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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> about what, is the question. here is the reality of this technology. reporter: i'm so sorry, we are running out of time. that's it for us today. thank you for joining us. reporter: i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne, and you are watching "making money." lindsey graham suspends his campaign. who stands to pick up the most support now that graham is out. more problems for chipotle. and the cdc is investigating. that stock tumbled on the news. martin shkreli is speaking out and he says the government was look for a reason to come after him. president obama is defending his
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isis strategy claiming the terrorist organization poses less of a threat to the u.s. than people think. >> this is not an organization that can destroy the u.s. it's not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us institutionally or in a systematic way. the most damage they can do is if they start changing how we live and what our values are. reporter: hillary clinton is echoing president obama's isis strategy. she says isis is using videos of donald trump as a recruiting tools. but fact checkers are calling that a lie and trump is demanding an apology. he's becoming isis' best recruiters. they are going to people showing
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videos of donald trump insulting islam to recruit more jihadists. >> i'll demand an apology from hillary. she lies about emails. she lies about whitewater, she lies about everything. she'll be a disaster as president. reporter: hillary clinton has no plan to apologize anytime soon. her campaign released a statement. hell, no, hillary clinton will not be apologizing to donald trump by correctly pointing out how this hateful rhetoric helps is there are recruit more terrorists. '. let me tart with you, tamara. it's pretty clear. we have fact checkers who said there is no video of isi donald trump to recruit. they use an image of former
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president clinton if you want to be exact by the. should she apologize in. >> no, she shouldn't apologize. donald trump never apologize for anything, so she is taking something out of donald trump's playbook. that being said, it's a bizarre statement because there are fact checkers on both side that say this doesn't exist. her campaign said isis is using these things on social media which still has yet to be validated. there is no evidence of this, but i understand what she means. reporter: let me bring in katrina. play number one out of the democratic playbook. playbook, evil.
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then they blast them with a lie. they did that to mitt romney based on a total falsehood. >> absolutely. the fact that she even said that is astonishing considering the whole benghazi situation saying a video was at fault for that. has anyone followed up on the guy who made the video that they detained? they are using this on bill clinton and obama. so when she brings up things like this it opens the door for this campaign and republicans to shake their heads. reporter: christopher, does this play well for donald trump? it's clear hillary clinton sees hip as her opponent, not any of the other republicans. >> i think it plays well to donald trump. the fact checkers will come out against hillary. and her husband is featured in
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isis propaganda, not donald trump. but this isn't the first time she has done this. she did this when she was running against president obama in department krat i can primary nomination when she started the source of rumors that the current president is involved in islam. she never apologized for that and i don't expect her to apologize. reporter: this brings up the issue about isis and how the united states will react to a threat from islamic terrorism. donald trump was actually on howie kurtz' show. and he had this to say about our policy. >> we are fighting assad and fighting isis, and assad is fighting isis. we don't know what the hell we are doing. we have all these fights going on and we don't know what we are doing. russia is on the side of assad, so is iran and other people.
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i think the fir thing we have to do is we have to knock the hell out of isis. reporter: donald trump is speaking directly to middle america. it's as if he's at the dinner table and hearing what they are saying. is he hearing something she is not? >> she is taking a lot of money from a lot of those country, too. but mr. trump is definitely on to something. it's common sense to pick your fights wisely. you have those on the republican side and democrat side. >> isn't that funny coming from -- aren't you the spokeperson for a man who who wants to completely keep out all muslims from entering the united states because of a threat of isis. >> that's not the entire world
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it's a temporary moratorium. as we have seen, tamara, we have 1,000 investigations going on in this country right now. for 15 years there hasn't been a huge muslim coalition fighting terrorism. 10 iraqi refugees were arrested in 2010 for terrorist activity. it makes sense to protect america first. reporter: do you think hillary clinton echoing what the president is saying is accurate? most american people would say no, they disagree with the president's policy. >> i think we need a smart conversation about this and not use rhetoric which donald trump and his campaign likes to use. this is an issue of the american people being afraid. nobody wants san bernardino in their backyard. but that's a separate issue from keeping all the muslim community out of the united states.
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and dealing with issues abroad in other parts of the world. this isn't a lump sum issue they want to make it into. reporter: lyndsey graham said we need to send ground forces to deal with isis. he's dropping out of the 2015 presidential race. he did offer some advice for the remaining candidates. >> i think the nominee our party is going to adopt my plan when it comes to articulate how long to destroy isil. do i think donald trump can beat hillary clinton? no, not without some major adjustments. foreign policy partnerships, you are making it difficult. think about what you said. reporter: lyndsey graham is chair of the senate foreign relations committee. should donald trump listen to
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hip if he wants to win the presidency? >> people are looking to see where lyndsey graham supporters are going to go. there are so few of them, center few are vying to pick them up. if you had a headline saying lyndsey graham is going to recommend troops be sent. reporter: katrina should donald trump listen to lindsey? >> absolutely not. he's 0.something in the polls. this is something who want to be in war 24/7. this is an islamic state. this an ideology.
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you don't win this kind of war on mechanics. or ski nettics. reporter: i said foreign relations web' chairman of the armed services committee. he knows what he's talk about, lyndsey graham. he's saying we need to send young men and women to fight isis. it doesn't seem anyone is listening to that. >> i think the question is where do you send them. isis is somewhere that established itself. people established themselves throughout the country or the world. we have san bernardino, we have paris. we have all over. y where do you put the boots on the ground? we cannot afford to go to war in every single country and ruin relationships in every single country. this is a difficult beast. and it does take strategy. what lyndsey graham has is intelligence.
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he has an understanding. he has experience. that's something donald trump should open his eyes and ears to. >> reporter: can donald trump adjust? >> donald trump will adjust it when necessary. do we out of assad? do we make a bigger vacuum for isis to grow? is that what you are advocating? >> we are going to have you back in just a second. but there is breaks news. it comes from afghanistan. suicide bomber near bagram airfield killed six american soldiers. two other americans tanninner presenter were injured in that attack. the taliban there are claimed responsible for the bombing. more breaking news. 5 more people in three new states cam explained about becoming ill after they ate at
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adam: the cdc investigating another outbreak of e. coli linked to chipotle. chicago poet le stock tumbled and hit a 52-week low. hillary kramer, and steve moofort heritage foundation join me to talk about chipotle. this is terrible news. they can't get their act together. >> they can't. and that's the problem it's now
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a serial issue for this company. what we have seen in the last outbreak, lots of people, dozen of people were hospitalsized and very ill. same store sales collapsed. they were down 20%. but this has an impact. we have one more joust break going on now. a different strain of e. coli. reporter adam: steve ellis, the ceo of chipotle, he doing the hurricanes a cull a tour. and they promised chipotle will be the safest place to eat in the united states. this destroys brands temperature. >> it does it's called brands damage. chipotle has made its run-up by
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being a safe cheese, safe beef, safe lettuce and safe cheese. now that they have serial problems with the health and safety of the food they are serving it does substantial damage. i'm surprised their stock is down only 23%. adam: can they turn this around? >> of course they can turn it around. they have built their business on being organic and healthy. it was dicing its tow may toes instore. they are going to sanitize it first. there is so much growth potential with chipotle. you want to buy it. here is the big opportunity. adam: let me ask you have this, liz. there is a push towards organic and locally grown.
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but don't you compromise the ability to control the quality. the fertilizers they use actually carry the diseases. >> i think that's totally right. you have the idea these are small homegrown products. you don't get the big control mechanisms you have do in a commercial farming situation. i think they will solve this problem but i think their reputation, dinged by that. the last big outbreak in hoch november, they don't know what the source was. it's not easy to solve this problem. they don't know what's causing it. adam: i'll move on because this story will probably continue into tomorrow. other story of is the bitter
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pill for march spin shkreli. the former if pharmaceutical ceo and superstar. he says raising the price of a drug is what got him arrested. an just got fired from another company. you both have a perfect driving record.
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reporter: martin shkreli was just fired following his arrest on securities fraud and conspiracy web's the one in the hood. in an interview this morning with the "wall street journal" claiming the federal government targeted him because of his controversial price hikes on life-saving drugs. joining me is charlie gas a relationship oh.
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-- charlie gas gaspirino. >> generally -- i would say this. often what happens is they start an investigation and it sometimes the charges -- the explosive charge they start with don't pan out so they get you on tax evasion. i don't think they start out something this complicated. it's hard to put together a case this complicated. this is pretty complicated. it's hard to put this together
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in a blink. generally that's not the way it goes. when they get on the low-hanging fruit, they looked at it and the only thing that's left -- adam: . he's a walking trigger warning. somebody needs to tell him to shut up. >> this is like one of those movies you watch when there are no good characters. they aren't going after him about raising drug prices. it had to do with his hedge fund management and promising investors more than he delivered. but on theo i shall hand he looked like a complete jerk. he has been taunting the government and he should have known they were concerned about pharmaceutical prices rising.
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>> i'm not an expert on obamacare or the price structure of these drugs. but he was taking advantage of a legal loophole. adam: this is the quote he issues. >> that's not what he's being charged with. the indictment itself is looking rigor. i think it doesn't tell my side of the story at all. most people don't know the real martin shkreli. this is video of him doing what he does best after he was released from jail. playing the guitar. >> i think his lawyers tell him indictments don't usually tell your side of the story. i would say this, it looks like they put a lot of time in this
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investigation. i they they have it pretty well nailed down. >> four guys crashed down his door to handcuff him and take him in at dawn for something about lying to investors. up today * they ticked off three select media organizations. >> generally from the u.s. attorney's office, this is standard operating procedure on white collar crimes. we are going to show the public. they do this to satisfy the public's lust for blood following the financial crash. >> would martin shkreli have been indicted? >> are they using another one of their -- a lot of those guys who got off on insider trading
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charges. second circuit ruled it's hard to prove insider trading. they were hauled into court and arrested just like that. michael steinberg who was released as the most prominent one. it's like a cheap media buy for these prosecutors to go out there and do this. >> the on reason he would have don't is because he so infuriated the government. i don't care what you think, i'm going to raise this drug price 1,000%. adam: 5,000%. got to cut you off at this point. the bottom line is it was so much easier during the cold war. sticks and stones may break your bones, but names, someone forgot to tell jeb bush names bounce
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often do ald trump. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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u>> i have got to get his off my chest. donald trump is a jerk. you can't insult your way to the presidency. you can't dispairng hispanics and disabled people and women. who is he kidding? this country is better than
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that. he's leading in south carolina and new hampshire according to a new cbs news new gov poll. but in. >> i what it's ted cruz who is number one. having jeb bush call donald trump a jerk is like watching i double dog dare to you respond. is this going to resonate for jeb in a positive way? >> being attacked as low energy. this last debate was the first type he attacked donald trump. but i don't think it will get him over the finish line. they have been spending millions on political ads through intip days. and he single week there is new headlines saying bush donors getting more and more worried.
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it's the result of coaching. you need to toughen up. adam: when you hear that line that has been focus grouped. you can't insult your way to the presidency. do you think that makes him more confident. >> mr. bush said the trump campaign was a circus and a side show and he calls him a jerk. then he wants to give a lecture on hurling insults. i don't think it will work pore mr. bush. he's polling in single digits and spending the most money. the beautiful thing about this poll is bush's favorables are now upside down. when is the party going to come out and ask jeb bush to exit. adam: aren't they counting on jeb bush to make reurgency? >> they are hoping. when you invest so much money
6:34 pm
into something you are hoping you see the tree grow. i don't see -- i don't see bush doing anything other than dropping out whether it's today or whenever it is. i don't know. but he needs to do it so the people that want to donate money can give it elsewhere. the wheels are falling off. reporter: how important is it that ted cruz is leading in iowa. or is something else at play here. >> donald trump shouldn't be worried about the latest poll. but there are a lot of polls saying ted cruz is winning in iowa, and a lot of internal information that says donald trump's electorate have never voted in republican primaries. i think ted cruz gaining on him the way he has shows it's
6:35 pm
probably going to take --'s their kind of candidate and donald trump is not. >> when i hear what christopher just said, i think of the experts who say donald trump will not be the nominee of the republican party. i sometimes wonder if the same people who say that are the same ones who say you will never lose money on real estate. what do you say to them? >> they are the same people who said he would never get above 10%, then 20%, then 0%, then 40%. they are all the same people. i like someone else rising up in iowa. it gives voters a chance to kick the tires. i think that will change the dynamic. last night phyllis schffley has come out for donald trump. adam: don't go anywhere.
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you don't want to miss the fox business net once next presidential debate. it's thursday, january 14. apple ceo says the charge that apple keeps money overseas to avoid paying taxes is total crap. hear more from him coming up. or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people. farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. one pill a day helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug, farxiga may help you lose weight and may even
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up today * apple ceo tim cooke lashed out.
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>> that is total political crap. there is no truth behind it. apple pays every tax dollar we
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owe. this is a tax code that was made for the industrial age, not the digital age it's backwards it's awful for america. it should have been fixed many years ago it's past time to get it done. adam: that was apple ceo tim cooke defending his company's policy of parking money in foreign banks safe from u.s. taxes. they receive tax credits for paying to two foreign governments. so they shift profits to foreign countries and leave the money there. they would ode $59ability if it brought that money back to the united states. hillary kramer, and steve moore, the heritage foundation, steve,
6:41 pm
i'm going start with you. the canadians got it right. even democrats said we need to reform the tax code yet here we are, 8 years since we started trying to do that and you see it play out with billions of dollars overseas. >> maybe when am leaves the united states politicians might get message. this is a tax system that's leading to a cascade of american companies whether it's burger king or there are dozen of iconic american companies that left because of the tax code. you want to bring -- what was the number you have said? adam: 181 billion joaferl seas. he said they would bring $74 billion back. >> why not have a tax holiday. you have pay 5% tax and bring it back. the government would make money on it.
6:42 pm
it would be money for jobs in america, and we have to cut the corporate tax rate or apple will become a canadian company. adam: they will do with burger king did. people are down on apple. the stock has sold off. 600 million chinese in the middle class, iphones are telling like hotcakes over there. shouldn't you be buying apple sock? >> i see apple is a $150 to $170 stock. if it's an annuity. a revenue. let me ask you, is it possible that apple is jumping the shark
6:43 pm
and there will be a backlash and people would discard apple products for samsung in the united states? >> no. taxes is not going to come between am and their customers. people want their i phones and they want them tomorrow, they want their apple watches. the big issue with apple is not bucking the tax season it's hip krirt i to complain by the when companies basically play by the rules. it's on top of paul ryan's agenda. is apple the same without steve jobs? and we don't know yet. we haven't seen a giant new product come out. adam: they delayed apple tv. >> i argue that am entertainment. apple music and video is very
6:44 pm
sophisticated. adam: i'm an apple owner but i use spotify. miss universe's epic fail. steve harvey, the cringe moment heard around the world. crowns the wrong queen and has to take it. miss america 2008 will join us next. in the stomach where it belongs.
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adam: "star wars" "the force awakens" brought in $238 million in its opening weekend. so why isn't disney stock reflecting the success of that film. joining me kirsten haglund, miss
6:48 pm
america 2008. it's accounting. >> the problem with disney had to do with the cord cutters. it's all berks spn. this is a red herring. i'm thrilled for disney the "star wars" franchise is back and strong. but espn, they have a big problem with so much money they are paying for their sports rights and how much they are receiving and how much the consumers are cutting back because of the contracts they have signed with the cable company. disney has an inherent organic serious problem that has to be fixed. adam: they made for a franchise.
6:49 pm
is disney in trouble because of espn licencing fees? >> 45% of the company is cable. they are trying reassure stockholders and shareholders this won't be a problem in the future. but "star wars" is a huge money maker. it hasn't even opened in china yet and you are seeing a $517 million global growth. and they have five more films they have contracted. if you add in the theme park, the merchandising, the retail and all those rabid fans. there is potential. >> there are cinnamon buns in the shape of princess leia. adam: at the end of the day if you are buying disney stock you
6:50 pm
have to realize there is a lifetime on their ability to milk the "star wars" franchise. >> it's always a milk making movies. the money is in sports. fixing the sport situation is what it's all about. sports is more popular than ever. don't go rushing into disney stocks. adam: remember the hollywood account wants walk single file to hide their tracks. steve harvey, the miss universe host goofed big time when he announced this columbia -- miss colombia was the winner of the miss universe pang end. -- universe peak end. >> miss universe 2015, is
6:51 pm
colombia. i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for this. adam: later he tweeted an apology but misspelled the country the contestants represent. how do you recover from this if you are miss colombia? does this help her? she was quite he willant in her response to this awful moment. >> she is probably going to do
6:52 pm
the best out of this entire scandal. she'll get endorsement deals and modeling contracts. she is a beautiful girl and she handled it in a classy way. i think all of the women on that stage showed the value of peak interest and what they can give back to women. it's about a lot more than just standing on the stage and smiling and waving. she definitely did that. adam: you experienced the moment of oh, my god, i just won this honor. what was it like for you top watch that go forward and then they take the crown back? >> it could not be more awful. for me it was one of the most unbelievable moment of my entire life. both of those girls were just shocked. of course colombia is going to
6:53 pm
be heartbroken. the twitter response for steve harvey was ugly. but for miss colombia and miss philippines they understood it was an awkward situation. >> i think this should be a film and discussion in he school system. and why? this is one big production put together clearly all the focus on on other things less important. and where was ernst and young? they came out and certified. here you have go, steve harvey. here is who won. why didn't ernst and young run back up on that stage and stand behind the information they gave steve harvey. where was that accountability? everyone loves steve harvey.
6:54 pm
>> there are rehearsals and the card can be confusion. first oner up is pang end speech for the girl who didn't win. so it's possibly a natural human mistake. adam: all steve harvey should have tweeted was "world peace." and we'll leave it at that. president obama defending his isis strategy on npr. plus we are awaiting a donald trump rally set to begin at any moment. we'll take you there.
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: all
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>> if you've been watching television for the last month, all you've been seeing, all you've been hearing about is these guys with masks or black
6:58 pm
flags who are potentially coming to get you, and so i understand why people are concerned about it. >> that was president obama blaming cable tv and its coverage of isis for recent condemnation of his strategy to defeat the islamic radicals. president took a stab the the republican party saying donald trump is exploiting american fears by using the latest terror attacks to gain voter support. joining me now is major general bob scales, fox news military analyst and dave sears a former u.s. navy s.e.a.l. dave, start with you, is the president being disrespectful to the men and women are the armed services when he talks in the manner that he did, and he blames coverage on cable tv for a deficiency perhaps in our strategy with isis? >> i didn't take it as he's blaming the coverage as a deficiency in strategy, but he is certainly abrogating his
6:59 pm
responsibility to have a clear strategy, still speaks in vague terms. i wouldn't go so far as to say disrespecting the men and women in uniform but say he's doing a disservice to the men and women in uniform by not having a comprehensive strategy and clearly going after the objective. >> general scales, we have a lot of people who are saying they have ideas about how we should do, this but ultimately if you listen to some of them, we have to ask men and women, very young men and women to perhaps do this, and is the nation ready to do that? doesn't sound like the president is? >> you know it's interesting, adam, the nation is edging farther and farther towards a direct confrontation with isis. perhaps even on the ground. the president conflats domestic with global terrorism. there's a huge difference. isis is looking to acquire nuclear weapons and chemical weapons to attack the west. that's a difference from a domestic terrorist and something the nation is going to be faced with for a
7:00 pm
generation or more, adam. no, this is serious, not just cable tv waving the flag. >> general scales and dave sears iapologize we're out of time. i would love to continue the discussion because it is so important to the nation and everyone watching. join charles every night at 6:00. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama says don't blame him for not winning the war against the islamic state. mr. obama tells npr it's the media's fault, national public radio listening respectfully to the president's excuses in an interview that aired this morning, and certainly didn't raise the possibility that the president was avoiding appropriate acceptance of his own responsibility for the failure of his administration to fulfill his promise of more than a year ago to, quote, degrade and destroy the islamic state. no. mr. obama instead declared the media have lost a sense of


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