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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 30, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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push comes to shove and people go into a booth to vote their conscience, i think that's when we're going to get the real news on donald trump, and i'm not so sure america's going to be behind him. stuart: there's only three seconds left in this program, and i've just used them all up. neil, it's yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. these floods that are certainly continuing now through much of the south, particularly the state of missouri, we're getting the latest now from fox news' matt finn who is in valley park, missouri. matt? >> reporter: good afternoon, neil. i am standing here in front of the intersection of interstate 44 and route 141 is. you can see behind me the water is inching closer and closer to the top of these light poles. we've been here since the sun came up, and the water is steadily rising. to my right you can see a lot of the restaurants and businesses starting to take on water, several feet of water. here in valley park there are mandatory evacuations right now for hundreds of homes in low-lying areas. local, state and federal
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agencies including the red cross are here to help. the national guard also monitoring 19 levees at risk in this region. the missouri governor, jay nixon, urging people -- as always -- to simply stay out of the water because 18 deaths have already been blamed on this disaster so far. the water here expected to crest now at 46 feet which would be a record high for this area. and in st. louis tomorrow it's expected to crest at a similar height. this is shaping up to be the most delaware stating flood since -- devastating flood since the historic flood of '93. neil: all right, matt, be safe. on the phone with us now is russell ross, he's union city, missouri, administrator. thank you for taking the time, sir. what do things look like there for you? >> well, we have had a crest yesterday, so we're starting to see the receding, and we're switching kind of from the response mode to the clean-up mode, but we still have some response going on. our roadways are starting to open up slowly but surely as the
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waters recede. we're, we've got a chance to look at some of the damage to our suer treatment system -- sewer treatment system. i think the one thing that we're running into is that a lot of people assume that as soon as the water is out of their house, that they will be -- have electrical service restored, and they'll be able to basically move back in and start cleanup, but that, we're talking about floodwater that's contaminated, and we're talking about electrical systems that may have been compromised during the flood. so the inspections are underway. those places that as soon as they can be cleared, people will be allowed to go back this in and start cleanup, those that still have issues either from contamination or because of electrical services, we'll still need to keep them out of there a brief period longer. neil: yeah, your note of caution is wise. governor jay nixon has indicated, look, a lot of folks are eager to even start getting back on the roads if they see
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the water level have come down. you're urging just the opposite, right? >> yeah, yeah. we're, you know, we're starting to be able to move -- our town was basically cut in half by the flood, by the river. and highway 50 is now allowing us access to the eastern, transportation between the eastern and western portions of our city. so things have dramatically improved with that, but we've still got a long way to go to get to the actual cleanup phase. neil: do you know what's amazing about this, and you know it firsthand, is how quickly this all developed and how slowly it's going away. put this in perspective, as i'm sure only you can. how does this compare to other floods? to other drought experiences you've had? >> in 2000 we had an even more dramatic flood that was a headwater flood with 16 inches of rain in an overnight period that literally washed homes away.
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and we were also fortunate then that we had no deaths. this was slower, but it was dramatically faster than we expect a backwater flood. i remember on sunday or monday speaking to a lady in daylight and watching, literally watching a sign that was in the middle of a field go under as we were there. neil: wow. >> and at that time we had a prediction of 28.5 feet, and we had some local people that, to the west of us that started calling us saying, no, that's an error, you're going to get at least 36 feet. so we did some overlays on maps at the 36-foot level and saw we had a much larger affected area. we started immediately notifying people and giving them the new information, and this gentleman that called this in saved us a lot of property and a lot of people another 14 or 15 hours of lead time to begin moving out of the flooded area. neil: which is crucial, as you pointed out. >> yeah. neil: russell ross, i know this seems like an empty gesture to wish you a good new year.
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obviously, this one is not closing out very well, but safe, be well. >> and we'll be back. neil: i have a feeling. i know folks in that area. i know you will be. thank you very much. all right, now we've got meteorologist mark mancuso on another thing that's facing a far broader swath of land, cold weather. very coldwet. what do you see -- very cold weather. what do you see happening, mark? >> hi, neil. well, colder air waiting in the wings, that is for sure, but we still have the battle between cooler air in the plains and warm weather in the southeast, in particular florida. good news to report at least in the short term here out across the missouri valley, mississippi valley, we will be drying it out some. the storm's track is starting to shift more towards the southeast and southwest. believe it or not, there was a disturbance that gave chicago a little burst of snow, the damage done at o'hare. now we focus our attention to the south. a lot of heavy rain here, a lot
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of flooding issues showing up around atlanta and up towards charlotte, the i-85 corridor, strong thunderstorms in these areas today. those storms lining up along the front, south of that front tampa in the mid 80s, calling for a record high. but it's going to be dangerous for travelers, neil, especially tonight across parts of georgia and the carolinas. for the nighttime, just can't see those flooded areas, so if you don't have to travel tonight, we urge you to stay home. back here in the missouri valley, well, after all the rain, we've had 2, 3, 400% of the normal rainfall for the beginning of december here, places like st. louis. latest storm dropped 4-8 inches of rain, some places even more. so flooding in illinois, missouri and down through the mississippi river valley. it will dry out, and as we head toward new year's day, we are looking at some below average temperatures covering a good chunk of the country. it's not going to be brutally cold quite yet, so just looking at below average temperatures
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and actually near above average temperatures in the east and across parts of the north. the northeast for new year's day, it should be dry, so headed out for the festivities, it should be okay at night. colder air waits in the wings, sunday night and into monday. that's when we'll really start to see the chill. another place that'll be on the chilly side too is southern california. we'll have that santa ana breeze, a dry one, and next week is when we start to see the change. does look like the storms will start to return to california, so it looks like we could be getting into a stormy pattern with much-needed rain as we head into the new year. that's one of the big stories we'll follow. neil: something for everyone, mark. thank you very much, appreciate it. you know, when we had the cold weather spike not surprisingly nat gas prices were soaring. a lot of people heat their homes via natural gas, so obviously, that change in temperature sent prices moving up. now that is unwinding as the berth gets a tad -- as the
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weather gets a tad warmer and the saudis are at it again, flooding the market with oil. you know what that means, what goes up comes back down. phil flynn, which side is right? >> well, i think today you can't fight the head of the opec cartel. and, neil, it really makes you wonder is the opec cartel really in existence other than name only? i mean, when saudi arabia says, listen, we're not going to show restraint on production, we're going to produce as much oil as people want to buy, to me that's a sign to this market that they're going to double down on the trying to flood the market with oil, and they're not giving up. the reason why some people thought that they might give up was the budget that saudi arabia just came out with. they have to make major cuts across the board. their entire country, to make that budget work. and the people of saudi arabia are going to be paying the price. their electricity prices are going to go up, their water prices are going to go up, even their gasoline prices are going to double. but i don't feel too sorry for them, because they're still only
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paying 26 cents a liter. neil: you know, phil, i can't figure the saudis out. obviously, it's a potential suicide missioning to flood the market with supplies because they'd with hurting themself -- be hurting themselves. but the argument is, i guess, they think they can hurt outside energy players more, namely us, right? >> exactly. neil: fracking and drive that competition out of business. >> exactly. and they're having some success. i mean, if you look at the balance sheets of some of these companies, the bankruptcies that are happening. and i guess their attitude is, hey, if we're going down, everybody's going down with us. we're not going to extend the pain. so this is all in. this is a kamikaze mission. they're either going to win this war, you know, or they're going to do down trying, and i think that's what the cartel said today. some are with them, a lot are against them. not only are they attacking us, you've got nigeria, venezuela, algeria, these countries are going to go down quicker than
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some of our energy companies. so this is, you know, really a big stand by the head of opec who's basically saying it's going to be his way or the highway. neil: you know, it's a good thing saudi arabia's a friend, right? otherwise we could be a little skeptical and curious. all right, thanks, buddy. i always enjoy getting the insight from you. phil flynn. he has been unconditionally fresh -- uncannily prescient on these markets. all right, you might have heard about a rocket being fired near a big u.s. ship. normally we make a big deal of it when it gets within a mile of so of one of our vessels. this one? 1500 yards. wow. mechanic mechanic there. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this is the one place we're not afraid to fail.
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some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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neil: all right. it's a good thing a lot of washington, in fact, all of washington is pretty much on vacation right now, because this would normally have the airwaves flooded with angry reaction from politicians who just discovered the nsa was targeting them and snooping on them along with israeli leaders as part of a broad net of just trying to find out what they're saying, what they're up to, what they're doing. but as i say, it is their holiday vacation, so they're not to be found. but former pentagon spokesperson david gordon is looking at that and looking at a proto socktive -- provocative move on the part of the iranians firing rockets right near the uss harry truman. i'm not saying just a little close, i'm talking within 1500 yards. and, j.d., that's close. what do you make of that? >> hi, neil, great to see you. i think there are two main factors at play. the first is iranian pride, the second is oil prices. iran wants to dominate the middle east, they want to show who's boss.
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they really want to scare us out of the region, that's why they fired the rockets so close. but there was a french frigate along with an aircraft carrier in the strait of hormuz, so i think the iranians would love to chase us away, intimidate us and our european allies -- neil: but they're not stupid enough to think they own those waters or they control those waters, are they? >> no, it's brinksmanship. it's almost like playing chicken. there is a chance there could be a miscalculation and something bad could result from that, but the second piece, neil, is oil prices because what happened is the iranians said a few days ago that they're going to focus oil exports in the new year as a priority. well, when they said that, oil prices slid again. today it's trading at $36. so i think that oil prices made a real big impact on this because the iranians want to have drama in the strait of hormuz. when there's drama and conflict, oil prices shoot up.
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and since iran is a top ten oil producer, i believe they want as much drama in the strait of hormuz as possible -- neil: and they've going to be able to sell two million more barrels of oil a day, the kicker is they're the rodney dangerfield of the middle east because oil prices are still declining despite this. >> right. and their people are getting hurt by that. now, they're going to get a lot more money when those sanctions get lifted early in the new year, but i think since it's a dictatorship, the ayatollah runs the show, he's got to produce for the iranian people. if things get so bad in iran, bread lines, no gas, people are going to be more anxious to change the regime. but since you can only vote will to change the president, the president takes orders from the ayatollah, they don't want to get toppled. so i think for domestic consumption, they're going to continue saber rattling. they had a ballistic missile test in october despite a u.n. security council resolution against it. i think they're going to be more aggressive with this sanctions relief.
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neil: and you think about it, this latest provocative act, the two missile tests a few weeks ago, two in as many weeks, it's almost like they're throwing this agreement we made right back in our face. >> yeah, it is. you know, the ayatollah can't be appeased. they want to be the dominant power, certainly of the region, they want to dominate islam too. a lot of people forget that the persian empire stretched from india to northern greece down to egypt. i think the ayatollah would like to relive those glory days, sort of like putin is trying to relive the glory days of the soviet union. that's why they're trying to develop a nuclear weapon, i believe, and they really want to throw their weight around, dominate the region, kick us out of there, perhaps wipe israel off the map and also have the saudis knuckle under. neil: yeah. it's quite a to-do list, but they've got it. happy new year. >> happy new year, neil. neil: here's another sign that marco rubio, despite the up and
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down nature of these polls, is a threat. chris christie, who has always avoided attacking him, is attacking him. now, i'm thinking why would chris christie do that? up til now he's centered on why he would be a unique case as a nominee, and he's focused now and then on donald trump, ted cruz. what's he worried about? why now? after this. ♪ ♪
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neil: all right. times square, new york, just around the corner they're practicing the drop of the new year's eve ball, this is the one that gets all the attention. this thing is made out of crystal, it's worth, like, a gazillion dollars but, you know, thousands of people are crammed into times square. i wonder if some of them, if they've been drinking a lot, think it's actually happening now. [laughter] which would be kind of neat. anyway, once it gets to the bottom, then it's 2016, and it's a big deal, of course, as you know. i mean, if you were, if you're
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not quite sure and you're wandering around times square, you think, oh, my god, i missed it. but you didn't. all right, chris christie, of course, surging in new hampshire, but he discovered in some of these latest polls another guy is as well, marco rubio. so chris christie, who up to now has largely ignored the up and coming senator, did not do so. take a look. >> show up to work. [laughter] and vote no. [applause] right? just show up to work and vote no. and if you don't want to, then quit. neil: all right. that reference, dude, show up to work, was a reference to marco rubio not being in town to vote against the spending measure that he just ripped apart in debates and speeches on the stump, and what governor christie was saying, well, if you're so hot to trot against this excess spending and this measure, you should put your vote where your mouth is. the senator not in town for that. now, that pile-on with marco rubio actually began with jeb
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bush who also questioned the senator's attendance record. the senator responded in kind saying, look, others who ran for this office who were senators, including barack obama and including many you yourself have supported in the past, governor bush, had a worse attendance record than i. nevertheless, it's going to be a hot new issue. to the weekly standard senior writer, john mccormack, on how much of an issue. john, what do you think? >> well, you know, i think both christie and bush right now, they accurate see that this race is probably going to head down to a three-person race by the time march rolls around. you know, the entire month of february you might have candidates coming in second or third place trying to winnow down the field. bill clinton was known at the comeback -- as the comeback kid after he won new hampshire by eight points. if christie can edge out marco rubio by just a couple points in new hampshire, i think he uses it as a springboard to be that consensus, mainstream republican candidate who will vie for the
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nomination against someone like trump and cruz who are very polarizing. neil: all right. so if any one of them place one, two, or three, anyone's guess what would happen, anyone placing fourth or below, that ain't going to cut it, right? >> you know, this race has been so unpredictable, i don't know exactly, are there three tickets or four tickets. i think we're heading down to a three-person race by the time march rolls around because you've got to start hitting minimum thresholds to accrue any delegates. i think the nightmare scenario for mainstream conservatives is, you know, marco rubio and chris christie are still in the race around march 1st, i think they need to consolidate and really unite, otherwise most of the votes could end up going to donald trump and ted cruz. neil: and so much depends on donors, the ones who provide the money, which is a big reason why george pataki bowed out of the race. he was down to change underneath couch cushions. so if any of them fare poorly or not as well as what was thought, the donors start closing wallets, right? >> exactly.
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i mean, rubio's had some good movement toward him lately, he's gotten some big donors coming behind him, that's why a lot of people are viewing him as one of the front runners even though he's only third in some of the polls. but i do think that's exactly what bush and christie are able to do. i am skeptical that bush could be that consensus, mainstream conservative candidate. there's a lot of resistance to it. it seems very difficult to imagine him being the kind of candidate who can get everybody behind him heading into march when the delegates really start getting racked up by the candidates. neil: it is weird. good seeing you again. >> thank you. neil: all right. speaking of all things politics, remember our fox business debate schedules for january 14th in charleston, south carolina. an interesting thing about charleston for you lovers of political history, that is the same city where republicans gathered for their 1860 convention. it was a big one for this new party coming on the scene. they could not agree on a
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candidate until they settled on the third ballot for this fellow named abraham lincoln. he was sort of a consensus fallback, and even some of the party luminaries said, well, we've lost the election with guy. well, we know how that went. even be it's a broken convention, it does not necessarily mean it's a lost cause. all right, another look at times square. for those of you looking at this test drop of the ball, i want to urge and remind you the new year has not arrived. [laughter] but if you've been drinking very heavily, oh, what the heck. happy new year! [laughter] ♪ ♪ jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners.
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but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> we're very, very confident that new year's eve in new york city will be the safest place in the world to be. neil: it already is now. no bags of any sort. you will be screened. for those that get in there for the weight of the drop of the ball. a test drop of the new year's eve ball. it is not calm 2016 yet. [laughter] i do not want to break anyone's feelings. if you want to celebrate now, go ahead. armed forces they are. i guess that that is the idea. >> that is the idea.
12:31 pm
not ready completely yet. new security cameras being installed right here at times square. going up in being delivered. 6000 of them will be here. it will be on the ground. some of the forecasters will be carrying ray guns and radiation detectors. bomb sniffing dogs will be out in full force. throughout the city on the east river. we are the best prepared city in the world. there is still a very high concern about terrorism. tomorrow night, we will have that.
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going up and down. back to you. neil: are you okay? >> yes. we're standing in the thick of it right now. elmo and cookie monster. neil: wow. a 50-year-old guy. dressed up as the little mermaid. i thought, you are not the little mermaid. thank you very, very much. >> thank you very much, neil. neil: anything i can do. no credible threat. i keep hearing those words. what does that mean? >> that means that there is no
12:33 pm
specific information. homeland security and the fbi has been monitoring very closely around the world for any kind of specific threat and there has not been. telling law enforcement and private security around the country to be aware. very often, because we do not have any information, does not mean that you will not get a self radicalized individual that will attack us. trying to find those people that we do not have any knowledge about. neil: do they do body checks? what do they do, especially, if it has been a little cooler than it has been. the upper 60s and 70s. people will be dressed warmly. >> neil, you break it down. right now there will be 14 entry
12:34 pm
points into times square. in each one of those entry points, they will have the lease officers. all types of devices to identify any type of chemical, but he ought to -- biological. those million people that are going into times square will be searched. there is over a billion people around the world that are actually watching this on television. millions of people across the country watching this. this is certainly the number one target. we really have to be prepared. bill bratton and john miller running the show, really enhancing the number of people actually on the street. almost 6000 cops on times square this weekend. neil: maybe you brought this to my attention last time, the
12:35 pm
camera presence. cameras are everywhere. they are part of life here in the city. what is the deal with that? >> most aggressive tools for prevention and identifying individuals trying to cause harm. being involved in some type of event. there was a bomb thrown at the recruiting station at times square. trying to identify who threw that bob. looking at these cameras. they went store by store. bank by bank. the video camera. they were able to identify who that was. identifying anything possible that maybe currently going on.
12:36 pm
>> to your point, they are everywhere. thank you. >> happy new year. drifting away a little bit. a positive year. remember, tomorrow is the last night of doing this. the number to make sure we have a game on the year is 17,828.07. we are shy of that now. anything south of that would be the first time since 2008. 2008 was an awful year. we collapse close to 44%. that was then. are we going to finally see down arrows now? after this. ♪
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>> i could can see that 1000 times and love it every time. no one could knock him down. for years. eve and her holyfield. if you had a hover board, you would have survived that whole thing. they love them. politicians will rush in. mike tyson went down. thanks to hover board. that is it. that is all i have to say. scott martin. warning from the imf. the economy is looking iffy next year. kristi lagarde saying she is worried about a germanic
12:41 pm
slowdown. >> she has been saying it for quite some time. concerned about economic growth. i do not know if she's worried about running out of bronzer. i love her tan and everything. she is very eurocentric. it is typical for them to focus on the week this of those countries. they have been struggling for a couple of years now. possibly that is what has been influencing her. i am wondering whether she is trying to sort of get some cover here. after year after year of markets running up. it may follow suit with the first down year. would she be wise to do so?
12:42 pm
>> i am jealous. here is the funny part. we are on a first name basis. she also told janet yellen not to raise rates. yellen went ahead and did it. the u.s. is still the economic growth driver. we are still the world's number one spender. depending on what goes on elsewhere, yes. we do have some growth. neil: i hate to break it to you, buddy. christine was watching. she just said that this tweet. that was from christine lagarde.
12:43 pm
all right. scott. think you very much. all right. a lot of people make new year's resolutions. my next guest says how about a different guy. twenty-one day financial pass. in our miss reaction. people who were glad to switch over to something that did not require as much physical pain. getting your fiscal house in order. >> i am so glad to be back. >> let's talk a little bit about what you are advocating. focus on your finances. >> 21 days you will not buy
12:44 pm
anything that is not a necessity. you cannot use plastic, debit or your credit cards. everything will get shut down. neil: i like how you point out personal hygiene products. that is good. >> going to the grocery store. you cannot have that big old state. even when you shop. gap to fine-tune those necessities. >> exactly. shut down this whole thing that we spent so much time. you take out $20. the key thing is that you follow it every day.
12:45 pm
one chapter a day. different areas of your financial life. how to teach her kids about money. how to save for college. you talk about our kids not getting online either. >> that is right. nothing. neil: watching movies at home? >> yes. you pull out those tapes that you have.
12:46 pm
>> doing something novel. you play them. you love catchphrase. >> it takes forever. i took all the ones that removed the shortcut. go, go. [laughter] you are also saying that if you do this for 21 days, you kind of get used to it. >> that is exactly right. we do not put our money where we really say we value. put your kids through college. you are not putting money in. you are not putting money in your 401(k). the way you need to retire the way you want.
12:47 pm
you cannot go to starbucks because at the end, i need this so that i do not slap my coworker when i get to work. have that coffee. that will not keep you from becoming a millionaire. >> you want to shut everything down. >> a lot of people go on diets. not that i would know. they reboot. >> i say less than 10%. i am being honest about that.
12:48 pm
>> people realize how much money they actually have. i had one person who said, you know what, i had never really thought about my money. it had been weighing them down. i have couples talking about their money. they are out there spending in different ways. people really want to do their money right. when they do that, because there is some commentary, this is not like a microwave fixed thing, i have done it in my church for years and years. they seem to really motivate you to change. you work hard for your money. neil: we have to make room for bakery products. [laughter] i kid you.
12:49 pm
>> we are starting it on sunday, january 10. daily information. neil: fbn debaters on the 14th. thanks to you. >> there will be a lot of things that help people get through the 21 days. >> a happy, safe new year. i hope your kids talk to you. this will be a big sacrifice. great author. great idea. a lot of parents are very concerned about safety as well when it comes to their kids.
12:50 pm
looking at all the blockades they are ready setting up. it goes way beyond their kids. basic stuff we should all be focused on. staying alive. staying alive. you pay your car insurance
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neil: all right. we are grabbing. doing a little bit more than just moderating.
12:54 pm
tracking what they are doing. grabbing data. nothing more than that. the biggest worry is what? >> i think that it is actually the schools responsibility and the teacher's responsibility. they are making sure that the children settings are set so that google is not just getting their information. i think the parent needs to be aware. it is a schools responsibility to really block this. neil: whether through a block or whatever. that request for data. it is hitting the mothership. in this case, google. >> yes. google has that data. there is a privacy setting.
12:55 pm
they can set the privacy block. they do not get the children's information. this is information that google should not have access to. i personally believe that they are always going to have information about what we are searching. what we are looking for. however, the school has the right and the teachers and administrators should know they should lock the privacy settings. >> do you do that kind of thing at home? >> yes, we do. everything we have tried. we block the setting. just need to know about all of this. they just do not keep coming at your kids constantly.
12:56 pm
>> they are texting on the internet more than they ever have. sometimes around the clock. >> i tell parents everywhere. it is your responsibility to make sure that we are monitoring. my 12-year-old actually told me he wanted to power down. last night we went to dinner. he was coloring. he said he did not want to be on social media anymore. he just wanted to unplug. wanting to take a step back and just wanting to be kids again. >> thank you. happy new year. >> we have been so focused on killing off isis.
12:57 pm
♪ like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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>> whether they are on a suicide mission. they want to do this yet again. they hurt themselves. they hurt competitors more. making it expensive for them to try to produce oil if it is so cheap. drive them out of business. gain market share. be back in charge. phil flynn seems to think that that is what i are up to. all down. meanwhile, isis is the focus of our attention when it comes to the bad guys. remember al qaeda? they are not dead and gone.
1:01 pm
they are just servicing elsewhere. the former navy seal. extreme ownership co-author. it is almost as if we cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. it is as if we have forgotten about al qaeda. >> we certainly cannot forget about al qaeda. these forms, whether it is called al qaeda or isis, we need to stay aggressively in pursuit of just running them off. >> if we don't, what happens? >> it is like a malignant cancer. that is exactly what they will do. >> now, they are in another area where we are not inclined to be.
1:02 pm
doing something about this latest de- fellowmen. what do you say? neil: letting our military decline in terms of strength. build our military up so we can pursue them aggressively. no matter where they are. neil: this idea that there is a matter of following up. and matter of committing to what you are going to do. you say have a lot of different things. you do not have extreme ownership. we will want the bad guys down. we are going beyond this with real resolve that we are not showing the real resolve. don't the good guys and the bad guys lose faith in you? begin to laugh at you? >> you have to walk the walk. you cannot talk the talk. no matter where they are. no matter what cave they are
1:03 pm
hiding in. we are coming to get them. that is what we need to say they are going to do. that is what we need to actually do. neil: thank you for looking after us and keeping us safe. we appreciate it. there is another concern. really trying to attack the internet and a cyber security alert. by the name of joe barton. explain what that would involve? >> we are not trying to shut down the internet. we are trying to make it more difficult for isis and the terrorist groups to use it. potential terrorists in the united states.
1:04 pm
when it is a known terrorist site, we want to prevent them from using it to send out their propaganda to people here in the u.s. >> you have heard the free-speech advocates. in so doing, you heard the good guys. >> well, obviously, in a free society, constitutional guarantees, we want to maintain those for the american people. isis wants to destroy free society. they declared that she hot against western civilization. we have to protect our people against that sort of terrorist attack. it is not always bombs and missiles. sometimes it is words and propaganda. neil: isis shutting down a free
1:05 pm
so society by you trying to limit or at least put parameters on free use of the internet. don't you risk doing the same thing? >> american citizens from using the internet. what we are trying to do, and we have not done it yet, we are just in the beginning stages of discussing this, the fbi and various private sector companies , when you have a known terrorist cell and a known site that exists simply to propaganda as the american people, we do want to shut that down. there is no reason to let that send down there press release about people they have beheaded him things like this. we are in no way trying to
1:06 pm
prevent the free use of the internet among the citizens that are using it for lawful possibilities. neil: they try to publicize horrific things. compared to someone else that may be pushing video. >> obviously, that is a difficult question. terrorist attacks that we have had recently, they allegedly used playstation four. i have a 10-year-old son that has a playstation four. i do not want to expose him to any kind of fan isis attack or any kind of spying mission. it is a balancing act in a free society that we have. we have attacks momentarily.
1:07 pm
one of the requirements is to protect freedom here in the united states. >> all right. thank you very much. >> glad to be on your program. worry about these cyber attacks that are getting worse and worse. the last two years. the biggest deal was target customers seeing their data compromised. it was embarrassing. it escalated to other retailers. it hit angst. it started hitting defense contractors. then the defense itself. in the white house. then congress. then anyone and everyone at the highest levels of government. do you see where this is going? obviously, ratcheting up here. i am wondering what is next.
1:08 pm
>> if you like to put it that way. criminals going after banks. putting both crimes when they took out 300,000. they took $50 million from the federal government. on the other hand, the cyber terrorists. talking about that with the congressman just moments ago. these are the guys that are trying to do harm to the united states. neil: you know that they can do so so easily. i wonder about the chore potentially being worse than a potential disease.
1:09 pm
that compromises the use of the internet. the security that we have really exchanging ideas. what is the balance? >> that is an argument that is raised every single time. congressman barton bringing it up. it is pretty simple. going after or shutting down islamic terrorists. raising money. planning to conduct terrorist attacks. a professor of the social times, so be it. we need to do that. >> you envision that 2016 is figure that they put it to the point we get something far worse practiced financial attacks.
1:10 pm
empty americans banks accounts or doing stuff like that. >> i think, feel, the most credible threat that we have against the united states now is against the political infrastructure. the iranians are have into a small dam outside of new york state. they will not do anything that will bring full raft to the united states down on them. isis is in fact probing out. now, political infrastructure. they do not like the handcuffs. they will pull the trigger and wreak as much affect on havoc as they can. neil: great having you.
1:11 pm
thank you very much. in the meantime, we are looking at the weather. horizontal way after this. ♪ bring your family and friends together
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neil: oprah winfrey. weight watchers. she became an investor. ever since that time the stock has tripled. up an additional 21.5% just today. for weight watchers, they're making a prophet off of it. that is the skinny on that. free basic cable. my gift to you, america. we are keeping track. elsewhere in the country, it is all over the map. literally. >> the tornadoes and the snow and the blizzard. now we're dealing with the
1:16 pm
flooding. the wettest year ever across parts of eastern california. now we have this store not brought eight-12 inches or so. initially, that caused flash flooding. that goes into the larger streams and rivers. now, all of it is in here. that is where we are seeing all of these incredible images coming out. record-breaking flooding. the flood of 2011. along the mississippi river. we have a similar scenario. st. louis is going to crest tomorrow. it gives you an idea. all of that water will take weeks. we will have long-term flooding situations here. that is assuming we do not get any more rain. we could be watching some really big problems.
1:17 pm
in the short term, this is our goal right here. when we have flooding in the spring or summer, it is warm. this time, it is very cold. eventually, once that water goes away, you will be talking about very cold temperatures. one bright piece of news here. >> thank you very much. missouri sheriff joining us on the phone. i guess the concern is, well, we do not really have any levees here. our main concern is numerous rivers that have actually closed down highways and state highways. almost made us into an island out here in south-central missouri. >> it seems so incredible.
1:18 pm
people obviously get ahead of themselves. you see the water falling back a little bit. do not get cocky about that. what rules are in effect right now? >> please do not get out driving at night. i know when some of these waterways come down, people want to get out there and travel. one of our major concerns is that even though the road may not have water on it, there is a lot of damage. under the roadways to where they do try to travel on them. the roads or bridges could collapse causing harm to them. >> they are in other parts. i wonder how that reverberates and affects you and that kind of communication that is involved. monitoring that. that could be a whole new set of problems. >> almost certainly. they will be in danger.
1:19 pm
once again, very rapid flash flooding. homes being underwater. it is a concern. we all work together. we have a communication network. keeping each other informed. >> you and your folks have been absolutely amazing. keeping a stiff upper lip about it. i am not surprised giving the folks in your neighborhood. >> in the meantime, something else to look forward to. a huge surge of undocumented kids coming into this country. remember the last time that it happened? they came by the thousands. now what are we going to do? conceivably be more than 10,000 on the way. ♪
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
>> we told you about a report that al qaeda is showing its presence in afghanistan. they are concerned about that. they should be. a number of guest saying we have regrouped. recouping al qaeda to worry about. entertainer bill cosby expected to be charged with indecent assault. this goes back to a 2004 in counter where prosecutors are saying they are announcing these charges being filed. they stem from a sexual assault. they said that mr. cosby will be charged with aggravated indecent assault though other charges could be pending. just on that charge alone.
1:24 pm
we will keep you posted. in the meantime, another development at the border. what was happening almost two years ago. a wave of kids. teenagers coming to this country unaccompanied by adults. the administration argued protection at the time. very few returned. at least 10,000 more are on the way. jessica, what does this mean? where do these kids end up going >> they end up rejoining friends and family that are already here. all over the country. lots of them outside washington, d.c. texas, new york, washington. the government pretty much loses track of them.
1:25 pm
it is a large number. >> they did not have families here. and a lot of them were pushed over here. this understanding that parents or relatives would follow. update me. what would have been. >> according to the border patrol, about 85% of them end up rejoining friends and mostly them. neil: are they -- >> beas unaccompanied minors. they are not deportable either. neil: are they joining people? are they joining those that are here legally?
1:26 pm
>> no. they get a free pass from deportation. passing from one of these kids that are coming in. most of them are not truly unaccompanied at all. the obama administration continues to treat them as if they were unaccompanied. caught by the border patrol. a lot of this is policy driven. there are the tools that they have two repatriated these people. deport them. if they wanted to. they are finding ways to manipulate the law. we have to offer them a court hearing which takes years. they have to stay here and tell them. they have to apply for asylum. ways that they can stretch the meaning of the law to do anything to avoid sending them back home.
1:27 pm
>> not necessarily concerning these groups. ruling that the administration came. millions of illegals. what is happening is, we are not seeing the deportations resumed to any great degree. under any means are not quickly sent back. what happens? >> that is right. fewer than 1% of people that are here illegally face any threat of deportation did the lowest that they have been in many years. since at least 2006. that is part of what is motivating people to keep coming. they know that if they get here, they will almost certainly not get sent back. this is something that could be
1:28 pm
changed if the policy were to be changed. they keep coming. 10,000 kids in october and november. 12,000 new family members arrived in the same two months. this continues to be a huge problem. kind of the dumped into the school system. and to our healthcare system. many places, some serious public safety problems. among these teenagers and family members, also some gang members. they are causing real problems with violent crimes in communities like washington, d.c., new york, boston, texas. neil: thank you very, very much. >> thank you.
1:29 pm
>> a lot of you have seen the success of amazon. i want to get you some of that one. not so much when it comes to this year's losers. you pick and choose among that. you could have had yourself some winners. ♪ this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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neil: we told you a little bit about the nsa, maybe collected a lot of lawmakers communications in process of collecting some communications with israeli leaders. well they're not happy about it. one thing when they spy on us but when congress find out people are spying on them then it takes on a whole new tone. they're upset. they're all on vacation. apparently they're ranting on the phone. keep you post what could be a big development, seminal development in times square. not dropping of the ball tomorrow night. toys "r" us leaving. can you believe that? toys "r" us is leaving. i'm told it is being replaced by hickory farms. which would be a big move for processed meat and cheese lovers everywhere. either that a deli. i'm not quite sure. if anybody have been in new york, is that where they have a ferris wheel?
1:34 pm
>> yeah. neil: they have a lot of stuff in there. hickory farms could use ferris wheel. cheese on one level. processed meats on other level as you're riding up. i think, suzanne, it will be probably a gap, gap and old navy but they have a lot of good stuff there. tyrannosaurus rex, who gets that? do you wonder? maybe it is just me. to the new york stock exchange and gerri willis keeping track of the big gainers and losers on this year about to end in trading. gerri. >> we're looking at the losers today. in fact the biggest losers on s&p 500 year-to-date. take a look all energy stocks. chesapeake down 78%. consol energy down 76%. southwestern down 76%. big losses for these companies. why? you know why. oil is down dramatically down 3.5% today. brent crude down 40% on the year. that is a big move there. we're even seeing consumer
1:35 pm
stocks that are popular. fossil down on year 71%. wynn resorts, one you're interested in, neil, down 54%. staples down 4p%. big news for these stocks today. not a lot of good news in the energy sector. neil, back to you. neil: thank you very, very much. charles payne how you play this. they say the dogs of the dow is the good strategy next year. what it say about the winners? same thing in reverse? >> it is not same thing in reverse. winners are usually winners because they have got everything going for them. so they're executing, taking market share, growing their profits. you don't want to sell them just because of a calendar change but dogs of the dow is theory that has some validity to it. last week i saw amazing volume in caterpillar and ibm on really light volume sessions where they traded a lot more volume than normal.
1:36 pm
ibm down 12 1/2%, cat down 25%. interesting enough i think what could propel ibm would be management change. i really, i hate to say it, i think if they removed management and their current ceo i think the stock would rocket. caterpillar, there are no obvious catalysts for the stock but it is down so much, i think it is growing to be a winner next year. neil: do you think, a lot of people look at sectors as well, they don't, sounds like ben stein, right? if you can't pick stocks, then go with sectors. and energy has been getting bashed of late. the estimates are that oil will continue to slip slide away. so not a good investment strategy. do you agree with that. >> i don't agree with that. energy will hit a point. oil hit as point where you stop drilling period. saudi arabia is on crazy suicidal mission. oil get to a point you have to stop drilling because you lose money. when that happens, it will go up. no one predicted it would go 110 to 30.
1:37 pm
everyone takes credit for it. who knew that saudi arabia would lose their mind. chevron will pay hefty dividends. they will do everything not to stop the dividends. gerry is calling at smaller frackers. whiting, i'm not asking everyone to buy but that is name i leap on first half of next year. neil: what are you telling investors about, pigs get guard, whatever the expression is. >> yeah, yeah. neil: someone who made a lot of money in amazon, it's doubled. you know, it's on fire. i get into that it will keep going. at what point do you tell generally if you've made 20%, 25%? >> depends on nature of investment. risk and reward. stock like amazon which i had twice this year to your point. come we took profits. we took huge profit. amazon twice. netflix twice. neil: you were all over netflix. >> facebook took profits on the before the earnings and took profits and google.
1:38 pm
we have the play out of every singleof them. i would like to buy amazon on a dip but you don't worry about it kbo, when it opens trading this year, it will be a buck. there is extreme example. the point you say, hey, let me ring the register. can i say one thing about toys "r" us. neil: sure. >> took my son there first day it opened. my son and godson. my wife is scouring the pictures. we went on ferris wheel. my wife had me angry because batman was there. he had ripped abs. i couldn't pry her away from batman. had emotions. my wife spent too much time with batman. neil: i spent a lot of time with wonder woman but that's another story. it is intuesday. >> rent too damn high i guess. neil: it's a huge space. >> it is loss leader. no matter who thes is up there they will lose money.
1:39 pm
you set up there, you're advertising to the world. neil: you are. >> millions of people come in from around the world. want them to buy product. it is living billboard with human beings running around, hicksry -- hickory farms, go for it. that's all i'm saying. we have a lot coming up an concluding what is going on with mother nature. we were looking at 70-degree temperatures. now we're looking at much colder weather. for ski resort operators, well this, all this white stuff, it will mean a lot of green. you should know that only one penny of every dollar donated goes to local pet shelters. hsus is currently being sued for fraud and recently paid over five million dollars to settle a bribery lawsuit. if you want to help pets, support local animal shelters in your cittty. find out more at humane watch dot org.
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>> from the floor of new york stock exchange i'm gerri willis with your fox business brief. quick check of the market. dow down 52 points. nasdaq down 23 points. s&p down as well, 7 points. red ink continues on wall street. take a look at stocks dragging down the dow right now. chevron down and nike, intel all down about 1% at this point. bringing the dow down lower. a lot of companies want to break out. they're treading water though. ibm up .3 of a percent. walmart up .2 after percent. merck up .1 of a percent. no one seems to be able to break out. more "cavuto" coming up after this.
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1:43 pm
neil: well the one thing about inclement weather, nasty weather, disasterous weather, you will have flight delays and you have a lot of them between cancellations outright and delays, flights taking off but much, much later, if you're lucky, better than 3500 today.
1:44 pm
thousands more over the last four days. a pace that is not slowing down. jeff flock is in wisconsin right now. something else that proprietors are happy about, snow. or at least ability to make snow. hey, jeff? reporter: hey, what do you say there. oh, man, i'm in a blizzard but, i'll tell you this is the first one we've had. this is a man-made blizzard, neil. take a look at this. this is wilmont mountain. i have the ice man with me. chuck herman is in charge of all these machines that essentially do god's work. >> yes, sir. reporter: this is the first time you've been able to do that in year in terms of the warmth? >> we tried a couple times earlier. we were open three days, that is about it. this is melting as fast as we can make it. reporter: neil this is it helping not only here in the midwest but across the northeast. look at maps of different locations.
1:45 pm
for example, lake placid, new york, big ski area, zero natural snow on ground. near sugarbush in vermont, same thing, near zero. in western pennsylvania, seven springs mountain. that also near zero. pretty amazing. but now we've got, i don't know how much do we have? >> good three feet here where we're standing. reporter: walk me over to this, i want to show neil if i can -- let's go over here to see it better. these are snow guns, neil. this is what they make the snow with. combination of, oh, my god, we're up to our knees, compressed air and water, right? >> i guess. i couldn't hear a word you said. reporter: compressed air and water, right? >> compressed air and water. reporter: you put the two together, you know. sort of like standing in a blizzard, if you go right in middle of it!
1:46 pm
like you're in a blizzard. but this is answer to prayer for you? >> what? reporter: answer to prayer for you? >> sure. reporter: answer to prayer. >> we need more snow. reporter: more snow it is loud out here. god does it silently. man does it very loudly, neil. neil: well-put. well-put, jeff flock. we thought a lot of reporters who could bury themselves in man-made snow. natural jeff flock came to mind. isn't that remarkable? remarkable reporting. jeff flock, thank you, very, very much. that is putting a lot extra into a report. a stand-up for him means stand-up in igloo buried in snow. that is the way jeff rolls. the way fbn rolls. if you're interested in times square there are still some tickets for tomorrow night and the big shindig, if you're willing to spend upwards, i don't know, $400 a person.
1:47 pm
that, by the way is lowest number we have. most are a lot higher. but 400 bucks gets you in to an olive garden. we can not compare at -- guarany you will have view of said times square, nor can we guaranty said breadsticks. are you angry, america? get ready. it gets worse. we live in a pick and choose world.
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neil: real quickly on this man cave, lower level of the house, is it a man cave, how would you describe it, what's there? >> it is not a man cave. it's a people cave. nice comfortable chairs, pool table, ping-pong table, table soccer. you know, it is a nice,
1:51 pm
comfortable place to be. neil: okay, i was just curious. you were the last person i thought would have a man cave. he still is. thinking that interview with dr. ben carson calling it a people cave? come on, doc. it fits 100 people? that's like a joe piscopo lunch. he joins us right now. always good to see you, my friend. >> neil, happy new year indeed. neil: that was the most revealing thing i got out of the interview, that ben carson has a man cave. >> you know hillary has a man cave actually. just saying. neil: i don't know where we're going here. >> just saying. ben carson's man cave. let's have a beer. let's have a beer. what ben, what? where are the chicks? where are the chicks? where are my videogame, ben? neil: so big, got the ping-pong table, pool table.
1:52 pm
doesn't strike me has foosball person. >> may i, mr. cavuto. neil: here we are enjoying our little man cave. >> man cave is here. if i may, so crowded in new york which we love. all tour riffs coming in. christmas season. i have such respect for you, such affection on you. am 970. bring mr. cavuto on, all roads lead to neil cauto. fox and fox business come on my show. gives me credibility. so i thank you. i'm driving from jersey. only takes me two hours, not that i'm upset about it. not that charge too much to get into the lincoln tunnel. not because our taxes are highest in the nation! i don't care about that. come in 10th avenue. driver is there, what did you say? i don't know what the guy was. had awful perfume and nice guy. let me get out. what? i'm getting out. 10th avenue. sprinted up. neil: you walked from 10th avenue? >> sprinted, mr. cavuto. gave myself five minutes a block. two minutes a block, neil. neil: is that right?
1:53 pm
>> i was rude to every tourist in my face. i'm coming through. you talk about -- neil: piscopo. >> it is eye italian. everybody from des moines, indiana, get out of my way. neil: traffic in new york. move it. >> i ran up. i ran up! neil: magic of the season. >> mr. piscopo, makeup? i need surgery. give me botox. cut my face. neil: it is really crowded? it is really bad? >> what is great everybody is in celebratory mood except me. everybody is celebrating holidays. it is crowded likes i ever seen it. neil: it is crazy crowded. just to be in times square tonight, you want to dine in times square, it will cost awe bundle. >> what is it, 400 bucks at olive garden? neil: 400 bucks a person. i don't know if that is times square view window location. this, olive guarden has choice
1:54 pm
locality in times square. i don't know everything faces times square. then i heard they would take breadsticks away. they were not included. restaurant, were included, they are, just not in the buffet. we, because we knew you were coming, guess what we got our hands on. hello. who has the juice. you are the walrus. >> breadsticks for cavuto. neil: no, no. we, said no to cavuto. what about piscopo. we got 100 of them. >> i have a better offer for 250. $250, i will call my beautiful mother to make the best lasgna. come over to the piscopo house in new jersey. better than that we'll watch it on tv. neil: that is one of the least expensive options in times square. >> but still, they are -- neil: get you there for the event. >> gouging. i think it might be illegal for we, italian-americans going to olive garden. neil: you sound like a little bit of an elitist. >> foodwise.
1:55 pm
can't go to my mom's. or chaz palmenttieri's. neil: understood. >> i've been there to olive garden. neil: you have a view of times square. >> it is not really bad, olive garden. am i allowed to say that as italian. neil: bub about gum is -- bubba gump. just like you, we have to move, a lot of tourists. no offense to you, because it is new, i understand, they stop. they stop in the middle -- >> on the way up! exactly what happened. neil: don't stop. >> that is exactly what happened. neil: go, go. >> i don't want to be rude. i was nice. i was in the street and ran in the street. looked like i was running from the police. listen, i promise you, only in new york. you think it's a big town. a car stops, beep as horn, now what, now what. i'm in middle of traffic. i'm getting to cavuto. neil: only way you move around on the street. who was it?
1:56 pm
bernie kerik, former commissioner of nypd. what are you doing, joe? put the lights on. hit the road. i have breadsticks to boot. i'm excited you're doing a debate. wolf blitzer was a little too much for me. i can't make fun of wolf on the show. too much wolf blitzer on cnn. are you back moderating debate? neil: we're all there. >> hallelujah, praise jesus. neil: can you come? >> would you allow me to do that? neil: i don't know you would be interested. take the offer back. >> can i take breadsticks home? neil: they're for you. >> my mother won't allow them in the house. i will bring lasagna. i will bring mama piscopo's lasgna. may i express my thanks during this new year's. neil: to you as well, my friend. >> i appreciate it very much. neil: gives a lot back to a lot of people. family members he didn't even know existed because that is the way jo rolls.
1:57 pm
>> just get out of my way! get out of my way! neil: joe's opinions are only joe's opinions, ladies and gentlemen. more after this. >> i'm okay. i'm all right.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
neil: i will go right to trish regan. >> three u.s. cities under threat for tomorrow night. officials warning president obama of terrorist threats targeting new york city, los angeles and -- said to have briefed the president ahead of his vacation. the thread appears to be originating from seek overseas. new details about a husband and wife team convicted of trying to plan an attack in london.


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