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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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obama has not irreparably damaged america's standing in the world. thanks for being here tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: happy new year, back in action. welcome to it. it's kind of fun to sit back and watch hillary clinton grow frustrated and panicked over donald trump's attacks against her husband. two things annoy her, one is having to deploy her husband and other is when people bring his past dalliances. he's going full trump against hillary. >> think is not the first type he demonstrated a pen chanted for sexism.
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kennedy: that rang the bell of ding dong donald. >> she used the word "sexist." i'm sexist. how can she do that when she has one of the great womb inabusers of all time sitting at her house waiting for her to come home. kennedy: the problem is donald owns the country club and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. hillary thought it would be a bangup of the two guys on the debate stage. when she went negative. all she could hear was jeb quietly chuckling in the background, giggling. there so far is no way to contain it man shredding their my mass particular dreams. -- their di -- their dynastic e
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qualities are even less attractive in his wife. and calling out a former president on his personal and public record is fair game. why should he be immune to the lady microscope by virtue of his marriage to a feminist? hillary got upset when someone snuck into her event and called her an enabler. >> i'm not going to ever call on you again. kennedy: yea, hillary. trump has clearly struck a nerve. while it takes us far off course from discussing policy efforts, a side show skirmish is entertaining especially when it annoys and triflizes the --
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trivializes the clintons. judge napolitano will tell us what's at risk. a militia is occupying a federal building in oregon. are these guys criminals our patriots. how do you do? i'm kennedy. donald trump dragging bill clinton into his verbal what running against hillary, but will it work? and how well? tonight fox news headlines 24-7. kmele foster is here.
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and gavin mcinnis and his beautiful gold watch he agreed to give me after the show. happy 2016. let's make it a good one. let's talk about bill clinton and his tarnished legacy. i was saying in 2012 this man was a legend. when he walked on to the stage at the democratic convention, people cheered. they couldn't believe they were in the midst of a man with such an you a-inspiring aura. now after linton inc i believe that legacy has been tarnished. >> the problem with bill clinton's legacy is we are going back in history with 2015 goggles. he was considered a rude cad.
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people looked at him and said you were salty. kennedy: it's 2016. >> 2016 goggles. he wasn't -- wasn't penalized fortify landerring. but now these mattress girl eyes. we'll say you didn't just use your power to sexually dominate women, you ruined their lives when they spoke up. kennedy: but that didn't happen in 2012. we were still look at him with a kinds lens. do you think it's unfair for done? is it going over the line? >> you mentioned there are substantive issues that we shids be discussing. this is a primary and nothing makes me despair more in the
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primary season where everybody is dirk out red meat. should we destroy or contain isis. if they want to talk about who their spouses have or are currently sleeping with, fine. it strikes me that the hillary camp might think this is not so terrible. if clinton gets on the road it hurts them personally. but getting out there and having donald dumpster dive, it may help with their base. kennedy: it seems to make them more popular with vocal republicans who have staked a pole in their tents. >> he's still for some reason a popular politician. hillary clinton should be parading him around all she can.
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i think donald trump attack him for hillary clinton works for her. she can play the role of a politician who has some popular issues. kennedy: i think people are more sophisticated. the fact that she was and is an enabler. they look around and say i see what she did there, she made their lives worse. she has some culpability. i think if she takes the high road instead taking the bait. if she talks about complete and foreign policy, we'll see how she wins. >> there is plenty of mud left to go around in see you what. donald trump duke it out in the
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hawkeye state. kmele, the election could have started today. the 2016 elections started in early january. >> ways so fascinating is how wrong every one, include mike self thought we would be right now. no one, not even donald trump believed we would, we are now with him as the frontrunner of the republican nomination. whether he survived iowa remains to be seen. come across there was very likely going to be a representative of democrats and representative republicans who are cast aspersions making grandiose promises. kennedy: they will govern the same way, by spending too much money, committing too many troops and doing too little to
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tackle the issues. who drops out? >> fiorina is done. i feel like she gave up a long time ago. i think we are down to rubio, cruz, bernie sanders is out. rubio, cruz, trump and hillary. a regular dog's breakfast of candidates. batman and superman. >> you are right. we are pretty much where we have been for a while. a dark horse and somebody we should be excited about. kennedy: i thought you were going to say ben carson. christy is flying new hampshire. can you imagine what it would be like if donald trump and chris christie go head-to-head, trump and the original, no filter politics face off.
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it code in a fistfight. kennedy: don't forget to watch fbn's presidential debate next thursday, january 14. it's must-see viewing for you and for me. militia occupying federal building in oregon. judge napolitano weighs in on president obama's executive action about guns.
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kennedy: monday marktsd third day of a standoff as armed protesters continue to occupy a federal building. there are concerns the federal government is controlling too much lands. kmele, i'm from the great state of oregon. things operate differently southwest. it's loosely pop late and there is a lot of unused lands and the federal government mismanages a lot of it.
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this department of justice decided to go back and enforce mandatory minimums sending them back to prison. >> these are the questions we ought to be talking about. how long should you go to bring song for setting a fire -- to prison for setting a fire break on your own land. >> they don't have the fire departments in every tiny municipality. >> it's the exotic nature of the story. these guys have guns. civil rights activists in the 1960s and 70s would show up with guns at a protest. but having a gun does not undermine your cause other justness or rightness of the cause. this is complicated but we can have a conversation about how much lands the government should be controlling. why isn't it a local government or private individuals controlling that land?
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kennedy: one of the things that's us from crating in california, the government impedes progress as far as moving out of old logs and timber, then you have got brushfires. there is a conflagration, and then once it rains there are mud slides. it's horrible mismanagement of there and year after year. >> they call this an indian reserve, then they pretended it was about birds. the birds preferred the ranchers' lands 10-1 to the pathetic mess the government has done to this lands. what surprises me is people's reaction. i don't understand why people don't care. this is a perfect example of americana.
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these guys formed a militia. yes what they are doing is illegal and yes they are heroes. this is the government botching lands, screwing up lands, pushing out ranchers. the last family said we are drawing a line in the sands. the bundies came in to help. the media's reaction is they seem fat and have guns. kennedy: they also called them terrorists. the federal government has been mismanaging this land. there should be a private influence where you can have log and mining and clearance. >> people on social media trending hashtag calling them terrorists and insulting them. these ranchers have a legitimate reason to be just set.
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these are people that need this land. let's not forget. '. the reason bundy couldn't use that land is the federal government was protecting a desert tortoise. i can understand why they are angry and acting out, although what they are doing is also very dangerous. you don't know what's going to happen. kennedy: you have got the spotted owl and the delta smell. dell -- the delta s merks lt. -- the delta smelt. "star wars" is going gaining bus officers at the box office. is president obama ready to push gun control into a law
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kennedy: president obama met with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss how to further a gun control agenda through executive action. joining me is fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. our president is forgetting the constitution. he needs to re-read a few amendments. this time it's his executive action on gun control. >> he hasn't told us exactly what he's going to do, but he indicated the areas he wants to regulate. this was the governing with a pen. both of areas he is talking about are the areas congress has
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chosen not to regulate. the fir has to do with background checks. if you sell a gun to me and you don't do it for a living, you decide i want to buy that gun you have, you can do it legally and you don't have to under federal law do a background search on me. congress has three times decided not to require occasional sellers to do background checks on their occasional buyers. the president wants to make that manned story. that will be invalidated by the court as soon as the ink is dry. it's a direct contradiction of what congress wants. the second one is a little different. the no fly-no gunman extra. if you are if you are so bad
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you can't fly on a plane, when a bureaucrat checks a box on a piece of paper in secret. kennedy: we talked about this. there is no way of knowing what gout on the list, and there is no way of actively trying to take your name off the lists specially if you have been placed there because you have a similar name. >> the second amendment can't be taken away from you by a bureaucrat checking a box. it can on be taken away by a jury after a conviction. he wants a bureaucrat to? it secret and decide who should get on a plane and sh who shouldn't. kennedy: the president says long
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some of this executive across keeps one person, one child from being killed and an act of gun violence, then it served its purpose. i have to say in that regard he should be actively trying to recall rahm emanuel. >> that may happen. but the president's worshiping at the altar of background checks needs to be illuminated. background checks are based on f.b.i. data bases. if you bought a gun in california the feds would access the same dat base. if i'm a crazy person and it's never been adjudicated crazy, the background check won't show that. what is the protect we need?
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more guns. what happens when these crazy people shoots up innocents, and someone shows up with a gun, they stop the killing when another gun shows up and is point at them. kennedy: these gun-free zones are a magnet for crazy people. although they may be insane in one area, they note less resistance they need the less success they will have. judge napolitano: every one of these horrendous slaughter that have happened from paris to california to oregon to connecticut. if you allow me to say this i prefer not to call it gun-flee, it's a no-gun zone man dated by the government. kennedy: make us less safe. and thank you for your illumination.
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kennedy: you have found the only place that adoars weird news and your new year's muffin top. this is the "topical storm." you know i don't like cats. but who knew cats hated toasters. watch this feline make a beeline for the ceiling once that bread is toast. that's such an evil laugh. cats climbing all over the kitchen counter with their
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dishwasher pooh paws? nasty. i think that cackling cat lady took so much joy in kitty's tumble, she actually hates cats. topic number 2. bills fans what you make up for in common sentence you major up for in tailgating enthusiasm. bills fans clinched the title as craziest fans as one fan tried to jump over a flaming table.
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>> he's on fire. he's on fire. polyester burns. but not as bad as the stinging defeat week after week. kennedy: they try to extinguish fire by hooting and taking pictures and pouring beer. mike tyson is a boxing champion but he may have met his match. the hoverboard. poor mike.
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hoverboards have the distinct advantage of not having an ear you can bite off. and they have become a major hazard since becoming commercially available. here is hillary clinton trying hers out at home. she is super busy. topic number four. it's never too early to back basketball prodigy. check out this 6-year-old as she shows off her skills. what is she doing with the cones? over here and over there with the headband. the gear. low to the ground. thatters harlem globetrotter level skills. that girl could probably single handedly defeat the washington generals.
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but as strong as the force is, could she be the ultimate basketball player, an athlete who played with the lakers for 13 years and personally beat hivment v. remember him -- beat hiv. remember him? i don't get it either. magic johnson owns an airplane which itself is a tower forward for the detroit pistons. topic number five. i want to give a huge shout-out to d.j. he's trying nature's great salt irtreasure for the first time.
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the kid is stoked. he will spend his entire adult life getting back to that same feeling. it will take years therapy to work out. a baby sampling bacon for the first time. but everything is cuter when you have see it as a baby like this. that adorable piglet. do you feel bad about your breakfast now? probably not. if you have any stories you want to see in the "topical storm" tweet me @kennedynation and use #topicalstorm. the familiar returns, a company
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says it will be able to bring people back from the dead in 30 years. would you do it?
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kennedy: well done. a company called whomy. they say they will be sable to resurrect the dead within 30 years by freezing the deceased brain and plopping it into a bionic body. does this mean we'll have a second chance to get sweeft revenge against our enemies?
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gavin, do you want to be resurrected? >> yes, please. i'm not even dead and i want to get resurrected. kennedy: you want to live to be a thousand? >> of course. >> my dad of said when i can't wipe my own behind, kill me. i'm not getting my hopes up with these guys. with all due respect to vets ... kennedy: you have think when we asked people who died what's it like on the other side ... >> they go win the's intense and complicated. did you have wings? what did you do? kennedy: it will be post death disorder. isn't the whole points of existence, immortality?
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>> is that the ultimate point? not really. >> the ultimate point is mortality and you leave at some points. kennedy: but then you have everlasting life. >> i'm sceptical of the proposition they will be able to do this. but i'm intrigued. after i have gotten all the use out of this extraordinary irvessel i wouldn't minds that. i would try a bionic body. kennedy: these folks are a little behind the curve. >> a group of italian researchers say they will be able to perform the first human head transplant. kennedy: i'm still sceptical of the head transplants part.
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speak of "star wars," my grandmother was just like yoda. it's one of the highest grossing films of all times nipg at the heels of avatar after just three weeks of release. i know there are a lot of star wars haters. i have no time for the contrarians. >> i love the movie of. it was a safe play. it did not offend fans of the series. i suspect they will do some stuff. >> hold out for a prequel. >> it's the first movie, and i hope. okay? okay? >> i respect that. >> i was a little juf upset -- a little upset.
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maybe we should get to this. i will have a heart attack. reporter: of koirlts was a good movie. but why did they make it woman protagonist so perfect, she was born a god. she is jumping over things getting engine parts. rockin' out. now she is a ninja. then the black guy was i'm perfect, i'm a big baby. the point much death -- >> i felt them deeply. >> let me close the gate. i'm a ninja and everything i touch. kennedy: she didn't have her family there. she knew about je dirks, she had the helmet.
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>> the new protagonist and the old protagonist, they hug. not to jump away from this lovely moment. people were body shaming carrie fisher. i by she looked great. >> i don't have a problem with carrie fisher's body. i have a problem with people with political correctness ruining the movie. it's so politically correct you infantilize the black guy and made the woman into a god. he was as real as my 2-year-old son. kennedy: to shift gears slightly, while campaigning in new hampshire hillary clinton
12:44 am
promised if elected president she'll get to the bottom of ufos and possibly form a task force to investigate area 51. she said i think we may have already been visited. we don't know for sure. in an earlier jimmy kimmel interview her husband said this. >> it makes it increasingly less likely we are alone. >> you are trying to give me a hint there are aliens. >> no, i'm trying to tell you have i don't know. but if we were visited some day i wouldn't be surprised. i just hope it's not like "independence day." kennedy: tell me about this kmele. you have sees the dossier on roswell. she those what's going on on area 5. it. not an illegal sweat shop. >> i have on good authority that
12:45 am
bill clinton asked about the airiens when -- the aliens when he first got to the white house. >> this is a perk of being the president. if you want to get down with your bad self and look for artificial intelligence. if there is an alien threat, that's probably the on thing that would bind this great world together again. >> we have 50 million aliens we can ban. kennedy: who would you rather have, lgm from another galaxy or hondurans. >> it's the number i'm worried about. i would like the numbers reduced to 8 million. hillary knows the dad vote is going to kill her. if dads get off the couch and tart voting it's going to be cruz-crumb. so she has to d cruz-trump. she's going maybe i'll get the
12:46 am
crazy guys. we have area 51 and it's crazy. if she can take a chip off the dad, she can win. kennedy: gavin, thank you for being here. a very cogent appearance for you. kmele thank you so much. carly, you are a breath of fresh air. coming up, a major crisis brewing in the middle east. saudi arabia and iran squaring off. what does that mean for the united states and the isis
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if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um..." or "no comment". then there's esurance - born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save: hassle, time, paper work, hair tearing out and, yes, especially dollars. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. kennedy: saudi arabia's
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execution of a high-profile iranian cleric has led to protests. joining me is fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland. she is going to store the everything out and bring world peace. what a confusing place for us. here the president is trying to secure his legacy by building bridges with iran and we had a longstanding relationship with saudi arabia. what is going on. >> we are seein see seeing addil steps of what will become a generational war. it will go across borders and it will go tribe to tribe. what it's boiling down to is iran is shiite, and it is alive with the syrians. saudi arabia is sunni and it's
12:51 am
alive with the other sunni countries. and the wildcard in all this is isis. i think if you look at a map and you see you have isis on one side and iran on the other side, what's the squeeze play? saudi arain in in the middle. oil-rich country. traditional american ally. and for their purposes it's where the holy site are. everybody will want to get their hands on this. kennedy: this september th the j takes place. what if saudi arabia says no you can't come here. >> what happened at the last hajj there were a lot of people killed. the iranians said you can't keep order, you don't have a right to
12:52 am
have that. i think what happens is this gets a whole lot worse. you have got two countries that want to control the heat. i don't know why we are in this in the first place. i don't understand the u.s. interests there. we are straddling iran and saudi rea arabia right now. how does the u.s. win from any of this? >> i think it's time to take a step back and say what is our national interest in this. we need and wanted their oil, and we don't want their terrorists. thousand do you achieve those objecties other than the united states being in the middle of all that. give israel wait needs to defend itself. kennedy: i think the united states is good about that. >> we could be better. kennedy: the president has an acrimonious relationship with
12:53 am
the prime minister, he points to the iron dome. >> we don't need their oil anymore. we have our own oil. as far as terrorists we have the ability to keep terrorists out. you and i might disagree with the ways we keep terrorists out. it's a loser all the way around. it will go on for a generation and it will be very bloody. kennedy: maybe the one positive outcome from this is more people in the united states saying we don't have any place there and it changes. >> they have been fighting each other for 1,500 years. kennedy: see i told you she would make everything better. coming up, a super food. you are probably gagging down when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo!
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kennedy: i row cently tried a juicefest. and it's a way to accomplish absolutely nothing. but it's made me wonder, what other health fads are total bunk and what demonized foods are okay for you? here to help me out is the author of "the good news about what's bad for you and the bad news about what's good for you." juice fasts are totally dumb. >> we would like to think we are being so healthy. expunge our bodies of toxins. what they do is starve your body of calories. kennedy: then your body gets starved and angry. >> i went on a junk food cleanse
12:58 am
for 30 days. but i kept my calories lower. so i lost 11 pounds. but it works like a juice cleanse. instead having liquid cal liquia oreos. kennedy: it slows down your metabolism. once i start eating again your metabolism is super slow. >> all these fad diets often backfire. kennedy: i'm on a medically prescribed gluten-free diet. but a lot of people go gluten-free thinking it's healthy for them. >> people who go gluf 10-free are doing it because some
12:59 am
celebrity did the. they use more sugar and chemicals with gluten-free. kennedy: choice actually good. >> in moderation. in study after study shows a slink between longer lifespans, better health and moderate alcohol. kennedy: i was together wrong kinds of juice cleanse. i should have been sipping on jesus juice. >> h tequilla cleanse. kennedy: it will be a best seller. the book is fascinating. there is so much bad stuff that's good for you. i'm eating all of it after the show. thank you so much for watching the show. you can watch all new episodes of ken different monday through thursday on the fox business
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