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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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vying now for the libertarian party nomination. they do it a little bit differently. they meet in big convention center. like republican or democratic convention their delegates vote who they want to represent them. last time it was gary johnson. we'll see who it is next time. but there will be a third party candidate. trish regan. trish: thank you, neil. breaking this hour. two emerging threats to the safety and security of the united states. first north korea stuns the world with its announcement that successfully tested a hydrogen nuclear bomb. the u.n. security council just finished their meeting. we'll have intel on what happened behind closed doors. disturbing new video with terrorist camp where isis is employing scientists and explosives experts to create deadly sophisticated weapons. i'm trish regan. u.n. security council wraps up a meeting. they pledge more sanctions against north korea and condemns the country's actions.
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north korea discloses they detonate ad h-bomb after 1.5 nuclear earthquake was reported near its test site. experts are skeptical that a hydrogen bomb was tested, the white house came out and said they don't believe a hydrogen bomb was tested. markets are perhaps using this as excuse to sell into into the market. fresh footage shows isis lab in syria where terrorists constructing heat-seeking missiles and driverless car bombs. four-star general jack keane and blake burman live from d.c. start with blake who joins us from the latest on the north korea situation. blake, we're hearing from the administration. they do not believe this is deadly h-bomb? >> yes, indeed, trish. white house is simply throwing cold water on north korea claims that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.
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north korea made the surprise announcement on state television earlier today, calling it at one point, a h-bomb of justice. white house press secretary josh earnest said moments ago the initial assessments elsewhere show otherwise. >> the initial analysis that has been conducted of the events that were reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. there is nothing that occurred in the last 24 hours that caused the united states government to change our assessment of north korea's technical and military capabilities. reporter: trish, earnest said the u.s. will continue to collect more evidence to learn about just exactly what happened over there. either way, he said this, is a provocation on the part of the north koreans. when asked about potential additional sanctions to be brought upon north korea the press secretary pointed to the u.n. security council looking into those possibilities. trish? trish: thank you so much, blake. joining me with more on north korea and this disturbing video coming to us out of syria,
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four-star general and fox contributor, general jack keane. good to have you back on the show. >> good to be here, trish. trish: let's talk about whether or not this was a hydrogen bomb. we're getting indications from the white house that it was not. what might be leading them to that analysis. >> test ban treaty organization based out of vienna, there are 170 seismic sites around the world. 11 beneath the water. in time they're pretty accurately come to grips what was the kiloton or megaton in terms of an h-bomb. what they probably know now reporting in from multiple sites, what i understand a little bit larger than the last a-bomb they let go of but nothing near what an h-bomb would require. trish: so why would north korea be saying this. >> is all part of their propraganda. they want attention. they want people to come back to
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start talks with them again. they, every time that they do something to generate that kind of attention, usually eventually some kind of concession is made to them. so it has a payoff for them. trish: yeah, but we're talking about invoking more sanctions now. they have already got plenty of sanctions against them. >> but we also pulled back on these sanctions as well. so remains to be seen. the thing considerably more dangerous than this propaganda is the actual submarine test of a ballistic missile in december. and what that portend for the united states is obviously submarines have tremendous advantage because difficult to detect. you can sail a submarine off the coast of the united states. that is a potentially very dangerous situation we have with north korea. they continue to advance their nuclear capability and we don't believe for a minute that they have the capability to put a nuclear weapon on a missile. that technology is not in their hands yet but they're working at it. trish: they're working on it.
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the other story obviously in the news today is again the fight with isis. we have new video come to us actually from sky news, that suggests an isis terror lab where they're working in syria to create a kind of car bomb, a driverless car bomb, we can show our viewers this video. i would like to get your analysis, general, of it. but effectively this would be a bomb that could be in a car driven by amana kin -- amana go into traffic and explode? >> isis attracts a lot of people. mindless when people say only people attracted to isis are those who can't find employment. they have college graduates. they have people that really have scientific skillsets and some people are innovative and
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creative. they're drawn to this ideology. we have to give them their worth in that. they are providing technology to people in other countries where they want people and followers to kill fellow citizens. this is what this is all about. not about using technology in iraq and syria. this is other countries in the region they're affiliated with. then beyond. that is europe and united states and australia. much as we have seen in the past. and this is why this lack of urgency and resolve on part of the administration, not to destroy isis in the near term is such a problem. this is about isis in syria, holding territory, we have to take the territory away from them. this administration largely made a decision, trish, they haven't told us this but their actions are telling us it, they will pass the responsibility to the
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next administration. trish: amazing. you can't run the clock out on this one because we've seen success they have had in a short amount of time, general. >> sure. trish: each week each month counts? >> absolutely. look what they did in two months. attacks in lib ton, attacks in turkey, bringing down a russian airliner and attacks in the united states. we're on beginning edge of this. this will continue as long as we permit isis's bases in syria to exist doing exactly what we saw in the film. we have to take it away from them. trish: good to see you, general. >> trish, good talking to you as always. trish: north korea said it detonate ad hydrogen bomb. the administration says no, it has not. what should the u.s. be doing to contain the north korean threat amid efforts to contain isis threat? joining me on capitol hill republican congresswoman mark r
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marcia blackburn from tennessee. >> good to see. >> the administration says this is not a h-bomb. do you agree with that assessment. >> i think we wait to let the experts tell us. trish, it doesn't matter whether it is a bomb, h-bomb, nuclear device or biologics. here is the problem. our leader is perceived as weak. he is timid and feckless. he is without a foreign policy and therefore our enemies feel as if they are emboldened to go out and to test how far we will let them run with trying to come up with weapons or whether it's north korea or isis, what they're going to do to us. our allies are asking us where we've been and why we don't have a foreign policy? we have a president and with his team, they have not been able to establish a foreign policy. you had wendy sherman who worked with the bill clinton administration who really messed up with the situation with north korea and most recently
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for barack obama with iran. and she is the one that has been driver on this. and you are void of a foreign policy that our allies understand. absolutely, that the american people and those of us here on capitol hill can say, this is u.s. foreign policy. trish: we just heard from general keane, representative blackburn, he watts making the point this is sort of north korea trying to get a little attention. >> that's right. trish: let me take that forward. do you think, give the world is so focused on islamic terrorism and isis and that is what has dominated airwaves, north korea felt like this might be the time to do something because they wanted to actually shift attention back to them? i just come out of it saying why would they want to do this? it means it will get more hostile for them. we'll invoke more sanctions. it can't be pleasant? >> but you have a leader of north korea, kim jong-un who is a child-like leader who has tendency to throw these temper
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tantrums say look at me. so absolutely, it could be something that is there to get that attention. the point here again we're not standing resolute with easily understood foreign policy and we're not coming with our a game. when we are working on these issues with our allies. should indeed more sanctions be placed? absolutely. but the administration shouldn't boot this to the u.n. they need to come forward with a policy and our allies know what the policy is. trish: we're looking for a lot when it comes to foreign policy over last several years and we haven't gotten it. part of the reason we see all the turmoil here. representative blackburn, why i have you here, republican lawmakers putting forth alternative to obamacare. the president promised to veto it.
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that veto aside, why in your view is this plan so much better than his? >> plan is so much better than his because it would remove obamacare from the books an allow us to replace it with patient-friendly, patient-first legislation and provisions. what people want are more choice, more options. they want less government intervention. obamacare has proven to be too expensive to afford. of course the lie of 2013 was if you like your doctor you can keep it. that definitely is something that has been proven to be a falsehood. trish: americans are frustrated with it for sure. >> yes, they are. trish: you have a lot of lawmakers on your side with this one, if it doesn't get through, we know it won't, he already promised that, do you think it will resurface under next administration and a template to move forward with? >> absolutely it is. you don't know how far you get with something until you try. we're bringing reconciliation bill forward. obamacare provisions it addresses.
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it saves over half trillion dollars off of our federal debt. that's important. we will put this on the president's desk. the president has the opportunity to do what the american people have said they want to see done overwhelmingly and then, if he decides to veto it. it comes back to us. you never know. we just might have the votes to override the veto. it will be interesting to watch. trish: it will be. thank you so much. congresswoman blackburn. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. trish: coming up, everyone, new obamacare rules as we were talking about, they begin today. they will hit small employers. our economy is barely growing right now. is this a time to put more burden on small business? later muslims at one major meat factory walked off the job because they couldn't pray five times a day together. the company in turn fired them. and now those workers are suing for religious discrimination. the workers representative here,
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we're asking him why on earth he thinks they are entitled to have their jobs back. ♪
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trish: the new year bringing fresh obamacare headaches to small business. starting this week the employer mandate expanded to companies with 50 or more employees. if you employ 50 or more people you must by law provide with health care or pay a fine. up till now only businesses with 100 more more employees were subjected to law. why would a employer bother increasing someone's hours? if you run a business, or you're
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employee you run of risk of -- why bother hiring that 50th employee? if you're at 49 and 50 tip you over the edge, why would you do it? three, would you as employer just better off paying $2,000 fine for each employee? hey, probably cheaper than $6,000 a year to cost you to pay for employee's insurance which would mean we could get closer and closer to the single-payer system where government is only one in health care business? joining me with perspective, who knows a lot about crushing employee benefit obligations, former hostess ceo greg rayburn and economist steve moore. good to have both you guys here. greg, you know a lot about this, as ceo of hostess you watched what that would mean when you had employee obligations that became so astronomical the company actually had to declare bankruptcy. >> exactly. in our case, back then there were pensions involved along with health care obligations but any one of them by themselves would have had the same effect
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and i think what you see with this next stage of obamacare, you have to treat it like a regulation. so there is been a lot of complaining by businesses, small businesses over last few years. all the regulations that come down from washington that hamper and really disincentivize them to invest and grow their business. this is just another layer of that. trish: why would you invest in your business and hire that 50th employee, right? if it is actually going to cost you that much more money. let's not forget, steve, employers are rational, they're rational people. they're individuals based on whether or not they will be able to put more money in their pockets. if that 50th employee will cost you will not do it. >> you got that right. employers are profit maximizers. they make as much money as possible for their shareholders. that is why companies exist. this isn't just speculation by the way, trish, that you're talking about employers will cap their employment and hires. we're seeing that in the data on
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the monthly data put out by the bureau of labor statistics. we're seeing a lot of companies, capping employment at 45, 46, 48 workers. they're doing that in large part to avoid a spike-up in costs, once you hire a 50 or 51st worker. there is new term for this, trish, called a 49er. i'm not talking about a san francisco 49er. a 49er is business stopped hiring people at 49. i do think to the point you made earlier you will see a lot of businesses, i wonder what greg thinks about this, opt out of obamacare and pay the fine and put employees in alternatives such as medicaid? trish: it is cheaper to do that. if you crunch the numbers, if you're a big fast-food company, why wouldn't you say okay, fine, go on the government's plan. why should we provide the plan if it will be so costly. >> absolutely. >> get you to the one mandate,
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single mandate system. >> exactly. let's be clear. not just additional employee and therefore triggered level of cost per employee that go up. it is the overhead. if you think about it from a small business person's point of view, right, the way they create jobs is grow revenues and keep their overhead small, right? it isn't just additional health care costs. think of overhead. we know how government regulations work. that requires more people in overhead to manage that program for those employees. so it's a double cost on that business. which makes it an even easier decision to say look, i pay penalty. way cheaper to pay the penalty. trish: steve, let's not forget, this isn't just about business and hurt business, ultimately it hurts people, that want to get that job and there are fewer jobs for them to have. seems like very poor timing to me. at a time economy is struggling as it is. >> not just jobs, you're right,
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affecting overall level of employment. trish, the other area we're seeing effects of obamacare showing up is number of hours worked per employee. you see a lot of employers hiring people for 25, 28 hours a week. so they can avoid the 30 hour a week threshold. a lot of people are struggling financially because they can't find a full-time job. the solution to this is pretty simple. i heard your conversation with marcia blackburn. she is right. we have to change a lot of obamacare. one way to dramatically reduce cost of these plans, get rid of mandated benefit. there are dozens and scores of benefits required under these plans. that prevents employers from offering relatively economical plans that don't run a business out of business. trish: you heard interview with marsha blackburn. you think republicans have a shot getting health care alternatives through to
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obamacare or is obamacare here to stay? >> we'll need a new president unfortunately. this is as president obama said, signature achievement. any thing that chips away even mine more, i don't think republicans have the votes to override it. i agree with marsha blackburn and force democrats to vote on this. do they stand with workers or stand with insurance companies. trish: you think a new president. >> absolutely. i think steve would agree with this more about political theater, right? more about the fact that we have an election going on, right? so i don't think anybody, marsha or anybody else pushing that through thinks it will get through. trish: but symbolism of him vetoing it. >> as steve just said, makes people stand up to be counted. you have to stand up to be counted. i don't mean theater lightly but it's a process and election cycle process. trish: thank you. >> trish, there is an important point here though. voters are angry.
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they're cranky right now. they don't feel like republicans are doing anything. trish: you were watching my show yesterday. i did a whole segment on this, how angry america is right now. you know what? they have a right to be. they really do. the country was hope and optimism eight years ago. >> didn't work out so well. trish: good to see you guys. coming up next, everyone. is it going to all come down to new hampshire? don't let donald trump dominance in the polls fool you. the gop race in the granite state is still very much in play, and could have a big effect on the national election. who is up, who is down. we'll debate it all next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media.
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oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was
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dsenators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead.
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two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. trish: county down is on. -- countdown is on. republican candidates come out swinging with a whole host of new tv ads. catch them here. >> politicians can pretend it is
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something us but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that is why he calling for temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we figure out what is going on. >> i know i have a debate but i have to get this fantasy football thing right. >> chris christie, one high-tax, common core, liberal energy loving obamacare medicaid expanding president is enough. >> you want someone to read one hell of a bedtime story, ted cruz is your guy. if you want to protect america and defeat isis, rick santorum is your president. trish: got to admit he did a good job on dr. suess book, ted cruz. all the ads being released this week. they're targeting marco rubio, ted cruz, but no one seems to go after the frontrunner donald trump? is it because they're afraid? christie is pulling ahead but is the granite state still up for grabs? if he is in fourth place there,
2:28 pm
kasich in third. rubio, just behind donald trump. joining me right now, for analysis, republican strategist adam sifert and basil smikel from the new york republican party. why is nobody going after trump all that hard? even hillary clinton said she will swear off going after donald trump or responding to him for 2016? your thoughts? >> voters are starting to pay attention to the race. candidates want to be able to introduce themselves. the way they want to introduce themselves here is who i am, what i stand for. not donald trump is bad and here is me. >> rick santorum going after ted cruz for bedtime stories in his ad. you know, they're trying to take out each other. what if they were just to unite, basil, to go after donald trump? >> the problem is you would anger all of his voters. reality is i'm not sure if those supporters actually vote in huge numbers the way some of the candidates may, other candidates may think they do, donald trump
2:29 pm
supporters. i don't know if they're very strong voters when it comes to actual election day but reality is, donald trump's support is so strong at least, verbally, at least in terms of the kinds of rallies that you're seeing that even if they don't come out on election day. they will be talking and chatter and drive media buzz. not necessarily on election day but kind of in media conversation that happens before that. trish: donald trump is encouraging them to get out to vote and their responsibility. he gave them a bit of a tough talk in recent speech, he said you have to get out there. i don't care if you're sick, or feel like voting i don't care if weather is bad, get out to vote. he is starting to tap into some of that. he needs to get his base out. talk about new hampshire where weather can be bad in february. i'm from new hampshire. born and raised. go back a lot where my whole
2:30 pm
family still lives there, one of the things that is unique about new hampshire, people are willing to be convinced right up to the 11th hour. a lot of polling data is hard to decipher in new hampshire because it could change, it probably will change. with that in mind, how does someone like trump fare versus rubio, versus cruz. >> to me, like pragmatism. donald trump speaks to a lot of emotion r motions of americans, apparently. done canvasing in new hampshire, new hampshire voters are some of the most astute in the country. trish: thank you for that. i would agree. >> you're welcome. they want to hear everybody out. but ultimately to me the vote for donald trump is emotional vote, it is not a pragmatic vote. i don't know anybody believes he can win in the general election. they want to be convinced he can win in a general. i'm not sure they're going to get that opportunity. trish: he is not the guy in the general.
2:31 pm
a lot of voters cop contemplate this in new hampshire as they go to the voting booth. they don't want to waste their vote. who is the next logical guy to put in. >> right now we're seeing in new hampshire competition between john kasich, jeb bush, chris christie and marco rubio for sort of that establishment lane candidate that can be alternative to ted cruz and donald trump and whomever comes out of new hampshire, out of those four performing best will be the person who will be able to go forward. trish: chris christie got endorsement from the union leader. >> so did newt gingrich. trish: he climbed quite a bit, nonetheless still in fourth place. it i will be interesting to see. back to the donald trump thing you don't think he can win on national level? is it women? will he lose women? he has got such a tremendous amount of enthusiasm amongst some of the republican base, i don't know why you think he can't actually? >> well, because, even though, i think the polls today may not reflect trump's inability to
2:32 pm
talk, to be conversant on foreign policy for example or any specifics on economy, i think that is something you don't mine paying attention to during the course of the campaign cycle year-to-date but when you're actually going in a booth to pull a lever and you want someone to be a symbol for the country, that -- trish: he is not presidential in your view? >> i don't think he is presidential. when you talking about banning muslims i don't think that is presidential. trish: or taking on people as he has taken on people. >> voters -- >> he doesn't appear presidential. not what i want in a president. he is too, too reacting and just all over the place and pandering almost. he said in an interview in july that he was both isolationist and interventionallist at same time which doesn't make sense. he was pandering to the interviewer. >> i use one better. that is fear-mongering. he tried to tap into fear and anger and it is working. trish: it is.
2:33 pm
>> but it is also very scary. it is dictatorial and authoritarian. you're right, i don't know if -- trish: but he is saying things a lot of americans feel right now. i mean isn't that bottom line? so many politicians because they want to seem presidential and want to seem like the buttoned up politician won't say these things. he is willing to go there. >> this is the result of president obama being so cautious. he is extreme polar opposite of president obama is. he is reckless to a point. and it is really resonating because we've had almost eight years of this weak president and -- trish: what he said what? he said what? he still climbs higher. >> last word. i don't agree with reckless comment but we can talk about that another time. what i do think, you used word reactionary, trump is reactionary but not leading and i it that is the difference between presidential and not. trish: one week away from the big debate. round two of the republican
2:34 pm
presidential candidates. join me with sandra smith in charleston, south carolina, next thursday january 14th for the important questions, the ones we know you want answers to. it all kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern only right here on fox business. coming up more bad news for embattled restaurant chipolte. the company hit with subpoena for a criminal investigation over a norovirus outbreak that sickened customers. stick with me next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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. trish: okay. big things going on in las vegas right now. the gadget gurus are gathering at the consumer electronics show known as ces, it's kicking off and thousands of techies are expected to be flooding the convention center touring around with products. that is where we find our very own liz claman with the leader of broadcast technology. pretty cool stuff. liz, take it away. >> here we are in what i would argue to be the most crowded area. this is wearables and you have dancers and people hanging from all kinds of things from the ceiling. you can see her up there. that's ifit. they have sensors on things, fitbit over here, all kinds of sport trackers, but c.j. roller is the man talking about next vr, what is next vr?
2:39 pm
you believe you want to be the next netflix of virtual reality. what does that mean? >> a whole new medium of delivering content immersive. >> instead of seeing a basketball game from tv, you're sitting in the front row? >> you are no longer watching it, you're in it, you're there. >> here's the head. patricia, when i put this on, and thanks to a whole bunch of cameras that they have, and i think that we also have video of the cameras that they can do. you can see like right now, i am looking, this is so weird, i am in the pit crew of a nascar race, and the car is pulling up, i wish i could see this. this is unbelievable. it goes from making you a viewer to an actual participant. >> exactly, you're in a place that you can't buy a ticket. >> this is for big events.
2:40 pm
you've done the cold play concerts, what's next? >> live music, news, it's virtual reality. >> what does it mean? are we going to be anti-social wearing these things? >> it's going to integrate social media and interactist with friends. you can go to an event halfway around the world and share an event. >> you've raised a lot of money, how much? >> 30 million. >> 30 million and you're getting it from turner sports and other operations, what is your next big plan? >> sealing and building a team. >> are you hiring? >> in all positions. >> if i told you the economy was slow, you as an entrepreneur would say what? >> absolutely not. >> not for you. >> not at all. this is as big as the beginning of television, a completely new medium and a way to connect people to content like never before. >> how much is it going to cost to experience, i don't know,
2:41 pm
for me i'd like to be up against the glass at a national hockey league game. >> this one here is $99. there is cardboard version, one bundled with phones. there are a lot of ways. >> d.j. roller. trish, i have to tell you, it's important to note there is always a theme that emerges with 170,000 here at the consumer electronics show. the theme this year is virtual reality and wearables. as i leave you the dancers from ifit are going to perform in just a little bit and they've got the sensors. it's fascinating to me, i know you work out as well. they've got all the displays which draw quite the big crowd. trish, back to you. trish: good stuff, very interesting. we'll keep checking in with you. liz is going to talk to the ceo of under armour, kevin plank.
2:42 pm
up next, my intel why one new jersey school is scrapping god bless america? medicine space. hart develops bio-engineered organs. it sounds like science fiction but it's becoming a science reality. we're focusing on restoring organ function for esophageal cancer, central lung cancer and life threatening conditions of the trachea. our technology uses the body's own cells and a 3d scaffold to help the body heal itself. by using the patient's own cells you avoid the potential of an immune response. our first generation product extended life by a year to two years with patients that were originally diagnosed with a month to live. we're participating across billion dollar markets and we will look to file with the fda in 2016 for our first of hopefully many indications. hart. symbol h.a.r.t. for the full interview go online.
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. trish: chipotle was served a federal grand jury this sumner california. this is the latest call the company is reeling from an e.coli outbreak, and a separate norovirus outbreak in boston. eat at your own risk there. i'm back with the intel on the pc police which are banning the phrase god bless america.
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i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow,
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i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at . trish: when someone sneezes we say god bless you. when you see an adorable baby, you might say god bless. god forbid -- i did it again, you say god bless america at school, you might have the civil liberties union on your back. a school in southern new jersey has the aclu up in arms because students were saying god bless america after reciting the pledge of allegiance at the morning assembly. the school began a tradition of saying god bless america after the horrific events of 9/11. the aclu saying god bless america is unconstitutional and
2:47 pm
written the school principal a letter saying, quote -- the principal says, no, we're not being religious, we're just being patriotic. there is that thought, right, that we play on the 4th of july? god bless america. the school will not challenge the aclu on any of this. are teachers going to get suspended when a child sneezes? hope it doesn't come to that. coming up everyone, nearly 200 muslim workers were fired from a meat packing plant in colorado. at issue, five prayer breaks a day no matter what. what about productivity? what about the needs to run a business? does it matter at all? that's next.
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. trish: all right, everyone, a colorado meat plant is under fire today for laying off 200 muslim workers. >> they say this is a new policy. they used to let people pray for the last eight, nine years. and all of a sudden they said
2:52 pm
no. >> no pray, i can't do that. trish: hundreds walked off the job in december when they were told they could not leave at exactly the same time to pray. the company said that many workers to leave at one time disrupts business and asks the workers to pray in groups of two or three instead. but the workers here are crying foul. they are citing religious discrimination saying they have the right to pray. of course, at issue here, the company has to do business, right? can you leave work five times a day in large groups? i mean you are on an assembly line, the assembly line needs to continue producing the meat. the care executive director representing the workers joins me now with the latest on the dispute. tell us the details of what your clients say these workers say happened? >> yeah, thank you for having me.
2:53 pm
you know our clients have actually been accommodated for, and let me clarify, our clients are not requesting prayer breaks. in the past the way they've been accommodated for and used to, some for eight or nine years is that they individually request for that. and they actually go by one or two, and, yes, in an assembly line this is how it works. trish: let me just jump in. i want to clarify things for the viewers. cargel says 11 of the workers wanted to pray at once and they were willing to make accommodations for three to pray at once, there by, nearby on the facility but 11 was too much. what do you say in response to that? >> so it's not an accurate portrayal of actually what happened. so on that specific day, our clients actually requested for prayer break, just like a
2:54 pm
normal day, and they were informed that day there was going to be a change in how the prayer breaks were going to be allowed for, and so that specific day, our clients, many did not pray, so when they requested for prayer, that was when the time of the prayer was running out. what cargel is not reporting is the clients went back and finished their job and then afterwards, after missing their prayer that day which they had been granted on for many years -- trish: so just because the company did it before, the company should have to do it again? is that the thinking here? >> well, there is actually a little bit more than that. our clients report to us in the past in two specific incidents, last year and also in 2014 where supervisors exclusively told them they don't even have the right to pray there, and immediately -- trish: that's not actually the
2:55 pm
case here, cargill set up a facility so they could pray along with anybody else who wanted to pray on the premises in. >> actually, cargill does allow for accommodations and something did change on the 18th that resulted in not just 11 people walking out but nearly 200 walking out. trish: not just walking out. let's talk about that for a second. these were employees that effectively said we're not coming to work. they didn't show up for work for three days. >> that's not how it happened. these employees requested to talk to supervisor after that day when many of them did not pray, and in their conversation with their supervisor they were told religious accommodations which they were used to will no longer be accommodated for and they tried to seek clarification. trish: instead of seeking the clarification, they didn't come to work the next day or the next three days, so the company fired them.
2:56 pm
let me just jump in for a second. >> let me finish here, you're asking a question and i'm trying to answer it. trish: we've got one minute and the show comes to an end. fundamentally everybody at home is thinking, you want to pray five times a day. great, the reality is you also got a job, and you can't just walk off the facility and you can't walk off the line that you're working on multiple times a day. >> they did not walk off. our clients did not walk off or request group prayers, this is factually incorrect. trish: you're saying cargill said 11 of them wanted to pray together and cargill said 3 of you can but not 11? >> our negotiations does not involve in requesting for group breaks. trish: do you think they're going to get their jobs back? >> we're negotiating with cargill and the slaw on their side that they do have accommodations and they have been accommodated for.
2:57 pm
trish: we're going to leave it there. i got a hard break, i appreciate you being here. stay with us everyone. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh!
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it was . trish: all right, tomorrow on the show, senator john mccain is joining us to discuss his new report on government spending and how outrageous it is. let's go vegas and head to liz! >> i shall take it, and i have to tell you, as dramatic as all the action is here at the consumer electronics show here, i have to tell you that the markets are really doing the most dramatic thing. we are at session lows right now. down more than 335 points. it's china, it's oil and it's what's going on in north korea that has had a negative effect on the market. the nuclear test, we don't know if it was an h-bomb. you saw oil fall below $33 a barrel and missing a terrible day on wall street. not so for the work tech geeks at the consumer electronics show in las ga


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