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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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david: we he have wild situation inside of beltway. president obama is widening political gulf as he finalizes details of new actions aimed at tightening america's gun laws, a move his critics are calling, quote, a dangerous level of executive overreach. melissa: chaos erupting in the middle east as conflict between saudi arabia and iran spills over into other muslim nations. [closing bell rings] david: markets deeply in the red. they got hammered today. when you look at 274 points to the downside, remember it was down 470 points. a big comeback for stocks even though it was terrible way to begin the new year. all of the stock indices are down significantly. everything over 1 1/2%. look at nasdaq. that was down hugely earlier. it was -- melissa: gold is higher. that tells you a little bit about the risk trade. david: look at oil again. just imagine the fact that all
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the crisis in the middle east. usually oil spikeses when that happens. not today. >> that's a great point. options founder mark sebastian in the, in the pits of. ashley webster on floor of the new york stock exchange with the selloff. ashley, what happened? >> interesting, melissa, just to david's point. tells you what kind of day it was when the dow finishes down 270 points. hey, nice comeback. we were down 400 points several times throughout the session. we knew it was coming. we saw a big selloff in china. weak economic data out of china. that spread to europe. we knew at opening bell today we would kick off the new year on adown note. we were off 300 points literally five minutes into the trading session. we've been down there throughout the day. at last i would say five to ten minutes we saw some people perhaps jumping back in to to up bargainsselling was broad based across the board.
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financials and tech stocks particularly hurting. i want to mention oil, something david mentioned. we saw a spike in oil when the session began which we expected with the tension going on in the middle east. then as day and morning progressed we saw the price of oil drop? why? because i think concerns over global economy and china, the fact we're still oversupplied in oil, brought the prices down despite what is going on between saudi arabia and iran. the big question now, guys, what happens tomorrow? we'll watch asia overnight very closely. melissa: very true. great analysis, ashley. david: ashley killed my intro to the next segment which is all about oil. with all the tensions escalating between two oil powerhouses like saudi arabia and iran, you might expect price of oil to skyrocket. look at this, oil ending day in the red, tough ask why. mark sebastian, we heard ashley tell us, it was worry because of a slowdown, the global economic slowdown.
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will that continue? if so, does the price continue to drop? >> i don't know if we're worried as much about global economic slowdown as it is supply issues. when we had the france terrorist attack, i said to everybody if you're selling stocks because somebody did terrorist attack it's a mistake. with the amount of oil supply worldwide, if you're buying oil because two oil countries are in a fight, you're also making a big mistake. that is no longer, saudi arabia and iran can no longer dictate oil prices. much less of a story. that rally in oil was traders opportunity to takeover night long position or fade a move. equities similar to today, equities are setting up, as i walked into the board of trade i was avoiding so many euthanized cats because traders were looking for a bounce.
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i thought traders were looking for bounce in s&p and oil. i don't think you can buy oil about political, best rift on a dead-cat bounce i ever heard, mark. congratulations thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: jonathan hoenig of capitalist pig hedge fund, fox news contributor, moody's chief economist john lonski. john, let me start with you. what is going on in the economy? you hear people talk about it has been eight years since the last recession even though most people don't think we got over the last one. that is some of what's in here. concerns about china as well, and about europe, what do you think is going on with our economy? >> for starters this remains the dullest economic recovery since the 1940s. by the way the atlanta fed's now gdp forecast for fourth quarter growth was cut to .7 of a percent in response to latest news on ism as well as drop by construction spending for the
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month of november. that forecast was high as 2%, recently as mid-december. melissa: yeah, that is a huge factor. that tells us a lot. jonathan hoenig what do you think happened at end of trading that we saw bounce back? i suspect electronic trading phenomenon? >> i think the bounceback is much less prominent than the drop t didn't start in the u.s. as was pointed out this started overnight. to that extent this is reminiscent what happened most of 2016. weak u.s. markets on back of weak china, weak emerging markets and strong u.s. dollar. we're seeing 2016 ironically pick up very much like 2015 left off. what worries me today, not a lot of stocks doing well across the board. 250 new 52-week lows. only a dozen new 52-week highs. that means breadth is still very weak. melissa: given a what you told me, john lonski, what does the
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market hold forethe year and start small for tomorrow. >> might end unchanged for 2016. i'm looking some sort of a bounce-back a brief one. there is no convincing evidence we're about to enter into extended contraction by profits that would lead to recession. we're not there quite yet but we've got to see faster business sales growth outside of energy if we're going to be confident about realizing enough in terms of profits growth so that we don't begin to observe an increase in unemployment. melissa: jonathan what do you think about tomorrow and rest of the year? what is your bet on markets? >> i'm worried longer term, melissa, about a credit shock if you will. china's expansion was built on expansion. same thing with our so-called expansion here. given junk bonds, leveraged loans, all those kind of high-risk credits have been i would be hesitant to put a lot of bids in this market until a real sustainable bottom of fear
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have been seen. melissa: unfortunately those are great points. jonathan hoenig, thank you very much. david. david: president obama returning from the holidays with new plans for federal legislation on gun control and they do not involve congress. he met with attorney general loretta lynch to control ownership and sale of guns through executive action. that is not the end of the gun control agenda for the week. peter barnes has details. peter? reporter: that's right, david. president is expected to sign executive orders on gun control sometime this week, based on recommendations from the law enforcement team. recommendations reportedly could focus on expanding background checks on gun buyers and closing exceptions for small scale gun retailers. current law exempts retail that's sell weapons online. another executive order could
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make it easy illegal for some people accused of domestic abuse to buy a firearm. >> these are not only recommendations well within my legal authority and the executive branch but they're also ones that the overwhelming of majority of the american people, including gun owners support and believe in. reporter: the president plans to take his case to the public in a televised town hall meeting on thursday night. some republicans on the presidential campaign say that if elected they will roll back obama's executive orders. >> president obama is talking about this week issuing yet another executive order trying to go after our right to keep and bear arms. [booing] well he can abuse his power all he wants. he has a phone and he has a pen. if you live by the pen, you die by the pen. my pen has got an eraser.
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reporter: in a statement house speaker paul ryan said none of the changes that the president is considering making would have prevented san bernardino and other terrorist attacks. they should address mental health issues and use existing laws to help stop gun violence. david. david: peter barnes, thank you very much. we know the president wants more gun control. we know how he will do it, going over the heads of congress for executive action. the question, how will congress react? katie pavlich, news editor and richard goodstein, former 2008 hillary clinton campaign advisor. paul ryan adds to chorus of those republicans against this. president obama acts as right to bear arms is something to be tolerated but in truth as the supreme court reaffirmed in 2008 it is fundamental. same goes for constitution on executive power. those are nice words but if the
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republicans don't take a firm stand on this they're finished with their base. >> i think that is bit of overstatement that they're finished with the base, depends on what president obama is deciding to do. when we hear about background checks from the white house, they're redefining the term, engaged in the business. what they are going to say, gun dealerships selling fewer guns subject to applying for federal firearms license. that is something that can change congress can rewrite the raw to do. president met with loretta lynch to do what? to go over the what the law currently states and what the executive branch can get away with inside the law. let's not forget the president obama is not shying going above and beyond what the constitution and law allows him to do. in turn he gets sued by congress and plays out in the courts. that is something on the table. david: richard, where is the public outwry that -- outcry, if i feels he has to go overheads
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of congress. looking at cnn poll. cnn can't be considered conservative. more americans oppose more restrictive gun control. "fox news poll," would be fewer victims of mass shootings, only 29% believe that. 59% say there would be fewer struck timms of mass shootings if there were more law-abiding people carrying guns. where is the public support? >> i think what you just showed, david, look at exact same poll, look at different questions in it, come to different conclusion. that cnn poll asked people, do you think it is too difficult or too easy to get guns? too easy, 55. too difficult? 4. they were asked do you support background checks. by 89 to 9 the public, exact same poll, they were asking different questions, said yes. there should be background checks for people. look, the fact -- >> there are. millions of them. >> hold on a second. fact of the matter is, what president obama is trying to do
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is keep people from getting guns to people who shouldn't have them. and that is simply -- david: hold on a second. no, no. you had plenty of time. >> that is protecting your neighbor. that is all it is. david: katie, the fact is, americans want some kind of consensus. when it comes to gun control, fiddling with the second amendment, in in way shape or form. vast majority of americans want their to be consensus. executive action opposite of consensus. >> it is opposite of consensus. we're having this debate as if background checks in america don't exist. fbi does tens of millions of gun background checks every single year. the fact you're asking, dade, where is public support for this? president obama had a chance to to this in 2013 with the help after democrat-controlled senate and it failed. not because of republicans but because of democrats the. david: could have done it in 2009, 2010. >> he is choosing to do it now. david: i think democrats are as
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afraid of this issue as well as conservative republicans how paul ryan might react. final word, richard. >> got 56 votes in the senate. yes, because of the perverse senate rules, it failed. david: perverse senate rules? >> senate -- fact. matter is, president obama issued half number of executive orders of -- >> that makes it okay. david: we had explanation why he is using executive order, because of perverse senate rules. i guess that justifies executive action. we'll see you for another debate coming up. melissa: my goodness. don't miss judge andrew napolitano's take on issue. he has some very clever things to say. he will join us later in the hour. i got preview. interesting arguments. cutting ties with iran, saudi arabia seven have you everring relations with iran and it is not alone. how it will impact the u.s. in the fight against isis. that is coming up. david: also he who must not be named, former president bill
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melissa: bill clinton 2016 debut trumped. the former president campaigning for his wife in new hampshire today, marking his first solo appearance of the 2016 election. fox news's ed henry is on the trail in new hampshire with the latest. ed? reporter: good to see you, melissa. you're right, it is sort of a tag-team effort if you will. hillary clinton in iowa, obviously first in the naics naics -- first-in-the-nation caucuses happening there first.
4:18 pm
bill clinton first solo event. one event, very interesting. maybe went on little shorter than he normally does. not campaigning for himself. instead campaigning for his wife. he had some missteps in the 2008 campaign going up against then senator barack obama. some of that backfired on clinton campaign. they feel good inside of the clinton camp that he is one much their best advocates. somebody that can talk a lot. he did. he will be interested in this, in the economy, talking about restoring prosperity for the middle class. this is obviously a big issue for our audience here. but also something that hillary clinton has been talking a lot lot. bill clinton, knowing a lot about that from the 1990s. however the republican frontrunner out saying there is political risk here as well because he says bill clinton by putting himself out here will be fair game, his personal scandals. you have a republican super-pac, america rising out today, with a new video that goes beyond sex scandals, basically talks about
4:19 pm
the clinton foundation. talks about bill clinton's pricey paid speeches. some of those issues have already been a problem in the campaign for the clinton effort. there are other issues that now donald trump says he will also bring up. got to tell you, i'm here in exitter, new hampshire. this is the same spot where john mccain did a lot of his famous town hall meetings in 2008 campaign. bill clinton arriving a little while. there is big crowd here. it is packed. a lot of voters still remember him as comeback kid this is where it started you will remember in 1992. hillary clinton needs his help. while she has a big national lead, leading in iowa for example, she still trails at least by small margin, socialist democratic senator bernie sanders from new hampshire. he is from neighboring vermont. that may be giving him a littlea little of an edge. we're off to the races, ed, thank you. david: we've been raising for an lo time.
4:20 pm
katie and richard are back. bill versus donald on sexism thing, that is getting a lot of attention, even "washington post" columnist, ruth marcus a person not particular fan of trump wrote following last week. she said bill clinton's conduct towards woman is far worse than any of the offensive things trump has said. trump smeared women because of their looks. clinton has preyed on them, in a workplace setting where he was by far the superior. what do you say to that? >> newt gingrich ran the entirety of, david of the 1998 congressional campaign in the middle of the whole impeachment process against that exact same thing. the exact same thing you just cited. for first time, ever, in american political history, in the sixth year of a presidential cycle, the incumbent party gained house seats and newt gingrich was kicked out and his successor could be kicked
4:21 pm
out, bob livingston because of sex problems of his own. i would love donald trump to be republican nominee. i would love their whole campaign to be benghazi, emails and stuff about hillary clinton. david: really? you would love that. but katie the fact so far what is happening, hold on a second. we have two people in this debate. katie, the fact is gop must love the fact that donald trump is bringing this up, particularly they see comments like ruth marcus's from "the washington post"? >> look, i wrote an entire book about this, assault and flattery, war on women narrative the left tries to pin on right. really left waging war on women for years. hillary clinton was part of that. i mean let's not forget this isn't just about bill clinton's behavior. this is about hillary clinton not only embracing the behavior to get ahead politically, but also engaging in aer. >> campaign against the women that bill clinton sexually assaulted. this is how it doesn't have to be issue. if hillary clinton is going to use this platform of saying i'm for female empowerment, i'm all
4:22 pm
about women, then why are you being someone who been very abusive to women literally on campaign trail because you're not strong enough candidate to get the job done? david: has trumped neutralized war on women issue, katie, very quickly. >> i'm not so sure, trump said things of his own very controversial, the column you just cited stated, things are far less than what impact they have had in terms -- david: richard, giving me a wrap. has that issue been neutralized by trump. >> people in glass houses donald trump, should not throw stones. david: works both ways. excuse me, richard, it certainly can go both ways. that is what this whole thing is about. >> he is not running against bill. he is running against hillary. david: katie, richard, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: major flooding still remains in parts of midwest with missouri and illinois bracing for more. we'll bring you live to the
4:23 pm
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melissa: deadly flooding continuing to push people from their homes in the midwest. fox news's matt arnold in missouri with the latest. matt? reporter: melissa, we're here in arnold where 100 homes have been destroyed by the flood. in this home, all that remains is muddy water. they had five feet of water. it has been completely gutted. neighbors expected some rain, some flooding but they did not expect flooding of this magnitude. they got a warning to get out. hours later, their electricity was shut off. one woman we spoke to says she lost just about everything. take a listen. >> this is my first flood i have ever been through. i have seen everybody else go through it. now i know what everybody is feeling. everything i own was down in that basement, is just, gone.
4:27 pm
my kids stuff is gone. i, i'm sorry. reporter: now, adding to the damage, the water was contaminated by sewage. neighbors say it is up to a month before they can return to their homes. the state of missouri has been declared a federal national disaster. the governor of illinois will be declaring 12 counties in that state a disaster as well. of course the red cross and fema all here helping these flood victims. melissa? melissa: matt, wow, so sad. thanks for the report. david? david: a few other stories on our radar. standoff continuing in oregon, where a group of militia members, took over building at u.s. wildlife service. they imprison ad two ranchers convicted of arson. fbi is taking lead to hope to bring a peaceful resolution to the situation. craig strickland was found
4:28 pm
after a week long search in bear cove on call lake in oklahoma. san bernardino the site of the terror attack last month, left 14 dead has reopened after memorial service. the conference room where majority of the shooting took place remains closed indefinitely. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg channeling his inner tony stark with his 2016 new year's resolution. no, not suiting up in flying metal armor thing to battle aliens. melissa: no, that is what i thought it would be? that's not it? how disappointing. david: no. melissa: you may see more like tony stark and mark zuckerberg if you win this week's powerball as the jackpot climbs to 400 million bucks. it is all mine. stay away.
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david: champagne has been replaced by antacid on this first day of trading for the year. let's go back to ashley webster at new york stock exchange for recap of today's market swings. ashley. >> the one swing was down, david, right from the opening bell. down 300 points five minutes into the session. we were down 400, down to to 4 points although we did in last 15 minutes came back and finished down 276 points. thanks to china and troubles there, weak economic data. markets putting in circuit breakers in china. that spread to europe and eventually u.s. markets. look at oil very quickly.
4:33 pm
you can see the what, one-week chart of the dow looks like. big drop-off there. we'll wait to see what tomorrow brings. not a great way to start the year. oil finishing down 28 cents. we expected oil to go up because of tensions in the middle east, but as the day wore on the price of oil came down. there is still a lot of oil out there. the global economy is not looking great. so the demand for oil might not be there. quickly as we talk about the the vix, fear gauge, reflecting volatility at 27.0. traders saying starting to feel a little bit like last summer. you remember chinese markets selling off we all followed suit? felt a little bit like that today. we're concern what happens with china overnight to see what may happen here tomorrow, david. david: happy new year, ashley. >> thank you. david: melissa. melissa: from markets to the middle east, tensions escalating in the region t could affect the fight against isis and
4:34 pm
saudi arabia as allies cut ties with iran. iranian protesters attacking saudi embassy in tehran. in response to execution after prominent shia cleric. here to weigh in ric grenell, former advisor to four ambassadors to the u.n. he is fox news contributor. we have stephen yates, former deputy assistant to vice president cheney and also we have a former intelligence operative. rick, let me start with you. executing 47 people, among them was a cleric outspoken critic of the house of sayud, they didn't make ties to terrorism. what message were they sending of this. >> they are sending a message there is no plan in the middle east. that they are going to step forward and challenge the iranians. clearly what has been happening over last several months is that the iranians have gone unchecked within the middle east. that is not a good thing for saudi arabia.
4:35 pm
they want to send a very powerful message. if the united states will back away from current world order in the middle east, they will step forward to make moves to control the situation and play check on iran. melissa: steven, do you agree with that analysis? if so, what does that mean happens next? >> i do agree. it is part of a larger drama where we had proxy wars between saudi arabia and iran for several decades. through iran-iraq war and through iraq war we participated in and syrian civil war. what it means is, it increases greatly the chance you have a direct hot war between saudi arabia and iran if this doesn't go managing in some way, shape and form. united states has alliance to saudi arabia. can't being equestion distant standing by by alley versus enemy like iran. melissa: people ask themselves at home, how does isis fit into all that. >> that is good question.
4:36 pm
to go back one step, it is yemen and syria. saudis are very interested in emwhy men as are iranians. saudis first time ever launched an airstrike this year. followed up with coalition and u.k. and u.s. had a blockade. this is big deal. yemen, this send transinto the med. you know, you have to think this is about land. with the u.s., military being stretched thin, there is a vacuum here. i think saudis and iranians are stepping into the breach. melissa: speaking of stepping into the vacuum, you add a player like russia. they add a new name to their national security threat list to all this first time they're naming united states and officially recorded it on a new document. it was signed by russian president vladmir putin. russia claiming that it's heightened global reach cause ad counter action from the usa and it is allies. rick, fit that into the puzzle. they're naming us basically as a threat officially. what does that mean? >> yeah.
4:37 pm
first of all it means that the strategic move by hillary clinton to reset our policy with russia was a total failure. it emboldened russia. if you look at document, they omit anything about syria. and they say that we are the ones that are causing instability in ukraine by supporting this coup so to speak. melissa: yeah. >> they have really got world events wrong and no one is challenging them. melissa: stephen, we can all argue how we got here. people on other side, everybody always decides which president got us into this mess and put us into this position. how do we fix it from here? what is the next best first move in your mind? >> well i think inescapably we have to have new leadership in the united states. one committed to supporting allies. one also got some kind of a vision for what real leadership in the middle east will look like. when it comes to the russia part being in there too, there are issues standing by alliance there is in europe as well.
4:38 pm
we've got missile defense. we have actual support for arming people to do what they need to on their own behalf so we don't need to intervene. a whole host of things withered on vine due to the whole administration. nothing a new election will not be able to fix. melissa: do you agree with that? president sought to take a step back. thought we brought this on ourselves. others say weakness is provocative. that is how we got here. what do you think? >> a few months i had a chance to spend time with aggression squad flying against russian jets. they are flying planes made in 1983 and 84. when you have prove vock ture as putin, it is theatrics. doesn't change things from. when you have military stretched thin. doesn't have right equipment. getting smaller. this will be a problem in terms of a world dominance. being able to be powerhouse that
4:39 pm
we used to be. when that is not there, people they don't look at us. melissa: thanks to all three of you. good discussion. david: they did have a fighter jet shot down by the turks after all. says something about their equipment. meanwhile blasting president obama and gun control, gop strong message to the president that you can't always get what you want. >> this president wants to act if he is a king, if he is a dictator. this president is a petulent child.
4:40 pm
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do something! get on the floor! oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring to protect you from identity theft. we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. melissa: president obama vowing to use his executive power for for for the 26th time in three years while republican presidential candidates are vowing to reverse it. >> so he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment. i will unsign that so fast. >> his first impulse always is to take rights away from
4:43 pm
law-abiding citizens and it's wrong. >> this president is petulent child. now this president wants to act if he a king. >> president obama has been lawless in his use of executive orders. melissa: all right. here with his take on the legality of the president's proposal, judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. who's right? what's legal? >> well i generally agree with the tone of the republican candidates from who you just showed their more excitable clips. melissa: right. >> i'm beginning to think after talking about this subject most of the day today, that the president's goal is not to change the law but instigate a debate which he can claim the ground i will keep you safe, because thest knows that he is without authority to require the things that he is probably going to require. we don't know what he will do. here is the hints that the white house released. melissa: right. >> he wants to require occasional sales, you sell a gun to your next door neighbor would require you to perform a
4:44 pm
background check on next door neighbor. congress three times said no background checks in that situation. so he would be changing a law that congress specifically wrote. he knows a court will stop him from doing that he also wants to follow something that hillary clinton has been beating drum beat on, no-fly, no gun. if you're on no-fly list you can't carry -- melissa: makes sense when you think about it but when you see that what that means. >> i'm a bureaucrat, has melissa francis has a block, you're on no-fly list. you don't know why and will take you years to get off it. on the other hand carrying a gun is fundamental liberty. that is not me but supreme court in two recent decisions. can't take a fundamental liberty away by bureaucrat checking a box. only a jury can do that by being convicted of a crime. that will not work. but gin up democratic base that
4:45 pm
hates guns, inexplicablies police as hard-working, core -- courageous think they can keep yous safe. >> the what he talks about san bernardino -- >> don't want them to watch on another network he will make compelling, emotional arguments but there are not constitutional arguments. melissa: how can he do that. >> he has a lot of leeway but him, all american presidents have certain leeway about the gravity with which they enforce laws. remember an executive order, a presidential executive order is the president of the united states telling people who work for him in the judicial branch how he wants laws interpreted. doesn't affect congress and doesn't affect courts and doesn't affect private people. say to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, see this rule?
4:46 pm
i want you to enforce it more aggressively rather than, rather than in a stingy way. i want you to be very effective in your enforcement of it. those are the types of executive orders that he has issued. he also has told the bureau of tobacco and firearms to buy up ammunition. what does that do? create as shortage which raises the price. now they have stopped that but he might start that again. melissa: interesting, judge nap, thanks very much. >> pleasure to be with you. melissa: love it. david: you imagine chief justice napolitano. melissa: i can, yes! david: mark zuckerberg wants to become the real life tony stark. one of the facebook ceo's new year's resolution, to build artificially intelligent assistant like "iron man"'s jarvis to help us at home and work. deirdre bolton joins us. we keep hearing about this dream but is it going to become reality? >> at first the goals are fairly modest, david. more like a smart home product that he is thinking about this robotic jarvis to help him with, say control lights at home.
4:47 pm
control temperature. check in on his new baby daughter. see if somebody rings the doorbell. he gets instant facial download so he knows who is who standing at his front door. this is the thing about mark zuckerberg, david. you know this, every year he takes a personal challenge. this is his challenge for 2016. ones in the past read two new books per month. another time he wanted to meet a new person every day. another year learn mandarin. so far he is three for three. i think we'll see a mini jarvis pretty soon. david: frankly if you can learn mandarin you can do just about anything. >> seems that way. david: see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." black monday is here for nfl coaches. big names getting benched for the next football season coming up. "the force awakens" to another box office record. the millions the movie raked in over the holiday weekend. the numbers keep climbing.
4:48 pm
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melissa: whether on wail street or main street here is what who is making money. mary barra made history as the auto industry first female ceo. she is believed to be the first female chairperson of an automaker. interesting. "star wars: the force awakens" will not stop setting
4:52 pm
records, that's right, that's a good thing! raked in $88.3 million, over the weekend topping box office for the third week. it has become second highest earner of all time with $740.3 million in 19 days. that is amazing. top movie of all time "avatar," took 72 days to reach to 700 million mark. "star wars" did that in 16 days t was awesome! i've seen it twice! time is now to play power pool. the lottery jackpot climbing to $400 million. powerball estimates the odds of winning one of the biggest earnings of all time are about one in 300 million. good luck. david. david: from powerball to football the quarterback controversy in denver taken yet another turn. midway through the broncos chargers game, peyton manning stepped in after a six-week absence coming in for the struggling brock osweiler. manning led us to a win and
4:53 pm
number one seed in the afc. joining with us with reaction and other sports news, fox news's j.t. "the brick." is he in for the duration. >> i thought brock osweiler would have at least one bad game or one bad quarter and bring peyton manning back in to ride to the sunset. he knows the league. knows the opponents. understands the offense. he can change plays. five-time mvp. david: doesn't have a super billion ring. does he get one this year? >> probably not. the team great on defense, they do have flaws. but i will tell you, peyton manning gives them a much better chance than brock osweiler. that is what bronco fans. david: you should care about me, j.t., you should cry for me. i'm a jets fan. >> wow. david: yesterday the most important game of entire season coming off spectacular win against new england last week, they played terribly. what happened? >> quarterback, fitzpatrick.
4:54 pm
you will not win with him. you knew that before the start of the season that fitzpatrick would make mistakes at some point either in the playoffs if you got there or trying to get to the playoffs. look, recollection ryan, give him credit. didn't do much in buffalo but swept the jets. david: i am not giving him credit. never. move on to one of the traditions of the post-season in the nfl. black monday. a day unsuccessful coaches and coaching staffs get the boot. back with us, j.t. tom coughlin, right after the bat, new york giants coaching job. new york giants one of the best teams in the whole league. what do you think about him losing? he has got two super bowl rings. >> what a class act. giants are such a class organization. they wanted to move on from coughlin. let him make the decision even though the writing was on the wall. two super bowls gets him into the hall of fame. ely manning still in the prime of his career and great odell beak ham, jr. who made mistakes.
4:55 pm
you those guys on super bowl run. players were not making right decisions. frankly tom coughlin deserved to be let go. the giants collapsed in so many games in the fourth quarter quarter, what did he do wrong? he brought teams to super bowl twice. >> his players let him down and i didn't handle the clock in the fourth quarter where giants should have held. what is good job and what is a bad job? historically, cleveland browns a terrible job. mike pettine just let go. the next coach coming in there will still have a tough time. eagles the worst job. they haven't won since 1960. chip kelly let go. the next guy comes in there probably won't succeed. niners have one five super bowls. giants have one four nfl championships. major market jobs opening up in new york and san francisco. coaches want those jobs. david: j.t. "the brick," thank you my friend. good stuff. melissa. melissa: when political
4:56 pm
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melissa: the carly curse, carly fiorina drawing criticism after treating support of the iowa hawkeyes instead of the alma mater in the rose bowl. >> fiorina defends the tweet. >> for heaven's sake, can't a girl have a little bit of fun. that was a tongue in cheek tweet. the people of iowa understand. david: fun or pandering. melissa: it felt like pandering, you have to be honest and truthful all of the time, you know, i don't know. david: it did not pass the smell test. we want to remember wayne rogers, he played trapper john on m.a.s.h., he was a member of the fox family, he passed
5:00 pm
away over the holiday weekend, he appeared regularly on fox business, he was one of the best we had. wayne was 82 years old. what a class act. melissa: what a loss, so sad. we wish his family the best.. david: "risk & reward" starts now. deirdre: the worst start for stocks in 8 years, the dow fell more than 270, worse opening day since 2008, year of a huge crisis on wall street, this is "risk & reward" i am deirdre bolton, selling started in china. so extreme a circuit breaker had to kick in to halt trade, ashley is joining me from the floor of new york stock exchange, what did traders tell you about china. reporter: a lot of it is about china. one trader sd,


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