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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 23, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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guys. that will do it for us, "varney & company" is next and stuart, have a good show. stuart: i'll take it, thanks, maria. front runner versus front runner, the battle is joined, head to head clash, donald trump and hillary clinton. yes, on this eve of christmas eve, that political fight, it doesn't seem like christmas does it? trump says his vulgarity was misinterpreted. hillary says he's a bully and yes, he is helping the jihadists. it was the clash of styles, as well. trump loud and aggressive, hillary, calmly playing the victim. we will discuss. ted cruz the republican side is down to a two-man race, him and trump. polls suggest he's right. we have two companies we're going to call the stocks of the year, amazon and nike with an honorable mention to facebook, and seven other techs. steve harvey returns next year to host the miss universe pageant.
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that's a smart move. ashley: wait a minute, sorry, they should give it to someone else. >> oh. stuart: it's a smart move. you know you will tune in to see what he does next. you stay tuned, please. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ fall on your knees, oh hear the angels voices ♪ >> that's ella fitzgerald, correct? >> yes. ashley: the great. stuart: the great ella fitzgerald. >> even surpassing frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald. stuart: it gets me teary-eyed, i'm not sure i can go on with the show. it's nearly christmas eve and listen to this, it's going to
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be 70 degrees in new york city tomorrow. the warmest christmas eve on record in the northeast. meanwhile, on the west coast, winter storms and snow, that's going to make travel difficult, but that's more like christmas to me. ashley: yes. stuart: will you look at that, that's not christmas. that's santa's sled pulled by robotic dogs. those machines are made by a company bought by google. >> that's wrong, just plane wrong. stuart: it's wrong, it's disturbing. well, i'll sum it up like this, now you've seen it all. serious stuff now, and a spokesman in baghdad calling the fall of ramadi inevitable. and it's been under isis control since may. there are 2 or 300 isis fighters left in the city. i've got more with ralph peters coming up and is the pentagon putting a rather rosie face on this? and look where the dow is likely to open this morning.
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we're going to be up about close to 100 points, not bad. look at this, we've had eight days of trouble digit swings and we haven't seen that in more than two years. i guess you call that volatility. we're going to call nike one of the stocks of the year. good sales in china reported last night. it's the biggest gainer on the dow, 37%, it's going up another 5 bucks today, opening up around 136. how about the price of oil? it's up again today, 36.79. that's probably a part of the reason why stocks are going to open higher as well. i have bad news on gasoline, actually a little bit overnight, $2 even the national average on regular. that's all the time i'm giving to that story. today and tomorrow, all you've got left for christmas shopping. clear winners and losers in the retail space, as they say, i hate that word. so here is marshal cohen with
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the group, and he's got the winners and losers in the retail space. ashley: you said it twice. stuart: i hate that kind of language. and let's start with the winners. the big winners? >> the big winner, we know, it's amazon, they continue to outperform the market with home migration toward on-line and product variety so they've been able to outmark the competition. stuart: target? >> target is going to be the overall full retail line winner, they've been doing slow and steady, the little train that could, they've stayed in stock on eitems better than anybody else. they've keep the promotions going longer than anybody else. they're in good position. stuart: guys like you, retail analyst, do you have some measure of food traffic and measured daily sales? >> absolutely. we're in stores all the time. and that's the key is to get inside the consumer's head. it isn't just sitting and looking at the cash register. it's about recognizing, as of
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sunday, you know, with sunday finished, there's 40% of consumers are telling us, they still have shopping left to do. more than half of the shopping or more. >> 17% of consumers haven't started yet. so there's still this last week left. a lot of business to go. so, foot traffic sometimes is, you know, a little tricky to read because there's really-- may not necessarily be carrying the packages out, but it's really all about what's hot and what's not in the stores. >> how about a lump of coal for the losers. >> the losers, it's tough. we talk about nike being the stock of the year, lululemon who are higher priced. stuart: we've got the logos on the screen. >> they're the middle one. the cold air business affected by the lack of cold weather. the columbia outer wear and the
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boots business. stuart: my daughter is going to kill me for this. >> and ralph lauren, and they've got to come up with new ideas to lure in customers. stuart: a good christmas overall especially on-line. this was the year of on-line. >> you and i talked earlier about november being challenged by the analysts and how it was not going to be as bad as it was turned out to be true. early promotions and on-line boosted the business. look for retailers to not have a bad holiday, but it's the profits in february when those numbers come out. that's when we need to be concerned. >> marshal cohen. stuart: if you wait until the last minute, there's still hope. ashley is going to name names. ashley: i am going to name name. stuart: delivery tomorrow. who is going to deliver tomorrow. ashley: you wanted the two-day amazon delivery, too late.
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yesterday was the deadline. stuart: okay. ashley: these are the deadlines today. tiffa tiffany's, get it in before 3 p.m. stuart: you get your order in on-line. ashley: by 3 about p.m. williams and sonoma. stuart: william and sonoma on-line order something tonight tonight eastern time i'll get it tomorrow. ashley: yes. abercrombie & fitch by noon today. stu, i know you liked their jeans. stuart: i don't know where that came from. >> my concern is the actual delivery, last couple of years and two years in particular, remember, the delivery was so rough and fedex and everybody-- >> they've claimed they've got a fixed. >> it's fixed. ashley: that they're more in control. and the dead lynn, best buy, kohl's wal-mart, 7 p.m. last night. sears and macy's, if you're going to those and you're a
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professional procrastinator, you blew it. stuart: william and sonoma until 9:00 tonight. >> amazon prime in some cities, same day delivery. i didn't think i'd like that and i do. stuart: tammy, this is for you, you're in politics now, moving away from retail. >> nothing in a blue box? >> wait for it, next year. the battle is joined, trump versus hillary and hillary is calling trump a bully. roll that tape. >> it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency because that is not who we are as americans. stuart: now, trump is defending his comment, which referenced the male anatomy. it meant she got beaten badly. the immediate knows this often used word in politics.
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we've deleted it there, the expleti expletive, but we know what that word is. i say that hillary's response to that vulgarity was a winning response. >> you know what it made me think of. i agreed with her and i think that monica lewinsky would agree, monica broadrick and hillary clinton was key in the structure. even though she knew what was happening between her husband and miss lewinsky and she was the one with carville talking about she was a stalker and bullying, clintons have that wrapped up. and when they're recruiting for th the-- and remember it started with that lie. everything knows she makes up, and her response, she's trying
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to move this in a certain way and reminded people about her problem with the truth. stuart: real fast. i thought her response was appropriate-- >> it was as good as she can. stuart: effective. >> but she plays the victim, and that's her baliwick, i respect that, she's chosen the arena. look, he's a bad man and look what happens to me, i'm strong, but it could happen to you. this is the arena, we want leadership as opposed to frightening people into voting for you. stuart: i want to see the polls after the clash over the vulgarity. >> it seems to be, his manner seems to be chaotic even though it's proven right more often than not. and her manner is controlled, she's a robot in a lot of ways. america has to decide what
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appeals to them. you're right, she knows how to be a victim and that's what she does. stuart: we're going to work with triple digit gains today and we should be up about 100, 104 points. and that's a rally. >> a rally. stuart: i'll take that. iraqi troops headed into ramadi to push out isis. the pentagon says success is inevitable. colonel ralph peters on that next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> now we've got a very interesting and breaking and developing story. ashley, give me details. ashley: this is interesting. sky news reporting. british muslim families are being stopped on a number of occasions in london airports on wear their way to america. the latest example, two adults, nine kids going on what they called a dream holiday to disneyland in l.a. were literally approached by u.s. homeland officials in gatwick
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at the london airport in the lounge and said you're not going anywhere, your visas are being revoked. it's happened and one was invited to speak friday getting on the plane and pulled back, by u.s. authorities and your visa is being revoked. and he said this is my fifth time why? >> they're pulling people away from the gate. stuart: they've got a visa already. and it's been stopped, revoked. >> it's on our end with the visa. stuart: i want more on this obviously through the show. let's get to the iraqi story, iraqi forces moving into downtown ramadi, which has been under control of isis since may. the pentagon says the fall of ramadi is, quote, inevitable. that's quite something.
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joining us now, colonel ralph peters. the pentagon seems to be going out on a limb here. inevitable that we'll retake ramadi. >> first of all, merry christmas, stuart, i've missed you. [laughter] >> yeah, well, the pentagon is right, if the iraqi military doesn't quit and we continue to support them with air power and advisors, the fall of the relatively small city of ramadi is inevitable. it's tougher than the press releases have you think this can be done if the iraqis don't quit at the 11th hour and that's a good thing. stuart: this is good news. >> well, certainly, any symbolic or practical, and this is both, defeat of islamic state is absolutely welcomed. while we have to address the islamic state on the ground at at tactical and operational levels as the military would put it, we have to face up to the great egg --
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strategic dilemma, the authority what used to be iraq doesn't want to be ruled by the shia dominated ruled baghdad government. the kurds are going their own way and we in washington, both parties, really, cling to the old borders. the borders don't work, they're changing and they have to change and we should stop resisting that and ask ourselves how a better new middle east would be. stuart: that's the big picture. i'm zeroing in on this retaking, probably, of ramadi. that's not our boots on the ground, that's somebody else's boots on the ground, which is beating isis on the ground. i would think that is of significance here, some importance here, i would have thought it was good news and
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you'd be on board with this. >> there is he no question, of course, retaking ramadi is good news. there's no question about that. my point though, you can't see tactical objectives in isolation, operations. you've got to think strategicically the way the iranians do and the russians do and even while you're playing hard at the game. now we have a much bigger problem of mosul, shia militia issues and iraq and syria, i'm not a nay sayer on this, this is good news. i'm simply saying if you solve the tactical problems and don't solve the strategic problems, the mess never ends. stuart: ralph peters. merry christmas to you, ralph. see you soon the all right, we don't have anything more on that story of british muslims
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being stopped. ashley: there's a backlash now. british prime minister david cameron says you should be stepping in, can't be doing this, a lot of quote, innocent families are being turned away. the u.s. embassy in the u.k. isn't saying anything. stuart: support for ted cruz is surging. cruz is saying, yeah, it's a two-man race between donald trump and him. karl rove will join us. and in time for christmas, an unsuspecting security guard receives a big gift. his emotional response, you're going to see it. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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>> got to see this, it's a scary moment in italy. can you see that right behind him, that was a drone. and you've got to see it again. >> oh. ashley: that could have killed that skier. >> it could have. stuart: remember, please, as of a couple of days ago, if you've got a drone in america, you've got to register the thing, we don't want things like that happening, although registration wouldn't stop that from happening, but they could find out who owned the drone, could you not? >> we're going to call this a truly heart warming story.
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a favored security guard at georgia tech received an extra special christmas present from some students. roll the tape. >> how many people donated and how much we appreciate you every day. >> oh. stuart: i think he burst into tears. wanted to raise $100. and he always went the extra mile for him, and they raised $1600. >> it's huge, save for a car payment, get something for your daughter, changes. ashley: we hear about all of these negative things, but-- >> precisely on christmas eve you want to hear. but unfortunately i can't
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devote the hour-- >> and you hear about students. stuart: and i've got a story coming up about students protesting singing "white christmas", so much different from georgia tech. will you check out amazon? that's a chart and a half, is it into the? it may be down at the opening bell today. but it's nearly, more than doubled this year. i'm going to call this the stock of the year. at least one of the two stocks of the year. it's not amazon stock of the year, what is it? we've got the opening bell next.
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>> the fundamental problem here is that the borders don't work. the sunni arab minority of what used to be iraq doesn't want to be dominated by the rule governed baghdad government, the kurds are going their own way and we in washington, both parties, really, cling to these old borders. stuart: that was colonel ralph peters right at the top of the hour. remember, we do start 9 a.m. eastern sharp every weekday. the opening bell will be ringing in about 25 seconds. if you look at the futures, that's an indication of how we're actually going to open. we should be up about 100 points.
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the price of oil is up as well. maybe that return, oil up, stocks up, maybe we're back to that, but we're about to count down to that opening bell, ten seconds to go. when that bell stops ringing, when it says 9:30 precisely you'll know we're starting to trade. we're at 9:30 and here we go. we're expecting a triple digit gain, up 23 points, up 27 points. and up 36 points. we've got a deal. ashley webster is here, liz macdonald is here, hillary kramer is here and so is dan stechich in chicago. hillary-- >> amazon is the winner, we've proven their profitability m margins and amazon is the new way that amazon shops and it's changing the world. stuart: dan, i've got to ask you about stocks, know not your commodities for a moment. and nike, amazon, something else? the stock of the year?
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>> stuart, i'm going to amazon for the same reasons and one, my son lives in minnesota. how good amazon is. he placed an order for a small computer part, 15 minutes later it was at his house. the distribution center is not that far away. stuart: what? did you say 15 minutes? >> 15 minutes, yes, sir. stuart: 3-d print it and that's extraordinary. answer the question, ashley, amazon nike. ashley: i'm going to be boring and say amazon-- i'm going for nike, best performing stock all year and really building up its on-line presence. stuart: look at it now. ashley: and they call it this style, where people are wearing more and more tennis shoes like they did back in the '70s and '80s. >> wouldn't you go with under amour before nike?>> for runnino run and nike-- i've run two marathons. stuart: you're kidding me. ashley: i know i don't look
9:32 am
like it. stuart: that's a segment. i am he want to stay on amazon. liz, bring you in on this. e-commerce liz: the mcquarry research, a 51 cents of on-line and other companies get the 49, 24% of memberships for prime and half by 2020. stuart: i'verarely see a company of that size see their stock more than double. apple did not sure, microsoft in the '90s. amazon today, that extraordinary. how about mcdonald's, maybe call it the comeback stock of the year. 118 right now. and that's close to the
9:33 am
all-time high, the comeback stock of the year. >> everyone should have been buying when we were talking about it three to six months ago. stuart: that's a big pat on the back you're giving yourself. >> we were, we were talking 24 hours breakfast and kept talking about the eggs and chicken. stuart: you scoffed and laughed and give me a break, i think was the expression. >> it's the ultimate comfort food, pancakes. stuart: and they are now doing some mack and cheese in some markets. and why it's going up liz: what a time to be alive, mack and cheese. stuart: that's sarcasm. no, i'm loving it. stuart: look at the dow, we're up 120 points on this wednesday morning, two days before christmas. the eve of christmas eve. i'm not going to call it a santa rally because that would jinx it, but we're at 17-5. i've got to bring you two
9:34 am
losers. first of all, chipotle, that is down 27% and it's down some more right now. look at that, 487, down another 7 bucks, and the other stock is chesapeake energy, this year is down 80%. it's below $4 a share. hillary, would you buy an energy stock like chesapeake at this-- no, you're shaking your head. >> no, it's unbelievable, a debt there of 10 billion dollars. there's only equity of $4 billion. there's no way that chesapeake's model is sustainable. stuart: wow, that bad. >> yes. stuart: they're gone. >> investors should understand it's a cheap stock. it seems like a bargain. bargains are a bargain for a reason in the stock market. sometimes you want to buy higher highs, actually most of the time. stuart: i want to stay on energy for a moment because we've got reports, i'm not sure who it's from, somebody is saying, we won't-- we'll get back to $70 per barrel oil.
9:35 am
ashley: this is opec. and they're praying it will be back to 70. they say by 2020. stuart: $70. ashley: yes, $70 by 2020. five years they say it's going to be $95 in the year 2014. 25 years from now, how do they have a idea liz: it could happen. ashley: no one is cutting back there. stuart: dan stechich, come in here. they're predicting $70 five years from now. i don't think much of that prediction, frankly and how about you? >> the road is littered with where oil is going to be six months from now, let alone five years from now. the reality if the economy starts to grow we'll probably get there. $70 and let's look at this in the context of what we'll see. it's a really good thing for us. we're seeing 100, $120 and think they're realizing what's going on in the u.s. and it's
9:36 am
going to keep a lid on oil prices. despite the ridiculousness of a five-year claim, should it come about. >> truth it it's american fracturers who are going to keep the price of oil way down, that's the truth because if you start to rise they'll frack more and get the price stable once again. >> i want to go back to chipotle. among those who heard about the e. coli outbreaks, over 20% are eating less at chipotle. ashley: as our friend pointed out, 77% say let's go for it. stuart: 23% are walking away, you've got a problem. ashley: they have a huge problem and maybe once, twice, but this is a constant headline in the news. they say they're taking the steps that will be the cleanest, safest place to enjoy your meals. with all the news, would you think twice? >> i would. i think that they can come out of it.
9:37 am
what they were doing, they were cutting up cilantros and tomatoes and making them in the restaurants. they're going to change that and sanitize. there's a word that being organic and fresh doesn't necessarily mean safe liz: and look at mary barra, a video she put out. look at steve esterbrook and mcdonald's had problems with food supplies in asia, gotten in front of the hospital. you go to hospital for kidney failure because you ate chipotle. they should shut the doors for one day like starbucks and reboot it. or give away free food to show it's safe for one day. stuart: what do you say about that? >> i agree, i agree. stuart: with a chart like that, from 700 to 480. >> it's expensive and there's a value and room for chipotle to grow from the size it is rights
9:38 am
now in the united states. that's how-- >> as long as they don't have any other cases, that's the big-- >> true. stuart: are you putting your money where your superintendent is? are you buying it? >> well, i will, i will be buying chipotle. >> how about this one, on-line shopping hurting the bricks and mortar stores. nicole, tell us about bed, bath and beyond? nicole: i heard you talking about the stocks of the year, nike and amazon, those behemoths. and bed bath & beyond cutting guidance, lower than expected sales, the stock is down 5% and hit a 52-week low and with that the number two lose r and micron technologies. stuart: you can call this group of stocks could be the top, i'm
9:39 am
talking gun stocks. the 2.2 million fbi background collection last month alone. that will be for new guns in one month. 2.2 million background checks. i know that the gun stocks are down today fractionally, but you like them, don't you? >> i love the gun stocks. i love guns. stuart: do you? >> i do. stuart: what do you shoot? what-- not what you aim at, but what kind of gun. >> smith & wesson. ashley: anyone who gets in the way. >> i thought you knew i loved shooting. stuart: are you going to tell us. >> smith & wesson. stuart: a gun. >> so cabelas, what you want to do. stuart: that story. >> you want to go with the retailers that are selling the guns. cabela is a phenomenon, a loyal
9:40 am
customer base and it's going to be a great christmas and people have to buy guns, they have to buy them somewhere. they'll buy it at the retailer. stuart: did you buy your smith & wesson at cabela's. >> no, i did not, at an auction. >> did you have a background check. >> in new jersey, it's an interesting law. stuart: here is a different kind of story. what are you laughing at, liz. >> you left us hanging, what's the new jersey law? is there is there a background check in new jersey. >> in new jersey it's not nearly as stringent. >> there's a tip for you. ashley: now you told everyone. >> pretty easy. stuart: this is for you, ashley, you're going to tell us more about it. i think there's a restaurant chain warning customers publicly, and customers may be offended because the restaurant is politically incorrect. ashley: this is some push back,
9:41 am
barry hill baja grill a chain in texas. what are you laughing at,barry hill baja grill. stuart: go ahead. ashley: popular famous for fish toke could hes. the ceo says i just got tired of the news of everybody having to be politically correct so he posted these signs outside all nine of the stores, the restaurants in texas and reads, notice, this store is mittically incorrect, we say merry christmas, god bless america, we salute our flag and give thanks to our troops, police officers and firefighters, if this offends you, you're welcomed to leave. in god we trust. stuart: i bet you business goes up. ashley: he said for every complaint he's got hundreds of thanks. stuart: and nike, one of the two stocks that we're calling stocks of the year along with amazon. nike up at 133 on nike.
9:42 am
president obama on vacation. he's golfing and made a great shot and the media loved it. we'll show you that. ted cruz was said it's now a two-man race, karl rove on the cruz surge next. ♪ have a blue christmas without you ♪
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>> go, go, go. oh!
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>> yeah, wild cheers for president obama. i think he deserves that, yeah, a 40 foot putt. i think it's the 18th hole, he's golfing in hawaii and that's a great shot, mr. president. check out the big board, and triple digits, we're up 11 now, 17-5, look at nike. the stock of the day, another new high, 133, the down side stock of the day is chipotle, a new 52-week low. look at it go down to 483, down 11 bucks now. more on politics, please. the back and forth between donald trump and hillary clinton continues. ashley, what did trump just do. ashley: back and forth, he issued a warning to hillary, be careful. here is what he tweeted, to hillary clinton's staged event yesterday was pathetic. be careful, hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card. stuart: well, that's a comeback. what have you got to say? >> i think he's saying he's
9:47 am
going to bring up bill clinton's liaison. ashley: exactly. stuart: the latest quinnipiac poll shows ted cruz surging, up to the best level yet. trump 28, cruz 24, those are the guys in double digits. karl rove is here, forgive me for saying this, i hope you don't take umbrage. i think of you as an establishment republican guy, you can contest that if you wish, but that's the way i think of you. and here you have the republican party led by trump way out of the box and ted cruz, another nonestablishment guy? what do you think of this? >> stuart, i think of you as a new american citizen and-- >> don't take offense. >> i'm not taking offense, i'm merely wishing you a merry christmas. stuart: thank you. >> you know, it's interesting
9:48 am
if you take a look at the real clear politics average of the national polls, in late november, both trump and cruz began to move up in the national polls and guess who is moving down, ben carson, so about-- everybody else has stayed relatively where they are and the national polls and these two men, cruz and trump, are taking advantage of the decline of ben carson. now, if we see a different pattern inside the early states in iowa cruz has overtaken trump as carson has declined and i would not-- i believe that cruz will win and i would not be surprised to see him win by a bigger margin than the polls suggest. there's a bigger one that trump has virtually no organization in the state and cruz has got all of those precincts organized and people churning, making certain that his supporters are going to get out to the caucus. stuart: what does the rest of the party think about this, two outsiders--
9:49 am
outside is wrong to use. outsider is trump and nonestablishment is ted cruz. what does the party think about this. they're saying we need somebody from the outside to mix things up. >> well, look, the republican electra the is divided. there are a group of republicans who are so angry at what president obama has done and the failure of the republicans to totally stop him dead in the tracks, they believe in sort of a parliamentary system like you're used to in england, not a separation of power system like we have here. the republicans control the house and senate, why can't they overwhelm the president on everything? so those people want somebody who will pick up a brick and throw it through the plate glass window and it doesn't matter what they are in favor of. donald trump favors the universal health care system of scotland, as you know as a former britt is the british national health care system.
9:50 am
it doesn't wash over them. another group of republicans are saying, we want somebody who can win against hillary the the guy who says anything and throw the brick through the plate glass and the other, it's really important to have a conservative who can beat hillary clinton. these two are going to play out over the next months as it goes forward. stuart: first caucus, iowa february 1st, we're seven, six weeks away. karl rove, everyone, always good. merry christmas, sir. >> merry christmas to you, stuart. stuart: next, mysterious lights over las vegas. what's unusual about that? people say that they saw a fireball at night. there it is, unexplained thus far. and how about this? a teacher in maine told to take down her pink christmas tree. it could offend people, and she fights back and yes, she won. top stories next hour.
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this was las vegas last night. people reported a strange light streaking across the sky and many described it as a fireba fireball, and then it's a russian satellite with debris. >> steve harvey, as you know, identified the wrong candidate for the show. the producer says he's coming back next year because he has a multi-year deal. terry joins us, you're a former miss usa. >> i am, 198 two-way back when. stuart: that's good enough for us. you said that steve harvey is not fully to blame and you welcome him coming back, really? >> well, i think that there's human error, it happens and i really believe that there needs to be some protocol and the
9:56 am
miss universe corporation knows this. i know if it ever happened again, i don't think it's happened before. the girls won't be so confused, but they handled it beautifully. what i was impressed with, steve was willing to go out there and take responsibility. i was blown away. most people shun it, want to blame someone else. he took responsibility so i was really, really impressed. stuart: and now there are reports that he was seen playing high end roulette, drinking and that he did not show up for the full rehearsal. you don't think there's blame there? >> i cannot speculate, stu, because i was not there, i have no idea and i believe a lot of people are trying to sensationalize the story. stuart: it is sensational. sensationlizing, he named the wrong winner. >> i also believe he's human. listen to me, stu, i believe he's human and i believe we're
9:57 am
missing the big story, he owned his mistake and so many people are pointing fingers now days, i think we could learn from i am had and say, wow, this man is a man, he stood up and takes responsibility. stuart: try this one, he has to come back next year, the ratings with be astronomical because everyone will tune in to see if he'll do it again. you know that, don't you? >> i guarantee people will be tuning in, but i can pretty well bet he will not make that mistake again. stuart: thank you for coming on the show, you can come again. >> thank you. stuart: the pentagon says iraqi troops are close to retaking ramadi back from isis. the a former navy seal who failed it take it back last time around. what do you think? and a br british family stopping from boarding a plane to disney in america.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> one hour into "varney &
10:00 am
company," two days to christmas, here are the big stories in this 10:00 eastern hour. a british muslim family on their way to disneyland stopped at the airport in london by america's homeland security department. they've got a visa, it was withdrawn on the spot. what's going on? iraqi forces go into isis strong hold of ramadi. and trump-hillary feud, she said we don't need a bully in the white house, hear what he said. and refusing to play a christmas ad featuring the nativi nativity, outrage ensues. what, among the pagans? hour two starts now. ♪ now, this is a developing story and here is what we know. a british muslim family on
10:01 am
their way to disneyland stopped from boarding a flight from london to los angeles, what's the latest there? >> it happened at gatwick, they had gotten their visas, two adults, two adult males, nine kids age eight to 19 visiting cousins. getting on the planes, a norwegian flight at the last minute, homeland security said, no, immediately revoked the visas, they asked why, and they said contact the embassy. and they lost out at this point on $15,000 worth of tickets. and heathrow, a man was invited to speak here and he was on a virgin atlantic plane and stopped at the last minute by a british embassy member, i'm sorry, you can't do this and you have to contact the u.s. embassy. the homeland security put a notice out that stopped the
10:02 am
visas of the two cases. stuart: so they were issued valid visas, got to the airport and they were in the departure lounge getting on the plane and pulled back. stuart: the implication there's something going on underneath the surface. >> very unusual. stuart: but it's a reversal of normal policy. >> slult. stuart: it comes right after san bernardino and as you said we don't know. >> hillary clinton calling donald trump a bully. roll tape. >> it's important to stand up to bullis wherever they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. because that is not who we are as americans. stuart: all right, now, trump is responding with this tweet, here is the quote, the hillary clinton staged event yesterday was pathetic.
10:03 am
be careful, hillary, as you play the war on women card. lisa booth is with us. lisa. >> hi, stuart. stuart: is trump obliquey referring to bill clinton and his liaisons during his white house years and before, is that what he's talking about? >> i think it's fair game and fair question to address. hillary clinton stands up for feminism, but stood by her husband all this time who objectified women and treated women horribly. that's a fair question to raise. if you're running to be commander-in-chief of this great nation, you're not allowed to play that victim card. the reality is, you're going to be over seaing, the commander-in-chief of our armed services, overseeing the world's largest super power, overseeing the largest nuclear arsenal. you're able to play the victim here, and it's ridiculous for her to try to play this ard. stuart: all points well taken,
10:04 am
lisa, if you look at that speech by hillary clinton, i thought it was effective. she was relatively calm and yes, played the victim, but she was even against trump vulgarity, i thought it was effective, didn't you? >> i think that donald trump has attendanc tendency to say t that are indefensible. voters will want someone who is strong, someone who does not lead with feelings, who leads with decision making and effective decision making process. i think there's a danger here in overplaying that victim card, which in my opinion she's played a couple of different times in in election cycle, both with donald trump and on west with bernie sanders, that he was yelling at her. i think there's a great danger in overplaying victimhood.
10:05 am
>> if it was a straight forward matchup, clinton trump, who do you think wins? >> well, i think it's to be seen. stuart: come on, who wins? >> but, stuart, there's a difference right now because right now on the left, democrats have the nominee, hillary clinton has been crowned the democratic nominee and-- >> look, i know you're unwilling to answer the question, but this is the question that everybody's asking out there. if it's trump versus hillary and the vote was today or next week, who do you think wins? >> i think that donald trump would face some problems in a general election right now. we've seen that with national polls, but to the point i'm making and it's a valid one, that democrats already have their nominees. regardless who is the candidate for the republican side once we have a candidate? the reality, we haven't gotten into the nominating process. february is when it will happen.
10:06 am
we have the iowa caucus and the field is going to change once we have the nominating process. it's entirely too early to speculate who the nominee is it going to be, but we know that hillary clinton is vulnerable. stuart: that's what everybody is doing. you know that, everybody is doing this. >> it's the truth. stuart: it is the truth, everybody's doing it. all right, lisa. >> we can agree to disagree, stuart. stuart: you can come back next week and i'll ask you the same question. >> merry christmas, stuart, thank you so much. stuart: thank you. hillary clinton's latest efforts to get the hispanic vote back fires. clinton's campaign put up a post seven things hillary clinton has in common with your abuella, grandmother in spanish. but spanish voters didn't like what happened liz: the post said she is likes
10:07 am
to read to her grandchildren and they did not like it. >> and hillary clinton is #not my abuela. more reaction to my abuela is know the a political prop. and my abuela was a farm worker has like hillary clinton. it's different than what they expected. stuart: if you answer it, if the vote were taken today among hispanics, who wins, trump or clinton. >> clinton. stuart: without any question whatsoever. i've go the-- got news on a battle that's waged right now and we've got the guy to comment on it. iraqi troops are making a push to retake ramadi.
10:08 am
look here is here, now u.s. navy seals win, leif babin is here. you were one who fought to take ramadi.>> we never should have fall in the first place. they're in there. stuart: it's a victory. if they retake ramadi it's a victory. >> it's a huge victory. despite back in may, the white house and the joint chiefs were trying to say that ramadi wasn't strategic. ramadi is incredibly important and not only the capital of anbar province, the birthplace of the sunni awakening movement which is what defeated al qaeda in iraq, isis' predecessor. stuart: when you took ramadi, you were fighting. >> yes, sir. stuart: close quarter fighting, did you take it house by house? >> it was a house by house fight.
10:09 am
we were proud to lead our seals as part of the charter platoon from seal team three as a lead element as many of the large scale elements run by the army and marine corps in enemy territory. stuart: how do you fight house to house against an enemy willing to die. >> it's challenging. the urban area is hardest, because every window, every doorway, every balcony and every street corner and an enemy hiding amongst the local populous, so you know there's innocent people there and you can't level buildings at will. you have to go in and clear the buildings. stuart: i want to ask you about weaponry and you may not be able to ask it. if you're in the street and see 20, 30, 40 yards an n i--
10:10 am
away and can you call a strike to that window. that precise. >> our guys could. and with on the ground-- >> you can do that. you can be so precise you can knock out a room and building. >> the reality is our military does have the capability to do that, i can tell you as a guy on the ground shot at from that window, i want that entire building gone, make sure that guy is dead. stuart: a signal pointed by a bomber up there? >> there's denver ways of doing that. we have some extraordinary pilots and you know, for us, we had u.s. marine pilots actually part of air naval liaison companies talking to marine f-18s overhead and dropping bombs. the problem is that dropping bombs in the city is incredibly difficult and they're always concerns about collateral damage. the best way to do that for us was enemy sniper rounds or army
10:11 am
tanks putting 122 rounds in those windows. stuart: there's a chapter on this in your book, isn't there? >> yes, sir. stuart: several chapters, the same of the book again? >> still got a rally and you can see triple digits, we're 1011 -- 1 is -- 101 higher as we speak. we've got a new amount of oil in storage. that could affect the price. nike, new all-time high, they're killing it in china. that stock, nike, up 37% this morning. and we're calling this a comeback stock of the year, that would be mcdonald's up 25% year to date. it's up a buck today. totally different story at chipotle.
10:12 am
23% of people say they're eating there less often because of the e. coli outbreak. that lurts the stock and it's down three bucks now. and amazon and ubs may soon cut their ties. jo ling kent has the story in case you missed it. jo: tensions are running high in the final run between now and christmas. and now though, ubs -- ups is giving discounts with the right to deliver amazon prices. they're considering leasing their own planes to cut out ups. amazon has its own trucks out on the road and it's going to be a white album christmas. tonight at midnight the beatles will stream on-line for the first time ever. they will go, including
10:13 am
spotify, apple music, google play, amazon prime. and it costs more to be a female shopper especially in new york. products marketed to women 47% of the time compared to men. personal care costs 13% more and toys 7% more and clothing 8%. over the course of a woman's lifetime, stuart, adds up to thousands more than what men are spending on the same things. stuart: don't look at me for any kind of-- >> hey, i was just tossing back liz: i thought i saw a tear in your eye about beelgs. >> the tears in my eyes, he's got the worst possible sweater. at some point on camera. >> look at that. stuart: there you go, look at that. ashley: is that awful. >> is that a carpet. ashley: it's a toilet cover. stuart: we've got a hard break coming.
10:14 am
listen to this. and banning the nativity scene liz: rubbing the belly was key. (phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring .t but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
10:15 am
(donkey noise) hey candidates! answer the call already.
10:16 am
10:17 am
>> well, we were up triple digits and we still are, a moment ago it was 99 up. now we're up 100. chip maker micron, you know it, down and expected to lose money for the first time in more than two years and at that stock takes it on the chin. down 3%. now this, the first sharia compliant airline taking off from malaysia. their in-flight meals are hallal, and female head scarves this week. and a victory for christmas, actually, a teacher in maine told she had to take down her traditional pink hello kitty tree. there it is. she says wait a minute, what's going on here?
10:18 am
she's been allowed to put it back up. todd starnes is here and brought us the story. here is what bothers me, income in the lawyers and say, you can't do that, we're suing. the school districts, okay, okay, we can't afford to defend ourselves, and so we give in and cave. >> in this case, the principal was very concerned that someone might take offense and actually told the teacher who had a tree in her classroom for 30 years, 30 years, that this tree might cause someone to be offended because it represents a religion. now, stuart, i have been checking with our brain room here and we can't find any religion that worships a mute feline. stuart: hello kitty, right? >> hello kitty. i talked to the teacher and she says what's so frustrating when she started teachers, they'd
10:19 am
put up a green tree and sing songs and eat christmas cookies. now, you can't have a hello kitty tree in your classroom without causing turmoil. stuart: i think that's outrageous and angry about it. >> she wrote something on facebook which was brilliant. she said they're sucking the joy out of the holiday ap that's exactly what they're doing. they're sucking the joy out of christmas, another one for you, this is from bryitain, a theater banned an ad that features a nativity scene and says said it was too religious to air. i think there was an outrage at this, which surprises me because britain is not a particularly spiritual christian country. >> i think they had an issue with the lord's prayer and wanting to hear that in the theater and they didn't because it might cause offense. in britain and also in france,
10:20 am
the countries, once bastions of christianity have become secular nations, look what is filling the void, rise of islam across the country. we need to pay attention in this country, we're on the purge are getting rid of christianity in the marketplace, what's going to fill the void, secular humanism. stuart: the lawyers are leading the charge. >> in most cases the schools win when they have the fight. the issue, do you have it to fight. stuart: but they could cost a fortune. >> those who fight win and lives for freedom volunteer services to fight the religious liberty cases. stuart: i want to hear and watch your special. >> we are putting the holly in your jolly. i'm not sure what that means, but it's going to be greats. the todd starnes all american
10:21 am
christmas and we do put the christ back in christmas, a great show, we have mercy me, jazz great kirk whalen, a 300 voice choir and full orchestra, 45 fiddlers and banjo. watch it is the fox and airs nationally around the country on the radio. stuart: a group of college students signing a fake petition to ban the classic song "white christmas", they say it's racist. my take on that is coming up, everybody. you're here to buy a car.
10:22 am
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. that's never really been possible. but along comes a radically new way to buy a car, called truecar. now it is. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪
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>> the price of oil is moving up. we're at 91 cents at $37 a barrel. in a few minutes' time we'll get the weekly read how much oil we have in storage. that may effect the price and you'll hear about that storage volume when that news breaks about five minutes from now. one step closer to the self-driving car, yeah, google, ford, teaming up to build what they all these autonomous vehicles. i want to know when we're actually going to see these things driving on the road and we'll get an answer to the question at 10:45. we are, oh, so sensitive, aren't we? i'm sure you're familiar with bing crosby's song "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" i know you can see this coming, it's racist. white christmas, how exclusionary can you get? dan went to a petition asking students to sign saying the
10:26 am
radio stations can no longer play the song. i know he's out to debunk this and it's a setup. and anyone that sees racism in it is pathetic. looks like the students were offered an excuse for intellectual weakness. at a time when america is here is their back yard and christians being slaughtered, this is ridiculousment now you know why a splash in politics, anything, but politically correct. and he's determined to have his free speech rights no matter what. i think we're at a turning point, we're so sensitive to every possible slight we no longer believe there's a slight at all. those students who say they're so offended by crosby's "white
10:27 am
christmas", they're showing us the enemy and it's political correctness. merry christmas, everyone! .. ..
10:28 am
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♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? stuart: breaking as of now down 5.8 million barrels of oil. 5.8 million barrels taken out of storage, supply, less supply, the price is up $1.25. $37.29. am i reading this correctly? that is the draw down, demand is higher, price is going up. >> it is a little bit of abase
10:31 am
but for the long term i don't think we will see oil rig your face off. and lower prices longer just like interest rates. stuart: tell me about heating oil, tell me about that. >> i haven't seen them either. they go through so fast i haven't seen them. stuart: distillates, there is a big draw down on distillates. that includes heating oil. >> a lot of people get over their skis, they are different from the drawdown between heating oil, it is a base for the time being. we have such an over supply, 60% for the year, and it comes out of the index has been cut in
10:32 am
half over the last five years, commodity indexes, we don't see anything changing in the short term because of there was another key, brent trade over wti, the world -- the one the world looks at but brent is even with wti, that is more of a bad thing. stuart: i got it clear, thank you very much, oil is at $37.22 as we speak, earlier it was 33. now this. black lives matter planning a protest today at the mall of america. ashley: giant small in minnesota. they have a similar protest this past weekend, fights broke out, and arrests made, they want to protest again today, the judge sided with black lives matter saying they can protest that they can't go on to the property, they do it in the parking lot, a thousand people showed up last time. why are they doing this?
10:33 am
to protest the november 15th shooting death of clark who was killed in a shooting death with police. stuart: you cannot go inside the mall? in the parking lot? he said that? ashley: yes. stuart: it is private property, and okay ruling. let's see what happens at the mall america today. lee carter is back, a lady who has a dial to shows how people react to sound bites from politics. welcome back, lee carter. first one, let's run it. hillary on from, roll tape. >> need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears. he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people, showing video of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.
10:34 am
stuart: two lines diverge, democrats like it, republicans hate it. is that accurate? >> that is accurate but most surprising is the yellow line which is independents and the yellow line on the last week to election cycles that followed the democrats. this time it is in step with republicans and that is not good news for hillary at all. stuart: that is fascinating. the yellow line is independents. jeb calls from a jerk. let's see the reaction. >> donald trump is a jerk. [applause] stuart: okay, blue line up, red line down. >> this is shocking, democrats loved it. i heard people say every time a republican gets onstage, it is not true. they are listening. does that help him? not so sure but this is an authentic try. has this line that keeps sticking, you can't insult your way to the presidency people are repeating, not sure it will do enough for embedded is
10:35 am
interesting. stuart: from calling jab at an embarrassment. roll that tape. >> he is an embarrassment to the bush family and in fact he doesn't even want to use the bush name which is interesting, jeb is an embarrassment to himself and his family. stuart: that seemed nondescript, not sure what response was there. >> there was no response. usually when from plays out these plans for these attacks, the art of attack, not the art of the deal goes soaring for people like him. this is old and tired and he has to find something new. stuart: from using derogatory terms in discussing hillary. roll tape. >> hillary, that is not a president. she is not taking us -- everything that has been involved in hillary has been losses. even the race with obama she was going to be obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? she was going to beat -- favored to win.
10:36 am
she lost. stuart: i didn't see much response to the vulgarity but i saw a response overall, red line off the chart, blue line below the charts. >> independents lockstep with republicans. i think it is fascinating because it is not what everybody is talking about, that he went too far, this is too much. it seems to me people were all that upset about it. stuart: we have run four videos that astonish me, what interests me is the independents because you are right. a switch away from democrats moving more towards republicans. >> absolutely. i have been seeing it week of a week, democrats need to be concerned about it. "cavuto coast to coast" when you follow this everyday. you put the dials on it and it is always the same is independents going with republicans read it and democrats. fascinating. lee carter, good stuff, thank you very much. last-minute shoppers, attention
10:37 am
please, three words you never heard, attention kmart shoppers. which stores can i buy from today on line and definitely get it delivered by tomorrow. ashley: start with tiffany's, you have to get in by 3:00 p.m. today eastern time so you have four hours. sacks you can still get that done today, williams and sonoma by 9:00 p.m. tonight they will get there the next day. stuart: number 3 on that shot. i can go on line, williams sonoma, until 9:00 eastern time tonight, and i will get whatever i want delivered wherever i want by tomorrow. what is the last one. abercrombie and fitch. ashley: by noon today you have a little under an hour-and-a-half to get it in. amazon will do same-day delivery tomorrow. you get your order in by noon tomorrow they will deliver by 9:00 p.m.. only in 16 cities, the biggest cities across the country. "cavuto coast to coast" when you have to have amazon prime i
10:38 am
guess. same-day delivery by christmas. liz: everyone is scrambling. stuart: where are we now? 106 points up for the dow jones industrial average, 106, 175 on this eve of christmas eve. jason roffman is with us. are you there? welcome back, good to see you. i have on my notes here that you like microsoft. everybody knows i own agenda of microsoft. it is one of the great stocks of the year. is that what you are saying? >> yes, 2016 the growth trajectory is only growing, towards the clouds, pun is intended. microsoft is up 20% this year during the flat stock market so that has to tell you something,
10:39 am
stock is crushing it. he came in with $7.5 billion mess which steve ballmer at nokia acquisition turned the ship around. this is a long-term investment that will continue to strengthen. stuart: you say next year was a great year. are you talking 1665, maybe 70? everybody knows i own some of that stock so i am cheering this on. 60, 65, 70. >> we are in for another 20% so that is probably the mid to high 60s. stuart: how about facebook? that is on my list. you like that one too? >> i have been touting facebook since the 50s to 60s saying it was inevitable the triple digits, now we are here and we won't go lower. facebook is turning into a high-tech conglomerate, a holding company. on less people forget, it has
10:40 am
instagram, it is not even really started to monetize those applications, hundreds of millions of users, facebook has grown 40% in the past 12 months alone so it is high, doesn't pay dividends, but if you are ready for the long haul and your a visionary from technology standpoint you have to own facebook. stuart: can you see going to 110, 115, 120? i am putting you in a corner but that is what everyone wants to know. where's it going? >> 110 is easy, another $5. by the end 2016 will be 130. stuart: okay. last one, we are calling amazon one of the two stocks of the year, double in 2015. should i sell it? if i should sell it take the money while you have got it. >> depends on your time from. amazon is one of those companies that is leading the way from an
10:41 am
innovation standpoint and if you are in technology you live and die by your skills of innovation. amazon is doing phenomenal at that so if you sell it you have to get in as soon as it goes down even $5 to $10 because amazon is a company that will continue to ride the trend higher. stuart: you are warming our hearts this holiday season, the wealth of microsoft, facebook, amazon, that is what we need this week. he is a good man, thanks for joining us. ford and google teaming up to build self driving cars. they may be on the road sooner rather than later and here is your amazing video of the day, competing in a world cup race, drone following him, recording his run, he crash lands right behind, a look at that. that is a kill the drone, that is a big drone.
10:42 am
if you own a drone like that or any other drone you got to register this thing with the faa. they can trace it back to their owners with something like that. that is a good thing too, back in a moment.
10:43 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides, stocks gained, dow jones industrial average up 122 points, 17,438, the s&p up 15
10:44 am
and the nasdaq composite up 34, oil gains and gold sold back, taking the lead get the movers, merck, exxon and free and as your leaders, merck is up 1.5%, exxon 1.7%, disney and 90 holdback, 90 came out with stellar sales, future orders, beat expectations even in greater china doing well, stock hit an all-time record high but since pulled back and. those gains. under our and 19 never won the dow, and their armor, but smart, the new chief financial officer, that stock is 2%, a real winner year to date, 5:00 a.m. see it every day for breaking news.
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: 16 minutes ago we got the news, big drawdown in supply, we aren't losing a lot of oil in the price is gone up $37.60. mining stocks are up. there is a report the somehow or other china will credits deal surplus. that is a surplus the kids yelled prices that decade lows, mining companies getting rid of that surplus. sand that replacing his reindeer
10:47 am
with robots. >> something out of the nightmare before christmas. you won't get these robots any more calmly or lovable, this is boston dynamic, the google bought several years ago showing off robotic prowess. stuart: i like them. not for christmas but fair enough. google is teaming go with ford, they will build a self driving car. fox news's automotive editor is with us. when will i see these on the road? >> it is not official yet but will be in a couple weeks. they are on sale in four years. an autonomous car, got this deal, they are the one that will be selling that. stuart: so that literally is a car with no driver, steering wheel but no driver, people in the passenger seat and in the back, we'd -- reading or doing whatever they like and it is driving its self.
10:48 am
>> there still needs to be a driver. it takes it away. as long as the law says you are still in control of the car is your responsibility, it will be hard to stay away from that and just enjoy the idea but the technology -- they are on the road now. the metadata that is developed will not make them -- stuart: it is strong and fast. >> a lot of the companies have said if one of these crashes were to take response ability, a number of automakers said they would do the same thing, california law will require a driver, steering wheel, bring the gas pedal, the driver is responsible if anything goes wrong but that said the car never crash themselves. stuart: the 4 google car four years down the road, i am told apple is working on a car, any
10:49 am
information? >> 2020 is the target date for them and that is what a lot of automakers talking about 2020 when we will see it come to get there. the thing is once that happens this is going to become a commodity very quickly. stability control was a big deal, every car has that now. backup cameras, five years after it happens no one will care, every car will drive itself, you want to be the first one in there and ford getting the headline, the press, picking the stocks yesterday, that is good fit them. it will not be a big deal. stuart: a car is a rolling computer, that is what it is, getting more refined. four years, right? thank you. terrorists using encrypted social media to recruit and spread their hateful message. someone who says silicon valley is not doing enough to stop the next. steve harvey in hot water after
10:50 am
crowning the wrong consistent as miss universe, we had a former miss new york with us at 11:15 coming up.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
ashley: people trying to integrate to the united states are thoroughly vetted except for their social media accounts.
10:54 am
60% of people say it is insane that the government doesn't review social media of people applying for those visas. if they did, tashfeen malik might have unflagging before coming to the u. s. we went out to ask people in the street their opinions and take a look. >> social media should be left as social media. unless there is some very like trigger happy things that they think someone is doing and then i guess they could continue. >> all social media shouldbe used -- >> the many people on facebook and so many voices. if you want to investigate i think it is difficult to investigate facebook. >> keeping track of people you are worried about, you are just going to be investigating false accusations. people will get carried away. i don't think that is the way to
10:55 am
go. ashley: some interesting points of view. eric shepard joins us now. what is the main issue here. does national security in which trump if you like the right to privacy? what is your view? >> the problem we really have, donald trump will want me to say this, you have social media masters from isis that are seducing people, seducing them quite well, they bring them over to the dark web and using encryption they are communicating. we have seen standard dino, people who were seduced through propaganda that came from isis. the problem we have is silicon valley unfortunately is really doing nothing, they are not, we have this encryption, is all through the dark web, law-enforcement can't get to it.
10:56 am
in the past we would normally get shatter. we would get this information we would oversee and here. law-enforcement gets almost no shatter now because many of these technologies now are incorrect. stuart: let me jump in quickly. silicon valley will say it opens up the back door for the all sorts of people, not just law enforcement. do you agree? >> that is what they are saying. you, here's the ceo of apple say this but here is the thing. if isis were to converged on major ceo and tell him what to say, they would have him say exactly what the ceo of apple was saying. that is the party line. there are methods, wasted do this to keep people safe and get around it. what he is saying is not a good argument. ashley: already out of time, so sorry but i think you made your
10:57 am
point very well. our friend todd stearns. now the reverend billy graham says he is tearing up his gop card, leaving the party, getting out because of the much derided spending bill. we are back in three minutes.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
ashley: hillary clinton has launched at counterattack on donald trump. her voice seemed to break just a little and she spoke about what she called from's bullying, she went on to describe the videos circulating in the arab world of is banned all muslims statement and sheep treated his most recent of all guarantee with humor. match, side-by-side, sound bite by sound bite and there will be many voters who say hillary is presidential, donald is not. take another look at that quinnipiac pulls it showed half the voters would be embarrassed if trump were to sit in the oval office.
11:01 am
the embarrassment is not about policy so much as personality. do voters want a president who uses a digital gary when talking about his female political opponents or jokes about bathroom breaks? trump's appeal is his plainspoken anti politicians take killed prisoners approach to campaigning. is entertaining and is working so far. look more closely at the polls, you can't ignore the rapid rise of senator ted cruz, you can't ignore the enormous antitrust vote among women and hispanics, a key voting blocs. evangelicals don't care for vulgarity. we don't yet know the public's response to the trump/hilary counter-punch counterpunch of the last 24 hours, we don't know that yet. my guess is trump's numbers will hold latinos' his audience and is playing to it successfully. watch hillary's numbers, she knows her audience too is playing to a. she will play the victim who is
11:02 am
fighting back. trump opened the door for her. it is all happening including this. a british muslim families said they were blocked from flying to disneyland by america's department of homeland security, developing and breaking story. ashley: a family of 11, two male adults and nine children between the ages of 8 and 19 just south of heathrow. planning to go to southern california to visit family. they were in the departure lounge and the ebert told that their visas had been revoked and they could no longer travel and were escorted out of the airport. by u.s. homeland security whose said sorry, you can't do it. they said why? you have to contact the u.s. embassy. they have not gotten an answer. david cameron said prior to thas
11:03 am
in the same situation, boarding a virgin atlantic flight to new york and at the last second, documents through a scanner, alarm bells went off, an official comes in and says -- liz: from an american -- ashley: uk emigration officials and the the direction of homeland security. stuart: we don't know if something under the surface is going on or if suddenly we are getting tough on visas of people with visas. ashley: unusual for these things to be happening after they have gotten that. liz: the u.s. security presence. stuart: that is good news. another story we are following, black lives matter protests is expected at the mall of america in minnesota. ashley:this was actually going to be two hours from now. there was a similar protest on screen, this past weekend. the mall said we don't want these protests and the judge
11:04 am
said they can protest. you can give them permission to go to the mall property and protest but black lives matter said we will be there today. the judge did bay and three organizers who were not allowed to go to this, they were on at band list but basically want to continue to protest the shooting death. in the parking lot. stuart: they may try to get into the mall. david webb is with us. more from you on this black lives matter at the mall of america story. here is what i think. seems to me that this is economic blackmail. we will set you down if we don't get our way. >> it absolutely is. look at what black lives matter whats to do, they want to disrupt people carrying out their daily business, businesses carrying out their daily business, not people who have the policy-making decisions. they are not going to city hall, they are not going to political
11:05 am
leadership and michael mcdowell and candace montgomerie are individuals, they can -- there can be a temporary restraining order against them. black lives matter is an amorphous organization. there is a precedent 20 years ago, the state supreme court rules the mall is private property. the black lives matter movement has no respect for the first amendment or the constitution of the united states, they don't have the right to go into private property and my challenge to the city of minneapolis and the mall officials is if they come inert disrupt put the handcuffs and pull them out of there and don't give a crap about the video that they will put out claiming the were being targeted. stuart: of a clash is likely is it not? >> put it in handcuffs. basalt is me coming up to you yelling at you. battery is making contacts. jimenez they began shouting, the minute they get in people's faces they have committed a
11:06 am
crime of assault. arrest them. stuart: a quick issue i want to bring to your attention, roland franklin graham, he has left the gop. is he leading an evangelical exit from the gop? >> i think he is leading a disaffected ex that by many americans not just evangelicals, more sick and tired of the gop not living up to got them there. the tea party movement, a conservative populist uprising got them the majorities in congress. john boehner didn't share power, ryan does a lousy deal that looks more in this omnibus bill, they do very little to actually exercise their power as congress should. stuart: franklin graham is annoyed about planned parenthood, if the gop cannot get rid of squishing babies to maximize the value of their spare parts, this party is not for me. >> federal tax dollars, our tax
11:07 am
dollars would you agree or not, those dollars should not go to something many americans disagree with. application of public money. is not the private money of the governments of planned parenthood can function on its own. they have a business model, splitting the two, we discussed that before. whatever they want to do. that is part of it. that is if you want to call it the moral argument. when you get to the economic argument what they have done in this on the this bill, nobody read it. stuart: how could you? nobody is. not even stuart varney. stuart: here is one for you. in iowa hillary clinton took a question about bullying and she directed her answer at donald trump. watch this. >> it is important to stand up to bullies wherever is they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency.
11:08 am
because that is not who we are as americans. stuart: her voice was almost breaking. >> she was going to cry. stuart: it sounded like it. i thought that -- >> kerri 7 cadence. >> i believe hillary clinton tells the truth all the time. stuart: donald trump, in the last couple hours, tweeted out his response to what hillary said in iowa last night, quote, the hillary clinton staged event yesterday was pathetic. be careful, hillary come as you play the war on women or women being degraded card. david, that sounds like an under the surface under the radar threat that if you keep on like this i am going to go after bill clinton and all the women that he had and your role in that situation. >> hillary with clinton can win after the women who accuse bill clinton of various amounts of wrongdoing and hillary clinton is running as a woman to be the first woman president. she made it clear when she
11:09 am
launched her campaign they are going to play the narrative of i am the first woman, the only woman in the country, remember, america, hillary clinton is the only one capable of being president of the united states according to her party. frankly donald trump is donald trump, he is going to do it, sick of the weenie whiny left to complain about everything. have you people read some of the things they knew -- debbie watson and shultz, allen grazing and others have said about republicans? or the cartoon about ted cruz's kids, imagine if they had done a cartoon with the obama children as monkeys and obama as the organ grinder. stuart: that would not happen. >> self-appointed apologists left. stuart: it is christmas week, give them a break. ladies and gentlemen. >> stuart varney ornament.
11:10 am
stuart: all right, thank you very much. let's get to the markets please. we are up 127 points, dow jones industrial average 127 points, oil is up, we will show you how much in just a moment. 2015, that has been the year for the big-name tech stocks. netflix, amazon, facebook, apple, market watch, i used to call you the trillion dollar guy and i think you are. to you are the trillion dollar guy. am i right? not about your trillion dollars -- >> santa claus time, we will take it. stuart: i think the whole story on the stock market this year was essentially the rise of the big-name techs. they powered ahead, that was the wall street story. you are going to disagree with me? >> i agree with you. just put a word in front of it, growth tech, value tech names didn't do well but growth tech stocks absolutely took off and
11:11 am
of course when you have a story on that side there's always a story on the undecided if you look at the worst names in the market they tend to be energy and other deflationary names. that was the yen and the angle of 2015. stuart: where do we go next year? >> assuming the economy continues to just about models through it is probably going to be more of the same. more interestingly could be some broadening of the economy, doesn't have to be strong, just a little less week in several places. let's suppose china doesn't weaken further, suppose europe has a couple more pieces of good news and the u.s. consumer carries us through. in that event i think the market will broaden some what. we mightnot have strong gains but some of the names we are witnessing today, more cyclical names will do better at the expense of some of this growth that has been the whole story in 2015.
11:12 am
hopefully it gets more interesting. stuart: this time of your lot of people are exchanging this stock or selling that stock, moving their portfolio around at the end of the year. would you advise people in their mid to late 60s, retired or close to retirement should they take some profits in the amazons, facebooks, microsofts, googles at netflixes of this world, should they take that money off the table at this time? >> i saw somebody's portfolio, it was laced with those names and if it is like that, absolutely, diversify little bit, count your lucky stars, ring the cash register and just trimmed back and buy some other higher quality names but lagged in price. as the year might be a little different in 2016. i would not be absent those stocks. my portfolio the names that have done the best, i don't own enough of them, we own some of
11:13 am
the man we will continue to. stuart: you are very good at holding people's hands and reassuring them about the environment we are living in financially. thank you very much, appreciate it. next, a former miss new york on steve harvey's miss universe mistake, question, should harvey has next year? he is going to. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
11:14 am
what's in your wallet?
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11:16 am
stuart: we are going a little more, we're 130 points. oil has gone up some more. oil is up $1.37, we are using a lot of oil, supply restricted, price up. that is what is happening. nike, a new all-time high, itis the biggest winner of all the 30 dow stocks this year, about 37%, tick below 130. now this. in britain, they have banned a commercial for being too religious because it featured a
11:17 am
nativity scene. ashley. ashley: outrageously stuart: as a druid i am sure you understand. ashley: makes you sound like some awful pagan. stuart: you are. ashley: you are right. this was an advertisement promoting the message of christmas by depicting a nativity scene. it has been rejected because it is too religious according to the census and so it is not going to be shown on movies screened including the powerful audience said a line. liz: they show alcohol commercials for violent video games. this is a refusal by the movie innkeepers, kicked out into was born. ashley: they are pagans. the liz: get over themselves, what is wrong with the british? ashley: you still could enjoy the movie. stuart: i and many great about it. this is my show. then you have steve harvey as you know has come on the show
11:18 am
crowning the wrong person miss universe. you were ms. new york. >> i was, 2013. i am getting old. stuart: you know what it is like to the ground. imagine what it is like to have the crown lifted away. >> in that moment you are thinking is this really happening? are the judges sure that they want me? in this colombia's case it was in tears to coin. stuart: she didn't know it at the time. she thought she won. >> she waved like a beauty queen should. it was great to watch, excellent tv. maybe that makes me a horrible person but i love watching it. when i keep seeing this i make these horrible faces. stuart: you like watching that? >> i am so beyond it. it is sort of humorous to see. stuart: my theory, steve harvey will be the host next year
11:19 am
whether he made a mistake or not, he has a multi-year contracts. i think that is a brilliant move because callous people will tune in to see what he does. >> you know who is hitting it is all the contestants for next year because all those who make it into the top-10 are going to be wondering did he mean to say peru or poland? i don't know. it is going to cause extra stress on the contestants next year. stuart: you really have to work hard in these pageants, not just dress up and parade across the stage. >> you do. you need a lot of confidence and stamina because when you are competing with the most beautiful girls in the world's it becomes a little harder. stuart: you had to work for your crown as miss new york for years. >> months. i didn't have far to go. stuart: has to go in to -- to qualify for the big deal miss new york.
11:20 am
>> some pageants do have prerequisites in order to compete, but miss usa and this universe don't have many. stuart: and he retired from the pageant business? >> i have a doubt. i am not kidding. unless i get married and i can compete in the misses pageant. my talents is walking in very high heels and a bikini. you do that as well. stuart: bloody druid. you know, our time is up. you really -- will you come back again ever? >> sure. stuart: turning next year. and ms. new york 2013, thanks for joining us. we do get it. there are a lot of star wars fans out there but one of the
11:21 am
watch the movie over and over and over again for two straight days. full story in a moment.
11:22 am
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11:25 am
wars movie marathon. liz: and austin texas fans after 46 hours, nine strange goings of the force awakens and six earlier prior star wars movies to win this contest. as a contest. he gets a seven him in the past to the theater and a collection -- stuart: was allowed out? ashley: seven contestants, we put ourselves through hell mentally and physically. nine complete movies. watched it 9 straight times. and go to town for the holidays. new report, women products cost more. give me examples, give me numbers.
11:26 am
>> it should cause -- >> the promise of consumer affairs did that study of 700 products. 42%, even if they were buying the same thing. it was true across the board, hair care products, apparel, when it came to toys, girls' toys cost on average 11% more. so we went out today and checked the targets for, state street in chicago. that is the men's triple blade razor. $0.07 a razor. this was number one dollar apiece for those rangers. stuart: there will be overtones to this story. outside target in chicago.
11:27 am
>> getting rained on. stuart: count yourself lucky. jeff flock, thank you very much. a serious story, iraqi forces on the verge of retaking ramadi from isis. colonel oliver north is next.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
. stuart: i think this is the high of the day.
11:31 am
now up 140 points. ashley: yeah,. stuart: 17,557. how about this? the come back stock of the year that will be mcdonald's up 25% this year. that breakfast all day plan seems to be working, the stock's up again. 118. totally different story at chipotle. 23% of people saying they're eating there less after the e. coli outbreak. now 496 on chipotle as of now. serious story. iraqi forces continue to push into the city of ramadi trying to reclaim it from isis. the pentagon says the fall is inevitable. but listen to what blake had to say. >> it's incredibly challenging. i mean the urban environment is the hardest battlefield around because there's threats everywhere. and, you know, every window, every doorway, every balcony, every street corner and then you also have an enemy that is hiding amongst a lollipop louse.
11:32 am
stuart: lieutenant colonel is with us. a favored guest on the program this week indeed. colonel, welcome to the program. >> merry christmas, stuart, good to be with you. stuart: merry christmas. now, if they retake ramadi, iraqi forces, boots -- iraqi boots on the ground, and they retake that city in difficult circumstances house to house fighting, surgical that will be a great victory, would it not? >> oh, no doubt about it. several elements of good news in this whole fight in ramadi, and i've spent more time in ramadi than i have in new york city. and that's a fact. but here's three elements of good news, stuart, first the iraqi army, their special forces and the sunni tribesman have entered the city. number two. urban close combat is absolutely beautiful. especially if civilians are caught in the crossfire. it's always bad. and there was a lot of that early on in 2006, 2007 in ramadi.
11:33 am
that was al-qaeda in iraq the if you will the ancestor of isis. and third it's good the ramadi government in baghdad said "no" to the iranian supported militias. so those are three elements that are good and new-found resolve to find that not all sunnies support isis. stuart: so can i say president obama's plan of hands off with american boots on the ground but encouraging a coalition to go after isis is now working? can i say that? >> well, i suppose he's going to take credit for it. but, in fact, at the pentagon they're calling it the fighting joe dunnford effect. the ramadi story is not yet over. there are 300 to 500 fighters that they're taking inside that city, and they will fight to the death. second the iraqis still have to take the city before they
11:34 am
try to liberty most. so isis still controls most of the euphrates river valley and the iranians want that land root back. stuart: would you repeat that. they're taking some kind of speed? some kind of upper did you say? >> yeah. it's made in syria, it's an enormously popular drug among isis. it gives them almost no sense of pain whatsoever. it gives them incredible ability to go without sleep for hours, days on end. and it's a real upper, and it's a very dangerous drug and very addictive. stuart: you've got to 2- 300 of these guys in the city of ramadi, you've got to go house to house to get them out and win the battle of ramadi that's not going to be easy, is it? in fact, that's really bloody, isn't it? >> enacting one of the things we learned, i was out there when they were preparing to take singar. and one of the things they found was that almost every building that they didn't occupy themselves to fight from had ieds in them.
11:35 am
so in ramadi you can count to 5 to 10,000 improved explosive devices. stuart: yeah, but if they do retake it with that kind of opposition and it's the iraqis that do it with some sunni tribesman as well, that's a big deal, isn't it? >> it really is. and of course we expect the white house is going to take credit for it. of course the real credit goes to the guys -- the rough men with rifles that have to get the job done. stuart: that's the way it is. you know that. >> it is indeed, brother. stuart: all right. a pleasure. thanks very much for being with us. and let me tell everybody. don't miss it. war stories with oliver north saturday mornings on the fox business network. football story of the week. o'dell beckham junior star wide receiver for the giants suspended for one game without pay after a vicious hit. with me now former nfl quarterback joe theisman. joe, sir,.
11:36 am
>> hello, stuart, merry christmas. stuart: merry christmas, sir. what do you make of this? a one-game suspension for a guy who launched himself head first like a missile at his opponent. >> well, i think it's very appropriate at this particular time of the year because if you take a look at the giants situation, there's a likelihood they may not make the playoffs. so if he had more of a suspension, he probably wouldn't affect him very much as it is. it sends a message from the national football league that we're not going to tolerate guys trying to hurt one another. i really believe that the officials in this football game lost control early of the football game. any time a player gets three personal fouls, it's -- to me it's one too many. if you get two personal fouls, you ought to be injected out of the game. after the first one, and you see the way he's acting, probably should have gone to coach and said, look, coach if he does this again, i just want you to know we're going to throw him out. but the one game suspension hopefully sends a message to players that this kind of
11:37 am
conduct won't be tolerated. stuart: this is all about concussion, isn't it? the backdrop to beckham story is concussion after that hit he put on his opponent. >> it is. i mean you look at the shot that he put on josh norman. he went right for the head. he got a running start and launched himself as a missile. that certainly is not the national football league wants anything to happen and concussions are very paramount. i'm delighted that the national football league has gone to focus on concussion because it gets into every sport, it gets into hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and if we can be the spearhead in order to find a way to reduce concussions in youth athletics and college and football and or every other sport, then it's a gratefuller for the national football league. i'm excited to see the movie will smith is in this weekend because i think it's going to continue to bring awareness yet the national football league has done a great job
11:38 am
trying to let people know that we're doing everything we can in an extremely violent and contact on sport to be able to go out and reduce concussions and have the proper protocol to protect the athletes. stuart: i've got to ask you this one, joe, a judge has ruled in favor of the re redskins over their so-called team name. you've won a super bowl for the redskins and they keep the name. what do you think of this? >> well, so far they've kept the name. there's only one person that's going to decide if the name stays or goes, and that's daniel schneider, the owner of the football team. but i put my uniform as a washington redskin, i'll always be a washington redskin, and i know there are divided groups on the name and nonname. i've talked to a lot of native americans, some say they want to keep it, others say they want it changed. i think the trademark what the judge said it was a way for the redskins to continue to operate, and i'm sure this battle isn't over by any stretch of the imagination, but i can tell you something. when i put that uniform on, i
11:39 am
represented the people of washington d.c., the fans of washington redskins and the natives of this country prowled. stuart: i've been in america 40 years. throughout this four decades, i've seen football just take over asthe ultimate sport that gets more eyeballs on television, more advertising revenue. it's the king of sports in america at the moment, isn't it? and i don't see that changing any time soon, do you? >> no, i don't. and i think what has driven it as of late is fantasy football. what happens in an office place -- let's say you're just a casual football fan. but now all of a sudden you get involved in a fantasy football league and now it becomes the team's defense or a player or an individual and now you start following individuals as much as you do teams. you have the hard-core fans in a city that love their team. the washington redskin fans, the san francisco 49er fans, wherever it might be. but now all of a sudden you have those people who really -- you know, i like football but now they get
11:40 am
involved in a different way, and i think it's been a great way to grow the fan base of the national football league. stuart: i think you're right. i see it all around me actually. joe, as in theisman, thank you very much for joining us. merry christmas to you. >> always great to visit with you, stuart. thanks for having me. stuart: thank you, sir. how about this? chipotle? they've got a problem. can't get rid of e. coli, there will be a solution if we choose to use it. that would be radiation. back in a moment
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average up 129 points. 12,547. that makes it the 9th day in a row that we are having treatment moves, and we haven't seen that kind of action since october of 2011. the s&p 500 up 17 right now and the nasdaq composite also to the upside. dow yearly moves. well, it looks like the dow right now is down 1.5%, the question is whether or not this will be our first moving year since the year 2008. you can see in 14 up 7.5%, 2013 up 25% and so on. 2008 was our last losing year. amazon, starbucks, nike, those have been some clear ones for 2015. and we're also watching carl icahn willing to pay about a billion dollars for pep boys. that's your winner.
11:43 am
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stuart: one of the long running stories of this christmas season has been the victory of online shopping over bricks and motor guys, and you can look at some of the aftermath right there. bed, bath & beyond. bricks and motor. down 4.5% back to 49. but mining stocks, they are popping.
11:45 am
there's a report that china's going to try to cut the steel surplus. that surplus has kept prices at decade lows. the mining apt 12, 6, some 5% up. how about this? the biggest lottery in the world. # $.4 billion christmas lottery, the fat one. just awarded a group of ticket holders in one town $700 million. ashley: i love this story. almost half of the winning tickets in this, a 200-year-old lottery, very popular in spain, $2.6 billion worth was tickets sold, but nearly half of the winning tickets were sold by a high school that was trying to raise money for a school trip to italy. each resident will get about 400,000 euros, 600,000 u.s. dollars. but it was spread out, there were some people in the canary islands happen to pick up a ticket and win. but this town has an
11:46 am
unemployment rate of 10%. neil: now the unemployment will be 50% because they'll all walk away. [laughter] shares at chipotle. bad news. down about 20% this year alone. e. coli right now of course is the problem. right now white castle president with me. i want to throw this at you. you can get rid of the e. coli problem by irradiating food, fruits and vegetables. you can do it easily but the green ease won't let you do it. what's the word on this from white castle. >> yeah. thanks, stuart. food safeties come light years ahead from where we were little house on the prairie day and it's definitely art and science and radiation continues to be examined as a option but today more importantly for customers transparency equals trust. so what we're hearing is they want to know where their food comes and food safety.
11:47 am
we're singly focused as an industry. stuart: you don't have much stuff, 100% processed; right? ashley: we own our own meat plants and bakeries, but that's been our heritage since 1912. it's about two with things be your team members and how well they're trained. most food-born illnesses happen at home. one and sics americans will suffer a food-born illness, most of those can be traced back to the kitchen at home not from a restaurant. so that's where we need more education overall. stuart: you have to tell me how white castle is doing this holiday season compared to last holiday season. i don't think of white castle as holiday food but nonetheless you tell me the comparison this year versus last year. >> we're having a great holiday season. we're having a great 2015.
11:48 am
it's been our best year ever actually. people are hitting the drive through and dinning rooms regularly. stuart: is that in part because of the cheap gas which puts more money into consumers pockets? your part of the market? your end of the market? >> you know, we think it helps. absolutely. people have more money they can spend at the drive through and not in the tank and the fact of the matter is we have new sandwiches, that's help and people are and working dining out more often, which is fantastic. stuart: you know, jamie, you've been on this program several times and every single time you manage to give an excellent commercial right at the end for white castle. what's this new and tasty sandwiches that you've got? >> oh, we've got some outstanding ones. we have a breakfast waffle sandwich you can have a dinner now, it's available 24 hours a day and the closest castle is right down on 8th avenue between 34th and 35th, so you might want to stop by after
11:49 am
the show. stuart: a waffle? he's good. ashley: he's very good. stuart: a waffle sandwich did you say? >> absolutely. you can get egg and cheese on that or i recommend the chicken one, and at castle 60 will will serve it up nice for you our general manager there. the best. stuart: we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. merry christmas. stuart: after the break we bring you news on what could be the biggest man made disaster since the deep water horizon that you have never heard of. it's in california. back in a moment
11:50 am
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hgoogle voice response:t inachim sigsa. how long does milk last? google voice; one week after the sell-by date. how much vitamin c is... is in an orange? set timer for twelve minutes. google voice: ok, twelve minutes. where can we find donuts around here? coffee? what about crepes? how about a bagel? what is the most important meal of the day? google voice: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
11:53 am
stuart: you probably never seen santa's sleigh being pulled like this. ashley, are those -- those are real robots, aren't they? ashley: yes. it's rudolph the red nose robot and as you pointed out earlier, stuart, they're actually prancing, this is boston dynamics. we've seen video before where those kind of bigger versions of these that help the military. well, they put out this video showing santa being pulled along by robotic reindeer. if you look carefully they've got some antlers on there. some people kind of -- by the way, google owns boston -- stuart: yeah, i'm just fascinated how good those
11:54 am
robots are. ashley: incredible. stuart: they move pretty well. they're prancing. ashley: actually quite mesmerizing. stuart: southern california residents facing a state of emergency all thanks to a natural gas leak that you probably haven't heard about. ethan is with us. you brought us this topic and as you say, most people are not aware of this. tell us what's happened. what is this disaster? >> well, the aliso canyon gas reservoir owned by southern california gas, which is a subsidiary of energy sprung a gigantic leak on october 23rd, and it's one of the largest analogous reservoirs in the west holding up to 86 billion cubic feet, which is enough energy to power the state of california for a month. and it has had this huge leak and our environmental guru of a governor jerry brown busy flying off to paris has been
11:55 am
missing in this whole story. stuart: well, are people being evacuated? i mean what's the situation on the ground? >> yeah, we have over 3200 families, it's closing in on 4,000 families now that have requested relocation. analogous itself is not toxic in the standpoint it causes health, it's an affixiant, meaning if you get too much of it, you'll suffocate, but what happens that bad egg smell that you have in analogous actually causes health problems, so we have over 4,000 families that have been relocated. stuart: and they can't stop the leak yet and there's an awful loot of gas to be leaked. so this is not going to go to away any time soon, is it? >> right. so cal gas has said that they have tried six different times to plug the leak and none of them worked. so they're drilling a relief well that will take three to four months and in the meantime so cal gas is reducing to estimate how much
11:56 am
gas is being leaked. but of course environmental experts are claiming up to -- the equivalent of 7,000 cars a day are being added to the atmosphere here in southern california in terms of the amount of emission. they're claiming 60 million cubic feet or more a day. stuart: 30 seconds left, ethan. tell me why you are so critical of governor brown. >> well, like i said he's so busy flying off to paris and spewing carbon dioxide that he says is so bad for us. he's absent on this issue and the question i have is his sister kathleen brown sits on the board of the energy. is that playing into his absence on this issue? . stuart: now, answer the question that you just asked. is it -- >> i think it does. i think it does. i think there's no way that there's not a conflict of interest here. stuart: okay. ethan berman. thanks for joining us. we were not aware of this until you came along. i think we're going to follow
11:57 am
this one. good stuff. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you, sir,. stuart: dow is up 123, and you will have more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> democrats already have their presumed nominee, republicans don't so little head-to-head match up regardless of who the candidates fight, is ultimately going to change once we have a candidate and the reality is we haven't even gotten into the nominating process. i mean february is when a lot of this is going to happen when we have the iowa caucus, we have new hampshire, we have south carolina, and the field is going to completely change stuart: yes, it is. that was lisa telling us it's too soon to figure out who the republican nominee is going to be. all right. here's what you viewers are saying about that iraqi -- the iraqi troops fighting isis to take -- retake ramadi. here's season. he says isis is worldwide now, thanks to the current administration. this is not a big blow to isis. jackson says this war with
12:00 pm
islamic extremists will never end as long as radical islam exists. strong stuff. all right. my time is up this eve of christmas eve but, neil, cavuto i can see him in my monitor, he's right there. it's yours. neil: merry christmas, stuart. stuart: merry christmas. neil: this is the day before christmas eve, the busiest shopping days of the year, and the same thing that they got all of these out of time square and 6th avenue outside our offices, they're getting it for half the price because of big sales. who says procrastinators don't rule? connell mcshane on the mad rush to spend that last dash for cash. ashley: a poet, and he doesn't even know it. the thing is they do have to leave their homes, which is a distinct disadvantage, and they cannot get it shipped to their homes because it's just too late to do so. that said these retailers -- i don't know if desperate is the right word


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