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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 10, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: all right. new york at least some powers that be in the republican party they want to kick "the donald" out. what do you think "the donald" will say about that? maybe trish regan find out in her hour. trish: thank you very much, neil this as the director of fbi says the u.s. is facing its biggest terrorist threat since 9/11. and you heard neil talking about it, donald trump talking about hotly debated comments which he talked about ban for all muslims coming into the united states. he is surging in the polls. he say anything that will deter voters? gop isn't liking it. i'm trish regan. this is "the intelligence report. enrique marquez illegally -- legally purchased rifles used in
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the attack and he is indicted. here is what law enforcement authorities know. marquez and farook discussed carrying out atack in 2012 but avoid it after people were arrested in a terrorist plot. he converted to islam years ago. he attend ad mosque up until five years ago. state records show marquez mayor remember ad member about farook's extended family back in 2014. it was sham marriage and she allegedly lives with another man. we also know enrique marquez checked himself into mental health facility right after shooting. we have breaking analysis from our own ashley webster here on set with him. there are also reports out there that enrique marquez actually told a friend there were muslims in the area, in the neighborhood, quote, that he said were on the verge of doing something very -- >> investigators try to unravel this mystery, get down between
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the layers, as you just explained right there, trish, it is complicated, messy picture. bottom line farook, his wife malik and the neighbor marquez were all certainly radicalized long before isis came to prominence. we also found out just in the last ten minutes that the wife, malik, tashfeen malik, tried to contact islamic groups in the months before the attacks in san bernardino, reaching out to them for whatever reasons, for help, for instruction. she was ignored by these groups because these groups are very wary of outsiders. unless you're introduced to them, and they trust you, in other words you've been vetted by terrorists they won't do deal with you. that is what happened to malik. she was ignored. trish: was actively trying to establish contact? >> was actively trying to establish contact with isis. trish: it will be interesting what we have been enrique marquez if he provided intelligence. >> we don't know what charges he is facing.
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he bought the two guns legally. they were used by farook in san bernardino shootings. we knew he was radicalized converted to islam 2011 and 2012. they were planning an attack. as you said it was aborted. he has been cooperative with the fbi. very complicated. trish: this guy who had a security job at walmart. >> yeah. a security guard. trish: but you wonder, what role he played in all of this? whether he knew in fact it was going to happen anyway. we'll continue watching it. again, we're getting word authorities are about to level charges against enrique marquez. stay with me. i want to turn now to the threat of isis in america. we learned authorities in minnesota are charging a 20-year-old for providing material help to isis. that he began watching propaganda videos and tried to help young somalian men to travel to syria to fight with isis.
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he is 10th group of isis supporters charged in the state. minnesota has second highest number of isis arrests in the nation, 11 since march of 2014, the most arrests actually goes to new york state. here to join our conversation, dr. zuhdi jasser, president of american-islamic forum for democracy. doctor, thank you, you're with myself and ashley webster. what is it about minnesota, so many terrorist and isis supporters con a bating in minnesota? >> they have not any counter movement to islam mow nationalism, islam mow patriotism. start started with those in shabaab and. the story with marquez, the radicalization started long before isis existed. it was allegiance to islamic movement for supremacy and violent jihad.
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there are enclaves where these start spreading. these are not lone wolves. it is families. you see brothers and sisters involved and communities and neighborhoods. everyone of these cases. let's not get lost in details. look at bigger picture. what is milieu that is feeding and preceding ideas, anti-semitic, anti-israel and anti-western. trish: and women, i was doing a lot of research in preparation for you coming on the show today. i was reading about islam, when you look what it prescribes and what it teaches specifically when it comes to women, it is really, really horrifying. you're part of a reformist movement. you're a muslim calling on other muslims to say listen, enough. we need to adopt the good stuff here and get rid of all the bad. >> and for those people in the
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minnesota community and others at homeland security, our muslim reform movement develop ad two-page declaration in three areas. one about human rights. men and women are equal. they have equal right to be on mosque boards, muslim organizations leadership to run organizations. islamists would never sign that. to them women are slaves. institutional of sharia is wrong. we don't believe it. we say sharia is man-made, not from god. we all signed it. most of our families we know agree with it. muslims modernized and americanized will believe in this. this can be benchmark who is subs acceptable. those muslims that reject western ideas are susceptible and process of radicalization. trish: you issued this reform message, pate calling on muslims around the country, around the world to prescribe to this. what has been the response? >> it is silence so far but it
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is interesting. our group we first went, doing press conference. they walked to the mosque on massachusetts avenue. taped it on door. custodian and leadership ripped it off. they said what are you guys doing? they looked at it. had a conversation. we began the conversation. i think time for press releases and just condemnation of violence is over. we want to hold them accountable. that mosque i doubt will sign it. they're affiliated to the saudis. they're wedded to draconian evil belief. you can't tame it unless you shame it. by the way our coalition is bipartisan. this should be something both hillary and our candidates on right embrace. this is not political issue. it is being demonized in the sort of political spectrum this rises above -- if we have coherent strategy trish to counterradicalize this is the only answers. they have a declaration that we hold muslims accountable to. trish: that it is not politically correct to be talking like this. that has been a big theme obviously in this campaign.
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there are stereotypes here that you can bring to the table. according to a recent report out of george washington university, 86% of the isis followers are male. the average age is 26 years old. >> yes. trish: 40% are converts to islam. 40% are converts to islam. >> the case in minnesota is interesting. it is community of somalians. these are young men, feel isolated. they're in minnesota for crying out loud. offered fake passports an money to fight for isis. they were even going to paint ball centers to practice their combat skills before they get shipped over to syria. this was going on in minnesota right under our noses. trish: we're living in pretty scary times. >> we are. trish: again i want to reiterate something we said at top of the show, we'll get to this next, the director of fbi says we're now facing biggest tear remember alert since 9/11. we'll talk about this coming up. zuhdi, we'll see you later in the program. thanks for being here. >> ashley, thanks for being
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here. >> thank you, trish. trish: donald trump's recent comments about muslims are the hurting him at all. we have new details on "the donald's" surge. tough talk out of russia. vladmir putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons to take out isis. plus as i said the fbi has a warning for us. >> do you agree with the following statement: , there are more terrorist organizations with men and equipment and safe havens along with the desire to attack the american homeland anytime since 9/11? >> i agree. trish: the u.s. on its highest alert since 9/11. the fbi sure sounding a whole lot different than president obama these days. highly-decorated lt. general will join me here next. see you in two. [. [gunfire]
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trish: the united states on high alert. fbi director james comey says we're facing greatest terror threat from islammist groups since 9/11. >> they want a safe haven to plan, plot and increases risk of their ability to amount a sophisticated attack on the homeland. trish: once more, james comey tells senator lindsey graham, that we don't have enough money to properly protect our country right now. >> do you agree that the budget cuts that congress has imposed in the past has reduced your ability to defend this nation? >> i agree. trish: all right. here with risk analysis is retired united states air force lt. general thomas mcinerney. general mcinerney, welcome. good to have you here. >> thanks, trish. trish: what is your reaction to
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that news from james comey that we are on the highest alert we have been at since 9/11? >> well i think it's factual. i think we're at riskiest time we've been. resources due to sequestration and other financial things on capitol hill where we've been putting in extraordinary amount of money into social programs and unilaterally disarming are all having an impact on our ability to fight radical islam. san bernardino, trish, did not help things. following paris, and the russian airline destruction. so the world is being attacked by radical islam, isis in this particular case, just an offshoot, adjunct of al qaeda. we must take this very serious and i take director comey's words. it is very serious. trish: it is not just director comey.
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we her from house homeland security committee today out with a report about 2015 basically being this watershed year for the terror threat and they boiled it down into a snapshot. they said isis actually inspired 66 plots on western targets. the u.s. has arrested at least one isis individual every week on average and that we're dealing with a serious global expansion. isis, sprawling jihadists incubators from yemen to libya. as we know right here back at home. we got word today earlier, general, of a threat in minnesota. a group of roughly 10 individuals, new one being added to that group trying to send people over to syria to train. how would you deal with this threat right now? we have more of the same from the president. what needs to change? >> that is an excellent question, trish. let's identify the threat.
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sun tzu said know thy enemy. if we don't identify it as radical islam, we can't defeat the evil ideology. the president, for whatever reasons are elected not to identify the threat. once we identify that threat, we put the appropriate responsiblities, for instance, on our muslim friends and leaders abroad. they must solve their problem. it is their problem. where i have great difference for the administration wanting to ignore ideology, only then can you solve the problem. only then can muslims come up with appropriate strategy, reinforced by us which can solve the problem. that's why i think in all honesty, donald trump's comments for a freeze or a pause on muslim integration until we can figure out what it is, has got
2:17 pm
some merit because it at least we'll discuss the issue of the at least we're going to discuss it is an idealogical problem we're fighting. >> general, that's an interesting point. very few have been willing to come out and say, okay, donald trump has a point here because there has been such a backlash, you can't say that about muslims in general. you can't characterize and generalize in that way. but general, you're saying he has a point here, in that has the muslim religion effectively taken on a political tone that we need to be very worried about, an ideology that effectively is a real problem when you're at war with isis? >> that's precisely the issue, trish. that's why it es so important we look at it. and if we don't, and don't peel it back, then we can't stop it, those leaders, al-sisi in egypt,
2:18 pm
king abdullah in jordan, and others, demand from them behind the scenes, you tell us, fellows, how to fix this problem. it's your problem. we are not going to solve it as infidels. you must help us solve it. we can destroy isis. trish: general, what if they say, fine, we're not going to do anything, then it is our problem. we're the ones with 14 dead people in san bernardino. look at paris and all the people that are dead there. so effectively it is our problem. it is everyone's problem, right. >> it is everyone's problem, trish, to include them. and that's why reasonable people have got to sit down and say, all right, tell us where, why this cancer has metastasized. why this happened, when 40 years ago if you went into any of those countries you saw a very western oriented society. now it has reverted back to radical islam, back to the old days of the caliphate, all these things. why has this happened? we need to examine it.
2:19 pm
and then put in the anti-bodies that can defeat it. and they can put out the right words from mecca and medina. let me ask you, so our listeners understand and viewers, when was the last fatwa against the attack in paris, russian airliner and san bernardino from mecca and medina? when did they put out a fatwa saying this was wrong? that is where this direction must come from. trish: you're making exactly same point we heard from dr. zuhdi jazzer is who is calling on muslims to engage in reformist movement. they need to do more to condemn this. we need to hear more from that community. general mcinerney, thank you so much. very good to have you on the show. >> thanks, trish, but let me just say, listen to zuhdi. zuhdi gets it and knows what we need to do. trish: zuhdi is coming back in just a couple minutes. thank you, general. geneva on high alert and we'll
2:20 pm
have more on that story and zuhdi jasser coming back in a few minutes.
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trish: geneva police are actively searching for four suspects with possible ties to isis. swiss officials believe the suspects are plotting a specific attack. security around the city and united nations compound is being heightened right now. former ambassador to belgium joins me now. ambassador, good to have you back on the program. >> thank you. trish: we're watching headlines out of switzerland. i wonder what your thought is on switzerland, historically, been such neutral territory. is this a situation, the swiss are waking up to the fact they are vulnerable like rest of us right now? >> we've seen this scene often. u.s. intelligence picks up intelligence and tips off a european ally. with the swiss it is different. they see itself as neutral.
2:24 pm
i don't think terrorists look at map of europe this, is neutral state. we better drive around. they were seen driving into switzerland and geneva the headquarters. switzerland has very low security. trish: back up for our viewers, four individuals believed to have been crossing over into swiss territory, individuals related to isis. i just want to back up, so everybody is aware of that. would have figured this out through camera equipment or border control? >> there is no border control. they had them here or a while. been following car or people but knew they were headed to switzerland. you hear a lot about border control. i was in brussels to netherlands, when you drive there you don't even know when you cross the border. you can not tell. trish: this is a problem in europe right now in general.
2:25 pm
they confront the threat, days following paris attacks, ambassador they were really struggling. it wasn't that long ago. i remember it well, you went from france to italy and you had to go through border control. are think going to go back to those days? >> depends how nationalistic they get. think of driving from new jersey to new york or pennsylvania. from where i live in belgium part-time, within an hour and ten minutes i will be either in the netherlands, france, ocean and hour and 20 i will be in germany. they're used to commuting back and forth t would really change european life. but if you have an actual terror alert and trying to catch some peep, that is when you would try to at least put more intelligence at the border. trish: europe overall is really confronting a serious threat. we know how serious threat here is at home. we saw evidence obviously with san bernardino. we're getting reports right now today, that they are additional people being apprehended in minnesota.
2:26 pm
but when you look at european situation how explosive do you worry it could actually be, ambassador? >> it is the same kind of problem. it will be people like quiet, under the radar in san bernardino. or to get a kalashnikov in europe is easy as getting ice cream cone. trish: despite gun control laws? >> gun control laws will keep people from being above the radar but they will be below the radar faction that will have kalashnikovs. you go into switzerland, switzerland never had anything like this. they believe it's a problem about the united states. they believe until today it is problem about france and belgium. in switzerland i don't believe a single ambassador has security provided by swiss. trish: come on, wow. >> when benghazi struck, how this to happen to one of our ambassadors, we have ambassadors
2:27 pm
in european countries with no security, you simply get into the carry and drive. when i was u.s. ambassador in belgium, the belgians determined i needed four security people almost all times. there were times was allowed to go by myself. switzerland there. trish: reality is changing including switzerland. good to have you here today. >> all the best, trish. trish: donald trump sitting pretty comfortably on top of latest polls. this surge coming days after the republican candidate issued controversial remarks about banning muslims from coming into our country. our panel is ready to debate "the donald." that's next. [cheering]
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. deirdre: all right. donald trump is postponing a planned trip to israel for later this month, republican candidate tweeting out today he will reschedule at a later date quote after i become president. this comes after benjamin netanyahu had been urging the cancelation of it because of trump's call to ban muslims from the united states. a move trump defended on last night's o'reilly factor. >> we're not insulting. this is about security, it's not about religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country that have horrible things on their mind. >> all right. deirdre: something that we just heard tom the general back up saying that this is a matter of national security. we'll play this comments for you shortly.
2:32 pm
but anyway the reality here is these controversial comments -- and they are controversial, they're not hurting trump at all in the polls. in fact, in the last national poll taken partly after those remarks, trump is twice as high as his rival republicans, his closest opponent ted cruz has 16%, he's at 53. that said, nearly two-thirds of american voters say they're concerned or frightened about a trump presidency. so is donald trump really going to get the republican nomination? joining me right now democratic strategist and republican strategist o'connell, but let's start with our own blake berman also in the lead in south carolina, blake has more on that for us. blake. >> yeah. 35% is indeed the number here with that's what donald trump registered in those numbers also the latest fox news poll from south carolina, that puts him 20% ahead of his competition it's third along the voting
2:33 pm
schedule but also the first southern primary. now, trump's comments have been widely rebuked by some of the most prominent voices in the republican party, his stance on muslims in the u.s. appears to be helping with him with republican voters. trump released that position -- that policy position on monday afternoon. those in south carolina who were polled on monday and tuesday, trish, went for trump at a 38% clip. those who were polled before on saturday and sunday were at 30% in that national poll also had part of it conducted after trump made those comments. deirdre: very, very interesting. all right. thank you so much, blake, i want to go over to chuck, more analysis on this. and you heard what blake just said, he had a big up particular, 30 to 38% in the south carolina vote, after he made those comments. you know, the establishment is coming out hard against donald trump on this one, but is he effectively saying what everyone else is thinking? he just perhaps putting it into words that don't sound as
2:34 pm
good, but reez he's recognizing a real security threat? >> absolutely. trump is capitalizing. look, in the wake of terrorist in california, there's a fear of radical islam terrorism in america and there's not a lot of confidence that president obama is going to do what it takes to make america safe. trump is indeed saying what's on the forefront of republican primary voters minds, it just may not be said the best way possible because when he speaks, even when he misspeaks, he exudes strength and confidence and that is something that's resonating with republicans. >> okay. but also ticking off a lot of republicans in the establishment right now. i mean they have come out in full force against him, interestingly we just heard from general tom who said what you know? donald trump, he said i agree with because he's admitting the problem. he's admitting that islam is less of a religion now from a security at some point and
2:35 pm
more of a politicized movement and threat to us as a nation. now, that surprised me when i heard the general say that. i went back, and he double do you understand and defended him and defended donald trump. i think a lot of americans right now and i'm curious to get your thought, it's refreshing to hear someone admit who the enemy is? >> i think that's exactly right. he's talking about the issues that americans care about, even if he's not exactly talking about in the right way, really it's about radical islamic terror and president obama won't utter those words because he puts political correctness over national security, and i agree with the general and donald trump to a great extent on this. trish: chuck, what's it going to mean for hillary clinton? if donald trump winds up being the nominee, he's the guy that's, like, okay. we're going to tackle isis, people care about security. that's the number one issue right now when you look at voter polling data. is she going to be able to
2:36 pm
seem as strong as confident when she's got the history of benghazi and the obama administration following her to the voting booth? >> well, she'll seem strong if he's got to run against democratic. as a democratic strategist i'm just sitting back with a big bucket of popcorn and watching this sideshow. he's just a sliver of the republican base and his numbers are through the roof but if you look at his numbers overall, there are still more republicans that are against him. but i will say this about him, had seen establishment, as much as the republican establishment who take him on, people don't care within their own primary. they're sick and tired, and they're sick and tired of being sick and tired and it's refreshing to hear people speak their mind even if they're speaking nonsense. trish: let's not forget he has thrown a wild card into all of this that he's not ruling out the idea as running as an independent. >> he's got all the power here. i'm a political consultant, a lot of the things that he's doing -- even though i
2:37 pm
disagree with everything he does, it's brilliant. you want to get out and identify yourself, you want to identify your e-mail and stay in the press every single day. it's huge. >> trump is not going to run as an independent. i'm going to two reasons why. one he's cheap. he does not like to spend money and two it's his ego, there's no way he can win. trish: that's a very good point. that's a very good point. you know, we haven't talked enough about that but ego is a lot of what's going to fuel this, and you can't win as an independent. too hard. the numbers don't add up. chuck and ford, always great to see you guys. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you. trish: well, he may be topping the polls but someone calling him out on mixing business with politics. we're going to explain what all of that means. next you far, but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you
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2:40 pm
move in the aftermath of the san bernardino attacks, a lot of people wanting to stock up on guns with the threat out there that people may not allow them to in the future. well, mark zuckerberg is taking to facebook, he finally speaks and my intel coming up on that. i'll see you right back here in two
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
>> it doesn't work that way. i think we'll be victorious. >> univision, i'm going to have to sue univision now because i speak negative about trade with mexico. >> i've provided certain information, where i provided the information, he didn't pay. so today i sue bill for $5 million for charity. trish: could be the tables turn on donald trump. you know, one of the republican parties top election is filing a complaint with the federal elections commission and the justice department, charles says the republican candidate donald trump is illegally using company funds to carry out his campaign's quote dirty work this after a number of super pacs some who represents have received cease-and-desist order from the trump organization, not the campaign, and the republican frontrunner doesn't like. charles joins me right now and, charles, welcome to the program. you're calling this move from
2:43 pm
trump's lawyers a form of bullying, explain your case. >> thanks, trish. donald trump's whole campaign is based on the premise that he's some sort of really good businessperson. and it's deathly scary for him to think that he could be attacked and have opponents point out the facts about his failed business record, the bankruptcies, the people fired and laid off, the fact that he inherited the money he started with. he doesn't want his campaign opponents talking about his failed business record. trish: uh-huh. >> and that's okay that he wants to shut his opponents up. i mean i like a free marketplace, but if he wants to use his campaign attorneys to try to shut down his critics, he can try to do that. but what he's doing that's illegal is he's using the trump organization. his corporate attorneys to try to shut down critics of his
2:44 pm
campaign. and that's very clearly illegal under the federal election laws. trish: charles, i want to show you some examples of this, i think we have aas many samples of commercial. let's take a listen. >> which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care and the wall street bail out? it's donald trump. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> trump wants us to think he's mr. tell it like it is, but he has a record, and it's very liberal. he's really just -- trish: okay. so you hear the rest of the commercial there. that was the club for growth pointing to his record and saying he's a liberal. now to back up for a minute, he then, the trump organization came out and sued club for growth to say, listen, you know, you can't say this stuff and you're saying wait a second. that's a violation of election law for you to be using money from your own business as opposed to the campaign to say this. the only thing i'd counter --
2:45 pm
and this is his position on this is what about the fact have to at that he is a businessman and got a certain reputation and some of these commercials are damaging to his reputation or people are saying things that he believes to be untrue, then shouldn't he have a right to protect that business to protect that image that is a money-making enterprise for him? and why would it matter whether it's the campaign funding or his own money? his own organization's money that's being used? >> when he chose to run for president, he agreed to follow the federal laws that govern campaigns. it's true that people are going to point out how -- why he's a failed businessman, why he supported hillary clinton in the past, and the bad things about his, and he has a plenty large pulpit to respond to those people. the problem is he usually just responds with personal attacks
2:46 pm
because the facts are against him and instead tries to bully the organizations that fact check him and try to shut them down and why not engage in a free dialogue instead of using his corporate attorneys to try to shut down any sort of fact checking or criticism of it? trish: uh-huh, well, it's an interesting story and one will continue to watch. thank you, charles. good to have you here. >> thank you. trish: all right. don't forget, everyone, fox business is hosting its second gop presidential debate on january 14th. we're going to be hitting these candidates on every issue that matters to you right now. you do not want to miss it. thursday from charleston, south carolina january 14th. mark zuckerberg is finally speaking out, the facebook ceo taking to social media, vowing to protect muslims. what about the protecting americans overall? and putting an end to isis? using facebook to spread its hate? how is it that zuckerberg finally comes out and says
2:47 pm
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>> there's no question twitter, facebook, and the other social media platforms should be doing more. >> these companies have got to get onboard. they worked on child pornography, worked on human trafficking, we've done stuff with money laundering, this is not an insurmountable problem. trish: so here's the problem, you've god social media outlets that are effectively serving as conduits for terrorist activity, isis terrorists are meeting on facebook, on twitter, they're recruiting online, in fact, we've got reports, a recent one that came out that suggests 300 americans have
2:51 pm
been recruited online just this year in the social media community. all right. so mark zuckerberg finally decides to come out and say something about recent events. but he doesn't say anything about how he's going to fight this or how he's going to try to improve the situation so you don't have isis people gathering online. instead he comes out and says if you're a muslim in this community, the leader of facebook i want you to know you're always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful, safely environment for you. okay. that's good forran everything; right? we want the first amendment and as a muslim you want to feel safe on facebook but whys has mark zuckerberg said anything what he's going to do, how is he going to help the government fight and protect from the serious threats out there. and we flave day and age social media is a part of it and these members of isis are meeting online. on places like facebook. with more on the subject we've
2:52 pm
got herb, the senior scholar. dr. jassas, i know your form is actually getting attacked by muslim care-like groups, care-like groups who are saying that you're actually promoting hate? you're being ridiculed and there's a lot of anger coming at you from these groups? can you tell us about it? online? >> and listen, trish, if it was just muslim groups, we could take it. we're reformist and we can take it but this is a group called hope not hate, a government group that has called the regressive left. they labeled our group as a hate group, similar to the poverty loss center, and they came to be originally started by the government funding in london and britain to counter the english defense league which had some hate tenancies
2:53 pm
and work with britain. this is the under belly. when people are worried about the reform, the under belly is the corporation with the left with islamist groups as they're listing me as antimuslim and the reformist was listed as a antimuslim hater. trish: you're trying to elevate the conversation and say listen, guys, we need to change the message that we're sending out there and they're saying that you're a muslim hater because of that? >> exactly -- and that's the craziness -- and actually to me that is bigotry, that somehow we can't have a debate within the muslim community and they start acting like saudi arabia where our allies are asking critical questions for reform end up getting flogged with this group called hope not hate, which should actually be called hate not hope. it has done is exactly what saudi arabia and iran does to reformist, they put them in prison, they whip them, and i
2:54 pm
am being labeled -- labeled non-muslim or a muslim hater, it's like saying i'm an apostate, that's absurd. my kids love our faith, we're going to defend it from tough love but these the islamist lobby in the west in order to suppress and push laws and prevent the critical dialogue we need to have for national security. trish: dr. jassar, how do you confront this? daily basis you're on this show, you're on other programs talking about the need for reform and at the same time online you're getting a lot of push back from government-funded organizations in the uk, a care-like organization you're getting push back. how do you keep it going in the face of all of this? >> this is why we need the platforms. we're going to keep moving forward because as the sunlight gets shed on these toxic ideas, they will melt away and the alliances between
2:55 pm
left and those who don't want to reform and protect freedom they just want to maintain power that's why we need ceos like zuckerberg and others to give us platforms and take sides and not give these platitudes, oh, we're with you, we want to protect muslims, help us have a debate within the muslim community that are ideas that are the root krauss of radicalize, the head of iran, and others that are promulgating an antiwestern ideology. trish: herb joining us as well, social media expert, and, herb, what does your analysis tell you about the growth of isis online and the need for the online community to police this better people like mark zuckerberg. >> it has been true that the islamic state has gotten a lot of attention through online media and auto could the social media companies be doing more? sure and the question is how
2:56 pm
much more should then doing? in the extreme case they could all shut themselves down and nobody's advocating that, but that would clearly stop the islamic state from using their platform. trish: they need to be reporting this stuff a little bit more. we had a woman on the show the other day, jan morgan who was blocked from facebook because she had said some things that were in facebook's view politically incorrect. she posted a clip from this show saying that she didn't want syrian refugees coming into the state because she was fearful of the refugee population. well, what do you know, she got blocked, herb. and one of her points was why am i getting blocked when there actual terrorists out there that are talking online and meeting online? >> you have identified the fundamental problem. who decides what's bad content. okay? and why does this -- why do you think that facebook can identify quote bad content any better than
2:57 pm
anybody else? trish: well-- go ahead. you can answer that. >> we need to have a free speech. we don't want them policing what's out there unless they're advocating direct acts of violence. however, they need to be in the playing field, these are the best resource companies in the world, and yet they're sitting it out and letting the resources of oil money that is coming from isis and others dominate this. we can -- we have warriors -- don't just give me rhetoric, tell me what you think they would be doing. what would then putting your money into? sauce usa they have all of these resources, what would then putting their money into? how should they quote bad content? trish: hang on. go ahead. >> we have 15 organizations that assign reform, our budget is .01% of the budget of the islamist organizations in the west. all of these foundations need to do that supposedly trying
2:58 pm
to protect freedom of speech is to start to create task forces that empower the idea of liberty rather than sitting on their hands. there are things they can do. google ideas, twitter, facebook has foundations that begin to protect these things and let muslims lead it so it doesn't appear to be antimuslim. trish: don't they have a responsibility in all of this? you talk about freedom of speech, yes, we're all for that, that's a big part of what all of us believe in as americans but at the same time if you have an opportunity to gather some of this intelligence and relate it back to the government and aid the government in trying to keep americans safe, shouldn't facebook be devoting some resources towards that, herb? >> i think they are devoting resources towards it. they do report terrorist content when they find it. trish: why wouldn't mark zuckerberg come out and tell us that? >> i am sorry you don't define
2:59 pm
terrorist content the same way they do. trish: all right. >> before they're terrorists they're radicalizing the ideology. trish: breaking news coming to us from ark state university urging a soon union evacuation after reports of an active shooter. this is what we know right now. and this is, again, coming to us from arkansas state university campus. there's an individual with a weapon on campus there who is said to be surrounded by police. no shots have been fired. no reported injuries. the flagship campus of arkansas state has 14,000 students. it is located about two hours northeast of little rock. again, i just want to go back through this with you. this is just coming to us right now from arkansas. we are getting reports of an active shooter situation there at the state university.
3:00 pm
they're urging evacuation, student evacuation, there's an individual said to be there with a weapon, he is surrounded now by police, no shots have been fired. there are no -- no reported injuries at this point. but we're going to continue watching this again coming to us from arkansas. liz claman, over to you. liz: yeah, trish, they're asking for a evacuation there at the moment but police have now been able to ring fence the shooter, that's what we're hearing, again, this is happening at arkansas state university, any other details we will bring them to you. we also have this breaking right now. chicago mayor emmanuel is fighting for his political life. yesterday at this hour, protesters you see were calling for his resignation, today they're talking about another word that starts are. recall. could we have got jeff flock getting his cameras up right by the federal building where this is supposedly going to happen in chicago. we'll get that to you in in a second. and it's a new day with new


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