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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 14, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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fed shouldn't do this and i'm interested. sandra: oil below 35 and gas below two bucks. maria: keith mccollough and dagen mcdowell over to stuart. stuart: i'll take it and merry christmas to you. watch out donald trump, ted cruz is on a roll. if you thought the news would take a break for christmas, you better think again. cruz now leads trump by 10 points in iowa and is almost even nationally. trump went on the attack calling cruz a maniac. cruz turned that into a joke, maybe that's the way to fend off trump's attacks. the price of oil is still falling, new lows. bold prediction from me, gas will be well under $2 a gallon by christmas, except in oh, so green california. and you have something to say about that? >> i don't think that's a very bold prediction under $2.
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really. stuart: it is a bold prediction. ashley: no. stuart: i've been write consistently. moving quickly on. speaking of green, the paris climate deal signed, but it's got no teeth. we, american, we've got to pay. humans are going to dictate the weather 100 years from now, how about that? cheer up, everyone, it's christmas eve ten days from now, and "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. look at where stocks are ever so slightly higher. remember, please, we've got an interest rate hike, probable. it's expected this week. and there's already talk, by the way, of a second rate hike in markets next year. the glut of oil, that remains the big story, that's the mover on the markets today. earlier this morning, we had oil break below $35 a barrel. down to 34 and small change.
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now, it's bounced back 35.70, that's where we are now. the price of gasoline, no change over the weekend, national average of 2.01, however, there are now nine states at or below $1.80 per gallon. nine different states. i paid a buck 79 in new jersey, and wait for it, will you look at it, please, the lowest price in the united states today is $1.40. you've got to pay cash, you get regular, 1.40 in orton, texas. got it. fox news iowa poll, taken before and after trump's muslim ban comments, cruz 28, trump 26, rubio, carson, everybody else below 5 or less. and listen to what he said on fox news sunday. >> i don't think he's qualified to be president. >> why not? >> because i don't think he has the right temperament. >> what's wrong with his temperament. >> when you look the way he's dealt with the senate when he goes in there, frankly, like a
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little bit of a maniac. you can't walk into the senate and scream and call people liars and not be able to cajole and get along with people. he'll never get anything done and that's the problem with ted. >> he doesn't have the right temperament, he's a little bit of a maniac. well, cruz responded on twitter with this. here is the quote, in honor of my friend, donald trump and good-hearted maniacs everywhere, and he followed that with a link to the music video for the song maniac from the '80s movie flash dance. kat is here. that's a good response, trump comes over the top attack on you and you make a joke of it. >> it was great especially because the attack was ridiculous. he said it'd be better to have a president going into congress and calling people losers instead of liars? he doesn't have the most gentle temperament. >> are you kidding me. stuart: donald trump, you've
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got the wrong temperament-- >> all the things you're attacking for? i'm not surprised by cruz in iowa, he's very muchizize-- much an iowa candidate. ashley: i think he's picking up ben carson's supporters. the $64,000 question, has trump stalled and is beginning to fade? what's your judgment? >> no, i don't think that iowa is necessarily the rest of the country. it's not surprising that ted cruz would be doing well in a state where he's very conservative on social issues, which are a lot of things i disagree with him on, the people in iowa really like that, as we look at santorum, cruz makes way more sense than trump. stuart: on a national poll, cruz is within two points of trump now, caught all the way up to him almost. i call that a stall if not necessarily a fade. >> i don't know about a fade. maybe it's stall. it's really great that cruz is not attacking back, nobody can do it better than trump can.
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ashley: with humor, to your point, stuart, a great way of handling, great way to deflect it and make everybody laugh and not be hurt by it. stuart: we have a developing story out of france this morning. sky news reports that a teacher was attacked and injured. it's basically a paris suburb. ashley: in the northeast of paris. stuart: a man claimed to be with isis, what happened. ashley: he did, he didn't have a weapon and he grabbed a pair of scissors and there were no children in the classroom, she was getting ready for the day. stabbed in the body and throat and nonlife threatening. the guy wearing painters overhauls and a ski mask left. although local reports say a local french magazine that's pro isis had been encouraging followers to attack teachers because they are, again, true enemies of allah because they're teaching the infidels. stuart: that happened today in france. now, we've got a russian warships that apparently wired
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warning shots at a turkish ship, apparently to avoid a collision. the relations between russia and turkey strained since the turks shot down a russian jetliner-- a jet, not a liner. a military plane. ashley: yes. stuart: and turkey is aligned with nato, russia is not. the standoff is tense and clearly it is dangerous. and how about in? an officer, smiles, hand shakes all around. president obama takes a victory lap on the global climate deal. roll that tape. >> i believe this moment can be a turning point for the world. our generation will see some of the benefits of building a clean energy economy, jobs created, money saved. we may not live to see the full realization of our achievement. stuart: jobs created and money saved? the deal costs us, american taxpayers, costs us a lot of money, carbon in the future is
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voluntary and china doesn't have to do anything until 2030. byron says it doesn't do much and costs a fortune. art laffer, economically, good deal or bad? >> well, economically as obama put it, a very, very bad deal. al gore is so much better than barack obama on this, he understands reducing carbon emissions, what he says in this, what we have to do is make sure if we tax carbon to reduce carbon in the environment, we want to make sure we have an off setting tax cut on either income taxes or payroll taxes so we don't hurt the economiment when you think of it, stuart, a carbon tax is for more efficient of a tax than a progressive income tax. if you could swap with me, swap
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income taxes down follow for dollar for every dollar increase in the carbon tax, i'd accept that deal every week and every sunday. stuart: i worry about you. now quoting your pal, al gore. >> he's a great guy, a great guy. he's always argued that the carbon tax should be offset by an income tax or payroll tax. never missed it. >> the other yahoos,by the way, they don't understand it. they want a huge increase in-- >> that's what i want to hear, the paris deal as it stands, forget al gore to are a second. the paris deal as it stands chts that's going to hurt us, isn't it? >> it's going to hurt us a lot. stuart: prices going up, manufacturing takes a hit, we export our taxpayers' dollars, isn't that going to happen? >> that's going to happen, that's exactly true because they don't match it with the correct policy to offset. even sheldon white house, the democrat, all the global
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warming stuff. he was very, very close to getting an offsetting income tax with the carbon tax. you know, what the democrats need to understand is that if they really do want global warming concerns to take precedence, they've got to do something to really offset the damage to the economy that a carbon tax will do. a carbon tax will kill the economy by itself. stuart: how many democrats do you think favor tax reform that reduces income tax rates on individuals? i mean, what is it, two or three. >> one or two. >> i'm more conservative than you are, but let me ask you the question this way, when we come into negotiations and things start happening, i believe there's a very large concensus amongst democrats that they would in facts bring tax rates down across the board, in exchange for a carbon tax, dollar for dollar. >> that's the art laffer that we know and love. >> you know, this thing will
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win just like we won in 1986 with the reagan tax reform. we got every single democrat for cutting the tax rate except three in the senate. we landslided the place, that's where we need to go in the future. we've got to win not just argue. >> he turned it around brilliantly, heart laffer. >> you're wonderful, stuart. stuart: by the way, i got your christmas card and i like it. [laughter] >> you may well be back if you're not careful. art laffer. >> thank you very much, and thank you, ashley. stuart: twitter warning users of a possible cyber attack. first i've heard of it, but jo ling kent has it in case you missed it. >> good morning, in an e-mail to users, twitter says hackers possibly associated with a fortune government may have tried to steal your e-mail addresses, ip numbers and it's the first time twitter notified users about this type of threat and says it's actively investigating it. twitter has not said which country or countries are to blame. and what a turn around here,
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taylor swift announcing her 1989 tour concert video will stream for free on apple music on december 20th. the concert features her performance taped in sydney, australia and it's a complete 180 from swift's initial decision to take her album off of apple music because of apple's policy know the to pay artists in the free three-month trial. apple reversed course and her album became available. and it's finally here, "star wars," the force awakens tonight in los angeles and the movie comes out on thursday and fans are already camping outside in los angeles and 130 people patiently waiting are calling themselves the line kin. and "star wars" on track to hit $2 billion in sales in the last four months of this year. so, financially, pretty much a success and it hasn't opened yet. stuart: the folks in the lane are having a great old time. they've been waiting for ten
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years. stuart: all right, now we've got oil down 41 cents again back at 35.21. that's the market that's moving other markets. one of the san bernardino killers writing for years about jihad on her social media accounts. officials say she was given a vigorous visa screening. really? newt gingrich, a live shot of newt gingrich. the stars are out today. he's in the show in just a moment. stay there. ♪
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then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> you know, it seems to me that the republican race is at a pivotal point, so, bring in newt gingrich, who is the author of "due -- duplicity", has trump peaked? >> certainly in iowa he's been
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at the same plateau for a month or more. cruz has actually done a very, very intelligent job reaching out to ben carson's voters in iowa and is really the primary winner at getting votes who decided carson doesn't know enough about national security. cruz had a great couple of days and of course, that's going to bring lots of attention to cruz, but that's the business. if you're going to be the nominee, you've got to be able to fight your way through, becoming the front runner and having people attack you. i think you'll find tomorrow night, a lot of folks are turning attention to ted cruz. stuart: i think that a cruz had a very good response when trump called him a maniac or a little bit of a maniac, i mean. >> i think that-- >> that was a pretty good response because he made a joke of the attack. >> i thought it was the most clever response to trump, and that showed you a discipline and we'll see when they're face-to-face whether cruz has
9:17 am
the same disciplines. yesterday his campaign team came back with the right tone and all sorts of folks talking about it today and i suspect it's gone viral on twitter. stuart: yes, it has. >> and so, it was very good for cruz and lets him make fun of trump and diminish trump's seriousness without getting involved in a straightout slugging match. stuart: it wasn't a slug fest. it was a good response. it looks like it's down to three. trump, cruz, rubio, do you agree with that? >> not quite. i think that you have to always assume there are other people. at this stage in 2008, john mccain was out of the race. he had run out of money, he had collapsed. he was going around new hampshire with one staff assistant and he came back to be the nominee. so i'm cautious about saying people don't have a chance. the president has done the best job recently of claiming their way back in, is chris christie, very, very effective in new hampshire. if christie could win or come
9:18 am
in second in new hampshire, he could be in a position to be one of the top four. and of course, the other person is carson. i mean, whether or not carson can turn around his slide, i don't know. but he's spent a long time being the number two person in this race. and collapsed because of national security. we'll see tomorrow night if he does a better job. stuart: the woman in the san bernardino attack, one the terrorists, tashfeen malik had been writing about jihad for years on social media, but still passed no less than three background checks to get her visa to come to america and get married. now, to me, that's the failure of government. the government is just not as efficient as its proponents make it out to be. what do you say? >> oh, i'd say it's much worse than you just described. look, there's a good reason that between them, trump, cruz, and carson are about 62 or 65% of the vote. the government of bureaucracy in the united states is incompetent.
9:19 am
it's failing, it fails in the veterans administration, fails at the irs, fails at schools and national security. when you realize in all of this talk about screening they couldn't figure out how to look at her facebook page? this is a level of systemic incompetence that frankly makes you want to cry. stuart: they looked at my facebook page when i became an american citizen. miss malik did not. thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to be with you. stuart: yes, sir. msnbc ranting about darth vader. saying it's a racist movie because darth vader is black. >> totally a black guy whose name was james earl jones and he was terrible and bad and awful and cut off men's hands.
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>> i've been waiting for you. we meet again at last. i left you, i was-- now i am the master. stuart: you know that guy, it's darth vader from the star war movies, of course. now, he's a racist? what?
9:24 am
that's according to msnbc. roll that tape, please. >> he was totally a black guy, james earl jones and while he was black he was terrible and bad and awful and cut off and bite men's hands and didn't actually claim his son as soon as he claims off his son, he takes his mask off and he's white. i have many, many, feelings about that. >> i don't know if you heard, but i have never seen any of these movies. stuart: i heard you got death threats. >> i did. she said she could spend all day talking about the darth vader situation, and that is-- you don't have to see it to know that that's ridiculous. there's definitely a lot better things to talk about all day than that. keep in mind she's the same whack-a-doo that said hard work is racist because nobody worked as hard as the slaves and
9:25 am
someone said it was offensive to call paul ryan hard-working. >> what's next? >> and her credibility is out of the window, and something is and isn't offensive. and you could bring her anything and she'd say-- >> and james earl jones, it was supposed to be a white actor, but he had too high a voice and so they used james earl jones. stuart: it brought stocks down from a rally and it looks like a blip on the horizon, does it? how about this, a texas police chief urging president obama let people carry guns, more guns. he says disarming the people will cause a revolution. he's on the show. more varney next. >> if you try to disarm us, sir, then you will cause a revolution in this country to occur.
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stuart: 30 seconds we will kick off the new trading week on wall street. the price of oil plunging again. second story.
9:30 am
if i use the word collapse, it is in trouble. the whole financial system. number three, a rate hike. very probable. now they are talking about another one in march of next year. a very early going. we will update this in a second. here is heath fitzgerald. the market that is moving all the other markets. the lowest level since 2008. i sense a new funds coming. will you make that forecast?
9:31 am
>> $33.20. it was a blow. we held it. we rallied from there. i think almost all bets are off. really got it shaken up. every day a little more people out of the market. that is really what is exasperating the situation. >> it looks like to me that we are in a plunge situation. >> mid- 20s per barrel before this is done. also this opec pricing war. really, it has not been able to pull off. they are more clever, more resilient than they planned. i think traders will get it out of their proposal.
9:32 am
>> is there anything in the terrace climate change? ashley: misery loves company. trying to have this on fossil fuels. that is loyal negative. let's be honest. stuart: a hike expected by many. a second in march. if those two occur, is it a pig negative for stocks? >> initially, it is a negative. she will stay in the game as long as she can. i think she is telegraphing the smallest in history. plenty of capacity for the market to absorb this. stuart: larry, what impact on stocks? >> you are already seeing some
9:33 am
of it. a big down day on friday. people are already getting in front of it. i agreed. you will really find the situation where the market find some support. it really has a lot to do with what we find in march. >> this is very technical. i am talking about the big selloff in junk bonds. i want to know if this selloff poses any kind of risk to the overall financial system. >> there is always systemic risk. one instrument is related to another. however, people do not remember that michael milliken was in the same situation back in the 80s. we got this all over him. we will get through this. it will make people very uncomfortable.
9:34 am
>> mainstreet america faces risks. about 305 billion in high yield bonds in their portfolios. that is tripled to 2009 figures. the capital market. hedge funds and possible mutual funds. >> $305 billion worth of problems. >> mutual funds. that is right. >> mainstreet america has to watch this and find out what is behind that tie yield that they are getting. >> stocks have room to go up 10% in 2016. that is the latest issue out of the weekend. >> 10 strategists. twenty-two-20 by the end of next year.
9:35 am
2014, up 10% at the end of this year. take that with a pinch of salt. two sectors will stand out next year. it gets more money on loans. stuart: keith, was that you? >> yes. [laughter] making bold predictions about an entire year. >> opinions are like bellybuttons. everyone's got one. you have to look at the markets. are they going to go in a straight line? >> no. if the answer is yes, it you can afford to take a longer-term perspective. if the answer is no, you do not have any interest to be in the market in the first place.
9:36 am
>> the first problem is clarity. what do you think? up 10% in 2016. >> boeing thing i can say is they lost their free prescription to baron. [laughter] stuart: i do not particularly care for big-time predictions about an entire year. who will invest their money on the basis of a prediction for the entire? nobody in their right mind anyway. going up 10%. >> not enough. forgive me. [laughter] stuart: some of these big-name technology stocks. some of them we watch very closely. look at facebook. 107-one oh.
9:37 am
how is 102. apple 118. morgan stanley. cutting their price target for apple. 155-154 bar quays. morgan stanley 143 per 142. the iphone market. >> morgan stanley put a slowdown possibly. stuart: that apple watch. >> it has not been that great. stuart: a lack of success. amazon. i have often called that the stock of the year. it is way off of its high. >> there is a lot of deep discounting going on. the greatest retail thing in the online community.
9:38 am
i think that that is what is going on. people are simply accepting the possibility to. stuart: facebook, apple, amazon. would you buy any at these prices? >> facebook still does not cut it. i still do not get that stock. stuart: larry, facebook, apple, amazon. >> the only reason i would like facebook is because of the oculus risked. i think people will really love it. most people once a trite will not want to play video games on the screen anymore. stuart: have you tried it? >> yes i have. very cool. stuart: did you get seasick?
9:39 am
>> it is really really cool. >> well, they came the biggest losers in the s&p 500. you take a look at names such as chesapeake and the like. all of these names. down 70% for the year. they continue to drop further. $34 mark. 3453. only about $2 more than it was during the financial crisis. stuart: well said, nicole. gas about to drop just below $2 a gallon for new year's and christmas. i believe we will get to the 190s by christmas. gas buddies.
9:40 am
tell me i am right. >> that prediction sounds awfully familiar. we have been bouncing off $2 a gallon for the last week or so. russia and turkey. now we are seeing oil prices go lower. it is really a matter of when, not if. stuart: you brought these to our attention. twenty-seven states that have an average size below $2 a gallon. the lowest price in the nation is astonishingly low. $1.40 a gallon in texas. that is cheap. >> yes. you show these prices show up. it is not surprising.
9:41 am
low gasoline taxes on top of it. if you take out california, we would rdb under $2. even now, the west coast is seeing some advantage of the lower oil prices that we are starting to see. stuart: do you see people going to gas to find the lowest price in their area? >> this is a time word becomes so popular. some stations in california are still at 399. stuart: do you own gas >> i do not own gas stuart: do you have a piece of it? >> i do not. i am still happy to save the money. that is really why i am here.
9:42 am
>> a very good spokesman for them. >> my 16 are all daughter would say that. check that big board. now we're down 17 points lower. seventeen to 50. reports that president obama is considering making a trip to cuba. we have details in a moment on that. a texas police chief tells them, do not come after our guns. if you do, there will be a revolution. he is on the show in just a moment. ♪
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>> president obama tells yahoo! news he would like to visit a to to cuba only if the conditions are right. >> he says i will not just go there and meet with mr. castro and told how wonderful things are in cuba. he says he wants to go because he feels that there will be progress. he will make a decision to go probably the next couple months, maybe next year. stuart: check that big board. oil has turned around. appears to be approaching the $34 level again. the police chief in texas is with us. issued a warning for president obama. you try to take our guns and that will cause a revolution.
9:47 am
that sounds a little inflammatory. a revolution? >> i understand it can be taken wrong. it is actually a plea. my experience as a police officer, arkansas, louisiana and all the way into missouri and other states. this is not coming from far right wing or left wing groups. being upset with what is going on today in our country. radicalized ideology grew. >> take the guns away. confiscate guns. that would obviously be a huge problem. you may want more guns in public places to detour loan wolves. to think most people in america
9:48 am
are more comfortable with guns out in public? >> it is not designed for anything other than the local community there. you need to understand. you better keep these things out of the hands of children. if you decide that you will do this, you better become very familiar with the consequences that are a result because of the use of it. >> an awful lot of people that have never had a gun before. that is very good advice. figure out how to use it permanently. >> i am not calling on them to become john wayne.
9:49 am
do it and make sure that they pay attention to the surroundings. i want their head on a swivel. watch and report anything that they find unusual or odd. this is a last ditch effort to save lives. other than that, they better not be foolish. thank you for joining us, sir. appreciate it. coming up at the top of the hour. kt mcfarland. g hogg. the san bernardino shooters. the man who killed osama bin laden. we ask asked rob o'neill if a new climate change will actually protect us against terrorists. the faa issuing a new drone
9:50 am
legislation. >> february the 19th. it covers drones from half a pound up to 55 pounds. the registration is free for the first 30 days. we knew it was coming. now it is official. stuart: even if i buy it now, i will still register in february. >> yes. donald trump firing back at hillary clinton. napolitano, the judge, next. >> not one of the worst secretary of state in the history of the country. she has killed hundreds of thousands of people. ♪
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stuart: donald trump called out hillary clinton after she called him dangerous. listen to what she -- he said about her. >> she is the one that caused all of this problem. stupid policies. look at what she did. look at egypt. what happened with egypt. she was truly.
9:55 am
she talks about me being dangerous. she has killed hundreds of thousands of people with their stupidity. >> judge napolitano is here. there is a backdrop. back down to that comment. >> as we speak, a criminal trial in phoenix arizona is about to start. making misrepresentations to the government. military hardware in the middle east. mrs. clinton in violation of an embargo and a native embargo and a un embargo authorized the secretary of the state. selling arms to qatar knowing that they will be given to rebel groups in syria and libya.
9:56 am
they ended up in the hands of al qaeda. stuart, former u.s. ambassador was probably killed by weapons sold by american arms dealers. that is what donald trump is talking about. it is clear that her introduction of american into the hands of rebels wanting to topple ghadafi. she succeeded. causing this. stuart: diverse. >> yes, it is. very friendly to the muslim brotherhood. no business whatsoever unless
9:57 am
they knew that it was going to go somewhere else. guess what it is called when you facilitate military equipment into the hands of al qaeda. a felony. >> she absolutely knew where it was going to go. it will get in the hands of bad guys. that is what donald trump is her furring to. >> referring to her mistakes as secretary of state. that is another story. >> thanks to one of our producers, i have read the documents of this case in phoenix. >> you are back at 11? >> yes. donald trump goes on the attack. crews has the perfect response.
9:58 am
two minutes away. ♪
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10:00 am
>> oil is the big money story of the day. earlier this morning, it dropped below $35 a barrel. it is now approaching, again, its 2008 low. cheap oil hurts stocks. look at the big board, we're down 36 points as oil goes down. politics, ted cruz takes the lead in the latest fox poll in iowa, donald trump goes on the attack, calling cruz a maniac and cruz laughs it off. new information on the san bernardino shooter, tashfeen malik. she passed three background checks to get in the country and the feds missed her jihadi posts on social media. how about that? second hour of "varney & company" starts now. ♪ ♪ she's a maniac, maniac on the
10:01 am
floor ♪ >> we are playing that among deliberately, "maniac", it's called. and donald trump calls ted cruz a maniac. maybe because ted cruz is leading in the latest fox news iowa poll, 28-26. it was taken before and after trump's muslim ban comments. cruz 28, trump 26, rubio 13%. ben carson 10. no one else gets more than that. i want to talk about ted cruz for a second. ted cruz looks like he's almost being a front runner in some polls. he's certainly catching trump. what do you make of ted cruz's tax plan? look, i think it's pie in the sky dreaming. the idea of getting rid of the irs completely, abolishing, it's not going to fly, steve. >> stuart, come on, look.
10:02 am
we're not going to get rid of the irs under this plan, but if you have a flat rate tax, you're going to get-- it gets rid of a lot of the deductions and loopholes and credits. you're going to be able to substantially reduce the role of the irs. as you know, i helped rand paul write his tax plan. my buddy and your buddy wrote art laffer wrote the plan for ted cruz. i think there's a lot of growth potential there. you get that tax rate somewhere between 16% and 20%, you're going to see huge growth in this country. but, look, what ted cruz is tapping into here, stuart, and you see this in his rise in the polls, is not just a kind of attack against barack obama and his incompetence, but also an attack -- a vote for ted cruz is a vote for the republican establishment. if you listen to what he's saying on the campaign trail and i was in iowa last week and i saw him, he's talking how the republican leadership has let us down that we need more forceful leadership out of
10:03 am
washington, out of the white house. it really speaks to how uneasy and how unhappy conservative voters are, not just with president obama, but also with republican leadership in washington. >> to get the economy going, to get 4 or 5% growth. to get less government, lower taxes, is ted cruz is better guy in the white house than donald trump? just purely economically? >> boy, that's a tough one. look, i think -- i've known fed cruz and i've worked with him while he's been in the senate and he's a pro growth guy. no doubt about it. he's going to cut the budget and put in place the flat tax. he's pro growth across the board. i'm not so sure about donald trump. he has a good tax plan, you know. as you know, a lot of us work with trump. remember when he first came out he said i'm going to raise taxes on the rich and then he said, no, we're going to bring the tax rates down. both have excellent tax plans.
10:04 am
i would take cruz, if just based on economics right now. i tell you when you've the two of them combined at 55, 60% of the vote in iowa, that's a loud shout out, again, not just obama, but to the republican leadership. people, i've got to tell you when i was in iowa last week, cedar rapids, have you ever been there? >> yes, i have. >> when i would talk to these folks. now what they're upset about? they're upset about the budget deal and debt ceiling increase. those are things that voters don't forget about. stuart: so you picked up the mood in iowa and the mood is definitely anti-establishment. that's it? >> no doubt. it's pervasive. so, by the way, interestingly enough, rand paul had a lot of people out there, a lot of young people were energized and loud, not obnoxious. let me talk about the polls all the time at fox. i would guess, and i talk to hundreds of these activists, i would guess 60 to 70% of them
10:05 am
have really not made up their minds. we are going to talk about the polls up to the day of the caucuses and i'll make a guess to you, what the polls say today, will not reflect five or six weeks from now. by the way, when is the last time iowa picked the winner? >> i don't know, you've got me. >> it's been decades, decades. stuart: really? okay. >> who won last time? you think about this, i mean, you had let's see, oh, rick santorum, one last time, i don't think he was the republican nominee, was it. stuart: an answer to your question, the last time iowa picked a winner was ronald reagan. >> no, no, iowa in 1980 went for george bush. look it up. stuart: what about '84? >> well, yeah, but-- that doesn't count, come on! >> i think i've seen a rabbit. i've also been to clinton, iowa.
10:06 am
>> how does your accent play in cedar rapids? >> not well. >> the heartland of america. stuart: steve, thanks a lot. the dow modest loss, 10 points. this is really about oil. oil broke below $35 a barrel earlier and now recovered, 35.49 and the dow has recovered a little bit because of that, but the two markets are going in sync. oil down, stocks down. oil up a little, stocks up a little. that's the story of the day thus far. how about gopro. citigroup cut its rating on the stock and slashed its price target all the way down to 22. that's not exactly slashing the target, is it? the thing is at 16. take a look at apple. making up with taylor swift and announces an exclusive deal with apple music, doesn't help the stock. forget about gas? how could we.
10:07 am
i want 1.90 the national average by christmas. and if oil goes to 32, 33 a barrel, that's my forecast for the day. reports of another isis related attack in france. a teacher attacked, injured in a paris suburb. a man attacked her with a pair of scissors, and said it was a warning from isis. and tashfeen malik posted with jihad before she entered the united states. she did this before she came here, she was still cleared, cleared in three background checks. kt mcfarland is here, that's worrying it, isn't it? if our guys in government don't check the facebook posts of people who come here to get married, we've got a problem. >> we have a huge problem and actually it isn't as bad as the bigger problem. there's an on-line application you fill out if you want one of these visas, on-line, not in
10:08 am
person i'm looking at your eyes and trying to figure out if you're lying. guess what they ask on-line, do you seek to engage in terrorist activities in the united states. stuart: no. >> have you ever participated in a terrorist act. stuart: moi? >> have you ever assisted or participated in violence against others? come on, this is so -- this is. stuart: she lied, how could she do that. >> on-line form. i think that donald trump is on to something. i think he's wrong to say muslims. i think we ought to shut down the citizens services for two months, get an outside firm top to bottom audit, how have we adjusted to the new age of terrorism and don't let anyone in until we've done that and then open the door with a new
10:09 am
plan. stuart: if he may have said that, he may have been more successful in his pitch. i think he's stalled in the polls. >> i'm not a political person, but i look at foreign policy reaction to thissen ted cruz has a good plan, trump may have a good plan and till in the details and rubio has a good one. stuart: you're a foreign policy expert and a russian warship reportedly fired warning shots at a turkish ship in the aegean sea. it occurs to me that russia is not happy with turkey because they shot down one of their planes. turkey is nato oriented. is it a member? >> it's a member. not of european, but nato. stuart: a non-nato country firing at a nato ship. it's dangerous. >> there's something in the nato treaty, article five, it
10:10 am
says an armed attack on any one of our members will be responded to by all of our members. so turkey is a nato member. if russia were to attack turkey, i don't think they will, but were they to do so, turkey could say the other nato members, including the united states, come on, guys, you have to help us out. and the russian and turkey, bat here and there, putin can win that one. turkey needs putin and russia's trade more than russia needs turkey's trade. stuart: none of them are looking good. >> turkey and russia? >> we're looking-- putin is the smartest guy, he's had a poor hand to play, but managed to undo what my old boss henry kissinger did in the u.s. for the u.s. to be the leader in shaping events. we're not a player, we're nowhere. stuart: kt, as always, thank you for joining us. appreciate it.
10:11 am
check twitter please, for the first time it's warning users they may have been attacked by cyber attackers, by a foreign government. liz, what is the story? liz: it's the first time twitter put out the warning. some of customers on twitter got a warning their e-mail addresses could be stolen, their phone numbers and web mail addresses, internet protocol addresses could be stolen. they don't know who the foreign governments are or know who is doing the hacking. just watch out. if twitter feels the attackers are going after pseudonyms on the internet. >> google and facebook warns as well there's been hacking going on. >> maybe they're gearing up to get some action here, to oppose whoever is coming at us. maybe, maybe twitter did it and the stock is down by the way. we've got a deal, world leaders sign off on a climate agreement in paris.
10:12 am
environmentalist was at the summit and it's going to cost a whole lot of money and achieve little. we're talking to him after this. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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breathe right
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> >> 21st century fox, parent of fox business, released a new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster, a follow-up to the blockbuster in the '90s, "independence day". check it out. >>. >> oh, my god. ashley: oh, my god. stuart: really? liz: i'm excited and i've seen the first one six times. i love that movie. stuart: i guess you're a fan. an original character returning. listen to this, liz. it hits theaters in june, can you wait that long liz: i'm going to be like a
10:16 am
"star wars" fan, may not see in for a few weeks. ashley: bye. stuart: apple making a streaming deal with taylor swift. jo ling kent in case everybody missed it. jo: bad blood no more for apple and taylor swift. they've won a deal with streaming her concert taped in sydney, australia on apple music, she initially kept her album off apple earlier this year. and many of the famous stars she hosted on stage during her tour. we're watching apple stock and that is twitter stock there, but apple stock last time i checked was doing just fine. the f.a.a. announcing a new drone regulation, all drones weighing between .55 pounds and 55 pounds, must now be registered with the government. drone owners are required to register by february 19th and this will cost you $5. and the f.a.a. will waive that fee for anybody who registers before january 20th.
10:17 am
amazon pulling hover boards from some of its store shelves, due to safety concerns, spontaneously catching on fire. amazon is investigating the safety standards of the hoverboard makers and decide which are safe to hit their shelves. we're watching amazon stock as well right now. and earlier, it was up just slightly. stuart: we like to check amazon stock, about 650 bucks. jo: on a tear. stuart: now to this, climate talks in paris are over. bjorn lundberg was in paris and joins us on the phone. let's get right at it. you say this is going to cost an arm and a leg and won't do much for the world's temperature. is that correct? >> exactly, stuart. it basically costs 1 to 2 trillion dollars a year in lost gdp growth across the world and yet, it will only solve about 1% of the global warming problem.
10:18 am
that is is pretty bad deal. stuart: do you think that we humans can in fact dictate the planet's temperature 100 years from now or is that gross arrogance? >> well, i think we are heating up the planet with our emissions and fossil fuels, but the reality is we're never going to stop this just by saying let's make fossil fuels if you want them. it's not going to work in the u.s., it's not going to work most places, even in developed countries and certainly not in china and india, and that's why the great thing that happened in paris, there was a lot of hot air, but the great thing that happened two mondays ago is when bill gates got obama and a lot of other countries together to double the investment in green energy r & d, because that's what's going to solve this problem. if we get green green energy, of course-- >> isn't this all about battery power? if you can store the electricity if you create from solar and wind, if you can store it in a battery, and take
10:19 am
it someplace else, you solved that problem. if you can do that, and that's what bill gates wants to do, that's the breakthrough that everybody is looking for. that makes this problem soluble, correct? >> it's definitely one of the ways that we could do that, yes. there's a lot of hurdles here, probably not in the ten or 20 years, but the reality only if you get technology in, batteries could be one of them, to generate power cheaper than coal and at the same time when you theede it not when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, that's when you'll get everybody to switch. stuart: bee jordan lundberg, environmentalist. we'll be back with you at a later date. you've got my take on the paris climate deal after this break. people talk about "deals"
10:20 am
10:21 am
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>> how about apple? morgan stanley and barclay's cut their target, it's down two bucks at 111. look at gopro, i don't understand that citigroup slashed the price target at 22. what do you do that for when the stock is at 16? don't know. and donald trump says that hillary clinton killed tens of thousands of people with her stupidity. that's an over the top comment isn't it? janine turner with that. and the big board, kind of rough late and down now, the story is about the price of oil. we have a company for you, big name, very big dividend. we'll tell you what it is in a moment. the climate deal coming out of paris, here is my take. first, we pay because it's our fault. europe and america, industrialized, using fossil fuels, we pumped out the carbon
10:24 am
so we have to pay other countries which are now suffering the effects. $100 billion each and every year. gee, who exactly gets the money? and what exactly will they do with it? second, it is a voluntary agreement. each country commits to its own goals and they are distant goals. the politicians who signed today will be long gone when the accounting comes due and the money will be long gone, too. third, china, it's now the biggest carbon criminal, but they don't have to do or try to reform until 2030. america on the other hand, must pay for its past sins by agreeing to even more stringent carbon costs. in paris they know how to negotiate, don't they? blind faith, the climate guys believe they can predict the planet's temperature to a degree decades from now.
10:25 am
arrogance, do you think that human beings can predict the weather years from now? i'm not pouring water on the theater, but a deal with no teeth where america pays ransom to foreigners, where americans are forced to pay more for energy on the basis of a shaky computer model, that's not a deal that inspires confidence in planetary leadership. it's already under attack by the climate exchange itself. they describe it as the hot sovereign mess that is our planet. these guys have a problem. they have to convince us it's all our fault and that we have to pay for it. that's going to be an uphill struggle.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
now the dow jones industrial
10:29 am
industrial average is down 60 points. i thought that might be because oil is dropped sphantly. significant willly now but it in 8 cents that relationship between oil and stocks may have been broken in last few minutes. stockings down 60 oil down only 14 cents. we're checking on it. how about the price of gas $2.01 is national average. i have to tell you 27 states. 27 currently have average prices below $2 and lowest price in america today is a buck 40 a gallon in wharton, texas that's cash. >> wow. love it. now this, donald trump going after hillary clinton. roll tape. >> i'm dangerous. she's the one that caused this problem with stupid policies you look at what she did with libya, syria, egypt, what happened with egypt? a total mess.
10:30 am
she was truly if not the west secretary of states in the history of country. she talks about me being dangerous. she's killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity. >> turner is with us. i remember janeen from exposure and other places. good to see you. >> good morning varney. >> varney? >> i'm stuart? >> i leak to call you varney. [laughter] quite all right. i call my neighbor hammer i like to use the last name. >> i'm varney believe me i'm fine with varney. now i thought that was kind of an over the top attack by donald trump on hillary. not entirely justified, and i don't think it will be successful attack. what so you? >> well, you know donald's wording always interesting but if you look at the middle east
10:31 am
hundreds of thousands have died and what's happened in syria. i think what -- whether she killed them or not, i do believes there's been a duty in regard to protecting people, and fall apart in the middle east, the iranian deal this is opening up immigration all of these thing it is that have just been pushed aside during the obama administration and under her watch is really -- really putting us in a situation america where we are under clear and present danger. >> do you think country sees it that way when a female candidate for the presidency is attacked by donald trump in that way? >> i don't think it should have a deal with being a male or feel at all. when people are shot up in san bernardino network, male, female, i don't think it matters it is a male or female at the helm or o secretary of state or the president they need to get the job done. and hillary clinton has not been
10:32 am
getting the job done and when i hope happens in the debate tomorrow night that they don't all jump on trump, i hope that they will deal with hillary clinton and the clear and present danger she poses to our country if she wins. >> okay i'm going to change had the subject completely. i think of you as a social commentator. two items a sefnght grader banned from school from wearing his "star wars" t-shirt it shows a storm trooper holding a gun that's issue number one. number two, msnbc melissa says "star wars" is a racist movie. roll this tape and watch this. >> totally a black guy james earl jones, but while he was black he was terrible, bad, awful used to cult off white man's hands and didn't -- but as soon as it goes to the good. takes off a mask he's white. i have in, many feelings about that.
10:33 am
>> do you want to deal with that turner? this -- [laughter] "star wars" racist because james earl jones is the voice of one of the characters and he's black. i don't get it. do you? >> no, political correctness is killing our country and responsible for killing more americans this is just -- this is just overboard completely, and regarding darth vader, please. i mean, look the bible talks about darkness and light. this is about evil and good. darkness and light doesn't have anything to do with anything else. this is back to biblical times discussed in the bible. jesus talk about it darkness and a light nothing to do, you know, l evil people traditionally in the movies always wear dark, and good people are in white. evil people come up on the black horses. the good people come up with the white horses you know this is darkness, evil nothing to do with anything else.
10:34 am
>> but this kind of rhetoric varney is what's ruining our country putting us in a clear and presents danger which i believe the states can take this back into their own hands according to article one section 10 clause 3 of the united states constitution. >> wait a minute, wait a minute turner hold on a second. state that again. which clause which part of the constitution? >> okay, i stumbled across this dealing with health care but in the compact clause of the united states constitution, article one text clause three talks about thises face cannot come together to do a compact without consider of the congress. there's no consent of the president necessary. and yet it says there's this little thing that says they have to have consent of the congress to come together unless we are the states are invaded or eminent danger. and then they don't have to get the consent of congress. so as far as i'm concerned, we are in eminent danger we're in clear and present danger, beyond
10:35 am
eminent so states can legally constitutionally come together to defend the american people, the 30 governors they don't need to be bullied by the federal government but do it without consent of congress under article 1 section clause 3. >> wouldn't that be nice to be raised among republican candidates because that's a very good point. very interesting. well turner you did it again. have varney to turner thanks so much. >> great. [laughter] check the price of oil, we seem to have a mismatch now between the price of oil and stocks. we're down only 8 cents on the price of oil 35.54 and dow is down 50 pontes that attachment seem to have come detached but kimberly is with us. welcome back good to see you again. >> good morning. >> you -- i know you like exxon. you think we should boy exxon? buy is now?
10:36 am
make the case? >> yeah, you know, stuart exxon is a great buying opportunity right now. it's a $400 million company, it boost 3.7% dividends. i'm a big advocate of value stocks, and we don't buy individual stocks per se but we buy them in mutual puppedz and value of the high book to market, you know this is a great case for a great value oriented stock and rewards dividends for investor or over period of the last 30 years increase in dividends for 30 years so right now at the low off the high about 17%. be a buyer in this category, and you know, here's the bottom line, you know, everybody uses oil at some point it's going to go bong again. crude oil and up to 147 a barrel so you know what, it will go up again. this is a great buying opportunity. >> interested 3.7% dividends
10:37 am
payment from exxon. but you have anoth stock i'l tell everyone what it is at&t pays a lot more in dividends, go. >> heck ya. it's a 5.6% dividends this is a strong industry, obviously, at&t is one of the big ones that you know what, my mom and dad born and raised in depression that buy something that people will always use and need. i'm sure as you know as well as i do i almost forgot my cell phone, i went back and got it, and nobody every is going to use their phone, going to be a part of our culture in future. might as well get paid for that diff end too. >> dividend 5%. i go to a bond like a junk bond before i get 5, 6, 7% but at&t t 5.6% is it secure? >> it has been raising its
10:38 am
dividend for some time now. what's secure in the world right, stuart we're not sure if it is always secure but kick consistently raising a well oriented company. i don't see that being cut in time soon. but that could be a possibility. but still you know, 5.6% right now beats the treasure -- ten-year treasury what three times now. >> it does that's rights. exxon 3.7%. at&t 5.6% those are your pick. kimberly we're interested in that. thanks for joining us we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you stuart have a good one. >> a win, win for fantasy sports. a judge says the website, websites like fan dual and draft king can keep operating in new york. we're talking to draft king lawyer in a minute. on demand economy is under attack. yaghts seattle may be letting über drivers unionize. details in a moment. hold,
10:39 am
because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business , become and forth action after last week the dow lost nearly 600 points. right now, the dow jones industrial average down 36 points. duration on the market as oil is related. we're down about a quarter of one persian on the s&p and dow. nasdaq is down 17 points. we have some dow leaders including travelers and disney some of your winners and exxon even squeezing the gains now. has been lower, home depot also
10:41 am
up. apple dow component morgan stanley cutting proos on this one and barclays cutting target on iphone maker saying they are expected to fall about 6% in 2016 at the same time taylor swift going to have her concert on apple music gopro under pressure. down over 11% on citi group. i'll be there with you. breaking news.
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> new rubber made they make plastic containers sharpy markers many other thingings they're buying their l rival that mawks sun beam marks to pay $13 billion. no surprise that jardon goes up u. seattle considering letting über and lyft drivers eye unionize nothing to do with the state about who unionizes? >> a law no changes in the court, however, ho seattle city council socialist and app based driver association talking to the local teamsters upset that the driving rate are being set
10:44 am
lower and lower by iewb or which means take-home pay is going down and more hours to make same amount of money. they believe she recollected have collective bargaining ability. >> hit the evaluation market expecting for über but evaluation is more than models of the brands of their cars with ford and gm. >> to go public. why go public? >> that's a good points. every is breathing down your neck. that's right. >> hours after a new york judge ordered two of the largest fantasy sports operators to shut down in new york that would be draft king and fan dual. well, they won an appeal so they can continue to operate while case continues. randy astro is attorney representing draft kings. welcome. >> pleasure to be here. >> your argument was that playing these games of football it is a strategy and skill game. that was your argument.
10:45 am
it's not gambling and you won. >> without question it's a scale game. anyone who plays it, and there are millions of americans and hundreds of thousands of new yorkers who love it knows skill and strategy you're functionally a general manager, owner of a talent city team that you select under a salary cap and then put into competition with others teams. that is the essence of a skill game. >> appellate court accepted your argument. they said yes it is strategy and skill it's not gamble ling. >> fortunately appellate court granted us an emergency stay so hundreds of thousands of new yorkers can enjoy the game they love. >> now what? >> now we go to pull appeal with interim steps along the way but this was a necessary first step to establish what we i rememberly believe will be ultimate finding that fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports games are absolutely legal under new york law. >> you know what the ultimate
10:46 am
conclusion to this is going to be? you know what it is -- the government has an insatiable demand for money and tax it and regulate fantasy sports because they want the money. >> well, that is tomorrow's issue. today's issue is to make sure that the courts recognize the the legality because they've been trying to shut down a game that new yorkers enjoyed for better part of a decade. all of a sudden out of nowhere, oh, i say it's illegal gambling, it isn't it's paying entry fee to participate in a contest for a predetermined prize amount like golf and tennis tournaments and like that is why ut may ultimately because it is a predetermined prize that we will win. >> i'm with you all of the way. deal will be hey you give us laibts of money we'll regulate you just a little bit and you
10:47 am
can go on and do what you look. but we want some money. >> the question you raise is one of government regulation, and we have said we're prepared to work with government for regulation. but legality is out of the question. it is absolutely legal. >> at the end of the day they'll get money out of the fantasy sports. >> states have that permitted different form of games and typically when they regulate them, ask for a piece. but that is not what we're about today. issue today is about legality and daily hourly games are illegal. >> okay in new york state for rest of the football season? >> we with will be because the next point at which the appellate court will review the issue will come some time in early to mid-january. >> okay. randy mastro you argue a very good case and you won congratulations. >> thank you. good stuff, appreciate it. all right faa is issuing new
10:48 am
drone regulations. watch this ash will >> for a year it was coming stew, just today you have to register if you have a drone, you have to register it by february the 19th. and it's going to cost you or $5 but if you do it right away they're beginning to waive that fee from half a pound to 55 points only a big drone -- 55 pound drone. but anyway, by the way if you buy one now after december the 21sst, you can't even fly it before you register it. would you believe that this is one kind of regulation fee paying -- >> it makes sense with these flying around i wouldn't mind knowing who is trying around. you're with this, aren't you randy? [inaudible] [laughter] >> he's a good lawyer. thank you very much everybody. look at amazon certainly from adobe says today is third largest online shopping day of the year but the best bargains could be yet to come.
10:49 am
l amazon 6.47 those bargains after this. you both have a
10:50 am
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your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. hgoogle voice response:t inachim sigsa. how long does milk last? google voice; one week after the sell-by date. how much vitamin c is... is in an orange? set timer for twelve minutes. google voice: ok, twelve minutes. where can we find donuts around here?
10:52 am
coffee? what about crepes? how about a bagel? what is the most important meal of the day? google voice: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> i thought it was the most clever response to trump anybody has had this year. and it showed you a discipline we'll see when we're
10:53 am
face-to-face if cruz has the same displins. certainly yesterday this campaign team came back with exactly the right tone. they have all sorts of folks talking about it today. >> i want them to see and watch and report anything they find unusual or odd but if it comes do you to it they have to understand this is a last ditch effort to save lives, other than that they better not be foolish and try to use these things in any other manner. >>s there's an online application if you want a visa. not in person. what they ask you online. do you seek to ep gauge in terrorist activity for the united states? >> no. have you ever participated in a terrorist act? >> what? >> what if you answer yes. those are some of the highlights of the first two hours of "varney & company" this mopgd morning we want you to tune in every day join us at 9 a.m.
10:54 am
eastern time. we've got all of the hot action at that hour. >> lots of action thank you, now this today if youn't did know is green monday. well it is because there's no snow out there for one thing. one of the last few days, though, to get deals before christmas. we're talking about online shopping joining us john is with us now. john, okay so we have black friday. we have cybermonday. now we have green monday i like the fact that they name all of these days. can you get some good deals right now? >> absolutely. today is -- third biggs shopping day and what makes today so special is a lot of black friday and cybermonday sales are still going and many of them, in fact, run out today and might be able to get 20% off store wide or 30% off u on apparel and so on, and be able to get items delivered in time for christmas. so you mentioned apparel are there any other areas to get really good deals, electronics that's kind of my field i love
10:55 am
gadgets. >> don't we all? electronics, division, game console, and toys. because a lot of these items are not perennial because what's hot in electronic or game console or toys, this year is not the same as what was hot a year ago or will be hot a year from now. so you're going to get great deals. better and better closer to christmas. you run risk of having them run out of stock if you wait too long. >> every year we say this but seems like online shopping continueses to ooze away at the brick-and-mortar folks is there a trend to end any time soon? what can the brick-and-mortar shops do? they can probably have their own websites. but amazon is be --
10:56 am
you save a lot of time age haas l. you don't have to drive to the store. wait in line. you save that. and on top of that getting deals a lot easier, so finding coupon and cash back easier, and a minute or two at the most and significant savings. >> wal-mart have a lot of deals do you think they didn't do so well black friday. >> they've got lots of deals. you know, we've got online, you've got deals running u through this week, and friday is one more big day, let's calm it free shipping day that is last time to not pay extra or for shipping and have your items on time. >> we're out of time. we appreciate your comments very much. i leave it to the last minute warning to everyone who make it for you.
10:57 am
you get it january 15th. senator ted cruz taking the lead over trump in iowa. you get stuart's tack on that plus the man who killed bin laden. hour three of varney, just three minutes away. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. how long have you had your car insurance? i ask because i had mine for over 20 years before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i was with my previous insurance for 30 years. but they could not compete with the hartford. people 50 and over could save hundreds of dollars
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11:00 am
stuart: this week and may have been a turning point in the republican race. in iowa, trump is behind ted cruz. he loses 10 points. people predicting that trump would fade ever since he entered the race in june. they have been wrong. hard evidence. he may have at least stormed the counterattack. he sees had crews coming on strong. criticizing his ability. crews have responded very
11:01 am
quickly. it looks like the standard trump over-the-top attack. it may not have worked this time. what is he going to do? another debate tuesday night. it is also an opportunity for trump. he could take the advice of a powerful columnist. it is fine for trump to exercise political discipline. somehow, i cannot see donald trump leading eight sing-along. the polls suggest he is at a pivotal point. do not know. he will be the center of attention no matter what. ♪
11:02 am
stuart: take a look at the dow industrials. we are down 54 points. this is strange. the dow has gone down as oil fell. now we have oil going up and we still have the dow down. 35.80. update seemed like $0.18. >> adding to the downward thresher. >> people calling this a market event. speak to the selloff. >> you cannot redeem out of a mutual fund. that is serious. a lot more funds as well. ashley is right.
11:03 am
stuart: 201 is the national average. patrick is the one that said it about the price by christmas. >> if you were to take out california, it would rdb under $2. it is the west coast that is keeping the national average from dropping below that national $2 average. stuart: $1.90 by christmas. look at this. $1.40. that is the price of regular if you pay cash in a town in texas. >> and then we have donald trump. calling him a maniac. world tape. >> i do not think he is
11:04 am
qualified to be president. i do not think that he has the right temperament. he goes in there like a little bit of a maniac. you cannot walk into the senate and scream and call people liars. and not be able to get along with people. you will never get anything done. stuart: he did not go back, he refused to engage. in honor of my friend, donald trump and goodhearted maniacs everywhere, the famous maniac dance. >> did you see that? stuart: i have. nobody knows more about politics or how to respond then frank luntz. frank, are you there?
11:05 am
i think that that was a terrific response. right now if you look at the polls carefully and you look inside the numbers, ted cruz has a greater percentage. the next two candidates combined. that means if he does not alienate those trump voters at some point, too extreme or just the unacceptable, crew stands to benefit. he will hold this power. the strategy is working. look at what is happening in iowa. look at what is happening in national polling. stuart: do you think that this is a pivotal point where trump stalls and maybe starts to go down? >> people have been forecasting this for months. is this the moment? >> it could be.
11:06 am
if he starts to fall, somewhere around 30%. four or five other candidates. that is enough to win most of the early states. even if trump loses iowa, which i do think he will, he is leading by a big margin in new hampshire higher. he could take the table of the other states in february. it is not enough at this point. you have to get trump below 25%. stuart: what should had crews strategy be? >> every candidate has a different strategy. john kasich, yeah, i get that anger. as governor, i know what to do. the strategy for ben carson is, yes, i am an outsider just like donald trump. i am not angry.
11:07 am
i don't yell and assault people. be the most thoughtful. having the plants that are the most detailed. christie has emerged as the opponent to trump in new hampshire higher. i am just as tough as he is, but i know exactly what to do. stuart: you are really good at what you do. make a forecast. >> trump has every chance to be the nominee. it will be essential for these candidates to not insult the voters as they take trump on. for them to be successful, you cannot insult the people that are voting for trump. the republican party assaulted pro, that all voted for bill clinton. stuart: the most entertaining political event in decades.
11:08 am
>> you do not understand. i actually do not. respectful conversation. i do not like this. i do not like the yelling and screaming. i want debates where there are no moderators. just the candidates and the voters themselves. i want substance, not insult. stuart: i am out of time, but you are a good man. thank you. see you again soon. firing shots at a turkish ship. this incident happened yesterday off the coast of greece. turkey a aligned with nato. russia is not. a standoff is really a dangerous situation. a new climate agreement. according to democrats, this is also the key to stopping
11:09 am
terrorism. >> the greatest threat to national security was climate change. do you still agree with that? >> yes. >> the global climate conference what a powerful rebuke. >> about 1 million plus. moving because of the massive drought in syria. >> well, now we have a climate agreement. all should be well. are you resting more comfortably now that we have -- >> good morning. thank you for having me. the massive drought. they had 195 countries. i wish it was not real.
11:10 am
it would almost be funny. i fought against a lot of these people. a lot of those people think the world is flat. they do not care about climate change. a version of radical islam. i am sure everyone is trying to do what they think is the right thing. go get them. we know where they are. oh killed them. we can do it. go get them. >> it will not take as long as we think. we need to do it now. a lot need to beat dealt with militarily. stabilizing the region. yes. go get them.
11:11 am
tashfeen malik, turned up officials miss several of her social media posts that mentioned she god. ashley: before she applied for this k-1 visa, which is a fiancée visa, had been for a outspoken about violent jihad. her support for it in the desire to be a path of it. immigration officials do not do much on social media. if they had done that, they would have unearthed this. >> rob o'neill. you heard this. any comment? >> it is difficult to monitor everybody social media. trigger words. she did pass all of the tests.
11:12 am
the background screenings. you are not a terrorist until you are. stuart: are you a terrorist? of course he lies and said no, no, no. >> i wonder if anyone has ever answered that in the affirmative. stuart: they used is have you been associated with anybody that may put a bomb aboard this plane. of course you are going to say no. >> i wish that we could identify the actual enemy and the problem. this is long-term stuff. i do one a planet for my kids and grandkids. at the rate we're going, my kids are going to be fighting the jihad did we have a group that is at war with us because of religion, not climate change.
11:13 am
stuart: we like straight shooters on this program and that is why you are here. [laughter] stuart: thank you very much. check out this board. we are now down 100 points. it does not have anything to do with the price of oil. this is chump bonds. worries about systemic risks. down goes the market. >> the big word for investors right now. though oil is not doing it. >> no business. hoverboards. popular gift this christmas. you may not be able to get them. major airlines have banned them. the risk of fire is really up there. we will talk to the man that sells them. she is good. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more.
11:14 am
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stuart: listen to this. earlier we reported about a french kindergartner teacher that was stamped by a masked man. update. paris prosecutors say the teacher made up the story. apparently, injured himself. the teacher is now being questioned. no surprises there. questioned by authorities. amazon. the claim that the toys are dangerous. some dreadful video. the owner of it all. he is here to fill us in on the full story. i take it that you are a seller of hoverboards. that is what you do. >> correct. we have megan riding around on
11:18 am
one of these things. that kind of hoverboards has never burst into flames. others have viewed have you been badly affected by this? >> the consumer is not educated enough to understand which one is a good hoverboards and which one is not. they cannot tell. it is all based around the battery. there was a trial and error. still a lot of pieces left over with those old chinese batteries. >> a chinese battery problem at the heart of it? >> yes. >> we have american batteries. >> they are either lg or samsung. they realize their issues. it costs more. there are a lot of copycats there that they would rather save.
11:19 am
>> how long did it take you to learn that? >> i have been cheating for a couple of days. it depends on your balance. [laughter] >> how much is that one? >> this one is for 99. >> sales are good? >> sales are good. the holiday toy. is it still the hottest? how many do you have? >> we do not have many. a couple retail in the most. >> can i ask you how many of those things you sold this year? >> over 1000 easy. >> the demand is still there? the demand is still there. >> what about the airline banned?
11:20 am
>> it has not hurt our business. they charge you an arm and a leg to bring you in. they charge an arm and a leg. they labeled it as a dangerous -- >> to you have the money on amazon? >> no. it is my personal preference of not doing it. >> you are street walk you will sell one of those things that megan is riding around on. do not fall off, whatever you do. street walk is where can buy one of those for $499. >> you will be very happy. >> i want one of those things. >> it is cool. i want a discount.
11:21 am
>> megan, thank you very, very much indeed. donald trump. a christmas gift to hillary clinton. the reasons why he said it. coming up. ♪ when we cook together, we rise above our differences. the right amount of garlic reigns supreme, and what separates us is mostly whether we're chopping or frying. food is a language we all speak. when we cook together, we find harmony in the kitchen. we make more than a meal. enjoy fresh ingredients and healthy recipes, delivered to your door each week. subscribe today, at
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>> we are down 83. we were down over 100. the junk bond selloff. it is not the price of oil. 3558. question. what do you get for $250,000? location. location. location. $250,000. what do i get in cleveland? cheryl: a mortgage. it is ridiculous. almost 14. it has a deck. it has a great room. fireplace. dining terrace. glassdoor cabinets. one garage spot.
11:26 am
it is in the tremont district. it is walkable. cleveland ohio. this is more of an apartment. views of downtown atlanta. twenty-four hour car -- concierge. an updated apartment. good grief. i always look at what they sold for in previous years. i like the cleveland property better. it has more price stability in it. it was in 2003. i would be concerned about that.
11:27 am
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11:31 am
down 102 points now, and the junk bond -- if i say chance, that's the wrong word, but the junk bond selloff, that's the problem for the market this morning. it's not oil, it's junk bonds, down 100. now this, fantasy sports in new york, i've got a real surprise for you -- to me, at least -- a new poll suggests most people think fantasy sports should be illegal. i can't believe that, cheryl. >> actually, i'm surprised myself. but this is in the state of new york where we just had big breaking news on friday that attorney general eric schneiderman basically wants them shut down. they're fighting back. but, yes, two-thirds of new york voters agree with him. stuart: two-thirds? >> that this is gambling and that it's illegal to do in the state of new york. remember, why do we care so much? because this is new york state. and if he's got voters behind him, that's a big problem for draftkings and fanduel. this is millions of dollars on the line. yes, of course, they want their cut. that's my opinion, but -- stuart: and i think that's what they'll get eventually. but the argument is, is it
11:32 am
gambling or is it a game of skill? >> go ahead, the judge on friday -- we were talking about this in the commercial break, the judge on friday when he issued his ruling said it was both, and he used legal language in this based on this old penal code of new york to justify his decision that it's skill and -- ash and i both think it's skill. i mean, you've really got to know your stuff about these teams to get in there and try it. >> you know, what the weather's going to be, what players do better on what surface. stuart: eventually, it will be fully legal if they pay some tax money. >> i think it goes to the supreme court. there is so much money -- do you know how much money is in sports? behind these guys, behind these companies. it'll go to the supreme court, that's my prediction. stuart: all right, cheryl, we'll keep you to that. our next guest says donald trump's run for the presidency is just a big gift to hillary clinton's campaign. come on in, john hudak from the brookings institution. is this all about trump's statement that hillary clinton
11:33 am
caused hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of deaths? is that what you're talking about? >> no, it's much bigger than that. essentially, every word that leaves donald trump's mouth helps hillary clinton and democrats, because it damages the republican brand. stuart: it's that simple? >> i think so. i mean, if you think about what donald trump is doing, he's taking all of the energy in the presidential race and focusing it on him. no one's talking about hillary clinton's scandals, no one's talking about her positions. what he's doing is he's setting himself up to be a serious force in the republican nomination, but what he's not doing is positioning himself to do any better than mitt romney did in 2012. and that's a problem for republicans. stuart: has don trump lost key constituencies? for example, women and hispanics? is that the source of his failure and vulnerability? >> well, that's part of it. so republicans in 2012 and in 2008 didn't do that well with
11:34 am
women or with latinos. but what trump is doing is somehow making it worse for republicans. and when you're batting from down in the count, like republicans have been over the past two election cycles, it's not just a matter of avoiding alienating people. republicans need to grow the party, and donald trump is doing the opposite of that for the party right now. stuart: what happens if hillary clinton is indicted or something really bad, even worse than what we've seen already comes out from the e-mail scandal? would you change position? >> oh, i mean, if clinton gets indicted, that's a game changer for her, and it's something that the party would likely have to consider, but it doesn't diminish the fact that donald trump is damaging himself with certain key constituencies. and whether those people decide to stay home or whether they decide to hold their nose and vote for clinton under or those circumstances, i don't know. but with -- what the republican party needs to do right now is clearly distance themselves from donald trump and find a serious
11:35 am
nominee. stuart: but the rubio candidacy beats hillary clinton in a straight up and down matchup. i mean, ruin grow beats hillary clinton -- rubio beats hillary clinton. why? if the republican brand is so tarnished by trump, why does ruin beat clinton in a straightforward matchup? >> in part, rubio's not trump, which is the best thing he has going for him. i think right now voters are really interested in something new, in something refreshing x some voters see that in don trump, but most voters don't. i think the head to head matchup nationally with rubio is certainly an interesting poll number. i think when you look deeper at the states, swing states in particular, it's probably going to be a little bit more difficult for rubio to match up against clinton than those national numbers suggest. but at the same time, he provides that fresh face, that new injection of ideas that i think some voters are excited to hear and excited to see. stuart: john hudak, thanks so much for inning us -- for joining us.
11:36 am
>> thank you. stuart: the wait is almost over for "star wars" fans. the newest movie, the force awakens, opens friday. disney want to sell $5 billion worth of merchandise. forget the box office, $5 billion worth of merchandise. tim nolan follows this stuff, he's here to tell me if they're going to do it. welcome to the program. >> thank you. stuart: this would be just "star wars" merchandise, you know, the swords and stuff. do you think they can do it? >> just merchandise. so, actually, i think the box office will do about $2 billion globally, gross, of which disney keeps a little more than half in terms of net revenue. here's some numbers on other consumer merchandise sales. frozen has done already more than $5 billion since it came out two, three years ago. cars 2 did $3 billion in its first year. stuart stuart wait a second, cars 2? that did $3 billion? this is merchandise.
11:37 am
>> keep in mind this is gross consumer merchandise sales. this is not revenue to disney. stuart: understood. >> one oh stat for you, i've read that "star wars" toys alone since the inception of the franchise in 1977 have done over $12 billion in sales. so think about how much larger the brand is now globally. this film is being released across the world. think of people like me that have kids that are the age i was at the time the original "star wars" came out. we're all watching the movies, buying toys for the kids -- stuart: you are? >> i'm certainly watching the films. [laughter] stuart: to reach $5 billion surely most kids age 5 and up will have to have some kind of "star wars" merchandise this christmas to meet that number. >> it's not cheap merchandise necessarily, is it? and you've got multiple demands. you've got the original characters, you got all the new characters -- stuart: how much is a light saber? i used to have one on the set, couple hundred bucks, is it?
11:38 am
>> i don't know. it could be. >> they can be easily $100, at toys r us they're $130 -- >> i've read that sneakers have sold out. they're selling "star wars" branned barbecue tool -- branded barbecue tool sets. >> there was a toaster this weekend. stuart: okay. so bottom line you think they will hit the $5 billion merchandising sales target. >> that is our estimate. disney has never guided to that figure. so that is our estimate. stuart: you say $5 billion. >> it seem within reach. stuart: off the top of your head, do you happen to know how much does disney actually get of that? >> well, we have estimated 10%, is the licensing fee that disney takes. typically, licensing is maybe high single digits percentage. we've estimated "star wars" will command more. i have read it may be as high as 20%. i don't know the number. but $500 million, you're talking
11:39 am
over a billion of global box office net receipts to disney out of the two billion, and you're talking 500 plus of consumer merchandise. you're getting close to 5% of overall disney revenue this year just from this one film. stuart: thank you very much. checking dr. pepper/snapple stock, please, it is virtually unchanged. it's announcing they're stopping plans to make an all-natural version of the soda. why? >> well, there was a trend of this, you know? go natural, go healthier, and apparently dr. pepper decided to test it in certain markets. it was not well received at all. ceo larry young saying, forget it, we're going to stick with the formula that works. they're also not going to replace as per tame. pepsi didn't use it to sweeten their drinks, they've replaced it with suclose. stuart: so they're going completely against the grain. >> our fans love what they love, and we're not going to change
11:40 am
it. stuart: okay. >> stock's up. stuart: you can't figure these things out, at least i can't. up next, napolitano, as in the judge, on the paris climate deal. the white house says it's a job creator. what will the the judge say about that?
11:41 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average last week lost nearly 600 points, today under pressure once again.
11:42 am
it's down 108 points, 17,156 as we speak. the s&p down, the nasdaq down 57. here's some of your down movers. we see disney and travelers, also exxon and chevron back in the green, energy has been a big part of this story. apple and boeing the big laggards as well as dupont. let's take a look at a gauge of fear. it really is a forward-looking index, the vix at new highs that we haven't seen since september, and so we're seeing that up about 9%. we want to take a look at twitter here, a big mover year the date, down about 35% but warning some users of possible state-sponsored cyber attacks. that stock's down about 4.5%. start on fox business every day, 5 a.m., lauren simonetti, me and cheryl kick it off.
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: now hear this, drone buyers. the faa is releasing its plan to regulate 'em. ashley? >> yes. anywhere from a half a pound to 55-pound drone, you have to register them by february 19th. there's only a $5 registration fee, they'll waif it if you -- waive it if you do it in the next month. stuart: all drones whether you buy 'em now or two years ago, doesn't matter, you register 'em by that time. if you don't, you don't fly 'em. >> it's voluntary. >> yes -- stuart: wait a minute, how can it be voluntary? >> they're leaving it up to the consumer to do.
11:45 am
stuart: then it's not real. >> it's not voluntary, but you have to pay $5. no one's going to do it. >> but if you don't and you fly it next to a jetliner or police helicopter or something, you're in big trouble if you haven't registered it. >> exactly. stuart: have you ever heard of catch 22? that sounds like one to me. >> the faa did a really good job of thinking this through. stuart: this is one area of regulation which i thoroughly agree with. >> i like some expect -- some accountability. >> i thought you became american. [laughter] stuart: dear lord. president obama signed the climate agreement. it aimed at reducing car won emissions. -- carbon emissions. got it. all rise, napolitano is here. your judgment, please, on this deal. >> i think it's a political goal by the president -- stuart: no, really? >> it has no force of law whatsoever unless and until it is ratified as a treaty by the united states senate, which it
11:46 am
will not be for the remainder of his term in office. it is really just a bunch of anti-business lefties patting themselves on the shoulder saying see what we can agree on. stuart: i think we agree entirely. >> do they really think it's going to add jobs? it's going to destroy jobs. it's going to undermine the ability of those two create jobs to have the economy trickle down into ranks of the poor. stuart: congress gets no say in this, none. it's not a treaty -- >> and it's not a law. but really the president can do what he wants politically, and congress gets no say in it. it imposes no obligation on anybody in america. it's some aspirational goal for 50 years from now. 50 years from now is when they think this is going to have an effect on the climate. that's what i heard john kerry say over the weekend. stuart: wait a second. the president has gone to paris and said back home we've got
11:47 am
clean air legislation. we're running it through the epa. we're going to have cleaner air, we are complying. >> that's where there's a constitutional problem. if the president attempts to change the law by administrative fiat because congress has rejected those proposals, that is profoundly up constitutional. stuart: but the courts have ruled that the epa does have right to regulate carbon. >> yes. stuart: that's the authority the president's operating on. >> because congress ghei them that. if congress doesn't want them to have that authority, congress shall take it away. probably under the next president. stuart: yeah. but then you've got to change the law as it now stands. you've got to pass a new law about unregulating clean air which means unraveling the epa rules -- >> listen, if congress were serious about this, congress by a majority quote of both houses can invalidate any proposed regulation during the 30 days preceding its effective date. and both houses are controlled by the republicans. so you tell me how serious they are about this.
11:48 am
stuart: well, we'll find out. >> yes. all they have to do is by majority vote saying disprove, then the epa is toothless. stuart: fascinating. you know, judge, you really are worth your weight in gold. [laughter] >> would yo -- you be kind enough to tell that to mr. ailes? [laughter] stuart: judge, thanks very much, indeed. wait a second, look at this. the junk bond market, i should say, that's what's sending stocks down. we're down nearly 90 points for the dow industrials. that's what's happening there. junk bonds, the problem. first, all new episodes of "strange inheritance" tonight. how about this? a log cabin carved out of a single giant redwood tree? he's a clip. >> my dad approached me, and he said a man's very interested in buying the log. would you be interested in selling? but i looked at my father like, what, are you out of your mind? no, i don't want the money, i want the log. >> was not continuing what he did with the log ever an option for you? >> oh, no.
11:49 am
when i was little and they asked me what are you going to be when you grow up, i'd say just like my dad.
11:50 am
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11:52 am
stuart: quick update. we need this. earlier this morning we reported about a french kindergarten teacher reportedly stabbed by a masked man, and we all said the
11:53 am
suspect was still on the loose. paris prosecutors say teacher made it up. apparently be, the teacher injured himself. the teacher now being questioned by authorities. no surprise there. now this, a principal in brooklyn, new york, bans all use of words or words associated with christmas or santa claus. that principal is also replacing thanksgiving with a harvest it's value. details, cheryl: >> well, i mean, a lot of it was just exactly what we said. no angels, they haven't a -- they can't even have a star, because it's a religious symbol. anything to do with christmas cannot be shown or mentioned in the school -- farther -- stuart: so in that school the kids cannot say christmas, thanksgiving -- >> nope. it has to be referred to as winter festival and thanksgiving has to be a fall harvest -- >> so you get, if i understand this, i'm not judge napolitano,
11:54 am
so i don't have a great knowledge of the constitution like he does, but you're telling me you can get suspended from school, from that school by saying the word christmas? >> this is what she told the head of the pta. we should say, by the way, since this new york post article came out, she's now this morning in meeting with the superintendent of the school district. and we should also say a state assembly maker, a man who used to go there dressed as santa claus -- >> no, but this is key. did that school threaten expulsion to someone who said the word christmas? stuart: what was the threat? i'd like to know. it's outrageous. you can't say christmas? >> i say this to this principal? can i say this to this principal? stuart: ooh, careful. [laughter] >> merry christmas, idiot. stuart: i want you on another subject. junk bonds, big selloff. taking the market down overall. is this a risk to the whole financial system? >> listen, this is the deal. there's been a hedge fund that closed down, there's kinder
11:55 am
morgan which is, essentially, improsing, and by the way the first person i called the kevin kaiser, did a great job about a year and a half ago this thing would be a house of cards if commodity prices fell. you know, stuart, you have canaries in the coal mine going on right now. kinder morgan, this hedge fund that got closed down based on big losses in commodities and junk bonds. a lot of people think it could presage a major correction in the markets. why is that? junk bonds are key. when junk bonds usually fall, guess what? it usually suggests the economy's not doing so great because more speculative investments are going under. that's what we have right now. now, take that together, we have a degree of deflation there, particularly commodity prices going down, the fed's going to raise interest rates. >> so put it all together -- >> we are in such a weird situation right now that, you know, if you told me the market's going to selloff -- listen, nothing might happen. for all i know, janet yellen will say, well, we'll only raise
11:56 am
it ten basis points, and everybody cheers. but if you told the market's going to take a thousand points off -- >> the is that why they fired the ceo from third avenue? >> well, here's the thing, people lose money all the time. here's what's weird about that. this guy, marty whitman created it, he's on wednesday saying, yeah, we've got some losses, we're putting down the gates, you can't take out your money from the fund meaning investors can't pull their money out. now think about it this way. you can't take your money out. by friday or saturday, he's shown the door. he goes from the face of the firm in three days to blocked out of his office. >> yeah. >> there's something else going on there other than he lost some money. stuart: all right. now we're only down 50 points on the -- >> buy the market. by the way, the real measure is wednesday after the fed decision when you have futures contracts
11:57 am
kick in and everything. stuart: wednesday, it is. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
♪ ♪ >> the point is that if he starts to fall, he's still somewhere around 30%. and as long as you have four or five other candidates, that 30% is enough to win most of the early states, even if trump loses iowa, which i do think he will. he is leading by a big margin in new hampshire, by a big margin in south carolina, by a big margin right here in nevada. so he could take the table of the other states in february. stuart: inside politics with frank luntz on the future of donald trump's candidacy. michael on facebook says: if trump wins the nomination, millions of republicans will stay home, and hillary will be the next president. christopher says: trump does not have a track record that indicates he's a conservative. cruz does.
12:00 pm
he is the choice for republicans. very interesting election. a lot of people watching it very closely. neil cavuto, time's yours. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very much. we're also following up on what's hitting the markets now, what's got them well off their lows of the day. you have been hearing a lot about oil, you've also been hearing a lot about junk bonds, we intend to get into both. suffice it to say that david stockman has been indicating in his writings -- and he's a bit of a pessimistic oracle when it comes to this -- december 16th as the day everything hits the fan. he's basing that on the day that the federal reserve makes a decision presumably to raise interest rates, quoting from his report here, janet yellen and her posse better pray for a monetary tonto, because they are riding headlong into an ambush in the canyons of wall street, saying that they cannot possibly raise money market interest rates even by 75 basis points without massively drain


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