'll stay with us at least a half hour, watch out. look at this, we're following a development. this is chicago, more protests going on right now, live shot. right outside city hall. these are medical students, they're calling this white coats for black lives. and they are calling for rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago, to step down. got it. all right, look at dow futures,
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please, as of right now, we're up about 20 points. yesterday, a 200 point rally vanished because the price of oil went down. we're seeing something similar today, we are up 24 points at the moment because oil is at 36.90, another seven-year low. 36 again for oil as we speak. will you look at this, please, gasoline 2.01 the national average price, by the way, it's 1.76 in missouri, that's the average in that state. now this, move over apple pay, wal-mart has its own payment system starts today. jo ling kent, can you make me understand this? does that mean i can't use apple pay in wal-mart as of now? >> as of now you cannot. going forward we don't yet know. they're launching a new payment system in wal-mart, in select stores in bentonville, arkans arkansas.
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you can scan a card at the register and services expect to be in all wal-mart stores nationwide by the first half of next year. the rub, they're not using apple pay, but haven't ruled out. a live streaming video ap we've acquired by $86 million this year. many celebrities and companies like to use it to broadcast stuff live. and the co-founder and ceo said he was shocked that it won. hover boards, one of the hottest holiday toys has been taken off the shelves of it's not selling more of the self-balancing electric scooters after reports of fires and they say it's a precautionary measure and notifying customers as well who have bought one. so, stuart, you have one? >> i was going to buy some. for the grandkids, not anymore,
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hard to get beyond that video there. jo: got to be careful and wear a helmet. stuart: thank you very much, indeed, jo. the next case, a former ambassador and state department official under president obama, speaking his mind after retirement. he says our strategy against isis is weak and it's limited. more "varney & company" after this. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone.
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mmm hmm.i know the markets have taken a hit lately. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets,
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through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. we have with us now, a former state department official, the former ambassador in west africa and used many years at the state department. mr. ambassador, welcome to the program. >> thank you, stuart, a pleasure to be here. >> in february of this year, you said that our policy towards isis was weak. has anything changed from february to now? >> well, we're slowly, i think all too slowly and all too weakly, still, we're moving in the right direction, but comes in the context of-- >> what are we doing that's
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moving us in the right direction? >> well, we're slowly -- i think the administration is slowly and reluctantly learning from some of its mistakes. it ignored syria, ignored iraq, it thought that victory was won and had a three-year period from 2011 to 2014 that everything was fine in the battle and junior varsity team was in charge. stuart: isn't it obviously -- i mean, you're at the state department and you saw the rise of isis and saw them take towns and cities in iraq and in syria, why such a slow response? is it because president obama just does not want to use force? >> i think that's maybe part of it, but i think the larger thing, i think it's the wishful thinking that comes when you confuse your own beliefs and your own views with actually the reality on the ground and the policy on the ground. the administration wanted to believe certain things so you have this very ironic situation
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when isis takes fallujah, that's when the president utters the notorious remarks the instead of that being a wakeup call, it was a opportunity to miss the threat. it's a hope as a policy rather than looking at the world as it really is. stuart: you're speaking out now, i take it you're no longer in the state department or you wouldn't be saying this, i'm quite sure. [laughter] >> given your druthers, what should the president do tomorrow morning? >> well, there's a lot that can be done. finally figured out, for example, that you need troops on the ground and figured out that kurdish forces alon are not enough. you've seen the first baby steps of the administration trying to get sunni arab forces mixed up with kurds and trying to get sunni arab forces mixed up with the problematic units of the iraqi army. stuart: this is something that would-- is the president's heart in it? >> i worry that basically they -- this administration is tired and have been around a long time and they're basically
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looking to run out the clock when the challenge we have in front of us is a vast ideological revolutionary challenge in isis. thank you. guess who is talking about using weapons on them. go he is. guess. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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liberty mutual insurance. >> a new york times cbs poll taken largely before trump made his comments, look at this. 23% said they're concerned, 34% scared about the possibility of a clinton presidency. voters sharply divided along partisan lines. tamara, this poll goes on to say hillary is only marginally more palatable than trump. that's got to get you concerned. >> i like the word palatable. stuart: with a british accent? >> yes. doesn't that have to do with eating and whether things are good and you can stomach it, and that's the question. but that's the question, how much -- yes, she's not likeable, we can all agree with that, but is she qualified for president. stuart: in what way is she not likeable? >> well, to start she has a
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pattern about lying about things and think the rules don't apply to her, that's just the start. and why she's not likeable. well, and she has a questionable history. and she also makes up stories her past, the list goes on. stuart: the trail, she makes a speech and gets the crowd going and does that successfully, doesn't she? >> well, she's a professional politician and should be able to do that. at a minimum gather a crowd. stuart: does she do it well. >> she does well, she speaks to working class americans fairly well, but people -- here is what we're not talking about i'd like to talk about. there are people like myself who voted for romney who are democrat. maybe not romney, but they are not happy with obama and we're confused. we don't know what to do because trump is out there. and he keeps getting crazier and crazier in my opinion and then you have somebody like hillary, who's questionable. ashley: what a choice we have. how about that? >> all right, tamara, thanks
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indeed for enlightening us all. and look at this, vladimir putin raising the possibility of using nukes on isis, what's that all about. ashley: that's interesting, came out of the kremlin talking about using cruise missiles against isis, locations fired from their submarines, and it was pointed out you could put nuclear warheads on the missiles, putin says we don't use that needing against them, and hope we never will. no one does veiled threats like vladimir putin. soon after the kremlin gathered together a follow-up statement, no, no, there's no need to use nuclear weapons against terrorists. and got to love vladimir putin, probably said it with riding on a horse with no shirt on.
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>> with the super bowl ring on that he stole from robert kraft. stuart: the next wave of refugees, they're trying to take them out. we're talking to rick perry, coming up in the 11:00 hour. the price of an apple watch is dropping. down 100 bucks at best buy. some say it's a sign of trouble for the watch. more varney in a moment.
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>> when you confuse your own beliefs and your own views with actually the reality on the ground and the policy on the ground, the administration wanted to believe certain things, so you have this very ironic situation of when isis takes fallujah, that's when the president utters those notorious remarks. stuart: that was alberto fernandez at the state department. he's critical of our policy toward isis. to catch that kind of stuff, tune in weekdays 9:00 morning, sharp. the opening bell will open in 30 seconds, at that point the trading will begin. the backdrop to the last week of trading is all about the price of oil. if oil goes up, stocks recover. if oil goes down, stocks go down.
9:30 am
that's my perspective and that's what we've seen on this market so far. remember, yesterday we were up, i think, 200 points at one stage, lost it all because oil started to come down again. got to tell you that this morning, oil is right there again at $36 a barrel. so, let's see how we open trading as of right now, this is 9:30. here we go. the dow industrials on the upside not by much, 4 points higher, 11 points higher. the futures tell us that we're going up 20. now we're down 1/2 point, down 6 points. we'll be watching the price of oil very closely in just a moment. come on in, liz macdonald, ashley webster, and jeff, start with you, you're a bear. you think the market goes down whether the oil is up or down. >> oil has told us a lot. the global economy is in deflation and told us a lot. you're going to see a lot of volatility on oil, but the market is vulnerable right
9:31 am
here, hanging on the fed next week. hanging on a lot of what people have been counting on, with is a continuation of low interest rates. the market is vulnerable and will fall. stuart: if they put rates up, the market will fall? >> regardless of what markets do, i personally think i'm one of the only people that think they might not lower rates next week. as a matter of fact, i would bet that they're not going to and i think that they are very, very concerned about global weakness and the banking sector. they're going to back off a bit. stuart: i'm watching the market because you may have changed it. when jeff says they might not raise rates, i'm looking at that. and how about the price of oil? could this be a day when we get another plunge? we're back at 36.85, the lowest price recertainly was 36.50.
9:32 am
denton, could this be the day for another plunge? >> good morning, thanks for having me. we've reached a lot in the last few days. the market may be needing to take a breather and have a little time off here and kind of move around in and out of flat, maybe up a little bit, maybe down a little bit, but, yes, like you said, oil is going down. that correlation right now between oil and stocks, oil up stocks up, oil down, stocks down. the one correlation you need to look at if you want to look at the coalition, oil and the dollar and inverse correlation. if the dollar is stronger, oil tends to be down and vice versa, that's one you probably want to keep more of an eye on as far as oil is concerned. stuart: are we still-- >> and we kind of test some of the great recession lows from 2008. >> we're still in place, if oil goes down, stocks go down, that's the relationship that we're looking at today. and we're down this morning, down 32 cents, 36.81 as we speak.
9:33 am
how about kinder morgan. it slashed its dividend yesterday. we have been talking about where to put your money in uncertain sometimes and dividend paying stocks came up, including chevron, which at current prices pay 5%. then we heard about kinder morgan slashing the dividend. it's an energy company. >> it is, it's the u.s.'s largest pipeline operator, and what we call the mid stream operators, those that transport and store oil are really under pressure and i think this opens the door for the rest of the sector. will the big oil companies be forced to do this? no, they've heard enough to protect their dividends, but this is a sign of the times. >> five on chevron sounds attractive to me. and we'll have the low oil fees and talk about-- >> talk about defendants, how about defense contractors, they say they'll benefit from escalating mideast contacts. >> it's lockheed, oshkosh,
9:34 am
tracking news out of a conference, what they're talking about, escalating conflicts with iraq, yemen. and lockheed is talking about the f-22 and 35's that can invade rockets. and with oshkosh, they're making armored vehicle impervious to ied's and they can go off terrain won a 6 billion contract and could go over 30 billion. stuart: how about apple, excuse me, i'm sorry liz: i choked him up there. [laughter] he's speechless. stuart: i'm very sorry. look at apple, while i cough, look at apple, best buy has taken $100 off apple watches
9:35 am
ash, it's right before christmas. i've never seen apple do that. ashley: apple has botched this. it was a confusing rollout. softwear mishaps and here we are in the key holiday shopping season and you know they have a roll in allowing them to do this. you can get one of these for $299. apparently they have a new version watch coming out in march. they may be trying to clean out the inventory of watches, but it's somewhat of a disaster liz: and target's price discount. stuart: and crashed the website, 15% of all apple stuff. i wouldn't buy a watch now if there's a new one coming out. ashley: that's the problem. stuart: could be thinner and nicer, unless you give me one big discount. am i right? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, first of all, the apple watch has been a disaster from day one. in fact, steve jobs would never ever cut discount prices the way cook is. that says a lot
9:36 am
liz: treating it like an ebay collectible. >> the future of apple, you know, i think there's a problem. stuart: what a bear he is. wal-mart takes on apple with its own mobile payment app and it's the only mobile payment accept that wal-mart accepts. do you know anything about this, jeff? >> i'm bashing apple again. wal-mart looked at apple pay, they said this sounds like a good idea. they're struggling, they're not growing. the middle class has been annihilated which has affected wal-mart drastically, now you have wal-mart pay. i think it's an attempt to get at another sector. i think it's a long way before they monetize this. i think-- i think what wal-mart has to really look at is the fact that a good part of their customer base just doesn't have the discretionary income. that's the issue. stuart: you know what? i think the market is listening to you, because we were down earlier on. oil down, market down.
9:37 am
then you said, you know, i'm betting that the fed does not raise rates, but look at this, now we're up 11 points. all your fault. how about enm's warehouse? sal nicole, how bad is the damage to the stock. nicole: the stock is down 20%. multi-year lows. they took on joseph a banks. the problem is that the discount shoppers, it was buy one get three free. and they're not doing that anymore. that didn't work for them and in fact, quarter over quarter, they saw in the third quarter. jos a banks, and there's a dramatic three-year chart. it's not good news here for menswarehouse. stuart: that's a rough charge for sure. america's middle class has lost nearly 30% of its wealth. that's according to a reliable study.
9:38 am
it's a new pew study. what else have we got, ash. ashley: it's interesting, the middle class has traditionally been the core of the country. the stronger the middle class, the stronger america is. middle income households have become the minority. and what is the middle class? what is it? well, it's households earning between two-thirds to two times the nation's median income. i don't want to get too technical. to 14 from 41,900 to 125,600. stuart: that's middle class liz: pretty broad. ashley: that's a broad income gap there, but apparently people are moving to the top end of middle class or the lower end. more to the lower end and we have the widening gap in the middle. stuart: less than half the population is middle class, defined as 42 grand to 126,000. ashley: correct. stuart: that's a huge chunk of income and less than half the
9:39 am
population is in that. didn't know that. one in five americans will die in debt. there's a headline. according to a survey from credit liz, is that an economic indicator? liz: yeah, it is. they're also saying that half of those polls said they won't be able to pay off their debt until they're 61 has economic implications because consumer spending is an issue for the u.s. economy. two-thirds of it. so, this also echoes a prior report on this same poll. you know what? we can't afford our debt, we'll have to pay it off for decades. stuart: you know, you really did affect the market, we're up 26 points after you said the fed's not going to raise rates. see what you've done? >> i don't think it matters at this point. i think that the economy's in trouble. they raise rates, it's not -- if they don't raise rates, people are going to be more panicked because they're going to see what i've been seeing and talking about, which is
9:40 am
this underlying weakness and leverage across the board that's been caused by what the central banks have done. there's visibility either way. stuart: you killed us. all right, it's up 31 points. thanks, jeff. a former worker for usama bin laden released from gitmo now is leading al qaeda in yemen. general jack keane on that one. first, this guy, joe namath, he's a football legend. we know that. we're talking concussions and guns and trump, mr. namath is next. ♪ oh, on broadway ♪
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>> i found a disease that no
9:44 am
one has ever seen. repetitive head trauma. the nfl does not want to talk to you. you've turned on the lights and gave their biggest bogeyman a name. you're going to war with a corporation that owns the day of the week. stuart: that's a clip from the movie "concussion". my next guest knows a thing or two about that joe namath. he recently underwent hyperbaric treatments that doctors claim reversed the results of hits in the nfl. j joe namath, welcome, sir. >> thank you, stuart, thank you. stuart: would you describe the hyperbaric treatments, what did you do or what did it do to you. >> knowing i had concussions, i wanted to find out if i had traumatic brain injuries that i could do something about.
9:45 am
we did scans, the left temporal area of my brain was virtually getting no blood flow. so we did use a protocol process in the hyperbaric chamber and i did 120, after each 40 i was checked again and my cognitive tests that i'd taken before the dives, as well as my brain in the scans, came back to normal. the tests improved with each group groups that i had taken and the brain showed full blood flow and working the way it should be. stuart: is this a possible treatment for other nfl players who have concussion and damage? are you putting this out as a possible treatment for them? >> we're trying, we're trying. we sent my study to the fda, and they wanted to see another hundred studies.
9:46 am
there at the joe namath center, it's not just for traumatic brain injuries and not just for athletes, but for a variety of brain ailments as well as for children, any -- there are more traumatic brain injuries around the country every day than they are in athletics and we have discovered help for it. stuart: could you feel it? you said that your cognitive ability improved. does that mean you could think more clearly after the treatments? >> you know, i felt good beforehand, however, i exercised more, i exercised more mentally now, i feel sharper than i had in the past. i had a lot of questions prior to doing the dives and getting help, and those questions have diminished, you know? i feel sharp, i'm as healthy as for that. stuart: you look great. good to see you. >> stuart, i feel good.
9:47 am
and seeing the pictures and seeing the brain, during and after, it works. stuart: it gets the oxygen to your brain, that's what a hyperbaric chamber does. >> we could fast for a while and we could go for liquids for a while. how long can we go without oxygen? and pure oxygen under pressure, getting it to every part of our body, our brain, we need it, it helps. stuart: how many treatments did you have? you called him dives. i know the hyperbaric chamber is used for divers who get the benz when they surface too quickly. how many treatments did you get. >> after 40 dives, we saw increased improvement in the brain and did another 40. i ended up doing 120 over seven months. the divers, we go to-- they put you under pressure,
9:48 am
called an atmosphere, two atmospheres like you're going down underwater, pressure per square inch. and it can vary from individual to individual, but the atmosphere, an atmosphere is 33 feet, say you go down to 70-some feet or 80-some feet pressure and they applied pure oxygen. the doctors knowledge, the protocol to process, that's the key, that's the major key, but no doubt that the pure oxygen with the pressure combined is a major help for the physiology. stuart: did it help your memory? i ask because i wonder if you remember me. 1973, it was the stratford motor inn next to i-95 in connecticut. i was a waiter. the whole team came in. [laughter] i served boozer, remember him? and i served you. and you gave me a whopping great big tip. i don't know that you remember me. [laughter]
9:49 am
but i remember joe namath, i really do. >> i remember you, stuart, otherwise i wouldn't be sitting here with you, buddy. you were terrific and i was pretty easy to deal with at breakfast, right? toast, coffee, what did we know then? >> you were and you still gave a big tip even though it's breakfast, joe namath. i'm sorry, i've got to ask an important question here. hillary or trump for joe namath? [laughter] >> i think knowing the quarterbacking business, until you have to make a decision, utilize the time to get everything straight and try to get the best possible call. ashley: scrambling. stuart: you guaranteed that the jets would win the super bowl, i remember that, i was in america then. who are you going to guarantee wins the super bowl this year? don't tell me the jets. [laughter] >> i wish, i wish the jets could get there. i'm hoping they make the playoffs, more importantly, to
9:50 am
me at this time is the alabama crimson tide winning the next game against michigan state and maybe winning the national championship game. stuart: joe namath, it was an honor and pleasure to have you with us on the show and congratulations on this successful treatment for concussions. good stuff, sir, really is. >> oh, stuart, it's a help. it's a major help. stuart: good stuff. joe, thank you, sir, we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: coming up, shocking video from canada. cab drivers at war with uber. one of those cabies dragged down a street. we've got more on this. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet
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>> look at this, kind of ugly. a taxi driver in toronto dragged down the street after confronting a uber driver at the window. this happened at cabbies were gathering around city hall, protesting against uber. it got ugly there as it has in other cities around the world. a disappointing outlook from first solar, that thing is down nearly 10% as we speak. if there's one thing to take away from last week's california shooting, muslim extremists here in this country and plotting against us. the former advisor to the
9:55 am
senate foreign relations committee is jameel jaffer and he's with us now. we're not collecting enough information and intelligence. should we be much more proactive and gaining much more surveillance, for example, at this country's mosques? >> stuart, thanks for having me. you know, i think it's absolutely critical that we maintain the surveillance programs, we need to protect the nation. you know, the reality is here today, we walked back our surveillance, walked back the metadata program and the president took back steps on foreign relations. we're decreasing our surveillance program. stuart: what are we going to do about this? we've been attacked in our own back yard, 14 people slaughtered. isn't it enough to turn around the thinking on part of the administration? >> you would hope. but even in congress, we had republicans and liberal democrats to undermine
9:56 am
surveillance this year. you would think in the wake of these attacks in paris and here in san bernardino, they would rebalancing our security. stuart: we're not doing that. >> no, it's shocking. and you know, it's good we have some senators and some presidential candidates calling for the right thing, into surveillance programs, but the real problem is that there are a lot of these candidates out there today, both in the senate, the house and presidential race, who aren't supportive of returning ourselves to a better security posture and that's a problem. stuart: is it a question of surveillance of mosques or is it a question of being able to read between jihadists, which is currently encryption. address the latter, getting into the encryption system. >> we had the fbi director tell us yesterday the folks down in garland, texas, 109 text messages between a jihadist overseas and the shooters in garland that are encrypted and they can't read them.
9:57 am
that's a real problem. and we run the risk, if we don't have a way-- if we have a word proof encryption, encryption products our banking transactions on the independent. we can't give the key away, but at the same time we can't have jihadist allowed access to encryption and think we'll be safe. stuart: we need to be addressing it now. thank you, join us anytime. >> thanks for having me. stuart: a former lackey to usama bin laden charged and detained at get low, released to the sudan, now he's a top al qaeda leader in yemen. general jack keane on that, the top of the hour. a bomb disposal robot outside our studio in manhattan. we're going to show you how it works and what all it can do. "varney & company," hour two, two minutes away. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles,
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[ train whistle blows ] [ train whistle blows ] ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ my mom works at ge. actually, knowing the kind of srisk that you're comfortable sure thiwith,ight? i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. >> 10:00 here on the west --
10:00 am
east coast here are our big stories. former bin laden aid detinned at gitmo released to yemen now he's a top al qaeda leader. the latest fox news poll, being jump in support for donald trump after he announced his plans to ban muse lemes coming here. we have numbers, shocking mlg students protest outside chicago city hall. they want rahm emanuel to resign. law enforcement goes high-tech to fight terror. we've got a 700 pound bomb disposal are bolt right outside the studio. we're going to show you how it works, and what it does. our two starts now. >> a very modest game for the dow industrials up 29 points because the price of oil at $36 per barrel level. oil and stocks moving again in time.
10:01 am
lower we've got oil at 36.95 up a little bit from where it was that's why stocks are up a little bit from where they were. got it lower sales at men's warehouse that stock hilt a new low down nearly a quarter. look at lending tree a winner, merrill lynch upgradings stock, get out there, buy it up near 10%. fresh seven-year low for oil lower. right now a 36 heading back up. looks look back up to 37 at least it is very close to that level. 37.06 right now. price of gasoline nationwide the arch average is 2.01 in missouri a dollar 76. now abraham charged and detabled at guantanamo bay in 2010 we leased to the sedan in 2012, now an al qaeda leader in yemen. what have we got on this? >> released by the way is
10:02 am
opposed by many in the marl in the intelligence community back in 2007 he was classified by us as high risk to u.s. and allies he was admitted veteran jihadist with combat experience. we let him go. he's now surfaced in this video as leader of an al qaeda unit in yemen. been there since 2014 he gets out, we do some deal. release him against objection of the military in those attach these people. here he is surfacing on video leading a very violent issue to be pointed out al qaeda unit in yemen. >> we got it. now let's bring in general jackie it is breaking as we speak but we have heard incidents like this before. you're in the marl, you were in the military. how do military guy it is feel about this? >> certainly, they're fundamentally opposed to these releases. you know soldiers used to refer to people showing back up on a battle field as catch and release.
10:03 am
that's -- sort of troop humor always has a way of actually getting right at the troop. that's what this is that gives us information opposed to just giving them a better life in guantanamo bare that information, likely with with khalid sheikh muhammad he gave us more information than anybody we release this guy makes no sense. when they return, stuart they return as iconic figures because they've been america's number one jailhouse for terrorists, and they return as heros, and they use him for propaganda value. of course made him a leader. may not have the leadership skills but made him a leader because they want him to recruit organization and financing for the organization, et cetera. it's always been a terrible mistake i believe that numbers that people are larger than the evidence that we qowld suggest. >> all right general i have to wrap up a couple of terror news
10:04 am
items and then come to you for comment. one second please. first off, defense secretary ash carter he says isis is not contained. we need to ramp are up our efforts that was yesterday. testify before congress okay here at home enrique marquez long too many friend syed farook likely to face criminal charges for providing guns used in shooting. admitted to investigators that he and farook planned a 2012 terror attack but abandoned it when they chickened out that's what i'm reading here. what do you make of isis not contained. terror in our other backyard what happen it is here? >> there's a growing sense of frustration among which democrad republicans that we're running out of too many stuart because what had secretary carter wases telling them that it was not contained. what do we do about taking the
10:05 am
caliphate away from them so they cannot continue this killing and he not have a concrete answer to no time line, no october of, methodology to do it so the frustration in congress is truly growing. i'm convinced if we have a repest what took place in san bernardino to will blow off of congress because they know full well that the president's policy of waiting several years to deal request this issue and a having strategic patience passing on to another administration is not going to work. rng diewchg there's any livelihood that we will actually put syria's boots on the ground in iraq and syria to fight isis? >> i think we'll put people on the ground in greater numbers in iraq to help people who are already fighting there. more than what we have now. in syria eventually to toik the caliphate away, we will likely put some boots on the ground as part of a ground force but largely be an arab ground force.
10:06 am
regional ground force maybe with other participation in nato countries that's the direction we're heading into. although administration is pushing back. >> are you conversation with that are you comfortable with that, as a military guy? >> yes i am. we're not talking about operation force of 50 or 60,000 but the united states participating with with arab partners lookly lead it and we would have minimum participation brigade to it, but the problem s always of the sunnies boy and large are fighting assad regime and question of to get a political settlement of that situation so we can get them into the fight against isis. >> general jackine good stuff. >> good talking to you, stuart. >> now i want to move to the topic of political correctness, if i criticize islam for treatment of women if i did that, am i a bigot here's the
10:07 am
independent women's forum tricky question but i want to know what had i'm allowed to say when it comes to islam treatment for respect for women. >> well don't ask me i think political correctness is in eye of the beholder, it is not political or shouldn't be offelement it is to criticize islam or ask questions about the way women are treat especially in muslim majority countries sometimes that is discrimination against women. limitation on their civil rights. even prosecution at some point so i think it is fair to ask question to talk about it. we need more frankness in some of these -- >> i hear nothing from the class tick women's movement. for example, the two lawyers for relatives of the shooters went on television last week. and said that house we've malik was just a normal housewife. and yet her brother-in-law had
10:08 am
never seen her because she wore the full vail and never drove a car. now, at what point am i allowed to say that's not normal. sorry that's not normal. can i say that? >> i believe you can say actions of this woman make it clear that she was not a normal housewife and didn't have the same kind of attitude or otherwise she wouldn't have participated in this kind of act of violence. but bottom line is political correctness cannot be something that we are putting above the issue of how women are treated. oars we're doing a disservice to women in the world. >> where did stand on donald trump he's politically incorrect in the extreme. >> i don't think political incorrectens a value either. we need more frankness but i think it is possible to be frank and respectful and qualified in the way that we talk about some of these sensitive topics. religion is a sensitive topic problem that so many people have with mr. trump is not only has he been politically incorrect but further in painting maybe
10:09 am
with too broad of stroke when is it comes to muslim community. >> thank you very much for joining us. are you a hillary supporter? >> thank you. [laughter] are you a hillary supporter? i think we just lost -- just once. >> speechless. i thought it was a good question. with the international women's forum love to know if she's with hillary because she's a woman. slew of selects releasing this new public service ad. >> gun violence -- ashley, i'm just saying -- i'm in it. [laughter] final -- >> i don't know what this is about. >> what they cull a public service announcement tsa includes celebs from hollywood amy schumer, about jennifer aniston, sofia, kevin bacon, spike lee following on
10:10 am
president's call for what the psa says is we can end gun violence this happened after the sandy hook shootings at the elementary school in connecticut four years ago. renewed effort to call for great or gun control. >> they're doing something different. trying to take the fight to local and state houses instead seeing failure at the federal level so president obama urged gun control groups and gun control activist to tack the fight locally. >> we can now hear that soundbite from that. roll it again please. let's hear it. >> we can and we can end -- we can end. >> we can end gun violence. gun violence. gun violence. when we come together as americans -- >> they want to take guns -- >> they want to do more. in other words fight at the state level for licensing for waiting periods things luke background checks. >> that controlled legislation just now got it.
10:11 am
let's get to wal-mart taking on l -- apple pay. jo. >> apple and wal-mart been working on for some time, and apple will have a new rival. mobile payment system called wal-mart pay to pay for purchase by scanning your phone at regisr with a qr code service in all wal-mart stores byes first half of 2016. wal-mart not accepting apple pay but hasn't ruled out dong so. looking at the share up almost 1%. and remember that lifetime lebron james nike deal we told you about. according to usa today shoe deal is worth significantly more than 500 million dollars. you do the math, yeah that's rights, 30-year-old james could make $30 million every year at the current rate of sale pep we're watching nike down slielgtly slight but but good news for that. hover board scooter, burst into
10:12 am
flames a at washington state mall. taking it off the shelves and precautionary safety measure after reports of multiple fires and falls that video is not very assuring. >> worst pr for a product i've almost ever seen. [laughter] >> not actually a hover board it's a scooter. got wheels. that touch the ground. not back -- >> call me when there's a hover board i'm onboard. >> consumer right there. technology -- fighting terrorism, outside our studio right now, a 130,000, 700 pound bomb disposal robot we'll show you what it can do too.
10:13 am
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10:15 am
>> dead flat for the stock market as of now just u up 10 points.
10:16 am
how about chipotle company top divide pledging sweeping new food safety practices, that seems to be working for the stock up $28 that is 5% chipotle back up again. disappointmenting outlook for first solar. how about this, outside the studio today we have the night robot highly stable, very strong, easy to use, all terrain robot so big we with couldn't get it in the studio that detects, disarms bombs from a safe distance. joining me no is bomb technician of bomb squad commander from police force who is with wm robot. is that the kind of robot they were using to get inside the house in san bernardino? >> of a type but not the same are they were using different manufacture. >> okay. there's got to be strong demand for this robot at that
10:17 am
particular time you have to be in demand. >> well there is a demand continuing demand. an interesting fact is that all bomb squads in the united states are required to have a hazardous duty robot in their equipment inventory a national requirement. >> how much does that one cost? the one we can see out there? >> that one is around $220,000. >> how many have you sold? >> you know, i'm fairly new at the company. but we have probably a couple of dozen around the state and arnold the world. >> ashley webster is outside i believe standing near to that robot. >> i am, in fact, stuart, there's a cheese sandwich in there could be dangerous. this particular model not only can they go on the defense to look for explosives but it also has shotgun, grenade and
10:18 am
launchers and the attack. from the distance it look like a dog on the antenna as a tail. but the maneuverability, versatility of the machine is remark haddable i'm standing by mark here doing all of the controls with 7 different cameras on it. so we can get a very good view and from a safety point of view this is what you would rather be sending in than a human. >> now ashley, did you say it has an observance five capacity and put a machine gun on the thing. >> you can there's two silver rods on the front there fitted with -- shotgun, grenade launchers so you know this is a machine that does it all as they say, an yes, if it goes into a dangerous situation it can actually defend itself and go on the attack. >> back to jim in seattle, jim tell me again i missed it ouch does that they think cost? >> we're quoting $220,000 currently.
10:19 am
>> sounds luke that's negotiable. >> depends on equipment that you decide to outfit it with. >> you're on it a winning product jim, i do. buzz those thingses are going to be in demand. thanks so much indeed ashley you're released you can have your bag back. all right irve. protesters threatening to shutdown city of chicago if they don't get what they want. you might call that economic blackmail maybe if you don't get rid of them there. we'll shut the city down. be back in a moment. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
10:20 am
announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything.
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10:23 am
dow is up 46 balanced there. holding steady. get to chicago for threatening to shutdown city if they don't get what had they want. jeff flock in the middle of it for us. it seems to me that demonstrators are say we'll shut down this city if you dote get -- rahm emanuel doesn't resign that's a kind of economic pressure that is being leveraged here. what do you say? >> i think absolutely right. the protesters in ferguson or baltimore were criticized for, you know, only protesterring in their own neighborhoods in some ways harming their neighborhoods in chicago these protesters are taking it to the city where hurts trying to make their case there and done an effective job of it. >> chicago cannot afford it, can it? they're in dier financial straights so that is really telling. >> well, hasn't had that kind of an a impact yet but things are
10:24 am
building. there's a long history of, you know, check as far as protest in this country dating back i suppose to -- 1773 in that boston tearpght. tea party, that would be economic blackmail too. but they did that -- magnificent mile as i understand it was virtually shutdown in last couple of days certainly yesterday. what's happening right now a return to the magnificent mile, and interrupting commerce there? >> no, fairly quite and to be very honest with you, the only day where commerce was really drastically disrupted wases black friday. yesterday there was a lot of marching, a lot of people that were inconvenienced but it really did not have that same impact as black friday with people blocking stores so that's been limited so far. but you know that's a possibility. pressure is really building on rahm emanuel here and we could see more of that coming. >> jeff you're in the middle of it.
10:25 am
thank you indeed good report. >> this is mindful of what happened here in new york city when occupy wall street sat in zuccotti park and did a crack down on soda wouldn't evict them even though local shops said this is hurting us economically. remember when protesters took to streets of new york city and shut down economic activity. local terse were upset. i think residents and shop owners, businesses would support protesters. but they feel alienated when that i had take to economic hit and may have agreed with him and then they lose him. >> i have to wrap u up being stories number one donald trump has surged in the polls after his statement on muslim this is is a fox news poll before he's made that statement, trump had 30% support right after he made that statement he went up to 38% support. we have a gitmo detainee who was released.
10:26 am
going back to the battlefield a now leads al qaeda in yemen that's another very big and developing story. and just heard more protest in chicago. >> weigh in on trump quickly because we've had "the wall street journal" he talking about how to get towards that margin of victory to get the nomination and then take on the democrat contender you have to be in high 30s or 40s. donald trump is now growing toward that in polls. >> that's right at that point and surging after that comments. >> fascinating after that controversy what does that tell you? >> surging because of the controversy as it leet pile only o the guy that makes ordinary voters say hay wait a minute he's not that bad. i look that guy. >> saying we're at a time of war, you know, listen, america embraces all religion he shouldn't have attacked religion. but benjamin netanyahu rejected trumple but saying he's fighting militants. >> wasn't it news that trump is abandoning trip to israel to go
10:27 am
and meet netanyahu. how far are we willing to go to fight islamic terror? man ho prosecutorred blind shake we'll have him on the show about surveilling mosques he's coming up soon. a billboard up by an atheist group urging people not to go to church on christmas. we'll deal with it in a moment.
10:28 am
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the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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>> all right we're gibing to move up now we have a 63 point gain for the dow jones industrial average what's happening with oil? they usually move in tandem 37.05 it was at 36. the dow was down. now we're at 37 the dow is up. how about smith & wesson that is a gun stock, i believe -- another new high. what's happening? >> another eight year higher for smith & wesson this of course in
10:31 am
aftermath in san bernardino but we saw earlier in the show calling for gun legislation flld selects just adding to anxiousness of people saying wait a wait a minute harder to get a gun these stocks are taking off. >> we have that soundbite from hollywood celebrities that encourages gun sales. look at that chart. end that chart. steadily declining. from orchestrate the world trade center bombing. andy welcome to the program. >> stuart good to be with you. >> back then 20 odd years ago you were using surveillance you went into the mosque town out who was saying what. that's how you got the guy. >> not only went into the mosque but conducting surveillance around mosque. we infiltrated the mosque with inform hasn't and found in the mosque they were storing guns, transferring guns having
10:32 am
conversations about jihad fundraising for jihad. ming gun in mosques and passing them around. >> fbi watched them on consecutive weekends in the summer of 1989 where they removed guns from mosque, put them in a van and then drive to calverton, long island and do shooting practice. believe it or not they pulled over on the side of the road to pray and then get back in the van. go to the shooting range, and on consecutive weekends saw them doing training. >> are we doing exactly the same kind of surveillance now? >> no, in fact, the philosophy of the administration now is actually the official title of it is called counterviolent extremism. we have to call it extremism. terrorism nancy pelosi -- that's the extremism. theory behind it is that we don't want police to be going in and beating bushes in the communities.
10:33 am
we want to rely on our partners, islamic organizations to be eyes and ears and they don't have the same -- >> what we're seeing how well it's working, right? >> what would you do given your druthers because we have a shooting in california a week ago. >> we stopped one attack in the 1990s it wasn't because we had better lawyer and better agents on the case. it was because we sent an informant in to infiltrate the cell and he gave us information in real tile about what the plot was so we would have stopped a catastrophic simultaneous attack on the lincoln and holland tunnel. u.n. headquarters, the fbi headquarters -- >> what they were planning. vital parts of new york city they were planning to attack them simultaneously. >> reason the trade center bombing happened other plot didn't happen is because we had somebody on inside and infiltrated. >> past lawyers because lawyers
10:34 am
qowld say that's entrapment you encourage that plot part of the plot and now turning them in. >> same way they -- did the mafia cases it is not entrapment if bad guys initiate the plot. they have blown up trade center and predisposition to commit schism that was -- >> we have people saying you must not offend our muslim population would it be orchtion oive to add to surveillance of them? is it -- muslims it is like the brotherhood. the rank and file people in the muslim community in any experience tended to be proamerican and willing to help us as long as nobody found out that they were helping us. the problem is the leadership in these mosques and community centers tends to be tied to these big islammist organization it is that is spremmist
10:35 am
organizations that are not -- >> brotherhood in particular. we had a terrorism financing trial called holy land foundation case in 2007, 2008 and shown to be the hub of a conspiracy with all of the u.s. to support the activities of hamas including the jihadist activities of hamas. so these organizations are not our friends. and for that reason, to have a counterterrorism strategy that relies on their cooperation, you know, it is not surprising that we're seeing the kind of things we're seeing happen had. >> last question we have the shooting terrible outrage in california. has that lit a fire under law enforcement or the politicians so that we do get some more proactive surveillance? >> we have very good people on the frontline. agent and police i think do a very fine job. problem is do you get through the thick head of the policymakers in washington, and on that i'm not very optimistic.
10:36 am
>> thick head of the policymakers i think i heard you there. andy name of the bock again. >> islam and free speech. >> we appreciate you being with us. >> okay, check prudential financial 4 million that has been halted trading halted. they say news is pending. when we phoned out what the news is, we'll let you know. very important, though, big name stock like that when you stop it from trading news pending that's a big deal. now this mark zuckerberg slengt on terror. but outspoken on creating a safe environment for muslims online. what's this all about liz? >> essentially saying that he does want to create a safe haven on facebook. he's siting his jewish background in talking about this. reaction is mixed he's what benjamin leader of israel is saying. in other words zuckerberg is mag this move in contradicting going up against donald trump's push to basically screen muslims
10:37 am
coming into this country so benjamin netanyahu is sited as the template, example on how to react to this, benjamin net ya u hue rejected donald trump and his statement and what he said -- israel respects all religion, we guarantee the right of all of the citizens but we're fighting islamic militants to your guest statements, two polls show that muslims around the world are now moving against and do not like isis in islamic militants so question is was mark zuckerberg statements did a sell by half and said that in the back end as benjamin said. >> he didn't. all right. let's move on to the price of oil that's been moving all kinds of markets recently. excuse me. very sorry. price of oil 37, about has been 36. 37.13 right now. come in kevin kerr. kevin i have a feeling that
10:38 am
pretty soon might have a real plunge in the price of oil like 30 or below. what's say you? >> uh-uh you could be very is right stuart. look, we have all of oil around the world 500 million barrel extra supply. even with the very negative inventory numbers we got out o. it didn't really make a dent in crude price and continues to drop an we could have further to go. >> you say 500 million barrels of oil as a surplus in supply in storage it is there waiting to be used 500 million barrels that's it. >> that's at. that's a lot. that's an 80-year high for oil supply so we're seeing this saudis continue to pump. they have come out and said last friday that they will only cut production if the nono'opec like mexico and showing no indication of doing, now we have iran looking at putting more oil on the market. 300 a day maybe up to a million so we continue to get this
10:39 am
incredible supply line, and demand is lower and we've got plenty of heat of the oil right now so markets are really dropping fast. >> better explain why it is that we're at 37 dollars a borrel now. why haven't we plunged already if this is such an oven glut on the world market? >> i think investors need to be cautious right now. we could see comfortable plunge if it doesn't find a reason to phoned a foothold. this morning we've seen when oil rallies lacet. stock market goes up as well. vice versa, so i think investors have to be weary to see a significant drop down to technical level and where those are nobody knows because weapon haven't been here in so long. it hinges on what saudis do next and if opec can get an act together and come to an agreement. all of that is on the table. but nothing is happening yet. so i see prices continuing to stay at these leaflets or lower maybe lower going well into 2016. : there's a frightening forecast. stock market invest comes down if oil comes down.
10:40 am
kevin kerr everyone. thanks for joining us. no stropping donald trump getting big pop in latest fox news poll. after he laid out his plans to block muslims from entering in country. guy benson on that, after the break. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat.
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
10:42 am
>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stocks exchange pry prudential financi. a ticker symbol and for news pending now learning prudential outlook call coming up, commencing today at 11 a.m. eastern time. when we look at the general market overall market sup 114 points after three days of selling. dow and s&p down 2% each during the three days. chevron a winner, oil off a the low has hit 7 near lows. wal-mart also winner, wal-mart coming out with mobile pay and to compete with apple pay not available at wal-mart that will be available in wal-mart in the first half of 2016. young brand says growth charted for the time.
10:43 am
that one is downside 37 we want you to start your day every day at 5 a.m. i'll be there fox business with all of the breaking news you need.
10:44 am
>> faux fiat chrysler slapped with a fine there's nothing happen to the stock that is up 5
10:45 am
cents. how about sienna computer networking disaupon thing down goes the stock 15%. how about chipotle company top guy plemged sweeping new food safety practices, investigators love that. up 25 dollars at $5 pnt 73. quickly big board please got to look at that. up 155 points and climbing as we speak. literally in last few minutes we've suddenly gone straight up for the dow jones industrial i would love to find a reason for you. i don't have one. but we're up 150 points in a matter of moments that's just happened it is not oil. down about 11, 12 cents at $37 a barrel that's not moving the stock market. there's something else going on. we'll find it for you -- how about this -- an atheist group ruffling feathers suggesting people judge on christmas. and elizabeth mcdonald -- they are taking this argument,
10:46 am
this is the american atheist group to the e advantage jell call area of north carolina sayings just be good for goodness sack. you don't need to go to church. they're trying to take the word christmas out of christmas. >> so support a billboard use money. billboard sticking it in our faces at christmas. >> exactly. >> why do they have to be so nasty? >> areas as well -- making people very upset about it. they're saying our michael jacksons we want a more inclusive message with ace atheist that's their message. >> so cute. all right. donald trump surging in polls after he stopped muslim immigration before comments he was getting 30% support in south carolina. afterwards 38%. guy benson is with us. guy, i think this is the very first indication of the general voter reaction to what trump said about muslims looks like he's surminging.
10:47 am
do you agree with that? >> general republican reaction i would point out sorry. definitely, definitely true, and u can you blame republican voters or o voterses in general for being anxious and concerned after what we've seens just over the last few weeks in a western capitol paris, right here in the united states. and san bernardino, california, people are nervous. people are scared about the threat and what is important is for leaders to put forward responsible smart plans to deal with the threat. i personally don't believe what donald trump put out there is responsible or smart but people are casting about four solutions for someone to be strong and donald trump is telegraphing that. >> the president came up with no new strategy or plan on sunday night. in comes trump with a plan. work, unconstitutional whatever you think of it. it's a plan, and he expresses it in dray dramatic plan. >> unworkable not sure if it is unconstitutional.
10:48 am
at first talking about keeping even muslim u.s. citizens out. and then they changed that pretty quickly early on. soening any constitutional problems maven dealt with right there. but you're riewght. whether or not it works or thought through. whether or not it is something that reflects our values people are looking for leadership. and the current president of the united states is not delivering it. the speech he gave on sunday night forgotten what he said. there was no news made in the speech whatsoever other than basically stay course and let's not discriminate. let's discriminate is fine by me but you have to give people confidence. president did not. >> i have another poll for you from "new york times" thats that % of voters express concern. 40% express fear at a trump presidency. on the democrat side, it was 23% concern. 34% scared of a clinton presidency. occurs to me that hillary clinton is only marginally just
10:49 am
a little bit more say pallettable than trump. that's a shock. smg these are our front runners america, where we have solid majorities scared or concerned what about their presidencies would look look. look, for hillary clinton who has been parts of a mainstream political class for decades she's very polarizing nots well liked not trusted. for her number to be that high of people concerned or fearful about what her presidency might -- how it might go that is a really bad number for her. trump is, of course, worse. nearly two-thirds of voters responding that way again will make the pont till i'm blue in the face that same "new york times" poll is a very good poll and republican proorm side for donald trump. he's got a big lead among the general electorate there are big, big red flags his electability. >> indeed guy well pointed out sir. thanks guy benson. i want to just add this on the fiat chrysler so we just reported hit with a $70 million fine.
10:50 am
now we know what it's all about. chrysler admitted to failing to report death and injuries to regulators since 2003. which -- >> market is up 133 pongts a big rally in oil sector. we are chevron up 2%. exxon 1.5%. believing bargaining could be to had. one of the sectors that is pushing it up. thank you very much. josh qa bell, former marine dropped everything to travel to syria to join the region to fight isis here to tell us a story in a moment. here's a reason why you need to tune in every day at 9:00. my interview with nfl hall of famer joe roll tape. >> hillary or trump for joe? >> i think known the quarterbacking business until you have to make a decision --
10:51 am
utilize the time to get everything straightened out. [laughter]
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
>> and now this, our next guest is former u.s. marine who is now joined a foreign ledge into battle extremist in syria josh bell joins us now and how to
10:55 am
defeat isis with minimum cost to americans. josh, you joined the ypg a kurdish force taking on isis. why did you do that? >> i saw the atrocities visited upon the people of the region, and i knew i had to do something to help our government was not taking the proper steps at the time. they've made some progress butful not enough. but somebody had to do something. i had experience in the region when i was in the marine corps. and i knew i could help out there. the you faced isis on the battle field what kind of fighters are they? >> horrible fighters. >> what does that mean? >> very little organization. very little use of tactic they have superior weapon to the kurds, but they don't effect ichly utilize them. >> how do we win fight against isis in >> begs way to win a fight against isis is not for us to i thought to at all. we supply kurds and approved
10:56 am
malaysia in the region with arms, and you support them with air strikes we can do this with minimal. >> enough? >> it would be if done prop orally. we have to give arm as to kurds. kurds are most effective fight force and taking ground from isis only ones pushing them back. ypg and malaysia in syria has pushed i.c.e.s is almost all the way back to raqaa, they're in the capitol. equivalent weapons beaters than isis has, i have no doubt that kurds would wipe isis out within six to eight months. >> hope someone is listening right now. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it next hour ben, and gretchen carson, stay there.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
. stuart: the big deal about
11:00 am
trump right now is how voters react to his call on muslims coming to america. well, he's surging. fox news conducted a poll in south carolina between saturday december the 5th and tuesday december the 8th. the first days of polling trump had 30% support. then he made his statement on monday, and his support went up to 38%. before his call for muslim ban, he was leading, after, he was leading big. if not just the substance of what trump maybe that's helped him. trump jumped into the vacuum that president obama created sunday night. no plan from the president. nothing new. but trump did have a plan.
11:01 am
maybe unworkable, probably unconstitutional, but he's addressing the issue of terror in our own backyard. mr. obama is not. he's telling us not to offend anybody. i'm not endorsing donald trump, i'm endorsing the issue of the day. free speech. the issue of lost control, they're not happy, they're no longer dictating the issues of this discussion. trump is. republican voters appear to like it, the very early numbers suggest he's surging. ♪ ♪ . stuart: first thing's first, check the price of ashley, you've got some headlines. ashley: yeah, trading up half a percent, buying back a
11:02 am
billion and a half of outstanding stock. stock buy back is the thing to do right now because critics say as the economy as it is, they're not putting it into capital and rather giving it back to shareholders, but interesting move. stuart: absolutely zero, they halt the trading and the thing goes on down 17 cents. ashley: yeah. neil: and chrysler $70 million fine. that sounds a lot. ashley: it is. 12 years they've failed to do proper reporting but basically i think the story is here it's now behind them. $70million, probably not much to chrysler, now they can move forward. neil: . stuart: once you know the number, you know the number, you know the threat, you know the financial liability. ashley: it's dealt with. stuart: yeah, stock's gone up. and how about this, the average year up 125 points. 17.6 is where we are.
11:03 am
what do you want to say? >> i remember last time i was on the show not to introduce myself, but remember we called it the gretchen rally? . stuart: it is. it's the gretchen rally. >> not to take any credit for this. stuart: the average price of smit smith & wesson, they are gun makers, hit another new high, 22.61, the surge for that stock, if you've seen the chart, straight up all the way through the year, that's gun stock. and now this a former staff to bin laden foreman deigny released in 2012, well, he is now an al-qaeda leader in yemen. i spoke to colonel alan west about this earlier. watch this. >> when you think about the position they gain with having been released by being held by the americans, they are
11:04 am
immediately to put to leadership positions as you see with this gentleman with al-qaeda in yemen or the peninsula. we know that 30, 33% of those released return back to the battlefield -- stuart: as we said released from gitmo and no, he's an al-qaeda leader in yemen. did you have any comment on that, gretchen carlson? because we've seen it before, have we not? >> i'm sure there will be another release of gitmo deign ease friday at 5:00. stuart: that's good. like a document dump. >> that's usually how they do it. stuart: yeah, we forget about it over the weekend. >> the rate is very high when the deign ease leave, they go back to work. stuart: that happened this morning. back to my take, that's my opinion piece at the top of the hour. look who's here. the wall street journal dan henger, will democrats protect us? i'm going to go much further than that.
11:05 am
who's the best protector of america? democrats or trump? >> boy, the great dilemma of our time. stuart: no, it's not. because you guys have been down on donald trump, and you know it. >> yeah. stuart: now, answer for it. >> i'm going to go out on a limb on this one and just for some fun. stuart: uh-huh. >> i would say donald trump would be better at protecting us, and i will tell you why because the alternative is obviously hillary clinton. and people always argue, look, hillary the defense type say she's really stronger on defense and security than president obama. perhaps so. but as i argue in this column today the problem is the democratic party. the obama democrats, and i think self-defense is no longer in the dna of the democratic party. and anything she would attempt to do is going to be restrained by the members of her party in the congress in a way that trump obviously would not be restrained. stuart: that's a political loser. it would seem to me to be a political loser.
11:06 am
we've got terror in our own backyard if democrats are not prepared to take the proactive steps which many people think are required here, it's a political loser. >> well, the point i'm making in this column is something has come back. it's called the law and order issue. law and order was a famous thing back in 1968 when richard nixon ran against humphrey, there was all sorts of unrest in the united states, two political assassinations, you, your, rights and the sort, could never get out in front of that. fast-forward to today, and when you look at the list of things going on, we do have urban unrest now, now it's global unrest. we know about the unrest, and now san bernardino the war on terror again comes back to the united states. and who has been responsible for the common defense? the democrats. and i think that they are no
11:07 am
really vulnerable to a law and order campaign. stuart: fox news did a poll of south carolina republicans. in the middle of the poll -- in the first few days the poll was taken. trump got 30% support. then he made his statement on muslims and his support went up to 38% at the end of the polling period. that's a surge. that's the first indication of generally how voters think about donald trump. >> i think really the appropriate way to think about trump's statement on the muslims is to get past it. it was a proxy for another subject, which is he also said we need a time-out, step back, and figure out the status of our defenses and our intelligence function. where depo we stand right now seven years after barack obama became president of the united states? we're called and 9/11 after 9/11 congress passed the patriot act. a system of surveillance to keep us safe. within two years the democrats were attempting to dismantle
11:08 am
the patriot act. and then just this past june they passed the usa freedom act, which took the bulk collection of telephone data away from the national security agency and put it in the telephone companies. obama signed that bill. trump is saying we need to sort out exactly where westand . that's a legitimate issue. stuart: and they like what they hear. the voters. >> i think so far, yeah. stuart: dan thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: meanwhile mark zuckerberg wants to create a safe environment for muslims online, i'm quoting now from his post. if you have a muslim in this community, as the leader of facebook, i want you to know that you're always welcome here, and we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful, safe environment for you. gretchen. >> yes. stuart: we did not mention that facebook has been used as a recruitment tool for terror. >> yeah. this is over the top pc behavior again.
11:09 am
everyone's jumping immediately to make sure they're found political correct, especially in light of the comments from donald trump. i'm sure when mark zuckerberg created facebook that he would be entwined in terrorism, but he has to take responsibility for that and there are reports that outed that these social media are not enincorporating and need to open up to the federal government as much as possible. he can say it, it's a political correct statement but i also think the social media companies need to do everything they can to stop i. stuart: well, said. i want to get to the markets real fast because we do have now a triple digit rally. up 112 points. wesley woods now with us. why are we up triple digits? any. explanation?
11:10 am
>> well, we've had two poor days in a row and some of the fundamentals are looking positive but it's still proplexing because you see oil and opec and so much supply out there, obviously the price coming down, drug market quite a bit, so seeing this bounce back isn't overly surprising, over the next few months it's going to be telling what this is going to do for the market . stuart: i'm just surprised when the oil goes down 36, the dow goes up, that's counter to what we've seen. i know there a couple of stocks you like, big names first off home depot. you like it. make your case to buy it. >> i do like. i think home depot has done an exceptional job, up 30% approximately. they just released their 2018 forecast over what they're going to do the next few years, and it looks great. year after year earnings increase by 14%, this year they're expected to grow by 5.4% in sales and with the demand and the population growth here in the united states, we just need continued
11:11 am
built increase, we think the market's going to do well with it. stuart: well, it's a good-looking chart i tell you that one. >> we like it, the chart does not look good but consumer staples and volatile market people are still going to have to buy their household supplies. so we like companies that pay strong dividends as well so looking at a 3.5% yield on the stock and also people need to buy their stuff. stuart: they do indeed. johnson & johnson. last one. >> yeah. so their debt to equity ratio is solid and still seeing positive growth, this is probably my least favorite of the three if you're going to go into the market, i would stick with home depot and johnson & johnson. stuart: we hear you. wesley wood, thank you very much indeed. look at mcdonald's, that's hitting a new lifetime high. where would that be? 118? let's look at this. 116, i think i saw it at 117 yesterday.
11:12 am
is that all day breakfast he asks? he don't know but comment, gretchen. >> why not? . stuart: i knew you were going to say that. a lot of voters afraid of what donald trump if he became president. but what about the hillary clinton? gretchen carlson on that ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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stuart: well, look at gopro. eighteen dollars a share, got two items of news for you. first one it's announced it will launch its own drone and gopro new features that will work with the apple watch, which is right now heavily discounted as of now, down 100 bucks. and new poll expressed fear of what donald trump would do if he was president. now look at the democrat side, 34 expressed fear if hillary clinton were the president. gretchen, what do you make of that? liz: i make if it's trump
11:16 am
versus clinton in the election, that will become a nonissue. if they're both disliked like that, it's a nonmatter. stuart: that's true dislikes. >> well, many have said he can't win. there's no way he can win. well, why not? hillary clinton has almost the same negatives and to me they cancel each other out. stuart: that was conventional wisdom, there's no way trump could win in a matchup with hillary clinton. i'm not so sure about that. and that looks like it could be the matchup. >> we've watched his unfavorability numbers get better and better and better as the months go by and continues to say things controversial. stuart: all right. we've been telling you all morning about this released to saddam in 2012. well, now he's back and leader of al-qaeda. are we going to keep doing this? letting them go?
11:17 am
back to the battlefield? shooting guns at us again? keep on doing it? >> well, yes, we are. we've historically done it with these people, i don't know the motivate for it. if we think that we're going to appease these islamic terrorists by letting their people go, we have a big mistake. are making a big mistake here. i will tell you i've arrested thousands of people, i only had one they go back with a great deal of prestige, and we just feed into their insanity, and i don't know the motivate for it -- stuart: no, i can't. it fits th the president's political agenda because he promised to close gitmo, get rid of those people, get them out of there, now we're getting them out of there and they're milligram coming back to the battlefield. i don't understand why we don't adjust that policy when
11:18 am
we've just suffered the second worst attack on american soil since 9/11. >> well, know has to make a decision, what's more important your political legacy or the safety of the united states of america? and i have serious questions which one is more important to him. it's frustrating for me and my business because we have to deal with these things -- in my business we deal with intelligence failures. when intelligence doesn't give us notice, how do we defend our clients or defend themselves? and i don't understand where he's going with this. it's time to rethink the position, keep those guys locked up until their toes can you recall up, and let's defend our country. >> here's the reason why i believe danny, he continues to release them go originally his plan was to put them into american prisons and then there was so much backlash from both parties that he was caught in a bind. do you agree with that? >> i do agree with that except for this. make the right decision here. don't make the decision based on your political promises.
11:19 am
make your decision based on what's best for america. i want to see more of that right now. and frankly i'm not seeing -- we have presidential candidates who can't protect an embassy in benghazi and they want to protect our country. i see us going the wrong path here, and i'm very concerned where the country is going. and i'm worried about my kids . stuart: agreed. what about the surveillance? we had a prosecutor on the program about an hour ago, prosecutor the blind shake and he said we have aggressive surveillance to catch these guys and we don't have that any longer. so of all times why not now? >> well, again, it gets back to politics. their political agenda. one of the things that's paramount here and that's the new technology that allows these guys to communicate without any interception by the fbi. there are apps out there that you can buy and put in your phone. the fbi can't break through them. that's what director was talking about. stuart: yeah.
11:20 am
>> until we get that done, we're going to be in big trouble. i think there were 200 messages sent -- we didn't get any of them because they're all encrypted, we're at war, these people are here to kill us, we need every fool available, nsa, patriot act, unleash the fbi and get some of these ridiculous guidelines off their backs so they can go after these people or we're going to be in bigger trouble than we are now. stuart: danny, former senior of the fbi. thank you, sir. >> thank you. take care. stuart: how about this? a group of atheists at it again putting up billboard telling people to skip church. what do you say about that? >> of course they do -- stuart: hold on. i've got it wrong. you're going to talk about that after the commercial break. i have a little head cold, made a mistake, went off the script. what a guy. we'll be back in a moment. watch this
11:21 am
♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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11:25 am
liberty mutual insurance. stuart: on going story, we go av learning that in last night, authorities trying to find them and arrest them. the city remains on high alert, they are looking for them. police everywhere. new themed billboard urging people to skip church on christmas. gretchen, that was put up by an atheist group, and i want to know what you think about it. >> i get to see christmas. there's those once of year people who only show up on christmas, no, look, they don't put up these atiest billboards in july, they do this on purpose to put them up during the christmas season and those who want to celebrate christmas are going
11:26 am
to become the most irate about it. stuart: they're sticking it. >> yeah, so that we talk about it and have poinsettias on the set, it's not effective for them to do it any other month of the year so my take is we should disregard them. stuart: so i shouldn't do this story at all? >> well, i think it's worth bringing up to say that we should stop giving them attention. stuart: i want to vent my outrage. >> okay. give me your take. stuart: it is outrageous, they're provoking us, and ii amy religious beliefs, and i don't like these people coming on and doing what they're doing. >> one of the few people who talked about it on national tv. stuart: yes. >> reconciliation christian beliefs and if i read the blogs every morning, i wouldn't get out of bed. but the point is when we continue to give them attention. ashley: they're getting what they want. yeah. >> i challenge them to put the money up in july. do it in july and see if you get any attention.
11:27 am
stuart: the real story is gretchen's show, on the fox news channel, to be on at 2:00 this afternoon. i'm going to bet $10 that that christmas atheist story is right in there. >> i don't know. i've got to make a secret phone call right now. stuart: how about this one? donald trump still leading the republican race even after those controversial comments on muslims. former texas governor rick perry on that. coming up on this program today. but first in case you missed it during the 9:00 hour my interview with joe nameeth. here's the highlight. >> i remember you, otherwise i wouldn't be sitting with you, i was pretty easy to deal with in breakfast; right? what did we know then? but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know?
11:28 am
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11:32 am
$23 per share. i wonder why. to politics. the latest fox news poll. trump surging after his model, and peered very important. surged to 38% after his comments. trouble is not very nice to you. >> certainly does not have a problem offending people. i really wish we would get focus on the real challenge here. that is how we deal with this radical islam issue. go to the heart of this problem. this is their administration and their lack of policies. it is an absolute lack of discipline. president obama holds his oval
11:33 am
office big deal on sunday night peered he says nothing. trump jumps in with a statement about muslims. takes control of the issue. other people are not. that is why he is winning. >> linea people addressing the issue. a more appropriate way of sending an entire group of people. stuart: why should we care about offending a group of people? i am sorry. the guy is winning. he is surging. >> we are a lot way of having this election and hands. i think that there is a long way to go on this. i would like to hear some specific details. frankly, we're not hearing that. the administration that we have in place has been an absolute
11:34 am
failure. i called for a no-fly zone back in 2011 in syria. think about where we would be today if we had an administration putting policies in place thinking about long-term american safety. all of those policies are what have caused these issues were ices to become this power that it is today. let's get focused on that rather than lease cost secret parts. we have a problem with radical islam. we need to deal with it. we need to have a policy in ways to deal with it. whether it is hispanics, women, in this case, this paper, leading that become the issue of the campaign is not necessarily, i don't think at all, constructive to finding solutions that this country dearly needs. stuart: thank you for joining
11:35 am
us. we do appreciate it. thank you. a recent washington times article. forget the bogus war on women. there is an actual war going on. the enemy is engaged in a war with women. monica crowley is here. >> talking. we spent a good deal of time talking over the last few years. talking about the democrats painting the bogus war on women. the other side, the islamic enemy very intensive roles. including combat positions. stuart: politically correct america today, what am i about to say about islam? am i allowed to say, in my
11:36 am
opinion, am i about to say islam suppresses women. denies women. >> in the united states, you are allowed to say anything. strict political correctness on this country. leaning towards a lot of deaths here. you would be called out for that. we better exercise our first amendment right. talking about this enemy and truthful terms. about how they are waging this war. they are sending no apologies. i am really sick and tired. all respected him. when people say we do not want to offend them, what trumpet saying is offensive, jihad likes when you talk about them. they are proud of what you are doing. the so-called moderate muslims who are with us save king of
11:37 am
jordan, for example, a lot less sensitive to what the left want you to believe. if they do take offense and express that, a really are not with us in this fight. stuart: on o'reilly last night, bill interviewed trump. bill made the point, how can you get help from arab nations. none of you can come here. your answer? >> i address this very question with this very point. they fight the war in the tactics required. the other side, they are over. the global domination. engaged in these minor controversies about the language we are using. we are seriously and a deficit.
11:38 am
you have to fight the war. you better fight this war now while you still have the advantage. >> continuing to surge especially since coming to light. they have not even had a dhs interview. these beyoncé besets, thousands of people coming in on those. if that happened with her, they are betting these people. >> a lawyer representing her family. described her as a normal housewife. >> when it comes to women, g hyde knows what they are doing. using them. using them to enforce in the territories that they now control. we have to be worried about the mail component. now the female component.
11:39 am
we do not really know how to fight this war. this is what trumpet is getting at. this is a critical point. we do not know how to fight this war. this is a holy war. fundamentally incompatible documents. what trumpet saying, let's put a pump on all of this until we can figure out how to fight this war. i was on yesterday. stuart: thank you very much, monica. >> my pleasure. thank you. stuart: celebrities against gun violence. wool tape. >> we can. we can get. >> we can. we can and gun violence. gun violence. stuart: okay. >> i do not listen to hollywood
11:40 am
celebrities anymore. i may go watch their movies, but i really do not think that they are educated enough to give a really great opinion about a lot of the issues facing our world. especially after the san bernardino attacks. they had a whole house full of bombs. no bombs being able to be made anymore. i am not sure that that argument actually fits into this last attack. >> i want to know what they want. what they really want is the removal of weapons from our society. the "new york times" is calling for confiscation of weapons. >> that christmas party in suburbia usa, everyone is talking about getting a gun. stuart: a smith & wesson new high. ashley: people buying guns. stuart: terrorists using
11:41 am
encrypted messages to communicate. the government cannot crack them. the judge on that is next. ♪
11:42 am
nicole: i am nicole 5 with your fox business three. stocks under pressure for the week. right now we are seeing some of the arrows. the s&p 500 up 8.5. the nasdaq composite up 21. the highest lover in five months.
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stuart: last night i was on the o'reilly factor. discussing donald trump's plan to ban muslims from coming into the country. things got mildly heated. >> not an smart if you challenge these people. you are not coming here until we figure out who you are. >> you are both saying that you agree with donald trump. they can be banned from coming here. >> what is wrong being set up on a temporary basis. >> nobody is saying that they do not want that. >> i saw that segment live. i thought it was a fantastic segment.
11:46 am
i tweeted it out to you. we will see it again. this female terrorist came from pakistan. potentially it got in here without being vetted. i will tell you today that donald trump's numbers will continue to go up. here's where i made the mistake. the religion part of it. i was putting a ban on people coming from saudi arabia. >> western europeans maybe g hyde. >> what do you do about that? trump could've said all visas are suspended temporarily. >> there is historical perspective for this. jimmy carter banned iranians. there was 15,000.
11:47 am
not a huge uproar about that. it showed how you have become so politically correct. stuart: the upper is because donald trump has seize control of the major issues in this election and he is running with them. just saying what other people want to say but don't feel safe saying it. terrorists are using sophisticated encryption methods to communicate. wool tape. >> the use of encryption as part of terrorist tradecraft now. they understand the problems we have getting court orders to be effective. >> you hear that. who is here, the judge andrew napolitano. right now from d.c. he has that look on his face. he knows what is coming.
11:48 am
i want to get into those encrypted messages. i want the government to get into it. i want the government to read those messages which are about killing me. what is the problem. >> some language that the fbi cannot understand. is here is the way the fbi is going to do it. they used to work for the internet companies. they will tell you how the encryption works. >> you would object. finding out how to reverse the encryption. you would object. >> well, look, the encryption it cannot be translated it. not the same as it would be at the end of the conversation.
11:49 am
these people will continue to find a way to continue to change the encryption whether it is given to them by google or apple or microsoft. i think a political neutral guy and a serious superb director of the fbi is really knocking on the wrong door. he will have to go to human intelligence. he will have to face people in these organizations. in these neighborhoods so they know what is going on. stuart: he is knocking on your door and you are not letting him in. >> nobody is knocking on my door. stuart: here is what i want. >> these are people that will continue to find a way to avoid the government. i want the government to go right into those messages.
11:50 am
you almost have what you want. the phone companies store the messages. the government computers are in the phone company and internet service provider offices. when they want them, they press a couple of keys. he does not have trouble getting more and. he has trouble getting conversation that he can understand. so what requires the phone company to de- encrypt the conversation. it is impossible for the phone company to do that. the judge will not order something that is impossible to do. he has to get ahead of the game. >> who can figure it out? >> a person who created it. they created an algorithm that
11:51 am
changes all the time. it is probably impossible to decode it. it is far more effective than sitting in front of the computers. stuart: am i watching you on special report tonight? >> you are. stuart: a different word for everything. judge: we appreciate you being with us. we really do. check that big board. we do not have a triple digit rally. check the price of oil. 36.78. that is down.
11:52 am
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>> well, well, well. broadway is about to get a little more accessible. tonight, daddy long label be the first broadway show to offer a live stream. it is free for now. ken davenport is here. one shot. tonight is the night. daddy long legs backslash watch. i can see this production for
11:56 am
free. >> yes. tonight at eight. obviously, this is somewhat experimental. you can take it forward with more shows at which point -- for now, it is free. this is what is coming down the pike. stuart: is this the first time ever? >> we are doing it for free. we want to put a spotlight. people all over the world that do not get to experience broadway shows like you and i do. this is a chance to get the world interested in what is going on here eight times a week. >> you are an award-winning producer for kinky boots. a live stream of daddy longlegs. that is how it works? you can pay off later what you
11:57 am
charge. >> we will see. we love what we do so much. the winnings from one into the next. stuart: i really do. >> it is really smart. such a great investment just to keep the art alive. i am in your back pocket. >> daddy long legs backslash watch. >> that is it. very good. stuart: good stuff. more varney after this. ♪ tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business.
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>> we do not want to offend them. they are actually liking when you talk about them, if truthful terms. they are proud of what they are doing. the moderate muslims who are with us, they are a lot less
12:00 pm
sensitive to what the left wants you to believe. stuart: that is monica crowley getting all fired up earlier on this program. i time is up. neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: is crowley not a fan of president obama? >> that is not debatable. >> we are going off a little bit on what stuart is talking about. mainstream media and what they were saying about the muslim proposal. i told you it is not the end of the world. he would do well. when did you remember this? >> he slid off in the polls. he may go down in the mainstream media polls. i think with this he will go up. guess what happened. he went up. i seriously doubt it.


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