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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 22, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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a staffer? but my speculation, she was on the phone to bill clinton, they have a co-dependent relationship and they check in 12 times a day. maria: that will do it for us, "varney & company" starts now. over to you. stuart: we'll take it. now, this is christmas week, yes, it is, but there's no peace and love between donald and hillary, anything but. good morning, trump repeats his claim that hillary is a liar and continues to demand she apologize that he's a recruitment tool. apologize, me, hillary says, hell no. quinnipiac voter, would you be embarrassed if he were president? hajavhalf say yes. and a german police chief makes headlines saying the men don't
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respect german culture. trouble for steve harvey. reports that he was seen drinking before his disastrous mistake at the miss universe pageant, and he missed part of the rehearsal. and only one a one-game suspension for beckham. and a blockbuster christmas, we have numbers for you. yes, the christmas week edition of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ . stuart: ♪ noel, noel ♪ >> see, that's religious christmas music. and we bring it to you for your benefit, ashley. ashley: what, am i a pagan? >> the source, juan williams, we played this just for you. >> i'm a child at heart.
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i'm not going to pretend i don't love it. i love it. >> i have tears in my eyes, i really do. on-line shopping, oh, it ruled. ups and fedex are they benefitting? >> between black friday and new year's eve 630 million packages, increase over last year. today alone, this tuesday, 36 million packages will be delivered today. what's interesting is, the record high ten years ago for one day was 17 million. that shows you the impact of on-line e-commerce. stuart: i have to believe that a large number of those packages are on-line, with an amazon attachment to it. me sending you a present by ups, it's on-line. ashley: e-commerce. >> and it's unbelievable, most
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to mine, and elise williams, she has amazon prime and tells me it costs her nothing, but i think that fedex and ups are making money. stuart: you're a closet liberal, have you got something wrong with fedex making money out of package deliveries? >> no. i can tell you it's a different way of living, that's all i'm saying. stuart: and one quarter of all american households have amazon prime. a quarter. on-line rules. look at this, the dow will open pretty much flat this morning. we had another ho-hum reading on the economy first thing this morning and we're expanding a the an even 2% per year pace. not that great. so we're going to open a little higher. we're closer to a 16 handle on the dow than we are to a 18 handle. that's where we stand this morning. a handle? >> like a trader. stuart: i want to get the buzzer for that. not yet, not christmas week.
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and take a look at oil. it's bounced off its seven year low which was 33 and change. 35, almost 36 as of this morning and you know what? it was fun while it lasted, but there's no 11.99 national average for gas. cue that saxophone, it's now $2 even we went up just a little bit overnight. i'm very disappointed. please, look at this. we've got a map for you, 29 states have a. >> a price below $2 per gallon. there's reason to smile. and look at this, the cheapest gas in america is now in indiana, craw fordsville, there is a kroger station, $1.31, worth driving all that way. ashley: finding it. stuart: and a line up the highway there. the latest quinnipiac toll. donald trump 28, and cruz at 24, rubio, carson, no other candidate tops 6%. the bottom line for that you're
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looking a the cruz gaining a lot of ground. look at this, 50% of voters say they would be embarrassed to have trump as president. 33% would be embarrassed if hillary were elected. those are your frontrunners and now trump is turning his venom big time on hillary, listen to this. >> she's terrible, donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar. it turned out to be a lie. stuart: a brief comment from juan williams on that performance from donald trump. go ahead, spill it. >> i just think it's amazing. it's so entertaining. it's like the most amazing-- if you're watching tv and saying politics at christmastime. wait, that's donald-- wait, play that again, play that again, stuart. he's calling her a liar, hey, happy new year, hearing him calling her a liar. stuart: wait a second, i'm
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intrigued by that, 50% in that poll who said they would be embarrassed if donald trump were elected president. i think that's a very important number. >> it is. stuart: when you're electing a president, you've got to like them, respect them, see them every day for four years, and 50% were embarrassed to have you in the oval office, you've got a problem. >> you know, look, i'll be honest, my business is political analysis for the fox news channel and five months ago to you, i would say this guy has so many people republican voters say they could never support donald trump i would of said to you, stuart, this guy is going to fade pretty quickly because you can see there's too much of a repository of antagonism toward him. this morning, i think we're on december 23rd, you say to me look at the people who would be embarrassed, but look at the numbers at the top of the show, 28% say they would vote for him, remember, he was up to 41. i think he's got a problem with
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50% would be embarrassed to put him in the office at the presidential election. >> i don't know whether they would vote for him. it's what compared to what. ashley: that's the question. stuart: you'll stay for half an hour. can't get enough of juan williams. >> i can't get enough of you guys, thanks for inviting me. stuart: i'll take your present and gift later. >> fedex. used to say in the mail now i can say it's being delivering. stuart: i'm turning to a serious subject here, specifically europe, the number of refugees reaching europe this year, just this year 2015 has already passed 1 million and get this, a german police commissioner says young muslim men are disrespectsful of german culture. former state department official christian whiteman is with me now. this is a big deal. it seems to me europe is increasingly religiously divided and culturally split
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which leads me to think that the entire eu would be split. is it that serious? >> i think it could be leading to that. one of the implications we've spent so much attention on greece, refugees out of the mediterranean to greece. it may be looking at britain, there may be an election on this topic. and that the british prime minister isn't interesting in negotiating a harder bargain and that europe as a political entity is failing to address the security element, the cultural element and put more movement away from the center. stuart: maybe i'm going overboard here, but i would suspect that a million, largely, almost entirely muslim refugees reaching the continent in one year, that breaks the camel's back. i'm not saying the straw that breaks the camel's back.
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but this is the issue on which europe will break. again, am i going too far? >> well, it comes on the heels of other issues and, no, i don't think it's too far because we're seeing incredible political change across europe. you see the rise of nationalist parties in polled, in france, and spain just had an election where they're coming even with two parties, so not quite revolution, but for a continent with very stayed, predictable politics, there's a lot of change going on. stuart: and we'll see a lot more of it next year, i suspect. thanks for joining us, merry christmas to you. >> thanks. stuart: hillary insists democrats are better for the economy. she's calling republicans grinches. look at this. . >> american families like progress a lot, but the grinches in g.o.p.-ville, it seems they do not. together they shout with great grinchy zeal that on health care their plan is repeal,
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repeal, repeal. stuart: ridiculous, juan williams, that's ridiculous. >> ridiculous. it's ridiculous that we are at that level of conversation about serious issues, but in terms of the content. i don't know it's ridiculous because i think that republicans still believe that they want to reveal obamacare. stuart: yes. >> that's right. >> nothing inaccurate about that. stuart: the health care system in america. input up costs. deductibles are astronomicals. what you pay before insurance kicks in, that's gone up. >> have you noticed the number of people in the insurance in the country, that's gone up. stuart: almost all of them are on medicaid or heaviry subsidized. we're giving them coverage. >> i didn't know that stuart varney had gone toward single payer. ashley: don't say that. stuart: you're welcome on the program, but better watch out.
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>> watch out, santa claus is coming to town. better watch out. your imitating bernie sanders is too much on this christmas day. ashley: stuart, relax. stuart: peace and joy to the viewers. stuart:. >> smoke is coming out of his ears. stuart: used to be, juan. bad news for chipotle. they're dealing with another e. coli outbreak that looks like it could be sourced to chipotle. >> the centers for disease control are investigating five more e. coli case that is may be linked to chipotle. the most recent case are in oklahoma, north dakota and kansas. and that's different than the larger jut break on the west coast. chipotle stock is taking a hit from this as well. it's down right now and closed down precipitously yesterday. it was a victory for elon musk
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and spacex after they launched the rocket last night with 11 satellites for orb communications company. all 11 were successfully deployed, you can hear the cheering there. the booster rocket landed back on earth vertically for the first time. impressive, but amazon ceo jeff bezos, not so much. he operates blue origin, and says welcome to the club, maybe a little late. and odom beckham, jr. received a one game suspension, beckham appealed this. it's not the first time, he was earlier in a game against the buffalo bills. stuart: i tell you that's not a popular decision suspended only for one game. steve harvey very sorry for crowning the wrong lady at the miss universe pageant.
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now there are reports that he didn't rehearse properly. back in a moment. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> ♪ hark the herald angels sing ♪ >> how about that. can you hear that? it brings tears to your eyes, i know it does. we're playing religious music as we show you the pagans at stonehenge in england. pagans they are. thousands gathered to celebrate the winter solstice. ashley, those are your people. ashley: my father is welsh, if they come there, maybe part of that. they're praising mother earth. stuart: they're smoking weed. ashley: running around naked in the woods. they run around and drink and be merry. stuart: what's wrong with that. >> he's a druid. ask true to they run around nude?
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>> apparently so. >> to celebrate winter solstice. ashley: not at stonehenge. stuart: the embarrassment always continues for steve harvey reportedly drinking and playing roulette hours before the miss universe pageant and entertainment tonight reports he missed the end of rehearseals and didn't practice announcing the winner. former prosecutor is with us. sorry to break this on you, can anybody sue anybody? if steve harvey liable in this case? >> well, good morning, i don't know if you've heard, but the real news is i am the real miss universe, 2015. it was not miss philippines, it was miss korea. but to answer your question, in nevada they have a cause of action called negligent infliction of emotional distress and maybe, just maybe, miss colombia might have a
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cause of action saying i was reasonably forseebly in the zone and could have been physically impacted, i hysterically cried when they took the crown off of me, it's a little bit of a stretch, but we've seen stuff for small suits, so maybe just maybe. stuart: there was emotional distress after something like that. it was extraordinary embarrassment seen all the way around the world. i can't imagine that somebody can't make a couple of bucks off this. how about steve harvey, any way personally liable. he went out there and said, i apologize, it's my mistake. >> if i would bring a lawsuit i would name the miss universe organization and steve harvey. i would think that steve harvey would have a moral clause he signed to work for the miss universe organization. bottom line, he's not going to get an invitation to host the oscar and i don't think that
9:19 am
they're going to syndicate a show in colombia, soon, but may have violated some of the part of the contract playing roulette and being inebriated. stuart: if that's accurate. i can tell you'd love to take on that lawsuit. you may be in florida, but i think you're on the next plane. thank you for joining us. miss universe. ashley: congratulations. stuart: anthony weiner was on the program and many of you were not happy to see him. that's putting it mildly. we have your angry responses next. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush
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>> i can't remember a more qualified candidate for president. you've got to find one secretary of state, someone to worked in the white house. stuart: how about her performances in the office? >> i thought she was amazing. stuart: you heard that. anthony weiner on our show yesterday speaking about hillary clinton's run for the presidency. interesting feedback. >> i no longer watch tv news as you. if you keep having dopes like weiner, you, too, will lose me. john says, well, you've lost another viewer. >> marta says, why are you rewarding carlos danger with air time, should not be encouraged. juan, your thoughts on this before you leave us?
9:24 am
>> i was curious, why you would have him on and then you said to me, it was because of hillary clinton and you wanted to know his thoughts and in fact, he's married to huma abideen, clinton's top aide and a strong legacy, if you will, or understanding of democratic party politics, as a congressman. all those levels, fine. and i find him unappealing because of that carlos dangerfield. stuart: your wife objected. ashley: why did you have that weasel on anyway. stuart: and i'm going to interject. ron on facebook came to us with this gem. yet another waste of air time. wow. you have lowered your standards. >> how can you lower your standards if you had anthony weiner on yesterday. that's an insult. ashley: merry christmas. >> i think that was it.
9:25 am
i think that santa claus is not coming to my town. stuart: thank you very much for being on the show this christmas week. >> my pleasure. you guys are the best, merry christmas, and you twin granddaughters. stuart: i've got nine grandchildren. >> and those with the red hair. stuart: you have twin granddaughters. juan williams, merry christmas. >> thank you very much. stuart: it pains me to say, but it's dow 16,000, we're on the 16,000 watch not 18 any longer, oh, no, 16. the santa claus rally didn't happen, did it? the opening bell moments away.
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♪ ♪
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how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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fifty or 60 points higher. around 172, 173. the trading session has begun. just a couple days before christmas. twenty-six points. okay. ashley webster. elizabeth macdonald, two. okay. closer to 16,018,000. what happened? >> we talk about this a bunch. the haves and have-nots. a few strong stocks that have been pulling this out. finally, those smaller stocks are not the amazons, not the googles, not the facebook's.
9:31 am
the lack of broad artistic patient. >> the energy stocks. >> 18,300 points. the glass half full. >> 999. >> you got buzzed. stuart: thank you very much, indeed the aid comment, please. >> did you see the movie? did you go to the movie? >> i never go on to one. that is my only investment. it does not appear that we are going to go there. [laughter]
9:32 am
stuart: it does not appear we are going to go there. what kind of analysis is that? where do we think we will geten? there is a greater chance it could go down to 1300. stuart: if you just look at the big tech stocks, that is what this market has been all about. ashley: if you take them out, what does it look like then? liz: healthcare -- stuart: consumer discretionary stocks. liz: we talk about it all the time. >> you cannot take the puzzle back. take a look at the price of oil.
9:33 am
by the way, gas, i am sorry to say this, it went up overnight. two dollars even. come back in. i want a better explanation. and a lot of people thought it was $30 a barrel. >> somewhere near the bottom here. when you are looking at the oil space in general, you go out one year from now, they are 15-20% higher than they are today. at some point here, we will find a bottom. i think they will play this space. you are much better off being a buyer than a seller. i think the value is in here. if the economy is ever going to get better, and will be bigger
9:34 am
demand as well. >> close to a bottom and oil, you will have it nice rally on the stock market. >> i agree. i think todd is a little braver than i write here. despite all of that. stuart: that is true. individual stocks in the news. chipolte. type to another e. coli outbreak. it is down 19 points now. ashley: five new cases in north dakota, oklahoma and kansas. a different strain than the one at the end of october. chipolte saying we are absolutely revising all of our operating procedures.
9:35 am
we will have the safest out there. >> do they wash the vegetables in the restaurant when they get them out of the package? that is the answer that we need. >> where the problem is. it will be a brand reputation issue now. stuart: look at disney, please. this stock is now all about star wars. espn. that is why it is down from its highs. >> you talk about espn. put it this way. lost in estimated 7 million subscribers. that works out to about 650 million in fees. the biggest profit generator. 45% of all the revenue comes from this specific heart of the operation.
9:36 am
stuart: okay. >> what is happening is they have lost all their subscriber base. their revenues are up year over year. the cord cutters are sticking around for only one reason. >> it is not the cord cutters. >> more revenue per viewers than any other cable. >> nbc. stuart: there is a lot of competition at that space. >> you have nbc, fox, cbs. they all have their own sports now. taking a couple people away. plus, way too high paid now. stuart: did you just say talent is to highly paid? facebook.
9:37 am
it is a facebook story. anyone who has an official page can lifestream. explain why this is a big deal? >> against companies salah abdeslam opportunity to lifestream. it sounds all complicated. it is not as complicated as it sounds. it can reach all the facebook users. it can lifestream events. it can live stream whatever it wants. it is huge. >> i can live stream for everybody who wants to watch me isolate my business. that is a big deal. 105 on facebook right now. here is a story that elizabeth macdonald has been waiting on. mcdonald has started testing mac & cheese.
9:38 am
>> the stock is down. a great performer for that year. mac & cheese. mac & cheese can go with a happy meal. 190 calories. we are talking about the mc rib. it comes and goes. stuart: the same as for chicken nuggets. i will live with that in my head. why are you looking at me like that? >> what a time to be alive. tested and cleveland ohio. it may be rolled out with happy meals nationwide.
9:39 am
for dan google. they will build self driving cars together. get together on self driving cars. trish: you may see an announcement in january. for dan google. partnering to do a driverless car. ford can make the cars and google has the technology. >> it looks like a clown scarf. liz: do you think that this will work? >> i think that it is the way of the future. >> they say they want to get rid of the thousands of fatalities on the road. >> a driverless car situation.
9:40 am
can you get drunk but should mark you may get called upon. >> -- stuart: can you get drunk and then get into the driverless car? you liable? >> you would have to be competent. >> talk about star wars. i am calling this the battle of the billionaires. elon musk versus jeff baze. a successful liftoff and landing in florida last night. trish: on the fifth try. elon musk has successfully launched a reasonable space
9:41 am
rocket into interspace. welcome to this club. he, actually, his company, blue origin, was first. >> that is what that is. stuart: were you laughing in chicago? >> i was laughing. that was a great comment. who has the bigger rocket did. >> private space exploration. my dollars are not involved. >> it gets a lot of subsidies. >> that is true. >> a just charged five satellites. must have that going for him. >> interesting.
9:42 am
liz: it goes deeper and faster into space. >> you learn something every day. the hospital operator. huge pop yesterday. about 6 million people have signed up for obama care coverage for next year. 6 million sign-ups. >> this popped yesterday. they got a four-year extension with that. a series of hospitals. aetna, the big insurer, extended their contract. liz: the government is not being clear. we have to wait for that essential numbers to get the verdict on the success of obamacare so far. it could be 12 million. stuart: okay. wrapping it up. we had the big board showing a gain of 28 points.
9:43 am
we were up 40-50. i am calling this a flat opening. you have to take a look at nike. this is the best performing stock all the dow 30. it is up 55% this year. not bad. refugees in europe. now at 1 million. that is how many have arrived in europe. a police figure in germany says they are not respectful in germany. that is a big deal. john bolton is coming up shortly on what could be the upcoming split in europe. drinking alcohol. beneficial in moderation. yes, it is. welcomed news right before christmas. ♪
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stuart: iraqi forces have began to go into a city held by isis. >> romani was captured by isis a few months ago. 55 miles west of baghdad. now very close to taking this city back. within 72 hours, they will have it. using the civilians. human shields. all of those horrible things. it looks like they will get ramadi back. a slow trading session. we are expanding about 2% annual
9:48 am
rate. we have a 19 month low for chewable day. hovering at the $500 level. another e. coli outbreak across the states. an alcoholic drink a day could actually make you healthier overall. you avoid serious health problems for men if they have 14 drinks in a week or four on any single day. that is four-man. you are okay. that is moderation. >> i am not buying that. there was this huge study done. looking at over 200,000 men. if they have a drink or two a day, they will live longer and
9:49 am
have less heart disease then if you do not have any alcohol at all. alcohol poisons the letter. you may already have a damaged liver. alcohol is made into poison in the alcohol. it does relax your blood vessels. it may be of benefit to the heart of some kind. if you are already having a glass or two of wine a day, it probably will not hurt you, holloway. i will never tell a patient to start drinking wine. it is a study out of great britain. >> they think more clearly when they drink. the more they drink, the more clearly they thought.
9:50 am
stuart: i became an american this year for very good reason. [laughter] moderate drinking is okay. you do not recommend people start drinking moderately as they do not drink at all. kiss of death. no drinking at all. >> i think if you do not drink at all, i would not start now. i do not know what the b is right now. they follow us over 10 years. this is all by survey and report. one-two drinks a day is probably okay. that is for women, by the way. [laughter] stuart: thank you, everybody. interesting subject. look at this. xbox. xbox. from microsoft. a game console.
9:51 am
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two moments ago the dow turned negative. we are up 12 points.
9:55 am
that is all we have for you this tuesday morning thus far. nasa captures a stunning image of earth. the images composed of a series of shots in october. this is considered to be a very rare event. [laughter] how about this. f box. the games console. the biggest sale ever. games up to 60% off. it starts today. if i have this right, you download. you do not have to wait for fedex to deliver anything. you can get it today with a big discount. that is the story? have we got an audio problem? >> there we go.
9:56 am
patrick, you heard me? >> you can officially downloaded over the internet. >> i am not aware of this whole universe of gaming. you tell me. >> it is a huge deal. the timing is, essentially, perfect. it goes after christmas and the holidays paid once they get their new xbox, they can load up on new games then. stuart: popular games on the big discount? >> these are actually some of the hottest titles out there. there is a little bit of a catch. to get the biggest discounts, you need an xbox live gold subscription. microsoft is definitely
9:57 am
benefiting from this as well. stuart: have you ever done this before? i cannot remember. >> this is an annual thing. they have extended it and put more titles on sale. we will see more than games. we will see movies and apps as well. stuart: xbox and playstation. is that correct? >> they literally run neck and neck. station for is ahead. xbox came. it clipped the playstation with the halo five franchise. they do get back and forth. stuart: amazing. patrick morehead, thank you for being with us. i know this is an important subject for a lot of people. how many homes were sold last month? breaking news at the top of the coming hour. the final read on home sales for
9:58 am
the year. we will have those important numbers for you. especially if you are a retailer. they may have stolen nuclear plants while they were out it. second our varney and company is seconds away. ♪ .. gay let
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stuart: we are awaiting news on how many homes were sold in the month of december. it is 4.76 million. of bigness. let's get this straight. what we are talking about is the number of existing homes that have been sold or are selling at an annualized rate. the annualized rate is 4.76 million homes sold. that is very slow. ashley: slowest pace in 19 months, in a year-and-a-half. stuart: jason knows the real estate market. you are our real estate guy. this is a run number.
10:01 am
>> it is a run number and we have been talking about this for quite a while. economy is not doing so well and jobs, some people pay their homes with, gdp numbers came out today, we have a sluggish economy and that is what is happening and the overseas buyers are starting to dry up and i am very concerned about markets like new york city, san francisco, miami, there is something to be concerned about. stuart: the markets you mentioned especially san francisco and new york city those markets have been pumped way up there by a lot of foreign money coming in and there's a lot of talk that a high end stuff in those two cities is essentially in bubble territory. sounds like you agree with me that that might be a bubble about to burst. >> that is right. $4 million is drying up. between 3 and 4 million is very tough, below 3 million you are seeing a lot of trading but i am concerned and also the fed rate
10:02 am
increase is going to be material, i know it is extremely low but i am still concerned about the spread having an impact. stuart: when you say you are concerned one not concerned about a crash in the housing market, you are concerned it may cause and it is not in good shape. if you are real to you are not happy. is that the case? >> i think we create -- we have created bubbles, federal monetary policy at zero. people were buying homes because interest rates were extremely low so i think the market needs a correction in certain markets, not all because real-estate is local but i am concerned the rates are going to have an impact. stuart: thank you for joining us on an important day. i will repeat the news we are selling existing homes at an annual rate of 4.76 million. year. that is a low number. as i recall, adjust go back to
10:03 am
the early part of the last decade, 2004-2005-2006-2007, worked with selling almost 7 million homes. >> they were expecting 5.35 million. no response on the market by the way. we were up 15 points when the news broke, now we are up 30 points. look at that, down 10.5% month over month existing home sales for november. how about chipotle, a casualty of that eagle eye stuff. another outbreak there and jacobi stock is down another $20, worse yet, jpmorgan has downgraded chipotle. what is the e coli story. ashley: you use the keyword another eagle eye outbreak, five cases investigated by the ftc, the question is are these related to the big outbreak at the end of october, we have 53 cases, the cdc is not sure, it looks to be a different strain.
10:04 am
bottom line is it is hurting the stock, it is in down 3.5% yesterday, down today, another 3% sold. i think 7% loss in the last couple days and continuing to save up, we are reviewing everything but no doubt they're doing everything they can. stuart: they have an image problem, branding image problem, they are doing everything they can, hats off to them that they have a problem. >> they have to problem we will force our workers to watch the vegetables when they unpack them. that could be the issue. stuart: back to that again. you think that is the key. >> they went from farm to brio and made a big deal about the integrity but if you're going to do that an antibiotic cream needs you have to make sure the food is clean. stuart: interesting stuff. i am going to check the big board, we are still up 30 points and will refer to something jason told us which is the gdp report, gross domestic product, we are expanding our economy at
10:05 am
2% annual growth and that is not much. we're 26 points for the dow jones industrials. take a look at 90, there's a winner, the best performing dow stocks this year so far is the 35%, 130 on 90. online shopping king of little this christmas, ups says it may deliver 630 million packages between black friday and new year's eve. look at oil right now it has bounced off of its seven year low which was $33 a barrel, we are about 36 as of right now. i got to say it was fun while it lasted. one day we had the national average for gas at $1.99 went back again, half a cent overnight, now is $2 even. got it. yesterday's tragedy, terrible story, six american service men were killed by the taliban in an attack in afghanistan. in response to white house press
10:06 am
secretary, released a four sentence paragraph offering condolences to the family. american enterprise institute ambassador john bolton is with me now. is it me in or did the president not do enough in responding to that dreadful dreadful death of six soldiers in afghanistan? a couple of lines from the press secretary. >> however this is part of a pattern from this president. when it is not politically suitable for him to talk about the sacrifices that our military makes in trying to keep us safe. he is happy to hand out congressional medals of honor that allow him to give a speech in the white house setting but he has for seven years failed to make the case that the sacrifices that our service members are making overseas are to keep us safe at home and this is to be blunt about it, this tragedy, inconvenient for the president's narrative that the
10:07 am
war on terror is basically over. stuart: there's one other racial and want to bring to your attention, we had officials statement that 1 million refugees and migrants had entered europe this calendar year, 2015. furthermore we have a german police officials saying these muslim men coming to germany do not respect germany's culture. seems to me like europe is at the splitting point, they have a religious divide, cultural divide, how long before the european union itself is divided and splits? >> i think the european union is under enormous strain and this flow of refugees out of north africa in the middle east which this year has reached extraordinary high is of major contributing factor. germany is the locus for a lot of these people, angela merkel said a few months ago she would take 800,000 refugees from syria. that is equivalent to 1% of the german population. for us that would be 3.5 million
10:08 am
refugees and i think this police officials, a woman herself an immigrant is reflecting in her comments some of which we can't say on the air just haow many regular germans feel. these are people worried about the safety of their own homes and is a widespread feeling across europe and european integration. stuart: it is not a story we should be taking account of here in america. the muslim population within the united states is very small, it is very large in europe and they have a cultural split. should we similar concern about a cultural and religious splits in the united states and can i ask that question without being labeled a hater and a bigot? >> you probably can't ask a question without the consequences the one of the major differences between the
10:09 am
united states and europe over the past couple centuries is america has been a successful melting pot, a tribute to our open society here that we have taken millions of immigrants from radically different cultures and made into americans. they have not ever succeeded in doing that comparable task in europe and they are paying a price for it now. if we start to see that failure of the melting pot to bring people into a common culture than i think we will have the same problems they do in europe now. that is inevitable. i think our country is entitled as a condition of citizenship to demand respect for the culture and the constitution. that is what national sovereignty is all about. stuart: i just swore an oath to the constitution when i became a citizen. i did. i was happy to swear that oath. i think everybody else should be too. >> we are glad you are here with us. stuart: i didn't ask for that comment i am glad you made it.
10:10 am
merry christmas to you, thanks very much. how about this? hillary's camp responding to this comment from donald trump, roll that tape. >> everything that has been involved in hillary, even a race -- she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was favored to win and she got -- she lost. stuart: we believeed out word. clinton director of communication jennifer palmery tweeted this. we are not responding to donald trump but everyone will understand the humiliation degrading language conflicts on all women should. ashley: it is donald trump being donald trump. every time you say is this the one time that will do it for him and apparently not, that is a pretty standard response. understandable saying this is an
10:11 am
attack on all women. stuart: donald trump use an obscenity. a mild obscenity. >> i am not sure he understood what it means. stuart: he said it. and the response -- >> never heard it used in that way. stuart: has he gone too far? we have been asking this for months. ashley: he still leads in the polls. the accumulation of all of this is going to -- stuart: ted cruz is coming on strong. it turns out money might actually buy you happiness. i always wanted to give a shot. jo lin kent has details in case you missed it. jo lin: you can buy happiness but it is not objects. it is about experiences. researchers at the university of british columbia say people derive more happiness from buying life experiences than material objects. if you procrastinated on holiday gift spring for the cooking class instead of pots and pans or a guitar lessons and itunes
10:12 am
gift card. people identify more with experiences than positions. stuart: i am with you all the way. things don't matter as much as the way you spend your money and what you do. jo lin: we don't exchange gifts, we only do trips. stuart: you youngsters. well done, well done. jo lin: moving on, pure research says 15% of americans have cut their cable cord along with 9% who never subscribe to cable or satellite tv but they are not necessarily getting broadbent internet at home to replace it, 42% get everything from their cellular devices like smart phones and tablets. after several films elon musk celebrating the launch and landing of his how can rocket last night. throwing some shade. after the successful landing he tweeted congratulations on landing out an ad suborbital booster stage, welcome to the club. they landed the rocket
10:13 am
vertically in november. stuart: we will take it. iranians hack into a them in new york state. a gain control of the flood gates on the dam. did those hackers get their hands on anything else like nuclear plant? that is the question.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
stuart: we are dead flat. how about oil? we are at $36 even, up $0.19, steel case, disappointing profit forecasts 20%, that is a 52 week low. iranian hackers, iranians back in 2013 breached the control system of a damn about 20 miles outside new york city. cyberwarfare guy robert lee joins me now. welcome to the program.
10:17 am
what is this i am hearing about a got morrison just access to saddam's controlling floodgates? is this suspicion they got a nuclear plants as well? >> not exactly. it is concerning. the report from the wall street journal followed by another report by the associated press looking at power grids focus on our main activity and it really good job identifying focus by adversaries and infrastructure but there was potentially misleading statements in both of those reports, an intentional, that would cause some alarm, primarily the fact that small dams in upstate new york, it doesn't look like anything was actually hacks or infiltrated, looks like adversaries were able to access internet connected devices. stuart: by getting access to the dam and a software system which worked the dam they did not get access to anything else. >> no.
10:18 am
this was a facility that looked like it had won control system, not much to it but more importantly there was no real compromise. it was a device that was easily accessible by anyone over the internet, a little more -- stuart: this is interesting because you are throwing cold water all over what would have been up pretty big scare because if they get real access to let them and open the floodgates and out came the what you have a security problem and a half, you say that was never in the cards. >> absolutely. you really do have concern about these events you don't want folks accessing infrastructure and having physical -- one of the problems is problematic to explore the technical details in a non technical . stuart: if it was you, if you had done what iranians did could you have taken it further and opened the floodgates?
10:19 am
>> it doesn't look like that was even accessible so no. stuart: long story, it isn't. robert lee, what is your middle initials? >> michael. stuart: thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it, thank you very much. here is a look at ubs, they have a last-minute holiday gift rush and it is on. $96 per share. how many packages? ashley: i have stacks for you. between black friday and new year's eve, ups has handled 630 million packages to they all learn, 36 million packages today on. for context ten years ago their record day was 17 million packages, that is the power of the internet, the economist, the power of amazon. a lot of people not going to malls, finding parking spots,
10:20 am
going online and ups and fedex also up 12% year over year. it is a package. stuart: 86 million packages today, is that just ups? just ups? 36 million today. that is a stunner. online bonanza. morrison two trillion dollars parked overseas by american corporations. why can't we get that money back here? what a stimulus program that would be. what don't we do that? because of the president, back in a moment.
10:21 am
10:22 am
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10:24 am
stuart: jacobi dropped below $500 a share, that is a 19 month low. the cdc says chipotle was tied to another eagle albritton three states and jpmorgan downgraded the stock sitting at $500 a share. hillary clinton says isis uses donald trump videos to recruit. donald trump calls mrs. clinton ally air. the trump show rolls on. than n.y. giants wide receiver suspended for dirty play, odell beckham, was he provoked? does that matter? we will discuss it. think what a shot in the arm it would be if just some of the money are corporations keep overseas would have come home to america, think what a huge stimulus program it would be. over $2 trillion is-the average air. why can't just some of it come back over here? answer, the president's never changing far left ideology.
10:25 am
he is as anti business as they come, mr. obama insists on a 35% tax rate, the highest in the world, that is his idea of pushing their fair share. in won't budget. neither will american companies. apple keeps tens of billions of receipts and its ceo tim cook effectively told the president to get lost, 60 minute asked about bringing money back home. no, he says, fix the tax code. twice as this year the treasury tried to stop companies from relocating overseas to avoid the sky high taxes the state failed. just this week illinois lost another corporate giant. the president got political start in illinois and now they are driving money away. it could be oh so different, a corporate tax holiday or a tax cut. what is wrong with ameritech's rate that brings in a lot more tax dollars but the president won't do it, he really doesn't like business. that is a shame.
10:26 am
he could have given america a trillion dollar christmas presents. instead all that money will stay overs air.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
stuart: we are 50 points ahead at this point. how about the price of oil? the relationship has been broken for now. up $0.50. mcdonald's. they started testing mac & cheese. shares near the all-time high. mac & cheese. hillary's camp responding to this comment from donald trump. >> everything that has been
10:30 am
involved, even the race to obama. how does it get worse? she was favored to win. she [bleep] lost. stuart: we bleeped it out. it was a reference to male anatomy. we are not responding to trump. degrading language on all women. our friend camera holder is back with us. okay, tamara, welcome to the program. it seems to me that donald trump just invited this war on women, and the camp. >> donald trump just cannot get enough of media and promote in hillary clinton. he is addicted you'd he literally needs rehab.
10:31 am
he started with rosie o'donnell. this is a man who is addicted to creating firestorms could these little tornadoes. they will apologize for her comments. they came out this morning. they asked people, i am not sure of the precise wording, would you be embarrassed if donald trump was the president. i think that that is a huge negative. i think you will agree with me on this one. >> yes. it reminds me of jason peter paul. blew off his fingers with fireworks. all of a sudden, you just roll off your hand. it is exciting. he will blow off his hand.
10:32 am
he will absolutely fire apart. that is what is interesting. everything he does he has more points. you have to vote for them as president. >> you are thinking can i see that person sitting in the oval office. they may have gone overboard. >> near the nuclear button. stuart: how about this one for you, trump or steve harvey. ms. universe. there are reports that he was
10:33 am
seen drinking before this disastrous mistake at the miss universe pageant. >> i drink every morning before the show. [laughter] i don't. stuart: a disaster for steve harvey. trauma for ms. columbia, for heaven's sake. >> she out of anybody is getting all the attention. good for her. this is what they are living their whole lives for. to have the crowd literally ripped off your head. the most awkward moment. these are women's careers. they are taken very seriously. stuart: steve harvey loses the most. he is the big loser from this. >> if he was drinking and if he did not take this seriously, then yes.
10:34 am
if this is just people talking,. >> anabaptist female. are you approve of beauty pageants? >> i could never compete in one. i did not grow up in that environment. i never knew anybody that competed in the pageant. i just do not know that culture. it is a huge culture. i cannot even comment. stuart: i know that you are interested in sports. oh dell beckham junior suspended for one game. he launched a missile at that guy. suspended one game. your opinion is? >> my opinion is that behavior is absolutely unacceptable. everybody lives are dependent on
10:35 am
this. the reports are that he was provoked by an anti-gays were being watched at him. by panther players. he was acting like a ballerina. all of these things that make him -- >> a worse winging it towards him. >> the implication was that he was provoked. he took the bait and did what he did. >> an analogy. he looked like a poodle. there was conversation back in the '90s about whether or not your behavior on the field was justified. >> what would you have done?
10:36 am
ten games or half a season? >> he has been find so many times. it takes game after game after game to get suspended. stuart: thank you very much. >> okay. thank you very much, indeed. all right. to the airport. a new way. easing the stress. pro- eminem what do you mean,
10:37 am
right? are you in that? not all the time? >> you are not flying southwest. stuart: thank you very much, everybody. here it is a look at the big board. market watcher is with me. what happened? what happened? was it you that was saying we would be at 18,000 by christmas and we are not there.
10:38 am
what happened? >> i did say by year end. unfortunately, right now, it looks like i was wrong on short term. the fed is finally going to start moving rates up here and and over the long-term, 12-24 months, that will prove to be very positive overall. stuart: at the last time you are here, you said you like exxon, amazon and apple. those three stocks them out to you. amazon has gone up consistently. thought still providing a very nice dividends. apple, that is the problem. what happened? >> i think they are questioning whether or not there will be bringing value to the consumer. i love the overall business of apple. $200 billion of cash. they are expanding their exposure in the china market. it is a terrific business in the
10:39 am
long haul. we take a look at the 10 year treasury note did you rather buy government bonds had his two window corner or a business that pays you to present with some possible appreciation. stuart: the iphone sales figures for christmas. that stock moves. would you agree with that? >> yes. absolutely. speak to you by that 107. >> i would. you will see them come in with some buybacks. speak to him to very much. we appreciate it. if you. brutality prices. someone fixed it firsthand. and reacting to this after the break. >> we now are finally where we need to be.oud of you we have a strategy and a
10:40 am
commitment to go after isis which is a danger to us as well as the region. ♪ it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
10:41 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial act. a gain of one third of 1%. the s&p 500 up 7%. the dow winners include intel, walmart. caterpillar. that is up three and a quarter percent. 1074 apple.
10:42 am
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stuart: nike stock today. the best performing stock of the here. it is up again this morning. 130 on nike. the iraq eat ground troops. this is an attempt to retake it from isis. this is a big deal. taking back from isis. we talk about the horror of isis all the time. my next guest saw it firsthand. sarah carter. for the benefit of our viewers a did not see you a couple of weeks ago, told them about what you saw.
10:45 am
go. >> it is incredible. the enormous amount of death and destruction is something that is inexpressible. the bones still left behind. areas completely deserted. villages completely abandoned. muslim townships. completely obliterated. isis innovations. i do not think the american people understand how gruesome and how deadly it is for the people that live in these areas. what islamic states have been able to accomplish in the last year. when the leader actually duke laird. it is incredible. >> hillary clinton says we've got them. we've got them where we want them. >> i say no.
10:46 am
absolutely not. based on that evidence i have seen. based on the people i have spoken to. isis swept from syria into iraq. nobody did anything. they took over in nor ms. territory. only 14% according to intelligence has been regained back they cannot hold grounds. that is a problem. i think that that is a problem we will see in romani. can they hold this ground? according to the people that i have been speaking with, it will not be possible for them to do this without support for him the united states and the rest of the world. you have cereal and the russians
10:47 am
playing their own game in syria. the united states trying to do something which they found almost impossible. united states is ignoring intelligence. the cia. other western and european forces. it will be a long war. stuart: thank you very much. now this. authorities say they are intensifying their search for the texas teenager who they are attorney attorneys claim was suffering from affluence up. i think they have gone missing. >> a black ford 150. left the country.
10:48 am
he got only probation after killing four people, paralyzing his friend. you could hear the crash and mile away. he was 16 at the time of the crash. his lawyer said his family is so rich. you cannot distinguish right and wrong. he is turning 19. they wanted to make sure he served out his probation. that is a video tweets of them playing a videogame, beer drinking day. they think that he and his mother fled did. stuart: a black ford f150. maybe out of the country. the canadian border or the mexican border. that is what they think. >> that is what they think. they do not have any proof. the attitude is they are above the law.
10:49 am
it is -- stuart: for people. that is extraordinary. ashley: he got 10 years probation. stuart: pretty much a stalemate. heading into the immediate christmas holiday. triple -- chipolte. that stock has a huge problem. down $22. on hillary and trump. 11:30 a.m. this morning. ♪
10:50 am
♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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10:53 am
stuart: ron on facebook just came to us with this gem. another waste of their time. [laughter] >> anthony weiner. that is really an insult. [laughter] stuart: good morning. the real news is i and the real miss universe 2015.
10:54 am
>> one of the big implications, so much attention on refugees. some of the biggest implications in great britain. they are considering an exit from the eu. people suspect that the british prime minister is not serious about getting out to negotiate a harder bargain. >> those are your highlights for the first hour of varney & company. tune in for all reaction. stuart: let's get on to this story. a look at chipolte. down again. 4% today. lost three in a half% yesterday. it didn't drive below. centers for disease control down. there is another round of e. coli cases related to the company you'd just flock is in
10:55 am
chicago with the latest details. >> it seems that may be the source of this, and it has not been determined yet, the very thing that makes triple day so popular with all of its customers. that is the way they source their food. not from some farm factory, but from local sources. we source from farms rather than factories. we spend a lot more on our ingredients. we would not have it any other way. they have multiple sources out there. close to the stores like this one you see behind me. when there is a problem, they have a difficult time figuring out where it came from. also, with those multiple different sources, it is hard for them to maintain control.
10:56 am
taking all the ingredients. chipolte, for example, had been shipping their tomatoes directly to the restaurants. the control is there. and -- right now, well, not good times for chipolte and the big scare, i guess, ashley, this is what defines them. ashley: yes. unfortunately, what is defining them with all of these e. coli outbreaks. >> fresh food you'd. >> exactly. certainly having an impact on the stock today. the war on christmas continues. a hospital in texas. we will tell you what they are taking away. the third hour of arnie starts in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪
10:57 am
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10:59 am
. stuart: if donald trump is
11:00 am
elected president, would you be embarrassed? that's the question that quinnipiac pollsters asked. half said, yes, they would be embarrassed if donald were sitting in the oval office. that is a big and very important number. this is a presidential election. it is different from any other kind of election. we're voting for the person who will be on tv every day for four years or more. and that means personality counts. demeanor counts. the way a president comes across counts. these are the things voters consider when they're electing a president. he or she is our leader. they represent america. we have to see and hear that person constantly. they shape the way we think of ourselves to some degree. you've got to be comfortable with them. so when 50% say trump would be an embarrassment, trump has a big problem. now, some may swallow that embarrassment and accept a brash, in your face kind of guy. some will not.
11:01 am
as the election gets closer, people will be asking will i pull that lever? will i be okay with trump's personality as president of the united states? i suspect if trump really wants to be president, he's going to have to get that 50% number down. way down. let's see if he can do it. let's see if he even tries. ♪ ♪ . stuart: news on the foreign front so to speak. iraqi government forces are trying to retake the isis held city of in central iraq. ashley: yeah, they've taken a couple of districts within the city, it was an embarrassing defeat when they lost to isis, they estimate about 70 hours away from taking it, up to about 300 militants left in the city, it is completely surrounded and cut off to ties to isis, and it is suspected
11:02 am
to be retain. so symbolic, it is a big deal . stuart: but it could be get really, really nasty if there's -- ashley: well, isis they'll use every civilian as a human shield, so, yeah, it's happening. stuart: but happening right now. ashley: major offensive and u.s. air force also helping with air support. stuart: all right. donald trump attacking hillary clinton again. this time using very derogatory term. using that word in his commentary. roll tape. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been losses. you take a look. even a race to obama. she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to -- she was favored to win, and she got -- she lost. stuart: okay. we beeped it out, but that was a reference to the male anatomy. clinton's reference communications tweeted this immediately in respond. we are not responding to trump but everyone who understands
11:03 am
the humiliation and degrading women should understand it. come on in, williams. trump just walked right into it. i mean he used lewd language and now setting up an attack you're against women and being crude with women. i mean it's just -- >> it's shocking, isn't it? no, of course it's not. this is the childish crude behavior that we've seen from trum to some degree so far. i agree with your take. merry christmas early. you're brilliant in that but here's the problem. these high poll numbers that trump has been touting, and they make him feel very good. he's up 40%, i think they will bite him in the butt in the end because it gives him this false confidence that he thinks it doesn't matter because he's polling so low right now. but you're right, when people go into that voting booth and it's time to pull that lever,
11:04 am
i think they will think twice overall about some of the things. now, if he scales that back, makes those fixes, perhaps he will be okay. stuart: if he scales it back. >> but i don't think he has any incentive to scale it back because he's doing sole right now. stuart: yeah, the number. 50% would be embarrassed if he were in the oval office. that number is out there. >> it's a big problem but here's the other part it tells me, stuart. 50% are willing to say that i rather be embarrassed if i believe this is the guy that can protect us from harm. stuart: 50% not embarrassed. >> well, not embarrassed enough perhaps. not embraced enough and that's what he's banking on. stuart: you don't think he will try to change? that was the last part of my commentary there. let's see if he tries to change. >> he will only try to change if he sees those numbers drop. a man of polls. stuart: quinnipiac poll 50% embarrassed, that same poll showed ted cruz two or three
11:05 am
points behind donald trump. 28 or 24. cruz is coming on strong. >> sure. there are two groups that cruz is leading with. very conservative voters are polling for cruz and also those people who identify as tea partiers. stuart: and christians. >> yeah. stuart: who will not like language from donald trump. >> of course they're not. but whether trump is hearing what we're saying, that's the question. if he can win being, you know, the middle school teenage boy throwing around dirty language, he will. he enjoys it. he has fun with that. stuart: he certainly did in that take we just ran right there. ebony williams, everybody. this is just one year left in president obama's term -- actually more like 11 months, liz peek is here. you have a column in which you say the president is out of sync with the country. you have some concrete examples? >> i do. let's talk about the priority the white house has set up for
11:06 am
the last year. closing guatemala where more than half of americans oppose that, 27% behind it. and also gun control. where for the first time in 20 years more americans don't favor more gun control and that is what the president is going for. and, by the way, this has been seven years of obama being pressing for climate change agenda, which is really not on the american peoples agenda. going for obamacare even though it has been resolutely unpopular since the day it was proposed. i mean it is really remarkable if you go back and look. almost every major push he has made has been really thwarting. thank heavens. stuart: you don't think he's going to get any kind of gun control or gun control that he wants? but he could go the executive order route. >> i think he will try to do that, simple he has been reduced to doing executive
11:07 am
order management if you want to look at it that way on immigration and a number of other issues because he never wins the popular vote. he never wins, you know, basically the backing of the american people. so congress isn't going to weigh in on that. we know gun control isn't going to get through congress, so he's going to go for, yes. small measures which are aiming at background checks and other things which are not going to have much impact. and, by the way, would not have any other impact on the last two incidents, which severn talking about. including san bernardino. stuart: all right., liz, thank you very much indeed. are you with me for the hour? liz: i am. stuart: up for punishment. check the big board, now up 43 points, that's not much on a 17,000 index. we were on 18k alert to watch for that. not anymore. actually looking to see if it drops before 17 and goes to a 16. we shall see. up 44 as we speak. how about the price of oil? the proprietorship between on oil and stock seem to have been broken.
11:08 am
oil up, stocks up only a tiny fraction. 36 for the price of crude but look at gas. what a disappointment. we sounded the trumpets yesterday when we hit a national average of 1.99. we're up today. $2. i'm disappointed. ashley: it went from 1.99 -- stuart: yeah, but i like -- oh, look at this. the map you are seeing is the 29 states in america which have an average price below $2 as we speak. ashley: there we go. stuart: i'm cheered up. even more about this. $1.31 that's what you pay for regular gas at the kroger in crawfordsville, indiana. ashley: you get a bowl of soup with that as well. liz: and a doughnut. stuart: we've been following the price of oil on a daily basis for you, i'm happy to see oil goes down because the gas doze down. i'm happy when i go to the gas pump. however, there's another side is foreign countries which depend upon
11:09 am
reasonably high price of oil and they're going bankrupt. peter mauricey is with us. so if you balance it all out, you add it all up, is this good news that oil is at 34, $35 a barrel or bad news? >> i think it's bad news. overall i think the country would be better off with a stable price at around $60 a barrel. the reason oil is down is the same reason the stock market is down because the economy isn't growing rapidly enough and broad things look very bad. that's why both are down. if we had a more robust economy, so we could afford a little bit more oil and once more the domestic industry would be in so much better shape, and we depend so much less on the middle east long term that way. stuart: everything is down whether it's greens, food prices, i mean food at the wholesale level the commodity level or oil is down, led is down, aluminum is down, you name it and it's done. most of them, copper cut in half. that cannot be good news in a
11:10 am
global economy, can it? >> no. the reason for that is that the global economy just isn't performing anymore. there's a lot of inbalanc imbalances. currency imbalance that i talked about. also services into things of that nature, and we have overexpanded thanks to chinese subsidizing and we have a lot of over capacity. but long term if the economy grew, these prices would rise, these industries would be healthier, and we would be better off. stuart: i sense deflation falling prices just around the corner and that's a huge negative. are we close to that, peter? >> no. i don't think so. if you take out energy prices from the consumer price index, we're running fairly close to 2%. the thing is the service sector keeps cracking along. so i was amused yesterday when the wall street journey said inflation and health care at ease. it's still well above the average of 2%, and i think
11:11 am
we're going to continue to see that. obamacare causing a lot of inflation, for example,. stuart: so we don't have to worry that much. is that the case, peter mauricey? >> exactly. this notion of 2% target is absolutely ridiculous. no empirical evidence suggests we should have it. it was something put in place 2012 by the fed after it became infiltrated by a lot of obama appointees. in the old days we used to say 0 inflation. the history of the economy indicates that's a good place to be. stuart: okay. we hear you professor peter mauricey. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. >> take care. stuart: six u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan. the white house press office responds with a two paragraph statement. >> this is part of a pattern from this president when it's not politically suitable for him to talk about the sacrifices that our military makes in trying to keep us safe
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: sergeant bowe bergdahl appeared in court with his right., he left without a plea, what happened there? ashley: yeah, he deferred his plea, which he's able to do. he was in front of a military judge in north carolina, all it is can decide what lawyers he wants for his defense. a mix of, you know, court appointed or military. bottom line is he's deferred that. and the big decision does he go before a military judge or a group of officers? he has that choice as well, which he'll make next month. if he gets court-martialed, he's facing lifetime in prison. accused of desertion and misbehavior. he just walked off his post in 2019, was captured by the taliban, held for five years and brought back after we swapped five prisoners from gua guatemala bay for him and that he got heroes welcome at the white house and now facing life in prison. stuart: and not just any other swap, it was five -- ashley: yeah, five. stuart: okay.
11:16 am
how about this? a 19-month low for the stock price for chipotle. the center of disease control said chipotle is facing another e. coli outbreak, that stock is now down 23% this year. now below $50 a share. meanwhile mcdonald's started testing mac and cheese at some locations. close to an all-time high, now it's just backed off a couple of bucks. mac and cheese at mcdonald's. check that big board. we've got a ho-hum read on economic growth this morning. expanding at a even 2% rate. not that great. stocks up 50 points for the dow. and now this, a suicide attack at the air base in afghanistan yesterday left six americans dead. the president has remained virtually silent on it. the white house press office did respond but with just a two-paragraph press release. john fleming from louisiana. congressman, i think the president missed an opportunity here to relate to the country and relate to the
11:17 am
troops. what say you? >> will, stuart, merry christmas, and you're absolutely right. this president, you know, the most important role of being a president is commander-in-chief and his heart is not in it. president obama has never liked the role of being commander-in-chief and in this case he's literally phoning it again. he's -- what he should be saying and what the people of america would like the president to say is i'm going to find those who are responsible, and i'm going to hunt them down, and i'm going to kill them. but, unfortunately, president obama, his heart is just not in it. stuart: now, i want to turn to the big spending bill, which is now the law. i know you voted against it. but it's a spending bill which a lot of people are very, very unhappy with because it comes from a republican congress, and it looks like it comes from a democrat congress. on this program yesterday congressman marble blackburne said just wait until next year.
11:18 am
we're going to fix things next year. annually congress next year. i know you're running for the senate, but annually congress. i want to know what you're going to do. specifically what are you going to change next year? >> stuart, we have heard this time and time again. stuart: yes, we have. >> next year we're going to make a difference, and we never do. we allow deadlines to come up, and we we throw down our weapons and get in and pass all the democrat priorities and get none of our own. i'll tell you what speaker ryan says we're going to do, and i agree with it if he'll actually follow through with it and that is we'll take up appropriations bills early in january, start, pass them all through, get done by early springtime and what we should do, but i haven't heard this from speaker ryan is we don't take up anything from the senate unless they take up our appropriations bills and furthermore we don't allow anymore hard deadlines to decide whether we're going to
11:19 am
shut down government or whatever. if we have to do two week crs or whatever it takes, we stay in there and continue to fight for our priorities, the american priorities until we get bills passed that are really a true compromise where we're getting conservative values as well liberal. stuart: i know you're running for the senate in louisiana. you're running as a republican. will you tell our audience right now that things will be really, really different next year? some things will go, some spending will go, there will be no additions -- can you promise them that? because you've got to make the promise to the people of louisiana if you want to get elected. >> well, stuart, i make that promise that i will fight to make things different. as you know i'm a cofounder of the house freedom caucus. we made big changes in the house. we forced the speaker to resign, and we blocked the second in command from taking over. and i'm going to continue to fight for the values of the american people. i can't guarantee you that 434
11:20 am
other members in the house will do the same. but we have a growing body of conservatives in the house and in the senate, and we intend to turn this place around. . stuart: okay. you'll come back next year, we'll do a report card. if i'm still here. >> absolutely. stuart: congressman, john fleming running for the senate in louisiana. thank you so much for joining us this morning. thank you. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: now, you heard the expression war on christmas? well, it appears to be there. this time at a veterans hospital in texas. we'll tell you what they're taking away from our vets in just a moment ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. stuart: i'm going to put this one in the can you believe this, column. a texas va hospital removed a major and a banner reading merry christmas because someone complained about quote overly religious and offensive decorations. liz pique is here. liz: you have to feel sorry for that person; right? stuart: no, i don't. liz: i do because of this. christmas is a time of joy, almost everyone in the world celebrates christmas whether you're a christian or joy or whatever, and this is a attack agood people having fun. in this particular instance and many other, they're going after things like a christmas
11:25 am
tree that's a symbol, it's not even a religious symbol but at the va hospital to basically take this away from people who are there? . stuart: but wait a second. something more pro profound here here. why is it in america one person objects and everybody has to change. they take it down in a va hospital for heaven's sake. ashley: because political correctness gone crazy. that's why donald trump is getting the numbers he's getting because he's the person that will say that's terrible. what are you thinking? this is stupid. the tail wagging the dog. liz: and it's hypocritical. if someone took down something that was having to do with muslims, people would go that is correct. ashley: yeses. liz: as we have seen. so it's offensive, and i think it's kind of tragic. stuart: a christmas pageant at a school where a song included the words ala is great. if i objected to that, i would be an islam phone. i would be spat on by the elites.
11:26 am
ashley: , yes. stuart: that's ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous here. liz: the founders of the country tried to separate church and state and, unfortunately, that has been used any time government spending is involved. and little did they think it was going to come to this. stuart: little did they think. liz, thank you very much indeed. you've calmed me down. [laughter] half the voters say -- half the voters in a recent poll a quinnipiac poll, half of them say they would be embarrassed by a donald trump presidency. cohost of out numbered on fox news. she's next on that
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: all right. i'm going to say it. it's tuesday, and it's a go nowhere day for stocks. we're up 29 points. case closed. how about oil? another go nowhere day -- well, no, not quite. 1.7% higher, 36.43, i guess that's movement. ashley: it is. stuart: i should refer to it for what it is. ashley: maybe we were owed a go nowhere day. stuart: on stocks, yes. not necessarily on oil. ashley: no. , no. stuart: but we had this relationship between stocks and oil. oil up, stocks up, oil down, stocks down. that seems to have been broken broken. liz: but my view is that's not how it should be, oil is a
11:31 am
very separate thing because what we have is too much oil and the problem is all you need is one barrel too much and there's no bottom in oil prices because there's a cost to holding it, no place to put it, et cetera, and that's where we are right now. nothing to do with demand. right now? we need a veterans stock watcher. someone who has been around for a long time who knows what i'm talking about. ashley: oh,. stuart: there he is. >> pleasure to be here. stuart: great to have you here. perfect timing, james, a lot of people selling this, buying that, they're looking into 2016, not messing around with taxes, they're looking -- where should i be next year? why don't you give us some advice? >> so i think next year is going to be a lot like this year where the positives and negative net out with not a lot of change in stock price. the environment is going to be good enough that you can stay invested and not so good that you can be slop owe. you go with growth, you go with quality companies, you go
11:32 am
with quality bonds, you avoid commodities, you avoid oil, you avoid junk bonds, weak companies. more of a stock pickers market and a bond punishing market than one with a big macromove . stuart: so would be a okay. sitting in amazon? facebook? microsoft? i'm not, by the way. apple? facebook? the big, big names of technology. am i safe? >> here's the conundrum that people are going to pay a premium for growth in a slow-growth economy and the small numbers stocks that have driven the nasdaq, they've gotten into levels writs a difficult call. i've said to you in the past i can value apple. i can't value amazon or alphabet because it's a young person's game and the stocks have a lot of beta and if there is an accident in the credit markets, they could get hurt. so i would drop down in growth by the medium-growth
11:33 am
companies. the growers they've been around for a long time, i happen to do it through a mutual fund called the jenson quality growth fund. stuart: instead of picking individual stocks, i could go to a growth fund where they're looking for what? >> you're looking for a moderate growth companies with dividends, dividend growth, dominant market shares. stuart: is there a class of mutual funds by that name? >> , yes. stuart: i go to my broker and say i want in this brunch. >> quality growth fund. ashley: standard. >> and i can give you an example. you can go in an industry and buy individual stocks. go in the financial industry, you can take a company -- although i do it through funds, you take a company like raymond james, growing consistently, made a great acquisition with alex brown, you buy a stock like that and avoid something like franklin resources where they're in emerging markets and junk bonds, and the stock is down and they have outflows and poor performance. so it's a year where you go
11:34 am
with quality, go with growth, and don't be too much of a riskteric. stuart: there tuff, ladies and gentlemen. a man who has been investing in this market for 95 years. [laughter] oh, 65. sorry. james, everyone. quality, growth, mutual funds. ashley: there you go. stuart: thank you very much, sir. >> okay. stuart: donald trump, is he taking a lot of criticism or what for his choice of words when speaking about hillary clinton? listen to this. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been losses. you take a look. even race to obama. she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to -- she was favored to win, and she got -- she lost. stuart: we beeped it out, that's a reference to the male anatomy, who knows what we're talking about here. the clinton camp responded to this. we're not responding to trump but everyone understands this humiliation and all women
11:35 am
should. look who's here, andrea. >> thank you for having me. stuart: trump just walked right into that into that. he set himself up. obviously hillary is going to say it's a war on women. listen to him. foul mouth trump. look at him go. i'm not going to dignify it with a comment. he walked into it. >> you know, i think this is really bad on her. stuart: for her? >> and i'm not going to debate on this. you know why? because i don't think people care about rhetoric this time around. that old dated playbook of let's change the discussion and get stuart varney to talk about a word that could be offensive and hurt women's feelings. i'm not going to do that. you know why why? because trump is winning. if the media wants to make t about today's feeling. she lied about that video and trump is very smart because she is engaging in a fight that she will lose against libya. when the new york times comes out and says you lied, there
11:36 am
is in propaganda video, in fact, it is your husband, i just don't biden, barack obama hillary is on major trumps in a big way. stuart: but trump's language doesn't account. in fact, it might be a plus for him, that's what you're saying. >> you know why? look at the numbers, look at the other story out with blue color voters. the left has tried to feminize this country in a way that is disgusting. and you see blue collar voters, this is like the last chance to get their masculinity back, even though the numbers aren't there with millennial women in support of hillary clinton, and i think the big headline today is blue collar voters are moving to donald trump and can see fear in that mpr interview. this is a big story, they're petrified, and they should be . stuart: i'll give you another story that's big. the quinnipiac poll. they asked people -- i don't know the exact wording of the question.
11:37 am
>> would you be embarrassed? . stuart: would you be embarrassed donald trump as the president? look at that. 50% said they would be embarrassed. that is a huge number, andrea, and it's a very important number because when you vote for a president, you're voting for a person that you're going to see -- you don't want to be embarrassed by that person for the next four years. 50% embarrassed is a big number. why you laughing at me? >> i'm just going to respectfully disagree. one because i think the polling on that is a little premature. you can go back and pull the numbers with reagan and charter, and it was a almost 40-point spread at that point. and here's why. and i learned from reagan. people don't vote on whether or not they're embarrassed. they vote either by fear or someone who shares their values is going to protect them. this election right now if it were held today, it is who is going to protect them. stuart: they vote on whether they like that person. are they comfortable with that person? does that person adequately represent them? >> you know what? i think traditionally that may be true but we're living in a different era and the more you
11:38 am
see democrats wrong about this war against radical islamic jihaddism, the more you see the middle class completely being obliterated by the left. the more you see these attacks and a tone deaf president and allowed isis to blossom? you're going to see people vote a different way. this is a different game, a different era, it's a different campaign season. ashley: so no one has -- stuart: that's good. ashley: and that's good. stuart: that was good. ashley: my problem is does he seem presidential? and does that matter? the language he uses and the way he conducts himself. >> that's started with megan kelly going after him. ashley: exactly. >> that battle -- ashley: people love it but is it presidential? . stuart: do they want that man in the oval office? >> all right. reminds me of the statesman; right? he has the one quality that's great in a statesman, which is adhering to his word and not dying to political correctness but the other one. does he have the temperament? and i think a lot of people do have that question and as you
11:39 am
point out so astutely, i think this is a different game, and i think people are sick and tired. men are sick and tired of being feminized, they're tired of it all and the political correctness is not going to win. that playbook the democrats have, they better toss it. liz: i also think the pocketbook issue is very important for voters and that isn't being talked about very much but people think donald trump is more likely to have a successful economy than hillary clinton. and that is really big. >> that's a great. stuart: how about are you on this program every tuesday? >> only if you want me to be. i haven't been asked, but if you want to make me a regular. [laughter] >> you have your people because you have people call me. i don't have people. you're so big and important, but have your people call me. stuart: flattering. >> i'm happy to join you. i love this show, and you know i love you, stuart,. stuart: and now this.
11:40 am
hillary clinton channeling her in a dr. seuss for new political ad. watch this. >> american families like progress a lot. but the grinch in gop bill, it seems they do not. together they shout with great grinchy zeal that on health care their plan is repeal. stuart: that -- andrea stay there. don't go anywhere yet. i want your comment on that. you've got 20 minutes for heaven sake. the presidents as grinches because they want to repeal obamacare. give me your spiel on that one. >> it's so stupid. i used to be a press secretary, and i'm so sick of these hokey republicans are grinch, we used to do, it's silly, it doesn't matter. obamacare is a very important issue. liz: yeah. ashley: yes, it does. >> trivializing that americans care about enormously. and to liz's earlier point i think if they do pivot back to the economy, trump would be wise to really get his messaging on
11:41 am
obamacare. ashley: yes. >> in play. stuart: okay. do we all my all agree? >> i feel it's targeted to 7-year-olds. >> and they don't vote. not yet. ashley: well, not quite. six-year-olds. stuart: democrats would be voting. andrea one more time. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: giants wide receiver o'dell beckham junior suspended from the nfl for dirty play. only suspended for one play and one reporter who says that punishment does not go far enouh
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average up 84 points. back from yesterday's gains, up about half a percent at 17,336. the s&p 500 up 9 and let nasdaq composite up 11.5. taking a look at two dow components. nike and apple. nike number one in the dow for the year. up 35%. reporting today after the bell so watch that one. and apple at 107 and change well off its highs and we're seeing pressure on that one. as well from 130 to 135. and under armour poised to see more pressure and that stock is down almost 3% year to date. and up about 15%. chipotle new low has been at 19-month lows, new e. coli strain and that's at 500 bucks. start your day every day fbn a.m. see you there
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: giants wide receiver o'dell beckham junior suspended for one game without play for leading with his head when hitting an opposing player, like a missile actually. fox news contributor and sportscaster. jim, you say that that punishment one game suspension no pay does not go far enough. make your case. >> well, it may go far enough, we'll have to see what the union and the league decide.
11:46 am
i mean that's what the league has decided for now. you're asking me, personally, i think he should sit down the rest of the season, and i think that's incumbent upon the national football league and the giants. they ought to take the lead here. what they did the other night he was trying to hurt and maim a guy, and it was despicable, it was reprehensible be so when i say it doesn't go far enough, i think the punishment does in this instance fit the crime, but it could be tougher. i would like to see it tougher but if that's what they decide, i would be fine with it. stuart: i'm seeing some reports this morning, hearing some reports that maybe he was taunted with gay taunts before the game and maybe even during the game. that he was provoked, in fact. does that make any difference in your point of view? >> no. you can't provoke somebody into violence. these are words. no, i don't -- i don't know and that's not been confirmed. some giants players are saying
11:47 am
that. their allegations to that effect, the panthers deny that. but still you can't behave like that on a football field. to become a human missile and to attempt to hurt and do what he did, there's no place for that in professional football. this is a wonderfully and incredibly talented young man, but he has taken himself down and coach tom coughlin who has been always been known as a disciplinarian, and he kept him in the game because he wanted to win. is that what we've decided now? i think it's wrong i think tom should have sat him down and suspended him, and i think cough lynn has this egregiously wrong. stuart: i've got a somewhat related story for you the nfl is not going to fund a major study on brains and concussion. it was being led by a researcher who had been critical of the nfl. the nfl is not going to fund
11:48 am
that study. what do you make of this? >> it's the first that i'm hearing of this. i don't know if the funds have been made available through ore the agreement or -- it's the first i'm hearing of it, stuart, and i don't know if it's incumbent upon the national football league to be studying it. stuart: well, you're a good journalist. i'm not trying to spring something on you. but i get the impression that the nfl would like the concussion story to go away. i think i'm right in saying that happen do you agree with that? or are they taking really conspiratorial getting to grips with it? >> well, i don't think they want it to go away. i think there's been years and years of denial that there was anything to do with it. but since that denial has gone away, i think that rodger goodell and the owners and those involved now take player safety very, very seriously. i don't know how they want it to go away. we're going to come out with
11:49 am
this big new, when i say we're, coming out with a big movie christmas day that looks into all of this, while it may be a fictional portrayal, it's based on real stories and what's going on. while it may be hyped up some for hollywood sake, there's none of this going away. there was a league of denial, books out, cte, and all kinds of stuff going on now into brain damage and all kinds of studies, and i think that the national football league knows that this threatens their existence, so they're taking it very seriously. stuart: jim, many thanks for being with us today. you know far more about this than i do. and i appreciate you being with me. >> thank you and happy holidays. stuart: you too. thank you very much. if you bought a drone for christmas. you have to register it with the feds. we're going to pose the question. is this a case where regulation is, in fact, a good thing? ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
stuart: an astonishing number here, and it's all about online christmas shopping. ups will make 36 million deliveries today. that's one day, 36 million packages from ups. that's the victory of online shopping, isn't it? liz: it's a victory of online shopping and may i say i hope
11:54 am
some of those are for me because there are a dozen things i'm waiting for. it's an incredible number but when you go in the stores now, you see people looking around and then go home and order on amazon. this is an amazon phenomenon and, you know, last year they didn't get it done, all the deliveries didn't get made, i guess they've hired a lot of people at ups to gear up for this because this is a number just slightly than last year's. so let's hope it's successful or else you're going to have a lot of unhappy people. stuart: upset up 10%, fedex up 12%, i don't know what the post office is doing but this is online shopping. liz: it's crazy. stuart: and how about this one? starting as of yesterday, all drones must be registered with the feds. come on in, jonathan, the ceo of drone company. it's called air wear. all right, jonathan, i've got some rapid fire questions. number one. is it easy to register? can i do it online? >> absolutely. there's a new faa website you can go on there, you just need
11:55 am
your name, address, and e-mail address, and you can quickly register by $5 paid by credit card. stuart: this is about accountability, so if a drone flies into an aircraft of some sort, the feds know whose drone it was, that's what it is all about; right? >> it is or flying over a stadium or into a building and crashing it, there's been too many incidents where people run away from the drone they were flying if there's an incident. stuart: now, i've got a tiny drone, a toy, yay big, do i have to register that? >> if it's over 250 grams, which is quite small, you have to register those drones all the way up to 55 pounds. stuart: wait a minute. up to 250 grams over 250 grams i've got to register the thing? really? >> yes. which is just about a half pound. so just about any drone that you're going to be flying. stuart: wow. has that affected your business? >> well, we're really focused
11:56 am
on commercial-use cases of drones. and for commercial drones, registration has always been required. stuart: now, look, i'm against a lot of forms of regulation, i don't like government bureaucracy but this is one area where i think registration -- regulation is legitimate. do you share that? >> absolutely and number of us in the industry have been advocating for it. i think it's going to make the entire air safe safer and the big worry is what form the registration would take and people were worried that it was going to be some card you would mail in, you wouldn't hear from the faa for three months and this new website is a great way to register information, people find out about it right away, and you can get your credit card electronically. stuart: i hear the drone business this christmas has been great. can you back that up? >> i haven't but i heard it is one of sam's clubs largest sales this christmas, and i know a lot of my friends are
11:57 am
buying them. stuart: i'm coming to you shortly. jonathan, everyone, the drone guy being with us. thank you, gentleman. >> thank you so much. stuart: sure fortunately. we've got the dow up 71, and you will get more varney after s ..
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> confidence that he doesn't have to be concerned with the presidential presentation or the fact you need to be the foremost face and voice of america. he thinks it doesn't matter because he is pulling solo but you are right, when people go in the voting booth and it is time to pull the lever they will think twice the overall about some of the things he is saying. i think maybe if he steals it back and make those fixes perhaps it will be okay. bernard: one whether or not the trump rhetoric will deter voters but we ask you viewers would you be embarrassed if trump began impressing deride she says i would be embarrassed if trump didn't get elected.
12:00 pm
we have had embarrassment's the last seven years and hillary wouldn't be commis-as. roger has this. not nearly as embarrassed as those who voted for obama twice. good stuff today. not bad. neil cavuto, it is your time now. neil: i will put an down as may be on the president. thank you very much. we are following what you did as well, the rush to get those gifts out, 36 million packages to be delivered today, half of them were from my wife which is kind of weird but that is ups, can't stress this enough, ups is the biggest carrier for a lot of the top online guys accounting for six, almost seven of ten deliveries, fedex is a big player as well, three out of ten of those deliveries so if you wanted to think of adding to that you are talking 50 plus million packages being rushed today, this as we get word that


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