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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: all right. fair amounts. we had an super bowl and it uber baier. someone who is favor of what the president wants to do. a perplexed on republicans. trish. trish: thank you so much. president obama issuing an executive order on gun control. requiring background checks on all future gunowners. it was in emotional plea from president obama. he cried as he remembered the victims of the mass shootings that happened under his watch insisting we could do better. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every single day. [applause]
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trish: today's is negative order mandates three major changes at work require gun sellers to do background checks. the order will also provide more personnel to run the fbi background screening checks. helping people get access to mental health care. are they kicking off a slippery slope? firing range owner in second and then meant advocate. let's get the very latest from our own peter barnes. tell us more about these actions. >> the new plan will not undermine second amendment rights. protecting innocent people from losing their rights to pack this religion. to assemble. to their happiness.
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in case they are attacked with a gun. the president plans to require all commercial gun sellers to get a federal sales license. it may stop some private sales in the secondary market to close the loophole. the dealers to shift weapons report that if they are lost or stolen in transit. he ordered the fbi to hire 230 more examiners to conduct background checks. pressuring republicans to do more. >> the reason congress blocks laws is because they want to win elections. if you make it hard for them to win an election if they bought those laws, they will change course. i promise you. they plan to make sure that the presidents comply with the law and the constitution. the subcommittee approves
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funding for federal gun control. using the power of the purse to block the president. >> we will not permit the department of justice or atf to spend any of our hard-earned tax dollars to interfere with our second amendment right. the president's new plan would not have prevented the gun violence that he cited in his announcement today. trish: thank you so much. peter barnes. i want to go to jan morgan on her reaction. your second amendment advocate yourself. you heard what he had to say. your reaction. >> he overstepped his executive authority. congress has already, on three different okay shins voted against one of the specific executive orders that he intends to pass. that is in violation of the separation of power. they are there for a reason.
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i do not inc. that this will work for him. the congress will represent the will of the people. they will stand up against him. >> okay. the president is saying, we walk more background checks. something that most americans agree with. roughly 89% of americans say they are for universal background checks. >> that is a legitimate question. first of all, regarding the license to carry, some of the things that obama mentioned are already in place. it is already illegal to sell a gun to a fell in. it is already illegal. a felon can buy a gun over the internet. that is simply not true. when a felon goes on the
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internet and orders a gun, they have to ship it to a federal license facility like mine. then that felon goes to the facility. he has to come through me or one of the others to get access to that gun. we are a ready required to do a background check. we call the fbi. they do the check. if he is a felon, it welcome back and he will not get the gun. trish: i am a licensed driver. i went through a testing proved that i could drive. why should gunowners not have to do something kind of similar. prove that they can actually shoot a gun. prove that they are law-abiding citizens before they get one? >> well, we are to do, trish. most states require you to take a test. let's just talk about that for a second. that is a legitimate question that you are asking.
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you have to take a class. you have to pass a test. has that stopped crazy people from getting behind the wheel? >> i do not necessarily think that it was. we will make sure that we do all these background checks. at the same time, why not have background checks. why not make sure? >> taking sure all the teaser crossed and i's are dotted here and none of the things president obama opposed would have stopped that. the woman that owns those firearms, she was a law-abiding citizen that has gone through all the processes. had a permit to carry and owned a gun. she had a mentally ill son. all the money did not help her to get him mental health. none of the things would have stopped that.
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>> i agree with you on that. i do not think that you will stop any one of these things from happening. the issue still remains, should we make sure that we know who has these guns to begin with. should we be doing everything that we can to make sure that these weapons are in the hands of responsible citizens. >> we already are to have laws on the books. let's take the gun show for example. you can go and buy a gun with no background checks there. >> i have never been to a gun show where i could purchase guns without having to go through a background check right there on the spot. individuals shop walking around in public light every day. >> there are reports as many as
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40% of firearms being sold or transactions being taken place online. >> you cannot buy a gun online without going to pick it up. you can buy a gun online, but they cannot ring it to you. trish: thank you so much. good to have you here, as always. it is no coincidence that president obama is releasing an assault on our second amendment at the start of an election year. jeb bush is already out talking. the obama declaration that he will impose is gun control agenda by executive order. the second amendment as well as the proper constitution for making laws in our nation. marco rubio says that obama is obsessed with undermining the second amendment. mike huckabee is calling it a blatant abuse of power.
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good to have both of you guys here. i hate that this has become such a political issue. the nra is out with a statement. and a lot of ways, they make a point. a distraction from what really matters. taking what happened in san bernardino and within days we were talking about -- why does this all have to be so black-and-white. why is this so divisive. >> we do already have background checks. it is absolutely the truth. a massive distraction from what is really the problem.
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he took the attention off of islam and islamic terror. it was also an attempt to take the focus off of his failed policy. every single thing happened in a gun free zone. there is only one way to prevent these deaths that happened continuously in a gun free zone. that is to have a good guy with a gun. more americans will die. i am certain. >> i do not think that that is the case at all. i do agree with you that this has become a very political life tissue. back after president reagan, the attempt made on his wife in the early '80s. it was a bipartisan issue to try to get done control pass. more and more to this realm where we are now. well card lists, things that the president had suggested our common sense.
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hopefully having more money for enforcement. tracking the legal movement of guns. causing of domestic terrorism and how they are able to get their hands on weapons. how other criminals are. i live in the state of florida. a decongestant for my allergies. i have to give my drivers license. i could only get 20 at a time. we have regulations that are here for public health and safety reasons. >> speaking how powerful it is. >> it is lobbying in general. it is a wedge issue that, unfortunately, 89% of americans across the board. whether they are democrats or republicans. trish: 75% of nra members polled
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recently, they were actually in favor of background checks. overwhelmingly. let me ask you something else. i come again, have pointed at this being a distraction. we are where we are today. how on earth should someone who is on the no-fly list be able to go and buy a gun. common sense measures. >> we have seen the abuse. we saw lois lerner on the irs. we saw what happened. the list goes on and on. some government bureaucrats, you, for whatever reason, they decide, do not get to fly. you are right to defend yourself and your children is in question. obama and the self-righteous bringing up to defend children really flies in the face of my feelings as a mother of five who wants the ability to defend my
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household and my children against whatever may come. islamic terror or some crazed criminal. or an overreaching government. >> the flight. i think that there is a legitimate concern there. if someone is on the no-fly list, i do not know how they can suddenly get access to buying a gun. go and fix the no-fly zone listed that is what we are all concerned about. in the meantime, we have a serious terrorist rat. a guy in upstate new york. a 25-year-old who had planned an attack on a restaurant and or bar there in that area. you want to make sure someone might that does not have access to firearms. >> this is one of the concerns brought up with the 9/11 report. we have communication that goes on between the various agencies.
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things like the no-fly list that exists now. they are running properly. they have the resources they need to be accurate. communicating with local law enforcement agencies. we are seeing places like rochester in san bernardino. this is now spreading across the united states. >> there are some logical things that you can do. we all get so emotional about this. let's do what is right. thank you. i did not know you had five kids. good for you. >> you can catch all the gop candidates that an xbox business debate. trust in south carolina. the republican candidates will go head to head on the biggest issues facing our country's today. you do not want to miss it.
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much more on the president taking the law into his own hands when it comes to gun control. in magazine labeled donald trump, the hater and chief. i do not think that they meant this to be a positive portrayal. are they on to something here? stay with me. ♪
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>> contrary to claims of some presidential candidates, clearly before this meeting. this is not a plot to take away everyone's guns. criminal background checks.
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you begin to cry. joining me right now is bret baier. the host of special report. good to see you. he has cried before. what was your reaction when you saw those tears streaming down his cheeks. >> this is the most emotional we have seen this president. he has been angry. after sandy hook, he definitely got teary-eyed. not as much as tears streaming down his face as you mentioned here today. i think, for anybody who questions the authenticity of it, this president has expressed a lot of sadness about how much that specific moment in sandy hook in the first-graders killed
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in the memorial services around that affected him. you know, i think that this is an issue that he feels compelled to move forward on. it is interesting that sandy hook happened 2012 and we are now in 2016. it took a wild. we had a midterm election, obviously, in between. trish: do you think that that was the reason? maybe he wanted to do this before? saving up? he was waiting. you can imagine many democrats in congress being frustrated with having to deal with the political values of this. >> i think that that is part of it. several democrats voted against the president. gun control legislation after sandy hook. he lost that legislative battle. he went forward with some
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executive actions after that, but not like this. that to the drawing board. it could have happened right away. the midterm also happens. a number of democrats up in red states. lost in that midterm. the democrats felt that it was an issue. >> we have another election coming. how does this play out now on the campaign trail. both republicans and democrats. >> republicans are all united. it seems all the candidates are talking about how this is outside, not constitutional. should be going to a legislature. they also think that it is overreached. the federal government should be doing more to enforce the laws, currently, that are not being enforced. some 30% less prosecutions on gun crimes.
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democrats, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, also on the same page. they believe that gun control should be pushed even further. >> we will be watching for it. the state of the union coming up next week. >> i think it may be a different state of the union. his final state of the union address. it will not be like the regular laundry list of things to do. gun control in this effort will factor in heavily. >> thank you so much. good to see you. do not miss special report every night on fox news. all right. the hater and chief. they are labeling the gop front runner the unlikely face of american anger. there may be a point. the real change in anger of so many american voters right now.
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>> the new cover of esquire magazine features donald trump with the headline hater in chief. it does not hit newsstands until next month. it has r&d got controversy. if you are running for president, you do not want to be perceived as a hater of any sort. trump probably hates where america has gone. so do a lot of others. trump has passed into the anger and frustration that many americans feel right now. our country has changed. the world has become more competitive. it is harder to get ahead. we have not seen so few americans participating since the 1970s. our middle class is getting squeezed. people are sick and tired of it.
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there was so much hope. now that hope is turning to anger. anger that stems not from the real economic pain, but from fear as well. terrorism is pretty scary. it is a real threat. our president, on the day of the paris attacks had just said that isis was contained. he will not even call it islamic extremism for what it is. americans, they are scared. think about immigration. rub publications seem to have thrown up their hands when it comes to dealing with immigration issues. it is something that is changing a lot of communities. americans fear that the country they grew up in is disappearing. frustrated voters are again looking for donald trump for guidance.
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political correctness is such that no one can say what they really think because they may offend someone. we are living through challenging times. many americans are burnt out. they are tired of the status quo. they are done with washington. they are looking for something new. eight years ago, donald trump probably would not have stood a shot at the presidency. today, he is leading every republican poll and he very well could be the republican nominee for president. we will see. seventeen prisoners from guantánamo bay are set to be released. multiple bad guys and followers among them. why is the president so determined to shut the place down? that is next. ♪
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>> new security concerns over the obama administration. followers from quan thanh amo bay. seventeen detainees expected to be transferred out. as early as this week. refusing to release the detainees identities. the group includes al qaeda followers. there are "multiple bad guys in the group. we're we are not talking taxidrivers and cooks. closing 1 ton amo bay. at what cost.
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a former state department official. a fox news contributor in iraq and afghanistan veterans. good to have both of you here. 2004-2005. what are you hearing from sources about who these guys may be? >> they are not saying much right now. this is classified. we are dealing with the bottom of the pool right now. it sounds like with this transfer of 17, they are trying to get rid of some of the very worst. we are talking folks that have been leaders of al qaeda or strong connections to al qaeda. a guy released just a couple of years ago that is now the leader of al qaeda in yemen. they have been released in this administration and the last.
2:34 pm
unfortunately, this transfer has nothing to do with national security. it is just a bad place. >> that is what i wanted to ask you next. why do you think that the president is doing this right now? why close? >> it is part of progressive orthodox. what the president has always believed. they think what animates is american actions. before, the story was it is american troops on saudi soil that motivated bin laden. it is either what republicans say or what we do that motivates. that is just not true. we are dealing with an ideological enemy. we know that it has nothing to do with guantánamo. you have a president and
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frankly, a party that wants to blame america first. rather blame for starting terrorism them look at ieper causes of radical islam. trish: is this really just a political play here by the president? ahead of the election? what kind of risk does that put us in? is it somewhat of a symbol of where we stand on terror? >> absolutely. i could not have said it better. part of their belief that it is our fault. they want to get the number below 100. they want to close because they made that promise seven years ago. four gardeners of the national security measures. they just want to close it so they can say that they did. it gets them just underneath 100.
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at which point, they will say they will try to defund dick, pushed them elsewhere. to be able to say that they say so. long ago did we pass a place where this was useful. >> back kind of strategy is not something that pays off. what we did when it came to getting out of iraq. what do you know. isis was created. let me ask you about something else. the obama administration seems to be trying to remain somewhat neutral. i do not know how long they will be able to do this. it is happening right now. erupting over the weekend. after saudi arabia executed one of the clerics. do you foresee christian, the administration having to take a sidedness side in this and, if so, which side would it be? >> hopefully, it is the side of
2:37 pm
our allies. even though they do things that we dislike. this is a reaction to the execution of someone who try to stage an uprising. it is also a reaction by the saudis in reaction to iranians operatives, if you will, storming and embassy. supposedly, the sanctified ground in foreign countries. this is a habit of the iranians. having students go and invade embassies, including our own. i am glad to see them taking the action that they have. you have john kerry who does not want to upset the deal. therefore, unwilling to side with our allies. trish: how much of a disadvantage does this put us in? >> it definitely complicates things further. we have our at each chosen a side geared choosing a deal with
2:38 pm
iran. preventing a nuclear weapons. we sent signals to our allies. many of which feel like former allies. we ultimately will not stand with them. all of this further instigates the place of sunni and shia. the theocracy of tehran. without american leadership. they are having to take wings into their own hands. they ask unilaterally. more fights between yemen and syria. the anti-is only being up. this will only increase the tensions in the middle east. >> thank you very much. coming up. donald trump is doing his best to make bill clinton's past a problem for his wife's political future.
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are the clintons taking the i know you're bait? the winner in all of this is next. ♪ he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> let's check on these markets right now. the dow up four points right now. doing really well today. stocks of gunmakers are up today. strong sales figures to the end of last year.
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it has everybody going out and buying a gun. sales are strong. americans are buying more new cars than ever before. a record high of 17 and a half million last year. ford and gm reported their monthly sales figures. shares of the company are falling as a result. down the little bit more than 2%. the intelligence report will be right back. bill clinton's past problems with women. ♪
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator.
2:43 pm
politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> if you are going to bring up the woman card, i will bring up the woman card, two. i think that that is fair game. trish: the former president campaigns for hillary in new hampshire higher. bill was * way about whether his past is in fact fair game. [inaudible] >> republican deciding if they want in on that. hillary is saying that she has taken the high road. ignoring donald altogether.
2:44 pm
>> i have adopted a new year's resolution. i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality and i am not going to respond. trish: a trump adviser is speaking out against the clinton record on women. the author of the new book, the clinton war on women. roger stone. welcome. tell me about what you found in your research. >> the mainstream media may want this to be about adultery or marital infidelity, the story here is far darker. bill clinton has been accused repeatedly by women of sexual assault and rape. the accomplices in the media were able to bury this in the 90s. when hillary gets back on the stage, it is all back on the table.
2:45 pm
bill's sexual history is not relevant to hillary. yes, it is. hillary is an accessory after the fact. intimidated and bullied his victims into silence. i expect these women to be speaking out. trish: in other words, hillary clinton basically willing to railroad any woman that came along that made these accusations. she is an accomplice. >> bill sex class. that is the fact. >> i think that this is a very important point. i as a woman am troubled by it. she seems to do better when she is in that big dump type category. from a political strategy standpoint, i know that you
2:46 pm
advise donald trump, is it a smart strategy for him to go after this? >> i think that it is the only strategy that will defeat her. they need to know about her chronic abuse of women. she did grated women that he'll assaulted. she terrified them. she bullied them. she threatened them. she is the one who hires the heavy-handed private detect this that terrorize, break into her home, slash her tires, killed her cat. this is not going to go away. >> we have not heard from monica lewinsky. >> i think that you will hear from a number of these women. donald trump is not afraid to take this on front and center. hillary will try to make this about adultery. it is private. bill clinton is a bill cosby style sexual predator.
2:47 pm
there are many women that have said so. hillary herself have said that they deserved to be believed. >> that is right. any victim of assault needs to be believed. at the same time, donald trump is not exactly a saint. >> but he never raped anybody. he never assaulted anybody. not adultery or infidelity. most of our recent presidents have had some indiscretions in that area. john kennedy, to itemize in our. it is not about that. that is more common in our so society. when you assault a woman, when you bite a woman, i think the voters need to know this. trish: why did this not turn him
2:48 pm
-- why did this not hurt him in a bigger way? >> very effectively suppressed. tracking the story down. got her on film in a wrenching interview. the brass that nbc flocked airing at that. she had to quit. threaten to quit before they would air that. tracking down liz ward grayson. indeed, clinton had better. he could not get his editors to run that story. there has been a spin effort by the clintons to try to shut down the mainstream media coverage of this story in the days of citizens united. a candidate like trump, encourage to go there, i do not think that the strategy will work. >> thank you. the clintons war on women.
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the new year bringing bigger paychecks. you know, that is all good. and until you lose your job because of it. they reality of the wage wars. that is next. ♪ ♪
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ trish: all right. it is a new year. fourteen states right now. raising their minimum wages this year. california and massachusetts. will these laws only hurt the people that they are trying to help? the parent company of carl's junior joining me right now. great to see you. thank you for being here. the "wall street journal" the other day. one of the things that i like
2:53 pm
most about it is you are one of the first to really break down these numbers. walk us through it. what does minimum wage do in terms of hurting the people it is trying to help. >> the 22 retailers in fortune 500, it took him much profit they made on average for employees. your profit is what you can use to absorb these increases. an increase because of obamacare. you can absorb some of that into your profit. >> a company like apple, is really profitable. $400,000 that they are making in revenue off of each employee. >> exactly. they could absorb a lot. retailers, about $6300 in employee. when you go from $9, that wipes
2:54 pm
out about 43% of that profit per employee. at $12 an hour, you are actually losing over $1000. >> making it up somewhere or your profits just go down. >> one of the most efficient operating companies in the world. the largest revenue company was unable to absorb an increase from $9 an hour. there are earnings-per-share went down 10%. next year, they will go to $10 an hour. their project and there their earnings-per-share will go down an additional amount. $20 billion worth of stocks. >> shareholders make less money. i can hear the left saying that right now. greedy wall street will get
2:55 pm
less. >> the mantra of the left out there is through pricing or automation or better label scheduling. even $9 an hour, walmart could not absorb that. when you get to $12 or $15, it is not a reduction. it is a loss. retailers just will not be able to absorb that feared if they cannot absorb that, they have to get rid of people. that will hurt working-class americans. it is nice if sally gets a dollar or two more an hour. these companies are going to grow. they will need to reduce the number of people they employ. >> law of unintended consequences. andrew, thank you for being here. thank you for putting that all
2:56 pm
into perspective. let's take a quick check on the markets. we are up just about four points right now. gunmakers are soaring today. news that obama will come forward with a lot more regulation. stay with me. a lot of good news that you all had a hand in. ♪
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great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, : start searching for free now at . trish: before we go, it's the first week of the new year, and i want to say to all of you, all the best in 2016. i also want to say thank you because we've had a heck of a 2015! i've had a blast. i've had a terrific time here at fox, we've covered really important stories. you see there the debate. i've gotten a chance to not just do this show but be a presence throughout fox business and all of fox news, and fox business everyone, became the fastest growing cable network in 2015! right here on "the intelligence
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report," we're up 111%. 111%! it's pretty incredible, and that is thanks to you. so keep tuning in every day, 2:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be here and i certainly hope you will be, too. the conversation doesn't end here. head to our facebook page. trish intel and on twitter, see you there. over to liz. >> all right, trish regan, it's cheryl casone. i remember your first day on fox business. u.s. markets lost 375 billion dollars of value on the first trading day of the year. well, today, the dow jones industrial average fighting off losses. we were in the green, now in the negative six points. going to be touch and go, we lost 250 points yesterday. today not that day. and that is giving everybody a sigh of relief. markets hitting lows, about midday or so, at the same time that president obama was laying out a plan to strengthen gun laws in the nation. in a speech from the east room


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