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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 4, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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their allies have pushed pro iranian militias, this is a way to stop them. charles:ly hope so, thank you very much, all 3 of you, at home thank you for watching, now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobb, happy new year, a standoff in a national wildlife refuge, and park in eastern oregon, between law enforcement agencies and armed so-called militia members now in the third day. day. tonight the fbi has taken charg charge. the agency is trying to come up with a peace fill resolution in support of two ranchers who have been persecuted in an overreach of federal power. antigovernment protesters moved into what was a small building in the refuge if burns, oregon.
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what is behind this case of government overreach and abuse of power? wild talk about it -- we'll talk about with some of the best attorneys in the business, we'll talk with head of oregon cattle man's association they have been supporting the hammond family and the ranchers who are tonight in prison in california. we heard nothing from oregon congressional delegation on what to do about what is a obvious over reach of power. but we'll take that up as well here tonight. the president kicking off his last year in the white house with an overreach of his presidential power, today announced he is going, round congress, after our guns with a series of executive orders. we'll have details. republic frontrunner donald trump to hold a rally in lowell, massachusets, senator
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ted cruz in iowa, and we'll drop in to see what he has to tell the good caucus goers of iowa. and we're officially in the final sprint toward the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary, trump trying to maintain momentum, the billionaire out with his campaign a first television ad that takes a swipe at democrats. >> the politicians can pretend it something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism, that is why he calls for a temporary shut downs of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what is going on, he will quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil. lou: rodger stone author, among our guests. our top story, the standoff in oregon. armed antigovernment protesters are dug in after they stormed headquarter of
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malheur wildlife refuge in eastern washington, it was an unoccupied empty building. as of right now, fo federal authorities are keeping watch, but also their distance, dan springer is in burns, oregon our report. reporter: one goal of the arm occupiers here, was to keep two local ranchers out of federal prison. today hammond and his son turned themselves in this afternoon at a low security prison in san pedro, california. >> we feel we havi exhausted all prudent measures and have been ignored. reporter: they say they are
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read to stay for years if needed, at issue federal prison sentences for father and son ranchers, the hamons, convicted of setting fires they say were necessary to protect their land to protect it from wildfires, an appeals court rules said they must serve 5 year, the 73-year-old said he is ready event though he does not agree. >> i'm going to jail for 5 years for 127, seems like a bit of an overkill. reporter: a bigger issue, a decade long struggle overland right, protest or say that land should be returned to ranchers, and loggers. >> because we have allowed our federal government to step outside of the bounds of the constitution, they have come down aupon the people and prosecuting them directly.
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reporter: federal authorities are watching and waiting. not everyone in the town supports the militia's tactics. >> it is sort of frightening when people make threats, and people touting guns. >> i am sympathetic this cause. but the way they are going about it is disastrous. reporter: the sheriff said this not a legitimate protest but an attempt to over throw the local and federal government, the fbi is lead law enforcement agent they had no present here today. in a statement last night they said they are monitoring the situation, and working to end peacefully. lou: thank you very much dan springer from near burns, oregon. we'll have more on the story. >> oregon is not only example of government overreach, president obama today announcing he is unilaterally implements new gun control
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measures this week this announcement after he met with attorney general loretta lynch, fbi director james comey. any other top officials to review their proposals, no details given out. republicans making it clear they are not happy with the president's proposal. >> president obama is talking about this week issuing another executive order trying to go after our right to keep and bare bear arms, he can abuse his power all he wants, if you live by the pen, you die by the pen, and my pen has an erase ir. lou: senator cruise on a bus -- senator cruz is on a bouse tour through iowa. they are kicking their campaigns into high gear.
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perhaps however, none more so than donald trump, who is now paying to get his message across, fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has more for us from des moines, iowa. reporter: 4 weeks until the iowa caucus, and donald trump starts his first tv ads tomorrow, they were all over the news for free, causing controversy, network morning shows and cable news channels have been running it over and over. >> quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil, and stop illegal immigration by building a wall in our southern border that mexico will pay for. reporter: a border incident from morocco in frien in -- 2014, a spokesperson said she did not know with the where came from and could not speak for the production company, they said that use of video is intentional to show how bad the borders can get, they are not changing anything. trump, ignores the texas
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senator who faces sky-high expectations, and 4 weeks of intense attacks as caucus front-runner. >> a couple week ago, just about every republican candidate was attacking donald trump, now two weeks it me, they may have changed a little bit. reporter: cruz's 6 day bus tour is aimed at not taking his lead for granted or peeking too soon. >> ethanol is importance issue, i support ethanol and corn farmers. reporter: marco rubio and new hampshire stepped up his criticism of cruz's judgment. >> isis cannot be filibusters, some claim they would destroy isis. my question is, with what? reporter: also, chris christie called trump and ben carson protest candidates.
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>> the u.s. senator he went to prince tan, harvard did a courtship in high federal court, then worked for the bush administration. seems to me, he is an establishment guy. reporter: jeb bush added a new commercial on isis. >> we're at war with radical islamic terrorists. we have but one choice. to defeat it. reporter: john kasich slammed all 3 senators, when we compared rubio to president obama by asking if the country has am neednesia -- amnesia, rick answe santorum mocked cruz. >> ted cruz is wonderful at reading children's fairytales. reporter: this is an object lesson he has been saying, for last 3 years, that most of his support fully half did not make up their mine until last
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3 days of the campaign. lou: thank you, carl, i think those candidates are picking up a sense of humor. >> on wall street, stocks kicking off this new year, lower, closing off session lows but still, low. the dow plunged 276. marking worst first day of trading in 8 years. the s&p down 31. and nasdaq down 104. they posted worst begins to year since 2001. >> volume on bi big board, we're coming back with much more stay with us. >> what in the hell is going on in oregon? the obama administration bringing full weight and force of federal government down on two rangers, and -- ranchers and no one inning or everything has the guts to stand up for them, oregon state government, loikal government-- local government, senators and congressmen cowering in fear, our legal panel joins me next
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to tell me whether i should lower my voice when talking about federal government, they are near next. >> storms and floods devastating thousands of lives along the mississippi river, for thousands more, the worst is yet to come. that is story and more ahead. stay with us.
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lou: oregon cattle ranchers, tru steven hammond are forced to serve out a 5 year prison sentence. they have been recen recent tensed. joining us now two of the best attorneys in the business, lis wiehl, defense attorney rebecca rose woodland, this is complicated, but the federal government, going after the guys, a father and son rancher, in oregon. this is ignorant and the elected officials of the state of oregon, let it happen. this is ignorance. >> they were charged under domestic terrorism act but the jury never said use the word terrorism.
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they were never asked about that, which does not make sense. it is sort of in a sense there has been a lot of back and forth, the jury did not decide, the lower court said, you know that lesser sentence is find that was appealed, this is surprising, 9th circuit, the most liberal and reverse said they have to serve full sentence. lou: for burning 127 acres of land, they are running thousands of acres, the hammond family leasessed from federal government. >> the lapds that abut thed federal land -- abut thed federal band they are paying to ranch to uphold their business, their family lyn lineage of ranking, for
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federal prosecutors say there is an anti-terrorism act, let's apply it to them. >> they said, we're just burning property. lou: u.s. attorney, in the district of oregon who brought the case to add to the sentence, she has been relieved of her duties because an inspector general pound impro priority on her part. >> for health issues, this looks like it was a long time in coming for her, she did say, is this job wore me out. it took too much. lou: she is -- if you do that. she is accused of having frat ernized with her staff. >> it seems that there is some issues of employee -- relationships that are
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inappropriate. lou: she put two guys in prison for burning 127 acres of grazing land to protect themselves and their land, if these fools if that courtroom, that u.s. attorney's office are that ignorant this is rank abuse of power, these people are pygmies. >> what the jury did not hear. it was not the jury's fault. lou: why the hell deputy -- in the state of oregon standing up. >> she said that original sentence, unlawful. she said, what kind of precedent does that set, she went back after a judge said, 5 years is too much. hey -- >> she is beneath contempt.
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everyone else in the system that went along with that crap. >> and the judge as well. lou: appellate court judge, district court judge was reason able. >> you go back to the jury, what was that allowed? >> i am sure that jury are not told, what prosecutor would tell the jury oh, this is anti-terrorism, they are not terrorists. lou: you have militia and bundy, and a half dozen other guys, calling themselves militia demonstrating on a refuge that has nothing to do with hammond. >> both of the hamons said we don't want them out there. lou: the family said they are not speaking to us there there are few people who will peak for the hammonds there need to be more. i don't know why congressional delegation, greg walden.
7:20 pm
he is a good guy, why the hell want he standing up. >> somebody has to stand up. lou: this is a way of life. >> right. >> it got out of control. lou: if president -- this president has a ounce of decency, he will have to pardon. >> like a domestic terrorism, you have so show intent. >> there no intent. >> none. lou: this -- these people the bureau of land management wants that lapd from the ranch -- land from that rancher, they have wanted it for 50 years, they would not sill, two souls are in jail because the government rolled them, is there a way out. >> pardon. lou: besides clemency? >> that is it. supreme court denied -- >> if president has his way,
7:21 pm
if they get out of prison, they won't have any guns on the ranch, this president wants to get them all. >> talk about executive orders. lou: a beautiful moment in the new year, thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: we'll talk about oregon standoff with one of the few people in the state of oregon who is speaking up for the hammond family, cattle man's association president john o'keefe will join us next. >> and vote in our poll, do you believe it is shameful that oh,ing or's elected officials have not acted to stop the persecution of the ham onshammond family. we'd like to hear from you. >> follow he on twitter, like me on facebook.
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lingerlinks at >> massive klei clean ups underway following massive flooding along the mississippi . claiming the lives of 25 people in states of illinois and missouri. the river continues to sun surge south, 7 million people in 15 states are under a flood warning, up next, a few thoughts from a president who likes to rule by fiat, and does not like congress, at all or the court. another president gets not offa-- -- talking about falling in love. we'll take up what bill clinton had to say, and about whom here next. stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts now. more americans say government is now most purpose problem facing them and this country. according to a new gallop poll, second problem is the economy followed by immigration and jobs and healthcare, number one, is our government. the number one problem facing america. we should not expect any less or anything else with the president who expanded his executive power. tonight, president obama preparing to trample over the constitution as he prepares to executive act against the second amendment, gun owners, gun buyers and gun dealers. >> these are not only
7:28 pm
recommendations that are well within my legal authority, and the executive branch, but, they are ones that overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners, support and believe in. lou: i would have thought he would have choked on that sentence, that is wrong. the president knows it. what he is contemplating is illegal, it is an abuse of his presidential powers, the american people, not just begun owners re-- not just gun owners reject his policies. republican lawmakers and presidential candidates alike vow to fight him. but not one said how they could prevail against the president. his bawling and whining about
7:29 pm
balance of power is such an impediment to him as been rejected by courts stopping his economis economic couldive action -- execkive action, president obama forced to appeal rulings by a federal judge in texas, now ruling of fifth circuit court of appeals they blocked his amnesty fiat, but he did you not talk as negatively about our court system as he does about the congress, the congress that are fuses to obey his orders, supreme court still deciding where to hear the case, texas asked supreme court last week not to review that decision. saying there is nothing stopping this executive or future executives from invoking resource constraints
7:30 pm
to to declare conduct, lawful in our areas, such as environmental attacks, criminal, and campaign innocence, and civil rights laws. the overreach of this administration and our government. knows no bounces, from illegal immigration, to gun rights, and even government land grabs . and the overreach of agencies including department of interior, bureau of land management and the epa. overreach that extending to the politicize obama justice department, and u.s. attorney as around the country. the spreading arrogance and abuse of power is at the heart of what we are witnessing in oregon. our national media is aligned with the administration, to
7:31 pm
the point they don't even into why neither authorities or citizens in oregon have the guts to demand fair treatment by the very federal government that should be serving them not -- these dangerous times made all of the more dangerous by citizens so intimidated by the government. they will neither speak out or act to demand their rights to protect the rights of their fellow citizens. our quote of the evening, no man is safe in his opinion, his person his faculties or possessions. have we reached that point? i hope not. we're coming right back. >> mrs. clinton, sent her secret ribbon out on the campaign trail, and donald trump is loving it. author of the clinton a war on women, rodger stone is joining me here next. >> the hazards of winter
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check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. dsenators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. lou: the father and son ranchers, reported to prison today as armed protesters who took up their cause occupied an oregon wildlife reserve
7:36 pm
buildin building. our next guest is against the illegal actions taken in support of the ranchers but he does support the ranchers himself. john o'keefe, president of oregon's cattl cattlemen's association joining us, under no circumstances do you support the bundy armed encampment there on the refuge. they de demonstrate largely for their own purpose. the hammonds themselves tonight in prison, i cannot think of a more ridiculous outcome to a legal proceeding against what has been carried out against that father and son in oregon, your thoughts. >> yes, i agree that the
7:37 pm
sentencing was really severe. too severe for what they were convicted of, we're disappointed in that. we trying to help in anyway we can. legally, we're supporting on-line petition for clemency. we hope that the white house reviews this and looks at what the people have been through, and takes time off their sentence, this i is an extreme sentence. we do want to say that we consider the hammonds act to be separate from what is going on here. we support the hammonds, we don't support this armed occupation of the refuge. lou: we should point out, the armed occupation, the bundy family, they have had their own troubles with bureau of land management a couple of years ago, ammon bundy, got
7:38 pm
into a dispute -- that was peacefully resolved. everyone backed up a long way to make it so in nevada. right there in burns, oregon, what will it take? you have acting u.s. attorney taking like an ignore rhamous out there, acting these two men, father and son ranchers are some kind of you know, des per -- des per rados, that will not stand up to the truth do you agree? yes. >> we're disappointed in what happens to the hammonds, we see this federal overreach every day we're concerned about the discussion about national monument, one county
7:39 pm
over, 2.5 million acres possibly being declared that has potential to really damage the ranking community and the economy here. we're concerned about that, there are a lot of issues going on with federal government, we have got to find ways to address these, that don't involve violent o bloodshed, we need peaceful, thoughtful approaches to these problems. >> john, the rangers are stew wards of the land, their land and federal land they lease for grazing. people need to understand that . i will tell you growing up out west, a 127 burn, to stop a invasive plan on ranch. that is a small burn.
7:40 pm
it sounds to a city dweller like the state of montana it is almost nothing, and hammonds were operating, what 12 thousand acres out there. i mean, how complicated and how much stress is there in the relationship now between cattlemen, ranchers of all kinds, and the blm, is the blm, i have said out of control? i don't know what your experience is, how is that going in the state of oregon? >> well, you know, it is really ironic that this issue came to burns, oregon. burns, is almost poster child for well done range management. private and public not because of the actions of radicals but agricultural research center that is located here, oregon state university experiment
7:41 pm
station, they are world class range scientists working with ranchers here in the community, they did a canada conservation agreement are in sage grouses that was instrumental. you know, the ranchers, and agents here are doing well, but this has -- >> do they still let you hunt the sage grouse? >> they are still limited. they are doing well. lou: we have not lost the country yet then, john, i appreciate you taking the time, i -- i tell you, we applaud your efforts in support of hammonds we hope this can have a happy ending it has been a terrible journey, and a awful display for u.s. attorney's office, for blm, and for this administration for us to come to this point. we appreciate all your efforts
7:42 pm
john, joh o'keefe. >> thank you. >> some scary video comes out of massachusets, jeff coat driving on the interstate, a sheet of ice flew off the suv in front of him, shattered his windshield. no one was injured, coat remained calm, he pulled to side of road without issue, i have to hand him credit, authorities hope that video will serve as a reminder to be careful, scrape off the snow and ice from your vehicle before you hit the road, keep your eyes out. >> up next, a diplomatic case crise 29 saudi arabia expir -- between saudi arabia and iran. lieutenant colonel ralph peters with us next. >> star wars, a day away from breaking every record in history book, we'll have the box office for you next. stay with us. ♪
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7:47 pm
reaction? >> welcome to 2016. in my crystal ball, this is going to be a very bad year, bad guys in the world will exploit obama's last year in office. what happened as our president turned away from our traditional allies in middle east. the new king of saudi arabia, with questions lingering he had to get tough, united states is not backing, he was tough they execute this shia cleric. well, iran gets mad, iranian government sponsors burning of saudi embassy. all just another --. lou: they had nothing to do with iran he said. >> yeah, this and i think we have to at the beginning of this year, awful 2015 behind
7:48 pm
us, we have got a new kind of world war. within the islamic world, between shia and sunni, there are proxy war, civil wars, varieties of terrorism, it is interrelated, this is so bad now we'll see the iranians double down. the saudis and the iranians are already fighting in yemen , iraq and syria. lou: let's be straight, the saudis and the iranians two country with infrastructure worth preserving. they can be torn up on 100 billion worth of damage by rocket attacks, you know either country. because -- >> yeah. they have different fears, saudis are afraid, despite the equipment they bought from us, that their military will be exposed as holo. -- hollow.
7:49 pm
lou: saudi arabia has a few million people you talk about saudis, fact is they are not terrifically advanced. they have a minuscule military compared to iranians with a huge army. >> they have a lot of great equipment but not a great since of duty and military. but bottom line, as we enter the new year, it is going to get worse not better, our president has not only disengaged from our allies but he is like a child with a ragged old teddy bear, he so gripping this nuke deal that he and kerry cooked off, he is afraid that will jeopardize the nook deal, and he said that middle is going to hell in a hand basket. lou: colonel ralph peters
7:50 pm
telling it like it is, good to have you with us, happy new year. >> thank you,. lou: turning to weekend box office, the force cannot be stopped, "star wars: the force awakens" now second highest grossing movie of all-time. besting titanic and jurassic world. the space saga sequel added another 90 million to its 17 day take. it could over take "avatar" to become top grossing movie in history as soon as tomorrow. >> daddy's home staying strong. and quentin tarantino's "the hateful eight" brought in 16 million. up next, for first time, donald trump paying to get his message across? are you kidding? >> rodger stone is joining us here next. you want to hear what he has
7:51 pm
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we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. lou: joining us, roger stone. he worked with president reagan. good to have you here.
7:55 pm
donald trump is speak in texas. let's take a listen to what he's saying. >> i looked at hillari' office space. the money they spent. the money these enablers. the money they make for raising money is incredible. lou: donald wouldn't be complaining as much if they were renting one of his offices. >> she spent almost twice as much as chuck schumer on her federal office space in new york city. lou: we understand donald has been interrupted four types by protesters -- four times by protesters. he was enjoying the interruption
7:56 pm
and the way the crowd reacted. he has a natural gift on how to react. he handles it as well as one can than such a moment. >> it's all instinct. he's uncoached. he's unscripted the. he's free wheeling donald trump. he's his own that just and campaign manager and it worked. he's the one who built this enormous lead in the polls. lou: he put up this ad, the video of people running across s the border, talking about border security and building the wall. for his first paid tv ad. it turns out it's morocco and it's not the mexican border.
7:57 pm
his cap pain spokeman says we are just show waght borders would look like. it's amazing to me the ability to pivot on a moment to capture the advantage. >> immigration, the trade deals where we are getting ripped off. isis and the rise of terrorism and obama's seeming inability to deal with it. the country is desperate for alpha leadership. lou: he's having trouble with women. women like the beta gappa gamma, whatever you would call obama. soft and mushy. he may be take his guns away from you but he's doing with it his voice low and a lot of
7:58 pm
bloviation. >> they have a secret weapon, ivanca trump who can talk about her father's history of promoting women and employing women. trump stand for prosperity and full employment. lou: what about ted cruz? >> i like hip but i wonder if he's not another career poll -- politician. lou: i don't know if career politician describes hillary clinton. she is an institutionalized politician, she has been there forever. reporter: the way you beat her
7:59 pm
and the reason trump is the only candidate who can beat her. hi are you, you are not an advocate for women. no hillary, you are not honest. the clinton foundation is a $2 billion global fraud. you have to go at her and trump has the courage to do that. bubba boosting his wife today, he looked pretty good out there. >> i see the mainstream media is trying to deflect the issue. but he' he's accused of rape and sexual assault. when women learn that this fall, i think it will make a huge difference. lou: in our online poll 53% say
8:00 pm
obama has not irreparably damaged america's standing in the world. thanks for being here tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: happy new year, back in action. welcome to it. it's kind of fun to sit back and watch hillary clinton grow frustrated and panicked over donald trump's attacks against her husband. two things annoy her, one is having to deploy her husband and other is when people bring his past dalliances. he's going full trump against hillary. >> think is not the first type he demonstrated a pen chanted for sexism.


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