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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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"star wars" series and it made $544.5 million in the u.s. alone. it hasn't even opened in china yet. that happens january 9. the world's second biggest film market. thank you very much for joining us on "risk and reward." make money * with charles payne starts now. charles: the market posted a ho-hum holiday season. speak of the stand, ramadi has been retaken in the anbar province. but can the iraqi government hold the city once overrun by just 600 terrorists. was donald looking to trey gowdy for attorney general?
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americans have never been this afraid of terrorists, and the president says the bad guys winning. >> i don't think they are gaining streantd, what is true is from the start our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. our partners on the ground are rooting isil out neighborhood which neighborhood, block by block. boop we are hitting isil harder than ever. charles: president obama over and over reassuring americans we are winning the war against isis. but awe according to a new poll 40% believe the terrorists are winning. in that same poll 60% disapprove of president obama's handling of terrorism. joining me now, former military
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intel officer steve rogers. pete hegseth, and tammy bruce. it feels like it's too late, the american public has lost all trust. >> it looked like what it was, window dressing to spin on reality and adjusting strategy as necessary. we are all seeing these fan midwestrfesting -- you see these manifesting at home. you feel like our president isn't on the field. he won't call the enemy and name the enemy for what it is. then we have seen 8 years of refreeght battlefields. ending wars that are retreat and our enemies have taken advantage. charles: the president bragged
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bending those wars responsibly which is a euphemism for retreat. it fees like we have had some victories abroad, but here at home people are nervous about every single day. they don't know what to do next. >> it comes down to legitimacy. it's not that the american people don't trust the military. that we know we dock these things. it's about leadership and lack of trust in obama. not just on this issue where he has proven that he says one thing and the truth is another. but it's series of things where he tried this, like complete and obamacare. we are moving into something that is an existential threat which is the american people feeling as though there is no foundation. there is nowhere to sit. when that occurs, crazy things can happen. it's abusive to the american people themselves, and the fact that we have got such a great history means we'll handle this
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catastrophe which is what it is. but this poll is remarkable in that it tells you the american people do not believe the president of the united states and virtually anything he said. charles: i gets assumption we'll win this, we have won everything nelts past. but the numbers are bad and the average american doesn't know how to win this. >> you are right. this situation, especially domestically as far as terrorism, we are not winning. i'm not sure who the president or what the president is referencing when he says we have these individuals contained. san bernardino those two individuals escaped under the radar. let's look at the afte -- let'sk at the tsarnaev brother, the boston bombers. for the president to say we are
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winning this war with isis is not true. charles: his timing has been impeccable. the night of the paris attack he said isis was contained an hour before that. it goes own and on until we have lost credibility. what does it do to us as a society that starts to live in fear and changes the dynamic of what it means to be an american. >> i don't think the american people are necessarily fearful of isis. they are fearful of the fact that the president of the united states and i'll add congress to this, too. are not going to take the appropriate action, the action necessary to defeat isis. the president has never had the resolve to even say that we are at war with these terrorists. once we have a leader in the white house willing to get out in front and lead, you will see a different dynamic. charles: we say president obama doesn't have waste is he won't say radical islam.
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but the louisiana month or so the battle has almost mor informatioinformationmorphed.arr taking to us a place where we don't want to be or is it legitimate to say this is a war against all islam. >> you don't have some say it's about all islam. the american people understand islam and they also understand violent radical islam, whatever you want to call it, there is an ideology that's being exported from this caliphate. all you need with an ideology is simple weapons whether it's rifles or bombs. if you don't go to the epicenter, 59% of democrats can
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feel the same way. >> fascisim is a form of government. we are ask against fascisim we are not against government. it's been 14 years since september 11. americans have shown the world what we are made of and who we are. we have nothing to apologize for. 52% of americans disapprove of his handling of the presidency. 60% disapprove his hanging of terrorism and 64% disapprove of the way he's handling isis. >> what are we going to do when we defeat isis and come face to face with the russian military? >> i will say die greation little bit, a major rebel commander was killed by syrian forces. bringing it back home for a moment. we know every time there is another terror event in this country it ratchets up the anxiety and worry that we are not safe.
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how do we ratchet that down should the next time we bust one of these cells be made public? do you think the public needs to know when we have occasional victories? a lot of them i'm sure we have but they are never public sized. -- publicized. >> you notice james comey hasn't said we are winning the war against isis? why is it he differs from the president? it's base's straight shooter. he will say we have investigations in every state in the united states look at isis groups across the country. we are not winning this war against isis. until the president steps up to the plate, call it what it is, give us the resources we need, we are not going to win. charles: the president has been talking about the demilitarization of local police.
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it's nuts because we saw whether it was san bernardino or california where police having armored vehicles, maybe police having night vision goggles that president obama could even make a slight turn, not a complete 180, but a slight turn in the direction of common sense. wouldn't that help? >> just a slight turn in the direction of supporting law enforcement. it's the ability to surveil and make sure they have the opportunity to do that. we pulled it back in new york city and it makes us less safe. you don't stop things before they happen. somewhat we do know is what france knows. we know where the radical mosques are. we know who is radicalizing and teaching this kind of theory here in america and we need to
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take action like france is taking action. charles: you are saying close the mosques that we know are the centers for radicalization. >> france has closed over 100. everyone says this is not about islam and i agree with those buildings are not really mosques, are they? that way we wouldn't have to have a militarized police force because that should be the reaction. i think the muslim community which is being harm bid this perception should welcome that dynamic because it harms their community as well. >> it many called the ferguson effect. we are so politically direct police are afraid to do their job. we need to rearm them and give them the tactical equipment they need. they need the ability to collect actionable intelligence. charles: today we had the tamir rice situation where no charges
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were filed and in quhi a woman was shot and killed as well as sateen age more was apparently mentally disturbed. you simply will have these incidents happen and still be able to let the police do their jobs without any kind of real serious ridicule or sort of things like black lives matter because it feels like catch-22 right now. >> it's unfortunate what happened. that situation in cleveland was clearly a training issue. you had a police officer who should not have been on the force. when we look at ferguson and baltimore. we have to do a better job at supporting our police. and we have to get the politicians out of the way. look at rahm emanuel. if you want to know what's wrong in chicago look at rahm emanuel if you want to know what's wrong in new york, look at deblasio. threat cops do their jobs. i think we've docket but we have to do it with real leadership i.
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charles: anybody have confidence anything will change? >> if it were to be hillary clinton she has gone so far into embracing barack obama's policy, it feeds this uncertainty. >> let her continue to embrace obama. with the numbers i just noted about how people are not happy. let hillary continue to embrace obama. >> the american people are fed up to their neck with career politicians. charles: 60% are this adamant against the president's policies, we knee some sort of change -- we know some sort of change is around the corn. iraqi forces have taken control of ramadi. can they hold it?
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charles: iraqi government forces scored a major victory over isis take control of the central government complex in the key city of ramadi. some iraqi officials are calling ramadi liberated. but others saying isis has control of some neighborhoods throughout the city.
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joining me now, captain chuck nash and feet hegseth is -- pete hegseth is back as well. this would be the third battle of ramadi. can they security and keep it this time? >> i'm hopeful they can. the tide washed up twice as you point out before and recede. to bring the sunni tribes back. that's the veal story. not that our special forces were able to train up the regular rc. political deal to bring it you any tribes back and put them in the tip of the spear. that's the main element. if that's the case, then a deal has been cut of and the sunni will take over their lands. but it better come with autonomy and a real voice in the government in baghdad.
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charles: why is it important that sunni tribes are involved in this? >> the thing that can't be lost in all of what happened in iraq. when saddam hussein fell and the bathists and the sunni minority ruling over the shiia majority abused that majority for some period of time. as soon as saddam well and iranian backed shiia governments took over. they out revenge back against the sunni. what they need to understand and they probably have at this point other wise we wouldn't see the sunni tribes back in this. top preserve iraq there needs to be sufficient any, shiia and kurds autonomy and they have to get along or the whole thing will fly apart. charles: i think what makes the casual observer somewhat nervous
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is ramadi was taken by 600 isis rebels, terrorists, and maintained by 300 against a surrounding force of 10,000 iraqi soldiers for 7 months. it wasn't until we interests veend and got sunnis involved. can we adequately train the iraqi forces to defend themselves? >> the question is will they feel we are remaining committed to them? if you are fighting against the force that's poorly paid. does sphnts feel a connection to the central government and at the last minute they did include the you any tribes. but it's not necessarily a recipe for holding ramadi. charles: the last time they were overrun, they were running down the street take off the uniforms. >> i don't apologize for that one bits. but these things take time.
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so many people were talking about a residual commitment over years. not so we can nation build but so we can stands by forces who with a little bit of american support could have beat back isis. charles: donald trump lashing out at loser trey gowdy for backing if marco rubio. trump fans wasted no time trashing gowdy.
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>> everybody was look forward to something that was going to be productive. i hope he does a lot better for marco than did for the benghazi hearings because that was not good and it was not a pretty
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picture. charles: that was trump slamming stray gowdy for his benghazi hearings. expwhrieng now judith miller, tana, you had an interesting tweet this morning. if you don't support donald trump you are considered to be a raging liberal. >> the answer is unequivocally yes. we reached a weird points in the campaign where if you don't walk shock stock and barrel with donald trump, you are somehow a a -- a rino or establishment republican. charles: i have never considered you a liberal and i doubt at any points in my life will i ever
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consider you anywhere near being a liberal. i save the on twitter, too. people went off on trey gowdy. marco rubio was brought in as part of the tea party sweep. whether he has become enamored with the establishment party you can argue that. but the notion of if you are not for trump, then you are a rino, is that going too far? >> i have been critical of senator rubio. it's not the trumpets that get upset. there is a fringe base within these heroic individuals it's been and long time since the republicans have had a competitive race with so much talents. there is a strong investment in each of these individuals. i would say it's early. a lot of people are going have their hearts broken. i would like to see some of that
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calm down, but there is a retook any kind of debate or critique of these individuals. i have been complementary of all the candidates. my favorites are pretty much gone. wearing and fiorina have not performed. charles: you have watched the political scene, what do you make of it? >> i think it's interesting the rapeddity with which trump immediately attacked rubio and trey gowdy. the minute he saw that endorsement was coming. that tells me trump peoples some vulner bit there. there is something -- vulnerability there. he always attacks butting this was four tweets right in a row. one right after another. one nastier than the next. he's a loser. look at what he did with the benghazi hearings. charles: the modus operandi has
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worked for donald trump. >> this one politician from washington anyone in the field would have wanted the endorsement from. this is a good get for marco rubio. that's what donald trump realized and that's probably why he went after him. charles: did gowdy mess up the benghazi hearings and let it go on too long? could he have handled that differently? >> i think he could have. so donald trump has a point there. but how much of an impact trey gowdy's endorsement will have, outside of south carolina, i don't think it will make that much of an impact. >> jeb bush is the loser with this. charles: i hope jeb bush wasn't up for it. i probably shouldn't have said that. for more on the raced to the white house you don't want to
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miss. "cavuto: coast to coast." he's going to be joined by dr. ben carson, that's a one-two punch tomorrow on fox business. bill clinton ready to hit the campaign trail for hillary. is he a womanizer or a sexist? is he both? this is one heck of a donnybrook, we'll debate it next.
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>> it's like give me a break. bill clinton is not going to be the end all in the campaign. he will counseled attack from many people. charles: that was donald trump over the weekend in response to hillary clinton's comments that her husband is going to join the campaign. bill will hit the trail with hillary starting january 4. his campaign stops come about a month before voters head to the new hampshire polls for the primaries. he said if hillary things she can unleash her husband with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong. >> you are not going to beat hillary clinton by attacking bill clinton.
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you are going to beat hillary clinton, i'm going to beat hillary clinton by attack her track record and lack of trustworthiness. of course, she is going to play the women card, that's what she does. charles: steve rogers, tammy bruce, and judith miller. catherine, you went completely off on bill clinton. >> i get that he's charming. but it's sought so much about bill clinton but the way hillary act when bill clinton was in office. she is shaming these women, attacking these women, ruining their lives then she is going to say any person who is accused of sexual assault should be believed. she is trying to run as a
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feminist? it's disgusting. it infuriates me. charles: a lot of people are saying bill clinton is the consummate politician. this stuff is old. it won't work, and it could backfire. >> i made no secret about this. i believe donald trump is america's last best hope for the survival of this country. back when i was a young police officer in new jersey i actually used donald trump and his family as role models for young people. he's a man i have learned that is very, very fair. he's a good father. he's not sexist. he's fair. you know what? when you are the number one guy on top of the polls you have got to expect a lot of attacks. so they are going to try this but it's not going to work. charles: trump make it easy to attack him. >> the way he talks about women in general and hillary
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specifically. the bathroom break and the vulgar humor. the pot calls the kettle black if donald trump goats after him. >> he's him, he's not a politician. >> it's how hillary reacted and what a hypocrite she is being now. >> i'm going to quote governor huckabee. it's stupid politics because bill clinton remains one of the most popular politicians in america. >> your candidate carly fiorina said she wouldn't attack bill clinton. she tweeted for christmas a picture of them in the white house from 20 years ago. that was her christmas tree picture. she is pitching herself as part of a team. it tells you she is something she doesn't like. he's a brilliant retail politician.
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he will help when it comes to these early primaries if she is afraid of those. i worked on the clinton campaign in los angeles. he's a genius, she is not. she feels -- maybe it many ptsd from 2008 but he couldn't help her then. she is in a position here now for the people, a generation that didn't know about the clintons, now they are going to learn. because everyone is exhausted from what they have done and we are going to hear all about it again. char there are why is this issue so important that she runs on this card? does she think it' enough to propel her to the white house? vote for me because i'm a woman? >> she said that, what could be more different than me being a woman. she reportedly threatened
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juanita broderick. saying you are a feminist doesn't make it so. >> she is a politically career politician, donald trump is a regular guy. >> i have had 30 years on a police force, i have had a military career. seen it all, done it all. next time we might get you to run. charles: you don't want to this fox business' republican presidential debate thursday, january 14. the remaining gop candidates will take center stage in south carolina. bernie sanders and donald trump exchanging word for the middle class. sanders has a plan to lure some of trump's people over. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
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charles back..
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charles: over the weekend bernie sanders said he can pull voters away from the gop frontrunner base has no real solutions for the economy. trump said i see whacko bernie sanders coming over to me because he will double and triple taxes. a disaster. charles: i think it was a fox business debate when said tax are too high and wages are too high. sanders tried to capitalize on that.
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>> the exchange between the two, bernie sanders said all the trump voters should go with me because i'm not divisive like trump is. all he talks about is rich versus poor. other thing that's interesting is at one point allegedly dish didn't see hip say this. he said something -- all those whacko bernie sanders voters should come over to me. if you want to get the voters you don't call them whacko. charles: when i hear bernie sanders i think voters, followers. he's certainly whacko. higher tax is exactly what we don't need. >> bernie sanders just like donald trump, they are appeal together diseven fran dmieds this country which there are miionsnd mlion enhougtheyre tn on eir tualolic it'abou
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pealg toeoplwho ally e nomaki anyoneyn thosthateel hersave ne thahea >> wknowlassarfa wor th pside oba. he w eleed tce. is ipossle dpitehe ft wou havhad distrou yearthateoplwoulfallor th aga? >> a thewon' that whyrumps rit. td es aceea tos o stl fe thaway d oba hanot sisfi tho nes ansatiied e taets heaid wasoingo aceve. >> ihinkhis therobl. ju as u sa. th isn jusbern sanrs. hiary intohas come minie. th areayinthe me tng. at's harsqua to rcle en back ama s be in e ofce f 7 yrs.
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agrewithilla. theris aip ler en thgh theris aolarppose th areisse o, th are crky a grohy, ey hen't se a p rai in year i'not re wt beie sders or hlarys ofrings an diffent. >>t's ettyhin. bere wgo, eitr ofou beeve ere a conete ecomicessa? rrorm prels selfo th top. en whaveide sueshat em tdomite t convsati. thathey e gog toive em a rae ishe cdida who will winhe rac i thi it mes ck tthe
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charles: a new gallup poll show hillary clinton and barack obama are the most admired people in the world. 20 times the most admired woman. that tells me a lot of things including hillary has been around a while. >> once again it's another reason to remember what governor huckabee said. she is teflon. she is a figure, especially for women who are older than millennials. she represents the fight for women, and this is a popularity -- how many people in america even know other people. the numbers in this poll are
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very, very small, charles. what i'm saying the number of people who selected her as number one. charles: this is in the news most recently. i understand she is an icon to some people. but what do you think you can argue hillary clinton has achieved to be the most admired woman? >> nothing. i hope it's just because she until it news a lot. because otherwise that's really sad. she hasn't really achieved anything. she has a lot of titles. but she has been on more than mother teresa. charles: you would have two miracles. then hillary is just, you know, annoying and lies. you know. >> polls come out every day, we are swamped with them.
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the idea going being admired. you have got donald trump tide of with the pope. >> 5%. >> it's a low number. but the same names rise to the top it's' usually u.s. presidents, first ladies and religious leaders. that's why this bodes well for donald trump. people know who is. he built a brands over time. they admire that brands even though he's prone to say some things off the cuff. >> it gets back to the idea that we admire people we hear about all the time. i guarantee you people couldn't tick off advised accomplishments. is that where we are in the political arena? >> reality tv is as important as accomplishments andettes cal it doesn't matter anymore it's do they know your name.
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>> it's actual accomplishments. hoing, she was secretary of state. >> she was also senator. she was title, title, title. what has thee done to make the world a better place. >> she failed on her healthcare initiative as first lady. charles: it feels like her whole career was orchestrated to get to this coronation that was derailed by these upstarts. what's her signature law when she was a senator. what has happened to the world when she was in charge as secretary of state. has the world gotten bert or worse. these are things you can't run on. these are the things you might go off to the sunset. >> there are so few women at the top, there are so few women who held one of these jobs, let
6:53 pm
alone all three of them. i think she is scene extraordinary icon. i know it drives republicans crazy to hear that. charles: i think it drives women crazy, too. you want an accomplishment. you don't just want the titles. iraqi forces have retaken ramadi from isis. but where do we go from here? we have seen this over and over again.
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charles: well as we said iraqi forces scoring victory taking control from isis, central government complex and major parts of ramadi. other parts of the cities continues.
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this is one iraqi official has declared ramadi liberated from isis, captain chuck nash. i have to tell you, from what i've been reading, maybe we killed 20,000 isis fighters from airstrikes. they lost a lot of land in iraq and syria. maybe some in libya. is this moment now to go for the ultimate kill? >> we'll see, i think we're on the path, i hope. the reason why, is going back to our previous discussion. sunni tribes are involved now, they took a pass, they laid out a welcome mat for isis, because given a choice between the shiite militias that were terrorizing them or isis, they chose isis. soup-- it is sunni solidarity, it looks like they
6:58 pm
are ready to pull that welcome mat out, that is a positive sign. that should signal that my hopes are being answered, that the sunni are going to take back their lands, take their rightful seat in the government in baghdad. charles: would mosul be ultimate score taking that back following along steps? >> inside iraq it would be. syria is heart of caliphate at this time am but so much of isis is led by irk -- mosul is a whole other problem set. you have a massive ethnic variable in mosul, you have some shiites there, you will have kurds wanting to be involved, long-term implication of mosul, it is more complicated. it has a lot to do with lines
6:59 pm
that connection to syria. mosul will be a big pitched fight. charles: you mentioned raqqa, i saw a tweet. a store in raqqa with michael cores handbags and louie i have thloulou louie vuitton shoes. >> pinpoints targets of individuals with so many handcuffs on ability to hit epicenters of isis fighters because of the risk of civilian casualties, it shows you that isis knows how to fund what they are doing with racketeering and extorting they are funding themselves. >> we could agree that things are worse, even video releases are down, hopefully, the time table is correct, we're
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celebrating demise of isis in syria and iraq, thank you. great show. we appreciate you watching at home of night 6 p.m., tom su sullivan is in for lou dobbs. tom: i am tom sullivan in for "lou dobbs tonight." >> i takes this up with kt fantastic far land, also war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton getting personal. republican frontrunner accusing bill of having quote, a terrible record of women abuse. that remark days after mr


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