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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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"the donald" here to make nfl logos great again. i wonder what the nfl, you know how sensitive they are about logos or copyrights. some are wonderful. i love it. >> i feel like a cease and decencies letter going out right now. david: i like it. i want one. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we're hitting isil harder than ever in syria and iraq. we're taking out their leaders. our partners on the ground are fighting to push isil back. isil has been losing territory. so we're sending a message. if you target americans you will have no safe haven. we will find you and we will defend our nation. dierdre: u.s. treasury secretary jack lew about to hold a press conference in the next few minutes. we'll bring you his comments live. but the order of the day cutting off terrorist money supply. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the u.s. and more than 30 countries are working together
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to stop the cash flow to isis. banks around the world, pledging to work together, pledging to send each other alerts when there are suspect cash movements and withdrawals. meantime, retired lt. general tom mcinerney is with me now. general, thank you for the time. do you think this first, ever, security council session, led by finance ministers this, is the first, can actually help to fight terrorism? >> i think they can, deirdre. i'm absolutely delighted. but where were they 16 months ago? again, this is, is this administration, and is the u.n. serious about defeating islamic terrorism? that is the question. and by, again i applaud them for doing it but where were they 16 months ago? dierdre: where were they 16 months ago is the right question. as you already know, general, isis by far is the richest terrorist organization in the world, appropriating farmland,
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selling stolen oil, extortion, kidnapping, donations as well from rich benefactors. what i want to know with all of that, isis is not exactly following a rule of law as we would understand it. so, are they really going to be hurt even if we manage to shut down a few paths in the global banking system? >> well i think it will get to them the degree of hurt will be really how efficient and how effective we are. and so, i'm still, from st. louis on that one, deirdre. let's wait and see. dierdre: let's wait and see indeed. i want to alert viewers. we'll show video that sources from the ground say is the result of russian airstrikes having, if you like, cutting in half the islamic state's proceeds from illegal oil trades. so bringing it from 3 million annually, to 1 1/2 million.
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this is true, from military standpoint, general, does this mean isis will be more motivated to take over more oil fields? >> i think they will attempt to. but i do not see isis expanding with the russians there. the russians are using their air power far more effectively than we are. and some may say not in accordance with the law of land warfare? the fact they are getting results. they're not very accurate. so they have more collateral damage. but sometimes collateral damage is necessary in warfare to get your objective sooner. dierdre: general, sound like what you're saying that you feel like russia is being more effective in syria and in iraq fighting isis than the u.s. right now? >> clearly in syria they are. they haven't done that much if any in iraq, deirdre. but they clearly have been effective in syria. dierdre: now speaking of politics and russia, russian
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president vladmir putin says republican candidate donald trump is outstanding and talented man. >> translator: he is a very flamboyant man, very talented, no doubt about that. but this is not up to us to decide if he is worthy. it is up to the voters in the united states. he is an absolute leader of the presidential race as we see it today. he says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a closer, deeper level of relations with russia. how can we not welcome that? of course we welcome it. dierdre: so, general, why would the russian president so openly support trump? what is in it for putin? >> oh, i think he is playing with our political system, a little psychological warfare, deirdre. he is very clever at it. and you know in all honesty, donald trump's got some good points. we ought to be working, i believe, with the russians over
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there to come to a resolution of this problem. i'm not convinced anybody in syria is going to give us a jeffersonian democracy. so let's work with what we have. let's take out the difficulty part of it. i believe if the united states and russians can come together to get stability, that's what we need in that region, is stability, and maybe working with the russians. and it is obvious secretary kerry is because in his last presentation from the talks he indicated that the u.s. and he won't say this directly but certainly intimated that assad will stay, at least for a while. by the way, that may not be so bad. dierdre: okay. well, if the point is stability, as you just said, that in fact it makes sense from diplomatic standpoint, and stability standpoint. speaking of working together, there is a new report that belgium missed a chance to catch one of the paris terrorists
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because of a law that's basically been in place since 1969. so this is essentially left over from that time period that limits raids between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. i want to know, general, do you see these anti-raid hours which are obviously being reviewed right now similar to the u.s. policy to not look at visa applicants social media accounts? of course this comes up because of tashfeen malik, one of the california killers? >> almost identical, deirdre, shows degree or look of seriousness in this war against radical islam. and both are very similar. of course the belgium one goes back before we had the spread of radical islam. but they both are the same. until we get serious in western europe, united states and rest of the world, how we will attack and defeat radical islam, that is the threat and name of it. mr. obama, please call it what
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it is. dierdre: retired lt. general tom mcinerney. thank you so much, general for the time. we love having you. >> thanks, deirdre. dierdre: lt. general tom mcinerney. you're looking live shot outside of the famous chinese theater in hollywood. "star wars" fans from all over the world are waiting there to see "the force awakens," the premier of course. two fans are actually getting married by the way there to commemorate the event. they have been waiting in line since december 5th. the wedding will be officated by somebody dressed as obi-wan ken nobody -- kenobi. we'll bring you there. quick headline. leaping into out of control semi-truck, clinging to its side, the leap of faith ended up saving other drivers and drivers on the road. the driver passed out because of a diabetic reaction.
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enrique the man who allegedly supplied rifleses, the ones used in the san bernardino killings, is in federal custody on unspecified charges. we'll bring you up to speed next. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> law enforcement official fox news that enrique marques -- marquez, friend and neighbor of killers, syed farook an tash tax is in custody. he allegedly supplied the rifles use in the attack. judge andrew napolitano is with me right now. we florida he -- understand he is in custody. the charges are specified.
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marquez checked himself into institution right away. so do you think he knew what was going to happen. >> first of all, deirdre, always nice to be with you. better to be with you in person than stuck in d.c. today. not a bad gig. dierdre: i agree with you, judge. >> we don't know what was going through his head but i'll tell what you we do know. we know he sang like a bird to the fbi for two weeks. two weeks of interrogation. in this case, relatively amicable interrogation, almost debriefing, is a treasure trove of information that he gave the government. what we don't know is, was a lawyer present? was the two weeks of singing so to speak to the fbi pursuant to some kind of agreement with the government? or did this guy just decide to do the right thing and spill his guts to the fbi, oblivious to the danger which he was exposing himself to the words he gave them. we know that he is not in federal custody. he is in state custody.
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so there exists somewhere in a courthouse, not yet public, made publicly available, a state charge against him. so he is being held by state authorities until the feds can gather information and indict him. then he will be brought before a federal magistrate. dierdre: judge, what is the most strict sentence -- and i know there are a lot of moving part here but what would be worst-case scenario for him? >> conspiracy to commit mass murder in which case he would be exposed to the same penalty for which the killers, had they lived would have been exposed that's the most serious. quite frankly, if he had a lawyer, the lawyer would have negotiated away from that, he said to the feds, you agree not prosecute him for the highest, strongest charge you have against him he will talk to you before the cows come home. if the guy talked without any kind of a deal, then the fed can use the own words he gave to
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them as evidence of, for charges and prosecution against him. dierdre: judge, i want to shift gears and ask you about martin shkreli. he is known for dramatically increasing price of a prescription drug by 5,000%. he has been arrested for securities fraud as time of hedge fund manager. it is not related to the increasing the drug price. federal prosecutors spoke on the so-called ponzi scheme charges earlier today. >> here is where the ponzi scheme similarities begin. shkreli used money from msp health care to pay off debt as msnb capital. why did he do that? he did that owe obscure lies he told investors and mainly that the investments were doing well and they were getting handsome returns. dierdre: judge, this could be construed as karma. this guy has such interesting story.
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his parents apparently came here from croatia. they worked as janitors to put him through school. seems the nation is a little more attuned to his story because he represents the american dream at same time he is taking it down. he is out on $5 million pond. with seven charges against him he could go away something like 20 years, right? >> yeah. the highest charge here is securities fraud which is 20 years maximum. i read the indictment. i don't want to gain say it. but basically guarden variety. if we doesn't have the incident with him involving 5,000% increase on medication, we probably wouldn't spend all this time talking about him. in my opinion it is not a big deal. it is lower level in terms of the amount of money that was involved around it is old news. if the government went after him because they don't like what he did in charges on this medication that is reprehensible
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and the indictment should be dismissed. if they went after him because they really have evidence of criminal behavior on his part, well that is what the government is supposed to do. -- dierdre: judge to, your point, if he just didn't create a lightning rod situation for himself. he was online all the time. i guess we have video from youtube, playing the guitar, playing chess. going through online dating profiles. there is the video. for some reason his hand is on his head. seems he called a lot of attention to himself. dierdre: i mean, what you're showing in the youtube video is nothing different than what we see in youtube videos of all kinds of people. he drew attention to himself by the cold, cavalier attitude that showed about the increase in the 5,000% increase in the cost of this pill. he agreed to reduce it. he rescinded the agreement. now that behavior is morally reprehensible but it is lawful and it can't form the basis of a
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criminal prosecution. if that, if that caused the feds to look for something else with which to go after him, that too taints their prosecution of him. we don't know answers to that. the case, against him as i said, seems weak and garden-variety. it will be tested, it will be tested in the courts. dierdre: clarity is our purpose. you help us with that i want to ask you about one more legal issue. hillary clinton not only one accused of using personal email for work purposes. defense secretary ash carter admitted to doing the same. his comments from earlier. >> what i did, i shouldn't have been doing, until a few months ago, was occasionally use my iphone to send administrative messages, no classified information and backed up as records but to my immediate staff. and even that i shouldn't have been doing. dierdre: all right.
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so he says no classified information. everybody just heard us play that the clip. but what does he face? does he face disciplinary measures? >> well he faces an investigation to see if there is classified material. the reason there must be an investigation to see if there is classified material that was, that, routed through thinks iphone and whatever server the iphone was on, is because the failure to protect classified material is a felony. and it doesn't require the government to show intent. it is a rare federal crime where the negligent treatment, mrs. clinton, are you listening? the negligent treatment of confidential secret or top secret material can form the basis of a prosecution. and he knows that. because he knows what mrs. clinton has been going through. so if his statement is correct, that nothing classified was on there, classified is the layperson's term.
5:19 pm
confidential, top secret, secret is the legal terms. he has very little to worry about. his candor was forthcoming. he seems like a babe in the woods compared to mrs. clinton's obsfucations. if there is with confidential or secret material on there, then the criminal division ever the justice department must investigate for the reason i just explained. his job is to protect it. the failure to protect it, even the negligent, non-intentional failure to protect it can be a basis of a prosecution. dierdre: judge, around the world in a minute. we thank you so much. >> these are a lot of topics but it's a blast to be with you, even by remote. dierdre: judge, likewise, thank you, thank you. >> you're welcome. dierdre: fox news senior judicial analyst. if you love weddings and "star wars" this is for you a live shot from chinese theatre in hollywood. two uber fans are getting married.
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caroline ritter 34, a mining company truck driver. andrew porters, fireman. they are both from australia. quite lickly they will be seeing movie next. we hope it is a good wedding present for them. that is happening right now in california. quick caught on camera headline. a driver loses control in icy road in russia, crashing into barrier, flipping over the a bridge. the suv fell 25 feet. amazingly the driver survived. when we come back, hillary clinton announcing she wants to tax the rich but will not stop at "buffett rule" at 30%. find out how high she is saming after this. >> i'm going to fight hard to try to implement what is called the "buffett rule." the "buffett rule" says that millionaires should pay at least 30% income tax rates.
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>> i will try hard to implement what is called the "buffett rule." the buffett rule says millionaires should pay at least 30% income tax rates instead of 10, fifteen, 20 and i want to go even further. dierdre: hillary clinton cited legendary investor warren buffett. betsy, will this kind of message help hillary get elected? >> message could be theoretically valuable. only only thing call her generating revenue for the "buffett rule" would generate
5:25 pm
$4 billion which put as teens any nick in the deficit. it is sticking it to rich people for sake of sticking to rich people which democrats might like but general election voters might not be jazzed about. dierdre: john what about her own campaign? she has a lot of support from so-called 1%. >> she just came off of a visit with warren buffett. so i think it is pretty wise of her to talk about income inequality with one of the great businessmen and entrepreneurs and capitalists in the country. he is somebody who advocated this a long time. so i think pivoting off the "oracle of omaha" you would think more republicans would like his message. they like his message when he is helping them make money and using his wisdom to make money but when he talks about income ineye quality and things like this, they tend to forget his wisdom. dierdre: all right. i want to go to a town hall meeting in iowa because hillary clinton there admitted that obama care or the affordable care act is causing some employers to keep workers on
5:26 pm
part time. that is to say, to avoid providing health coverage. i'm going to quote her here. i really worry about it because there is trend to try to move and more and more people into part-time work. what is your take, betsy, how we see the labor market right now? >> well, look it is not great. the fact that hillary said this is quite astonishing. what is a gaff, when politician says something. democratic front-runner pegged to the president's health care reform. over at rnc i think they're popping bottles of champagne, that the she named the aca? come on. >> i think, much ado about nothing, betsy. i think there is something out there called perm temps, big
5:27 pm
corporations don't bring them on full time and temporary workers. this has been going on a long time before obamacare came online. part of what she was talking about is that problem. i don't see this as big gaffe at all. >> that is true, she actually referred to the care care though. she referred to care care is part of the reason for this problem. the fact she named it much more of an issue we might think otherwise. dierdre: betsy, john, thank you both. glad to have you here. get our viewers back to california to the famous chinese theater you know about in hollywood, where two uber "star wars" fans were just married. the couple waited more than two weeks in line. you can see a cake arriving now with, what looks like light sabres. i'm guessing r2-d2 cake. she are a couple who were there from australia. perhaps their first act as married couple will be to see the "star wars" film. there it is. live shot there from california. if you like weddings and like "star wars," there you go.
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all right. things got a little feisty the other night at republican debate. trump is saying that all fights appear as they are, to be last night on "jimmy kimmel." we'll bring you more comments after this. >> real tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way -- >> let's see. i'm at 42, you're at 3. i'm doing belter. >> doesn't matter. >> so far i'm doing better. you started off over here, jeb. you're moving over further and further. pretty soon you will be off the end. ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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>> you interrupted me. >> have you apologized yet? no. am i allowed to finish? >> go ahead, mr. trump. >> build up your energy, jeb. >> one of the time. deirdre: that was one of the more intense moments from the gop debate last night on jimmy kimmel donald trump was jimmy's guest, and they talked about the politics of campaigning. >> i would like to see the republican party come together. i have been divisive in the says that i've been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit. [laughter] >> we have to come together and get this thing done. >> do you think they are scared of you? >> i don't think so. >> ii think he is. >> i think he's scared.
5:33 pm
deirdre: my power political panel is back. daily beast politics reporter and democratic strategist john rally. what do you make of trump calling for gop unity? >> it is interesting. originally he seemed a little bit on the fence. the fact that he is saying he is going to support whoever the nominee is assuming that it will be himself, that is a big deal because so many republicans are ripping their hair out over things he has said. the prohibitive frontthe prohibitive front runner means it only been so much that now he is playing nice. >> jimmy kimmel calling out donald trump on his medical report. >> a laboratory tests were astonishingly accurate. physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.
5:34 pm
unequivocally the healthiest individual ever elected to the president. deirdre: i want to get your take on that. donald trump, a lot of his business was in atlantic city in the casinos. i feel like he came up with don king. do you feel like that explains his campaign? >> a medicala medical report written by the likes of don king. it almost sounds like it was written by trump himself. to be that over the top is incredible. the thing earlier as well in terms of him talking to jimmy kimmel. himkimmel. him with an olive branch in one hand and nitroglycerin in the other. he may implode whether he wins or doesn't when. it's hilarious to see him talk about being an olive branch candidate. deirdre: a quick reminder, foxbusiness hosting the
5:35 pm
1st debate of the new year thursday january 14. on the international front getting back to donald trump , the us relationship with russia would be better if you were president. >> i think i would get along well with vladimir putin. i just think so. obama and he, he hates obama. obama hates him. we have unbelievably bad relationships. deirdre: what do you think putin has to gain? >> it is hard to tell. this romance is very interesting. i thinki think this will be harmful later on the campaign. this reminds me of when oprah endorsed obama around iowa. i think this will be an inverse where this endorsement will haunt trump later in the primary, whether his campaign lost another ten weeks or ten
5:36 pm
months. deirdre: does it show that trump is likable from the point of view of russia, or does it show that putin thinks trump can be manipulated? >> i don't think anyone is looking for president who is essentially cozying up to one of our greatest adversaries. democrat or republican will be looking for someone strong which is certainly a message that hillary clinton has been putting out there. this countersues tough talk on immigration and foreign-policy, and he is all over the board. he is all over the board. deirdre: this should be the kiss of death. t party folks and conservative activists are now on board with a guy who is practically been endorsed by authoritarian former kgb agent is bonkers. that tells us something fascinating and unusual.
5:37 pm
thank you forthank you for your time. a quick caught on camera. prime minister getting punched in the face by a teenager during a campaign stop. the team told security he wanted a selfie. mark zucker berg, founder and ceo of facebook, some saying he could be doing more. find out how after this. >> recruiting through the internet, isis is using the internet better than we are. we should be using our brilliant people, our most brilliant minds to figure a way that isis cannot use the internet. on 2nd we should penetrate the internet and find out exactly where isis is. ♪ why pause to take a pill?
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♪ >> isis is recruiting through the internet. isis is using the internet better than we are using the internet. we should be using brilliant people, our most brilliant minds to figure way that isis cannot use the internet and on 2nd we should be able to penetrate the internet and find out exactly where isis is. >> technology is often called the great disruptor, and it has been. we need to put the great disruptors to work in disrupting isis and stopping them from having this open platform for communicating. deirdre: social media executives are taking the heat from politicians. the smartest people in the room are not doing anything to stop terrorists from using their platforms to communicate. twitter and facebook to ban certain types of content.
5:42 pm
with me now. thank you for being here. how and why do you see silicon valley be stronger in the fight against terror because their defense and general is there only creating the tools not the use cases. >> it is important to look at the precedents of the big companies are made. google, google will actually not let revenge porn images surface on searches. reports of someone getting murdered which is what some of these isis videos contain deirdre: i want to stop you there. you are saying there are visual identifiers. just purely from a tech standpoint that allow people and machines to do visual
5:43 pm
physical identification if they can be used to stop graphic -- trafficking. >> more that the company has been notified, and image that they would like to be blocked. you are correct, but i am referring to notification schemes, this is a revenge porn and i am being victimized, google will take a look at that and not allow the image to be surfaced and searched even though it is not technically banned content. could they do the same someone says there is an image of someone being executed and murdered out in the battlefield and this is an appropriate and they could conceivably do the same thing, one might argue that person has been victimized by having permit spread over the internet.
5:44 pm
on the 65 on the facebook side they do scrub the newsfeeds of some of the more horrific images, but facebook has a system where someone seems like they are posting suicidal messages facebook will send a note to that person, resources, and whoever report of the comments were good advice on how to help that person. if there trying to stop people from being suicidal they can conceivably stop someone going down the path of becoming radicalized. >> your point is well taken. i no they received a lot of kudos for being an outreach company. >> correct. could that be extended to other applications? isolated youth might go down the path of becoming radicalized and what we want to reach out to those youth in the same way we do to someone who is showing signs
5:45 pm
of being suicidal? that is something that would be worth discussing. it is conceivable. has been research on how to bring people back from the brink and help them get resources that they need. deirdre: we are glad to have your report card, on facebook, google will be talking about this a lot. joining me they're from mit tech review. the most widely held stock in the us is dropping. is it a moment to buy? what is behind the management shuffle at apple. my next guest has an opinion. a less than stellar product announcement is part of the move. also, around $2 a gallon.a gallon. we will talk about where prices could go. or plain water. and even though theirain water. dentures look clean, in reality they're not.
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deirdre: apple is reshuffling management. longtime employee jeff williams will be the new clo. the last clo is tim cook. take a look at the stock response. year to date apple stock is down by about one half percent. our market panel is here. trying to buy apple on the lower price or not? >> absolutely. apple is a very good buy. the stock is down because of lowered expectation on sales, but apple dominates the start -- the smartphone business, gobbling up almost the entire profitability of the industry.
5:50 pm
apple is poised to have a very good next 1212 months. the market is giving you a buying opportunity. deirdre: we will take your point. some analysts are saying that apple will not sell nearly as many iphones next year is expected. is that change your view on whether or not someone who gets a thousand dollars for christmas, should that person go by apple stock? >> their products have not innovated enough. there is not enough that has gone from the six to this access. as much as i like apple is a company, they sit on a ton of cash and other major innovator in the industry, i struggle with the fact that they are not doing enough to push the needle. deirdre: i want to shift gears away from technology and look at energy. as far as energy prices go,
5:51 pm
gasoline is great for consumers on a daily basis, $2 a gallon and seems like the us may begin to export oil for the 1st time in 40 years. >> consumers are getting a nice presence at the holiday time period right now. we have been advising clients over the next year we have a nice opportunity to fill up our gas tank, but we believe in the 2nd half of next year you could see prices move up. the debacle in the high-yield market is closing off an avenue that a lot of people have had to raise capitol cheaply. you will seek production continue to decline. the debacle in the high-yield market will slow production in the us. we think that you could see prices drift up back to the 50, 55, certainly not to 100. deirdre: what does that mean for buying energy stocks?
5:52 pm
>> we have a market waiting. our picks have done fairly well. we have aired on the side of the refiners them about we had a good conversation with our energy analysts earlier this week and decided now is not the time to buy. we thinkbuy. we think we will see better buying opportunities 1st quarter next year. we are poised to add to positions, not subtract. >> if you look at some of the sectors of the energy space, especially the pipeline operators, they have been hit hard and unjustly. it is a good opportunity has a special subsector, and i agree that energy prices are going to come above this resistance level.
5:53 pm
my target would be $55-$60 a barrel. i think it is an opportune time to take advantage. deirdre: all right.right. thank you both. glad to have you here. a new study shows cancer is more likely the fault of the patient's lifestyle versus bad dna. doctor marc siegel is my guest next with his best advice on how to have a healthy 2016. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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