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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 30, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> while tonight is the end of my journey for the white house as i suspend my campaign for president, i am confident we can elect the right person. dagen: former new york governor george pataki ending his presidential run. george pataki struggled to gain much with the run. the 2016 race straight ahead. we asked the question who also needs to drop out. 31.57 at futures. the s&p stars in the green for the year. not the blue-chip. we will see how trading fair assessment of into the day in europe wearing to the trading day they are. make smart kids and about four tenths of 1% loss on the dax in germany. christine mozart born in the global growth in 2016 will be disappointing and uneven. found by 2015. in asia, action overnight with mixed markets they appeared final trading day of the year
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for the nikkei in japan. half a percent loss in honk song. the biggest move in oil. crude died almost a buck a barrel. we will head to the cme to find out what is driving the trade. new concerns over nsa spying could not impact our relationship with israel. the washington journal of reporting agency targeted israeli theaters even after president obama announced he would cut back on monitoring friendly heads of state. also reporting surveillance picked up private communications with u.s. lawmakers. more on this coming out. philadelphia eagles need a new coach. chip kelley fired yesterday after nearly three seasons. the season was 26-21, lost five of the seven games. one can left in the regular
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season and kelley is out of there. hoverboards in the meantime a popular gift this holiday season. plenty of people struggle to master riding them, including mike tyson. mike tyson posted that video of himself on his program, including the hash tag, i am too old for this. this is me making fun of mike tyson. not going to do it. he scares me. good guy. back to the campaign trail. new york governor george pataki in the presidential race. trailing far behind the national poll failing to gain any traction in his bid for the presidency could the former governor called it quits last night. while tonight i suspend my campaign for president, i'm
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confident we can elect the right person. just over two weeks away from the fox republican debate for thursday, january 14th in the fine city of charleston, south carolina. donald trump still leading the gop field in national polls. texas senator ted cruise coming in at number two. ben carson and marco rubio's not far behind. joining us now is political media strategist mindy said. kevin and scott are here as well. to us is to drop out? who also drop out before we get to the first caucus in the first primary in new hampshire? >> while we see as candidates who have been calling and the 12% of those single digits, those that have started to drop out are those running out of money. we saw bobby jindal, george pataki, lindsey graham, those who haven't been able to make it to the main stage. they've been relegated to the debate and not getting the primetime coverage.
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the two left in the undercard by senator rick santorum and governor mike huckabee. interestingly enough, to gentlemen who won the iowa caucus in 2008 and 2012 have not gained traction this time. i think we could see it is time for them to drop out even though they've been successful in the past and they may have the money. we may see that soon. rand policy and of the many people expect it to do a lot better to draw some libertarians support in houston at this point. the three gentlemen that seem to have a path or donald trump, merck or rubio ted cruz. jeb bush has a lot of money and they tried in make a case that he is still polling in low single digits. unless something drastically changes i don't say much for him. all the others have to be thinking, doesn't make sense to do this? sometimes it does because they are vying for a vice presidential slot.
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it's not just about winning the presidency. >> scott rowden here. does a great analysis and that we have also santorum. we have huckabee as you reference potentially trying to stay in. how do you think they will ultimately make the decision? i.e. wait until iowa and new hampshire or get out earlier and weight after the next debate. >> they don't have that much to lose at this point other than pride. i think most of the candidates will stay enter iowa and after iowa they are getting a seven, eight, nine, 10 place finish. particularly someone who won the caucus in the past. it would be hard to raise money and the repeat no point in staying in. we will see many drop out after iowa. >> a mindy, kevin kelley here. how big of a difference is the new state moving up their caucuses in march?
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how big of a difference will that play in the election cycle? are we seeing reverberations have been now in the polls? >> there is a big difference. partially candidates having to spend their time before they campaign. a really good piece yesterday about the role tennessee is playing because it's become such an important republican party. the endorsement is incredibly important and a lot of electoral votes at stake. after iowa, after new hampshire and south carolina, the race may not be clear. there is a good chance after the early march states that will become quite clear in consolidated to three candidates and hopefully around one electable nominee. dagen: i want to get into this because you see the attacks. it's not just what i was going to donald trump. he went after ted cruz again
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when he was in iowa talking about an evangelical from cuba. you've seen us that the good guy you see the establishment. marco rubio getting attacked by jeb bush and also governor crist christie. there is an ad in iowa by a super pac supporting jeb bush and also chris christie going after his record in the senate. it seems to me at offbeat enough base. who cares about his record in the senate. chris christie is now drawing attacks and how long he's been suspended in new jersey. it just seems every time they try to go after rubio for another candidate, the punches don't land. >> for a lot of these attacks come is able to turn the table on christie for the same issues. i don't think they are so affect it. what is also curious right now is that his donald trump versus the field.
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as opposed to going after donald trump, a lot of guys try and for the second, third place position in the field. they are attacking each other but the results could be none of them are successful and donald trump continues to soar. if they don't want to see that happen, they are attacking the wrong people. isn't electoral strategy are about pride. the jeb bush attacks for example , the feelings in this race, you know, i like jeb bush but is not done well. he's not met expectations. they've been about jeb bush's performance as a candidate. you have to wonder sometimes is a good strategy are really just about pride and will they wake up at some point you realize can we consolidate what that means these days. in these big collegial. forgiving someone in a think would be effective in this top attacking each other and set
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their sights on donald trump. >> it seems to be shaping up as well blended being a very nasty battle between hillary clinton and donald trump. donald trump saying raise the issue of sexism. i'll go right after your husband. i'll go right after them. when he was asked last night of his own past is fair game, he went yet. i can only imagine what we are going to hear in the coming months between those two. and if a defect is? certainly as for trump and the primary battle for the nomination because republicans don't like the clintons. >> yeah, these attacks popular clinton with the democratic race. they help donald trump at the republican base. i don't think they are ultimately the issues that will turn the election. donald trump has to defend himself. hillary clinton is more vulnerable because she has centered her campaign on being a
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champion for women and really has this record of when her husband have pandas preyed on his underlings that she shamed them and ruined reputation. she is more vulnerable on the attack. dagen: the wall street journal editorial today, the war in women. hillary clinton placed the sexism card. thank you so much for being here this morning. be sure to tune into the next of public debate on thursday, january 14th )-right-paren the fox business network. you do not want to miss it. whether they're sending most of the country, causing travel delays have flooded the midwest. 18 million americans under flood warning that the governor of missouri, illinois and oklahoma all declared states of emergency. missouri dealing with the worst of it although the rain has stopped, the state must deal with flooding. k. tvi paul shankman is on the ground in missouri with more.
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>> never seen anything like that before. >> it hasn't been this bad since 1982. eugene michelle was here in 1982 and says the worst of areas this time were not quite so built up last time. >> they shouldn't build a flood wave when they know it's going to fly. >> one business for a long time is there a ford did most of the dealership sits on a hill but their used car lot is down below at the waters edge. >> removed probably 100 but just to keep them out of harms way. the manager said there was about six of them about halfway up. >> for all the people directly affected, many more are being inconvenienced by it. highway 50 is how most people get to and from the interstate. like several important roads in town, highway 50 is closed. >> for i feel that way is take the bat goes to washington. there is no other way around.
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>> it's terrible. you can't get anywhere at all. >> t. think it will be the same after this? >> yes, it will be. >> thanks to paul shankman. tensions on the rise after iran fires missiles with visual range of an aircraft carrier. what it means for mideast relations in the landmark iran nuclear deal. another win for billionaire investor carl icahn, what new company he is bringing under his wing. coming out. -- coming up. ♪
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dagen: tension rises in the mid-reset or rent test files this is an additional range of
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an aircraft carrier. cheryl casone with that on the whole another story. >> u.s. military officials accusing iran of carrying a rocket test within close proximity of american warships and commercial traffic in the strait of hormuz. according to one military official of the revolutionary guard fired several unguided rockets within 1500 yards of the uss harry truman was very little warning. the test is described as highly provocative. two separate earthquakes in the west coast overnight of magnitude 4.4 quake reported just north of san bernardino, california with two smaller aftershocks. >> it was just a slight roll. i'm from california so i'm used to it. >> i was just keeping close to the hurricane. it was no big thing for me. i was just hanging out. cheryl: there were no immediate reports of any damages or injuries in the area.
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finally million separate quake did strike near big tour of british columbia in canada. traverse office far far away as seattle overnight. finally, chalk up another w. for carl icahn. the auto parts supplier bridgestone says it will not counter the latest bid for pep boys. apparently bowing out of the war. the latest bit is $18.50 per share. just over a billion dollars. you go mandate, mullah jack peered up 20% since the bidding war begin. we see all these new car sales really taken off the last couple months. but then for parts suppliers to see the bidding war happened for them i thought was kind of fascinating. dagen: do you think is overpaid for this company? >> no, i don't. he even said he was very eloquent on this. this is an excellent synergistic
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acquisition for me. it's a pretty cheap for them, not expensive for him to buy this. when he came in on the bidding war $16.50 was the initial bid for the company. i will bid up to 18 cents in about 10 cents the entire way. but bridgestone cavemen he said delegate the deathblow $18.50. dagen: new security procedures come into the 2016 las vegas electronics show. with the recent terror attacks in san bernardino, and tend his bags will be checked at entry into the world's largest trade show for the first time ever. no one bags or luggage will be permitted in conference areas. i went subject to metal detector screening the body pat downs. the electronic show will be from january 62 the ninth. i look at this and go why were they doing this before? why was anyone allowed -- i know
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they are nerds and they have gadgets, but why -- >> there is a lot of proprietary proprietary -- why weren't they doing this before? jo: dagen: has sent the message we don't have the measures in place. >> you may go back to this iran missile fire. we're not talking 15 miles or five miles. we are talking 1500 yards. that is absolute provocation. i'm concerned about the lack of response by this administration on those facts i would consider an act of war or at least the threat of war. that is like right over there. one of our battleships. >> the iranians defended themselves say we told everybody to get out of the strait of hormuz order would be doing these exercises. at the same time i agree with you.
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>> this is why the avandia will go down as one of the worst deals i believe in our country's history. you don't trust them and if you do anything you have to verify it and it's a real problem. cheryl: you know what the president says about iran. you act against iran and iraq against a rush to -- russia. >> this is a very important development in that relationship. >> it's a free-for-all in the middle east. we do about mine. everybody knows him can call our bluff. we have no strength of resolve. it is a free-for-all. they know there is no recourse for whatever they do. dagen: speaking of ironic, more iranian crews coming on the market in the months and years to come. is that one of the things sending crude oil prices sinking again. despite the 3% rally, what are investors talking about 2016? we will coach the floor of the cma next. take a look at this come even half as they now be safe.
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another book that we really can't get enough of this because you see a big powerful boxer falling on his dust. you can't ride a hover board. i know that this is in his home and this is his daughter's hover board that she got over the holidays, but in general grown people should not be writing hoverboards. here is what i'm talking about. i have seen them here in new york city, even though they are banned on sidewalks. it is not attractive. >> that is not a hover board. it is a modified segue. dagen: thank you for giving us the back to the future three cap, kevin. we will be right back. and i quit smoking with chantix. i don't know that i can put into words
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and movies with xfinity's winter watchlist. later on, we'll conspire ♪ ♪ as we dream by the fire ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land, ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. dagen: oil prices giving back most of yesterday's gains. the latest on energy. hey, phil. reporter: good morning. back into the marketplace today, the american petroleum institute shocked the market by reporting the u.s. crude supplies rose by 2.9 million barrels. analysts looking for a drop
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1.5 million, that is a huge differential. a lot of that in the quote coast of the united states. what really hits home about the over supply of oil is the lack of market response to this story in the strait of hormuz. back in the old days if we had any type of incident and a part of the world was so much of the global crude supply going through the very narrow strait, we listed the price of oil go up five or 10 bucks. new world. back to you. trend dagen: stay right there. but he make of this? >> we've seen over the last 18 months at a barrel of oil has removed the geopolitical risk. it is no longer embedded in oil. oil simply trading on supply and demand. especially when there's a glut in the market place. what is most interesting is how is this going to play out next year. investors talk about louisiana, alaska and oklahoma on the muni
6:25 am
bonds because of the lower price. that is the interesting part starting to be talked about going into next year. dagen: the pain and high yield already in potential in certain areas of municipal bond markets. >> correct. dagen: phil, in terms of additional supply coming out of iran, is that fully factored into the price of oil this morning? reporter: i think it is 60% there. it raises questions of whether we see the oil and the only way we wanted that the obama and assertion backs of coddling the regime. if they had provocative, we shouldn't allow them oil. dagen: see if that ever happens. still, we will see you later. features point is that the lower open on wall street. look at what the markets will have in the new year. the dow futures and it's been a bad month for controversial
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pharmacy omar charlie. one of the former companies is feeling the pain trying to get relisted. that is all next. ♪ ..
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dagen: iron and dagen mcdowell
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in 4 maria bartiroma. it is wins the dec. 32. kevin kelly and former senator scott brown, gentlemen both. devastating and rare winter flooding hitting the midwest. missouri, illinois and oklahoma, state emergency issued in all three of those states with missouri facing the biggest so far, a dozen levees being monitored, hundreds of homes in illinois and missouri at is, 18 have been killed in those two states alone and results of the flooding. the latest developments and forecast coming up. the republican presidential field narrowing last night. >> tonight is the end of my journey for the white house as i suspend my campaign for president. i am confident we can elect the right person. dagen: former new york governor george pataki announcing he ending his presidential run. he struggled to gain support
6:30 am
throughout the campaign. the latest on the 2016 race straight ahead. turning to markets futures point to modest climb that the of and 33 point loss on the dow futures at the dow put up a triple digit game and the big move for once again, crude down 2.5%. new concerns over nsa spying could impact our relationship with israel. the wall street journal reporting the agency targeted israeli leaders even after president obama announced he would cut back on monitoring friendly heads of state. and picked up communications with lawmakers. philadelphia eagles have a new approach, chip kelly fired after three seasons, the team was 26, 21 under his leadership. to miss the playoffs for a second straight year. two full trading day left in 2015, the dow is set to end the
6:31 am
year in negative territory for the first time since 2008. what does this mean about the current state of economy and what does the road like ahead? hank smith, $8.2 billion, chief investment officer of haverford trust. and the nasdaq is easily in positive territory. it is back in positive territory, what is that signaling about the economy ahead for the next year? of the market is looking not bad. >> bent this is a unique period in the market, this is a market that is enjoying it little bit of a santa claus rally, thinly traded and yesterday we had a little bit of a retreat on wall oil and the markets rejoiced overseas as well. it seems to be pushing this
6:32 am
market around and the thing is when you look at the market itself is narrow. what we need to see is a market that spreads out broadly, more effective, more stocks. and that doesn't say good things about the economy. we need to see small and mid cap joining, they should be joining in january. if they don't that tells you investors think the economy is not going to gain that much. small and mid cap are beneficiaries. dagen: a story in the wall street journal, biotech has rallied back nicely from the lows in august of 18% as a group of stocks. that shows willingness. there are a few sell-offs the willingness to take risks. >> talking about biotech, the nasdaq, great stable and names, one of the top ten positions trading at eight times, hepatitis c, franchise side does very well, they have tons of
6:33 am
cash on the balance sheet, great dividend, biotech sometimes gets a bad name but the health care space especially biotech's strong. >> is it any surprise you have obamacare, each endeavour year, tax uncertainty, regulatory uncertainty, businesses don't know what is next, everyone is looking at the market, that is not the indicator, people hiring, growing pocketbooks, the answer is no. maria: people don't know what tomorrow will bring and businesses especially, small-businesses don't know they are regulated more than we have ever seen historically. the other part of the story is the fed is raising rates so that is another part. four rate hikes or one and done, no one knows. dagen: so much of market action this year is driven by what is going on outside the united states out of the control of
6:34 am
politicians whether the slowdown in china or collapsing commodity prices which is hurting emerging economies and you have the rest of the central banks around the world trying to ease rather than tying like the federal reserve. >> resulting in a strong dollar which has been a big head wind for corporate earnings along with weaker oil prices and you are right as you point out in the beginning of the market is an anticipatory deal and looking ahead there are no signs the u.s. economy is going to go into a recession, none of the warning flags are waving any concerns right now, whether it is employment trends, inflation trends, the yield curve, we don't have any of that so we think 2015 is the pause that refreshes. the seventh year of a bull market, don't expect outsize returns that the reason we can't
6:35 am
get high single digit to low double digit returns next year, with modest profits and not even looking at much in the way of the expansion either. so to the point scott brought up, that is a big reason fiscal policy oversregulation, for tax policy is a big reason we are stuck in this 2% recovery as opposed to 3.5% recovery, we get that right and monetary policy as we move gradually toward something called neutral. >> the thing that frustrates me to add to that is the administration will continue to pat itself on the back when we have anemic growth numbers, every time they put them up and adjust them, the american public, the images we were talking about, they say leave me
6:36 am
alone, stay out of my way. i will create jobs but that is not what is happening. they are adding more and more, like of regulatory and tax and the crushing the american dream for a entrepreneurs, putting us in a bad spot. >> we have growth. entrepreneurs willing to -- dagen: if you are looking to politicians as your savior, i don't think it crushed the american dream because that doesn't give people credit for the american spirit they're getting starting businesses that have been created in the last five years. look at the 2? -- uber, we are talking about d.c. this economy can't grow unless d.c. gets fixed, good luck with that. >> we worry about the slow market environment, we talk
6:37 am
about nasdaq 100, we have google, netflix, all these companies that using a lot of new technology, microsoft is doing well. one of those things people need to focus on. >> there are pockets of opportunities even if the economy didn't do well. you could actually eked out a nice pockets of opportunity the give you a return. this is where active investors and investors are going to shine in 2016. a good manager can give a nice return but it is not going to be clear sailing through the entire year. we will have ups and downs and other parts of the market leading. dagen: final birdie. >> one lesson for the bull market is not letting politics get in a way of investing. there are plenty of
6:38 am
opportunities in 2016, particularly on the dividend side, seven years, and a single recipe 500 sector. dividend yields exceed bond yields. that is a generational opportunity. dagen: i with keith mccullough was here. he sees the recession. we have to wait for keys. thank you. fresh off the firing of a controversial ceo, 1 to $2 million, shkreli, a different company's controversial decision to raise prices. this is touring pharmaceuticals's decision to raise prices of its aids drug. >> in danger of being
6:39 am
productive, such a small product, one of the small door of products in the drug business. and blockbuster drugs. and could turn a profit. to put it back into research for the disease. dagen: an interview taking place before shkreli was charged with securities fraud and related to drug pricing. kalobios is separate from tearing, another country, and currently fighting the nasdaq decision to delist its shares. what do you think? crazy story. shkreli's whole thought that is not be but what about kalobios, what position was it is? >> they were actually going bankrupt, steps in a month ago and is going to held this stock basically, they were about to trade at $1, actually prepackaging bankruptcy, it came
6:40 am
in and the stock ran up pretty significantly. it went from the one dollar to 26. that was within the last month. she was going to coming with an investor group, was going to raise drug prices, this isn't any news, not a lot of people playing with this specific stock because he owed the majority 70%, going to go bankrupt. it is an election year and this will be at the forefront, drug pricing is going to be a big overhang in the health care space. dagen: hillary clinton went after the decision to hike the drug but i think that it raises the issue of what happened was overall drug pricing is a problem and will be a problem. however this was such a one off, was asking for attention, almost like shkreli wanted the
6:41 am
attention. there two separate issues. when you talk about drug pricing problems a lot of that, cancer drugs coming out in six figures. and this was just -- he was playing games like some other company about going out jacking prices of its. >> he was talked about, dumpster diving, a drug that doesn't impact abroad amount of people. and what is great about this, the express scripts came out, and make a combination or sell it for a dollar. there are a lot of answers to some problems we're having in the health care spaces specially for people that are impacted, a
6:42 am
small amount of people impacted like martin shkreli. dagen: he loves the lens, doesn't he? coming up the aboard debate in the house of god. i love this. i love this so much. one priest, his right down the aisle got him in some hot water next. tucson.
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dagen: out of the frying pan and into the recall, macy's recalling martha's stewart frying pans. cheryl: serious business, pan that being recalled because of defective part popped off and injured people while they were cooking. the recall affects the eight injured ten inch frying pans that came in at 120,000 stainless steel cookware set made by martha stewart election and sold at macy's, customers can return the recall stands for a refund or a replacement. guns and roses fans, bill would reporting two original members, going to reignite. and a stage appearance in two decades, and kick off possibly north american summer tour. haven't heard from the bent yet.
6:46 am
dagen: nice face lift. and allegedly -- talk about a holy roller. a big trouble after giving the final blessing of the christmas eve mass on hover board. everyone loved in the congregations, and if it was wrong, they suspended him. dagen: jo lin kent joins the conversation. and on the board. jo lin: they're into at social media, why not hover boards as well? you want to be relevant and deliver your message. i don't think there's anything wrong with judge napolitano: the pope himself is on twitter. >> it is a great way to hold the
6:47 am
congregation's attention. >> they are saying is the going to fall? easygoing to fall? cheryl: we haven't discussed guns and roses. dagen: i argue appetite for destruction is the best rock album put out ever. cheryl: you were an 80 rock kid. dagen: everything else about my appearance -- looks just like this in the 80s. cheryl: producers had something, and real upset if you don't, do we have it? you and i and rocking under 80s. dagen: i thought this -- we were out side at fox and friends without that huge crowd. but getting back together, at the network, and beginning to
6:48 am
end. whatever axle made with guns and roses after they brought it up. but he owns the name so continued to tour. cheryl: i wanted to show the death leopard pick. they have been touring the every year for the last 20 years and i've very profitable. to talk to those guys that morning. >> just for the record. cheryl: where were you? >> at the house, and -- >> it was a private performance in the backyard. he is amazing. dagen: my favorite person was the hottest wife on the planet who used to write a finance column for playboy. i know -- straddling back with the group, they are going to get back together. cheryl: do they get along? dagen: the rift was between back
6:49 am
rows and flash. jo lin: this is happening at a place known for big reunions. outcasts, rage against the machine, in addition to you, you can see multigenerational coming together and the huge amount of money, they are going to make. on the potential to. dagen: i would have to break out my old grateful dead stuff that i wore when i saw the grateful dead. never done that either. cheryl: bringing in my death leopard teacher. dagen: bring out my -- coming up, could be a new year, new you. wall street turned yoga guru joins us with motivation you might be able to use into the new year to get fit and get your mind right. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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dagen: 45% of american's resolve to make personal changes at this
6:53 am
time every year but research from statistic brain suggests less than 10% of people successfully accomplish their goals. when next guest quit her job at morgan stanley kabul seven years and fixed-income to start a yoga center lifestyle brand and teach the practice to bankers. joining us is i amu founder and ceo loren emberato. what do you trying to teach? not just people on wall street but all of us, what do we need to do? >> i'm afraid in florida of my friend working wall street but my colleagues on the floor and my friends didn't have a realistic lens for wellness. when i spoke to normal people, work hard and play hard, we want to have a family, social life and don't want to give up everything to be healthy and i realized this was something i could create and my first book --
6:54 am
dagen: scott is like mr. fitness and everytime he is here you give us -- always give us tips. tips on how to -- get better yesterday. this is what we are talking about. i am curious. >> what is the difference between this and traditional yoga? i don't want to spend all this money and be disappointed. >> that was a few -- are runner -- and started doing yoga, and it was so confusing and so stressful going to that yoga studio, couldn't touch my knees when i started. dagen: or do what i did, the traditional hot yoga.
6:55 am
and blacked out or went over in the past. >> it is so sad. it doesn't have to be in this class. and the physiology and philosophy and simple movement sitting right here. and the biology of the body. >> high-powered careerists and industries. it does seem like one extreme or another. >> it is about the huge investment of time and money. dagen: were you convinced of that? >> they know it works. my approach coming in my career background, i get you. you have no time. just one minute into your life and you will see a difference. dagen: thank you so much, please
6:56 am
come back as we get closer to february. the book is healthy solutions for real life. thank you so much, happy new year. you look fantastic by the way. sitting on the duck for all week at home eating high sodium products. next hour, new attack ads and new declarations, a busy day on the campaign trail. david of bell and former nato adviser joins us next. try the superior hold...
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dagen: good morning, dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiroma, it is wednesday december 30th, reached on capitol's kevin kelly and former senator scott brown. first to your top story, devastating rare winter flooding, hitting the midwest, looking at pictures from missouri, illinois and oklahoma, state of emergency issue in all three states, missouri facing the biggest threat so far, a dozen levees along the mississippi river being monitored. hundreds of homes in illinois and missouri at risk, the 18 people have been killed in those states as a result of the flooding. we have the latest developments plus the forecast coming up. the republican presidential field narrowing last night. >> tonight is the end of my journey for the white house as i suspend my campaign for president.
7:00 am
i am confident we can elect the right person. dagen: former new york governor george pataki and anthony's legaling his presidential run, he struggled to gain support from the beginning of his announcing his campaign. we have the latest on the 2016 race straight ahead. turning to your market futures point to modest climb that the open, 26 point gain on the dow, those major market gauges, blue chips, stuart: in red for the year, the mover oil to the downside of more than 2%, home at 3% of her renewed supply concerns, supply report out of the american petroleum institute showed a big build in supply and moving to politics and geopolitics and new concerns of. nsa spying and how it could impact our relationship with israel. the wall street journal reporting the agency targeted is really leaders even after president obama an ounce he would cut back on monitoring friendly heads of state and the
7:01 am
juror for surveillance picked up private communications with u.s. lawmakers. on to sports the philadelphia eagles needed new coach, chip kelly fired yesterday after nearly three seasons, almost three seasons, one game shy, the team, 26, 21 under his leadership but the eagles lost five of their last 7 games to miss the playoffs for a seventh straight year and hover boards dangers in more ways than one but still popular gift over the holiday season and we have seen plenty of people struggle to ride them including this boxing champ. that looked like it hurt. mike tyson posted that video of his wipeout on instagram including the hash tag i am too
7:02 am
old for this. dagen: you fall like that on a hardwood floor that is a couch. move to politics, busy day on the campaign trail from endorsements to new campaign videos we begin with a campaign that has now been suspended. former new york governor george pataki announcing to supporters in the early primary states that he will no longer be pursuing the presidency. he finished with less than 1%, national average, marco rubio on the other hand receiving a major endorsement, influential south carolina congressman frank goudy, chairman of the benghazi committee calling him his candidate. >> it is not my job to tell you who to vote for but i am going to tell you who i am going to vote for and i will tell you why. i'm going to vote for marco rubio. dagen: republican front runner donald trump went after it troy goudy, he liked him and then didn't like him. he unleashed a new campaign ad,
7:03 am
by president obama. >> isis claimed responsibility. >> ability to produce fraudulent passports, devices rigged to. >> i got to get star wars. dagen: he was referring to the head of members of the military, star wars, makes a good ad. let's bring in david, senior adviser andrew peak, i want to go to you first, george pataki drops out. i want to know and i want some names, who will drop out next and will that be before iowa and new hampshire? >> it will likely be someone before iowa but after that you will see guys like rick santorum, mike huckabee has already said he will drop out, those two right off the we could see action after iowa, we are so
7:04 am
close now unless somebody, flat broke which is george pataki's situation, there is no reason to drop out until you start seeing actual election results and the picture becomes clearer for folks who has a chance and to doesn't. dagen: before we move on to andrew, in terms of not being flat broke, he is actually going to start spending some money with donald trump getting ready to lunge at its, 2 million a week potentially up to it could run into the tens of millions of dollars, even more than that, he will be running ads. what does he need to do in your opinion to be affective with an ad campaign. >> the at he is running right now is quite frankly very smart. tapping into what is now according to the recent wall street journal poll number one issue among voters, national security. donald trump is talking about what is of concern to voters as they get ready to cast their
7:05 am
votes and he is talking what they care about which is the most effective ads. dagen: in terms of national security and candidate's policies we saw lindsey graham dropout, lindsey graham was the most specific in what he wanted to do in terms of fighting the islamic state. i you getting enough specifics? do we need them at this point? >> the most interesting part of the last republican presidential debate was the dust up between ted cruz, rand paul, and marco rubio, the inheritor of the lindsey graham intervention label. the other two have tried to go back to george h. w. bush's foreign policy of a more realistic, more restrained, morally hard edge approach to the world. >> we talk about from spending money in new hampshire in
7:06 am
particular, that, taking it and putting it on the ground, and rand paul buses, not to get his people but make sure others get their people there and making sure all the precinct captains and county captains and driving out the vote where there seems to be a question. what do you think on that? >> i think you are sought on. the early primary states and caucus states and daiwa situations are all about turning out your supporters and having any effective ground game because you know military balance in some states have started going down or will be going down, smart campaign is working on balance strategies as we are almost a month away from first votes being cast in new hampshire and it is why marco rubio's enforcements of tray goudy could be a big impact for him. if greg audi helped deliver south carolina for marco rubio
7:07 am
and get a win in one of the release states it could propel him to ultimately getting the nomination. >> i actually have him second or third, chris christie coming on strong, trump is going par un chris christie in new hampshire so it looks like trump, kristy, marco rubio, 1, 2, ted cruz, nipping at the heels but what folks don't recognize is what will separate one through 7 is a couple hundred votes. dagen: i want to turn to foreign policy really quickly. there are reports that an iranian rocket passed within 1500 yards of a snake wrapped -- navy aircraft carrier in the strait of hormuz and carl rains calling the move, quote, highly provocative. the wall street journal reporting of the nsa monitoring of is really prime minister
7:08 am
benjamin netanyahu and his aides inspired members of congress, the journal reporting the monitoring began late in obama's first term. to both of these stories, the nsa spying story, what do you make of that, in the presidential campaign the spying has been an issue to their benefit for rand paul or ted cruz to a lesser extent. >> for a spying on leaders of foreign governments, even anomaly allied governments, germany, france, israel, they spot on as i assume we spy on them. i have a serious problem and a lot of americans will win the administration says we are not going to spy on angela merkel and francois hollande in france but benjamin netanyahu is the target here. dagen: your reaction? >> there is no one this
7:09 am
administration won't snoop on whether it is conservative groups through the irs they don't like, whether it is congressman chavis, the secret service went to his back routes, and we find out this situation. it is why people don't trust this administration and we can say we are not spying on our allies in france and germany but when you come out and say we are not going to spy on our friends and you call israel friend and then it comes out you are spying on israel what message does that send to our other allies that you say you are not spying but you are? >> the wall street journal had a great piece on this well worth the read. in the last paragraph the most interesting, which is we learned no new information practically from this spying case. all the things being said publicly by israel and the congressional members being spied on, all the things they assaying publicly so we learned nothing new other than we create
7:10 am
mistress. >> one of the biggest issues going on in talking about privacy and security is spying on american citizens and james clapper came out and said dozens iron american citizens that it has been over a thousand days and we have been proven completely false without any recourse or repercussions especially for this administration and still has his post. my question is who is the candidate that can set themselves apart say it is unconstitutional and should be done? we tiptoed around rand paul and ted cruz and they set themselves apart on this. >> there is no one who will set themselves apart. this debate stopped at being a debate after the terrorist attacks. when the movement led by people like rep omash and ted cruz in the senate for more accountability, more transparency about nsa program
7:11 am
is the debate stopped once the threat of isis hit our own shores in san bernardino, paris, no votes to be run by being soft on surveillance. dagen: we will leave at that. that was terrific, thanks for being here. great to see you. we didn't even really talk much about donald trump. >> we will be getting a text any minute. >> and a angry phone call. dagen: it was great to see you, thanks very much. had been year to both of you. meantime the governor, a rough new year in missouri, illinois and oklahoma, the governor's declaring states of emergency and activated national guard to help evacuate residents as torrential rain and flooding continued to cripple parts of the midwest. accu-weather's lauren velez says has details. >> real issues from the rain,
7:12 am
look at st. louis, so far, the 29 of the month, 440% of normal rainfall, close to 400%, we have to watch parts of the center and lower mississippi river valley as we head through the remainder of 2015 and starred the new year. in other news across the country dense fog lining up interstate 95 from philadelphia to baltimore and washington. that list this afternoon, another storm system pushing and will bring an area of light rain through the region this afternoon and this evening, could cause icing issues throughout central and northern new england tonight into parts of down east main, could be freezing drizzle or freezing rain, all that rain to the southwest, we have to watch the flood potential throughout alabama and georgia, the stationary front setting up record challenging warmth to the southeast, it is colder to the northwest but we have to watch that area of rain, some of its picking up more than an inch through the rest of the day. dagen: thank you so much for
7:13 am
that. coming up from a galaxy far far away to dinosaurs returning to earth it was a record year at the box office. what was the take? we will tell you and hollywood's cash haul. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
7:14 am
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he got help and slowly learned how to live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at dagen: and is alert apple to pay 37 million usd to italian tax officials to settle a dispute. designing a new tax deal for twinkie 15 and future years at
7:16 am
the start of 2016. shares of apple are trading a little bit lower in pre-market trading. two separate earthquakes over night, cheryl casone has the story and a check of the headlines. cheryl: this magnitude 4.4 quake was reported just north of san bernardino, california with two smaller aftershocks. >> it was just a slight roll in california. i am used to. >> it was nothing to me, just hanging out. >> there was a separate quake striking near victoria bridge, columbia in canada, tremors felt there, felt as far -- two major quakes over night. is also happening of an egg,
7:17 am
u.s. military officials accusing iran of carrying out rocket tests within close proximity of american warships and commercial traffic in the strait of hormuz. one and senior military official says the iranian revolutionary guards fired quote next several unguided rockets within 1500 yards of the uss harry truman with little warning, the test is described as quote mack highly provocative. finally this box office record continue to be broken in 2015. for the first time ever the north american box office past $11 billion for the entire year. >> the dark side. the jedi. dagen: that is why. "star wars: the force awakens," the box office, that record hitting big time because of star wars, brought in $600 million, just today.
7:18 am
you also had jurassic world, s furious 7, inside out avengers, all these big blockbusters, people went to the movies this year. dagen: americans sniper was the beginning of little year. cheryl: i go to the movies so often. americans sniper was last year. dagen: i don't mean -- cheryl: didn't they have -- >> they were at the awards. the leasing i have seen is star wars. the movie theater is just the stock market, only a couple set of films everybody is going to see. other wise it has been a bad year for the box office. this is the first time warner brothers has had movies in the top 20. interest in what is happening in the marketplace. what is going on his big winners, ivax has done really well. it is a new experience.
7:19 am
if people pay up for the tickets they will pay a couple extra bucks to get the imax experience. dagen: do you go to the theater? >> i saw sisters the other day which was hilarious. of it. i won't say was bad because it wasn't. they were so funny. cheryl: your wife or your daughter drag you to that? dagen: 50 shades of gray came out earlier. americans sniper was basically in wide release this year. >> so they could get in -- dagen: that was a huge driver for the box office. some quality content, not the 50 shades but americans sniper. cheryl: i like 50 shades, i've thought it was good. dagen: i saw it on hbo alone for free. >> as most people should.
7:20 am
dagen: i was embarrassed. cheryl: i don't think jamie bolognese in bad practice. dagen: a wide shot. the senator's face is hilarious. thank you. twitter clearing that its policy toward violent threats and abuse of tweets, abusive behavior. how will this impact terrorist activity on the social network? straight ahead.
7:21 am
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♪ watching in a winter watchlist land, ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. dagen: twitter cracking down on threats to its site, jo lin kent has that story. >> twitter is getting tougher on terrorism after critics on capitol hill called out the company for allowing extremists to recruit and spread propaganda. in a new blog post twitter says it is emphasizing the violent threat and abusive behavior are not allowed any more and will shut down any user account that engages in, quote, heedful conduct of war whose primary purpose is in sight in harm towards others. in short this means, straight from twitter, you may not promote violence against or directly attacked or threatened other people on the basis of
7:24 am
race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or religious affiliation, age, disability or disease, twitter also says it is answering critics that explicitly shutting down users who are banned and create new accounts immediately which is calling out isis, the islamic state. the new policy explicitly forbids creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses. what you see is twitter under fire and a response from the company becoming months later, this has been a criticism for years. dagen: shutting down the islamic state account, they started going after it, be heading galore, all over the service a year-and-a-half ago. people being murdered, atrocities, they only started really targeting those accounts after they got called out by the media on it because facebook to some extent, facebook and other social media platform is doing a better job.
7:25 am
>> i actually speak freely, got a bunch of tweets threatening the president saying they want to hurt the president and forwarded it to twitter because they were a little too direct. they sounded serious. they did take down that account. don't know if they followed up in any way so they're paying attention in that regard. jo lin: twitter changed its policy on child pornography going very strict against that and applying the same principles after lawmakers on capitol hill say if you are doing this and why not be able to do the same strategy against isis? dagen: how far will they take it? every time i say something that isn't blowing about some presidential candidate i get tweets that are filled -- filled with hate. jo lin: they say they are maintaining their free speech, very much a center of their mission, but they are trying to
7:26 am
regulate against national security. >> the number one recruiting pool, no way they reach the masses and recruit people, this is the way they're doing it, convincing people to join, this is where it starts. and it is way overdue, much applauded. and that is the real thing. jo lin: a lot of unhappy investors doesn't help their quarterly earnings report which is terrible. dagen: i got called the bimbo yesterday. nbc is using a two syllable word, that is a start. >> in 2016 google will acquire twitter, the one place they do not have -- the one thing they are lacking, cloud, streaming. dagen: you open another can of worms as we go to break. thank you so much. jo lin kent on twitter.
7:27 am
oil edging lower, that is not hedging, that is dropping, 2.5% loss after a big run yesterday. phil flynn is all over the cme. keep it right here on fox business. reverse it because
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
she has a major problem, happens to be -- if she wants to do that, we are going to go right after the president, the ex president we will see how it all comes out i feel very confident that it will come out very well for us. dagen: trump did concede, by the way, when asked, his background is fair game sets up a tough tough fight between those two. turning to your markets, futures deadlines at open 37-point loss, on the dow futures right now blue chips one of those three major market engages in the red for the year two trading days left, oil, once again, big o mover to down side, off more than 2 1/2%, we are getting the latest, on today's trade from cme group. >> concerns over spying could impact ur relationship with israel, the "the wall street journal" reporting the agency started leaders after president obama announced he would cut back on heads of
7:32 am
state a journal reporti private currencies with u.s. lawmakers. >> this priest in philippines in trouble having a the final blessing of the christmas eve mass at his church, on a hover bored delighted congregation catholic church note happy he has been suspended. can we take in this video. let's show it to you again, it is incredible oil last year pretty incredible there you go. >> talk about crude off 1/2% phil flynn over all today's energy trade talking about it earlier a major bill in crude stockpiles from api a drug analyst expected -- a glut it is. >> it is a glut that is why the market was shocked yesterday in fact a lot of traders when they saw that
7:33 am
headlined across they were wondereding if reading it backwards not a draw down 2.9, but a build so totally opposite what market was looking for it wiped out all the gains the day before, the reason why the market has been rallying the day before they are expecting a build better demand, didn't happen but you know what is also amazing too is this event in the strait of hormuz is it impacting prices, at all today? i remember dagen you remember as well that, when we had incident in the strait of who are mooudz was a concern case let's face it, 17 million barrels of oil go through there a day. >> -- we are hearing that iran obviously is getting ready to export oil throughout the world, yet the u.s. isn't allowed to do that what are you hearing about opportunities for u.s. businesses, u.s. oil to go outside and be competitive in the global markets? >> well it looks like we're
7:34 am
going to allow the first shipment of exports in january so the market is getting geared up, obama administration finally relented gave in to common sense said time to start exporting oil i think a major impact on globally supply, and the flow of supply the other thing too we are already seeing it have a market impact, the cost of west texas is getting in other in line with the global market, and even though that means prices are higher than they were, that is a good thing because it means lower you know product prices because we really were tied to the product the brent crude to products gasoline heating oil. >> thank you so much --. >> thank you phil. >> phil and i are good we are solid, expecting key housing numbers this morning as we get pending home seals 10 a.m. eastern time investors paying
7:35 am
close attention after existing home sales plunged 10 1/2% in november joining us jeff taylor cofounder of digital risk we did get a good report on home prices on case-shiller yesterday where are we? >> everyone 2015 i think a very good stable year for the housing market 2016 we have two major things we have to look at 1.345 trillion dollars in housing market this year, 44% of that was refinishing, you see one or two more fed hikes in 2016 that will probably drop by 50%. that is going to dr. a second point banks loosen, attract first-time home buyer home buyers in general into the purchase. >> interesting fefrl, in new hampshire parts of the country people failing up to 50% income for housing whether it is low income rental or trying to purchase their first home, and don't have money to save
7:36 am
for deposit caughts of new banking regulations, housing starts,builders getting crushed with a lot of regulations zoning and not only the town state and sometimes federal regulars so do you see stream along to allow for more housing starts. >> again, look at the fannie and freddie products 97% loan to value first-time home buyers can get in first-time home buyer i do think we are going to see loose evening up. >> geography i want to get into the lack of affordability housing i saw a statistic i think 40% of the housing market the prices there are back to the peak. so that is a stung stat a lot of people are getting priced out. and are you going to see -- what is going to change could you actually see prices starting to roll over in some of these cities? >> well you know amazing from he 2007 to 2013 the lowest -- in six years, 14 and 15
7:37 am
started to pick up we are talking about housing affordability we have to make sure we look at from it two he specifics people able to afford housing might get less for money, but actually be able to get into the market i think so, i think in next five years we are going to see the a housing boom, because of that huge lag that we had '07 to 13, even though paying more less for money i think a big pretty good housing boom five years. >> kevin kelly from recon my question to you is about cloud covering boom you are talking about is that in affordable areas we are seeing the growth? portland, this year is up 10%, is that because it is more affordable housing will we see that continue this year over the next five years? >> you know, it is interesting, i think you are going to sea lot more growth in area where jobs are if you look at portland san francisco, new york, risen kwooin affordable housing going to be a lot where jobs are secondly going to see the the information people feel
7:38 am
good about jobs staying in big cities or move into the suburbs and furthering away from work more house for money a lot driven by people in jobs, longevity. >> what are you seeing for rehas beening, in miami a huge boom people are rehas beening or knocking down houses growth in those areas, location, location, location. if they can rehab houses doing, good home depot, lowe's, rehabs a nice boom for those. >> more people, are not underwater on mortgages, they can put existing homes on the market for sale and that gives the opportunity for somebody to buy and renovate for sure, jeff good to see you always love to see that yes, ma'am back drop. >> makes me sad. >> happy holidays.
7:39 am
>> the man . >> change football out out at eagles one of america's particular and combustible rock 'n' roll bands did he sides to let bygones be bygones axle all next. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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. dagen: new security to 2016 consumer electronics show in las vegas cheryl casone has that and other news for you this morning, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, well, in the wake of recent glob terror twookz attendees bags checked at entry into the world's largest trade show for the first time ever no bags of any size luggage are permitted everyone willing subject to metal screening pat-downs. >> kanye west gq pol most
7:43 am
stylib man 2015 weighting beating out lucky blue smith for that title. and stylish apple doesn't fall far from tree pictures of kanye's daughter adorning skirts and coats she is 2, anyway. >> kanye gets credit for cleaning up kim's wardrobe she addressed like a trash monster until he came along. >> i would agree with that. >> -- here we go with guns n' roses are back we think, billboard reporting two members will reunite at coachella first joint stage patterns more than two decades possibly could kick off north american summer tour thank you rumor. >> all about money. >> what is going. >> all about the money. >> we're going. >> taping. >> 80s rock girls right here we have that going on. >> means that i will -- >> i will not sit in cochela
7:44 am
if i am an 80s rock girl. >> the m3 concert in april, site, kicks slaughter cinderella, very excited. >> you are on 80s bandwagon as well. >> yeah. >> was that you in 80s. >> playing my geta wife says please, please, play from this century. >> your hair. >> when -- >> trying. >> leather gloves. >> jeans t-shirt. so excited. >> -- how big my hair was in 80s. >> big he didn't have -- you didn't do that hair looked sort of like this. >> i love guns n' roses people have been clamoring for them to get back together, there mass been mending of fences, only probable slacker looks same duff fantastic got sober
7:45 am
a fitness freak axle looks like a horrible about placing surgery is wearing a big, there you go. >> hard living. >> survivor 80s or you don't. >> cheryl thank you. >> it was -- >> got to get sports kevin has not been able to weigh in on story philadelphia egges, firing head coach kelly five days before final game 2015 season, kwlaufg because i am -- he why you laughing eagles eliminated after lost to redskins over weekend kelly told fox sports did not fight decision hopes he can remain in nfl, and, to many ranked sending three players home two days ahead of the college football playoff semifinal game reportedly sent home for failing drug tests. then this, tiger woods -- yeah this will make you feel old he turned 40 years of age today.
7:46 am
unlike many other americans hitting middle age hitting links less back surgery, the former number one golfer return to game usa today sat down with tiger and young children asked who they would rather be, on soccer field or dad both immediately responded messy. >> kicking soccer ball. >> i hope so. >> golf game in recent years -- as well. >> probably thinking like dad not cool. >> what about chip kelly getting fired. >> there we go, listening overdue the redskins, in playoffs winning the division title the giants having a tough time, so, there you go, good -- good rid anz chip kelly -- needed to go he came in with -- he revamped tire team brought in sam bradford a
7:47 am
faberge egg injury-prone -- rid of the leading rusher mccoy what did he do other than decimate its roster, bye-bye. >> college coaches, directors saying god i wish i waited a week he would thrive to go back in college scene. >> yeah, he wants to stay in nfl because college scene may be hard for him to go back into it because i mean it moved on without him already picked his system is being, examine implemented across country all coaches already set in place no real good program for him to go in college. >> a hihail to rode skins httr winning not sinking as badly as other teams. >> quarterback. >> not great he was solid. >> great -- >> i liked about him feisty in your face, i know the you been doubters.
7:48 am
>> i love that. >> i like a fan of slider. >> not commenting on any -- >> this is where as a redskins fan this is the seat that i sit in, on in most years. always a cowgirl. >> daying snooen always a redskin fan no choice -- hopeful that a year gift from santa claus will push the dow into positive territory for 2015. avoiding wall street 1st down year since financial crisis since 2008. in world asset management ceo joins us with new year's market outlook, and take a look at this clip, valley gators football player, defies gravity one handed catch, compared to onehanded grab last year's season. >> you get it. whoa. >> all right.
7:49 am
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. >> ♪ trying to get in green for the year of three margins on track 1st down your since 2008 other two up, some stocks that you should be watching, in about the new year, lets bring in emerald sait management joe, good morning we will get chip kelly in a little bit, 2016 my man what does it look like. >> a couple weeks ago in new york city, we went to high powered steak houses, and, you know, great wine an tiesers, dessert salads great steak wasn't that great kind of how this market is working, i think the meal itself this year, is okay. but the steak isn't so good i suspect that is going to be the way for 16 we are prepping for 16 going to the consumer reasons to show, and going to the j.p. morgan health care conference after this kind of how we prep for the year, take a look, so, i still think that
7:53 am
there's tremendous an tiesers, salads good stf but the steak the markets challenging might be tough. >> mcfirst, j.p. morgan health care conference, is coming up. >> sets the tone. >> san francisco. >> in san francisco. after cs, so, we like a lot of things there, but i like impacts the symbol of that is ipxl, the thing about this company it works in generics but has brand names as well. it is a revenue producer, so unlike a lot of biotechs we think 44 dollars share could get to 60, or 70 a share the neat thing they pay a full tax rate it could be inversion but product line very strong we think multiple shots on goal nice thing about that moou management last year starting to kick in. >> biotech has rallied 18% from low hit. >> biotech, is fine you know
7:54 am
you look for disruptive technology biotech leader in disruptive technology, we like -- >> long term talking about health care we are in infancy of the bull market if you hold a name like this let theysize play out fine. >> a lot of names could go up 3, 4,000 percent different name. >> one of the things i like about that. >> technology to -- ces. >> voice over it no longer just for individuals, like so we like company that spent two billion dollars in branding already, stock 6 dollars a share we think you can get to 11, the whole stays is growing over 40%, now getting into the business side a lot of businesses putting in new pbx systems we think vonage big winner has done well new management again really executing the space growing taking much maerth share. >> i think irright on that
7:55 am
when you look at microsoft what they are doing, with skype you are seeing that actually a big lead for them, so playing into that as well if you like microsoft story with skype you will like that. >> going to be interesting because -- there is not as much you disruptive innovation as we've seen in years past now execution looking for that. >> in terms of the steak no citizen noel the coach your eagles. >> you hanning your hat a shot -- hang your hat. >> there is good luck to the jets, i think -- the situation with chip is what it is. they didn't do well, and -- >> like a true eagles -- it is what it is. >> -- seeing that -- >> what i will tell you that is there is growth opportunities there for eagles, but i really like a lot of growth opportunities in the market i do think that despite the fact that it could be the tough area i still think there is many, many
7:56 am
opportunities both if growth and value, and one of the areas i got to say bank up 16% i like regional banks a lot. >> raise rates, great to see you good liberating uck to egae great to see you coming up in next hour, on "mornings with maria" former virginia senator trump in fight with g.o.p. there we dig into that right here on fox business.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, december 30, joining me this morning one more hour with very fine gentlemen recon capital kevin kelly former senator scott brown your top stories 8:00 east coast rare wintering flooding lifting midwest pictures from missouri, illinois and he oklahoma. states of emergency, have been issued in all three states. hundreds of homes in illinois, missouri at risk, at least 18 people have been killed in those two states, as a result of flooding. the republican presidential field getting a little bit smaller last night former new york governor pataki announcing he is ending his run, he used his equal time to
8:00 am
air his message in early states, early states of iowa -- iowa new hampshire south carolina. elsewhere on campaign trail, tensions rising again between donald trump and hillary clinton. this time, he is stepping up attacks on former president bill clinton. >> frankly hillary brought up whole thing with sexists all i did is reverse it on her because she has a major problem, happens to be right in her house so if she would nots to do that, we are going to go right after the president, ex president we will see how it all comes out, i feel very confident that it will come out very well for us. dagen: turning to markets, futures pointing to inclines the open 4-point loss on the dow, the dow needs the market to go in the other direction, if it wants to be back in positive territory for the year. and again, a big he mover to the downside oil, used off more than 2%, a little bit it is off its lows of the
8:01 am
morning, but still down almost 2 1/2% we get latest on today's energy trade, from phil flynn at the cme. >> new concerns over nsa sprig could impact request with israel woman reporting argues factored is raleigh ladders after president obama announced he was cutting back are on monitoring heads of state, at the picked i want private communications with u.s. lawmakers philadelphia eagles need a new head coach chip kelly fired before the end of the regular season, he was with team nearly 3 seasons, team was 26, 21 under his leadership, the loss of five of last seven games, and failure to make the playoffs for the second straight year well, that did him in. >> ♪
8:02 am
♪ there you have it, a real holy roller this priest in philippines in big trouble, after giving the final blessing of the christmas eve mass on a hoverboard lighted congregation the church not happy he has been suspended. i love it does a better job on that hoverboard than mike tyson lord with him for sure. >> back to campaign trail former new york governor pataki lafayette, louisiana to drop out of the presidential races donald trump says he is open to discussion of his own personal indiscreions, the latest out ef washington good morning. >> that is right trump continued attacks on hillary clinton her husband, former president bill clinton, trump says he will keep hitting them on bill clinton's sex many scandal longest hillary clinton accuses trump of sexism he was asked broirts
8:03 am
last night if his own personal are fair game. >> they would be frankly hillary brought up whole thing with sexist all i did is reverse it on her because she has a major problem, happens to be right in her house. >> as mentioned, former new york governor george pataki did not crack one percent in the average of national polls by accurately clear politics quit the presidential race last night. >> well tonight is the end of my journey for the white house. as i suspend my campaign for president. i am confident we can elect the right person. >> as you may recall back in november pataki demanded nbc give equal time on the air, to match donald trump's appearance on "saturday night live" when he hosted that show under fcc rules nbc gave pataki handful of free two
8:04 am
minute sxherths iraway new hampshire south carolina used last spot to drop out, juror thank you so much, for that reporting, peter barnes in washington joining us now, former virginia rep senator governor george allen good to see you as always, and senator let's talk about donald trump, because, the gop in the state of virginia has well feeling his dislike, so trump has so-calleded scolded officials for call what you want to a statement of affiliation before they go to polls he took to twitter as he often does, to go after the republican party of virginia. calling it bad, saying state seven statewide losses seven times in a row i want to get your reaction to this. >> my reaction is i've been nominated by convention primary so forth when in a
8:05 am
primary race back in 2012 i said i didn't want any pledges in it. i think the republicans in virginia, and elsewhere in the country particularly battleground states virginia is one of them should be making it easier for people who want to be interested in our candidates listen to ideas, and their agenda, and they could easier rather that happen difficult to participate. i remember when barbara comstock had what was called a firehouse primary two years little less than two years ago. and if people had assigned pledges grousing complaining about having to sign pledge, my view, in my experience, i have felt like this is unnecessary. in virginia you don't register by party. and so independents democrats republicans to have somebody say who is independent there is a lot of independents mined people in virginia, as you
8:06 am
know dagen they don't like having to say this, so in my view, oi let people vote if registered voter, they want to participate, let them, welcome them we need to grow our party in virginia. >> trump is right you agree with him so why is there a republican party in virginia doing this then do they really not like donald trump and want to keep those independent voters? i know that this isn't legally binding nevertheless concern independents who like trump won't vote in the primary. >> i think there are certain candidates who have the way i look at it, that could certain that they get people, to join their campaign not necessarily ardent republicans marco rubio what those that capability donald trump ben carson some extent as well, so again, in virginia, there is more democrats than republicans no one really can win without the independents, but the republicans need to get more independents to prevail over
8:07 am
democrats particularly in a presidential year, so, i think they are worried democrats are going to come in vote and vote for the weaker, republican candidate and that is a concern, but you know that is only going to be a few thousandsand votes in my primary, in 2012 there were well over 200,000 people voting. so if you get a few hundred degreed 1,000 or so, voting like that is not going to change the difference, and they will get their e-mail and mailing lists because were those vote in the primary are on the list, so i think that our party ought to be welcoming rather than trying to be exclusive. >> governor scott brown, first of all, good to see you nice to see you he. what is what is the endgame what do you this i the turnout will be in virginia? is it going to be numbers you are talking about 200,000 plus or much higher interest in -- i am surprised i agree with donald trump as well, i am not sure why they are doing this will it in fact stand, will
8:08 am
the people you know tolerate it just say i am voting you can't stop me this isn't legally binding jump off clarify type of thing? >> yeah you are probably latter for some people again not binding. i think a minor irritant in the prolong run, people will say republicans want to be, just want republicans voting even though you don't register by party. i think the turnout will be if onlyly hi in virginia so a many running by the time we get to virginia will be after new hampshire south carolina, and iowa, in nevada, so i think it will be a highly contested race in virginia polls christopher newport university poll showed all -- key candidates the top five candidates i guess in virginia, would be rubio trump, carson, bush, and maybe somebody else will break,
8:09 am
cruz, accuse me ted feed have you endorsed anyone? >> no, i haven't -- i have not endorsed anyone i probably will make an endorsement sometime next month. i am looking at candidates as far as demeanor agenda what ideas are they advancing that will improve opportunities for all americans that is tax reform regulatory reform productive energy policy and recognizing we need a strong leader, because we've seen last seven years, when america has a weak president, it makes america less safe, so i am looking at the candidate who can win, who is conservative has ideas that will motivate aspire people. >> want to given initials. >> no, i would like to dagen but i think others are listening. >> okay. >> we are he mostly happy here about the redskins. making the playoffs. dagen: thank you.
8:10 am
>> subject. dagen: that is okay we have talked about eagles, a lot, kelly -- >> as far as the redskins are concerned we are really glad that coach kelly shut jackson redskins got him nor nothing doing great. >> politics sports two favorite subjects thank you so much, george allen take care of yourself thank you for being here. >> you all do the same, have a winning new year. >> youity happy new year you want to talk about republicans if next republican debate thursday, january 14, going to be right here on the fox business network, you cannot miss it you do not want to miss it. up next, new details what led authorities to capture of affluenza teen couch kill aed number of people fled to mexico how did he get caught let's just say life on the run builds up quite an appetite.
8:11 am
that is next. ♪ .
8:12 am
8:13 am
> . dagen: a pizza order helping lead to the capture of affluenza tooep couch he cheryl casone has details good morning. cheryl: good morning this is a good one prosecutors say that couch and mother used a phone for a domino pizza delivered to condo in puerto vallarta. they weren't there u.s. marshall service got a tip on new home, where taken into custody, they many things got off easy a judge sentenced him
8:14 am
to 10 years' pro a bigs killing four driving drunk in 201 we should say they fled because he was on video, looks like boozing it up, a violation, we suffered with uncomfortable seats on airplane, here hoips for all of you a new seat design that twists with passengers movement, from factor design prototype mimicks spine allows for pivot movement so far a prototype, don't have like that comfortable, all over for side car after tomorrow the app shutting down failing to catch up with i couldn't beer and lyft, 35 million dollars funding from capital firms mr. branson google inventory turz side car not s disappearing many laying groundwork for next big thing, that would be my question.
8:15 am
>> another company silicon valley uber is there. >> you could -- lyft well successful isn't it. >> it is. >> very capital intensive businesses, tons of regulation, so that is why it is playing out everywhere they go fought from whether unions, it is a capital intensive business why uber is coming back to marketplace every quarter raised more money. >> exactly, and i want to point out the way branson one of the investors google was another investor so somebody saw hope in this company. >> i never used i don't know if in new york city i use go green ride. >> i like go green ride. >> i have a list i have to say, you know uber is notorious for dirtiest business practices talking to one of my drivers said trying to phase out push out the original groups of drivers that came on uber in the
8:16 am
beginning because making more money, the newer drivers taking less percentage now, of the rides, so uber is -- they -- >> the always happens the worst time, i am like, all of a sudden now surge i can see tons of cars around so -- >> never accepted if they pushed pricing on me never accepted, i don't know, i am sure they will deny this, but algorithm will push a price on you if it will believing -- i -- they will deny that. >> of course they will. >> i say ixnay on surge prices. >> ruthless you he see them let's go theyed head all the time, go head-to-head a you have to competitive place. >> competition, i have to say that. >> this goes back to this is an hillary clinton has gone after this type of job, like driving job, what she referred to going after this type of job creation doesn't come with
8:17 am
benefits, but so many people i meet because of this company that they are basically independent, drivers and they run their own businesses might be one car might be two cars. >> 30, 35,000 dollars is real money for many, many people, as marco rubio said often a new type of climate out there in job creation uber basically running apps doing something different than the ge's likes. >> paradigm shift in the jobs market that is what is happening. >> big economy. >> this is the gig economy also, it is the convenience we're seeing whether with netflix, on demand right now uber, on demand right now a convenience economy you can get that through he several apps in fact, so you can't attack these companies they are putting people to work. >> i met a teenager graduated
8:18 am
handgu high school working for a retailer working hard not getting rewarded for it other people slacking off he was like i am my own boss, and he was like i get to keep a lot of what i earn a, and hard as i want to work, i sea rewarding. >> trying to -- the unions. >> i like about this think about all this infrastructure, and out there cars sitting there, now being put to work i don't need to own a car i can utilize somebody else's car if you think about that putting, it is putting a bunch of infrastructure that is out there sitting there, putting it to work. >> i like throwing banana peels bottles in the backseat. >> now don't -- now don't. >> 25,000 miles any thought you were talking about uber ride. >> the fun, living locker room come on, come to my car. >> i am not -- you've got old food. >> should the gun i don't want to be about in if seat when
8:19 am
you throw banana peels. >> old food trail mix floor board, been a new york city icon for years but after today, toys "r" us is closing its doors in times square live report coming up this app is going faster than instagram facebook notable music talent along the way. ♪ ♪ ♪ jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we...
8:20 am
why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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8:25 am
over the last year. >> promotions in other words, not going to be laid off, promotions. dagen: in my building the mail carrier showed up on a monday morning and the person delivering prior to him left
8:26 am
bins of mail in the floor in the corner in the mail room because they didn't feel like filling the boxes and left them in there and when he showed up for work, he was cursing. >>en you wonder why there's a billion dollar defense. >> it's a federal offense, and what if some of the cards were from santa, that alarms me the most. and the amaze things, walking around new york city, great quality of life, head sets on walking their thing and taking time. i don't think they're being treated poorly and it's their job to deliver mail. dagen: try being an air traffic controller and then talk about stress. >> yes. dagen: it took facebook three years to reach 30 million users. and now flip gram, did it. and could it be bigger than instagram. there's mike tyson, not riding a hover board, oh!
8:27 am
wow. we'll play that for you again later. we'll be right back. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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>> market alert. saudi arabia's oil minister telling that the country is ready to meet additional demand from customers. phil flynt at the cme group. and more downward pressure on the cost of crude? >> there is, and when you hear a statement like that and you wonder if the opec cartel exists. it probably does in name only. you're not working together as a cartel to control prices. that's obviously negative, but it's nothing that we haven't heard from naimi before. he said for some time, they're going to produce as much as they can as long as they can and anybody that wants to buy it, it's free for the taking. and he's trying to put a positive spin on raising gasoline prices for his own countrymen. you know, in the new budget by king solomon, they have doubled the cost of gasoline. that sounds like a lot, they're
8:31 am
only paying about 24 cents a liter, but a lot more than the 16 cents they were paying a little earlier, but downward pressure, concerns about inventory right now, that big build on the api report, and weighing on the market right now, if we see that in the eia a little later, we could see more downward pressure, back to you. dagen: thank you for that, phil flynn all over that. we're two weeks away from the debate here on the fox business network. the republican field getting a little smaller overnight as new york governor george pataki suspends his campaign and who is next and will they go before iowa and new hampshire. it's a money issue, often, but there are editorials will people who need to get out of the way. >> look, i don't see any of the important candidates getting
8:32 am
out of this race until after south carolina, so, remember, it goes iowa and then we go to new hampshire, and then south carolina. and those are obviously the big first three. i don't see any of the big names getting out. some of the very lesser candidates that are, you know, at 1 or 2% may drop out, but you know, it's interesting, i've been studying these political races for 30 years now, dagen. you know, iowa always surprises. it's amazing. i mean, if you look at the last two, you know, competitive iowa caucuses, it was mike huckabee and rick santorum that won. nobody saw that coming. what i'm saying to you, everybody is looking at the polls now, still what are we, about four weeks out and i'm going to tell you. i think we may be surprised to ends up winning iowa. dagen: is it going to be -- i think it would be a surprise if cruz didn't win it at this point or donald trump. >> exactly. dagen: do you think it's somebody not cruz or trump? >> i think it could be. that's what i'm telling you, i think somebody who-- look, i was just in iowa and
8:33 am
cedar rapids about two weeks ago and i talked to 2000 people and talked to a lot of people who came to this all over the state and said who are you for. i would say over half of those, i still haven't made up my mind. i think the polls are incredibly fluid. dagen: you mentioned santorum and huckabee, why do we care so much about iowa. >> that's a good question. dagen: i know it's the first one, if your campaign didn't go anywhere after that, should the-- listen, donald trump doesn't care about iowa. >> sure. dagen: it's clear, i don't think-- he never wants to lose, but he's not going to concede iowa even if it doesn't matter. he's intensified his campaign in that state. sure has. you asked a good question, why do we obsess so much about iowa? look, i don't remember the exact results, but iowa usually doesn't pick the winner. the eventually winner usually comes out of new hampshire or south carolina or the southern states. so, it's a good question why everyone obsesses in the media
8:34 am
who is ahead in iowa. i have to say having been there, ted cruz has an amazing ground game. he really has organized there. i haven't seen that so much for donald trump so we are going to see whether he can-- how many votes he can get in iowa without the kind of caucus organizing that's required to win that early primary. but this is an attempt going on and i think it would be incredibly consequential election as we look forward to 2016, about what happens with the stock market, what happens with jobs. because everybody is in this anticipatory mood about are we going to see hillary clinton get elected and really generally carry on with obama's policies? or are we going to see a change in direction? >> steve, scott brown. so what if trump does not win iowa, number one, and what if he barely squeaks by in new hampshire. what do you see-- how do you think things will play out thereafter? >> i think he's got to win one of the first two, scott.
8:35 am
if he wins one of the first two, then he, you know, carries on and goes to the south and you know, look, i think that super tuesday is everything in this year because you know, you've got the slew of southern states that are going to really, you know, narrow the field considerably, but i would say, yeah, he's got to win one of the two, iowa or new hampshire or else he's going to be-- he's going to be seen as a defective product. i mean, i think the big thing right now is where does, you know, look marco rubio is the other big character in this whole race. where does he pull out an inwith? it doesn't look like right now like he's going to win iowa or new hampshire, that means to me, scott, he's got to win south carolina. dagen: congressman trey gowdy's endorsement, does that matter? >> no. i think one of the most
8:36 am
overrated things are endorsements. i don't want to-- everybody is so anti-washington, anti-. i don't think that endorsements matter one iota. dagen: steve, good to see you. >> happy new year. dagen: there's always so much to talk about, we are going to have plenty of time in 2016. happy new year. >> i'll be at the debate in two weeks now in south carolina, can't wait. dagen: i know where you can get the best coconut cake in the planet. and i know, it was my wedding cake. thank you so much. steve moore for us, and don't forget mornings with maria starts every day at 6 a.m. eastern time here on the fox business network. here are some of the best moments you might have missed
8:37 am
from earlier in the show. >> good morning. >> just for the record. >> here is, wow, where were you. >> at the house and playing. >> i was at the house. >> a private performance in his back yard. dagen: i know my gnr. i would like to see if they're back in the group. >> do they get along? don: the rift was between axl and everyone. at home, like i do, do you go to the theater? >> both, i went and saw sisters the other day, which was hilarious. i loved it. dagen: there's quality content, not the 50 shades, but the american sniper. >> i saw 50 shades, i thought it was good. dagen: i saw it on h.b.o. alone at home for free. >> as most people should. >> guess what? in 2016, google will acquire twitter. >> really? >> they do not have a social bit, one thing they're lacking, they have cloud, they have streaming.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> they selected that just for me. that was luke bryan, facebook,
8:41 am
instagram and spotify. and flipagram, with 30 million unique users, took facebook three years to reach that number. flipagram did it in one. the founder and ceo of flipagram, joining us from los angeles, california, so good for getting up so early. >> thank you so much. you get started early out there. dagen: yeah, we do. too early, but it's great to have you on. talk about how critical it is for you to sign on these verified artists, and sign on and have developed these partnerships with the music companies. >> yeah, well, we're a video story telling app, so, people use photos and videos to tell their story. music forms the sound track to those little movies that people are making and just like in a regular may have, the music
8:42 am
makes a difference in the mood and emotional content. having thousands of artists brought on to tell their stories with their own music and encouraging fans to use those, it's incredibly important. >> sir, is it just established artists or you're seeing independent and regular folks jamming in their garages? it's open to everybody? >> it's absolutely open to everybody, we try to-- we have tens of millions of tracks that are licensed through our partnerships with the entire music industry, so we have everyone, from emerging artists and all the way up to the, you know, the pharell and carly ray jepson. >> i went and got to see santa with my nephews, and we set the tone which was nice.
8:43 am
>> such a softy. >> yeah, all the women were off shopping. there we go, yeah, there it is. so we even gave santa claus a high five, it was great. they're so cute. dagen: this is actually kevin's flipagram christmas card, be clear what you're watching right now. >> yeah, it's great. it was easy, seamless, fabulous. how do you get more users and protect your app from the likes of instagram and we're going to have more music and so on. how do you protect yourselves? >> that's a good question. the app sells itself because the object is naturally quite viral. you see somebody create a flip agram for their christmas card and then like, well, that's cool, i want to do that. free music download off the app store. we've never paid for marketing and we're growing incredibly
8:44 am
fast. as far as protecting yourself. instagram has a great moment focused on the moment and sharing highlights of the moment, but we're about the story and it's longer than that. so, you know, they have to change their network somewhat know ared-- in order to get on this. and people are flipping through quickly and we require a little more investment so you don't just turn your-- you just change your network, excuse me. >> how do you monetize it for you and your investors? >> these are-- 95% of these are under 60 seconds. they're video, photo video stories under 60 seconds and this is a democratization of telling one minute stories and they're all little commercials. right now for the underlying music that comes with them, there's a link to buy the tracks, in the future and people are using it to make a
8:45 am
little commercials, and we're not, of course, it's free right now to use for everybody, but you can imagine many, many use cases. dagen: real quick before we go, in terms of your vc's, what are you talking about next steps, going public, acquisitions, going it independently for as long as you can? >> yeah, we are-- you know, we're incredibly excited about the viral nature of our products and the fact that we're moving. we think more and more people being able to tell stories. that's what the focus is right now, grow the user base as much as we can. dagen: good luck hiring because i am you are. the flipagram founder and ceo, thank you for joining us from los angeles, california. we go from the beautiful state of california to the heart of new york city and foa swartz and toys "r" us. the end of an era for the
8:46 am
flagship location and jo has dashed down the street and is there. jo: hey, dagen, i just looked inside the toys are sold for the holiday season, but not restocked. we're seeing some empty shelves because today is the last day for toys "r" us and the flagship store here in times square. 110,000 square feet is what we're talking about. it's 20,000 on the ground floor and that goes for 2500 a square foot. that's pricey and a sign of the time. the ceo of toys "r" us saying that they may not hit their holiday target of 6 to 7% growth in sales and they've been on the decline for three years in a row. now, revenue has been down specifically three years in a row and here is why. the national retail federation, estimated retail sales for the holiday season for november and december, that's how much growth they expect to see and meanwhile, on-line sales are expected to grow 6 to 8%, so some significant growth there.
8:47 am
as for toys "r" us. they are talking about a 21 billion dollar a year toy industry. they won't be here anymore, starting tomorrow. where will they be? they say they want to stay in the neighborhood, right here in times square, but they haven't made any specific moves yet to get there. gap and old navy are the folks moving in. sometime reportedly in 2017. splitting the space and using both of their stores here. this is an interesting time, holiday season, lots of sales for the store shelves going empty here at toys "r" us, dagen. dagen: great seeing you all morning long, jo ling kent outside of toys "r" us in sometimes squa-- times square. we have yet to see what the future holds for the automated being. does that creep you out? why the military is holding off on its animal robotic program. this is a can't miss clip.
8:48 am
valasquez defying gravity and making a onehanded catch. she looks like odell beckham's catch. ♪ care of my heart. that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar.
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>> the search for country singer craig stickland continues. >> hey, dagen, strickland remains missing this morning two days after the body of his friend, 22-year-old chase moreland was found in a lake in northern oklahoma. 29-year-old stickland is in the country rock band back road anthem. the band says stickland and mooreland were duck hunting during a fierce winter storm. their dog was found alive. minnesota vikings photo becoming suit has been moved from federal court to district court. saying it's using illuminated rooftop signs on the vikings
8:52 am
new stadium to photo bomb the facilitiment the new stadium is named for wells fargo's competitor u.s. bank. a lot of money on the line with those guys, right? this is interesting, a robot version of man's best friend is not going to be used in combat anytime soon. remember the videos we'd watch and the crazy robots. google's developed kugo and spot. they say that kugo was too loud and that spot wasn't able to follow trips without assistance. we have another robot system. scientists in singapore developed the human-like robot, this is nadine to the left. [laughter] nadine-- >> i didn't say that. >> thanks, scott. >> soft skin, she can meet and greet visitors and smile and make eye contact, she's the one
8:53 am
to the left, everybody. and scientists predict the new technology. oh, the poor woman. >> it will eventually provide offer care and friendship to people. >> and anyway, it's disjointed now, oh, man. dagen: it's called throwing a bomb into the conversation. [laughter] >> i'm going to watch 50 shades of grey again. dagen: i never read the books to clear that up. and the robots regardless of what they look like in terms of helping care for the elderly and doing simple tasks for those who are disabled. the army doesn't see it because of logistics problems. >> for combat it's one thing, for hope, remember the videos came out and holy cow, it's amazing. but the army says to the human-like robot we saw, and again, to help with like basic tasks within a home. think about the baby boomers, think about where this could
8:54 am
be. >> did you see millennium man? don: . >> that's like bragging how many times you've seen howard the duck. cheryl, have a great day. the latest picture taking the internet by storm. we have the details on this hairy debate next. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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>> this is the latest posted. and sparking a debate on how a dog would wear pants. >> my goodness. >> what would the dog want? let's get in the dog's mind for a moment. >> come on, it's the one on the right. dogs do wear outfits. >> it's clearly on the right, but what color to dress the dog in, too, and a bunch of things. dagen: how about dogs don't wear pants. occasionally if they're white fluffy dogs. >> my wife has a bunch of
8:58 am
dresses and it's a yorke and-- >> goofy is always fully dressed, thanked lord for that. >> and wears shirt and shoes and nothing in between. dagen: glad you know that. >> and humans are picking the pants to the right and i'm picking the one to the left. dagen: final thoughts. >> great to see you and obviously, happy new year it's been a great 2015. i wish everybody a safe and prosperous 2016. dagen: who will win the republican nomination. >> it depends on-- >> i'm not asking you, kevin, i'm asking scott brown. >> it's still fluid. talk to me in a couple of weeks, a better feel. dagen: you already made your prediction that you think that google will buy twitter. >> yeah, google is doing well. it's up pretty high, it's up
8:59 am
50%. they're in the hottest spots in the market. and wright mobile doing really well and streaming with youtube doing well and things they're not doing well, social. they can buy twitter now on the cheap, assimilated and turned into a lot of value and make it better. twitter's leadership isn't there. they've got a guy half in and half out. but to answer the question, who is going to win the republican nomination. >> it's good you plugged that. of course i'll see you tomorrow, but my final thought is it's been a rough season for the cowboys, going for the cardinals though, that's the second ease and kevin and i have discussed and thinking arizona. i know. dagen: you don't get to root for anybody. >> go patriots. dagen: oh, boy.
9:00 am
>> scott brown, kevin kelly, happy new year, mr. varney, "varney & company" starts now. stuart, it's yours. stuart: dagen, thank you very much indeed. donald trump does it again, he seizes the media moment, dominates the headlines and yes, frames the debate. this guy is good at politics, isn't he? good morning, everyone. did you see it? he held a news conference live on board his 757. he answers rapid fire questions and unveils a $2 million a week ad campaign and grabs hold of the infrastructure issue. i like to build, he said. i like to build under budget. have you ever heard that from any other politician? to the markets, and no, we're not making forecasts about next year. we're looking at 2015. amazon is the stock of the year, it's close to $700 a share today. and we're calling mcdonald's the come back stock of the year. we're at the full day and


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