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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 22, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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safely. first plight to the company since rocket failed back in june. on to the markets we go. final read on third quarter gdp this morning. right now we have markets flat going into it. dow industrial fractionally higher, nasdaq negative. we have earnings and we will talk about as well. up 36 points, two-thirds of 1%. dax is down a fraction as cac in paris. down a fraction but the others fractional moves to the upside. shanghai with late-day rally. 6% gain for the month. chichipotle will be a stock to watch. five more people became sick after eating at the company's restaurants in kansas and
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oklahoma. it's still unclear what ingredients are responsible. airports getting busy, many don't have to worry about winter weather. much of the east coast will see record-warm temperature this is week like 70-degrees on christmas eve. holiday forecast is coming up. detroit beating new orleans saints, it was the saint's quarterback drew brees making headlines this morning becoming fourth quarterback to throw for 60,000 yards in his career. all that coming up. first breaking news. national polls on the 2016 presidential election blake berman in washington right now with all the details. good morning, blake. >> blake: donald trump, ted cruz and everyone else. here are the numbers. trump is at 28 and cruz hits highest mark yet in any national
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poll to date at 24. marco rubio and dr. ben carson continue to be the only others in double digits. now while trump continues to lead the republican pack, listen to this, maria, his appeal nationwide appears to be a different matter, this poll show that is 50% of american voters say they would be embarrassed to have a potential president trump running the country. roughly a third of voters feel the exact same way about hillary clinton who lead her side of the field with a commanding 61%. now, trump held aurally last night in michigan drawing thousands of supporters. trump kept up the pressure for claiming that isis is using recruiting videos of him while also trump did resuming attacks on fellow republicans. here it was. >> the last person that she wants to run against is me, believe me. ask all of the guy that is have gone out. do they enjoy running against
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trump. they don't enjoy it. i enjoy it. >> blake: trump continued to lay off of cruz who is shaping up to be his closest competitor, we have seen in iowa. >> maria: wow, blake, thank you. blake berman with the latest there. morgan, let's talk about this. voters says they are embarrassed yet he continues to lead in the polls, what's your take? >> morgan: we often talk about how the state-by-state polls have a different picture. for many months a lot of us have try toddies puit the fact, but there's still quite a commanding lead. it's interesting that 50% said they would be embarrassed. the question for me is how long did donald trump let cruz continue to rise and not go after him and not hit him.
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>> maria: what's going on trump and cruz. do they have some agreement? >> morgan: a lot of people are speculating that there is. cruz is smart and handsoff completely. when he was caught for criticizing trump in private, no, that's not true, i think he's brought a lot to the discussion. i think -- i don't know if there's a specific deal but there's -- there's certainly something going on, we will see how long it last. >> maria: mike. >> mike: he would be the only one that backs trump. i think that's part of his plan. i think he's out there. he doesn't mind embarrassing people. he wants to shock people. but i would wonder how many people of those people embarrassed by trump how many are embarrassed by our current leader? >> maria: that's a great point. >> mike: trump embarrassing people or people being embarrassed of him, that plays
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what donald trump is trying to do and the numbers back it up. >> maria: they say they're embarrassed in polls, but when they get into the voting booth, they're going to vote for him. yeah, we will see about that. in terms of the field right now, do you expect a major change after iowa and new hampshire? >> morgan: i do. if we go to iowa and donald trump doesn't win iowa. so if you're going into iowa and let's just say trump loses to cruz to iowa and i think trump losing potentially losing in iowa gives the voters of the new hampshire sort of the out to vote for someone else and not go for trump. and if he loses iowa and new hampshire, he's still ahead in national polls, when you see what's going on in the ground on iowa and new hampshire it's different from sort of the national landscape. >> mike: new hampshire is a make or break state for chris christie, he was able to get a
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little bit of momentum. there's still a lot of supporters there. you can debate whether it's run to the best that it could have been. if christie can get a little momentum in new hampshire it's hard to predict the stuff because it's really early. we don't talk about ben carson anymore. just a few weeks ben carson was leading and now fallen way off the race. >> morgan: he's still at 10% and rubio at 12. you have the cruz, trump, carson wing that takes way over 50% of the primary voters. you have christie, rubio, bush and kasich fighting who recollects can bring the two sides together. that's the fundamental argument in the republican primary. is there anybody like a george w bush who can bring the caucuses together? >> maria: we will see about that. fox news with new data on social media and terrorism showing voters are split on the fact
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that obama administration does not screen social media when doing background checks. 32% say that it makes sense with more on the issue of privacy and cybersecurity let's bring peter, general counsel. it's bizarre that we would not be looking at social media when vetting people when coming to the country. >> that should be fair game. i think private e-mail is something really quite different. >> maria: yeah, what about that? >> it's really part of the dynamic between priest cri and security. that dynamic is profoundly based on the mood of the country whether in europe or the united states, security concerns have
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to rise and privacy has to abait somewhat under that dynamic, and times of peace and prosperity you have have a inversion of that. >> maria: i can see how backseat takes fierce of national security. what about responsibility that technology companies have in order to overseeing data so that they can better track terrorists? >> peter: one of the astonishing is threat. iran ains are allegedly trying to breech into a dam. the escalation has been dramatic, even several years ago the main news was about the theft of credit cards, retailers that were in the news, tens of millions of credit cards, but that threat is not that substantial because banks could
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cut off the credit cards and consumers weren't responsible for the personal fraud. >> maria: right. >> peter: it stepped up to social security numbers. i want something that's more lasting, you only get one social security. that was really the healthcare fraud that you saw. once you have an individual's social security number you can commit tax fraud, you can commit false healthcare claims and so really the world that we are now dealing with is critical infrastructure. >> maria: this is what tim cook was saying, basically if you allow government to have this back door into overseeing people's data then there's a back door, that's a back door for the good guys and the bad guys. we have to push back and not allow the government to have open field in communication. >> mike: that's not the last we heard of this issue. he was going to stand his ground. at the same time it's a different world we live in today. we know there are terrorists coming to this country to attack
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us and if there are internet companies or social media companies or any company that may potentially have an advance knowledge of that, i think there has to be some way for the government to get notified of that. we need our nights but need to protect ourselves. >> morgan: hillary clinton said that he wants manhattan project for encryption. do you know what she meant by that? >> peter: there's also good news that last week was actually one of the biggest developments in the cyber world with the passage of the cybersecurity information sharing act, so for the first time now business and the government is really being encouraged to actively share cyber threat indicators back and forth. so this is the type of thing that has to happen between industry on the one hand and government on the other, whether the issue is encryption, the
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sharing of spear-fishing campaigns or the latest form of attack. there just has to be a good-faith exchange between the industry and the government fundamentally. >> maria: what does that mean in terms of peoples' privacy and data? >> peter: the most common form of attack is the spear-fishing campaign. they go in your linked in ats, they find out when your birthday is and what college you went to and send you an e-mail, maria, happy birthday, here are your best wishes, here is a shot of our reunion. by clicking on it you install malware or malicious software. when you enter in the morning, they know your password. once they know your log-in
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credentials they can go like a spider. >> maria: that's scary stuff. you don't know where -- when it ends. >> morgan: i'm speaking to a friend that works in cyber yesterday. in terms of security that the terrorists are using encrypted software in order to communicate. so if that sort of the bottom line, don't the social media companies have responsibility here and what should they be doing to work with government to counter it in. >> peter: one interesting way to look at it is the dynamic in europe. the historical divide between continents. europe has been just the opposite, privacy is perceived as a core human right and so that has been in the right to be forgotten decisions that the tech companies don't like in europe, but now in the wake of the terrorist attacks both the charlie attacks in january and the horrific attacks of last month, that dynamic has to change.
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the privacy has to subside in some measure as people are legitimate concerned about their safety. >> maria: you would think so. thank you so much for joining us. peter bashar this morning. coming off we have liftoff six months after an explosion derailed plans, successfully landed falcón rocket. take a look at the big name calling old news. will be back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back a grand jury ruling, there would be in indictment to anyone in connection with the death of the texas woman sandra blan.
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>> lori: will not indiect anyone in death of sandra blan. she was arrested after a traffic stop turned confrontational in july and died in police custody three days later. new details about the driver of the car that deliberately drove into a sidewalk along the las vegas strip yesterday morning killing one and injuring 35 others. 24-year-old lakeisha hollowway will be charged with murder with deadly weapon and other charges associated with this incident. spacex making history last night. 11 satellites and safely landing back on the launch pad. social media erupted -- congratulations a remark that
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said congrats. welcome to cuba. maria, back to you. >> maria: welcome to the club, amazon has its own space business, going at each other over this. >> mike: there's nothing better for the u.s. economy or u.s. business to have guys like musk fighting to out do each other. people who have been proven themselves to be in the forefront of business. they are cutting edge people. the fact that they're both focused on this is a big win for all of us. it's going to help the u.s. economy in way that is we haven't even thought about yet but you can be sure that they are thinking about that right now. >> morgan: on saturday i took my nephews shopping for the
6:18 am
holidays and i was in the kid sections and they had drones for kids. i had no idea it was out. it was amazing. i was totally amazed that you could buy drones. >> maria: you have to register your drones. >> mike: we have drones but they are kid drones, they smash into everything. i'm not a huge kid-drone fan, but musk and bezos are doing is good. >> maria: meanwhile drivers across the country receiving an early christmas treat. check on the price of oil and we are talking markets coming up. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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[bell] >> maria, what do you say. >> phil: we must have been good boys and girls this year. they are coming just in time for christmas. if you look at overall oil prices they are stabilizing just a bit this morning mainly because of what's happening in china, they are talking a more flexible and forceful economic policy and more stimwhruis supporting. the other thing is we are hearing nasty rumor, forecasters say we might get more normal temperatures at least increasing those chances, so the possibility of the return of winter has given the market a little support. let's face it. the market is very oversupplied. we are not getting much of a bounce and the volume seems to get relatively light. enjoy the low gasoline prices,
6:23 am
they could go lower. back to you. >> maria: thank you phil flynn. what do you think, mike, they're not spending that money in the stores, but at some point you have to believe better balance sheets pushed them to do so. >> mike: it definitely helps. they are saving $550, that's not such a bad thing either. no matter how you look at it, if it costs you half of what it used to cost, it's a huge positive. remember about a year and a half ago is no one is going to buy an suv because they can't afford to fill that up. now we are talking about gas prices under $2. i think things -- swings very far in each direction. right now we are a lot closer to a bottom than to, obviously, to a top. you are going to see -- gas ral rid 9%. -- rallied at 9%.
6:24 am
solid dividends that they say would be safe dividends. that's what i'm looking at. china's oil consumption was up over 7%. all the talk about china stop to go grow at all, there's still using a lot of oil. i think that number has a lot of significance. >> morgan: gas prices, lowered gas prices correlate with president getting bump in the polls. that's going to be clearly a lower economy would be tougher for hillary clinton, so lower gas prices will translate to a few bumps to the president that helps her going into 2016. >> maria: wow, that's interesting. people are just feeling better and attribute it to the president. >> morgan: it translates to a
6:25 am
bump to the president. >> maria: it's been interesting. there's been a range. you want to buy it at 40 and selling at 60. a lot of people weren't expecting it to drop at 35. >> mike: a lot of people are talking about breaking through 30's and getting into the 20's. to right now nobody is talking about a rebound in oil. that's what you're going to see because although we have a glut, we have a lot of oil coming up f we get a bump up in the global economy, all of that sudden that can change rapidly. >> maria: all right, we will take a short break. disney stock falling for a third day in a row. despite the opening of star wars, why the stock is going down for the numbers of star wars are going up. the force is strong and this california man programmed 70,000
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it is tuesday december 22nd. joining me is morgan partake at and capitals ceo mike murphy, top story at 6:30 on east coast, the gop race getting tighter. the latest quinnipiac university poll has donald trump been a lead with 28% support but senator ted cruz closing in with 24%. turning to the markets the final read on third quarter gdp, futures into a higher opening have the number, expectation fall in 2% growth for the gdp. we are watching that, earnings movers to watch, micron technology, the company has been hit hard by slowing demand for pcs, stock down 60% over the last year. we have a check on the consumer when nike reports, the company announced the share buyback at a stock split last month. mike murphy has opinions on these things. checking overseas action in europe, markets are mixed, the s&p 100 off 2/3%, we have
6:30 am
balanced and a major averages i in asia overnight market end mostly higher, shanghai composite facing a lady rally that index on track for 6% gain this month. new eli concerns for chipotle. the cdc reporting five more people became sick after eating at co. restaurants in kansas and oklahoma. is unclear what ingredients are responsible for the outbreak. airports and roads getting busier, many americans will not have to worry about when to weather affecting travel plans. your holiday forecast coming up. that was an exciting night, those are cheers of space x
6:31 am
employees, elon musk's co. the falcon 9 rocket landed safely after its mission to deliveven satellites into europe, orbit. the force is strong at the box office but massive ticket sales not enough to lift the price of disney's stock. shares of fallen for three sessions as investors are concerned about the pressure toward cutting is putting on espn. joining us is chairman and chief investment officer, good to see you. >> nice to be here. maria: what is your take on disney? you would think the stock would do well given $538 million globally for the weekend star wars alone. >> i am a star wars fan. iron remember yoda personally. the question is not star wars. the question is consumer discretionary spending
6:32 am
expanding, new housing, are we going to have new cable installations, what is the gross side of consumer spending, that is what disney is about. it hasn't gone robust, we have the energy price drop, we predicted spending out of the consumer, a consumer got scared, they saved money, we haven't seen it yet. are we going to see it? i think yes it gets better. maria: the price of oil, savings at the gasoline pump. >> gasoline was close to $4, now is $2, what happened to the money. is interesting because every penny is about $1 billion and a quarter in spending capacity in a year in the united states said it hasn't translated. it translated instead to savings. >> as we discussed that is going to help the consumer. it is less star wars and more
6:33 am
espn which is the biggest franchise. there is a report on disney, they cut to 1,000. jpmorgan is reaffirming their buy recommendation on the stock. both sides of the story, looking at disney this is the global franchise i want to own. i don't want to jump in and buy the stock, because the momentum is going down. i want to hear from disney, how they are going to replace dollars coming from espn. maria: explain night espn problem, people say i won't pay this money for all these channels. >> we don't really know what the pricing would be for espn. you get a cable box and people need cable. a big portion is espn so people said forever espn will always have that revenue because people want to watch sports.
6:34 am
now all of a sudden we hear different takes, people cutting the cord talking about watching sports on line versus paying for it. that is the bearish side of disney. maria: that is happening over that near-term. >> dynamism requires change. you use the word people always thought take the word always out, there's no always in developing markets and economics, and dynamism will hit this. and long term not the day. >> what your expectations? where are we in terms of the economy relative to the stock market? >> we are continuing slow growth, the 3% number is the 2% number and it will take awhile to get to a 3% no.. i am optimistic about housing. housing is starting to appear to strengthen and that could be a
6:35 am
trend, strengthening housing, household formation, economic growth picking the been the united states, looks like it is the overhang of housing. gdp, we talked about it once before. you can't buy and sell gdp, you have to buy and sell participants in gdp. maria: durable-goods, the industrial side of the economy. it is under real pressure, we will see what the durable-goods number is. >> the point you made earlier about american household not spending the money they save from the gas pumps and other places, hand reflects continued lack of confidence in u.s. leadership and the u.s. economy. >> and weakness in the oil patch, 12 states which are getting contract did and crunching those states are suffering.
6:36 am
maria: there is a knock on affect, worried about the price of oil as it relates to broader economic job cuts. >> that is valid. states like north dakota which boomed and never had a financial crisis going the other way. we have enough of the region of the country been impacted by energy to slow things down. >> the point has many negatives as there are with job cuts, there are also positives. the trickle-down into the overall economy will create more hiring. that will balance itself out. a big key to watch the stock repurchasing. they are buying back, we don't have earnings expansion, true but we do have a reduction in the number of shares which acts like earnings expansion. maria: make the buying it back. >> exactly. maria: real quick 2016, what is your assessment. what do you expect? >> i think 2016 is a good year but in the stock market single
6:37 am
digits, high single-digit, nothing more exciting than that because uncertainties, unless we have global cooling that is what we need to get the energy prices back, we are not going to have that. maria: you are not expecting a great stock market. >> there are pics in sectors, i like the specialty equipment in the health-care sector. i age i is the symbol, ets that captures health-care, the kinds of devices which are needed as far as the package and a good idea, we own it in our portfolios. maria: good to have you on the program. cumberland adviser chairman and chief investment officer, merry christmas, happy holiday. more trouble for jacoby, the fast-food chain has been linked to a second strain of the eagle live virus. more details on that story. nicole: absolutely right, the
6:38 am
center for disease control and prevention announcing it is investigating a new batch of people like cases across the midwestern states, so far five people have been reported sick after eating at jacobi restaurants in kansas, north dakota and oklahoma. the cdc says this could be a completely different screen of the virus separate from the previous jacobi linked outbreak which sickened 53 people across nine states last month so shares of chipotle dropped 3.6% going into the close yesterday and is worth noting they are an 19 month lows. at that note in 60 newspapers, a letter apologizing and trying to get it right. in the meantime, another strain. maria: stock is down year to date, not just yesterday that is reacting. you see investors reacted is because it is an unknown as nicole reportedly >> down from 750, it a new low yesterday of $500 a share.
6:39 am
the mistake to put the maid was doing the right thing, apologizing for it, going on circuits, apologize, going to fix this and the week later you have more negative news coming out. perfect storm, the worst case scenario. we are going to fix this, more news, more people sick. no need to run out and catch this falling knife. wait until the dust settles, buying at 524508 or these levels. maria: why is it so hard to get their arms and around with the issue is. we still don't know what it is. nicole: when we look at the numbers and look through everything that is going on in the cdc looking at the eagle eye strain, they see produce, what does that mean to give the vegetables, a second strain here, granted there have been no deaths, hospitalizations, this is a 19 month low for the stock and when we talk about going forward for sales and earnings
6:40 am
they said same-store sales would drop between 8%, and 11% and earnings fall. >> i am sure those manufacturers, a candle in each of mali, we can't identify this, how do we know what other food brands may be affected? maria: has that element of uncertainty, and they don't have clarity where it is coming from. thanks so much. don't forget to start your day every day with nicole petallides and lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m." before "mornings with maria" on the fox business network at 5:00 a.m. eastern, a first look at the markets every day. new york giants's superstar kodel beckham jr. receiving more than footballs as the fbi comes down hard on its threat iron and checks. the harlem globetrotters are here, their ceo is with us, basketball skills on display live in the studio, you can't miss this, back in a moment.
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maria: the manhattan. accused of purchasing two guns has been denied bail. lori rothman with that and other headlines. lori: federal judge ruling enrique marquez will remain in custody as he faces terrorism
6:44 am
related charges, he poses a continuing danger to the community and is charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists or plots and buying rifles shooters used in the san bernardino attack. sports, odell beckham has been accused the suspended for one game after the giants wide receiver hit joshed norman's helmets and buzz flag a total of three times. he will appeal the suspension but it will not be heard until wednesday. google maybe teaming up to speed up the launch of self driving cars. sources told yahoo! autos that ford ceo mark fields will make the announcement in january for the 2016 consumer electronics show. ford officials would not confirm details. ford says it will have more news, the consumer electronics show is next month. maria: thank you so much. ford, google said closer to
6:45 am
making driverless cars a reality. mark is basically not a private equity investor in technology, google, internet related companies, he said in the next ten years there will be ten auto -- four automakers, apple, tesla and uber. >> i have read that. it is amazing. i have a hard time trying to figure that part out. he is smarter than i am. maria: somebody has to manufactured the car. >> this agreement between google and ford is not official yet but not exclusive to google his partner mr. king with ford but they can par with other people, look at a market cap of uber, still a private company, $62 billion market cat, look at google's market cap, $400 billion range. for one of these guys to buy a ford, gm, fiat, not saying it is going to happen betty's
6:46 am
feasible. look at apple. apple has $200 billion in cash, a rounding error to buy a company like ford. if they want to be in that space that is what happens. maria: a couple things going on in the market, car companies are becoming technology companies especially when you look at cybersecurity issues. when you look at his love for example is still not profitable. i think these big tech companies like google realize they need to partner with a car company like ford to make a car. they are realizing they have been working on this 3 years behind the scenes, it is harder to manufacture edie's cards and check companies anticipate. as we see with tesla interesting car, great company, not profitable. maria: hasn't gained traction in terms of the consumer. you make a good point. the technology companies need the manufacturers but the manufacturers need the technology companies too because these guys are really looking to
6:47 am
take their lunch to when you look at what uber is doing it is not just about picking people up and transportation. it is about delivery services. they are expecting, when i spoke to the ceo of uber once, he said we expect people will be buying fewer cars in the future, people who buy cars will beef leads. >> look at the uber delivery service. i use them quite often, a friend was staying with me with the keys to the house. to my housekeeper. maria: they are looking to displace not just the ford and gms of the world but annex. >> a changed the entire economy and the way it works. you can uber it. and they have changed the entire way we do business. it is the company we own in the private space. there's a lot more upside. they do something for ten dollars you can uber a nurse to
6:48 am
give you a flu shot. they're stepping in to that area. what they are doing is amazing but then you look at old companies like ford that will pay you 4% dividend to buy the stock near 52 week low so this -- i see bo of it but companies like uber that can change the way business gets done, a company you want to own with the you are lucky enough to buy it, $10,000 invested five years ago, $127. million today. maria: that is called a victory. what a return. >> one word like note xerox, now we are ubering things. coming up, the harlem globetrotters in the house making a pit stop. on the '92 than ever sorry, bringing their unrivaled family show to the studio.
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we will talk about it a lot. ♪ . that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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maria: iron with the harlem
6:52 am
globetrotters celebrating their 90 sued anniversary, 2015, bringing in the highest sales in the history due to the energy and creativity brought in by the company's ceo kirk schneider who joins me with globetrotters players, good to see you. thanks for joining us. good to see you, thanks for joining us, congratulations to you. tell us what is behind this success. >> biggest thing we have done, we have been around 90 years, we are celebrating the 90th year but we have a whole new generation of kids that love the globetrotters because we have gone out to where they are, social media, clinics, invigorating the whole brand, now everyone loves these guys and everything we are about. maria: you put such energy into the game and even when you were walking down the hallway you were just having fun. >> that is what it is about. we know great basketball players, role models for kids and players kids can look up to.
6:53 am
>> wholesome family entertainment everybody loves. our winning record helps as well. the fact the we haven't lost since 1971 helps an awful lot. maria: what is the impact of technology? getting the word out, communicating with fans, making sure to get them into the stadium? >> we use to come and only be a live event, will come to your city once a year, your only chance to see us but given social media we are where ever you want to be so calling down on the mobile, youtube, facebook or whatever you can have an interaction with the brand and see us why. maria: what do you expected 2016? >> we met the pope last year, at a fashion week show in september, redoing sweet georgia brown, our iconic song for the first time since 1940 or something like that. five consecutive years of revenue and growth and history
6:54 am
making growth, d.c. we have sold 10% more tickets than we did last year, the tour has not even started yet. we will be at 330 games, 250 markets. this year it should be our best year in revenue, merchandise sales, jersey sales, everything. maria: what is the plan? you want to take it public? >> we were purchased two years ago by her she family entertainment, we are very happy there but what we're doing more than anything else is getting more people excited about this brand. maria: i love what you are doing. how have you learned this? >> you come in with the character qualities, skills and basketball athleticism but when you get around these great veterans, traditional, globetrotter magic is passed down. maria: there is a real culture for the glow. >> we like to think everyone has the harlem globetrotters story and they are all positive.
6:55 am
that started in 1926 is as true today as it was back then. guys like this connect with people. they love these guys. maria: how has it been changed from your standpoint? >> we constantly in of the. in 2010 we invented the four point shot. everyone can have a three point shot. we have a female on each team, to go out there, that is how we do 330 games, 250 markets in four months so we have a female on each team, constantly innovating and making it exciting for a guaranteed good time but the family. maria: that is fabulous because it is a family sport. you are heading to wall street. >> news is going to be the first person to dunk on a stock exchange floor. >> i know it is ready but the moose is going to get loose. maria: ok, let's see if i can do it. with a little help from my
6:56 am
friends. >> you and the pope are in good company. maria: 8 you very much, eric schneider, congratulations to you, good to see you both, the 8 you very much. >> see you on tour. maria: we will be rooting you one. >> from new york next week, new york, green bay, kicking it off. maria: thanks for giving the schedule to our audience. next hour has oil hit bottom? we are talking markets, legendary investor kim rogers will join us next.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
maria: i am maria bartiroma, it is december 22nd. morgan ortega and capital ceo mike murphy. on the east coast breaking news, new national polls in the presidential race released last hour, quinnipiac survey finding donald trump in the lead with senator ted cruz closing in on him fast infarct head matchup with nominee hillary clinton, senator crews, mrs. clinton up 70 points. and the front runner, going back and forth, over clinton's claim. a recruiting tool by isis, with personal attacks on clinton yesterday. >> did you watch that?
7:00 am
what happened to her. she is terrible. she is terrible. donald trump is on video and our sisters is using him on the video to recruit. it turned out to be a lie, she is a liar. maria: latest on but race coming up. winning and a final read of third quarter gdp, we expect growth of 2% gdp ahead of that, future is basically flat, down industrials of highs 3 points, nasdaq negative, checking overseas action. the s&p a 30 points, dax index in germany up 40 points. in asia overnight, market end the day mostly higher, shanghai composite late day rally, index on track for 6% gain for the month. chipotle, one stock to watch amid new e coli concerns. the center for disease control
7:01 am
reporting five more people became sick after eating at the company restaurant in the midwest. it is still unclear what ingredients are responsible for this outbreak. airports and roads getting busier as the christmas holiday, a don't have to worry about winter weather affecting travel plans, much of the east coast will be seeing record warm temperatures, your holiday forecast is just ahead. we are looking at the nfl, we will tell you about space x. the d for it lions, 25-27, drew brees making headlines this morning, the fourth quarterback in nfl history to through for 60,000 yards in his career. brand new quinnipiac university national poll on the 2016 presidential election, blake berman in washington. good morning to you. >> donald trump, ted cruz and
7:02 am
everyone else according to the national quinnipiac university pole. and in any national poll to date can be 24. dr ben carson, the only others in double digits. the republican pack and his appeal nationwide appears to be a different matter. 50% of american voters, could be embarrassed to have a potential presidential from running the country. hillary clinton in this poll leaves her side of the field with a commanding 61%. trump held a rally in michigan drawing thousands of supporters, trump kept the pressure on clinton during the democratic debate isis is using, and senate
7:03 am
republicans. >> the last person she wants to run against is me. ask jim bush if he enjoys running against me. in all fairness, asked lindsey graham, did he enjoys running against me? asked governor perry do they enjoy running against trump, they don't enjoy it. i enjoy it, they don't enjoy it. >> on the other hand trump continued to lay on cruise this shaping up to be his closest competitor. we have been seeing that in iowa in recent weeks, national poll and the margin of error. maria: thank you so much. blake berman, thank you. donald trump taking a met hillary's 2008 primary, with barack obama in grand rapids, michigan. bring in roger stone who is involved with a trump focus super pac called the committee to restore america's greatness. what do you make of this, that
7:04 am
people are embarrassed? >> trump is going through a tough campaign for the nomination which he has been leading, hillary has been a walk in the park tower negatives will be required when she comes under attack, bernie sanders is not doing that job, her abuse of women, hypocrisy, payee quality, tenure in the state department, not on the clinton foundation, plenty of fodder for general election -- maria: is trump more worried about hillary or ted cruz? >> he is more concerned in the long term about hillary. u.n. republican nomination. maria: ted cruz is a factor. >> we will see what legs he has after iowa. trump has of border appeal, but go to get a better stage. the iron is no one has emerged from the establishment wing to challenge him, not chris christie, not jeb bush, not marco rubio. >> the point i want to bring up
7:05 am
is trump's relationship with the republican party, can you speak to that? will they get behind him in his number is -- will they get behind him? >> if the as the nominee they will lose the specter of hillary clinton helps enormously. the other thing that is interesting is ted cruz is no more palatable to establish republicans than trump is. it is surprising that both the leading candidates come from the tea party conservative wing of the party, not the establishment. maria: traditionally in iowa and new hampshire voters make up their mind week before but ted cruz is leading in iowa. how much longer carries trump going to allow ted cruz to be in iowa? is a huge momentum lost going into new hampshire. >> traditionally the winner of iowa is not the winner of the nomination. the winner of highways almost never the winner of new hampshire. maria: why is i went important? >> excellent question you'd have to ask the republican national committee. what is interesting is i awake is a caucus slightly different
7:06 am
from pool of voters is large enough to nominate donald trump for him to win the caucus. the question is whether his campaign can't get those people to the polls. nonvoters, many first-time voters. it is a challenge but if he can do and i think he can prevent -- maria: he will let ted cruz be in iowa. what will it take? >> 45 days away. i would not count on anything yet. at this point trump is in strong shape in either state. i would p out that caucus and primary polling is very volatile and therefore you see different polls in iowa. some of them show ted cruz further ahead than others. maria: should he be doing more on the ground in iowa? if he wants to be ted cruz? >> the guy running his eyewall operation is excellent, he met rick santorum to what we now know was a victory three years ago. i think the trump folks know what they're doing on the ground in iowa.
7:07 am
maria: and a general election if a state like iowa is important in this age of social media or can trump that i can get out to my millions of twitter followers and facebook followers so whether or not i win in iowa becomes less important as a campaign manager. would you agree? >> if you look at the historical trend in iowa is not a reliable predictor of the nominee. i don't think you can finish fifth but if trump finishes in the top two new hampshire is a more palatable state. if you aren't evangelical christian, more catholics, use a northeasterner running the northeastern state. new hampshire is a better state. maria: this is the same game plan marco rubio is playing by not investing in the infrastructure in early states. marco rubio is following the from model of social media, getting out in the debate and having them a presence that leads to a national campaign. >> but you need to win some place and marco rubio has got some promising numbers in front middle of the pack.
7:08 am
but he has to win in new hampshire, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina or he will have no momentum. maria: using trump could lose iron and is fine? >> deegan lose iowa. what about -- chris christie wins new hampshire? >> because the delegates are proportional until march 15th and because all these candidates have super pac money you could go to a convention with no one having this nomination wrapped up with trump having the largest single bloc of delegates in which case frankly i fear a brokered convention in which they try to cheat donald trump out of the nomination. maria: if donald trump gets the nomination, who are the top people to be his vice president? >> i couldn't begin to speculate. my guess would be someone outside the discipline of politics. maria: does he have an arrangement or agreement with ted cruz? talking about this earlier the
7:09 am
fact there so polite to one another? >> i know he likes ted cruz, i like ted cruz on many issues. maria: can he win the election or is he too conservative? >> they said ronald reagan was too conservative, the same people whose a trump can't wins a ted cruz can't win. given the incredible negatives of hillary clinton and exploitable problems at the state department, the fact she is responsible for this mess, she's very beatable. maria: you think they both can be islam. >> any republicans would have a shot. maria: if it comes down to donald trump vs. ted cruz do you think the establishment is going with donald trump? >> neither of them is the flavor of the party for them but might have a broader appeal. hundreds of thousands if not millions, into the process on the duopoly horse impolitic, the trump campaign is an insurgency,
7:10 am
it changes the face of the electorate. >> great to have -- you can only see the next republican debate on the fox business network, mark your calendars and join us in charleston, south carolina. we will host the next gop presidential debate. on wall street we have the gdp number out, investors watching for broad range of economic data on a holiday shortened week. we will be looking at housing, manufacturing and consumer data. we are looking at a big wednesday. >> the gdp number, it is not as important, i would look at the housing data. we are following the price of
7:11 am
oil lower. and high volatility so you get big swing this. the market could rally. with oil moving hire. maria: the markets for the christmas holiday closing at 1:00 p.m. last week before year end what do you expect for 2016? >> the u.s. economy in better position than people give it credit for. and look at positive, housing being a big part of that. the fed normalizing or getting back toward normal is a good thing getting off of zero interest rates. >> the biggest indicator, what happens with isis or terrorism or the middle east. in 2016 could be wiped out with
7:12 am
another attack. >> disney's big ban on star wars for the box office for sure. and the force has not weakened disney stock. next.
7:13 am
7:14 am
maria: new developments in the investigation into the deadly car crash in las vegas yesterday. lori rothman with that story and checking other headlines. lori: new details about the driver of the car who
7:15 am
deliberately drove into a packed sidewalks on the las vegas strip yesterday morning killing one and injuring 35. 24-year-old holloway was from oregon, she has been living in her 1996 oldsmobile with her 3-year-old toddler. holloway will be charged with murder with a deadly weapon and other charges associated with the incident little more pressure on chipotle, federal officials investigating a new eagle eye strain linked to the popular breed of mcshane. cdc saying there are five new cases and it is unclear if they are related to the outbreak that started in october. "star wars: the force awakens" breaking records at the box office but disney stock is falling. disney lost more than $10 billion in market value in the last week, shares are down 6% in the last three sessions. these declines may be in connection to concern over disney's espn losing cable subscribers as your sumpter cable connections and get shows from other sources. maria: stock had a great year. that is one thing to look at.
7:16 am
thank you very much. disney in trouble? i think not. what do you think? >> i think not also but investors out there wall street wants to hear how they are going to replace the revenue from espn. that is the biggest thing. tried to talk on wall street estimates saying we are having not hard time, seeing some chord cutting which will hit the bottom line. this is a global franchise, they have theme parks, movies, something like star wars that will -- there will be another star wars after that. this is the global franchise that this is a name you want to own because i believe disney will figure out how to replace that espn revenue. i don't know how. maria: stock is too low on the year so there could be some of this all on the news because we have these great expectations,
7:17 am
$250 million over the weekend domestic, $550 million, not made but revenue ticket sales, globally, big numbers. >> everyone is focused on star wars over the course of the last few months, now that star wars is out people are focusing, the same story, just what analysts are choosing to look at. that is leading to the negative from disney, great company at the right price. maria: they lost 7 million subscribers in the last two years which was $650 million of revenue. that is clearly a concern as younger people are not going to cable news, not going to espn. what is the plan? how do you make up for that? maria: companies like netflix wanting in on the sports franchise because sports has been the most profitable. >> that is one thing that isn't going to change. people are going to look at the nfl, the power of the nfl, that
7:18 am
is a cute revenue driver. how will that help disney g q how will disney figured that out? they will figure it out but the momentum on stock looks as if it has peaked and the momentum is to the downside. maria: micron technology, after the close, thoughts on either of those? >> micron went from being one of the biggest winners, cit manufacturer to be one of the biggest losers and it got killed and it all comes from the, quote, death of the pc. this is accompanied the argument in a prettys was it was cheap, same argument in a 20s, now is down at 5 times earnings the stock is at $14 a share. with micron there was a lot of talk of consolidation in the cit sector. i want to hear from management what they're doing with cash and if that was an offer for the company allege with thes see if they speak to that in the conference call but nike is 90. all vote adidas is getting a lot of traction i think 90 is still
7:19 am
the name in athletic footwear, making a fortune and people talk about lebron james deal, possibly $1 billion a deal but last year the air jordan brand generated $2.6 billion in revenue for 90. 90 is a company you want to stick with. maria: 90% market share in shine or something crazy like that. the nfl playoff picture, outrage over odell beckham and his antics during the loss to the panthers. his suspension, what it means for the league. we are back in a minute. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
7:20 am
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maria: it is the nfl delivering note the spending giants are wide receiver odell beckham. good morning. >> weiner is this was coming. and statistics was suspended one game without play. beckham committed a tree of personal fouls that penalties,
7:23 am
the worst defense after one playmate running charge that his day long target, joshed norman, beckham spearheaded his helmet into norman's yesterday. the nfl punish the wide receiver for one game without pay. and numerous times against the carolina panthers your actions placed a fellow player at the necessary research and clearly did not represent the high standards of sportsmanship expected. the cost to beckham, 117 of his annual salary, beckham has appealed but suspension, the appeal is likely to be heard tomorrow. odell beckham jr. gets one game from the nfl. and matter of hours, he saw his public image change from darling to demon. would it serve himself better tune not appeal? everybody appeals, even mass
7:24 am
murderers are like not guilty. maybe it would have done him better to say i did it. maria: i was wrong. >> here is a young player that shows a lot of fire, a great player, still a young guy, let his emotions get the best of him, the penalty hit, the means of suspension, he led with his head, that leads to a suspension but everyone is piling on this guy and everybody knocking him. i am a jets fan, not a giants fan, i like a fire that he should, he put his team in a bad position but if every guy was as fired up they would have won a game and beat the panthers. >> that doesn't excuse his actions. he might be the bes wide receiver in the nfl, nobody makes catches but it doesn't excuse his actions. this is the fourth time over two seasons he has gotten in trouble for acting childish essentially. he threw some punches. what set him off?
7:25 am
i don't know. the 2006 world cup, the player who went and head buted another player and it was all about a comment made about his sister. if you ever want to kick somebody off on this 40 killed make a emasculating comments and i have been reading some sources that espn saying there were some anti-gay slurs made toward odell beckham before the game. forget where that goes certainly would get used on a field some time, may be it got under his skin. you have to act like you have been there. maria: if the nfl does not suspend him they would have gotten a huge backlash. >> they should have thrown him out of the game. maria: maybe it wasn't enough. >> how about referees during the game? >> that is their job. time and again the nfl says we are in front of this, roger goodell pounds his chest, this is down, they still seem reactive and not proactive at least from my money because the
7:26 am
officials should have kicked him out of the game. the people whose job is to spot for head injuries fail. maria: never went to see something like that. that is the latest copies in the paid at the pump, how low can prices go? how quickly can they get there? we are checking oil and gas ahead of the holiday this week, back in a minute.
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. maria: welcome back happy tuesday i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 22 with me maverick couldchair morgan rosecliff capital ceo murphy. >> top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast gp race tighter near the top latest quinnipiac university poll has donald trump in leaded 28% support, but senator ted cruz look at this closing in on him, with 24%. turning to markets this morning we are waiting for the final read on third quarter gdp this morning about an hour futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages there is nervous in market about he see what gdp says may set the top we have got earningss movings as well micron technology after the close has been hit hard slowing demand are to pc's lost 60% value over the last year, we are checking with sxheerp nike reports after the close as well report coming out for the company announced a s share buyback stock split
7:30 am
last month, checking action in europe, markets mixed take a look, the major afternoons show ft 100 in london up 28 points the dax in germany and cac quarante in paris down on the session, in asia other than that markets end there had mostly higher shanghai composite index staging is a late day rally next on are a track for 6% gain this month, new e. coli concerns for chipolte the center for disease control reporting five more people became sick aggregate at restaurants in kansas oklahoma you unclear what ingredients are responsible for the outbreak. >> roads airports busiest as christmas nears won't worry about winter weather much east coast will see record warm temperatures this week, your holiday forecast is coming up, and then there is this. [cheers and applause] . >> oh.
7:31 am
[cheers and applause] maria: those are cheers of spacex sploes victory for elon musk's company last night rocket landed safely after mission to delivery 11 satellites into orbit first flight for the campaign since that rocket failed, back in june. let's talk markets a quick check of what is going on this morning, we are looking at the lower opening, for the broader averages it is about gdp report out, in about one hour, expectations call for growth in the gdp, for the third quarter, of 2% next guest is placing bets on russia, despite falling oil prices joining us right now rogers holding chairman jim rogers back from asia good to see. >> you delighted to be here. maria: thank you so much. >> wore christmas tie. >> i see that that great very nice. >> happen holidays. >> and to you you told us i want to invest in russia buy russia even though economy there is plummeting because of the price of oil i have to believe. >> yeah, it is my stock
7:32 am
holdings plooest moscow stock changed all-time highs i am in stock don't deserve to be making money but. >>i'm doing well what do you think is bind this move. >> mr. putin doing everything for aeroflot as well as stock exchange fertilizer bullish on grill ruble collapsing sell in dollars. >> still like russia. >> i am sticking with russian theme, if oil s stlaifz or rallies, is that part of the thesis. >> put a lot of money into russia if that happens kazakhstan other countries killed by price of oil if it happens, sure, i might make even more money. >> a lot of investors feel the best way to get long russia, that don't have the sprees do you. >> don't think i have any sprees i learn everything from maria. maria: i think you do. >> coming on talking about russia all these far away
7:33 am
places in terms of under pressure, and yet you've been right. >> sometimes even i get it right. sometimes. >> etf. >> yeah. >> trade in new york, stocks dlusa couple ones in -- i actually own more shares than i do etfs but a great way to play. >> and would -- is putin being there and being in charge, a key part of your thesis. >> one reason i invested in i was very negative on rushar 47 years, very negative on putin 15 years, but putin has changed dramatically, in the last two or three years, somebody at it kremlin has that is why i started investing in russia after 47 years, being a bear. >> how do you think he changed. >> understands you can't just take money away from people can't shoot them put them in jail you have have to play by the rules, and the russians are starting to play in the financial markets start to play by the rules. >> really interesting, i think.
7:34 am
>> considering his praise for donald trump in the polls perhaps a new era russian economic cooperation. >> not investing in russia because of there trump but investing because of. >> what do you think about new -- trump and putin. >> mr. putin,may get mr. trump elected but i am not sure that is good for america, might be good for russia but i am not sure it is good for us, other markets around the world chinese not sure what chinese think of mr. trump or what mr. trump thinks of the chinese ensure investing in china as well so that that is my largest long position. >> tell us about that. >> well china has done great if you look at numbers the chinese market over the past 12 months is up 17% america is down, so -- i don't serve having a good year but having a good year. >> you worry about the fact that like i said during the commercial break turn lights off when they want if they decide let's shut down the market. >> really could that could happen in new york, could it
7:35 am
happen everywhere unfortunately. >> the way it happens in china though. >> maria worry would i worry about everything i've been involving long enough to know you have to worry about everything, and then you still think of other things to worry about. >> what sectors in china bullish on in particular. >> largest positions are air also and toucrism in china collapse in price of ail good for airlines all over the world you probably know, tourism is going to boom is booming in asia pollution control -- i've been in aish three times last month it is filthy it is horrible. so somebody is going to make a lot of money cleaning up china. i hope. >> if they how does it get cleaned up if in fact, the reason for it is you know the producers of products of the world all fair and accurate to say spewing out pollution. >> i know but now they don't like it either, you walk around beijing everybody is complaining. >> i could not life there. >> that is why i don't live
7:36 am
there. >> you applicative in singapore. >> i have made the arguments people about china airports i think 130 roughly international aircrafts their building people shot back saying that is like ghost cities built building airports no one is going to use them. >> we are going to china 31 years i have heard about the ghost cities for 31 years, 30 years, and yeah there is some overbuilding yes, i am not bullish on property in china. >> i was going to say that is what they say about buildings build builds no one in them. >> people are filling them up, going to hotels i can remember 30 years oak, who is going to stay at this hotel, now to recognize down so successful sold it built it up again, they are going to be bankrupt in china do not get me wrong too much dent in china did not exist before, you are going to see bankruptcies especially in property. we had horrible recessions in america. >> what do you like here the last time we spoke with whole
7:37 am
collapsing in commodities where are we in that cycle first of all, i can give you a the expert on commodities. >> as i said maybe i don't deserve to be making money but my going through the roof because of collapse in the price of oil other things, too. >> what about things -- >> indian tv oil going to 32 might be right don't listen to me i don't have a clue. >> what are other you talking about copper iron, steel all those industrial metals that are used to build houses and cars. >> iron steal not a public market so i don't pay that much attention except to know that iron oil companies bent berserk still opening mines believe it or not, even though price down 75 or 80% other commodities are making -- lows, again, i am -- >> do you like anything else in you have thes right now. >> i am short u.s. >> short u.s. >> including jumping bonds. >> how bad do you think it gets? >> if i told you wouldn't ask
7:38 am
me to come back. >> you really think going to sea a selloff. >> in seven yoorz since we have had any significant decline in the american stock market that is extraordinarily you were unusual never happened like that, that i know of. you know what is happening with central banks in america, the rest of the world making terrible mistakes, we're going to pay the price for it next time around, because debt is so much higher, now, we're going to pay a serious price i am short junk bonds u.s. and short stock market. >> i know on other side of that. >> definitely on the other side, he i think we need a longer block to have that total discussion but i think we don't necessarily mean because 7 years of growth or good market, doesn't mean we need a correction. >> do bull markets end by old age. >> not necessarily. >> i may be wrong been wrong many, many times in my life i can't tell you how many mistakes i made in lifelong china short u.s. >> dollar goes down. >> prolong in dollars you know telling you 3 years. >> i know wondering if you
7:39 am
changed your dollar call because you are so neg on u.s. >> u.s. dollar largest currency position second is renminbi. >> iing will take long u.s. short china 2016. >> shooinz stock market down 50% from all-time high, u.s. is making all-time highs, my parents taught me buy low sell high your parents obviously taught you buy high hope it goes higher. >> no i think the volatility in china something that i don't really want to be involved with, because i think it is a lot government controlled when they start shutting down companies i can't get out of stocks i don't want to be invested there but u.s., i see it as near all-time highs new highs a lot of times tend to make newer highs so i think there is a lot of upside there, and my parents taught me stick with what is working. i would rather be long u.s. than china. >> there you go. >> we should have parents here. >> good to see you really good jim rogers with your insights always about valuable we
7:40 am
appreciate racy photo once nearly broke internet n. >> back in a minute. ♪
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7:43 am
. >> we want to take a moment to wish a fond farewell to colleague dear friend elizabeth hassle beck at your final broadcast on "fox & friends," program as she moves to spend more time at home with her chish, she wants to be known as the commander in chief breakfast officer, as you can see getting a jump-start on early morning meals cooking lesson on our sister network fox news channel from aspire team here "mornings with maria" thank you elizabeth for the memories we wish you all the best. >> google teaming up to speed up and launch self-driving car lauri on that. laurie: hi, yes reporting mark steele will make announcement in january 2016 longest show not confirming details but says it will have
7:44 am
more news with the ces next month kim kardashian didn't break internet put apple store out of commission for a while launched new app calmed tmoji, demand so great apple store couldn't keep up starting crashing. >> the winner annual christmas loiter alert lottery won't wory the deregulate for earel gordo if they win a share of the 2.4-billion-dollar prize, drawing today in a nationally televised event from madrid. >> thank you uncertainty future for aig after insurer posted 230-million-dollar loss third koert i sat widavid boies. >> paid money back more than
7:45 am
20 z billion dollars stock immorally conif is kaitsdz i think aig is recovering. >> geks says aig is worth more dead than alive sanford c. bernstein analyst josh sterling joining us good to see. >> you you have done substantive work on aiwe know there are activity investors want this company broken up, tell us what you see. >> i think three key points for folks at home, the company happens changed, things are you know fundamentally turn aarp h around not working the company second, you know we think stock has a lot of value we said think worth more dead than alive we believe this liquidation brake up might be 100 dollars value for 60 dollars stock in a couple years exciting, is if you are no one wants risk everybody worried about markets juncture, fed having started a
7:46 am
campaign, people think this is exciting story the market not pricing it in, so we're looking at this in january catalyst going investor up dedicate mr. icahn going to xont likely going to continue activism. >> he wants company broken up. >> wants company broken up his insight i think i should not speak for him what is publicly reported is i know, a company that had cost problems falling that is falling, overregulated by fed, his line -- too big to succeed our view is in this environment with very hot m&a market a lot of atrack nervous we think ears to sell in pieces in an to -- >> regulatory environment. >> you know, something that you have to keep an eye on all the time regulatory environment then yesterday the company announced that 3-billion-dollar repurchase or earlier this week announced 3-billion-dollar repurchase, which is approximately my
7:47 am
number right 4% of the float some analysts think they can double that number next year. it is so -- aren't they getting smaller retiring shares is that possibly their plan rather than breaking up. >> i think right the company we argue gradually doing what activities would like to see them do company this year bought back almost 10 billion dollars stock maybe that is -- 11, 12 percent 345shg9 cap we suspect probably continues, but company earnings, has earnings so ultimately, you know if you step back, you know 7, 8% roe competitors some double that, the reason for it they have you know they have costs too high wold too much capital and pay you -- a lot of people don't do that. >> is not this systemic of larger institutions since 2008 crisis all become bigger, more bureaucratic what we're seeing
7:48 am
indicative of larger market i think fair look around the yun verses metly suing federal government ge breaking up, ge capital, you know our prescription for aig is demolish we think, not only fix the company we think pursuing a path to make themselves smaller. >> meeting, systemically important financial institutions? >> no longer have to being regulated by fed as much stress test nothing longer as much capital wouldn't have to hire thousands of people running around generating risk 34089dz compliance frankly we think, we think distracting from a fixing the company. >> do you want to buy the stock now ahead of what you think will become a breakup. >> absolutely whether the great core holding over 20 years, depends what happens to this company next 6 to 8 weeks we think a huge amount of upside because you know it is evident to the company not responding to activists activists are not done. >> good to have you on show, josh sterling there from
7:49 am
sanford bernstein consumers turning to private planes for holiday travel weep it right here fox business network. its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
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hgoogle voice response:t inachim sigsa. how long does milk last? google voice; one week after the sell-by date. how much vitamin c is... is in an orange? set timer for twelve minutes. google voice: ok, twelve minutes. where can we find donuts around here? coffee? what about crepes? how about a bagel? what is the most important meal of the day? google voice: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
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the. . ri traveling if you think flying coach can't get worse
7:52 am
airlines found a way to make you uncoverable last class seats are unassigned creweded closely together on flip side you won't have to shell out big bucks for air unfair airlines offering cheaper last class tickets to compete with spirit and, for those looking to skip the holiday there is the option of flying on a private jet my next guest expecting a double-digit increase in volume this holiday season criticism eo and president andrew collins how is business. >> business is adequate. >> tell us about it. >> this will be our biggest line season since 2007, looking at at least 3,000 legs between thanksgiving and christmas, so happy about that, and clearly if big for us going to be big for the industry. >> a great experience, so much better than going not going private, so where do you fly tell us about the routes. >> we fly all over, 90% business is in the 48
7:53 am
contiguous united states for the holidays, where i think we are really seeing the impact is in florida. 40% year over year growth in aspen. so most of the warm weather, at the eastern seaboard as warm as it is dragging a little bit on volume for the most part warm weather destinations are key. >> i am an investor, in wheel up you would think with oil prices so low, that that would actually help people make coach air unfair cheaper, more people would say i will fly coach that is not what you are seeing at all airlines, seem to continually raise prices so actually makes flying private more palatable more business sense do you see the your target market, expanding in 2016 or just really based on the economy. >> i do. i guess i would say a couple was first 60% of flying base is corporate travelers, right, so they can't necessarily change the clock that we run
7:54 am
off, but can manipulate it through private flying great productivity tool i expect to continue to see appetite in corporate markets i think new models innovation ways to crack the next wave of private fliers we are working on things as you mentioned there are companies doing interesting should you have. >> during break i looked at iphone to see how many uber style apps i could pull up for private flying what is potential is this something could be uber for private aviation. >> i do think to an extent, the difference between uber and say private flying is a very being constricted ply buber off commodity supply preuses, private jets 7,000 worldwide 4,000 in 135 market here, but i do think that leveraging capacity the way airbnb or uber has done will fuel further growth as well.
7:55 am
>> how do you stand aapart at this point there are a lot of private planes you know jets start-ups. >> you've got to stand out in what has become a crowd field; right? . >> it is a crowded field, anaheim competitive we have 5,000 jet card holders ventdz something called jet card just prepackaged time the way you differentiator yourself through service my sound like a clee shay you need referrals you have to deliver on promise if you can't you will be in trouble. >> tell us about the service what are kind of service do you of our. >> 24-7, 365, client management teams high touch, we have history on all the architect that we fly with, and we've at least, 15 years of data on client bass we can tell you right down to coke versus pepsi. >> congratulations on success. >> thank you so much. >> ceo and president. >> next hour mark stein with us yes believes the republican
7:56 am
race for president maybe down to two candidates we will be right back, stay with us. steyn.
7:57 am
7:58 am
. maria: good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromo, welcome back, it is tuesday, december 22 with me maverick, morgan ortegas, rosecliff capital ceo murphy fox news contributor monica crowley top stories 8:00 a.m. east coast polls in
7:59 am
2016 race this morning quinnipiac university finding donald trump in the lead senator ted cruz closing in fast. in the head to head matchup with likely democratic nominee hillary clinton senator cruz fared best mrs. clinton up 7 points on donald trump cross fire between donald trump and hillary clinton intensifies trump steps up attacks against clinton yesterday. >> you see hillary i think did you watch that the what happened to her? she is terrible. she is terrible. donald trump is on video -- and isis is using him on the video, to recruit! turned out to be a lie she is a liar. >> yes all latest coming up on race for the white house markets we are getting final read on third quarter gdp this hour about half an hour we will get that number,ing expectations 2% growth for the gdp, for the third quarter
8:00 am
markets higher this morning ahead of gdp, in fact about we've been up and down but looks like we are once again, pretty good rebound dow jones industrial average expected to open up 30 points checking overseas in europe markets, this hour turning higher as well ft 100 up about 50 points, cac quarante also turning positive the dax in germany up cutting lots but negative a fraction in asia markets ended there mostly higher shanghai composite staging a late day rally that on track for a gain for the month of about 6%. one stock to watch chipolte new e. coli concerns cdc reporting five me are beam became sick eating at restaurants in the midwest stock down nearly % ahead of open trading down all year, in the as if he of this, roads airpdz busiest as christmas holiday nears many will not be worrying about winter weather, affecting travel plans, much east coast will see record
8:01 am
warm temperatures this week your holiday forecast coming up and then there is this. [cheers and applause] >> oh very! [cheers and applause] . >> cheers of spacex employees victory for elon miscellaneous company the company rocketlanded safety after mission to deliver 11 satellites into orbit the first flight fort company since that rocket failed back in june. brand new quinnipiac university nationalize polls on 2016 presidential election blake burman in washington with details, blake. >> good morning donald trump, ted cruz and everyone else according to the latest national quinnipiac university poll, here it is trump at 28, but cruz hits highest mark yet in any nationalize poll to date with 24. makero rubio dr. ben carson continue to be the only others in double digits, now trump
8:02 am
continues to lead the republican pack his appeal nationwide appears to be a different matter, this poll shows that 50% of american voters say they would be embarrassed to have a potential president trump running the current roughly a third feel the same way about hillary clinton leads her side of the field with a commanding 61%, now trump held a rally last night in michigan, drawing thousands of supporters once again. trump kept up the pressure on clinton for claiming during the democratic debate that isis is using recruiting videos of him. trump also resumed attacks on fellow republicans. >> the last person that she wants to run against is me believe me. >> ask jeb bush if he enjoys running against a us? ask him. >> all fairness ask lindsey graham if he if he enjoyed do
8:03 am
they enjoy running against a trump they don't enjoy it i enjoy it they don't enjoy it. >> on the other hand trump continued to lay off cruz, who was shaping up to be his closest competitor for the moment. maria: amazing blank thanks very much blake burman latest there joining us right now is political commentator best-selling author mark steyn good to see you now good to see. >> you thank you for joining us what do you think about this -- latest polling. >> i don't recall a poll asking american express would be embarrassed i don't recall anyone askinging that i would tend to be embarrassed at having john kerry as president because his french -- for my tasty, it is extraordinary makes mering sound like a duchess a trump while breaking wind on subways, absolutely -- ridiculous. you know what this -- this quinnipiac guy says, half american voters say they would
8:04 am
be embarrassed if donald trump is commander in chief should be contrasted about over 40% military expensive can't win a war against goat herds with fertilizer the bureaucratness xhaun the party supposed fiscally responsible passes a bill that promises to renews the enumerate of the increase of the decline of the enumerate of the increase -- in the year 2037. out to be embarrassed i am embarrassed americans are embarrassed by this. ridiculous. >> you are right no one asks are you going to be embarrassed what is this come from? >> the system for citizen leaders, so they wanted people to come out of all walks life go to washington serve country for a while then go back, this is what donald trump is in fact doing, by the way, there
8:05 am
was a morning consult study that was recessed yesterday a polling of research, of market research, and what they found was that a lot of these polls might be underestimating trump support for this reason that people might be embarrassed to tell pollster they is for him but they -- >> they may say this just because they think sound good when they get in the bookt i bet they vote for trump. >> domino's pizza kno donald tr is doing he knows buttons to press he is pressing those, i think at this stage of the game it is his election to lose. >> yeah. >> i think that is actually true, what we're up against here is he took out 100 -- 100-million-dollar candidate jeb bush, with animalidjective same for a lot of others in this race brilliant instead of what he comes to the cocktail party for comhas little
8:06 am
embarrassed to have him in the room they ought to be thinking this guy did not spend a dime turned jeb bush into the most expensive loser, in the history of -- >> numbers getting better in hampers i thinew hampshire earlo call people out of the race what do you think about being hidden cruz in iowaet. >> i think not trump is not necessarily good fit for iowa would be damaging the first contest if he were to loss badly. >> do you think he losses momentum in hampers in south carolina. >> at this stage it is very hard to see who the mainstream alternative to trump would be, right now basically as far as the republican establishment is concerned, it is a coast between two crazy guys, they hate trump they despise trump condid he say ended to trump loathe ted cruz take out carson take out rubio, take out these other guys, and
8:07 am
comes down to a two-man race between trump and cruz, that -- that is like the disaster. >> what will who will they choose. >> i know we are having a brokered convention mitt romney coming through have to -- to save the day for the republican establishment. >> the people. >> otherwise they can slip a position into the chief justice's judge, chief justice's coffee, on inauguration morning maybe that will save the day but getting -- >> outsiders donald trump or ted cruz is basically the latest incarnation of the tea party movement, 2.0, the establishment loethed them they fear them more, because all outsiders in particular trump cruz also promised to blow up system you know what so many of these voters are supporting them they want the establishment burned to the ground. >> blow up the system lose election there is no way i will sit here, and -- debate with you 2016 trump and cruz
8:08 am
will not wpresidents, bipartisan appeal broken down loser parts in this country i use that term broadly to describe the play i just -- just to describe the places where there is no economic opportunity. i mean this country has less economic mobility than canada, europe than -- >> how does that happen? >> well i think it happened because essentially, we bifurcated into a society if you happen to have the right six figure he credentials you are on a -- a escalator to reasonably comfortable life but people whose fathers wording in mills grandparents were farmers, and yet kids just here win addicts there is nothing else to do i am describe bucolic picture-perfect ben and
8:09 am
engineerfied vermont across the river from me. >> i do think it is important to point out not everyone who agrees with trump is some sort of accomplishment scared of thim list legitimate reasons to not like some of the things he said about muslims as foreign policy person i spend a lot of time in middle east what he says about putin scares me, so you don't have to be a part of the establishment, to be worried, about how is he going to effectively he govern foreign policy for this country some stuff you don't have to be part of establishment to find it disturbing. >> good point. >> a pol showed on the muslim immigration that you take trump out of that position, 45% of democrats agree that there should be an end to muslim immigration so that is one that is what they say on broadway nobody likes it but -- >> how are you facing the matter after 9/11 why was president much so effective leading this country about what you said after 9/11 to make sure he understood that not all muslims are -- >> the truth when you ask
8:10 am
other candidates they basically have the same plan as trump, but not saying it the way that he is. >> -- there is -- >> does matter the problem the problem here morgan, is that most -- maybe not most but significant chunk of americans look at john kerry standing in paris swabbing blood from streets is a john kerry says nothing do with islam, that is crazier than anything tumble says. >> let's not be as crazy as them. >> this is a really good point i think when president was at paris summit he did miss the kin people so scared after paris after the terrorist tactical he still was just reluctant to call it what it was. >> to mark's point the reason trump had so much traction in the reason his numbers went up not down after this comment because american people understand the nature of the threat, and so sick and tired
8:11 am
of sugary he o constituted. >> do you think trufrn or cruz can win general election. >> absolutely if i thought it was joke candidate he would k implode his ceiling goes up and up if he wins nomination it will be the same i think cruz, too. >> you believe the polls because a lot of people debate whether or not at this moment in the cycle we should be believing the polls. >> no i think, i think trump can win the nomination. cruz can win nomination andet of them can win election these social embarrassment polls aren't going to mean anything election day. >> mark congratulations on the album new album mark's new album songs for swinging. >> rescue the economy right there. >> wow, good for you, so this is your -- your obviously, the singing and playing instruments on -- second job in this like well, i don't know actually it is like something number 26 of the -- right behind megyn trainer --
8:12 am
that bass, that cat, and it is going got -- it is bigger disaster for america agency people here say that cat album has to support me in old age. >> good for you congratuitous on that good to have you on the show. >> thanks. >> see you on hannity. >> tonight. >> we you tonight on hannity mark steyn, ride sharing in the works google forced get ready to take on the world with self-driving cars we will have details when we come right back on the joint venture, stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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8:16 am
. >> i would control freak i want total control over my dashboard my break i understand the he innovation, hats off to them, but you know they to me seems like it needs years of -- of fine-tuning and perfecting of about i get behind. >> what i would say about this, a driverless car, did not have alcohol, last night did not get enough sleep last night, was not texting, so there are a lot of things, when you look at a machine. >> completely but, again, being a control freak, too, you know, in being the car i want to be in charge of where it is going i will make sure i get sleep and, you know, i think we talk so much about cybersecurity and so much about people being able to hack into our electronics i
8:17 am
don't want to to be in a car controlled by smn in middle easto china. >> i agree. >> i am going to vote for -- i can't wait for it. >> really. >> yeah, i am putting on makeup eat lunch, and --. >> do everything i should not do driving, a bad driver so -- >> the point is you know, machines but machines break down in washing machine wreaks down, if god forbid behind the wheel something goes wrong you want to have control. >> have to do joint ventures don't you. >> i absolutely, there is everybody getting into it, so i think it is clearly that is where the industry is going whether we like it or not, industry is going there, and going to be exciting going to be interesting, for me i am not there yet. >> coming up next, somebody got christmas wish record warm temperatures taking over the east coast, holiday weekend we have got your travel forecast, next.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
welcome back christmas around the corner old man winter nowhere to be found travelers may have reason to worry fox news maria molina in weather center good morning. >> hi. good morning maria i want to switch graphics weather 8 my graphics we have a lot of weather to get to i mean we have one storm system across
8:21 am
the eastern u.s., bringing in rain as far north as part of northeast, stretching all the way down to parts of the florida panhandle some areas, could be looking at thunderstorms later today so we are going to be seeing delays, very likely across the eastern u.s., but now out west we have a much larger storm system, this storm system packing a punch from washington cascades down to ka sierra even across the rockies, we are looking at as much as two feet and even greater amounts out here has been very active across the western u.s. that pattern continues, you are also going to be dealing with strong winds, the winter-storm warnings in effect from about washington state to western parts of colorado. and as all of that wasn't enough looking at a risk for severe storms, some could produce isolated tornados he northeastern texas oklahoma we were arkansas take a look what happens tomorrow a much more widespread risk, force of storms it does ponl greatest
8:22 am
risk area parts of tennessee northern alabama, also mississippi the temperatures like you mentioned, earlier in the show maria, are very mild, forecasts 60s far north as new york city take a look at third -- christmas eve 70s for the forecast high temperatures, that happens, we will be breaking records across the eastern u.s.. maria: amazing maria thank you very much christmas eve said 2 degrees, globally spraez isis has president obama playing defense on battlefield and in the press, the president, told mpr yesterday that his error has been in the communications process, not the strategy. >> i think that there is a legitimate criticism of what i've been doing our administration has been doing, in the sense that we haven't on a regular basis described all the work we have been doing more than a year to
8:23 am
defeat isil. >> monica with us this morning president mitigating the criticism is valid then basically, blames the communications, also throws media out there, too that you know turn on tv all about isis that is the problem. >> this is something he has done for the last he seven years, blame everybody else except for himself, he has gone over and over again claiming that he has got a communications problem or that the media is not relaying his message proper, instead of saying no i have an ideology problem and i have a -- a strategy problem, here, in dealing with whatever it is obamacare, whatever the crisis never his fault we are to proclaim we are too stupidest to see his genes wisdom of doing what he is doing, rather than switching gears, as president bush did in -- hill unparticular at the time surge turned things around he refuses to change his mind because he is a hundred percent ideological i one more
8:24 am
jeer i hope we survive he is not changing his approach for ices. >> i think waiting for clock to run you the said you know i don't want could be in conflict waiting for the clock to run out get me out of here. >> lindsey graham said two weeks ago that he is worried about, a preys style attack or some sort of isis attack on american so i wiil if running o clock what is he going to do for all candidacy trump cruz, jeb we what is the plan doing after isis lindsey graham targeted a plan in the campaign, that i think a lot of people are moving to, we need to have specific plans what we're going to do boots on the ground no boots on the ground time to get specific. >> key takeaway for that on that video from -- the person speaking doesn't seem presidential, doesn't seem like the commander in chief or leader of the free world that is what we need, yes we need policies, yes whether or not he need everything behind the scenes that make a president a good leader but we need somebody out in front, who is
8:25 am
just their patterns is going to strike fear let people know that this is the leader of the free world, and someone not to be messed with that is on sist what we are getting. >> that is true richard nixon ronald reagan all we had to do shoot a look at enemies they thought twice, some of them moved against us against our interests but thought twice before they did it. and you know there is no reason why our enemies have not moved -- have moved the way they have everybody understands that there is nothing nobody there to stop them. >> during xhademocratic debate hillary clinton said we are where we should we in syria on isis you have to believe she agrees with president obama's strategy or just saying that? because political football. >> clinton walking very fine line particularly foreign affairs was first steward of foreign policy first the secretary four years guiding foreign policy walking a fine line roifs she needs distancing there because of
8:26 am
foreign cat -- ab trofk most going to by these by these if nominee can't tick them off mutual in an internal struggle a. >> people feel once general election happens she is going to move to the middle not going to be as -- left as she has been consider what do you think. >> listen this is the woman voted for tir ak war still today i think never apologized for it i think she is always had a problem with her liberal base being probably a bit more hawkish than obama or anyone in her base would like her to be. >> i think she proscriptive she will say or do anything to try to win election will move wherever she thinks they needs to move to get most votes. >> do you think that otherwise going to resonate people feel you said something different six months ago. >> i hope not. >> i think that is probably already baked into the cake with her everybody knows she lies people know she is all over the map so people make that subjects the problem is with her base, she has got to turn out problems here because she needs to turn out particularly black prosperities, latino voters
8:27 am
the same numbers barack obama did just not enthusiastic for her are. >> early christmas gift for millions of drivers across the country gasoline prices fall to levels not seen since 2009 live to chicago cme group check on oil back in a minute. ♪ ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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8:30 am
>> good news for drivers, prices at the gas pump hovering just above $2 a gallon this morning. phil flynn is at the cme in chicago. phil, what are you seeing in oil? >> what we're seeing is a little bit of a rebound, not in gasoline prices, they're still going down according to the api report. it will be interesting to see the gdp report that came out just a little higher at 2.0%. and gdp 2.7 in line with expectations. the expectation, core deflator in line with that. so it's probably not going to be a big mover for the oil prices. when you look at oil prices, everybody is looking to what's going to happen next year. are we going to get through the glut of supply and demand impro improve. what's the big question for the market.
8:31 am
in the short-term, it's concerns about warm weather and lack of demand weighing on the prices now, bah being -- back to you. maria: the next guest says that as the prices old at this level, struggling producers will largely go under, and the book, "the frackers", and thank you for i think jo us. quickly before we get to the frackers, an important part. any thoughts on the gdp. >> we're seeing weakness in kind of areas that we had seen growth, such as the energy business, which has been responsible for a third of growth and people are enjoying lower prices at the pump and there's a flip side, and there's had a little bit of a pain there, too. maria: when you see oil prices down 35, 40% from the highs, you have to believe that some of those fracking companies will not be able to produce and
8:32 am
make money at these levels, they'll go bankrupt. >> and i call them zombies they should be dead and they're not. wall street is giving them a long leash, banks are extending credit. and long lines that want to invest in energy. you go long only when you start to see the bankruptcies. and that's the only time to me when you start getting more optimistic about buying energy. >> is this the saudi opec strategy to crowd out the market? >> it is, but it's not quite working because u.s. production continues apace. we're 9.3 million barrels a down, down from 9.6. so we're not seeing them crushed like the saudies expected. so, the saudies are fighting the u.s. frackers, iranians, russians, a lot of people they want to keep prices down to kill off. >> i'm sorry, mike, the oil
8:33 am
gluts and these low prices, prices are particularly devastating for the russian economy, right? >> very much so. if you think about what happens with reagan, you know, reagan did a great job of killing off the-- a lot with the awedies and lowering oil prices and i think that's part of the reason, they're fighting off again. the saudies have all kinds of enemies and trying to hurt them all. >> when you look now, the new law that was passed for the first time now we can export oil from the u.s. i think that's a bigger story than really was played out in the media, do you agree? >> near-term it doesn't mean that much, but i completely agree medium and long-term it changes the dynamics, people in north dakota and texas are saying, yeah, prices are low now, longer term we can export. marginally will help those guys. maria: when we peel back the gdp number. corporate profits down 3.3%. so, when you factor in oil down as much as it is, how do you
8:34 am
assess the economy right now going into 2016? >> profit margins have been so high for so long, we expected them to come down. and we get nervousness, they can't stay up that high. and when we talk a to hedge fund managers for 2016, earnings are a concern. maria: earnings are a concern going into 2016. >> multiples aren't cheap either. >> and we touched on this earlier, greg, though mull multiples are highway, i'm in the camp you don't need to see massive expansion in growth or even in p.e. multiples for 2016 to support a higher s&p valuation. i think if we can get there if we continue to see the type of stock repurchases we've been seeing? >> yeah, although for the economy overall, stock repurchases residential nearly as good as reinvesting in your business and sort of says something about the economy that people are buying back shares.
8:35 am
maria: instead of reinvesting. let me ask you about the economy because we've got an economy that is sort of two steps forward, one step back and we see that from the gdp and then markets and impact on markets. what is your take what happened on third avenue where they shut the gates and you couldn't get any money out, no liquidity, the ceo was pushed out and everybody is worried about other credit funds? >> it's fascinating to me. it's two-fold. we've had interest rates so low, exceedingly low for so long, and when you look at the fund, they're buying nonrated debt and other funds are like that and it's worrisome and about energy and how it's leaking in as the ripple effect. the other market, like the junk bond market, because 50% are energy related and makes you concerned long-term there because i think that energy prices are going to say low for the next couple of years at least. >> the concern is that it stays in fenced into a place like third avenue. if this can leak out to the broader markets or larger etf
8:36 am
that's where you could talk about systemic risk, i don't think it's there, but that's the potential. >> i agree. the leveraged buyers you have of 2008, it's less of a concern to me, anyway. maria: when you see the fracking situation, you know where oil is, are you concerned we'll see job losses in that segment of the economy, energy, sort of bleed out to the rest of the economy? >> i don't know bleed out, but large parts of this economy or this nation that rely on energy business. you forget about that. i've traveled the country and north dakota and texas and louisiana and pennsylvania, even. a third of growth in recent years has come from the energy business and that's going away. you're still seeing production, but it's slowing. >> what about the fact that with oil where it is, it's a positive for things like airlines, car makers? the companies that use oil as an input? >> that's the offset and you look at airlines for sure. they're enjoying this situation, and consumers, you're not seeing the spending like you would have expected, but sure, at the pump when you
8:37 am
see prices below $2, that's got to look at the holiday season as well. maria: greg, good to have you on the show. >> thank you. maria: don't forget "mornings with maria" starts every day at 6:00 on the fox business network. before we go we'll take a look at moments you may have missed from earlier in the program. >> talk about being embarrassed by donald trump, i think that's part of his plan. i think he's out there. he doesn't mind embarrassing people. he wants to shock people. that's his plan, but i would wonder, how many people of those people embarrassed by trump, how many are also embarrassed by our current an, you know? i remember yoda personally. [laughter] >> this is going to be the first earn ever to jump on the stock exchange floor. >> i know it's early, but the moose is going to get loose. maria: here we go, let's see if i can do it. with a little help from my friends.
8:38 am
a little help my our friends. thank you. [laughter] >> from our entire team here at "mornings with maria", thank you elizabeth for the memories and we wish you all the best.
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8:40 am
>> welcome back. we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. it's got the gdp and nicole, your reaction? >> take a look at futures. the initial reaction was we haw
8:41 am
the s&p up three and the up arrows hold here and dow futures up 28. s&p up nearly three points here for futures. gdp coming in better than expected. and quarter over quarter, a little less than the prior quarter of 2.1%. let's look at disney and chipotle. two that are kicking it off here. at chipotle, basically a new e. coli strain, this is a stock that touched a 19 month low yesterday as it continued a knew strain of e. coli on top of what they've already been doing, investigations. they've not yet found out what the problem is, it is related to the produce is what they say. disney, and that stock is 19 month slow. disney rallied about 30% since august now, "the force awakens", "star wars" hype telling on the news, and the fact there's concern over disney's espn losing those subscribers. so, disney is one to watch as well. maria: all right, thank you so much.
8:42 am
mike, you're watching after the close tonight. >> two main ones being micron, a chip maker and micron is at the forefront of this whole death of the pc movement. maria: they make the chips that go into pc's? >> into pc's, but among other things, the stock gets hit anytime you hear about people moving away from the pc or smartphone or tablet. maria: everybody is doing. >> they make chips that go into phones. i think that stock has been, it had a huge run last year from 14 to the mid 30's, give it back this year from mid 30's to where it is now, 14. and trades at a low multiple. i think there's more upside at the stock and nike is going that you want to watch. you want to take on the consumer, the consumer who is dead and not spending money. let's look at nike sales and i think you'll see not only china sales which we know will be strong, but north american sales i think are going to be very, very good for nike. maria: you own these stocks, you said?
8:43 am
>> i do know the, but i'd love to get an opportunity to own nike. >> it's interesting because nike is the move of technology into athletic clothing, i think that there was talk about, you know, apple and nike partnership and that empowered under amour to put sensors in its clothes. >> and under amour, if nike has a competitor, it's under amour. they're a lot smaller and they're in-- a reporter asked lebron james what do you think about under amour and his response was, who? that tells me, they are taking notice of them. but nike's a company that has huge margins on their products and they have a stable of guys like lebron james that are going to continue, and michael jordan for that matter that are going to continue for years to come. so it's a great name to own. it seems kind of fully priced at these levels to me. maria: morgan, i think the most important data point, we've seen a breakdown in the economy
8:44 am
and we'll see the durable goods orders. . >> it's interesting, what you spoke to earlier. the savings that the consumers are seeing at the pump, why aren't we seeing that spent in the economy. whether it's the manufacturing sector or consumer sector, there's a hesitance to the economy. how does the average consumer feel about the economy? right now they're not spending to a degree that makes me think that companies or individuals have confidence in the economic leadership of the company. >> we've had eight years of uncertainty since the great recession kicked in and i think there's a political factor here, too. people are saying, let's see how the election turns out. you know, before we really start investing again or start to spend our money again. maria: business is certainly waiting for that. coming up, why go to the gym when you can bring the gym home. how one company plans to bring the fitness class to you. we are going to show you next. ♪
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>> welcome back.
8:48 am
the iraqi troops advancing into a city by isis. the headlines, lori. >> iraqi officials are reporting with the support of u.s. led air strikes, they're making progress in the city. the country estimates only between 250 and 300 isis militant remain inside ramadi. the man accused of purchasing two of the guns used in the san bernardino massacre has been denied bail. he's charged with supporting terrorists and plots, illegally buying the rifles the shooters used in the san bernardino attack. >> and let the dogs out to sooth holiday flyers, airlines looking for ways to help holiday travelers in distress with position 230 trained
8:49 am
comfort dogs at seven key airports across the country to greet travel e. most will be located at the gates to interact with travelers after they've made it through security. an interesting idea there. >> it is. >> thank you so much. and peloton has other spinning studios breaking a sweat. they have a unique high-tech bike that allows riders to compete with others in the virtual setting of your own home. they received a 750 million investment in the latest funding. joining us is the peloton ceo. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: we'll show the bike in a second. how is business, and what kind of reception are you getting from the new bike? >> business is great. we launched last year, 10 million first year, and 50 million this year and high hopes for next year. we're profitable and we're feeling pretty good. close to 100,000 global riders,
8:50 am
riding in the peloton as it were. it's because the options at home to get a 45 minutes dripping workout when you want one. if you go to the boutique studios you can get the workout with high energy coach and great movie -- music and other riders. but not at home. when you can get the 45 minute workout that hasn't been an option before peloton. maria: i'm a biker, love riding outside. there are options if you ride inside. >> i'm a cyclist four hours going up the gw bridge, going 50 miles, my dream. maria: same, i love it. >> with two young kids, my wife works, i work, but taking that is indulgent in the 20's. maria: i'll say. >> less and less you have to
8:51 am
options. my wife and i take turns, we'll wake up at 6:00 in the morning and get that fantastic workout on the peloton bike, 6:45 we're done with the workout and we didn't have to go to the gym, take the travel time or go to are a 50 mile ride takes a lot of time, obviously. maria: so the bike cross-- almost $2,000. >> yeah. maria: 1,999. >> congratulations, when we see something, we run a fund and we look at this and say, why didn't we come up with this. i applaud you on your success and i see upside. can you get away from the bike, also, or plans to move into other things, a yoga studio or kick boxing class? >> for sure. one of the reasons we took the 175 million in this growth equity round is to continue to be an innovation company.
8:52 am
we are not a stationary bike company, that's not our product. but we're leveraging in doing things broadly across fitness. peloton, we're innovating the nexis of fitness and me yeah and there are instructor-like classes whether it's yoga or i'm a fan of a barry's boot camp. >> i almost died in a barry's boot camp. >> i tend to buy some of these and hanging clothes on them. how do you get people to use the bike and what's your target customer? >> sure, that's been the flaw of the model, going back to nordic track, it was a piece of hardware that sat in your basement. it's not about the hardware, it's about the content, the motivation and instructor, the energy of the people and music. we're more of a technology company with software and veeming content, versus the traditional hardware player and it's beautiful, on fox business, it's also a beautiful
8:53 am
police model it's not about hardware margins, it's a subscription business contents model. what works for the consumer, also in our case works for the business as well. >> that is what stands you apart right there. >> what's unique about peloton, you can get the live and also classes sort of on tape, right? if you don't make a live class necessarily you could pull up a class. >> that's right. we think we are an apple meets-- we run a store so we're like apple, but like netflix, rides on demand. i like this particular instructor, 80's hip-hop, and i select my filters and here is the subset of classes. >> that described me perfectly, 80's hip-hop, 30 minutes. maria: great, congratulations. >> it's a company that we're trying to have a hive style
8:54 am
van. we share with fitbit, and also on our board in addition, we've got great money and ambitious money, i'm an ambitious guy. >> are you going to take it public at some point? is that the goal? >> i would be surprised in a year if we're not considering it. certainly we don't need the money, but these can be fantastic marketing events. running the process and get hype and excitement and we might consider it. maria: peloton ceo and co-founder. 40 minutes until the opening bell. we've got the gdp number out. it's 2% and the market improved after that. a college student from illinois bringing christmas cheer to her parents' house in a profound way. ♪
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8:57 am
welcome back, final thoughts from our guest s, mike murphy. >> as we get into a slow holiday week, the year hasn't gone as kind of we expected in
8:58 am
the markets, but i want to look forward to 2016. i think there's a lot of opportunity in the market. i think we get a new political regime in place, i think the economy has more strength beneath it than people are giving it credit for. i think lower oil prices are going to be helpful and i think the fed getting off zero interest rates and away from the great recession of 2008. i think that all that puts together 2016 that's going to surprise people to the upside. maria: maybe the consumer comes out from under a rock. >> look at nike's earnings, they'll be spending on nike shoes. >> lindsey graham getting out of the race, it's interesting, he was not high in the polls. everybody thinks he's going to rubio or cruz or bush. if i was trump, the only on foreign policy is to get somebody like lindsey graham on your side. maria: he's so smart on foreign policy. >> he's smart, but the base doesn't like it which is why he
8:59 am
did poorly. if he endorses one of these guys, that's not a good thing. maria: go ahead. >> i think that early on ted cruz did a master struck in creating something of an alliance in donald trump and now you're seeing they're essentially the final two. that doesn't mean that marco rubio or chris christie can come down. i think they're pretty much locking down the vote and believe me when hillary clinton doesn't want to run against either one because they're not bound by the rule. maria: and donald trump came up during the debate. and hillary clinton was in the ladies room, what happened there? they were waiting for her. >> pure speculation, she was waiting to get in the bathroom and someone was in there. a martin o'malley staffer to which i say martin o'malley has
9:00 am
a staffer? but my speculation, she was on the phone to bill clinton, they have a co-dependent relationship and they check in 12 times a day. maria: that will do it for us, "varney & company" starts now. over to you. stuart: we'll take it. now, this is christmas week, yes, it is, but there's no peace and love between donald and hillary, anything but. good morning, trump repeats his claim that hillary is a liar and continues to demand she apologize that he's a recruitment tool. apologize, me, hillary says, hell no. quinnipiac voter, would you be embarrassed if he were president? hajavhalf say yes. and a german police chief makes headlines saying the men don't


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