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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 21, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: this is incredible. my new uber nerd of a producer reminding me we're not making a fair comparison with "star wars the force awakens" numbers because it did not open in china. really? come on. second, ashley webster. ashley: thank you very much. welcome, everybody, to the intelligence report. donald trump. trailing in the polls. has gotten the attention of hillary clinton. clinton called it donald trump the best recruiting tool for isis. now, trump wants an apology. >> i will demand an apology from hillary. you can be the messenger. she should apologize. she lies about e-mails. she lies about whitewater.
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she lies about everything. she will be a disaster as president of the united states. ashley: she lies about everything. what is your take on this? it has not worked out too well. >> this is what donald trump has been talking about, tweeting about, all day long. it continues to press on throughout the day. i want to show you that. real quickly, do you think that hillary clinton will apologize to me? there is no video says trump. isis is using videos for trump to workgroup. >> he is becoming isis bassett rooker. they are going to people, showing videos.
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more radical jihad. >> while clinton did not have a specific video in mind, they contend trump is being used by social media. nothing by clinton themselves. maybe we will see if they address it. talking about it either way. >> where is your proof? thank you. brad blakeman. a president to george w. bush. thank you both for being here. let's get to it. these are some pretty strong claims. saying that donald trump is a great work routing tool for isis and claiming that there is a video. what is your thought? >> a habit about wine for videos.
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he lied about the video for benghazi. now, she is lying about isis using videos for donald trump. nothing hillary says can be taken. there is no truth. her truth is a fiction for what she uses at the moment. that is why she has absolutely unbelievably bad polls when it comes to truth and veracity, honesty and likability. >> what is the point of this? why does she need to bother with donald right now? >> donald gets attention. i disagree with her. donald's rhetoric against all, not just radicalized islam is really what is a problem and is creating opportunity for people that are wanting to turn over.
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>> this country feels like a response to isis and terrorism in general. that is why donald trump gets the numbers that he does. he tells it as it is. >> there is no doubt that underhill earthwatch she supported the policies of president obama that created isis. the withdraw from iraq increase the ability for isis to move into cities in iraq. that is a fact. let's take serious. that red line in the sand. if they crossed it, they crossed it. where did isis go into syria? this all happened under hillary's watch. therefore, she is responsible. ashley: let me just jump in. they hillary spokeswoman just said, hell no. hillary clinton will not apologize.
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does this save any ground for her? >> donald trump asking for an apology. saying some nasty things for just about everyone that opposes. i have to tell you that right now. look, ignoring the fact that we were there. a war of choice. it is just ridiculous. we were winning in iraq. the line in the sand that we are talking about. the american people do not have the stomach. the american people said, no, we will not go back into isis. the war over george w. bush. >> let me get back. we were winning? >> yes. we were winning. our troops withdrew.
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isis came in? they called this bluff. you talk about the american people. the american people expect leadership. we want to find isis in america. >> in america, we do not contain enemies. we defeat enemies. here is the difference. >> enough. the american people will not stand for that any longer. >> i think that there is definitely some more fatigue. we will get back to you. lindsey graham, by the way, out of the race. suspending the campaign after lackluster showing. even in his own home state. 1% in the latest poll. that is not good. donald trump waiting in south carolina. ted cruz at 27%.
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some of them, ted cruz topping the polls. 40% while trump has respectfully gained 1%. how does trump cruise matchup? how does outlook on a national stage? >> dominating. trump is still dominating the national polling, at least according to the latest fox news poll. four in 10 republican voters. twenty-one points. doctor ben carson, nine. nobody else is higher. though paul is notable. higher after last week's republican debate. it focused on national security.
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kind of working its way down at least for now at the moment into a trump cruise one-two. cruz gets the better of trump. every single one of those states, in the 30s. we see them in that national poll. thirty-nine. trump is still on top. >> still very strong. let's get back to brad blakeman. does it look like trump and cruz pulling away? ben carson fading off into the sunset. we have a trump cruise. two front runners. >> i am not so sure. i think that brad will agree with me. if he should lose new hampshire
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higher, the big lead in south carolina. it will be very interesting to see what happens. really starting to pay attention. in iowa, they are really paying attention. they are not going for donald trump. >> how many of those percentage points on the survey are actually translating to vote? do you think they actually match on how they will vote up? >> i do not think they are indicative with how they will vote. i happen to believe that cruise will best drum. when he is not winning, he is losing. he even said that in an interview recently with barbara walters. if he loses new hampshire higher, that is really where they create their moment. a few wins.
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he is expected to win. he says he's going to win. people go with a winner. >> the national poll does not mean much. in new hampshire higher, people do not make up their minds until the last week and those are the polls that are really telling. >> he is clearly going to lose iowa. he has done nothing to try to short support there. >> you know what, that will change rapidly. when he loses in iowa, people reassess him. >> i mentioned marco rubio seems to be stalling out. people like him. he is not donald trump. why is he stalling out right now? >> i do not think people really trust him as a leader.
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he does not succeed in that demographic. that is why think a guy with chris christie may sneak in and really change the dynamics of this race. >> ted cruz having a better shot against hillary clinton or maybe chris christie. >> right now ware seeing that marco rubio has the best shot against hillary clinton. hillary clinton has a huge cloud taking over her as well. if she is indicted or if there is a referral, she is gone. they put all their eggs in the hillary basket. i suspect that joe biden might sweep in. >> that is interesting. we were speculating about that earlier today. hillary clinton of running into legal problems. that would put her out of the race. >> i concern about the democratic come party.
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joe biden. andrew cuomo. there are leadership roles around this country that common should hillary stumble. the fbi, a lot of nonsense. we all know that. to brad's point, it is true. they will end up in the indictment. >> i think if it was going to be an indictment, i think he would've heard something going on. there would be no indictment. ashley: chris, do you think that hillary is vulnerable? >> no, i do not. the problem is, they do not know . ashley: they know that she is a liar. >> all the time. >> i know this much.
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you have to be adjusted before you ever get to policy. right now, a huge deficit. that is really the point of the realm for politicians. ashley: we are out of time. what a fun political season. thank you very much for your insight today. do not forget fox business big debate tonight right around the corner. we are going round two with a republican candidate. charleston in south carolina. it all kicks off right here on fox business. the first one is great. you do not want to miss this one. donald trump dominating. has been. how are those polls when it actually comes to voting? we will be looking at the history. oil prices pulling the markets down. good news for motorists as they hit the roads for the holidays.
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how low can those gas prices go? president obama tried to calm american fears. four days before christmas. is he once again missing the mark? we will weigh-in next. >> this is not an organization that can destroy the united states. they can hurt us in they can hurt our people. i understand why people worry. ♪ announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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ashley: when it comes to the growing threat of isis, president obama says that the american people need to keep things in perspective. isis is not posing a systematic risk to the united states.
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>> they are not threatened. this is not an organization that can destroy the united states. they compose great risks to us. institutionally or in a systematic way. >> you also remember the president claiming isis. hours before the deadly paris attacks. why is the president apparently downplaying the threat? we are asking k.t. mcfarland who joins us in the studio. let me go to you, first. underestimating isis up until now.
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>> absolutely. serial and iraq. we have slaughtered have supported us for the uprising. >> i have never heard. can you imagine president roosevelt talking to the american people? >> very good point. what is it about this present that he just does not like to seem to really take it by the neck and deal with it. he continues to make speeches. he downplays the threat. >> every time he says, oh, they are jv. or, like you said, oh, they are not a threat.
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the fact that he is now just coming out and saying it does not present a threat to the united states -- >> i think he is trying to calm nerves. >> the american people are around. he is dismissing it at the same level. it has nothing to do with reality. i have written oval office speeches. you are supposed to reassure people. you are supposed to convince people. all he did was spook them even more. now we are going into the holidays. we do not think that the president is up to the job. >> let me bring you back in. we, are we doing any good? i hate to say it with boots on
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the ground, is that what it is going to take? >> i support the president for not wanting to put u.s. boots on the ground. we have already tried it three times. our air power is being hampered with the most restrictive rules of engagement. have we been effective? we took johnnie out, we took their cfo out, we are getting some of their leadership. if we did it properly, using 100% of the airstrikes rather than 80%, 100% of the airstrikes dropped bombs. only 15% have dropped bombs. it would be a matter of weeks if we had arab armies that could pave the way. they could take out isis very
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quickly. our humane rules of engagement are causing grave inhumanity to the people over there. >> is it going to take muslims to defeat isis? >> we are not looking at a big enough picture. we went in and we destroyed al qaeda and afghanistan. you cannot destroy the ideology. we need to take a step back. there is global jihad against western civilization. we can dismiss it. we can laugh about it. they are convinced. defeating them, you need an ideological component. an economic component. as. ashley: it will take time.
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>> we may have to hold noises. >> we did in world war ii. >> holding our noses. getting in bed with some people that probably would not want to. >> that ally could very well be our russian friends. they felt like radical islam. the other things, medina weekly. the talks about people that attacked the west. doing what they call mostly done. it must come from mecca and medina. let's get the ideological portion of it. it does move around. where the two holy cities? what have they done to counter this ideology?
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thank you both for being here. we appreciate it could there is a new miss universe. boy, oh boy, the epic mistake. it has everyone talking today. you may not see snow. you will certainly see some cheap gas. how long will it last? that is next. ♪
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ashley: time now for a check of stories making other headlines. scheduled to appear in court later today, maybe tomorrow morning. asking for no bail. marquez is dangerous. why woman would swerve her car onto a busy sidewalk. a 3-year-old child was in the vehicle. it happened yesterday.
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police say that they are interviewing the woman and having her blood tested. following a threat of violence. the e-mail yesterday. a superintendent says the district is just being cautious. authorities were to determine the credibility of that threat. how about some extra holiday cheer. why not wash or mark we also need a fanfare. the average price of gas has fallen below $2 for the first time since 2009. is what does it mean for your travel holiday? joining me right now is jeffrey. the analyst for gas buddy.
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the national average rate now is 199. how low can it go? >> i talked to some of the people in the office. the bottom could possibly be 179. >> the national average. >> it varies a lot throughout the country. >> it does. 120s, even lower. the low right now is 131 and kansas. >> there is no reason for crude oil itself to be going anywhere but down right now. demand is weak. does that mean we could see low gas prices up into the future? >> no prices should consist well into january. it could come to market. that will put pressure on prices to drop.
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>> is it good for the economy? natural gas, for that matter, they are getting killed. it is a huge hit for the economy. >> they are definitely feeling that hits in the jobs they are. that money is also going back into the economy. >> very interesting. have you seen anything like this before? now they are saying it could very well get into the 20s. >> i think that it is going to get there. >> oil would be $200. >> it is a nice attraction. a couple months back it could be $20.
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apple ceo tim cook says his company is not hiding money overseas. changing the tax code now. >> that is total political crap. there is no truth behind it. this is a tax code. it is backwards. it is awful for americans. ♪
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>> tim cook losing his cool when it comes to the u.s. tax code on 60 minutes last night. claims that it exploits tax loopholes. >> this is a tax code that was made for the industrial age. not the digital age. it should have been fixed many years ago. it is past time to get it done. >> peter barnes has more on this now from d.c. we did not hear from tim cook, exactly what he thought would be a fairer tax code revision. is apple hiding money? >> tim cook says no. his company is paying a fair share. as you recall, two years ago, a
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subcommittee said that they gained the division. by using a strategy involving three offshore divisions. the company did nothing illegal. >> we pay more taxes in this company than anyone. >> i do not deny that. we happily pay that. >> selecting two thirds of our business over there. >> i would love to bring it home. it would cost us 40% to bring it home. >> according to one study, $181 billion of profits offshore. they would owe an estimated amount back here to the u.s.
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>> 10%? fifteen? it is interesting. apple shares plunging, by the way. wiping out about $160 billion in shareholder value. closing high in february. right now, about 19.8%. not a whole lot of improvement. elizabeth macdonald is tracking this stuff. put that into perspective for us. liz: it is bigger than the number of companies in the s&p 500. you know, what is really interesting here, let's put the loss in apple shares in perspective. by the way, apple right now is trading as if it is wiping out gains for one year.
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if it has a down year this year, that would be only the third time since the .con crisis. underperforming the s&p 500. what is the talk on wall street? people are saying that there are 10 analysts now that have cut their earnings. underwhelming iphone sales are coming in the first fiscal quarters. there is this bullish sentiment, two. they just signed a deal. setting a patent dispute. you are right. apple has a big cash bio. that is bigger than some small countries on the planet. they can buy a company and go into m&a mode. ashley: say goodbye many countries.
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liz, thank you very much. we will see you at the top of the hour. apple is not alone. 40% of the companies are in a bear market. the question is, well those will those rallies still come to town this christmas? there is no snow up there four santa to ride on. jason, what about this santa rally? we are running out of time. >> i do not really foresee a big rally at this point in time. longer-term, ashley, i really truly am still a bull. most people will be on this. u.s. monetary policy is still highly accommodative as the fed hammered home. the rates are still 25 basis points.
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they are not a big deal. the market got scared by an overly hawkish statement. >> china, japan, that europe, they are all printing more money. they are not in great shape. another great demand for oil. a slowing economy around the world. >> this could be a two-hour discussion. just because oil is 35 does not mean that the u.s. economy will pack in a handbasket. you have tests love. etc., etc. there is not a great correlation. secondly, the u.s. economy is strong. there is no lehman brothers. you have unemployment at record lows. you have job growth. i think the market, this is just
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a natural flow. they are starting to get in panic mode. what cc gdp come out, it will be a huge driver. >> where do we go next year? we were talking about 18,000 on the dow. where do we go next year? being that i mac i think that by the end of q1 2016, four months away, all major equity indices will be at all major cost. that is really my point. as long as we can see good gdp, blocking and tackling, we need to see good economic growth. we are off to the races. >> i hope that you are right. we welcome back to you at the end of q1.
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thank you so much. really appreciate it did when we come back, the dream of a white christmas is just that. a dream. can you believe this, temperatures could top 70 degrees along the east coast. global warming. the latest from the weather center after the break. ♪ is
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ashley: time for a chat, markets for you. the dow kicked off a session today. what happened, though oil market starting to take a move. just above the flat line, if you like. the s&p up also a quarter of a percent. we will take it. crude, earlier today, falling to an 11 year low. used more widely across the world. it briefly dropped into the $33 range. how low will it go? the intelligence report will be right back. a look at how the forces wide-awake and ruling the box office. may the force be with you. stay with us. ♪
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ashley: breaking news. live images coming in from sea world. passengers on the sky tower are stopped. they have been hanging there now for over an hour. it could be some time before maintenance crews could get to them. again, we are bringing you the latest pictures out of sea world in orlando, florida.
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no injuries reported. they have been stuck there for over an hour. if you've been dreaming of a white christmas or hoping to build one, you may be out of luck. how hot is it going to get? >> you'll love it. 70% like it. let's take a look at current temperatures right now. fifty-one in new york. you continue to see the southerly flow and record warmth. seventy-two in new york city for christmas eve. it will be beaux-arts. i will be a record. we are going to shatter records.
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they could also see some record temperatures on christmas eve. it is going to be crazy. incredible amounts of snow, as well as a lot of rainfall. that will continue this pattern. sixtys all along the gulf coast. temperatures in the 80s. friday, much of the same. the jetstream will allow for it to warm up really into the weekend. the foreseeable future. there is the current snow cover. downwind of the great lakes. all of this snow is out west. there is your christmas forecast. >> i know.
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>> the reindeer. >> water. thank you very much. mary christmas to you. just over a month to go now. how accurate is the polling that we are seeing? should we be prepping the white house? donald trump. that is next. ♪
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ashley: donald trump has been topping most of the polls for months now. will they translate into votes? that is the big question. joining me now with all the answers. we know that donald trump is doing very well in the opinion polls. what does that mean in actual
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votes? >> the opinion polls can be very deceptive for many reasons. in fact, iowans and especially new hampshire are famous for doing that. you will have a large portion change their minds in the last 48-72 hours. the second reason why you should question the polls is because in most cases, the pollsters are surveying everybody who has a republican identification. meaning they either say outright i am a republican or they say they are leading republican. the though problem is, only a small percentage turns out. most people that are republican will not participate in the caucus. they are not really measuring who will come out. >> do you think that the
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candidacy is an unusual one? making these even harder to read? >> yes. there is some evidence that there is a social desirability factor here at work people will not admit to someone on a telephone that they are voting for a controversial candidate. there are questions online when it is anonymous. their choices change. their preferences change. indicating support for the controversial candidate feared it is another reason why polling may be inaccurate in this particular race. >> yes, it is interesting. we have seen candidates fade away. ted cruz is really coming on strong. >> yes.
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it is pretty clear that the finalists will include donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. will there be somebody else? probably. maybe somebody we are not thinking about right now. say, chris christie. you may end up with four people who come out of iowa and new hampshire higher going down to south carolina with a chance of winning in south carolina, nevada and in the big super primary on march 1. >> fascinating stuff. thank you so much for giving us some insight into the polling. thank you so much. >> thank you. does not even begin to cover it. records shattering this weekend. living up to the hype? stay with us.
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>> miss universe 2015 is -- colombia! [cheers] >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. [cheers] . ashley: you're going to have to hand back the crown. the oops heard around the world, host steve harvey announcing miss colombia as miss universe when she was the first runner-up. she already put on the crown and harvey said sorry, stop the celebration, tell the audience, miss philippine was the new winner. harvey taking to twitter to apologize and failed to miss both countries. it wasn't his night. donald trump taking to twitter
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to say last night's mix-up would never have happened when he owns the rights to miss universe. of course not. studio estimates show that "star wars: the force awakens" reported 238 million bucks, the biggest north american debut of all-time. liz macdonald, may the force be with you. liz: i brought the 3-d glasses, i'm going to take you to the imax. i don't know if you can handle 3-d lasers coming at you. >> no. liz: the markets trying to beat back the grinch. is the santa claus rally possible this december? we've got the dow jones industrials down 41 points as oil touches another new low. w this level since 2004. the republican presidential race tighter as senator lindy graham bows out. two the dwindling field helps the most?


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