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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 6, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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earthquake was felt. the state department says it is aware of the activity and is monitoring the situation. we have the expert analysis on that coming up. global markets are under pressure again this morning on the news of that and ongoing concerns and pressures in china. asian stocks were mostly overnight but the shanghai composite pose a gain about 2%. major averages in europe. lower across the board. you're looking at the ftse in london one and a half percent, one and a half percent losses across the board. u.s. futures and how things are shaping up back home as we work our way to the opening dow. dow futures sinking 235 points. this selling continues. we are seeing big moves in commodities this morning. you're looking at crude at $35 a barrel. off nearly 3% already in the
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session and crude sinking sinking by even more. all this on new data showing china's oil demand grew at slower pace in months in the month of november. to the campaign trail donald trump ramping up his attacks on senator ted cruz. now trump is raising questions about cruz's citizenship and whether it will affect his run for the presidency. for all of you twitter users out there if 140 characters just isn't enough, you're in luck, the social med accompany looking to expand character limit to 10,000. the move is getting plenty of backlash. isn't that the whole point of twitter, you to tightened it up? the details on that coming up. back to breaking news this morning. north korea announced it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. blake with us this morning.
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blake, good morning. >> blake: claim came via state television which declared a test a success while alleviating the country's nuclear program to the quote, next level. here at home the state department sent a near midnight statement that it's aware of activity on the korean peninsula near a nuclear test site but cannot confirm north korea's claims at this time. spokesperson writing in part we condemn any violation of un security resolutions and call on north korea to abide by international obligations and commitments. he went onto say, we will continue to protect and defend our allies in the region including the republic of korea and will respond appropriately to any and all north korean provocations. north korea conducted first test in 2016, raises many new
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questions and suspicions among the many interests of the u.s. thousands of crews are stationed stationed in south korea. >> sandra: author of north korea and kim jonun era. >> absolutely, thank you for having me on your show. i think some key questions to ask are will we, in fact, be able to determine if this test was actually a highdrogen bomb test, the last time in 2013 we were not. that'll be interesting to see. the second thing is were iranians present in the test and they were present in 2013, given
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the agreement that iran and the united states just went into. and third, what was the strength of the bomb -- or the weapon. tests have gotten progressively larger, will this one be larger and if so how much larger. and finally, you know, the big question is why did north korea do this, this means that the leadership has made the decision that they are going to no longer deal with talks with the united states or south korea because they know talks will be suspended, you know, there will now be new rules put in place as far as what we will do with the united nations and what we will do in the region. we are going down a road that the north koreans chose to go on and there are many questions going forward. >> sandra: those are some question questions to be asked this morning. we are awaiting for confirmation
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that this is actually what took place. what do you make so far to the u.s. response to this? a reporter out of dc showed for us the response from the state department. should we be doing more? >> i think the u.s. is going to have to put -- they're going to have to put more sanctions on north korea and what's also very important and a lot of people don't realize is we've got some very robust sanctions on them already but they just haven't been enforced by the state department and by the department of the treasury and one would hope that the obama administration will do that. in other words go after the banks that north korea it puts the dirty money in, et cetera, because what this really means is looking forward, if this is in fact, a hydrogen bomb, we are no longer talking about nuclear
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weapons kilo tons but mega tons. >> do you think the system that a hydrogen bomb was set off? the trigger is a regular plutonium or uranium bomb? >> that is a great question and that's going to be, you know, something that is a real challenge for the scientists that look at that from south korea, japan and the united states and for our intelligence community who goes out and collects information on this stuff, as you know, using sophisticated aircraft and naval craft, etc. last time in 2013 they were not able to determine even if that test was plutonium or highly enriched uranium test. one hopes that they'll be able to determine that this time
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because obviously a hydrogen bomb is harder to hide when you're doing an underground test. it's going to be a concern and if it's a hydrogen weapon, then the next question is can they put this hydrogen, can they build it as a war head that can go on a missile, icbm that can actually hit the west coast of the united states. >> anthony: what do you think the motivation of north korea to be doing this at this time? >> another great question. i think the key motivation right now is proliferation and the profit that is the regime can make from that. in other words, north korea as we know proliferating nuclear technology to iran as well as technology and also missile components to iran, so right now we're looking at north koreans that are about to feel the missile with an 80-ton rocket
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booster that they're going to launch. that platform now appears to be ready, so we look back at the the modu apparandi. so that may be the agenda that they're on now. the missile is ready, so they have decided to do the nuclear test and then we could see a missile test along-range missile test within the next few weeks. >> dagen: bruce, we talk about the response to the united states, but is the response what we will see from china, south korea and japan, even more important than we do? >> i wouldn't say more important. china has really done nothing to north korea including during the six-party talks to get them to stop the road-rage behavior. i don't think china's government is happy about this.
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they can't stop them. i think japan is very concerned because we know that right now already north korea can place a nuclear war head on the nodan and hit japan. if that war head is a hydrogen war head instead of killing 80,000 people, may they could kill half a million people so that's a big concern for the japanese government and obviously that's why they're jumping through a lot of hoops right now. as for south korea, this -- this just test to the floor all of the policies of engagement that president has started because now the talks that they've had that started in september, they're done. you know, they're going to have to put north korea on sanctions again and so this chatters engagement policy that people were so hopeful about. >> sandra: world leader, we are going to watch market reaction.
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first thank you dr. bruise bechtal, great stuff and great perspective on this. we want to jump now and recap the market reaction that we are seeing to the breaking news this morning. north korea reporting it has successfully tested its first hydrogen nuclear bombs sending shock waves across global markets. right now down triple digits, 263-point drop. one and a half percent loss afew hours ahead of opening bell. s&p and nasdaq also sharply lower this morning. nasdaq down the most right now one and three quarters of a percent. gold meanwhile on track for its fourth straight day of gains. it's been up every single day this year so far. one thousand $86 a troy ounce. michael, this is a huge development, huge news this morning, markets clearly reacting to it. you are clearly going to feel
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phone calls from clients, what are you going to tell them? >> michael: we had oil break 1146 year lows and then now this. there's been a lot piled on the market in the last 24 hours. the other thing that i would like to tell our clients is that if you manage your portfolio as if the world is going to come to an end and it doesn't, your world will. so these kind of giopolitical events you have to take them in stride and keep your eye on the long-term plan in your portfolio. if you make panicky decisions, you're going to regret. >> anthony: i think that's putting pressure on the market today. i think the market will be down today irrespective of the hydrogen or nonhydrogen bomb in north korea. oil prices. you have seen down again,
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another sign of risk off. so we are starting ugly. a lot of this has to do with the economy slower than what would have thought at this point and yet the fed guided that they want to raise rates a little bit here, probably another 25 basis points this year. >> sandra: is what we are seeing this week of the stock market what we might see in 2016? >> anthony: that's the big question. all the stocks say that the first five days of january trading there goes the market. that's been right about 85% of the time. so people are worried about that. >> dagen: now investment banks lowered forecast on economic growth and also for the q1 but again, they're just catching up to what the market has been telling you in terms of weaker growth ahead. >> anthony: you have to be long-term. michael is giving the viewers the best advice, you cannot be
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>> sandra: el niño wrecking havoc this morning. >> cheryl: the strongest el niño on record feeling a string of strong storms all hitting the west coast. heavy rains coast of california. the storms have set rainfall records in the southern part of the state and landslides are a big worry in california. this morning there's problem with wal-mart, 100,000 pounds of beef product saying that it may be contaminated with wood material. items were made with october 19 with december 19, so far no illnesses have been reported luckily.
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the inventions at the consumer electronic show taking flight, intel unveiling a drone that can recognize and avoid objects on its own. it's very cool. drone is called the tighten h, it's going to be on sale. it costs about $1,800. it's incredible, sandra, it can help you avoid collision as in the u.s. open and tournaments. back to you. >> sandra: you're laughing, i don't know. what do you think. >> michael: there have been screwups with drones. the interesting thing about this article is that, you know, the next big industrial revolution-type technology is the self-directed drone, the self-directed car, and the exciting thing that is american technology, we are going to lead this next revolution. >> sandra: there you go. thank you, cheryl for bringing up the headlines this morning.
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>> sandra: president obama fighting back tearing during emotional announcement yesterday. most of the president's critics are surprised at how little this executive action actually does. lets bring washington columnist. what did you -- first of all, what did you make of the new gun control that he layed out? is this a big change? >> so i think the nra spokesperson said, this is it, really. the changes that he's proposing are in some ways very sort of small potatoes. i have seen the buss on other commentators. if you're going to go cross the line in terms of, you know, violating your role as president, this is it, this is all you're doing. nothing that he's proposing
6:24 am
would have prevented the tragedies that the president is talking about and got emotional about. went from deep concern about abusive executive power to surprise to the small nature of what he was proposing. >> sandra: i've been digging so deep into this and it's so difficult to keep track of what's legal and what's not when you look at the laws on a federal level, you look at the state level, age requirements are different. it's really di. -- difficult to keep track. >> sure. if you look at mass shootings recently, the common threat that the shooter was someone who there was a lot of concern about whether or not they should have access to a gun and had only within able to get them treatment, had only someone been able to alert authorities, perhaps we could have done
6:25 am
something about it. there's been a push on the right to try to do stuff on mental help. >> sandra: right. >> he does have for increase funding for mental health treatment. >> dagen: there's so much rage about the violation of second amendment rights. what about people getting upset about privacy. republicans throw it to mental health. the president says this, to use social security administration data to help identify people who should be prohibited from purchasing firearms on mental health growns, assuming if you're on some sort of disability, you shouldn't be able to own a weapon. why aren't people arguing about that? if they want more government in your health records. >> sandra: interesting point.
6:26 am
>> people don't want government getting involved in health records. we have seen with obamacare that it's been disastrous. when we know that someone is a threat to others, is a threat to others and themselves that we have the ability to do something about them. right now there are so few legal protocols for dealing with that particular situation. there's got to be a way to find common ground that doesn't invade people's privacy. >> sandra: all right, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> sandra: global concern in the forefront from north korea to iran and saudi arabia, and it's taking a toll on markets. futures right now with a short sell off. anthony scaramucci says there's more to that, we will break it down next.
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sandra: good morning. i am sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. with me this morning if anthony scaramucci, transit and riverfront investment group chairman and cio michael jones is here. top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. north korea says it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the move will likely reignite tensions with china and the u.s. north korea's new agencies stand the test was an act of self-defense. the test is not being confirmed and experts say it is unlikely around the time the alleged testifies that 5.1 earthquake was held. it is where the seismic activity and is monitoring the situation. meanwhile, global markets under pressure this morning on bad news and more. drain up for another test in wall street. the connect of features that 250-point. it is a 1.5% selloff across the board.
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seeing biggs moves in the commodity markets as well. both big oil contracts, wti down significantly this morning. wtf 2.5%. in asia, stocks were most lower. china shanghai composite with a gain of more than 2%. trading is up in europe than we are also seeing declined there across the board. back to our top story this morning. leaders around the world condemning north korea for reporting has successfully tested its first hydrogen nuclear bomb. more on this story. >> good morning, sandra. it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb for the first time which if true would be the most powerful bomb north koreans have tested in their fourth since 2006 it south korea react immediately saying it is a grave provocation to our national security and there has not been an independent conversation this test is successful.
6:32 am
skeptics say it's unlikely the thirtysomething-year-old kim jong un would have the resources for such attacks. the state department saying while they cannot confirm claims that the assembly can then any violation of the resolution and again call on north korea to abide by its international obligations and commitments. so there is the landscape. u.s. of the japanese condemning it in the chinese as well saying that if true, this is a huge problem. but they are also the closest ally. sandra: thank you. we want to bring an scholar and former pentagon official, michael rubin. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, sandra. this is field pyongyang shakedown. whenever they feel short of cash, they have some sort of provocation and they are used be reported for the provocation. you can't separate this from the context of the iran nuclear deal. iran is about to get
6:33 am
$100 billion or more in sanctions released in there for north koreans are playing like me, we will keep rattling until we get something come at you. sandra: what do you think the u.s. is going to do? we just had the state department raised on. what are the next steps for a reaction? >> certainly i would imagine with a big u.s. carrier strike group or perhaps a marine expeditionary unit into the waters around north korea into that area and sea of japan for example. here is the problem. despite the so called today to a shut is the sort of states ban. we have more ships in the pacific ocean during the carter administration then we have the entire u.s. navy today and therefore north korea may be calling our bluff. sandra: michael, this is an unbelievable array developing. we are looking at futures down significantly this morning. obviously the world is concerned
6:34 am
as to what condemns actions. >> i think if our guest is right, ultimately when you think about what north korea has sought out of these tests is more money, more relief, more aid from south korea. the initial reaction is one of concern. it is obviously frightening to think of the machine with the potential hydrogen bomb. ultimately a bog it down to money. jo: what about china? it's always in a conduit to get them move a little bit. this has been unsuccessful here. how would you push the u.s. government on the chinese relationships and make the noodle move? >> is a great point because i wonder if north korea hasn't overplayed their hand this time. by threatening the possibility of a hydrogen bomb, that is so escalating potential damage they can do, casualties they can create. i wonder if there will be a -- like -- backlash.
6:35 am
dagen: what about her backlash from iran? michael, during the last test there were iranian scientists at the status and they read all three tests. we need to find out in you can correct me if i'm wrong if there were iranians at this test and what does that do to our deal with iran? what about the exchange of nuclear weapons if you love between these two nations? michael rubin. >> it is one of the biggest loopholes of the nuclear deal and we were from part in the life and so we are only looking that it did inside iran. that is where the the inspectors will again put aside the fact the revolutionary guard refuses to love the investors into any military states. i don't know whether they are the current nuclear tests in north koreans have been in the test as well. iran cannot shura spurt in pyongyang and there's nothing we
6:36 am
can do about it. it is a big gaping loophole in the irony is that had the same negotiators at the 1994 negotiations with north korea and the most recent with iran. >> what would you like to see the american response from the pentagon and the white house and the state department? >> certainly we need to move ships into the region. we need to reassure allies, japan and south korea. but look, simply caving in to north korean blackmail doesn't work. it kicks the can down the road to a greater crisis down the line. even if north korea hasn't conducted a hydrogen test, we can't engage in the politics across the nation simply saying the test failed there for we can break a sigh of relief because you can learn just as much from a failed test is a real test. sandra: michael rubin come your latest article, just turning the wheel is back at going to the
6:37 am
escalating conflict there. you say make no mistake saudi arabia should be condemned without reservation. that doesn't mean the islamic republic of iran is winless. >> we have two countries in fma to odious regimes, one an ally, one an adversary who are indication of breakneck competition to see who can put you on the fire. the fact of the matter is while i don't think south korea -- i'm sorry, i don't think out of entrée to saudi arabia. it's not just the saudi embassy is. it is the french embassy attack over the years, british embassy, danish embassy. until you stand up and say this isn't the way you conduct diplomacy, iran will literally get away with murder. this will exacerbate a proxy conflict which could spell out of the middle east. iran tried to kill the saudi ambassador in washington d.c. a few years ago. >> going back to the issue of north korea and not context,
6:38 am
what about the chinese? if you look at their position, it is clear they do something more aggressive, something will change in north korea because the chinese instability. have you incentivized them to make them do something? >> this is the game the chinese have been playing for more than 20 years. when we look at the history of diplomacy with north korea, the question we ask is look at north korea's behavior now. how much of a given beijing over the years to act as an intermediary and have the chinese benson sierra now. perhaps the cases the chinese are playing good cop bad cop with north koreans and they can't be happy with north koreans are doing but the last thing is to give more concessions to the chinese are after all this is a problem on china's doorstep. perhaps in many ways it's a problem they created. sandra: thank you to michael rubin for joining us and to jo ling kent as well. meanwhile, investigators reaching out to the public for
6:39 am
help filling in 18 minutes of lost time after the san bernardino shooters led. that is going to be next.
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sandra: the fbi asking for help from the public in its investigation of the san bernardino shooting. cheryl casone has the story and a check of other headlines this morning. >> that's right. investigators trying to figure out where shooters said farouk were for 18 minutes after the shooting. they are looking for any photographic or left tronic evidence that could pinpoint before authorities caught up with them and killed them in the shootout that day. michigan governor rick snyder declaring a state of emergency in flint over problems with letting the city drinking water. residents have complained about the taste, smell and appearance. the city temporally switcher and betrays water system to flint river water system in a cost cutting move back in 2014. the fbi this morning is searching for a young woman and her male accomplice in connection with a string of jewelry fats across five southern states. look at images. the latest heist was in north
6:44 am
carolina. the woman held to workers at gunpoint, forced them into a bathroom cupboards are tried their hands before taking off. both the suspects armed and dangerous. whenever i go to knock up a jewelry store and make sure to wear a head and, you pretty jacketed a nice pair of yoga pants. back to you. >> i guess she is prepared to run. armed and dangerous. thank you. dagen: of armed dangerous than done. sandra: back in the markets, u.s. features that 251 points. last driving this action this morning. you want to bring a chief financial officer rob morgan is here. good morning, bob. and the chief economist -- good morning to both of you. craig, first of what is driving this off this morning?
6:45 am
>> obviously what is happening with china globally a lot of concerns out there. the chinese government cannot overnight, so they would potentially extend the ban on selling. they had devalued the yuan. you got this general fear about the economic growth rate in china and the services data and they are both in negative territory now. that is obviously creating some fear and rippling through the asian markets, european market and kind of as an afterthought to u.s. markets. the u.s. markets responded largely. sandra: interesting you didn't even mention the north korean bomb test. is that leading to an exacerbated selloff this morning? >> sure, obviously the bomb test is exacerbating things. if you look at that in isolation, is that going to impact u.s. earnings? no, it's not. there's plenty of others have to be concerned about not only with the china situation with their economy. but on monday, the index was in
6:46 am
recession territory of 48. i still think this is a pretty good year for stocks but there are definitely storm clouds gathering out there. sandra: anthony, anything we are lucky not that we should they? >> you on a five-year low the dollar appreciating. what do you think that means for the u.s. and the global economy 2016? >> that is the big challenge right now. but with the global landscape and the fed and to me everything this year in the u.s. market is about the fed. how many times will they raise rates? they said four times based on sap projections. look at what is happening with china and devaluing the yuan and with weakness in china comes lower commodity prices. it is not going to affect u.s. economic growth could only 7% of exports go to china versus 19 to go to canada versus 14 to go to
6:47 am
mexico. i think 11 go to the eurozone. those are bigger trade harder as far as to the bigger issue is that lower prices, and lower commodity prices and lower input costs, which i think drives inflation lower and makes it hard for the fed to raise rates. >> when we look at commodity prices, they are shaping up to be another big story 2016, three days then. michael, when you look at oil prices, more than a decade low, trading at about the same price down by just as much. rogers was on at the top of the show yesterday and thinks oil is balmy night here. >> i think all of this and craig brings up a great point in terms of stuff and inflation in 26 team. whether it is commodities, low-end manufacturing out of
6:48 am
china, a devaluation on the yuan is just another source of downward pressure on the price of stuff. the great train in terms of u.s. growth in european growth is we don't make a lot of stuff. we are more a service driven economy. if you look at price increases have donated services, 3% year-over-year in services and accelerating rapidly. that is probably more of what the fed is looking at. they recognized that his inflation and services are more important to our economy. >> and i agree with that. the thing that concerns me the most is the volume or the size of the drop. commodity prices down 30% year-over-year, oil prices down 40% year-over-year. the dollar 25% for the rangers traded through the expansions last recovery. to me those big input, they are so sizable it creates a concern. sandra: lead us off with an actionable idea. what you do in this environment?
6:49 am
>> well, i cut back my waiting on stocks and shifted to more defensive side chairs. in a rising rate, rising dollar environment, we are finally going to see some health put back into financial balance. that is probably my top idea right now. sandra: anthony, you like that idea? >> i do. financial stocks as the best play. just to explain quickly as the yield curve starts to seep in and makes it easier to guys to increase profit margin because they are borrowing short-term monday month term and make it not a good sandra: more and more investors think there is a recession. you have higher short term, lower long-term. >> that is a possibility given where rates are right now, it's very unlikely because the low starting point on the front end makes that unlikely right now. if you look at the governmental bar been a for treasuries, my
6:50 am
guess is he will be obviously 150 to 250 basis point spread, which is plenty of room for financial companies to print money. >> another big morning, another big selloff as a kickoff 202016. rob morgan chiming in on that. your thoughts and 10,000 characters or less. can you do it? they change twitter is considering as many users enraged. does it upset you? we will be right back. ♪ try the superior hold...
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sandra: big changes coming -- could be coming to twitter. the company considering expanding beyond the 140 areas we all are used to and let letter for. things are changing. >> do people want more? if you are frustrated with the 140 tears, you may be in luck because twitter ceo jack dorsey strongly hinting the company may soon lift his trademark 140 character limit as it seeks to better compete with rivals such as matt chatham facebook. we didn't start twitter with 140 character restriction. we added that later ron to fit into a single sms message. we are not going to be shy about building more utility and power into twitter for people. according to the report, the character limit could grow as high as 10,000 carrots there's. no changes are event of the middle of this year. shares of twitter have been on
6:55 am
edge and moving lower. right now 2192. it is looking to the downside. they have stiff competition with instant graham and the like. does this move make twitter a little more user friendly? we know they've had user growth problem. sandra: limit to you something, i was a late twitter person. i joined about a year ago. i think it is a valuable tool as a journalist. i still question how someone does a completely different job uses it. i just started following you, by the way. >> now i've got to be more careful. dagen: he has really good photos. >> the nonscientific polling, they need to do something because they have to compete now with tumbler, instant graham and some other product. everybody likes twitter, but the younger kids think it is not enough characters to express themselves.
6:56 am
>> they were taking pictures that have a lot of characters. sandra: it is called facebook. this is the dumbest idea i've heard in my entire life. it is the whole nature of twitter. they are trying to morph into something else. i don't know if i need to get called more than 28 times by donald trump. every time you say something negative i get called a. 28 times is enough with no-space is. >> every time i say something i lose 15 followers. dagen: and that is being kind. >> i think anthony is right. my kids are totally off of twitter. they will have to do something. sandra: my mom sent me an og. that is instant graham and messaging. nicole, thank you. we will be right back.
6:57 am
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sandra: good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. within this hour is anthony scaramucci. fox business dagen mcdowell. see the seven minute smile she did on the treadmill? dagen: that was fake. tranter river front investment group michael jones is here. top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. north korea saying it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the move will remake tensions with china and the u.s. north korea's agency sanitized was an act of self-defense. the test has not been confirmed yet and experts say it is unlikely. around the same time, the alleged test took place. a 5.1 magnitude earthquake was felt.
7:01 am
the state department is aware of the seismic activity and is monitoring the situation. global markets under pressure this morning again during up for another tough day on wall street. dow futures at 240 points. about a 1.5% selloff across the board. big moves in the commodities market as well. crude oil important to point out air trading at about the same price. his work but that is not always the case. wti contracted 2.5%. you are looking at 11.5 year low for the price of oil. in asia, stocks mostly lower. the shanghai composite posting a slight gain. i'd be thinking of two and a quarter%. hey, hank said nikos be done in europe where we've seen selling to kick off the year. it continues today. the ftse in london up 1.5% lead in losses there. cac and the dax all down. our top story this morning.
7:02 am
north korea has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb started reaction in our nations capital. blake irvin has the latest this morning. >> sandra, and a surprising overnight announcement, it is tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb. the claim came via state television that declared the test a success. according to "the associated press," north korea described it as an h-bomb of justice. that apparently from north korea today. here at home the state department about a midnight statement saying if the websites they get committee on the korean pertinent to the gary a nuclear test site. it could not confirm north korea's claims at this time. john kirby writing in part, we condemn any violation of u.n. security council resolutions and again call on north korea to abide by international obligations and commitment. he goes on to say we will continue to protect and defend
7:03 am
allies in the region including the republic of korea and will respond appropriately to any and all north korean provocation. north korea conducted its first nuclear test in 2006 in two more node tests and did a potential hydrogen bomb raises new questions and many suspicions with it. among the many interest for the u.s., thousands of troops currently stationed in south korea. the phrase out of north korea this morning, an h-bomb of justice. back to you. sandra: lake, thank you. treated us as "wall street journal" editorial board member in manhattan institute senior fellow jason riley and on the phone from the american enterprise institute is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. i'll start with you first. first of all, the world seems to be making this news without breaching skepticism. what is your reaction this morning? speak my coverage is fine, skepticism is missed by us.
7:04 am
we've seen of it in south korea has been concerned for some time that north korea was on the verge of a fourth test. besides making dignity in the region were previous tests have been conduct is pretty significant. but there was a thermonuclear device or not is a different question, something we won't attack simply from the seismic reaction. i don't have any doubt north korea's continuing work their weapons. one unresolved question people think about seriously is whether this test was conducted between north korea and iran jointly. sandra: the only reason i mention the skepticism part is fox news on the covers away right now has a quote from a north korea offered a stencil south korea telling fox news he was seriously skeptical that north korea had tested this hydrogen bomb on wednesday. based on what you're telling us come ambassador, and you are taking this very seriously that we shouldn't be giving this a
7:05 am
skepticism, bush at the reaction be from the united states? >> to reverse the past 10 years of policy, there is no negotiation solution to this. north koreans are determined to produce a deliverable nuclear weapon and we have had the commander at u.s. forces korea in south korea military officials over the past year say that north has made substantial progress on the ballistic missile front and a nuclear device friend were in a short period of time it can target on the west coast for the united states. the only long-range solution here is the end of the division between north and south korea that requires extraordinarily intense diplomacy with china which we have not undertaken. but otherwise throwable continue to grow. it is not just a threat in northeast asia. this one of the most desperately impoverished countries in the world. it will sell anything to anybody for hard cash and that includes terrorists with the wherewithal to buy from.
7:06 am
sandra: jason, i want to get you in here. we are watching the markets react to the news this morning as the story continues to unfold. global stock markets are falling. what is your take in reaction this morning? >> we've got a lot of tough talk after north korea missed behaves this way but it's not followed up by anything material. north korea is largely considered responsible for the 2014 attack on sony pictures, the hacking attack. president obama said at the time there will be repercussions. there has been nothing. we could've put north korea back on the terror list. they did not want to go there. they are believed to have billions of dollars in hard cash in china and european eggs. we have not done so. there are steps we could be taking the clearly tough rhetoric is not going to make a difference.
7:07 am
>> liar for not doing that in your opinion? >> in terms of this administration we see a pattern here. the president has laid down the line with assad and laid out along with russia. other is through there will be no news if they don't go along with this president is. fundamentally, president obama is uncomfortable taking a leadership role on these issues. this is a president who believes the u.s. primarily is responsible for so much of what is happening in the world and we need to really step back. a light footprint strategy has been his foreign policy and as you can see when the u.s. doesn't take a leadership role, that people will throw that and that is what happened to north korea. >> ambassador bolton, can you comment on the implication if iran was present at these tests, would that be a violation of the nuclear agreement that we just
7:08 am
enacted and what should and what will be the u.s. reaction to that? >> i don't think there would be in the u.s. reaction if iran is involved because the president believes the deal he made last july is the answer. the iranians have treated us with contempt over the past six months including most recently firing as those with an 1800 yards in the aircraft carrier. the cooperation on ballistic missiles goes back to 1998 and there's every reason to believe they've been cooperating extensively on their nuclear programs as well. you recall the reactor that israel destroyed in a number 2007 was being built a north koreans. it was a clone of a reactor. the syrians couldn't pay for that. only one country with the wherewithal to pay for it and that is iran. there's a lot going on and it emphasizes to me why the claims made in the administration and
7:09 am
others that we can bear fight iranian compliance with the vienna deal are so incomplete because if you can work in north korea or intelligence is wretched, then the iranians together with the north koreans can continue to make progress on the nuclear front and we won't have the slightest idea. dagen: ambassador, how would you want to see china respond to all of to all dissent could china be the leverage the rest of the world needs in terms of controlling what north korea is doing? >> absolutely. china controls 90% of the energy through one park lane. they supply a substantial amount of food and other human needs to the north korean people, not as fairly because they are humanitarian that they want to keep the ethnic north koreans on their side and not have them come over into manchuria. the economic pressure that china could exert on north korea would be enough to change the regime but wanted to. historically china has been
7:10 am
worried about that. they have a close relationship with the north korean communist party going back over half a century. they are worried if the regime were to follow there would be all kinds of consequences they don't want to face. that is why sustained american persuasion with china, certainly the younger generation of chinese leaders can persuade them to dump the ugly baggage. >> ambassador, do you think the chinese were tipped off about the test? >> i would be surprised. if they been told about it they would've tried to prevent the north koreans because they know it will cause a ruckus. that is one of their principal problems with north korea, testing or having a nuclear program at all because it disrupts things in northeast asia and that is bad for chinese. north koreans have leverage and they know it and this is their fourth nuclear test. they've barely been slowed down by chinese opposition and it is why seven years of what the obama administration calls the
7:11 am
strategic patience, meaning doing nothing about north korea has been shown once again to be a mistake. sandra: we have got to leave it there. people calling this a game changer, a wake-up call this morning. >> i don't know. it could play a role in the presidential election. a lot of the bad behavior happen on her watch at the state department. sandra: great point. ambassador bolton and jason riley, thank you for being here this morning. still to come the latest on the nuclear tests out of north korea. the analysis you don't want to miss next. watching the market reaction to all of this morning with a selloff across the world with u.s. futures right now pointing to a significant selloff on the open. we will be right back. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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7:14 am
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade.
7:15 am
i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. sandra: at the fbi asking for help from the public in its investigation of the san bernardino shooting. cheryl casone is that another headlines. >> good morning, guys. investigators trying to figure out where the shooters were for 18 minutes after the shooting on december 2nd. the fbi looking for in a photograph or electronic evidence that could pinpoint locations shortly before authorities caught up with the couple and killed them in the shootout which you saw likely on your television screen. the mother of the affluent the team has agreed to be sent to texas from california. tony couch is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. that would be her son. she and her 18-year-old son
7:16 am
ethan were caught last week. she will be held under $1 million bond. >> i always think of carrot top, always at first. >> they had a good time. this is interesting. martha stuart, not sure some of her employees were laid off. she delivered the news to them personally. stuart personally told a small group of employees within the editorial digital the editorial digital video department at martha stuart living and martha stuart weddings. the positions were going to be terminated. this is all related to the new licensing deal with the magazine. the fact she actually did it personally really shows this must be difficult for her to watch. i don't want to say the demise of our brand, but at least the magazines had to be kind of brought down. >> i have to confess something. i love looking at magazines.
7:17 am
i could never do all the amazing thing she puts together. i am sad to see it go. >> the magazines are going to be there. it's the way they are produced. meredith is not going to have a bigger hand in them than before. their own people are coming in. have you done that, anthony? if you ever had to laugh anybody? >> i've been laid i've been laid-off and i've i've had to do layoffs. it's were more painful to do the layoffs then be laid off. >> i had a boss who live me off in san francisco years ago. he teared up. i was like its okay. we are downsizing. >> you are a much nicer person. i wanted to stab the guy in the neck. we are friends today. dagen: we are kindred spirits. we are cap records and that's my reaction. sandra: peyton manning may not be suing anyone yet after performance-enhancing drug purchases.
7:18 am
some athletes are. that is up next.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
sandra: athletes accused of using performance-enhancing drugs in a shocking al jazeera reporter fighting back. sherrod maxes here and has all the details. >> good morning, sandra. if somebody accuses you of a crime he did not commit, what do you say? and msn. two major is for players going to performance-enhancing drugs in a tv documentary are fighting
7:22 am
back in federal court. a program that aired on al jazeera america called the dark side of the secrets of sports doping made its greatest news first by connect team nfl great tv commercial peyton manning to human growth hormone. now another story has emerged in the documentary. one that caused the show a sham. to measure this all players, ryan howard and the philadelphia phillies. )-right-paren then at the washington nationals yesterday filed defamation suit against al jazeera america. the suit alleges that a former pharmacy internet and antiaging clinic in indianapolis made false statements about both howard and zimmerman when he said those used human growth hormone, a statement that the former intern recanted a day before the documentary aired. howard and zimmerman each sacred tradition in excess of $75,000 which is the threshold for federally file civil cases. when somebody accuses you of something you didn't do, what
7:23 am
are you supposed to say? >> i didn't do it. >> as shakespeare once said dowd does protest too much. when you are getting accused, people think he had to have done it because of the proliferation of this stuff. if i was there crisis manager person i would just let this thing die. >> peyton manning is one who is that if there needs to be legal action i believe they will go into it. for these two players than happy to see it because we see people accused of different crimes on a regular basis and i believe they need to protect names. if they are innocent or >> i think this puts their names back in the false spotlight for too long of a period of time. >> with the trial now, evidence will come out. i think that is where exoneration -- i don't think they would sue if they were confident the evidence would overwhelmingly support them.
7:24 am
>> interestingly we find out who gets into the baseball hall of fame. talk about performance-enhancing drugs in the get names like terry bonds on the list and roger clemens. ken griffey junior might be -- the bow. >> for today, ken griffey junior gets in. the former houston astros star is going to get in. i have seen the ballots of a lot of different sportswriters who are part of the association of america who vote and the latter picking barry bonds or roger clemens or names connected to stairways. dagen: pete rose is a pariah because he gambled. it is okay you are doping. >> don't get me started. i guess history revisits. >> doping started after the 94 strike. there was no world series in 94. baseball needed something to explode them back onto the stage. they allowed it. it was a passive allowance.
7:25 am
>> i agree. another shout out to josé canseco. when he came out with these claims many years ago, who cares what he says. if we don't have josé canseco, we don't have the steroid era so to speak. josé canseco has the numbers. i put them in the hall of fame for his contributions. >> that's exactly -- josé pete and shoeless joe jackson. >> they will comment as a trio. >> the doping report from a few years ago. i was on the breaking news and one of the first people ran out to a camera. josé canseco signed the cover of their report. >> what a cool piece of sports memorabilia.
7:26 am
thanks, jerry. intense storms wreaking havoc on the west coast with no signs of letting up. the latest on el niño's theory next. checking marks this morning, we are looking at a big selloff in u.s. futures pointed to a sharp selloff on the opening bell. we will have all of the latest on this coming up. stay tuned. d to treat d tboth erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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good morning, everyone i'm sandra smith. with me today is tpobg's david mcdowel and chairman michael jones is here. your top story on the east coast. north korea said it successfully tested a hydrogen and will reignite tensions with china and the u.s. and north korea in the u.s. saying the test was quote an act of self-defense. the test was not or has not yet been confirmed and experts say it is unlikely but around the
7:30 am
test was claimed an earthquake was felt. they are monitoring the situation. global markets and the selling in the the new year continues. wti as well as brent contract continue to sell off sharply. it's a 3% with the oil contract down more than 4%. in asia stocks lower there the china's shanghai composite. and in europe as well. our top stories this morning. the north korean government claiming to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb overnight. if true, it would be the fourth such test if violation of
7:31 am
international and united nations sanctions since 2006. joining us is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson. great to have you here, good morning. >> you are in a neat position to discuss this this morning with your experience dealing with the north kaor korea regime. >> i don't believe it was a hydrogen bomb. it's another tender box situation in northeast asia. i think it requires diplomacy by the united states, by china, by south korea and russia which is a new friend of north korea. north korea is saying to the world, we're still around. maybe all the troubles in the middle east but you've got to
7:32 am
deal with u. this is their fourth nuclear test since 2006. they obviously have nuclear weapons. they may have as many as ten. they are saying we will not have our nuclear weapons curved like you did like iran. were here to stay so i think it's important that we have a strong response but at the same time look at ways that we can find out where this new leader of north korea is coming from. whether he wants engagement or whether he just wants to continue this hostility swards the outside world. >> if confirmed, does this news tell us that north korea's nuclear program is far more advanced than we thought even yesterday? >> well, yell. if it's a -- well, yes. if it's a hydrogen bomb.
7:33 am
the u.s. and russia are the only active testers that have taken place. in would be very, very serious. i seriously doubt whether this happened. because technologically, north korea still has ways to go in their nuclear development but at the same time their nuclear efforts are advancing. their technology is getting better. they had a failed ballistic test. but at the same time they are proceeding very rapidly towards kwop developing a hydrogen bomb. they are sending a signal that you've got to deal with us and we're here and don't just think of iran and the middle east and saudi arabia. were around and they are dangerous because they str-pl nuclear weapons. we have a treaty with south korea.
7:34 am
they are a t our friends. china could do a lot more to pressure north korea. it's a tinderbox that have been in the back pages and not the front pages like the middle east. >> you mentioned the bomb didn't seem big enough to be an h-bob but since it's a standardly uranium bomb and only the trigger went off. isn't that just as destabilizing and do potentially dangerous? >> well, yes. we don't have all the facts. that will emerge in the next few days. i think you can predict the level of kilodons. i think it was close to six and maybe not that six and for a hydrogen bomb it's 20.
7:35 am
a lot of testing have been taking place in north korea. this is their fourth. the nuclear test. they are racing towards developing a hydrogen bomb. this is very serious. this is somethinging that we should be very concerned about. >> why does the world not seem to care. we don't ever seem to be doing anything about north korea from a coalitional point of view. >> the biggest problem is north korea doesn't want to deal with us. the six power countries, south korea, united states, russia, japan that have been engaged in peace talks with them over the years. north korea is in a period of stefl isolation and don't respond in wanting to negotiate. we are saying, "look, we are ready to talk to you but you've got to curve your nuclear
7:36 am
weapons." and north korea are saying, "no, we will not curve our nuclear weapons, we will increase our nuclear weapons." there's a deal in exchange of food, fool, economic assistance, whipping of sanctions. i any the powers in the region need to engage north korea and we are ignoring it. >> we would ward that horrific behavior, right if that's what ends up happening. >> look, well, i don't see it that way. i see what you want to do is you want to make a situation better that is slowly deteriorating. we can continue to keep our head in the sand with china and south korea and ignore these guys but what if they do develop a hydrogen bomb? we've got our troops there. we don't want a conflict between south and north korea.
7:37 am
here is a role with china that has real leverage with north korea that in the past has refused to play. we need to push them to do that. >> the governor, thank you for jumping on this breaking news and joining us this morning. great to have you. turning to weather this morning. extreme weather in california. the state braces for what meteorologists says the power powerful el nino on record. residents hit by recent forest fires are urgeed to evacuate before the worst of the storm hits. laura, good morning to you. >> good morning. we have to watch those burn scars for flooding. yesterday we had the storm system come on shore throughout parts of southern california, l.a.picked up a an inch and a half of rain t san diego and fresno.
7:38 am
a good deal of snow coming in around flag staff for the higher elevation. these are lined up one after another, after another is that storm track that was so active through november and december was pushing in the pacific northwest. still a very active storm track but pushed its way through the south. as we go to the next 24-36 hours we will continue to see the active weather. heavy snow in sierra nevada. southern california will see those snow levels falling as we push in to tomorrow. the other story will be the arctic air on the way as we open up the floodgates with the big dip in the jet stream so by friday start to enter the northern plains. saturday and sunday continues that track to the south and start to see much of the midwest and the east had a quick blast of cold air the last couple of days will warm it up for a few but that cold air mass will make it toward you as well once we
7:39 am
head into next week. temperatures could be 10 to as much as 15-degrees be throw normal. sop be ready. stock alert for you we are checking in shares of apple this morning. a big move to note there. this is the pre-market shading session where you see market shares back to that key one hundred level. the company cutting back iphones. we will have more on this coming up.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
sandra: a supplier of wal-mart is recalling beef products. >> several beef products may be contaminated with wood materials. the recall involves sam's choice angus beef pattys. there are no reports of illnesses with that recall. >> >> problems of lead in the city's drinking water. residents complained about the water's taste t smell and appearance. they temporaryly switched water.
7:44 am
here's the thing you probably have never seen before. this some known as the the bee queen and for a good reason. national geographic dancing with 10,000 bees on her body. she tries to meditate. i have nothing else, back to you, sandra. >> sandra: i have one piece of news for you. she's not dancing. she looks like she's terrified. i guess people will do anything to relax. cheryl, thank you. donald trump raising serious questions about ted cruz. said it could make the texas vulnerable ifthy becomes the
7:45 am
presidential nominee. let's bring in red alert politics. good morning to you, both. congrats, we enjoyed new years eve on fox news. >> thank you. >> sandra: this latest attack, what do you make of it? >> ted cruise is refusing -- ted cruz is refusing to fight back at all. this proves however, that he's a little worried about ted cruz, particularly in iowa. if you remember rick santorum. he is more of an iowish candidate. that would make sense why donald trump should be a little worried. >> he tweeted that yesterday. >> sandra: a lot of people are
7:46 am
saying, "isis will this win if donald trump trump wins." >> do you think it is a good strategy? >> i think it is. oh, whatever silly. it makes trump him look ridiculous for continue to hit some pod who laughs it off. >> sandra: do you think this is true with donald trump worried. >> i think the primary has begun. i think so in candidates, we see a few front runners arising. in these attacks shows the real primary has begun. i think for most people they see trump's attack on cruz out landish and ridiculous. trump has knead ridiculous attacks on other candidates and landed them. i think he's taking a right
7:47 am
approach. all others are holier than thow. jeb bush, in particular, looked ridiculous. i think taking the funny attack is the way to go. >> sandra: and the image of the gop. >> you're right, trump is hurting in this attack because he led the charge in the obama birth certificate thing. that helps the cruz in fighting back. the real dangerous is trump is splitting the republican party. there is a lower income, middle class, white voter that he's stripping off of the rest of the party. i think that is the bigger issue. i think whether cruz, rubio or other candidates tend to fight back and bring back the candidacy. >> sandra: good point.
7:48 am
you expect anybody to make big moves in the debate? >> i am u always nervous for jeb bush. i wouldn't vote for him. i feel so bad for him sometimes. i really do. >> sandra: that's a sympathy vote. >> i don't know if voting based on sympathy is the best. >> if you were his campaign strategist right now, what would you say? >> i don't know anymore. >> sandra: a major supporter. >> i love jeb. he has struggled in this ability to communicate in a race where you have people communicating in a very effective thaoe t theatrical manner. >> sandra: it would be interesting to see how trump does. i'm saying in terms of debate
7:49 am
specifically. >> i think your nice guy is a dr. ben carson because he's outside the box. he's not an establishment. i heard him speak yesterday in a small group and i'm curious to see if he can break out. he makes big connections in small groups. i'm interested to see if he can break u out. his performances have been a minus five in the most recent debate. >> i actually think there's an argument that the will be made that trump is helping the republican party. 14 million viewers from the fox business channel. all of a sudden, that image and that presentation to that mass amount of people is positive. >> i'm not sure that's all the
7:50 am
republican voters, a lot of people are just tuning in to see the trump show. >> with jeb bush he studers this ad. he hasn't risen above. the fact that we are still talking about him is a joke. who will break out between two states with south carolina. we will know who will be the nominee and who will be the contenders if it's down to a couple people. i think we are starting to see the race now. it's time oh to get excited and tune in and see how these the candidates are watching. >> sandra: i couldn't say it better myself. don't forget a week for tomorrow, "fox business" will be hosting that very important presidential debate. we will be moderateing the earlier debate.
7:51 am
neil cacuto will be moderateing the later e sraeut. -- e event. this will happen here on "fox business." coming up, breaking low, $35 a barrel. days after the paris attacks,
7:52 am
senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
7:53 am
7:54 am
sandra: welcome back, oil falling below $35 a barrel. we are looking at an 11.5 year low. what are you watching? we talked to jim rogers yesterday morning saying things are bottoming out. it seems like the selling continues here. >> they do. the hits keep coming.
7:55 am
you not imagine the bad news every time you think you get good news you get bad news. obviously what happened in north korea overnight is a concern. you see that fear trade in the market. you see the futures driving down the yields. people are nervous and people don't inspire confidence when it comes to global economic growth. you talk about the numbers coming out of china their demand growth was up over a year ago. normally you would expect china to be up 10%. some of that is manufacturing demands, some is winter. we have not had a strong winter in china and here in the united states. that the demand is coming in to play as well. >> sandra: the oil is down. phil flynn, huh. we are go going to be right back. .
7:56 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith. fox news contribute monica is here. your top story at 8:00 on the east coast. north korea said it tested a hydrogen bomb. north korea's news agency said the test is an act of self-defense. around the same time of the alleged test took place an earthquake took place. it is monitoring the situation. globalle markets under pressure this morning on that news. we are gearing u up for another tough day on wall street. look at this dow feature now sinking to the lowest. now up 31 is -- 311 points now.
8:00 am
the nasdaq is the leading index on the down side. so selling is picking up here as we near the opening bell. crude oil move sharply lower. they are moving to their lows in the overnight section. the wti contract off 4%. in asia stocks mostly lower there. china shanghai composite posting a low of nearly 4%. we are in the third trading days of the year. it's not a great thing to happen this early in the happen. as that starts to weaken i think the markets in china will a ale suf more and the u.s. market will be effected by that.
8:01 am
>> sandra: back to breaking news, north korea said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb sparking attention in our nation's capitol. >> reporter: good morning oh to you. an h-bomb of justice. that is the way north korea is explaining its test of a hydrogen bomb. it came over state television after the overnight, under ground test. it now escalates its potential capabilities. the state department said it's aware of activity. john kirby writing quote:
8:02 am
a couple republican candidates are used the test to launch a critique in the the obama administration. marco rubio said if the test is confirmed it will be the latest example of the the obama/clinton's foreign policy. thousands of u.s. troops are currently stationed in south kaor can rhea. -- in south korea. >> sandra: thank you. dr. bruce. your take on this. good morning, sir. as this story developing. >> caller: good morning. it's nice to talk to you again. my take on this is that we need to get more information but we know definitely now that korea has conducted its fourth nuclear test. we know it looks like it's about
8:03 am
six kilitons. we know that's the early initial readings that we're seeing. the next thing we need to look for is what do the readings from this test that we will see in coming days indicate? do they actually indicate it was a hydrogen test or do they not? if they do, that means north korea's capabilities are far beyond what any of does would have predicted a year ago. so i think that will be the focus of analysis for the next few days. if i may also like to say we've talked to one the this morning about what the reaction of the obama administration is or what it will be. i think everybody knows what we need to do to put pressure on north korea and nobody is willing to do it. go after their networks, the banks that they run the and money through and the fund companies.
8:04 am
that's 40% of their real economy. everybody knows thousand do it but no up with has done it. >> sandra: you highlight what the presidential candidates their bringing up. saying this highlights weakness in u.s. foreign policy. this is shaping up to possibly be a big issue in the election considering we are now in an election year. what do you think the debate should be? >> caller: i think it should be a real election. north korea has proliferation of these nuclear capabilities and its ballistic nuclear capabilities. they are also a threat to the middle east or allies like israel because they proliferate so much of this the stuff to syria and iran.
8:05 am
i any the focus is on how do we contain north korea. let's not just talk act engaging north korea, let's talk about the stick. a lot needs to be economic not just deterring them militarily. >> i have covered a story out of beijing for a long time. what you think we are learned here about kim jung-un as a 30--year-old dictator? >> caller: that is a great question. you know if one thing is obvious about kim jung-un. his government is still in the process of stabilizing. he intends to carry on the exact foreign and domestic policy that his father did. he is carrying his father tease, kim jung-il, his policy of human rights et cetera but also carrying on his father's policy
8:06 am
on nuclear weapon and proliferation and developing a legitimate missile program that can take their missiles and their nuclear war heads out of just that region. i think we're seeing in this country's as we see from scientist and technicians that getting these developed as quickly as possible. not just what we saw last night but we saw a test swropl. in ball missile. >> how much of the sense of reaction to the iranian nuclear deal that this is north korea's to get the world's attention. our allies, particularly japan and south korea are concerned about this, what is the likelihood that they might approach the u.n. security council about sanctions.
8:07 am
>> caller: i think it's real and i think that skwra japan we have seen in the past. >> how much of the reaction from the nuclear deal and a t to regain the world' attention? >> caller: i think this is getting the world' attention. i think another aspect is they need to test this nuke hair program from time to time the and what we've seen is in addition to testing their nuclear program, they also tested a long range of ballistic missile with too much of the latest either before or right of after all their three other nuclear tests. we can can expect see that and that's tied into iran as well because they are currently developing an 80-ton rocket booster for their dog system with the iranians. i think not only are we just seeing a nuclear test that's
8:08 am
likely because of what we saw in iran but we're going to see them test a rocket but a new booster with the e iranians very soon. >> is kim john-un a sane man? can you negotiate with a mad man? >> caller: i do think the government of north korea while being a horrible human rights violator is a national nation state. i think kim jung-un realizes he has to take these tkraeubgs policies in -- drastic policies to n order to survive. we are dealing with someone looks at politics far differently than we do. >> sandra: thank you for joining us on this breaking news this morn. great to have you. >> caller: thank you, ma'am. >> sandra: checking market reaction to all of this. the dow futures off 300 points.
8:09 am
the nasdaq and more severe s*e ll-off more than 2%. were keeping an eye on gold this morning while stocks keep going down, gold prices have gone up every day so far in 2016. the oil, the big mover this morning. you are looking at oil now down more than $1 below $35 a barrel that is a loss of more than 3%. there's more work here in the sell-off. >> the dow itself is one of the components. the oil is down. it has been deval u youed by is% in the week. the yen is going up against the dollar. that is not good for the united states either. the t*e uro is go -- the euro is going down.
8:10 am
and this came out yesterday, sandra and said it looks like it's at 0.7%. we have bankers saying we have no growth. this spells gloom and doom and we have so much risk off this week. at the same time all this is happening the ten-year treasury is going up. for me and other hedge fund managers people are pulling back. most hedge fund man managers are down 25% because they pulled back because of the disaster they had last year. >> sandra: pulling in security, national security has become the number one issue in this election year. it was the economy, but i wonder if that changes. all that changed in the san
8:11 am
bernadino and the paris attacks. now, we are starting off the year with this market sell-off. multiple calls for recession from the u.s. financial institutions. does the economy shape up to be the biggest issue for the american voter? >> maybe not the biggest but running parallel with national security. the economy is always number one followed by the jobs picture. two, it's what directly effects the american people. the kitchen table issues. this time around i think the economy, if we head in a recession or if the economy starts to slow, that will be on par with national security because most of the american people understand the nature of the threat here and understand there's no economy if we're all dead. they tend to prioritize in threats. i think the national security will run alongside the economy as equally important going into this election. >> sandra: by the way, that big government jobs report will be out on friday. thank you for joining us on the north korean news.
8:12 am
we are watching one dow component. shares of apple plungeing on reports the tech giant tends to scale back production of its iphones. we will have the latest details on that.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome bam. we have adp numbers. >> 192,000 was the expectations. this is a problem for the feds. the economy looks okay from a jobs perspective. it doesn't look okay from the
8:16 am
other elements of that dashboard that we were describing before the break. we will have to raise rates again. what you are seeing in the marketplace are portfolio managers are allocating away from stocks. it's a safer security, sandra. >> sandra: we will have dow futures for the rest of the morning. >> it will be a status quo meaning the market will trade off on this number primarily because it will be the federal move again which i think will proseize as bad now. >> sandra: can i ask a quick question, how many of that is seasonal jobs? >> that's also why it is so hard to predict because the sea wall adjustment in january is like ten times the average sea wall adjustment. >> sandra: th-t private -- this is the private report. >> you will likely now have a stronger number. that will get factored in the
8:17 am
friday number and will also get in that the fed will likely move again before june and so the combination of those things not great for u.s. stocks temporaryly. >> i think it's very temporaryly pause what stocks need to see is that there's an underpending of growth that they can grow on. look at all the macro events. the scary stuff out of north korea, if the job report on friday matches this adp report, if you keep printing good job numbers an continue to see wage gains the stock market thereby fine. >> and oil prices are a big help. >> sandra: for the time being, this better an expected adp jobs report the stock market few curse are unchanged on it. >> if the market does roll over this year, i'm talking down 5% not down 20% market. super bad for the democrats, my
8:18 am
opinion. possibly good for people like donald trump. if you can can find the terrorist issue and things going on in north korea. >> sandra: biggest mark comes up in the two to three month in that election. what's happen -ping today not so much. >> it's a good indicator for the future of the market year so you have to be a little worried here. >> sandra: by the way, the november adp jobs number was revised slightly lower. the fbi is asking for peep in their investigation in the san bernadino terror attack. a check of the headlines for us. good morning. investigators are trying to figure out where the shooters were for 18 minutes on the shooting on december 2nd. the fbi is looking for any photographic or other electronic evidence shortly before u authorities caught up with them and killed them in a shoot out. here is a stock to watch today.
8:19 am
apple is scaling back orders for its iphones after big year sales last year, analyst are warning that apple is warning to decrease demand. this is crucial because apple's biggest hit has always been the iphone and many analyst say, the critics say with the failure of the apple watch that apple really is not going to be able to deliver on sales this year and this is bad for apple. this iphone story is bad. >> sandra: the shares are down 2.5% near that $100 level. thank you. with three weeks before the first vote, donald trump is finally spending money on his campaign but why? you will find out next.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
donald trump ramping up on senator ted cruz raising up issues about his citizenship and whether he being born will effect the candidates. bringing in former political pollster. i will say when you walk in the studio always have mike crowley. this is going to be good. >> we are entering the next phase of the campaign. we see that donald trump is ready to go for the next preseason he was using earned
8:24 am
media, social media to get his message out. he wasn't using that. now he's looking at the data and sees that it's time to go from earned media to paid media. i measure their campaigns, i hept them optimize and optimize. donald trump understands the power of repetition, repeat and if you look at his tv a*ds he is talking about muslims and making america great. he is getting his message out. he is running a magnificent campaign. >> sandra: it reminds me of ronald's reagan campaign. cut taxes, reduce the size of government and beat the commies. that's what trump is doing. teus lambic threat and make -- the islamic threat and making
8:25 am
the america great again. >> trump is looking at the data whapbd he says is for the first -- and what he says is the first time ted cruz is beating him in communication volume. that's why he has to amplify his own message. these guys want to win and he knows how to do it and he has the tools and the resources and this this is what corporations and politics do to win. >> the latest poll i saw last night in iowa, trump is actually closing the gap. cruz was leading and he's closing the gap. those polls are accurate. i heard a lot of people privately talking about their polling the incorrectly. its name recognition of people who will not go out and vote in primary. >> than has tpw-pb greatest on twitter right now.
8:26 am
>> i think that's the beautiful part of the analysis that we have done here. vy never talked to you about polls. i have talked to you about what the conversation is. >> sandra: what is your analysis of jeb bush at this moment in time? >> i share what he's going through. on the other hand # 4% is 4%. >> i had to ask for anthony. >> you are hurting my feelings. this is the first week of the year. we feel compassionate. let me ask a question about his ability to get in the independent voter. let's say he is the nominee and his tragedy has worked. i agree he runs a massive campaign. how does he transition to gain the voters he needs to win. >> i think we saw the analysis
8:27 am
in the "u.s. times" showing that market. those are not the hillary voters. his support is not hillary's base support and he can can now go and start to get them. the democrats will vote democrats. we have 10%-15% in the middle who will lean trump. >> what about those quiet chris chris teus supporters. he made a surge in the polls recently. >> i think they are scareed that chris christie will pounce on them. he was trying to do it request rubio -- we can see he has moved up. they had a sized conversation but we still see that trump is still up. >> is the establishment going to vote for and support donald trump. than sa -- that is a big open question. i think they have large i will giveen up on jeb.
8:28 am
the question is will they back rubio or christie particularly in the staoeuft new hampshire. -- the problem for both those candidates is it's no clear path for them beyond new hampshire. ted cruz has built huge infrastructures across the south. >> the candidate start out an start winning and win to the end. line to line. >> it is -- it's better than i can but not in recent history. >> i think the biggest is in new hampshire you can can vote in the republican. i think all will vote the republican. we will see what happens. >> sandra: thank you for joining us op that. don't forget a week from tomorrow "fox business" will be hosting the next presidential presidential debate with maria
8:29 am
bartitromo and neil cavuto hosting and mod it raing. the the u.s. economy straight ahead. . . when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction,
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card ...
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8:32 am
>> oil index stocks, dow futures now 262 points, they had been off 300 points earlier, but just got a better than expected private sector jobs report from adp. that we came off the lows of the morning, but a big selloff there. crude prices are down. below $35 a barrel. we're looking at 11 1/2 year low for oil prices, phil flynn is standing by at the cme group standing by all of this. huge markets across the board, phil? >> it is, and we would expect and might have seen a little bit of a bounce, there's a better than expected jobs report. and oil made new lows.
8:33 am
and that shows the mood is very, very negative and not just about the u.s. yes, we're concerned about u.s. manufacturing earlier in the week and it's about global manufacturing. we've got that bad data in china today and the manufacturing sectors seem to be slowing and the oil demand is slowing and there's not any weather related demand. you put it together, the perfect storm. you add in this north korean risk to the marketplace, and it doesn't bode well for economic growth and that makes it look bigger. today we get that report, abi showed 6 million barrel build and another to look at later, sandra, back to you. sandra: thank you for at that update, phil flynn. turning back to the top story, leaders around the world condemning north korea after the company reported they have successfully tested their first hydrogen nuclear bomb. let's bring in security analyst kt mcfar land, there's nothing you can't talk to. you used to teach a course.
8:34 am
>> when i was a graduate at mit, i talked on nuclear, in the past they've tested bombs. you make nuclear weapons, you get a lot of plutonium and uranium and smash it apart and the other hydrogen atoms and squish it together and makes the same kind of bomb. the difference, a hydrogen bomb, an h-bomb can be smaller than a uranium bomb, you can put it on a missile, it could reach, japan, it could ultimately reach the united states. that's why it's scary. a small weapon that could be put on a missile that they tested and woo we know they have, and it's a scary thing, north korea and iran have a mutually convenient relationship and what north korea tests iran shows up with shortly thereafter.
8:35 am
if north korea sells that stuff to iran, if it is a successful nuclear test with a hydrogen bomb, and they get that, it changes the world. sandra: and i want your perspective as this unfolds. in every event there's an opportunity. there's going to be a huge demand for missile defense. the north koreans have advanced missile capability, as you noted probably going to sell to iran. iran is testing advanced missile capability and all of the defense contractors out there creating the defense systems like the israeli iron dome system there's going to be tremendous demand in south korea, japan and frankly the united states itself for protection go ens-- against a rogue state, and the fears it will spread to iran. >> and that kind of technology
8:36 am
will be required in europe because if iran does get it. we've known in the past, iranian engineers are in north korea and they're watching and participating in the nuclear test in the past, if it moves there, enthis the whole world is potential-- >> what do you make so far of the u.s. reaction to this? we've seen this, we've condemned it and what should we do? >> we don't have a lot of leverage left. particularly after we kept drawing red lines in the middle east that we never reinforced. we don't have a lot of credibility. i mean, iran, the nuke deal with iran is supposed to make the middle east safe. and the iranians have been cheating, cheating, cheating, we're looking the other way. what incentive do the north koreans have to hold back and listen to the condemnation, china is the key to this. china is provides 75% of the food that, the heating oil, the fuel to north korea. china has the major influence
8:37 am
on north korea, china, sadly, is in an economic funk right now. sandra: wow, kt mcfarland is spelling it out for us. and monica, this is going to be a big campaign issue and election issue. >> absolutely, you question which candidate gets the benefit of the threats not just the islamic terror threat, but the north korean testing and when i look it's strong candidates like donald trump and ted cruz who benefit from this, they project strong leadership. the other question i had for kt on the iranian component of this, it looks like this is largely a reaction to the post iranian deal trying to gain the world's attention. how many of the iranian vp were on site and did they pay for the test? >> we know in the past when north korea tests something, it shows up in iran and the missiles that they tested within a few months, they scrub a side and put the new name on
8:38 am
and they've been working in conjunction with them. iranians engineers have always been present at north korean tests. sandra: any comment, kt, before i let you go, the escalating between iran and assault and batte battery-- saudi arabia and the u.s. in this. >> we're not in. the sunni countries in the region will decide they'll make a separate peace and let iran be the dominant country in the region or fight back? what you saw with the saudies, they're getting muscular, i think they're willing to do something alone. and worries that that escalates, too. sandra: kt mcfarland, thank you for being here. happy news, happy new year. mornings with maria starts at 6 a.m. and here are the best moments from this morning. >> this is the pong yong
8:39 am
shakedown. >> when i shake down a store, i wear a nice pair of yoga pants and-- >> she's prepared to run. >> they did not want to go there, we could be looking at the assets of north korea, hard cash in china and european banks, we have not done so, there are steps we could be taking, but clearly tough rhetoric is not going to make a difference. dagen: i have to confess something, i love looking at those magazines, i could never do the amazing things she puts together in the magazine. >> you're a much nicer person. i'd like to stab the guy in the neck. >> oh, wow. >> and jose conseco, he signed the cover of my-- of the report.
8:40 am
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8:43 am
>> el nino slamming the west coast and cheryl casone has the latest on that story. >> good morning. >> good morning, and los angeles was drenched by the powerful storm and flooding on roads. rain is expected to continue all week long and officials are worried about potential mudslides happening. in particular in northern california. reports say that at least four storms are lined up back to back across the pacific right
8:44 am
now. switching gears for a moment guys, i want you to take a look at this hilarious video. ♪ >> here is the story, this 11-year-old was doing the dishes in a very usual manner and his father sneaks in and didn't know his father was watching him ap basically the sun requested to have the michael jackson music on in the kitchen while he did his chores. kids if you do your chores, might as well enjoy it along the ride. back to you. sandra: thank you. president obama fighting back tears during an emotional announcements after actions on gun control. and joining us is licensed firearm manufacturer, steve russell. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, how are you?. >> that's a key part how i want to introduce you, the you're
8:45 am
the only member of congress, licensed manufacturer, owner of two river arms. that makes you uniquely qualified to react to this. and what do you make of the changes? >> i think what we see is the president is pushing an agenda to try to punish law abiding citizens with a gun control agenda. anytime we talk an individual liberty, we have to take that very, very serious in how we deliberate the problem. punish the people that are violating the law, don't punish the citizen's right to bear arms. sandra: do you believe any changes should be made to federal gun laws? >> you hear rhetoric, we need to do different things with background checks and terror watch lists. background check laws that most people are making hay of exist. i've called in hundreds of background checks as a firearms manufacturer.
8:46 am
people don't know the law. they talk about the terror watch list and people should not be able to purchase arms on the terror watch list. most would not be able to. citizens based on suspicion. you can't have their constitutional liberties overrun based on suspicion. that's what totalitarian states do. even nonresident aliens that are here can't produce firearms already, they cannot purchase them, cannot be in possession of them except fair circumstances like members of security for foreign heads of state or certain approved hunting trips. things of that nature. and people don't understand the laws and you're calling for changes that already exist. sandra: the n.r.a. reaction to this, the times, the n.r.a. spokeswoman says this is it, this is what they've been hyping? do you see this changes having an impact and affecting legal gun owners in this country?
8:47 am
>> if the president would be willing to work with congress, i think that you would see some impact. for example, director comey talked about the need for the background checks, to have more agents actually workers to handle the national check system. the president says he's calling for funds to do that. well, okay. he has to work with congress to do that. we might find common ground to get him what he needs. when it comes to the sweeping changes, he again goes back to talk about common sense, reforms, and then he cites the seats and what-- there's going to be a disconne disconnect. when you look at the polling, the american people seem to say that they do want these increased background checks. so, why does it seem like on the republican side that it doesn't seem that you are listening to many of your constituents on this. >> they're calling for things that already exist. we're listening to
8:48 am
constituents, and we listened to them, the check system exists, and the so-called gun show loophole, what they're doing and they may want to sell a firearm to a neighbor, hey, if you ever get rid of that shotgun, let me know. years later they do, the instant check system, if two private individuals come in and want to make a transfer, most dealers do that, many of them free of charge. that system already exists. >> congressman, don't you think that the gun show exemption to those background checks, isn't it reasonable that that loop hope would be closed at least to put gun shows and gunshot owners on equal footing to put the competition fair? >> people do not understand the law, if you're a licensed dealer at a gun show, you cannot sell under your license to anyone without a background check, people do not understand the law, and gun shows have
8:49 am
licensed dealers that set up tables. if i were to go there as a citizen or even as another dealer, i would have to go through the system. you cannot just walk up and under somebody's license transfer a firearm. you would be committing a felony. >> all right, congressman, thank you for being here and weighing in on this this morning. >> happy to talk more about it. i do know this issue. >> we'll surely have you back. congressman steve russell, thank you. >> coming up, they're calling it the super bowl, the electronics show is underway right now in las vegas and we're going to take you there next. ♪
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> we're expecting a major
8:53 am
selloff, off the lows of the day. and the dow futures are concerned, and new at chipotle, nicole petallides has that for us. what's going on? nicole: we're watching chipotle, the stock dropped 40%, hitting two year lows and looking lower. closed yesterday 449 and change and has down arrows this morning as they come in with same-store sales worse than last month's projections. they thought between 8 and 11% and now it's looking, a prior year ago, they were up 16%. so this is a company that was seeing increase after increase, quarter after quarter, with the e. coli outbreak and the norovirus situation, that put chipotle under pressure once gep -- again. >> attention to all gadget geeks out there. i guess there are a lot of them.
8:54 am
the consumer electronics show starts today. countdown to the closing bell, liz has the goodies. good morning, liz. >> oh, and there are about 20,000 rollouts of products here in las vegas, welcome to las vegas at the consumer electronics show, i've got your morning cup of coffee. this is by ripple maker, an israeli company that can imprint anything in the milk of your coffee. they're testing it with lufthansa airlines. this is called the crush. it's a virtual reality pod in the beta stage, but rolling out here at the consumers electronics show. come with me here as we continue over and what we're talking about, all day long live from las vegas are the rollouts, the controversies and what is collectively grabbing people's attention. i want to show you what's getting a ton of buzz. what is on my arms?
8:55 am
this is the fitbit blaze. the brand new rollout they're doing, $199. yes, it's got the leather strap and it can do a whole bunch of things and swipe. you can do this, but the fact is, here, it's very hard to get attention and when you start to roll out something like this, it's not a great situation where fitbit stock fell 18%. and a class action lawsuit against them. they're hoping that the fitbuilt blaze at 199 bucks, will beat the apple watch. in las vegas, we have 20,000 products that are coming out all day long, we're going to be live here. 50 football fields of technology rolling out and you'll see the best and greatest here on fox business. coming up at 3 p.m. eastern. i want to let now this, kevin flank of under amour, they're putting sensors in clothes. we have a live interview with kevin. he's not out just to beat, sandra, mike and adidias, he
8:56 am
wants to beat fitbit and everybody out there. it's a great american biz story. fox business. sandra: you're a big athlete, the triathlons, the wearable smart clothing is awesome, we talked about the smart bra yesterday. >> oh, boy. sandra: anthony just perked up. liz, thank you so much. we're going to be right back.
8:57 am
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52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at >> happy birthday, anthony. is it your birthday? >> yes. [laughter] >> 38 for the 14th time, unfortunately. sandra: yay, happy birthday, anthony. dagen: he's an unusual capricorn, he's easy to get to know, most are wild goats. sandra: on that note.
9:00 am
birthday boy anthony scaramucci, monica crowley, and awesome to have you all on a morning and a big news day. that's it for us, "varney & company" is next, stuart, it's all yours. stuart: thank you very much indeed. a rotten start to the new year, day 3, your 401(k) is taking a big hit. stocks way, way down. good morning, everyone, this is a big day, there's a lot to go at. start with the markets, there is an a huge selloff in progress. the dow will open hundreds of points down and oil is breaking down to multi-year lows, really big trouble in finance. the back drop to this, the world is on fire, north korea claimed it tested a hydrogen ball. and germany reels from migrants


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