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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 23, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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strikes midnight tonight, beatles music will be available for streaming. you'll be able to listen to the fab 4's musical catalog on apple music, google play, amazon prime music and spotify. all 17 beatles albums will be available. thanks for watching and have a merry christmas. liz mcdonald, over to you, my friend. liz: see what you want for a stocking stuffer, the beatles streaming. i ain't getting it for you, you have a husband that can get it for you. how about that? [laughter] >> breaking news, the largest shopping mall in the nation has been disrupted all day by protesters during the busiest shopping day of the year. protest appears to be moving, we're going to tell you where it is headed to. this is breaking news right now. we're all over this story for you as it happens. here's what's going on, the minneapolis chapter of the organization that brought this rally brought it to the nation's attention because they are basically talking about the
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death of the 24-year-old, the unarmed black man shot and killed by minneapolis police on november 15th. again and again, saying all along, watch this protest, retailers could get hit hard. now we're also watching too, new polls for you showing that donald trump still in the lead. we've got an interesting argument from fox news analyst juan williams. he says that hillary clinton's running mate may be barack obama in a sense. he's going to explain all of that with brad blakeman. this is a hot debate. stick around. the dow jones industrial average is up about 180 right now. the catalyst to the upside, oil. less than an hour to the closing bell. i'm liz mcdonald. let's start the "countdown."
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right to it, we are on track for nine straight days of triple digit moves. six of the nine days have been updays, so if we close above 159 points that's right, number you're going to want to watch the dow will be virtually flat still, for the last week and a half, watching the s&p 500, it is officially positive for the year, anything above 2058, watch 2058, that's the key number, that will put the s&p in the green for 2015. oil closing the session up nearly 4% at 3750. we're going to talk about the best way to play that market in just a minute. so let's get right to it. we have the black lives matter demonstrators, they are on the move. protesters are at the nation's largest mall, it came after a heated legal battle. mall of americas lawyers wanted to stop the protest, claiming the mall is private property,
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but the judge said they will deny the request to stop three other protests, but the mall of america, while it has a right to detain and arrest anyone, it can't stop other people from showing up at the rally. remember last year at a black lives matter protest, 11 people were arrested, so the question is, did the court make the right decision? will this have ramifications nationwide? it will set a precedent? here in a fox business exclusive, we've got trial attorney marie napoli and business attorney seth berenswag, what did you make of the decision? >> the judge was wrong in the decision. the cases that i read of the supreme court has decided this is a private property, and quite honestly, i think it stems from our history of having public squares where the people would go and speak their
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mind at these public squares, but there are no more public squares, we're in privately owned, privately owned property and the judge cannot make them have these protests in place, especially with the damage it's going to cause to the shop keeps. it's going cause damage to the economy, and going to cause damage to the store owners. liz: you know, seth, marie makes a good point here. we have watched this, there is a bulletin saying amazon is commanding 51 cents of every dollar in internet sales. that is sticking it to the brick-and-mortar retailers who have to fight for the remaining 49 cents. you can see stores in trouble with protests like these. what shopper is going to come to a shopping mall if this goes on? >> that's true, and it's not an easy issue, breaking down constitutional controversies is usually not a clean business, but i think i will respectfully disagree with the opinion there because the road map for this decision already laid out from a decision from the minnesota
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supreme court a couple of years ago that the mall of america is considered not a purely private venue. they went through a breakdown and analysis that showed that roughly 13-15% of interconnection with public funds shows it really isn't that. what you end up with is restricted right on behalf of the mall. liz: we've got breaking news out of a local tribune there, it is saying right now the mall of america is shut down. marie, your reaction? >> this is exactly what you would expect when you have a mass amount of people coming in for basically a prchlt -- protest when people are trying to shop. protests should have not gone forward because they're getting the message out. they have an appropriate message. they got it out, this was not the way to do it. liz: seth, the protesters appear to be moving to the light rail system nearby.
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why is it morally right and justified for protesters to shut down businesses who had nothing to do with the shooting of this unarmed victim? >> it's not. but that's a separate issue. liz: it's the same issue. why is it a separate issue? >> separate issue because the mall has a restricted right to be able to regulate, called time, place and manner regulation where they are able to coexist with the shoppers, and so the injunction request was really dead on arrival. that's the problem. now we have a new problem. liz: that's all legalese, that's in the weeds. let's be clear, let's be clear here, i hear what you're saying, there's a mixed message from the court. is the shopping mall private or public property, right, marie? >> there is a mixed message, goes back to the history of where these public speaks came from, and now they're looking at the mall. mall is not a public place, and the supreme court. liz: why is it not a public place? >> because it's privately
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owned. even though there are people at the mall, they're there as invitees, and they're there as invitees to shop and eat, not to cause mayhem. liz: seth, stay with me on this. seems like the judge agreed with what marie is saying, but said you know what? we can't stop other people from showing up in the parking lot to protest. >> generally the judge did not agree. judge said based on the precedent and as the minnesota supreme court ruled before it is not a purely private venue, there is only a restricted right to regulate. liz: mixed court readings. seth, stay with me, this is an important question for you. do you think local businesses have recourse in the courts to sue these protesters to get their money back for lost businesses, business sales? >> that's a huge uphill battle. it's going to be very difficult. something called associational standing where it's hard to sue a group as opposed to individuals, but let me say.
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liz: could they sue individuals? >> they could potentially sue individuals for interference with business relations. >> yes. >> this is one of the examples where the court says you have limited restricted right, when you balance the constitutional issues that are bill of rights, you end up with the murky situations. liz: interesting, good point, marie, final word. >> i like the lawsuit. that's something i would take. liz: you would take on this lawsuit. >> i would take on that lawsuit. liz: what do you mean you? would sue a group or individual? >> sue the group for interfering in my business. >> you would have no standing. >> quickly, why? >> at that point, you're suing a group of individuals that are exercising their right of assembly, right of free speech. you can go after individuals. >> we're talking about the business owner having their business interrupted. >> they're causing the damage. they're causing the damage to these business owners, and they know they're doing it. they could have done it outside and gotten the exact same
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reaction that they wanted. >> okay, thank you to marie napoli and seth, we want you to back on this story, great insights, great legal minds right there. we're going to stay on the story throughout hour and bring you the latest developments. to the markets, day nine of triple digit moves. we've got the s&p 500 turning positive for the year. we're still about 200 points away for upyear for the dow, though. can we get cheer from santa? can we get the markets moving higher? right to the floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange and the cme group. dan at the nyse and stephen guilfoyle at the cme. what are you seeing? >> if you hold a dollar in place for me and run crude every single daying are i'll show you a nice equity market. the s&p trading at 2061 that's a technical level. i would like conservatively to see us hold this level. if we can't, i want to see us
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stand at 2054. liz: here's the thing, ira, mixed signals out of major investment banks. ubs, deutch banc, goldman sachs about the year, slightly bearish activity in the options market as well. what do you think? >> i'm with them. we've got a bull market that's run a course, money shifting around, europe looks better because they're on a qe basis of lowering currency. china getting foot under it, which will help asia, will help australia, countries of that nature. i think that america is probably going to go to a year just like this where we go sideways, i started looking for neutral to 5% either way. whether you're up or down for the year, you didn't go anywhere. a year of stocks primarily, not indices. liz: good point, stephen, watch this, citigroup strategist,
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he's talking, he's bullish right now and saying earnings could regain footing in 2016 and also talking about the energy sector regaining footing, i'll tell you something, you set the bar so low, a caterpillar can step over it, i mean the energy sector has been so beaten up. do you think you would agree with citigroup here? >> all the potholes in the road we travel are still there. we still have all the headwinds you might say. interest rates are still very low, and there's not a lot of places to put your money. you have to play the market if you want to get any kind of return. therefore, i think there is a chance for positive momentum going into 2016, we did not see it in 2015. i would be very slow. you want to keep something in cash and bonds, i would be slow to greatly reduce equity holdings. liz: thank you stephen and ira, appreciate your insights here. black gold still pumping, oil prices slumping.
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will america make the global oil glut worse as it begins to export oil for the first time in decades? and this story for you, the beatles join the digital age by streaming their songs. beatles corporation, the companies who are overseeing it, need to get their songs streaming. what took the fab 4 so long? where have they been? that's next on "countdown."
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. liz: the closing bell ringing in just 44 minutes. the dow is up. it's up 166 right now. holding onto the triple-digit gain. the other indices are in the green fractionally right now. nike shares touching a lifetime high, at the open. the stock has been a momentum favorite in 2015. ticker nke, finishes above $134.33 today, that would mark the 34th record close this year. nike is the number one stock in the dow for 2015. right now shares are trading just to the downside, down about $3.50. oil seeing gains for a third straight day, settling above 37 a barrel. after opec lowered the demand outlook for exports, while predicting oil prices will
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rise, get this, back to 70 bucks a barrel by 2020. so with the u.s. oil ban finally lifted and opec predicting oil prices to rise again over the next five years, what does this mean for u.s. oil producers and the overall energy economy? joining me is the guy you got to listen to. steven shork, editor of the shork report. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. liz: goldman sachs saying 20 bucks a barrel, opec saying 70. what did you think? >> the prediction from opec is keep in mind five months out. the only reason why we've made long-term forecasts in the commodities out there is to make astrology to look respectable. keep in mind, $70 barrel is an attractive price, that translates still to sub $3 gasoline at the pump. not out of the question.
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the producer can make money at that level and the consumer could go on and grow, whether we get there, liz, your guess is as good as opecs. with regard to lifting the ban, this is great news. both for the energy sector in north america and for the consumer. this is because crude oil that we have in surplus is a very light crude oil. it's crude oil, very easy to manufacture and to gasoline. the problem we have is our refineries are engineered to maximize different crude oil. in essence, what we would be doing is don't think about the u.s. exporting oil. we are swapping out our high-quality, high-cost oil for low-cost cheap oil to manufacture and maximize our refineries. liz: here's the thing, oil analysts have said our u.s. oil fields, some of them are almost tapped out. some of them are in hypermature phase at the reserves really
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aren't there, talking the permian basin in west texas and new mexico. is that what you're seeing? oil prices to come up well above 35 or 40 bucks to be profitable, to do fracking to pull the oil out? >> absolutely right now. oil prices are way too low for the majority of production here in the united states and canada. that said, we don't have to go back to $70 a barrel. i'm looking towards the end of this year, oil back in the $45-55 range which is a very attractive price, but before we get there, we have to look at the fundamentals right now, liz. the margins for refineries are fantastic. the refineries are making lots of money because they are putting in $35 crude oil and getting out $52 a barrel gasoline, the margins are great. what does that mean? demand for crude oil is sky high.
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demand for gasoline, sub $2 gasoline, no snow, no ice on the roads of the united states, demand for gasoline is through the roof. in march, demand destruction of a million barrels a day, and still producing over nine million barrels a day. so clearly the fundamentals set the template for lower oil prices through the first half of the year. liz: interesting stuff, merry christmas to you, sir. >> thank you, you too, thank you. liz: it is the day before the night before christmas. america wants santa to leave a shiny new gun under the christmas tree, yes! gun sales are popular. we'll tell you which guns are selling like hot cakes this holiday season. and do women pay more at the store for the very same product as men buy? jeff flock is in chicago taking a look at what is being called gender pricing or pink pricing or whatever it is. we've got the story for you next on "countdown." stay with us. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners.
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but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight.
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donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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. liz: welcome back, beatlemania is back! beatles fans getting an early christmas gift this year, as of 12:01 a.m. tonight, write that down, the beatles music will finally be on streaming services around the world. we're talking spotify, apple music, google play, tidal, all of them will have access to beatles catalogues of 13 albums and 4 compilations. remaining members of the beatles initially resisted offering songs on the streaming music companies for more than seven years before coming to an agreement in 2010. so if what you really want is a gift under the christmas tree, there's another option. talking firearms. they are topping christmas lists this year, given the
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fears over terrorism and perceived threats of gun laws being changed. last month, the fbi ran more than two million firearm background checks on potential buyers. that's a 24% increase from november of 2014. now we're getting to another story, the pay gap, but now we've heard all about that, talking the price gap. new data showing consumer goods for women are priced significantly higher than identical products marketed towards men. we've got our very own jeff flock standing by in chicago, with the details on how much women are basically being asked to pay by retailers. jeff? >> liz, it's not enough that you don't make as much as we, as men do on average. now apparently you pay more for your stuff, too. that's what the department of consumer affairs in new york says, take a look at state street in chicago. according to them, you're paying a lot more if shopping
3:27 pm
for a woman this year. take a look what an outfit might cost. these are numbers from the department of consumer affairs in new york. jeans cost more. levis 501 jeans $20 more for women than men. sweaters on average more and t-shir t-shirts at abercrombie & fitch, same is true across the board things like toys for christmas shopping. toys up more for women than men. bike helmets, about 8% more overall for toys, if you're buying for a girl than for a boy. this is true of things like deodorant, you know this too, liz, laundry, if it's a blouse, you get charged more than if it's a shirt, though it's pretty much the same piece of clothing if it's for a woman or a man, you pay a little premium. liz: you're talking about the
3:28 pm
dry cleaner, right? you're talking about the dry cleaner, right? >> yes, the dry cleaners, yes, exactly. liz: is it thousands more a year that women pay versus men? >> well, there's no -- this is a study that the dca in new york did, there's no hard number in terms of what it means, some of the disparities were tremendous. t-shirt at abercrombie & fitch, 12 bucks for men's t-shirt, 40 bucks for a women's shirt. the styling is a little more to it but doesn't explain the tremendous price disparities. liz: thank you, jeff flock, this means you're going to see women in the men's aisle of deodorant and shampoo. men, trying to get away from women shopping, forget about it. >> you'd look good in men's clothes too, liz. liz: there you go. donald trump holding onto a commanding lead of the republican presidential race,
3:29 pm
but what do the numbers say about the lineup for the next gop debate over here at fox business. we've got blake burman, he has a live report what you can expect from the fox business debate coming up. we'd like to say thank you and merry christmas to all the servicemen and women defending our nation both home and abroad. "countdown" is coming right back.. >> specialists adam, out of oklahoma, want to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year. >> i'm currently overseas, happy holidays to everybody back home, everybody who supports us, especially to my family. >> my name is specialist lopez from halfmoon bay, california, in an undisclosed location in the middle east. just wanted to take this time to say merry christmas and happy new year to my family.
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liz: welcome back, the closing bell ringing in just about 26 minutes. we've got this very important number to watch for the s&p 500. it's 2058. that's the level you want to keep note of for the s&p 500. that would put the s&p in the green for the year. remember the s&p was on track to have its worst year since 2008. at the top of the hour we showed you live pictures of the protests and the rallies going on at mall of america, basically we had security blocking the mall entrances to the black lives matters protesters. we have learned the protesters were on the move. they were heading to the blue line light rail, not far from the shopping mall. they made their way to the airport. this is breaking news right now. the protest are not over, the protestersort move. the local newspaper, the star tribune is reporting that police at the airport are trying to contain the protesters that made it there. we're talking minneapolis right now.
3:35 pm
traffic outside the minneapolis airport has been disrupted due to these protests. we are just 22 days away from the sixth republican primary debate hosted right here on fox business. it is the debate you want to watch for the best information for you and your money and the u.s. economy. in the latest polls, donald trump remains steady taking 39% of the vote in today's cnn poll. we have senator ted cruz coming in second at 18%. dr. ben carson and senator marco rubio tying for third. all of the candidates will be jockeying for position as they head into the debate. our blake burman has been digging into the numbers. what's in the criteria? >> hi there, liz, the first debate of new year is on fbn, january 14th is the date, mark your calendars and could include a concentrated lineup. there will be two debates, but to make it to the later one, candidates must accomplish one of the following.
3:36 pm
they can place in the top six in an average of national polling, or place in the top five in an average of polls from iowa or new hampshire. of course, those being the two early voting states. two of the earliest. if we've learned anything in the election cycle it's that polls can change at an instant and change dramatically. here's a look how things stand right now. nationally the top six, this is according to the real clear polling average, the most recent polls. trump, cruz, rubio, carson, bush and christie are the top six for the moment. in iowa, no change among the top five there, though paul and fiorina just missed that cutoff in iowa, again for the moment, and in new hampshire, it's much of the same group. however, kasich is just decimal points outside of that fifth slot. those first debates have propelled christie and fiorina in the past as we know, but might be more of a sense of
3:37 pm
urgency to get into the later one as the iowa caucus will be just 2 1/2 weeks after debate night. liz: interesting stuff there blake burman. just to be clear for the viewer. those that don't make the top six slots go into the first debate, right? >> first debate. so two debates. the first one and after that it's whoever fits that or, or, or criteria. liz: blake burman in washington, d.c., one of our best reporters down there. while the gop field is whittled down eyes are focused on true target. it is democratic front-runner hillary clinton, and in an op-ed for the "wall street journal" today, juan williams is co-host of "the five," a hit show on fox news. he wrote how this will be the first campaign in more than two decades where an incumbent president will play a large part in her fight. here's quote --
3:38 pm
i'm joined by the author of that piece, juan williams, a democratic strategist and co-host of "the five" on fox news. and former deputy assistant to george w. bush and the republican strategist, he's brad blakeman, a guy a lot of people want to listen to when it comes to what's going on in the gop party. juan, if you adviser for hillary clinton's campaign, would you support the plan to align herself more closely with the president? >> if you're talking about for the general election, i don't think there's any question that she wants the president to bring out minorities, young people, specially single women, that's what he can do, energize her base, and i think she's lacking in that energy at the moment and looking to the president to do that. obviously, there's a downside to that, you know what? also he polarizes and stirs up the republican base. liz: yeah, mr. blakeman, here's the thing, we have donald trump taking off the gloves.
3:39 pm
putting out tweets, really going at it with hillary clinton. remember, the comment he made about hillary clinton using the male anatomy description. you heard about that, right? >> yeah. liz: saying if hillary clinton and her campaign want to play the basically victim card, watch it, meaning that donald trump is talking derogatorily about women, he, mr. trump is saying watch out. he could bring up mr. clinton's liaisons here. is the clinton campaign falling into that trap? >> first of all, i didn't know donald trump had gloves on at this point. if he takes them off, watch out. the outrageous statements he's made, if he claims he's going to go further than he's gotten, we're starting to see erosion of the battle state polls, not the national polls, that's what i think matters, where does donald trump stand in iowa and new hampshire and other battleground states, and if he
3:40 pm
doesn't win iowa and new hampshire, remember what he said on the barbara walters interview. he himself stated he'd be a loser, and people like winners, and i have to say juan did a great job on his op-ed analyzing hillary clinton vis-a-vis obama. liz: hang on a second, if it's a trump-hillary campaign, trump is going to be -- we are in new ground with donald trump and how he's going to handle a campaign mr. blakeman. >> yeah. liz: the clinton campaign cannot fall into the trap of responding to everything he says, they have to be above it. if they get emotional response about hillary clinton being a victim and saying that she's being bullied by a man, then he'll come back and say what about your husband, mrs. clinton and his treatment of women? that is a trap that is a dangerous zone for the clinton campaign to be in. liz: big mistake. let me say this, donald trump is also being presumptuous, you have to be selected by party
3:41 pm
before you are elected by the people. right now he should be worried about the selection process and not the general electionment the general election polls show him getting trounced by hillary. liz: breaking news, juan, i want you to respond to this and also you mr. blakeman. ben carson's campaign, telling the associated press that he is suggesting that there will be a major shake-up of his top aides and his coterie there, what do you make of that? >> look at the polls, the result of polls that show he has not only dropped but continues to drop. there was the thought with the latest polls you might see resurgence with ben carson as we enter the christmas season, the evangelicals like nothing, zeros, liz. there is a critical need and ben carson is trying to signal change in the water and hope for his campaign. liz: do you think this came too late? >> yeah. liz: when do you think he should have done this? >> i don't know about shake-up, what he had to do earlier is demonstrate competence in terms
3:42 pm
of foreign affairs, obviously, national security after paris, after san bernardino rose to the top, and he seemed to be out of his -- over his head in terms of competence, and that was a real problem for him. liz: thank you, juan williams. congratulations on op-ed. >> you're very kind. liz: and brad blakeman, all terrific that you are on. disgraced ceo martin shkreli has been arrested. he's sure to make anyone's list of the biggest business losers of 2015. but our very own charlie gasparino is not just anyone. you just want to listen to him. we want to know who does charlie have on winners and losers list? charlie breaks it. that's next on "countdown."
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. liz: we're just less than 15 minutes away from the close. dow is showing some strength. a little more conviction than it was earlier in the hour, trading up now around 180 points. we could have a solid triple-digit gain again moving into the close. now, we know that in 2015, we've seen some serious ups and downs when it comes to certain executives and their careers. we've got only eight days left until the year wraps up. we thought who would be the best person to go over some of 2015's biggest winners and losers? our very own fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino. >> i thought you were saying biggest loser in the world, charlie gasparino. liz: i didn't write that tease, i would never say that. >> start with the good. do we have the winners up there? show them. donald trump, for obvious reasons, steven cohn because
3:48 pm
he's coming back into the business. adina friedman, named coo of the nasdaq, in line to be ceo. and bob griefeled resigns in 2017 or 2018. and evan greenberg and number five to hedge eye. they made one of the world's greatest calls in 2013, they said kinder morgan was a house of cards. liz: in 2014. >> in 2013. they made the hax from financial reporters lackeys that have sources at goldman sachs because all the investment firms love kinder morgan, he came out, keith mccullough. liz: he's a frequent guest not a contributor. he's a frequent guest. >> made a gutsy call. liz: he said kinder morgan was a house of cards in 2013.
3:49 pm
>> said it would collapse and it did this year. liz: a big energy play. >> everything they said about it, paid too high of a dividend. don't use enough money to put back in the collaborations, that became the theme for kinder morgan, from 40 to 16, traded up in recent days, keith mccullough, kevin kaiser deserve kudos, they took on jim kramer at cnbc and took on wall street and they were right. liz: let's get to the losers. >> sorry to say there are losers. the gop establishment. liz: why? >> have you people like jeb bush, great candidates and resumes. john kasich, runs a big state, runs it very well. scott walker was in the establishment and they're not catching any fire, they're doing nothing. they are being upstaged by retired neurosurgeon, by a reality show businessman, reality show businessman,
3:50 pm
donald trump, and ted cruz is a maverick senator. this is an amazing collapse. i've never seen anything like it. they have doing the biggest loser. they have a guy that is good as part of the establishment, marco rubio, he is far behind. i tried to find something nice to say about martin shkreli, however you say it, maybe he likes his dog. the guy raised prices a gazillion percent on the one drug, he got arrested for a ponzi-like scheme. i don't know. he's definitely a loser, he may be a winner if he beats the fed's charges. liz: he's playing the rod blagojevich defense. >> securities fraud is hard to prove, and you're innocent until proven guilty. let's give him his day in court. i'm saying maybe he's nice, maybe he has something good to say. liz: who are the other losers? >> new york stock exchange, when they had the outage where none of the trades could go through the floor, it was proof
3:51 pm
positive, stocks traded well, it was proof positive that the new york stock exchange is superfluous. i put number four as bill ackman for obvious reasons. hedge funds and his fund. last year at this time he was on the cover of every magazine. now down 30%, bad bets, like a lot of hedge funds not doing well, and david barse who ran third avenue, closed doors, junk bonds are imploding, those are the losers. we'll have the story on liz: you'll get a lot of reaction. thank you, charlie gasparino. up next, back to the floor of the new york stock exchange as the trading day comes to a close. our guests are going to tell us why the dow 18,000 call missed the mark this year. "countdown" coming right back. don't go away.
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. liz: let's go to the new york stock exchange. we've got ashley webster down there with the market moves, the dow up almost 180, ashley? >> reporter: interesting, isn't it. the volume as you would expect this time of year and this week, pretty thin, there's a lot of computer trading going on. we are seeing the upside, the dow up 179 points. nasdaq and s&p also moving nicely higher. lot of this based on oil. oil coming back today on a report that there is a lot more drawdown in the supplies that was expected. we're expecting greater number being added to the supplies, but it went the other way. positive for oil, oil closing higher by nearly 4%, for major averages looking nice indeed, as for the big winners as you expect for the price of oil moving higher. energy sector doing well. chevron doing well, oil up close to 5%, settled just above 4%. all of the heating oil, natural
3:56 pm
gas, all moving higher today. this is giving broad support to the market. now the energy stocks, apache, bp, conocophillips, exxon, chevron, beaten up for sometime. bed bath & beyond down heavily today, hitting a 52-week low earlier in the session. now down 4.5% or 49 bucks. why? the latest earnings report, the company slashing guidance for the next quarter. that will do it, and that is being punished, down more than 4%. other than that, not a bad way to finish out the eve to christmas eve. liz: that's right, christmas eve eve cheer. thank you so much, ashley webster. they lost 7% in the past year, if the experts, if the experts can't get it right, how do individuals at home set up for a successful 2016?
3:57 pm
joining me michael binger, gradient investment senior portfolio manager and hilary kramer, ang capital manager, first to you michael, what do you think? >> it shows market breadth was very, very weak, if you take out the ten stocks that held the martha, float this year, most of the other 490 stocks are down this year. there was four or five, we know them, the fangs, they held up the stock market. kept it afloat, near positive. rest of them not such a great year. liz: what do you think hilary? how come we didn't get to dow 18,000 on the dow? >> i think terrorism held a wrench above the trajectory of dow 18,000, and terrorism combined with the lack of leadership in the united states. once we had the terrorism that took place in paris, it wasn't so much san bernardino, but it really, it really concerned investors. it concerned everyone all over the world. so that was really the
3:58 pm
beginning of it, i think, and then of course the price of oil dropped, and it dropped so much that the benefit of lower gas prices, the benefit of macy's being able to heat stores a lot cheaper and american airlines being able to fly, paying less for fuel wasn't suddenly such a positive when you weigh it against the fact that you have big oil companies out there, that had borrowed a lot of money to pay dividends and to pay out and try to retire that stock, and suddenly the numbers just didn't work and, of course, the smaller companies going down. liz: michael, what's the outlook for 2016? quickly, you've got five seconds. >> i'm positive, earnings start to grow again next year, high single type of returns, oil is bottoming, and like the previous guest said the economy is a benefit, the economy is okay. liz: hilary, what do you think? >> s&p 2500. liz: thank you very much, michael binger and hilary kramer.
3:59 pm
that's it for "countdown to the closing bell," i'm liz mcdonald. i'm here with david asman, we're going to start "after the bell." >> donald trump getting hammered from both sides of the aisle for off-color comments about hillary clinton, but voters don't seem to care, the results of a brand-new poll coming out. liz: we have 3,000 inmates released from jail before sentence was up due to a computer glitch leaving law enforcement scrambling to return them to jail cells. >> what is going on? have you noticed it's warm outside, unseasonably warm, it's spurring the threat of tornadoes in surn parts of the country. an update from the weather center. meanwhile, stocks rallying again today, the dow up over 180 points. we're on track for the ninth straight day of triple-digit
4:00 pm
swings, the first time that's happened in four years, you just heard the closing bell sound. get this, though we've had the nine days of triple digits. we're about where we were, liz, about nine days ago, about exactly the same on the dow. after going through all the trials and tribulations, we're ending up just about where we were two weeks ago, and all of the indices are up today. only thing you see a red arrow on is gold. we're going to get to oil soon, that is a huge story. very light volume but a good day for the markets. liz: that's right, we've got you covered on the major stories. standing by at the cme, todd horwitz with bubba right back down to the new york stock exchange, the closing bell has rung. ashley webster, what are you seeing? >> interesting and to david's point, nine straight days of triple digit moves, either up or down today positive, is this a santa rally? who cares. we're up 183 points. on the dow, finishing --


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