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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 31, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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prepare predictions. we've got to watch wages and see if they break out. >> gentlemen and ladies, happy new year. >> keith, and matt, and stuart varney, it is yours, my dear. stuart: it is indeed. thank you very much indeed. now three words i really don't care, happy new year. here is my new year toast, prosperity, liberty, freedom. ain't no platitudes on this show. good morning, everybody. [laughter] in the news business he is the gift that keeps giving. it's at it again. trump declares war on the clintons and he calls bill and hillary his enemy. no poll yet whether that will be a winning approach, but sure grabs the headlines, doesn't it? this is the serious and, yes, tragic headline. flooding across a wide swatch of the land.
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the mississippi river. and prices spike. it's sweater weather at the north pole, 50 degrees above normal. look at this, too, old navy withdraws the t-shirts, artists objected to their profession being crossed out, they're sensitive. i'm not particularly sensitive. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> that's b.b. king and his gang performing auld lang syne, not my favorite, but we're running it. times square, i've been there and it looks like a military zone. according to the police commissioner, it's the most secure place on earth with 6,000 police officers. now, a million people are
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expected to pass through times square today. once you are in, you will not get out. bathroom breaks virtually impossible. a lot of those people wear adult diapers. that's a true fact liz: that's an interesting 9:00 in the morning story for you. [laughter] just a fact. stuart: what you're looking at is sydney, australia. it's already 2016 and they celebrated with a huge fireworks display right next to the sydney opera house. you just make it out in the background there. in belgium, a different story. authorities have canceled the traditional new years festivities. there's a fireworks display, not this year. terror attacks possible and cancel the fireworks. this comes after the arrest of two people suspected of planning a new year's eve attack. to the midwest, tragic story. the mississippi will crest about, about 13 feet above flood stage near downtown st.
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louis today. all of that dirty, muddy water, it's swamped homes and closed major highways around the city and the suburbs. 20 people at least have died in the flooding in missouri and illinois. those mostly involved vehicles that drove into swamped roadways. people were swept away. at least two people still missing as of early this morning. second worst flood on record behind that of 1993. rescues in process. to politics. trump makes headlines, again. he does not mince words. roll tape. >> low energy can be applied to hillary. i just don't like to use the same thing twice on one of my enemies, right? i consider them enemies, we view this as war, don't we view this as war. stuart: pretty strong language, enemies, this is war. tamara holder is here and yeah, she's in miami, isn't it? that's where you are.
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look, we don't have any polls yet we don't know whether trump's language vis-a-vis bill and hillary will move up or down. do you think he'll win with this line of attack as he's won so often in the past? >> well, yes, of course, this is donald trump's ego speaking and he is addicted to his behavior of bashing people and saying the most inappropriate things and then watching himself get rewarded in the polls. i just think that it's unfortunate to use this kind of language. here is a guy whose campaign slogan is make america great again. and making it great not calling it a war. that doesn't make america great. it's unfortunate this is the language he always resorts to versus talking about-- >> you're not really upset, are you? you're not really offended by this? i know you're not.
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>> well, obviously, you don't know me well enough, stuart because i get upset about everything, but seriously-- >> wait a second. you've been on this show for almost all of the past year and we've always sparred are you a real dblth -- democrat or coming over to see this. i suspect that deep down you're on the verge of expressing sympathy for trump. here is what i'm getting at. i see the poll which says that about 10% of the people polled were unwilling to reveal that they did support trump because they would be embarrassed to reveal that publicly. >> right. stuart: you're in the 10%, aren't you? >> no, and i've said this. well, first of all, it's the brightbart poll, let's not take that too seriously. the way that there are people in the middle, like i am, who voted maybe for romney like i
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did the last election, were on the fence democrats, but our values don't necessarily change. we want somebody who will make america great again and with this kind of rhetoric, it just burns us off. if you're trying to state somebody and they use that kind of language about other people, it's a turnoff and that's how i compare this. it's just a turnoff to dating him for eight years. stuart: you bring dating into this? that's fascinating. last one, 20 seconds, let's take it up to june of this coming year, one year after trump declared. where will trump be in the polls at that time? >> i don't know and here is why i don't know. every single pollster, every single political expert is saying that this is a campaign and a guy who brought politics to a whole different element. so for anybody, no matter how wonderful they are in this political spectrum to predict,
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they're wrong. because this guy is unpredictable. >> that's true. have a good time there for the new years celebration there in miami. thanks, tamara, we appreciate it, we really do. look at where the dow jones industrial average will open. down maybe 60 points, remember, the dow is going to have to gain roughly 200 points today to go positive for the year. doesn't look like it's going to happen. how about the price of oil this morning? it's down a little bit. down 27 cents, 36 a barrel, the big story for you and i, i think, is gasoline. just got this from triple-a. americans saved more than 1 # 15 billion dollars because of the low price of gas so far this year which works out to 550 bucks per saving per licensed driver. $2 the national average for regular, that is only down one
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quarter 25 cents from last year liz: i didn't know that, i thought it was deeper plunge. stuart: and seems that the former president of shell oil, that gentleman there, john hofmeister, he owes me money. he said we would hit $4 gas in year, boy, was he wrong? i am going to collect a crisp $100 bill at the top of the next hour. yes, i'll take it. [laughter] there are other candidates in the republican race. but trump has largely crowded him out. we have one of the other candidates with us now. he says he's going to shake up his campaign staff and become more aggressive. welcome back dr. ben carson. dr. carson, welcome back, very good to see you, sir. >> always good to be with you, stuart. stuart: you see, the criticism of you is that if i may give voice to it, is that you're soft spoken. you're coming back, you're not jumping out of the screen and now you say you're going-- you're smiling, but that is the knock on you.
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are you going to change tactics? are you going to jump out of the screen and grab me by the throat and arrest my attention? is that what you're going to do? >> probably not, but i will tend to push back a little bit more. stuart: okay. >> you know, i have been relatively passive and also i probably make some inappropriate assumptions, i assume people know what i'm talking about when i say stuff, or seems ridiculous to me and i don't go on and explain it. a few weeks back, a commentator was saying, what's the first call you would make and asked me that four times and i kept saying, that's not the important thing, but what i would say now is look, i know -- if you want to ask me who are our allies, i can give you a whole list of who they are and when they became our allies. that's not the important question so i have to preface what i'm saying with that so that people actually understand what i'm talking about. stuart: okay. are you going to change your style?
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can you change your style? it's awfully difficult to be a soft-spoken guy like yourself and transform into someone who speaks a bit more like donald trump. that's an awfully difficult transition, isn't it? >> i will never speak like that. but you know, i do want people to understand, again, what strength is and it's not how you gesticulate. it's not how loudly you speak, it's what you have accomplished. and i will challenge people to go back and look through my life and look at the things that have been accomplished and compare them with many of the other people who talk a very good game, but really haven't done very much. right now, our country is in a situation where we need real action and we need courage. and we need people who are not that interested in their political advancement, but in the advancement of our country and the future of our children. stuart: now, i said at the top of the show i'm not particularly keen on happy new year.
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i prefer a toast much more robust, prosperity, growth. what would you do, you're in the oval office, what would be the first thing you'd do to restore prosperity to america. >> i will make it extremely clear that we will not be engaging in any kind of -- turn this silly phone off. stuart: not on the line, sir. >> we will not be engaging in any bolstering of our debt. you know? you look at the recent bill that was passed. this is craziness, this doesn't represent what the american people want. and so i will be reducing the size of government very substantially, but here are the key things. you've got to loosen the economic engine that made us into a great power. you cannot do that with all of these regulations. over 80,000 pages of regulations, they're killing us, and every regulation costs
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money in terms of goods and services. it's a very regressive tax. i want to make sure that people actually understand what the regulations are doing and examine every one based on its cost and its benefits. we're going to do things in a logical way, not ideologically. we're going to change the tax code and have reasonable taxes. and fair taxes for everybody. we're going to look at the corporate tax, which is killing us. you know? everybody knows that we have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. that's craziness. we can fix that and start bringing-- >> i'm not, i don't want to be critical of your style, but what you just did. you're coming forward and that's craziness, it's kill us, those expressions work on this program at least. dr. ben carson, you really got rolling at the end there. come back and see us, we'd appreciate it. >> love to. stuart: prosperity in 16, there's a good one.
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dr. ben carson, thank you. totally different subject, bill cosby, this man is facing a huge legal battle. could be just the beginning. more than 50 women accused him of either drugging or sexually assaulting them. meanwhile, he could be spending the rest of his life in court. more on that in just a moment.
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>> you watched this, bill cosby arraigned on assault charges, you saw it. come on in, attorney wendy patrick. 55 women made accusations and i don't know whether this man is going to prison, but in my opinion he'll never get out of court for the rest of his life. are you with me on this? >> i am, stuart, this has been a tumultuous year for bill cosby. what we've seen this week makes it to a whole other level. this is the first time that he's been charged criminally. that's a big deal for a number of reasons. while it's true there's a different burden of proof and
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preponderance of the evidence and criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt. he for the first time faces the prospect of the jail time. ten years in prison is what he could face if convicted. why is that significant? remember what he has been saying over the years. sure, there's these allegations out there, but he's never been charged criminally. this is a game changer, and shows that justice delayed is not necessarily justin denied. >> it's going to be a very long trial. isn't it? and some of the other women who have made accusations may well appear in that trial for the offense, for the prosecution, i would guess. my point is, i don't know whether the guy goes to jail. i don't know whether he's going to be found guilty or not, but he will never ever get out of court and his legal fees are going to bankrupt the guy, aren't they? i'm not going overboard with that, but you know? >> no, no, you're probably right about that. remember, he also has the civil cases he's fighting. stuart, you raise a good point
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i want to talk about a second. how long is the trial going to take, how many other women are going to testify. that's got to be the single most, if not one of the most significant challenges that these-- that both the prosecution and the defense are going to face. in other words, most cases are sexual assault are he said, she said. here we've got 50-plus she says, what the judge is going to have to determine is how many, if any of those women, are going to be permitted to testify in the trial because the judge is going to have a weigh the pros and cons. highly relevant testimony, and it's prejudicial, but the key is it unduly prejudicial. stuart: will the judge have the option of putting this trial on tv? if he puts it on tv, he or she, i don't know who the judge is, if they put it on tv, this is o.j. simpson all over again, isn't it? >> it is, everybody learned a lot of lessons, good and bad
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from the o.j. simpson trial. that's why judges have to decide whether they allow cameras. and we've seen where judges don't allow photographs and everybody is sketching the players in the game. that's ago argued by both sides, is the world going to watch this unfold in real-time? >> wendy, i think you've got a job for the next decade commenting on this trial. it's a shocking thing, frankly. >> we appreciate it. >> happy new year to you. >> coming up, a new gun law in texas, people will be able to carry their guns in plain sight. strapped to your side, show the world. how about that? an air india plane forced to turn back, why? an unwelcomed passenger on board. no, it's not snakes on a plane. more varney in a moment. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail.
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some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> attention air travelers. air india flight travelling to london turns back after a rat was spotted on board. the airline says the plane will be fumigated and that the rodent sighting is under investigation. passengers changed planes and they did not find the rat. as of tomorrow, people in texas will be allowed to carry openly
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their licensed handguns. the law bans open carry in schools, bars and courts and everywhere else carry in plane view. tamara holder is back. i dismissed you last time, i'm sorry about that. look, hillary clinton says it's despicable, that's her word, if you carry an ak-47 in a grocery store in texas. you say what? >> i would agree. why would you have an ak-47 in a grocery store anywhere? it doesn't make any sense. stuart: despicable? >> despicable is -- it's aggressive. is that okay? it's a little aggressive to be walking anywhere with an ak-47. i don't know, i think that one of the things about america that we're supposed to be great and greatness isn't being afraid of your fellow citizen. but let's get back to the law, stuart. the fact of the matter is that there's plenty of research and let me just put a disclaimer, i'm pro gun.
9:25 am
there's plenty of research that says that having open carry and having concealed weapons does not have any effect on crime rates. stuart: okay. >> the problem is that people are so afraid. stuart: i've only got 30 seconds left, but i want to say this. i have mixed feelings about this. i'm fully in favor of the right to bear arms,got it, but i'm just a little worried about walking down the streets and seeing people with a colt 45 strapped around their waist. i'm a little worried about it last ten seconds to you. >> i agree with you. i have cousins who carry and they say the same thing, they like to conceal people don't like to see it. it has a weird effect on your psychology. stuart: maybe concealed is better than open carry. tamara, thank you very much. we'll see you again in the new year. >> thank you, happy new year. stuart: you, too. the opening bell is next. the one stock that we're watching, apple, we've got somebody who says it might go
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up to $145 a share next year. historic floods in the midwest, some crop prices have gone straight up. we're on that story and the bell, the opening bell next. . .
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. .
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>> i do want people to understand, again, what strength
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is and it's not just how you stipulate, it's not how loudly you speak. it's how you accomplished. i will challenge people to go back through my life and look at the things that's been established and compare them to many of the other people. >> stuart: challenge to jump out of the street and he almost got there. it's 9:30 and seven seconds. the opening bell has rung. [bells] >> stuart: down 53. we are stabilized. larry is right there in chicago. now, i'm going to go through all four of you. i want to know the stock of the year. each one has to have a pick. larry, you're in chicago, i'm coming to you first, go. >> amazon is my pick. any stock that goes to 700, a
9:31 am
whole lot to be happy with them. >> stuart: i knew i liked you. that's my pick of the year. jack, who is yours? >> electronic arts. sometimes we watch a trend happening for so long and don't watch it has accelerated. it's taking off. great for profit margins. >> stuart: are they the big players in this? >> absolutely. they download content. >> stuart: cheryl has her stock of the year, she picked this stock to be nice to me and be generous to me. >> cheryl: on this one actually because microsoft, i have to
9:32 am
hand it to them, to go up against apples and googles of the world. microsoft has really found a way to actually further the business this year, it's on the business-to-business side, though. i have to hand it to the company for that. opening another flagship door. >> stuart: i have been to the stores and they're nowhere near apple stores, sorry. emac, that would be elizabeth, >> who knew they could be so thrilling and exciting. stock return way better than amazon. up 60%. this is about the guts of online retail, shipping technology, they are making start acquisitions to making online
9:33 am
experience better. stock to watch. >> stuart: all right. [laughter] >> stuart: went down 100 points. i'm going to say because the price of oil went down sharply. i have viewers calling me and telling me i'm turning to a different channel if oil down, stock downs. that's the fact. that's what's going on right now. 17.05. take a look at netflix, it is the biggest percentage gainer. youtube -- wait a minute. google is going to smash netflix? >> everybody is looking at netflix, people are -- >> stuart: you're saying youtube is worth double netflix? >> twice as much.
9:34 am
revenue from advertising has overtaken netflix, i believe. but, you know, when you look at this, people my age,ly go on youtube and look at golf videos, i'm not there all day. it's not about me. it's about young viewers. it's very stable for guys my age. i looked at youtube videos, celebrities that are getting billions of views. one of them has videos that has viewed over 10 billion times. >> stuart: god, lord. how old are you? >> 43. >> stuart: i started using for martha flying circus.
9:35 am
>> unboxing toying. it gets like a 100 million views. it's crazy. i grant you. >> stuart: revenue stream. >> you should put a video of you and your tractor? >> stuart: stop it, liz. amazon is crushing wal-mart, is it? that's the story. >> yes and yes. it's a trend that we have watched for a long time. i don't think wal-mart is dead. i keep my eye on wal-mart. every once in a while i check on the numbers to see what's going on. i'm looking for a moment where wal-mart is cheap enough -- they have a couple of more years of aggressive investments.
9:36 am
>> pretty flat revenue. they don't have the product mixlike -- mix like amazon has. >> cheryl: the stores are a mess. >> stuart: the stores are wonderful. i shop there. [laughter] >> stuart: backed up in the mississippi. backed up on the mississippi because of the flooding down river. prices going straight up. dreadful video. that's human suffering on a mass scale. larry, come on in, please. are we going to feel that, you think? >> i don't think. it'll be short-lived. the shipments will get through eventually. with corn and wheat you saw a spike. you know, it actually has been a decent amount higher a few days ago. i don't think we will feel it. it'll be short-lived.
9:37 am
>> stuart: dow is down 105, it may not all be because of the price oil. maybe it's year-end tax selling. what do you think? >> perhaps. all we need is an 8% gain in the market today and we have a normal year for stock return. >> stuart: you're not going to get it. >> next year will be a little bit better. >> stuart: you're the guy that says apple is going to go $145 per share in the year. make your case. >> apple was our top-ten pix for -- picks for the years. if it's not an outright disaster for people in 2016, the stock moves higher. they will get high-single-digit growth. guys like me, we have all of our family pictures and everything
9:38 am
on their devices. we go in every couple of years and they are going to start plugging away with maybe 8%. >> stuart: 145 says jack on december 31st. [laughter] >> stuart: that was the message to ben carson. i think he almost took our advice. there's a lawmaker, a winner, why? >> hi, there, stuart. good morning. look at this, shares is about 7 and a half percent opening this morning after stephen cohen taking after a late-stage trials, the company says it's going to continue trying this drug experimenting for other
9:39 am
types of diseases. >> stuart: chimerix. >> who was that? >> my crazy uncle, yes. >> stuart: old navy is telling kids not to be artist. they have this line out. young aspiring artist, cross it out and astronaut goes up. all of a sudden, they withdraw the t-shirts because the artists are offended. >> cheryl: social media outrage. artists have gone to twitter. >> stuart: they withdrew it. is there anybody that you can say anything about --
9:40 am
>> how many astronauts -- i would cross that out and put engineer. get a job. >> stuart: artists are sensitive. >> the person who created this t-shirt is a free-spirit artist too so props for that person. >> stuart: are we too polite in the workplace? not on this show. the wall street journal says nice is a four-letter word. some companies with radical candor. >> cheryl: go right to their face and say it. it's a new radical thing to do in the workplace. companies are saying, we have miserable clients, everybody is being too nice at work, get over it and start being direct. >> stuart: why can't i say, you are lazy.
9:41 am
>> cheryl: well, you do all of the time to me. [laughter] >> stuart: i don't. >> cheryl: the lawyers are going to have a field day. >> stuart: you cannot be frank. [laughter] >> stuart: lare, -- larry, you want to get into this. >> none of them were nice to employees. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. good debate is important and being nice maybe doesn't get you anywhere. maybe it gets you to be a loser. >> stuart: works for us. okay, everybody, thank you one and all. we are down 93 points as we speak. here is what's coming up. judge andrew on political correctness. we are too scared to offend society's so sensitive. what we can learn about donald trump as a politician by just
9:42 am
watching old episodes of the apprentice. what a show. ♪ ♪
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>> stuart: it's near the end of the year and throughout this year, this wonderful year 2015 josh napolitano have come to some amicable agreement. i think we found one near the end of the year. welcome, everybody. >> i really don't have any idea as to which we have an agreement. >> stuart: political correctness is free speech. >> it absolutely is. i will tell you why. worse than the government is the
9:46 am
force of enforcing political correctness. like on a college campus where they are afraid to speak freely because of what their adversaries will think. you should be able to challenge it. people should never fear they have to remain silent. that's the essence of the first amendment. >> stuart: what's wrong with this? it was down right vicious. >> the things that the columnist said about the king had we lost the war, they all would have lost their heads. [laughter] >> because of what they said. on this side of the atlantic and to a great extent a tradition acquired from the side of the atlantic of which you were born,
9:47 am
the essence of free speech is the essence of a free person. we have never hesitated to have that clash of ideas believing truth comes out of the marketplace of the clash of ideas, never comes when there's silence or fear about speaking your views. >> stuart: i feel a little constrained wishing strangers in a supermarket, merry christmas. i felt a little constrained. i felt constrained because it's not political correct to do that. how do you counter that feeling that i really shouldn't say that? >> if you were asking that to donald trump, he is, of course, the encarnation of political correctness. >> stuart: it's a value.
9:48 am
>> he's performing a service of being politically incorrect. in your case a far more gentile personality, you should say, merry christmas and not worry about the response. you're basically saying, i share my good will with you and this is the language i use with which to share it. >> stuart: we agree. >> don't say we agree on tarp. >> stuart: in this coming year 2016 we will oppose political correctness by more speech. >> absolutely. we will challenge those at every turn, at every opportunity who want to use their force in the government or the force in society to make it unlawful or difficult for people to speak freely. >> stuart: i will never stop the free speech by saying we have a hard break coming up so we have
9:49 am
to end it now. >> i realize this is our last gig of the year. >> stuart: it is. >> most joyful times for me at this set next to you on this show and i can't wait until 2016, assuming i'm invited back. >> stuart: of course, you'll be invited back next year. now this, a children's toy playing plays an islamic player. time square, a billion people will be watching that ball drop. a billion. the people who make the cristal ball are here next. ♪ ♪
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>> stuart: interesting story. a children's toy playing instead of making flying sounds came with a hymn of an islamic prayer. roll tape.
9:54 am
♪ ♪ >> stuart: i think we have a bad message. >> cheryl: it's an islamic prayer. the head of the islamic society in that county in washington state was somewhat offended by this. this was a prayer that we go to meca every year. no one is happy about this. stuart tauter it's being withdrawn, i take it. >> cheryl: oh, yeah. >> stuart: a billion people will be watching time square tonight as the ball drops at midnight. look who is here. master tom brenon. you designed the ball. you're in charge of it, weren't
9:55 am
you? >> a lot of different people. >> stuart: you're the guy that said to 2,600 interlocked triangles. >> six tons in weight, a billion people watching across the world celebrating. how special is this? stuart tauter that's special, who paid for it? >> it's not a math of price -- matter of price for us. >> stuart: this is a financial program. how much does that thing cost? >> it's priceless. >> stuart: get out -- >> it's priceless. >> stuart: that's nonsense. no organization puts out an extraordinary,ly give you that
9:56 am
and doesn't look at the price. don't tell me that. >> it's not about the price. >> stuart: how much was it? >> priceless. it's a question that we ask of ourselves. >> stuart: i know that. >> a billion people, a million people in time square. 120million. >> stuart: $10 million? >> i never said that. >> stuart: put together there? >> waterford and new york. >> stuart: it's put together on the pole. >> it's going to be insane. >> $15 million, has to be. about 15 million, you're about to say. >> you can ask me all day long
9:57 am
and you're going to get the same answer. >> stuart: tom, i will be watching the ball. tom, it's beautiful and i will take the point that it's priceless. >> thanks so much. my pleasure. >> stuart: i'm calling a document dump, hillary clinton's emails from the private server, guess what, they are going to be erased on new year's eve. four dollars gas by the end of the way and i said, no way. i'm ready collect.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> stuart: last day of 2015, here are the big stories. new year's celebrations around the world. you are looking live at tokyo. i think it just turned midnight there. 20 seconds away from midnight.
10:00 am
i think they'll have a celebration in 14 seconds. security, however, has really been stepped up all around the world. hold on a second. i have to wait for eight seconds, six seconds, i want to see tokyo get into the new year. [speaking in native tongue] >> stuart: not bad. [laughter] >> stuart: there we go. [cheers and applause] >> stuart: i should learn to countdown in japanese. happy new year. much more seriously and frankly tragic this story, flooding across a wide of the southland.
10:01 am
price of commodities has gone up already. the flooding is not over yet. serious stuff. more hillary clinton emails will be released today. 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, a long start of a holiday weekend. can you say, document dump. hour two start now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stuart: flooding is still a major danger in the southern united states, days of tornado, heavy downpours, of course, several rivers flooded out. some areas received 12-inches of rain. 24 people have died. much of the flooding has been in missouri where the governor has received support from president obama. got it. some good news about affluenza teen that's been caught in
10:02 am
méxico. >> liz: he will not be allowed to stay here indefinitely. he's fighting deportation, caught on social media in drinking game. he is not allowed to spend there. the mother has been deported for hindering apprehension, taken to an la jail where she will head to texas. they were using one of their cell phones to use dominoes pizza. that's how they were caught. this is the affluenza team, ethan couch. >> stuart: donald trump is being called a sexist by many after bringing bill clinton's history. i can't remember last time, did we clash about whether you're a republican, democrat or
10:03 am
independent or what. >> stop, i'm a conservative. don't even try that. >> stuart: okay, what do you say about donald trump. he has declared war on the clintons, he calls them my enemies, what do you think of that? >> donald trump has a tendency of saying things and i don't think he's a sexist of any means, i don't think ivanka trump would be serving as vice president as trump organization. i don't think he's sexist, the point here is hillary clinton, the wall street journal has a great editorial about this. hillary clinton can't have it both ways. yet after president bill clinton predatory behavior, mónica lewinsky, hillary clinton went out of her way to discredit mónica lewinsky and call her a
10:04 am
stalker and ruined her names. she can't have it both ways. >> stuart: am i detecting a little drift on your part? have you drifted closer to accurate -- acceptance of trump, i think you have. [laughter] >> stuart: i will tell you why, because he's winning. he's grabbing control of the issues and dominating the debate. he's dictating the debate. you sigh it and you're jumping on board. >> i still have concerns about his flip-flopping on a variety of issues. i have a concern about doing a 180 on healthcare and immigration. i do care about his ability to fight and i'm so sick and tired of that political correctness. >> stuart: i want to ask you about the document dump that's coming this afternoon at
10:05 am
4:00 o'clock eastern time. it's knew -- new year's eve. if i was dolling this stuff out, this is the time when i would do it and this is the day where i would include a nasty e-mail which would be a problem for hillary. what do you make of this document dump? >> it is intentional and this is why administrations, this is why politicians put out bad news on the eve of new year's. christmas eve or fridays because they are hoping people aren't going to be paying attention to what is in the emails. so far what we have seen is the fact that we know that she had and deleted top-secret classified information and intentionally lied to the benghazi victims' families about the root cause of the terrorist attacks were.
10:06 am
she said it was a youtube video that orchestrated attack. >> stuart: as a political operative, that's you, you have to be eager for 4:00 o'clock eastern time, are you going to be studying the emails all the way to new year's eve? are you? >> the biggest problem hillary clinton faces right now, there doesn't need to be a smoking gun, right now americans don't trust her. they don't believe her and she has a likability problem. when you add those two things together that poses a big problem for hillary clinton. >> stuart: i'm going to call you on midnight tonight. >> i'll be waiting. hopefully you wish me a happy new year. happy new year, stuart.
10:07 am
>> stuart: no, prosperity, forget this tough. >> thank you so much, stuart. >> stuart: we are off 103. now it's basically flat. that's interesting. flat oil, sharply lower market. tax selling is doing in the dow. do you remember this, back in january i made a bet with the price of gas, he got it right, listen to this. if i said, the price of a gallon of regular gas national average according to triple a will not hit $4 a gallon this year, i will put a 100 bucks that says i'm right, will you match me? >> i'm on for it. >> stuart: okay. [laughter] here is john, i trust you to pay. i want to see that very nice 100-dollar bill. >> there's an expression where i grew up called old too soon and
10:08 am
smart too late. that's the only way i can characterize that ridiculous bet that we set last january. >> stuart: i will do you a deal. >> it has your name on it. >> stuart: believe me, i will take it. i will take it. i want to double or nothing. i want to bring in another forecast from you. will you double or nothing on 4-dollar gas at some point in 2016? >> no. >> stuart: what's wrong? >> gas prices are not necessarily as oil price. i bet you on oil price rather than gas price. how about that? north of $75, double or nothing, december 31st, 2016. are you on?
10:09 am
>> stuart: let's clarify the bet. you say that oil next year 2016 goes to $75 per barrel at some point in the year. if it doesn't, you owe me $200, is that the bet? >> that's the bet. >> stuart: we have a glut all over the place. >> we have a glut but it's not that big of a glut. 2million barrels today. well, that's a couple of minutes, actually, of global demand. and so the inventories are not out of control in my view. the decline in the oil fields is running a pace now because of the lack of investment, the majors have pushed out all kinds of capital projects into 2017, 2018 and beyond, at some point during the year, make no mistake about it, there will be a private chat in my view between
10:10 am
saudi and russia in which both will back off sustained production and we will see oil prices rise as production in those two countries in particular decline. >> stuart: john, i think you're forgetting american frackers. they can turn up the volume very quickly if prices go nearly 40-$50 a barrel. >> john: won't happen in 2016, stuart. supply chain has been so badly damaged by cutbacks that it can't possibly get back in gear to support the drilling that you're suggesting. it'll take more time to recover. >> stuart: it's a fascinating subject. john, i will wait to collect the money one year.
10:11 am
what a guy, what a guy. >> john: as will i. >> stuart: best of luck to you in the new year. car service uber hitting a huge milestone. jo has the story in case you missed. >> jo ling: customer received free uber ride for a year while the driver won a vacation on any place where uber operates. uber is valued at $65 billion. and maybe you've done this before. you've had bad experience in store and i'm going to write a letter to the ceo, one man actually did that in macy's in maryland, discovered there were no changing tables in the man's bathrooms to macy's. he sent a letter to chairman ceo and a chair was installed within a week. we are also checking microsoft stock right now.
10:12 am
it's down north of 1%. they've got a new policy that we are watching. microsoft will notify customers if it suspects a government is spying on their e-mail. policy changes after chinese hot mail hacked. meanwhile google, facebook and yahoo and twitter already issuing warnings of this kind, stuart. >> stuart: we will take it. new allegations spying by oh obama administration could be straining relations with nato allies. more on that one when we come back
10:13 am
this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> stuart: we are about 14 hours from new years here in new york city. time square, security out in full force. 6,000 officers in and around time square today. essentially a military zone. i've been done there.
10:16 am
it's extraordinary right now. nypd's counterterrorism chief says time square will be the safest place in the world tonight. now, i have to tell you, if you go down there once you're in and they've got the pins, you can't get out. there are no bathroom breaks. okay. that's why a large proportion of those people down there tonight, i am reliable that they are wearing adult diapers? >> cheryl: that is a current trend. >> stuart: say no more. >> #uww. >> stuart: brussels has captured fireworks celebrations. decision to cancel was made after receiving credible information about an attack. two people suspected of planning new year's eve attacks were
10:17 am
arrested in belgium earlier this week. nsa reportedly spying on the president of turkey, turkey is a nato ally, it is a friend of the united states. joining us now the former embassador to iraq and turkey, embassador james jeffrey. mr. embassador, this is not going to go well with turkey's leader. do you think they will retreat as being one of our friends, will they change the policy towards us? >> this will have no effect one or another, the turks are well aware that not only we but others, they were revelations last year that germany has intercepted president's communications. >> stuart: really? we got to that point. when it was learned that we were spying on angela merkel and listening to her phone conversations there was outrage,
10:18 am
all kind of repercussions which were threatened. now you're saying it's accepted, we all know it, everybody does it so it's okay, have we reached that stage? >> let me correct myself. i spent nine years serving in germany. germany is a special case because of its national socialism past and because of the experience with estassi. germans really were shocked and unhappy and this has had an effect with relations. but most other countries when the revelations came out, people basically expect that and they use various kinds of espionage to target us as well. >> stuart: espionage not conducted against members of congress, members of congress were swept up in this. that's not going to go well with members of congress, they won't
10:19 am
just pass this off? >> that's a question that you should pose to them. my understanding from this from the wall street journal story that it's normal for us in a responsibility of the united states government when i was in the white house we certainly very attentive to this to know what foreign governments are trying to -- >> stuart: yeah. >> that's normal and i think everybody should accept that. did you know how good the nsa is at intercepting the communications of foreign lead ers. did you know they were that good? >> you know i can't comment on that. >> stuart: that's true.
10:20 am
[laughter] >> stuart: last one. mosil in iraq if it's taken by iraqi forces, is that the end of isis in iraq and can they do it? >> if we were able to take mosil where the leader of isis declared the caliphate, that would be a very, very significant blow to isis, but that's going to be a long time and coming. the conditions we saw in the take down of ramadi which is not complete, are absolutely not present in the much larger city of mosil will isis will fight much, much harder. >> stuart: we thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> stuart: enough with saying happy new year. i want prosperity, liberty and freedom in 2016 and i will say that in just a moment
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
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10:24 am
>> stuart: just got this coming in from triple a, average price was 2.40 a gallon. only 2009 was cheaper. this year average 94 cents per gallon cheaper. we saved a ton of money. ted cruz on the heels of donald trump. he could be the nominee. fred barnes up next. when there's no snow at a ski resort, what do you do, you make the snow but that costs you an arm and a leg, we will discuss at 10:45 this show. happy new year. it's such a platitude, isn't it? we all say it. may i do a donald trump and
10:25 am
speak clearly and directly? yes, i want to be happy, but first and foremost i want america to be prosperous again, give me growth and profit, quit whining about it's not fair. don't ever again tell me i'm not paying my fair share. do you think it's fair when the government takes half of your income, get out of here. when i signed up as an american citizen last month, that made me happy. i joined the club willingly and very happy. one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. now, that has meaning. taking the oath from people from 31 different countries brought tears to my eyes. you swear allegiance. that's a pledge. next year, i want to see our country prosperous, then we will happy. happiness doesn't flow down from the government. it flows out from the individual. enough with the platitudes, here
10:26 am
is my new year toast, prosperity, liberty and freedom. that's happiness.
10:27 am
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10:29 am
stuart: this may be a little tax selling. you sell a losing stock at the end of the year. that may be what is happening now. the dow is up 120. it is dead flat. the relationship between stocks and oil has been broken this new year's eve. we have senator ted cruz. he is right behind donald trump. you look at the national polls. ted cruz is very likely to be
10:30 am
the republican nominee. fred bonds. okay. you are saying step aside donald trump. it is ted cruz. he will come on strong. he will win. if cruz wins, you know, and i well, eating trump and i what image comes in first or second in new hampshire higher, it would certainly set him up in new hampshire to win south carolina two years later. then we get all the southern primaries. i think his problem is not that. stuart: to get to that point, trump and cruise, they are way
10:31 am
out from. getting in there for the nomination. what is the establishment going to do about this? >> the establishment is not happy. >> i am really just a conservative journalists. not one of them has leaped out ahead of the others. i think marco rubio is doing better. jeb bush and john kasich. stuart: 10-15-20 points behind. can they catch up? >> we have only seen polls before people overly concentrated on actually voting. winding up losing new hampshire
10:32 am
higher. the same thing. these polls are not scientific. look, if i am a candidate that is way ahead, even if the polls are not predictive, i rather be way ahead and not. >> i want your take on what ben carson said to me. >> we will do things in a logical way. not ideologically. we will look at the corporate tax which is killing us. everyone knows we have the highest corporate tax rate. i said to them your demeanor is your problem. were sitting back. you are not going forward. he was just getting to the point where he was really getting fired up there.
10:33 am
you agree with that is what he has to do. >> he is coming out with a full-blown economic plan. his problem right now is just in that bite on your show, he did not distinguish himself from the other candidates on the tax issue. some are for a flat tax. donald trump, and economic plan. reducing it to 28%. cutting the corporate rate. what he needs is a plan that he is fired up about that distinguishes himself from the other republican candidates. >> changing your demeanor. that is who you are. making a radical shift. one is chris christie. firing up to do what is very
10:34 am
helpful in new hampshire higher. every town hall meeting that you can. that is how john mccain won the nation. stuart: i wonder if donald trump would seal the nomination if he toned it down. >> the thing about hillary clinton and bill and so on. that will keep trump at the top of the news latter four days. months. weeks. he always comes up with something that works. >> trump versus hillary. would you vote for trump? >> i would certainly be inclined to do that. >> always a pleasure. thank you very much for coming back on the show.
10:35 am
>> we are talking now about the disruption of a major tv icon. bill cosby charged. you have something new. >> saying she will fight to stop any other accusers of testifying in court. that would be for the prosecutors. women accusing of the same accusations. they are also saying that there will be no plea deals. also, this is a political football. getting elected to prosecute. >> they will fight. >> of course they are going to fight. the dart came out in the news conference. his problem is not the fact that he is testifying against him in this case. criminal charges as well posted against him. this may be hit him 10 years
10:36 am
maximum. >> the question for a lot of people is, will it be on television? >> the lawyer will probably fight to not allow that. we do not know. this is 80 said she said situation. establishing a pattern. they have no evidence. >> the lawyer said will try to keep those others. the judge make that decision. we are talking the fall of 2016. another hearing in january. >> as big year comes to a close. throughout the week. throughout this month. looking at the best dividend plays. jamie cox is with us.
10:37 am
i know you like regional banks. start with keybank, please. i know you like that one. >> write about 3%. in that particular segment of the market. it is only part of the banking industry that is actually growing. making a recent acquisition. there is a lot of frank latorre costs. i think that will bring not only dividends for the investors that own the stocks, but for some growth. at the same time. i know you like that one as well. what is the dividend yield? >> it is a little higher. not by much. around 3%. it restrains the amount of capital or dividends. one of the things people need to pay attention to are the bank
10:38 am
dividends. dividends would be cut. i think the dividend is more like lee to be sustainable. stuart: a very strong dividend. four and a half 5%. is that dividend safe? >> i think so. >> people have worried about the dividend on these large integrative companies being reduced. painting the dividends on the stocks do represent stability. they pay close attention. not so much attention to the price of oil. if you were to look at a company like bp, for example, even higher than what chevron and exxon mobil has. the company is worth about one third of what the value of those
10:39 am
oil reserves are at days current low prices. now look at it just on a dividend play. look at it with a valuation. it is still reasonable. >> chevron and that song. >> dividend yield is a little bit over 3%. the one on chevron is a little bit below four. these are very good. >> we have been saying that amazon is the stock of the year. you think that you should by fedex as a way to play amazon. >> a lot of the games and amazon have already been realized. you need to look at the supply chain opportunities. things that are ordered on amazon do not just appear at your door. shipping companies like fedex and ups are the major benefiting
10:40 am
factors. some estimates are that fedex shipping volumes will increase 30% just on the amazon now product being implemented. you are looking at a tremendous opportunity for customers. stuart: we hear you and we are interested. thank you very much indeed. 50 degrees above normal. they are calling it sweater weather up there. they are not real happy about this. that in a moment. ♪ like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today.
10:41 am
ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
10:42 am
>> good morning. last trading day of 2015. i am lori rothman on the stock exchange. oil is up today. has not been a trend this year. 32% in 2015. the broader market. looks like the dow here today will close lower right now. 1.7%. one of the four industries in the s&p that will close out with gains today. the best performer there is amazon. google, microsoft also posting significant gains on the year.
10:43 am
apple underperforming both the dow in the technology sector as a whole. much more coming up on "varney & company" after this. stick around. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> the affluence that case. he is still in mexico. >> the dallas area. just charging her. the hindering of an investigation. putting up 100 grand if she wants to maintain her freedom. early this morning, they did leave her in handcuffs at the l.a. airport. a local news station in dallas is reporting she will be arriving in dollars tomorrow. >> that is a young man. >> that is a picture of the facility in mexico where he is being held. he may have weeks or months to stay in mexico. obviously, hire a mexican attorney. stuart: he is there. she is here. both stocks have more than doubled this year.
10:46 am
the biggest gains on the s&p. the dow was up 150 points. amazon is down just $6. netflix is down a couple of cents. 116. it is actually warmer in the north pole then chicago. 50 degrees above average for this time of year at the north pole. >> this is a big storm that has been causing all the habit. above the north pole. it raises temperatures to freezing. that is completely above average for the north pole. we do not have any weather stations. >> it pushed one mayor above. it should not be this warm in the north pole. 70-mile per hour wind up there.
10:47 am
there is no person up there. stuart: all right. sweater weather to the north pole. where is the snow down here? gerri is with us. that is a huge ski resort. without machines, without snow machines, you do not have any snow. is that correct? >> one-3 inches of snow on the ground. a little bored then the north pole. >> it costs cost a lot of money to b snowmaking machines. >> you have your energy consumption. >> you have to be able to make these. >> we like to see people make good profits on this program.
10:48 am
we are all capitalists here. we're kind of sorry for you. can we say that your season has been badly damaged? >> you could say that at the beginning of the season. many resorts across the country. trying to cushion that blow. it may drop even a short time. a lot of the competition is not open yet. >> we are all rooting for you. we love to see people make money. i have never put a pair of skis on in my life. is there any difference to skiers prefer natural snow? or do they really like the snow machine stuff?
10:49 am
>> whether it is natural or man-made, it is natural. one bucket in front of you. >> thank you my friend. eight trails (beginner up to advance. stuart: the bars are open. excellent stuff. we wish you the very best. we would love to see you make some money. >> thank you, my friend. appreciate it. donald trump has changed the political landscape. i will have my take on that in just a moment. ♪ you both have a
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> there is an expression where i grew up called all too soon and smart too late. that is the only way i can characterize that. this is to you, stuart. it has your name on it. >> hillary clinton cannot have it both ways. every sexual assault victim has the right to be heard.
10:54 am
praying on a 22-year-old intern. having an affair with her. discrediting monica lewinsky. >> we have the best place to ring in the new year. cheryl, what do you have? >> i know you are excited for new year's eve. you can celebrate new year's eve with a bunch of wax figures. honest to god. they are having a big party there. you can actually go on this cruise. this one i actually like. you are surfing around new york city. you get a party cruise. it will be warm tonight. [laughter] you can go to amc.
10:55 am
it is a nightmare. you can go watch movies at 42nd street. there you go. >> a champagne toast. >> access to the restroom. it has been a big focal point. a lot of the hotels are offering different packages. you get a view of the ball drop. it is a rooftop lounge. >> basically watching us right now. you have to plan ahead. >> i am going to a private party in my neighborhood. >> there you go. donald trump taking the world by storm. presidential politics. just three minutes away.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> tuesday. 215-1105 eastern time. we have heard that donald trump will make an announcement. a camera already to go. we put it on the air live. you watched donald trump announced his run for the presidency. his announcement started by acknowledging the big crowd. second sentence, he mocked his opponent for the small crowds. there is a patent developing here. then he attacked china and in japan. his first speech, he established himself as the outsider who is
11:00 am
going to make america great again. i remember coming back on the air after his speech was done. did we just hear that right? did a presidential candidate just set up a trade war with china? did he insult hispanics? yes. that is exactly what we heard. we were not used to anything like that. anybody who follows politics now understands that something changed. speak clearly. speak directly. be politically incorrect. establish a can-do spirit. show us a bright future where america starts winning again. all of those people, including me, predicting he would fade while wildly wrong. today, trump has brought us to a very different political world.
11:01 am
he is calling the shots. he is the guy that put immigration, infrastructure and bill and hillary and monica right under the front burner. the others tiptoed around. trump jumped right in. tuesday, june 16, 2015, 1105 eastern time, we took you therefore the first appearance as a presidential candidate. yes, fun ever since. ♪ here is the headline. this new year's eve. it is not good. it continues in the southern and central united states. at least 24 people have died in the flood so far.
11:02 am
five major rivers all flowing into the industrial south. they are basically overflowing. the mississippi river is expecting to crest today. all right. going to get to politics. that is an introduction. you are being criticized. trump and cruise are the nonestablishment guys. you got the "wall street journal," you are the establishment. people are going after you. how does it feel. >> after all of these years of being on the outside, i guess that i will take it. we came in with ronald reagan. we came in with the ronald reagan tax cuts. that is the establishment.
11:03 am
it is okay with me. i am not sure if donald trump is okay with the establishment or part of the insiders. i had an interesting experience. it was actually the night before christmas. a man showed up at my door and gave me a package. all five discs. i did watch it. paying the same thing back then. it becomes clear that they are running a presidential campaign. he is running the model created by the apprentice. in that world, there is two
11:04 am
things. you are happy or against. he has always been that way. he has not changed. 2004, 2005. he is telling me he is using this same phrases back then as he is using now. they are killing you. another guy criticize. he said, wow. i cannot believe we are saying that. the same phrases. dennett donald trump come to the "wall street journal" offices and address the editorial board and use the same expressions? >> to me? >> yes, to you. you are getting to know me. it will be all right.
11:05 am
>> it is totally on conflict. he also attacked congressman trey gaudi who ran the benghazi committee. you say to yourself, why is he attacking trey gaudi of all people. it is constant conflict. the danger is, he turned the campaign onto a kind of circus. the question is whether the american people, i am okay with this. fighting another episode of the apprentice. that is the big question. we ran with it all this week. 50% of those people said that they would be embarrassed if donald trump sits in the oval office.
11:06 am
is this what i want in the presidency? you are saying a lot of people will say, no. >> yes. i think that that is what will happen. he begins to talk in a more positive way. what he may actually do as president. giving the impression that he can govern. stuart: he has not changed since 2004. he will not change now. >> he is larger than the character. >> he thought that he was a brilliant politician. given what he has done. carving ukraine and have to. it gets to be a little bit too much. having an internal governor or monitor that will allow him. we will find out. stuart: that journalistic
11:07 am
expression. >> in iowa. >> we expect vigorous commentary from you before then. dan nagar. look at the dow industrials. coming back a bit. down a mere 107 points. we have a gain of 300 points today. if we want to close positive for the year. actually edging up now. that is interesting. that is a different relationship. it is new year's eve. that means it is time for, younger people, shall we say, to celebrate the. >> i am already celebrating.
11:08 am
>> it is amateur hour. i have absolutely no interest in being in times square tonight. are you? you will any old, you will any of-- you will any -- do you celebrate like i used to back in the day? a lot of drinking. a lot of partying. >> i like to drink jamison. you have a responsible life. it is new year's. everyone have a good time.
11:09 am
we see how that each rule hollywood story ends. he is in a wheelchair. you see how lindsay lohan lynn turned out. recreational drugs. stuart: that was okay in my day. camera phones. people videotaping everything. it is pretty much my worst nightmare having a video or picture of me drunk on camera. >> what happened on college campuses across the country.
11:10 am
you have to check your phone up the door. you don't want anything to go on the internet. it was after prince harry. we just did three minutes on millennial's. they are celebrating on new year's eve. that is a first. >> it is a first for us. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> happy new year, everyone. >> prosperity. live free or die. [laughter] i said that. stuart: online outrage forcing old navy to pull some t-shirts from the shelves. specifically, those t-shirts. >> it is basically, you are
11:11 am
saying the words astronaut and president. we were just saying before, and inspiring artist made this t-shirt. >> old navy puts out these t-shirt. young aspiring artists. the artist zero so offended. >> the story is social media. companies get a tacked on social media. the t-shirts are put great. bring them back. engineer. developer. all bernie sanders supporters.
11:12 am
what do you expect. i will tell you one thing. cost will go up. full details in a moment. ♪ this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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11:14 am
11:15 am
>> a look at the dow jones industrial average. a 100-point loss. that is where we are. of $0.10. now this. 2016 could really bring some huge changes to obamacare. specifically how much you have to pay for healthcare. working for obamacare insurance company at one time. i read your material. my headline that jumps out to me is that rates will go 20-40% next year. when i say rates, what does that mean? >> the exchanges around the country.
11:16 am
twenty-40% more. my rate, the cost to me, price i have to pay goes up 20-40%. why is that? >> well, to a large degree, we have a lot more pent-up demand. we are lower than they should have been. our health plans going out of business actually had a rate increase on average of 45%. what we found is the cost is much higher than we expected. we have a lot of red states around the country. they do not want expansions. they are higher than originally anticipated.
11:17 am
stuart: if you generate increase later this year. are you talking now about the spiraling down, maybe the collapse of some of these exchanges? >> what i think you will see are the subsidy costs. they provide a tax credit benefit. they will actually increase. the overall implementation of the affordable care act will go up. they will have to pass on the employer benefits. you will see cost continuing to go up throughout the health care system. >> they will have to pay the insurance companies because they are losing money. is that going to happen? >> you may see some more of that.
11:18 am
enough money build into the affordable care act. what you are getting before the affordable care act was mandated and there was no mod coverage. >> you were cooperative in utah went belly up. are you glad you are out of this business? >> i am a business builder. this is my 13th start up. it is really difficult to work with government challenges. their expertise is in that space. they have good intentions, generally. those folks working on the government. it is really tough to implement business models when you have
11:19 am
government control. >> at, i believe, is accurate. thank you for joining us. come and see us next year. okay. cyber security problems. big time at the irs. what is going on? >> this is that outrage story of the year. >> it is family members. the irs according to the treasury watchdog is still working on will string the procedures. they are still worried about outdated passwords being used. old technology, old software still in place for the irs. stuart: they don't know what they were doing.
11:20 am
they do use websites to get their tax info. stuart: thank you for bringing us that outrage. the terror that came to europe. fox business deirdre bolton. she is going to join us in a moment. ♪ feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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11:24 am
stuart: breaking news this new year's eve. a man from rochester new york has been arrested. he was plotting an attack on new year's eve and providing material assistance to isis. they have received direction from overseas. planning to attack in rochester. i will say that 2015 was the year that terror was truly brought home from europe. 130 people killed. deidre bolton was there. she was in paris. she is with me right now. back in new york. i have two believe that paris was shellshocked. >> scared and defiant. a lot like 9/11.
11:25 am
you have cafés reopening. that was the way of life that was attacked. you are right. shellshocked. we are petrified. we will not let them win. we will go and sit on the terrace. >> when you got there, was paris still on lock down? >> lockdown was not the wrong word. you could walk through the streets that right. people were shellshocked. >> what where relations like between, for want of a better word, i think this is really why it struck at the heart of the community. we would be cafés with tons of young people where you would have whites next to muslims next to africans next to middle
11:26 am
eastern's. not personally effective. you are talking about new york. brussels actually canceled a new year's eve celebration. more or less attached to these horrific events. more and more, people are willing to let go of their civil liberty. >> any police officers. >> welcome back. good reporting. thank you. what is the best way to hide bad news. that is what hillary is doing.
11:27 am
back in a minute. ♪ . .
11:28 am
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11:30 am
>> stuart: we do an awful lot of politics in this program.
11:31 am
why not? dow down 126 points. look at the price of oil, up 26 cents. got it. let's get back to party. [laughter] >> cheryl: i don't want to talk about the market. >> stuart: a new batch of emails from hillary. guess what time they are being released. 4:00 o'clock eastern time. this is new year's eve. welcome to the program. [laughter] >> this is a document dump, isn't it? >> yeah, it's a monthly tradition. >> stuart: look, they are hoping that whatever is in there we won't notice because we are celebrating new year's eve. whatever is in there is going to be found out.
11:32 am
>> stuart: they can do it and dig out whatever is in there and won't appear over "the new york times" over the weekend. >> amy has been tough on hillary clinton. >> stuart: who? >> amy. they covered peter's book. i'm not saying that they have been, you know, looking to take down hillary clinton, but i think that they have been very objective and fair about it and are looking into these things. >> stuart: objective and fair, the new york city times. okay. donald trump has gone after the clinton machine, big time. we have not seen him done this before. >> because they are friends. >> stuart: well, they were. do you think this is a wise policy for trump to go after the
11:33 am
clinton machine? >> i don't know. the tact that he's taking is an interesting one. he's had two affair that is we have known about. if you want to ask me questions, i will tell you. everyone knows ha -- that he cheated on his wife. >> stuart: i don't think he's been questioned about it recently. >> like today? >> stuart: what is the real relationship with bill and hillary. >> i think it's called marriage. this is what you're going after, how much they love each other and how often they hold hands? they are just political -- >> stuart: america wants to know the first couple that was in the 1990's. >> they know about it. i'm excited. he has raised the issue, but also raised the issue on
11:34 am
ridiculous grounds. the sexist argument -- >> stuart: you think it's ridiculous? >> bill clinton popularity spiked to the highest it was during the itch peachment hearing. donald trump himself has not displayed good behavior. donald trump had raped her and she felt violated during this sexual encounter. donald trump, i don't think this is where she should be going, if he wants to hit her on polly, be my guest. going after bill clinton who is the most powerful politician in the country -- i think they have been asking themselves that. the e-mail scandal has been brought up. do we want people that live in the gray. i call it gray. i know. here we are. [laughter] >> stuart: jeb bush just had an interview
11:35 am
11:36 am
11:37 am
11:38 am
11:39 am
>> stuart: how about mcdonald's? >> with mcdonald's what they actually did was they had a plan. this is finally communicated some type of plan, they are going to refranchise about four different company-owned stores. i think the stock is terribly overvalued in my opinion. it's like putting a band aid on a pig and putting into a beauty
11:40 am
contest. this is to me not a good company to invest in. if you have a great company, you should be investing in the organic growth of the company and dividends is not the way to go. >> stuart: hold on a second. we picked at&t as a stronger player because it pays four and a half 5% dividend. you don't like at&t, i take it? >> mature company, you are not going to get any significant growth. the problem with dividend is that you are not able to really use the cash to make good acquisitions, you're not able to use the cash for organic growth. what people don't realize, yeah you're not getting the dividend and it's not necessarily safe. so, no, i don't like it. >> stuart: you agree on amazon but don't agree on mcdonald's.
11:41 am
got it. i prefer to say prosperity in 2016 to you and yours. >> thank you, i wish you a great one. >> stuart: bill cosby charged with sexual assault, cultural icon this guy, marched in front of a judge, back with that in a moment. t work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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>> oil is actually up a quarter of the barrel today, for the year down again. over the last two years crude oil is down more than 60% and that's really been the story of 2015. the bottom following out of oil. let's break down the 10 s&p sectors for you. quickly sectors in the green. much more of varney after this
11:44 am
usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. if i buy a car through usaa, i know i'm getting a fair price. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient,
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we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. >> stuart: this is a tragic story but it is historic flooding in the south and in the midwest and could create problems on the commodity markets, actually it already has barges don't make it down the river. the price of commodities went up yesterday because of the barge traffic situation. jeff flock is at the chicago exchange right now. where are prices now, what's the update on the situation? >> the future's market hasn't moved up. it's mainly the cash market because they can't move the crop
11:46 am
according to some places along the mississippi. beans are trading at 70% and corn at 50% premium. at 5-mile stretch of the mississippi is shut down because of the high water. that also could have impact on oil as well because they had to shut down a pipeline so we could begin to get a backup there and that would drive downward pressure on oil. >> stuart: jeff, thank you for the update. jeff flock, all right. bill cosby, yeah, he's out on a million dollar bond after being charged with criminal sexual assault in pennsylvania. kim is with us, intouch weekly senior editor. point number one, this is a destruction of a tv icon, how does hollywood feel about this? >> he's not getting a lot of support in hollywood. that's been part of the issue why he hasn't been able to
11:47 am
recover. he had the nbc sitcom cancel. >> stuart: whoopi goldberg was a supporter. >> she backtracked and said it looks bad, bill. jill scott, one of the supporters said it was backtracking a bit. jerry seinfeld pulled endorsement from the biography that's out about him. >> stuart: we can condemn and be horrified of what he is alleged to have done. at the same time don't you have to respect's the man talent. he was brilliant. >> that's why it's so hard for people to watch. >> cheryl: i never want to see the show ever again. i can't look at the pictures sometimes without feeling disgusted.
11:48 am
>> when you watch clips of the show you get taken back, certain clips make you feel uneasy watching them. >> stuart: i think he has been destroyed as a public figure and i don't think he's ever going to get out of court. >> the trial maybe 9-12 months and who knows if it's televised. that's a big deal. >> cheryl: people want him to go down. if it's played out in front of television, you're right. you never know what's going to happen in a court of law. >> this is the guy that people grew up with, people looked as a role model. >> stuart: you were in there as press secretary. if you were in some way representing bill cosby, i don't know whether you would take the job or not, what would you do, how would you represent him in
11:49 am
public? >> it's really hard. again, you would look to those institution that is have supported him like kpwepblgs or the -- colleges and navies. >> stuart: like a broken man. >> yeah. >> cheryl: he has health problems, he does. >> stuart: okay, kim, thank you very much, indeed, on a very difficult subject. >> it's tough. thank you very much. >> stuart: starting tomorrow you can openly carry a gun in texas. you like that idea? back in a moment you both have a
11:50 am
11:51 am
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11:53 am
>> stuart: starting tomorrow folks in texas, if you have a permit can carry around handguns openly in public. peteer barnes from dc. >> peter: one of the states that allow open carry of rifle or
11:54 am
handgun, that ends tomorrow under the new law, carrier has to have license, must have criminal record and must have passed gun training and a shooting test, but the law also forbids open carry in banks, bars and supporting venues and allow other businesses to prohibit customers to carry guns open. >> stuart: i don't know how i would feel about that. if if if you conceal it's one thing. president obama could make it harder for you to buy a gun in the first place, what's this all about? >> cheryl: this is a long-awaited action. he is going to put further restrictions in place, he can't get through congress. here is what we think is going
11:55 am
to happen. this is the reports out there, requiring small gun sellers to be licensed and background checks, that would close the gun show loophole. gun shows has been the targets of gun control advocates and if you're gun gets stolen or lost, tighter restrictions and tighter penalties if you don't report that to officials. >> stuart: we think that's coming. we don't know. gun permit applications will go through the roof as soon as you hear that one. >> cheryl: yeah. you bet. >> stuart: this is the last that i will read in 2015. it was a terrific year, the year i became an american citizen. great year. more varney after this. >> celebrating your becoming a u.s. citizen. millions of people want to come to the united states and through the magic of television i did
11:56 am
have a flag flown over the united states capital that we would like to present to you, hopefully this reaches you at your desk. >> stuart: look at that. [laughter] >> we want to welcome you as an american citizen. >> stuart: thank you very much, indeed. >> we are going to bring this right to you right now. >> so help me god. [laughter] >> i will never forgive him. [laughter] >> i did. >> congratulations to you by the way becoming a u.s. citizen, that's really exciting. i'm so proud. >> congratulations on becoming an american. >> ii want to welcome you as an american citizen. in my family they come and we celebrate with a game and some pasta and marinera. >> stuart: you want me to socialize, cavuto?
11:57 am
i feel honored and privileged to be here. thank you, everyone.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: well, look at that, now, that is indonesia. what's the capital of indonesia? jakarta. that's where they're now sell broughting midnight -- celebrating midnight. the new year has just arrived in jakarta, indonesia. we've got 12 hours here before we can celebrate the new year, but that's the time when you do resolutions. what's your resolution? >> i'm going to put this down. i have been on this way too much in 2015. i'm one of those annoying people that you hate on the streets of new york. i've got to get off the iphone. stuart: no, i don't hate that at all. >> you don't? ?iewrt stuart stewart now, we have to get used to this new society, get used to to it and use it properly. nothing wrong with that. >> what's your resolution, varney. stuart: oh, that's easy. save more, spend less.
12:00 pm
>> how is that different for 2016? stuart: i'm going to do more of it next year. neil cavuto, you want to pass any comment on moi? neil: let me understand this, you're going to get cheaper in the new year? stuart: yes. neil: all right, well, that's a fox news alert right there. welcome to america, my friend. in the meantime, we are watching new year's celebrations from the other side of the planet, bangkok, thailand, the latest to ring in the new year. times square is also getting ready for the big movement, as stuart pointed out about 12 hours away, but you would not know it. there are thousands of folks already standing in these pepped-up areas -- penned-up areas, and they're going to be there for the rest of the day. they cannot leave these areas, the ones who have chosen to wait this out. twelve hours standing up, you cannot leave, you can't take a potty break. depends, that's all i can


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