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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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if something is there. dierdre: thank you very much. thank you for joining us. gregg harper joining us from ces. stocks down across the board, triple digits. big concerns about global economic growth. also concerns about falling oil prices. and north korea saying it tests a hydrogen bomb. charles: the market hammered with the dow off 252 points with the worst new year's start since 2008. inside the isis bomb-making lab. the jv team has come a long way. charles: a rape spree in germany. many people are saying multi-culturalism simply does not work.
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the gop race has become a five-man toss-up. no democrats voted on the bill to repeal obamacare. and two republicans voted no. north korea, they say they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. but the white house says initial analysis isn't consistent with their claim. >> he's a lunatic and he's dangerous. this administration has done nothing about it. >> this underscores the gravity of the threats we are facing right now, and also the sheer folly of the obama-clinton foreign policy. >> how is it this is going on, it's a failure of our intelligence and a failure of our foreign policy.
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>> it's something i have been talking about for a long time, you have a madman that nobody talks to except dennis rodman and that's it. charles: the chief negotiator for if the nuclear deal with north korea joined neil cavuto. >> i'm not blaming the north korea activity on anyone but north korea. what we are talking about are rational ways of dealing with that. what you can expect of the united states of america, if we wanted to use force could we crush this country? yes. is that the right thing to do? no. leah, i want to start with you. you were an intel operator inside south korea. people are wondering, how does this continue to happen.
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everyone agrees he's a madman. >> this has been going on for a long time. in 2004 when i was working intelligence operations, what was happening. the intelligence community was aware. so it's not that it's having a failure. it's a matter of priorities and where the u.s. and other countries have been place their priorities in the past 10-15 years. >> don't we have the ability to be omnipotent with respect to people with nukes? we are only talking about 5 or 6 people and two or three are bad actors. we will be using censor oz upon board different times of aircraft and platforms to assess what they have done. north korea makes claims that
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aren't true all the time. they can use lies and deception with their own people. they think they are being protected from the united states and all these oppressors. right now we'll have evidence being collected, we'll have people analyzing that evidence to astes what north korea is doing. but analysts are still saying it's unlikely north korea has the capability. making a nuclear warhead small enough to hit us in the united states. we cannot let this go unnoticed. charles: this is the fourth time they have detonated and done a nuclear test. maybe another atomic bomb and the earthquake wasn't big enough, just 5 on the richter scale. robert duluth says we have the
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ability to crush north korea but we shouldn't. do we need to rethink that? >> i hope there doesn't come a time when we wish we had. in successive administrations, they mishandled north korea. this is their fourth detonation of a nuclear device. they are a nuclear weapons capable country. all they have to doyles marry that up with a missile. if they don't have a missile that can get from here to there, they just recently started floating sublaunch domestic missile containers out on the water to start work on that technology. how long will it be before they park a couple subs off our coast? charles: kim jong-un has this mentality, we would be surprised
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if he had the capability if he used it. we thought russia wouldn't use theirs because we would retaliate. do we've wait for them to get a delivery system. millions of north koreans have starved. >> a couple years ago the new leader tries to coalesce the world into greater trade and economic development in north korea. this is simply blackmail. it's an absolutely desperately poor country. the best thing that happened today is china is equally afront and unhappy about this. in the past we have been reluctant to push back too hard.
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charles: i look back at the last three times this was done in a stock market. every single time the market went up. but today the market
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charles: the mayor of toronto wants the job back in 2018. he got caught smoking crack and urinating in public. the ultimate ending of his career may not be over. during a twitter exchange he was asked if he planned to run for office an said he will be on the ballot running in 2018 for
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mayor. you don't want to miss the next presidential debate. it will be held in north charleston. it will be announced now. all the candidates will be announced on fbn's lou dobbs. thursday, january 14, the candidates will take stage in south carolina. at 9:00p.m. martha: and neil cavuto wil toda bartiromo and neil cavuto will be hosting. heat seeking missiles and car bombs. high-brow stuff but very dangerous.
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charles: our government underestimated the reach of isis on the grounds for a long time now. now new videos show missiles that can target commercial jets. carl will be this again we have gotten past the point of thinking of isis as a jv team. but i don't think anyone thought they were working on things like hitting passenger planes. >> isis will continue to advance and whatever they can do to inflict the most damage possible. they will continue to get the weapons until we put a stop to it. charles: do they have the brain power to retrofit unusable missiles or are they getting
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help with this kind of stuff. >> their oil revenues are back and this gives them the purchase power to buy a lot of this stuff on the black market. i was talking about it on my radio show. nobody else has the capacity to fight this terrorism as we need to. it will just keep expanding until we stop it. charles: we had a string of pretty good news with respect to isis. yet i discussed this before. going for that fatal knockout blow, i think the sense of urgency just got a lot more when you start talking about being able to shoot down passenger planes. >> currently there is no remedy for that. it doesn't matter how many times you search the passengers, screen the luggage or take that 2-ounce bottle out of your suitcase or carry-on.
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when isis took over a lot of bashar al-assad's armories and military installations those weapons were in the armories sitting on the racks. in benghazi which is why we were there in the characteristics a annex was to buy up that stuff that had gone missing. right after bengazi i was told the price of a surface-to-air missile dropped from $12,000 to $4,000 within a month after benghazi fell. charles: you agree. you think we have to go a lot further. you think the american public is prepared for the ultimate blow because we can't win this the way we won the cold war. >> i talked to a number of civilian people who have never went in military.
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4,000 u.s. troops went over there and endured tragedy so you wouldn't have to. it's only a matter of time before the isis punks get a nuke from north korea. charles: what if they shot down a passenger plane? >> it's a disaster. islam or the religion or political ideology that's fueling this needs to be addressed. we need to use the political ideology, the islam, and target the right people through that. we can't puddle around and use political correctness. charles: saudi arabia took decisive action many people are applauding. maybe this is the first step in a long step saying we have to get the allies in that region to
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step up. maybe they are waiting on to us step up, too. >> maybe so. but i think you are referring to the 47 people they just executed, most of whom were sunni. most of whom were involved with al qaeda. there were four shiia, one of whom was an ayatollah or iman who just got a whole bunch of attention in iran. but the saudis have bigger problems. the monarchy made a deal with the devil, the wha -- the wahabd they built mosques all around the world. it's a virulent form of islam. and the monarchy has just as much to fear from that as they do the iranians. charles: thanks a lot. we appreciate your expertise.
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charles: the trump-cruz battle continues. >> honestly i hope it's not the case. i hope that's not going to be a problem for him. but i have been hearing by the and everybody is talking about it now that it's doing better. i think they are looking at it. it's a problem for him and for the republicans because lept assume he got the nomination and the democrats bring suit, the suit takes 2 to 3 years to solve. so how do you run. it's certainly a concern for the
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party. charles: cruz brushed off the comments. >> i tweeted out a response to donald trump's raising questions about my natural-born citizenship it was a link to fonzi jumping the shark. the best way to respond is to latest off and move on to the issues that matter. charles: i would say that up'ing the shark, that fonzi jumping the shark. anyone who thick that's relevant must be canadian. the trump-cruz battle is probably going to heat up despite the fact trump doesn't want it to. >> i think trump said this could be a concern for the party. we are seeing cruz basically
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doing very well in these southern states, it's by far donald trump's biggest competition, ted cruz. he wants to cast a doubt in the mind of voter saying are we going to be electing a canadian? which of course is not the case. charles: so far all trump has done with ted cruz is throw jabs. if it comes time to throw hay makers it could get ugly. >> i think an easy way to think about it, there are two types of u.s. citizens. natural born citizens eligible for the presidency. and naturalized. any u.s. citizen who is not naturalized is natural born. that's born out by federal law. ted cruz absolutely eligible to run for president of the united states.
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the sowing of doubts, fueling the fire on birther stuff. he's also coming after cruz on immigration. saying he's weak on amnesty. he said in an interview today there is a dark cloud hanging over tet cruz. -- ted cruz. charles: from someone observing from the other side. the trump train has been relatively unstoppable. but wore starting to see cruz making headway here. are the democrats planning for trump, have they gone all in on trump? that's all i hear hillary talk about. >> i think there is still a possibility there will be some establishment candidate who can rise up out of the flames and i think it should be rubio. he has the strongest chance against hillary in a general
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election. i think they would much prefer to donald trump to a marco rubio. it's a much easier sell to get independent to go for rubio. to throw in that barack obama is also all of s. citizen just so we are clear. charles: the fact that you had to throw that in makes we suspicious. charles: of course guys you don't want to miss coast to coast, the neil cavuto show. we are talking candidate marco rubio tomorrow 12 noon right here on the fox business network. new year's eve celebrations in germany fueled outrange after police say the men targeted dozens of women and they appear to be of arabic and north african origins.
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charles: a string of sexual assaults and robberies in germany on new years eve added fuel to the refugee debate.
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the men appeared to be of arabic and north african descent. germany under a lot of pressure. they have taken in the most refugees. now the debate is whether they have gone too far, some of these northern european countries are saying they can't do it anymore. maybe this stems the tide and starts to change their mind. >> starting to talk about banning people from countries is starting a dangerous precedent. this issue is personal to me because my family and me, we are refugees. we are from northeast africa. i thank god we were given the opportunity to achieve the american dream. what's happening in germany is not about immigration. charles: wouldn't it be about who's committing them?
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in sweden and other places it's recorded evidence it's not hype or hyperbole. it's one of these things that they do pan out. what should be done. >> but they haven't. i'm not talking hypotheticals hereby. at this point no arrests have been made. charles: that doesn't mean it didn't happen. >> these incidents are being used as an anti-refugee agenda. officers shouldn't be guess hog the perpetrators are. >> i don't think they are guessing. what many people have described, the look of the people, the fact that they didn't speak german or english and appeared to be speaking arabic. i think you are right. obviously no one should be jumping to conclusion here. but part of the problem is they failed to talk about it or report for for several days. it appears to be an effort by
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the authorities to stem just the kind of conversation that now you are having there, and you are having it in numerous european countries. my view is this could be the end of angela merkel. charles: a lot of people in germany are saying we want this police investigation because they believe there has been a political cover-up in order not to smear merkel or dissuade this refugee program. >> that's right. even jeremy's justice minister came out and said we don't want to link the assaults to the migrants. but there is video footage showing these migrant gangs from arab or north african descent and the authorities don't want to describe them as such. they are walking a fine political line because they are trying to be politically correct
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and not stir the pot. >> we have the political correctness and the question of multi-culturalism. does it work when people goin your country and don't adopt your sort of cultures. bring your food and customs but adopt them and embrace the country you have chosen to be your new home. >> speaking as a liberal democrat. that's what we are all about. the american dream is achievable. you should come here and learn our language. i hate we are having discussions about banning muslims. these are destructive and frightening conversations to be having. the german minister said we'll investigate. there is no proof the people came from iraq, syria or afghanistan. what we are talking about is whether we are going to be
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taking refugees returning away from the civil war in syria. >> i also think there is a matter of degree here. angela merkel's party has brought 1 million people into a nation of 80 million people. this is a gigantic upheaval and they are not equipped to deal with it. >> until there is an arrest, a charge and conviction we need to stop with the blanket suspicions of foreigners and refugees. charles: i don't think that's going to stop. overall, we have heard and we have seen evidence and particularly in some of these norwegian countries. speak of donald trump, he thinks president obama was showing true emotions when he got teary eyed
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when roll out his action on gun control. tweet me your thoughts.
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charles: questions over the effectiveness of the president's new gun control law. many are wondering about the terrorists.
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>> i actually think was sincere. i'll probably go down 590s the polls by saying that. but i think he was sincere. he's incorrect about it. they are taking chunks and chunks out of the second amendment. but i think he means well. charles: that was donald trump reacting to president obama who group of emotional while talking about the sandy hook shooting. the gop frontrunner thinks
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president obama gets the whole thing wrong in the concept of his efforts. interesting donald trump took this position. a lot of folks in conservative circles thought those were crocodile tears or some sort of acting from president obama. what do you make of it? even some saying why doesn't he get this emotional over things like other topics and other sort of tragedies. >> like san bernardino or the james foley beheading? that's a good question. i agree with donald trump on this one. you can mark it count time and the date. i think president obama -- i'm not a fan overall -- but he's a far it web's vownders by families of people who lost kids to gun violence. when you are talking about first graders getting murdered in their classrooms, i don't think you have to be some sort of
6:42 pm
calculating politician to get a little bit choked up about that, and i think that's what happened to the president. charles: 20 staff members and children. i didn't like the equating gun laws to civil rights. i have read so many pieces today that said what he did is not constitutional. some were little publiccation. you think he has the right to put forth this entire executive order he laid out. i've said it yesterday, i'll say it again. he's within his legal authority. i never aggrieved with donald trump on anything up until this point, and i can appreciate he
6:43 pm
didn't take this opportunity to remain center stage like he normally does. he can see he was genuine in that moment. we tends to forget the president is a father himself first and foremost. he's human and he had a real moment. charles: why doesn't he get as emotional. he seems to be n -- no drama oba on everything else. how come some of those things don't hit number his gut? >> i don't think he will be brought to tears the same way he was when talk about 20 first graders. but i think the american public has been fed a line over and over again that he doesn't care. and that he's disinterested. i don't think -- what i would say -- what i would say -- he is dealing with a very hostile
6:44 pm
congress. but i take your point. i always said obama should do better and reach out to members of congress and his own party. but i think that gets exhausting to tell people what your strategy is to combat isis. or to say something affects you and people continue to say it doesn't. charles: it comes with the job. whoever is running for president should read the job description. i hope they play less golf. in. >> i doubt donald trump will play less golf than barack obama. charles: you don't want to miss fox business' republican presidential debate. the remaining gop candidates will take center stage in south carolina. require reagan and sandra smith will be asking the questions at
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6:00 p.m., then maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will be your hosted at 9:00. 63% of americans don't have enough cash to pay for things like getting your car fixed or small medical bills. i have got a couple experts coming up next.
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charles: america, we are broke. 63% of us don't have enough savings for an unexpected bill. the market also today getting crushed. take a look at this. all these things look like at the very least we are heading to a recession or for most of us we never got out of the recession.
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peter, you have been more optimistic on the economy than a lot of people. this bank rate report that's out today, americans able to deal with an unexpected expense. $1,000 for an emergency room or $500 for a car repair. only 37% have that kind of cash in the bank. >> it doesn't surprise me. incomes haven't grown since the recession. local property taxes, state taxes, thinks of -- things of that nature. thing people feel are essential have become oh expensive they are very broke. they may be work and secure in their jobs but they are living hand to mouth. charles: the number one economy in the world. $18 trillion economy, but you look closer at it, and you talk about the haves and have nots. then there is the stock market. what's the message of this
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market? >> the message to this market is we are not an island here. 40% of the revenues from the s & p500 are coming in from overseas. and we can't ignore that. the consumer, 2/3 of the economy. the consumer is benefiting from lower joblessness. low interest rates. you a toes are flying off the parking lot. i think there are reasons to be optimistic. charles: if people aren't getting bigger, fatter pay checks, isn't that the ultimate indicator? >> there has been hard reply any bounce during this recovery. people are buying cars but they are not buying homes. they are buying appliances, but not building additions on their
6:51 pm
homes. they are take some leaps, they are buying some things. but they are not together things we associate with american prosperity. also they have been borrowing in ways we don't see. families don't finance their children's education. instead they saddle them with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. unfortunately our generation has been saddling a lot of our problems on our kids by making them borrow that way to finance their educations. charles: one stock that stood out. walmart, is that a proxy for the economy we are in and is that something for people to buy 0 offset this sluggish recovery? >> it may be. it has low costs every day. to the extent people are feeling squeezed they will go to walmart. you have a dividend twice as much as the 10-year treasury. stick with walmart.
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charles: as you wait for a raise, that's a stock for your portfolio. great breaking news. out ken griffy jr and mike piazza. six all time on the home run list. he was an easy choice. 99% of the vote. that was a record. new yorkers were worried about mike piazza. a lot of haters around the country. but he's hailed as one of the greatest catchers in history. congratulations to both. presidential candidate and former senator rick santorum, isis, the race for the white house. he's joining me next one-on-one. we'll be right back. ct. ct. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. . charles: former senator and
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presidential candidate rick santorum joins me now. thanks a lot for joining me. listen, we got a lot to go through. hit them quick, i got to ask first and foremost. north korea claimed to have a successful hydrogen bomb test. maybe it wasn't. it doesn't matter. the belligerence against -- they're thumbing their nose at the world. they're not the only ones out there. what's the deal with the bad actors and seeming disregard for american might? how can we get these guys in line? >> i'm not too sure that north korea's a country going to get in line. the dictator there is crazy. charles: right, so a president santorum, a president santorum has to deal with someone who wants to get a hydrogen bomb, put it on a warhead. he's crazy, to your point, what would you do? >> we know they have a nuclear capability. charles: but there's a huge difference between the atomic bombs and hydrogen bomb they're
6:57 pm
so desperately trying to develop. >> the key here is that we have to be able to defend ourselves, and you go back to the basics. how do you defend yourself from a nuclear attack? from a ballistic missile attack? you have to have a shield. we have to create a missile defense system. we have parked that to the side over the years, and certainly by this administration has pushed it to the side. i would eenergize a missile defense system that will protect us from what is coming. either it's from north korea, now iran on a path to nuclear weapon. you have other potential rogue nations that with those two nations on the path at having them, sharing that technology, this is a very serious threat to the united states, and we need to develop defensive capability, much less by the way, talk about them launching on a communication satellite or weather satellite. there's all sorts of defensive
6:58 pm
options when you look at proliferation of weapons that we see today. charles: what about isis? i'm sure you saw the weapons lab, sophisticated stuff. maybe they have the ability to take out passenger planes. certainly we'd have to go on a greater offensive. what would you do? we seem we have pressure on them right now. would you go for the knockout blow and how old do you it? >> we've had very, very little pressure on them. done little to aid those who want to take out isis. and that, of course, is the courage and the sunni iraqis in anbar. we have an opportunity to fund the kurds and directly get weapons to the kurds. they're willing to take the fight to isis, and again, if we had a larger presence in iraq. we had more work with the sunnis to help them not just take back ramadi but take back all of anbar, and look, you've got the saudi arabians very,
6:59 pm
very concerned about isis, and also amassing a coalition of sunni nations that want to take out isis. so if we provide a leadership, which we're not doing, if we provide leadership, there are plenty of nations in that region and outside that region, europe, that would help us to take out isis. charles: senator santorum, less than a minute to go. more polls come out every day. public policy poll in new hampshire makes it seem like that's the race is a toss-up. where do you see the party going? ultimately divide here or some way ultimately of coalesing around the nominee no matter who it is? >> we have one great advantage, that's hillary clinton. that's a great uniter of the republican party, and barack obama, a continuation of eight years of obama presidency is something that i'm certain will unite the republican party around the eventual nominee. that may happen soon, may take
7:00 pm
a long time, may not be until the convention, but i have no doubt it will happen. charles: senator santorum, miss you buddy, keep up the good fight and we'll have you back soon. thank you for watching every night at 6:00 p.m., and, of course, make sure you catch lou. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. did north korea detonate a thermonuclear bomb or did it not? the north koreans today are boasting of the, quote, spectacular success of its first ever hydrogen bomb test. the explosion created a 5.1 magnitude seismic event modestly stronger than the last north korea nuclear detonation, but u.s. officials doubt the north koreans have a hydrogen bomb. >> the initial analysis that's been conducted of the events that were reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen


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