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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 24, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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francisco, los angeles and chicago. turn to markets this morning. it's been a wild week. today is the final day of trading and the markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern today and the markets are closed tomorrow. fractional decline at the opening of trading. not a lot going on this morning. we will keep following this. we have had pretty good economic dividends and we will take at markets coming up. the dax in germany is closed today but in france and london we are seeing mixed moves. cac down. in asia overnight mostly lower markets, take a look. hang seng and hong kong with one exception. they are the major averages to the downside. three days of gains there. new details with the assad regime in syria. white house pursued secret communications with syria over several years to try and get
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syrian president bashar al-assad to step down. more details on that coming up. i'll be talking about the terror threat and cutting funding to isis with u.s. treasury secretary jack lew this morning. he will join me at a fox exclusive. do stay with us on the interview. we will also get a take on the administration's push to get americans to save for retirement. new program which we will talk about. ben carson now backing off of making wholesale changes in his campaign staff. cashson telling that top advisers have convinced they are all on the same page moving forward. we want to bring editor vincent. vince, nice having you. >> nice to see you. this can't be good if the guy
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gives an interview suggesting that she's ready for a shake-up. his campaign manager apparently didn't know about it and all of a sudden, everything is fine, we have seen this now for a little bit specially on foreign policy, top policy adviser which spoke out of school, looked to distant himself from him. this is obviously -- this is a guy who is in a mixed bag. he's trying to jump into a race for the first time in his life, you know, successful life as a surgeon and dealing with politics and in the process seems to be losing some control of the campaign that needs to be performing at topnotch. >> maria: what do you see for the rest of the field, this new set of back and forth between donald trump and hillary clinton and, of course, the close race between donald trump and ted cruz? >> yeah, it's getting tight. ted cruz has a real shot at threatening donald trump a little bit at least as we see that in iowa where ted cruz
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pulled up that he's leading there. really this is a big state to look for now it's going to be new hampshire, see whether or not any of these candidates can make an impact because several candidates are in their last stands in new hampshire, general bush and chris christie who have a lot riding on whether they can do anything in new hampshire. it just seems poll after poll, we saw cnn poll recently suggesting that trump just continues to rise and people like jeb bush month after month after month continue to fall and at this point it's coming down to people like trump, cruz, rubio as the likely front runners for the party. >> maria: stay with us. i have mike murphy, here. >> mike: so you look at ben carson and donald trump, two very successful business people, but donald trump has the experience of being on television of knowing how to handle the media and i feel like that's what's really helped separate him from the entire field, would you agree with
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that. >> well, certainly, in addition to the fact that he is the one guy that refuses to play by any rules whatsoever. people like that about him, which is why he can say anything -- anything that's rude and people like that. the problem for trump is if he ever apologized and that won't happen, so therefore they'll continue to rise in the polls and people like that. >> ben carson is misunderstood and yet now he's not going to do a shake-up. it seemed that he ought to think about doing. >> mike: agreed. when he's on the stage in the polls, you know, he has a very -- he's not very excitable. >> maria: quiet h. >> mike: layed back. >> maria: yeah. >> mike: you have an opportunity to express your feelings and maybe he missed the boat. >> he's likable.
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>> maria: you know what, vince, we spoke with eric trump yesterday and maintenance that his father has no fear running against the clinton campaign machine and made no apologizes for donald trump recent comments. listen to this. >> she got beaten badly and quite frankly she did. hillary is the last person that wants to go against trump. he is tough as nails. >> maria: what do you think hillary versus trump? let's not forget sort of be careful tweet that trump sent out to hillary after he tried to play the woman card, a male threat, he will unleash whatever he wants to unleash, i guess he's saying? >> but i think it's going to be really weird. it'll definitely be a debate that specially that that actually goes forward a debate that hillary clinton never experienced before. someone who is such a wild
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unknown quantity and this is a guy that's going to go on stage and with referencing bill bill clinton's past. whether or not the attacks have, you know, any basis in strong factual reference or anything, he will mention benghazi, et cetera, certainly you'll hear a lot about the sexist attacks that donald trump is launching at hillary clinton. he time and time again gone on stage said that people thought that's the end of the campaign, he said that john mccain wasn't a war hero. this is it, that's the end of donald trump. look where we are now. >> maria: yeah, he makes that threat, be careful playing the women card basically suggesting that he's going to unleash all the stuff on women and bill clinton. >> mike: it was very well timed when he took away from
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republican and aimed to hillary clinton. >> maria: smart campaign. >> still leading in the polls and it'll be interesting come february. >> maria: going to iowa february 1 and then we have new hampshire i think it's february 7th. what's your prediction after we get those two big caucases out of the way? >> yes, the winner is going to matter a lot. matters for momentum purposes and donors, some of the candidates may think, maybe i'm playing the long game, maybe be able to gather delegates but get enough of a threshold in each state that i could start gathering momentum and into states that normally wouldn't be
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primaries. we could see a very interesting delegate. this is why this became a great deal a couple of weeks ago, the rnc was planning for it, how are they going to deal with the donald trump problem. i don't expect anything but drama to go forward after new hampshire. glad to have you. >> my pleasure. >> maria: millions of americans trying to get home ahead of the holiday. blake berman is live at reagan international airport. >> blake: i have to tell you, though, not all that bad here at regan national this morning, the biggest airport here in the dc, it is certainly a little bit more traffic, a little bit more foot flow than any random thursday morning at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. triple a says they are expecting record travel this year. they are expecting a little bit more than 100 million people to
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be traveling all across the country from now to the holiday season t overwhelming majority of that, 91 million they say will be traveling by car, the average distance this year about 150 miles or so. you are talking a few hours for the average traveler. triple a says there are certain economic factors playing this year. they feel this all circles back to one thing, cheaper gas prices and they say the consumers this year are certainly taking advantage. >> obviously we are seeing improvement in the labor market, we are seeing rising income and lowering crisis in general but fuel is definitely the main catalyst. >> blake: we've seen those drastically falling gas prices but as far as airfare goes, maria, tickets are about 6% down this year compared to last. not essentially on the same level as gas prices but there is expected to be a ton spent on
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travel this year. the u.s. travel $28.7 billion is expected to be spent this holiday season but not a bad start here at least at reagan so far this morning, maria. >> maria: all right, blake, blake berman, we will have details of the weather. black lives matter academy i -- activists blocking roads in san francisco. take a look at the the wall street journal headlines. top story online sales surging. some are seeing migrants as economic boom and not burden. cheap oil is set to saudi arabia market. back in a minute.
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>> maria: welcome back, deadly tornadoes tearing through the southeast causing extensive damage. lori rothman is here. >> lori: good morning to you, maria. we have a wild weather alert. killing at least six people and injuring dozens of others. >> it looked like a small tornado, the wind, the debris began to come in and snapped up a pine tree and slammed by seat belt on and thought, lord, just let me survive this. >> lori: lucky, man, protestors disrupting holiday shopping, hundreds of people shutting mall
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of america yesterday, protest moved to minneapolis international airport and caused significant holiday delay. police arresting a total of 15 people. here is a crazy stat for you, only 48 hours since federal aviation opened drone registration, already more than 45,000 people have clocked their flying gadgets and it's kind of amazing number considering it comes down on the hills of that amazing video yesterday where a drone came this close hitting the skier. barely missed that guy. >> maria: it's only a matter of a time before the drones hits an airplane. no wonder we have to register but this is dangerous. >> even 45,000 of them getting registered is a small percentage
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of the total number that are out there. i'm sure there are a lot wrapped under the christmas tree. >> mike: you can register your drone, search of those people may have more than one drone. if you picture 45,000 flying objects going through the sky, i don't know why regulations aren't more intense because it creates a massive concern. >> maria: right now the drone, they can carry, if they're a business drone versus hobbyiest, they with carry up to 5 pounds. they could have a comar on them. that's another issue. who is peering on you. >> privacy is going to be a huge thing. you have to keep them within eyesight. for the paparazzi, spying purposes for anybody that wants to follow somebody around. >> mike: for sure. the fact that we have been
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talking about this is kind of crazy. >> maria: i know. >> mike: camera, so clearly the administration they need to figure out how to govern this. it's so new and come on so quickly. nobody expected to be talking about people flying objects in the sky. >> maria: , we will take a short break. apple, ge, some american companies exploring and profit of listing on u.s. sanctions in iran. some are trying to get a foot hole in the oil business. be back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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alert t wall street journal this morning reporting american companies like apple, hewlett-packard, general electric are actively exploring a market entry into iran this as sanctions expected to be lifted in the new year. according to journal, u.s. sending to begin drafting contracts in an effort to break out european and asian rivals and beat them to iran. iran's market expected to be valued at $13 billion by 2020. a talk with treasury jack lew. join us. back to the markets, oil has been driving the market action certainly this year, crude edging higher this morning. todd is with us this morning. good to see you. >> good morning, merry christmas.
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they hammered oil down to 35. you had all these calls from the major banks that are trying to manipulate that price, they force down to a short position down here. i think we are getting a natural bounce off the bottom now. i do think that we are going to work higher because you can take a look oil in the future, we are already trading in the 40's, mid 40's a year from now. the formation of oil tells us that the prices are going to go higher and what we are seeing a basic people get short, they were worried about the dollar, it's more of a dollar story and a price story, not anything else. oil has found the bottom and will go higher from here. >> maria: all right, todd, stay with us, mike you have comments on the sowedy element to -- saudi element to this. >> mike: i do. i think you could see them in. there's an article this morning about the saudi budget and with
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oil price down here in the mid 30's they can't -- they can't pay their bills. do they still have enough power to kind of turn off and get the price of oil rallying higher which will lead to short covering and a ramp up in the price of oil? >> you know, i really don't think that saudi or any opec has any more part. we produce so much of our own oil here. you've seen the collapse into wti, if we go back a year ago, 18-dollar premium. we are not as affected by what they do anymore which is why we've seen our own oil prices kind of hold there. i think what you're really seeing down here is a market that's become very to the short side and not what happens with saudi arabia. if you see any trouble in the middle east, you haven't seen any major pop. you've seen markets have been oversold into a bottom and
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saying oil is worthless and the minute it gets colder, the minute something happens there's going to be a bigger demand. it's more of a technical story than supply and demand right now. >> mike: if we get above you might see short covering and ramp up in oil? >> maybe back about 40, you will see a quick run to 50. >> mike: wow. >> 40 to 44 are real key numbers. that was what we held on the way down. you will see 40, 44 and to 50. it could be quick because we know commodities are like that. >> maria: what's the impact on oil at these levels? oil has been job creation since the flnl collapse, oil down at the levels, is there going to be an effect on the oil industry? >> ryan: they have cheaper gas
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prices, putting a little more money in their pockets but not so much money to start businesses and things like that. >> maria: that's right. >> one point to make, maria, real quick. >> maria: go ahead. >> 20,011,000, nobody talked that 50,000 were layed off and those 50,000 people make mar than the 211,000 that added to the job roll. >> maria: right. >> that's going to be more the story. >> maria: i think it's a good point and that's what i was talking about, the job story has been around energy whether it's manufacturing or directly related to shell production, that's where the jobs have been. you have to wonder what that means for job creation. todd, good to see you, have a merry christmas my friend. we will see you soon, sir. >> thank you so much. >> maria: nine straight sessions, will today make an
6:26 am
even ten and what will that mean for the performance for the year for markets. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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[cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig grumman, it is christmas eve. it is 6:30 on the east coast. a string of tornadoes, of the brutal storing claiming lives of
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7 people. the delays are limited to airports across the country, all those delays are limited so far, markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern today. and fraud averages, weakness under way. it is near the flat line. holidays the door, check it out, dax index in germany is, and the s&p 500 in positive negative territory. with the exception of the hang seng index in hong kong which was up 1/2%, the shanghai composite finished the day lower snapping three straight days of gains in hong kong. and shanghai, the holiday rush is here for last-minute shoppers in the final days before christmas. and testing limits of delivery
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services and retailers. my exclusive interview with secretary jack lew and his take on the u.s. economy, tax reform, retirement and what the treasury is telling americans to do for the new year for financial resolutions. that is at 8:30 eastern. 2015 has been a roller coaster year on wall street. for the first time in the financial crisis the dow is at risk, this could be the first down year since 2008 the stock's jump with the dow up 1.1%. and the last nine sessions, it all ends, down 30 points over the time frame. we see more volatility, wealth management chief investment bills don't joining the conversation now. thanks for joining us. >> you are right on volatility. we have got the fed out of the
6:32 am
way in december, but the big story, or one of the big stories is going to be waiting on the fed some more so the fed says it will hike four times on the median, we say three markets have less than that for eastern but how does that play out over time. the other interesting note is how the market reacts to the fact that inflation is likely to show up a bit higher. it is probably not enough to get worried about that in the sense that harder comparisons because it was so low, oil collapsed this year. it will be interesting to see what the bond market does with that. is not hard to have 225 on the ten year when you have close to zero inflation but when you have 2%, does that get more interesting. >> i am in the camps the rate hike we had a couple weeks ago finally closed the book on the great recession. you go back in history you have a recession as deep as the one we had in 2008 it can take seven
6:33 am
years or more to really recover so now just being out of the zero interest rate environment is going to do a lot for the psyche of the american people and we get back to normal and i am expecting i am a little more bullish on 2016 that a lot of people. >> i think we actually have some possibilities, we have seen this week some rally in oil. i don't want oil to go crazy on the upside. i don't think it is going to do that. seeing stabilization, a middle move up will help lot of things, you know longer have the worries everyday what high yield is going to run in trouble or what company might have to declare because oil is too low to support the business all i think there is the possible upside. we are still positive, be ready for volatility. maria: the market rolls because of the oil story, energy stocks resurging. would you by energy companies?
6:34 am
>> we said too early that you ought to look at nibbling in there because the fact is when they trash an area like that has been trashed you look for survivors because you don't know how long it will stay low. maria: will keep and protected those dividends. >> that is where the risk comes in, if you are buying and energy name, when the dividend gets cut, a lot of times the market will react and take stock down more than the dirt so you want to find quality. finding -- the big oil companies figured out how to operate with oil in the mid 30s or 40s. most certainly. when you get into the 40s and 50s it will be increased profits for them. a big play on this will be housing little wheat a year ago we were talking about millennials, renters economy, no one will be buying houses but now you look at the gate and
6:35 am
there are homes being bought. that will be a big boost in 2016. >> we have seen some this year. it is a quiet story that housing has been good this year and you are right. maria: housing and autos. >> tons of autos and other stuff. >> higher interest rates will affect home sales next year. is a very short increase. a couple percentage points for consumers. i don't think it is big enough to matter. you do something for so long, and it will just sit there. maria: rates will go higher. are you looking for a gradual move from the fed? >> we are looking for three i guess. i would not be surprised if we have to change it at some point. it will be hard to say. >> first mortgage was 9.25% interest rate. a lot of people looking at rates
6:36 am
at these levels will say i may never see rates this low events the time to get up and do something. it could spur people to get out and look to buy a home and get a smaller house. >> i wonder what will happen to the high-yield market. lot of companies funding themselves through the high-yield market, that will close out a lot of companies starting to see layoffs caring, that will have ripple effects. maria: a great point. everyone is afraid of credit funds. >> if there's any place we are looking at opportunities, we don't have any real recommendations in high yield at the moment. we think it may end up being an opportunity. it has spread beyond energy but certainly i think it is primarily an energy story, the high-yield issues. anytime there are worries i would say what happens is energy was in trouble so people sell what they can sell, not necessarily what they want to sell and there are problems in other areas that don't deserve that is problems.
6:37 am
i am not as worried about that as shutting down for the long term. the energy side doesn't matter what happens with oil prices so we will see consolidation in the police and to an earlier point a round of the strong players get stronger because they get opportunity to take some people out. maria: thank you so much. digital the saga continues, the centers for disease control investigate another potential equilibrate. one location is allowed to reopen. nicole petallides with a latest. maria: that is right. the chipotle restaurant where 136 people fell ill with more of virus is being allowed to reopen today. the city's mayor says the location has passed inspection and all employees have completed a food safety training program. additionally a chipotle spokesperson says the company is completely resupplying the restaurant as a precaution. the location year boston college campus has been closed
6:38 am
patients team down with the gastrointestinal virus, this strain is not related to the equal why cases and shut down dozens of locations so far across the united states and chipotle, stock itself has tumbled 30% since we first found out about the equal live virus, bacteria starting. big picture, when do they recoup and try to get back on track. they don't know what is causing it, looking at produce, the analysts looking at social media saying they will have a hard time bouncing back, social media has made it worse. maria: until they get to the bottom of it. >> i have in the past regularly but not since the news broke. this story keeps getting worse and the company came out and cut their numbers by 10%. there is no way it will be 10% this seems to me it will be a lot bigger than 10%, although
6:39 am
the stock has come down a lot, it has gone from 750 to 500 i am going to buy now. the story with chipotle, went to the consumers come back, if you look at yum brands, had a similar scare in china a few years ago, eventually people came back to the stores but the long time. i don't want to jump in. there's more negative for jacoby than positive. >> social media strategy, they have been tweeting to customers saying you will be fine but that is going viral in the opposite direction, at your lawyer's check this out. maria: a tweet all the preparation like boiling onions and shredding chiefs ahead of time and cutting the presses ahead of the central location and sending it to the restaurant but the customer perceptions since it has been tracked since 2007 is the lowest ever. >> you go to jacoby ellsbury and obviously not the case right now. maria: stock is down in the last
6:40 am
three months. thank you. don't forget to start your day everyday with nicole petallides on "fbn a.m." at 5:00 a.m. eastern right before "mornings with maria". come adult with severe weather affecting your travel so businesses have found a way to keep cool during the holiday meltdown, more on that, back in a moment. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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maria: hyatt hotels says the processing system has been attacked. lori rothman with more on that. lori: company spokeswoman said in an e-mail that the attack was discovered three weeks ago, did not say if the attackers succeeded in stealing payment card numbers or how many were affected. hyatt is the fourth major hotel, and in sports, dzokhar tsarnaev the agenda 26 will have not been content with the team, this is following his actions against the panthers, giants wide receiver apologize for those actions on sunday. a little girl in new jersey, accidentally knocked over her elf on the shelf. legend has it the elf loses its magic is touched at all so
6:45 am
little isabella panicked and called 911. >> at her elf on the shelf, she won't call 911 again. lori: police have a direct line to santa claus and they would make sure everything would be okay. thank goodness. maria: a holiday heartbreak, seven people are dead, others wounded or missing after a storm system swept across the american southwest, three of the victims killed in mississippi including a 7-year-old boy, two deaths reported in tennessee and arkansas, an 18-year-old woman lost her life when an uprooted tree crashed into her home. look at this picture, multiple for naidas have been reported across the region. >> a small tornado, winds coming, pine trees, i slammed --
6:46 am
you will never survive this. maria: the east coast preparing for spring weather, new york city expects to be in the 60s tomorrow. talking about 70 degrees today. >> it is crazy. it makes being a native new yorker, can't remember a time like this, the world hoping for a white christmas and far from it. coming up next, leonard will look at how cheap gasoline prices driving consumers spending in other sectors, we will ask what is cooking including groceries. as we take a break we will get amazing specialty items available this holiday season. we will bring those to you when we come right back.
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maria: about last-minute christmas shopping, your picture in local target at lord and taylor but the real russia is at the grocery store and cheap gasoline, and so stew leonard's across the street. thank you for joining us and talking about this, you have something like that huge tenderloin and that can double in. is this what people are buying for the holidays? >> when you talk about trends and what people are buying it trickles down to what is in their wallet. you see in the store, one of 200,000 customers this week. when you look, this is something you can get, $70 or $80, cut it for you in a butcher shop, or you can get this, over $100,
6:51 am
rosemary already trimmed, it is in the oven. here is what we notice. when people have more money, they tend to come over and by this. something you can do with potatoes, you can match these potatoes, peeled them, cut them. maria: a couple dollars in your pocket. >> chefs do this, this is $3, pounds morrison you pay. so we start noticing trends and the wine business. maria: maria bartiroma plans. >> when you notice blind 2 here is that $10 bought 0. $10, that is what rocks, the wine business, people looking for the $10 to $15, in the economy like it is, how many
6:52 am
bottles are people buying under $20 versus a beautiful line in long island, here is -- over $20. maria: is there a big difference in pay? >> yes, if you are going to give it as a gift. $10, and what we do, lower gas prices, what we find, over $20 bottles. and cut tenderloins. >> built this institution in the northeast and congratulations on your success and you are watching how people less spending, have you talked about tapping markets or going public and fueling expansion nationwide? maria: that would be -- >> from a financial standpoint you would like to do it or
6:53 am
family business, two nephews and my daughter today. maria: we are not -- >> we have four stores around new york and the fifth in long island next month. write new the airport. but it is going to be a family event. going public, a lot of pressure, and i am having fun in everyday. maria: what was it? you don't need it as a family. >> the financial markets maybe someday, next generation will do it right now. >> definitely track how the economy affect your business day today or month to month. >> in the stores, a busy week of the year and just talking to customers, you get a feel for what people -- maria: how are you feeling?
6:54 am
>> they feel good right now. then you had the warm weather. that added -- i talked to people in the clothing business and they are struggling with the winter coats. maria: those are the big ticket items. do you see any pressure on wages? are things getting tighter they you feel pressure to raise wages? there is movement across the country about a minimum wage. >> there is. we raise wages. starting wage $10 an hour. and is very expensive. and full time versus part-time. and you are strapped as far as benefits go. maria: you pay a fine. >> great benefits that the store. if the person doesn't work out,
6:55 am
you are back stuck with paying benefits. think about it more. maria: really good stuff, thanks for joining us. >> we love being here and watching it. maria: merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year. coming up, mcginnis joining us to weigh in on the presidential race, and a budget that was passed, we will get into the spending priorities, secretary jack lew joining me in the 8:00 a.m. hour for exclusive interview you don't want to miss, everything from the economy to retirement, keep it right here on the fox business network.
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. .
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>> maria: welcome back, happy thursday, everybody, this is thursday december 24th,
6:59 am
christmas '. with me ryan knutson and rosecliff ceo mike murphy. deadly storms sweeping across the midwest this morning. tornadoes leaving a path of destruction claiming the lives of seven people. >> like a small tornado. the debris that began to come in, the cloud off a pine tree and slammed my seat belt on and thought, lord, let me survive this. so far the delays are limited at airports across the country. we've got your holiday forect mi ubl trying to do last-minute holiday shopping. hundreds of protestors in mall of america to shutdown. similar protests haying san francisco, los angeles and chicago.
7:00 am
turn to markets, it's been a wild week. today the final day of trading, markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow the markets are closed. now we look at the futures. indicating that we will see higher opening in broader averages. we have a fractional gain expected for the dow. europe anticipate markets also on holiday schedule. dax in germany is closed today, in london and france you have a mixed performance, cac with selling pressure. ftse 100 flat all morning. in asia mostly lower overnight. shanghai with downside. new details on the united states relationship with the assad regime in syria. wall street journal reporting that the white house pursued secret communications with syria over several years to try to get syrian president bashar al-assad to step down. more details coming up. i'll be talking about the terrorist threat and cutting all financing with isis with u.s. treasury secretary jack lew coming up.
7:01 am
secretary lew had financial resolutions for americans that you are going to want to hear. that's coming up. holiday heart break this morning. seven people are dead and others wounded or missing after storm system swept across the midwest last night. weather laura velásquez is in stage college, pennsylvania with the forecast, laura, good morning to you. >> yeah, good morning, maria, mothery christmas to everybody. severe weather that developed across the mid south, long parts of tornado to far south western tennessee. severe weather threat now shifted farther to the southeast, tornado watch for far southwest georgia, southwest alabama, also a heavy rain threat there. in the northeast record temperatures already set the record today in philadelphia,
7:02 am
already set the record in new york city. we are closed in washington, d.c. and these are just readings, we are expecting temperatures 25 to as much as 30-degrees above normal in shaded area. you want a white christmas you have to head west, that moves into the rockies, 1-2 feet of new snow. not good news for travelers, great news for the ski resorts, maria. >> maria: we will be watching that. million ls of americans try and get home for the holiday. blake berman is live right now at reagan national airport with the latest on that angle, good morning, blake. >> blake: hi, there, maria, it's pretty good in reagan national. not a single cancellation and whatever delays there are are really, really slight. nationwide, though, here is the headline, triple a is expecting this to be a record-holiday travel season.
7:03 am
the number is 100 million people, they feel more than 100 million people will be traveling this year. the overwhelming majority, 91 million by vehicle. the average trip is going to be about roughly 150 miles, so those who are traveling will be traveling a few hours or so. while triple a feels that there are some economic factors out there as to why more people are dipping into their wallet, they believe it's oil prices, really this month compared to last, even, they feel the consumer is taking an advantage. >> obviously we are seeing an improvement in the labor market, we are seeing rising income and lower prices in general but fuel is the main catalyst. >> blake: while gas prices are helping those who will be driving. as far as airfare goes, triple a
7:04 am
says it's only down about 6%. not necessarily on par with the reductions that we've seen for those who will be taking out their vehicles, big number here, though, maria, $28.7 billion. that is what the u.s. travel association estimates will be spent on holiday travel this season. it's a lot. they are getting ready here at reagan national and i have to imagine it seems all over the country today. >> maria: for sure. want to turn to politics. wall street journal reporting the obama administration has had secret talks with elements of the syrian government over several years in a failed attempt to end the civil war and assad's power. terry jeffrey, thanks to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> maria: clearly they wanted assad to step down for a long time and it's not happening. what can you tell us about the secret talks? >> i can't tell you about the secret talks but i can tell you
7:05 am
that president obama has wanted regime change, he wants assad out of there, i think critics of that policy are correct, what we saw when we moved saddam hussein was chaos in iraq, rise of isis, gaddafi from libya and we ended up with a muslim brotherhood government for a while. if we actually push assad out of power, there's nothing that we could do from stopping islamist from coming to power in syria. it's an imprudent policy. >> mike: this whole thing seems like a failed attempt to get assad out of there and it seems what it's really done is empowered the terrorists there in the region. is the right move now just to kind of -- is president obama in your opinion just backing away and waiting for the next president to come in or does he have a card here to right what's wrong in the region?
7:06 am
>> no, i don't think the united states can right what's wrong in syria. part of what's going on in syria is we have a battle. bashar al-assad is a member of the sect, minority of about 12% of the syrian population. you have 10% that's christian. obviously isis is a sunni group, territory they control is sunni, in syria just like sunni in iraq. i'm not sure the united states can do anything to go in there and actually create a stable government that unifies syria. that's beyond the ability of the u.s. government to do and i think we should recognize that fact, instead focus on the threats that come out of syria to the american interest and stop those threats. >> maria: also syria is buying oil from isis. they're buying the oil on the black market and helping to empower that terrorist group, so
7:07 am
there's that. >> yes, and you know, there's another thing people ought to realize when you talk about it being a sectarian war in syria, which, in fact, it is, assad is a member of the minority sect, islam, had very interesting in the state precisely because his group was a minority. under his father they're able to take control of the government and the military and keep things in order that made things safe for them. an interestingly it also made things safer for christians in syria and with the rise of islamist, things have gotten much worse for christians in syria who by the way are not coming into the united states as refugees, almost all the refugees according to state department are sunni muslims. >> maria: that's unbelievable. why aren't the christians coming? >> one part that i understand that congress ought to look
7:08 am
deeply into this, one of the first steps you take if you're going to come to the united states is going through the un high commissioner of refugees. almost all of the people going in the system are sunni muslim. if you're a syrian christian, do you want to put yourself on the road where you're in a situation that you can't protect yourself and maybe it's safer to stay where you are. i think we do have a moral duty to do what we can to help christians in the middle east who are imperil today and part because of our imprudent policies in the past. >> maria: of course, let me turn to the election, terry. ted cruz is using hillary clinton about his daughters, should the kids be off limits? >> well, they should. the liberal press has not gone after the children of democratic politicians. they should not -- i think there's clearly a double standard here. i think the post did the right thing in taking the cartoon down. >> maria: that was an
7:09 am
interesting cartoon. hillary clinton walking two dogs. [laughter] >> mike: i mean, ted cruz's kids should be off limits completely. >> maria: everybody's kids. >> mike: if anything it's going to get sympathetic people on his side. not that he wants to use his kids but might be positive for his campaign. >> ryan: that was misinterpreted. he was trying to imply that cruz was using his kids -- >> maria: he started it first. >> ryan: it's a tough thing, i think, because when politicians talk about their own families and their own lives that causes a discussion about those things, so they're sort of introducing them as a topic of discussion that then, of course, people don't want to talk about. participate maria you don't think there's anything wrong with that? >> ryan: monkeys was a strange choice because that has connotations of its own.
7:10 am
it's really risky territory the cartoon that they did. >> maria: you're right. terry, what do you think? >> i think keep away from it. leave the kids alone. let's talk about where the candidates stand. let's talk -- >> maria: let's talk about the issues. >> correct, correct. >> maria: good to see you. testify ri jeffrey there. you can see the next presidential debate right here on the fox business network. january 14th live from charleston, south carolina from the next gop republican debate. coming up the postal worker who was fired for landing on capitol hill lawn now to storm the halls of congress for real. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
7:11 am
(applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> maria: one industry feeling the heat from hackers this year. lori rothman with the story on that. good morning, lori. >> lori: according to data from the department of health and human services hackers access more than 100 million health records in 2015. almost 79 million customers had personal information compromised in march. he's back t man who flew a girocapture wants to challenge. douglas hughes think she's done a trobl job as hair. his lawyer are arguing ha his
7:15 am
conviction does not bail him out of congressional bid. time warner cable and comcast reportedly plan to go boost their prices early this year. this comes as a number of customers dropped. >> maria: thank you so much. i'm going to get to the happy story. let me get you ryan, you cover telecom. >> ryan: they're in the tough spiral because they are trying to compete with netflix and hulu but that's really expensive. they have to raise prices which is driving people to cut the cord so they are in this tough situation. >> maria: americans should expect higher prices for cable. >> ryan: one thing regulators have had a problem, there's not a lot of competition in the cable market.
7:16 am
so you know that this is a sign that there's too much market power if you want to get high speed internet and cable service. >> maria: phone and cable. >> mike: if they continue to raise prices that's going to increase the cord cutters out there. sports being streamed online, i think the cable companies are climbing the slippery slope, more and more people are going to say forget the cable companies and get their content elsewhere. >> ryan: exactly. people are at a breaking point. customer increase could push people off. sports is a lot that is saving cable companies. verizon introduced a very skinny bundle where customers could choose the packages they could have and cheaper that didn't have sports in them and verizon has been surprised at how many customers are taking the smaller
7:17 am
bundle without sports, which is concerning all the networks because they think it's one of the things that's holding those things together. >> maria: cable bills going up, healthcare bills going up with obamacare, no wonder people are not spending money. there you go. >> mike: obviously, yeah. >> maria: take a short break, another blow to daily fantasy sports sites. all the sports height lights next. ♪ ♪
7:18 am
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>> maria: welcome back, daily fantasy sports sites running into more problems in state level. this time in illinois. >> good morning, maria, mothery christmas to -- merry criticism to [laughter] >> it's just a fantasy. this statement is america's nonpolitical debate. actually, it is political. yesterday the state of illinois rendered daily fantasy sports illegal, attorney general lisa said that the established argument over whether sports games are chance or skill is a moot point.
7:22 am
are considered illegal gambling in the state of new york and nevada in banning sports games who try to use knowledge of the game to profit financially. now, both daily fantasy sports giants fanduel and draftkings released statements yesterday in response to illinois ruling. draftkings said it will continue to abide by relevant laws and chicago, maybe the best sports town of the country and called on law make toars give back to the people of illinois the games that they love. >> maria: amazing. >> mike: i've been wrong on this because i thought they were going to win out on the game of skill. let's assume that's gambling. can these companies survive? >> yes, for a long time. they have made so much for a long time, it seems that they are going to survive. >> mike: spent it on advertising too, though?
7:23 am
>> tons of advertising. the great problem for me, i'm full disclosure. i have the gambling bug in me. i lost a decent amount of money spending on sports and never felt more dumb, stupid before for continuing to do this with this and vowed not to do it. a year and a half i found myself doing day trading. what am i doing? it's about the rush and what's going on in the brain. two years ago the american association reclassified gambling addiction to be called gambling disorder. they stated that growing scientific literature on problem gambling reveals common elements with substance use disorders. resemble alcoholic and drug the reward system is what gets messed up here. people start to chase a loss.
7:24 am
you could be a great handicapper, you could pick the right stocks but how is your discipline, do you know when to fold? >> maria: when to sell. people do office -- they do it at work. >> maria, that is where it begins, the super bowl pool or now daily fantasy sports. the rush that you get from it. i realize with the day trading, i don't want to know how it works because i'm scared of getting pulled in. it's about the rush. that's why it's gambling. >> ryan: the only reason that you're not winning money is because you're not playing, they make it look like if you join you're guarantied to get a pay out, for people that are sensitive are going to have a problem staying away. >> maria: you're all supporting the rulings. [laughter]
7:25 am
>> destructive behavior. >> maria: okay. a lot of controversy. we had david boys yesterday, he's the lawyer for draftkings and would disagree with all of you, but there you go. jared, thank you. >> thank you. >> maria: sendly >> back in a minute.
7:26 am
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maria: welcome back, it is thursday, december 24th, with me as well street journal after ryan and capital ceo mike murphy, first top stories at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast of a deadly storms across the south and midwest stirring up tornadoes leaving a path of destruction. brutal storm is claiming the lives of seven people, this is millions of americans are
7:29 am
hitting the road and skies and of the christmas holiday today and tomorrow. so far delays are limited airports across the country. we have the latest and all day forecast coming up. it has been a wild week. is the final day of trading at of the christmas holiday, markets closing at 1:00 p.m. eastern and markets are closed tomorrow, futures showing markets will open higher this morning, we expect to gain of 20 points on the dow jones industrial average, european markets on holiday schedule, dax index in germany is closed today but in france and and we're seeing mix moves as you can see. in asia mostly lower, markets overnight sharing high composites, snapping three straight days of gains in china. american companies getting ready for the end of sanctions on iran. according to the wall street journal, apple, hewlett-packard, and others actively exploring market entry to your hand. sanctions are expected to be lifted in the new year. later in the program my exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew. we will get his take on that was
7:30 am
the u.s. economy and financial resolutions. some ideas on saving and retirement coming fet:30 eastern. lindsay graham calling it quits, making him the fourth republican candidate to drop out so far in the 2006 race to the white house. donald trump maintaining a commanding lead in national polls, gop establishment is wondering who could be next to make their exit. joining us is committee for responsible federal budget president might have mcguinness, good to see you, thanks for joining us. before beginning to lindsay graham and the 2016 race let me get your take on the budget bill that was just passed. imus reading your report on it and it blows a hole in the budget. give us your take on that. >> it is the years it started quite strongly, passed a budget, something we haven't done in quite some time and that budget will get us to balance the retreat in years and degenerated savings of $5 trillion but what
7:31 am
we saw and what actually happened, completely different and we end up adding over $1 trillion in the past year, not saving that $5 trillion we planned and ended the year by doing the most ball in the budget, extending a lot of tax breaks where we should have offset the costs. a lot of those tax breaks probably -- it was too bad they were temporary, wasn't good for business, wasn't good for our competitiveness but we should have paid for them and not added them to the debt and we are just bar a wing so fast these days it is putting us on a dangerous course. maria: request at obamacare taxes. did you agree with that. the budget pays for funding planned parenthood, funding the refugees, funding climate change agenda of the president. a lot of things. >> all sorts of writers which are more political debates that are put in the budget and the
7:32 am
gop won some of those and lost some of those, oftentimes i don't think those belong in the budget, policy discussions, at what will we spend money on, and when it comes to obamacare we expanded health care for tremendously with that and we put in a plan to pay for it and what we see now all is they are pulling back the part that will before and clamping down on the growth of health care, we expanded health care, losing what was put in to control health care and again in terms of fiscal priorities, that is a real loss of fiscal responsibility. it is hard to do these things, hard to pay for policies but using politicians running from those as quickly as a sign into law. >> i'm holding out a lot of hope for paul ryan. i think he will show some fiscal responsibility and is really going to be at the forefront of bringing this under control or
7:33 am
starting to get it under control. and i too optimistic on paul ryan or do you agree? >> i'm with you in terms of anybody can do it, paul ryan is someone who has always emphasized is the responsibility and not just talking about it which we hear a lot from politicians that actually putting forth policies that would achieve that and focusing on the really important part of the budget which is reforming entitlements. do i think he is in a tough position because congress is so broken? absolutely. is difficult to get people to agree and focus on specific policies solutions but it has always been a priority of his and i needed to see him try to push the party and congress in the direction of talking about how to fix these things rather than standing in the way of real policy ideas so i am with you. if anybody can do what i think he will make a big issue. maria: we have treasury secretary jack lew coming on the program and a little while. what is your question for him in terms of entitlements?
7:34 am
that has been the elephant in the room and we're still working on plans actually stop them from moving toward insolvency. >> absolutely. every year we will need to make changes to these programs the more difficult it becomes, the more onerous it becomes and particularly on people who depend on a program. there is no excuse to wait. i ask secretary jack lew or anyone in this administration, they came in saying they going to make this a response to the the priority. and they have taken a setback and it is up to congress, we won't take the lead. these are issues where you need presidential leadership and wouldn't it be terrific, a lot of things going on in the world. i will be the first to say there is a lot of priority but they have the opportunity to set the agenda here and pull together members from both parties network on a big fiscal budget deal more if they don't want to go big, take something like social security and put together a bipartisan plan to address these problems while we have time. time is running out and we have
7:35 am
got to get to strengthening that program as quickly as we can. mcnabb real quick on lindsey graham stepping down, what is your take on the 2016 field? >> lindsay graham and others as well, he in particular is one of those people who focus a whole lot on national security and physical security. like i said there's so much going on in the world, it is a crowded agenda but we have to talk about not just what to do that cost money or tax cuts but how we will get control of the debt. lindsay graham was willing to do that. i hope other candidates will do that and i hope we will push to come up with some real ideas. maria: we will see if they come out in the next debate, appreciate your time this morning. thank you. see you soon. merry christmas, miami guinness joining us on budget issues. carl icahn, nicole petallides has the story. nicole: he is willing to pay $1 billion for the chain in an
7:36 am
offer to put in the deal between the company and springs done, that is $0.10 a share more than the proposal of to $18.10 a share. pat boys has responded saying the new offer represents, quote, a superior proposal under its merger agreement and it notified them of the intent to terminate their deal. bridgestone now has until 5:00 p.m. today to make a better issue. the current offer from bridgestone is at $15.5, icon saying he will go up words to make sure he gets this one. manny moe and jack stock is to the upside up 70% this year ended is about 10% on all of this news. maria: is a busy year for activist investors, if bridgestone doesn't counter the offer this could be one of the best big deals of 2015, we will talk about that when we come
7:37 am
back, coming up the india of screening mvp most popular player jumping into the national gun the. back in a minute.
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maria: be moved to deport illegal immigrants and their way. lori rothman with the story and a check of other headlines. maria: the part of homeland
7:41 am
security preparing raids to deport illegal immigrant families. the raids will be the first large-scale effort to deport people who have been fleeing violence in central american countries. i-man security secretary jeh johnson is reportedly pushing for the move due to the recent spike of illegal immigrants unless you. around 100,000 families have crossed the mexican border into the u.s.. of the golden state warriors stefan kerri is a muscle alyssa of nba stars involved in a campaign to end gun violence. the nba is taking advantage of worldwide exposure, several top of this caucus of his series of television commercials calling for end to gun violence. the public service commercials will air during the marquee games scheduled christmas day. raining league mvp staff curry and carmelo anthony are among the players featured in support of every town for gun safety, an organization the teams to prevent gun violence. despite the success of the
7:42 am
top-selling electric cars, the model's reason values plummeting. it reads the list of 2015 models showing bias nissan adding the car to a certified rihanna program to increase its value and the overall used-car prices are predicted to increase 4% by next year. maria: here's agrees that for you. it has only been 40 hours since the federal aviation administration opened its mandatory drug registration program, already 45,000 people have registered their flying gadgets. you said earlier personal drone ownership is skyrocketing and you think it is a market that will continue. >> it is a small percentage of the number of total drones that are out there and this is a lot of recreational use. it is fun to fly one of these around your backyard like a helicopter but there are a lot of really big business implications for this. amazon is serious about using drones for delivery.
7:43 am
that could revolutionize the drone market and revolutionize any number of things when you think of the need delivery or construction. i was talking to people who were trying to use drebin technology and put cameras on them to run diagnostics sell there are a lot of applications they can be used for. >> it goes a little further. the new startup company called drone racing league that a lot of big venture-capital funds are trying to invest in and trying to invest for capital funds but drones, we think it will be a big upside because a lot of people want to go into a stadium and release the drones. a lot of projections are this is going to be a massive new market for companies, people have their drones and people are putting together a league where they can go out and raise their drones. maria: you think this drone racing will be a sport? >> not only drone racing but a
7:44 am
lot of high-tech sports where you go in and play games, technology games like flying the drone or something different, i don't think -- the fastest growing part of sports. maria: unbelievable. >> there are huge numbers of fans that fill a reals to watch teams sit on computers and play computer games and the screen is, people do this as they do for any other soccer team or football team or basketball team. the world is changing quickly. a ticket is a lot of innovation and a lot of ways to invest in great companies at the start of level, great opportunity. maria: we will take a short break, and prices continued to shoot out. are we headed for a bubble in the art world. take a look next.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
maria: we are checking markets, mixed showing sell far but oil has been the driving action in this market, crude edging higher, average joe option, taught horowitz is with us. your take on the recent rally, pretty good move in three days? >> it has been a great move but for lower prices, we know we always simply get the first one out of the box, usually very strong because they are tracking their shorts as usual and i think we will see a continuation but i would not be surprised to see it turn back and forth.
7:49 am
there will be sellers coming back in here and you will be very quiet the next five or six day is going into new year's as most traders are not even hear a you have a skeleton crew waiting and there is not any real news that it will affect the overall price but i would look for places that were higher, maybe we will get some cold weather that will help a little bit. maria: you have oil for so long from 40 to 60 and when it dropped below 40 you didn't know what that meant. >> you did in the and you definitely saw lot of analysts say we broke below 40, now we're definitely going through 30s in to 20s and everybody got on the shore oil side of the trade and that to me is the real risk to the upside as those people start to cover and when we have a quiet week, the week between now and new year's as taj mentioned not a lot of people in can lead to increased volatility in the market so todd said we are not expecting any announcements, true but if something comes out
7:50 am
this gets the price of oil moving in one direction you will see that exasperated by what is going on in the very small crude's july expect oil above 40 in the near term. maria: you also have the weather. it is so warm out. >> the weather is killing the price but also mike is right here, if you get one big order in one way or the other there is nobody to stop price so in theory you could see oil go over 40 if you have a big enough for. they are going to chase up and the biggest risk is to be short because if the big buyer comes in their shorts will be screaming and running for the aisles once again and they could push it back over 40 at any time here. like's side is the right side. we work our way iron and get a short squeeze at some point. maria: thank you please see you later. todd morrill within chicago. 2015 saw record art sales with pricey pieces picked up by art lovers and investors alike.
7:51 am
a new report shows they aren't alone, accounting for 17% of high net worth individuals alternative investments this year but with such high prices are reflected in the joy for a bubble? want to bring in expert michael cox, thank you for joining us. what is behind all this attraction in the art world? >> we are still looking for areas that are undervalued. there is an attraction there. there are ways investors can make some money. second, we see people interested in are now all across the globe. more people studying art history, museum attendance is up everywhere so you see a wide variety of people interested in art. maria: what are they interested in most? >> they are interested in contemporary so much so that there could be a bubble in the contemporary market. that is where it gives us as investors a chance to sweep in and look for areas that are undervalued. maria: you mentioned some images. what images are we talking
7:52 am
about? >> we have images of guy meant. an image of maximilian louis painting, and is a beauty, this is the type of thing investors look at. only a few years ago this would have been $100,000 painting, this has gone up to $500,000 and it will continue to go up. maria: this one? >> he painted with all of the impressionists, was a friend of van gogh and monday. is painting would be about 1% the price of a van gogh augmon a. it is an area that will go up as well. we have heard for so long what you said about this bubble in art and specifically in contemporary art but it has never come to fruition because you have the names, well-known names that continued to get a bit whether it is from u.s. or overseas, you see people wanting to buy those but isn't the
7:53 am
advice for people at home or anyone looking to get in new york if you are buying it for investment you could lose but if you are buying it for the arts because you love the piece you are never going to lose. >> that is right. if you buy investments of any kind, their investments are created to go up in value. are the goes up in value cannot be created by the artist to go up in value. it has to be created for artistic and intellectual stimulation so you are absolutely right but there is enough are there that you can buy something great and it will go up in value too. maria: how do you know if something will go up in value? stupid question. >> it is impossible for most investors ever to know so you need expert advice. if you walk into an auction house everything looks pretty good because it is often in the hands of restorers but when you go to sell it you find out too much restoration, this is worth pennies on the dollar so you need expert advice some you don't get ripped off. maria: when you see a market like the stock-market underselling pressures that it telltale sign that the art
7:54 am
market is next? do these two markets trade evenly gq >> contemporary they seem to. on days of auction when stock market prices are up, people feel richer but also has the reverse effect, we talked about oil earlier, people are scared where to put their money and they're not scared to put their money and art. >> what is the effect of all this on the lower end more mid-level buyer which now these prices may be they could have afforded them a few years ago but now they are way out of their range is >> out of their range for high-priced contemporary but it means there are good areas to invest in other mid level areas for example some of the nineteenth century art, some of the second-tier impressionist, some of the 20th century artists whose work hasn't quite caught up yet but was genuinely important in our history, some good areas to invest in. maria: how is andy warhol doing? >> extremely well. prices continued to climb and
7:55 am
there are very few areas left that are bargains like new york city real-estate. years ago there were a couple pockets here and there in manhattan, no bargains left. he has become the same. >> we were just in art basil and for me is a lot of fun looking at trying to find paintings are like and not knowing whether or not i am buying the next war all. if i love that i want to buy it and if it ends appreciating that is just icing on the cake. >> absolutely right. that is how you should look at it but you have to look at whether or not that peace will have a place in art history. that might be above my head little bit. that is what i call you. maria: you are saying you have to buy what you love. >> you should buy what you love and something that has real merit. maria: good to see you, thanks for joining us. have a merry christmas. next hour treasury secretary jack lew joins me for a fox business exclusive, we tackle issues ranging from terrorist funding to the economic outlook for president obama's last year
7:56 am
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maria: i am maria bartiroma, is november 24th christmas eve, wall street journal and rose cliff capital ceo mike murphy, a first-year top stories on the east coast, did the storms across the south and midwest. a string of tornadoes leaving a path of destruction, the brutal forms claiming lives of at least 7 people. >> it looks like a small tornado. the debris coming in, snapped off a pine tree by my truck and i slammed -- i just thought that the survive this. maria: millions of americans here roads and skies ahead of holidays this week, so far delays are limited at airports across the gun to. we have your holiday forecast and travel forecast coming up on the program.
8:00 am
black lives matter protest is trying to will holiday travel and last minute shopping, hundred demonstrators, but these pictures, forcing part of the mall of america to shutdown disease protesters moved to minneapolis st. paul international airport, still the process sitting san francisco, los angeles and chicago. turning to the market, while we, today is the final trading ahead of the christmas holiday the market's close at 1:00 p.m. eastern and closed tomorrow, features indicating a higher open even if fractionally for the broader averages today. european markets on holiday schedule. market in germany is closed today but if you see the s&p 500 trading at 1/4% and the cac quarante in paris down by 1/3%. in asia mostly lower performances, shanghai composite finishing the day down, snapping a three day winning streak for the shanghai composite. new details on the united states's relationship with the bashar al-assad regime in syria. wall street journal reporting the white house pursued secret communications with syria over
8:01 am
several years to try to get syrian president bashar al-assad to step down. more details coming up. i will talk about the terrorist threat and cutting off financing to isis with u.s. treasury secretary jack lew. she joins me in a fox business exclusive later on this hour. into the new year secretary jack lew also has financial resolutions for americans, talking about savings and he has a good way to do. we begin with the race for the white house with the new cnn poll has hillary clinton maintaining sizable lead over bernie sanders the secretary of state at 16 points on bernie sanders nationally but sanders is picking up expressive fund raising numbers with the vermont senator's campaign eclipsing the net record number of individuals under set by the obama campaign in 2008-2012. that is interesting. let's bring in fox news political analyst, good to see you. >> bernie sanders beating out obama's individual donations in 2008.
8:02 am
is that surprising to you? >> it is of little surprising but speaks to the level of a anger on the left and the far left towards what he calls a game that is rigged. lots of americans are hurting and whether it is ted cruz or donald trump on the right or to the left bernie sanders, that is the way to express anger and frustration and contributions are in reflection of that. maria: you speak about being raped, what about the whole democratic primary, debate on a saturday night when no one is watching, the next debate is during playoff season for football and martin o'malley and bernie sanders have to be upset, they are not even being hurt. >> exactly right. when i say the game is rigged, you will see the primaries and the debates are in fact set up for secretary clinton, that is another impetus for people to support bernie sanders especially if he is as forthright and arguably strident as he has been so far talking about redistribution, reining in
8:03 am
the fed, reining in wall street, corporations, that is red meat for the left. >> it seems as if hillary clinton has already or will receive the nomination for the democratic party but if something were to happen to derail his campaign, something to do with the e-mail scandal is there someone else lurking that could jump in? neil: she is worried about losing iron and new hampshire to bernie sanders of. i think she still gets the nomination but that is one of her features and one of the reasons she is working as hard as she is, but if something were to happen and it is a big if, you have joe biden and elizabeth warren waiting in the wings either individually or collectively to pick up the pieces. >> it is interesting bernie sanders has this real strong grass-roots support. it does sound reminiscent of the 2008 campaign where obama was down there in the polls trailing
8:04 am
hillary but not until he started winning primaries but he had the same kind of support. any kind of similar rise we conceive of bernie sanders like we saw obama last time? >> i think that is hillary's greatest fear in iowa in new hampshire. the difference is the obama had an appeal to african-americans the so far we have not seen from bernie sanders. maria: hillary would think would be trying to move to the middle but she is not. everybody knows her husband moved to the middle and was very successful with that but instead she is really moving all the way to the left with talk about reining in wall street and keeping the insurance companies accountable and holding drug prices at levels she thinks hide the right level sub is behind it? is that all bernie sanders? neil: it is barry sanders, all the left and the whole notion that she lost from the left in
8:05 am
2008, she has the iraq war vote which she has apologized for on her record but she is really worried that the democratic left will abandon her and she is doing everything she can to assuage their concerns. maria: let me ask about these reports that the obama administration has been holding secret talks with elements of the syrian government of the past several years to try to get bashar al-assad out. does this surprise you? neil: doesn't surprise me that they have tried. what fit into the narrative is we have been completely unsuccessful in the middle east generally in syria, specifically in these talks with bashar al-assad where he has basically said i am not going, a reflection of our inability to be an inability to be taken seriously and with reports yesterday of the russians now opening another front by aiding the taliban and afghanistan i think we have even more reason to be worried and we were pretty worried before those reports. maria: good to have you on the
8:06 am
show, thanks so much. >> so please to be here. don't forget to tune into the next gop debate which is live on the fox business network january 14th, coming live from north charleston, south carolina. the first debate of the new year, covering all the issues you care about so you won't want to miss it. join us january 14th there is a in south carolina. they heartbreak, 7 people i did this morning. others wounded or missing after a storm swept across the american south and midwest, stores coming as the east coast prepares for springlike weather on christmas day in new york city. expected to be in the mid 60s and 70s. laura has the forecast. >> the story in the northeast is the heat, in the midst of that devastating tornado, dozens of severe weather reports yesterday through early this morning with what looks to be a long track tornado will be investigated by the national weather service
8:07 am
through northern mississippi into southwestern tennessee. the severe weather threat has pushed to the southeast, through 10:00 eastern time this morning. here are the temperatures, record it is standing through midnight this morning throughout parts of the northeast, we broke the record in philadelphia, new york city and buffalo. check the current temperature, 70 degrees, 69 in philadelphia, d.c. in the middle 60s. if you want a white christmas you have to go back to the west, snow fall today in the sierra nevada, falls heavily into tomorrow in parts of the rockies, great news for the ski resorts, not so great for travelers. novel in to sunday and monday, a dip in the jet stream will spread another area of snow throughout parts of new mexico into the texas panhandle. there will be an icing area and we will talk about a severe weather threat that could impact folks on their travels home after the christmas holiday. maria: storms sweeping across the south and springlike weather
8:08 am
on the east coast. what does it mean for millions of americans trying to make it home to family in time for christmas? lieberman that reagan national airport. >> reporter: good morning. just as good as far as one could ask for on christmas eve at reagan national airport, i was looking a little while ago, not a single cancellation and the delays are slight. if there are delays at all for those who are traveling. the big story is what is happening on the ground across the country. according to aaa, they expect this to be a record holiday travel season. a number if they are paying for this, 100 million travelers. they think it will be slight meet north of 100 million. the overwhelming majority than $91 million or so will be expected to be traveling by car. about 150 miles or so, those who are driving at least going a few hours on the average. aaa says yes, the economy is doing better and that is why
8:09 am
some folks are feeling better about dipping into their wallets and spending this holiday season but much of the circles back to one of thing, cheaper gas prices and they say because of those gas prices consumers really are taking advantage. >> americans have saved $115 billion this year alone in gas savings. that accounts for $550 per person. so there is some incremental money available for people to travel and they are taking advantage of it this year. >> as far as air fare goes aaa says ticket prices, airfarewise are down 6% so yes, down but not like it is with gas. for those who are driving as far as the wind goes, 64 degrees right now in washington. that is certainly good news for many folks who are trying to fly out of here. of their staying here they could bring out bathing suit on christmas eve.
8:10 am
maria: 64 in washington and i think it will be 72 in new york if you can believe that one. >> i moved here, and i was going to say i moved here from south beach. i thought it was going to be cold on christmas eve. >> a couple of winters the last few years, maybe we are due for a little bit of warmer weather, nicer weather and it lets people get out to visit their families so all in all a nice christmas gift. maria: watch out sports fans, another bump for fantasy sports, draft kings, don't miss my exclusive interview with u.s. secretary jack lew who tells us how the u.s. plans to take down isis financially. back in a minute.
8:12 am
8:13 am
maria: big american companies, lori rothman with more -- >> the wall street journal reporting american companies like apple, hewlett-packard and actively exploring market entry into iran. they expect to be lifted on the country in the new year. according to the journal u.s. firms are setting on voice to the country to begin drafting contracts in an effort to break out their european and asian rivals to beat them out. the health-care industry was a frequent target of hackers in 2015 in the department of health and human services. hackers access 100 million health records in 2015. anthem alone, 75 million customers, compromised and
8:14 am
march. saudi arabia's billionaire prince announcing kingdom holding is among a group of investors that bought 5.3% of lift for $247 million. and raising $5 billion to better take on industry rivals uber. maria: let's talk about this, welcome to these numbers. uber, private company worked close to $70 billion, lift also private. >> it shows the potential people see in these companies but what we were talking about earlier, self driving cars are a lurking threat. uber has been investing in artificial intelligence for its own self driving cars but this will be good for lift to get this huge influx of cash, this kind of developing sector you
8:15 am
want this competition. maria: using lift will go public before uber. >> carl icahn is a big investor, you have the who's who of the venture-capital world and private equity world invested in uber and a lift but really the key here is innovation, we are in a part of the economy. i will call it a technological revolution where you can start a company that can change people's lives, everyone uses uber and people will use left but to see mainstream investors like these sovereign well funds investing in these companies this is just the beginning. you here bubbles and private companies, that is the farthest thing from the truth, you will see big money coming to companies when they are private, become much bigger, the next facebook or the next uber. maria: that is the discrepancy, $70 billion for uber, just look
8:16 am
a second and it is -- >> uber has a ton of revenue, making a lot of money, you'd unjustified evaluations so lift isn't there yet. anyone who is an investor in lift, happy to pay pepsi to uber at coke. there's room for two in the market. maria: up next daily fantasy sites, drafting and handle running into a statewide roadblock, and why daily fantasy is not gambling, he says. back in a minute. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
8:17 am
8:18 am
and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
8:19 am
maria: another state joining the fight against drafting, ill. attorney general same fantasy sports contests are illegal. david boyd told me earlier this week about who should make decisions to regulate fantasies boards. >> no prosecutor in new york or anyplace else ever thought it was illegal before. it doesn't become illegal overnight. if there is a problem and people think it ought to be regulated, something ought to happen,
8:20 am
additional restrictions on it that is for the legislature. it is not to go into court and say let's change the law. that should be up for legislation. maria: joining us is republican senator al d'amato. what do you say about this? >> mr. boyce may be right that the practicality of this situation is it is illegal, is gambling and you can say something other than chance here but it comes down in the final analysis to chance, something other than playing poker, that is a skilled and i will tell you he is right about one thing, the legislature should take control and should be done on the federal level. we had the same thing on site poker playing and washington because the so-called moralists,
8:21 am
a guy from tennessee will become president, he was able to stop this, he is not even in the senate anymore and so he put a writer on and they passed it which made it illegal for online gaming for people to play. it should be regulated, same with fantasy sports. do it on a national level. if the state wants to prohibit it give them the right to prohibit it. if they want to make the rules tougher you can do that, generally that is what you do. maria: how has regulating changing? >> you will see it is run correctly, you will see people like treated fairly and you will raise some revenue. it is a good way. listen. gaming should be legalized in the united states. tens of billions of dollars are bets on football, out right betting. why shouldn't the government
8:22 am
collect? why should it be this the underground economy taking place? maria: can they stop it? look at the office pools. and betting on football. >> they are not going to stop it that gambling has been on football games particularly stronger now than it has ever been and draft kings and fanned will are part of that so i agree completely that rather isn't trying to crush the start up companies that have been hugely successful, regulate them so that everybody wins so they can run their company. people who want to be part of it can be part of it and the government is collecting tax dollars. >> i think the attorney general did the right thing because under the law it is illegal, may not be popular because it is popular to play these fantasy games. why don't we take advantage of it. follow-up, regulate it, should be done on the federal level, if you want to opt out, we have a
8:23 am
bill that would do that, allow them to opt out, everybody is happy and guess what, you kollek, a lot of tax revenue which are now going to illegal sources and so -- maria: you could do it anyway. >> this point, very good at making the point that it doesn't become illegal overnight. if it wasn't illegal months ago why is it all of a sudden? >> that is nonsense. people are breaking the law regularly because someone failed to prosecute doesn't mean it has become legal so that is nonsense. he is right that we should regulate. he is wrong that it is illegal is illegal land under the federal laws it would be illegal, federal prosecutors haven't gone after it but they could. >> what is the affect of these rulings, new york has ruled like this but i see their commercials every five seconds. >> they can take a bet and most of these companies are not permitting people from new york
8:24 am
to participate so it has had a big impact on these companies and something really craves for it. and regulated, honest game and the national alliance for poker players and we said i want to see companies who are engaged in this treating their customers fairly. maria: that is a great point. are you of poker player? >> i love to flay. maria: put your poker face on. let me ask about the 2016 election. you have endorsed and backed john kasich. he is not doing great in the polls. >> not doing great in the polls at all. that me say this to you. if the republicans are going to win, two states they have to capture and i don't think there has been a republican in a hundred years to has won the
8:25 am
presidency without carrying ohio. john kasich can bring home ohio because he is loved their. he has done a great job. maria: he helped to balance the budget. >> he understands. maria: why is he not resonating? >> i think the campaign has been less than what i hoped for. he has not been able to resonate with the people but he has talent and he may end up as number 2. if you want to win you got to carry ohio. he is running as a vice-presidential candidate who carries ohio and is experienced, helped balance the budget. he understands defense, has done it in washington and at home. so i think he is a person who has the ability. who is going to emerge as number one? his is a very long shot, he is hoping -- maria: you are going to switch to donald trump pour ted cruz?
8:26 am
>> i am not switching. i don't just switch but i think ted cruz and marco rubio are coming on very strongly. donald has touched a nerve with the people, people are angry at the incompetence of washington and also angry, many republicans -- to stand up and say what they are going to do. that is why they go to donald. donald is one bright guy make no mistake about it. people forgive him, if you are a politician, the ordinary politician would say you would be destroyed. but -- maria: thinking ashley: >> don't care if he is politically correct. and people are fearful. the business of isis underscore is why republicans are so angry
8:27 am
at the administration. maria: talk about isis coming up, great to have you on the program. out next, my exclusive interview with jack lew. we will get his take on everything from the economy and tax reform to save retirement, jack lew right after this. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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8:30 am
you said you've got to go for the financing. and cut off their funding. secretary, how successful have we been so far and what do we need to do. >> so, maria, isil financing to
8:31 am
important to get at. for the first time in history finance ministers around the world sat in the u.n. security council and i chaired a session committing the world to treating isil like we do al qaeda on sanctions and calling on countries to adopt the toughest rules for financing, making middlemen, not only dealing with them, but people who deal with them to sanctions, we need to get at the root of their financing. let me tell you about isil. they started out concurring territory and stealing money from banks. and then they built on top of that, a source of oil revenue and he extortion taxes people and under terms that we would consider normal taxation under pretty severe personality of nonpayment. we need to go at all sources of funding. the renewable ones not just stolen from banks.
8:32 am
with oil we're doing much better. we have targeted not just the sources of their oil, the refinery, but the trucks that move the oil to the border for sale. just last month we have taken out 400 tanker trucks, we're dealing with oil effectively. we cut isil off from the international financial community. we have to be clear, they have dealt in things like cement. and cement hasn't gone through borders in trucks marked isil. you've got to take scrutiny that you're not doing business with isil. that's why the u.n. action last week was so important. isil control a lot of territory and a lot of people, that means they need a continuous source of revenue. if we can start to diminish that, which we've done, we make it harder for them. people shouldn't think of them as the money is on or off. if we make it harder and harder to get the main they need, they can't grow and they start to shrink and we're in a much
8:33 am
better position to take them on militarily. maria: i saw you last week at the u.n. and it was successful terms of getting other countries how strong they have been financially and get in the fight. leapt let me ask, they've got banks in raqqa. they own banks and have an oil ministry and now they have a passport making machine to get passports and infiltrate into the west. what do you make of that. how do they get the passport making machine? >> so we worked with the government of iraq to shut down around 60 banks in isil controlled territory. you know, they are being cut off from the international financial system. what they're doing locally is not connected to the international financial system. in order to replace their arms and do what they need to do, to operate as an effective bureaucracy in the area that they control. they need access to the international system. i'm not going to say that they
8:34 am
don't have ongoing sources of funding, that's why the session at the u.n. was so important last week. they have proven themselves to be creative and capable at some of the kind of quasi governmental activities, but have taken on enormous responsibilities which means they have to keep bringing more and more revenue in. we're going to make it harder and harder to do that and i think that the united states jointly sponsored the resolution passed unanimously makes it clear that this is an international, not just a u.s. commitment. maria: do we know who is buying their oil on the black market? >> so, you know, there is a lot of informal oil trade historically in the region, so we have stopped the formal flows to a considerable degree. when i have talked to people in the region, you know, they say you have to think garden hoses not just pipelines. oil flows through things that are not as-- what is the normal industrial infrastructure. that's why the tanker trucks
8:35 am
are so important, that's one of the main means that isil has used to get foreign currency in. by having anonymous looking tanker trucks. removing those from the road will diminish their ability to sell oil outside of isil control territory. they can replace trucks and we have to make sure that they don't get to do that. >> all right. let me move on to iran, you were one of the critical people looking at the money end of this historic nuclear deal. today one of the top stories, secretary lew, apple and others are exploring entry into iran once the sanctions are lifted, next year and what business might look like with iran. you're not surprised, obviously, that so many american companies want a piece of that revenue in iran? >> maria, the essential agreement on nuclear issues was
8:36 am
iran will dismantle its u.s. capabilities and u.s. sanctions will be rolled off when that happens. that's in the process of being implemented, implementation day, which will come at the point when iran shut down all four paths to a nuclear weapon, will trigger the unwinding of nuclear sanctions, at that point there will not be the same barriers to doing business, but there will still be sanctions on things like terrorism and regional destabilization and human rights violations. so the firms you deal with obviously will matter. companies have to be clear when they do business with entities, they're doing business with delisted entities. we will be transparent about you know, it's going to require the firm's check. we have made it clear that we will keep our part of the bargain, if iran dismantles its nuclear capabilities, we will
8:37 am
release the nuclear sanctionsment, but we've also been clear that we don't have any illusions, iran is continuing to do things that are quite objectionable and violate international norms, that's why the other sanctions remain in place. so, it's going to require that businesses approach with care and we will do our best to communicate so there's no unwitting behavior that gets firms in trouble. we are going 0 keep our part of the bargain. >> that's an important point. so you're going to be transparent to make sure that they know what companies know what they're doing so they're not unwittingly making sure if sanctions are in place. they know how to list the designated entities. we will just be very clear in updating an it and answering questions as it comes in. maria: it brings me in the subject of oil. we know that oil is expected to come on the market. we know that things are getting better and that the economy seems to be getting a little
8:38 am
better, if not slowly, so, let me get your take on what's gone on in the oil markets. 50% decline from the high, now it's about 40% decline from the highs and i know that that was one area of the economy where we really saw job creation, since 2006, it was in and around the energy space and we saw so many jobs being created. are you worried that the drop off in oil will lead to job cuts and, you know, sort of come at a time that we're already seeing this economic recovery just gain traction? >> maria, there's no doubt that in local economies, where the expansion of oil drilling activity was a source of job growth, the slowdown in activity because of lower oil prices is having an impact. if you look overall at the economy, lower oil prices are like a tax cut. more demand and more economic growth and net, it has a positive impact on our domestic economy. i actually think that the progress we've made in our economy is substantially greater than what you've described. you look at where we were seven
8:39 am
years ago, the economy was in a freefall, we were losing millions of jobs, we had an unemployment rate of 10%. we had a deficit that was skyrocketing out of control. we've seen steady growth. we've seen enormous job creation over this period of time. and we're seeing the unemployment rate around 5%. and we're seeing that growth in spite of the fact that there's a lot of headwinds from a slower global economy. i think if you look at the u.s. economy on its own, it's doing much, much better. we have questions about income distribution and access to kind of good middle class life styles. we still have long-term issues beyond ten years on the deficit. but for the next ten years, we've brought our deficit under control. we've got growth that can keep going even when the rest of the world is slowing down and we're in a position to take on our domestic challenges and our international challenges. so, i think the united states
8:40 am
is in a far better place than seven years ago. >> going into 2016, where would you point to as far as the growth stories in the u.s. economy right now. >> well, i think if you look at the u.s. economy, the area that has been the slowest to come back, signs of increasing growth and health is housing. >> there's a lot of pentup demand in housing and i think there's a potential for housing to surprise over the coming years to the good because, you know, one thing i know is that people who have put off forming new households aren't going to stay in that extra room or in the share house forever. so there's pentup demand there, we have a challenge to make sure there's affordable rental housing and there's more and more renting and heightened demand for affordable housing, but markets have a way and we have policy that will deal with that. we need to take on our infrastructure challenge in this country and we have the best infrastructure in the world, but it won't stay that way if we don't invest in that.
8:41 am
that's a force of good jobs to come. >> go ahead, secretary. i was going to say if you look where we were at the end of the year, a stable platform for growth, clarity in the tax code and infrastructure, and reversed the kind of downward pressure, the drag coming from sequestration having sensible cut to restore the spending at that we need to invest in education and things for the future so i think we're ending the year going into next year well positioned. maria: i'm glad you mentioned tax reform and certainly the issues around that, and it's been such a hot button issue from capitol hill to the campaign trail. this year we heard from corporate america as well. tim cook nook that in in 60 minutes, and he said that his company is paid exactly what they should be paying. i want your take on what he told 60 minutes over the weekend. listen to this, apple ceo.
8:42 am
>> that is total political crap, there's no truth behind it. apple pays every tax dollar we owe. maria: of course, they pay every tax dollar they owe, but have the billions overseas, right, secretary lew. what do you do to change the tax code to enable all of those companies, apple included, to bring some of the bills back to the u.s.? >> you know, we have a broken business tax code and i think that that's something that we have recognized for years and proposed tax reform and republicans have recognized for years. i hope we can sit down and work together in a bipartisan basis to deal with this. we have so many loopholes and deductions that we have a statutory tax rate the highest in the world. if you're a firm that isn't taking advantage of the loopholes and deductions, you have a statutory rate to keep your money out and defer your income and that's what they're doing.
8:43 am
it's leading to inversions and that's terrible. that changes its legal address to avoid paying taxes in a country that's market and technology and gives the infrastructure the people it needs. i think we need to reform our tax code. we need to do it in a way that doesn't decrease the deficit. we've had a tax bill that has, you know, taken care of some things that were a part of it that have to take that into account as we go forward. i hope there's a real opportunity in the new year to take this on. i hope we don't have to see stories about inversions in coming years. we've taken administrative actions to stop as best we can and looking at more things we can do, but we have to change our tax code and shut the door to inversions and fix the broken tax code. maria: people are saying, why are you coming up with more regulations around inversions, change the tax codes. and we had the ceo of allergan on, secretary lew and they pay 14%, but at a closer look, they
8:44 am
paid 4% in taxes because they could. >> what we can do on our own is administrative action. i've said from the start we can't solve the problem through administrative action. only legislation can solve the problem. i had extensive discussions with republicans as well as democrats. inge there is the potential for a meeting of the minds if there's the will to find it and i hope we get there. i think we had a meeting of the minds last week when that budget bill passed because a lot of people got what they wanted. let's get to entitlements in retirement, secretary lew. you had a great op-ed why it's so important for americans to come up with their own retirement plan given the fact that, you know, things like social security, pensions, they're running toward insolvency. give us your take on financial resolutions and what people need to think about as they're going into the new year, secretary lew? >> first of all, i think that people should rely on social security because it's going to be there for them. under the worst scenarios, it's about 75% funded and i think that we need to have a
8:45 am
bipartisan conversation outside of the fiery debate and figure out how to solve the rest of the problem. people shouldn't panic about social security. the problem is, social security was never intended to be a sole source of retirement income. it was always thought of as part of a pension, savings and social security. now, we know that people are seeing less and less kind of defined benefit pension plans in their compensation. and that's what's all the more important on saving for retirement. and the people who have the most trouble saving are people at firms that don't offer things like 401(k)'s. people who are kind of at the start of their career and modest incomes. what we didn't-- which i think is an important innovation. we called something called mira. people are saving for retirement. put as little away as $5 a pay period and so how it adds up. go to and putting it
8:46 am
in u.s. securities. and you're going to see it's something if you start, you can do more, so the habit of saving builds on itself and i think the end of the year is a perfect time for people to take a look, go to, what am i going to do to provide security for myself and my family and do yourself and only takes a few minutes. maria: you basically recommend it, no fees. go to and when you get a little nest egg if you're putting away $5 eventually you could move into like a roth ira or something else. is that right. >> correct. it's designed just like a roth ira. a limit of $15,000. if you hit $15,000, you can leave it there, or you can roll it over into a commercial roth ira. one of the things that small investors know, it's not so easy for them to open accounts with $5 a pay period.
8:47 am
there are minimums, there are fees. myra gets rid of that. there's no fee, no minimum. there's no hassle. sign onto and give a one time at the end of the year contribution or do it by pay period. i think for people who have not started saving, it's a perfect way to begin and something we all need to talk about around our kitchen tables and holiday tables because, you know, it's something that we all hope to get to the point where we are retired and have a comfortable, safe retirement, but this is a thing to do to make that a reality to be able to be ready and the earlier you start, the better. the end of the year is a great time to think about it. maria: it's true. this administration came into office promising fiscal responsibility. looking at the final year of the president's in office, ending with this as well is a real priority for you, i know that, and so it's a great idea. secretary lew, are you planning
8:48 am
staying throughout until the president ends his term? >> maria, i come to work every day asking what can i do to grow opportunities for middle class americans and make americans safe in the world. it's a privilege to serve and that's what i'm doing. maria: so you're here until the end? >> you know, i consider it a privilege to be here every day. maria: one of the things that worries people is the fact that when you go back to saving they're not getting any money on their savings, secretary, look at where we are in terms of interest rates. rock bottom. you're not making any money in savings. let me ask you about that because we've got this search for yields and as a result, a lot of investors have bought puerto rico, because they can't make any money on any of their money because of rates being at rock bottom. now the new worry is that puerto rico defaults january 1, should they get a bailout, secretary lew? >> puerto rico has a terrible financial problem. they're essentially insolvent.
8:49 am
70 billion in debt. the debt needs to be restructured. we got a lot done at the end of the year, one of the things congress didn't do, they didn't give puerto rico the way to restructure the way, say, detroit did. puerto rico needs to sit down and work with the stake holders to come up with a viable path forward so there can be a viable plan for the future. they're making cuts in their budgets and raising taxes, when you're insolvent. that requires restructuring. we'll continue to give them advice, but at the beginning of the year, speaker ryan directed committees in the house to take a look and act on this. we're going to work with them. they need restructuring for their credit. maria: i don't think anybody would be surprised at default. we know the position they're in. >> they're effectively in default and taking money out of pension funds to pay for current bills. shifting money for one creditor
8:50 am
to pay for another creditor. that's effectively default. you don't have to wait until you miss a coupon payment to say you're in default. they'll probably end up missing coupon payments because it's inevitable because of what they had to do to keep up. i can't tell you whether that's january 1 or a later period. the first quarter of the year is essential time for this to be addressed and they need restructuring authority to covers all credit. >> you're addressing important issues that all of our viewers care about. thank you for joining us, we appreciate you spending the time on these important issues, sir. >> good to be with you, maria, and happy new year. maria: and to you. treasury secretary jack lew. we'll be right back. ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz
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you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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>> welcome back. we're tracking a fractional move and that opened up at 12 points. as you can see there. fractional moves, oil is also up this morning. and we are, of course, waiting on what to expect for next week when it should be a quiet week with the holidays. it's that time of the year, time for merry cheer and bubbly. what do you pick up. how about james bond's official choice. the director of bollinger is back in a minute.
8:54 am
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>> what would the holidays be if not for family time and wine and champagne? celebrating the new year without a champagne toast feels almost sacrilegious.
8:57 am
and joining us with the champagne of james bond, cyril, good to see you. tell us about the champagne sales this year, how is it going? >> it's a good year with champagne and especially we're up by 10% compared to our predictions and just for the holiday season which is good for us, we're more than 40% compared to last year. we're very happy and everything is working well. maria: congrats. what are you brought this morning? >> we have three different champagnes here, which this is a magnum and we have two vintages. this one is 2005, which is kind of our new release, it's very important moment for bollinger, a magic moment to release an exceptional vintage like this one and this is the prestige champagne, drinking in the new movie, that's the one. maria: the james bond. and the pricing for these, the
8:58 am
holidays are the most important time for the year? >> yes, holidays around 40% of our yearly sales, very important for us. maria: and mike, are you part of that 40%? >> amazing, absolutely. to celebrate. and the different price points in the champagne, are you seeing more expensive champagne being purchased this year? >> absolutely. the train is going to the direction for the holidays and it's vintage and prestige champagne and big format. absolutely. when you have your family and friends around you this time of year, you want to share these great things and go for the best, champagne and big for mats. maria: we have something to celebrate, fox business network is the leading cable channel of 2015. how about we break out champagne, guys. >> and we'll start with
8:59 am
bollinger, perfect, great news congratulations. maria: thank you very much. thank all of our fantastic team, cheers to the fox business network and "mornings with maria" which is up sharply over the year. >> thank you. >> yeah. maria: when you decide which champagne to buy, do you look at it in terms of the food you're pairing with it? does it matter? >> so, me, yeah, i look at exactly what i want to do with the champagne and of course, occasionally it's very important because for example, this one is the vintage and pinot noir and we're very good for that. you're looking for these kinds of things to pair. >> congratulations to "mornings with maria" and bigger 2016. maria: gra the --
9:00 am
congratulate the producers in the room, that's you, all of our producers and bookers and of course the crew on the floor and in the control room. thanks, everybody, congratulations to the fox business network! leading cable channel of 2015. that will do it for us, "varney & company" is next, charles payne is in for stuart. merry christmas to you and congratulations to you. >> merry christmas and i know you're going to swing by here before you leave the building, right? >> i'll bring you champagne. >> we're not slowing down, we've got a jam packed three hours for you. bricks versus clicks, people are shopping more and more on-line. we've got the guy calling for the retail ice age, black lives matter, that produce causing chaos and they shut down one of the world's largest malls last


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