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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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stocks rallying into the close. [closing bell rings] as the bells sound on wall street. it turned up the way it turned today. look at oil. oil was up almost 3%. this time the market went right with it. hasn't always followed. certainly did today. dow jones off of that 200 points high. melissa: here to weigh in, harry dent, jonathan hoenig, from capitalist pig hedge fund, jonas max ferris, founder of max funds. thanks to all of you joining us. harry, you're not optimistic on 2016. >> no, i haven't been. we've been saying this is bubble. bubbles don't correct, they burst. everyone of the bubbles, 2007, gift fifth taken us to higher highs, every crash to lower low lows. how can everybody not notice this?
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large cap stocks and leading stocks like amazon and google are running away with the market. small caps falling farther and farther behind. classic sign of a major top. i'm saying 2016 will be a bad year. melissa: jonas, when you look at year, dow, looking negative for the year, s&p barely in positive territory, nasdaq though has had a good year. is that going to prove harry wrong? is that where we're going to see the burst? >> proving harry wrong, i just remember him with the dow 2,000, back in 2,000, i thought he was one of the bubble guys. i think bottom line is, there is a lot of money following bad advice for many years now. worried about inflation. worried about american decline. worried about the dollar falling. people lost a fortune in commodities and hedge funds, in a lot of bad ideas. that money will move back into traditiona assets out of alternative u.s. stocks indexes. a lot of active management, hedging didn't work out. that will drive the next year even though fundamentals earnings growth won't be there
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with the high dollar. you will see deinflation like late '90s. melissa: jonathan hoenig what do you think will drive market next year? >> i don't have opinions, melissa. i have positions. one of my biggest positions, right now is expecting we'll see continuation of a pattern we did see in 2015. that is essentially increasing worry about credit risk. one of the worst performers this year, yeah the markets hung in there but are high yield bonds, leveraged loans, a lot of securities are risky but don't trade that often. so i think a fund like bkln, we're short at my firm, these are types of -- essentially i don't think bottom is just in yet. melissa: yeah. >> i would bet credit quality will worsen. and shock will be for credit system. not even for stocks. melissa: harry, what do you think will happen to the price of oil? that is something certainly experienced, seen the bubble burst? >> we said for a long time it will see 32 again which it has gotten close to, almost 33 recently.
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ultimately it will see 10 to $20 down the road. that's not forever. melissa: you think we'll see 10 or $20 next year? >> i think in the next year, to four years. i think you could be by early to mid 2017, i think you could see bold near $700 as well. commodities in general have been going down since 2008, and have already collapsed 60, 70%, massive bear market. most people are not noticing that either. melissa: jonas, a lot of people are noticing collapse in oil. hard to imagine it would go to 10. i wouldn't have predict ited even though i followed i had for very long time to declines on this level. what do you think is going to happen? >> i agree with harry on commodity call. oil and commodities were in bubble like dot-com bubble in '99. not as big as housing bubble but where everyone had a piece of it. we'll never get oil above 50 for sustained periods of time adjusting for inflation.
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this is the new normal in oil. what it should have been like before all the nonsense of last decade or so. could it go to if it does that next year? that is possibility. it will lead huge default cycle and junk bond problems that could cause huge problems in the economy. melissa: jonathan, you said you do not have opinions, you have positions. i like that idea. where do you see opportunity in 2016? >> i tell you i think you will see higher rates. people lost a lot of money but i think betting on for example, higher long-term interest rates and funds that do this. dlbs is example of one of them. this goes up in price when long-term yields go up. i think you have to look offbeaten path, melissa. this was the year that nothing really worked. stocks, bonds, gold as you pointed out. usually have some asset classes up 10%. you didn't have any up that percent. i would stick with betting against the credit system. higher bond yields. lower junk bond prices.
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in 2016 cash will not be crash. melissa: thanks to all three of you, appreciate it. david. david: extreme weather continuing to slam a huge portion of the u.s. 13 dead from floods in missouri alone. residents of west alton in near st. louis have been told to evacuate after levee failed on the mississippi river. janice dean, is monitoring the situation. >> it is the even though the storm is almost out of the country we'll deal with flooding well into next week. we're talking about the mississippi river at st. louis right now where it could reach close to a record crest on thursday. and we have flood warnings in effect for six, at least six states. that will be ongoing. here is our mississippi river, our chief river. our largest drainage system in north america. we've got 31 states, all of or part of 31 states drain into the mississippi river. when you see flooding this is a big deal. it will be ongoing over next couple of days.
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the rivers have not even crested yet. we have state of emergency right now in st. louis as we are expecting this river to rise near crest and record levels. so the crest, 43.2 feet. that is expected on thursday. the record was set back in 1993. if you live in this area you remember that. it was disaster. it happened during springtime month when typically you have flooding because of snow melt. to have this happen in december is unprecedented. good news here we don't have anymore rain in the forecast over the next five to seven days. the rivers will continue to rise. they will crest and start to come down but this is going to be in some cases weeks, months, if not years to clean up the disaster that is happening right now outside of st. louis. in terms of the storm itself, exiting the northeast right now we still have freezing rain advisories for the boston area. as the temperatures go down and we'll also see potential for showers and thunderstorms along the mid-atlantic as we head into
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the new year. winter storm advisories still posted for new england and in the purple here. that is where we have freezing rain advisories. so people are trying to head home right now. the roads are tricky and treacherous and people need to take extra care. david, back to you. david: just as i was getting used to 60-degree temperatures in new york. melissa: you can't win. david: janice, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: the storm is grounding flights across the country leaving thousands of passengers stranded. fox news's laura engle is standing by at new york's laguardia airport. laura, what are you seeing there? reporter: hey, melissa. we're seeing a lot of people using vouchers to have good meals in the food court. we're at american airlines terminal, terminal b at laguardia. there have been a lot of cancellations, a lot of delays. we got updated numbers. they're cringe worthy stats what is happening. reporting 956
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flights were canceled today within into or out of the united states. nearly 4,000 delays. that of course would equal thousands of displaced holiday travelers who had to gut it out at local airports or make other arrangements. one guy i talked to he said he wouldn't get a flight out until january 1st. but they think they have got him handled today. laguardia airport we had wet conditions bringing low visibility in the area. we got out with our cameras with video to show you what it looks like. planes are getting through the mess. so far there have been 50 flight cancellations here, 76 delays at this hub. chicago o'hare international airport things are much worse. cancellations and delays have been racking up. reporting 250 plus flights were canceled there alone with thousand of delays. situation not sitting well for many stranded passengers, including this woman who sounds, let's just say beyond frustrated. >> they won't even let us talk to someone.
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they can sell our flight five minutes before -- well, actually our flight was 5:30. now it is 10:00 and cancel it and won't let us speak to someone. reporter: chances are she may not be on social media, a lot of airlines taken to twitter to communicate with passengers who are having a hard time getting through. if you're one of those people, get online, see to get on twitter. that is where a lost missaging is going on. certainly today is nightmare for people trying to get home, yesterday was actually much worse when there were over 3,000 cancellations nationwide. so things are getting a little bit better if you can but still a lot of cancellations and delays. melissa: laura, i've been brought to tears and frustration at airport. who hasn't sat there been at that breaking point. i feel for that woman. laura. >> i know. david: well it is frustrating in new york but total devastation
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in texas. the state working hard there to recover after series of tornadoes and severe storms left at least 11 people dead. fox news's will carr is in garland, texas, with the very latest. will? reporter: hey there, david. well, that devastation is extensive. we've seen it everywhere including this apartment complex here in garland that took a direct hit from one of those tornadoes. it ripped the walls off of some of the apartments here. it ripped off roofs as well. damaged a number of cars. there is rubble all over the place. this is the aftermath of at least nine tornadoes throughout the area. strongest of ef-4 with wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour. residents are coming up. some have bags. putting their personal possessions in there, pictures anything they can salvage. at same time over coming days fema will be here on the ground. they will see if any residents qualify for federal aid moving
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forward. we're learning more about the victims. 11 people were killed. eight here on interstate in garland, not too far from us. two in nearby cokeville. one a three-day old infant baby. little girl. they were inside their house. the parent were clutching her inside of their arms. house was picked up and tossed. parents broke bones and she sadly was killed. david: awful news. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: we breaking news out of the pentagon. associate of the ringleader of paris terrorist attacks was killed in a u.s. air strike over syria. the isis operative had connections in europe. we are told he may have been planning further attacks. we'll have more details on this breaking news report coming up. david: that is good news if it is true. as america and our allies begin to make progress in the fight against isis there does seem to be resurgence of taliban and even al qaeda.
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who poses the biggest threat in the year to come? we have a panel weighing in on that. melissa: donald trump's words may come back to haunt him. what he said seven years ago about bill clinton's sex scandals that fly in the face what he is saying now. david: you thought airport security was a hassle before. big changes in new year that could affect whether or not you can actually board a plane. what you have to know before you go. bring your family and friends together
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xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. david: trim trump's warning to the clintons that he might bring up bill clinton's past with women because of charges of sexism may run into a roadblock because of a old comment by trump himself. take a listen.
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>> look a the trouble bill clinton got into with something totally unimportant and tried to impeach him which was nonsense. david: will the comments stop trump or will he rake up bill clinton's past? peter barnes is in d.c. melissa was saying this in the break. he can't say anything that gets him trouble, right? >> that's right. doesn't, you're right. so, yeah, now he is trying to make an issue out of the bill clinton sex scandals saying it is fair game because of hillary clinton's charges against trump this past week that he sexist. as you recall in a tweet just yesterday trump said bill clinton had a quote, terrible record of women abuse. but as you may recall hillary clinton was asked directly about some of the allegations against her husband at a town hall meeting in new hampshire on december 3rd by audience member who cited three women by name. secretary clinton's response could provide clues how she
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might handle the issue, if donald trump should bring it up in a debate with her, for example? >> you recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed but would you say that about broaddrick, kathleen wiley or paula jones, should we believe them as well? >> well i would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. reporter: that was it. that was her answer. the voter asked to square the charges against her husband with comments on sexual sought on campus. she said, every survivor ever sexual assault deserves to be believed, heard and supported. david: she set down a standard that seems -- juanita broderick, her credibility was never really destroyed bit clintons. lord knows they tried. i don't know, she sat down such a hard standard it will be hard
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for them to overcome that standard that she herself has set down. >> she is going, she so going to obviously have to work on that issue because that, she only said, that was like a 10-word response. that was it. so, and obviously the issue is not going to go away if donald trump has his way. david: if he is the nominee, those are going to be incredible debates. we'll be tuning into that. peter, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: a few other stories on our radar. so-called "affluenza" teen, 18-year-old ethan couch, has been found in mexico with his mother. the two had been on the run after failing to comply with his probation sentence for a 2013 drunk driving accident that killed four people. attorneys in texas are now seeking to try him as an adult. authorities are still looking for country singer craig strickland after he went missing in oklahoma during a storm.
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the body of craig more land, a friend who was with him has been recovered along with their boat. trooper said no personal flotation devices were in use. owners of the oregon bakery sweet cakes, eric and melissa kline paid over $130,000 in damage and fees after refusing to make a cake for a same-sex couple two years ago. david: wow, that is a lot of money. al jazeera facing credibility crisis over its bombshell report about peyton manning but is it true? we'll go into that. plus not caring about exposure. millions signing up for ashley madison despite the massive hack, they are still coming. i guess a scandal sells. ♪
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david: well the nfl is now stepping in, investigating claims that quarterback peyton manning used human growth
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hormones. the lead will investigate accusations made about an al jazeera america documentary that hgh was repeatedly sent to peyton manning's wife ashley manning by the guyer institute of molecular medicine. weighing in what that means for guyer and the mannings is. al jazeera has one primary source and it's a very shaky source they're hanging this story on. he already recanted what he said. turns out he didn't work at institute until two years after peyton was clear. >> that's unclear. that's unclear. david: you're ruining a guy's reputation and earning potential. go ahead. >> i think it is unclear he was working there. we heard different things when al jazeera went to confirm story with receptionist, we were told he was there in 2011. the head said he was there in 2013.
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one thing is clear, charlie sly is lying. which time. is he lying the first time after hours of investigation, hidden microphones, cameras or second time when he is recanting. has a lot more to lose when he recanting. you know, you mentioned al jazeera is taking a hit on their credibility. i don't think so. this report gained publicity right across medium spectrum. david: it is publicity based on story, that at best very shaky and has been recanted, primary source of which recanted what he originally said. think could be very bad for al jazeera in the long run. >> jury is sill out. doesn't mean the story is not true. he was very specific. if he was trying to induce other business associates to do business with him he could have chosen other players. he could have named other high-profile players but very specific with the mlb and nfl players he mentioned. the nfl as you said will investigate.
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they could, commissioner could use article ivof the 2011 cba to look into it, integrity. game to preserve the public perception and public confidence in the game. so the facts were on this, of course, peyton manning is denying it as are the other players. whether it is true or not, there will be an investigation. david: i was always told you get at least two sources. just one source, particularly one as this he is liar, we know he is liar at least one of the cases. seems pretty shaky to me. dominic, appreciate you being here. melissa. melissa: belgium just warning a major terrorist attack planned for new years eve in this country while one million are expected to descend on times square in new york in just two days? new york police commissioner says the city will be the safest place in the world. we'll tell you more about the new security measures. all this as 1200 more of new york's finest are entering the field, graduating from the
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police academy. david: good for them. melissa: earlier today. con brat is last. -- congratulations.
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melissa: authorities may have thwart ad possible new year's eve terror plot in brussels. belgian police arrested two individuals on terrorism charges today in the capital of belgium. this comes just a day after several european cities ramped up security measures to prepare for potential terror threats at
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new year's celebrations. fox news's benjamin hall has the latest from london. reporter: yet another imminent attack foiled in europe after these two arrests. another reminder how dedicated and motivated that these european jihadis are, that they will not stop until they succeed. this latest attack said to be aimed at high value iconic locations in brussels the main square which at this time of year is filled with holiday shapers and tourists. the attack was planned for new year's day and according to security, planned with those in paris multiple bombers and multiple suicide bombers. two men were held and charged, one with acting as leader recruiter for terrorist group planning to commit terrorist offenses. other with participating in terrorist group activity aspirins pill actor. neither of their names or nationalities have been released. during the raids, military uniforms, isis propaganda and
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material were seized and examined. no guns or firearms. each has claimed to broken up a cell or plot though no actual weapons have been found. that leads to the possibility either there is stash of weapons or perhaps a ringleader is still at large. the prosecutor's office in belgium made a point saying these arrests were not connected to pair rid attacks on november 13th. suggesting this was a different cell. brussels which remains on high alert. police and soldiers were ordered to take special precautions, to not go outside without their weapons and take care outside of their stations. meanwhile police in austria have been warned of an attack between christmas and the new year with guns or explosives after they were given a tip off by unidentified intelligence service. heightened security as people wait and pray that nothing will happen over the holiday season. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. melissa: benjamin, thank you so much for that report. david.
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david: well, new york city is also stepping up safety precautions for its biggest party of the year. more than a million people are expected to ring in the new year in times square next couple of days. more than 6,000 police officers will be on hand, including a new team of 500 cops specially trained to deal with terrorism. here to weigh in, bill daly former fbi investigator. >> good to see you, david. david: this coming with the news what happened in belgium, breaking up a plot. we're very discrete here in new york. the investigators, police and other investigators are very careful, they're very good at what they do but sometimes they hold things close to their vests. if we had discover ad plot like this, would we know about it by now? >> well, i believe they would and i believe they would like they did before july 4th this past year they would have gone out and actually disrupted any plans, even if those plans were in insipient stage. i think if we saw or knew there was something afoot, our authorities would be acting out
4:33 pm
and doing something to both stop those as well as send a very strong message to anyone else that was planning. david: americans have become a little cynical though how good our enforcement is in preventing attacks. a lot has to do with the president coming out a week before san bernardino saying there is no credible threat of a terrorist attack. seven days later we get a terrorist attack. is there danger to that, sort of credibility gap that authorities have? >> well i think, david, i think probably the public doesn't realize all the things that are going on behind the scenes and certainly to them, when they see, you know, a gap or something that appears to be people thought should have been spotted beforehand they start to draw conclusions. i can tell you certainly people in new york, both the police commissioner and as well as fbi are sincere individuals. i know people behind that are working very intensively to safe guard everyone's best interest doing everything reasonable. there is always something as we saw in san bernardino where things, people are really flying
4:34 pm
below the radar and that is really where law enforcement, intelligence is trying to do. what they're trying to do, think ahead of the curve. think of who these people are. how they can thwart these events. this continuum, david, as we discussed over the years, continuum of terrorism morphed and changed and will continue to do so. law enforcement and intelligence are trying to adapt to see how they find out who and what is the next target. david: speaking of adaptation, i would hope we learn something from san bernardino we could apply to prevent rather than react to terrorist event? >> i think we have and i think both as we saw now some postings that took place before one of the terrorists even came here to the u.s. we saw some of the other things going on where perhaps family and or neighbors saw things, saw some, i call them tripwires and didn't respond to them. i think there are things out there right now that both intelligence and law enforcement as well as the public need to be
4:35 pm
very savvy about and need to be starting to think about making reports of suspicious activity to police and i think, in a case of san bernardino, that would have bonn a long way, david. david: certainly would have. bill daly, thank you very much. melissa. >> you're very welcome. melissa: u.s. touting progress against isis following a important victory with ramadi at department of defense briefing today. >> over the past month we have killed 10 isil leadership figures with targeted airstrikes, including several external attack planners, some of whom are linked to the paris attacks. others had designs on further attacking the west. melissa: okay, but remember the taliban and al qaeda? reports say the two terror groups have been busy setting up training camps in pakistan and afghanistan where we have had our hands full of isis. here to weigh in, lt. general tom mcinerney, fox news military analyst, and david
4:36 pm
sears, a retired navy seal. thank you both for joining us. david, let me start with you. what do you think of those reports? >> we're back to the whac-a-mole strategy in syria. you have one guys, leadership, two guys, three guys down. taking out leadership is not that effective when it is not part of a larger strategy. melissa: yeah. general, do you agree with that? and you know, do you think that there has to be a unified strategy against these different groups? or do they have to be addressed individually? >> no. david's spot on, melissa. the fact is, if we can take out those leaders, these 10 how many hundreds of other warfighters, ground troops could we be taking out? for whatever reason we do not, as david points out, we do not have a grand strategy to do that consequently we have piecemeal commitment of forces, both air and ground power, being allied ground power, not necessarily ours. melissa: yeah.
4:37 pm
>> so that is our main problem, melissa. melissa: david, i don't know if you saw this, but the state department was listing its accomplishments for 2015 and they said one of them was bringing peace to syria. later they had a spokesman came out and sort of clarified the blog, said, you have to look at tense of the word. not brought, we are in the process of bringing peace to syria. how insulting to the people who have died and people still there struggling? >> i think it is a matter of perspective really. the state department wants to see the world as they think it ought to be not as it is. and we need to start looking at things in terms of reality. not bringing peace to syria. syria is going to get worse. melissa: yeah. general, in the long run, when you look at three different groups, do you see them banding together as one force? i mean they're all anti-american. they're all radical islam. or is there scenario where they end up battling each other? i'm trying to break it down into
4:38 pm
terms where our audience think about the different enemies we have in the territory? >> that's a very good question, melissa. they're franchises. you know, it is wendy's, it's mcdonald's. it is chick-fil-a. the fact as you point out they're all radical islammists. and they will band together when they want, but it is a control issue with them. their ideology is all the same. the koran, had dieth, saying of the prophet and sharia law. with those rules of engagement and same ideology at anytime they can come together and as you know the famous saying over there, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. so that's what we'll see. melissa: gentlemen, thanks to both of you. david. david: one company is firing donald trump from its bottle caps. find out which trump system being taken out of circulation -- trumpism. if you haven't made new year's
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melissa: whether it's on wall street or main street here who is losing money today. ceo's. five ceo's of the companies in the russell 1000 index including nicholas wood man, sheldon adelson, even warren buffett, lost more money on their company shares than any other ceo this year. this is according to "usa today." they collectively lost $20 billion! on their company stocks in 2015. each one lost at least a billion bucks. ah. "game of thrones" is on a four year streak they wish they would end. hbo series topping list of most pirated tv shows. this season five finale was downloaded 14.4 million times. that is a lot. the force is awakening in disneyland and some disney fans aren't happy. 14% of the california park's 10 attractions and eateries will
4:43 pm
close in january for construction of a "star wars" area. hmmm. david. david: all right. i know you will be there. meanwhile there is a saying that goes there is no such thing as bad publicity. well it seems may apply to ashley madison. despite thinfaus hack th exsed llio of eate onli thenfidity ght ys its sucribs argrowg, gaing ur mlionew meers. foall eetai, irdrbolt joi us w. w, ieverxpecd th. juskeepn mi, dad, t urceor tse stists yo righy cid ishe cpany self yocan ke tt fowhatt is rth. vid:kay. >>he te ofhe hk halike 39illi use. the company now claims it is up to 43 million. million messages this week alone. but this is part of the ashley madison pr problem if you like. there are a lot of people who say, not only did the company
4:44 pm
fail to protect user data, but on top of it, a lot of these messages being sent are supposedly being sent by robots. just to keep in mind, david, this company has something like a dozen class action lawsuits. some people looking for a half a billion dollars to $500 million in damages saying that the company was careless with their personal data. but as you know, this is for married people in theory who wish to cheat on their spouse. david: not much sympathy for those folks. consider the source whenever you get information like this. deirdre, thank you very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour for "risk & reward." melissa: jonathan hoenig is back with us now. i know you have something to say about ashley madison before we move on. >> well, melissa it is hacks. hacks are a way of life now. one in five americans had their credit card numbers stolen this year. we essentially gotten used to it. ashley madison kind of got headlines, but anthem, blue cross, chik-fil-a, sony, staples, home depot, all these
4:45 pm
companies had customer accounts hacked at some point in year. melissa: yeah, you're right. that is the point of that story. thank you for keeping it clean and honest. speaking of honest, removing a quote, honest tea, is removing quote from its bottle caps. they claim it is not meant for a political statement. the quote from trump said, if you think anyway, you might as wealthy big. i love that. jonathan, i want to ask you, because i know these guys, we had them on the show. they are honest. it is called honest tea. it is intended to be inspirational, we change them up to keep our fans engaged. elimination of mr. trump's quote from bottle caps was not political statement. i believe them. do you? >> listen, a lot of companies for whatever reason are distancing themselves from donald trump right now. the tea company is one. the u.s. open. macy's. dubai retailer. i mean, i think a lot of people are saying, melissa, how will he negotiate with mexico if he
4:46 pm
can't even negotiate with nbc or univision? a lot of companies are distancing themselves from his brand which taken a long time to build up. this tea example is probably latest. melissa: i guess. if you look at filings, he is making a fortune off the campaign. he is doing paid speaking on the side according to filings. he is also renting back some of his own space to his campaign. i mean, donald trump is not one any longer to lose money. he knows about branding and imaging. i don't know, net-net, will be interesting to see how numbers shake out over time. let me ask you as well, looking at the party in times square on new year's eve but you don't want to freeze? olive garden, my favorite, selling tickets for its times square location for $400 a pop. jonathan hoenig, i have to tell you, i've been to the olive garden in times square. we have gone with our team because they're huge fans. they have multiple open bars. that is promising. d.j., dancing.
4:47 pm
short ribs, chicken marsala. mash potatoes on the list. the view of the ball drop is quote, limited. which means i think you're not seeing it at all. not to leave the area -- go ahead. what were you going to say? >> you are getting limited view of the ball drop. you're getting unlimited breadsticks. melissa: no you've not, no you're not! i glad you brought that up. they are not having breadsticks and there will be total revolt, will have to shut down the party or hand out breadsticks. >> this essentially, uber's version of surge pricing brought to the restaurant industry, right? everyone wants to be there. limited seats and demand is up. price goes up as well. melissa: there you go. >> irony, melissa, you would have to pay them to be in the middle of closed, claustrophobic narrow stretch of america. people paying it serve asset pieces foreeveryone else. melissa: jonathan, there go. thank you so much.
4:48 pm
>> thanks. david: bottom line, worth what you pay for it. if some people are willing to pay for it, god bless them. go pay for it. melissa: we'll see. david: got the angry feeling? turns out a lot of americans year-end review for washington, let's say there is no cause for celebration what is going on in our nation's capitol. you pay your car insurance
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: apparently americans just aren't feeling that hope and change. only 37% believe the president obama is bringing pop change to the country. this according to a new poll from cnn and orc. let's bring in a panel. former cbo director doug holtz-eakin. also president of the american democratic forum. john heart from opportunity lives is a gop strategist.
4:52 pm
thank you to all. liz, first to you, is this albatross around hillary clinton as she goes into the campaign? >> i don't think it is an albatross. i definitely think it is something she needs to pay attention to. the truth we're at 5% unemployment. we've created 12 million new jobs. david: i understand, i get all that. that is the talking point. but liz, focus on this. how does she deal with the fact that 37% of the people don't believe we've had the hope and change the president spoke of? >> well 63% of the democrats actually believe that president obama has done exactly what he said he would do. 67% of republican don't think he has and they will never vote for hillary clinton anyway, john, let me just give liz one point, which is the wrong direction charts back in 2012 were all going in the wrong way for president obama. and yet he won re-election by sizable majority. so, i don't know, do the polls say one thing and people vote differently or what? >> no. i think what's going on, people
4:53 pm
are frustrated with the fact they're not sure the american dreamworks anymore. there are real material challenges in the country. wages are not growing as fast as health care costs as education costs. what we've seen from the obama administration is philosophy that the best way to make something expensive, make it quote, unquote, affordable and creating new programs from the federal level actually has increased costs in health care and education. so there is a real reason for anger. the reason is, that obama's policies are not working. david: well, doug, talk about the american dream if you can. because some people are saying that the american dream has morphed in perhaps a perverse way how much can the government give me rather than how much can i be independent and make my own life? >> david, this is all about economic growth. and the absence of good growth policies. in the postwar u.s., the standard of living, income per capita doubled roughly every 30 years. one person's working career they could reach the american dream, send a kid to college, buy a
4:54 pm
home, whatever it might be for them. given current growth and projected growth it will be 70 years. the american dream is fading into the distance. that change needs to happen. we have to fundamentally address the poor growth prospects in the united states. david: doug, sticking with you a second, is the american dream out of reach for so many americans, are a lot of americans thinking how much can the government do for me, rather than how much i can do on my own? >> i think you get two different responses. frustration is the same on both sides of the aisle. the economy is terrible. they're afraid about terrorists. our standing in the world is declined. unhappiness comes from very real place. democrats look at that say, we've been told that is all becae 1%id ito uand walltreebank we'lgo tthe vernnts d gethin fix. coervaves ok a gornme, ohmy wdon'need ythi likthat ads somne le dold trump. real key is stop expressing anger and get fundamentally policy improvement. that is where hillary clinton
4:55 pm
have a problem. she may say something, she is doing same thing became obama. when people figure that out -- david: liz, will this be another term for president obama. >> hillary clinton is her own president. david: what way is she different economically? >> first talk about in this poll majority of americans are -- david: quickly, we don't have much time. in what way is hillary going to be different economically speaking from president obama? >> she is going to be her own president when it comes to the economy but creating 12 million new jobs. that is pretty good record. david: i don't hear any specifics. >> gop governors. that is what works. david: i appreciate it. your driver's license may not be we'll be telling why tsa is cracking down on airport security. you want to hear about this. ♪ may not work. but a few might shape the future.
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caring for a family member can be challenging and lead to countless questions, for them and for you. find articles, tips and tools from experts and others who have been in your place. the caregiving resource center at . >> your driver's license could
4:59 pm
be no good in airports next year, even if you're traveling in the united states. the tsa is getting close to enforcing a decade's old federal law demanding states comply with various standards when issuing driver's licenses. if they don't, a driver's license will not be enough to get you through security screening. jonathan hoenig is back. jonathan, are we going to have to carry national identity cards with us? >> you remember flights before the tsa, before homeland security, it was a pleasure, when people today complain about travel, it's not so much the price but that experience, and to your point, it's going to become more cumbersome now, since the tsa and homeland security have been instituted, travel is more expensive and i don't think it is more safe. tsa misses 90% of the screened contraband. >> anybody can get a driver's
5:00 pm
license, you can be an illegal alien and get one. >> homeland security hasn't done anything to make us safe, david. global jihadism continues to grow, and ominously, we've seen the attacks. >> jonathan, got to leave it at that. thank you very much. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> well, the hillary campaign said they'd love to run, yeah, she wants to run against me instead of somebody else. i guarantee you, and i tried to explain to chuck todd and all the guys, you don't understand, chuck, when they say they want to run against trump, that means they don't want to run against trump. deirdre: presidential front-runner donald trump attacking democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton at a rally last night. this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton, true to form donald trump went after hillary's e-mail scandal to benghazi as well, candidates have a few weeks to go before


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