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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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christmas as well. i wuss up at the -- i was up at the mount washington where, believe it or not, there was a little bit of snow in new hampshire, at least for a couple of 5-year-olds and a 3-year-old to ski down the mountain. anyway, good to be back, i'm going to send it to liz claman for the close of trading. liz: thank you so much, trish. we have three sessions and one hour left to trade in 2015 including this one. oil is still the driving force heading into this final week of the year. we're losing 32 points on the dow, way off the lows though. but crude is getting hammered even in the aftermarket session. it is down once again as the dow remains in the red for the year. european capitals, dozens and dozens of them, on high alert after a tip from a friendly nation warned of a possible terror attack between christmas and new year. that's right now. the alert coming as the leader of isis issues an audio message, but this time it's different. he is now threatening israel, a call to arms or a sign of desperation?
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as the iraqi military beats isis by taking back the big city of ramadi. captain chuck nash has the threat assessment right now. national security still a major topic on the presidential campaign trail. with just five weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum pulled off an underdog victory there four years ago surprising just about everybody. today we are going to ask him if he has to win that again in iowa in order to remain a factor in the race for the white house. rick santorum is here live. and nfl quarterback peyton manning fighting off a new report that says he used human growth drugs banned by the nfl. our panel of former players on whether they believe him, whether they think the nfl is to blame and how it could affect his teem, career and marketing -- his team, career and marketing opportunities post-nfl play. plus, the latest on the deadly tornadoes in texas. we have the eye -- check that, retina popping anti-hacker technology you'll see in 2016,
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and this just out, breaking news, imaxs has just announced that "star wars" has crossed the $100 million for imax screens worldwide. we're less than an hour to the closing bell on this last monday of 2015, so let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: oil is back to its old ways, causing wall street to slide today. it closed at $36.31. if you hook on the screen, we're slightly higher than that right now, we're at 36.83, but it's really no consolation to those who felt that the big jump last week of 5% would be the next wave forward. no. we should remind you that our lowest close so far this year is $33.98. again, we're at 36.85 at this very second. not surprisingly, the energy sector is one of the biggest losers today with names like peabody energy, whiting petroleum, kinder morgan -- which is down nearly 5% -- those three names leading the way down.
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it's an ugly picture. and they are very heavily weighted in the s&p. you have to to remember it's very hard for the s&p to really rally if oil is not doing well. a reminder as well, these are the levels that you need to be watching for the next three sessions to see if u.s. markets will end in the green. the dow needs to hit 17,823. we're not there right now, we're at 17,519. the fight over oil playing a key role in the latest developments in the war on terror. russia today is releasing new footage of what it claims to be a successful bombing -- look at this -- to destroy isis' smuggling operations into turkey. there is a point where a big -- right here, you've got to see -- gets completely obliterated. now, as air and also the ground attacks rage on in the middle east, european cities are on high alert after being warned of a possible terror attack before the new year. lots of security everywhere you go both in camouflage and in plain clothes. in a rare message, and this is a
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brand new development, right? in a rare message to his followers, isis leader al-baghdadi calling to arms all islamic state followers in the fight against the u.s. and other western states. his threat spoke specifically, and this is what's different, to the people of its reel saying telephone attack is sooner than they think -- israel. al-baghdadi's message comes as the iraqi army raises the flag over ramadi following three weeks of fighting to regain control of that city. the iraqi fighters are now successful over isis at least there. with the battle on the ground raging on in three major cities now taken away from isis s the fight against the islamic state going to win it, right? and will mosul be the next city isis loses? you've got sinjar, ramadi and possibly now mosul? let's bring in captain chuck nash, retired u.s. navy captain, fox news military analyst. he says these uprisings are a
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way out of this mess. captain nash, how important is the taking of ramadi? >> liz, i think it's really important. and the main factor the that people can't miss here is the fact that the sunni tribes were involved, and they were on the tip of the spear in helping take back ramadi. this has been a rebuilding effort by u.s. special forces and others to put together and reconstruct the iraqi military that was shamefully routed out of mosul over a year ago. so it's taken that long to get with the tribes, get with the anbar officials and bring those people back. so it's an admission by the al-abadi government in baghdad that the sunnis are going to have to have a voice in the new iraqi government. he can't just keep them out, because if he does, that's exactly what opened the door and allowed the tribes to allow isis in. so this is a significant change in the complexion of the fight over there. liz: i'm not a military person,
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but i would think so too. why? because after 32 airstrikes this past week, you have the people on the ground there -- as you mentioned, not just the iraqis -- but you also have the kurds who were following and helping and the paramilitary groups allied with the u.s. and the other allies. is it true, captain nash, because you often look at all military wins whether it was the sons of liberty or the vietnamese, a single, crucial victory can turn the tide. and now that you have al-baghdadi coming out with this 24-minute, rambling audio message to his people saying be steadfast, mujahideen, to me it looks like he's scared. he may be on his heels. >> well, you know, it's kind of like the halftime pitch when you go into the locker room. where are you? because that's going to affect the way the coach talks to the team. and as in sports, warfare is the same thing. you cannot underestimate the value of morale to a sports team and to a war-fighting operation. morale and confidence.
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and you have to have those things. so when you look at the successes that the iraqi government is having and the losses that the isis folks are having, the momentum is starting to shift. and if that momentum can be maintained -- and that's the hope and prayer here, that that momentum can be maintained -- i can see the sunni tribes principally being the ones who revoke the open door to isis and drive them out of western iraq are, back into syria, back into the loving arms of the assad regime and the russians. liz: uh-huh. well, can't wait to see that. >> i would love it. liz: me too. great to see you, thank you so much. >> you bet, liz. thank you. liz: don't pop the new year champagne just yet. we're still here, right? and very thin volumes. very thin volumes, very thin participation on behalf of a lot of traders, maybe even you. what does it mean? markets can see some volatile swings.
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how do we button up 2015 and set up for the new year? let's get right to the floor show, bring in our traders. stephen guilfoyle and alan nutman, great to see you. [laughter] guilfoyle, yeah, sarge, he's our guy, and it's great to have both of you here, especially on a day where it still looks like the dow jones industrials will see a negative trading year for the first time since 2008. can anything happen between now and 3:59 on thursday, sarge? what do you think? >> i think, certainly. i mean, i'm actually encouraged by today's action. the selloff in energy today is simply a selloff in energy. the wider market has held in pretty well. we're up against 2055 resistance on the s&p 500. if we can crack that and hold that tonight, i think we have a shot at unchanged. and then why not? there's a huge short interest in stocks right now. why not see an upward movement towards the end of the year? liz: alan, if you are one of those brave soles who's looking in the -- souls who's looking at the next three days and saying
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i'm going to make some coin, is it possible for the trader to make a trade on any kind of momentum swing, whether it's oil or somewhere else? >> oh, definitely. there's always opportunity, and it's all about risk control. and, you know, with the electronic marketplace the way it is and these tight spreads, they may be wider than two weeks ago, but they're still going to be very tight spreads. any market, any direction, you know, there's plays to be made. and to get back to your crude oil there, you could see last week we had new relative lows and closed higher. but two words for you, natural gas. liz: spiking. >> it was at 1.80 a couple weeks ago, $2 last week, now it's at $2.20. when the sentiment changes, there's a scramble, and the same thing could happen in crude. liz: by the way, we are up 9.75% in natural gas. this is a lesson to for everybody, is it not, sarge, that you buy when things look the worst? just a week ago before i left
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for vacation, people were saying this is the worst we've seen in 14 years for natural gas. precisely the time if you've got a little corner of your field that you want to invest to take a shot at something, isn't that the way traders think? >> without a doubt. you have to know your products, you have to understand what you're trading. probably if you're not a professional or even if you are, you probably should whittle down to just a few names or keep it within a sector or two. this way you know things inside and out, and you know when they're right even when enthe market's wrong. liz: to that end, alan, why not t buy sugar or some of these other commodities that have been hammered? even silver, for example? >> yeah. there are a lot of commodities that have, obviously, been in a long-term down trend here. trying to pick the turn is the most difficult thing. i would way for some of these things to stabilize, but some of these energy stocks have not made lows even though crude oil made new lows. exxon, the chevron, that's a positive sign. we also saudi very generals
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where we did not make new highs in volatility. i think some of these energy stocks that have been beaten and bruised and battered and any other description you want to use, i think they have some value, some of these small dollar ones for somewhat of a turn. just like we saw in solar just a couple weeks ago. solar was long forgotten, and then the sun came out for those guys. if you can look three months, six months out in some of these energy stocks. liz: yeah. solar today is down, but solar city had an unbelievable rally just about a week ago. great to see both of you, thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: steven guilfoyle and alan nutman. all week long up until new year's eve, you've got to be with fox business. the closing bell is ringing in about 49 minutes. on the eve of a huge game with
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control blaze as they traveled from los angeles to their holiday home in santa barbara. this was on saturday. unbelievable footage, very dangerous -- i look at that, oh, my god, it's terrible. evacuations for local residents of the region were issued, and at height of the fire nearly 600 firefighters and four helicopters were rushing to the scene, but that's not all. we had more tragedy this weekend as a deadly tornado ripped across parts of the u.s., leaving some texas towns in ruins. eleven people died in that destruction on your screen. emergency responders still looking for survivors as local officials are reporting that approximately 1,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. look at the roof there and all of that insulation pulled out. people trying to pick up what is left of their possessions. the twisters were also accompanied by torrential rain and wind and hail. just listen to that hail. look at it coming down. that shatters wind shields, breaks windows, causes massive destruction.
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fox news' will carr is standing by in a town that faced some of the heaviest destruction from that storm. will? >> reporter: that's right, liz. and one family has been nice enough to let us inside to show the country the extent of the damage. i'm actually in their second floor master bathroom here, and you can see the devastation. the tornado ripped the roof almost completely off of this house. as you keep walking through, you can see some of what is left of the ceiling here. there's insulation down on the floor, and as you make your way into the master bedroom, you can see that the wall was pulled off of the home, and there's been a chain saw going on in the background, as they're just trying to collect themselves here. i spoke to the homeowner a short time ago. take a listen to what he said. >> you look up and it's completely gone. >> everything, yeah. everything is completely gone. you know, good thing the kids
3:19 pm
was not here. >> reporter: amazingly, nobody was killed here in rowlett when the ef4 tornado hit. in nearby garland, though, eight people were killed when their cars were tossed off of an overpass. eleven people killed in all in north texas on saturday, and throughout the course of the past week 43 people, liz, have been killed across the country from winter-related storms. liz: oh, my gosh. you know, i look out that window, i know you have to go, will, but if the cameraman can show, it looks like the water is still there and encroaching. >> reporter: that's right. dean, if you can take a pan right over there. and not only that, liz, if you look out the window, you canning see some of the other homes -- you can see some of the other homes, they're blocked off by authorities, through the window here that were just completely destroyed from this tornado. liz: well, we always see people with grace under pressure, and your homeowner did just that. he said the important thing, at least the kids weren't home and they're okay. will, thank you very much.
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excellent report. we appreciate it. >> reporter: you bet. liz: the closing bell is 41 minutes away. "the force awakens," cash registers are ringing due to this movie. the latest "star wars" movie setting box office records, and in just the last 20 minutes we told you imax says it's a record, $100 million on all of the screens. we're heading out to hollywood for a live report on the blockbusters bucks and early reviews. and he won the iowa caucus just four years ago, surprising thousands and thousands of people. but he never got that victory bounce. presidential candidate rick santorum looking for it again this time on the state of the 2016 race. he's live with us. and how it could be different this time. we'll ask senator santorum what does he need to do, what can he say today in this next interview that makes you, perhaps, change your mind to vote for him? he's joining us in moments on "countdown. miss. ♪ ♪
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liz: in a galaxy very, very close, "star wars": the force awakens, has broken the world record for the fasters climb to $1 billion, beating jurassic world. and just this hour, in fact, just 25 minutes ago exactly, imax released this, that "star wars" has set a new record for imax, reaching $100 million at the fastest pace ever. and all of this without china numbers coming in, okay? that's what makes this more special. it's rolling out there in less than two weeks, but can disney keep the momentum going? we bring in fox news' jonathan hunt. he's been looking at how disney's planning for that big debut which we know is going to be massive, right? >> reporter: certainly is, liz. and it cost $4 billion to buy the "star wars" franchise, but not a bad return. twelve days into the release of "the force awakens" they've made, as you mentioned, a quarter of that back already.
3:26 pm
according to "star wars," j.j. abrams brilliantly honoring the legacy of george lucas. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> reporter: you know, and it's worth remembering, liz, the box office receipts are only one part of the "star wars" money-making machine. experts predict that the sale of themed toys could bring in another $3 billion as all those geeks line their bedroom shelves with "the force awakens" merchandise. >> my mom helped me make this costume, but still i had to get a costume for this. >> it's just the way that you are totally immersed in a whole different world, and i've, you know, just always loved that since i was a kid. >> it's just got this appeal for people, you know? parents' generation, they grew up with it, carries on to our generation, now to this next generation. >> i am extremely excited. i'm not showing much emotion,
3:27 pm
though, because i'm a sith. >> it's not just the "star wars" nerds who like this new movie, it hasn't broken the $1 billion mark in 12 days without appealing to a whole lot of new fans. a record $153 million was taken in just here in the u.s. over the christmas weekend. add in the worldwide openings, in particular china, and "star wars" is set to become the biggest force in the history of movies. but now, of course, liz, disney has to live up to this standard all over again. filming already underway on the next "star wars" movie, and disney might want to remember the words of han solo who once said to luke skywalker, "great kid, don't get cocky." i can kind of imagine neil cavuto saying that to a young fbn intern. [laughter] liz: han solo was the one, my favorite was where she says, i love you, and he says, i know. jonathan, thank you. [laughter] disney stock is actually higher. you know, at the debut of the
3:28 pm
movie last week, disney stock was down, it was sort of sell on the news, but right now it's getting a pop about one and a third percent, imax down just a bit of a percent, but it's a big, big opening. and remember, imax has screens in china. my favorite part -- i haven't seen it yet, but i know it's going to be when harrison ford as han solo bursts out onto the scene. i want to know what your favorite part of the movie is. don't spoil anything for me though. just tweet me @lizclaman or for all the links and the archives video of which you are going to want to see this one twice. and what are we talking about? we're talking about football now. by now you've heard that al-jazeera has reported that one of the most dominant quarterbacks, most respected quarterbacks in nfl history, denver broncos qb peyton manning, is one of several high profile athletes who were supplied performance-enhancing, illegal drugs from an anti-aging clinic.
3:29 pm
here's what peyton manning's saying. >> disgusted, is really how i feel, sickened by it. i'm not sure i understand how someone can make something up about somebody, admit that he's made it up, and yet it somehow gets published in a story. it's defamation, and it really ticks me off. liz: so the story's called "the dark side," and in this bombshell report, it cites a guy named charlie sly -- yes, that's his name -- who allegedly spoke to an undercover reporter working for al-jazeera, but the report has since been dissected and rejected because that guy, charlie sly, is now oddly recanting the story. >> my name is charles sly. it has come to my attention that the broadcaster al-jazeera has somehow obtained recordings or communications of me making statements concerning a number of athletes and that al-jazeera plans to air a program about them. the statements on any recordings
3:30 pm
or communications that al-jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. liz: okay, that in and of itself looks very sketchy. either way, manning says he's threatening to sue after these allegations have come out which comes at a crucial time for the whereon coes -- broncos who play the bengals, "monday night football," tonight. joining us now, jarvis green, two-time super bowl champ, and chris valeta, a former offense irv lineman for the titans, the saints and buccaneers and cofounder of a company that markets products specifically designed for athletes. welcome to both of you. there's a lot of he said/she said going on because al-jazeera's reporter is standing by her story, absolutely standing by her story. but, jarvis, to you first. as two former professional athletes, how damaging is this not just in short term before the game, but to the long-term career of peyton manning? what do you think? >> hello, liz, how you doing, first of all.
3:31 pm
i think it's very damaging. it's defamation, number one. peyton manning, great guy, hall of fame guy. for me, louisiana guy, from the city of new orleans. it's very sad what goes on in the nfl, just the public and you have a great player like that, you have somebody come out and criticize and say what happened. we don't know what happened. we don't have any idea, but it's very sad because you think about some of the things that happened in the past, and a kid got pointed out, it cost him millions and millions of dollars. very sad. liz: well, i'm thinking back to lance armstrong who lied about -- i'm not comparing peyton to lance, but you talk about pointing fingers, greg lemond, lance armstrong pointed the finger at greg lemond and other star cyclists, and greg lemond lost a bunch of endorsements. chris, could this hurt peyton manning as far as the endorsements are concerned? >> it could, but i don't think it does. if you look at the context, you know, the nfl is under a pr disaster, you know, nightmare right now -- liz: anyway.
3:32 pm
>> primarily because of the 2014 battle they ran into with domestic violence and murder and child abuse and deflate-gate and everything else. the issue now is we always talk about, man, you never hear from the 1% of the athletes that do the great thing. well, peyton manning is that 1%. liz: so you stand by peyton manning. >> you know, i do for a few reasons. number one, the public scrutiny on the nfl is huge. anytime the smallest crack opens for a pr issue to surface like the one that came out with peyton manning. the second is issue is peyton manning has come out publicly very harsh against this statement, and the statement's been, you know, retracted by the individual. liz: okay. >> that's just, you know, it's just the way it goes. liz: jarvis, you've been critical of the nfl on other issues, but do you think that the nfl is serious enough about human growth steroids, x peyton manning's allegations there? >> it just happened in 2011, so it's still going to take some
3:33 pm
time, and it's going to have to build a history for those things to get very serious. i remember when it happened, i was to the point retired, and i know between, like, the drug tests, we took a drug test a year when it comes to, you know, performance-enhancing drugs. liz: okay. >> but with the human growth hormone, it's something totally different. i think there's still a lot of research they have to do to get to bottom of everything. but again, it's very sad what happened with peyton manning, a great guy, great gentleman, great player on and off the field. liz: can the broncos win tonight with this hanging over their heads? >> there's no doubt. they have the ability to come together as a team when times of trial are before them. i think they'll be able to put it to the side. liz: jarvis, chris, happy holidays to both of you. thank you so much. really appreciate it, jarvis green and chris valetta. much more on the manning controversy later. 31-year veteran -- 11-year veteran marvin washington joins
3:34 pm
david and melissa on "after the bell" following countdown to the closing bell. the dow down 29 points. we're just five weeks to iowa as the gop presidential candidates press and push for the crucial votes in the hawkeye state including the last winner, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum joining us live to talk iowa, trump, isis, hillary, anything else we can jam pack many there next on countdown. hi, senator, stand by. we're coming right back. ♪
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liz: you could say iowa is gearing up for its own version of "the hunger games" with the gop caucuses just over a month away. four years ago, here is a little refresher, senator rick santorum pretty much shocked everybody by winning in the hawkeye state. a voting mishap delayed his
3:39 pm
victory by weeks and claiming what he says was a crucial campaign boost. senator rick santorum hoping to be the dark horse this time around. >> thank you, liz. good to be back. liz: let's tackle the elephant in the room that everybody is talking about and that is this. iowa is five weeks away. you're the republican defender, that was a long time ago. if you don't win iowa, senator, you will have back out of the race? >> it all depends on how the race shakes out. historically iowa punched three or four tickets. we were number two came out of iowa. ended up being number of one a few weeks later. number two was a great place for you. we took advantage of it. we raised more money the next day than we did the previous year. it is opportunity for first, second, third, maybe fourth depending how close it is. it is a big field, 13 people. if you finish in the top echelon
3:40 pm
that is a great start to the campaign. >> answered my question. what about fourth? governor huckabee said if he doesn't place in the first three he is out? fourth is okay with you. >> depends where fourth is. if fourth is that far behind third, that is one thing. if fourth is that far behind third that is another thing. we have to wait and see. i feel comfortable we're building momentum in iowa and surprising folks again. liz: i will give you a chance right here on "countdown to the closing bell." given where you are in the overall polls. in the fox poll, you're barely registering, 1%. say something here that you haven't said before that is going to make you stand out. you have nothing to lose here. i'm not saying pull a trump. that is not your style at all. i don't think your followers or fans would want you to. what is it? is it lower the corporate tax rate to zero and then raise the minimum wage? you've been passionate about raising minimum wage for lower income earners. what is it, sir, that would get you more votes right here and now?
3:41 pm
>> all i can say is that what got me votes last time was not doing those things. was actually being a responsible person who is the responsible, effective conservative who has a track record of delivering. someone will tell you the truth, be honest, authentic. not saying outrageous things just to get attention but really focus on what is important for the working men and women you just talked about. you're right, i'm the candidate that has been sort of blue-collar candidate, person who has been out there articulating a message for restoring manufacturing, for creating better jobs. for 74% of the americans who don't have a college degree. those are the issues that i think are, will resonate once people in iowa start to make those decisions come january. liz: a lot of candidates mush together on certain things but you do not looks as if, let's say ted cruz for the moment has momentum with evangelicals which was in part still your strong suit, donald trump has white working class feel disaffected,
3:42 pm
they hate d.c. insiders. you're certainly not an establishment gop candidate so what makes you stand out? i say that because your stance has supporting higher minimum wage jumps out at me. you say the gop has to stop keep saying no to higher minimum wage to hang on the business coattails. >> they are trying to rise in america. reality democrats are right, that we hollowed out the middle of america. what they're wrong about is what policies caused that. their policies have caused it. what we need to do is have, as i mentioned, pro-growth policies that make us competitive again in manufacturing. bring jobs back to this country which the left has driven off with their environmental policy and tax policy, regulatory policy we have to have good business policies. we also have to look out for the little guy. i'm the guy was author of welfare reform here. i didn't eliminate welfare. we sent it back to the states. we block granted it.
3:43 pm
work requirement time limit on it. we can't be anti-government party. we have to be a party says certain things washington does, certain things the states do. we have to design programs that will work and be effective for people. again i think that makes me different than everybody else in this race. you mentioned the social conservative issues. very important piece of this puzzle. ted cruz, you're right is doing very well but i think you'll see as articles are being written, there is a big difference between his position which is basically let the states do whatever they want and my position is which is, there is a moral law that moral code we have to live by. our laws should reflect that code. that is a very different point of view than senator cruz has. ones iowans when they start to focus will see a real difference between the two of us. liz: in the race to get endorsements trey gowdy apparently plans to endorse marco rubio. does that hurt you? who have you got in the wings say i'm ready, he will support me or she will support me?
3:44 pm
>> we have gotten endorsements from 200 iowa leaders who agreed to sign up to be our county chairs across the state of iowa and at that be caucus chairs. i am not really interested, even four years ago when i was leading in the polls i didn't to out to search for lot of endorsements. i don't think they're important. what's important is the people in the state who step up and support you. for you to be able to go out there and articulate that message. i'm not looking for someone else to vouch for me. i will go directly to the people myself. liz: senator rick santorum, we'll wait and see if they respond. great to see h you. thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you, liz. liz: good luck to the steelers. >> we have to have the broncos lose tonight. sorry, we do. liz: they have a little bit of a cloud overhead. >> i'm grateful for that now. liz: thank you, rick santorum. tune in for the next presidential debate here on fox business thursday,
3:45 pm
january 14th. two days before the state of the union and iowa caucus. you definitely don't want to miss it. >>? closing bell 15 minutes away. credit cards, social security number, all your personal identity goodies hackers can and will get their hands on now. could your fingerprints, your retinas and other so-called biometric pinpoints be next? what you need to know to protect your face, fingers and eyes in the new year. county countdown will be right back. by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, by 45%. with zicam. i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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liz: we've got three days, ten minutes, and 30 seconds left to trade this year so we're spinning it forward for you to 2016. what we decided to do all this week is to focus on the 2016 investments and trends you must be on the lookout for.
3:50 pm
futuristic technology will absolutely become more prominent in our lives. it may be sooner than you think. get ready for eye scans and facial recognition that could soon be the standard for big corporations, credit cards and atms to keep them secure because there are huge deficiencies in networks right now and you've got hackers right and left. so there are hundreds of companies and individuals trying to stay ahead of curve. here is the guy that will try to do it. his lab has created facial atmss to recognize you. no more sticking in cards and punching them r numbers, hector. how does that work? >> no more sticking in cards. show up with biometrics. could be your face, your voice, iris, color part of the eye. that basically, the tracks against hackers. skimming is one of the biggest problem in this country. last year a billion dollars in losses to financial institutions. that is because of the card.
3:51 pm
you eliminate the card and replace it with biometrics you avoid that. liz: worked well for tom cruise and mission impossible, especially "minority report," he had to take out somebody's retina. it was disgusting. retina can't be beat. what if you have identical twin? if you do facial recognition, simply can an identical twin beat the system? >> yes an identical twin could beat system. the iris, color part of the eye, both of your irises are different and they're different between identical twins. liz: oh. >> caution here to consumers, though, liz, because you will see a lost institutions saying in 2016 saying we'll deploy these difficult technologies to protect you, consumers need to be smart. they need to ask questions. how are your biometrics being stored? are they encrypted? where are they being stored? are they being shared with other institutions? because the danger here is that
3:52 pm
we all are aware of hacks that occurred last year and this year, not to diminish the seriousness of those hacks but they were not catastrophic. regardless how bad they were they were not catastrophic. you can still reset user name and password if you're stolen. liz: yeah. >> if your biometrics are stolen, you have a problem for life. that is catastrophe. liz: we don't want a problem for life with somebody stealing fingerprints. we know that has been cracked to certain points. you're calling 2016 the year of the ultrahack. why? what does that mean? >> the year of the ultrahack, because we're very concerned, i'm very concerned and industry as a whole with respect how are these biometric going to be implemented and deployed? for example, anybody can go on the facebook page, if you have a post, photograph of you, that photograph can be taken to attack biometric of. >> exactly. >> that's the danger. so we have to be careful as consumers where do we leave our pictures behind.
3:53 pm
the most important problem here is, how are biometrics being stored? are you encrypting the biometrics. are you sharing biometrics. those are questions. when we buy a car we to know how good of mileage it has. same thing with biometrics, banks and suppliers, how are you treating biometrics and storing them. these are things consumers need to ask to protect themselves. liz: hoyos labs is at forefront. have a wonderful 2016, hector. >> you too, liz. liz: hector hoyos. i want my fingerprints to stay my fingerprints. nobody steal those. 2015 coming to a close with the dow down 29 points. one stock you need to be buying right now to be a winner in the new year, we'll tell you next on "countdown." stay tuned.
3:54 pm
this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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liz: okay. out with the old, in with the new for 2016 as we wrap up the books on 2015. what is the number one stock you need to own in 2016? aaron gibbs, s&p capital iq chief domestics officer is ready with a name. first your cred. you had eight years of outperforming the market. this year was tougher, wasn't it? >> this was a tougher year. one thing we look at is valuation. that is big component of all of our funds and strategies. we came in the year so highly valued. we had all the volatility because obviously central banks, a lot of devaluations of currencies. a lot of uncertainty across the board for these markets, it has been a tough year. liz: look at september. after august, which was a nightmare, chinese devalueded yuan or revalued, who knows it, was so crazy. everybody is saying post-september that is the big deal. do you think 2016 will be better than 2015?
3:58 pm
>> from a market perspective, yes. we're looking at better earnings perspectives in the u.s., specifically for the u.s. market. we're looking much better earnings this year. basically earnings flat for s&p 500. liz: next year? >> next year 7 1/2, 8% earnings growth. liz: that is good news. now to one stock you say people should buy now going into 2016. everybody ready to buy it now? >> ibm. one of your old school technology stocks. liz: right. >> it is growth at reasonable price. it is trading well below its two year averages. it has 3.75 dividend yield. technology offers decent dividend yield. we're looking very achievable earnings growth over the next year. liz: but three-year picture is ugly. but we're pretty much at-year high right now which was 138 a share.
3:59 pm
you said old economy. i say old, doesn't tend to be fleet of foot. buffett tends to see things others don't and you see that too? >> this is long-term investment. liz: define long. >> one year. 12 months horizon. liz: not very long. >> we're not talking five but we're certainly not talking one month or one quarter. but for us, ibm very high quality, consistent earnings growth. it has really interesting, more on the ai side. we like it as one of those like good, strong, high quality dividend-yielding companies. liz: this time next year we'll bring you back to see if you're right. great to see you, erin. erin gibbs s&p capital iq chief investment operating officer. 30 minutes before the closing bell rings. david and melissa take it. david: ibm, who would have thunk. melissa: iraqi forces liberate the key city of ramadi from isis but there is still danger remaining in the area.
4:00 pm
david: but we needed this win. meanwhile emergency crews are still searching for survivors after texas towns were slammed by a slew of deadly tornadoes on one side and a brings ard on the other while tens of thousands have lost power. we're live in texas for an update. [closing bell rings] we're tracking a major storm moving east. look at all of the indices. they're down but by no means as far as they could have been. there were triple-digit losses earlier in the day on the dow. that recovered quite a bit. kind of meandering day. melissa: look at crude oil. david: we've seen oil go down with oil past couple weeks. did not happen today. melissa: interesting, definitely. david: all right. moving on. melissa: go ahead and advance on prompter. there you go. while markets wait for it tomorrow, here is everything you need to know today. david: major milestone in the fight against isis. iraqi soldiers raising their


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