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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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they're urging evacuation, student evacuation, there's an individual said to be there with a weapon, he is surrounded now by police, no shots have been fired. there are no -- no reported injuries at this point. but we're going to continue watching this again coming to us from arkansas. liz claman, over to you. liz: yeah, trish, they're asking for a evacuation there at the moment but police have now been able to ring fence the shooter, that's what we're hearing, again, this is happening at arkansas state university, any other details we will bring them to you. we also have this breaking right now. chicago mayor emmanuel is fighting for his political life. yesterday at this hour, protesters you see were calling for his resignation, today they're talking about another word that starts are. recall. could we have got jeff flock getting his cameras up right by the federal building where this is supposedly going to happen in chicago. we'll get that to you in in a second. and it's a new day with new outcome why oil is still
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falling, fresh lows look at the market shuttle it all up, we have the dow jones industrial at the highs, holding onto most of the gains here. also at this very moment, folks, we've got a lot happening. fbi director james comey is delivering a classified briefing to the senate about new details in the san bernardino terror attacks. he did the same for the house, just a few hours ago as the investigation focuses in on the next-door neighbor of the trft killers, enrique marquez, expected to be indicted in the next couple of hours, possibly as early as today. a congressman came out of the classified briefing for the house. he's making his way to our cameras in d.c. with the headline what the fbi director revealed. and donald trump, you know, suddenly pulled out of scheduled meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, but why? netanyahu's former chief of staff george birnbaum is here
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in a fox business exclusive. he's got a new job. he's been hired by dr. ben carson to advise him on foreign policy matters, maybe perhaps to avoid a situation like donald trump is finding himself in now. less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." and i want to get you updated. the details are fast and furious, there is a report of an active shooter surrounded by police in arkansas. the markets are holding onto most of the gains here, up 157 points, but the school is putting out twitter notices that we are monitoring, but it appears no shots have been fired, so perhaps it's a bit of a misnomer to say active shooter. as soon as we get more details, we promise we'll bring them to you. the breaking news about the markets, good news, after a bruising four days of losses. the dow is jumping higher,
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looks to break a significant losing streak here. the dow jones industrials up 155 points, a great day for the nasdaq too, up 49. just about 58 minutes to go for the session. the major indices on track to snap specifically a three-day losing streak as first-time jobless claims came out this week and rose. that traditionally might not be great for the markets, not hurting them today. ironically the markets are propped up by the names that tanked, energy names all moving higher by 2-11%. so the muscle interestingly enough is coming from the energy sector. we have this breaking news, new details in the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino, california as the investigation zeros in on this man, enrique marquez. he could be indicted by the feds as early as today. we knew he purchased the two rifles used by syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik to kill
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14 innocent americans and wound 21 others. there is something more, sharper evidence is he may be indicted. the senate intelligent committee is on capitol hill heading into a classified briefing on the investigation and the latest fbi director james comey two hours ago gave the same thing to the house. he briefed him. a congressman of the intelligence committee just got out. give us the headlines first off the bat? >> thank you for having me on. director comey did come before the entire house of representatives and give us a briefing, but typically speaking, the briefings before the whole house are not very informative. they're very guarded and it's a lot difference than the actual intelligence committee. there wasn't a lot of new information we received from the briefing this afternoon. liz: nothing on marquez, this man who may be indicted in just hours? did his name come up?
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>> yes, it did. and the director specifically said he would withhold talking about it because of the sensitive nature of the investigation and what may be coming. he shut down all questions relating to marquy, was that frg for you or did you feel you were able to get more on the substance that could help you as lawmakers proceed? >> well, it was frustrating, but what was especially frustrating was how the wife, the female shooter in this case, was able to break through and get past all of our safeguards and get into the country when we know, and by director comey's admission had been radicalized, so far in advance? and a lot of questions were focused with no answers how this was allowed to happen? and i can tell you there will be a lot of attention paid on this in the future. this points to possibly a bigger problem that we may have
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here. liz: congressman, do you feel that you are in a way, this is the sense we're getting. you're coming together on both sides of the aisle to demand answers on the process through which people are entering this country now. you have been speaking more to democrats to link together and get a plan in place to prevent this from happening? >> absolutely, liz, and i think you could see by evidence of the visa reform vote that we had just a day or two ago, where there was a wide bipartisan margin that passed this bill. this is an indication how people are coming together, of how republicans and democrats are understanding the problem, identifying the problem, we're hopeful that the senate will understand it in the same way but very hopeful the president will understand it and get it and do something about it. liz: congressman, i'm a resident of new jersey, you're a representative of new jersey.
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donald trump said he had seen thousands of people in jersey city dancing and celebrating after 9/11. no video has come tout show that, but what has come out is a lot of negative feelings toward muslims driven by -- i hesitate to use the loaded word rhetoric, that means it somehow is less valuable, but donald trump has put forth some very pointed plans, especially banning muslim americans or any muslims from coming into this country based on religion. you as a representative where i know in the state of new jersey has a big muslim population, where do you stand on that? >> i just think donald trump went too far. clearly, we need to understand the problem, and clearly these radical muslim terrorists, we need to deal with them and keep them from coming into the country, but under donald trump's proposal, one of our most trusted allies, the king of jordan, would not be allowed to come into washington, would not be allowed to come into the
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intelligence committee as he has done countless number of times and share with us how he is helping to defeat isis and defeat the radical muslim terrorists. i think that's going too far. liz: we really appreciate your comments. thank you very much. they've been actually echoed throughout the whole day from both republicans and democrats, but coming from the republican side, it's a very, very interesting and powerful message. thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: thank you for joining us. we've got a story developing right now. multistories we're following for you. we've got you covered. but at a federal building in chicago, it's developing at the moment in the wake of this yesterday. at this time, this hour, we were live as protesters called for mayor rahm emanuel's ouster and shut down the famed michigan avenue. the protesters were unhappy with emanuel's apologize for the death of 17-year-old laquan
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mcdonald shot 16 times by police in 2014. protesters may get their wish. an illinois state legislator introduced a bill that would allow rahm emanuel to be removed from office. jeff flock is on the ground outside the federal building in chicago. jeff, as we understand it, the bill would revise a law not changed since 1941? >> reporter: yes, the law pertained only to city council members in terms of a recall. there was no provision for recalling the mayor of chicago. there wasn't one for the governor either until rod blagojevich was recalled and taken out of office. this would be house bill 4356. it would call for 80,000 or 90,000 signatures on a petition. two chicago aldermen would have to sponsor it, and it would go on the ballot and the mayor would stand for a recall election. this would take at least three
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months for this to happen, this wouldn't happen any time soon, but that's really the only way to go. the only other way the mayor could be removed, liz, is if the city council passed a recall measure, but the mayor would have to sign that, and i think it's fair to say that this mayor probably wouldn't sign his own recall measure. that's where we are in chicago, i'm at the federal building because in a short time protesters are coming here demanding that the u.s. attorney get involved in this, and begin to indict on a federal charge some of these police officers that have been implicated. it's quite a time in chicago. liz: certainly is. you're right there for us. thank you, jeff. let us know if there are developments within the hour. thank you. the closing bell ringing 50 minutes away. the dow suddenly has lost about i want to say 60 points in just 10 minutes but up 134. donald trump's brash statements on muslims could be affecting more than just his brand
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empire. now his daughter ivanka is swept up in the backlash. her brand may be banned in certain countries. and the king of oil, all of them refusing to stop pumping as opec hits a three-year output high, is the saudi's plan working as oil falls to another low in the former opec secretary economist is the insider of oil. he's here for you next on "countdown." ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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. liz: with 45 minutes left to trade, the market looking healthy, but chipotle founder and co-ceo apologizing for the 141 now students that have fallen ill with the norovirus after eating at a chipotle in boston. he said in an interview earlier today, this is a very unfortunate incident, i'm deeply sorry this happened but the procedures we're putting in place today are so above industry norms, we are going to be the safest place to eat. they're on it. they're on the case, shares of chipotle jumping, they're believeers in what he's saying, up 4.25%, looking healthier, a
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little more in the pink at the moment. oil down, definitely settling lower at 36.73 cents, three pennies lower in the after-market, the lowest in nearly seven years. opec is producing oil at highest level in three years. what is the thinking behind adding more supply to a total supply glut? no better to ask than an insider, the former opec secretary, dr. massud sami and former economist at opec. this is great to have somebody like you, you are not beholden to them anymore, i need the real story, what is going on and behind the thinking of opec where they know there is way too much supply but continue to add to it, prices go down? >> well, there is always an internal competition between the group of countries they would want to have longer-term
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view of what happens the market, in terms of rebounding the market versus those who need to have a short-term requirement, financial requirement. basically everybody asked everybody else to cut down supplies, and normally, previously, saudi arabia would play the role of sole producer, given the political and economic dynamics, saudi arabia produced up to maximum capacity and others are producing as much as they can. so the dynamic is that saudi and some of the other persian gulf oil producers are looking to the longer-term rebounding of the market while others push for short-term adjustment. liz: as we look at threats out there, opec looking at oversupply, and isis, isis is making hundreds of millions of dollars off stolen oil. how much is that getting talked about behind closed doors at opec? >> i don't think they will look at isis specifically what would happen to them in terms of the
3:18 pm
production. their concern would usually is internal dynamic of the organization itself. they don't get explicit to the political international issues. liz: but they better? doctor, they better, a drop may soon become a gigantic bucket? >> yes, i agree with you, absolutely, an important thing for them to discuss and look to see what impact they have on isis, because that's the source of financial resources for that group. liz: well, we love it, consumers love it, but certainly hurts oil--based companies and whether it's the integrated oils or anybody out there who's refining, it's hurting the stocks, not today, but has been. what do you see next? $20 oil or $80 oil? >> i don't think we will be $20. i don't see the $20 that's predicted by some organization,
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and i don't think it would go up to $80. i would expect there would be a further decline particularly when iran production comes to the market, but in the medium term, they were pushing some of the french production out of the market and particularly some of the shale oil and product that's coming out, and then of course, there's the demand would rebound to some extent because of the lower oil prices. so over medium term, the prices would rebound, but i don't think we'll talk about again $80 to $100 price, nor do i think we'll see the $20. probably a few more dollars going down. liz: thank you very much, we appreciate your perspective as former opec secretariat. sounds like you are as confounded as we are. see you next time, thank you. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. liz: any time. closing bell is 40 minutes away. this is not your typical
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unicorn software company debuting ipo today. but jo ling kent is up next to tell us how this australian dream team, ticker symbol team is disrupting the business model of the disruptors. live on the floor of the nasdaq in just a second. and take a minute to visit our social media sites. we now have more than 42,000 twitter followers. trying to get to 50,000 by the end of the year. there's a reason in a short three months we've added 10,000 twitter followers -- i do all my tweets, i don't have somebody doing them for me. you can "like" our facebook page, visit liz, all the archives in the videos. "countdown" coming right back.
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. liz: move over, apple. walmart is jumping into the mobile pay fray. the company is rolling out new and very own payment system today. at certain stores in bentonville, arkansas. walmart does not accept paypal. that may change. for now you can pay for purchasing by scanning a qr code at the register with your smartphone. the service is expected to be in all walmart stores by the first half of next year. stock is moving higher three quarters of a percent, and i'm going to check apple stock too, we're looking at that. up half a percent. apple not hammered by that news of another competitor in the mobile pay world. another so-called unicorn debuting ipo today. this company says we're different. we make money. australian software company
3:26 pm
atlassian, ticker symbol team set an ipo price of 21 bucks a share. the minute it opened. skyrocketed to $27.67 a share giving it instant valuation of 5.8 billion dollars. before i tell you why they say they're different. the stock is trading at $27.33, a 30% gain, but not just another pie in the sky will make money eventually darling tech company. it's profitable. here's the ticker here with no bc backing. what a far cry from twitter, box and square, all of them unprofitable, some falling below ipo price. atlassian, let me tell why you it's important, it may have disrupted the business model. jo ling kent to talk about not only the new atlassian billionaires but what's new, jo? >> reporter: the worst year for
3:27 pm
tech ipos, atlassian bucking the trend. you said it, the stock up 30%. it competes with a company here in the u.s. called slack, but atlassian customer base is big, talking about nasa, procter & gamble and coca-cola. what sets them apart in that profitability piece? i sat down with the co-founder and co-ceos and asked them why they expect to be profitable from the start? >> we've been profitable for ten years since we started. >> not new to the game. >> no, part of it comes back to when we started, the end of the dot com boom, it was the dot com bust, we were 22 years old, no one would have given us a dime if we asked. we had to build the discipline, great software to people and offer it at a reasonable price, and that is started with the ipo that investors are looking for companies that have the properties. >> reporter: atlassian
3:28 pm
generated 440 million dollars, a valuation of 4.5 billion. i asked the two guys if they thought we were on the edge of a correction or a bubble? they say there definitely is anxiety in silicon valley where they have a major office, in addition to sydney, australia, but believe in doing business in the u.s., it's a good thing, they plan to use the money to reinvest in r&d in addition to staying and doing a lot of business, more than half of it done in the u.s. and canada. liz? liz: i think it's fascinating, jo, the stock is up, last check, 30%. 30.5% with just about 32 minutes before the trading day ends, we'll see if atlassian breaches higher level. box has had a bit of a struggle. we'll see how atlassian does. at any moment, this person on the screen may be indicted. enrique marquez, now the focus, as you heard at the top of the
3:29 pm
hour, of the fbi's investigation in san bernardino. we've got jonathan hunt from fox live on the ground in san bernardino. he's going to bring you stuff he knows about this. and presidential candidate ben carson has admitted he doesn't know everything or even the basics about american foreign policy. he's been embarrassed in certain interviews. among them with chris wallace on fox. so he hired our next guest, george birnbaum, the former chief of staff of benjamin netanyahu, he is ben carson's newest foreign policy adviser. it's a fox business exclusive. how is he going to get ben carson up to speed? he's next on "countdown," can't miss it.
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. liz: we have this breaking news, and we've gotten this shot up from the chopper in
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california. fbi divers are now looking for evidence in a lake in san bernardino. we're going to keep this shot up and get to fox news' jonathan hunt. jonathan? >> reporter: liz, the divers, a team of fbi divers went into that lake here in san bernardino. we're told this is not a search for bodies. this is a search for evidence relating to the shooting attack that took place here some eight days ago. that's one piece of breaking news. another piece of breaking news by the reuters agency. government officials apparently telling reuters that in the months leading up to the attack, tashfeen malik, the wife of syed farook, one of the two shooters in this, reached out to various islamic radical groups trying to make contact with them. she apparently failed to do so. that would bolster what the fbi has been telling us all week that, as yet, they see no
3:35 pm
evidence of this plot being orchestrated from outside u.s. borders. then there's the case of the former neighbor of syed farook. his name is enrique marquez. as we've been telling you for a couple days now. he is cooperating with the fbi. they are questioning him about allegations that there may have been a plot involving farook and marquez himself back in 2012; that the two men decided against carrying out an attack at that point because of terrorism-related arrests in this area that apparently spooked them. we are also now learning that marquez, strangely, is related to farook by marriage. he is married to a woman from russia. that woman's sister is married to syed farook's brother. it's a complicated relationship, obviously, but another intriguing line of inquiry for the fbi. it is possible that marquez may himself face charges at some point. they would likely be related to
3:36 pm
material support for terrorism. but clearly the fbi not in any rush to charge him given he would presumably lawyer up and stop talking. we have cameras outside marquez's home earlier today. you will remember that was raided over the weekend by the fbi. marquez's mother came out. she did not want to talk on camera. she was crying. she does not know where her son is. she said she is afraid. she said this is a nightmare and said quote, i love my son. in the meantime, liz, the funerals for the 14 victims are beginning. yvette velasco, 27 years old is the first victim to have a funeral ceremony held here today. open air ceremony, her family chose to do that as she had a love for nature. this follows a visit of many of the family members to the inland regional center yesterday. we saw them carrying flowers, many crying, very emotional
3:37 pm
scenes as you can imagine, liz. liz: yes, you would like to talk nightmares, nightmare for the families and loved ones of anybody shot and killed by the people. jonathan, thank you. it looked like a diver was right in that lake. this is a lake in san bernardino where they are looking for evidence that may be related to the situation in san bernardino. you can see it is a murky lake, and we've got the fbi divers, and what they do is go with that rope inch by inch and cover every bit of the area they think they may find evidence. not a body but evidence that may be related to the crime. and we'll get more on that if it becomes available. to politics. after proudly announcing yesterday he was going to travel to israel at the end of the month to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu, gop front-runner donald trump has had a change of heart or maybe the israelis have. tweeting this morning --
3:38 pm
now to give you context here, the decision could be because of prime minister netanyahu's rejection of trump's call to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. this is the situation in the middle east becomes more precarious. we learned that a guantanamo bay detainee upon release has become a leader in al qaeda. and fox news was the first to report that iran has been conducting a series of ballistic missile tests that violates the recently approved nuclear deal. all of these issues, our next president, whoever he or she may be will be faced with. bring in one of the men tasked with educating one of the leading candidates. george birnbaum, a foreign policy adviser, brand new to republican presidential candidate ben carson and also the former chief of staff for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. perfect timing here. thank you for joining us exclusively, george. let us first start with being
3:39 pm
pretty honest here. we know that dr. ben carson for many interviews has not had a real grasp to geopolitics. what are you going to do to get him up to speed in the learning curve is vertical. >> great to be with you. liz: thank you. >> i worked with several presidents and prime ministers, i can tell you the president of the united states i don't think any man or woman is prepared for the volumes of information needed on a daily basis to make policy decisions especially as it comes to foreign policy and national security. that's the reason the president of the united states has a national security council to filter the information, give him or her the highlights and take his vision and philosophy and information and create a policy out of it. dr. carson, certainly i don't think anyone would argue has a clear vision and philosophy where he wants to take america in the future, as well as help our allies, such as israel. so the team he's put together including general bob dees,
3:40 pm
myself and others, take all the national security information he would need, filter it to the fine points. give it to him to digest and allow him to take his vision and philosophy and put it together -- . >> i get it, i get that it's broad, and every reporter wants to do a gotcha situation out there. what's the difference between slovenia and slovakia? let's talk broadly and not specifically. i want to play this interview that dr. carson did with chris wallace, he was widely criticized because he devolved into a word salad that chris wallace asked. >> who would you call specifically to put together an international military coalition? >> my point being that if we get out there and we really lead and it appears we're making progress, then all of the arab states and even the non-arab states who i think are
3:41 pm
beginning to recognize that the jihad movement is global. it is not just local in the middle east. liz: we could go on, because chris said, who would be the first person you'd call? which leader? and he didn't have an answer there. that's pretty broad, george. to me, you say we got to include putin or not, bring in the saudis or not. united arab emirates have a big military. what will be dr. carson's answer on that? >> for those of us who worked in the middle east understand and the nuances and the sensitivity of many of the players there. the answer was the right answer because right now i can tell you that in the middle east, in central europe, western europe, united states to take the lead before anyone is willing to step up to the plate and help in the way that needs to be done. so dr. carson was quite correct until the president of the united states steps up and sets the tone, calling anyone else is not worth the time of day. so we first need a president who's going to set the tone for
3:42 pm
leadership and start making the calls. it was a thoughtful answer, actually. liz: okay. well, some people on both sides of the aisle thought it was a little messy. but we've got to get on israel and certainly what's happening with donald trump, who said he would ban muslims from entering the country based on religion. where will dr. ben carson stand on that? the israelis don't like that position at all? >> i think even the israeli prime minister, who fights on a daily basis radical islamist terrorism around his country understands the comments from mr. trump were not only over the top but violate all the basic rights and freedoms that both americans and israelis cherish. liz: will dr. carson stand on that position? >> i'm not a spokesman for dr. carson, i haven't talked with him about the position. i know dr. carson truly values
3:43 pm
america, values the rights of people to come to america and become americans. as ronald reagan said can you go to france and never be a frenchmen but come to america, you become an american. that's the value dr. carson embraces. liz: we welcome you back and dr. carson any time, our viewers are interested to see where he stands on the. george, thank you. >> all the best. liz: george birnbaum, gop presidential adviser brand new to dr. ben carson. in a fox business exclusive. the dow is holding onto gains of about 112 points. donald trump's business empire has been feeling the pain from his brash remarks on the campaign trail from the get-go, but now the fallout specifically to that muslim travel ban may extend way closer to home. will ivanka's brand now be dumped? his daughter is feeling
3:44 pm
consequences. "countdown" is coming right back.
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. liz: is donald trump's daughter now getting swept up in her father's controversies? a dubai real estate firm is the latest to dump the trump name stripping both his and ivanka's name and image off a $6 billion golf course.
3:49 pm
first we'll show you the blank billboard. that's what's there now. on the bottom is the before, but the images of trump and his daughter ivanka have been removed. i'm sorry, this is not clear at all to me? is it to the left? correct. that has now been removed. so the removal is likely linked to trump's proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states. is ivanka starting to feel the fallout from his remarks, as her face is feeled off a dubai billboard, she may be facing damage to her hugely successful accessories brand overseas in the middle east. the ivanka trump lifestyle collection, shoes and jewelry, extremely successful. how are all of donald trump's comments going to affect his and his family's lucrative business. charlie gasparino is with us. >> you know some of them have bolted. liz: macy's, univision. >> go back to univision.
3:50 pm
go back, you, get them out of here. liz: not funny. >> go back to univision. liz: as neil has quite aptly put it, not great. >> but i'm asking what is going forward? my producer and i polled branding experts today. you would think the conventional wisdom is that it's going to be bad going forward. i am telling you they are completely mixed. once you bring up religion, it's bad. who wants to do business with donald trump in dubai or overseas, that is an issue. remember, that's what donald does. he doesn't develop properties he puts his name on properties. that is the conventional wisdom. smart people told us, no, no, no, the news cycle is too short given social media, this will be forgotten. dubai uses slave labor, they'll put donald's name on the building. we have an interesting quote, if you think about branding
3:51 pm
experts, who's been doing this a long time and bob is one of the best. he said trump is very smart, he knows what is said today if outrageous will be forgotten for the most part in a week or so. bob is saying that donald in all his seemingly insanity both is getting name recognition out there, getting free publicity because he's on every show and in all the newspapers, and all the people that take him off of the brand, they'll put him on because the news cycle is very fast. liz: do you think his daughter ivanka is seething behind the scenes saying well now, my name is affected here? >> i don't think so. the trump kids are very loyal to their dad. ivanka trump is a very beautiful woman. liz: she's smart, charlie. smart. >> but she was born on third base. let's be clear.
3:52 pm
liz: we know a lot of third base babies. a great brand, she's got shoes and jewelry. >> she owes her father for that brand, and the bigger question is if -- i'm telling you, i thought for sure everybody we called, we called major people,
3:53 pm
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to come out just fine. he's the ceo of united capital, and he's got 15 billion in assets under management, very, very twisty i guess you could say for the markets but where do you hide your money in a time like this where we have one day up triple digits, another down,
3:58 pm
up 94 right now for the dow. >> well, i think the first thing you do is you don't try to pretend that nothing is going on. and the second is to try to not be too cute. what you find typically is that people think the big one is coming and end up making very big shifts in their portfolio that end up making -- costing them quite a lot of money. so when you have turbulence, it's important to stay calm and think very carefully about the long term implications of the choices that you're making. we think that in the environment we're in, you're going to see even more volatility, bigger swings and that as interest rates go up, especially since we're fairly well priced, the market's quite adequately priced for a good outcome that you want to not be overreactive. so often the best strategy is to just hunker down and do no harm >> you mention the fed, next wednesday we have the fed decision of in advance of
3:59 pm
that, what sectors would you be buying? quickly, joe? >> i think you want to concentrate on large cap, you want to think about europe, and you want to start dipping your toes in emerging markets, which have done dreadfully for the last several years. so those are the areas for us most interesting. rates are going to go up very slowly, so you want to be in high dividend paying stocks >> the twister markets and how to survive them, joe a voice of calm in all the stormy weather we've had. thank you so much. >> of course. >> joe duran and what do i hand my good buddies david and melissa, a gain of 21, we had been up 52. >> i know it was that twister you were showing moments ago >> absolutely thank you so much. backlash continues but voters don't care, the results of the national polls com >> and we had them but we let them go, former daintie
4:00 pm
detain bane ease are back on the front lines >> and chipotle ceo apologizing for sickening so many across the country but in the case of the e. coli, the restaurant has looked at every ingredient, they still have no idea what it is >> could be a bunch of different things. but first let's look at the stocks. what you were going to say maybe? >> who knows. we know this. the market can't make up its mind, it was nup triple digits now back down, but it looks like it's trading up as we come into the close. and as it settles, the only thing you can see down is oil and gold, oil's down, led the market down, that didn't happen today going in opposite directions. but, again, this is a market that can't find a direction for now. >> here's everything you need to know right now >> from gitmo back to the battlefield. a former bin laden operative is now al-qaeda, fox news chief correspondent catherine herridge has been following


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