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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  December 20, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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in the next year. >> i am an analog and when star wars goes to digital, itunesed out. i will tell you what i am coming back that's good for ten percent. >> thank you. we continue. terror threat and closing the schools and businesses. metal detectors appear nothing the magic kingdom. staff souring at sea world and a whole new vision screening universe. we're told that it's for our own safety so deal. glad to have you. i am neil and if this is the new normal someone tell me what defines normal. there's nothing normal about it or settling for what is going on. even ben stine and sometimes adam and charlie and katie are
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having their fill of it. charles, it's just deal attitude that we're getting. you don't like it? >> no, it should be kill the enmir so that we can get back to the lives. do what they're supposed to do and last saturday going to the mall and the entire mall evacuated. the entire mall evacuated. the entire school is evacuated. we don't want to live like this and should not have to. >> i agree. the president says that we have to take in more syrian rev you -- that's what we have to do. as we're doing that, just deal with the other stuff.
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he is looking to what i think the way of life just to satisfy his goal to boost the rules of democratic voters. >> yeah, 2,500 syrians are going to elect. >> not when you keep it rolling year after year, it helps. >> yeah, and it's just setting and getting used to this. it's like getting used to the two percent growth and getting used to the fact that we're going to have recovery. that's the way that it is and getting used to the fact that it's on the uptake. that's going deal and it's settling for stuff. it worked for me in school, and the upside. i don't know about the american policy. what do you think? >> well, the first thing is that the reason that it's evacuated, the husband called because he did not want to go to shopping at the last minute. >> yeah, that's another domestic terrorism. >> to anxious the questiswer th
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think that it's a good thing. we get come play september and that's why some of these things happen. we see something and don't necessarily say something. when you look at who is increasing the security in the private sector and sea world, disney world and land, they're doing it for two reasons. they don't want to be sued if something happens. and secondly they don't want something to happen in the parks that could be down the road detrimental. >> they all did this of their own and not because of the government. with disney those 14 and older could not dress up. your thoughts on the whole thing. >> well with, i would just like to say first of allel that i don't like katie coming on the show and being reasonable. i am the one that's supposed to say the reasonable things. >> he is the one that's going t
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te telephone that looks like a b m bomb. no problem with that. >> i don't like that. >> well, nobody likes that. >> apparently they do. we're all settling for it. we're all okay with the sub par. >> well, on this topic i don't see why we're settling. number one you don't have to agree with what the president is doing. we're trying to beat the enemy. that's the issue. >> no, we're not. no we're not. >> okay. let me finish my point. >> would you rather we stick the head in the sand and say that's cool. i rather we win and crush them and stick their heads and bodies in the sand. >> i know that you're changing the subject. >> i'm not changing the subject. you kill isis and this goes away. i do want to end up with ben and
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it's the same argument that we settle for the same response to the same old terror. we settle for the growth because we can not remember the time and growth and what it was. we settle for the jobs and then settle and settle and settle for the u.s. and though the being a world leader like it used to be. i think that bit by bit gives away the dna and gives away who we are. that's our bias. >> i am a fan and i don't think that the two percent growth rate has a thing to do with the theme parks. i think that we're moving to the style security state. i don't think that we can boom isis out of existence. it represents a mental illness. i think that we have to high heighten security for the future. i don't see a thing wrong with it. >> i think i am willing to do
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it. my only point and i hear what you're saying. we expect when we hear the media and the president outlines another one and how we're going deal with it, it's the same issues and how to do. we expect the same one. we expect the same responses and that's what i am lumping it. >> yeah, it's whatever. >> it's not the same response. the whole country is changing dramatically. >> the leader are not getting it. >> it's all got to change. >> ben. ben. why should we -- i don't think that ben agrees but why don't we expect the same policy that has the lunatic toss the country? >> i could not agree more. donald trump said something about bringing the muslims and stopping them from the country. his theory was right.
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there are people in certain countries that they're importing that want to kill us. >> yeah. >> absolutely. it's about time that we stop the immigration from the countries. >> i will tell you why but they have to remember -- you have to go back to first principal. it's a fundamental to the country's values. >> no, it's not. >> where does the word appear in the constitution? >> it does not. >> it's the idea of people wanting go kill us. >> i will say it once. >> can we bring it back to the context of what we're talking about here? we're talking -- >> you should be the host. >> the guest is butting into the conversation here. we talk about the new normal and
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security and people feeling on edge and not going to the mall or same bars because they feel that they're not safe. he makes a point because the people that came here and carried out the attacks came here as immigrants, and look at the state department releasing yesterday and saying that they're going to revisit the k 1 visa program and if it's too easy for people that are marrying to come to this country legally even. is it too easy to do that? >> we have to win the war with isis and you have home grown terrorists. he was born in america. you have to destroy isis. it's not about putting up a fence and being safe. if we do not destroy them, they inspire. >> it's a combination of everything. we have to do more than one thing at once. >> that's the point. we're settling for second best and you have to have an effort.
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>> the crazy thing is that we can't. by the way kill them and don't bring them in here. >> ben, you remember a time when the kids in school used to practice hiding and they thought that the union. >> very well. >> we lived through periods of that and when we won, we did not have to live through them anymore. >> i know but the soviet union was not a form of mental illness. they could not destroy it. that's mental illness, and it's not going to stop. >> did you just say that co communism was stupid? >> yeah. >> you know what charlie you're right. you're right. >> by the way coming up. why the brightest mind on the plan at the time. this is exactly why theg the
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bid for president. i am uma and back to business. we're all tired of these back room deals. these harry reids. we won at the election in 10 and 14. harry reid might have well stayed there for the senate. >> yeah. >> that's establishment jack
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welch and ted cruz is not the problem, you are. he has more than a trillion reasons that he is right. better than a $1 trillion budget that he says is all wrong, and a spending bill that leads us paying the bill. this from the party that controls congress. so charles i am jacked up. >> yeah, that's an amazing point. think of that th and the debate, all of washington insiders huddled together. how can we put more debt on the grandchildren. it's extraordinary and i cannot believe it. this is why there's a revolution going on. people are upset and they may gravitate but washington has let us down. >> we should point out that jack was an establishment for the republican. he is supporting it.
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>> yeah, i did say that. >> did you say -- >> no, but he is supporting ted cruz. >> okay. >> he did not read the tell prompter. >> that would be the tell prompter. that's not the time of the year to say this, but i hate you. >> i love you. love. >> we will figure this out at home. >> yeah. >> i will say this. the reason why ted cruz and donald trump is catching up is because if you read it and they're controlling the senate and the house. i know that paul ryan made the points that they can not have it all. how about get nothing. >> what he is saying why do you settle? >> well i think that republicans have a real problem with standing up to not t just the establishment but also to president obama. they're not willing to go down the path of fighting the pr battle of the government shut down. they're not willing to fight for what they want. getting that and the excuse is
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that we're not going to get that and that's ridiculous. they control the house and senate. this spending bill increasing the spending more underthe republicans in congress than it did during the democratic rule. it's e stounding how much they're spending here. this is why ted cruz is in the second place and leading behind trump and why he is getting support from people that are sick and tired of putting their efforts into the campaign and money to the campaigns and saying that they like them and say that they're going change them when they go. >> i think that it was one of the systems that affects and they're and tired of being sick and tired. >> i don't think that it's going to last long at all. this is the government as usual. when you go through the articles about the spending bill, they're spending money on things not that terrible. the tax cuts are not that terrible. it just does not look to me all
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that terrible. >> the only thing that i would complain about is this. we have to default. that's going to happen some day. >> yeah, that's the point. we have 80 million more in spending. that seems like chump change and we're celebrating deficits going down. does that trouble you? >> yeah. i think that no, i think that it's funny neil. no, lots of things trouble me. >> i don't think that that it's a challenge. i think of it as one of the movies that we're looking at the same thing and i am seeing it differently. i am seeing democracy working. >> maybe you're watching the mov movie high. let him finish. >> let me make a point. neil, this is what you're so good on the political tactics.
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they, yes the republicans control both houses, but they do not have the votes to pass them. >> you know what they have now? they do have the bully culprit of the debates this get 15 million people watching them. >> yeah, we're going see it again. we're going to have another one because fox is hosting the next republican debate. we will be in charleston, south carolina for that. we hope that you can watch that. back to more of the show. checking out social media before terrorists can check into america. are we not already doing its? today on forbes, fbi or president obama. some say that it's the fbi director that's giving us a
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clear picture of the fight. and then the saudi launching to fight isis. look what they have done for
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if someone is applying for citizenship to the united states it is entirely reasonable that we ask for their social media -- if half the employers in america are doing it in the private sector, if colleges are doing it for students why wouldn't the
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department of homeland security do it for someone coming from a terrorist country? >> when the bad guys are laughing in our face maybe this is a good time to stop the next bad guys by looking in their facebook. ben says yes. >> absolutely. without question. the only thing is there are so many postings on facebook, so many are in arabic or other foreign languages where do we get the people to read it? if there is word processing or word reading software to read it, do we strus it? this is an opportunity and an urgent safety and security need. >> i was surprised we didn't do that already. you do it in job searches and applicants you look for to fill a position. not for probably the most crucial application of all coming to the united states. >> just to clarify what ben said, we are not talking about scraping the internet for isis propaganda but people who applied to the system. this is my name, my facebook. >> your not saying that ben
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didn't clarify it. are you clarifying what you think ben didn't? >> i'm clarifying what i think ben did not. sounds like we are looking at random people, not people who applied. >> all right. >> i'm so happy only half the employers don't check facebook. i guess roger would see me in my speedo, right? >> time is running out. what do you think? >> let it go. >> that's right. >> don't encourage him. >> they have algorithms capable of looking for key words. certain key words to pull them out to raise a red flag. >> adam, were you surprised? you probably knew the policy existed. i didn't. i thought it was perfunctory, but it isn't. >> the government doesn't need to add new laws, just add it to the repertoire. >> you would be open to the
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government looking at facebook, right? >> well, at the first order it's just there. it's all information. >> you're on the same page as me. >> correct. yes, i am. >> no fight here. >> i think you should friend him. >> right now. >> all right, guys. thank you very much. truncated time. katie, thank you. please come back. >> i will come back. >> i wouldn't blame you if
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stocks are going higher. >> olive garden and longhorn steakhouse doing well. >> adam? >> it's a good point. if people have less cash in their pockets maybe they go out less. that's a risk to think of. >> what are you doing? >> xlf, the financial index. rates go up the finance companies do better. >> ben, what do you think? >> i think if rates go up slowly it could be fine. if they go up quickly, the bond holders will get clobbered and rates are unknowable. i will stick with my usually spdrs. over the long range you do great. >> do you think this will be a steady march upward but not dramatic? >> slow and steady. >> not one and done. >> two or three.
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they were too hawkish this week. >> i want to thank you all. impressive markets. i want to issue everyone watching the marriest christmas happy holiday. remember, you are our gift. four new speeches from the president and no new strategy to fite terror. nothing to calm america's nerves. did we hear he assuring straight talk from the fbi director? listen. >> before they left, trying to commit mass murder. one exchanged 109 messages with somebody we know is a terrorist outside the united states. i have no idea what they said. i still can't tell you what they said. they communicated with each other that morning 109 times using a mobile messaging app that's end to end encrypted. we recognize we are all americans trying to keep people safe b


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