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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 31, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EST

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happy new year, happy and successful next year and i will make you money. now tom sullivan in for lou. tom: good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs, and the obama white house playing defense over an explosive report that president obama authorized spying on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and in the process swept up communications with congress. that's according to the "wall street journal" which says the national security agency's monitoring the such exchanges sparked what one official called an oh bleep moment. i'll take it up with john bolton tonight. donald trump declaring war on political opponents, one he
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does not intend to lose, speak at a campaign event in south carolina today, trump once again took aim at the clintons. >> i consider them enemies, we view this as war. don't we view this as war? it's war. the husband wants to come and accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. give me a break. tom: i'll discuss that with former reagan political director ed rollins. and bill cosby charged with allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman at his pennsylvania home in 2004. prosecutors in pennsylvania narrowly beating the statute of limitations deadline to file charges against cosby. the development seen as a celebration for some of the more than 50 women who have alleged they were sexually assaulted by the man once known as america's dad. we take up the case later in this broadcast. mean time, our top story this evening, relations with
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israel likely gone from bad to worse tonight. that after a report alleging the obama administration tapped communications between israeli's netanyahu and american lawmakers. spying exposing the links that government went to to undermine the nuclear deal with iran. critics are slamming the report as disturbing, outrageous, unprecedented abuse of power. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: just how far would the white house go to secure votes for the iran nuclear deal? according to a report in the "wall street journal" far enough to collect nsa intelligence on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in which it learned how some congressional lawmakers were leaning ahead of the crucial vote on capitol hill. caught up in the massive sweep, the private conversations of senate and house members. a strategic and intelligence treasure trove for a white house desperate to see the deal through.
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>> this is a very serious abuse of power. what we have here is the executive branch using the power of a u.s. intelligence agency to listen in on the private conversations of members of congress. >> reporter: the paper says in conducting operation, the national security agency listened in on netanyahu, his aides and some jewish-american groups in the lead-up to the vote on the deal which would pave the way for sanctions relief in severe restrictions on the regime's nuclear activities. the allegations two years after president obama announced his administration would curtail eavesdropping on friendly heads of state after the world became aware of the secret surveillance programs following the edward snowden leaks. sources say the white house learned that the israelis leaked details of the nuclear deal and asked undecided lawmakers what it would take to win their votes. critics call it a win at all cost strategy. >> ben rhodes, one of obama's closest advisers referred to
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the iran deal as obamacare for the second term of the white house. >> reporter: in a statement the national security council's matt price said we do not conduct foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a validated national security purpose, this applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike. while a spokesman for speaker paul ryan added we have seen the report and are looking into the matter. >> this is a question of ethics, when the white house was receiving nsa reports with the private conversations of members of congress, they had a responsibility to not read that material and return it. >> reporter: this, amid new tensions with the regime including a rocket launch near american military vessel, and ballistic missile tests conducted in october that prompted 36 u.s. senators to write a letter to the president asking that sanctions not be lifted. tom, treasury officials notified congress of 11 new sanctions on individuals and
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entities accused of partnering with and helping the iranian regime. treasury departments foreign assets control says the individuals were providing material goods for the iranians ballistic missile program. tom? tom: kevin corke with the president in hawaii. turning to the race for the white house. with just one more day until the start of the new election year. donald trump keeping his focus on his likely rival if he makes it to the general election, that would be hillary clinton. meanwhile, jeb bush hoping to turn around his struggling campaign. he is shifting his focus on the early voting states. fox news correspondent rich edson has our report. >> reporter: shifting to a ground strategy, two senior jeb bush aides say the campaign is reassigning the majority of miami headquarter staff to the early voting states, particularly new hampshire. it is also cancelling iowa and south carolina tv ads.
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the voting begins february 1st with the iowa caucuses and donald trump enjoys a commanding lead over bush. a quinnipiac poll says there are 24% points and it has just released a video highlighting what it calls trump's most unhinged moment of the year. >> i'm greatly honored by your statement. it's terrific. >> reporter: taunting jeb bush and saying he spent tens of millions to little result, the show stops in south carolina where the headline turn attacks to the democrats. president obama and hillary clinton. >> i went to ivy league school, i'm highly educated. i know the best words, no better word than stupid, right? >> reporter: trump rid of for an hour, mostly criticizing the clintons, knocking the president's strategy to combat isis and mocking plan to address climate change. >> they say don't use hair
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spray it's bad for the ozone. sitting in the concealed apartment. i live in a very nice apartment, right? but it's beautiful. i don't think anything gets out. and i'm not supposed to be using hair spray. >> reporter: he vowed to build a wall on the mexican border and claimed that no one respects women more than he does. as senator ted cruz's poll numbers rise, the junior senator from texas toured the destruction from this weekend's deadly tornados. >> we're not going to take political questions, there will be a time and place for that. >> reporter: chris christie knocked senator marco rubio over poor senate voting attendness. >> very complicated stuff, you have to say yes or no. >> reporter: in response, rubio responded to christie's time spent campaigning away from new jersey. rubio focused on hillary clinton. >> no way someone that reckless or irresponsible should be the commander in chief or the president of the united states. >> reporter: clinton's opponents have the opportunity
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to scour e-mails from personal server. the state department will release court ordered tranche tomorrow, new year's eve. as the campaign into 2016, they'll have one fewer candidate, george pataki failed to draw much attention from the front running candidates or likely voters. his departure leaves a dozen republican candidates, tom? tom: a lot there. thank you, rich edson. historic floods threatening hundreds of thousands of people. officials keeping watch on 19 vulnerable levees, rain has stopped falling but flood warnings in effect across a 600-mile stretch in the midwest. fox news correspondent matt finn in valley park, missouri with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. i'm standing at the intersection of interstate 44
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and route 141. our team has watched as the water has rapidly rised creating a very dangerous situation to give you an idea of the magnitude of the flooding. you can see how the water has inched up closer and closer to the top of the light poles and to the left can you see a few feet shy of the underbas at interstate 44. can you imagine the travel nightmare that is creating. in valley park, missouri, a mandatory evacuation, hundreds evacuated. the national guard is here, closely tracking over 19 levees at risk. this is shaping up to be the worst flood since 1993, considered a once in 500 year event. police monitoring the unfortunate side effect, that is looting, tom? tom: sad news. matt finn, thank you very much in missouri. tv icon bill cosby charged
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with drugs and sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago. this is the first criminal charge against cosby who has faced similar allegations by upwards of 50 women. prosecutors say cosby urged former temple university employee to take pills and drink wine leaving her unable to respond to cosby's sexual advances. montgomery county district attorney kevin steel says they reopened the case after new evidence supporting the charge surfaced this year. >> prosecutors' job is to follow the evidence wherever it takes us. sometime that means whenever it comes to light when. u.s. federal judge unsealed legal filings that contained references to the civil deposition and we learned about allegations from other victims under similar circumstances, reopening this case was not a
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question. rather, reopening this case was our duty today, after examination of all the evidence, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim. tom: today's decision to charge cosby comes days before pennsylvania's 12 year statute of limitations would have run out. the 78-year-old comedian said under oath he had consensual sexual contact with the woman. the charge could land him behind bars for five to ten years. for now cosby will remain free on $1 million bail pending trial. next court date on january 14th. the so-called affluenza teen and his mother will not be returning to texas today. mexican officials said that ethan couch has been granted a three-day delay in deportation. couch, who is on probation in a fatal drunken driving case was caught in puerto vallarta with
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his mother after weeks on the run. authorities were tipped off to their location after they used a cell phone to order pizza. we're coming right back with much more. u.s. navy fighters fly their first missions against the islamic state from the u.s.s. truman. we take up the stepped-up u.s. offensive in iraq and syria with ambassador john bolton here next. and disney's latest invention is the spiderman of the remote contr feel a cold coming on?
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. tom: the "u.s.s. harry truman" an started launching airstrikes against the islamic state. the carrier arriving in the persian gulf after a two month u.s. carrier in the middle east, and now they're striking targets in iraq and syria. the truman just last week had a close call with an iranian rocket which came within 1500 yards of the carrier. joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton and fox news contributor. mr. ambassador, good to see you. this business with the iranians shooting rockets and we have a carrier in place. is it a showdown or is it just
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kind of a -- i don't know what, gnats flying around. serious? >> it's potentially serious. getting the truman on station puts us back to where we should be and highlights how thinly spread our naval assets are around the world. iran's behavior is intended to show both the united states but countries in the region and really worldwide that they're riding high. they've got the nuclear deal, they're about to get $100 billion or more of assets unfrozen, economic sanctions could come off and nuclear program continues basically uninhibited. so i think we're going to see more of it. it's an obvious signal to the oil producing monarchies on the arabian peninsula that iran's military power continues to grow. it's a bad sign for the united states, but a bad sign for stability in the middle east as well. tom: mr. ambassador, am i reaching here by saying iran is
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taking advantage because they know they can? very much along the same lines as vladimir putin basically going nothing's going to happen. the united states isn't going to do a thing. >> i don't think you're overstating at all. i think our adversaries around the world, our friends as well, have sized up the pchlt they don't know who will win in november of next year but know they've got another year of barack obama and they're going to take advantage of it. what iran is doing, what we see putin doing in syria, in eastern europe, former soviet union, what china is doing in the south china sea is all part of the same picture and it's very disturbing. it means in the next 12 months that the pace and scope of threats we might face will increase and a new president, whoever it turns out to be, is going to face an international situation that's actually perhaps substantially worse than what we've got right now.
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tom: when you say 12 months, sounds like it's close. you can do a lot in 12 months if you are dedicated to try to achieve some goal for your country in 12 months. when nobody is going to stop you. >> absolutely. it's a very perilous time, we're beginning to see the implications, it applies to the terrorist groups like taliban and al qaeda in afghanistan it. applies to isis, both in the middle east but the potential for terrorist attacks in the u.s. and western europe. it's going to come in different kinds of formats and i'm not sure that we're ready for it or the white house will be prepared to do much about it unfortunately. tom: imagination could run wild over 12 months. the other issue is we had all the sanctions. if i remember right. you said no, they were actually helping our cause. we're lifting those sanctions so why don't they not lift them? why don't they say you've been violating the agreements?
12:20 am
let's go ahead and keep the sanctions in place? >> congress should do that. it's a complicated issue. in part, congress has a real advantage since many of the sanctions were put in place against iran not just because of the nuclear program but because of iran's longstanding support for international terrorism. the vienna agreement on iran's nuclear program only requires the lifting of those sanctions related to the nuclear program. so congress has an opportunity here, and i think we're going to see a real clash with the white house about whether sanctions remain in place because they're fully justified by iran's continuing support for terrorism and other state sponsors of terrorism like the assad regime and syria. tom: that would take another whole show is the question about congress and will they lead on something? is there leadership do that? we gotta run. ambassador john bolton, good to see you, happy new year. >> happy new year, tom. tom: be sure to vote in
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up next, jeb bush trying to shake off low energy label. will it work? we'll take it up with ed rollins. and around one million people flocking to times square to see the ball drop tomorrow night on new year's eve. we'll have the details and the we'll have the details and the preparations coming up.
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. tom: donald trump, he likes you. well, until he doesn't. such is now the case with one of the leading republicans in congress, trey gowdy, the head of the benghazi committee. this summer trump said gowdy would make a great attorney general but that was before gowdy endorsed senator marco rubio. trump now says gowdy is a loser, for failing to nail hillary clinton on benghazi. and on fox and friends today gowdy explained his decision this week to back rubio. >> so i greatly admire the tim scotts of the world and frankly ronald reagan and marco rubio
12:27 am
who can communicate our message in an aspirational hopeful way, and that to me is persuasive. when you like someone personally, you agree with them on the issues and you think they're persuasive messenger for our movement, for our party, then it may be an easy decision for me. tom: joining me is fox news contributor and former reagan political director ed rollins. i started laughing because you started laughing because i was talking about how trump thought trey gowdy was great. >> you either like him or don't like him. trey gowdy is a well-respected member of congress, endorsements don't make a whole lot of difference. in this particular case, it's one of many that will come. trump's a different animal. he plays by all different rules and beat up just about everyb in the race one way or another. >> sure.
12:28 am
>> my sense is what he's done is captured media attention, since june 16th when he announced 70% of all cable television network has been about donald trump. tom: amazing. i was asking you before you came on about the fact there's tried and true rules to running campaigns, you know them, you've run them, you know the playbook. is it still true in 2016 with a trump out there break all the rules? >> he's broken all the rules and gotten all the media attention, we now start down whether it starts to count. do you have people to get 1681 precincts each have a caucus in iowa in 99 counties. you have to have troops on the ground to get the voters there in the snow and the rain whatever it may be on february 1st. and new hampshire is also a turnout state. it's proportional, it's 20 delegates. you don't get any delegates unless you get 10% of the votes
12:29 am
cast, in a month from now we'll talk about how many delegates you have as opposed to what the poll numbers are. tom: you are talking about it's pure math and troops on the ground. >> it's math. at the end of the days, you have to have half the delegates plus one, a long ways to go. polls show an indication where you are at a point in time. there is a tendency to oftentimes switch the last 48 hours, 72 hours. that may happen again. tom: let me play this for you. this is donald trump declaring war on the clintons. let's listen. >> by the way, low energy can be applied to hillary. i just don't like to use the same thing twice on enemies. i consider them enemies. don't we view this as war? it's war. it's war. tom: when you are in a political campaign, you're a fighter, isn't it war? >> it is war, and i think to a certain extent trump going after mrs. clinton helps him with republicans who at the end
12:30 am
of the day assume she's going to be the nominee, assume whoever the candidate is has to make a strong case against her. he can't debate her on substance because he doesn't have the experience or substance she has. he knocks her around, and this will help with the independent voters. >> separating himself out saying i'm not worried about the republican crowd. he's looking like he's the nominee and doing the general election fight. >> it doesn't hurt him right now. he doesn't have the nomination yet, there's a long way to go before he does. at the end of the day, republicans have other -- he has to get all the republicans pretty soon if he gets all the delegates and you beat up people that are cruz, rubio people, bush people, sooner or later they come to you. tom: new hampshire and iowa people make their mind up at the last-minute. >> reality is the big picture. i don't mean disrespect to the people up there. they get all the attention early and they're not big factors.
12:31 am
there's 30 delegates in iowa. 23 in new hampshire. tom: you can't do really bad. >> if you do bad, you get no attention. he obviously has attention no matter what. tom: and? >> and money. tom: and money. ed rollins, thank you. >> my pleasure. happy new year. tom: and to you. tomorrow is new year's eve, nypd are out to ensure times square is the safest place in the world. deploying 6,000 police around times square tomorrow night, and officials say there's no credible threat to the area. then why are they sending 6,000 police? one million people expected to watch the ball drop tomorrow sitting out there on broadway. tune into fox news channel as kimberly guilgoyle and eric bolling bring in the new year. we're coming right back. stay with us. dramatic developments in the case against bill cosby. >> we are here to announce today charges that have just
12:32 am
been filed against william henry cosby. >> bill cosby faces the first sex assault charges against him. our legal panel takes up the case. what it means for cosby and why it took so long? coming up next. as 2015 comes to an end, we have one invention that has come closest defying gravity.
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tom: bill cosby today charged with aggravated indecent assault days before the statute of limitations is set to expire. attorney gloria allred applauding the charges and hitting those questions that the victims' credibility over a civil settlement. >> it doesn't mean that it didn't happen, that what she alleges didn't happen. any alleged victim of a digital penetration or indecent assault or rape has the right to file a civil lawsuit. in addition to speaking with law enforcement. tom: joining me two of the best attorneys, defense attorney evangeline gomez and former federal prosecutor john lauro. evangeline, start with you, what problems will the
12:37 am
prosecutor have with the fact this was 12 years ago and that a prosecutor and i believe an assistant d.a. 12 years ago looked at the case and did not file charges? does that give the defense a big edge? >> well, something the defense is going to argue, but what's most important is how the jury views. this the jury may make the ultimate decision here. and to a jury may look like, hey, look, first the prosecutor didn't want to do anything about it, a second one does, is this a political case more so than one based on fact? tom: especially when you have a high-profile case, john, and this is my time to shine in the spotlight or is this a very serious prosecutor looking at the law and saying this should have been prosecuted? >> let me say first of all, this is not a slam-dunk by the prosecutor for any means. it's a classic he said/she said case. tom: everybody thinks it is because there's so many women that have made the charges. when you get to the water
12:38 am
cooler, everybody says this guy is guilty. he's been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. >> forget the water cooler. they have to prove nine consensual swale relationship. this is a woman who voluntarily went to his house and took pills and alcohol and agreed to a relationship. tom: i'm going ask the woman here, this is touchy territory. you know how well she wore a short skirt argument. it doesn't fly. that doesn't give a man a right to attack a woman. but that's the kind of argument you're going to hear is, well, she took a pill willingly, does that play against her? >> it could play against her. what's also interesting here is this is something you touch upon. have you more than 50 accusers. it's a different situation for an accuser to make a statement, to give an interview as opposed to being in a courtroom being and cross-examined, where your credibility is on the line, where someone is going to
12:39 am
perhaps bring out unsavory facts about your past. that's something that's going to work for the defense in the situation. he doesn't have a situation like the prosecutor has where he has limited resources. he appears to have unlimited resources. he's going to mount the best defense possible to make sure he beats criminal conviction. tom: we know in criminal, you have to get everybody to say yes, guilty. john, you have a big name celebrity. is it easier to get that one person that says i don't know? >> absolutely. i mean there's a lot of good will that surrounds bill cosby to this day. he's done process work for temple university. a lot in underprivileged communities. >> it's been trashed a lot. >> it has. tall takes is one to hold out. the other thing the prosecutor is betting on, he's going to be able to get in the prior acts by other people. that is not a slam-dunk either. typically in criminal cases what other accusers say does not come into evidence.
12:40 am
tom: that was my next question. is that admissible to say dwhau with this other woman? >> the judge is going to make the ultimate decision, it's going to be is this unduly prejudicial to bill cosby? and the defense is going to argue it is. this doesn't show pattern, if it does, it's more unduly prejudicial than probative. under pennsylvania law, the victim's statement does not have to be corroborated. it does not rely on the other victims marching into court. tom: it's a he said/she said. >> they have no case unless the other statements come. in she waited over a year before she filed charges, no toxicology reports. no evidence of what she ingested. it's her statement alone, and for the first time, she's going to be subject to cross-examination. tom: if the prosecutor does not convict him, oh, my gosh, then what happens to all those other women they believe a lot of
12:41 am
them, if not all of them are telling the truth? >> taxpayers of montgomery county are going to be upset, they're going to feel this is a waste of tax dollars. and i don't think this will be a second term d.a. if that's the situation. these individuals can proceed and some of them where the sol has not run will proceed with the lawsuit. tom: it's going to be a big trial. >> very big one. tom: when this one comes along. evangeline gomez and john lauro. thank you very much for coming in. i appreciate it. >> very welcome. tom: chicago mayor rahm emanuel announcing the city will overhaul the tactics and training of police force, this comes after a series of deadly shootings spark tension between residents and officers that claim that the chicago pd are too quick to fire weapons. changes include doubling the department's number of tasers to 1400 and placing any officer involved in a shooting on desk
12:42 am
duty for 30 days. joining me now former washington, d.c. homicide detective, fox news contributor rod wheeler. rod, what do you make of this? start with the tasers. 1400. first of all, i don't know how big the chicago pd is. shouldn't everybody have a taser? >> you think they do. the tasers can be pretty expensive for a city's budget. seems like in the city of chicago they found the money to equip most of their police officers, and i think that department is 3,000, 3500 officers, i think it's a step in the right direction. here again, tom, one step of many steps that need to be taken. in addition to the tasers, i'm not sure if you heard, they're going to be issuing more body cameras for officers, not only in the city of chicago but other major cities around the country as well. i think the police departments are taking major strides in the right direction to bridge that gap between the community and the department. tom: what about this business
12:43 am
of putting them on some sort of desk job for 30 days? is that going to do anything? what's your impression of that? >> typically, that's the way it works in most police departments already, tom. even here in the district of columbia, any time a police officer is involved in a shooting, he or she comes off the street for about 30-60 days while the case is being investigated. so that's not really unusual. i'm surprised they're just starting to do, that tom. tom: seems like most police departments do that. there's been controversy in chicago about independent police review board. i forget the official name of it, but -- and this is controversial. i talked to, you talked to the citizen next door to you and they go yeah, that's a good idea, independent review. you talk to police officers and they don't like that. what's your take? >> well, i think the independent review boards can be effective as long as as the politicians stay out of mix,
12:44 am
and what do i mean by that? whenever have you politicians which typically happens, select, pick and choose, those individuals they want on the review board, what's going to happen is every review is going to support the feelings and the wants or desires of that mayor. so we know in the city of chicago, we don't want that to happen because it's been rahm emanuel that has caused the problems that they have near now. review boards can be effective, but again, they have to be really selected very carefully, tom. tom: they do. and everybody has to have a seat at the table. that's the thing, the police have to have somebody at the table. the community, everybody has to be there. so if they do that, how long will it take before the people of chicago regain trust? >> yeah, trust and accountability is key. those are the two key words. it's going to take a while. you know why? it's taken a long time to get to the point where we're at now. i submit to you, tom, it's
12:45 am
going to take one to two years before that community begins to haechlt but i think they're making strides in the right direction, it's going to take time. and you are exactly right, tom, everybody needs to sit at the table with the review board, including those that represent law enforcement. tom: it's going to take -- obviously going to take new blood to also bring in maybe a new personality to the department. i know police don't like that, they like to hire from within. in this case, they're going to be look for somebody from outside. >> i think you are right, tom. tom: thank you so much. >> happy new year. tom: you, too, my friend. on wall street today, stocks closing lower. the dow falling 117 points. s&p down 15. nasdaq up 42. volume on the big board still are the light with the holiday session going on. 2.3 billion shares. and fake hoverboards are a hot commodity, get it? hot? how much are you willing to pay
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for a real one? a company just unveiled a more expensive hoverboard that you can ride around. it's retail price is -- you need some of these for the kids. $20,000 apiece. 36 high-power electric ducted fans that deliver 272 horsepower? the company says it will begin to sell the product in april of next year. can you imagine? up next, donald trump says it's not terrible if he loses. is that true, or is trump trying to manage expectations? political reporter betsy woodruff and red alert's ron meyer are coming up next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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. tom: illegal immigration a big issue in the presidential campaign, thanks to donald trump. when it comes to dealing the issue, there's one candidate who insists he understands it better than anyone else. >> there is no one running for president that understands immigration better than i do. when i'm president, we will finally fix this issue we have been facing for over 30 years when. i'm president of the united states, there's not going to be any amnesty. i will cancel the president's executive amnesties.
12:51 am
we are going to cut off funding to the sanctuary cities flooding our immigration laws. >> clap, clap, clap, that was marco rubio in iowa today. marco rubio has also tried to have it both ways on amnesty. he won his seat in 2010, opposing it, and led the gang of eight, so joining me now "daily beast" reporter betsy woodruff and red alert reporter ron meyer. betsy, is he trying to have it both ways, or where do you size him when it comes to real stance on immigration? >> challenging question. rubio is in no-man's-land when it comes to immigration issues. he's consistent in one major area which is the idea that immigration in of and itself is a good thing. that has divided the republican field as we have donald trump and ted cruz arguing that
12:52 am
immigration can dramatically lower wages, it can be a national security problem, et cetera. rubio argued immigration is good but has to be legal. he's flipped a little bit around what exactly legal immigration looks like, how much we allow. he's consistent on that point, that's why he's not getting more flack for this. tom: ron, listen, donald trump brought immigration to the top of the list of people's concerns and yet it never used to be, it was on the list, it wasn't number one. the economy, jobs, terrorism, all those things, is immigration that important? >> it's a lot of republican voters, it's an issue that divides the party. he's a loud, vocal advocate for it. donald trump was donor to terry mcauliffe and bill clinton so i think it's pretty funny for trump and others to attack rubio on this. everybody goes through evolution, a lot of people as
12:53 am
you've seen aren't buying a lot of the base conservatives who are supporting trump or cruz. it's interesting. tom: you are saying they're all talking out of both sides of their mouth. >> they are politicians. even the ones who say they're not politicians running for the first time, some sound more like politicians than anybody else. tom: look at this. this is jeb bush earlier this week, trying to get his low-energy label off and be fired up. watch this. >> who do you want sitting behind the big desk? who do you want that has the leadership skills and the creativity to challenge the orthodoxy? if you are looking for a big personality on the stage, there's one for you. god bless you. he'll never be president. tom: betsy, did he -- is he going shed that label of a low-energy guy? >> if it was going to happen, he would have shed it now.
12:54 am
funny that label stuck with jeb for so long. when you actually see him on the campaign trail, low energy isn't a term that you would use. the challenge for him is that he clearly has a degree of personal charisma but it doesn't translate on tv, it doesn't translate on ads. not a showman the way donald trump and ted cruz command cameras, plus he's not as combative as cruz and trump until recently, he was focused on talking about education reform and wonky policy issues that don't exactly get the base excited. he's playing catch-up on the projecting excitement front, but according to poll numbers, doesn't look like it's working super well. tom: i'm going to get personal with both of you. last night i was talking to brad blakeman about the fact that there's 20% of the electorate that wasn't alive, were not born or just little babies when bill clinton was in office, and the whole thing about going after bill clinton, and i know both of you are
12:55 am
political wonks, but what about your peers? what about your generation? do they know anything about bill clinton's history? >> very little. we know very, very little. betsy and i were six or seven years old when the monica lewinsky scandal was going on. we counted it on the website. about 20 sex scandals before that with bill clinton. he has a history where millennials have no clue what happened. my question is this, is donald trump the one guy who can hurt bill clinton's reputation? bill clinton is like the teflon man. i'm no big fan of trump but the question is he the one guy that can hurt bill clinton? if bill clinton goes down, there's no way hillary clinton has a shot at the presidency. tom: betsy, is bill clinton a target or should they ignore him? >> i think what's interesting about millennial voters and how they view bill clinton and whether or not he can be a target is not only people in my age bracket not remember the clinton impeachment and the lewinsky scandal because most
12:56 am
of us don't, younger americans tend to be less traditional when it comes to the moral. not as big of a deal to them that somebody cheated on their wife than folks who are 10 or 20 years older than us. many people care passionately about these things, millennials are less likely to be religious in their views on these. might not hurt hillary clinton with young people as others expect. tom: we wish you well. thank you betsy woodruff and ron meyer for joining us. 51% of viewers said despite trump's lead in the polls other gop candidates have time to beat him. was just a bottle.
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