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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 17, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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better at this point in the recovery. >> we're paying the same price for tomatoes for five years now, at what point does the tomato farmer deserve a hike. maria: that's true. geraldo rivera, gary, dagen. time for "varney & company," stuart, over to you. stuart: i made a brave forecast at that went right on on a limb and you know what? i was right. good morning, everybody, here it is, $2 gas. the national average for regular is $2 even. ♪ >> thank you for the trumpets. in 26 states, the average is below $2. 26 states, and it's all the way down to buck 76 in missouri and still falling. next prediction, $1.95 by christmas eve, one week away. i say this is flat-out good news for america, got it? okay. on-line shopping, booming. way above last year, fedex, they deliver the stuff and may
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be the stock of the week. bricks and mortar companies, boy, they are suffering. pier one among others reporting less in-store traffic. what a contrast, trump versus hillary. the donald says he would do severe things to the families of terrorists. hillary says, i've got no-- the ceo you love to hate arrested, the stocks going up again, and that budget deal, counties hate it. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> i think we've got a graphic, yes, we do. we're calling it janet yellen, we're calling her mrs. claus after the fed rate hike. it's the santa claus rally, why not calling it the mrs. claus
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rally. if you look at this, you will see that the stock market is going to go up again this morning. we've had two huge days, and another good start coming up right now. how about oil? it's sitting around $35 a barrel and it's gained ground right now. that's helping stocks, but that's where we are with oil. by the way, we've got a huge glut of the stuff. there's more oil in storage than at any time in the last 80 years. 490 billion barrels of oil in supply, that's a glut. let's get to it. $2 a gallon gasoline, the national average. some stations in some states, a buck 50. i love it. get out there and drive this christmas america, gas is cheap. how about fedex? the stock will higher, profits boosted by on-line shopping. they supply, they actually deliver the stuff. the other side of the coin,
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bricks and mortars, pier one, they're down. and casual shoppers, that stock is down a little bit. more and more people are shopping on-line. ashley: why do you look so surpris surprised. let's get to it, you mentioned peer one-- pier one. they believe their sales decisions are getting people who are looking to actually buy. their on-line-- their own on-line presence at pier one up 26%, sounds great, but they're killed by like, office and home furnishings, they're always on sale and they can't compete. stuart: at our 6:15 a.m. meeting, a dozen people sitting around. 6:15 a.m., i said how many of you have shopped on-line this christmas, the majority said we've done all of our shopping on-line and some people said i
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haven't set foot in a store. >> and cheap gas, you don't want to fool with the crowds and parking lots. if you can do it on-line. stuart: i don't know if we saw tamara on camera. have you done your holiday shopping on-line? >> no, i -- that's because i have amazon prime and it's like overnight shipping. i'll wait until what is it-- >> you're going to do it on amazon. >> i'm in the middle of nowhere where i from and a lot of people shop at the bricks and mortar shops. they do wal-mart, target, j.c. penney. stuart: i'm told that some people enjoy this aimless wandering around the store, but i'm just a sexist, should i say that? >> usually because we're shopping for ourselves. stuart: you could wander around all day. how about this one, donald trump, doubling down on targeting the families of terrorists. watch this. >> they care more about their families than they care about
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themselves, something has to be done. when a wife knows exactly what the husband's going to do and the husband goes up and knocks out 200 people with a bomb, or he does the kind -- i would do pretty much severe stuff as far as i am concerned. stuart: i would do pretty severe stuff to the families. and pete is here with concerned veterans for america. that was strong stuff. i think what he's talking about is talking about changing the rules of engagement. >> that's what he's tapping into. we've been fighting the wars with our hands behind our backs. when you're fighting vicious terrorists you have to be willing to do vicious things to them and their families. in iraq, i was with units we would bull doze of homes of suicide bombers. stuart: you didn't kill the wife and children. >> no, we did not. the ruthlessness to win the
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war, he's not going to talk about that. how you target the families. stuart: we don't launch had a drone strike if we think or know there's any civilian within danger distance of the arrival of the bomb. >> even though we know where isis' headquarters are in raqqa. that's what he's tapping into. we know there might be women and children there, but they've endangered themselves, but we're at war with isis. either we kill these folks and destroy their caliphate. you can't do it in the united states. you're not going to kill the families of someone who committed a terrorist act. we should be targeting them and holding them accountable and putting them in jail. if the mother of the bombers, lock them up for life. she should potentially be executed after she goes through a trial. stuart: that's in america. what about the headquarters of
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isis in raqqa, all the publicity. >> bomb it. stuart: we don't do it because the women and children are probably inside that building. are you saying bomb them anyway. >> yes, and this is just me speaking. they use the women and children as shields. it's their technique, if they knew we were not going to allow you to do that anymore because you're putting them at risk, but the questioned quarters of isis you, can't allow them to hide among women and children in perpetuity. at some point you've got to fight and unleash our military. donald trump is saying we can't tiptoe around the terrorists. stuart: meanwhile, hillary is trying to emphasize what you might call her softer side. she's on the campaign trail and her softer side is what she wants to put out there. >> some of them who may be of the republican persuasion, although we're not going to give up on them, are we, reach out to them. and best you can tell looking under the lights, i don't have
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horns. stuart: i don't have horns. i mean, all right, tamara holder, we have he an introduce already on on-line shopping. what do you think of hillary being nice. >> she's not nice. there's no desire to drink a beer with letter. we know that her chipotle visit was an epic fail. she closed down bergdorf goodman a few months ago because she had to get a $800 hair cut. she's not likeable. you want a liberal to defend her, i'm not defending her likability, however-- >> i'm not saying anything. >> she knows this, she knows she's not likeable. i think that her campaign is shifting away from that. stuart: and not for me 0 support hillary, but she engaged the crowd in a nice way. who's side are you on. >> whose side are you on? ?
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i'm starting to convince you, you need to come to my side. how about hillary standing next to warren buffett suggested more taxes on the wealthy, tax them even more. she's worth millions dollars and standing next to a billionaire and tax the wealthy some more, are you with her on that? >> i have an issue with this because i think that the very, he have, very wealthy aren't paying enough taxes, however, once you make over whatever, you know, a couple hundred thousand dollars, you're taxed an enormous amount of money. why? >> i'm having too much fun here, we've opened the show, you doesn't like hillary, she's not nice and don't think we should tax the wealthy anymore. whose side are you on? >> that's a good question. we're working on you, tamara. >> see, i believe in, you know, legalization of marijuana and pro choice and all the things
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that we need to come to an agreement on. because if not, we're going to have a democrat in the ofls. stuar stuart: we've got a three-hour show and we'll talk about it. >> hillary-- >> and the ceo who bought the pharmaceutical company and then raised the price of an aids drug from $13 to $790. he's under arrest, securities fraud. ashley: he became the poster boy for every drug, you know, company, it's greedy and after money. ironically he's under arrest from a federal investigation, nothing to do with the cost of pharmaceuticals. this is the dude when he was managing a hedge fund, msnb capital manage. and his old biotech, not to get into the weeds too much, taking
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cash and stock from one and paying off investors from the hedge fund. in other words, stealing from the company and setting up a fake consulting agreement and the rest of it. so he's now, there's going to be a press conference later today on this. stuart: hillary will claim victory. >> of course she will. stuart: didn't like this guy. >> 32 years old. he's a brash guy and now authorities believe they have something on him. stuart: all right, we'll check it out. it may soon be easier to travel to cuba. jo ling kent, a christmas trip or. jo: book your flight, stuart and you'll be able to fly direct from u.s. to cuba on a commercial flight according to "the washington post." it happened last night in washingt washington. american airlines and jetblue. a lot of people are excited
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about seeing "star wars." and quentin tarantino is miss film is being moved out for "star wars." it was supposed to play on christmas, but disney threatened to pull "star wars" from all locations that couldn't stay in that theater. and adam sandler's $60 million netflix movie came out. looks like netflix is trying to hide it, after bad reviews. critics panned it unfunny and offensive. and has a zero percent on rotten tomatoes. that should tell it all a prime minister struck in the head. ask the question, where was security. and a congressman coming out against trump. he refuses to vote for trump if he becomes the nominee.
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he says dozens of his colleagues feel the same way. back in a moment. ♪
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>> this just coming in, gun charges expected today against enrique marquez, the neighbor alleged to have bought the rifles in the california attack. the federal sources are telling us they would like to bring marquez in front of a federal judge today. maybe that means we'll get a perp walk today. back to donald trump and bringing in congressman, a republican from wisconsin. congressman, you're -- you say you're not voting for trump if he gets the nomination, you say dozens of your colleagues feel the same way. if you don't support the republican candidate, isn't that a vote for hillary clinton? >> well, not necessarily
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because i think what you do is you have to head this off at the pass so that ultimately he doesn't become the nominee, although one could argue with his position on single pair tax-- raising taxes on the rich making bernie sande erers envio his positions in some cases are so far from the left most republicans in the congress or conservatives are, it becomes almost irrelevant task. you can't insult your way to the presidency as jeb bush said, and that's what's he trying to do. stuart: you don't support him in the primaries and caucuses and the run-up to the nomination, supposing he is the nominee, would you still not support him? >> no, it would be total lly inconsistent with my language all the way true. how can i say i oppose the candidate because he's insulted
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women, insulted hispanics, insulted african-americans, insulted muslims. how can i take that posture along with his policy position and say i'm going to support him anyway because i'm an american first and that were the case, i don't think it will be, by the way, if that was the case i'd have to look down ballot. stuart: a lot of people would say we'd much rather have donald trump as president, warts and all, than hillary clinton, you're saying no? >> what i'm saying there isn't a lot of difference between the policy. if republicans give america that choice, it would be a tragic day for america. both of these candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump have disqualified themselves to hold the highest office in the lapped both by their language. >> thank you for contributing this morning.
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come back later and see how things are going with this. >> be happy to, thank you. stuart: got it. here is what we have coming up for you, something special. katie hopkins, i'm sure you never heard of her. she's controversial in britain. she's described as the most hated woman. she loves donald trump. she wants to move to america if trump becomes president and she's on the show in a moment. ivy league against free speech. students at yale are signing to repeal the first amendment, can't believe it, could you. >> i think that would be fantastic. >> love it. >> thank you. you both have a
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we're calling to repeal. >> thank you. >> excellent, love it. >> thank you, thank you. appreciate it. >> i appreciate what you're trying to do. >> i think the constitution should be one big safe space, right? right? >> yes, yes. >> i totally agree with whetheye act. >> that's a clip from andy horowitz new film, on the
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campus, calling for a repeal of the first amendment. i believe it's the freedom of speech. >> i think as just passing the bar, i believe they're correct. ashley: it's disgraceful. do they know what the first amendment is. >> i don't think they do. >> and also, this man, with all due respect, a fine film maker, however, he's a satirecal kind of blog and first pumped them and i don't know if you've ever been to a college campus, stuart. [laughter] >> when have i ever been to a college campus, six, well, five of them have been to college, yes, i've been to a few campuses. >> they're not paying attention
9:25 am
to the people that are doing-- whatever they're doing, everybody is trying to get through their hangover from the night before. stuart: tamara, this is yale, one of the top utes-- universities in the world and they don't know what the first amendment is and trash is. sign a petition. >> maybe they were kidding with the guy. stuart: no, it didn't. and one is it's amazing. >> it's an embarrassment. stuart: thats with an a fine appearance. three times in the first half hour, you've been a knockout. >> thanks. how about this, disney, they're making every penny they can from the new "star wars" movie. and it's asking for a much bigger cut, and tv deals, watch that stock. the news gave the rally in time for christmas and that's a mrs. claus rally from the fed. i have asthma...
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>> there's no desire to go drink a beer with her, we know that her chipotle visit was an epic fail. she closed down bergdorf goodman a few months ago because she had to have a $800 hair cut. hillary clinton is not likeable, although you want the
9:30 am
liberal to defend hillary, i'm not defending her likability period. stuart: isn't that great? tamara holder is slightly to the left of center. ashley: not anymore. [laughter] >> i think she's coming on here. all right, it's 9:30 precisely, the stock market has opened for trading. we are going to be up just a little bit, maybe 40, 50 points, but that will add to the gains that we've seen since the fed started talking about raising interest rates. now we're up 20 points. come on in ashley webster, elizabeth mcdonald, larry levin, and hillary. and the fed hiked interest rates, hillary kramer, i'm hearing that we're in for a rip-roaring rally and take the dow aboves old spy of 18, 312. >> absolutely. stuart: really? >> it can happen before year end. stuart: even though the federal reserve raised rates? >> yes, this is called a santa claus rally.
9:31 am
all of the overtones and everything keeping us down, we need to hear the fed talk and that's behind us and now we can get ahead and above 18,000 and hit a new high. i think we were a the 18,352. stuart: what a day it's becoming. mrs. claus delivers. [laughter] >> join the party here. are we going to hit new highs on the dow, above 18,312. >> i don't think we will. i think we'll get close and we'll get a call from mrs. claus. we'll use that analogy. we'll see the market not get close, we'll talk about a santa claus rally briefly and i think we'll fall off and fall off quite a bit next year, as we talk about more fed raises. >> we've got two different points of view. >> i agree with larry, an initial burst maybe towards the ends of the year, there's headwinds and strong dollars which hurts corporate earnings and the rest of the world is
9:32 am
monetary easing which adds to the volatility on the market. stuart: you almost got the buzzer for monetary easing. [buzzer] >> sorry. >> i think we should have a competition. stuart: a funny look liz: i wonder if i could phone a friend and get a life line from hillary. what do you say about this. ashley: no idea liz: so, 18,000, the financials are a big chunk of the s&p, too, we're going to get powered ahead by possibly them. stuart: it's a split decision. half of us say, yeah, new highs and most of us say, yes, above 18,000 and one says we're backing off. have we got it? >> that's about right. >> women versus men. stuart: how about oil? we're still sitting around $35 a barrel and dropped below that yesterday. we're right, right there. the truth is there's a huge supply glut. there's more oil in storage
9:33 am
than the last 80 years. 490 million barrels of the stuff in storage. are we going to hit a new low for oil? >> yes, into the 20's. i was reading, even though we argue that homeo stasis. iran is pumping it out. and locations around the world. everyone tries to pump it out as fast as they can because they've made investments for incredible amounts of money based on $100 barrel of oil, stuart. a lot of countries are in trouble. if you want the good news in all of this, america is in the best position of any country in the entire world. when you take a look and think about what's going to happen, the revolutions and changes in power when countries-- >> it's a global economy so
9:34 am
we're going to be impacted by the other countries and especially emerging markets. >> but we may be impacted by the positive. stuart: larry levin, we had a prediction that oil goes into the $20 per barrel range. you say what? >> for the big picture, i agree that oil wants to trend lower, a technical, you've got to be watching the technical points. i think it bounces off that area, off the 32 and 33 area and finds the support, but eventually works down. i think it will take time. i don't think it will happen this year. stuart: let's see. how about the price of gasoline $2 putting a lot of money into people's pockets. ashley: according to the oil information service for the triple-a, the average person is going to save $540 on gas in their pocket for the year. most households have two people driving, that's over $1100. where are they spending it? 80% of it, in many cases people
9:35 am
going to restaurants to eat out and also spending on more travel so they say it's not-- we've heard that the consumer is not spending the money, according to this they are. >> maybe the cage-free eggs liz: it's going to power santa's slay this year with more goods there. ashley: it's 130 billion total, they think, in the consumer's pocket. stuart: that's a lot of money. i want to get to the next story, we've spoke and lot about it. the victory of on-line shopping or huge expansion. for the fedex, they're delivering the products you buy on-line, they're up 4 1/2, near 5%. that's an on-line retailing story, pier one is a bricks and mortar story and they see fewer in-store shoppers. ashley, bricks and mortar
9:36 am
fading. ashley: it is pier 1, a decline in profit. however, they're under pressure from some of the big, big retailers on-line and they can't catch. stuart: what do you think of fedex as an on-line indicator? >> excellent, it's a great approximateski for the on-line shopping. they had 32% increase in sales on ground transportation that delivers the packages from amazon. stuart: whoa, 32%? >> 32% increase in revenue year over year, that tells us that the shopping about will be done in the cloud. stuart: you'd like to see amazon stock. >> one of my stock picks. ashley: 681. stuart: i've got to move to
9:37 am
disney. up another $5. that stock more than doubled this calendar year. how about disney, "star wars" fever, now disney wants a bigger cut of all "star wars" box office revenue liz: a bigger box office slight up to 60% since 2008. so disney is paying hard ball apparently here. and what goldman sachs works we'll be in the top three behind avatar and "titanic." they're expecting 25 billion from the "star wars" franchise from disney. they bought the studio behind it. nice return on investment. stuart: they've got one "star
9:38 am
wars" film a yearments we're focusing on "star wars," we should be thinking about espn and cord cutters and issues here with disney. >> so you wouldn't buy it at 113? >> i would buy the princess leia. >> good for the all day breakfast at mcdonald's. >> with the cage-free eggs. >> i see pandora stocks set for the best day in a long, long time. nicole, want to tell me what's going on. we're seeing the stock up over 18%. this was the battle for royalties between the record labels and all-- and the artists, versus the internet streaming media and radio, pandora very happy. the shareholder is up 19% now, because it turns out the rate hike that they got was much
9:39 am
more modest than what the record labels were going or, with that good news, we're seeing the stock up 18 1/2%. they're 17 cents for 100 plays and that was 20% less than the record labels wanted. and that's why we see pandora shoot up. stuart: it's a rally. how about chipotle. basically an apology parade. they took out full page ads in 61 papers, newspapers. hillary, what is the damage to chipotle and can they recover? >> yes, chipotle can recover, especially if they make the right kind of honest disclosures. the stock price is a steal here, and you're dealing with a company, $758, undervalued at that point. we will forgive and forget and go back to chipotle. stuart: they got big because they were friendly to memorials. especially when they say, we
9:40 am
buy local produce. >> and-- >> and anti-antibiotic ingredients. >> and they're saying we can't buy it local because we can't test it. >> and there was celery purchased in mexico, let's get real, chipotle. we've heard the gossip and rumors. >> same bias. >> that chipotle had. stuart: do you own it? >> i don't own it, i'm going to step in at this point. stuart: and tax break for renewable energy and elon must being makes over $700 million in a matter of minutes. how did that happen because of tax breaks? >> a lot of husband companies are built on tax subsidies, without them they'd be deeper in the red. 30% tax credit through 2019. so even with the tax breaks, his cars at tesla lose 5,000 per vehicle.
9:41 am
what's key for tesla and elon must being is the giga factory. if he can make book in the battery, the tesla vehicles will be more easily sold. if he can do that analysts say take a look see at tesla and other companies. stuart: need a breakthrough. >> not sure it will happen. >> this is proof one more time, do not bet against elon musk. stuart: whatever you say. ashley: wow. stuart: check that big board, we're now down 4 points, turned from upside move to a slight downside move. there you have it. looks like a new budget deal, house leaders increase spending and lets in tens of thousands of refugees, conservatives are not happy. representative louie goalman will being on this program at 11:15. kate hopkins, very much known and disliked figure in britain. she says that obese people are lazy.
9:42 am
she gained and lost 55 pounds to prove her point. a show watched here and m britain. donald trump is a fan. she's next. ♪
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>> fedex stock doing nicely. its on-line shipping doing well and that's giving a minor boost to ups as well. that's up 1% there. this is the third day in a row record high at mcdonald's. 118.15. remember british prime minister david cameron, he says that lawmakers will unite against donald trump if he becomes the president of the united states.
9:46 am
katie hopkins is a daily mail columnist. you like donald trump and we also know that he likes you, and are you saying that you would move to america if he's elected president? what's so-- y yes, we know you're saying that. what do you like about trump, what do you like about him. >> that was a wild and massive ly-- making me kind of a trump representative here on earth. actually the reason i was supporting him, and weighed behind him, in a kind of vacuum, when no one is standing up and providing strong leadership in the states as i see it from here in the u.k., and you need someone who is going to stand up. and standing, and say i will protect you, that's what donald trump was saying. we saw all the other candidates there come out and say i will keep you safe right after donald trump has done some grandstanding on the matter. here in the u.k. we had a petition to ban donald trump. i can't stand petitions.
9:47 am
i can't stand the liberal left. i will not tolerate that sort of thing. stuart: you know, you've got to come to america, come on, you've got to come to america, this is the land for you. >> i know it is. i believe that to be true. and i even got high hair dyed blond on purpose, but you know what, 30% of british people stand behind donald trump and that's a importan important sta. stuart: i've got to look at what you said about fat people being lazy. you have a show "my fat story", you lost and gained 55 pounds to show that fat people are lazy. i've got to take this up with you. the biggest hurt not discrimination for creed, origin, i think it's people overweight. i don't think you're doing the right thing.
9:48 am
>> here we talk about fat shaming, you mustn't shame fat people and i have been called a fat shamer and even had people that i challenged directly ring the police and report me for a hate crime against fat people. so, i see that a lot. but what i kind of got tired of is this idea i'm lucky to be skinny and that somehow i should have sympathy with fat people, and clearly, sympathy isn't working. you know what one in four of our children starts school already obese or overweight and one in three of our children leaves school already obese so i say that's not good enough. so i put on 55 pounds and i lost it again to prove that actually, if you eat too much and you don't move enough, guess what? you get fat. and so, it's my challenge to fat people, okay, prove me wrong, but i've proved you wrong. you shove half that in the face and that's why you're fat. stuart: i'm laughing because we're seeing some of the videos.
9:49 am
our viewers are treated to a rare site, katie hopkins looking rather large and not happy about it. >> i don't want to see it. stuart: how long did it take you to lose 55 pounds. >> the plan was three months on, three months off and that's what i delivered. i'm a woman of my word and i said i would do it in that time and i did. but, during my program, my fat story one year on, i went and looked at some of the problems we have here in the u.k. and we're building coffins now, you have the pictures, big fat bariatric coffins, the size is outrageous, by 2050 half of great britain will be obese. i think it's shocking. stuart: hold on, are you coming to america anytime soon. >> i think i am and-- >> i nt with a you on this program. we anchor it out of new york city, it's a quick trip across
9:50 am
pond. i want you on the show. >> i'll come and frighten you. i' i'll come and frighten you. stuart: i'm going to give you a green card. you'll be on the set before too long. >> i think i will. stuart: yes, you will. >> thank you. stuart: it's the dream of cord cutters everywhere, how would you like to stream sports? the nfl wants to make that a reality. here it comes, more varney in a moment. markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> oh, will you look at this? spain's prime minister punched in the face at a campaign event, speaking at a rally. a teenage comes out of nowhere and sucker punched her. he has a read weal on his face and-- >> where was security. he got close enough to sucker punch. ashley: could have had a gun liz: that's true. stuart: that's ridiculous. sports, one thing an aspiring cord cutter from taking the plunge. you cut the cord for cable tv and he wants streaming, you can't stream sports.
9:55 am
however, nfl is encouraging sharing companies to bid. have i got this right, a lot of sports fans only have cable tv because that's where you get live sports. but if suddenly you can stream it on your computer that will give an excuse for the cord cutters. have i got it right? >> you've got it quite right. a lot of people hang onto the cable package because they're looking for every sunday watching live nfl or in the night, they will have a package. but if they can go right to the internet and stream it, they could make them cut it off. stuart: yahoo! tried it and now they're looking at thursday night up for bids and the streaming could come in. i assume that would up the price.
9:56 am
if everybody is turning to live streaming, that makes it more profitable. and that would be more profit for the nfl. >> the first thing they're going to do it bid it out for a cable provider partner, such as a fox or a cbs and bid out the rights to stream it to a company like a yahoo! amazon or a google and it won't be exclusive. because of that, the cost for the digital providers won't be as high as what yahoo! paid, for example, 15 to 20 million to stream one live football game earlier this season. the cost will come down from there. stuart: one last one for you. donald trump says he would close, quote, close off areas of the internet if it would help combat terrorists. a lot of people making fun of him for this. is that because you can't just close off parts of the internet? is that right? >> i mean, you really can't close off parts of the internet. especially here in the united states.
9:57 am
you have so many players, you have multiple service providers, in many prices coos the country and there are so many points of redundancy built in, especially in the states, it would be very, very difficult to close down parts of the internet. stuart: they're making fun of him for that. shana, thank you very much. a budget deal, government shutdown averted, but 66 billion dollars in new spending for next year. >> that's fine, that's great. stuart: she's very happy israel liz: very happy. stuart: and coming up on the budget deal. and wall street journal dan henningerer is here, he says that they need to up the policy game. hour two about to start.
9:58 am
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. stuart: add 10:00 here are the big stories, sound those from
10:00 am
the can't use those balloons, the average price for gas is at $2 even. i got to tell you 26 states have an average price below $2 a gallon. this is an early in christmas gift for all america. a budget deal has been reached, $66 billion of new spending for next year, conservatives hate it. martin shkreli rejected the price of a life-saving drug has been arrested. that is say he committed securities fraud. hillary clinton says republicans have no reason to fear her, she is nice. that is when she said. our two starts now. ♪ ashley: the beach boys. run run reindeer.
10:01 am
where have i been off to? i like it. a christmas present for america from janet yellen, a fed chair, we are calling her mrs. claus and she is giving as a rally. the fed raises rates for the first time in nine years, had a big rally yesterday, is down 29 today but the dow is at 177. a lot of people i sang 18 k including you. ashley: i am. in the short term there are those that say we are off to the races, there are things to worry about, strong dollar would get stronger as we speak still is a head wind and the rest of the global economy is not that great. we are -- the global economy these days, everyone else is struggling, printing more money, that is representing some issues for the markets. 18 k this year yes or no? ashley: yes. stuart: next year? ashley: no. stuart: almost add the buzzer.
10:02 am
living on the edge. let's go to capitol hill. budget deal, $66 billion worth of new spending for next year, conservatives do not like this. the gop, conservatives say giving away the store. here is republican senator from montana, the only state i have not been to, welcome to the show. i got a list, $66 billion of new spending next year. it funds illegal alien resettlement, funds the release of criminal aliens, funds sanctuary cities, funds all refugee programs, locks in huge spending increases, fails to allocate funds to complete the 700 mile border and goes on and it goes on and on. are you supporting this budget deal? >> any time congress tries to move a 2,000 page piece of legislation the american people ought to be afraid.
10:03 am
i spent 25 years and the private sector before i came to capitol hill, spent 13 years at proctor and gamble, 12 years -- what you learned in business you can't keep spending more than you take in. the $66 billion spending increase adds to a national debt that is at $19.5 trillion. if you came to my office on capitol hill you are met by the debt clock. we have on the reception desk to remind the american people what is going on, this ticking time bomb of the debt, that 1/4% increase that you talked about a few minutes ago translates to $50 billion more spending every year for the american taxpayer, and one point increase in interest rate at $200 billion of additional interest payment on the debt. that is what i am concerned about. one more example of irresponsible fiscal management in washington. stuart: here is the argument. if you don't pass this budget
10:04 am
the government is shut down. and it will be the republicans to get the blame. like it or not, right or wrong they will get the blame. that is how it works. that is why republicans are going to unite with democrats and pass this deal. that is the situation, isn't it? >> nobody wantss to see the shutdown, but we need to have responsibility in spending and we can continue to run the government, or we can run it more responsibly and that is why i have great concerns over the bottom line of this $66 billion spending increase that is adding to our $19.5 trillion debt. stuart: million not go for it? will you say no, i am voting against it? >> when you have but 2,000 page bill, we continue to go through that we will only have 72 hours in total for this entire piece of legislation. we will do this page by page.
10:05 am
what i am seeing -- stuart: when you have to weigh political decision. if you say no, i am not having any of this you will said the government down. that is in the back of your mind, isn't it? >> we don't want to shut the government down. we need to have responsible fiscal management. the people of montana, i was the first republican elected to this seat in the one hundred 1 years. i came through the private sector. stuart: you are a private sector guy, respect that, is president obama better politics than republicans? >> i don't think so. the fact is i know is tough to put together a deal. i respect the new speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell but the bottom line is we cannot for $66 billion of increased spending. stuart: thanks for joining us, we will see you again soon. breaking news happening this morning, martin shkreli, ceo of
10:06 am
touring pharmaceuticals arrested on charges of securities fraud without getting into the weed. can you tell me what happened? >> restaurant 6:00 this morning by the fbi, criminal securities fraud. you as seen wearing his famous put the being escorted into the car at 6:00. he is set to appear in brooklyn federal court later today. he faces securities fraud. here's what he is alleged to have done. hedge fund that wasn't doing so well. at the same time he bought a separate company. a company called retro, it took neglected drugs and increased and jacked up the price. at the same time, he's accused allegedly of taking money, assets out to pay off disgruntled investors in his hedge fund, and disgruntled other investors in the fund as sham consultants so that is the allegations. stuart: nothing to do with
10:07 am
checking appraises? he is not being charged with that. >> it is securities fraud. he faces potential five years and counting federal prison. stuart: look at the dow jones industrial average, we had a small rally, it fizzled and we are down 20 points. price of oil, where are we now? we are at 30, that is what happened. when you have the price of oil falls stocks tend to go down. that is the traditional relationship over the past month. what we're seeing today is the dollar up, oil down, stocks down. that is what you have got. liz: the third increases raids. stuart: oil down stocks down. fedex profits boosted by a huge jump in there online delivery business, and a deliver the stuff you order. 2%, $3 higher.
10:08 am
pier one, a brick and mortar, sales down, few were casual in store shoppers, jacobi apologizing full tilt, big ads in 61 newspapers saying start, we are going to change our ways, disney asking for a much bigger cuts of the box office revenue and tv deal revenue from star wars. check oil, dipped below $35 yesterday after a huge build in inventories, right now is at $34.86. look at the price of gasoline. oil down, gas keeps falling, we have $2 even, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline. former shell oil president, favorite guide on the show, john hofmeister, settle this for us. this is the debate, cheap oil, cheap gas, good for the economy? bad for the economy? which is it?
10:09 am
>> bad for the economy, good for consumers in the short run but terrible for the economy overall. i heard a no. earlier on your program that consumers will get $150 billion in savings for the lower prices of gasoline. that sounds wonderful but the economy is losing almost $300 billion in lack of investment that value destruction across the industry so you match $150 billion to the consumer against $300 billion lost to the economy do the math, terrible for the economy. stuart: that averaged i look at the gas station gas price side every day and loves it. they love the extra money in the pockets. isn't there something to be said for that? >> absolutely. they should enjoy every extra at nicole they should keep in their pocket.
10:10 am
it is good for the consumer. larger economy will suffer, the consequence for the consumer is a snap back in gasoline prices when the oil price skyrockets. may be at the end of 16, maybe 17 is coming back. you and i may not agree with that. high oil prices. bernard: when you keep lengthening your time frame, you have not $100 bet with me, that $60 a barrel oil by christmas, we know -- only 100 bucks and now you say it will skyrocket but not until 16 or later. anyone can forecast higher oil prices in the distant future. >> bit is the $300 billion not being spent and the deferral of many projects into the future where we find ourselves in six months or 12 but we find ourselves short of oil. the iranians are going to make up for that. no they are not.
10:11 am
they don't have the technical capacity. we could return but we have such weakened companies now that the independent oil producers are really going to be in deep deep financial trouble as we go through 2016. i think 2016 first quarter, one of the worst quarters for the oil and gas industry in recent memory. stuart: you made your point, we hear you, we will see you again very soon. denver looking like it will have a white christmas. is that unusual in case i miss it? jo lin: it is not unusual. it may be warm in the northeast but denver covered in snow, a record 7.7 inches of snow last night breaking the record for one day snowfall, previous record three inches in 1987 and the results are in, the most googleed search term is lamar odum after the former nba player was found unconscious in a las
10:12 am
vegas broccoli october, still hospitalized and struggling to recover according to reports. other top google terms, jurassic world, american sniper, caitlin jenner, rounding out the top five. a big day for baby panda at the washington zoo, first time meeting the press but it was a total snooze fast, he took a few steps, most of the cameras -- just fell asleep. drooling all over the table. he had a big day rolling around earlier. ashley: i know the feeling well. ashley: drooling all over the place. stuart: you walked right into it that one. british accent won't get you around drooling. hillary clinton teaming up with warren buffet. they want wealthy people to pay even more, get ready to open up your wallet, here comes hillary, more varney in a moment.
10:13 am
♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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10:15 am
10:16 am
stuart: look at disney, they announced plans to increase security at all u.s. -- ashley: we don't know if this -- they are acknowledging, not just a small world, they're putting in metal detectors at walt disney world theme parks. it is part of a package of new security members, play guns, not going to sell any toy guns in their resorts'. no adults allowed to wear costumes under the new policies. this is the biggest policy change since they opened in 1971 but we are not sure if this applies to california parks as well. stuart: metal detectors at disney -- ashley: a sign of the times. stuart: we have turned negative, we are down 40 points. that is because largely the price of oil has slipped again and we are back below $35 per
10:17 am
barrel with the story is this, rates go up by the federal reserve, up goes the dollar, down, as oil, down those stocks, that is what is happening. look at avon. that stock is up, one investment firm has bought 80% stake, sounds like a buyout to me, of 2.5%. that's it to hillary clinton, wishy had to say on the campaign trail, roll that tape please. >> some of them of the republican persuasion, we won't the above, we will try reach out to them. first thing you tell them, looking under the lights, i don't have coin. stuart: when you are to the left the >> i don't have horns either. stuart: she wants to come across as nice and personal. >> every candidate does. stuart: a lot of people say she is not making it, she doesn't come across as nice, not the kind of person you want to be with. what do you say?
10:18 am
>> i don't drink beer. stuart: when you know what i am talking about. >> it is something she has struggled with her on her career. stuart: i think she has a somewhat harsh image because she is a woman, that is what i think. i will get a lot of men want this. >> i think it is incredibly difficult to be a woman in politics. you have to be so hard and to the realities of how the media treats you, how you get attacked on more personal thing than men, think of carly fiorina who also gets the short end of the stick, we have the woman of the view going after her, donald trump, look at that face, carly fiorina, talking about her outfit from the debate, a lot of inaccurate things, and that enormous cross she was wearing. stuart: market fashion was anything but nice.
10:19 am
but wildly successful. >> they were -- advertising. they made her over in. they said you need to be wearing pearls. it is in the green room. stuart: i know -- hillary clinton, millionaire, stands next to warren buffett, a billionaire, but calling for higher taxes. >> give you more of your own. stuart: you know what i say. i am going to explain in economic terms this is a financial program. explain to me how higher taxes and much more government spending on all kinds of giveaways how does that produce 4% growth? >> they are talking about there should be earlier, we do need it to rein in spending, something hillary clinton understands. we know there are -- stuart: she is going to rain in spending of independent
10:20 am
auditors, she did all she said she was going to do it would cost $1.2 trillion in the next ten years. that is not raining in spending. >> we know she goes after corporate inversion. we know that it will produce growth. it has historically. stuart: raise taxes. >> 20 million jobs, 4% growth. your love number, 4%. if you look historically democrats have average 4.3% versus republicans, 4.5% growth. obama use that 3.7. don't want to talk about bush's numbers. stuart: last word to me, 1990s bill clinton had the good fortune to preside over the bubble which produced enormous amounts of revenue. from capital gains, capital gains and fortunate to have newt gingrich running congress the last four years of the decade
10:21 am
which range in spending. and that is how you got growth, how you did it. last word to me. that is me. merry christmas, america. national average for gallon of gas regular, $2 even. i could not be happier. my take on that is next.
10:22 am
10:23 am
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10:25 am
the price of oil has come weighed down from one hundred dollars a barrel to $35. gas has been falling too, $2 a gallon or less in most parts of the country. there's a debate about this. is it good news or bad? if you own oil company stocks it is bad. if you are drill your job is in jeopardy. foreign governments which rely on oil revenue, terrible for them. russia, that is inert, nigeria, brazil and a dozen others in deep financial trouble because of this. understood. some lose when oil is dirt cheap but there are a whole lot of winners with how about a couple hundred million american drivers? cheap gas has been the one hundred billion dollars extra into our pockets this year. this is good news. you can see it on a daily basis everytime you have the gas station. it makes you smile when you fill
10:26 am
up for $30 instead of $50. listen to this, in 26 days the average price is below $2. it is all went down to $1.76 in missouri. there are a couple of wire gas stations below the one dollar and $0.50. whether we spend extra cash or save it doesn't matter, it is money we keep and the government doesn't take it yet. oh yes, government in the obama era has an insatiable appetite for more money. the climate crowd hates cheap gas, they will join the chorus demanding a gas tax hike. let's not rain on this parade. looks like guess is heading lower and to most of us that is flat out good news. isn't it great when you pull up to the pump, save those magic words fill her up and get change from a 20? it is. we have the best roads in the world and it is the christmas holiday season. enjoy it the glorious freedom of a road trip, get out there and drive.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
>> look at rewalk that's a company and a product that we have on this program the stock is up 76%. ashley -- tell me what's going on? >> absolutely surging on a contract with a veteran's administration, va for veterans who have spinal cord injuries. now, they are the exclusive provider, the exoskeleton to stand upright and to walk through the motion of powered hip and knee motion an going to have to be trained on it but good news is this is accident collusive deal with rewalk robotics with the faa in other words cover it insurance wise with those who qualify for the program which is huge that is why took is up. >> microcompany for shares daily. >> exclusive contract i like the sound of that. great.
10:31 am
good now this. ted cruz clearly gaining support among christians, evangelicals winning huge endorsement in iowa joining us now tony head of the family, research center tony, are you going to endorse ted cruz now on this program? [laughter] i haven't made a public endorsement i'm watching the race close flip as you can see from the polls it is is happening up to be a two-man race with donald trump and ted cruz having over a majority of support in this primaries race and attracting all of the support from the evangelical. >> would you flat out. you're a social conservative would you flat out reject donald trump? >> no. >> why not? >> well, i mean i think look, you see the two top candidates in this race. both of them in most polls u now first and second place even a poll out of florida yesterday shows them in second place or
10:32 am
first two slots with jeb bush in fourth. rubio in third these two guys are tapping into something. people are scratching their head about donald trump. donald trump in what's happening in this election is probably first we've seen in a long time maybe ever to show the cultural divide that's in it country. people are tired of being choked back by the chain of political correctness and he's saying things that people may not agree with him and everything and evangelical don't on everything but they're so relieved to have somebody actually out there saying something, and this is becoming one of those us versus them races. where amazingly donald trump is becoming one of us is what people are saying. >> would you let christian refugees into this country over muslim refugees, would you do that? >> my position on this has been supportive of the congressional policy that was passed out of the house. that was to put a moratorium on all refugees coming out of this
10:33 am
country from syria in order that we might establish a system that better vest them to ensure security. stuart my background -- >> hold, let me interrupt you sorry to interrupt. but christians don't they want, "don't ask, don't tell" all christians want a more muscular defense of our faith, don't we want to support people being slaughtered by the thousands, by muslims in north africa to present and help them and go out of our way to help our fellow christians? what's wrong with that? >> stuart let me be candid in the leader of the marine corps. and i work with antiterrorism for about five e years so if i understand the dynamic of what we're dealing with what we need to do is be more muscular and aggressive in defending christians in the middle east right now. we have genocide taking place and we're turning other way. we need fly zone. >> why can't we let them in on that basis and considering that
10:34 am
doing it, why not with north african christians. >> not opposed with with thoroughly vetting them, in fact, many of them stuart do not want to come to this country but rather stay in the region of the world therein but we need to vet them as well to make sure they haven't been infiltrated as we saw in california, this threat to the country is very real. our first obligation and i'm saying this as an american christian our first obligation is to protect people here in america. yes we want to let them in. yes we want to protect christians. no, this administration has done nothing to protect christians worldwide we need to do more but we can do some of it over there not necessarily here. it's nots this choice of either we do nothing or let them into the united states. but there's more we can do. and we should. >> that fair point. tony perkins thank you for gowning us come on back real soon because we want endorsement of ted cruz on this one. >> all right stewart.
10:35 am
i think he has a smile on he has face. [laughter] >> how about this? the ladies's voice you heard is republican fundraiser georgia who met recently with ted cruz and chris christie. and she's right here on the set. welcome georgia. >> thank you good to be back. >> should ask you this but i will ask you tell us what you said to ted cruz and what he said to you. >> i'll tell you this much. ted didn't lay out his plan of winning the primaries. and i have to tell you it was interesting because there's president for it. he believes and you did interview head of the evangelical group, and he believes that the evangelical to bring them out in portion. they didn't come out for mitt romney, and that he will get those active, and they believe believe -- he believes that the center has moved to the right. and if you think about it, he
10:36 am
believes because of this president thatter in has moved to the right, and therefore he can -- get a bigger piece of that had cake. now, 1994 we saw the center move to the right when we took over the congress in both houses. all right. under when bill clinton screwed up the first two years. so here we are -- we've got 30 republican governors, we control the majority of the state house it is in the united states for the first time in history. so to say that the republican brand is in debt is not going to -- be reality. >> so he thinks center has shifted he's going to get evangelical moved in his direction. >> that's correct. >> i have a shortage of time soipt to move on to chris chris a private conversation with him mac it public. >> chris christie said -- hold on. because his plan or for new hampshire they're putting everything into new hampshire.
10:37 am
and looks at it. new hampshire is starting to work for him. i can give you a scenario this may get me in trouble right. but i can give you a scenario. >> helps on this -- last team i was on. i can give you a scenario where -- trover does not win the first two proorms. cruz ands iowa. cruz wins south carolina. trump loses the first three primaries into super tuesday and isn't -- in deep south and i say he'll come up with a great trumpism to get out. >> yeah. i know -- >> to get out of the race. after losing three primaries in a row -- come on stuart. that doesn't bode well for him. it would be better for him to come up with why great trumpism and get out. what was significant which we're not talking about at the debates the other night was he gain
10:38 am
unequivocal to not rung as an independent. >> to staying -- >> all right. out of o time you know how it goes georgia. >> i'll get in trouble for this. this is my prediction you'll hold me to it. it's okay. >> losing caucus of the first two primaries. >> i'm sure i'm getting a call from donald trump right now. >> thank you very much indeed we appreciate it. now wait, i have this for you -- oh, no we're going -- didn't putin back trump? >> fast. give it to you right now. putin and trump? >> no. >> endorsing trump this is according to russian and putin said that donald trump is a very bright and talented person and, of course, at this point the absolute leader of the cial race don't forget trump said putin last month on 60 minutes he believes we'll have a very good relationship with russia and i'll have a very good
10:39 am
relationship with putin. >> there goes my prediction. >> when have you seen putin enendorse anybody? >> spending a lot of time on politics and election tiff to spend time on the market and bring in anna because you've got three stocks for us of great interest to our view percent because each of these stocks pays a very big dividend i want you to start with ford motor company what they're doing at this current stock price. >> well right now stuart, you know i'm not even sure it's a good time to own stocks. with stocks at an all time high but dividend producing stocks are absolutely ways to, and ford what you're betting on is you're getting on the fact that they've got some -- made some change he is. that i cut extensions a fresh line of products coming out with the mercury line and paying out a 4.5 or so percent dividend at this time as well and increased it. yeah, increased it 25% over o the last two years.
10:40 am
>> if i buy it now, am i going to get my 4.5% dividend yield this time next year? for sure -- >> that is the issue. it's not for sure ford, ford is weakest of the three that i have in mind. >> next one is verizon. verizon i think if i buy it now, at this price i get a 4.9% dividend that 46 a share. is that dividend secure? 4.9%? >> yeah, i believe that diff end is very secure. and the reason is because they paid it for 15 years in a row. they've increased it king consistently over that time. verizon is doing things to move forward too. they're almost a physical of the cell phone world if you will. they're on cutting edge l of technology. they're taking advantage of users using smartphones, they're getting into video. they've acquired a number of smaller carriers over last decade and recently aol i think they're on the forefront and i think that dividends is secure
10:41 am
biggest most secured dividend play that i can think of. >> let's go back to chevron they were yielding under 5% not too long ago. i think they're stl at 4.8% right now. is that dividend secure in the age of falling oil prices? >> that's a big question they've paid dividends for 20 years and increased for 28 years and they've made an absolute commitment to keep doing that. when you buy chevron you're betting on chevron you're betting on the management they've always done well we're talking about ab company around for a century and quarter, and reality is i don't think they're going to weak up one day and say oil prices are down. what do we do about it? they're getting into natural gas and other things so you're betting on the company by i would bet that dividend will continue to be followed regardless of what happens. that doesn't mean long-term. >> you've dug out nuggets and our viewers would look a 4% yield which is rammedly secure.
10:42 am
they like that. thank you so much sir. we appreciate it. next case wall street journal says who needs "star wars" the exciting universe. on the gop wars after this. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right >> i'm nicole petallides at your fox business brief, stocks are up 2% for the week but right now dow jones industrial average is
10:44 am
down u by about 80 points. 17,669. the s&p 500 down 11, nasdaq and down 10 worth weighing energy. if energy pulls become and broke below that 35 dollar level, going back near the 7-year close. that is 11 and a half year low marathon down to 6.5 year low. record holiday shipping helps the company with stocks up 3% right now. better than expected quarterly profit and revenue. general mill it is that is profits were higher. but still slumping. they've cut costs. but make betty crocker and sales are down about 4% start your day fox business, 5 a.m. fbn:am. see you there.
10:45 am
10:46 am
♪ >> oh, i get it. i get it. i just got it. that's the "star wars" music. [laughter] >> so this is gop wars, according to dan. >> can i get a copy of that? >> you can. >> dan is with us, he says forget star® look at the gop wars you want an ultimate universe that's where you find it in republican party. dan, welcome dan henninger
10:47 am
you're saying if trump wants to get out there and continue to win he's got to up his game, he's got to go for policy tell us what had his policy is. >> rights. >> that's your point. >> i divided the primary fight into two stages. we're going there period of opinion poll politics he's at the front of that. as we get closer to february and iowa caucus, primary in new hampshire then we go on to south carolina, and super tuesday in march. we're talking about voting booth politics where people start to get real and think about the fact that they're trying to elect someone who will govern. and -- trump has been kind of an opinion poll phenomenon he's look a rookie pitcher no one can hit l him. but you know in that debate the other night you had ted cruz and marco rubio get into some very substantive exchangings over privacy, metadata intervening in
10:48 am
the middle east, and that was fascinating stuff that dominated the debate those kind of politicians as you move into the primary are going to attract attention and trump i think has to start stepping up begans to that level. >> if trump does get more into policy then we're going to finding out more about what are you saying other day? 4 trillion he want it is diverted to infrastructure? you think people will go for that? >> that was a very strange statement for him -- because carly fiorina was correct she was amazed to hear a republican repeating almost precisely words of barack obama on spending money on infrastructure instead of on the merle. so he's got to work his way through those kinds of contradictions. but it's a little hard to sustain them across five months of primaries in 50 states. he's not a conservative. 4 trillion on infrastructure. what's conservative about that? what about had terrorists that he want it is to repose on china.
10:49 am
china stock coming here that's not conservative is it? >> no, it's nationalistic not necessarily conservative. >> it's not but he's caught the move over the country and many conservatives who are disgusting over way thing vaccination again over last seven years and trump embodies that rage and disgust. question for him, though, is whether, you know, he gets about 25, 27% in all of these polls. as you move into the proorms will those percentage it is begin to erode at the margin? he won't lose it all. but that's where you win or lose these elections. or you win or o lose the nomination as cruz and rubio push forward with a big ground game and substance appealing to voters in those states. do you think if he did give us more substance on policy do you think he would be just running away with it all over again? >> you don't do you? >> no i think he would be doing much better. let me say that i think ben carson for instance who was showing some foreign policy chops in that debate wait withed too long.
10:50 am
if ben carson had been like that from day one, i think he would stl be there. i think trump would be stronger if he began to develop a real substantive agenda. >> every thursday, all the way through to this extraordinary election, henninger from the wall street journal here on "varney & company." >> promise. >> above water. [laughter] >> wait for this. hover boards, you know, you've seen them burst into flames and banned from planes taking off the store shelf. look at this a hot christmas item and cheryl, there she is riding on one. no flames as of yet on her way -- to the stocks, the hover board is next. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you
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10:54 am
>> all right. hover boards are the hot toy of the season for more reasons than one but are they safe? reports sharing some of them exploding into flames and let airlines abandoned some people are taking them off shelfs. well shearl went out to see exactly how safe those boards actually are. take a look. ♪ whew.
10:55 am
>> the battery, the lithium-ion battery is why american united jett u blue don't want them in the cargo hold. but there's a lithium-ion battery. >> moved to go on cargo. >> and lg is the manufacturer. >> lg or samsung two name brndz you wanted on your board. >> how much is this? >> 9. 99 find it on street walk >> they want to launch an investigation because of what we see on television all of the fire. does ma make you nervous about your product? >> no. >> never had an accident on the hover board? >> tested before they're in consumer hands. >> heard if a customer got hurt? >> not hurt, but if you don't know -- first time you get on a bicycle you can't do it.
10:56 am
>> how many have you sold this year? >> sold online i would say over a thousand. but we're up to like a couple thousand in mom and pop shops. >> this is best christmas gift you can get somebody. only thing is you have to worry about is the quality of the be the rei. lithium battery do not buy the product. >>impressive cheryl is with us. you got on to this thing and learned it very quickly. >> l yes. >> you obviously have good balance. >> i do yoga and surfing all of that yeah, i have that but easy to get on. but look what he was saying about battery is here's the problem, anybody can make these darn things, and you've got to make sure like he said lg samsung is a lot of copy cats and a lot bad stuff out of chino ting there needs to be oversight on these things. >> congrats impressive. so we have a deal. we have a deal, agreeing on a 1.1 trillion dollar budget. bret baier up next. hour three of varney.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: voters are engaged in this election. politics is back on the front burner. this is not like other elections. trump is in this one. love him or hate him, he has had a huge impact. they checked out the candidates already. they have given them some consideration. this time, the electoral cycle, it is a huge number. it is a debate that pulled in the interest. a debate that help them learn more about the candidates. the tv rating has been astronomical. eleven months to go to the vote. that interest is really something. without trump, this would not be happening.
11:01 am
what he has also done is provide a suitcase for other republicans. they have all had a good look at the republican party. the establishment and the insurgents. they will have a deep date this saturday. smart politics to hide away on a saturday night right before christmas. a good idea to let the republicans tear themselves to pieces in prime time. i am not sure they are right. this may backfire. monday morning, we will see if it has made any gains in the in-your-face donald trump. ♪
11:02 am
look at the big board. down 116 points. >> eight driver down to 34. it could drop into the 20s. striking the whole market down. you would think that things would be up today. all the banks are down. a big selloff. >> there it goes. that mrs. clause rally. >> sometimes when i am here we have a rally. [laughter] >> let's see what has happened in the next hour or so. shall we? >> politics. joining us now is special report bret baier. >> good morning. good morning everyone on set.
11:03 am
the conservatives are extremely unhappy with the ryan budget deal. let me just read you a couple of things that the deal finances. if funds only goal billion race that. period it fails to allocate funds. conservatives are wildly unhappy. am i to assume that paul ryan went for it because the alternative was shutting down the government and he would get the blame? >> yes. there would be a lot of push backs. one of the problems with these pieces of legislation is they are so massive. mike emmanuelle will dig through it and lay out what is in this
11:04 am
big hill that will be voted on friday. paul ryan will take a hit with this bill. not positive for john boehner. jeff sessions saying that he'll is the reason why americans are peeled at washington. stuart: there is a possibility that they could claw back some of what is given away in this budget deal. >> not completely done. it is on the fast track. here is what happens. the smell of jet fumes starting to circulate around capitol hill. congressmen and senators really want to get on those planes to their families. sometimes, the pushback and the fortitude escapes them when they want to get out of there. it is a massive bill that the
11:05 am
leadership is saying, hey, we want this past. stuart: could you say right now that we will not shut down this government? i think that there is a possibility that someone steps up. stuart: on the show in about a half hour time. the house is smooth sailing. >> not happy 25 minutes from now. we will be watching seven hours from now. 6:00 p.m. eastern. we will be there. how about this. pharmaceutical's. they are cheap. he is the guy that raise the price of a life-saving aids medication.
11:06 am
he has been arrested by the fbi. what happened? ashley: the most hated man in america. this investigation. this is all about securities fraud. 2009-2014 using a hedge fund that he was managing as his own personal piggy bank. paying for food. calling it retrofitting. using money in stocks from that to pay off investors. he needed to deal with it on the hedge fund side. this was all the accusations. using these companies to presume personal use. stuart: okay.
11:07 am
look at the dow industrials. just a couple minutes ago. it is a factor in the stock market selloff. $34 a barrel as a speed. >> sound effects. there you go. the next price of gasoline in the national average today. twenty-six states where you buy gas at an average price below $2 a gallon. you can find some stations where it is 150 or below. >> that is good news. you and i see stuff all the time. it was for a long time. look at this. gretchen. that is mcdonald's. that is a new high. breakfast all day.
11:08 am
we talked about that one, too. >> okay. i am for it. stuart: i stuffed down those hashbrowns. i cannot believe that breakfast all day creates a record high every day for the past week. >> they need the jolt. the mac a lot of caffeine in it. market watch. she is here in new york city instead of san diego. [laughter] >> doing very well. stuart: a whopping great big stock market rally. you invest money for people. >> possibly. there is no reason for it. the fundamentals just aren't there. funded hide debt.
11:09 am
corporations giving really low rates. now, we're seeing the high-yield market blowing up. that will affect interest rates. thinking about corporate buybacks. that really dresses up earnings. you have 100 shares. that is $1 per share earnings. cut your shares in half. two dollars. makes it look good. fundamentals. stuart: you are not part of the team where you are saying you are 18,000 beyond. >> not at all. >> will we selloff? >> i think we were more posed for a selloff. in the short-term, technically oversold. fundamentally wise, over the long haul, i think we will see stocks down.
11:10 am
stuart: a lot of rich europeans. they are watching you as we speak had do they know what you are saying? we will not have a huge rally? >> the probability is, there are no guarantees in the market. the probability is not very high for a rally. who wants to try to time short-term. stuart: last one. i used to be a european and i used to be rich. not anymore. waiting to see it all flush out. you can see it all cheaper going forward. stuart: all right. okay. we've got it.
11:11 am
hillary clinton on the campaign trail. trying to show off what you may call her softer side. >> some of them, although, we will not give up on them. we will keep trying to reach out to them. >> we heard that. gretchen. i thought she came across right there as personable. friendly. nice smile. >> that is just exactly what it is. hillary clinton 2008. they were both treated totally different about their hair and what they are wearing. men are never asked those questions. a radio host in iowa said they were talking about the full deep. using the private term for the woman's privates part.
11:12 am
she survived presse breast-cancer, lost a child to drug addiction. listen, i think that we have to be very careful to treat the candidates with the same kind of treatment. what are they saying? stuart: trump versus hillary. do you agree with the proposition? >> trumps on favorability numbers keep getting better. that is an indicator that maybe he could overcome that. they cancel each other out with regards to people not liking. stuart: that is true. the dislikes of trump are getting less. >> a r, but they are equal to hillary's. >> how about this one for you as well. students at yell caught on tape. gretchen will respond to what you are about to see.
11:13 am
>> we are calling to appeal the first amendment. thank you. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> love it. ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> this is a great story. robotic skeletons. you can see a guy using it right on this program. the stock is up huge. >> an exclusive contract. providing coverage for those veterans who are paralyzed and qualify for this particular mechanism. it is amazing. they can help those paralyzed with spinal cord injuries stand up and move. as you can see, that was back in july i think it was, tremendous success. it is what they call a microcap. very, very small.
11:17 am
for this country, it is a big deal. by the way, larry shows in ski, he is on the show tomorrow. a filmmaker. a film maker convincing students at yell. roll tape. >> we are calling to repeal the first amendment. thank you. thank you. thank you. i appreciate it. i think the constitution should be one big safe place. >> i totally agree. >> that was yale. >> that is what 60 k will get you. i was admitted to yale. i chose to go to stamford. my daughter is interested in
11:18 am
yale. after seeing all the protesters, she does not want to go there anymore. after seeing this video, she really may not want to go there anymore. >> so much for free speech. protest that we have been seeing, that is free speech. it is absolutely ridiculous. i hope that none of the students are able to graduate yell. >> that is even more frightening. the first amendment is the right to free speech. we want the right to repeal it. i think you get a different response. >> you think so? >> i hope so. he talks to people. a lot of people do not even know who the president of the united states is. one of the most expensive institutions in the world.
11:19 am
being that i think you are right. that is a disgrace. let's get that to the election. poll numbers stay put where they are now, it looks like it is trump versus clinton in the 2016 presidential race. fundraiser. donor. what do you say, pete, if it is trump versus hillary. an awful lot of people are saying hillary wins. what say you? >> i think the worst thing to the republicans is somehow hillary stumbles and the democrats place her at convention or something like that. i think that there is a lifetime now and when it will be sorted out. we have a pretty good shot of winning november. >> you are on the establishment
11:20 am
side. that is how i associate you. >> i would like to believe i bring everyone together. been working the grassroots for the party for a long time. i am a business guy. in order to win elections, they are about addition not subtraction. we need to bring everyone together. >> you are a donor all-in-one. it is not trump. he is not taking any money. who is it? >> i am not bundling for a single person. i worked hard to get them going in the right direction. right now, i am on the sidelines. >> you have your preferences. you have your thoughts. who is it? >> i would be very comfortable with cruise.
11:21 am
those are the two that i think can get us over the finish line the best. >> jeb bush is a good man. a good conservative governor of florida. he is just not where the party is in 2015 and 16. >> you are keeping your money in the pocket. you figure out who is going to win. >> you seem to know everything about me. what is going on. >> coming back to the show. >> you can say we love ralph. yes, we do. the dow has just hit session lows. now we are down 178 points. i think the price of oil is
11:22 am
right around $35 a barrel. there is something more going on than just a down sound move with the price of oil. maybe it is profit-taking after all of this run-up that we have had recently. a war on christmas. this time, a school district senses the major message of charlie brown christmas. we will sort it all out for you in a moment. ♪
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
stuart: lied about write about the session lows for the dow industrial average. back at 175. why is this happening? the price of oil is down. that is a relationship we have had this week. boil up, stocks up. it is a down day today. elementary school presentation of a charlie found christmas. all religious references were removed from the charlie brown christmas. >> yes. talking from the gospel of luke. they are definitely christian references. talking about the christ child is born. a separation of school and
11:27 am
state. i am surprised that it has not come up before. i know people that are believers. this is really difficult to take. i am not so sure that they could get away with it. i will say this. i will tell you that i am surprised in a good way. i was like, wow. that is the first time. the first time i heard any real christian reference. >> that is interesting. that means that christmas is making a comeback. another school, in an area where i live, they do not allow santa hats anymore.
11:28 am
does anyone relate santa with christianity? stuart: who was really offended by religious -- >> one person. they complain instead of the majority. >> i will try to keep myself. >> do not go for this. >> i do not go for it either. 2:00 p.m. eastern. here is the big promo. we had a christmas lunch. 2:00 p.m. after this coming break, more political correctness running amok. harvard university. the placemat for social justice.
11:29 am
♪ it's a highly thercontagious it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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11:32 am
stuart: the dow jones industrial average is down. oil is tumbling again. 3476. they move in tandem. oil down, stocks down.
11:33 am
we learned late last night. conservatives, they are bad as hell. there will be no government shutdown. the conservatives say paul ryan, that guy just gave the store away. in exchange for lifting the ban on exports, lawmakers agreed to financial sanctions for the oil industry. providing tax credits for illegal aliens. all while providing no funds to create the border fence. that is just a small list of the litany of problems conservatives have with the budget. republican from texas and joins us now. you must be mad as hell in this. >> here once again. our leadership has negotiated with the democrats to get folks
11:34 am
to pass a funding bill rather than work with one of us that work with the majority of the republican party. yes, it funds these things that should have been stopped. we have to put language in that defines them. yes, we will allow the export of oil which will take some of that. however, we're refunding a program that was dead. it allows the government to applied millions more acres. we are also authorizing, not stopping a president program that will kill the coal industry. i have a daughter living in europe. they provide coal every day. we are not moving much of anything about that. we will allow the president to keep putting energy off-limits.
11:35 am
we are quadrupling the number of visas that allow unskilled workers to come in and bring down wages of working americans. >> all true. we, on the show, just a half hour ago, brett baier knows a thing or two about politics. a chance that this budget goes through as is. the timeframe that is involved. the votes in the senate. not going to happen. this thing is going to pass. >> some of the leaders saying, we have to do this. we were dealt a bad hand. boehner left us in this shape. doing the things that we want to prioritize. the problem is, this will fund the government through
11:36 am
september 30. do you honestly think that the things we put in this spending bill will be different six weeks before the election? you think we will get more out of obama? thanks very much for being with us. monica crowley. hillary linden is struggling to navigate your way through the new democratic party. bill de blasio of new york city. monica is with us right now. the far left. you think that hillary fits right in the middle of the far left. >> she is trying to define herself in this party. she is temperamentally comfortable in it.
11:37 am
she saw her husband have success in kicking the democratic party. from the far left to the center. he was a partner test. a southern moderate. now this party is barack obama's party. uncomfortable there, she is trying to navigate. keeping the lives of it warned people happy. the democratic party not endorsing her get. >> do you think that hillary, when she wins the primaries, can she come back to the center question work can she do that? in order to appeal to a general election. she is not going to want to do it. we know that this woman is very stubborn. what i am saying is she will
11:38 am
have a very difficult time did not only navigating this process, but she probably will be the nominee. stuart: honestly, i disagree. i do not think hillary clinton will try to come back to the center. shell out the goodies. free college here. give it away. tax the rich to pay for it. >> that is my point. that is where her party is. that is what she is putting out in the primaries. she will have to rely on mad because she has already committed to it. being a little more hawkish on foreign-policy to try to neutralize the left. stuart: i have 20 seconds.
11:39 am
if hillary stays on the left, if she goes up against trump, does hillary win or lose? >> i think she may in fact lose. >> she stays on the far left, she will lose. >> if she comes to the middle, she will win. stuart: thank you very much. >> and stuart? [laughter] stuart: at this moment, hillary beats trump. that is what i think. >> i think that you are wrong at this moment. trump has incredible potential for crossover appeal. people voted democrat their whole lives. trump is seeking to the issue that threatens their livelihood. >> back guy sitting in the oval office saying being. >> i think that a lot of people well. yeah. stuart: i have to get this story.
11:40 am
this one is for you, gretchen. college administrators handed out holiday placemat. social justice. instructing students how to answer raise questions over the holidays. >> it is residential education. it is not indoctrination. it has a variety of questions on there about race and justice and how you should discuss it with loved ones. here is one of the questions. this is under the section did student activism. why are black students complaining? they should have to be in college. they suggest students respond by saying when i hear students expressing their experiences on campuses, i do not hear complaining. they are instructing a way to have family conversations. i think that it is indoctrination.
11:41 am
>> this is harvard. really smart people. they are telling you what to say. >> this is the classic move. harvard just took a page out of the administration playbook. turkey and thanksgiving. they are homeless to suggestions. very coordinated up roach. >> i have been a citizen for one month. no regrets. flat amir putin singing the praises of donald trump. we will show you exactly what he said. now, defense secretary ash carter also used private e-mail for oafish the business. judge napolitano on that one in a minute.
11:42 am
11:43 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average down. three days of gains. a fed rate hike. all selling across the board. the nasdaq composite down 35. commodities under pressure. a stronger u.s. dollar today as well. over 2%. down by caterpillar.
11:44 am
goldman sachs and merck. all 1% each. positive news for pandora. they will have to pay less than expected. there was an increase. there could have been more. stocks up about 13 and a half percent. solar stocks. some pulling back. this is after a decision. ♪
11:45 am
11:46 am
>> you believe this one? endorsing donald trump for the presidency. what did you say? >> he is a very outstanding man. it is not up to us to judge his virtue. he is the absolute leader of the presidential race. he also said he was a very flamboyant man. >> well, that would be true. putin has also said some things that do not necessarily pan out to be true. it is interesting to see how trump would take this on. >> someone to play with. seriously, i think he likes to play that cat and mouse as monaco was saying earlier. we're moving on. a much more serious subject next. defense secretary ash carter also like hillary used a private
11:47 am
e-mail address to conduct business. judge of volatile -- judge napolitano is here. what hillary did with the top secrets on her private server. conducting government business. >> none of us know what the business is. good morning. we do not know enough facts in the case. remember, hillary did this for systematically for four years. it appears carter did it for a brief period of time. we do not know what that means. did he return all of the e-mails and metadata that a company -- mrs. clinton did not. did he wipe clean the server that he did use or is that still available for government inspectors?
11:48 am
did he receive or transmit on the non-governmental menu. we do not know the answers to any of those questions. the national security laws of the united states of america do not require criminal intent in order to violate them. you can be prosecuted for negligence. if you negligently failed to secure national security. >> for what it is worth, i take this point of view. this reflects badly on the performance of government. if you are the defense secretary to united states of america, don't put anything onto your on to your private e-mail. you are the defense secretary. >> absolutely. the picture is bigger than that. the justice department is prosecuting soldiers and sailors
11:49 am
who work for him. doing far less than what he did. with respect to national security secrets. a sailor takes a selfie in front of a sonar screen and turns it to his girlfriend. the girlfriend is not a russian spy. a marine accuses his gmail account to warn his superiors that there is a guy in the encampment in afghanistan that looks like in afghanistan cup. he starts killing people and they kill him. going into the gmail account. they have both indicted and they both are being prosecuted. stuart: judge napolitano, thank you. good to have you here. appreciate it. the wait is over. the star wars movie has arrived. we have someone who is seen it. he likes it a lot. next. ♪
11:50 am
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11:53 am
♪ >> they are real.
11:54 am
this is it. you have all been waiting for this. it officially opens. superstars fan is with me now. he has seen it. you absolutely love it. >> you love it anyway. i am a big fan of the prequel. this felt like star wars. the first 15 minutes. you feel like you are watching it. >> he is a new to this movie. every american around the world will want this. >> you think that this is the major self. >> the majority of the star wars. it does grave products. this is a robo control toy that is available exclusively at target. you can find it on sale right
11:55 am
now. >> it took a beating. 7999. it is going to be crazy. >> you have to be 40. >> yes, i am 44. >> what the hell are you doing? >> a point of knowledge. stuart: most star wars fans did not like the last three. you say that this is a total turnaround. >> is takes you back to the star wars universe that everyone falls in love with. it just feels like star wars. it is serious. it is exciting. a lot of action in the movie.
11:56 am
stuart: that helmet there. the darth vader helmet. >> no. the new villain in the movie. going to see it this weekend. he obviously plays a key role in the movie. people will be excited about it. >> did you come all the way to new york to be with us on the set to tell us how wonderful star wars is? >> my goal is to make you a star wars fan. >> you want to make money out of this. [laughter] >> buying disney and hasbro stock. stuart: i knew it. >> is it really a cliffhanger at the end of this? >> yes. there is. it is not a cliffhanger like
11:57 am
empire strikes back. there is major, major developments in the movie. if you want to go in fresh, stop reading anything. >> how do you get in before the general public? >> people in the media. >> i have told you before,. stuart: well, thank you very much indeed. more varney after this. thank you. ♪
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> caught the mood of the country and many conservatives who are disgusted over the way things have gone the less seven years, the trump embodies, takes 27%, as you move into the primaries will those percentages the road at the margin?
12:00 pm
stuart: dan henninger error on this program. our thanks to ashley webster and gretchen carlson. our time is up. neil: seeing a lot of red going on here, we will detail what is getting it and why. and security alert which seems to be building premier entertainment across the country particularly disney which is beefing up security, following see world and others doing the same. increased security at disney theme parks, increased bomb sniffing dogs, and l.a. guns for a theme park with a great ploy


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