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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 23, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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islamic extremists will never end as long as radical islam exists. strong stuff. all right. my time is up this eve of christmas eve but, neil, cavuto i can see him in my monitor, he's right there. it's yours. neil: merry christmas, stuart. stuart: merry christmas. neil: this is the day before christmas eve, the busiest shopping days of the year, and the same thing that they got all of these out of time square and 6th avenue outside our offices, they're getting it for half the price because of big sales. who says procrastinators don't rule? connell mcshane on the mad rush to spend that last dash for cash. ashley: a poet, and he doesn't even know it. the thing is they do have to leave their homes, which is a distinct disadvantage, and they cannot get it shipped to their homes because it's just too late to do so. that said these retailers -- i don't know if desperate is the right word but they're pulling
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out all the stops. these are the closing times on christmas eve. actually a little bit more to it than this. best buy, kohl's, walmart, target -- target's going to stay up until 11:00 tomorrow night trying to get the last of the shoppers in, and just as an example let's talk a little bit more about kohl's because more than just staying open until 6:00 p.m., they're in the midst now of a streak of 170 -- 170 straight hours of staying open up until closing time tomorrow night. and it's similar at some of the other retailers as well. i mean 87 straight hours, for example, at toys r us. so that's what they're doing. pulling out all of the stops but as i a this is an interesting stat because the last minute type -- it's not like a few people need to go out and get a few things. it's almost everyone this retailmenot did some research on this, and they found that last minute shopping is something that nine out of ten americans engage in. of course to varying degrees,
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neil, some people have to get a stocking stuffer or two but a lot of people need to get at least one or two last-minute items so the stores are doing what they can to take advantage because earlier in the season amazon and a lot of the retailers were taking a lot of their busy away. neil: wow. 170 hours. you know, my wife is into the 145th hour right now. do this. that's just her shopping. just keeping the economy going. and keeping it going in the midst of the weirdest weather we've seen for the holidays ever. meteorologist rick on all these cross currents at the time when at least on the east coast we should be looking at much, much cooler weather, but we're not. but that's just a fraction of the meteorological problem; right? >> yeah. and, you know, if you save your shopping until the last, neil, you have storms you have to deal with. a rough day out there. temperature-wise across the east has been great but a lot of weather going on with it.
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a lot of rain and severe weather. there is cold air, out across the west journalist it has been all winter long, all fall long. had a lot of snow, which they've desperately need so that's good news. cooler in phoenix, 57 degrees than we are in cleveland or chicago. that is very abnormal for this time of year. but right along this area is where we're going to be dealing with severe weather today. and to get an idea there's a lot of weather going on, snow across the west, all kinds of winter warnings going on and then in the east where it generally would be cold and snowy, we have rain because it's so incredibly warm. but with this rain today, neil, probably the biggest threat we've seen for severe weather at least in the last year. we are going to be watching as potentially a tornado outbreak today right here across this central mississippi river valley we have tornado watches in effect, all kinds of severe storms going on. one tornado warning to the southwest of chicago right now. and this line of storm is very slowly going to pull off
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toward the east, and it's all soon going to go into the overnight hours. so overnight tonight while it's dark while you might be sleeping, visiting some place and not in your normal surroundings, possibly, potentially we could be dealing with a lot of tornadoes here. this is the bulls eye for severe weather, but we'll see it up across parts of the ohio valley, all the way down to the south. but the bulls eye is where you see this red and the storm prediction center is giving it a very high chance of tornadoes and potentially some very strong tornadoes here across where you see all of this red and that there. so a really dangerous day, unfortunately, the warm weather comes with it, which is kind of nice, neil. but, unfortunately, right now this is almost like an april-type thing where you get those tornadoes and the severe weather. we're looking at that the day before christmas eve. neil: man, oh, man. it is weird. thank you very, very much. >> you bet. neil: and it is weird shopping in this kind of weather; right? in fact, a lot of retailers are saying because of the warm weather you would think it would bring them into the stores, a lot of people saying it doesn't feel like christmas, it doesn't feel like the holidays, so, no,
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we're not shopping. and there are some signs of that across the country. harhardhard and fast numbers coming in over the weeks but now this hotter than expected weather we're seeing is weighing on shoppers and hurting retail. scott martin on this. scott, what this does then beyond psychologically what it does to stores that desperately want to see the sales? >> well, it hurts them and if you look back in history, this is what retailers do, either it's too good or too back, and the likes of the amazons and the other online retailers eating their lunch. let me give you an example. today from chicago we saw from rick's map. it's warmer here than it is on the texas mexico border. so what am i doing? i'm going to go play golf this afternoon and even though the heavy stuff may not come down for a while, i would be doing shopping instead about people are going out and enjoying the warm out and not going into the stores.
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neil: you know, though, i often hear from people who are not normally in cold areas like florida and arizona and places like that, hey, neil, news flash, we celebrate and shop and do all of this stuff christmastime and the holidays, and we never get snow. so i don't know what you're winin whining about, cavuto, but shut up. but what do you think of the people that maybe overplay the weather? >> yeah. so i think that, you know, it certainly has dampened sales and demand for winter apparel and, say, heaters. but consumers now have more money because they have lower heating bills and then of course like you said these consumers shop and spend money regardless of the weather because they live in warmer climates. we still have seen increased retail sales this year, maybe it wasn't as big of an increase but people are out spending money and buying items. they are deal driven and looking for those bargains so
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we do see retailers across the board. but that's just changing landscape when it comes to retail anyway. neil: do we know, and i know it's hard to quantify, all of these gas savings that consumers are enjoying that it's putting a few hundred bucks a year into their pocket, maybe more than that depending on what grade of fuel you're putting in that tank? some are saying they're obviously saving, a 5.6% savings rate, the highest it has been in 12 years i think. so what are we to make of that and whether the wind at the back forretailers we thought isn't materializing? >> yeah. well, to me the savings rate stat that you just through out there is really telling because you're right. it's been over a decade, we've seen this kind of savings in american's pockets. and i tell you, neil, that to me shows that the consumer confidence let's say aspect of that number is not very high, which means that the optimism that a consumer has would their job, their financial future is not good because you would be spending that money if you were confident in the economy, confident in the future. so to me, that's one hit that
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the retailers have had. the gas savings, the energy savings, heating savings all savings we have had had participated in retail sales yet, and i think that's a problem. neil: andrea, do you ever get a stepping back that the markets come into play? the volatility, the huge swings today we're up 145 but you get my drift here between that the federal reserve and interest rates a lot of people are saying, you know, yeah, i want to buy, but i don't want to go crazy. i'm just hunkering down a little bit. both psychologically and literally. >> right. very much so. when we saw the market crash in 2008, millions of consumers were hurting, and it took them years and years to recover and overcome that. so they've become much more cautious. and especially when they hear of these market swings and things that are happening in the economy, there's still, you know -- there's still little worry out there and they want to save. they want to prepare this time. they're more ready. so they're not as willing to spend and waste money. neil: yeah, all right., guys,
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thank you very much and to that point point we had some consumer sentiment numbers out for the month of december that ticked up a little bit to 91.3. so there's a little bit more optimism out there to both of your points just not over the top and maybe given this environment for good reason. all right. we mention a little bit about terror before. i do want to update you on some isis warnings that are coming to us. including reports now that in iraq some of them are dressing up as iraqi forces. now, that was something that worried us back at the time when we were involved in iraq with the second part of the gulf war. but if they can imitate iraqi, who's to say they can't imitate refuging from syria?
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neil: welcome back, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and we're watching oil closely today because one of those rare moments it's up over 4%. a buck 50. a lot of this has to do with opec saying what you know? we see it going much further north. now, they are trying to increase production to the point that they could choke out some of their competitors, including, by the way, frackers in the energy industry here in the u.s. so they but that's beside the point. that and unexpected slide in oil inventories has sort of been the one, two punch that has lifted prices higher on many worried by this development because they think that if opec succeeds, more to the point saudi arabia succeeds in leading this effort t to get a choke hold on supplies, even if it kills them in the meantime financially. for the longer term they can survive this and push everybody else who has been making energy. we don't know if that's the case. we do know that oil prices are up in the meantime. we've had democratic
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congressman from the fine state of california brad sherman on these latest reports that isis is now on the way to dress up its more nefarious elements as iraqi soldiers. and it got us thinking that maybe, maybe they could extent that to disguising themselves as refugees. which isn't the craziest. congressman, are you worried about that? >> i'm worried about everything, but it's not one of the top ha hundred things that i'm worried about. you see it's a lot easier to change your clothes than it is to fool the refugee program. while europeans are admitting refuge ease, they're being overwhelmed in not doing any checking. we do a two-year process. now, compare that to the 200 million legal border crossings we have every year. and more. certainly there's more to worry about there. when those folks may have very
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little or no checking at all. you've got thousands of isis fighters that hold european passports. they're able to travel here with only two minutes of checking. you've got hundreds of isis fighters that have american passports. they can come here with zero minutes of checking and of course malik was able to come here as a spouse or a rather a fiancé. that was several months of checking. if isis -- isis sometimes is inefficient and stupid. but if they look at the different ways to come into the united states, the refugee program is the least efficient and a two-year program is not what isis is looking for. neil: all right. you're obviously referring to tashfeen malik, the female homicide attacker in california attacks a few weeks back. but you do raise a very good point about whether it is the refugee problem or our screening process for thoseo col the time. something is loose here and out of whack. did you opt the efforts in the
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latest spending bill to at least reign in on those some 38 nations where fliers might be go out of safety zones like syria, iraq, sudan comes to mind. do you agree with that process because secretary of state kerry has said if it got the iranians upset to the point where they might not want to be a part of this agreement, it's not worth it. what do you say? >> well, i supported that bill, but let's not be fooled into think it's a panacea. most of the isis fighters never get their passports stamped by syria or iraq. they travel to turkey, and then they slip into isis-controlled areas, and we can't count on isis stamping a passport. what i didn't support was the bill earlier to -- that was being misstated so many networks as a bill to have a pause in the refugee program. that bill was miss described.
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i actually read it. and what it would have done is accomplish an isis goal far beyond what isis could have ever imagined and what that would have done is decapitate our three most enforced agencies, would have turned to the fbi and dhs and nsa. it would have said you can save the life of an refugee if you review the file for an hour. and then there's another file, another file. it would have required the top review of each refugee file. now, the hope of son where he wouldn't admitted any refugees. but when you see the pictures of that kid on the beach in turkey and you're a human being, and you know that if you just spend an hour on a file you may be able to save a life? and then you do the math and say, well, how many hours a day is that for the head of the fbi? neil: but you just said earlier that you trust our two-year vetting process for those that we have let in already. the latest wave of course
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that's coming in by the millions when all is said and done have no paperwork, no background, no ability to present to authorities even if they're all fine. and clearly the vast majority are. >> neil, you've got to be clear. the refugees going to europe are not being checked and that's the decision the germans are making. neil: but what about the this wave can't be because if we don't have what we had earlier on from those who left the type of background paperwork or prove for paper trail that we enjoyed back then -- not enjoyed but had in a lot of these latest days whether in europe those who want to come here or just get out of there. there's none of that. >> europe is accepting a wave. we're taking a few spoon if yo fulls. we've got a two-year process. we've got 4 million people to czech to choose from, and we're only going to accept those with the very best paperwork, the top one half of one quarter of 1%.
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neil: no, i know but you just said, and you raised a very good example of tashfeen, this woman who was cleared and checked by pakistan no fewer than three times; right? so she had the insurances, and lied on her paperwork, the pakistani's are either too dumb or not going to acknowledge it. so there we had what was necessary to screen somebody. >> we're going to have a much better screening process for -- in the future, and we certainly have a better screening process for refugees than we do for fiancés. but there were mistakes. neil: but my point is we don't have the paperwork anymore. we don't have the background checks. we might have had it when we started screening people came as the stress seekers of the asylum but not as many have that now. so i guess -- >> we're the vast. neil: do you think that those people are out of luck right now getting or finding a home anywhere?
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>> the -- only a very tiny percentage of the refugees from syria and iraq will be -- find refuge anywhere. and only a tiny percentage of that tiny percentage are going to find refuge in the united states. we're talking well over 4 million refugees and that doesn't even count the internally displayed. you're talking about the united states accepting 10,000. that's a tiny percentage of the few people with the best paperwork. neil: of all of that paperwork, you're saying to me those -- of all the paperwork, all be checked, even though the vast majority have no such paperwork -- >> the last majority -- the wave you're talking about of just people coming out with no papers, they're not the people that will be admitted into the united states. now, they will be admitted to europe and five years from now, they will have european passports, and they will come here with two minutes of checking. but it's not the refugee program, it's the visa waiver program. neil: but they will become visitors or have visas coming
12:21 pm
to the united states if europe takes them in; right? >> well, they don't visa waiver treatment just upon rival in europe as refugees but once they get german citizenship, they're going to fly here just as easy as any any business executive. now, to iran, i think it's absolutely absurd that our administration would take the position that we can't have restrictions on visas because iran objects. iran -- those restrictions apply because iran is a state sponsor of terror, and they're on that list. and what iran should do is stop sponsoring terrorism. neil: well, they just say we cheated on the deal by doing this. >> if you look at secretary kerry's responses in the foreign affairs committee particularly to my questions. he said we can impose more sanctions on torino deal with their support for terrorism. he was proud that he had designated 50 additional entities that would be sanctioned because of -- neil: and you believe that?
12:22 pm
and you believe that? >> well, i've looked at the agreement. i think kerry was right when he described the agreement in july and got a lot of -- neil: okay. >> a lot of people to vote for the deal. i think he -- the iranians are wrong as they describe the agreement now. neil: congressman, thank you, sir. good to have you. >> thank you. neil: when we come back the protest that are in the works for america, one of the top in the planet, what a time to be doing this. is this about to happen again?
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neil: all right. we're getting news of the eighth u.s. death tied to those faulty takata airbags that were in at least a dozen different car manufacturer's cars. this is the ninth worldwide. 23 air bag inflaters have been recalled on some 19 million vehicles during this period. but they are trying to prove that these various tests in this case a team driver died a
12:26 pm
few days after a july car crash near pittsburgh died directly as a result of those airbags falsely or not at all deploying. so we'll keep you posted on that. but the fear has been that this escalates and of course where there's an escalation injuries. lawyers quickly get involved and the escalation of the suits ensues. we are looking very closely as what is going on at the mall of america right now because a judge is getting a mixed decision on the malls' request to grant a restraining order to stock black lives matter protesters from hitting the mall today and disrupting activity there and shoppers there and of course the mall owners business there. the mall owners saying these folks have the right to protest but folks especially at this time have the right to shop. now, the judge cut it down the middle by saying the leaders
12:27 pm
of this movement -- i think there are about three of them, they cannot do this. but potentially thousands of followers can, and they can go right inside the mall to do it. so, no, indications yet as to what others will do in this day before christmas eve whether it would be quite a memorable shopping event but mayor says it could certainly add to the scramble and the rush and obviously the scare. what do you make of this decision? >> well, you know, at a time when cities across the country, neil, have a opportunity to choose between chaos and community, it looks as if black lives matter right now is choosing chaos. so when -- as opposed to turning toward one another, these folks are agitating to turn people on one another and that's -- that's a real problem because the business and corporate community in
12:28 pm
minneapolis, st. paul. the twin cities is a -- that community is a force for good and a force for progress. so to actually demonstrate at the mall at christmastime, giving rise to more and more shoppers saying we're going to avoid harassment and shop online, you are, in fact, are not creating community, not creating progress and that's a real problem. neil, as you know i come out of not only the public sector as elected official but the civil rights movement. and this is not the same situation as not getting service at a lunch counter or being told that you have to go separate restrooms. you, in fact, then demonstrate and speak out on point at those locations. we are, in fact, not talking about that. if these protesters were
12:29 pm
taking place at city hall, at -- in front of the police station, it would be understandable. neil: no, exactly what i was going to ask. you raise a very good point there because obviously you disrupt if your concern is a black lives matter do black shoppers matter do those also going to the mall today trying to get their christmas shopping finished, do they matter? now, i understand your point because it seems that part of what's going on here is misdirected of whatever people's viewers are in the black lives matter movement, and its genesis. it's a legitimate concern. but they seem to be taking it out on the wrong people. >> oh, absolutely. and, neil, i don't want to be overdramatic about this but global terrorists are going to exploit chaos wherever they can find it. and i really find it difficult to see what is served -- what good is served by creating this chaos at this time?
12:30 pm
not only because it's misdirected but because it creates a context for greater concern at a time when we should be coming together as community to fight the forces of evil. not only locally but globally . charles: you know, real quickly, it seems they would not be allowed into the mall. whether you're a fan of this thing or not going outside the mall. but inside? man, that complicates things a lot, doesn't it? >> well, it really does. now is the time for political leadership to, in fact, pull communities together. i hope that they step up. and let me just say to you, neil, merry christmas and good shopping. neil: to you as well, mayor. and i think very calming reassuring words to both. to both sides. we appreciate it. merry christmas to you and your family. all right. in the meantime, you know, one of the things -- i don't know if you're shopping for a drone. you have to register the thing. and the reason why you have to register it is they can track
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>> we're back with what we call the sec report trust me when i tell you interesting thingings going on in consumer and don't it make assumption when is you think about groups of stocks or companies in general. so many cool gadgets and people that like them that stocks could
12:35 pm
be doing well and they've not been this year. some of the ones behind me i know couple of them are higher today gopro has been struggling six electronic companies fife of the six are down this year, and gopro is a pretty good example. look at that drop year to date 71% a gigantic drop, it seems difficult to explain, but what the analysises are saying about gopro which makes this camera strap out of your head and other companies is that if you wanted one, skiing, surfing whatever you have it, and many cases that's hurting these companies, skull candy makes headphones if you wanted garmin and gps company one of these devices neil maybe you bought it next yore and not in year. whatever the case many stocks are getting hammered 2015. >> you know what bothers me you put a camera on a helmet saying really, what are you dong? >> wearable devices i thought about that with the glasses.
12:36 pm
>> we've seen many times sort of against the trend on many of these issues. you're still a young man. too young to be such a if you fuddyduddy. >> i ask people to be put on that title. lover >> anything i can do to help. all right colin. gopro changed stocks -- okay just trying to be a hit. did you see this near calamity of this skier, he's oblivious to it. it is a drone, do you know where the drone was from in people covering the event? but anyway, look at that. now this key federation says we don't want these things. i'm sure that skier would agree. but this happens beefing up regulations here you have to register these things.
12:37 pm
i mean, that's the kind of thing that i've always been worried about with the ski or but i don't know with a plane because we have so many of these out there. what do you think? >> yeah, it's definitely a concern. actually faa has come forward and said there have been way too many of these close callings where actually man planes are acting with drones and cause serious real damage. seeing them fall out of the sky and almost hit someone ok the head, but released a nod regulation plan is trying to head off a lot of larger accidents that can develop out of this stuff. >> in the way that is new technology that drones can offer, of course, a, you know, sports organization or those that cover broadcasting event put a camera on something like this to follow you. >> supercool. but a cool shot. what is opponent -- they were trying to put on the registration aspect but we have
12:38 pm
rules in effect that you couldn't get within a set distance of an airport but routinely do. what do we not follow-up on here? >> i mean a bug part of it is accountability so if you go out, register your drone you give e-mail, home address pay this $5 fee they actually can chase you down. if they find your drone crash on let's say tarmac of jfk they know where you live. they have your information. >> what do they do? the punishment? >> so they've said that you can be fined up to $27,000 which is a pretty serious fine. if you hurt someone there's potential criminal litigation there too. so there are reasons and i think a lot of this registration comes into effect that they want to make sure they can track these people down if something really goes wrong. >> but we have to follow-up on that somebody has to use god forbid they get the full punishment because then people
12:39 pm
might notice they're not flipping around. >> absolutely. a big part mag sure this stuff gets enforced and they're follow-up on it. it is money, with government likes money, so i would imagine they'd want to go after them. but we'll see. >> we will see. sound crazy giving government ideas to get money but they have responsibility to protect us. so something like this is a growing threat to all of us. >> new technology can be scary. >> i told you young man you would never listen, gurs as bad as connell on this. >> just rolling with it. [laughter] >> thank you merry christmas wonderful holiday. help with so many times on this show and sort of all of this craziness going on when it comes to latest gadgets you probably have heard all of the stuff that donald trump have been saying. how about in the polls? and with republican he's more popular than ever. but right now democrats are using mr. trump to be the greatest recruiter for democrats
12:40 pm
after this.
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>> all right. from the best to the worst nike best performing stock of the doi this year thus far this year hitting a record high l earlier today, it is given back some of that here. but i think i speak for all athletes everywhere. go nike. not a day goes by that i don't think of -- >> you wear them lou. >> right now, i am. not helping them because it is worst performer among dow stocks down about 30% perhaps. because maybe they're not selling enough nike and turning off athletes look myself. charlie gasparino is here to address these issues, but more to the point of interest
12:44 pm
concerning donald trump. now he's become a great recruiting tool we're told to the clinton folk. >> yeah, i want to see when i believe when i see when i told you but poll numbers rising. i think -- you're not doubting what i told you? >> no. but the effect. >> if you look at that christmas cartoon or advertisement. that is clever. i thought it was hysterical. lead grinch. [laughter] and if you're gone to -- if the party is beginning to be a reality, is going to be led by a reality show host with a bad temper and provocative stuff be prepared for this. this is what it is look for next if he gets nomination for the next you know rest of the year. we're going to you know -- >> a little bit more than a reality show. >> no, he's a great businessman, i think he's done great things. >> but obviously, it gets her -- and excited. to what degree? >> will say this if she wants to
12:45 pm
go there on the low blows with him, good luck. i'm telling you given the carnage that the clinton administration bill clinton left over o the years, the multiple allegations of sexual abuse that her husband faced over o the years just all of the dirt of -- >> he would be more than happy. >> can you imagine donald trump talking about monica lewinsky and on and on brunging that stuff every single day which if she gets into the mud with him and gets him mad he'll do it. and she's going to -- going to be you know, listen, she talks about awareness of sexual abuse all of the time. supposedly starts bringing up whether bill clinton is abused women. it's a legitimate thing. he was -- >> he careful what you wish or for because you're get that report here.
12:46 pm
but number of republican, those comments that it made, nothing is hurting it. >> yeah. if you look at the polls, laments poll they showed cruz catching up. what i found really fascinating is it you add up cruz, donald, and ben carson, you've got 65% of the votes. that means the blood blood estaf republicans is so minority. >> what question of to pray for i've been talking to fundraisers coming this this conclusion new york fundraisers e-mail, tweets that you're so -- of establishment i'm telling you what they're saying. they understand that they have a problem. they are hoping that the establishment has one candidate. one that you hear the most right now is marco rubio, but you know a lot of -- play out after that. >> they don't like cruz although a senator he's not -- >> but the establishment is hoping for you call us around one candidate whether it's marco
12:47 pm
or some chance jeb with a good new hampshire primary. maybe, i don't hear that. >> in other words not cruz, not trump. >> you hope marco one of those guys and then donald and cruz you know feed off each other, and that in the three-way race some of primary states establishment can -- >> be careful what you want to do. because you just -- drum our attention to the guys you hate. so -- >> listen, if you go after -- anybody that goes after donald i talked to you about, i'll give you interesting anecdote story yesterday about how donald may go after the fcc whether he was accurate or how much money he made and filings and stuff look that, but by the way, it is perjury if you sign that and you lied. >> anxious this closure -- >> he's already threatening lawsuits against anybody that files an fbc claim.
12:48 pm
tweeting within your report as you were doing. >> i'm telling you, they're ready to go to war. so you want to go to war with them good luck. >> charlie gasparino thank you so much. this stuff no doubt that will come up inth presidential debate of the new year on fox business network january 14th from charleston, north carolina you talk about a crucial state that can set the tone. we're back, but this time doing more than just business talking about national security, with political issues qualifications for all of these men and women this the name of carlie fiorina, have a chance or position to stake themselves out and differentiate themselves at scriewcial time weeks before the iowa caucuses. hope you're there. meanwhile you heard how i think about the latest "star wars." saying neil you're out of touch. only you have a problem with the force awakens. news flash, i have the pope -- s.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
>> all right. you probably heard force awakens whatever that gets called "star wars" installment made 30,000. they're making 3 billion -- [laughter] a lot of viewerses saying neil you're just a hater, you don't appreciate "star wars" with. i'm told enough to remember when it first cool out it reminds me of jimmy carter being president. nothing wrong with that buting that period was depressing but vulnerable i don't to talk about it. >> when reagan was you were off to races. >> likely not. but get a loaded of this, out of the blue who saves the day for me on this whole "star wars" thing? but the pope -- yeah.
12:53 pm
pope francis he's not a fan. i don't know why he's not a fan something about isn't extreme enough difference between good and evil. >> i think so. jo ling kent is here, but why is he upset? >> well vatican that newspaper that's kind of mouthpiece is not the right term. >> but they say -- by the way good saying he didn't say that. vatican newspaper did. >> vatican newspaper did. it is clear it's not the pope in other words correcting me. vatican newspaper speaks to the pope well -- >> but he can't -- he can't accept the pope doesn't like "star wars" that said chewbacca is real. not pope francis they say that the -- [laughter] he's not. swirlens in the mowf are not evil enough supposedly. he wants clear contrast between evil. >> fantastic that movie fails in
12:54 pm
the representation of evil and then review said too many closeups, and it fits -- >> are you criticizing the pope? >> one thing we have in common. >> the newspaper is saying -- this is a line with what when you believe. >> only cavuto would go to vatican review to get one who doesn't like "star wars." [laughter] >> so kim you're hearing this, and you're thinking my god what segment did i sign up for? but what do you make of that? that the pope through the vatican newspaper is not impressed? interesting because criticisms in this view are what viewers that like the movie said it seems a little like a reboot lying a remawk but a 95% positive rating on rotten tomatoes but people who say they've seen it -- and -- [inaudible]
12:55 pm
>> is it a popularity contest 95% of look it. that's fine. disney save so much money. 5 billion in box office sales for "star wars." >> same movie who said on stuart varney show just got married that you and your husband celebrating, you don't exchange gifts. >> we give trips. >> that's better -- >> judge the pope and who are you to judge? >> i'm not but i will say i walked out of "star wars" in the middle of the movie. >> you're with us the dark force. on the side. >> you didn't like it. >> i haven't watched it but i hear it, no way. but -- >> you haven't seen it. saber thing whatever hangt advanced since jimmy carter. we know nothing about it.
12:56 pm
>> neil i think that you secretly camped out overnight to line up to be one of the first to see. because -- i think you really want to see it. >> not at this showing. at loing i dressed up at lincoln but the woman said you have to tack it. [laughter] look at the too many. [laughter] time. in a moment. just to be kind of your wing man on this. i want to take you all. go ahead kim. i want to say something. >> there are two more "star wars" movies to come out in this trilogy to character development. >> so that is exactly a back story, there might be more evilness to the characters we'll find out in the next two movies. >> colin sorry you turned on me fast here. >> it happens. pope francis if you're listening --
12:57 pm
>> sure he is. >> be strong. [laughter] ...
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> all right. if you like volatility, like the weather, stick around because things will change while you're waiting. we're up 136 points right now, but these triple digit swings are more the norm than the exception. nicole petallides sort of factors it out. this is the time of year, right, nicole, where we're supposed to see more volatility, but, man, oh, man, we've had more than our share. neil: that's right, neil, with this 138 point move we're marking the 9th day in a row of triple digit gains. you can see it over the last trading days. we haven't seen that kind of action since october 2011. and that being said, we're watching to see whether or not this year closes out as an up year or a down year. we haven't had a negative year
1:01 pm
since the financial crisis, since 2008. some of the traders i've spoken to, they said the fed should have raised rates earlier and if they had the dow would be at 18,000 or 19,000. they're somewhat optimistic thinking things could get better. year to date, nike has been out talking about sales and forecasts for future orders that have been great. that's 35%. mcdonald's, home depot and general electric are the other winners on the dow for the year. on the s&p 500, amazon, starbucks, just to name a few of the best for 2015. so the number to watch, 17,823 and that will tell you whether it was a winning year or a losing year on wall street. neil. >> that could be crucial to your points. thank you very much, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange, we're watching that one, this is a year before in election year, a year before presidential election year more to the point and normally those go very,
1:02 pm
very well. not so this year, not thus far. they have been printing numbers here and an update for us, why is it such a big concern? >>. connell: we're back in the election year almanac for the stock market, it's been quite some time since we've seen a down year, in a year like this, 17-8, we're at 17-5, a couple hundred points to make it up. it's been quite a while. look at the years before the market. not usually does it go up, but it usually goes up a lot before the '96 election and will almost always goes up. it doesn't look like it will this year, even though the s&p is in positive territory. they have to make up a few hundred points. all the way back to 1933 we have to go. and based-- you know, the dow has been up every year since then, averaging gains of 10.4% during election years, but we'd have to go all the way back to the fdr era where we see a market
1:03 pm
that was not higher. these biggest dow drops that you're looking for, even though they're up today, nicole mentioned winners and losers on the year. we're back to fdr, you have the "star wars" reference, that "star wars" reminds you of jimmy carter, no millard fillmore preferences. neil: i wish we had more time because i had a joke. i guess we're not going to do that. connell thank you. we could be looking at the first negative year for the dow since 2008. what does that in general mean? we have the up years in the middle of down years and down years in the middle of up years. we have the expert on that, bob, what do you think? >> i think it's also the first year since the financial crisis we haven't been doing money printing. neil: excellent point. >> and you know, we all look at the past like you were saying, the election years and so forth. i think it's having less importance now and i think going into next year, that's going to make a big difference. i don't see a real good
1:04 pm
beginning of the year, frankly, the fed comes in and prints money and could get a nice rebound. by the end of the year if we're printing money and the market is where it started or lower, i think it's going to make people nervous. >> it's a very astute observation and doesn't surprise me, we've taken the training wheels off. earlier where the fed was buying and after that, keeping things slow by keeping fed funds, and we're at 0%, both have stopped now, so i'm thinking of those two developments, i'm thinking, china, maybe not being quite the global catalyst that it has been. play out 2016 for me. >> if i was to write a screen play, china, low commodities prices and low oil prices, aren't going to rebound that quick partly because of china. i don't see a good growth, we say that the fed has my back and they don't this year. i don't think it's going to be
1:05 pm
a terrible year by any means because i think the fed will be able to prevent that, but, neil, think of it, if we end up this year, 80, 100 billion a month and the market hasn't moved much. it's worrisome and especially 2017 with a new president. >> i'm thinking of the last presidential go-round with mitt romney. he said that market was propped up by air, the federal reserve, not the president, although-- and that the market was racing and we were creating a whole new bubble and too soon to judge whether that's the case on the bubble part that without the fed we are going to have a devil of a time doing all of this and that usually would portend worrisome things for the market. it sounds like you're saying at least for 2016, kind of slow rough going, but not crash count. >> i think you've got it. the bubble, the big short came
1:06 pm
out since we're talking about movies, and "star wars," i saw that-- >> it veered a little from the book, but your point was well taken that that was manipulated by a few and nothing to do with the government contributing to this and that's neither here nor there. do you think something like that could happen again? >> i do. house prices are higher than before, incomes have still not gone up much. i think that bubbles could happen. nothing is going to happen exactly, the same way, neil, this thing could come back down and that awareness of risk return and we're seeing the junk bonds and so forth. that could. the fed will try to push it up as it's done before, but even with the support, i think that either way you're going to be in trouble. they have to have support and if they don't support, that's a problem, too. >> it's a big problem. thank you very much for your help and guidance over the years, you're always a very calm and soothing voice to go to and great historical perspective which i value. he's the big chief and managing director.
1:07 pm
all right, we told you about this mall of america protest planned, one of the largest malls on the planet, but black lives matter. pa judge has said that the leaders of that movement, all three of them, i guess, cannot be part of this protest, but others who might be marching in sympathy can. and this ruling would allow those followers thousands of them potentially to go into the mall of america, not just outside the mall of america to protest. if you argue the point, that all americans have the right to protest, what about those who want the simple right to shop, who want the simple right to do something for christmas and get home and wrap their presents and have a good time for christmas? do they have any rights? we a or do only these guys?
1:08 pm
1:09 pm
this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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what's in your wallet?
1:11 pm
>> we're getting word right now, there's a southwest plane preparing for emergency landing at oakland airport. apparently it left oakland and headed for chicago and the plane was put in a holding pattern until it could be approved to land. we don't know what the issues are. we do know right now that the plane has 139 passengers on board and that after takeoff the captain returned to oakland, and wheels seem to be down and doesn't appear to be a wheel issue. i hope everything ends up okay. keep an eye on something that could happen a little more than an hour from now. protest by black lives matter at one of the largest malls in
1:12 pm
the united states, close to it, but the judge had a restraining order, and owners say it would be disruptive for christmas eve. the judge said three organizers can't be involved others can. if they have the right to protest, charles would say they do, but other people in the mall have their right to do their thing, too. >> no doubt about it. it's an interesting target. i remember when the black lives movement started and the initial protests were going to restaurants and standing over people while they were eating. i tweeted out i thought it was ineffective and these guys jumped on me like crazy one weekend they ripped me to shreds. neil: are you sure that wasn't my e-mail? [laughter] >> the point is it's so crazy to me that, you know, if you have a message and you think you're being treated unfair, you go to the source of that
1:13 pm
treatment. you know? the notion that you would have potenti potential sympathizers and make their lives so inconvenient. it's so backwards. i don't think that a lot of the people understand. part of black lives matter is funded by george soros, other people who have a different agenda. they're to shut down, and some of these guys are used as pawn. these kids are angry, hand me a sign i'll go where you tell me to go. neil: some i've talked to the last few months say how is what we're doing different from what martin luther king did, you say what? >> the laws are different. you send the protesters in, they might not allow black people in. my mom lived in alabama and no black people were allowed on that side of town unless they
1:14 pm
were servants, and she owns had the mayor's house right now. >> and the protesters, martin luther king targeted places to commerce, to sort of remind people what they're doing. >> the first place was the montgomery bus boycott and that was a boycott, they didn't disrupt it as much as they didn't take it. listen, we're going to prove you need us economically. and listen, don't spend your money, they tried to do it on cyber monday and i'm not sure if it worked or not, and on black friday and not sure if it worked or not. there's a large economic component there. the blacks in america are about a trillion dollar economy if ever learn how to use it effectively as a protest tool, perhaps it works, but the point is, what martin luther king was protesting was a lot different than what is protested now, at least in my opinion and the tactics he used, he wasn't protesting at malls.
1:15 pm
he was protesting at places where they were siccing dogs on them and going to city hall and where changes were actually made and people watched on television around the world. neil: people watching this on television, they're opposite reaction. >> you've got to be kidding me. neil: a number of african-american shoppers who are disrupted by-- >> shoppers, workers, what about the people that work in the mall. what if they had to shut the mall down and someone who needs there who needs every single nickel. you see ups hiring 60,000 people, you know, the holiday hiring is what helps a lot of people make it through the holiday and a lot of them black people. are you going to shut them down. standing over people while they're eating their dinner, someone you don't know, because they're white, is so backwards. i would be the first one to get
1:16 pm
in line and protest and help out in any kind of way if i thought it would be effective. i think this is one thousand percent ineffective and they're ook used for-- >> and it's when they say when are you going to eat the fries. >> no, that's intimidating. neil: and it loses the message. thank you, charles, very very much. in the meantime, this plane that i was telling you about, the southwest plane that had unnamed, unspecified safety or maintenance issues, it landed safely and all is well there and was it, 139? 139 passengers are okay. it's good to hear. it's a little scary to put it mildly.
1:17 pm
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
>> all right. it's unusual when we see a
1:20 pm
green arrow isn't it? i pointed it out to you. because oil prices up to 4% had been over 46 cents a barrel. a lot has to do with saudi arabia leading the charge here to force control of this market, some would say, add that to the fact that we have some surprising declining inventory in this neck of the woods, but the saudis are trying to choke out competitors by driving and controlling that market, that would include u.s. competitors, that would include those who frack here and those who depend on fossil fuels here, oil chief among them, have got to be worried about this, and following these like few others do in land of chicago. what do you think, scott? how big of a threat if it looks like opec might, might, might force out other players to control things again? >> on the face of it that's
1:21 pm
absolutely what they're trying to do, but at the same time we have massive oil glut. we're running out of places to put the oil. we'll see demand pick up and that's going to have to rely on the compli-- rely on the economy getting better. closer and closer to zero, that's hard to do. just like interest rates, i think it's lower longer and i think that the 2020 outlook is right. and we'll see demand, and i don't think na people are going out of business as soon as opec would like, they're going to hurt themselves as well and saudi arabia is going to have to float bonds to pay for things. everybody is kind of in the same boat on this and it's going to drive the equity market, i think. keep your eye on oil, that's going to take everything around the nose. >> and this is what's going on with oil, for gas prices, i mean, americans love that part of it because it means cheaper gas, but the real effect if it's reflecting a slowdown to
1:22 pm
the global economy or worse, where are you on this? >> i'll say where many' at. i think it's a bigger issue and more about the economy. from 2008-2009 till, say, last year, that accounted for 20, 25% for the new jobs, the quality jobs. not the nonquality jobs that we're reporting now. if you see those energy sectors here start to roll over, that's not good. at the same time, we obviously were raising interest rates in a that environment and we have a dangerous year on our hands next year because there just isn't any real reason to say that the economy is going to pick up. and i start to see options volume taking place in the june wti contracts, fine, but a lot of put buyers, 30, $25, $20, $15 puts are trading not heavily, but like they've never done before. neil: wow, what's happening.
1:23 pm
>> okay, scott, i have a merry christmas my friend. >> you, too. neil: thank you for helping out scott shellady, he's a walking encyclopedia on this stuff. the saudis, whether they're trying to sort, you know, kill us, chamber of commerce karen harper on that. >> if the saudies tried to drive us out of the market, they're failed. our production is up. if their intention was to drive up demand, that failed. demand is not up as your previous speaker said with the european economy in the doldrums and our economy recovering, cash reserves. their breaking point-- >> you're the expert, but i read a teleprompter, but they survive longer than we can, and probably to the slowdown and what the president wants to do on climate change and
1:24 pm
deemphasize oil, et cetera, and there will be layoffs in the oil industry, a little more, little more, push them out. what do you say? >> our industry has actually become more efficient. we can produce barrels of oil more efficientlily in the last couple of years than five, six, seven years ago. they're pushing us to be better at it rather than to be getting out of it. that part, i think, is confounding them a little bit. neil: does it inhibit us when it gets so low, the price, that even for a lot of the wildcaters and others, it's not worth it. there's no money to be made drilling or fracturing when prices are this low, that it's a undertaking so expensive. >> which is why it's important that we lifted the ban on selling oil. if you produced it you can sell it onto the market. this is a long-term market trend that will make the global oil market look so much better and insulate us from some of the volatility that's hurt our
1:25 pm
economy in the past and will assure industry that over time, as this market continues to improve, that they can and should invest and hire. let's not forget, this industry was the industry that hired the most people throughout the recession. so they're vital to our continued economic recovery. neil: well put, karen, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. neil: all right, you might have heard that the study that say women by and large pay more than men for products. sometimes the same product. so my staff break down this way. the women were very upset. the guys, they had no idea.
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
. neil: all right, i'm a renaissance man, one of the many things i love about myself, so does my staff. the women included. when i heard women pay more for specific items than man, i was furious. who could cover this story? who too is concerned about the issues. fair and balanced to both sexes and to try to get to the bottom of the story that's not chauvinist at every level and natural jeff flock came to mind. on the magnificent mile with the latest. jeff, they're coming to pick you up.
1:30 pm
>> reporter: not a blue state-red state story, you got to be careful. department of consumer affairs studied almost 800 products, take a look at numbers what they found. 42% of the time same product one for women, one for men, the women paid more. 40% paid equally, 18% the men paid more than the women. amazing. that's the target back there, we're not targeting them but bought products there, like for example, razors, men and women use razors, pretty much the same thing, for women, the target brand cost a dollar a razor. the men 67 cents a razor. and then looked at antiperspirants, deodorants. for men a buck an ounce, for women, a buck 50 an ounce.
1:31 pm
this has been happening for years, right under our noses, we never knew. there you go. neil: jeff, i don't buy it. i don't buy any of it. you are holding up the pink razors versus the blue razors, did it ever occur to you that pink is a lot more expensive color to reproduce. but you didn't report that, did you. >> it did occur to me. i'm not as fair and balanced as you thought. the green ones, cheaper, color of money. neil: maybe i'll think better of maybe having your name pop up for a story like this. jeff, thank you very much. sorry. okay, great. how great is he? how great is he? ashley pratte, jared levy here. ashley, am i missing something here? your pink razors are more than
1:32 pm
the blue razors, i guess, and the problem is? go. >> well, let's just start off with the first point here which is it does cost more to produce women's products than men. in a free market society, they can charge whatever they want. we can have a debate until we're blue in the face until we realize it's more expensive to be a woman in society than a man. i don't think anyone is debating that. what i take issue with are the feminists who say women are not equal to men because retailers are waging a war on us. they're not. we like the pink razors, we like the degree deodorant for women. we pay for the difference in the products, and i think that's a point that needs to be made before we start into the gender disparity and the wage gap and everything rolling out of the gender texts. neil: one of the deodorants i'm
1:33 pm
told is strong enough for a man but made for a woman. [ laughter ] >> jared, what do you make of this? >> frame it a different way. neil: no, i already framed it for you. go with my framing. [ laughter ] >> we're simple, right? i think anecdotally. neil: speak for yourself, young man. >> women are simple, jared. >> we're like cavemen, $150 pair of jeans and body wash sounds astronomical. to my female friends who want a good body wash those sound like deals, and perhaps, just maybe, the companies selling historically have generally sold to women, and as they become more customized to men, maybe they had to lower prices to get the men to buy it so it wasn't about jacking the prices up on the women but getting the caveman guys out to spend some stuff on themselves. and by the way, my hair, this
1:34 pm
product they use is not cheap. so i carry some of the burden of it. neil: someone got to you. i don't know what happened. what she's threatening. what happened to you? someone is vulnerable here, what happened? he's not saying. ashley, something happened to jared. what i'm wondering what women are saying is if it's the same identical product that scorches them. so they go back to the razor thing. i don't know the differentiation between the razors and what have you. they say that's built into the retail approach that women will pay more, i guess, one because they're more concerned with hygiene, which i thought was offensive to men everywhere. >> well, it's true, neil. neil: identical items, both sexes use, then it's not fair. that is not right. you say what? >> right, i disagree with the fact that identical products -- we shouldn't be charged more for them, but at the same time,
1:35 pm
pink versus blue, it costs more to produce the pink plastic on the razors. neil: really? i just made that up. >> i think that's true, because i did actually read some reports, neil, i'm backing you up on that one. neil: doesn't surprise me. >> some of the products are a little more expensive to create for women than men. if you look at high-end razors, for example, like the bic ones that have more blades, those are more similar in price than they are in the original once. who knows? if it's the color, the amount of blades, what it might be. women are willing to pay more for that. take a look at the tv's and magazines, you see more ads for women than men. men have started to buy into the culture, but at the same time, women are willing to pay more for it. that's the value of a free market. neil: male or female, if you're buying anything with five blades, ten blades, stop it. it's stupid and you don't need the extra ten blades. >> one blade. neil: they advertise on the
1:36 pm
show, don't they? scratch that! bottom line, message to women that you have is what? >> the message to women, here's the best piece of advice for you. 84% of men and 60% of women admit that men should be paying for dates when they go out. so women -- and i did it with a feminist friend and she wouldn't pay for dinner. i said wait a minute, you're paying more for products, take advantage of the free dinners that men buy and will equalize the cost of deodorant, i think. neil: you just offended me on so many levels. >> i have no words for that. neil: dining with gloria steinem. i have no words. guys, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, neil. neil: those of you complaining and e-mailing by the hundreds, this was my producer that put me up to this. i'm a renaissance man. i don't think you should pay more for a pink razor than a
1:37 pm
blue razor. costs of pink are more expensive than blue. after this.
1:38 pm
usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. if i buy a car through usaa, i know i'm getting a fair price. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. . >> reporter: time for the fox business brief. and housing is our topic today. new home sales figures come out and they were up. came in 15,000 below the expectation of economists. that number 490,000. october was revised lower 25,000. not a great number.
1:39 pm
median home price did go up 305,000, which is up from the month before, but pretty much the same as where we were at this time last year. sales went up out west, the western part of the country went up, declined in the northeast and midwest with. that, let's look at the home builders, the stocks in today's trading, and they're on pace though the number didn't live up to expectations. they're all up on the day. as for the broader market rally, we are seeing gains, 114 on the dow. see if we can get above 17,823 and have gains for the year. still a ways to go. neil is back with more pink and blue razors on "coast-to-coast."
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
. neil: do you know it has been more than two years that the veteran affairs issue came to light. and hullabaloo we got a new director, procedure policies in there, and supposedly this would not happen again. underneath the radar, though one person has been removed, it is happening disturbingly again and again and again, we're told by one report upwards of a hundred vets who needlessly died as a result. concern for legislative director dan caldwell. what can you tell us? what happened? >> continuing problems with the va. we had a recent report in usa today about serious cases of medical malpractice that led to
1:42 pm
veterans being seriously harmed or unfortunately dying as a result of continuing problems of delayed care at va and increasingly poor quality care at va. this is as a result of the fact as you pointed out a new director at the va. congress has thrown tens of billions of dollars at the va in additional funding since the scandal broke. the fact is the va has not fundamentally changed how they deliver health care to veterans who have earned it. neil: i thought one of the more fundamental and simple things they were going to try to do at the veterans hospital if there is a long wait, you would get the equivalent of a credit or voucher to go a private hospital or the public hospital across the street or wherever and get that care. was that not the case, or did it not get factored in or vets more inclined to go to veterans hospitals or what? >> that's what congress intended to happen when they created the choice card last year. neil: right, right.
1:43 pm
>> which was supposed to give veterans that lived 40 miles away from va facility or on a wait list for more than 30 days, the ability to access private health care. unfortunately it has turned into false choice. i have a choice card. enrolled in va health care though i don't use, it it's a card with a phone number on it. you have to call a va bureaucrat and they have to approve the care though it's proven you qualify for it. the va is threatened by the concept of veteran health care choice because they fear that a lot of veterans will leave the system and won't be able to justify to congress billions of billions of dollars of extra funding they ask for each year. yes, congress intended nar to happen but the va undermined it at every step and admitted they are threatened by the concept of health care for veterans. neil: montel williams made this
1:44 pm
a cause celebre because he's a celeb. he drew the line at shutting down the va and said veterans have a need to go to a place where only veterans are cared for, and despite some of the cases that you hear of abuse or stupidity, there is a camaraderie among doctors who know vets and vets who know the doctors and should not be jettisons, what do you think of that? >> we at concerned veterans for america have a plan, the fixing task force that we rolled out. what we propose doing is turning the va integrated health care system, the brick and mortar hospital into a government chartered nonprofit and giving every veteran the choice to use private health care with va benefits. what we feel it will do is force the current va system to improve, force it to compete with the private sector and give it to the incentive to achieve. i don't think that camaraderie
1:45 pm
and things like that are ultimately what drive veterans's use of the va. it's the only health care provider, the only choice they can have. and also too, they have serious service connected disabilities they have to use. neil: you are a good man, trying to do a good thing for fellow soldiers. thank you for that and thank you for your service to the country. dan caldwell, we'll have more right after this. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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. >> reporter: another shopping story as we come back with a business alert to talk to you about gift cards and starbucks which go together. especially this crystal gift card that starbucks put out. you pay $200 for the gift card and get $50 worth of coffee, which doesn't sound like a good deal, they do things like this
1:49 pm
every year, they have something where you get a fancy schmancy gift card and pay a few hundred bucks for it and don't get as much coffee. people like that. the gift cards have been a phenomenon and starbucks has taken advantage of that, just about everybody last year turned out got a starbucks gift card, the ones where you pay the same amount of money as you get in the coffee. 2.5 million starbucks cards purchased in the u.s. and canada on christmas eve and 1700 cards purchased per minute. crazy. all american adults got a starbucks gift card. this report with stock at $60 serves no other purpose other than what you might get me tomorrow before you go on vacation. neil: highly doubtful. is that screaming for an abbott and costello bit here. you're going to tell me i'm going pay $50? >> right, third base.
1:50 pm
neil: but i just gave you 200? how asinine! [ laughter ]. >> if people do it, they deserve it. if that's what they want to do, more power to you. neil: and i gave you -- [laughter] >> i like the way you do that, by the way. neil: it is crazy, not you, connell, but it is odd. joe piscopo, speaking of odd is here, one of the funniest men on the planet. bar none! mr. gift card. mr. gift card, because he's lazy, right? it's -- why overthink it. >> worst gift you possibly can get. worst gift, you know what? i bought your gift card, it's for gas because you go back and forth to jersey. someone gave it to me, i regifted the gift card which is the worst part. neil: my dear friend bill o'reilly -- [laughter]. neil: really?
1:51 pm
really? >> it's the worst! someone gave me that. neil: get a load of this. >> he's keeping the free gas. keeping the free gas. neil: there was a survey done, look at this. women, we're damned if we do and damned if we don't with women, if you give them a gift card, they're offended you put no thought in it but prefer it because it's showing you show no thought. >> it's cheesy. neil: what's cheesy? >> getting the gift card, you need something to open and to see. neil: put it in a box. >> this is a gift card. oh! next. neil: done. not if it's a hickory farms gift card. >> cracker barrel. i'll give you that. i do christmas friday morning, christmas, i have all the kids all by myself. neil: and have you lots of kids. >> well, you know. at every exit in new jersey, i've told you that before. that's my campaign.
1:52 pm
neil: the meaning of the season. >> my campaign when i run for governor. neil: which, by the way people are starting to take quite seriously. >> i may go in as an independent to rile it up a little bit. neil: this guy trump. >> i have all the kids coming over christmas morning, neil, seriously, if i gave them gift cards. unless it's itunes that you can get right online. neil: what do you give, money? >> no, got to be an electronic thing they can work with whether it's a phone or apple watch. apple watch at best buy, you can give them. neil: you are a celebrity, well known, iconic symbol. people say piscopo he's got a lot of money, he better not go cheap. >> it happens when i tip. if they know me, you were great in the movie. here's 20 bucks. the more they know me, the more i tip. [ laughter ] >> another figure, 7 out of 10
1:53 pm
of these last-minute shoppers are men. 7 out of 10 are men. >> that must mean i'm not man enough, i have all my shopping done. neil: you got it done early? >> got it done. so proud of myself. you know what else is great for kids? record player for the kids. it's so retro. neil: where do you find the records? you got to look. >> i haven't gotten one yet. i'm giving old frank sinatra records. neil: how about you doing sinatra. >> fly me to the moon ♪ >> better than sinatra myself. >> we did the celebration last week, and it was great. it is all about sinatra all the time, and i love it. to your point, you know what i'll do for my 13-year-old, he likes rap now. neil: the 13-year-old wants a record player? >> he wants a record player. neil: he's aware there's streaming and all this. >> are you kidding me? they live off of this thing.
1:54 pm
i want to get the record, i'm going to get rap, run dmc, the original rap, but said to me, i like frank sinatra. i'm getting him a sinatra vinyl. neil: he's so young, he wouldn't know you on wonderful days on "snl," right? >> amazing thing for content distribution, i was at my show the the sands and bethlehem, i'd love for you to come. neil: can i come? are there tickets? i got the gas. i can drive myself. you cheap -- all right. >> you are trying to slip the plug in and neil said you ain't getting away with that one. yes, you can have a compticket mr. cavuto! only if i can introduce you from the stage. you know him, and love him, you can't live without him. ladies and gentlemen. neil: that is right. my producer is reminding me, a woman, by the way, upset about
1:55 pm
this study that shows women pay more than men for sometime the exact same product. >> yeah. neil: does it bother you, as a renaissance man yourself? we're talking metrosexual to metrosexual. >> does that translate to divorce court? not fair, not fair. they jack those prices up, because when you shop for a woman, she's absolutely right. way more expensive. neil: you are taking their side. >> patronizing, patronizing. lot of women listeners on the radio show. they're my gals. neil: let's say the difference between pink and blue razor blades, right? and i argue pink is a more expensive color, that was a lie, but someone bought it. but why can't the women just buy the blue razor blades? doesn't it beg the issue maybe they're not too bright? >> oh, no! i'm not going there, not in a million years. women are intrinsically smarter
1:56 pm
than men. neil: that was a stupid question to ask. that whole bright thing. i'm wiping that one out! he's trying to embarrass me! >> here's another great gift. for any gift, hit me on twitter, i'll tell you what gifts you need. i tweeted what tie i wore. neil: you look like you're running for governor now. >> go to lush. it's a store your kids will love it. it is more expensive than anyone. neil: i love you, i'll see you at the show. joe piscopo. how much do we love him? how much? >> merry christmas. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight.
1:57 pm
jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
>> all right. we are looking at 130 point gain right now. remember we start getting into the super slow day tomorrow with the trading and next week
2:00 pm
where it could be anyone's guess but moving up 300 points or it i about his. gerri willis doing the duties now. hey, gerri. >> welcome to the intelligence report. donald trump is issuing a warning to hillary clinton today on twitter. listen to this. the hillary clinton staged event yesterday he says was pathetic. be careful as you play the war on women or women being degraded card. this is the latest development. yesterday clinton took a shot at trump when she was asked a question on bullying by a student at a iowa town hall. >> you are looking at somebody whose had a lot of terrible things said about me, and i am well aware of the fact that it's really easy to do that and, you know, you just say it, and you send it around the world. that's why it's important to


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