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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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111%! it's pretty incredible, and that is thanks to you. so keep tuning in every day, 2:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be here and i certainly hope you will be, too. the conversation doesn't end here. head to our facebook page. trish intel and on twitter, see you there. over to liz. >> all right, trish regan, it's cheryl casone. i remember your first day on fox business. u.s. markets lost 375 billion dollars of value on the first trading day of the year. well, today, the dow jones industrial average fighting off losses. we were in the green, now in the negative six points. going to be touch and go, we lost 250 points yesterday. today not that day. and that is giving everybody a sigh of relief. markets hitting lows, about midday or so, at the same time that president obama was laying out a plan to strengthen gun laws in the nation. in a speech from the east room at the white house, the
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president tearing up talking about executive action. tighten criminal background checks and claims he's moved they're legal under the constitution. critic, including many gop candidates disagree. we'll have live reports from the white house on that story. ted cruz is one of the critics saying the president's orders are not worth the paper they're written on. he's in the middle of a six day barnstorming tour in iowa. our political panel tells us if it's a strategy that can actually work. this, the bickering between the sunni and the shia states in the middle east is only getting worse as kuwait holds diplomats from iran. could the bad blood over the execution of a shia cleric and attack in tehran pose a danger to us, to the united states? we're going to take the question up with ambassador james smith, former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia. big news today, record auto sales, we saw more deadly
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flooding and, of course, we're going to have the latest from ces in las vegas. less than an hour to the closing bell. i'm cheryl casone, filling in for liz claman today. let's start the "countdown." take a look at your dow 30 right now. remember, we saw a sea of red in these names yesterday. every single big name selling off in particular, financials, energy names, today more of a mixed bag, as you can see right now, the dow is fighting to stay in positive territory. all three markets for today trying to claw their way back into the green. it's going to be a battle until the end here, yesterday that was the day we lost 276 on the dow, and again every name on that screen that you're seeing was red, not so today. 17,148 is the number to watch as we move into the closing bell on this tuesday. just the second day of the trading year.
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the dow by the way crossed the unchanged line 46 times so far today. the energy names that we follow got killed in 2015. look at them right now. lagging again. big charge of that was oil, oil settled at 3597. it looks like a lot more supply, and the dollar story factoring into energy stocks and the oil contract. here's the flip side for you. good news, health care, one of the best performing sectors of the day. gilead, valeant, eli lilly, pfizer all in the green, hopefully you own some of these stocks. take a look at auto stocks right now. it's a mixed bag but i have to tell you u.s. auto sales on track to report a record-breaking 2015, thank you, low gasoline prices across this country. mixed bag, ford gm down a little bit, nissan pushing its way into the green.
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yes, we are fighting our way back to the closing bell. all three indices back and forth over the unchanged line. what do you make of all of this? let's get to the floor show. experts lined up at the cme group and the nymex and ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange. no conviction, ashley, at all today? >> none at all. this time exactly 24 hours ago, i looked up and the dow was up 410. the dow, the markets been able to fight off lower oil, confusion over the oil patch. the tensions going on in the middle east would naturally have you think the oil should be spiking, but because of that tremendous oversupply, despite what's going on between saudi arabia and iran, the oil market itself is coming down, the dollar is going up. still confliction about what's going on? you mentioned auto sales, very bright spot. probably the brightest spot last year, all indications it could be strong this year.
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what about china and the chinese slowdown? what does it do to big companies like apple who have exposure to china? lot of confusion, confliction, today compared to yesterday, we'll take it, cheryl. >> i hear you, the big name companies that we follow selling off yesterday. stocks to watch today. todd you are standing by at cme. the loss of oil today, we had oil yesterday jump 4%. now oil is down. the supply, that's the dollar story. and gold hitting a four week high. >> you know, when you look at commodities base, you are seeing consolidation at the lower level. i think that if you look at oil, $35 is probably pretty good spot to get in and buy, that's what i'm looking to do, looking to buy the beaten down commodities at these levels. gold is at -- been stagnant and in a very tight range over the last three to four months, we finally popped up a little
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yesterday, but gold like all the other commodities, we're on about 18 year lows in the commodity index, and until we can see movement and the economy can turn around, the commodities are going to hang at these levels. if you're looking to be a buyer of gold and oil -- >> tonight stay on the oil story and talk about middle east tensions. we're going to get into this in a few moments. when it comes to iran and saudi, all the pipelines that populate we're watching the action, the protests. how come we're not seeing that reaction on the nymex contract? >> great question, everyone is scratching their heads. previously something even half as volatile as this situation would have given us a three to five dollar spike. it seems everyone is discounting the geopolitical issue and concentrating on the fact we have so much supply
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that it weighs heavily on this market. this is one of those where everyone is so sure they may get caught offguard. i happen to agree with todd i think this market is likely a buy from a risk and reward relationship. i think the market has $5-10 it can retrace with nothing seriously happening as far as inventory. >> so hold on, jeff, you are saying oil could actually fall another $5-6, that wouldn't surprise you today? >> i think we definitely could go much higher, if anything slightly comes up that's a slight disruption here. everyone seems to be discounting it. i think there's a possibility. when you look at this markets we have weather coming in now in the northeast, you may see a drawdown in heating oil. all of the market has the potential to lift itself out of the doldrums. >> in the single digits,
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ashley, todd, jeff, very much appreciate it. >> thanks. >> also today, president obama announcing that he is taking executive actions to make it tougher for americans to purchase guns by strengthening background checks and proposing legislation to grant $500 million in funding for mental health treatment. fox news' rich edson standing by with the latest on the president's gun control policies, and you got to mention those tears, rich, that we saw today. >> reporter: absolutely, cheryl, this was a very emotional, very angry speech by president obama who has gone the emotional and angry over the issue in the past. three years after the president issued 23 executive actions on gun control, the white house is enacting more today. he's expanding background checks for those looking to buy a gun and requiring more gun sellers, those selling as few as two guns to be expected to obtain a license to do so. his approach on gun control
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according to the president changed after meeting with the parents of the children killed in the massacre in newtown, connecticut. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> reporter: congressional republicans say the action will do little to curb gun violence. the republican national committee responding to president obama. in it, the rnc says, quote, these recent tragedies that have gripped our country are heart breaking, but none of the unilateral restrictions president obama is proposing would have prevented them, making his proposal all the more insulting and political. the truth is, this executive overreach is all about burnishing the president's legacy and boosting democrat enthusiasm in the presidential election year. this of course, when you take away the proposal he wants congress to pass, the $500 million in mental health treatment, these are largely
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executive actions and paul ryan saying this is something a republican president can come in office and undo. and ryan said this is a reason republicans must win the presidential election come november. back to you. >> and the candidates picking up on that today. rich edson live at the white house. president obama has been the country's best gun salesman since taking office. up more than ten fold during the president's tenure. smith & wesson up about 12%. sturm ruger up 7%. another huge pop to the upside for big gun makers. stocks to watch over the next 50 minutes. breaking news right now into fox business. the san bernardino police department, you're looking at a live press conference right now. they're appealing to the public and the san bernardino community to bring in more information on the two shooters' whereabouts following that december 2nd attack.
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the investigation is ongoing. officials are limited to what they can say right now. this is fbi assistant director in charge david bowdich. we're going to monitor what they have to say. we don't expect new information, but they are asking the public in the help with their ongoing investigation into tashfeen malik and syed farook and that shooting in san bernardino. coming up next, deadly floods across the midwest showing no signs of easing. it's been devastating there. jeff flock is live in illinois to tell us how businesses and residents are navigating the rough water, the high water. and the feud between saudi arabia and iran showing no signs of a thaw, but could it distract the two nations. james smith, the former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia is joining me next on "countdown." we'll be right back.
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save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. . cheryl: funny thing happened in the commercial break, the dow came back a little bit. still in the red, not by much. the nasdaq fighting to get in the green. the number to watch, 17,141. 17,148. we want to see if we can get
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above that line. at least that zero line before the closing bell rings 45 minutes from now. oil another big story falling toward 11-year low, despite all the tension between two of the world's oil producers, saudi arabia and iran. traders focused on a stronger dollar and oil down 2% settled at $35.97 a barrel. oil gained more than 4% yesterday amid all the market volatility that we had. as oil engages and disengages on worrisome headlines, a major rift is turning the persian gulf into a tinderbox, kuwait is recalling ambassador from iran making it the latest sunni ally of saudi to cut ties with iran. this move is in response to attacks by protesters on saudi embassies in iran, including they set one on fire. the protests broke out in countries across the middle
3:17 pm
east including iran after saudi arabia executed a prominent shia cleric. james smith is holding out hope for near-term reconciliation, he served as u.s. ambassador from 2009 to 2013 and spent 28 years in the u.s. air force. i want to ask you about the military solution. thank you, ambassador for being here. >> good to be with you. cheryl: here's what's interesting, those that are rallying behind the saudis. sunni muslim, this is saudi arabia, and you look at iran, shia, but sunnis represent almost 90% of the muslim population. 90% so people deep down feel like what the saudis did was wrong, they're going to support them at the end of the day. isn't this bad for iran? >> well, the saudis do not look at it as the sunni-shia issue. they look at it exclusively as a security issue. while your focus has been on
3:18 pm
sheikh al-nemmer, the reality is there were 47 extremists that were executed. these go back to the bombings in 2003 to 2005. it include those who attacked the u.s. consulate in jeddah and killed our people there. and 43 of the 47 were sunni, not shia. so this issue is a domestic security issue for saudi arabia. it only is a sectarian issue for iran, which is trying to make it into a sunni-shia fight. cheryl: but is this justified? even the u.s., britain, united nations came out and showed that they were not happy with what the saudis did. we as a nation, we don't do this in the united states. they got a fair trial, you could argue he did not. that's got to hurt our relationship with the saudis and also the fact they went about this, it was a very unexpected move.
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>> unexpected because we weren't paying attention. but if you go back to 1980, after the takeover of the holy mosque in mecca by juheman and followers, when they captured juheman and followers, they tried to sentence a number of them to execution and carried out the executions in different cities around the country in the spring of 1980 to send the signal that this was not going to be tolerated. i agree that the saudi system is severe. they draw a hard line where it comes to things like terrorism, and most of the rest of us would say it needs to be modernized, but this is their process and, in fact, even sheikh nemer faced three different trials with a total of 11 judges, so it's really unfair to say that he didn't
3:20 pm
get a fair trial according to their standards. cheryl: okay, okay, to their standards, that's different from american standards of justice. i want to ask you about oil. i was looking at where a lot of the pipelines intersect on saudi territory, saudi land, it's a very shia area. have you 12 pipelines, this is a very dense network of oil. do you think that these particular pipelines in the shia area are at risk to sabotage, to terrorism from shia supporters, iranian supporters? >> it's possible, but there's a lot of security devoted to the protection of the pipelines. and understand that the shia population in the eastern province are the primary workers in aramko, and some have said 70% are shea. they form part and parcel for aramko and saudi arabia's
3:21 pm
economy. cheryl: i wish we had more time. we have breaking news to get to. i want to give you an update on something we showed you a few moments ago. this is the san bernardino news conference happening live. the san bernardino police and the fbi have confirmed that there's no connection to foreign terror, and they are still missing 18 minutes of movements by the shooters that day. they've accounted for more than 3 hours 40 minutes of travel time but 18 minutes is crucial to finding out do they interact with anyone? any businesses? residents? any connection that they might have had. that's a question for san bernardino police. you've got police officers there and the fbi spokesman speaking just a moment ago. and they're looking for help from the public. any information that can help them in the investigation. tashfeen malik, syed farook dead after a shoot-out with police, but they need more details. coming up next, president bill clinton hits the campaign trail for hillary but can't
3:22 pm
answer the question about his controversial past. our political panel tell us if bubba is fair game for 2016? and this, jeff flock, live in illinois. deadly, swollen rivers are seriously disrupting life and commerce there, jeff? >> reporter: cheryl, i'm along the illinois river, and take a look what's happening out here. barges beginning to back up because they can't get down river, the water is too high. we'll tell you the impacts, when we come back.
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. cheryl: after a year of hype and hope, el nino's punch is finally arriving in the state of california promising to drench parts of the west for two weeks. this comes with increased fears of mudslides and flash floods in regions stripped bare by wildfires we saw over the summer. the national weather service issued a wetter than normal outlook and flash flood watch for northern california communities. the bay area south of the bay area where you will potentially see deadly landslides. i want to bring you up to date on the markets. what is interesting about today is the fact that you've got the dow, down 37 now, so i was thinking we're going to get higher by the close. s&p barely in the green. that index in jeopardy of going negative. the nasdaq down 16 points. a few of the things we're watching.
3:26 pm
these are sectors down today. consumer discretionary, energy, technology, materials, the technology sector in particular you have a lot of the big names in 2015 hit yesterday. this stock, fitbit, fit is the ticker. stock has a big problem, down 15%, worse than last hour. they unveiled what they hoped would rival apple watch. the company said the blaze offered five face and nights of battery life in a single charge which is good for fitbit. investors not convinced the company is ready to take on apple. not that anybody can say the apple watch is a huge success, but fine. fitbit, fit, getting hit by this, the big announcement by them and the stock went the other way. we've got more breaking news as deadly waters are flooding america's heartland. the worst wintertime flooding in the midwest, get, this since
3:27 pm
the 1800's. receding in areas and crippling lives everything from grain to coal to metals to oil. jeff flock is live along the illinois river with the latest update on the midwest floods. since the 1800s jeff, i was shocked to hear that. >> reporter: amazing, there have been other floods. in the wintertime never this bad along the mississippi. a huge highway, a lot of other highways feeding into it like the illinois out here. i'll show you what is happening, we're at osage marine, they're backing up now because there is a 50-mile stretch of the illinois river which is shut to all traffic and perhaps you see in the distance, boats almost as far as the eye can see, tow boats as well as barges carrying grain, to coal, all up and down
3:28 pm
the mississippi. there are restrictions on the mississippi as well. you can't tell, there is tremendous current because of the high water, makes it hard to navigate as well. and the weather forecasters tell us that it will be very slow for this water to go down. you know it was only a couple of years ago, talking about low water levels on the mississippi and on the illinois river. now we've got high water, and i tell you, it's going to be a while. they said the end of january before we get back to normal out here, that's if we don't get more rain, and that's of course the problem so far, it's been a warm winter, el nino doing its thing here in the midwest. cheryl: it certainly has, and i have to point out as i was looking at the live pictures, beside looking at you is the current behind you. you can see on our screens here how strong that current is behind you, which shows the magnitude and the amount of
3:29 pm
water that you're sitting on right now. >> reporter: exactly. and what they're doing is loading. you see the barge that's being loaded. loading them lower to give them more weight and they can sit lower in the water because there's a lot more water out there than normal. that's one positive but tremendous current. i wouldn't want to be driving a boat in this water right now. cheryl: or driving through the water at all. jeff flock, thank you for that live report. hopefully things improve. thank you, sir. coming up next, farrah day unveiling electric car of the future at ces in las vegas. is this concept car a tesla killer? we're going to tell you about it and can you decide for yourself. i want to show you this, ted cruz is barnstorming in iowa. a six day bus tour, you're looking at live pictures right now. he's in there somewhere. here's what he's trying to do here. trying to solidify his
3:30 pm
evangelical base, needs to get the real conservatives on his side. our political panel is going to tell us is that going to work? he's at danny's sports box, and we're going to keep monitoring these live pictures out of iowa. "countdown" will be right back. this week's btv spotlight features pure energy minerals symbol hmglf. there's a revolution happening in energy, and it's not in oil and gas, it's in energy storage. pure energy is based in nevada which is home to the only producing lithium mine in north america. pure energy has signed a cornerstone supply agreement for the supply of lithium hydroxide
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. cheryl: so remember yesterday, of course you do. the dow lost 276 points. that closing number, and this is the number to watch, we closed at 17,148 yesterday. the dow may eke out a positive close, but we lost 276 yesterday. take that for what it's worth. s&p, negative on the dow, s&p up about 6.25 points right now.
3:35 pm
i want to show you some of the names, the utility sector, you, you may not look at the names, some pay dividends. you have international nrg, american electric, next terra. these are the names that are trading higher today. utility stocks are paying dividends. everybody looks for safety or guaranteed returns for a little bit. we are 27 days away when the first ballots are cast of the 2016 presidential race, and while donald trump may sit at the top of the national polls he's feeling fire from all sides in iowa from the competition. ted cruz, marco rubio both campaigning in the hawkeye state today. we've got web pictures. we've been following ted cruz. ted cruz, we're waiting for him to come in. you're looking at live pictures. this is danny's sports spot. the bus is outside, the senator
3:36 pm
from texas going to be coming into talk to the crowd, interesting you have the senator from texas and talking a lot about gun control, open carry in texas. watching hillary also in iowa. the democratic front-runner. looking at a crowd waiting for her there. if we get comments from either candidate, we will bring it to you. we are watching the two campaign events during this hour. i want to bring in steve murphy, a democratic strategist and former special assistant to george w. bush and gop strategist ron christie joining me now. thank you very much for coming in. we were looking at the live pictures, steve. what's interesting about hillary is bernie sanders. bernie sanders wants to break up the banks. he came out with a statement, he wants to break up the banks, go after wall street. you look at 2008, hillary was at this point in time, eight years ago, hillary was strongly
3:37 pm
ahead of barack obama. she didn't make it. barack obama did. is sanders a true threat, do you think, to hillary right now? >> no, i don't think so, not in terms of the nominationa. first of all, barack obama was closing in on hillary clinton right now in the best polls taken in iscombashgs right now we're seeing hillary with a strong 10-point lead in iowa. then we got new hampshire after iowa. i think hillary is going to win in iowa and upset on bernie sanders part, i think hillary has the better organization and solid lead. bernie sanders could win in new hampshira, but after that, you go to states like south carolina, nevada, and the sec primary, the democratic party is a diverse party. 40% of the voters in the democratic party are people of color and she has a very strong lead among that base. cheryl: she didn't do too well with women eight years ago. there's a lot i want to get through, guys.
3:38 pm
i want to go to ron on something here. ted cruz, looking at the pictures from iowa. they're waiting on ted cruz to walk in, he's courting that religious, social conservative gop voter, member. but you ask anyone and they say that's not the way that you win a general election by running on conservative social issues. if he wins iowa, what does that tell me? what does that tell you? >> what it tells me is he's using his money and organization right now to try to get a win, what's very important for ted cruz right now is to put a win up on the board. iowa comes first, getting people mobilized to come out in the caucuses. oftentimes it's cold. he could be at a school, a house, of getting groundswell of enthusiasm to take him into new hampshire while mr. trump has a lead there. i think it's interesting to see who comes in second place. john kasich, chris christie, could it be ted cruz? i think he wants to put up a
3:39 pm
win now and build off of the momentum going into new hampshire and south carolina. cheryl: okay, there we go, i don't know if you can see the screen, ted cruz came out of bus in cherokee, iowa. and getting breaking news, ron, i want to ask but this. getting word that governor nicky haily of south carolina is going to deliver the republican address following the state of the union next week, two days before the fox business republican debate. want to put that out there. nikki haley, he's the guy that's going to speak for the republicans, is he the right guy? she, i'm sorry. >> i was going to say. i'll let you go on that one. cheryl: been a long day, i'm sorry. >> i think it underscores republicans are trying to emphasize how important this election is for them and for us and having a diverse woman be able to go out and to be able to rebutt or to be able to complement the president on his state of the union address only
3:40 pm
underscores the importance of south carolina. we have new hampshire and iowa, and the palmetto state. south carolina is going to be very, very key for us as well as steve and the democrats. it's a smart move we have governor haley coming up. cheryl: steve, she, again, is going to be talking about the republican side. from the state of the union, what do you expect? seeing a president that seems to be, this is his last year, beside executive action on guns today, this is kind of a swan song for president obama. >> let me respond to ron about something. i think nikki haley deserves all the credit in the world for taking down that flag. her presence giving that speech as a republican party leader is not going to undo the damage done by the republican nomination process for a president. you've had open, open racism in the campaign from donald trump and other candidates have remained silent, it's going to hurt the republicans badly in november. i want to hear barack obama
3:41 pm
talking about good jobs. cheryl: well, and we're also getting that jobs report friday which i'm sure will not be that great. steve murphy, ron christie, gentlemen, thank you very much. breaking news, nikki haley giving the rebuttal to president obama's presidential state of the union address, guess what? next week as well, we'll have the next gop presidential debate, and you can watch it right here on the fox business network. it is thursday, january 14th. state of the union is on tuesday. our debate on thursday. two days after that state of the union and two weeks before the first votes are cast in iowa. candidates are hitting iowa hard right now. fox business is going to be there next week in south carolina. next, carmakers celebrating a record setting year, what's driving the buying? and will 2016 be better? adam shapiro knows a few things about cars.
3:42 pm
he'll have a live report for us. and general electric threatening to move headquarters out of connecticut. today charlie gasparino tells us seriously considering moving the company out of the country. charlie's going to break it up next on "countdown." you both have a
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . cheryl: are you looking at a tesla killer? faraday future unveiling the ffzero 1 concept car at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. this is 1,000 horsepower vehicle. can reach speeds over 200 miles per hour. it's going to have a smartphone dock in the stealing wheel, that sounds safe. and the company expects its first delivery in two years' time.
3:47 pm
a lot of times the concept cars don't make it to the assembly line. we'll see. liz claman is going to bring you the hottest consumer tech gadgets. maybe hit things like she did a few years ago. >> remember veronica vein, she's playing at sapphire, i saw on twitter. cheryl: that's really good information, charlie. >> i read it on twitter. cheryl: so glad you let me know as we show the liz claman promo for ces. >> liz likes veronica. cheryl: kevin plank, she's interviewing him and a lot of big guests. where was i? i'm not even to you yet. record auto sales announced today. total vehicles sold in 2015 topped 18 million. this is big. experts are saying this year is supposed to be another strong year for automakers. adam shapiro back from overseas to tell me what he thinks about it.
3:48 pm
>> the discussion with charlie is more interesting than far more anything can i say about cars. you talked about 2015 being a record year. we haven't seen a record since 2000. it was 17.4 million. this year gm is saying 17.8 million but could add up to be 18 million. here is what rebecca lind had to say, there is so much pent-up demand, you can expect to see great sales this year as well as next year. the fundamentals are there, ready financing, great product, a good economy and really old cars out there. there's a lot of pent-up demand. average age of a car, this is the fleet in the united states, by polls conducted, 11.4 years old. in a normal period of time, it's nine years. so a lot of people haven't bought a car. and what rebecca lindland said we have so many cars that were
3:49 pm
not purchased during the great recession, there is enough pent-up demand. during the recession we saw 10, 11 million cars sold. there are millions of cars that have to be replaced and could carry introduce strong record sales years, this year maybe next year. that's what she was saying, and now go to charlie's discussion. cheryl: really, we have to talk about porn stars and all that. adam shapiro, welcome back. >> there was a local angle to the porn star. >> she drove a cadillac. >> the sapphire club, that's the local angle. >> and she drives a car. cheryl: it makes sense to me. >> it's who's in the car with her that matters there. >> you would know! that's what's so dangerous about you. your sources are telling you exactly. >> i actually have breaking news. it has nothing to do with veronica vein or porn stars. >> i'm going to go so can you get to what you need to talk about. cheryl: where was i?
3:50 pm
ge winning corporate move out of headquarters. charlie says the connecticut governor dan moloy isn't doing enough to keep them in the state. >> i would say this, no decision has been made of what sources inside ge tell us that malloy in last meeting with december failed to impress them with a plan to keep them in the state. in all likelihood, not going to say definite, jeff is going to say we're staying in location, it's close to our other semi headquarters in westchester. they have a management development facility in new york. they want to keep stuff close to there. he may ultimately stay in fairfield. that meeting failed to impress the ge leadership including the ceo, they are -- it is increasingly likely they are going to move out of state and they are going to announce that this month.
3:51 pm
now where would they move if they move? ge insiders said three possible places, westchester county near the management facility which is huge for ge. boston is also a possibility. they've been looking at sites in boston and point out they may go to new york city down the block around here. cheryl: okay. >> but the other three places, a lot of states woo them, big places like texas and ohio. malloy allowed the other states including new york, it's funny, connecticut is going to be outbid by new york, which isn't exactly the greatest business environment. cheryl: want to pay taxes, come to new york. >> governor cuomo is probably going to cut them a break, it's close to the facility, and it's going to be i think a big election year this year, richard blumenthal, the senior senator is running for re-election. part of the way the republican is going to hit him is on the
3:52 pm
state's economy, is he doing enough? likely running against an old friend of mine, larry kudlow, one of the foremost free market evangelists and he's going hit them on this if ge leaves. unimpressed with malloy. increasing likelihood they're going to move out and that announcement will be made next month. cheryl: what are you doing next week? >> going to vegas. me and veronica -- no. cheryl: i think i know where you're going. have you news to share here. >> why can't we have our debate in vegas or miami? it's in south carolina. cheryl: yes, and guess what, i want to let our viewers know, we have named who's moderating the debates. familiar names and faces, the main debate is going to be moderated by our own neil cavuto and maria bartiromo. that's going to be at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, but i want to let you know because they're back as well, at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, sandra smith, trish regan
3:53 pm
anchoring the first debate. the two debates next week, thursday, january 14th and we want to say we're going to be announcing who the candidates are going to be monday night. monday night on "lou dobbs tonight." lou dobbs will announce the lineup of the candidates. you'll know who you get in the debates, but you have to wait until monday night. we're going to be right back. you're watching fox business.
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♪ cheryl: all right. we now got less than four minutes to the opening bell. and again the markets have kind of been going back and forth. i have to say the dow, 63 times we've gone over unchanged line for the dow. what does at that tell you? no conviction. volatility. s&p barely up. dow barely up. nasdaq is trading down slightly. this is better than yesterday in particular when the dow lost 276 points. we closed at 11,148 on the dow.
3:57 pm
want to bring in on final moments intrend fed fund's mark travis. mark is standing by. in studio we have chase private economist anthony chen. anthony, china rattled is so much yesterday. but china is area of expertise for you. are we going to see this again? will we see what happened yesterday to us again because of china? >> you have to remember, we saw this in august. we're seeing it now again the big difference since august chinese central bank lowered reserve requirements. added a lot of liquidity. chill added. cheryl: added more liquidity. >> they're moving away from manufacturing to service sector. you see less in manufacturing more in service. bottom line it will be a bumpy ride. because of lags in monetary policy the months ahead, chinese
3:58 pm
economy moves towards stablization. cheryl: interesting you say that. china said in particular selling band. people say it is not free trading market. it should be. mark, what do you say to your clients when you see big selloffs yesterday? buy stuff is when it is cheap, you could be negative, buy bonds instead of stocks. what do you say? >> i say i'm going to las vegas with charlie. all kidding aside, you know, i look at that as opportune. i think the intrepid capital fund we're trying to say in keynesian quote, succeed unconventionally. we do that holding cash and patiently waiting for attractive prices. as hard to believe, three of our six fund were positive yesterday. we're not doing what everyone else is but i think we're toward the end of a long bulker market. started in march of '09. historically it is pretty old.
3:59 pm
i would say in general prices are, there are very few mispriced securities from my perspective. i think there is some but mostly what dragged s&p to slightly positive number but companies i think are wildly mispriced. cheryl: i have 10 seconds guys. mark travis, are you bearish or bullish or the year? >> i'm optimistic for year with opportunities to the invest. cheryl: anthony chen, bear or bull? >> i'm bullish. i think corporate profits in 2016 will be 4%. add another 2% in dividends. i expect close to% rates of return. cheryl: i like it. that is it for me. who seconds to go. melissa francis and david asman take it away. david: i don't think i've seen zero for quite a while. president obama going it alone, announcing new executive actions bypassing congress. we'll ask congressman on both sides of the aisle how they plan
4:00 pm
to respond. melissa: my former professor, marty feldstein. david: i didn't know that. melissa: oh, yeah. what he sees major threats. david: did you get an a? melissa: i don't remember. david: we'll ask him. melissa: oh, no. david: sources telling fox news al qaeda followers and quote, multiple bad guys are among the 17 detainees that could be transferred out of gitmo. we'll talk about that. melissa: but first, stocks indecisive. [closing bell rings] crossing over unchanged line 60 times. barely in the green as closing bell sounds on wall street. here is where we ended the day. dow traded up 10 points. nasdaq looks like it will settle out lower. s&p is higher. really a mixed board, david. indecisive. david: at least the markets held with oil down. here is everything you need to know light now. prid


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