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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 29, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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dagen: we'll see you tomorrow, senator scott brown and jo kent. that does it for "mornings with maria" mr. varney, it's all you yours. stuart: miss dagen, thank you very much. donald trump puts bill clinton's sexual history front and center, he's gone where no candidate has gone before. he's bringing him into focus. monica may return to the national scene, there's a headline. donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck in a straight matchup, but that was in a national poll. extreme weather sweeping north and east right now. perhaps a bigger headline is the travel disruption. that's extreme. we sure hope you don't have a loved one trying to get home today. it's awful. the affluenza kid and his
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mother, they're own the way home in hands cuffs from mexico. and let's see if sales do anything for apple's beaten up stock. we have this coming up. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ right off the top, extreme weather across the country, snow, tornados, flooding across the midwest. and it's been a travel nightmare. today more than 730 delays within, into or out of the united states as of right now. more than 730 cancellations, flat-out canceled. more than 2800 flights across the u.s. were canceled monday. and more than half at the two main airports. listen to this, 4,800 flights delayed all of that according to flight tracking service, by
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the way, our own sandra smith, her flight was canceled to chicago after a 10-hour delay, ten hours of waiting around and then canceled. she was travelling with two very young children. she's one of our own, our heart goes out to here this morning. the affluenza teen and his mother detained in mexico. he had pleaded guilty in the drunk driving deaths of four people, he avoided jail by claiming his families -- family's affluence or aflew enz was to blame. >> and clinton and trump in a dead heat. the last poll i saw, hillary ahead by ten points and now they're evening.
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and going after bill clinton's history, doubling down on that. tammy bruce is here. >> good morning to you. stuart: the question, dos does hi hillary win or lose when trump goes after her husband's history? >> she can't win. this reminds people what a problem the clintons are and the nature of what they were doing, it was before the presidency, during the presidency and afterwards. there's a generation that might not really know. stuart: that's true. >> now they're going to be finding out and people are going to be reminding what this is. stuart: remind what you said first, your first sentence was, there's no way she can win this, what? she's been attacked by the blustering male neanderthal donald trump and she can't win? >> she's not only a wronged
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wife, but an enabler. she helped facilitate, maybe not necessarily the infidelity, but what happened to the women after the fact, what she did in the process of helping her husband through it. stuart: you are the former president of now, national organization of women. >> this is a big-- when this occurred and the attacks. i was president of n.o.w. when monica lewinsky occurred and worked on the campaign, when that occurred that was a breaking point for me, that's not feminism that that was a lie, what we had been sold was a bill of goods. nothing has changed. there's a genuine feminism that still exists, but it certainly is not represented by hillary clinton or by bill. stuart: if she loses this contest. >> oh, she does. stuart: it's about that issue. >> ironically it's donald trump's own behavior, which i also find, of course, distasteful, that highlights how awful hillary is. stuart: liz macdonald is desperate to--
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liz: we'll remind people that moni monica lewinsky was seven years older than the clinton's daughter, she was 22, chelsea was 17. for debby wasserman schultz to say donald trump needs to knock it off, this is a bad example tore children, they're marching through the trump tweets. when they take that tact, trump will remind the world what clinton did with monica lewinsky. stuart: what an opening to the show. >> brought to you by two women, it's fair to say we know what we're talking about here. stuart: it's time we went to the market. there's some momentum building this morning and looks like a triple digit game, and why is this happening? here is the reason. oil is up. stocks and oil are in sync. later, we're going to be asking what happens if stocks, two stocks, if oil drops sharply again?
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at the moment, oil up, stock is up, that's where we are. disappointment of the day at least for me. $2 even, that's the national average for regular, good news, it's hidden, but it's there. the average in the state of missouri, in the state of missouri, can you guess? oh, no, you read the prompter. 1.69. >> holy toledo! where is it in your neck of the woods? >> in new jersey, 1.85. if you look around you'll find $1.75 in the great state of new jersey liz: and you will drive with your mcdonald's coffee to hell and back for that. >> there's stuart varney, where is the gas station? >> we're moving on. look at this, this is almost unbelievable. it's year-end boast, the state department says it's bringing peace and security to syria. bringing peace and security to steer yeah. that's what the state
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department says it's been doing all this year. colonel allen west is with us. you heard that, colonel. "the washington post" says the state department is solutional. i think you'd agree with that? >> yes, and happy new year, stuart, to everyone there in the studio, they are absolutely dilutional because if it is so that peace and stability has been brought to syria then why do we have a million syrian refugees flooding into eastern europe and germany, why do we need to accept refugees in the united states of america? they spent millions to train 55 and all, but three were killed or captured. the president says assad has to go. he's still in power. we have the hezbollah designated terrorists organizations operating in syria along with vladimir putin and i don't think that's success or achievement. stuart: i'm going to chalk this
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up for success of president obama, that is the liberation of ramadi. ramadi was captured by troops, it's not american boots on the ground that did it and the president said there will be no american boots on the ground. i take that as a positive for the president's strategy. do you? >> well, it's a very small positive because if you want to look a the strategic global jihadist movement that extends from nigeria all the way over to the philippines, this is very inconsequential. the fact that we have isis, now operationally emerging in afghanistan, and a taliban that's resurging, ramadi does not seem like a big thing. it's just the same you're playing the football game, you're behind 49-0 and you score a touchdown. you can be happy about scoring a touchdown, but they're still 42 points behind. stuart: we've got a reversal for president obama we were told he is leaving afghanistan. now we hear the big base in
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bagram is going to stay open indefinitely. now, i'm reading that as a reversal by president obama. and you? >> well, it's a huge reversal. i spent two and a half years in afghanistan and the thing that's not about kabul, it's about getting into the outlying provinces. kandahar is a very important base to be in and when you know just last week, six american servicemen lost their lives in afghanistan near bagram, that lets you know that's not a safe and secure environment. and the president made a unilateral declaration, and they did not get that memo. stuart: it's not the same as a week ago. >> i want to look at this holistically in the jihadist movement. when we're sitting around you have the heightened state
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because of new years day. we have a credible threat. we can't look at onesie and two'sie. when we defeated the japanese at midway that didn't mean that the imperial army surrendered. we have to look at a campaign plan and not just look at the small little victory and ramadi still has isis fighters there, it's not completely liberated. stuart: military historian allen west joining us and happy new year to you. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: i'm going back to trump. can't keep him out of the news, can you? several companies are turning against him. jo: this time it's honest tea, known for printing inspirational quotes inside bottle caps. among those quoted, donald trump, but the company is phasing out the donald after a complaint from a customer. they don't have an issue with
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donald trump and they now prefer to feature quotes from people who have been dead for a while and that way less people are likely to be offended. and then there is barnes & noble, the bookstore in hot water for placing books by donald trump and ben carson in the humor section. a customer posted this photo on twitter under a sign for books that make you laugh, stuart. that's making you laugh. stuart: yeah, i guess. it's just ironic, isn't it? that's a value judgment on the part of the bookstore. >> certainly is, whoever put it there. >> and thank you very much indeed. see you later. coming up, thousands of unsupervised teenagers running amok, terrorizing shotters across the malls in this country, this country. brawls reported from kentucky to new jersey. we've got a full report and judgment on that. and wealthy white parents refusing to vaccinate their children.
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that's a disturbing trend, why are they doing that? more in a moment. ♪ this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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>> ♪ hey jude, don't make it bad ♪ >> oh, oh. the beatles, streaming on-line since last week. apple music, spotify. that song, "hey jude", one of the most played "along with come together" and "let it be", a collective ah. rich, white, refusing to vaccinate. the people most likely to decline to have their children vaccinated tended to be white
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and affluent. that's not true? >> in this study education did not predict you were going to be predicting you would turn down vaccine, only rich and white. stuart: why does this group refuse? >> i think it's because they're not educated. i think because they're rich, they're immune to disease. i don't think they understand the reason we vaccinate. if i ask all three of you you would say to protect myself. it's not. the reason to vaccinate is to protect the community against the disease, especially true in measles, measles is wildly infectious and 90% of people will get measles if it's in the room. if we don't vaccinate the whole community gets measles and more than 92% are vaccinated. one quarter of schools in california are not compliant with the 92% because of the white affluent people and you know what happens?
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measles is reemerging in california because of the jenny mccarthy effect. stuart: i don't know what the jenny mccarthy effect is. it's the fear of autism, isn't that what's going on here? >> that's the jenny mccarthy effect, the fear of autism. and study after study after study, not to say that vaccines have no side effects. and people don't believe me. you know what's worse than vaccinations, measles and mumps. you don't want the diseases reemerging. we could have an argument about a flu vaccine and that's not, but mmr, school children should have it. we're doubling the kids taking exemptions for nonmedical reasons in california. 3% of kids in california are opting out because of their parents. stuart: what are you going to do this? the medical professor is in
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favor of vaccinations. what are you going to do? >> do a better job, you want to protect your pregnant wife, a sick child, you want to protect-- >> can't you legislate and say you can't get into school unless you're vaccinated by x, y, z. >> that is the draw, but the problem is it's state by state. inle ka california, there's a which isle room. it's not successful. i get nervous when i hear the word mandatory anything, but something like the mmr vaccine is something you should have before you go to kindergarten. stuart: we take your point. >> one thing that's affecting people's attitudes, it's been so long we've eradicated these things, a generation believes it's natural, it doesn't exist, they haven't seen it happen to them. >> it's important thing, they
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haven't seen encephalitis, a brain disease that you can get from measles. >> and people think this is how life is, like our freedom and being safe from terrorism. gosh, everything is fine, george w. bush, it's natural to be safe. stuart: and with polio vaccine-- >> when people get sent to china, i had to give them a polio vaccine. stuart: celebrating new year in times square. more expensive than ever. people are spending a small fortunately eating at the olive garden or the ruby house -- ruby tuesday in time square. n new year's eve goers would be a target and isis. you both have a
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident,
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our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> arrested on suspicion of an attack on christmnew year's eve targthe ruby tuesday the restaurant right there, a couple's v.i.p.
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table. you can't see the ball drop because you're inside the restaurant. what else have we got inside times square. >> bubba gump slim be, $799. >> 700. i thought $8, i'll do it. that's not bad. >> they have the best view. let's go to olive garden $400 a never ending pasta bowl, deejay, open bar, no bred sticks. >> open bar? people love the bread sticks. stuart: america celebrates and the ball drops. you've got to rent space and rental, surge pricing? liz: surge pricing and new york baby sitters are surge pricing, triple, quadruple what they normally charge. >> the free market, i love it.
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stuart: if you get there early times square and get a good spot. you can nt leave for the bathroom. what do people do? you know what they do. >> bring a bottle? >> they wear depends. stuart: nice try. >> they wear adult diapers, it's a well-known fact. >> this is a good new year's eve tip, just so you know. >> spend $400 so you don't have to put on a diaper, non-diaper surge pricing. stuart: 7 million iphones for the holiday period, and giving a yawn, the stock is way off the highs. let's see what happens in a couple of minutes when that opening bell rings.
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>> they are absolutely aleutian all. it has been brought to syria. why do we have a million refugees flooding into eastern europe and germany. stuart: that is a very good question. they brought peace and stability to syria. you have to watch at 9:00 o'clock every morning sharp every weekday. twenty seconds from the
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beginning of trading on this tuesday. we are expecting the triple digit gain. we will be up, we expect just over 100 points. why? oil is going back up again. it is now 9:30 a.m. precisely. we are open. we are trading. now we are up 30. up 35. away we go. cheryl casone is with us. so is liz. i want to start with apple. as we reported this morning, it is on track. look at the stock. it is way down from its april highs. what is going on? >> this is due to chinese numbers that we're talking about. apple also, as far as the style
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stock goes, concern about the watch. apple tv has not been up to expectations from what we know now. stuart: not enough to get them above $170 a share. >> there is this big number coming out of china. >> the apple iphone is no longer -- they have become more expensive. as we keep going to greater and better advanced technology, the iphone seven, how much better will it be then the iphone six. trish: remember when i was investigating fit that. not the apple watch. >> apple is still not in india in a big way. stuart: within the stock would go up.
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>> maybe that is why the big analysts say it will be $170 stock. >> the voice of reason from chicago is todd. would you buy apple at $107 a share now? >> no, sir, i would not buy it here and august 24. one big problem with apple is they have not had any real good innovation over the last couple of years. they have not seen anything that is new and exciting. overall, i think it is going back to lowe's. >> would we say that the apple watch is a failure? >> yes, i would say that. >> disappointed. i am a journalist. >> i went shopping and, no, i
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did not get the apple watch. i really wanted one. i talk to my friends and said no. stuart: is it a failure? >> yes. 100% failure. stuart: you did that? >> it was free. >> okay. look at the s&p 500. basically flat on the year. some are saying next year will be worse. hold on a second. i hate this. what is going to happen next year. nobody knows. nobody gets it right. >> so stay to the art at the beginning of last year. >> basically guess today's data. we watched the trends. white knuckles. a motional he wider trading ranges onthe trading and the sep.
9:34 am
coming down overall. earning profit margins are coming in a little bit thinner. that is the story. >> okay. if it looks like donald trump will be the next president of the united states of america, does the market go up or down? >> up. >> it will go down. stuart: really? >> people will not know what to expect. if it looks like donald trump is going to be the president of the united states, do stocks go up or down? >> i think stocks go up no matter who it is so long as it is not hillary clinton feared. [laughter] >> investors. should be a bit worried. all the way down to $38 a share.
9:35 am
it is fueling today's stock market. todd, come back in again. do you agree with that? it is more of a growth story. we do not have enough growth. that is why commodities are struggling. you have had too much acquisition. not enough tremendous action to make use of these natural resources. the whole market just tends to drift higher. as a song yesterday, the end markets were still slow. stuart: look at the stock price of jpmorgan.
9:36 am
as of right now, you get a tiny bit more interest on your bank account at jpmorgan. maybe other big banks sometime in the near future. i am saying that is a trend which make saving a little bit more interesting these days. >> it still does not compare to the dividend yielding stocks. all of them are still being forced into the stock market because the turns are so extreme >> this is a story we have been pursuing for a long time. i get maybe a half of a% of my banker count. what is your top dividend play? >> 4.3%. it could be against market cap. >> usf. 4.3% you can get on this.
9:37 am
even though i do also love con edison -- stuart: premier financial bank. >> it has been making its own acquisition. you get 3.7%. it makes a lot of sense. the diversity of the product. really well-managed company. my favorite of all is go diversified and global. that seems, the french pharmaceutical company. there you have 3.8%. you cannot move on that. the stock has been so, so hit.
9:38 am
>> of all of those stocks, you will get the money. you will get the dividend. that is good news. you will get an even bigger surprise. stuart: i love that dividend play. how about this one. tax boys. >> a new high. pep boys, that does not sound anything like that. it is a pizza joint. this is a company that is involved in a big takeover battle. they have been battling it out. icon stepped in in december. overtook bridgestone.
9:39 am
icon went to 1750. bridgestone has a chance to retaliate. now we are up to 1850. a billion dollars in value from karl icahn. now it is back over to bridgestone. 5:00 p.m. new year's eve. a competing bid here and there are combinations that they are both battling it out. i know you know that. stuart: [laughter] you have been in the business for a very, very long time. i never doubt you for one moment. stuart: yes, i am old. >> a very, very long time. thanks, nicole. stuart: whole foods. basically unchanged today. coconut shrimp at a whole foods in new york city. if you did, you overpaid.
9:40 am
>> $500,000. overcharging. what i loved over the summer is a blatant their employees for mislabeling products. blame the people that you are paying $10 an hour for your issues. >> all of those obama voters. >> all the s&p five sectors are up. stuart: where does that come from? >> i decided i would give you a little update. that affluence team has been detained in mexico. they have been on the run and now they are in handcuffs.
9:41 am
this is the privilege of the rich. >> a story about a family decided to raise their child and not teach them empathy. he was caught outside of puerto vallarta in mexico. a judge in texas wants to move this case to adult court. he was let out on probation. a horrific accident. a mile away people saw it. he could be facing time in jail. >> he was caught on video. his mom gets to go to jail.
9:42 am
>> i think that that is. being wealthy. having an influence background is no excuse. the way you are brought up is not an excuse. >> complaining that the media made too much of it. a nice game this tuesday morning. only a couple days trading left in this old year. now this. iraq enforces liberating the city of romani from isis. in afghanistan, the taliban and looks like they are taking back control. teens rioting and malls in several locations across the country. thousands of unsupervised young people out of control. shutting the balls down. their parents. where are they? more varney in a moment. ♪
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>> this video is just coming into us. the secret service intervenes. no charges filed. does that make the case for regulation of drones? this is the high of the day. 17,700. up 171. the price of oil is up. oil up, stocks up. that is the way it is these days.
9:47 am
you are about to see some video. louisville kentucky. they shut them all down. similar incidents reported in little rock, pittsburgh and elsewhere. todd is here. what got you riled up? these kids were taken out and put on buses. no punishment of any kind. >> cause mayhem. the city will give you a free ride back to where you came from. simply outrageous what is happening in the malls, stuart. this is something that is not covered by the mainstream media. 2000 young people that were out there causing mayhem. stuart: we did not know that. i did not see that reported on a national basis. why not?
9:48 am
>> that is a great question. the local mayor they are in saint matthews kentucky actually said yesterday, hate, loathe, this is such a big deal. to be perfectly honest, maybe the kids just do not have anything else to do. >> the race of most of the youngsters involved. they were black. it is not mentioned. why not? >> it is something that is interesting. you look at a very large number of minority young people. >> wasn't organized on social media? >> there may have been some sort of organization. i have a copy of some of the transcripts from the police scanner traffic.
9:49 am
those officers were overwhelmed. the idea that 2000 people were bright pink and not a single person was arrested. what is the point of having law enforcement if you are not going to enforce the law? >> you brought us this story. we thank you for it. donald trump doubles down on the clintons. he is going after bills of sexual history. they are even in a national poll. ♪ but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes.
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energy lives here.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: watch this. an elephant seal in southern california caught trying to cross a highway. it caused a huge traffic jam. a mile in either direction. it may have been trying to reach a safe place to give birth. check our big board. up 171 points. the dow is rolling ahead. the stocks are up 3766 for oil. donald trump, hillary clinton.
9:54 am
it is a dead heat. there you see it. trump is going after bill clinton for his sexual history. trump says bill clinton has a " pair terra mauve record of women abuse." steve hayes is here. i sell you on special report last night here at you do not think that this will work. you think that it is good for hillary. explain yourself. >> i do. i do. this is not a question of propriety. i think that bill clinton deserves all the criticism he gets on this stuff and more. the question is wisdom. if you look at hillary clinton's popularity over the years, she has rarely been more popular then she was when she was a victim of oakland and many sexual refs and all the
9:55 am
headlines surrounding that. if you want to criticize hillary clinton, you can look at the world today. the world is falling apart. hillary clinton has written a 500 plus page book detailing her stage for this. that is not something that bill clinton would have done two decades ago. >> trompe raising the issue putting bill clinton back in the white house. here are voters presented with this. you want this admin the white house? that is the effect this. >> many people have fond memories of the clinton administration. look at the fact that no clinton had a speech at the democratic convention in 2012. the man is pretty popular. she has can make space.
9:56 am
i am not one -- i think that she is right about this. hillary clinton is wrapping herself around her husband. stuart: how about this one about to launch a huge tv ad campaign. maybe as much is $2 million a week. now, that is a departure. should he do that. earth and the media then any other case. in exponential factor. i will be interested to see what issue. what a new candidate, taking on republicans. the most recent suggestion or hit that he is taking on hillary clinton.
9:57 am
will he focus on democrats? stuart: let's be honest, we just love it. we had an election year coming up. we have trompe, we have hillary, we have ted cruz. politics like i had never seen before. i know for a fact you absolutely love it. >> i am very surface level. i love it. i think the issues that the country is facing both on the economy and our national security are so serious that i worry. stuart: i think you are right. even though you are young enough to be my son. >> look at this gray hair, stuart. stuart: yes, but you have hair. steve hayes everyone. next case. the nfl. they are now investigating the story about human growth hormone
9:58 am
and peyton manning. the second hour of varney varney and company is just two hours away. ♪
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>> hour two of "varney & company," here we go. big stories, donald trump bringing bill clinton's sexual history right into the campaign. monica lewinsky back in the spotlight. trump and hillary, by the way, this is new, in a dead heat. as the iraqis pull off a victory in ramadi, the taliban has been gaining ground and taliban will run the place one day. eth ethan couch on the run with his mother in mexico, they're in handcuffs. olive gardens restaurant at times square new year's eve? no bread sticks either. more varney now.
10:01 am
♪ you can call it wild weather, freakish weather, snow, flooding, tornados crippling the midwest. 730 flights delayed, this is today. 730 canceled, that's today. 2800 flights canceled yesterday. more than half of them at chicago's two-main airports, chaos there. the markets this morning, a nis gain. triple digit up for the industrials and right there at 17,700, why? oil is up $37 a barrel this morning. stocks and oil in sync. gas, disappointment of the day, $2 even. however, i do have to tell you in the great state of missouri the average price for regular gasoline is all the way down to $1.69 liz: in your next of the woods, a buck 85. stuart: bet you could find a
10:02 am
buck 75 if you drive far enough liz: you do. stuart: and a poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a statistical dead heat if the election was held today. last time i saw a matchup, it was trump 10 points behind hillary clinton and now they're dead even liz: they're in a dead heat. and the swing voters are moving to trump. and remember, he campaigned as a reform candidate in 2000, but that's the key there, watch what the independent vote,are telling the polesters. stuart: i think that's fascinating. swing voters going to trump in a matchup head to help. stuart: and donald trump is going after hillary clinton by bringing bill clinton's sexual history into the race. and tamara holder, where are you? thank you.
10:03 am
[laughter] >> florida? florida? >> florida. stuart: okay. >> yeah. stuart: it's like pulling teeth here. now then, tamara, is it a plus or a minus for hillary clinton when donald trump goes after bill's sexual history? >> well, i don't know if it's a plus or a minus for hillary. it's a minus for donald trump. donald trump is the man who's known for working out a marriage by leaving his wife and going to another woman. so, this is a guy who has a history and a pattern of being a womenizer, even his current wife, i think number three, maybe, his current wife said in people magazine the reason why she wasn't interested in him because he was a known ladies man. so this is a guy that, you're going to go after bill clinton, you should probably look in the mirror first. stuart: okay, wait a second. hillary is playing the victim's card. she's playing the abused woman, the victim of sexism from donald trump, but it was
10:04 am
hillary clinton who went after and attacked the women in bill clinton's life. that's hardly what you would expect from a liberated woman, is it? >> well, it's usually -- it's common, i would believe, that married women would go after the mistresses or accused of mistresses having affairs with their husbands, so i don't think that one thing has to do with another, being a liberated woman and then having a personal issue. what i don't understand is, affairs have been going on for a long time and i believe that president kennedy was accused of having an affair with marilyn monroe, plenty of other elected officials that are presidents are accused to have affairs and known to have affairs. let's just take this out of it. we know that donald trump has done it, we know that bill clinton has done it, probably hillary clinton hasn't. i can't picture that she would, but-- >> you're in deep water there. you're digging a hole for
10:05 am
yourself, tamara and i think you know it. so, bottom line. >> it's not a big deal. stuart: when donald trump raises the issue of bill clinton, to put it mildly, he raises that issue, you think that's a negative for trump and not prepared to express a plus or a minus for hillary, is that where it stands? >> that's exactly where it stands. it's a negative for trump. it doesn't mean that hillary benefits one way or another. stuart: let's see how it plays out. tamara, stay there for a second. i want to talk to you about sports for a second. why are you laughing? >> i just want to go to florida, tamara, tell me where you're at. you look fabulous we're jealous. >> come down to south beach. stuart: that's where you're at south beach. >> i have bikini bottoms under this shirt. [laughter] >> how do i move from that had a serious stories overseas. >> we'll see how talented you are. stuart: a segue, iraqi forces
10:06 am
may have reclaimed ramadi from isis, but the afghanistan, the taliban quietly taking back control, looks like a lot of the country. ambassador john bolten is here, american enterprise absolute guy. we're not leaving afghanistan, are we? we were supposed to, but now i hear the bagram base is going to be kept over indefinitely. >> president obama wanted to withdraw all american forces from afghanistan before his term ended, but i think that reality intruded and military advisors were able to persuade him that afghanistan would fall very rapidly to the taliban once we were gone completely. now, i think the situation is worse, it could fall either to the taliban and al qaeda or it might fall to isis. i honestly don't think the small number of troops that are remaining are going to make that much difference, but at least it gives a new president the potential in 2017 to reverse the president's policies. stuart: you think then, the
10:07 am
taliban and/or al qaeda or other slammic groups, they're going to win in afghanistan, on the verge of winning there? that would be a huge defeat for america, wouldn't it? >> it would absolutely and i think they've demonstrated by their capability of carrying out terrorist attacks in the capital, in provinces previously thought liberated from taliban and al qaeda that their reach is extensive. i think they're simply waiting for the moment when it's right to try and take control. and what they're planning on is the perception of the afghan population, who are not moving away from the country, they're going to be there even when we're substantially gone, that the taliban will come back and behave accordingly. this is in my view, a tactical judgment by the taliban. stuart: do you think at some point in the future we'll see american helicopters in kabul taking out pro-american afghans
10:08 am
just like we saw in the saigon in the mid 1970's? i'm painting an extreme picture here, but is it a possibility? >> i think if there are any such people still around, they ought to get out now. because by the time a new president comes in, it may be that our troops at fw bagram or wherever they're placed, will be cordoned off from the rest of the country. i don't think that the troops remaining can make a difference. the hope has to be to avoid a catastrophic reversal in afghanistan and isis, which is establishing a presence in the country, don't act before a new president can take corrective action, is a very near-run thing in my view. stuart: ambassador john bolten, thank you very much indeed. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: just, okay, let me do this sports story. tamara is waiting for us in south beach. the nfl is now launching an investigation into that report
10:09 am
that peyton manning -- the report didn't say that he was using human growth hormones, it didn't say that, but it did report that human growth hormone was delivered to peyton manning's wife. tamara, come back in please. this is the possibility that peyton manning, the great quarterback, perhaps one of the greatest ever, he's drawn into a drug enhancement story? this is an extraordinary development. >> yeah, well, there are several parts to this. i think it's unfortunate that al-jazeera would publish a documentary or era documentary where you just have one person, a former employee who remembers something. there's no evidence of this whatsoever. i'm not defending peyton manning, but you think that the standards of journalism, i know at fox news we have that. stuart: hold on a second. let me get up to speed here.
10:10 am
the judournalist who put togethr that documentary has been speaking publicly. she's a woman and she's british. she says they've got records of large doses of human growth hormone delivered to peyton manning's wife. and you can only prescribe it in three situations all fairly extreme which leaves open the question, what was peyton manning's wife doing with this human growth hormone and that's the nature of the investigation, isn't it? that's where we are. >> sure, sure, but there are plenty of women that use hgh. i have friends that used hgh, girlfriends of mine that helped to lose body fat and stay thin. suzanne somers, she says it was, i don't know, sex in a bottle or something, and there's plenty of evidence that by the scientists that people use hgh to stay young, lose
10:11 am
body fat and gain energy. there's no stretch that his wife received it. we're talking the wife of one of the most known athletes in the world. the pressure is on all the time. and it makes sense she's not just the girl next door getting hgh. stuart: if peyton manning sues, the documentation comes out. who it was for, what it was for. all of that comes in the courtroom. peyton manning is in a difficult position, sue or don't sue, that's his position. >> because the lawsuit would be defamation and the defense to defamation is truth. and so, if it's true that he was using it, then there's no defamation lawsuit. so, it's very unfortunate here. but the fact of the matter is is that now we're looking at something else, the nfl is being forced to finally investigate something. they have been ignoring everything. remember, last year, there was a prescription pill
10:12 am
investigation by the fbi that just disappeared miraculously and you know, there have been talks about for years. so-- >> well, look, i'm not a great football fan, i know you are. but i have saddened to see someone of such stature drawn into a scandal of this nature. i'm just saddened to see that quite frankly, that's my position. last word to you, tamara. >> i just want to point out in 2011 peyton manning was out, dealing with an injury, i'm not saying it's an excuse or a defense, but he wasn't performing, if you will, at that time. in the event that he was using it with other things, maybe that could be a defense to him, i don't know. i just want to believe that his wife was the user and not him. stuart: that's speculation, of course. >> of course. stuart: tamara holder, enjoy yourself down there. >> thank you. stuart: i know you will. all right. an h.b.o. show taking the title of most pirated shoe, again, jo ling kent, what's this story? i'm missing.
10:13 am
>> game of thrones, the most pirated. it was downloaded 15 1/2 million times on bit torn. it's followed by the walking dead in second place and big bang theory in third. and a new google glass may soon be on the way months after the search giant was making the first version. the new one is expected to be called google glass enterprise. it doesn't look that different from the original except it's foldable. there will be a longer battery life and better wi-fi. and federal consumer product officials are investigating hover boards after 22 reports of fire in at least 17 states. the feds tweeted the explosions and fires inside malls and homes have resulted in 70 emergency room treated injuries and counting. the popular holiday toy often catches fire while charging. stuart: that's not the problem. the problem is you fall off the
10:14 am
thing and break your back. >> and the problem is, it's not a hover board, it's a scooter without a handle. stuart: and you could fall off the things. thank you very much indeed. >> sure. stuart: ted johnson, now he's a super bowl chance, he suffered multiple concussions. question, is he being compensated to are his injuries? he will join us after this. >> concussions are very paramount in our discussions today. i'm sort of delighted that the national football league has come under focus so much about concussions because it goes through every one of youth sports.
10:15 am
this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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10:17 am
>> we've got a nice rally. the price of oil is up and pushing stock prices higher and some individual stocks are going great guns. we'll start with exxon, which is 15 cents higher and back to 78, how about chevron, i think
10:18 am
it paid in the region of 5 cent dividend and slightly less, 4% at 91. general electric, that's going up, 31 on ge. well, please look at this. amazon, this is the stock of the year, surely? $687 a share, it's more than double this year and this morning up another $12. nearly 2% liz: bigger market cap than wal-mart. stuart: 322 billion. that's what it's worth. how about that? stock of the year. >> hot this year, but what about next year? >> stop it! next case. [laughter] the house has new jers announce will tackle the issue of concussion next year. come on in, a legend in the football business, ted, a honor to have you with us. thanks for being here. >> thanks for the opportunity, i appreciate it. stuart: now, you suffered multiple concussion and i believe you have suffered other symptoms after those
10:19 am
concussions in your playing career. my first question to you is this: are you going to take money from the nfl as compensation or are you launching your own lawsuit? >> currently i'm one of the 1% of guys that opted out of the lawsuit. i think the lawsuit for the players is-- i think it's a joke. i think the way that the money is paid out is a joke. i think the lawyers for the plaintiffs, unfortunately, the money grab for them, i opted out of it, i thought it was a bad deal. currently that's not my focus, my focus is to educate people and bring the issues to light and a lot of people don't know what the issues are-- >> sorry, ted, i didn't mean to interrupt. what did you suffer? multiple concussion during your playing career, what happened to you? >> well, the acute symptoms, a lot is headaches. a lot of headaches, a lot is from a cognitive standpoint. you don't feel like you're
10:20 am
firing on all cylinders, you don't feel as sharp. a lot of what happens is not only cognitively you don't feel like that you're firing on all cylinders, you're not as good, speaking clearly. your behavior changes, a lot of ache site, depression, you have sleep issues. a lot of guys have impulse issues and stress exacerbates that. a lot of guys are dealing with this stuff in silence. a lot of guys don't want to talk about it this is an issue, a lot is shame-based. a lot of guys don't talk about it. a lot of guys that need to be getting the help, getting the help. stuart: a couple of weeks ago, joe namath was on and he suffered concussion during his playing career and he's gotten treatment through hyperbaric chambers what they put divers in, pumping oxygen basically into his brain and said it worked for him. what is your treatment? >> you know, that's a good question. everybody's got this thing or that that thing and the next
10:21 am
great thing to kind of help with this. there is no real formal treatment for that. i had to kind of learn it on my own. i had to kind of learn it by trial and error. i went to doctors and when i retired in 2007 and told them my symptoms and how i got all of these concussions and led to the symptoms and i had a doctor at emmerson hospital in boston said you've reached new research territory, i don't know what to do with you. i had a very well-known psychiatrist at mclane's hospital in boston tell me, recommend i do ect, electric shock therapy. what i did, i took that information and went to a neuro surgeon and i had someone tell me to get ect, you have a neurosurgeon the best in his field and a psychiatrist best in his field polar opposite treatments to get where we want to go. it's very much in the beginning statements. stuart: ten seconds to go. i don't know whether you have children or not.
10:22 am
if you have a son would you let him play football the way that football is played today? ten seconds. >> i would. here is the thing, it's a position specific issues. offensive line and linebacker safety have the most problems because of the nature of the position. i would tell my son to play defensive line, cornerback, tight end. the nature of their positions are totally different. it's position specific issue. stuart: ted johnson, thank you for joining us. we want to wish you the best of luck for the new year and hope you can really, really get through this. >> guys, thank you, i'm fine. thank you very much. stuart: thank you, sir. the dark side to the christmas shopping season. a lot of teens running wild through malls across the country, scaring customers and shutting down the malls on a very important shopping day. my take on that is next. we live in a pick and choose world.
10:23 am
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light.
10:26 am
liberty mutual insurance. >> there is an ugly side to christmas shopping story and it's not being reported. mobs of largely black teenagers, have been rampaging through shopping malls in several parts of the country. on saturday night in louisville, kentucky the local mall was forced to shut down. it was a big night for after christmas sales, but hundreds of youngsters intimidated shoppers and reportedly sought confrontation with the police. similar incidents reported in newport news, virginia and in new jersey on the same saturday night. authorities suggest it was organized and coordinated on social media, christmas flash mobs. i can understand media not paying attention, the national lead yeah has no such excuse. this should have been as big a
10:27 am
story as dads falling off hover boards. it wasn't, why? because it's not politically correct. the media hates to be accused of racially profiling, and this is suppressing the news. the news is that a specific group of people shut down malls with ugly behavior, there's nothing racist about that. the bias is on the part of the media which is not doing its job because it's not telling you the full truth. this is simply going to undermine respect for and faith in the establishment media. go to the internet and watch the videos of these ram pages, that's where you get the truth and that's where you can see what happened. last point, now you know why the brash, in your face, politically incorrect donald trump is running such a successful campaign.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
. stuart: it's holding. yeah, a triple digit rally for the dow jones industrial average. we are up 170 points give or take a little bit. that's because the price of oil is up. oil up. stocks up. there you have it. sound the trumpets, please. amazon? the stock of the year surely. it has more than doubled already and up another 11 bucks this morning. the company is valued at $323 billion and that stock is closing in on $700. how about google? there's another stock of the day at least. maybe another contender for stock of the year. i'm sorry it's called alphabet these days. closing at $800 a share up 12 bucks as of right now. all right. got to get back to donald trump with politics. i mean this guy rules, doesn't he? he is going after hillary clinton again. this time by going after bill clinton. bringing up bill's past sexual history as a warning.
10:32 am
jonah goldberg is here. why do i always have a smile on my face when i'm introducing jonah and talking about trump and bill clinton. >> i don't know. maybe i owe you money or something. stuart: if you owed me money, you wouldn't be on this program. now, this is the story of the day. i think this is the story of the day. trump goes after hillary via bill clinton. which means that monica is back in the headlines. my question is to you, jonah, is is it a plus or minus to hillary? >> i think -- look, there are a lot of people who think it's a plus for hillary. i think the hillary think it's a plus for hillary. i think the hillary people are wrong. there's this idea out there that that's very strange that somehow donald trump whose got these nuclear vision that destroys candidates with mocking and insults and his powers are useless against democrats. i don't -- i don't really buy it.
10:33 am
i think that we now know about donald trump, whether you like him or not, i'm not a big fan, he's able to get arguments and insults and topics into the media bloodstream like anybody else. stuart: yeah. >> and people talking about bill clinton's behavior -- not just with monica but there's a whole host of things in bill clinton's closet going way back. i think it's entirely fair game and probably very smart for trump in the sense that it is something that will get even people like me and other conservatives who aren't fans of his to say, well, at best this is like the iran, iraq war. let's watch these guys go after each other. stuart: i think what trump has done apart from just bringing sexual history back to the front burner. he has given people the vision of what happens if hillary wins the white house because we will have the return of bill clinton to the oval office. this is going to happen. and i think he's posing the question. do you want this? this is in your future if hillary is the president. and i think a lot of people will say i'm not sure i really
10:34 am
do want to return to those old days. what do you say. >> no. i think that's right. and that's also -- this is a change election. anyone who pays attention to stuff understands that this is a change year. that's why jeb is having trouble. you know, the only reason why hillary isn't having more trouble is basically if you -- you know, if you cause problems for hillary in the democratic party, you wake up with your favorite horse's severed head in your bed the next morning. but as it stands right now. people want to change. people in the republican party really want to change and reminding people of all the sleaze and the scandals, the money scandals and the sexual scandals and hillary's double standard when it comes to defending bill clinton just dragging everybody back to the 1990s is very bad news for hillary clinton. stuart: yeah. >> and the fact that she is not a good candidate and is not good about talking about these things kind of lures her into a trap to get herself into even more trouble as she
10:35 am
tries to explain herself. stuart: you see this is why i have a smile on my face when jonah goldberg is introduced on the program. we're having so much fun. this election year is just going to be paradise for junkies like ourselves. isn't that the truth? liz: yeah, it's the truth. stuart: i don't owe you any money and you don't owe me any money. you will be back next week; right; is that correct. >> god willing. stuart: good man. then we have oath couch, the affluenza teen who has been on the run. detained in mexico. what's the latest, liz. liz: yeah, heading back to texas. he could face prison time because he was caught on social media potentially playing a drinking game in violation of his probation. it's called beer pong. he was on probation for a horrific car crash that looked like an airplane crash.
10:36 am
four people killed, one person paralyzed, his drinking alcohol content was three times the adult limit. . stuart: he's coming back to america, odds are he goes back into court and facing prison. liz: , yes. stuart: that's going to happen. liz: there's a move to put his case in adult court, not juvenile court. to just add that, his father cooperated with authorities to catch them in mexico. >> we should point out the legal defense he's a rich kid . stuart: yeah, that's the affluenza defense. presidential race obviously heating up. big question savings and loan whose plan if they get elected will actually help the economy? what will they do to the economy? economist peter mauricey and professor joins us as he often does on this program. i want to start -- first of all, let's go with donald trump. if he sticks to his plan, his announced tax plan, and he's elected president, what happens to the economy?
10:37 am
>> i think it grows more rapidly. it's very reminiscent of ronald reagan. look to him to be a deregulator. i think it would be a positive. compared to what we have now or what the other side would be offering. stuart: okay. supposing ted cruz were elected given his tax plan as of right now. >> you know, the immediate effect of a tax plan is going to be positive. it's going to be difficult to implement so you're not going to get it for two years. also cutting government spending initially, it drags down the economy. but so much of what is wrong with america and the american economy is too much free stuff. if you add here to his budget caps, something has to give with all that free stuff. stuart: but you know what worries me about ted cruz? is that value-added tax. he doesn't call it a value-added tax, it's the business flat tax that he calls it. that worries me because another administration comes along, and you jack it up just like they have in europe. that's the problem for me. >> well, it is a problem to me too.
10:38 am
though, the value-added tax is much preferable to what we had now and if you want noticed, nothing kept the democrats from jacking up taxes when they got back this time. stuart: that's true. >> the real problem was george bush made his tax can you tell us temporarily and they automatically expired and obama had the leverage. stuart: how about hillary clinton. given her current economic program,. >> well, go live in france and ask if they would like to live how they do. cradle to grave take care of you and hillary would make it worse. what's worse is she wants to regulate three-quarters of the economy and that's wage setting in america through fairness check. at a boys are graduating college at a much lower rate than women, there's gender discrimination out there but it's not what she says. stuart: you put your finger on
10:39 am
a problem that i think about a lot. america is becoming a lot more like europe and quo like it. i'm a recovering european. i recently became an american citizen, and i really don't want my adopted country to be anything like the country i left. last word to you. >> well, i like visiting europe, but i wouldn't want to live there for the very reasons you described. i wouldn't want my children to have their future in continental europe. i think that britain has turned the corner. and i think over the next quarter century we'll see the place to talk about in europe as opposed to. stuart: yes, ma'am. >> well said. peter. >> take care. stuart: time for that sector report. i want to start with apple. well off its highs for the year. the stock right now is at 107. it was at 134, and we had a report this morning they're going to sell 75 million iphones in the holiday period. that's an astronomical number but the stock is dead flat this morning. no bounce.
10:40 am
how about amazon? now there's a stock. there's a company. i'm calling it the stock and the company of the year. more than doubled in 2015 while apple, by the way, has flat lined. i hate charts, but i'm going to show you this one because it tells the story. amazon, the blue line, straight up. apple, the flat line, on the bottom. that is the tale of two technology companies. who would have predicted that one year ago today? nobody. how about this? donald trump repeating here. donald trump going after bill clinton. how is mainstream media handling that? we're on it. and bakers fin $130,000 for not making a wedding cake for same sex couple. we're on that too
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. rise, crude gains and as crude gains, the markets take off as well. the dow jones industrial average up right now 155 points. that's a gain of merely 1%, much like the s& s&p 500 can, which is up about 18 points and the tech heavy nasdaq up 47. here are some of your dow leaders all 30 dow component through this morning. let's see what's leading the way right now. these are up more than 1% each. dupont, boeing, walmart and united health as well. here's a look at the dow jones industrial average year to date. it could be the first losing year since 2008 from our financial crisis. there's a one-year chart right
10:43 am
now, down 0.7%. got a couple of more trading days, we just saw amazon a stellar performer, google as well, chipotle on the other hand down 15% despite the fact they reopened some stores. right now at 494.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: an oregon bakey fined $40,000 because they refused to bake a cake. cheryl: they refused too bake a wedding cake for same-sex marriages. well, the who am that went into to file the cake and this has been going on for nearly two years. finally the couple that owns the bakery has agreed to pay these damages. the total is $136,920. they're repealing still but the lawyer for the couple say go ahead, pay it to the state -- we should also say that after this all broke out into the national media, they started a gofundme page to help with their legal bills. they raised more than $300,000 from donations people around the country that say we also support this. but, look, this is a law. civil rights, and they broke the law.
10:46 am
and the state said pay up. stuart: did the $136,000 go to the gay couple? >> no. the bakery raised that money. stuart: no, but they have to pay damages? >> it went to the stay. i don't know when the actual -- they initially filed the complaint but i don't know -- no, the state has been -- stuart: a fast judgment. liz: i don't like what the baker did but the gay couple maybe they should have backed off and said we're got an move forward on the fined. the way to change hearts and minds is not to slam people over the head about how you feel. stuart: we hear you. thank you. donald trump, this is the story of the day. we're on this one. big time. donald trump going after hillary clinton by attacking bill and his past sexual history. the research center president back again with us. brent, what's your take on this trump goes after hillary bill? what's the establishment media
10:47 am
saying about this? >> well, you know, as colonel used to say, this can be very, very interesting. let's go back to the 1990s and the monica situation and how the media covered it. one they continuously said that we had to move on. that we had to move on, that we had to move on. they did it so often that the moderation move was created in light of that. they said republicans need to get away from this. they need to get to serious issues. now, the second one and what's interesting about that was they then didn't have any problem focusing for two weeks that nonstop coverage of two weeks of the 1971 national guard exercise that george bush participated in. the second element was this fixation of telling america -- this was only about sex. this was just sex, sex, sex. in fact, bill clinton was impeached for perjury, and he
10:48 am
lost his license to practice law in the state of arkansas. okay. so what's happening now? trump is threatening to bring this all up again. and the huge difference is republicans are one clinton scandal after another. both clintons have been squeamish whether it was monica, whether it was the irs scandal, trump is not squeamish. he's going to talk about it a very different way. stuart: do you think that hillary windso wins or loses after this attack by bill? >> well, i think she's going to employees her role in all of this is going to come up. remember she's the that one so arrogantly and obnoxiously went on the today show and said this was a conspiracy somehow out to get her husband when he was guilty and admitted his guilt all along.
10:49 am
this is a woman who has had bimbo controls to follow her husband and to try to control her husband's genitalia. this is a woman who has lived with this and participated with this from the very beginning. so, yeah, her role is going to be brought up in this, and she's not going to get away with it. not with trump. stuart: brent, everyone. thank you so much for all of your performances and appearances this year. you've done great for us, and we appreciate that. >> stuart, -- and happy new year to you too, sir. stuart: thank you. extra vision has become a reality. mit developing a device that can actually see through walls. we're going to tell you how it works about 11:15 this morning not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions...
10:50 am
...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
10:51 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7.
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
10:53 am
>> i don't think the number of troops remaining can really make a difference. so the hope has to be to avoid a catastrophic reversal in afghanistan that taliban and as i say isis is establishing a presence in the country don't act before a new president can take corrective action -- >> this is about reminding the american people of what a problem the clintons are and the nature of what they've
10:54 am
been doing not just when they were -- it was before the presidency, during the presidency, and afterward. there's a generation that might not even really know. stuart: that's true. >> now they're going to be finding out and people are going to be reminding about what this is. liz: well, those are just some of the highlights of the first two hours of "varney & company." we start every day 9:00 a.m. eastern time. you don't want to miss a minute. cheryl: and you don't want to miss this. i hit the streets of nyc with financial expert mike murphy to give out free advice. here's on one paying down your mortgage. roll tape. >> sore what's your question about the house? >> the quickest way to pay off a mortgage. >> it's a great question and the sooner you can pay down the debt, the better. and a couple of different ways you could attack it. one is paying bye weekly. so instead of paying the first of the month. one is paying on the first and another on the 15th. and it's amazing what that can do to pay down your debt. but also question would be have you refinanced with rates
10:55 am
so low? >> no. >> yes, i take it back then. that's the first thing you want to do is look with 30-year mortgage rates down under 3% in some instances. so to refinance right now, it's unlikely you see rates this low any time in the near future. so one refinance. and then go from a 30-year to a 15 year which would lower the payments and the interest that you're paying. >> all right. you have it. tip one refinance. take advantage of the low rates. the next one a man whether or not to purchase a second home. >> one of the things -- questions i had was i've been sitting on a lot of cash for this past year, and i was considering investing into a second home in florida. so a second property over there. the casing home. i didn't know whether it was a good time to do that or not. >> i think it's a great time and good for you for sitting on a lot of cash. the question would you be using the home in florida for
10:56 am
yourself or be a rental property? >> i'd probably turn it into a rental property for the short-term and i say short-term maybe five years and then it would become a permanent home. >> absolutely ink it's a great time to do it. prices still haven't fully recovered. so go down there, get yourself a great place, get a good rental income and then when you're ready to use it. go down there and retire. cheryl: all right. if you have the money, a second home can be a good investment as stuart always says. liz: and i know you want to head-to-florida. well, next up we've got researchers at mit. they're making x-ray vision a reality. now, this is an exciting new development. the device could possibly let you even see through walls. we're going to show you how it works. and the taliban making big gains in afghanistan. katie say they're reclaiming control of the country. she's up right after the break uo
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: with hillary clinton
11:00 am
the likely democrat candidate, there is an elephant in the election room. her husband. bill. and it is donald trump who has crashed through the barrier of silence of bill clinton slap bang into the center of the campaign. notice something. yet again he has gone where no candidate has gone before. the first reaction was delight. trump will surely like the day he tangled with that master politician, and she could play the woman's card against the donald. are they right? will trump lose this one? two points. first voters now have to confront the image of bill back in the white house. that's what trump is signaling. he's back in the oval office. do they want that? for anyone over 30, it's hard to forget the details of former president sexual exploits with a very young intern. it will come right back with the hillary presidency. point two. hillary is vulnerable.
11:01 am
if we open up bill's sexual history and that's what trump's doing. hillary has revealed as the woman who attacked women of accusing bill of sexual assault. hardly a betrayed wife. and when bill's behavior with monica was revealed in detail, she stayed with him. she made a political calculation about her political future, she is a classic politician. precisely what today's voters are rejecting. let's put it like this. trump has blown up the established order. he's done it with plane talk about issues that people care about. and now he ceased on the bill, hillary monica issue. no other candidate rapport democrat went anywhere near it. but he did. so yet again trump rules the headlines. the elites. hillary plays the victim and photoers are fascinated by the revolution in plings. just wait for 2014. ♪
11:02 am
♪ . stuart: all right. you heard my take. katie mcfarland is here. i want her opinion on this. the question of the day is this. >> uh-huh. stuart: does hillary win or lose when donald trump attacks her via bill clinton. >> she loses big time. stuart: really? >> one is it fair? should trump go after clinton? should he go after hillary? you bet. the clinton's will go after people's little children. i know for experience when i ran for the senate in 2006 and look what the washington post. goes after ted cruz's tiny girls and makes fun of them. so you bet this is fair but i don't think absolutely smart. stuart: you do? >> i think it's very smart because hillary has a likability problem; right? so that's why she deploys bill clinton because everybody likes him.
11:03 am
but a lot of people have forgotten the sexual escapades that were happening in the white house. and if hillary clinton can be shown as the one who enabled bill's sexual escapades and what to today's world looks like sexual predatortory behavior, then i think you have to look a second look at hillary clinton. even enabling sexual predators, that's creepy land . stuart: fascinating stuff. you're a foreign policy expert there, stay there. i've got a question for you in just a second. let's not ignore the markets, please, because we've got a rally. the dow industrials up 164 points. why is this happening? well, the price of oil is up. there's a relationship between the two. oil up, stocks up. that's helping exxon a little. that stock is up 39 cents but exxon's about 79. chevron is higher. that's at 91. again, not a big gain. about 1%. general electric, however, not
11:04 am
all-time high but the highest in many, many years. it's back at 31. now, here's the stock of the day. what a performer. amazon. we didn't look at that. $687 per share. up another 12. it's already doubled this year. i'm telling you this is the company and the stock of the year. that's my statement, and i'm sticking to it. then we have ethan couch. the aaffluenza teen. police have been looking for him since he skipped parole this month. they've been looking for him. they found him in mexican. cheryl. cheryl: killed four people in a drunk driving accident, pairlizing the fifth, the judge accept the argument that he suffered from affluenza, meaning he had no idea with what right and wrong were because he was raised with a lot of money. well, he was caught on probation drinking in a video so he and his mother took off to mexico and they were caught about 6:00 a.m. stuart: now what? he's going to be brought back
11:05 am
to america, going to a judge. >> the u.s. marshal service is transporting him today as we speak back to texas where, yes, he will face a judge. once again this is a violation of his probation, which was to ten years and now his mother will be of course charged with aiding and abetting because she helped her son. stuart: it was dad, the boy's dad who helped authorities locate him. cheryl: yeah, the father cooperated with police. which good for him but the thing this child as mentioned last hour caused damage, one of his friends is paralyzed, four dead, and he sat there and said i'm too wealthy to understand what i did? i mean people really hated this kid, and he's getting deserved frankly today. stuart: back in handcuffs. cheryl: uh-huh. stuart: let's get to our fight against islamic terror. the u.s. -led coalition against isis says america has killed ten islamic state leaders with air strikes, i presume drone strikes, over the past month. maybe that's air strikes and drones as well. this includes several individuals linked to the
11:06 am
paris terror attack. that's just coming to us now. then we have taliban forces making big gains in afghanistan. kt mcfarland, which back in, again, please. you say that the taliban will run afghanistan fairly soon; correct? >> look, they never left. the taliban are still there. the taliban are coming back. the united states will eventually leave afghanistan and even if we stay there, this will be such small numbers they'll be huddled around air base that the taliban are going to start another civil war and ultimately win. stuart: the writing is on the wall? >> yeah. stuart: i asked john bolton earlier. i said, look, are we in a situation that we're going to have helicopters fairying out those -- >> i was in the about the same time of the white house the night we evacuated. yes, i think it's not at all likely we have that conclusion. he got out of iraq and iraq
11:07 am
was the country that mattered. so now isis and all the chaos in that part of the middle east. now he's saying, well, maybe we don't get out of afghanistan. stuart: well, keeping it open. >> keeping the big air base open. you can't undo the problem you did in iraq by doing another problem in afghanistan. and i look at afghanistan, which doesn't matter and united states after 15 years we should understand the tragedy that we have been propping up leaders who don't like us in countries that don't matter. stuart: so here we have what looks like a modest victory over isis. >> uh-huh. stuart: in ramadi. and that backs up the president's policy no american boots on the ground, let iraqis do it, and they've done it. versus the imminent loss of the entire country of afghanistan to these taliban. >> uh-huh. stuart: that's a tale of two stories here. >> well, there's a third story too, which is libya. now, if president obama leaves office. libya is chaos, it's jihadi chaos and obama and hillary clinton are responsible for that. they push out -- it was a dictator -- but he was a lot
11:08 am
better than the jihadi chaos that they have now. stuart: still back to hillary because this will pop up in the election. >> and it should. and she needs to -- she should be held responsible for that because you can't go recklessly toppling dictators . stuart: what did she i didn't know you were in the white house when we evacuated -- >> i was. and i worked for henry in the white house basement, and we were getting phone calls from the ambassador who was there at that time and we had only so many helicopters, and they were supposed to be taking americans out and we said get out, get out, and he said no. no. one more helicopter, and they were fairying out. stuart: i hope we don't go back to that place. >> i hope. stuart: we have a big gain today. up what?
11:09 am
173 points right now. 2015 coming to a close. dugout basically flat for the year. we're not over the year yet but basically flat. market watcher anthony is here. now, what we've been talking about a lot on this program is a dividend play. and i think you brought us the stock at&t, which is a terrific dividend play. tell us, please. >> well, at&t has been around for a long, long time. their dividend rhine i think at this level is 5.5% or so and that's just phenomenon compared to other stocks. but it's not the fact that they're paying that but how long they've been paying it. they've been paying it for over three decades and continuing to be profitable, continued to be subscribers, acquired directv earlier this year and there's no reason tock that they're going to keep paying that david. so when the market does crash, at least you have that david that bird in the hand and don't have to worry about selling shares. stuart: yeah, that was the stock for widows and orphans
11:10 am
when i came to america all those years ago. tightly regulated but you put your money in the telephone company and always came out okay. what was that? 5%? >> i think it's better than five and a half% actually. stuart: i'll take that. all right. had how about amazon? we make a big play on amazon in this program because it's done so well and up another 13 bucks today at 6.88. now, that's not a david play. would you buy it as a capital gains play? in other words, do you think it's going to go up some more? >> well, it might go up some more, stuart, i don't know if that's the question. but it's so overvalued right now that i would not buy it. they are a company of the year for sure. it is the stock of the year, and you've been saying that all show. but when the stock market has its next correction, it's going to be the tech sector that leads it down. and because it's so overvalued at this point, it's going to take a big, big, big hit. i would not own it now. i don't own it now. i would wait until that hit comes and then get back in. it's going to be successful, it's going to be a world changer.
11:11 am
it's just this at this point way too expensive for me. stuart: okay. we hear you, anthony. thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: x-ray recession vision. no longer science fiction. researchers at mit have built a device that let you see through solid walls. mit will be here shortly
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
stuart: we've been right at this novell about an hour. that is up 170 points right there at 17.7. now, with that kind of rally, who are -- what are sashed the dow leaders? here they are. ibm, boeing, united health. all three are dow stocks, all of them up more than 1%. substantially more than 1% today. they're doing well. i've got to go back to this. this is amazon. closing in it looks like $700 a share, up another 13 bucks as we speak. stock of the year. i'll say it many times. how about this? x-ray vision. oh, yeah, i know that's the
11:15 am
stuff of sci-fi movies but mit professors made it real. team invented a way to see through walls. now, look, welcome, professor, welcome to the program. we're not technical people. none of us are scientists that i know of. can you in 30 seconds tell me what your device can do and how it works? go. >> sure. so basically the device is a wireless device, it uses wireless signal. so it's transmitting very low power wireless signals and the signal is going into the wall and reflecting back on our bodies, on the body of the people behind the wall, and it shows you the reflexes, very minor reflexes and smart, it can discover how people are moving behind the wall. actually what's even more interesting is that it can get their heartbeat. stuart: whoa so i can think of all kinds of applications like that like in a hostage
11:16 am
situation. i could use your device, look through the wall and figure out who is where and who is who. i mean that's one option for using this device; right? what are the others? >> so i'm particularly very excited about solutions for health care, particularly elderly care and also baby. like, the two extremes i think. so if you think about babies, one's major problems with babies is like all parents are always really worried about their baby not breathing. so with this device you can -- and the baby you can even put it outside the baby's room, and it's always measuring the breathing and the heartbeat of the baby is you don't have to poke your baby to make sure it's sleeping and breathing properly. stuart: now, have you -- how big is this device? have you got it to the point where it's hand-held and you can use it very conveniently, lots of different places? >> yeah. again, you have to take into account we are still in early stages.
11:17 am
so the device now is bigger than if you have it as product. but the device now is this size. and it can be made smaller as a way to move on to improve the size, improve the look of the device. so now we are focusing on the injunction are you going to patent this? this is a financial program so i'm basically asking are you going to make money out of this? >> we did pallettent already, that's already done, and we hope we can make money out of it. but more importantly actually with he hope that it helps people. stuart: yeah, sure. congratulations. that's terrific. forgive me for asking a quick question. could you tell me your accent? it sounds slightly english. >> actually, no, actually it's not english. stuart: it is? >> no, it's not. stuart: where is it from? >> surprisingly syrian. stuart: really? were you born in america or
11:18 am
born in syria. >> no. i was born in syria, and i came to the u.s. to study. actually i studied mit, became a professor there and stayed. stuart: are you an american citizen. >> i'm an american citizen. stuart: so am i. welcome to the program. thank you very much for appearing with us. congratulations on a terrific invention. that's just great stuff. we appreciate it. thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. stuart: how about that? liz: interesting. stuart: how's this for a deal? $1,700 for a dinner reservation at ruby tuesday in time square. sounds a little crazy, doesn't it? but you're renting valuable space. back in a minute with more on ts feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%.
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shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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you premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: there's all kinds of things happening in the world of politics today. trump and hillary head to need a national poll. trump goes after hillary vire bill and look at this. we've got a rally on wall street. why? because oil is up. stocks and oil are indeed now in sync. gasoline holding there at $2 per gallon. that's the national average but look at missouri. that is the lowest price state in america. the average is $1.69. cheryl: missouri, mr. varney. stuart: i've always been confused about that.
11:23 am
liz: he's a new u.s. citizen. stuart: i've only been here for 40 years. i've been told it was missouri. we'll get e-mails. ibm, boeing, united health, all dow stocks better than 1, 1.5%. good news. the dark side of christmas shopping season. mobs of teenagers going through shopping malls, a mall in kentucky shut down by these. more on the story, please, cheryl. cheryl: well, it started in new jersey ended in kentucky. several mobs and states had these mobs of kids show up on saturday night, the night after christmas and whether it was flash mobs or just to cause problems, this is very organized. these kids were getting together on twitter. a lot of it became violent, no arrests were made, the malls were cleared out in particular in kentucky that was the biggest one. 2,000 kids took over this mall in kentucky. they had to shut the mall dow. stuart: right. stephanie: and that was it. stuart: it happened across the country in various locations. liz: nine states. stuart: nine states it has happened. why is this not a huge national headline?
11:24 am
why not? cheryl: authorities are body -- they're trying to be sensitive. they don't want to be accused . stuart: sensitive to what? cheryl: hospital to be accused of playing the race card. stuart: because a lot of the kids were black? cheryl: african-american and police across the country have their backs up. they don't want to be the cops in chicago who are being billified with death threats, all have been based on race and -- liz: yeah. cheryl: cops are nervous. liz: on a bus to go home. stuart: that's the louisville situation, the cops rounded up the kids, put them on city buses and took them home. no arrests at all. extraordinary. cheryl: but those cops were told by the mayor to stand back. this has become -- this is one of the biggest stories in 201. stuart: yes, it has, and it should be bigger. now this. department of homeland
11:25 am
security says they have seen a 101% increase from last year of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border with mexico. i think it's the mexican border to be precise. liz, i think we closed the border. liz: that's right and governor has ordered the national guard troops to remain on the border with mexico. it's not known how long they will stay there. but you're right a doubling of minors and children, you know, since last year and the apprehension numbers of family units is up 154%. stuart: so if i ask who pays for them i am regarded as callous and if i suggest maybe we shouldn't be paying for them. liz: well, the point is not resonating in the media and not just central americans or americans individuals, it's people from around the world trying to use the texas border into it country. stuart: it just encourages donald trump. it just encourages that whole point of view.
11:26 am
if you don't tell the truth to the american people -- liz: that's right. stuart: if you conceal it. liz: right. stuart: you'll never get to the bottom of the problem. liz: that's right. stuart: and donald trump will crack through this wall of silence and make -- liz: in his department tweeting. stuart: that's right. dear lord. merry christmas. liz: merry christmas. stuart: after the break a pro christian rally led by and held by muslims in washington d.c. and the day after christmas they did it. how many people showed up? we'll tell you, and we'll meet the man who organized it.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
jokingly said that boys manny moe and jack was a pizza operation, it is not the it is and auto parts company and is up 8%. why? because the board likes carl icahn's offered. dagen: carl icahn's offer more than the bridgestone offer so ago, 1880 is very close to an all-time high. moderate muslims celebrating the birth of jesus and the celebration public took place that a after christmas release you are looking at it right now. we encourage you to do this.
11:31 am
immoderate folks have got to get out there and show the world that you reject isis and you did it. congratulations. how many people showed up? >> 150 people. that was a good time. this is the best way to express our our rage at isis and how we are going to defeat isis, little items like this. they hate us for celebrating the prophet mohammad's birthday, doubled it down by adding jesus christ's birthday in public square. they don't like it is what we want to do is more and more moderate muslims to join us, more of us join together it would send a clear message to isis, nobody is going to stand with them. stuart: it has got to be public, a public display of this. there has got to be lots of people marching along making a
11:32 am
lot of noise. that is what you got to do. >> we are doing that. it has just begun. my thanks to you, your encouragement for speeding up the process. i appreciate that. you and i for americans that in this together to create a better world for everyone by defeating the evil ideology of isis. they don't understand islam. that is the problem. we got to let them know there is no muslim willing to stand up for the more with them and more muslims will stand up with us, moderate muslims to create a better world and i thank you. stuart: thank you very much, appreciate that. i want to know, you are sticking your head above water there. i you getting a lot of threats to you and your supporters? >> not quite that way but people i kicked off at me for doing this event but a few police
11:33 am
tried to bully you and they can carry down but if you stand up firmly your boule's run and that is the tactic we use. let them harass us, embarrass us but we will stand up and tell them we don't listen to them. we are going to do the right thing, not what you want us to do, we are not going to be bullied any more. stuart: have you got something else plant? >> absolutely. stuart: we want to know this. >> in january we will do something more powerful, the week of holocaust, we as muslims have been doing for the last ten years, to commemorate and tell our jewish friends that you are not alone in your suffering. we, the entire world is with you. it is an interfaith event. this is how we build relationships, how we killed evil people, they come in together, i am announcing it for the first time on your tv, and will send you the whole proposal
11:34 am
and jews, muslims, coming together, pray for well-being and create a world where isis's ideology -- stuart: we want you back on the show before the demonstration. we want to know about it and we will publicize it. good man, thanks very much, we will see you again soon. got to get back to the story of the day, donald trump has brought bill clinton's sexual history right front and center into the campaign. he is attacking hillary. look who is here. an old friend of the show has not been here for many -- >> someone is going to pay because i said we bond the long time ago, a complement to your beautiful accent. we go way back. you're healthier look, just the way things have caught since i walked into your life. stuart: bill attacks hillary by
11:35 am
going -- trump attacked hillary by going after bill clinton's sexual history. does hillary win or lose in this fight? >> it depends how he does it. trump is not just pulling this out of inert. hillary is coming out sobbing and calling donald trump sexist and having a problem with the way he talks about her, the words he uses. stuart: does it work? >> i think it may. people are tired of seeing hillary clinton play the victim, because they remember what bill clinton did in the oval office, he was accused of rape, sexual assault, disgraced the country in the oval office, his wife was disgraced, she didn't defend those women, she went on the attack against those women and now she is coming out and lecturing republicans and the rest of the country on women's rights, on the war on women, and sexism, who are you to lecture me about sex isn't? you tolerated it here from your husband. stuart: is she getting a large
11:36 am
proportion of the women's vote bearing in mind this attack from trump and her history? >> she is already getting, she is winning the female vote right now absolutely. "cavuto coast to coast" when is she winning hands down? >> she is winning, for a while we thought she was going to have a hard time even getting the majority of the female vote and she has gained in popularity with women because women looking for another answer, another solution, looking at the republican party and saying it represents is that right for me, talking about the economy and national security in ways that resonates with my life and help my family put more food on the table, hillary clinton makes women's issues about your ovaries, your uterus, your reproductive rights and makes it into a single issue movement. women a stunning 2 d test that and say i am a hard worker, some of them are ceos, worried about terrorism, they have children in school districts and looking for someone who can encompass a wide
11:37 am
range of issues. i commend donald trump for saying the obvious which is hillary, if you're going to talk about how i am sexist why don't you look at your own life. stuart: you are not a big trump supporter. >> i don't have a dog in this fight but i call it like i see it. stuart: i think he is doing the right thing. >> everyone at home being honest will say you know what? he is saying look what we want to sack, she has no right to bring this issue up. she is coming from what her life looks like and what she has defended and what she is done. stuart: voters are faced with this choice, do you want donald trump in the oval office, do you want bill clinton in the oval office? >> bill clinton is widely popular. when people say -- we talk about character and trustworthiness and people don't believe she is honest. it comes down to whether character matters. do they can that she lies
11:38 am
repeatedly, do they care about benghazi or her e-mail scandal? we will find out. character doesn't matter this country's in trouble. i am tough and will continue to be. i am tough on republicans and democrats and sometimes i am tough on you. stuart: has been a while. come back soon. back to the markets. i have to alert you to this amazon stop, just hit a fresh new high, $692.77 was the new hyde backed up diffraction, is still a $16 a share. that stock books close to $70, doesn't it? next story. the nfl is now launching an investigation into the record about peyton manning and performance enhancing drugs. cheryl: not sure how it will get but they will investigate claims in documentary that aired on al-jazeera over the weekend that peyton manning and several other nfl players used other drugs, performance enhancing drugs which is illegal, but the nfl
11:39 am
does not have the legal jurisdiction to go after the clinic where these drugs were mailed from to we should say peyton's wife, not to him and that was with a documentary, reporting substance nailed to his wife. stuart: the only claim al-jazeera made the large quantities of human growth hormone have been directed peyton manning's wife, that is all they said. implications are a whole new story. cheryl: how far can they get? if there's a criminal investigation, then you have got a further story because they could start to subpoena at the clinic and that would include her medical records. stuart: if peyton manning sues for defamation everything comes out. cheryl: camera holder made a good point that a lot of women use agee age for white loss for anti aging purposes so maybe that happens, that we don't
11:40 am
know. stuart: pure speculation. thanks so much, $400 per person for dinner at the olive garden. a happens to be a particular olive gotten in times square, new york. we will tell you why people are paying all that money just a moment from now.
11:41 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides,
11:42 am
stocks so far so good, dow jones industrial average up 1%, not too far off of the highs of the day, 2,696, the s&p 18 and the nasdaq composite up 52. dow winners, the boeing up 1.5%, dupont is a leader, walmart, intel and united health also lead the way, all those gaining 1% each, macy's recalling my office stuart cook wherefrom products, some wholefoods may have to pay $500,000 to resolve an overcharging issues that they had in new york city. at 5:00 a.m. i will see you there every morning, all the breaking news but you need on fox business. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup
11:43 am
truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it.
11:44 am
stuart: whole foods virtually flat. did you buy packaged food light coconut shrimp at whole foods in new york city? if you did you ever paid. what is new york doing about this gouging of customers? obama voters? cheryl: i don't want to overpay for lettuce and shrimp. it is broke over the summer, allegations they were overcharging customers in new york city, they have settled on
11:45 am
the city for $500,000 to basically make this go away. they have apologized for the over charging. stuart: who is to say that is overcharging? and on what basis? cheryl: is bringing up a higher price on a register. this happened in other new york city grocery stores to be honest with you where you see allegations of overcharging, they have been charged with the same thing. is not new to new york city but this is something new york, they want to go after it this and go after the big bold wholefoods. stuart: do you want to ring in the new year at the olive garden restaurant in times square, you might like to. it is going to cost you. you won't even get the breadsticks. i think of olive garden is charging $400 per person for a
11:46 am
table in times square. what is the other one? rudy tuesday's? charging $1,700. is that right? $1,700 for the couple's v.i.p. table. you are in the restaurant business, you are gouging people like this? >> i give up. stuart: this is obvious, you are renting space in times square on new year's eve. what do you expect? >> we give to sites, one on 50th street, you are not buying their breadsticks, it is an incredibly exciting time. new york city is the epicenter of new year's eve so -- stuart: people whining about it. don't wind. >> the privilege of going to the super bowl new year's eve. stuart: all these people complain. >> it will cost you to go to the
11:47 am
superbowl in california. stuart: we see eye to eye on this. >> i am not objective be there, i am one of the chargers but in all seriousness you are paying for the experience, paying for the bucket list. >> you are paying for the bathroom. i got to throw that out there. >> wonderful. what i say is you have facilities, you compete dry, come out of the rain and see the ball drop. all of the above and where do you do better than your tv screen? bernard: when you have a place on 40 second? >> we do. stuart: you are charging -- >> $375 and it is steel. stuart: for hamburger? >> no. that night it is all you can drink, all brandname is, special buffet, we bring out -- it is a major the event, it really is, close to fine dining, bumping up against fine dining as you will
11:48 am
get. stuart: i you fooled? >> we are not booked but every year it happens right up until new year's eve because people when they come into new york are first looking for hotels and then looking for what they are going to do and new year's eve ironically which is the whole purpose of coming here last thing they look at so i left of theth street restaurant, we have the line buying tickets at $375 a ticket. stuart: i think that is absolutely great. >> you and i have always been in line and in agreement. stuart: explained this one. there is a restaurant downtown called city hall. it is closing. the top chefs says the operating costs, is that -- not a cost of food. is a obamacare? >> it is everything. the us all i have been saying on your show with you that the
11:49 am
restaurant industry is under. the governor in his inevitable wisdom decided to give servers who make $40, $50 an hour up 50% increase from $5 an hour to $7.50 an hour. to west will be about $7 million, $2.50 an hour. stuart: to your operation. so total cost to you extra is $7 million. >> that is not the only one. in new york we have sick leave, it is called a week's vacation. 2 doesn't take an hour the -- one league sick leave, so that is caused factor, and all sorts of hourly issues that come up with time and hours and rent and what city hall has articulated in their reasons for closing is what this whole space is right
11:50 am
now, fast food $15 an hour wage is probably 100% increase, there are a lot of things i will tell you and will make a prediction, look and say what happened and we will come back if you will and been me and talk about it, there's blood in the streets in the restaurant industry. it has started and city hall is not the first, there's a restaurant on 125th street, they built it this year, $4 million building it, closing also. stuart: i time but i will get my ticket for new year's eve. thank you very much. donald trump, republican front runner, that presents a big problem for the gop establishment, we are discussing that after this. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions...
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...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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islam full swing and the candidates to get all the attention basically are non establishment republicans. john mccain's campaign in 2008, i will put you in the establishment camp and i will say -- your camp in the republican party is reeling at
11:55 am
this point. >> again, i appreciate you putting me in the establishment camp. and of none done anything substantial to reside there. i say this. the establishment as you will is disbursed through different candidates whether it is chris christie or marco rubio or bush, a lot of stalwart republicans have found themselves in different camps and you will see a convalescence of financial support and ground game support for traditional establishment if you will, republican candidates in new hampshire. stuart: there is a coalition or whatever you want to call it, a republican candidate behind who? where will the money go? the republican establishment side. >> there are a few candidates that look like the front runner in that regard.
11:56 am
stuart: is it marco rubio? he is the front runner establishment guy at the moment? >> chris christie will have a strong showing in new hampshire. a lot of this will be determined out of iowa. some of these candidates are downplaying what their results are going to be in iowa but traditionally there are three tickets to ride. you have to be in the top three record candidates of the fourth candidate is close to get momentum going into a new hampshire primary that is really important. right now most people considered ted cruz the front runner and i will. if you see him coming of thailand trump second whether his supporters are caucus goers, and new hampshire is the proving ground for who the establishment, the establishment again essentially coalesces around. i do think chris christie has done an incredible job campaigning in new hampshire, marco rubio has a lot of financial support and support in
11:57 am
very influential quarters of the republican party and i also think you can't ever count out governor bush from florida unless there was a slippage in iowa and he is not on the radar. he will have trouble in new hampshire. stuart: i am flat out of time. we have these heartbreaks and i'm running way over and i am sorry about that. come back another time. tucker bounds. we will be back, more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: my time is up but neil cavuto is going to joy in us in 40 seconds. i want to talk trump but you have been carson and john kasich on your show, and the and not? neil: and they don't want to talk trump. they think he is sucking all the oxygen out of a room. interesting numbers for the latest quarter about how much fund-raising is going on. ben carson is a huge beneficiary courage un case it less so but they hope to translate whatever
12:00 pm
financial success they had into votes. we have not seen it reflected in polls although we are seeing some signs of it for john kasich in new hampshire. stuart: the bottom line is we are having a lot of fun. this is an extraordinary election campaign and you will have even more fun and the debate in mid january. neil: it doesn't get better been that. thank you very much. we do have ben carson here, we do have ohio governor john kasich here, lots to talk about with those gentlemen, six weeks to the day those in the granite state go to the polls to vote in the nation's primary in new hampshire where polls are tightening up but they show a surprising mix of folks loaded at the top end with donald trump, marco rubio for third place, john kasich. we will talk about ben carson. and financial


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