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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 28, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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next and guess who is in the studio, stuart varney. stuart: good morning, cheryl, don't you ever want to say quit whining? and all the complaints about fedex not delivering by christmas eve, they pulled off a logistics miracle, got that off my chest. it was a stunning win for on-line sales. amazon looks golden, ups, the postal service and fedex 1 billion packages between thanksgiving and christmas, that's a huge on-line win. this was the problem, the weather. killer storms arrived for the holiday season, disruption, travel, and package delivery. it's not over. blizzard conditions forecast for parts of the country again today. let's get to politics. no christmas break. trump and the two clintons went at it and this morning, leaks from his campaign, the front campaign, suggest that donald will take to paid tv ads, there's a first, right before
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the iowa caucus. and look at this, isis retreats in ramadi liberated, that's without american boots on the ground. how about that? oil down, stocks down, gas a buck 99, amazons stock of the year? maybe. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ all right. severe weather in the south, tell you about it, this is sad news indeed. tornados in the dallas area and east texas killed at least 11 people overnight. homes leveled, power lines down across much of dallas county. meanwhile, blizzard conditions are forecast, heavy winds gusting over 50 miles per hour, snow accumulations up to 13 inches drifts to ten feet and very likely in some areas of north texas, southeast new mexico and the oklahoma
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panhandle today. that's the weather and how about those markets? this is how we're going to open on monday morning right after christmas. we're down about 80 odd points for the dow jones industrial average. the price of oil is down, we're back to $37 a barrel, so that same relationship holds this morning. oil down, stocks down. how about gasoline? $1.99 is your national average, all that money we saved at the pump probably went into christmas and holiday shopping. retail sales for the whole holiday period were up an astonishing 8% liz: that's right, more than 1.5 billion packages delivered, that's a lot. stuart: i got that in at the top of the show, that's logistics to talk about. and listen to this, how about fedex, where is that going to open? so slightly higher. last minute shoppers took to
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social media and whined when their packages didn't arrive. james is from the wall street journal. he's a sedate kind of guy and i'm a tabloid guy. i'm telling these people, stop whining. are you with me on this? >> listen, what you're saying is that the delivery guys are saying, well, analysts, too, saying you can't expect your christmas packages delivered when you make the purchase on-line christmas eve, but people ever complaining, we don't want to have to drive to a fedex distribution center on christmas morning, don't be so late making performance on-line. stuart: give them a break. and terrible weather around the felled exhub, are you with me on that? >> no complaints whatsoever and my packages got there on time. stuart: all of yours on time? >> i had a postal service delivery at 9:00 at night on christmas eve liz: you can't beat that for these guys. listen, when the retailers are
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promising free delivery, right? and then the winter intervenes and down to the wire delivery, you've got to cut some slack. stuart: absolutely. excellent, james, good start to the show. and you, liz. let's get to politics, a new iowa poll from real clear politics, look at this, please. ted cruz out front, and 26% to the vote. 11 rubio, carson and then bush. trump has a penchant for sexism, they say, and trump fires back and says that bill clinton would be fair game in the general election, just listen to this. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly because of all the things that she's talking to me about. she's mentioning sexism. i think her exact words against h him. she's got to be careful and
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fair, and she's playing the woman's card and it's like give me a break. bill clinton is not the end-all of the campaign, he'll come under attack not just from me, from many other people. stuart: politics is fun, isn't it? . i can see monica lewinsky being front and center on this election campaign. >> she could make a cameo here. i think that trump, obviously saying, look, if you're going to come at me with the war on women theme, i'm going to talk about the war on women waged by the man in your household and it could be nasty and i think that jeb bush has learned, trump will escalate. if you're not ready to go to that level, in a real street fight, he can make you look weak liz: these campaigns remind me of the british army during the revolutionary war. were lines marching on the battlefield pan colonial militias were behind the rocks whipping stones. he doesn't have to answer to super pac donors, he doesn't have to, he's using his own money, there are no checks and balances ichlts do you think if he attacks hillary clinton via
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bill clinton could that at long last rebound against him? >> oh, sure. but it's going to be bad for her, too. you have two candidates here with very high negative ratings. you have trump probably, especially, if this is how is goes with a real struggle to capture female voterers and hillary with a struggle to capture male voters. it's going to be a rough-- if it ends up the campaign between two people that are really disliked by large sections. stuart: and furious, i can tell. i'm going to stay on trump, famously boasts he has not spent a dime on advertising, but sources in the trump camp says he'll soon launch a major ad blitz costing maybe $2 million a week. this is unusual. why is he doing this, james? if he does it? >> incertainly you saw the cruz number in the iowa poll. he has to be worried about cruz, surging in iowa.
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if um interest p loses iowa after he's been leading all this time and months it's a black eye. he's basically cast himself as a winner and ill a believe it when i see it as far as the spending. he has not been spending, a small staff, basically daughter ivanka and a few other folks. he has a habit of overstating his wealth and i think it's his habit not to be very liquid. i'm not sure you're going to see enormous spending out of him. stuart: we shall see. it's a leap from the trump camp. maybe that's a threat, and how about this? complete change of subject now. isis in retreat. there's a headline for you. fox tuesday confirms, ramadi has been liberated from isis. iraqi troops took control of the central government. that black flag went up and colonel ralph peters is with us. all right, ralph.
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>> stuart, stuart. revelation time. i saw the big short over the weekend, now i know what you people are doing up there. and explained it to me, it's all out. stuart: thank you very much indeed. welcome to the show. good to have you with us again. this seems to me that liberation of ramadi, you could say that this is a win for president obama's strategy. don't put american boots on the ground, you could beat isis without them. i mean, what do you say to that? >> well, i think that's fair. but ramadi isn't-- that's not the big prize yet. it's important. this is just good news period. still a little messy on the ground in ramadi, but the iraqi military backed by u.s. boots on the ground and advisors and special ops and air power, yeah, it did work and see if it works elsewhere. if it's done with conventional forces on the ground, great, i
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think we should be happy and give credit to the president, but i personally don't think it's going to be this easy and the question now, stuart. yes, the iraqi military, putting the wheels back on the bike. they retook ramadi. what will the baghdad government do now. will they allow some measure of autonomy, or will they assert control? i've seen the pattern over and over again. the sunni arabs. they turned to al qaeda. al qaeda disappointed them, terrorized them. and we love, the iraq government alienates them. the state alienates them. you've got to break that cycle and iraq has to break up or be a loose confederation, otherwise there's no peace. stuart: i'm getting at the big
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picture here. we put up a map object the street of three towns, slash cities retaken from isis. we've been running the reports that isis has been cut off from oil income. i'm trying to get at the big picture. which seems the bigot is now against isis rather than constantly expanding in that area. last word to you. >> well, i think what you've got to a strategic stalemate. there are no gains on the ground. the kurds, impressive. and most much raqqa and we'll see how that goes. the islamic state has been on the defensive in syria and iraq, and it's spreading that it's going to renew attacks against the west. now, after being pessimistic, let's avoid being overly o
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optimistic. stuart: europe is under threat of attack before the new year. >> thank you. stuart: al-jazeera force on peyton manning has recanted. can anybody sue al gentlemja sg- al-jazeera or the guy who recanted? let's hope the answer is yes. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail.
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>> al-jazeera reporting that denver broncos quarterback peyton manning was one of high profile athletes getting enhancing drugs. and he reportedly spoke to an under cover reporter. here is video of charlie recanting. >> it's come to my attention
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that the broadcasting al gentleman syria has obtained tape of me stating about athletes. the statements are false and encorrect. stuart: absolutely false and incorrect. let's go back to the beginning. peyton manning responded to the al-jazeera statement. >> disgusted is how i feel. six pd by-- sickened by it. i don't kn i don't know how someone can make something up, he admitted he made it up, it's defamation and it's ticking me off e defamation, an important ford. first of all, can this guy,
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let's check with the guy who been recanted. could he be sued and if so, by whom? >> he can sued by peyton manning, it's not as strong of at that case. there was obviously no fa lishsness there. he was trying to see if the persons rah really legitimate and trap him to see how much he goes. na could get to-- why would it be easy for manning to sue al gentleman se al-jazeera. >> they're in new york. there are four types of defamatory statements if one makes them, you don't have to prove damages. the hardest part of ding a defamation suit, wuensch the things that new york state has, if you defame someone with
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regard to their profession or trade. the court automatically accepts it's injurious. because it's to do with the profession the court accept it. cameron diaz sued because they alleged, and keira knightley that she had an eating disorder. this affects her profession, so millions. stuart: millions. so peyton manning could take al-jazeera to the clean e. if you're equipped to practice law in new york you would take peyton manning on as a client. wouldn't you? >> i would. stuart: forgive me, i'm not being pejorative, but in a case like this does the attorney get 30% of the proceeds? >> it certainly can. that would be a goal here in this case, i'm sure.
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stuart: emily, thank you very much indeed. you did your homework and laid that out clearly. we appreciate it. thanks, emily, good stuff. stuart: elizabeth mcdonald. >> al-jazeera has deep pockets and they're owned by a family in qatar. "star wars," it's breaking records. i actually went to see it. . jo: it's the fastest movie to hit a billion dollars at the box office. the smash hit made a billion bucks in just 12 days beating out jurassic world's earlier this year. and the force awake ps, has the best christmas day box office. and the movie hasn't even opened in china yet. that happens on january 9th. and it was a christmas day flight gone awry. authorities are investigating malaysian airlines for a plane
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that flew in an unexpected direction. here is what happened i according to the new zealand herald. a plane started flying south instead of north, and the pilot reported the flight plan issued to air traffic control, the course was changed and thankfully the plane landed safely. stuart: if you go south from new zealand you get to antarctica. >> the pilot was aware of what happened and radioed in, but you never know and what does it say about some of the other flights. >> good question, keep going. >> look, fans of the harlem globetrotters may be sad this morning, meadow lark lemon known for his hook shot died at age 83 in arizona. he played for the globe trotter for almost 25 years. and when he wasplaying, they drew more clouds and the
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knicks. >> i used to watch him as a kid in england. >> very big deal. stuart: and donald trump finding a friend in clint eastwood. he says he's fearless. >> i think it's maybe time, what do you think, for maybe a businessman. how about that?
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your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. >> headline, clint eastwood praises donald trump. he says trump might possess the quality to voters want in a candidate. people are looking for somebody who an outspoken and isn't afraid and seems to have kind of a fearless attitude. okay, that's clint eastwoodment bernie sanders making an effort to reach out to trump supporters, he says many trump supporters are working class people and angry and i think for his working class supporters if we really want to address the issue we need policies that bring us together. what do you say. >> bernie sanders and donald trump share an affinity for the canadian health care system. maybe common ground. on the clint eastwood thing, i understand that people like that trump is politically incorrect and says what he wants toen seems to dominate
9:25 am
the discussion, but i hope that clint will realize that mr. trump is basically talking about starting a trade war and the industry that allowed clint to make this money runs a 14 billion dollar trade surplus every year. if we started trade wars around the world, if we want to beat china, beat mexico, these are big markets for films. we've talked about the opening coming in china for the new "star wars" movie, not that we're recommending the film necessarily, but, you into, there are big consequences if we go down that road. >> you're looking at policy, as opposed to public persona and approach? >> and i get why the persona is appealing. we hope to look beyond that and see that this is not a small government freedom message. >> i think that clint eastwood's supporters like him, go ahead, make my day. that's the approach that they like in donald trump. >> go ahead and make america great again. >> he'll steel that line. stuart: record breaking holiday
9:26 am
season for amazon. incredible, the one-day delivery service having the busiest year ever, christmas eve ever. i'm calling amazon the stock of the year and it will be at 6666. isis retreats this monday morning. more varney in a moment.
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>> seconds to go before we start trading. the monday after the christmas break, we're almost there, we're expecting a drop for the dow industrials that may be 60, 70 points. let's see because 9:30 arrived. the market is open and we're down 21 points. 17-5. now we're down 26 points. you've got to look at amazon. it's more than doubled this c calendar year. we're going to discuss that in a moment. 6:56 on the button for amazon right now. liz macdonald is here and so, too, is cheryl casone. and keith fitz is joining us from, where is it? oregon? seattle, i'm sorry. >> in seattle today. stuart: seattle today. i say that amazon is the stock and the company of the year. you deal with the stock of the year.
9:31 am
is it? >> oh, i think you're spot on, stuart. this has been an incredible run and story for investors and incredible for retailing because it's breaking new ground, literally and figuratively. >> todd, stock of the year, you're a commodities guy, but you've got to take time out and look at stock. amazon, stock of the year, yes or no? >> good morning, stuart, i'm a stock guy as well. at 656 it's a-- i think it's extremely overvalued here. stuart: you think it's over priced at 667. >> wherever it's at right now i think it's tremendously overpriced and i think it goes lower bigger than higher. a great company, they've managed to put many people out of business and close almost every brick and mortar out there, but eventually they'll get theirs and the ratios are out of whack and don't make enough money to support what they're doing.
9:32 am
stuart: there you have it. what a killjoy you are after christmas. >> merry christmas, happy new year. stuart: what a guy. [laughter] >> cheryl, forget the stock, i say it's the company of the revolutionized everything. >> and once you're up there, people want to knock them off. and everybody is going to copy what amazon is doing, and take amazon out. stuart: liz, i don't think it's that easy to knock off amazon, they're always a step ahead of the game liz: i hear what you're saying, their robotics, in their warehouse is extraordinary. with the dow down for the year and s&p flat, this up more than double digits. amazon is the stock to watch. the comeback story of the year. stuart: keith fitz, i just got the numbers. 3 million people signed up for
9:33 am
amazon prime in the third week of tease alone. before that, they'd gotten 20% to sign up. that's a plus. >> we're one of those houses we've enjoyed the benefit of that. unfortunately with fedex, but nonetheless, we're a part of the puzzle. stuart: i want to look at fedex, there were last minute shoppers, they went on social media and whined when the package didn't arrive by christmas. i'm being pejorative, don't whine, i think that fedex turned in a terrific performance. >> their package delivery, would have been one package per person in the united states. all told, more than 1.5 that the ups and postal service, that's like slivering one package to each person in china. they are not to blame.
9:34 am
they have a 90% delivery race. who knew that bricks and mortar would saying, free, fast delivery. it's the retailers overpromising as well. stuart: how can you account for a freak storm that attacks your hub? this is what happened. >> weather happens, weather happens. we're talking about seven states and several declared disaster it areas. it's going to get worse. you cannot control the weather, no matter if you're the best shipper in the world and ups and fedex are strong companies. stuart: are you with me on this, quit whining? >> yes. stuart: i didn't meet to put you in a corner, but-- look at oil, why don't you. >> down almost 30% this year. look at it now, down another puck 37.06. todd, i hear people saying it's going down another 30% and put it in the $20 a barrel range. we've been discussing this for
9:35 am
months is it going to happen? >> nobody cares about saudi arabia and we make enough oil here, to we go lower? but if we look where the futures are trading. they're trading 20% higher a year from now. does it mean we're going up? no, but i believe that the weather is going to get colder and more of a need for oil and more business eventually. i think that they'll come back and oil is probably, if not full, near full and people calling for $20 oil are trying to buy it down here, and covering the shorts to take it back the other way. very similar of the banks making this-- the major oil and energy companies, all are down today. my question is, why not take a flyer and buy a couple of them if they're so low?
9:36 am
ab and we've got oil prices, maybe going higher a year from now, what do you say? >> for the record, i'm not an investment bank, but i think it's going to hit $25 a barrel and to your point, i think we're going to see a great investment opportunity here. even the most aggressive scientists thinks it will be 30 years to substitute. if you need something you want to buy it, especially if you buy it at historically depressed levels. stuart: you've just come back from tokyo, i've heard what you're reading and you're glowing will clean energy over there. what do they have to offer us. >> i was standing in one of the busiest intersections in the world and i could hear myself think. all the cars are quiet and the
9:37 am
lights and the oilt seat, worldwide we haven't begun to grapple with. we're five to ten years ahead of the rest of the world how to consume energy. stuart: having seen what you've seen. what would you put your money into stocks. >> robotics to cope with aging pop leagues, hybrid tech following, groups like tess yeah are the vanguard. i would be scared to death of detroit if i was investing in the automakers, which i do not. i think i'd look at alternative sources for fuel from buildings to personal computers and pc's, stora storage. . >> the dow is down 87 points. i've got to look at apple. reached in april of this year 134. what's going on with apple?
9:38 am
>> we are looking at 107. 133 and change, the closing number. bear market territory. that would be 20% off those recent highs, around 106 and change. for the apple investors, love apple. they're pretty disappointed because of late they have seen the stock here coming off of the highs and the insiders say what do they want from apple in 2016? they want growth, strong product cycle and also, bigger buyback. in fact, the one of the analysts say they believe stepped up 75 hl to 100 billion buyback would be music to the ears of the apple investor. stuart: certainly would, that would take it off the bottom there. take a look at disney as "star wars" is the fastest movie ever to hit a billion at the box office. you think that disney is going
9:39 am
into the $90 range. they're hemorrhaging from espn. that said, the "star wars" merchandise, that's what you're looking for. >> it's a big problem than "star wars" is a plus, is that what you're saying. stuart: by the way, i went to see "star wars." >> you went to a movie theater? did you stay awake? >> i justclosed my eyes throughe middle of it and shaken awake by one of the large explosions. keith, you're laughing at me. if you're an 8-year-old boy, that movie is fantastic. if you're 67 yooerld guy, ain't so great. >> let's move on.
9:40 am
>> i'm surprised you went to a theater, you actually went to a theater. were you wearing 3-d glasses? >> i get sea sick when i do that. you know that. the driverless tesla car is two years away. >> and he cut the driver time in half. he said last year it was five years away. he's saying that the data does not support fully driverless cars, you've got to have a steering wheel in there and brakes. they found that older senior citizens don't want driverless cars, they want those in there. stuart: elderly people don't wan just a little pod. >> they want a measure of safety. he the did i understand say they'll take keys away from the senior citizens and complaining
9:41 am
about each other's drivers. elon musk is saying that they want control. cheryl: they should have it. and that's what the dmv says, you can put them on the road, but there needs to be a steering wheel. stuart: which reduces the degree of driverlessness. not like you can-- >> there's a promise for everything. >> they're going to say you've got to have a steering while and brakes in there. google doesn't like it. stuart: it's understandable. this is the largest cargo ship. 80% containers, as wide as a football field. cheryl: longer than the empire. stuart: it's 18,,000, 20-foot
9:42 am
containers. unherbal bloo -- believable. it's as tall as a 20-story building, but environmentally friendly meaning that the bigger the ship the less amount of ship in the channel in the water and going back and forth. it's at the port of l.a. stuart: what about minuscule calculation. stop laughing, i can hear you out there. seattle or wherever-- . look at this, the dow industrial is down as expected. looking at the futures, you're looking for a 70, 80 point lost, that's what we've got. russia releasing a new video on their planes, they say that isis oil has been badly damage.
9:43 am
and isis's top guy says it's only getting stronger and america is too scared to put troops on the ground. there's a taunt. more varney in a moment. ♪
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>> now we're down only, i say only, we're down 47 points on the dow industrials, but 17-5 for the dow is holding. a new year's eve terror threat for europe. austrian police say they got a tip-off about the jihadi terror group going to hit london, paris, for example, are now on high alert. look at this, dramatic video
9:47 am
released by russia shows its air campaign in syria. the russians say that isis' oil empire has been battling it. this footage shows a convoy of oil tankers destroyed near the turkish borders. there's more on this. iraqi troops liberating the city of ramadi from isis. just happened. new video shows them waving the iraqi flag. and welcome back to the program, jay. >> thanks for having me. stuart: now, you wrote the book and here we've got isis, basically in retreat from ramadi. my question is this, looks like president obama's policy is successful here because isis is moving out of ramadi without any american boots on the ground. what say you? >> well, there's been american advisors on the ground and i don't think we can discount the fact that the russians have engaged in the region and i think that's weakened isis.
9:48 am
so, i think the president-- what this shows, we said this in the book "rise of isis", if we had the will to do this we could take isis out. no doubt about this. this could be moving much quicker, if the president had a cohesive and coherent strategy, he doesn't, the fact of the matter is iraqi troops that we've been training this time have done a good job. it looks like, in ramadi and i think that bodes well, and it's a shift of engagement. what we have to be weary of, isis tends to morph. they're different than al qaeda, they tend to morph as you just read there will be heightened security alerts, i'm sure isis is going to try to do something between now and the beginning of the year. the fact of the matter is, i don't want to take anything away from the iraqi military that raised to the top on this one. stuart: i've got it. all the way up until christmas,
9:49 am
all the way up until the holidays. there was a drum beat, we have have to have american boots on the ground. now they've been driven out of ramadi without american boots on the ground. you could say that that's a turning point. earlier today we report there are new three town/cities where isis has had to retreat. could you not say that the tide has turned? >> well, i think, look, i don't doubt the fact that with everything that's transpired with americans putting special forces on the ground, in effect is boots on the ground, with the russians stepping up engagement and the iraqi troops fighting has helped, that's a good thing. i think what we have to be cognizant of. the groups morph quickly. i don't want to take anything away from this, this is good. we said this in the book rise
9:50 am
of isis, we have the will to do this. i'm not the one that said you have to have american boots on the ground, but fesh courses and i think we have to have the will to do it. the president has 12 months left in his administration. he needs to step it up. if he steps it up maybe we don't have to pass this on to the next president. stuart: i'd like to see the people from isis, captured, whatever. thank you. they're calling it a marijuana breakthrough. it's a pot detector. drive under the influence and cops will know about it. more varney in a moment. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
9:51 am
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> look at amazon,$670, up $8 as of now. it's more than doubled this calendar year. i'm going to call it the stock of the year. now this, our next guest says
9:55 am
he has created an instant breathalyzer for marijuana, that the police could use it to see who is driving while impaired. the co-founder mike lynn joined me now. all right, doctor. the cops stop a motorist and breathes into your breathalyzer. what does it tell the cops? does it tell the cops, a, the person has been smoking weed and b, that that person is impaired, they're feeling the effects now? >> what it does, when you blow into it, there's a reading that will come out on the screen so that the police officer will see that reading and it will give a level. an actual level of thc, the stuff in pot that makes you stoned and based on that reading, standards would still have to be created and will determine whether somebody is actually impaired. and the key thing hooker is that there are no standards now that say someone's impaired, so we're changing that.
9:56 am
>> that's very interesting, because an alcohol breathalyzer gives you the same result, it tells you the amount of alcohol that you've got in your system. you've got a breathalyzer that tells how much weed, thc is in the system. when there's established standards of how much you can tolerate and still be a good driver, that's the point where your breathalyzer comes in big time? >> right. so, with alcohol, you're right, it tells you the amount of alcohol in your breath, and what we've done with thc, it's the same. it's in your breath, not saliva and urine, the problem with current tests right now, stuart, when you look at blood, for example, it doesn't tell you when somebody last smoked pot so they could have smoked an hour ago or smoked ten days ago. if you're a cop at the roadside. you have no idea when they actually smoked. the different with breath is thc only stays in your breath
9:57 am
for a few hours at the most. so if it's in your breath and cops know you smoked recently and related to impaired. stuart: i know the standards have not been established yet. >> correct. stuart: i'm not sure how to put this, but any idea what the-- what the level of acceptable thc will be? any idea? >> well, that's to be determined. what we're doing for the first time is providing the cools to allow researchers and law enforcement to actually study this problem effectively. studying on a track so that when people get stoned on this track and they drive a certain driving course, we can see what happens at certain levels of thc in the breath. that's never been done before, it's just impossible so we're going to allow that to happen and in facts, i have a professional race car driver who works with me and who is working on these tests in conjunction with law enforcement and we're going to
9:58 am
show you on this track what happens when you've got thc on your breath. stuart: we're out of time, that's fascinating. hard break. five seconds to go. the dow is down. we will be back.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> 10:00 precisely earn time, here are the big stories we're covering for you, now the numbers are in. wow, holiday shopping up, really big. mastercard says holiday sales up 8% online up 20%. that's a big deal. the iraqi army drives isis from the key city of ramadi isis flag removed. iraqi flag goes up. isis might be on the run at least there. don't forget donald trump launching u new ad campaign may be could spend up two million of his own money. by the way, he's going right after hillary clinton taking aim at bill. hour two, "varney & company" starts now.
10:01 am
first this a severe weather update at least 43 people dead across 7 states over the holiday period. devastating tornadoes in the dallas area. blizzard conditions in oklahoma and texas. and more extreme weather continues. winter storm warnings in chicago, more tornadoes expected in the south. alabama, western florida, mississippi, flooding expected in texas, ohio, and virginia. bad weather. look at the dow jones industrial industrial average please. now we're down 71 points why are we down this monday after christmas? because of this. oil we're up a buck 6 per barrel. 3 and a half percent down that's quite a tumble. 36.75. oil down stocks down. price of gas national average is a buck 99. maybe all of that money we saved went towards that much higher
10:02 am
christmas selling period. now this, war on terror, the iraqi army has driven isis from the key city of ramadi. congressman peter king joins us now. welcome back good to see you sir. >> thank you stuart. some degree of vindication of policy of putting no u.s. boots on the ground but still isis is on the run in ramadi? >> well first let me say this is a -- very significant victory, and a give iraqi forces also american advise to the credit forward. i hope there's more after it. most of the results were able to fall. i'd say not a vindication of the policy. i'm not throwinging cold water t when the president began his counteroffensive months ago since then that it fell to isis and really reclaiming something that we had when it began.
10:03 am
and during that time, isis is also spread significantly into libya, into afghanistan, and now arrival of taliban and al qaeda. so no, this is a victory -- for putting it in perspective rrs where we were back in september of 2014 when the president began this counteroffensive. >> do you want to reverse domestic surveillance policy? >> i think we have to certainly add to it, stuart. you're referring to should there be more surveillance in muslim communities, answer is yes and shoct be restrictions put on police. i know that "new york times" they're with this. but the reality is, police work means you go there the threat is coming from and that is from the mum community and i've used this example many time when is had they were going after the community and american community. there's nothing tun constitutional about this.
10:04 am
it's common sense and not wiretapping but you're carrying out search and getting it, sources you go in. with sufficient information then to go further then you get a court order but this to me is common sense. naingd communities surveillance, and really blinking ourself o it is antiking our hands and going to cause loss of life by this political correctness. >> you are going to be demonized by this. if say what you're saying now, they're going to call you and islam phobe what do you say? >> i say that is a regular newspaper. always take extreme, my concern is save the american live. i saw that work the nypd did when they had their forces on the grounds when they weren't building again getting people to cooperate within muslim community. unfortunately muslim community itself is not come forward enough that's another reason why
10:05 am
you do need these again to have the undercover o type operation but again i emphasize this went on for years with the italian american community, and west side of manhattan. and it was common sense police work, if you're looking for the queue lux clan you don't go to harlem. you're looking per the plo you don't go to synagogue but common sense. >> peter king thank you so much for joining us on this monday. thank you. >> yes, sir. donald trump and hillary clinton heads again, this time trump calling out bill clinton. kenny is with us with the author of assault and flattery katy joins us from d.c.. [laughter] good morning. how are you doing today? >> doing well how are you stuart? >> saw you last week in new york now you're in d.c. back with us. now you've got to comment on this bill, hillary donald curfuffle that took place over the holiday period. essentially donald trump is
10:06 am
saying, look -- you have bill clinton out there, hillary. looking after you in the campaign. i'm going to go right after you, bill clinton and i've got a lot of material to work with. you think she's scared of the threat? >> well, i think that it is difficult for the threat to be taken seriously considering how close donald trump has been with the clean tons throughout the past decadings right, let's not forget that hillary and bill were at donald trump's wedding. he wrote hillary clinton check for her senate campaign so that's one thing to consider but on the another more october oive note just looking at this politically, i do think that bill clinton's record is up for -- fair game. because hillary clinton is running on this idea that she's a champion of women and sending bill clinton to boost ore numbers and therefore his record with women which does include allegations of sexual assault are up for grabs when it comes to debate. >> our belief hillary attacked some of the women who came
10:07 am
forward to say bill did this to me. i mean, how's that going to look? >> well, stuart all it be that in my book as you just mentioned flattery, but yeah, hillary clinton, i have always said is america's most infamous enabler of abusive and men. hillary clinton not only tolerated bill clinton's behavior but he helped her along with the clinton machine which she's now using to run for president to attack these women. so it's a little bit rich for her to now go out and say he's a champion of women. sexual assault victims belove in her own words while sending bill clinton on the campaign trail trying to be a champion for victims of sexual assault. >> what do you make of this report from the trump campaign that he's about to launch an if ad campaign? spending his own money, maybe two million dollars a week. do you think he's looking over o his shoulder actually looking in front of him and seeing ted cruz leading in iowa, so out he can
10:08 am
start to spend some money. is that why he's doing it? >> i think so. at this point donald trump has very lucky in the sense that he's earned hundreds of millions in free media in free advertising but looking at iowa saying i want the momentum there even though iowa isn't always indicator of who will win the presidency but he's now looking to talk this race more seriously by buying up ads as ted cruz gets closer in that state. he's lookings at just going if i lose iowa there's potential that i'll lose momentum elsewhere and therefore start running ads and putting money into that. but i will argue maybe it is maybe not his own o money and donating to his campaign. he says he's not taking money, he actually is taking money from hardworking americans who are giving them their donations. >> i have to ask you i have 20 seconds if it were trump versus hillary would you vote for trump, would you vote for hillary or o not vote at all? >> well, i'm -- a journalist stuart so i'm not
10:09 am
going to discuss who i'm gong to vote for. but in the past, donald trump is going to have probably getting republicans and independents to vote for him should he be the winner on the gop side. >> i'm reading into that quite a lot. [laughter] but i will -- [laughter] >> good. everyone else should too. >> excellent commercial right there. katy everyone thank you very much indeed. look at this back to the market it is now down 4 points. back down again that's easy. because we've got the price of oil falling out of that again. now 36 a barrel. down about a buck 25, oil down stocks down, let's bring in our next guest who coffers the market, he face 216 will be what a good year for market because of the president prl election is that where you're going to say? >> well depends presidential election has an effect on the market over the -- since 1946. the markets 75% of the time is up.
10:10 am
market tends to be up. >> any difference as to who looks like it to within the presidential election? >> we'll get change we know that. >> that's for sure. >> but i typically you know -- >> 101 -- here's what i really want. this is what viewers want to know if it was trump as the republican candidate, and he looked likely to and just if that were to happen, what had do you think the market does? >> ting that market will be positive. positive supposedly hillary looks like she'll win does the market go up or down? >> i think the market will be still positive next year. no matter what happens. >> the relationship i don't get it, why? >> next year very interesting year fourth year we're up with a flat year right now in the market, and looks look that people want to see some change and we're going to get it.
10:11 am
i think that's what's going to happen next year we're going to get some change. gong to be very positive and markets off a flat year have pretty good returns and i think we're going to see that. >> i hope you're right. i'm calling amazon is the company of the year stock of the year of would you give me an argument? >> not an argument with that. but a big growth story is and i think it is going to continue to do very well. >> 6:7 0 -- i also shouldn't say this. but i think that facebook might be the stock of 2016. >> my kids will say facebook is the stock of 2016. [inaudible] >> i asked my kids where i should invest thex buy apple they said at 57 dollars a share. that was my daughter's first word was apple i should have. it's true. [laughter] the first word is facebook, i
10:12 am
want to know. facebook i think is 105 right now. going up. all right andrew. thanks so much for joining us thank you, sir. virtual reality head sets. you'll be able to buy facebook "oculus" anybody ho goes out there, commercial could change the way you watch sports. how about that. >> i'm dizzy. stop it. [laughter] this is the one place we're not afraid to fail.
10:13 am
some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> we're going to start with a couple of stocks down 10 points. the ceo has been hospitalized for a severe case of pneumonia. the stocks of the news for other reasons as well is down 10 now. the drug make hadder shamerik
10:16 am
used to prevent infections drug used following blood transplaits down 80%. now this, mastercard says holiday shopping way up this year. an 8 pbt gain over last year. online revolution. >> i tell you something people are buying big ticket items up dowjts. what's going on? when the longer gas prices stay low more people will continue to spend gas savings. also women apparel shot up higher. what's beginning on kohl's, cool, warm weather. warm weather. meaning people buy clothes. >> over the holiday a lot of great deals couldn't help myself. >> are we going to brix and mortar emptying out.
10:17 am
>> if you have a business follower like amazon you say on their website we'll deliver it from our store to you. we'll have 30 -- mini distribution center. it is nice at the top but knock you right down. >> especially if you're pushing a stroller, you're a mom or you lose your child in a crowd. it is annoying going into shopping malls. >> i've made a mall never to put my grandson in a stroller in a shopping mall. >> really happy about that. can i see -- about about these mast hadder card numbers. millennials saying by furniture. millennials out buying big ticket items. interesting. >> 8% gain in holiday shopping incredible quite frankly. biggest gain in years an years. 25-year-old. wow. now this is fascinating to me. virtual reality.
10:18 am
"oculus" on sale to the general public next year. vr arriverring big time mainstream. guy who was hit. the guy you're looking at is daiferred cole he's founder of next vr okay welcome to the program. rng thank you. you've got one with you. you hope to be the first to introduce live sports on virtual reality. >> we opened to broadcast that nationwide about a month ago. >> if i owned one of these things next vr and own od it for the past month i could have been watching in real time live on that virtual head -- >> one game season opener but yeah. it is not our headset but our soft wear and camera and production technology that makes this work. j you're the guys who are try to put lifer sports into that headset. >> you have an energetic nba
10:19 am
opening game l but what about hockey job football? >> tested, hockey is fantastic, we've tested nascar. we have mastive massive premier league we shot with them over 6 50 million fans worldwide and only a fraction can see a match so we can put you in the game as if you're there no matter where you are in the world. >> you have to have a lot of competition "oculus" from facebook going from the psalm same sports. >> so we took the same broadcast platform that we use for live sports for 3d television and adapted to work with virtual reality so we're already in the live broadcast business, and
10:20 am
we're applying that had to vr. >> are you a private company ? >> we are, yes. >> when are you going to go public? >> we have had a successful series we raised quite a bit of money. you can tell me what company is worth based on that return. >> i could but haven't disclosed it. >> wish i could. how about this what kind of percentage do you have of the company? >> healthy percentage. >> so you have healthy percentage but won't tell me how much -- i can't tell whether you're worth 100 or o 200 million am i on target? rmingt somewhere in the neighborhood. ladies and gentlemen congratulations. live sports in virtual reality if you can control the seasickness problem. is it a problem isn't it? >> it isn'ting for us. virtual reality has a bad reputation because in gameing, you have a sensation of moving so you get this visual sensation
10:21 am
that you're moving but inner ear says you're standing still to cause you to feel discomfort. you're stationary look you're at the game and we don't cause those problems. >> that's big thank you very much for joining us. stay is in touch we want to know how you're with us. fedex taking heat an missed shipping deadlines. i say that the online selling season and delivery was a miracle. my take on that is next. [laughter] this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient
10:22 am
as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. to discover the best shows friends together and movies with xfinity's winter watchlist. later on, we'll conspire ♪ ♪ as we dream by the fire ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land, ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. >> all right here's what's coming up for you later in the show. donald trump he says going after bill clinton is fair game. we'll tell you what he said should be a lot of fun, right. apple says this was the app of the year. it is called par are scope
10:25 am
allows anyone with a smartphone to broadcast video live to anywhere. we witnessed a logistic miracle. the miracle i'm talking about is delivery of 1.5 billion packages between thanks giving and christmas. on social media that success was lost in the wining. not every package was delivered right on time so twurt lit up with snark nasty sarcastic snide comments. in particular, it was the pearl to deliver as promised by christmas every because some prengts failed to arrive you think the whole system was broken. i have a problem with that. i understand disappointment and a promise is a proments and social media, twitter in particular has been had turned into a complainer's paradise the sarcasm way to go fedex. really put me off.
10:26 am
the winers, wallowing in that are righteous outrage fail to the extreme weather right before christmas. a storm swept across the area where fedex has its major hub with l manies of packages to deliver every day, fedex has a huge problem. give them a break they came through for almost everyone and volunteers came into deliver on christmas day. step become a moment. appreciate what fedex and ups just did. they enabled a retail revolution. this fsz the year when online selling truly came of age. when it became so easy and fast to click and buy without the delivery guys it couldn't have been done. remember please, the brilliance of online shopping an entirely private interstate creation but loves to make the claiming that government built the road that carry delivery tucks to bow down to government god and worship at
10:27 am
the collectivist alter. okay. but can you imagine how online shopping would look if it were a government operation let's not go there. let's appreciate what just happened 2015 was an online try jump. fedex and ups with an assist from the postal service made it happen. quit wining.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
stuart: why is the dow jones industrial average down 84 points this monday morning? because the price of oil is down. oil down, stocks down, look at that. oil is $36 a barrel, it's down $1.28, down 3% plus, that's why the dow is down can as we speak. then we have this, iraqi portions have taken back the city of ramadi.
10:31 am
they're flying their flag over the main government complex there. the andrew is with us. doesn't that -- that's a victory for us. that's a retreat for isis. doesn't that vindicate president obama who said we're not going to put american boots on the ground, we've got iraqi boots on the ground, and they've won. >> i don't think the retaking of any iraqi city could vindicate president obama's policy towards isis. stuart: give him a break, andrew. >> the syrian civil war has killed more people -- stuart: wait a minute, we went into the holiday period, the conservatives were saying you've got to put boots on the ground, sweep these people away. well, we didn't do that. and there was great pressure on the president to do that. and now they're in retreat in ramadi and a couple of other cities too. give the guy a break, andrew. [laughter] >> look, look, i always thought that eventually the iraqi government was going to be able to reclaim control of most of its territory. it is a centralized, majority
10:32 am
shia government that has always had a tradition of fairly strong control even in the western part of its province -- of its country. i do think that the iraqi cities that isis controls are a much different beast than the syrian cities, right? and to be -- and going forward, i think the real question is how does the iraqi government maintain control in ramadi and other sunni cities, right? do they use shia militiamen and sort of realienate the sunni minority all over again, or do they somehow manage to come to the first-ever -- stuart: does it matter? >> oh, it matters. stuart: no, no. if isis is in retreat, isn't that a win? does it matter who takes their place? i mean, i'm not joking. does it matter? >> i mean, it certainly matters. isis didn't exist before 2012, right? i mean, you had al-qaeda before that and al-qaeda in iraq.
10:33 am
the issue is if isis is then defeated, what is the next incarnation of sunni radicalism that takes its place, right? forging a governance compact with the sunnis in iraq and syria is the fundamental challenge of both the new syrian government -- hopefully -- and the current iraqi government, whatever it is. and how they forge that sort of power-sharing compact will determine a lot about if there's a resurgence of some sort of radical, sunni insurgency in the future. stuart: now, you're a military kind of guy. >> yeah. stuart: army intelligence, i believe. >> i was. stuart: would you want now to see american boots, troops, on the ground -- >> boots and troops. [laughter] stuart: you want to see that? >> absolutely not. stuart: not. >> absolutely not, no. the trouble is, the trouble with the obama administration's policy in iraq and syria is that we keep missing decision points, right? we might have been able to solve much quicker back in 2012. we might have been able to solve
10:34 am
this in 2013. we might have been able to solve this with a better relationship with the iraqi government even after that. but at the moment just because it doesn't make sense to send u.s. troops into syria, into kind of the borderlands with iraq doesn't mean that the president's policy has been a success. stuart: but you are happy to see isis in retreat. >> oh, absolutely. stuart: i would like to see them shot as they leaf the city -- [laughter] or captured and have white flags put in their hand and a videotape made of it. >> that's not how we wage wars these days. this is granada, not stalingrad. [laughter] stuart: nonetheless, isis with white flags, up masked, i think -- unmasked, i think that would work wonders. i know you agree with me. >> in my heart. [laughter] stuart: police officers under fire lately for all kinds of reasons, but the fact is they do put their lives in danger every
10:35 am
day, officers like this gentleman, joseph lem, killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. casey with the silver shield foundation is with us. you raise money for the families of police officers and firefighters -- >> killed in the line of duty. stuart: -- killed in the line of duty. you look after the youngsters, don't you in. >> we do. stuart: how many? >> we started in 1982, george steinbrenner and my father started the charity, and we started by covering the nypd and the fdny, and in the early 2000s we added the new york, connecticut and new jersey state troopers. stuart: how many children are you looking after or helping, shall i say? >> over 850 children, we take care of. stuart: and when you say take care of -- >> educational support. stuart: so if they want to go to college. >> we help them through their 25th birthday, we help with grad school, with tutoring, it could be for private high school. stuart: okay. and it's the silver shield foundation.
10:36 am
>> yes. stuart: i take it, now, i'm guessing and i don't know the answer here, i'm guessing you would have had a big influx of money recently because of a lot of hostility to police officers even though they are killed in the line of duty. >> we have recently. last year we lost, 13 children lost a parent. two of those were new york state troopers, nypd police officer, fdny firefighter with the two little girls, and then we had ramos and liu who were shot and killed in december. so we had another tragedy this december. stuart: but you make no distinction between a police officer, for example, who's shot and killed in the line of duty and a firefighter who runs into a blazing building, falls through the roof and dies. there's no distinction between the two. >> we give back. it's a line of duty. stuart: what i'm getting at, it's not a political thing at all. >> absolutely not. stuart: this is a hue maptarian thing. >> yes, yes. we try to help the families in any way we can. sometimes it could be 18 years,
10:37 am
the widow could be pregnant, and they come to us for help, and they have scholarship books that they get from the department. they come to us for help. i try to help hem in any way i cannot just from our charity, but to steer them in the right direction because they were at a loss at the time, at the time of the tragedy. stuart: sure. >> and we try to do as much as we can for these families. stuart: casey, you do wonderful things for these families. >> thank you. stuart: we rial appreciate you. -- really appreciate you. again, it is the silver shield foundation. did i get that right? >> you did. stuart: even with a british accent? >> you did. stuart: casey, thank you so much. >> thank you. stuart: much obliged. time for the sector report. today we're going to follow amazon. the it was the stock -- that's my opinion -- it was the stock of the year. up more than 100% to date, this calendar year. in other words, it more than doubled. got that? amazon has changed the way people shop. what do the you say, cheryl? >> well, three million new amazon prime members in just one
10:38 am
week, the third week of december alone. plus the video streaming, they had brand new, record-breaking numbers for their videos, or their shows. and, and, we can't forget kindle which, actually, the numbers are pretty good for the kindle. you think that the ipad would have smacked the kindle down. people really love their kindles, they're buying those as well. >> cheryl's right. 200 million packages free shipping. that's what amazon did so far this christmas season. >> right. >> and watch this, it's anywhere from 25 cents to 50 cents of all online shopping is done at amazon. that means all the other online retailers have to compete for the rest of those pennies. >> 25% of u.s. households are prime members now. the last time they actually gave us the numbers on prime membership, 25% of u.s. households. stuart: it's synonymous with online shopping. >> oh, is it a verb now? stuart: i just created a verb. >> oh, there you are. [laughter] stuart: i think you agree with
10:39 am
me, stock of the year, company of the year. you can dissent if you like. [laughter] the campaign clock is ticking, and jeb bush better start making moves. he's not even in the top three in iowa. back in a moment. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
10:40 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. after a winning week on wall street last week where the dow, nasdaq and s&p gained roughly 2.5%, today a different picture. we're seeing the dow pulling
10:41 am
back at 17,469, as oil pulls back, the s&p and the nasdaq also lower. the nasdaq right now down three-quarters of 1 percent. your dow laggards include chevron, as we noted that tie to crude as well as caterpillar, apple, goldman sachs and jpmorgan. one name that's doing well is disney on the heels of "star wars," setting box office records, breaking that billion dollar mark and bringing others to the theaters as well for daddy's home, joy and alvin and the chip monks. amazon itself adding three million more prime winners, a winner year to date. fedex is to the downside. start your day at 5 a.m., fbm a.m. ♪ ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: wildfire in california, this video was taken by dutch tourists who thought they were a safe distance from the fire, but they soon found themselves right in the middle of it. look at that. however, or officials do say that fire is now 75% contained. good video though. what are the big gainers on the dow? in an otherwise down day, i'll tell you, walt disney and nike, both of them are up. disney doing well on the strength of "star wars". how about this? a gallup poll says hillary the most-admired woman of the year,
10:44 am
president obama the most-admired man. donald trump and pope francis tied for second, what do you make of that, lizsome. >> yeah, it's interesting. donald trump, this is only his second appearance in the gallup poll, but he is tied with pope francis. he beat out bernie sanders. >> carly fiorina, the queen, angela merkel, hillary clinton blew them away on this poll. i have to say -- stuart: just saying. you sound like my 19-year-old daughter, just saying. [laughter] how about some good news for ted cruz? a new poll from real clear politics shows him in the lead in iowa, right up there at 30%, trump second, 26.9%. but look at jeb bush, down there at 5%. david is with us, go pac chairman. all right, david, this is obviously crunch time for jeb bush. he's got to do well in iowa and new hampshire. be not, that's a real problem --
10:45 am
if not, that's a real problem, isn't it? >> stuart, he needs the same thing that everyone else needs which is victory. there is no bigger reality check as to whether you're going to be viable and a contender than whether, as you pointed out, you're able to win in iowa and new hampshire. and as we get closer and closer, we're now a month out, about a month out, and military ballots start going out, and people actually start casting votes, you want the story to be about momentum being created. you want stories to be about how supporters are coming to you, the type of stories that mr. trump's getting, that ted cruz is getting, that marco rubio is getting. not stories like this for governor bush or the ones that came out right before christmas that ben carson was thinking about a staff shake-up. those are not the type of stories you want, because they don't give voters confidence that you're going to win. stuart: yeah. i mean, clearly, jeb bush has spent a great deal of money, but
10:46 am
he can't get beyond that 5% level. he's been at 5% for month after month after month. he must be -- i'm going to use a strong word, but his camp must be near to desquare. am i -- despair. am i right? >> the bush camp feels good about where they are -- stuart: no, come on. david, they cannot be feeling good at 5% five weeks before the iowa caucus. >> look, everybody wants to be at the top, right? but he's not. but if you're sitting, if you're his campaign manager and you're sitting there, you say, look, we still have resources to be able to communicate a message, we still have resources to be able to turn our voters out. look, would he rather be on top? absolutely, he'd rather be on top, but he's not. does he, though, have tools that could get him to the top? he does. stuart: like what? like what, david? other than a lot of money, like what? what are the tools that will get him up there to 20%? >> the bush family is still very respected amongst republican
10:47 am
primary voters, that while voters in general may not have a favorable opinion, people have a great respect for the bush family. so he does have goodwill. look, there is no question there is a significant segment in our party who want to move away from the bush family and go a different direction, but you're looking at a big field, can he put enough people together to be able to get where he needs to get? look, we're going to find out here in about five weeks. he does have financial resources, he did have a good debate performance, he does have a strong message that he needs to be able to get out there to iowa and new hampshire voters, but there is no question about it. if governor bush can't place in the top three in iowa and can't win new hampshire, he's not going to be the nominee. stuart: but i don't honestly think that he ever recovered from when donald trump said low energy candidate. i don't think he recovered. >> he has a lot of positive
10:48 am
going for him. he also has his challenges that he needed to overcome, and when it has been going back and forth with mr. trump, governor bush has not always gotten the upper hand in his battles with donald trump. that is not a critique of him, that is just a pair assessment. stuart: all right. so he's in it for the long, long haul, is he? >> well, look, he gets to decide when he gets in the race, he'll get to decide when he gets out of the race. but the reality is if he doesn't get early victories out of new hampshire, iowa and south carolina, he's not going to be in it. stuart: that's true. david, thanks so much for joining us. yes, sir. apple says it was the app of the year. that app is called periscope. lets anybody broadcast live from anywhere to anywhere. we're going to the test it out after. we live in a pick and choose world.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> the islamic state has been on the defense, pushed on the defensive in what used to be syria and iraq, at the same time it's been spreading its message around the world, it's going to renew attacks against the west. so now after being pessimistic, let's avoid being overly optimistic. stuart: well said, ralph. >> hillary clinton is running on this idea that she is a champion of women. she is sending bill clinton out on the campaign trail to to
10:53 am
boost her numbers, and therefore, his record with women -- which does include allegations of sexual assault -- are up for grabs when it comes to debate. stuart: apple has named its number one app of the year, and it is periscope. kirk can nudeson is here to explain. >> everybody is buzzing about this, especially business-minded people. they've got their eye on this. stuart: shall i tell them what it is? let me try. >> go for it. stuart: okay. you put the camera on to a live event of some sort -- >> i'm hearing waves from the beaches of florida. we have just tuned in to a broadcast, someone using periscope has decided to broadcast fort walton beach, florida, where they're hanging out with their toes in the sand. stuart: really? >> is there anything wrong with that? stuart: and that could be a
10:54 am
sporting event which i could watch anywhere in the world. i could do that. >> you could. stuart: it could be a concert i could watch anywhere in the world -- >> you could. you can go anywhere. essentially, take your voice and you're using the network here to get the big varney voice out to the world, but you could do it on your own on periscope. you can see the same world on periscope anywhere, anytime. stuart: you can broadcast to the world individually. >> should we do it? should we just do it? stuart: uh -- >> should we go crazy and just to it? stuart: fox may have something to to say -- >> varney going crazy -- because you want to describe your video, and you want to be compelling -- going crazy about christmas. and we will launch and, boom, we've just started broadcasting. so what's going to happen is all the people on my twitter address at cyber guy are now seeing that
10:55 am
i've started broadcasting, so they might get curious. stuart: so they can watch this now. >> there you are. there we are. do we see stuart on periscope? one person after another that are joining right now, and say hello. stuart: hello, periscope. >> costs you nothing. stuart: hello all of your viewers. got it. so i could do that with my family. >> you could. you could make a private channel that you could send just to your family and broadcast during the holidays. stuart: good lord. >> this has been an absolute hit. but it's got some competition come anything 2016, and that is with facebook. they've already dabbled with live video, and they might just pummel -- stuart: okay. i can't see it, but is the video quality really good? >> look at the return monitor. it's spectacular. stuart: that is good. >> it's fantastic. when you go into areas where your phone can't -- isn't connecting so good, it'll drop down. stuart: periscope is free? >> free, free. stuart: they're not publicly
10:56 am
traded yet, they've not been bought by anybody yet, they're independent? >> well, it was acquired by twitter. stuart: oh, really? >> they saw it coming. twitter's got to think about what they're doing in the future, and this is a very smart move. stuart: but twitter's stock has come way down because people don't see much value in it, but that, if they own periscope, that's value inside twitter. >> this is why you're stuart varney. stuart: i don't know about that. i like that thing. kirk knudsen, cyber guy, thank you very much. we'll see you again. the broadcast will continue.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: there is always news on trump. if he says nothing, it's news. so try this. he's going to start a tv ad campaign. yes, paying to reach the public. that's a first. until now trump has been the most successful campaigner who never spent a dime. well, sources inside his
11:00 am
campaign say he may spend up to $2 million a week on tv ads. at first we'll hear about his vision, and then if need be, he will attack his opponents. in total he may spend up to $100 million out of his own pocket. that's according to those insider sources. they say, quote: our super pac is donald trump's bank account. we know one thing for sure, if he's spending his own money, he's in it to win it. six months ago you could have said, and many did, that it was just a publicity stunt. it's clearly gone too far for that. but this ad campaign, if it happens, the tells us more. maybe trump is worried about iowa. he's dropped to second place behind ted cruz there. the iowa caucus is five weeks away. lou -- lose in iowa, and trump will have to get his momentum back for new hampshire and south carolina just weeks later. and maybe he's worried about his negatives; that is, the 50% of
11:01 am
voters who say they'd be embarrassed if he were sitting in the oval office or the very strong opposition he faceses from women and hispanics. he's a shrewd kind of guy. he knows to win you can't be way behind with big voting blocs. could it be that donald trump is maturing into a regular politician? that would be a real disappointment for his supporters who love his in-your-face approach. that's what makes him popular. i guess his dilemma is that to win presidency, he has to behave more in the way we expect a president to behave. but if he tones it down, they'll say he's sold out. which makes these ads -- if they ever really appear -- a signal for the trump of 2016. what's he going to do? stay with slash and burn free twitter or become the visionary out of his own pocket? either way, he's the guy to watch. just like in 2015. and i guarantee that all of us will be watching the entertainment. ♪ ♪
11:02 am
stuart: 11:01 eastern time and look at this, please, a low of the dow for the day. we're back to 17,4, down triple digits. why is this happening? because the price of oil is tanking. we're down $1.30 at 36.78. there is some feeling this is the break time, this is where we plunge. we're down 3.5%. down goes the stock market. how about the price of gasoline? the national average right now as of today $1.99. we've got a record breaking holiday season for amazon. it's one- its one-day they'vely service having its busiest day ever on christmas eve. i call that the stock and the company of the year. to politics. donald trump attacking the clinton campaign again, this time going after bill clinton. listen to what he said about bill's support of his wife. >> i think he is fair game
11:03 am
because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that she's talking to me about. i mean, she's mentioning sexism. i turned her exact words against her from that standpoint, and she's got to be careful. we all have to fight fairly. she's playing the woman's card, and it's like give me a break. bill clinton is not going to be the end-all in the campaign, and he'll come under attack not just from me, he'll be coming under attack from many other people. stuart: ebony kay williams is here and, ebony, i can never quite work out your politics. [laughter] i thought you were left of center, then you veered off to the point where you may support donald trump. it occurs to me if trump is now saying, hey, watch out, you bring bill clinton into this and i'm really going after you, i can see juanita broderick's name coming out there and a couple of others as well. what do you say? >> well, stuart, first of all, i
11:04 am
love to keep you guessing, so it's going to be a fun year. [laughter] i'll say this, trump is right in one regard. certainly, the moment hillary clinton strongly invokes bill clinton into this campaign, he does become fair game because, certainly, she cannot benefit from the goodwill that many of the democratic base still feel towards bill clinton and then not, of course, grapple with the backlash that many still feel about bill clinton's indiscretions in the white house as well. so she's got to take that both ways that it comes. trump's got to be careful too though, stuart, because many people still have fond memories of bill clinton in the democratic base, so he's got to be careful. there's no more charismatic person many this race. right now trump's got all the charisma. bill clinton can be charismatic when he wants to be, so i would caution trump to be careful there as well. stuart: i hear you, ebony. i'm going to through this -- throw this open to liz and cheryl, both women -- >> this is true. stuart: you know, here comes trump ready to attack bill
11:05 am
clinton and implicitly attack hillary clinton. >> well, there's a couple things -- stuart: hillary could have a problem here. >> yeah, the campaign has to be really careful. stuart: who's got to be careful? >> the clinton campaign needs to be careful in attacking trump. they need to follow how carly fiorina handled it. stuart: no, wait, i want the other question answered. doesn't hillary have a problem getting support from her philandering husband and being attacked by donald trump buff it? >> no, i do not -- she is teflon. if there was a teflon don, it'd be hillary clinton. stuart: you think? >> but, you know -- >> hold on, hold on. voters have a short-term memory. people have a.d.d., and especially when it comes to to bill clinton. they can forgive and forgive that man, and they will do it again and again. stuart: ebony, you heard that. every loan. >> yes, i did. stuart: and you say what? >> i don't know that she's teflon, but i'll say this, i think if anyone is not in the position to make a strong moral
11:06 am
argument against bill clinton's philandering ways, it might be donald trump. you know, certainly he's not been the stand-up, most moral compass guy. so while i think there's an argument to be made against bill clinton's ways, i don't know that trump is the guy to make that argument. stuart: but we will be glued to watching it. >> yes, we will. >> you know what donald trump could do? stuart: that's it. ebony kay -- >> hire a lot of, a lot more women as his pr people. if he has women out there talking about this, that's going to have an impact. >> he already has a lot though. >> he has one. i'm talking an army of women -- stuart: does he have binders of women? >> he's got a daughter. stuart: bernie sanders says donald trump's supporters should be his supporters. steve mere is with us -- steve moore is with us, ace economist and now political commentator, especially when we've got an economic viewpoint from one of the candidates. now, bernie sanders says, look, donald trump's supporters are working class people.
11:07 am
they're the ones who have lost their jobs to competition from china, they're the ones who are not earning that much money, so come support me because we're on the same track. what do you make of that? >> look, i think there is some similarity, stuart, between the voters who are siding with trump on the republican side of the aisle and those who are with sanders on the democratic side of the aisle. and it's the economic anxiety and economic anger, the two a worlds. this is basically the middle class that has been shafted over the last ten years, the last few years of bush and the first seven years of obama. i'm here in washington, d.c. and everybody says, oh, everything's so wonderful on the economy, why are people so angry? because main street america has just not felt the effect of the so-called recovery. and i think trump and sanders' we mom nonare both a reflection of that, people are not feeling the love for this recovery whatsoever. we talk about the stock market's up or, or you know, the
11:08 am
economy's growing by 2%, most americans aren't feeling it. >> both candidates are anti-big business, and they stress on the word big. >> yep. both of them take the corporations to task. both of them do. >> yep. they do. and, look, i think a lot of what both of them, trump and sanders, are saying about trade, for example, is wrong. i think, actually, trade is good for american workers, and i think it'll create more jobs and more high paying job ands. i think they're wrong on immigration. i think immigration is good for the american worker and the american economy. but the point i'm making is that, you know, obama's trying to to run around the country, stuart, telling people everything's wonderful, and i should get so much credit for saving the economy from the second great depression, and the people aren't buying it. those trump voters, i'm old enough to remember the 1980 election. remember, stuart, the old reagan democrats? those were blue collar, middle class voters who felt like everything was going wrong with the economy. they're back. those are reagan, those are reagan democratic voters. they are up for grabs, and i
11:09 am
will make case to you: whichever party wins those voters, stuart, is going to win this election. stuart: real fast, steve, we got figures last week showing we're growing at a 2% rate. >> whoo hoo! stuart: yeah, really. [laughter] we've been growing at 2% for most of the last seven years, as i recall. are we going to wreak out of that -- break out of that mold in 2016? >> no. i think we're going to stay right between 1.5-2% growth. we're stuck in that rut until we have a decision in this election that's coming up, what, 11 months from now. i'm not predicting a recession in 2016 as some economists are, i just think we're in this rut. investors are in a holding pattern, employers are in a holding pattern pattern and cons are in a holding pattern. as long as that happens, everything is going to change once that election is decided. look, i think if you've got a president trump or a president cruz or a president rubio, i think this economy's ready to take off. i'm an optimist, but we've got to fix the tax code,
11:10 am
pro-american energy policy and get government off the backs of business. you're going to see 4% growth, i promise. stuart: a promise, whoa. >> but that's 2017. [laughter] stuart: we'll take it. steve moore, thank you very much, indeed. >> take care. stuart: gotta take a look at fedex. as you may know, many customers are complaining -- i say whining -- about packages arriving late for christmas. but i think fedex and ups along with them, they pulled off a logistical miracle. >> yeah. stuart: i mean, that's what i think. >> cat four twisters and tornadoes, category four level in texas and, you know, blizzards in parts of the country? 1.55 billion packages this holiday season since thanksgiving to date. a big chunk of that is fedex, and their on-time delivery rate is still 90% for both fedex and ups. stuart: and here we spend time, people on social media are whining about some deliveries, limited number, which didn't make it -- >> two years ago this was ups'
11:11 am
problem. they had delivery issues. this year it's fedex. does anybody remember that from two years ago? stuart: the problem of the weather. come on, give them a break. >> i mean, amazon's raised expectations, right? to have your package immediately. stuart: yep. >> i think that's a problem now for fedex to have to meet that. stuart: i like fedex. amazon is the company of the year, are we -- >> just reporting. stuart: after the break, a guest who says if you want good manners in your child, then limit their screen time. how about that? ♪ ♪
11:12 am
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stuart: the latest "star wars" movie, it is called, in case you don't know, "the force awakens." it is the fastest movie ever to
11:15 am
hit the $1 billion box office mark. cheryl, i saw it. if i were an 8-year-old boy, i would have loved the thing, but as a guy my age, i was less than enthused. >> but yet that really doesn't matter -- [laughter] grandparents and parents took their kids. all that matters is if you see it once. the longer story is can they keep this up, because they've got other issues with espn not related to "star wars." this movie is a hit, bona fide hit, and it hasn't even gone to china yet. stuart: you put your finger on it, because it's an event. it's not just a movie you take the kids to, it is an event. >> it's a cultural phenomenon now. stuart: i suppose so. >> parents that went in the '70s are taking their children today to see it. so you've got the best of both worlds. plus all of the paraphernalia, the lightsabers and millenium falcons. stuart: i saw it in 1977 in san
11:16 am
francisco, and i watched it again this time around, and it just wasn't the breakthrough this time around that it was back then. the effects back then were truly stunning. the same effects today have not been enhanced that much. >> i'm going to see it this week, then we can discuss further. [laughter] but i will say this, all the reviews said it brought a good mix of old and new without going too crazy on the special effects, and that was actually a positive for the movie. >> be we're going to get you a lightsaber, okay? stuart: thank you very much. >> want a talking yoda doll? [laughter] >> bb-8, the little -- that thing was kind of cool. my next guest says, this is important, we need to change the way we're allowing our children to use screens, smartphones and tablets. dr. leonard saks is with me, and he's the author of the book with the arresting title of "the collapse of parenting." doctor, welcome to the program. >> thank you. stuart: first of all, you've got to tell me the story of kyle. tell our viewers. >> so i'm a practicing
11:17 am
physician. mom brings her kid in because he's got a tummy ache. kid not paying attention to me, he's looking at his phone, playing some kind of game, and i start talking to mom, and she's describing her son, and the son looks up and says, shut up, mom, you don't know what you're talking about. stuart: he actually said those words? >> yes. and he laughed. and that's not unusual. that would have been very unusual in 1990 or 2000. i am a practicing physician. i was seeing children in 990 and 2000 -- 1990 and 2000. it's become very common. there's been a profound shift in american culture in a short time. stuart: but what you're talking about is a shift in manners. >> more than manners. stoort stoort bad attitude for a kid to tell his mother, shut up. >> disrespect is cool. american kids now grow up in a culture of disrespect. not only disrespect for parents, but disrespect for one another, disrespect for themselves. stuart: and the screen is just one part of that? >> it's just a small part of it. stuart: as a parent, it is easy
11:18 am
to give the child the screen and say, here you go, you want this, get on with it. >> it's seductive, but don't give in to that temptation, because the more time kids spend with screens, the less competent they are with face-to-face communication. and face-to-face communication has way more importance than knowing how to upload a photo to instagram. stuart: okay. lay down the rules. what rules would you impose on youngsters, or parents on youngsters? >> no screens in a social setting. no screens in the doctor's office, no screens at the dinner table. make eye contact, shake hands, be interested in what the other person is saying. stuart: no screen time except in private moments. >> well, screen -- according to american academy of pediatrics, kids should have no unsupervised use of any device with internet access. they can use screens as part of a school project, look something up, but when they're with a parent, when they're with family, when they're in a doctor
11:19 am
's office, no screens, no devices. stuart: you know, i think you might be on to something. >> i hope so. stuart: i like the title, "collapse of parenting," and i think that goes to the heart -- >> there's billion an abdication of parental authority. parents are not sure what their role is. they think they're supposed to be their kid's best friend. if your going to be the parent, you have to set the rules. being a friend comes second. you have to be a parent first and foremost. stuart: dr. leonard saks hitting it out of the ballpark. the collapse of parenting, great stuff. thank you, doctor, we appreciate it. >> thanks. stuart: all right. then we have peyton manning named in an al-jazeera report on performance-enhancing drugs. the source of the story has now recanted the story. we have the full story next.
11:21 am
11:22 am
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and movies with xfinity's winter watchlist. later on, we'll conspire ♪ ♪ as we dream by the fire ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land, ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. stuart: i'm sure you've haired this story,al ya zero that reporting that peyton manning is one of several athletes who were supplied performance-enhancing drugs from an anti-aging clinic. now, the report cites a guy called charlie sly who allegedly spoke to an undercover reporter working for al-jazeera. now, here's the video of this guy, charlie sly, recanting the whole story. roll tape.
11:24 am
>> my name is charles sly. it has come to my attention that al-jazeera has somehow obtained recordings or communications of me making statements concerning a number of athletes and a program about them. the statements on any recordings or communications that al-jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. stuart: absolutely false and incorrect. i'm going to back up for a second. peyton manning responded to the original al-jazeera story by denying any involvement, roll that tape. >> disgusted, is how i feel by it. i'm not sure i understand how someone can make something up about somebody, admit that he's made it up and yet it somehow gets published in a story. it's defamation, and it really ticks me off. stuart: now, despite that statement from peyton manning and despite the recanting of the
11:25 am
story, al-jazeera is sticking to it, they're standing by the story, cheryl. you've got to tell me why they're doing that. >> because in the documentary that aired yesterday, here's that they said happened, that the drugs, the growth drugs, were actually sent to his wife from that clinic. now, he actually admitted that his wife did seek treatment at that clinic. but when asked about his wife to go into further details, peyton manning backed away in the interview and said there's a lot of questions about -- maybe these drugs were going to his wife, and he was trying to protect her or, or other side of this is maybe she didn't take delivery of drugs that he used. who's to say what a husband hands to a wife in the privacy of their own home x now they're threatening to sue. >> nobody knows what drugs the wife was taking, that's clear. but peyton manning is saying there is no connection between me and whatever my wife's treatments are at that clinic. stuart: yes, he's categorically said i didn't do it. >> and now threatening to sue, by the way. stuart: yes, he is. what a dreadful story.
11:26 am
>> awful. stuart: then we have the iraqi army driving isis from the city of ramadi. how about that? terror in retreat? we'll discuss it in a moment.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
. stuart: that is 100 points selloff on the dow jones
11:30 am
industrial average, you may ask why is this happening on a monday morning? and i will tell you because the price of oil is down 3%. oil down, stocks down. that is the pattern of trading. major cities in europe on high alert this week. there's a warning of a another terrorist attack. australian authorities say they were warned. claims the attack of explosives or guns between christmas and new year's eve. high alert over there. russia releasing a new video. it shows that allegedly continued air strikes on isis, they say they've successfully targeted a number of isis oil tankers. you can see it right there. it shows the truck scattered around, billowing smoke coming out of them. maybe they did attack isis oil tankers and hurt them. iraqi forces have successfully liberated the city of ramadi from isis. they're flying the iraqi flag over the city's government complex. gabriel is with us. you know, you add all of this up. i've got to say it looks like
11:31 am
isis is in retreat. they have suffered a defeat of sorts. and you say? >> they did. isis has actually lost 15% of its territory so far this year. so psychologically it is a defeat for isis, and it's very good for the west to show that you can win against isis and this is very important actually as a signal to the islamic world, especially saudi arabia and egypt and those who are trying to build a coalition to counter isis right now. this is a very important victory for them to encourage them to get into the fight. stuart: and doesn't it vicinit vindicate president obama who said there were no american boots on the ground and we will still beat isis and there are still no american boots on the ground in and all my we beat isis. >> but we are providing training to the iraqi forces. let's not forget that. so we are still involved somehow. yes, we do not have an army quote present in ramadi right now, but we have provided
11:32 am
training to the iraqi forces and intelligence as well. so -- in order for us to actually take back territory, you have to have people on the ground. not necessarily americans but americans need to lead basically from behind and organize. stuart: don't you think, though, that maybe the tide is turning? i mean up until a week ago, it was all isis expanding and terrorizing everybody and chopping people's heads off. now suddenly they're in retreat. i'm trying to say in your judgment has the tide turned? >> not exactly. it's a good step in the right direction of taking over ramadi, but we have a long way to go. but people are waking up to realizing that isis is bad, and especially in the arabic world where they're starting to mobilize and that's exactly where they came out and used the palestinian cause to rally support because the know that saudi arabia, which is a sunni
11:33 am
country, is appealing to the sunni muslims worldwide to fight isis. so that is encouraging to the muslims to the sunnis, to saudis, egyptians, quaties, and this gives them hope. stuart: i've said this many phylums on the program this morning. what i'd really like to see is those isis fighters who are retreating from ramadi shot and or captured and have white flags put in their hands and a videotape taken so we can pass it all around the world. you would go for that, wouldn't you? >> you have a great way of thinking. absolutely because remember propaganda is very important and public relations is very important. you have to show your enemy being defeated in order to empower more people to basically join the fight and also those who are fighting with isis to put their arms down. this psychological battle is as important as the military battle. stuart: brigitte, thank you as always for joining us. thank you very much. >> pleasure being with you. stuart: now this.
11:34 am
it has been nuanced commercial flights will soon begin going over to cuba. however, my next guest says we should actually be serving all ties with cuba. joe connor is with us. all right, it joe, let's give the audience some background here. your father was killed by puerto ricoian terrorists who found in cuba. >> yes. the chief bomb maker for the terrorist group that killed my dad on january 24th, 1975. morales was arrested, sentenced to 99 years in prison. escaped and has been a guest of cuba since 1988. and i've been personally trying for his return since 1990, been told we have no diplomatic relations with cuba, but that's changing. stuart: you want to sever all ties. i put it to you that's not going to happen. those ties are already in place. you can't go back. >> i want to negotiate and get morales returned and i want to get a negotiation in place with cuba.
11:35 am
right now we're just giving everything away to cuba. stuart: what leverage do you have? >> enormous revenger. right now you talked about the flights going in. stuart: yeah. >> fortune magazine says 10 million americans will go to cuba. that's about $10 billion if you do the math. it's about 10% of the cuban economy. to put in perspective that would be $1.7 trillion to the u.s. economy based on the gdp. so now we're talking about a huge amount of leverage, and we're not demanding the return of terrorist who have been convicted. i mean morales was convicted. we have hillary clinton who is running for president who is pushing for the normalization of relations with cuba. she's looking to close down guatemal bay. >> . stuart: you're running a
11:36 am
campaign to exercise this leverage. >> yes. stuart: and get him back here. >> yes, i am. stuart: have you put that to the campaign? to the hillary clinton campaign. >> that's what i'm doing right now. stuart: you are? >> i'm a limited guy, but i'm doing the best i can to get it out there. rubio has been very good on it, cruz has been good on it, congressman has been good on it, there's been a bunch of congressman and senators. but i'm looking for donald trump. he can talk. i'm looking for hillary clinton to come out. look, when the other flan members were offered by bill clinton in 1999, it was a pure run to help hillary for senator in new york. and she was against the clemencies when the world turned on her. now, she has an opportunity to make a statement and say am i going to fight the war on terror and bring this guy back? or gimme allow the capitulation to continue? rubio has already said, no, he won't allow that. cruz has been very good. i want to hear clinton, i want to hear what shefulness to say.
11:37 am
this is a war on terror, not a war on islamic terror, these are guys that are catholic, they're christian, let's fight the war on terror, let's be honest, and let's do the right thing here. these guys have already been convicted. stuart: i remember the attack 1975 i think it was. >> january 24th, 19 -- stuart: your father was killed in it? >> my father was killed in it. only 33 years old. stuart: we thank you very much for being with us. >> merry christmas and happy birthday to my beautiful wife daniel. stuart: you can say that. look in the camera and say it again. joe, thank you very much, sir. appreciate it. >> any time, stuart,. stuart: donald trump getting the nod from clint eastwood. he said quote people are looking for somebody who is outspoken and isn't afraid, and he seems to have kind of a fearless attitude. is that a plus, trump? or what? liz: good question. this was clint eastwood, an off the cuff mark that he made
11:38 am
that he was connecting with people and also talked about ben carson and said anybody on this ticket would be better than barack obama as president of the united states. stuart: i want a plus for trump? liz: yeah, it's a plus for trump. he likes trump and carson. and, by the way, the celebrities who like trump, a pretty good crowd. charlie sheen, mike tyson, hulk hogan, so clint eastwood is joining that crowd of celebrities like trump. stuart: that's an interesting list, liz. liz: a serious list. stuart: that's better. up next. you've got to listen to this one. especially people like me. an anti-aging gene could help people live past 100 years of age. here's the question of course. do such anti-aging genes exist? jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners.
11:39 am
but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
11:40 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average is down 96 points after a great gain last week or at least a winning week we should say. stock up more than 2.5%, dow down 95, s&p down 13. some of your dow movers include disney on star wars, nike also a winner, but we are seeing energy under pressure, oil in particular. energy such as chevron down
11:41 am
under 1% today, and caterpillar also on the leading side today. fitbit turns out they're doing very well with the apple app. top app for apple. i guess a lot of people got fit bits for christmas and that stock is up almost 4% today at 30 bucks even. weight watchers got a nice boost in october when opera said they would get a 10% stake in the country now releasing ads with opera in it. start your day fbn a.m. every day. see you there with breaking news . but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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11:43 am
stuart: a massive christmas week storm system has left at least 41 people dead in the past week. it brought heavy rains flooding, strong winds, and look at this. tornadoes to southern and midwestern states. three of them were reported in texas. the strongest measuring an ef4. that's the second highest grade of tornado. trouble's not over. now winter storm warnings are in effect for some areas of north texas, southeast new mexico and the panhandle as well. now this. we brought you the story earlier this hour. bernie sanders says trump supporters should vote for him. well, trump is responding on twitter. here's the quote. strange. but i see wacko bernie sanders allies coming over to me because i'm lowering taxes while he will double and triple them. a disaster. so, liz, trump is saying, no, my supporters are not going to him. it's sanders supporters who
11:44 am
should be and are coming over to me. liz: yeah, that's right. this is a fight for the working class voters. trump is saying i will cut everybody's taxes. bernie sanders is saying i will give $20 trillion worth of free stuff. well, if you're going to do that, you've got to hike taxes even more and even hillary clinton's campaign says bernie sanders, knock it off. your tax hikes will hit the middle class really, really hard. the top 20% already pay for 84% of the federal tax revenues. stuart: that's right. liz: so how much more does bernie sanders want? you never hear bernie sanders saying cut government spending. reform government. you don't really hear that. stuart: no you don't. that's an under statement. how about this one? living to 100 may seem like a long shot to a lot of people. my next guest, though, is looking for a way to make it possible for a lot of people. stuart kim is with us. he's a genetics professor at stanford university. sir, does such a thing as an anti-aging gene actually exist?
11:45 am
>> i think so. we found five genes in our recent study that seem to be different versus normal people. these are genes that help prevent disease in these people when they were younger and allowed them and gave them a better chance to be age 100 . stuart: if you look down the road a ways, is it possible to get these five genes and stick them into someone like me so that i can get that genetic structure and live to 100? >> well, you're asking a far-reaching question. i mean this is down the road is ten years or something like this. but let's say you have quite a bit left in your gas tank and science is really moving at a rapid cliff right now. technology is just inspiring. so i think if you have some left in the gas tank, there are going to be amazing things possible with stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and if we understand the mechanisms about how to slow down aging,
11:46 am
there may be interesting possibilities available to people that are around today. not today but ten years from now or 20 years from now when we can start to do these kinds of therapies, which is plenty of time for lots of people that have enough time left. stuart: okay. so is living past 100 a genetic thing? because a lot of people say, no, eat the right foods, do a lot of exercise, don't smoke, don't do this, don't do that, lifestyle will get you past 100. but you say part of the basics of getting past 100 is genetics? go ahead. >> no. lifestyle won't do it. lifestyle, diet and exercise. i think you could get maybe five years or something like that. but if you want to live 30 years, you really want genetics. the person who -- the world's oldest person. stuart: doctor, you have just upset all the people in the studio who exercise vigorously. cheryl: that's right. like every day. thanks a lot. >> sure. it's five years. five years is good. you'll be fitter, and you'll
11:47 am
be healthier, but it's not going to get you to age 110. the world's oldest person smoked for 116 years. that person had -- that person had access to things that we don't have. and that's what i want to know is how did they slow down their clock. and if you could slow down your clock, you're going way deeper than eating right. stuart: okay., doctor, you're the top guy in your line of business if i can put it lights. you're the genetics professor at stanford university, you're the king of the hill. are you telling me that you can do it in ten years. isolate those genes, stick them into persons, can you do that? >> well, first off i don't know about top guy. there are lots and lots of colleagues in my study. ten years? i have a lot of faith in the scientists and the colleagues in the world. they're really creative and doing amazing things and ten years is a long time. ten years ago we didn't know about this thing that is
11:48 am
completely rewritten the rule book. another ten years we'll have more discoveries that aren't foreseen right now and things will become possible. and an incentive to live longer and slow down the aging clock is enormous. so if it even starts to become possible, i think there will be the will to try and get it done. stuart: doctor, that was a wonderful interview. we thank you very much indeed for giving hope to all of us who would love to see 100 years of age. doctor,. >> thank you very much. stuart: good man. thank you very much, doctor. we'll see you soon. i hope. that was good. cheryl: i'll see him in ten years. give me his address. liz: i don't know if people want me to live to 100. stuart: i'll pay. steve harvey's major mistake at the ms. universe contest. we're formed by a former ms. usa after the break. would she forgive him if it happened to her? and i have the opportunity to interview several candidates for the presidential nomination. take a look some of our best
11:49 am
interviews from this year. more varney after this >> why are you running? just y are you putting yourself through the ringer like this? >> because america isn't just a country i was born in, it's the nation that literally changed the history of my family. it gave me the opportunity to be anything my talent and my work would take me, would allow me to be. stuart: this is silly but maybe i'm going to offer some advice to you, sir. how about a very positive campaign that says i want to return america to prosperity? >> i'm the only one on the stage that actually balanced the federal budget working with a group of people, and we had great prosperity. stuart: how do you react to trump's view that you're a low-energy candidate and that's why your tax plan didn't get much attraction. i've got to get a reaction from you. >> yeah. look, this is -- not about the big personalities on the stage. stuart: closing some mosques. would you do the same thing in america? >> i would do that. absolutely. i think it's great. i know they have a lot of proposals over there.
11:50 am
if you go out, you go fight for isis, you can't come back . stuart: can you do it? >> why can't you do it? . stuart: you can't make your love and respect for the constitution into a one-liner. make america great again. that's a pretty good one liner. >> i'm not a politician. i'm not a sound bite guy and that's why you're not going to see me probably lighting up to debates. >> the first thing you have to do is restore credibility. i think that's a military i would up. it's showing we're not going to be a toothless tiger but we're going to be the most fearsome force in america. >> i think there's no doubt that the american people understand that president obama is weak. they understand that president obama has consistently under estimated this threat. they understand that hillary clinton who may be saying the right things now has done all the wrong things. tucson.
11:51 am
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stuart: steve harvey making light of his miss universe mistake where he named the wrong person the winner. look at facebook. he posted this on christmas day saying merry easter, y'all. i guess that's funny. sandy is here, a former ms. usa, i believe you won in
11:55 am
2004; is that correct? ms. usa? >> that is correct, and i was first runner-up also. stuart: so would you have forgiven steve harvey if it was you wrongly crowned? >> you know, what? in the moment it would have been devastating but looking back it would have been my only chance to wear that crowd, so 15 seconds of glory i think still stands for something. stuart: you are being very, very generous because i know -- i know a little bit about the pageant business. you work hard for much of your life to get to the top there and then to have the crown taken off you, i think you would feel a little bit more emotionally upset than you're letting on. >> well, definitely. especially in the latin countries. they can almost spend their entire lifetime working for that title because it changes their life. it's such a bigger deal than it is here in the united
11:56 am
states to have that crown. so for her -- and especially ms. columbia in that moment because the outgoing ms. universe was also from columbia so they had this really proud moment from the country and this moment crowning ms. columbia and then to have it taken off, it was devastating to for her and her fans. stuart: now, steve harvey is back next year. he's mc-ing the ms. universe contest again. i think that is ratings gold. everyone will be tuning in to see what he does next year, do you agree? >> you know, at the end of the day he is a comedian, so i think he handled it really well by posting that funny post on facebook. and it's working for him because he was invited back next year, and i believe for the next five years he's scheduled to host ms. universe. so something's working for hi. stuart: were you watching this year when the crown was removed? did you see it live? >> i was. i was watching with my mom and my 98-year-old grandma in missouri, and it gets to the end, and we watch the crown,
11:57 am
and we go to turn it off and steve harvey walks back out and i was nudge my mom, like, what is happening right now and freaking out because i've never seen anything like that and it was also bizarre because the girls weren't greeting her, usually as soon as the crowning happening all the girls rush the stage and hugging her and it wasn't happening and the big reveal happened and i was, like, you've got to be kidding. so i thought it was a setup at first. i thought the whole thing was planned because it was fox, they love their drama. and then i saw the press conference and realized it wasn't a setup. stuart: thank you very much for joining us with your thoughts. thank you very much, ma'am. >> thank you. stuart: all right. big show today. more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: this is the first day back after the big christmas holiday and what did he a day it has been. we have found out that sales overall for christmas, the holiday period were up 8%. that is a whopping great, big
12:00 pm
gain and online was up 20%. we have the dow industrials down 80 points. why is that? because the price of oil is way down at 36 bucks a barrel. oil down, stocks down. my time is up but it was a big deal. neil, it's yours. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very much. we're also trying to follow up on all of this storm damage that was done on much of the south and the midwest. right now the death toll is approaching 43 confirmed deaths. we're told hundreds of injuries. we're also told massive damage to the entire area, including a good chunk of texas where snow is the latest threat now later tonight. fox news will carr on the latest texas storm damage. will. >> hey,, neil, the governor has come out and declared a state of emergency for four counties in texas after nine tornadoes hit this area on saturday and there is damage all over the place.


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