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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 30, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: i will go right to trish regan. >> three u.s. cities under threat for tomorrow night. officials warning president obama of terrorist threats targeting new york city, los angeles and -- said to have briefed the president ahead of his vacation. the thread appears to be originating from seek overseas. new details about a husband and wife team convicted of trying to plan an attack in london.
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for more on the worldwide terror threats. former u.s. ambassador. kt mcfarland. former nypd detect this. dale, i want to start with you. new york city right here. los angeles. washington, d.c. all potential targets. how worried are you about potential attacks, dare i say, tomorrow night. >> we all need to be concerned. not just law enforcement. looking to cooperate these threats. we also have to look out for ourselves in radical terrorism. >> they have 6000 police officers in times square tomorrow night. even with 6000 members of law
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enforcement, how do you fight potential attacks? even a lone wolf type style attack. >> i think that it is really important for everybody in the country. just at the local mall in your small town in the midwest. if you see something, say something. the increasing number of attacks. there are always warning signs. they do not connect the dots. they will look like they are discriminating against someone else. i really think i will be quiet. you cannot do it. law enforcement cannot be every place all the time. their resources are already stretched. it is up to the average citizen. trish: stay with me. i want to go to joe ling kent.
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an increased presence by police already. >> new york city is not fully prepared just yet. getting all of these mechanisms in place. more than 800 more than last year. we have been watching police bugbear caves in place in times square. they are also putting up new surveillance cameras. watching you. we are also talking about the new counterterrorism unit. along with bomb sniffing dogs. you have a big security apparatus going into place right now. if you are planning to come to times square right now, you should be prepared. police checking for any sort of suspicious material. there is no credible threat. the city is very well-prepared. checking things out.
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things planning to come tomorrow night. trish: we will go out to pasadena california in just a minute. the rose bowl will be taking place. also working on security. bill stanton with me. kt mcfarland. the former ambassador to belgium. though world, howard, is very much on alert right now. we have reports that two people were arrested in turkey. the couple, the husband and wife team that wanted to plan an attack in london have now been sentenced to life in prison there. there has been an incredible rise in this isis terrorism just in the last year. >> those questions you were talking about for a while. a high percentage of muslims.
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coming back from syria. originally fighting aside. be careful examining what you are hearing. they'll jump had a raid on tuesday. they arrested two people. planning new year's attacks. they found no weapons. what i think we are really seeing is a great yellow surveillance. maybe there was an nsa over here. maybe the intelligence pick something up. they arrest first and ask questions later. that does not necessarily mean they were more. trish: let's hope not. in this kind of environment where everyone is still on edge, you have so many attacks as of late. you need to be more proactive. this threat to the united states, originating from overseas. what does that tell you?
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>> the nsa is listening to a lot of conversations. the belgians, the french. they are working their informants. somebody hears something. one of the intelligence services. they have someone planning something at the rose bowl or did they hear two brothers say, you know, we once had a threat when i was an ambassador. the queen of england or my house. they have never been. >> intelligence officials to know which threats they need to take very seriously. >> they need to take them all seriously. make the arrest. that does not mean we escape a massive terror attack.
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trish: stay with me. i want to go to pasadena. the rose bowl over the weekend. >> they are talking about an amount of security. the rose parade in the football game had received a rating. special event. that is a designation usually given to the super bowl. that determination was made even before the terrorist attack in nearby san bernardino. all kinds of federal help. k-9 units. tactical rapid response teams. cameras all along the parade route. of course, help from two dozen federal agencies. here is the police chief. >> somebody thinking about doing something illegal.
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you may be standing right next to an undercover agent. a number of law enforcement agencies. >> find your adventure. many of them will have some sort of a connection to that. the grand marshal this year is ken burns. more than ever, the parade, expressing freedom this year. i just want to exercise that the police chief said at this time, there is no specific or credible threat. trish, back to you. >> we want to go back to this story. reports that the president was briefed on a threat just three cities. we understand that this is corroborated. i am joined right now by k.t. mcfarland. howard goodman. bill, you used to be at the
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nypd. you speak about 6000 police officers having a presence in times square. how does that compare and contrast? you saw things back in the late '80s. >> it is constantly changing with the times. with the advent of terrorism. you look at his original policing style. john miller, commissioner counterterrorism, a long with kt's point. the people of new york city, being prepared, not paranoid, deputizing themselves. people visiting new york to be out of their smart phone and to be looking around. i know it sounds cliché. see something say something. >> city important things to be doing right now. as much as citizens can contribute by being aware, this
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is an incredibly difficult task. almost like finding a needle in a haystack. you send all the information that intelligence officials have to go to rue, have to fight for right now, what is needed in terms of resources to really combat? >> that the i have said they need to dozen individuals. in other words, two dozen law enforcement videos. follow one bad guy. we are currently looking at all the bad guys 247. by the way, the san bernardino, a were not even around. it was a very large group. this is not a one offering. this is now the new normal. next year, it will be even more
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ramped up security because the threat is continuing. the number of refugees. pledging allegiance. we will see more and more as time goes on. >> thank you very much. coming up, everyone, will bill clinton have problems with women? month after his wife's campaign. donald trump is going there. ending with the new year. why, starting on friday. without notice. stay with us. ♪
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>> he has demonstrated a penchant. nobody respects women more than donald trump. i had no choice. i did have to mention her husband situation. okay? that is doubted the biggest story on television. we have to do it. you cannot let people push you around. you cannot let people tell lies. trish: donald trump doubling down. a rally today in south carolina. he is called bill, fair game. is it really the best way to go after hillary? a champion of women. her willingness to destroy isis.
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continuing through female voters. andrew is a former aide to chuck schumer. i think that this is good. trump going after bill clinton. i think it will chip away at the women vote. this will only help her. >> i think i'm attacking her hopes are no matter what he attacks her for. with that said, i do not think trump wants evangelical voters looking at old new york post live from the 1990s. we are at a primary here right now. a republican primary.
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they will not like the headline. she had the best sex ever with then married donald trump. >> in his defense, he did wind up marrying her. he wound up marrying her. it was not like she was some 20-year-old intern in the white house working for him. >> she was a 20 something-year-old and he was a 40 something-year-old. let's speak we are here. >> it seems to me, chris, throwing stuff out there. he actually has not set a ton. throwing it out there so everyone else can talk about it. this has been the number one story on tv. he is letting everyone else do that talking, maybe so he does not have to. >> a matter of less strategy.
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we are not talking about ted cruz. we are not talking about marco rubio. he is throwing these outrageous things out there. i do not know any other candidate running for president. they had this many accusations stacked up against him. hillary clinton, her challenge, she basically contributed to this by staying with him and effectively destroying the reputation. >> exactly. hillary clinton is the number one phony in this country. she is just pandering to the female vote. if hillary clinton cared about women, why did she not reject the millions that have come into our nation and foundation from golf nations? these countries, she accepts money from.
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she is the ultimate phony. i have to say, if you disagree with chris hahn this, there is a big difference between infidelity and marriage. impeachment is a public matter that affects all americans. >> it was a bad name. donald trump himself eight years ago said why do they finish on that? i do not care about his personal life. i do think that evangelical voters will care very quickly. >> i think they gave them a pass on a lot of things. he remains an extremely popular guide. amilya dollars to paula jones to settle a sexual harassment charge. i agree with you.
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there is a big difference. there is no sexual harassment charge for $850,000. a previous person. chris, in light of all this, bill clinton remains popular. donald trump is still popular. well women have a problem knowing that hillary clinton effectively. and tarnished the reputation of a young girl like monica lewinsky? >> no. this is litigated in the 1990s already. bill clinton made 22 million jobs. i went to woodstock. it was awesome. it will not matter after two weeks from now. this is donald trump strategy. it is why he has not had to spend any money in this campaign yet. it is genius.
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quite frankly, this conversation is helping hillary clinton and it is helping donald trump. hillary clinton is getting attacked by the loudmouth who liberals hate right now. bernie sanders is chipping away at it. donald trump attacking hillary clinton makes liberals rally around hillary clinton. and will not hurt in the long run. no one ever attacks the husband. a female candidate will never win that way. >> putting her back in that victim category. that is the only time she has really seen that. think about her numbers. >> it happens in marriages across the country. we will be recycling her husbands very dirty laundry.
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he has a political career that is in place because of sex scandals. there were brave accusations. there was another woman, the list goes on and on. >> it is chapter 27 of this thousand part on the clinton speed it does not matter. conservatives have been attacking the clintons forever. some of it may be true. trish: i hate to run, guys, but thank you. thank you. just a reminder, everyone, the next debate is just around the corner. january 14. the republican candidates will be going head to head on the very big issues facing the country today. we are asking the questions.
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the country needs answers. bill cosby charged today. sexual assault. he will be arraigned in the moment from now. we will have live coverage. assault and even rape. more charges on the way. stay with me. i will be right back. ♪ this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes.
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>> we are waiting for bill cosby. it is set to happen any minute. earlier today, criminal charges against cosby stemming from an accusation that he drugged and abused her back in 2004. bill cosby had previously said under oath that he had sexual contact with the woman. he could face 10 years behind bars if convicted. the law school.
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a defense attorney. he joins me right now. >> i hope that it is not a tough case. a lot of great trials are he said she said. this is like a she said, she said, she said, she said. it remains to be seen whether they will allow the victims to be testifying. showing that he had a pattern. a plan, if you will. this is how he got access to its victims. i do not imagine that it would be a tough case to win. he acknowledged is consent. pretty good for cosby. believe it or not. prosecution has to prove that he
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gave her the drugs without her knowledge. this is the case where the victim acknowledged receiving the drugs. it does not apply. did given what he has done in high numbers. you never know. the defense list tactic here. this is opportunistic. they are going to say that this is he said she said. that it was consensual.
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they accepted the drugs because they wanted to relax. they accepted the wind because she wanted a drink. trish: i just want to jump in, rebecca, right there to show everyone. that is a the vehicle that they'll cosby is in right now. he is in pennsylvania right now to the courthouse. we will see him just a minute from now. he will be going in for his arraignment there. as a result of these charges from a woman 12 years ago saying that he drugged dance raped her. we continue watching the pictures coming live from pennsylvania with wendy and rebecca. talking about potential defense strategies. go ahead. >> it was 12 years ago. she did not make the company until one year after.
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it could be a good case for the defense. the worst part of this case is twofold. trish: i want to jump in again. they'll cosby getting out of that vehicle for his arraignment . facing dozens of reporters. you can see the media frenzy around him. being escorted by what i would imagine is his lawyer there. facing that arraignment by the judge. the charges come from 12 years ago. a woman in pennsylvania. this was 12 years ago.
2:31 pm
the prosecution will try to bring forward a number of these victims. there have been many, many, many. can you bring them forward and that some of them did not say anything? >> the statute of limitations is not a bar to the admissibility of the testimony of other victims. they follow outside the window. that is not true here. we are clearly under the limitation. the judge has discretion to let one, two or all 52 victims take the stand and describe what happens. it is more relevant and helpful to have the truth of what happened then it is presidential to mr. cosby. the judge will be careful.
2:32 pm
it will be all the cases involving drugging. similar cases involving the mo. similar cases in time to win this event occurred. trish: you think that this could be a oj like situation where it will come down to what the jury thinks the bias may be against bill cosby? >> i hate to brave the race card. an unpopular opinion it may be. it matters. it is one of the reasons he got away with what he got away with for so long. he sees himself above both because he is wealthy and he had a reputation for being known as america's beloved dad. a really nice steak it turns out. he was able to say that black
2:33 pm
then were subjected to terrible falls accusations by white people forget. about race in america. it is not true about how most wealthy men in america -- they feel strongly about racism. that is how strongly they feel. trish: how would that influence who you selected? >> i do not believe that that is the case. this happened quite a long time ago. it being at the forefront. they were not listening to the lady. they were not being listened to. >> i am out of time. thank you so much. good to have you here. is it just me or have politics
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gotten a little nastier lately? what happened to the political moderates? do they even stand a chance anymore? ♪
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trish: former governor dropping out of the race. a moderate republican. a political climate dominated by the extreme. whether the moderate ever really stood a chance to begin with.
2:38 pm
today's day and age. having a shot at a political future. the fox business debate in milwaukee. gerri, good to see you. >> good to see you. a very thoughtful piece. you talk about the divide between republicans and democrats. for some reason, it seems like a much bigger gap in this election cycle. what is that? >> there is plenty of evidence. two wings of the parties. the conservative wing of the party is growing stronger. the middle is becoming weaker. you have a long, really a couple
2:39 pm
decades long process of people moving to the extremes. right now, you are seeing that play out in many ways. overall, the overall effect is the presidential race. >> is there anything you can attribute that to? >> you referred to the governor. conservative democrats and liberal republicans used to form a solid lock in the political spectrum. they kind of disappeared. they are in the process of disappearing. they have either gone away or become republicans in the most part. you are sort of left with the ideological extreme. what it produces is gridlock in washington. that just makes people feel discouraged.
2:40 pm
they do check out of the process. people just get angrier and angrier. it is not just that the center is thinner, it is that they have become more apathetic. before you go, what is the biggest issues where you see this divide? >> there are three big ones right now. one is guns. one is the question of abortion rights. the fourth, i would say, receiving a little bit in gay marriage. there is a sensitive merging on gay marriage. trish: thank you, sir. always good to see you. >> happy new year. my intel on how a well-meaning wanted to stop employers just from paying less. it may end up hurting women instead. the so-called wage gap.
2:41 pm
they are dead wrong. stay with me. ♪
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♪ trish: we have a market showing off. three tenths of a percent. coyle, we will get to that in a minute. oil prices down and markets following suit. soaring big time. take a look at that.
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up 23%. the company came out with this new 62nd commercial. oprah winfrey tweeted out more then her 30 million followers. that commercial is getting a lot of pickup. up $4. check out oil. 3% today. an unexpected increase in the current supply. intel is going to be right back with more on this so called wage gap. stay with me. ♪
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trish: the start of a new year. a new law goes into effect in california. california will mandate. employee years, small businesses and big companies alike must pay an equal amount of money. substantially similar work. substantially similar, whatever that means. men and women must be paid the same even if their titles are different. you have a man that is a vice president and a woman that is an associate. batman and that woman are doing substantially similar work. they must be paid the same.
2:46 pm
rocard lists of experience. bogardus of how many hours they work each week. men and women must be paid the same. even when they work at different locations in california. usually, you make more in the big city. if you are a man working in san francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the world versus a woman working in a less expensive place, you still get paid the same in california. do we really need something like this? first of all, all based on the so-called wage gap. you know that statistic. you have heard it before. i have talked about this on the show before. you heard me say this. that study is incomplete. once you account for lifestyle choices.
2:47 pm
by lifestyle choices, i mean there is an economic value to working part-time. certain health benefits or having the flexibility to work from home. you have to include that when you look at what women are making. often making different decisions than men. it is an economic reality that affects career choices. the st. louis fed actually prove this in a recent study. once you take all these choices into account and you study wages on an apple to apples basis, what you see, just about the same amount of money as men. you read these headlines. it requires equal pay for equal work.
2:48 pm
the problem lies in the unintended consequences. women, the very people that the law is trying to help, companies will be having more red tape. they will make less money. possibly a more business friendly state. are you seeing that? a lot of companies relocating. ultimately, the real losers here are the people of california. the winners, no surprise on this one, lawyers. they will make so much money determining exactly what substantially similar work really is. two new gun laws going into effect on friday. why in one state you will be able to bring your gun almost anywhere. what all of this means for your second amendment rights coming up next. ♪ choose, choose. but at bedtime?
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trish: two new, coming to a fact on friday. openly carrying a handgun in most places. being able to see the weapon for 21 days. they have the potential to be violent. jan, good to see you. happy new year. i want to talk it over. what does this really mean to have a open carry gun law. >> and means have finally done owners do not have to worry about concealing their gun laws. these are people who love already been through background checks. these are people that already
2:53 pm
have a license to carry and conceal. look at the address you are wearing today. you would have to carry a purse. it is coming out of the side of your dress. quick access to the firearms. it is really important. having to reach into a percentage for a gun. carrying a gun in a raw holster takes time. i think that this is a great thing. >> that is what i want to get out. also, i was kind of like to know who has a gun. there is something kind is gary about it. think about it. i am on an ice cream stand with my kids. a gun at my kids i level, i
2:54 pm
don't know if i like that. >> your fears do not trump my life. you have more to fear than from the people hiding that from you. there are a number of states that have been opening for years. you get training. the last thing you want is for someone to be able to take away that weapon from you. going into effect in california on friday. twenty-one days. the judge determining that threat. providing family members with a way to get the guns out of the hands of any wealth ones that they think may be close to violence paired it sounds like a good idea.
2:55 pm
>> i can understand why some people might view it as a good idea. they are losing liberties. here is the problem with that. this gets way too much power to a judge. without ever even having any due process. it gives an opportunity for an angry spouse to make a false report. you have 21 days you may be without your guns. the bottom line here is they are attacking at the wrong route. why is it always the gun that you go after. cars kill war people then guns. carrying a gun. do they need to be caring a gun? no. we need to go after the person. have them committed. everybody wants to make guns the issue. you have lots of other issues.
2:56 pm
thank you so much. we always appreciate it. we will see you next week. all right. coming up in the new year. we will go round two with the gop contender. our second big fox business debate. asking the candidates the most important question. it all starts on thursday january 14. you do not want to miss it. ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> all right. we want to know what you thought of today's show. join the conversation. the online community on facebook where you can follow me there or on twitter. tweet me any time. i hope you all have a wonderful new year's holiday. i'll actually still be here, though, tomorrow. we're going to continue bringing you all the content
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we need as we watch a market off 60 points right now as we head into the final moments of trading for the year. i'm going to send it over to liz claman who is taking you to the final trading. hey, liz. liz: you and me and trish will be here tomorrow but, yes, we just saw it take another 10 points downward. dow jones down 60 points, and new year's eve in brussels has been canceled. citing the threat of an extremist attack. canceled. now, the cancelation comes news overnight of four arrests overseas. two separate isis style terrorist plots. now, here in new york the nypd is still saying we've got your back. on the day before some 1 million people will flood time square for the biggest new year's eve celebration in the world. okay. rio might be bigger, but we're going to take you one block away. this is a live picture.


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