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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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he only wanted twins, but all three of the embryos developed into fetuses. contractually he has that right. but what are his remedies in terms of breach. i think the remedy would be he doesn't to pay the additional $6,000. dierdre: thank you, "making money" starts right now. charles: 2016 is going to be a tough one, could we face a recession. the oregon standoff, some are calling it domestic terrorism. really? but what happens next? ted cruz goes after a border ad linked to the economy. breaking news out of afghanistan
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fox news learned senior u.s. defense officials, more than a dozen army special operators in a rescue helicopter are trapped in afghanistan. it's a compound, they are being surrounded at this moment by enemy fire. taliban on the move. u.s. special-ops, one was killed earlier today. we have the people who will fill you in. president obama pushes for harder gun control. he plays all his cards from women's suffrage to civil rights. during his press conference he began to weep. >> but i believe we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the second amendment. contrary to the claims of some presidential candidates apparently before this meeting,
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this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. charles: that was president obama emotionally assuring his action is constitutional and that it's needed. let me start with you, you are new on the panel and to the show. president obama pulled out all his cards. he talked about women's suffrage, civil rights and lgbt. but most reporters are saying we
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feel like the guns aren't the problem. the problem is the people who pull the triggers. >> i absolutely agree. gun deaths have been on a decline since the 90s. of all the mass shooters, except for two, all of them have gone the their guns legally. so we have to look at the real issue which is mental illness. he said 60% out of the 32,000 deaths a year are attributed to suicide. that tells you we have an issue with mental illness. that's where we need to start when we talk about gun control. charles: he gave us that one little line about chicago because people say you seem to get upset with it's specific instances where you point to a lone gun person.
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but you don't seem to get that upset when he weekend 2 oh people shot in chicago, a dozen killed. and again it's not the legal gun owners doing that killing. >> i think what we'll see in the last year of the obama administration is a series of executive orders. what legislative accomplishment does he have to show? i can answer that, none. the only big deal he has gone the through is the iran deal which is not a bipartisan. what happened during the last 7 years of his presidency is he has taken no leadership of congress. therefore his legacy are a series of executive actions that have no staying power.
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the next president should and can undo them. charles: this is just the tip of the iceberg. you are a lawyer. people talking about the constitutionality of it. judge napolitano wrote an article on why president obama's executive action on guns is unconstitutional. do you agree? >> partially. he's taking action against legal gun owners and the issue is the people getting them illegally. i love president obama and i voted for him twice. and it should be shameful that he took that issue and made it about gun control, the san bernardino shooting. that wasn't about gun control. that was about terrorism much more than gun control ever was. we have to be careful when we are framing this gun control debate. charles: you are saying parts of his actions are
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unconstitutional. charles: the president's inability to say thing that may hurt his core voting group, let's talk about the gainings, let's talk about where most of the violence in this country comes from. it has nothing to do with the guns. i feel he squandered 7 years of an opportunity to talk directly to these kids in chicago or new orleans. saying you are kill something one who looks just like you and are as poor as you are because they have on a red bandana. instead he's attacking people who don't exit crimes. >> you are exactly right, charles. this is the last year his presidency and for him to be shedding tears today, he should have been shedding tears with all the people killed in the city of chicago the last serve years. we talk about gun control, but it's beyond gun control.
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it's about the economics, school, education, he didn't talk about any of those things. charles: president obama stressing the need for what he calls tighter gun control. he compared it to things like women's rights. take a listen. >> a lot of things don't happen overnight. a woman's right to vote didn't happen overnight. the liberation of african-americans didn't happen overnight. lgbt rights, that was decade worth of work. just because it's hard, that's no excuse not to try. >> i'm itching over here. what did we expect president obama to do? seriously. he tried to get the congress to work, to offer proposals, legislation, came up with nothing. maybe they had the same idea not to implement laws on top of laws on top of laws but nothing else is offered.
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charles: what do you say to people who say we have a ton of laws on the books that aren't being enforced. then as an african-american or woman or lgbt. to equate these issues with that is insulting. why would they be arguing in the say breath with those things. somehow tougher gun laws is on the same level as the rights for women to vote? >> is he really offering any new change? >> if you feel as mass that as he clearly does from that video about the subject. what you should be doing is saying this is the most important thing we are going to work on. i'm going to put aside my pride and i'm going go forward with the bill. >> congress would not work with president obama no matter what. >> that's not true. >> anything president obama says congress says the opposite.
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>> there is a proposal on the table from senator kelly ayotte and senator graham on gun control and they announced today when he had this legislation, he said take a look at our bill, here is some bipartisan legislation. he most of the republicans in congress are not doing a fair job as far as work the president on any measure. >> what did the president propose, nothing. >> i don't necessarily agree with all of them. charles: we just had an omnibus spending bill that the republicans passed that was an amazing christmas gift to president obama. gave him everything he wanted. the mid-term elects when the american public voted, they voted against that kind of stuff. here is the thing. i just think that the president has always gone down this
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victimization route. it's hard to articulate the us versus them language that underscores social justice and everything he does. >> i am going to echo everything you just finished saying. as an african-american person. i was insulted when the president made the connection or the inference between gun control and what we had to go through in terms of civil rights in this country. so you are totally right when you talk about how the president likes to take a subject and take you off of exactly what he's talking about. it's ridiculous. >> i will admit that the expansion of these background checks is nothing but a feel good measure. it's doing absolutely nothing. we already have background checks right now. there was nothing offered with the exception of funding for mental health. charles: it feels like more of a police state if you will.
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but the way he tries to push the measures through. you guise are the attorney -- you guys are the attorneys here, you have got to help me. eric says parts of it is constitutional. >> he wasn't creating new laws, he's attempting to strengthen the laws already in place. charles: you don't think there is a question about the constitutionality? charles: maybe the next president if it's a democrat trying to unwind the second amendment. >> we can get on our computers and look for the legislation president obama proposed on gun control. it doesn't exist. >> he has been down that path before. you started to screw with the second amendment rights.
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let's leave that alone. let's focus on what's causing these issues and leave the second amendment alone. that's what he's focused on. it's just like the obamacare. he says you can keep your healthcare. so you have got to look at that with this particular president. >> you know i'm a gun toter. i love my guns. but we need certain measures to keep guns out of the hands of certain people. but that what's he's trying to do. >> i like it when you said with respect to the mental illness part, i think we all agree on that. tonight people will be shot perhaps killed in baltimore, detroit, chicago, new orleans, atlanta. it's nothing to do with mental illness and i hope he's honest by the and helps fix it.
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the next republican presidential debate is thursday january 14. the remaining presidential kth will be at 6:00 p.m., then at 9:00 p.m. we have maria bartiromo and neil today ru tod.
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charles: you have a great piece
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today talking about a piece shelly wrote over the demise of the egyptian fair pharoh. look at my works and despair. that's obama's legacy. he premised everything he has done on executive action that can be easily undone by the next president by the swipe of a pen on day one. most of the presidential candidates said they would undo his gun legislation. even obamacare was passed legislatively but it was propped up with executive orders, the
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iran deal, amnesty, national security initiatives, everything he is touting on the campaign trail and across the country were done by executive actions that can be as easy undone by the next president and will if it's a republican. charles: around the world with foreign policy with respect to how we deal with the number one issue in america, terrorism and our safety says america's year of living dangerously, they will take a hammer to the soft plaster of obama's resolve. is it going to be that bad? >> i don't have a crystal ball. if i did i would be on wall street making lots of money. charles: you are a military guy. do you think iran which would shoot a missile within 1,000
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yards of our battleship, and china building man made islands to intimidate their neighbors. >> i think our allies no longer trust us, our enemies no longer fear us. the idea that iranians can shoot a rocket 1,000 feet from our aircraft carrier shows they no longer fear us. u.s. navy is the smallest it's been since the 1930s. syria is a state haven for state sponsors of terror. there isn't a single place across the middle east or pacific rim where we are in a better strategic position than we were 8 years ago. we have to rebuild our standing in the world:our allies and enemies. charles: do you think if there was a major epiphany at the
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white snows overnight that there would be time repair this? >> minutes before reagan was sworn into office the iranians let the hostages go. they knew what was coming. the iranians are make their moves, the chinese are making tear moves. putin certainly has made his moves. charles: donald trump and ted cruz released ads about border security but their worries completely different. i want you to take a look at them and tweet me and tell me which one you think has the biggest impact. we'll be right back.
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charles: ted cruz and donald trump releasing political ads dealing with the southern borderer. you remember yesterday trump's ad harped on his muslim ban and radical islamic terrorism. >> radical islamic terrorism. that's why he called for a shutdown -- temporary shutdown of muslims coming into the united states until we can figure out what's going on. charles: cruz focuses on economic issues. >> i will say the politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the rio grande. charles: what do you make of this? i thought they were interesting.
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but which one do you think hits home. we note terror thing, trump has set the agenda. overall which is most important with respect to the southern borderer. >> we know who spent the most money, that would be ted cruz. trump does what he does best which is mislead. charles: yesterday we addressed that an said forget about whether it's morocco or mexico. the point is our border is under attack, it's a seive. >> it's about border control, i get that. i would say cruz's video is more effective. >> by the number of people who
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watched this video and liked it on youtube, the production value of trump's. the guys doing his ads have won awards for super bowl ads. i think donald trump has been a master of manipulating the media. what happens when he releases an ad. the media talks by the all day. charles: can ted cruz say to people, we need to secure the border. but it's not about the terrorists, it's about the economy. or do we continue to say no. secure the bored, ban all muslims because we are simply afraid. >> keep in mind the polling out of see you what. the economic issue of immigration is a huge issue there. the ad has got and lot of air
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time in the media. cruz's ad is a big ad buy and it stands out from the fact it's probably -- i used to do political advertising it's one of the best produced ads i have seen. charles: you agree whoever produces will get ads. but can it get ted cruz elected? >> i think it can. it connects with an issue iowa voters in particular have focused on. that guys in washington, journalists don't understand the immigration issue because those are people whose jobs aren't in jeopardy. it playing with farmers in the south and blue collar workers. it connects with them at a level we can relate to. we get an asterisk next to the media thing.
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charles: the situation at an oregon wildlife refuge is raising questions. the protesters say they are tonight for the long haul. reporter: there is very little
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movement today. occasionally you will see scar go down the hill where these anti-government folks are hold up. we heard from the sheriff yesterday, he said that he certainly thinks that they should go, that their peaceful protest ended when they took over the federal government building count hill. ammon bundy says his group has support from local ranchers when it comes to the federal government as many as overreach when it comes to lands management. >> it's our goal to get the logger back to logging. to get the rancher back to ranching. to get the miner back to mining. the farmer back to farming. and to jump-start this economy in harney county so they can see their roads again filled with
6:33 pm
industry. reporter: the nearest town is burn, 30 miles away. we noticed an increase in a command center in an industrial building. according to a source there are 20 federal agents there. they seem con don't wait this out. almost all the people we spoke to view them as outsiders who make good points but went too far. >> we like our refuge and want it left alone. >> i think their message is correct but the method they did is totally wrong. reporter: the community meeting is set for 4:00 tomorrow to give the folks around here to say what's on their minds. it may put additional pressure on the anti-government groups to get out of here. they are just down this hill.
6:34 pm
>> we really appreciate it. back me, rod wheeler, steve rogers. i will say right off the bat, i think the federal government owns way too much lands. the bureau of planned management, they are bullies. everyone agrees what the bundy group has done -- you go home and somebody says go back, they are getting lost in all of this. >> this is really a quagmire for the government. it's going have to figure this out. there are no easy answers to what's going on out there. and they will just have to take those ranchers out of there. i agree with the ranchers actually. and i agree with you when you talk about how the government has overreached in terms of the lands. and you can't violate the law.
6:35 pm
the law in the state of oregon made it clear hat lands belongs to the federal government. charles: yesterday there was a tweet storm montel williams versus the world. >> montel williams saying shoot to kill. let's not pulsey foot around. he's an armchair general. go back to his armchair. to suggest the u.s. military shoot to kill protesters is out of line. charles: they are armed protesters and they say they are willing to use violence to meet violence. >> if they open fire on police, then they could do that.
6:36 pm
i never heard montel williams say send national guard into cities where there is crime. we don't need armchair generals. >> i love when people say they are peaceful protests. peaceful protests in the mall of america protesting different issues. armed guards facing off with unarmed protesters. that shows the totally the way the u.s. government treats african-americans and other groups totally different. >> is not montel williams' suggestion -- >> i'm not talking about montel williams. when you go out to a federal building and take over. if you say if you come in i will shoot you? those are wrong. if they are wrong, they are wrong. to suggest to use the united states military to kill american citizens is wrong.
6:37 pm
it's an act of terrorism. >> they should use military action absolutely. >> you have capable police officers. saying we are going to send this -- charles: it's out in the wilderness. >> in the mall of america they had armed guards. charles: there was no military force used in the mall of america. most people left the mall of america. >> riot police meeting people with no guns and no weapons, that is -- charles: we know what happened in baltimore, we know what happened in a lot of other cities, and it turned extraordinarily violent and ugly. >> even individuals in oregon are very organized. they are not trying to be there for a fight. they have their weapons and the
6:38 pm
government will be able to work it out with them. baltimore and ferguson was a completely different story, guys. >> american citizens. charles: that was some beautiful, passionate stuff. but we also want to talk about america. there is a lot of evidence we are heading into a recession. i'm a positive guy and believe we can reignite this economy but it doesn't mean we have to go into the red first. we'll be right back. marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way.
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charles: you don't have to be an economist to know something is wrong with this economy. we are in a big-time slump.
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charles: you don't have to be an economist to know something isn't right with this economy. before recently it feels like this economy is really slumping. christmas we saw empty malls. there were more red shirts wearing red shirts than actual customers. but a month ago the notion that the nation was lurching toward a recession was far-fetched. but now i think we are close to that negative territory. since december 11 the forecast have precipitously.
6:43 pm
check out as these new items came out. .07%. we could be talking about a recession. it depend on the friday jobs report. let's bring in our veteran pros. it's been a long time. the audience wants to note market started off this year very sloppily. china obviously imploding. david, recession? >> i don't think so. jpmorgan went down from one to two. the jobs marker is still strong. job openings are at 5.4 million. you complain that to claims of 2.1, i think we'll squeeze through. charles: the problem with the jobs report is the quotes haven't gone up yet.
6:44 pm
people usually say to their boss take this job and shove it. there is something eerily wrong with that number. >> i don't think we are so far apart. what's the definition of a recession? two consecutive quarters of negative growth. we are not really so robust right now. your point about jobs. i think the unemployment situation is bert on paper, looks better on paper than the reality. unemployment 6%. wages flat, modest. but there is a large part of this population that is under employed. we are putting pressure on the u.s. consumer. we are the best look one of a good-looking group. charles: who will save the economy.
6:45 pm
who is going to build a factory in this environment? >> the bull market will have to come from cap x and we haven't seen that. charles: friday job number is under 100,000, you say it's a dud, would that be a red flag? >> the market feels worse than the economy does. i think the consumer is okay. they are not spending it in malls, they are spending it online. >> we had a robust market and lousy economy. we might have an okay economy and lousy market. we had a 6-year bull run. by postwar standards, a recession shouldn't be -- the market is challenged but the economy will muddle
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perhaps a few decades from now, some historians will add the unveiling of the $100 doughnut to the list. you want to talk about pleasure and decadence, a restaurant in brooklyn selling the golden crystal doughnut, all i can say is america, it was fun and tasty while it lasted. in the meantime, a masked man in new islamic video is said to be the new jihadi john. u.s. officials believe the british born man seen in the video killing five people who were accused of spying, this was just yesterday is from britain. the british media saying he once sold houses for children's parties. we're talking about the bouncy houses, now he's the new jihadi john in isis. before he left to link up with the insurgency group, they
6:52 pm
touted him. a good sign for automakers as sales for u.s. cars are on pace for the best sales ever. general motors saw pace increase to 5.7%. automakers were down. the street actually thought the numbers would be better. ford, chrysler, all of them have seen very, very, very big gains this year. people wondering what holds for 2016. we have breaking news for you right now. fox news has learned more than a dozen army special operators and rescue helicopter flight crew are trapped at this moment in afghanistan. some have been rescued. more on that. bringing in a couple of experts to talk about this. it's a time to go with the p.o.w. doctrine once and for all. we'll be right back.
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. charles: breaking news, some of the troops have been rescued.
6:56 pm
let's go to fox news jennifer griffin at the pentagon with the details. >> reporter: we have an update from u.s. military sources who say that a quick reaction force did arrive on the scene and they have evacuated the one special operator, u.s. special operator killed in action earlier today. the two wounded americans along with the downed helicopter crew. they have been safely evacuated from the scene at that compound where they were surrounded. now we understand there is a team of americans on the ground who are securing the helicopter whose rotor blades hit the compound walls causing it to be downed. that was part of the rescue that went awry earlier today. there were two rescue helicopters sent. one was waived off when there was gunfire from enemy fire around the compound. so there are americans still on the ground, but they're securing that helicopter whose
6:57 pm
rotor blades were damaged when they were trying to evacuate those americans who were killed and wounded earlier today. charles. charles: jennifer, thank you very much. back with me chris harmon and morgan, chris, it feels like the special ops, the handful of special ops guys are the best in the world. 30 here, 40 there, 50 there. trying to train people who don't seem trainable. is it time to consider the powell doctrine, i'm not talking about a surge but overwhelming force once and for all crush the enemy, secure the peace and get the hell through of the for good. >> charles you hit on the salient point, enough people in afghanistan to get ourselves in trouble. we don't have enough force in afghanistan to consequentially win the fight against the taliban and al qaeda. it is 15 years since 9/11, coming up on 15 years, it is hard to see the withdrawing
6:58 pm
without the mission being completed. my fear is unless we reinvigorate the fight against taliban, al qaeda, we're going to fight a 10, 20, 30 year war. the sooner we take the fight seriously, the sooner we make the commitment to decisively, the sooner we can be out of there. until we make that commitment, we're going to keep fighting this war piecemeal. charles: it's not just afghanistan, it's syria, iraq. i don't think we're talking about building democracies, not saying we're going to remake the middle east in the image of america. tired of the issues, six servicemen killed, there a handful in harm's way there. it doesn't make sense to me anymore to go about this the way president obamaa wants to go about it with the responsible retreat. >> i think the lacka of strategy in afghanistan is indicative of the lack of strategy in iraq and syria, and i think when you're looking at
6:59 pm
what the president has done over the last seven years, he is hesitant to get involved in the conflicts. charles: he's a peace nick. we knew he was going to run as a candidate and the fallaing economy fell in his lap. is it time to make a large commitment but get in and get out? >> time to have a strategy for what they're going to do in iraq and afghanistan. the fact remains is we are under threat from isis, our soldiers are supposed to be training and advising and equipping afghanistan. remember what happened what happened in the kunduz district of afghanistan. that's why we have the incident with the hospital. it's like a leaky faucet, drip, drip, drip of war, and we need a clear concise vision. charles: all i'm saying is
7:00 pm
forget about piecemealing the drip, drip, drip, pull out the old plumbing, put in the new plumbing. thanks a lot. we appreciate you watching every night, 6:00 p.m. you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." if you miss it, dvr it, now lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama today trampling on the second amendment, congress picking a fight with republicans and the american people. the president using executive powers to bypass congress and go straight after our guns, expanding background checks for gun buyers. the president tearing up as he announced new fiat and recalled the sandy hook shooting president obama:. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every


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