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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 11, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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once they seize the machines they can generate what look like legitimate travel documents without biometrics, hopefully this fuels more biometrics than passports. charles: you are fantastic. at home, thank you very much, appreciate you watching. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump has a message for republican leaders who reportedly are planning for a brokered convention next july. trump says he's going to win, and the party establishment needs to deal with that. here now is the republican front-runner as he talked with fox news sunday host chris wallace. >> they're kidding themselves. i'm going to win, i think i'm going to win. i'm not one of the other guys that goes down, i don't go down, i go up. >> do you have a warning for gop leaders? >> i say folks, i'm sorry i did this to you, but you got to get used to, it one of the little
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problems in life. lou: trump doesn't seem overly concerned, does he, that he's the target of some of the most powerful moneyed people in this country and paid political assassins. trump knows well that the unholy alliance of the republican establishment, the democratic leadership and the national liberal media will only intensify attacks against him. trump also knows he can reasonably expect his numbers to get stronger in the polls. new survey shows how powerful the trump trend really is. trump increasing his lead to 27% in new hampshire, up from 23% a month ago. and tonight, trump is set to speak at a rally in iowa within th there as soon as he steps to the podium. also tonight, we'll take up the possibility of the much discussed brokered convention becoming a reality and the likely impact of an unlikely independent bid by trump. i'll be talking with a man who
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ran ross perot's 1992 independent presidential campaign, and also served as president reagan's white house political director. who better to talk about trump and the collision of his populist politics with the rear guard republican establishment than republican strategist ed rollins. our special guest tonight. also, new reports that president obama is preparing to use an executive order to go after our guns. talk about fascist liberalism and an imperial authoritarian presidency. the white house said to be finalizing an obama fiat that may include the expansion of background checks on gun purchases and other restrictions. we'll have a full report for you here tonight. our top story. the republican party's plan to subvert the will of the american voter if donald trump continues to sit atop the polls and win primary elections. republican party brokers are discussing right now the
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prospect of a contested convention come july. it would be the first in more than six decades and all because donald trump successfully continues to disrupt and threaten the established but failed republican political machine in washington, d.c. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: at donald trump's tower in new york, senior campaign staff were briefed by republican national committee officials on what resources trump should receive should he win the nomination. on monday at rnc chairman reince priebus's monthly regular dinner to schmooze gop officials, some suggest none of the 14 candidates have enough delegates on the ballot. it could become a brokered convention with party bosses making the decision.
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rnc officials indicated rules and procedures exist as a matter of policy. in an interview for fox news sunday, trump did not suggest a conspiracy to block himself or any other candidate but renewed his threat as an independent. >> if i win, i'm okay with it if i'm treated fairly. if i'm not treated fairly, i'm not somebody who takes unfairness easily. >> reporter: rnc officials adamantly deny any plan to rig the convention, saying it was nothing more than a brief conversation at the end of a long dinner. the last time a brokered convention produced a winning president was fdr in 1932. trump tweeted his first shot to cruz for judging his judgment. look like ted cruz is getting ready to attack. i'm leading by so much, he must. i hope so, he'll fall by the others, will be easy. cruz said he's cozying up to trump and ben carson because neither can win. he said --
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. >> reporter: trump who's self-funding suggested in a second tweet that cruz's donors control him -- in response, cruz tweeted at the establishments only hope is a cage match between trump and himself adding sorry, that's not going to happen, and trump's terrific. with the hashtag deal with it. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. you can watch chris wallace's interview with donald trump on fox news sunday. 2:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. check local listings as well. the fbi investigation of the san bernardino terrorist attack moving ahead. fbi divers continue to scour a san bernardino lake they believe may hold important
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evidence. investigators say terrorists syed farook and tashfeen malik visited the lake on the day of last week's terror ramp age. it's believed the two may have dumped their phones and computers into the water in an effort to cover their tracks. fbi assistant director david bowdich yesterday said this investigation will not be over any time soon. >> first of all, we think this search will last for days. it's very possible. we would be remiss not to go into the lake and do a thorough search for evidentiary items that may come back. lou: this comes as reports that tashfeen malik tried to contact a number of radical islamist terrorist groups including the islamic state in the months leading up to the attack. authorities say malik's contact attempts were ignored by the terrorist organizations. in washington, more obama
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exploitation, more efforts to infringe on second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. president obama using the tragedy in san bernardino to push for gun control and he's not about to allow congress to stand in his way. washington expecting a presidential executive action on guns any day now. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: from sandy hook and charleston to aurora, paris and now san bernardino, gun violence both here at home and abroad has heightened the intensity of president obama's calls for more gun laws, and increasingly frustrated by congress on capitol hill the president is threatening to take executive action to limit who can buy guns in america including plans to ban the gun show loophole. require background checks for online gun sales, at this point, no check required, and
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enact a no-fly, no-buy rule for gun sales. keeping those restricted from air travel from being able to purchase a gun. >> consistent with common sense, consistent with protecting constitutional rights, strong bipartisan support. >> reporter: not in congress, which is why the president's plans have failed so far. the white house team is studying ways to bypass lawmakers and legally move forward. meantime encouraging leaders to craft their own gun sales limitations which is what connecticut governor dan malloy plans to do preventing those on government watch lists from buying firearms. the move comes as gun sales are surging nationwide with the fbi reporting over 185,000 background checks conducted this past black friday alone. up 5% from a year ago. some gop presidential candidates accuse the president of missing the point when it comes to guns and the anxiety americans feel. >> this is a consistent problem
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in the obama administration, is they can't distinguish from good and bad guys. >> keep our country safe. and the second amendment is a good way to keep us safe. >> reporter: lou, anyone's name can be placed on a no-fly list which is why so many critics are against it. if your name is on the list and shouldn't be there, you can be denied your constitutionally protected right if you haven't committed a crime, and by the way, for the record, the aclu is suing the government over the so-called no-fly list because they say the names of thousands of americans are already on the list and they absolutely should not be. lou? lou: kevin, thank you. kevin corke from the white house. and as kevin intimated, the man who put your name on that list will be working for president obama. the "wall street journal" reports the obama administration is preparing for a rapidly building illegal immigration crisis at our southern border. new camps to house illegal immigrants are set up as far
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away from the border as north texas. illegal crossing at some points of the texas-mexico border have more than doubled from a year ago. two counties in dallas say a thousand so-called unaccompanied minors expected to arrive this week. and according to border patrol officials, many illegal immigrants say they're crossing because they believe the obama white house policies allows them to stay, and who could say they're wrong? and take a look at this. it looks like a border patrol vehicle, doesn't it? but it's actually a clone, i suppose, a fraud, a chevy tahoe painted up by illegal immigrant smugglers to look like an official vehicle. but this clone was stopped by the real deal. border patrol agents stopped it 70 miles from the border, and 12 illegal immigrants, there
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they are. crammed inside. every trick in the book, and usually it apparently works. the department of homeland security has taken the lead role in searching for two missing afghan nationals. they disappeared monday. they were training with the u.s. military at moody air force base in south georgia. the two were learning to fly and maintain an a-29 turbo tropattack plane. air force officials said there is no evidence the two men pose a threat to public safety. we hope not. we're coming right back. stay with us. donald trump increasing his already substantial lead in the polls. will the gop leadership now try to subvert the will of the people and try to shut trump out of the party's national convention? >> they're kidding themselves, i'm going to win. lou: the republican party
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elite, the talk of brokered convention and trump's talk of an independent run. we'll talk with the man who ran ross perot's independent run for president in '92 and who was reagan's white house political director. ed rollins here next. and talk about an adrenaline junkie, getting a little artistic while free falling at 120 miles an hour. we'll show you the video of what she does next here next, and you will love it. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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. lou: republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson says a brokered convention would destroy the republican party. retired neurosurgeon is blasting the republican establishment in his statement released today, he wrote -- . lou: joining us now, former white house reagan political director, republican strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins. ed, great to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> i think i need to add for everyone's edification, he was the campaign manager for ross perot and his independent bid
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for the presidency in 1992. this seems like the republican establishment purposely trying to tick off, prod donald trump. what advantage is there to doing this? >> the epitome of what they don't know is going on across the country. and the truth of the matter is, no disrespect to dr. carson, the game is to win delegates, not party bosses or anybody else. there are no party bosses, nobody in washington can make a difference. they can set procedural wins. if you win delegates, they can't take them away from you. if carson gets a majority or trump gets the majority, they're the nominee no matter what happens. lou: this discussion seems purposeful, it's ignorant to have publicized it, antagonistic towards trump and the millions of people who support the man and this is ignorance, i think, utter stupidity on the part of the leadership. >> it's irrelevant, the fact they are irrelevant in the normal process.
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i think that's what it is. lou: what are they trying to do? >> again, it's procedural, and they try and gang up on trump or carson or anybody else, it reinforces their message, meaning trump's or carson's. i'm for you not for them, that's a powerful message. nobody knows how to run a campaign except the guys at the top. the idea that jeb bush has a 15 minute documentary, who wants to watch a 15 minute documentary on jeb bush? lou: you and i know what the play there is. the strategists the savants and the gurus are trying to make 6% on the media buys. >> at least 6%. the reality is what can be, my father was president, my brother was president. my grandfather was a u.s. senator. lou: and i'm a nice fellow. >> and i'm a nice fellow. the interesting thing and people are starting to realize is when you look deep in polls, the two things that matter to
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the americans now are terrorism and the economy. trump is viewed as the most significant leader on both of fronts. lou: and electability in the most recent poll? trump runs away with it, dominates in electability, the perceptions of those surveyed. that's all powerful now. >> even the young kids at harvard who said they're more interested in integrity than experience, and i think experience got washed out the window this cycle. we had very fine candidates who are no longer in the game. i think to a certain extent donald trump may not be the nominee, a long ways to go here. they have shaken the politics up and certainly like anything i've ever seen. same thing with perot, he self-destructed and dropped out. there was a point he had 39% of the electorate. not just the party and he dropped out. lou: for trump's edification, what is the result of running
7:20 pm
as an independent, in my personal view it cost perot terrifically. not a lot of money, but cost him so much in his standing in the country. >> it did, and i think, and it does cost a lot of money. it's very expensive to get on the ballots because the two parties don't want independents they try to keep you out. lou: can it be done? >> it can be. you end up being a spoiler, not a candidate. lou: we're not hearing a lot of talk about electoral integrity right now. we're hurtling towards this election next year, and people are not making sure the right people are able to vote. they are registered to vote, they're outstanding citizens to vote. are you worried? >> i always want people to vote. anybody that's 18 years old and eligible to vote, you want them to vote. lou: you certainly want then to be citizens, don't you? >> certainly want them to be citizens.
7:21 pm
there will be question on the integrity of the ballot. lou: very quickly, we are overtime here. the ground game. do you think trump is well enough organized here, enough troops on the field to convert support to vote. >> he has a good ground game, good operatives. guy who has the best ground game is cruz. lou: he is running two in most of the polls suddenly. ed, pleasure. >> my pleasure. lou: do you believe the republican party will be signing its suicide note if there were to be a brokered convention? cast your vote at follow me -- links to everything found at "like" me on facebook because all of the republican elites like me, i think every one of them. i'm pretty sure they like me. this woman we are about to show you jumped at the chance to get a brand-new tattoo. there she is!
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naddene elaine received a tattoo as the two plummeted to earth at 120 miles an hour, that's not excessively fast. that's the normal terminal velocity of free falling. clayton used a battery powered machine to inscribe the word ahhh in elaine's wrist. as for the tattoo and how it came out, we'll leave that to you, lovely. up next, the most decisive republican candidate, you'll never guess who it is? maybe you will. you would think offering someone a bouquet of flowers is a good thing, not if you are taking on the ukraine parliament, you will see what happened in the room filled with fellowship, brotherhood and sisterhood and kumbaya ukrainian way. we're coming right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on trump and the race for the 2016 nomination. trump's name has been mentioned 25 times more than the rest of the entire republican field combined over the last three days. that according to the new analytics company that looked at television, radio, print, internet and social media. trump is already of course a powerful political disruptor, ignoring political correctness, speaking plainly about people's desires, what they want to hear. all the while being targeted by the gop establishment, democrats and, yes, the liberal national media. all with one shared purpose that is to take trump down, but they won't. they can't. most of the other candidates wouldn't know what to do with all that extra air time. whether you like trump or feign outrage, trump is compelling. republican voters see trump as the most decisive, the most
7:28 pm
competent and most electable of the party's candidate, that according to a new poll from associated press, far outpacing competitors 63% competent, describes him very or somewhat well. those two qualities extremely important to 9 and 10 republican voters, gop leaders, big names, koch, addelman, rickets, perry and wynn with this nonsense about a brokered convention come july. here are the essential facts for the big guys and their paid hacks. you have all been backing losers now for two straight presidential election cycles. to put it in common parlance, quit chasing your money and invest in the people's choice this time for a change. not yours. for the people.
7:29 pm
you might think about getting a new ring man for your expensive political circus, the acts that they've been pushing have fallen flat. invest in the ideals of this country and push away the hacks who give a flip about win or lose, just so they get their cut, get paid on both sides of the event. and all of you foam at the mouth about free markets but then you try to rig the deal if you don't like your draw in politics. this time just step back and let free choice prevail. it's important. have you noticed for the first time in three decades there's real excitement, real energy in the republican party, and this campaign? or is that what scares you? these candidates talking about real issues that matter to the future of voters and the country. if you and the hacks who slobber at your feet try to broker this convention, rig this deal, this whole country will weep, because you will have simply written a suicide
7:30 pm
note for the republican party that will die not long after you do. and just when the country is in desperate need of new leadership, and a new way, this is your opportunity to win for a change. now our quotation of the evening. this one from author orson scott card who said -- we're coming right back. stay with us. the re-emergence of governor chris christie, he's running second behind donald trump in new hampshire. how about that? go new jersey! brad blakeman and judy miller join us next. and an urban free climber testing fate for a second time. his story, the video of his thrilling stunt coming up right after these important messages. please stay with us.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. . lou: more blowback against trump's call for a temporary ban on muslim immigrants to this country and refugees. saudi arabia's prince tweeting that trump is, quote, a disgrace not only to the gop but to all of america. i replied to the prince, no prince, not a disgrace, he's a disruptor certainly, that's part of his appeal. you'll get along.
7:35 pm
joining us former member of president george w. bush's senior staff brad blakeman, pulitzer prize-winning columnist and fox news contributor judith miller. good to have you with us. the outrage at the muslim thing, brad, do you think it has legs? because the fact is we know that carter also specifically targeted iranians because of holding the hostages. we know that the same thing has occurred throughout our history. why is this suddenly a big deal? >> well, i think because trump is attacking a religion, and he's not going after nation state. our enemy isn't a nation state. our enemy is an amorphic band of terrorists that have permeated the entire middle east. lou: we're getting people killed here and things aren't working. why don't we look at it as initial bargaining position on the part of donald trump, and start hearing the republican
7:36 pm
establishment quit acting like a bunch of sissy cry babies and actually stand up and talk about defending this country on all americans. it's outrageous what they're doing, calling by the way, judy, one publication calling trump hitler as if he's the one killing people instead of radical islamist terrorists. somebody better get their head on straight. the national media isn't going to lead that charge. >> i know you think paul ryan is part of the establishment. when the own party accuses you of being racist which is what paul ryan said -- >> paul ryan certainly -- let's talk about the stupidity here. john boehner pushed out by the conservative members of the house of representatives, the republicans, and then they -- the same group permit boehner who they threw the hell out to
7:37 pm
name personally his successor paul ryan, who hasn't said anything without at least 50% of his language being bromides and platitudes since he took office. >> department say anything about the presidential campaign until now. lou: he had the right idea. i don't know what the hell got into him. >> 57% of americans as opposed to republicans think that donald trump's proposal was outrageous. lou: so we're going to go with majority rule now based on -- let's build a wall, let's return all of the illegal immigrants, shut down these free trade agreements that kill american jobs. let's start -- put boots on the ground in syria and iraq because that's what the majority of polls reveal. you want to do that? brad, you want to do that? >> i think there should be boots on the ground. i think we should build a coalition and go in there. lou: we've got a coalition! we've got a president -- >> in name only.
7:38 pm
lou: whatever you want to call it. we've got a president who's a president in name only, don't you think? that's the problem here! >> on that we can agree. on no strategy, no vision. lou: why in the world are people talking about americans getting killed instead of worrying about offending a religion? >> because we want to win this war, lou. lou: you do? you can't, judy, for 14 years we fought a war and haven't won it whether we're in afghanistan or iraq or now syria. don't tell me we want to win a war, and don't tell me how much fun and help the arab partners in the coalition have been because it doesn't make sense that we're in the longest war by almost triple of any this country's ever fought. >> lou, we have a lack of leadership. lou: a lack of leadership? we've got a political establishment -- >> we have the forces to win. lou: yeah, you got to be kidding me.
7:39 pm
you've got to be kidding me! it was a republican white house from 2001-2008. it has been a democrat since 2009 and neither one have gotten it done for the american people. they just keep blathering. >> lou, when i left iraq in 2010, iraq was stable. it was a decision to -- lou: i didn't say stabilize it, i said win it. i mean killing the enemy. does anybody talk about killing the enemy or have a campfire for radical islamists where we can join up on a desert horizon somewhere. it's time to cut the crap. brad, i know you agree with me, judy miller, i hope you do. thank you so much. the legal victory for draftkings and fanduel facing expulsion in new york, and an appellate court judge issued an emergency temporary stay that allows those sites to remain open.
7:40 pm
for now at least, six hours before that, a new york supreme court justice, manual mendez ordered those sites shut down, siding with the new york state attorney general, who called them illegal gambling operations, twenty-first century fox is an investor in draftkings, guess who is the parent of our company? that's right, twenty-first century fox. take a look at this video. video is insane or perhaps the 20-year-old who videoed himself dangling from 150 feet above an abandoned hospital in england. what's more terrifying, he didn't use safety gear. instead he's holding onto his friend's wrist. he didn't hurt himself with this bold stunt, thank goodness. up next, growing concerns that the islamic state has a passport printing machine, that's right, i said a passport
7:41 pm
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. lou: fears of a terrorist attack in this country at the highest level since september 11th. the latest cbs "new york times" poll shows 44% of americans now say a terrorist attack is very likely to occur over the next few months. those fears lifting donald trump in the polls because he isn't afraid to combat terror in blunt rhetorical terms. remember this? >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. [ applause ] >> i would just bomb those suckers. that's right, i'd blow up the pipes, blow up the -- blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left. lou: a couple of historical notes we'll take up with the president of the foundation for the defense of democracies, we're joined by clifford may. good to have you with us,
7:46 pm
clifford. as a foreign policy expert invested in every way in the success of this country's foreign policy. what do you think of trump's plain spoken straightforward statement about what he would do? >> well, i understand why it resonates with people who are fed up with political correctness and are frustrated with the fact that after all these years we don't have a strategy to defeat jihadism, don't have a president who will talk about jihadism and we have major newspapers who say after san bernardino, what we need to do is ban guns, and they say nothing about islamism and jihadism, i understand why it resonates. >> should any american put up with a president who in the face of a terrorist attack, his first answer is to take the damn guns of law-abiding citizens, who should put up with that? why should the national media? why should any institution in this country put up with a president who enunciates such absolute nonsense?
7:47 pm
>> we are split in this country. half americans. lou: half us don't want the country to survive? i haven't met those people. >> the "new york times" has a big readership and i was on tom hartman's progressive radio show, he said it's white christians, white right-wingers that represent the danger to america. lou: why should christian working men and women, the middle class, getting their butts kicked in the economy, in the society and political system put up with another minute of it? >> they have no choice until they get to the polls and choose somebody. lou: wait a minute, wait a minute, how did we suddenly decide it's okay for donald trump to be portrayed as hitler when he's killed no one, radical islamists have and everyone wants the administration to protect the radical islamists. >> strange thing, i'm not a fan of donald trump.
7:48 pm
on the other hand to call him a fascist when president bush talked about islamo fascism to describe al qaeda he was put down and discredited across the country. we captuse fascism to talk about the jihad. lou: what do you talk about executive unilateral executive action that would take away guns and constrain unconstitutionally, in my opinion, our rights to bear arms? what would you call that? and he does it in almost the final year of his presidency? >> i would call that a user patient of power undermining the u.s. constitution and making congress redundant. we need a president who's going to restore the constitutional protections we've had in the past and the constitutional system our founders gave us and come up with a strategy to defeat jihadism in its many forms and not enough to say i'm going to bomb them. we have to do more than that. lou: the military wants it to
7:49 pm
be a long war. it's time for everybody, including the military to start talking straight. talk about what we're going to do, how we're going to do it and when are we going to begin? clifford may, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: stocks selling off, the dow plunged 310, the nasdaq down 112. volume on the big board heavy trading, 3.4 billion shares. for the week, the dow, s&p down 3%. the nasdaq lost 4%. stocks dragged down by falling oil prices which closed below $36 a barrel for the first time since february of 2009. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. if politicians don't agree, they settle things the ukrainian way. check this out, it's not the first time you will have seen awkwardness and off-putting moments in the ukrainian parliament. they sarcastically presented the prime minister with roses
7:50 pm
and tried to drag him away from the podium. a full-on brawl ensoyed. this is what they do in ukraine. whatever you want to call it, it works for them. lawmakers tried to defend the prime minister who faces allegations of just corruption and cronyism. what would happen if we -- every time somebody said corruption and cronyism on capitol hill, a fight ensued? maybe there would be a little relief valve go off there. drone flyers beware, tokyo police launching a drone squad. if a pesky drone enters airspace, it faces the wrath of the drone catcher. it catches smaller drones in its net. that's very clever. very clever. up next, a texas imam says he was forced to resign because he threw his support behind donald trump. does that sound like, well, an
7:51 pm
acceptance of moderate muslim, a tolerant religion? we take it up with our radio talk show hosts, larry o'connor and john gibson join us next. we're coming right back. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today.
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i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> a texas man says he was forced to resign for agreeing with donald trump, doctor says he believes trumps comments are in line with the islamic religion because the text of
7:55 pm
the holy says the loss of one life is the equivalent of killing the whole of man kidney. he went on to say that we need to be more cautious about who we do bring into this country, muslim or not. and for that, he's out of there. joining us now host of mornings on the malon wmla washington, and review,. >> glad to be here. >> john gibson, great to say you, john. is there any way if we could moderate modern islam, it would be texas. what are you peeling doing out there? >> well, here a mosque kicks out a guy and i didn't notice the mosque in san bernardino kicking out syed farook. this calls into question whether you can trust these people in these mosques to actually tell people at the fbi what is going on. and it looks at the moment
7:56 pm
like you can't count on it. >> what do you think, lori? >> yeah. >> this is strange a moderate can survive. >> it is. it's a great story for a couple of reasons. first of all, they call trump the totalitarian fascist but this guy is kicked out on his butt because he ha disagree with the mainstream, unfortunately, mainstream muslims who hate donald trump. but also here's the important thing that everyone needs to point out. this guy is actually progressive the point that a blanket judgment all muslims is actually probably not sound. he -- this muslim seems to be okay; right? so if they were smart, they would embrace this man and hold him up. but instead their own rigid ideology can't allow them to do that. that's a problem. >> it's a big problem and interesting that the trump would be called a fascist totalitarian when this is a
7:57 pm
president who has so expanded executive powers it's beyond etherial to where he is attacking the second amendment and infringing on second amendment rights when he will enforce the law and when he will not, john. i mean this is a contest in 2016 in this campaign it's for the soul of the country, is it not? >> of course it is. and, lou, look, everything obama is doing right now from his shrug about the terrorist attacks, trying to take away your countries, also plays into it, it all goes to help donald trump. all of this stuff, the public sees and says it's like pulling the emergency fire alarm. i'm going to trump. everything obama's doing lately, everything these mosques are doing lately is helping donald trump. >> you know, and he is one that's being portrayed as hitler on the front page of
7:58 pm
dying publications but nonetheless. >> yeah. >> important city publications, larry, there's something really upside down in this country right now where people are more worried about offending the feelings of groups and, in fact, a religion than they are about this nation surviving and american citizens staying alive. they don't seem to understand the concept. >> lou, that's why the president's speech last sunday so was disappointing and enraging to so many americans. daily caller did an analysis and apparently about 40% of the speech was spent on guns and lecturing americans about islam phobia. that's not the take away from what happened in san bernardino last week and most avalanche americans recognize that after a terror attack on our shore, we want our leader to come out, identify our enemy, call our enemy by their proper name, and then tell us how we're going to defeat our enemy and
7:59 pm
protect americans. the president didn't do it, the vacuum was opened, and it turns out donald trump filled that vacuum pretty quickly. >> he did and a week previous rand paul, senator rand paul to his credit with a secure act, which was to restrict for a time, temporarily immigration and refugee programs from 33 countries that are deemed high risk and, by the way, in which he avoided impinging upon religion or the feelings of those who would be so affected but preserved the public's safety and the national security. that measure was defeated -- i think it was almost 89 to 10 in the u.s. senate. >> yeah. well, listen, and here on capitol hill we need a little more ukrainian style democracy i think. you know? when something like that gets voted down, i want rand paul and ted cruz to deliver a bunch of roses to mitch mcconnell and see what happens. >> i've got a couple of other suggestions for what they might deliver.
8:00 pm
john gibson, larry o'connor, thank you, both, for being here. >> thank you, lou. have a good weekend. >> thank you, lou. >> in our online poll 57% of you said you believe we are witnessing the death of political correctness. thanks for being with us. have a great evening. good night from new york. >> another mass shooting. john: isis attacks. what can america do about it? presidential candidates claim they know what to do. >> if i'm elected president, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. john: but how? some candidates say the threat has already come to america. >> we should never take in refugees, we don't know who these people rebuke we don't know where they're coming fro. john: does it matter if the politicians say radical islam? >> i don't think we're at war with islam. we are at war with violent extremism. john: whatever words we use, it's important we find the right balance between safety and liberty. senator rand paul got our government the stop mass


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