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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 31, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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also break in this, officials in brussels arrested in attempt suspect in last month's terrorist attack in paris. following the latest out of the midwest for the death toll from historic flooding is now a used 21 people dead. the mississippi river likely to see a record crest later today. turning to markets on the final trading day of the year, a full trading day here in the united states. we see some gains on the future is here, but dowd needs to be up 219 points and change to end the year in the green. the s&p and the nasdaq 100 are already way up this year. it is 2016 has arty arrived in new zealand. the first country we will show u.s. the day moves on to celebrate the new year. happy new year. i'm not going to build to do that all day. so new zealand celebrated the new year right now. we will take you around the world as the day goes on.
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of course, whether we start with? politics. republican hopeful jeb bush shaking things up in the campaign trail. the former florida governor canceling his television advertising in iowa in the said defendant used the money to double his staff on the ground in iowa just over a month ahead of the first in the nation caucus. join us as "washtington examiner" sora westwood. how dyer is the campaign for jeb bush? we could look at his low poll numbers, but he keeps pushing on. i guess the question is why. reporter: jeb bush hopes to compete in new hampshire above all. that is why we see him doubling down on his staff. interestingly why you didn't see him in new hampshire even though he did cancel a bit once in iowa and south carolina. he left new hampshire attack, kind of like at the boat is sinking, would you throw
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overboard in what you keep to keep the boat afloat. the last claim to any kind of it are a jeb bush had was his fund-raising pirates. if he emerges from the last quarter with the low fun reading all and having to cancel out to afford staffers here that is going to look back because what does he have left after the money? dagen: do we have any indication of what the fundraising will be like? carson's team announced from the $3 million in the fourth quarter. concerns there have been look at all the totals in the days and weeks to come. concerns there about his burn rate. ted cruz $20 million in the fourth quarter, which was almost double what he had dirty taken in in the year so far. any indication about bush's fund-raising? reporter: no, campaign staffers has remained quiet. if you have a great front racing you are excited announce a big ben carson and ted cruz have announced it before the quarters
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even close. jeb bush's campaign team have said they will be competitive this quarter but they haven't said how much they raise. it's not expected to be a whole lot. >> it is not very. what are you picking up from the fundraisers in behind the the scenes of the bush campaign? so far they protect themselves is behind their guy in the time is coming. are they getting nervous and pressuring him a lot? >> well, they are certainly one of the biggest red flags is probably what jeb bush super pac right to rise has done. at one point had $100 million in the bank. it's been about half of that was very little to show for that. if i do give these big dinner to campaign, what am i going to see for it? you see where jeb bush is set to make his final stand in new hampshire. that establishment so to speak is crowded.
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he's going up against chris christie, john kasich and they all have a pretty similar share of the vote if he doesn't do well it's hard to see where he picks up momentum moving forward >> something happen at a speech yesterday that donald trump did that perfectly captured why he's so successful on the campaign trail. this is how trump took on the president bush on climate change. listen to this. >> you can't use hairspray because hairspray is going to affect the other thing. but see, i'm in my room in new york city and i want to put a little spray. [laughter] but i hear they don't want me to use hairspray. they wanted to use the palm. i want to use hairspray. they say it's bad for the zone. obama is talking about all of this is the global warming and a
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lot of it is a hoax. it's a moneymaking industry. i want clean air and i want clean water. i want clean, clean crystal water and i want clean air. but we don't have to disturb businesses. >> it is engrossing. i was at the gym watching this and i thought that perfectly summarizes why he's effective on the campaign trail. what do you think? >> you are exactly right. he says things don't make a lot of sense to winnie looks closely at it, but you know, it is why people love him because they think it makes a ton of sense. why is hairspray i'll let. that's why people love donald trump. dagen: dizzy of cases that it stored in his apartment from the 80s? >> i don't know about that, but
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i definitely have a lot of hairs right back in the room five minutes ago. they just lit me up at the air assault on this. people love how he love how it calls at just how it is because it's so ridiculous. it is appealing. it's a fantastic marketer. whether or not he's a great leader is a different debate. that whether you are on the treadmill or watching it right now is very appealing. >> it is relatable. how can you not relate to that and be drawn to it. we saw this from the start. he felt at the stadium with 40,000 people in mississippi or alabama. it is easy to relate to the guy. people want to use. they want strength and security and they feel he can provide hope because its coming into debates and you can see how he is disliked in everything and he's got his resolve. he's like teflon and he comes in and says that people want. we want clean air, clean water and that's it. dagen: thank you for being here.
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happy new year. thank you for weighing in on terrorism and hairspray. two house panels looking to review how the national security agency handled communications and obtained between israeli officials and members of congress. this happening while israel was lobbying to block the every nuclear deal. this is a story broken by "the wall street journal" following up on its terrific reporting yesterday. nsa maintains surveillance of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and other allies despite a promise from president obama two years ago that he would then subtract days. he ended up for some but not for benjamin netanyahu. as we usher in 2016, cities care of their celebrations. 6000 new york city police officers will be in times square this year where fox news correspondent leah gabriel is right now. where are you? you are way above times square, aren't you?
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reporter: dagen, i write here where the ball is going to drop at midnight. you mentioned security here in times square. he said 6000. 1200 r. police officers who just graduated from the academy. new york city mayor and the n.y.p.d. everyone coming can count on being safe. we have sound for you, but we are not getting that. let me go over some security measures in place. we'll hear from new york city mayor and some others. let's talk about security in place. there are is a mentioned 6000 officers. mounted police officers, the bomb squad with bombs hitting dogs. they will be n.y.p.d. helicopters overhead. of course there's plainclothes officers as well as uniformed officers to attend squares turned by hotels and theaters will be swept as well. people coming here have to go
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through security twice to get through the inner circle of times square. what is everyone here to see you? the big times square ball behind me. 12 feet in diameter. it weighs six pounds. for those who are not going to be here to actually see it right here in times square, you will be able to watch on tv. what will happen is right at 11:59, and they are special guests will flip this switch. the ball will make its way down the polls and right at midnight 2016 you can watch this at 9:00 p.m. preparations. 10:00 p.m. the all-american new year's eve special. back to you, dagen. dagen: i dare you to flip it. i double dog dare you. >> will anything happen?
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i don't know what would have been. i think it would actually go off. dagen: that would not be good and i would get in trouble for daring year. moving onto big news yesterday bill caused be free on a million dollars bond after facing his first criminal charge related to sexual assault allegations. the latest on that case coming up. he pledges to protect customers in another facing a class-action lawsuit alleging it purposely makes their products obsolete.
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dagen: the mother of 13 fugitives who use the affluent the defenses in the united states. sheriff don has the details on the story. >> good morning, guys. tonya couch, the influenza team mother left yesterday in a flight from glottal honor of mexico to los angeles. she was sent home because they did not receive an injunction like the one that launched the deportation of her son, eat them. he remains in custody in mexico. she does face charges when she gets home. george lucas comparing the $4 billion sale is our wars to selling off his kids to the white flavors. he is complaining disney ignored his ideas on making box office smash the force awakens which has become the fastest film to make a billion dollars worldwide. apple facing a $5 million lawsuit. the suit claims the tech giant
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crippled the 2011 iphone for a end made it unfit for daily use. more than 100 people have joined this class-action lawsuit december 29th year in new york. they secluded just days people say you put out an update you knew was going to not be compatible with four. once you upgrade, your phone doesn't work anymore and you can't go back. you can't undo an upgrade on your iphone. >> that stock has problems, by the way. you can take it and remove it and put amazon and their because it continues to break down. a year ago they would've easily put apple in there. apple would have broke $119. it's been throughout the year. they really don't have a lot of growth right now. they have reputational problems. >> the intermediate trend
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growth. i'm writing that down. i think the lawsuit has a point to be honest with you. you've got to go spend 500 bucks on a new iphone. >> apple is doomed if they do, if they don't. they want the latest technology right here right now your best we've been programmed to do. if we wait for the iphoto for us to do implementation to rollout the new ios. it is the main component of why they are updating it. it is just going to take too long and they will lose traction with the actual consumers right now anyways. >> i agree. if you really don't want to hurt your iphone, don't upgrade. keep the 4s, keep the software. it's fine. if you upgrade it will take up more bandwidth than hurt your phone. dagen: eventually some of the
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apps won't work as you get down the line. >> and they are prompting you to do it. it is asking you every morning. >> they didn't find out about these issues until you did the upgrade. people did it and then it dupes. dagen: my mom has got a 4s. she's definitely ready to upgrade because my photos look better than hers. these photos are terrible. when you take a photo you do this at the camera and they are all blurry. >> every time they come up with an upgrade but a couple days because there is always bad a couple glitches every time they do one. a good general rule of thumb everyone else is caught up on. >> i want to thank the gentleman. >> to defend you relatively speaking -- including dividends. around the 10 year treasury.
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>> i was a six to three brain cramp. there is no excuse for that. thank you, cheryl. >> grow up the story, at least five states declaring the state of emergency as the mississippi river rises to near historic levels. kelley hoskins has the very latest from eureka, missouri. >> massive flooding prompted many rescues along with homes and businesses destroyed. >> this is central avenue, the beginning of your recap. >> it is hard looking a part of a town under water. >> this is the largest flood we've ever had a far recorded history. we are going to be about 28 feet over flood stage. >> business owners hit hard by the flooding had great hope their efforts sandbagging would've protected their buildings from ruin. >> reality is now sinking in.
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>> we had the flood in 08 and it came up but it's never come up this fire before. >> residents who frequent the downtown area for shopping paid a special visit or they can view the flooded area. >> it is really shocking to see a flooded. we were just eating lunch there yesterday and this is the heart of eureka if it is just shocking to see underwater. >> there've been about 50 rescue missions involving two or three people at each location. the mayor says this is truly history in the making but floodwaters not covering the area like this is 1982. >> quite a few here in old town. we have some apartments under water across the highway. we have a lot of basements flooded. dagen: thank you so much. that was kelley hoskins and your
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recap, missouri. as the president become too much of a tv star incident commander-in-chief? we will discuss his latest comedic role. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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dagen: news alerts above the fold in "the wall street journal" did a bomb administration new financial sanctions on iran. the first time in the landmark new year agreement back in july. according to the journal of the sanctions will be directed at nearly a dozen companies in iran, hong kong and the uae for alleged roles in iran ballistic missile program. iran says any such sanction would be viewed as a violation of the nuclear court and of course next month the sanctions will be rolled back because of the nuclear agreement. in the meantime the president joins jerry seinfeld on his lips areas, comedians in cars getting coffee writing around the south london and 63 corvette stingray. doing some driving and sitting down to talk about another thing in the cafeteria. the staff cafeteria at the white
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house. take a listen. >> are they really smart, are they mostly had strong agenda laden? >> when you deal with congress, it varies. there are some folks that are foolish, just like in comedy. >> well, everyone in comedy is foolish. dagen: i haven't watched the whole thing, but i do want to watch it actually. he was on the bare burros show. he did between two firms a while ago with zach allison mack is. this is what we'll see next to the president. is he going to do some sort of comedy tour. >> is he a comedienne now? we talk about trump in the reality television, but we
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should remember this president definitely had his own media strategy to avoid the mainstream and do lots of things that himself. dagen: this is my own pot theory. i think that he wants or could host his own television show. i think he is building towards that. if trump when the white house, you would have the reality tv is dark as commander-in-chief. >> you are hitting the nail on the head. there's been two things he has done all year and that his campaign or be on tv. he is entertainer in chief and that's all he has. that's exactly what is he doing on here. throughout the last four years, ever since he last congress to the republicans. he really doesn't care about it. he's not that funny. when you are trying to be funny and you are not funny, that is true. what is interesting and ironic as you got this guy riding around in a stingray.
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you've got 94 million americans who don't have a job, 46 million ounces cans and hillary clinton say he doesn't get the credit he deserves. at the end of the day that the problem. the reputational disconnect is one thing. representing yourself alongside jerry seinfeld at this juncture in this economy looks really bad. >> particularly given his reputation as a great communicator rate speechmaker. he certainly has its moments. he doesn't do the mainstream speech very much. the speech on terror was rare in the oval office. he doesn't like to do that. he goes for these niche moments speaking to certain parts of his base, certain parts of the crowd, but he leaves big boys in communicating policies. it's very strange. >> you are right. i think keith brings up a great point. it's a great use of taxpayer dollars, specially with what is happening right now.
6:26 am
dagen: you are the leader of the republican and democrat country. what message are you sending them the economy stinks to high heaven, people are struggling to pay bills and you are writing around with one of the richest comedienne at her. anyway, we'll get some more clips for you. i still want to watch it. coming up, a wild year for stocks there will 2016 be even crazier? we will take a look. we live in a pick and choose world.
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dagen: good morning, and dagen mcdowell and for maria bartiroma. it is december 31st. with me this morning, reid kong kevin kelly, had died's steve mccullough and net mary of the wall street journal, top stories, final day of 2015, it is party 2016 in new zealand, earlier this hour we saw the fireworks celebrations and we adjust a few hours away from 2016 but cities around the globe are on high alert ahead of new year's celebrations. in new york city, roughly 1 million people will ring in the
6:30 am
new year just in time square alone and there will be 6,000 police officers patrolling the area. in brussels to additional new york celebrations canceled. several people have been detained in connection to a terrorist plot in at nation. officials in brussels have arrested at 10 suspects in last month's terror attack in paris. we are following the latest developments out of the midwest where the death toll from historic flooding is now a at least 21 people dead. misses the the river likely to see a record crest today. turning to markets on the final trading day of the year, a full day in the u.s. market, futures showed slight gains, the dow, the last one left in the red for the year, the first since 2008. the s&p up, the nasdaq sporting a 7% gain in 2015.
6:31 am
checking oil prices, seeing slight gains, up 1/3 of 1%, oil down 31% this year. bill cosby free and $1 million bond after facing his first criminal charges related to sexual assault allegations. discussion of that case coming up shortly. to the campaign trail donald trump stepping up his attacks on bill and hillary clinton, trump talked-about styling his hair and his need for hair spray. more on that throughout the morning and uber hitting a mile zone, its 1 billion food writer, that lucky customer securing free rides for a year cannoli year? give him a ride for a lifetime. >> or a billion years? dagen: the driver scored expectations list last trading day of 2015. that still recap of where we stand, the dow on track to have its first down year since 2008 at the height of the financial collapse, fifth out of the 10 best in the sectors negative for
6:32 am
2015. keith can break down internal sun a lot of sectors with consumer discretionary that great. energy among the worst performing and if nothing changes today energy will see its first annual back-to-back losses since 2002. as far as stocks go the big winner for tech names, netflix, activevision and others are big top five performance, you conceive and there. oil prices dragging down many in a genes, chesapeake energy, counsel, southwest and more were the worst performing stocks in the s&p this year. with next year's outlook kind of like to bring in senior u.s. economist laura rosin air. they're predicting a recession. >> at the new year. dagen: that is how we started off. >> wendy you call a recession next year?
6:33 am
>> starting to now. >> we are not looking for a sunny outlook in 2016 but we think it will be good enough for the fed to let least to continue gradually raising interest rates. we are talking about moderate growth, a little more moderate consumption growth but still an expansion. dagen: where will that grows come from? >> the consumer. we're cme tight healthy labor market. it is not necessarily as healthy as the seen in past expansion but it is decent and we have come a long way. people are seeing robust income. >> look at the last three jobs numbers. is averaging out 210,000 jobs and increasing amounts. a lot of jobs coming into the construction sector and health-care. everyone has been worried and we will talk later about oil but losing those jobs going into the construction space which is good for the consumer. dagen: the fact the federal reserve has started raising
6:34 am
interest rates, it is that enough to call a recession? that is why you are negative. >> it clearly is. from a profit perspective we are in a recession. in this respect of we're recession. is not hard to call recession in components of the u.s. economy. if you break it down and go down to the rate of change and after that it goes to bat and that is a question. we are acknowledging the same. when you see we will have a little bit of a slowdown i could say that slowdown will happen fast for slow. generally what happens is these moves are called non later and they tend to surprise people. we haven't had one in a long time. >> we expect it challenging year for corporate profits but not so much because the fed is raising interest rates but more because we have external challenges. global growth is slow and the dollar is strong. the labor market -- dagen: it will get stronger because of what the fed is doing. it is part and parcel of what is happening.
6:35 am
>> it is more the growth outlook. 100 basis points of interest-rate hikes should not change the world. >> you feel good about wages? >> i think -- >> banking on that, you are seeing that. >> sure. on a real basis wage growth islam to.5%. if you look at past expansion on a real basis we actually haven't seen wage growth exceed 2.5% many times. a lot of that has come from falling prices and that effect is going to go away which is why we expect less consumer spending next year but you are right, wage growth, more robust pickup in wage growth certainly wet and confidence to our outlook. >> are you got on the consumer or not so good? >> we are looking for moderate growth, not the 3% we saw in the last two quarters, the 3% and above we saw in the last
6:36 am
expansion that was really aided by a a big expansion in credit, building housing market. we are not seeing those trends. >> every quarter, first quarter of the year tends to be slow and disappointing on the gdp side. what do you see especially in the slow global growth environment with 2%, but back to when you are seeing, we are services economy, those numbers are great. talk about the first quarter and what will happen? >> we will see something different this year. we are going to see a really weak -- we seem to have an inventory overhang right now within a bump and we can see a better performance in bcu 1 because we are not seeing the crazy disruptive whether that really in some areas of the country -- broadly speaking the last two winters have been massively destructive. dagen: unless it continues what
6:37 am
we are seeing in the midwest. happy new year. and oil, we talk about that in 2015 on the downside for the second year in a row. last time that happened was 97-98. gas prices for our way a lull. suvs billing. tell me why mobil oil is bad. >> if you look at the stock market this year being down is reflective of a slower global economy. the year of missed opportunities. i look at this as a double dip because if you look at the first part of the year oil prices were recovering, things were doing good. by the fourth of july the price of oil was up to $63 a barrel, europe was expanding, bouncing back from recession, things were good but then you have 3 events the change the world, greece leaving the euro zone created a recession in europe and china and iran oil back on the market.
6:38 am
dagen: i was just sitting here thinking because it has been a two part year and when oil started rallying, you can jump in here, people were betting on crude coming back but that is one thing that hurt a lot of hedge fund managers, and they were every which way. >> what typically happens when an economic cycle hits its top, what we went through with identifying what happened, the consumer peaked at 3.3% growth. the economy peaked 78 months into u.s. economic expansion, the demand signal started to fall, inflation became deflationary, corporate profits went negative. this is above the most pedestrian and obvious flowing we have seen a long time so now as we go through a a lot of what happened with a lot of money managers is they said i have value back, i was born on this earth to study what value this stock is and what they had wrong was the oil prices.
6:39 am
if you tom your going to buy stock on these cash flows and based on $70 oil libel you are wrong because it is a lot lower. >> there pegging oil at $50 a barrel for next year and you saw that in the last earnings report that a lot of companies are picking that for next year and what is interesting is everyone is like why does will keep going down. weiner supplies at? they need the cash, the to keep selling to a market place to raise capital to pay their interests. dagen: i look at this all like what you have seen in the sell-off in parts of the high-yield bond market, like the housing bubble bursting where people were betting on a hard asset, made being high, but changing the high-level and you start seeing everything and wind. >> something has got to give and what it will be you don't know. will a saudis finally blink and
6:40 am
change their policy. a lot of investment the second half of the year, not sure how long it took to watch through the industry but you will have to feel that affect. >> don't forget oil prices and strong demand environment can go down between 83 and 89 trish: average price of oil was below 27 are a lot paneras out there. the reality is the narrative, the economy, profits are slowing. after that people get fired and spend less. the demand side of oil will be negative one. supply, if i'm looking for some things get better is going to be supplied. dagen: see you next hour. you can jump in on that. phil flynn. good to see you. up next, serious allegations from women, more than 50 women and now many have to finally face the consequences. criminal charges against bill cosby next.
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dagen: horrifying moments on an air canada flight. cheryl casone has that story and others. cheryl: 21 people were injured in a flight from shanghai to toronto. the plan was to divert to calgary with severe turbulence, three children were among those injured. louisville creameries, an investigation by department of
6:44 am
justice, focusing on listeria contamination of ice-cream linked to three deaths. government lawyers want to find out what company executives knew about the problem and how they responded to it. college football, national city final games take place later today, the first year the semifinal games will be played on new year's eve. here are the matchups, no. one clemson against number 4 oklahoma in the capital 1 orange bowl. michigan state taking on alabama in the good year, amble. this move inshore the rose bowl and the sugar bowl will stay on new year's day because god forbid we don't get to watching a football as we go into 2016. >> totally agree, it throws off my party. dagen: you going to take them? thank you. a bombshell for bill cosby. the actor and comedian charge on allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in
6:45 am
2004. here are the details. >> reporter: looking beleaguered and wearied bill cosby would not speak with reporters as he walked into court with his attorney in elkins park, now charged with aggravated indecent assault in a 2004 incident at his nearby home. >> charges to they are filed as a result of new information obtained inert july of 2015. statute of limitations in this case is 12 years. >> do you want to say anything >> reporter: the 78-year-old bill cosby is charged with the assault on a former temple university director of operations for women's basketball. she contends she was an appropriately touched during one encounter at bill cosby's home, drugged and sexually assaulted in another instance. >> the evidence shows bill cosby's established a relationship with vote victim after meeting her through her
6:46 am
work associated with temple university women's basketball program. >> reporter: the charges a bill cosby give the victim three blue pills and wine, she called robbery and like jelly, she said her vision became blurry, she said bill cosby fondled her from behind, put his hands in her hands and sexually assaulted her. bill cosby told the police the encounters were consensual that he never had sexual intercourse with a victim, quote, asleep or awake. >> did you drug that women? >> when you look at the case, there are a number of aspects that are undisputed. >> reporter: dozens of women have come forward over the years to accuse bill cosby of drugging and molesting them. this is the first time bill cosby has faced criminal charges which he faces a preliminary hearing in mid january. his lawyer says bill cosby is prepared to vigorously defend himself. >> do you want to say anything? dagen: thank you so much, dave. joining me now to breakdown the
6:47 am
case is national law journal contributor kent zimmerman. how hard is this case going to be for the prosecutor to win with lack of forensic evidence? >> this is the burden of proof on the prosecutor. always does. it will come down very likely to to the jurors in the case fine as more credible. is it going to be bill cosby or the accuser is? bill cosby's credibility going into this case has some big cracks in it. the biggest of which is what gave rise to these charges, the deposition in a civil suit almost ten years back in which bill cosby admitted multiple times he gave drugs to women with whom he wanted to have sex. that strike going into the case makes him look not particularly credible. that will help the prosecution a lot. the defense on their side will try to pick apart the accuser, figure out if they can paint her
6:48 am
as someone in it for the money. dagen: she already got a settlement. hard to argue that. >> she did get a settlement. she could be in it for a number of reasons. they will also say why was she reaching out to bill cosby in the first place, look at her background, her morals, that is the playbook criminal defense attorneys bring to the table. dagen: part of the prosecution's case hinges on being able to introduce the stories of other women who accused bill cosby of us all. what are the chances of those being presented at trial? >> montgomery county d.a.'s office has already said other women should contact that office if they have claims against bill cosby. that indicates they are interested in hearing from those people. how tough would be to get the testimony in? that is hard to tell. bill cosby's attorney will fight to keep it out. related to these charges is the chance that that testimony could
6:49 am
come in the entire apostle other women, 50 or more have said they have similar cases against him and have made similar allegations so entirely possible that could come in. dagen: thanks for joining us, happy new year, kent zimmerman from chicago, new year, new beginning. why can't that apply to your workplace? companies like into the new year, we look at ways they can create better culture and happier, more productive employees in 2016. front stabbing. we will talk about that? what is it? you will find out.
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dave had not just average people making resolutions, companies taking a look at corporate culture, making big jamess on how they treat and retain employees. help the employees find higher purpose in their everyday work, and publishing a report on how they did it. bruce is the vice chair of
6:53 am
hiring and communications, joins us with much more. good to see you, at the new year. what is it you guys do. >> we have found the most important trends in the workplace today is still retaining, attracting and motivating top talent to do their best work. dagen: how do you do it? >> we have pound having good pay, good benefits, good career enhancement is very important, but a really untapped assets is employees drive and interest in having more meaning and purpose in their work. so we have initiated a variety of efforts to try to help them breathe frame and elevate the meaning of their work with great results. dagen: what about these posters we see on screen.
6:54 am
is this part of the campaign? >> that was a way we wanted to get our employees involved in telling their own stories about their purpose at work. what distinguished our efforts from a lot of others where people are focused just on getting employees to memorize a slogan about the official corporate purpose we asked employees to tell us about their own purpose at work and we did it by -- we challenge them to tell us 10,000 stories about their meaning at work. point i want to point to a fabulous wall street journal article. i predict it will be one of the most read stories in the journal today, nice is a four letter word, companies are endorsing and pushing blunt direct criticism called front standing in said backstabbing. suck it up, i will tell you what you're doing wrong, you don't like it, go work somewhere else. >> the first time i have heard
6:55 am
that. dagen: that is how i was raised. suck it up, you are lucky to have a job and take a paycheck and go to work. >> we are in favor of giving people constructive feedback at the time and moment they are performing their work, but i think one doesn't have to necessarily be insulting or front stabbing people to give them that. >> maria since this book called extreme ownership or extreme leadership. dagen: two former navy seals. >> maybe it is a little more polite but they are saying look, i am leader of the team, take responsibility in the results but use the people on the team also have to empower your selves as being significant and contributing things that matter. these think that is the millennial thing or just a modern day thing? >> i don't think it is just the millennial thing. i think people want to take responsibility for their work.
6:56 am
i think they are open to feed back. we probably need to train people a little more to recognize when they are getting feedback even when it is not in a formal situation but people think millennials i that much different than the rest of the work force. we found in the work we did with higher purpose that the millennials and our older workers were equally interested in the purpose. dagen: good to see you, happy new year, thanks, take care. and i promise to get met mary's reaction to that article because an anecdote in the article i want to talk about, cheryl standard, some advice she gives to a former google executive these new controversies and shocking advice from the campaign trail, president obama comes even closer to being a reality star, comedian. so much for commander in chief. that is next. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
6:57 am
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dagen: we are having a party because it is new year's eve. iron dagen mcdowell in 4 maria bartiroma. it is thursday's december 21st and with these kevin kelly, had i asked keith mccullough and matt mary. top stories right here right now. it is already 2016 in new zealand, last hour we saw the fireworks celebration and cities around the world are on alert ahead of new year's celebrations.
7:00 am
let's talk about what is happening in new york city, roughly 1 million people will ring in the new year in times square. to they are i don't know. who wants to do that? there will be 6,000 police officers in the area protecting those people celebrating. in brussels traditional new year's fireworks celebrations cancelled due to terrorist threats in that country and moments ago we learned several people have been detained in connection to the tower plots in belgium. also is this more and officials in brussels the rest in a tent suspect in last month's terror attack in paris. the latest out of the midwest where the death toll from historic flooding is now at least 21 people dead. the mississippi river likely to see a record crest later today. turning to the markets on the final trading day of the year, a full day in the united states, we have paul regains across the board. if the dow wants an end in the
7:01 am
green it will need a lot more than that, moving 219 points. the s and p barely up for the year, nasdaq at 7%. checking oil prices this morning down 30%, down about $0.01 a barrel, what is to come in the new year? we will discuss. bill cosby free on $1 million bond after facing his first criminal charges related to sexual assault allegations. the latest on that case coming day. the friend of one of the san bernardino shooters has been indicted and accused of conspiring to support terrorists and chair a hot topic on the campaign trail. also attacks on bill and hillary clinton, more of that from donald trump also talking about styling his hair and what type of hair spray he likes and he links that to climate change. more on that. uber hitting a major milestone,
7:02 am
1 billionrise, but the customer securing free rides for a year. the driver scoring a vacation. president obama might be on the presidential ride the remains on screen for many americans, the president making an appearance and jerry seinfeld, getting coffee. >> don't you think every american child the days you grow up loving the president. >> i do really well with the zero to a demographic partly because i think my ears are big so i look into like a cartoon character. dagen: on the campaign trail there is more, donald trump from somebody wants to the tv star to one who is and wants to be the president, donald trump got a little vocal while explaining to iowa voters why he is on top of the national polls. >> the economy, i get 55% but we know that. illegal immigration, almost 50%.
7:03 am
isis, who is number one with handling isis? trump. 46%. think of it. because they know i don't mess around, they know politicians are all talk, no action. it is all -- dagen: he can say that if your donald trump but not on live television. the democratic front runner hillary clinton facing scrutiny over her husband's paid speeches around the globe. another terrific story in the journal today, the journal reporting the former president was paid $8 million by of foreign governments around the same time period where those government class had pressing matters before hillary clinton's state department. let's bring in john hart, editor-in-chief of opportunities and former communications director for senator tom coburn. another controversy for hillary, terrific reporting by the wall street journal but will it have
7:04 am
any impact on her poll numbers? >> i don't think so in the short term. it was a great story, they did the job reporting on that but the fact is hillary has made bill an issue in the campaign and he will meet his own campaign bus to carry the baggage he already has. this will add more baggage to that and what it shows is there's a double standard in clinton'sworld and it is a conflict of interest and they think the rules don't apply to them. they will different people to different standard than they do themselves but in the long run what is going to move numbers is going to be handling the economy and the fact that the president's policies haven't worked at hillary clinton ones to continue those policies. >> is donald trump the best person to go after the clintons on those kinds of things. he defended bill clinton in 98 during the impeachment and is playing his own donations to politicians and questionable things.
7:05 am
is he a good messenger if you want to take that attack line? >> donald trump has a bright future in television. i don't think he is the ideal messenger really because he is not a consistent conservative. in all seriousness you have a very deep bench on the republican side this year and donald trump is one of the least qualified people to get at the core issue and the core issue is people are angry and upset because they have a material challenges in their own daily lives, not doing well financially. dagen: those at the very people, people, registered democrats, people who live in midwestern states who feel disaffected, they feel cut off, they feel they have been ignored by everyone in politics, those of the very people who are supporting him, tweeting about him and going to get out and vote for him even in primaries. >> i don't know that that will
7:06 am
be true. on the air the stage we see from that lead dissipate so i wrote a piece a couple weeks ago called donald trump is about to get fired and everything i predicted is coming to pass which is in iowa his losses lead to ted cruz coming in new hampshire his lead is dissipating. the fact is it is new year's eve, people making their plans for tonight. they are not making political plans but they will in a few days. as people tune into the race you will see more and more of a shift away from donald trump towards these other candidates who are well qualified to be president, marco rubio,. ted cruz, chris christie, a lot of mothers much more capable of delivering the message to hillary clinton that her policies don't work. dagen: people are going to tune in to jeb bush? why now? why would they tune in now? >> look at rick santorum in 2008. rick santorum at this stage in the race was an non factor.
7:07 am
he was in los single-digit and won the iowa caucuses so bullish i argue is a better candidate than rick santorum. if he could serve why not jeb bush? >> rick santorum surged in iowa and maine at named their but bush is pulling out of iowa, complete the retreating. trying to stake everything on new hampshire's where chris christie is taking his campaign. how will he separate himself from the hat, he is so established and an relatable, how will he do that? >> i am not arguing bush is going to win. the point i am making is if you look at how these raises play out in the final two weeks we are entering the stage of complete turmoil when there are big shifts in momentum. we have been talking about this race in the media for months but only 30% of normal voters have
7:08 am
tuned in so now we are at this stage where it is getting really serious, i am arguing anybody could surge at this point, the race is wide open. it is more likely to see ted cruz or marco rubio than bullish, but if i am bullish i am thinking if rick santorum can have a good run why can't i? >> anybody can certainly trump will surge in hair spray sales, paul mitchell's wild ginger that is currently the best finishing sprang out there sponsored by that to augment his campaign but at the end of the day hideous thing should be the man of the people? who will be somebody who speaks to the 94 million people who don't have jobs, 46 million people on food stamps, the real economic matter donald trump obviously doesn't live in his daily life? >> great question. we have to talk about the real problem and the problem is american inequality is the growing gap between rising costs
7:09 am
and stagnant wages so when you look across the economy whether it is health care, education, food prices or housing, you prices rising more than income, you have to communicate to people's anxiety and say we understand aires economic growth and the person who is able to capture that best in aspirational terms in specific terms and to argue the american dream still works is going to be the next president. could be any number of our candidates capable of delivering that message of the dagen: and stated his fire the bombs in office and protect me from terror and that is why trump is ahead. thank you so much, happy new year. more on the other historic flooding across the midwest, five states declaring states of emergency, the mississippi river rising to near historic levels. here is an update on the wild weather. >> reporter: unfortunately we are not done with this flooding just yet. the rain falling event has ended
7:10 am
but we are continuing to see rivers rise, the missouri river, illinois, ohio river and we will watch these crests work their way downstream into the upcoming weekend and next week, first week of 2016. heavy rain this morning central and southern georgia, florida panhandle, some areas, one could see as much as two inches of rainfall. in the northeast looking at dry conditions, looking at new year's eve festivities, celebrations, conditions looking great, the dry weather relatively light wind, temperatures in many locations, new york city, philadelphia, washington, 35, looks chilly but midnight new year's eve is pretty good. times square, new york city 41 degrees, 35, lake effect snow as we see colder air pushing over the relatively warmer waters of the great lakes, lake effect snow, lake michigan, as we head into the rest of the weekend we could see significant accumulations in western new
7:11 am
york and parts of the plateau where they could be measuring the snow in feet by the time all is said and done. dagen: have the new year. a big leap in sports from golden state warriors, all hell is going to break loose, two games, they lost two games. 7 kerri wasn't even playing and of course what is to get excited out? college football, national semifinals and bill cosby free on $1 million bond facing his first criminal charges related to sexual assault, more on that straight ahead.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
dagen: the u.s. preparing to impose financial sanctions for the first -- on tehran's nuclear program, sanctions on iran coming belied. cheryl: the wall street journal, u.s. officials say sanctions would be aimed at companies and individuals in iran, united arab emirates and hong kong for their role in developing iran's ballistic missile program. these sanctions would forbid u.s. or foreign nationals conducting business with black listed firms as well as any assets the companies or individuals hold inside the american financial system. we are following bill cosby, he is free after being arraigned on a felony assault charge relating from a sexual encounter with a woman 12 years ago. he posted 10% of his $1 million bail in cash. he told the judge he understood
7:15 am
the charges against him, he has surrendered his passport to the prosecutor, and was ordered not to make contact with the alleged victim. talk about multitasking. this guy going to his workout at the gym, amazing stuff, doing some boxing, lifting weights, doing pull ups. i would be on my backside if i tried to do this even on a hover board, pretty good stuff. dagen: attention seeking behavior. i hate hover boards, and they are banned in new york city. and get match to take on the wall street journal story. the practice of radical candor that companies are adopting including front stabbing, we are brutally honest with employees. i want your take on this because i find it hilarius.
7:16 am
>> hope everything is ok in your work place. dagen: you know y? maybe i am not the nicest person sometimes banned brutally honest and blunt so i appreciate this and i think it introduces better employees and i see in general the work place young people being called to the point, your bosses are not or parents, we won't tell you are wonderful actor you work here three weeks. you are not getting a raise. if you get rewarded and praised if you do the work and do good work. >> the hardest thing for most bosses is to get the balance right. they're too night sometimes and then blow up and can be explosive in a shocking way. getting the method right to give critical feedback people need to hear, be honest and blunt, not sure if we need to come up with -- dagen: french stabbing is my new
7:17 am
phrase of 2016. cheryl: an article in the journal, low performance, stalled projects, resentment and these companies are saying they want this in place in the workplace because of business, they are not performing because of coddled 25-year-olds who think they should get a $25,000 raise. >> there's not a participation trophy in the greenroom when i get off today. dagen: if you say or do something we really don't like we will tell you about it. >> it gets down to leadership. if you don't have strong leadership that supports objective criticism you will lose because then people washing at each other for their own benefit. a lot of things along with this. >> people have to know what is expected, measure the expected and be told when they are doing well and not doing well. a lot of confusion, what do you want from me, how am i supposed to perform, a lot of people are
7:18 am
uncomfortable having this conversation. >> the bottom 20% off. dagen: a famous hedge fund manager who notoriously will walk into a trading floor and say everybody, you are fired. let me point out there is an anecdote from kim scott who worked at google who said when cheryl standard who is now at facebook took her aside and told her to stop saying um because she sounded an intelligent, that is valuable if you want to move up. that kind of criticism is hard to hear but it gets you very far. >> she said it since 1991 probably. dagen: you are one of the nicest people in the building, just throwing that out. >> i was a teenager, people would come to me in an outfit, she will tell you if it is
7:19 am
hideous or not and i will. thank you please dagen: from times square to the gridiron, let's take a look at college football's big night next. care of my heart. that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack,
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your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. they make big night in sports last night, here are your major headlines. at the university of tennessee peyton manning will follow suit for a football game as backup quarterback, five time mvp will be the number 2 quarterback in the regular-season finale against the chargers sunday. thank you, kevin. golden state warriors losing the second game of the season. 7 kerri was not in the mix suffering a right leg bruise.
7:23 am
is is the sixth year in a row the hall of famer round out the top five, babe ruth, muhammad ali, how much do i love that? serena williams is up there with bruce, and jordan as she should be jumping from number 8 to number 5, denver broncos backup quarterback makes this -- and college football national semifinal games take place later, this is the first year of the semifinal game on new year's eve, matchups are as follows, clemson will face oklahoma in the capital one orange bowl, michigan state takes on alabama in the good your honorable. always in that acc. what are you watching today? >> i watched the first game but
7:24 am
it is hard that they made the second game at 8:00 p.m.. of lot of time and a lot of parties. dagen: can start drinking at 8:00 or you will never make it to midnight. they had good tasting skills. >> appreciate the call out. don't know how she found out about it. this goes back to college football timing. that is the reason it is hard for the packs to get a heisman trophy winner because the games are on so late so 4-4 the denver broncos, he was back to peyton manning and doing well, that is why it is hard to watch these games when you don't see that happen during the year. they come out at 10. >> i will start drinking and 1:00. dagen: the markets -- >> for everybody. you give people extra days. >> it is extra.
7:25 am
dagen: not on new year's eve. >> we are talking implacable macro. sweden and the junior hockey championships at 1:00 so i don't watch that game with water in my hands. dagen: canada plays sweden. >> two of the titans of global hockey. dagen: we have more than an hour and a half left in the show but you deserve to be closed today. it has been a good year for you guys and you brought your calls on to this program and we are thankful for that. >> well above and beyond, we have 62 employees who have done a good job this year. dagen: what were you right on? give me the top three. >> deflationary and global growth were the big ones. dagen: call the dividend cut. thank you. wanted to give you a little time. we have more time. with the year -- go clemson.
7:26 am
the wall street journal, we are not equating it with ed snowden. ed snowden is a repugnant loser millennial who deserve to be in the jail the rest of his life but the wall street journal didn't cover the story about the nsa surveillance of israel, benjamin netanyahu and linked in members of congress, former cia analyst joins us next and as we head to break, listen to longtime maker great kobe bryant receiving typical boston sendoff in his final game last night. >> playing his final game in boston, no. 24, kobe bryant.
7:27 am
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...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. dagen: good morning. i have been for maria bartiromo. or as they come at december 31st. happy new year already. with me kevin kelley, keith mccullough. your top stories at 7:29 eastern time. already 2016 in new zealand. earlier this morning we saw the fireworks celebrations and in about 30 minutes we will see sydney, australia bringing in
7:30 am
the new year. just a few hours away from the new year's celebrations starting in new york city in particular. major cities around the world are taking great precautions ahead of those festivities. in new york about 1 million people bring in the new year in times square. there'll be 6000 police officers patrolling that area. in brussels, the fireworks celebration canceled due to terror threat. also breaking this morning officials indulge him arresting a 10th suspect in last month's terror attacks in paris. following the latest out of a midwest here at home. the death toll now at at least 21 people dead. the mississippi river likely to see a record crest later today. turn in the markets on the final trading day, a full day here.
7:31 am
futures lower at the moment. we were seasoned green earlier. the dow down 23 points. looks like the blue chips will add the first down year since 2008. many global markets are closed today. oil trading here at home. take a look at the cost of crude off more than 30% this year. that is one of the major drivers in the stock market all year long. trying to catch what didn't work for many investors down about a quarter of a dollar of the barrel. bill kospi free on $1 million bond after facing its first criminal charges related to sexual assault allegations. the latest imac cases coming up in the 2016 presidential race, front-runner hillary clinton facing scrutiny over has been paid speeches around the globe. "the wall street journal" reports the president was paid more than $8 million by foreign governments around the same time where they had printing matters before hillary clinton state department.
7:32 am
a major milestone of 1 billion with free rides for just a year. the driver scores of vacation. oil on track to the downside is the second annual loss in a row. the last time that happened was 97-98. bill flynn at the cme group with the latest. the economy looked pretty good, didn't it? not so much now. >> it did look good then. low prices drove the market. it didn't look good for the energy industry back then. we saw a lot of major mergers in the economy. .com.mobil, texaco went out of business but it did create a generation of a bull market. we need to party like it's 1999. guess what happened in 1999 after two down years we have the biggest percentage increase since they started trading oil features.
7:33 am
the next year after the two down years, oil was up 117%. a lot of the same things that happened and are happening now. we are seeing contraction in production, cutbacks in capital spending that may lead to a rebound in the new gear. dagen: really quickly, not one of the critical things will be there refinancing or the finances of some of the smaller fraction players in the united states and what happens as payments come due. >> there's a lot of shoes to drop. we saw the jump of market get hit by this. the banks that lent to some companies may feel the effects and 2016 and we are still waiting to see if there are more mergers shut down. >> we didn't see that this year. >> not very much. we did see a cutback in capital investment that may work its way through but we haven't seen a lot of shoes drop. >> we saw the 10th consecutive cutbacks, not to keep track of all these numbers -- this is one
7:34 am
of our big macro themes going into the new year that the credit cycles may be in the third inning and that will place itself. deflation in the seventh inning stretch but you've got to be careful in the last three months. many people who don't do macro, it will do you if you are too early in the labs. >> here is one interesting point i would like to make how energy is impacted the market. if you look at this year, earnings are impacted to the downside negative 6%. if you strip out energy, earnings were up 5.6% or the year. the energy story is not over and it will still be turbulent going into next year because that's not nobody to there hasn't been a reset in the financial conditions of these companies. dagen: kevin is worried about the municipal bonds in these areas. >> all the financial institutions are related to it. financials and industrials have a lot of problems.
7:35 am
dagen: that is something that was planning on as well. it is never just one thing. thank you, phil flynn at the cma. two house panels looking to review how the nsa handled communication obtained between israeli officials and members of congress. this happening while israel was lobbying to block the iran nuclear deal. "the wall street journal" reporting the nsa may obtain surveillance of israeli prime minister benjamin yahoo! and other allies despite a promise to years ago that the part of sudan. former cia analyst fred flight with more. are you really surprised by this? >> dagen, good morning. i'm not surprised nations by another nations. we have to spy on the german and french heads of state monday. this is an issue where the private conversations of congress and american jewish organizations were being gathered up in the run-up to the
7:36 am
vote to disapprove the iran nuclear deal. this is something that is not supposed to happen. there is an nsa wrote that if these discussions are gathered, discussions of members of congress, it has to be destroyed unless it can't achieve significant foreign intelligence. this is not significant foreign intelligence. this is domestic intelligence between the white house and congress. a lot of heads should roll for this. >> it is matt murray. we also reported that israel was spying on the u.s. and had its own interests in terms of the talks. the administration argued then and benjamin netanyahoo went to congress and might argue in this case. therefore it became a national security matter. what would you say to that argument? >> look, i have no problem with a president obama wanted to spy in israel. israel spies on the u.s. it is very specific rules of nsa
7:37 am
when there are discussions of members of congress, private discussions, this has to be destroyed unless the nsa director determines a compelling foreign intelligence reason to provide the information. this is a domestic dispute. dagen: was it just shoddy espionage frankly, fred? i am not dismissing the story, but if it is just shoddy spy craft. >> well, there are two things here. and if they had a responsibility not to provide this information. where are the whistleblowers? you talked about edward snowden been a repugnant individual. where are the officials come the officials coming for to congress or inspector general saying this is going on. i was in the intelligence business for 25 years that i would've never been a party to this.
7:38 am
dagen: really quick, kevin, whose heads do you think should roll? how far up the chain does it go? >> the nsa director was supposed to issue a waiver to allow this type of information. the private discussion of congress to provide it to the hilt -- i mean, to the white house. we have to find out whether that happened. if he agreed, he should resign. they also bear responsibility and we have to find out what nsa analyst, whether the intelligence community liaison to the national security council, how were they involved in this? >> my question is how can we enact that, how can people's heads actually roll? we look at james clapper. we know that came to be not true. he said that in front of congress. nothing ever happens. we are not seen any heads roll at anything especially national security. who can make these decisions? is james clapper able to fire some analyst who spied on medicine or congressman?
7:39 am
>> i think it's possible intelligence officials could be held accountabaccountab le because congress is pretty angry. this is an issue for the campaign that represents a lack of leadership enough for her. the white house knew they were saving material they were supposed to have. they were basically saying to nsa we are not trying to collect or not collect information but if you collectively with certainly appreciated. we need to hear the candidate explain how they will bring new leadership in a new level of ethics that will not allow this thing to happen again. >> fred, what should happen next in congress? there's talk of investigations. israelis seem to be contemplating a formal protest. what is the process from here on out question what should have been in your view? >> welcome awaiting full investigations even though no one will be held accountable. this will send a message to intelligence professionals that this is unacceptable and if this
7:40 am
happens you have to report it to your management, the inspector general sent to congress. there is a certain rule here. this is probably a violation of the fourth amendment. the spying on american citizens without a warrant. these american citizens were involved in terrorist and criminal activities. they were involved in a political dispute and using a powerful intelligence agency to spy in another branch of government is not supposed to go on in this country. that is banana republic stuff. dagen: fred fleitz, thank you for joining us. happy new year's eve. it pays to shatter every box off this record imaginable. by the way, i called back. i said that early on. come on. a lot of analysts were making that call. the man behind the fourth comes out swinging against the company that paid him millions -- excuse me, billions for the franchise. that is next.
7:41 am
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dagen: flooding causing major problems for people across the midwest. cheryl casone he has the story. good morning. cheryl: good morning, guys. officials watching flood levels in missouri where the high water is on track to set record in the mississippi valley. at least 21 people have been killed so far. interstate 55 close above directions about the st. louis this morning because of historic leading of the merrimack river. a phoenix family received a random act of kindness yesterday. the short family was on their way to tennessee to bury their father who died from cancer. they missed their connecting flight in minneapolis and that they were going to miss the funeral. the family began screaming, crying, waving their hands in the window trying to get the pilot's attention. a few minutes later the plane pulled back into the terminal. they think the pilots returning the plane around. >> i was just crying. i couldn't believe we were going to miss that flight. we are very, very thankful to
7:45 am
the pilots. cheryl: an act of kindness. the family made it to tennessee for the funeral the following morning. this is pretty good video. you are looking to jump are looking a jumpy, a border collie who can write his own name with a little help from his owner and his trainer. he's got pretty good penmanship. this of course is a border collie that can also skateboard and he writes a scooter in his spare time. [laughter] >> i don't know if that is the same dog. dagen: you better have a lot of energy if you have a border collie in your house. lord have a period they are all over the place. they let not your christmas tree down. thank you, cheryl. less than 1%, the housing markets had a rough patch this winter after being quite strong earlier this year. joining us in in san francisco is the founder of the group and
7:46 am
star -- is always fired up. roe is always ready to get and is this done. how crazier prices in san francisco right now? >> they have definitely escalated quite a bit here the same for cisco market as you know is on fire. it has been voted the best place to live in the whole entire united states coupled with san jose which is right down the road from us in silicon valley. it's a highly desired placement firm wants to be here right now. >> in the latest numbers, san francisco's the one of the hottest cities in terms of price increases up almost 11% for the month about over from a year ago. what about the affordability of people getting priced out of the market. i know it to center technology and a lot of extremely young wealthy people in this region. it is still not able to afford the increase in expensive homes?
7:47 am
>> i'm glad you brought this up because one of the main things we are dealing with is the difficulty for first-time home buyers to purchase something here in san francisco proper. there's a lot of affordability in parts of the bay area. here for 2015 we only had 30% of the people vying for first-time homebuyers which is historically low. the last time 30% was in 1987. we've had about 52% rises in rental income for rental properties in the median income for a lot of workers only one of 25%. as you can tell you started becoming an affordability issue for renters and not being able to come up with a down payment to buy. >> unless you are rich you can't buy. that is the bottom line on that front. the san francisco federal reserve had john williams they lower gas prices are great and he doesn't talk about rent being up 35% year-over-year in san francisco.
7:48 am
have you seen any deterioration in all of the demand side of the market or are you seeing ongoing demand on the rental side? >> there is crazy pent up demand all across the board in san francisco when a lot of people are going over to what we like to call our brooklyn, which is oakland. the rent over there is going up, too. they are up 25%. a lot of technology companies are moving over there and is just booming. the housing market is fantastic. >> quick question for you. are you seeing other people want to go into other markets at portland or seattle? portland is up 10% for the year. are you seen people saying they can afford same cisco. let's move up the coast because it got the special connection between seattle and san francisco? >> ask him a hop skip and jump over to portland or seattle. both are great hubs for technology and makes a lot of
7:49 am
sense and people are moving down ballot. venice beach they now call silicon beach. kind of like our silicon valley and that is what is going on as well. other markets i done for a very hot right now. houston is doing very well. the domestic united states is doing really well on the real estate asset. the 7% everywhere else in tampa disco is secluded up 11%. the whole general real estate economy is doing very well. dagen: before we go, i lived in san francisco for a year. i think oakland is a lot cooler. >> it was just a good example of what's going on. san francisco is the island and you hop on over in oakland in 10 minutes. dagen: did you have a good business here? >> it's been fantastic. i'm blessed and very thankful.
7:50 am
it has been really good. very positive. dagen: roh habibi, thank you for being here. please come back often. happy new year. roh habibi from san francisco. it is new year's eve. nothing brings in the new year like some bubbly. we will bring you the best chance in every budget and i guarantee you i have had them all. [laughter] not today. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number.
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7:53 am
dagen: in just a few minutes australia set to ring in the new year. as we get ready to answer it and 2016 here in new york. we've got 6000 police officers who will be in times square and that is where we find fox news correspondent leah gabriel. that is the ball behind you. reporter: yes, this is in fact the switch. we will talk about that in a minute. you mention the 6000 officers as some are calling the area but the n. ipd fan everyone can count on being safe here. >> people should feel safe this new year's eve because we are there.
7:54 am
one of the best protected inside one of of the safest venues in the entire world. reporter: there will be playing close police officers, mounted police, bomb sniffing dogs. n.y.p.d. will watch the two helicopters in the sky. the special counterterrorism unit has 500 officers. everyone is coming to see the big times square ball. let's talk about that for a second. it is 12 feet in diameter, 2688 of them are brand-new. it is all pretty amazing. i will put on my classes i'm supposed to wear for the event. this switch. at 1159 and the mayor will flip this. the ball will be at the top. it will calm down and hit the center of this paul grad at the stroke of midnight they will bring in 2016. i hope all of you will be watching on the fox news channel as they have a special.
7:55 am
dagen come i also wanted to tell you i am bringing you back some champagne because they heard you talk about it earlier. here is a battle for you. dagen: good luck getting out of times square with that today. lea gabrielle in times square. some of us have caviar dreams on a budget. how about just and caviar. she has brought an array of different bubbly spirit not just champagne. good to see you. >> thank you are having me. this is delicious and expensive. this $10 has an 86 rating. a beautiful rose bay from the region in spain. this is a category doing really well in the u.s. in march and because of the price point, $10 to $15. in $18 per psycho, 87 points from northern italy. this is a brutal adore,
7:56 am
nonvintage. per psycho is really in the u.s. dagen: you want to get your french stuff, not your spanish -- do they really taste that similar? >> they taste different. they are made from different grapes but the bubbles are there and that is what draws people to sparkling. dagen: you have a range. is that french or california? >> it is safer so family. they actually make champagne, but this is their california outpost. twenty-four dollars a bottle. dagen: very reasonable. you can do you can still you can still a lot of data not feel guilty about it. and this is french. why is a $175? >> this is the rare 2002. they make this home in the very best vintages in the 2002 is the current release. this is something you can pop open to foreign aid but also the
7:57 am
age for another 10 to 15 years. dagen: allison, happy new year. we are not allowed to drink nonfat. maybe later on. thank you so much. we will be right back, everybody.
7:58 am
7:59 am
dagen: good morning, everybody. i am in for maria bartiromo. thursday, december 31st. it is almost your new year and
8:00 am
we are all happy. recon capital kevin kelley and keith macola have a lot to celebrate including a new baby this year. matt murray of "the wall street journal." first your story is already 16 in new zealand. in sydney, australia. let's take a look. there we go. happy new year, you fine people of australia. in sydney and celebration. they are doing it right. happy new year to the people of australia. bizarre pictures from sydney harbour. we are excited here in new york city as well. preparations are underway in sydney and never around the world, security is front and tenor. here in new york city one william people are going to cram into times square and 6000 police officers will be patrolling that area.
8:01 am
in brussels, the fireworks you just thought it did make canceled due to the terror threats in that nation. we learn today several people have been detained in connection with clotted terror attacks there. also one arrest in the paris terror attacks. let's move on to the midwest. the death toll bear from flooding at least 21 people dead. the mississippi river will likely see record crest levels today. turning to markets on the final trading day of the year. not if you are down 28 points. the dow needs again of more than 219-point today two and 2015 in the green. checking oil prices. that is a drag on much of the stock market did 31 cents a barrel, down more than 30% this year. bill cosby is free on bond. facing its first criminal
8:02 am
charges related to sexual assault allegations. more than 50 women have accused him of sexual assault or improper conduct. the later imac is coming out. turning to the 2016 presidential race. hillary clinton facing renewed scrutiny of her husband paid speeches around the world. "the wall street journal" and detailed reporting that the former president was paid more than $8 billion by foreign governments around the same time. those governments had pressing matters before hillary clinton state department. uber hits a milestone. its 1 billionth ride. the customers secure ride for a year. the driver scored a vacation. president obama is on vacation in hawaii but is on tv screens everywhere. the president making an appearance century sign up comedian and cars getting coffee. >> don't you think every american child is a president
8:03 am
and you grew up loving the president. >> i do really well with zero to eight demographic. hardly because i think my tears are big and i look a little bit like a cartoon character. dagen: he's got some lines. on the campaign trail, donald trump got a little vulgar when he explained to iowa voters why he's at the top of the polls. >> the economy i get 55%. illegal immigration, trump almost 50%. i says, who was number one with handling cases? tromp. 46%. think of it. [applause] because they know i don't mess around. they know these politicians are all talk, no action. dagen: that was almost as good as his riff on hairspray and how he doesn't care about climate change.
8:04 am
the democratic front-runner in the meantime hillary clinton is facing more scrutiny over the paid speeches. they mention that a short while ago. the drummer reports the former president paid $8 million by foreign government during the same period that hillary clinton had business matters or matters before hillary state department. joining us right now is fox news contributor julie budzinski and rich galen. julie is one of my favorite people on earth. >> you are drunk and you are saying now. dagen: i love it when you are here. i want to bring it back to trump the hillary. this is already happening privately. they've gone right to die. if you don't like trump but you don't like hillary come if there is come if there's come if there is a matchup, who'd you vote for? i wonder the back-and-forth you are seen over the women issue, the gender ratio, does that get them anywhere with primary voters. as they get anywhere with people
8:05 am
undecided. >> helps those for different reasons. the republican party tape it directly to hillary. he's the one person in india to hillary's skin. in the month of primary republican voters. for her, it reminds people should visit it to him and the whole bill clinton thing which is what she wants to portray herself as. her numbers were never higher. she does very well at presenting herself as a victim and the fact he brings up the factor has been cheated on her, he's not doing it the right way. there are hit that you can take but it's not taking it correctly. the heads are wenches going after all these women coming forward accusing bill clinton of sexual harassment and sexual assault in some cases, she was right there. she was part of the move to not make them believable. trump is saying her husband cheated on her. a lot of women -- a lot of women
8:06 am
out there by the way to stay with their husbands for various reasons that will sympathize with her. dagen: i have a feeling donald trump is going to make those points in the weeks and months ahead. i think this is just scratching the surface. >> the point is exactly right. we are still in the primary season. is a difference between attracting primary voters a general election voters. what trump and clinton are both doing, not sure they are expanding their primary voter base. clinton doesn't have to. they are solidifying their base that people that were sort of fort tromp -- that were for trump. i have no reputation much. it is like my stock taking. it's just awful. dagen: i will say i've been
8:07 am
completely wrong. i've been on a show and said this was a summer romance, that people were going to sober up after too much tequila and realize this is not happening. this guy says he is a backyard pool and it's above the ground which doesn't count. i was completely wrong. >> being wrong is one thing but we also have see some actual votes. just one quick question on this. can tromp attack hillary on becoming an elitist in terms of a dynasty? can he go there? >> you can say anything he wants. i know that sounds silly, but years and years ago when i was at the congressional republican congressional campaign committee, there was a congressman in indiana -- indianapolis coming democrat in a republican district. we pulled and pulled to find out
8:08 am
why have been real life did. who would tell people this is what he sat at home and this is what he said on the congressional record. people in indiana said we don't believe you. whatever trump says, his supporters will simply twisted enough to say he is right about that. there's nothing you can do. either his balloon will lose air of its own accord or he is going to be the republican nominee. >> we are talking about something julie mentioned, which is women. is not someone seemed to have strong appeal with women. to attacks like this make it harder for him or might they help him? >> who knows. [laughter] you can answer every one of these questions with the same two words. the white republican men don't typically do all that well in general elections with women to start with. there's a name for that, the gender gap. again, it hearted as the
8:09 am
porters. there is support for him. as we move into the actual voting, we will see whether or not these people who are for him. somebody wrote a great piece the other day that i quoted in a column and he called it patrick ruffini, the digital guy. he said there is a difference between people who prefer trump and people who support trump. we will see whether they can be transitioned into supporters and voters. the >> i'm a little worried about rich. [laughter] the only final word -- [laughter] >> i am excited to see what trump says next. mexicans, and criminal poll numbers go up. insult the women, the poll numbers go up. insult a war hero, polls go up. go after disabled people. i don't know what's next
8:10 am
>> i found an old picture of him with kenny g saying he produced terrific music. if that's not the end of his campaign -- >> who knows. that's the headline. >> wait until trump starts campaigning -- the >> crazier things have happened. julie, it is good to see you. happy new year to both of you. not a happy new year for people in the midwest had up his 21 people have lost their lives. thousands displaced in missouri and illinois. floodwaters continue to ravage parts of the country. overnight officials were forced to shut down parts of two interstate near st. louis. floodwaters there, the highest in decades. pennsylvania with more. laura. >> the unfortunate thing is we are still looking at the rivers
8:11 am
rising. a lot of this rain fell in the days following christmas saturday, sunday into day. up to a foot of rain. put that into you. think about if that is knowing how much imagine if that came down as a late way. as far as the month of december goes comes the lewis has seen more than four times the normal december rainfall. kansas city twice their normal december rainfall, des moines closed to four times as much as they would typically see as well. the problem fortunately not over yet. parts of central and southern georgia. yesterday the system produced two and half to as much as four inches of rain. some areas see an additional one to two. the festivities tonight in and around d.c., alexandria, 42 degrees. boston harbor 35 degrees. overall not bad for new years eve. in the northeast we will see
8:12 am
snow picking up as we head through the rest of today and into new year's day. some locations measuring the snow and feet just downwind. dagen: a reason to stay indoors and celebrate. laura vasquez. they paid him billions for the franchise that made him famous. why is george lucas upset with the wildly popular force the weekend? none of the garbage cgi, george? that is next. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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8:15 am
dagen: in a recent development in the san bernardino shooting. cheryl casone has that story another headlines. cheryl: good morning, dagen. henrique marquez was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday on charges of conspiring with farook. he was arrested two weeks ago is expected under the suspected of buying rifles in a december 2nd mass terror shooting. the united states postal service unveiling its 2016 minus the stands. they honor "star trek" on the 50th anniversary with four stamps as well as geeks unite enjoy here. uss enterprise comest our fleet in a million, a crew member being teamed up and made the loop. >> i will finish what you started. cheryl: george lucas is not a
8:16 am
war of words with his knee. he is claiming they did not finish what he started in an interview with charlie rose that compare sign the rights to the film to disney to selling his kids to wait slavers. they want that keen to have involved. "star wars." "star wars" the force the weekend has been an incredible success. he was pretty much shut out of this one. tree into the last three movies you made, george, were garbage. the good ones were written by hand anyway who came back to write the force awakes. >> the reasons sellers or mars, get out of here. is crying about the fact -- the family dynamics in the trilogy about family and issues in torrey lyons. he says thank you, but no thank you. dagen: in the first trailer came out for the force awakens, you can watch the trailer if george
8:17 am
lucas did it and it is hilarious because every frame is just filled with cgi garbage i've just unnecessary, extra next-line fighters. jar jar binks invented. what is -- i am ashamed of myself. in return of the jedi, jabba the hutt is in the background.
8:18 am
>> president obama with the latest episodes getting coffee
8:19 am
>> that is unbelievable. i knew that wouldn't work. >> you didn't tell it.
8:20 am
8:21 am
dagen: another bombshell from bill cosby and this wasn't
8:22 am
criminal. the committee and charged on allegations of drugging and assaulting a woman back in 2004. the first criminal charges against bill cosby. dave charette weiser has the details. reporter: looking beleaguered and weary, bill cosby would not speak with reporters as he walked into court with his attorney in its own ton of alcan sparked a charge of aggravated indecent assault and a 2004 incident at his nearby home. >> charges today are filed as a result of new information that came to light in july 2015. statute of limitations in this case is 12 years. >> you want to say anything? the next 78-year-old bill cosby cosby -- a former temple university director of operations for women's basketball. she contends she was inappropriately touched her in one encounter at bill cosby's home in a drug and sexually assaulted in another instance.
8:23 am
>> evidence shows mr. bill cosby established through work associated with temple university women's basketball program. reporter: to charges they cosby gave her three pills with wine. her vision became blurry and dizzy. she says cosby her from behind, put his hands and her parents and assaulted her. he never had with the big gun asleep or awake. >> did you drug that woman? >> when you look at the case, there is a number of aspects undisputed. >> dozens of women have come forward to accuse him of drugging and molesting him. this is the first-time cosby has faced criminal charges. he faces a preliminary hearing in january. cosby is prepared to vigorously
8:24 am
defend himself. >> how do you feel? no comments? dagen: joining us to break down the charges is dan simon from california and los angeles. good to see you. are you surprised by this criminal charges even the timing? i know the statute of limitations -- i think it is a talker statute of limitations. it has been a long while. right now do you think? >> they just got in under the wire. a couple more months than it would've been barred. there is a story with this particular indictment that the da campaign that happened a few months ago was a big part of it. the campaign discussed the issue of bill having not been charged yet. the new da got right on it. dagen: do you think that the case, given the lack of forensic evidence you have the deposition coming out is new in this.
8:25 am
if you have to defend the case, is it easy to defend her extremely tough given everything out there about an end of 50 some odd women who have accused him of sexual assault or improprieties? >> i would not want to defend the case. if i were defending this case i would be counseling bill on how to come clean and minimize the damage and try to do right by some of these victims. forensic evidence would be a bigger deal if there were any question of the identity of the perpetrator. there is no question of that. cosby admitted he had the relationship of some kind is that there is no need to prove that he was there. you know, if these things are unpredictable whether a jury can be mixed beyond reasonable doubt as we know is never guaranteed. but i don't think things are looking too good for bill. >> quick question for you. what are the implications of his admission of health of drugging a woman in the deposition, given
8:26 am
the fact because she was drug she waives all consent. what are the implications for that? you basically screams guilty. dagen: and as benadryl a drug? >> yeah, he claimed it was benadryl at one point. there's a lot of evidence that may have been quaaludes. yeah, that certainly doesn't help his case one day. of course, his legal defense team will make some arguments as they always do. that is their job. from everything we are reading, though, i think bill will have a rough year. dagen: thank you for joining us. dan simon from los angeles. happy new year, take care of yourself. today is the last trading day of the year. we've got a full recap, a look back, and look ahead. this guy going through his workout at the gym, showing off on the hover board. do you watch this hoping he falls? i do.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> oil on track to the down side. 97.98. and if history is any indicator, this year or the new year will be great for oil. >> it should be. the last time we were up 117%. if that happens again. that will put oil close to $80 a barrel and that may not be totally impossible if you look at history. we looked at the equivalent of our daily consumption. you look at the fact that we have to replace 30 million barrels of day in the production world next year. that's not going to happen. those projects aren't going to get billed and the other thing that gets oil prices going, oil prices care about prices and demand and expectations set up for a good year, back to you. >> thank you, phil flynn, happy new year, my dear from chicago.
8:31 am
dagen: today is the last day of 2015. the dow on track to have its first down year since '08. si six out of the s&ps are down, if nothing changes today. energy will see the first stocks annual back to back losses since 2002. and winners, netflix, activision and others among the top five performers in the s&p 500. meantime, oil and the price of crude dragging down energy names and this is the biggest losers. southern, and more. and what about the coming year, everybody? let's talk about it. joining us now is the host of risk and reward, and jason, i go to you first. what does the new year look like? >> sure, dagen, it's been an interesting year this past
8:32 am
year. as we move into 2016, we'll begin making progress back to normal, but that requires a bit of a definition here. one of the aspects of normal is more normal monetary policies. we'll see an increase in short interest rates and probably long-term as well and those have been held down significantly by the federal reserve. at the same time, we are seeing the new markets. japan is coming back into focus and people are realizing, it's not as bad a place to investigate as we thought for the past 20 years, and that could be more interest and china is transforming itself from a manufacturing export-led economy to a consumer-led economy and at the same time you were talking about oil a second ago. we think that we may see a reversion, at least marginally, in the back half of 2016 back to normal as we finally see production fall off as a result
8:33 am
of the oil declines and the amount of cuts in production plans put in place. dagen: deirdre, what are you looking at? >> i think all the points you raised. looking at oil and china and the strong dollar. i feel look there was a lot of angst to have the s&p 500 unchanged and i think this tug-of-war, especially with what the fed is doing continues in the next year. you mentioned netflix and amazon. these stocks are amaze, i wrote these down. netflix up 140% and amazon doubling and the nasdaq knocking it out of the park because they don't have energy stocks. dagen: i'll point out one of keith's favorite stocks is mcdonald's. mcdonald's is one of the biggest winners in the dow already. you still like it because i'm going to ask you that in terms of your positioning with very solid no leverage economy. >> we don't agree with the economic outlook of concensus. we're developing into the u.s.
8:34 am
recession and the credit cycles in the third inning and eventually start to see the currency war play out to its final, we internally call it the game of slowing, instead of game of thrones. you have mutually assured destruction among central planners who think they can devalue their way to prosperity and at the end of the show everybody dies. it's not a very positive out look. [laughter] that's why i think mcdonald's is a great place to be. it's not leveraging stock, it's not china. when you're hung over after the recession, you can have breakfast all day at mcdonald's. >> mcdonald's is actually from the investor day, they're going to buy more stocks. that's the biggest take away that came after the earnings. they're starting to put that out and they can't afford that. >> that raises an issue. >> sales were accelerating, and that's the best catalyst for mcdonald's. >> we bring up the issue of debt and something that so many
8:35 am
people have been wrong about, since the end. recession, that longer term interest rates were going to skyrocket. i want to know from keith and everybody else. look at the uncon strained bond funds. they were short longer term treasuries and long things like junk, they were betting that longer term interest rates were going up. >> what happened was people got the cycle wrong and this is, deirdre, i listen to your show every time. if you don't watch on satellite radio or don't listen to it on satellite radio you should. you heard money manager after money manager why the cycle is about to get started and the stock market is worse since 2008. worst commodities market is ever, and ever is a very long time. i think that the market is discounting what we've been saying and i think that the federal reserve would basically come to us through the year and interest rates would be down
8:36 am
what i'm looking for. that's why i think the federal reserve has an opportunity to stop oil going down. >> another debt question, debt in china and debt emerging markets which is hanging out there. china is slowing, even if they're trying to get to the consumer economy and they could be below 6-5 this year and their debt has built up the last years and how worried are you-- >> you mean the fiscal debt, not the unofficial debt. >> how worried should we be about an emerging market. >> like jason's views, china agrees with this and devalued their current city to a five-year low this week and they're going to do everything they can, including making up the gdp numbers to make us believe that that's a point-- >> let's clarify something here. >> sure, go ahead, jason. >> let's clarify on china, first of all, our position is more on the emerging market consumer and we think that china and many of the emerging economies are going through a change in the way they have he
8:37 am
managed their economies, where they're not building up their infrastructure like they were before. they're focusing their spending, providing social safety nets, welfare, programs like that in order to have the consumer side of the equation, in terms of debt, that's a confusing picture. there's corporate debt and loc local municipality debt in china and other regions. you look at the national system, china is debt negative because of the cash and reserves. that's enough to do what they want fiscally, they could restructure things and wipe the debt off with one decision. that requires a decision to be made or a series of decisions, but mainly creates a much different picture than what people typically talk about when they talk about the excesses of debt that built up in emerging economy.
8:38 am
>> the final word, i see tech and the killer app, help the cia track down bin laden raised 800 million dollars privately. no intention of going public. and i want to know what that cost for public shareholders of tech companies. dagen: a lot of money sloshing around in the tech world and a little bit of stupidity. just a little. good to see you. thank you so much, happy new year to both of you, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. dagen: don't forget start mornings with maria 6 a.m. eastern time here on the fox business network. here are some of the best moments you might have missed from earlier in the show. >> and i double dog dare you. [laughter] >> did you double dog dare me? >> i'm nervous. >> there are two things he's done all year, that's campaign
8:39 am
or be on tv. he's entertaininger in chief and that's all he is. that's exactly what he's been doing all year. and that's throughout the last four years. >> and we're going to be brutally honest with employees, and i just wanted to get your take on this because i find it hilarious. >> it is hilarious. i hope everything is okay in your work place, you're obsessed with the story. >> and five time mvp will be the number two quarterback in the regular season finale. >> back up to amc sun devil! woo! >> thank you, kevin. if you start drinking at 8:00 you'll never make it until midnight. unless you have good pacing skills. >> thanks for the callout. >> i don't know how she found out about that. >> a lot of people going over what we like to call our brooklyn, which is oakland. we live in a pick and choose world.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
>> a new life for some old city pesos. i don't know wh -- pay phones. >> pay phones are offering users for giga bits installed all over new york city. >> national semifinals in
8:43 am
basketball take place today. those are the first played on new year's eve. number one clemson facing oklahoma in the capital one orange balm. number three michigan state taking on alabama in a goodyear cotton bowl. a lot of football. >> on the last day of 2015, the top viral videos of the year. remember this? the couple is enjoying a pleasant day in their small plane when they realize they've got a so away, a cat. the amazing thing is the cat seemed to be uniphased by the experience and editor's note. the editor of the video. eventually they realize what's going on and they go back and they land, guys. the cat was fine. cat hopped off, thanks for the ride. the cat looks scared to death. >> scared to death. [laughter] how could you not be. dagen: thank you very much. happy new year. >> happy new year. dagen: the white house, front page of the wall street journal
8:44 am
today set to announce new sanctions against iran. the first since the president's controversial nuclear agreement with iran was reached in july. the planned action is directed at nearly a dozen companies and videos in iran, hong kong and united arab emirates in the iranian ballistic missile program. joining us united nations spokesman, rick grinell, what do you think of this development? is it a big deal or empty? >> it's puzzling will the obama administration is going to sanction iran for multiple tests of a ballistic missile, but yet, we're going to continue to give them billions of dollars next month and we're going to continue to trust them that they're going to come clean on the nuclear deal. it's crazy. senator kuhns, a democrat from
8:45 am
delaware says we're sanctioning iran because of their destabilizing behavior if you he was for the deal to next month give them $100 million. we're going to sanction them and give them $100 billion. who is running the foreign policy? >> where do the allies fit into all of this. they were part of the deal, our european allies and they wanted to do business with iran, too. and even if the iranians are annoyed at the u.s. sanctions they're going to do business with the allies. does the u.s. have leverage with them when it comes to these and other sanctions or that is over? >> a good question, the europeans have been the leak for us. whenever we try to implement a policy to really sanction, you know, you look at what we're trying to do to putin, the europeans have never been able to kind of follow up and play the tough guy. they've always been the weakness link, so to speak. so it's an ongoing problem.
8:46 am
what i did find, being at the state department for eight years, when you articulate a tough policy and you're very firm on this is where we're going and this is what we expect the europeans to do, you can hold them for a pretty substantial amount of time. there's a lot of hand holding that has to be done. you've got to constantly use diplomatic leverage from other entities that treasury who are commerce or agriculture. but it's key to stay on the europeans because together, obviously, we're much better. u.s. sanctions on a company alone, you know, they're not going to hold very firm because, as you say, you can go around the europeans and especially when it comes to financial or banking. >> so, rick, we get this news on the sanctions against entities who are helping with the ballistic missile program. at the same time we had tehran testing unguided rockets and
8:47 am
near the american aircraft carrier and french warships in the straits of hormuz in the gulf. what do we do? nothing. >> and they violated the travel ban earlier, the international advisors. >> right. >> to the supreme leader violated the travel ban, yet, we just don't do anything about it. and i think that one thing that i've learned with being at the u.n. with john bolten, you've got to have very quick reaction. when the iranians first test a ballistic missile back in october, immediately call a u.n. security council emergency meeting. bring everyone together and throw down a resolution that says this entire deal is threatened. what we have is, you know, washington kind of pretending that we're going to move forward and we're going to slap their hand and samantha power, our u.n. ambassador to the u.n. issues a statement that literally says, you violated the deal.
8:48 am
i'm not sure how you could violate the deal without throwing the deal off. this is what we constantly had from the obama administration, that nothing-- like donald trump, nothing sticks when it comes to foreign policy. dagen: rick, it's great to see you as always. thank you so much for taking the time, early hours for you on this new year's eve. >> happy new year. dagen: hope to see you a whole lot in 2016. coming up, a uber driver and a passenger getting the surprise of a lifetime after completing their ride. and take a look at the cute puppy, zip, no limits when it comes to fetch. after the ball was stuck on the roof she decided to climb it and grab it. for round two, stay with us.
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8:51 am
>> uberhitting a major milestone. that lucky customer hitting a free ride for a year, plus the driver scored a vacation, a vacation where.
8:52 am
a car based vacation or what? do you get to go on a plane or a boat? as cities prepare to ring in the new year they're putting impressive security measures in place. we'll bring you the latest from around the globe. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪
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8:55 am
>> as we get ready for 2016, ramping up security. 6,000 police officers will be in times square. gerri willis is in the news room. >> you're right. 6,000 police officers and 500 have special training in preventing terrorism. take a look at this, s.w.a.t. teams, a thousand snipers on roof tops. k-9 and water and air patrol. deblasio, the mayor of new york calling this more extreme than ever. when you get to other parts of the country, you've got big college football games going on. pasadena, the rose bowl, the rose bowl parade and extra security there as well. tightening down the hatches all over the country, wherever people are gathering together. across the world, i want to tell you what's happening there. brussels canceled their celebration and last year
8:56 am
attracted some 100,000 people in paris. the fireworks have been canceled and in london, they're having their fireworks display, but you have to get a ticket to go there and in fact, there's going to be some 3,000 police officers there. a quick note for you, dagen, red square will be closed. the kremlin said there's going to be a special shooting, some kind of film there, right? reportedly the film crew is saying we're not doing that. there's no plan to shoot tonight. dagen: sounds like russia, thank you, gerri willis, happy new year and we're going to do some new years resolutions, if you will or look back. mine is liposuction. [laughter] that's my resolution. >> well, go ahead. >> mine is to get off my iphone. i've become one of those annoying people in new york crossing the street, i've got to chill out with the iphone. dagen: otherwise you'll be hit
8:57 am
by a car. it happened to me. >> did it happen? >> a car back over me about of the iphone. but i'm serious you'll get hit by a car. >> and mine is the hover board ap go work out. >> i dare you to bring it to the work, to the news room. i think they're dangerous. kevin, yours? >> to appreciate how much i love my loved ones and look what happened, adel said hello, justin bieber said he's sorry and we have hover boards even though they're segues without handles and kim ya had a baby and didn't call it southwest. i've got tough competition, you're better at being a millennial than i am.
8:58 am
dagen: you need to come in with a bad mustache and a worse attitude. >> i'm not that great of a millennial. dagen: and keith, your resolution and something you want to share with us? >> i'll pick up on what kevin said. this year for me is to spend as much time with people i love and the big hockey people is a part of that. yesterday we won the holiday tournament and these kids worked their hearts out. we all worked hard and keith has a new baby and he coaches hockey, he runs his own business and gets his butt in a car many mornings and drives in from connecticut to be on this program. so, i just have to come down the street. >> thanks for having me. dagen: so, markets, predictions? >> i can jump of off quick, it's going to be a turbulent year. dagen: more than this year? >> exactly, because we're now getting off the easy monetary
8:59 am
policy. we're hung over and we'll see how it plays out. so this year in the first quarter, this is at 17.5 and we're at 16 now and we'll see the effects of the stronger dollar, oil, play out so be ready for a turbulent year. >> keith will say turbulent. >> and i'm picking up on some of the trump qualities and got to spin it. i'm a bullish person on wall street next year, but long bond. if you're bearish on growth, buy the long opportunity. tlt is a good instrument. dagen: how low can the rate go on the 10-year. >> i think all-time lows. dagen: holy moses. >> keith, i'm bearish, maybe from hanging out with you, but bearish for the first quarter. >> five seconds. >> i'm probably closer to kevin and keith, i don't like to make
9:00 am
prepare predictions. we've got to watch wages and see if they break out. >> gentlemen and ladies, happy new year. >> keith, and matt, and stuart varney, it is yours, my dear. stuart: it is indeed. thank you very much indeed. now three words i really don't care, happy new year. here is my new year toast, prosperity, liberty, freedom. ain't no platitudes on this show. good morning, everybody. [laughter] in the news business he is the gift that keeps giving. it's at it again. trump declares war on the clintons and he calls bill and hillary his enemy. no poll yet whether that will be a winning approach, but sure grabs the headlines, doesn't it? this is the serious and, yes, tragic headline. flooding across a wide swatch of the land.


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