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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. [ airplane engine buzzing ] ♪we kim jong-un's
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unpredictable regime did carry out a highly provocative nuclear test. is there any radioactive fallout? why don't we know whether the koreans exploded an h-bomb that is exponentially more powerful than fission bombs and what is kim jong-un up to? major general bob scales, former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland among our guests tonight. also a good look at the republican candidates battling it out on the campaign trail now. and they're in a bruising round of tough talk and more than a few insults. rubio after cruz, kasich after everyone, christie after rubio, fiorina after them all and donald trump taking aim at
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rival ted cruz, he's concerned and concerned deeply about cruz's citizenship. trump suggesting cruz's roots may be a problem if he wins the republican presidential nomination. >> it's a problem for him and it's a problem obviously for the republicans because if the democrats -- let's assume he got a nomination and the democrats bring suit, the suit takes two to three years so how do you run? lou: isn't it nice to see one candidate concerned about the problems of another even if helping to create some of the problems. it's getting tough out there, like i said. former reagan white house political director ed rollins is just the guy to help us sort it out. and the standoff in oregon over federal government abuse of power and the rights of ranchers stretched into a fifth day. the local sheriffs is the anti-government activists who took over a federal wildlife refuge near burns, oregon may face charges when the siege is over. one of the protesters says he's
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ready to die free rather than go to prison. i'll be talking with republican congressman greg walden of oregon who acknowledges some of the protests have gone too far, but he hears the anger of his constituents, those ranchers and the community, and walden says the government has gone too far as well for far too long. we'll have the latest from oregon. we'll be talking with a congressman trying to help resolve what are longstanding conflicts and trying to right what are horrible government wrongs against a hard-working honest family of ranchers. top story tonight, a new complication for president obama who keeps racking up foreign policy failure after failure from syria's civil war to the rise of the islamic state to the iranian nuclear agreement. now, the prospect that north korea has conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb. u.s. officials and nuclear weapons experts are skeptical and can only say at this point
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that the magnitude of the explosion is in line with a nuclear bomb whether it was a thermonuclear explosion, they can't yet say. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: neither convinced nor surprised. that's the white house reaction to north korea's claim it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. >> they are under the misimpression, the wrong impression that there is a path to integrating into the international community that can be pursued by developing nuclear weapons. >> reporter: the latest provocation from kim jong-un comes as a weary international community once again considers sanctions against the rogue nation. >> north korea will freeze and dismantle nuclear program. >> reporter: that was over 20 years ago, since then not much has changed with respect to u.s. policy toward pyongyang. >> north korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that leads only to more
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isolation, it's not a sign of strength. >> reporter: experts say the continuation of u.s. strategy yielded little and produced an even bigger problem. >> whether it was president clinton with the first north korea nuclear deal, or president obama with the iranian deal, you know, with a determined adversary, you can't talk your way out of it. >> reporter: and talk they have, beginning with six party negotiations in 2003, but since pulling out in 2009, the north ramped up nuclear program, analysts say with iran's help. >> the north korean scientific community is the gang that can't shoot straight. they've had several fail nurse years past and all of a sudden the iranians show up and they're being successful. >> reporter: why now? from iran's nukes to russian aggression to the assad regime's ability to remain in power in syria, critics say it's president obama's lack of leadership on the world stage that's encouraged an international rogue's gallery
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to fill the power vacuum. said house foreign affairs committee chair ed royce, they don't take time out, they take advantage when the u.s. looks away. north korea surely thinks it can intimidate the obama administration into the same. as expected a host of gop candidates are weighing in on the test. among them florida senator marco rubio who said something that i think is fairly reflective of the entire group, lou. he said north korea is run by a lunatic expanding his nuclear
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raising doubts about cruz's citizenship. chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: the day after the president's executive actions on gun control, jeb bush following a morning meet and greet where the second amendment is revered in both parties slammed new jersey governor chris christie on weak gun rights. >> described himself as moderate to liberal. >> reporter: christie who casts himself as a tough on crime former federal prosecutor met with law enforcement officials and fired back. >> i am absolutely confident having signed the ban on people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns, and have no problem with having done that and want to know if governor bush feels the same way? >> reporter: both bush and christie described new hampshire as a must-win.
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bush dismissed christie's questions and hit him again. >> he signed anti-gun legislation. it wasn't the reality of doing that. he vetoed other things as governor and showed courage there. he didn't show courage on guns. >> how are you? reporter: christie is under fire from marco rubio hammering him on guns and common core among other things. today the feisty governor unloaded. >> marco stands self-righteously on the stage and says to governor bush, terrible, someone must have convinced to you criticize me helps you. i guess the same someone is talking to marco and convinced him that attacking me helps him. i just don't like the hypocrisy. >> reporter: indorf new hampshire carly fiorina talked about qualifying on the ballot
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the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. >> reporter: the name-calling accusations are intensifying every year. more than half of the ads are attack ads, people are complaining about it. 70 million dollars in ads is spent in new hampshire and
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still a month to go before the primary. lou? lou: lots of fun to come. carl cameron, thank you very much. on the democratic side hillary clinton can't handle softball interviews. listen to the democratic front-runner as she struggles to explain the difference between a democrat and socialist. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? is that a question you want to answer or rather not? >> you'd have to ask. >> you're a democrat, he's a socialist. would you like somebody to call you a socialist? >> i'm not one. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? >> i can tell you what i am, i am a progressive democrat. lou: what's the difference between a progressive democrat and a socialist and a democrat? that was hilarious and i love the setting in the fire house, and also something you won't see on this show, we don't ask our guests if you like to answer the question or not, we expect that to be part of the deal where i ask the questions
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and they answer, sometimes not to our like but they answer. democratic national chair debbie wasserman schultz in trouble herself struggling with the same question last year because perhaps there is no difference between the two in the modern democratic party. and in oregon, armed protesters refusing to leave a remote federal wildlife refuge, some of the buildings they've occupied for the past few days. ammonbundy says there is no justice for the father-son ranchers serving the sentence in prison for burning grass on, by the way, their land and on federal land they had leased for pasture land. >> there is a time to go home. we recognize that. we don't feel it's quite time yet. we need to make sure the hammonds are out of prison or well on their way.
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we need to make sure there is some teeth in these land transfers. lou: the federal government, just to put context around all this, controls just about half of all the land in the western states. the hammonds don't want bundy's help by the way, and the family said they do not speak for the hammond family, and the local community and residents there in herny county denounce the protesters. folks in burns are holding a town hall meeting talking about the issues raised by the occupation, the demonstration, and yes, taking a possession of the buildings on the wildlife refuge. to keep this in context, none of the buildings are in use. buildings used primarily for firefighters during the summer and late summer for firefighters and for bureau of land management, for the most part.
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so there was no one there and only protesters now and again law enforcement remains well back, well out of sight and there has been not even a suggestion of anyone losing perspective other than a sheriff running for re-election there in the county for election in the county come november and he seems to be making rather tough statements, but that's part of the deal whether you're talking about local or national politics, isn't it? we're coming right back with much, much more and you're going to listen to and meet the fellow who may gift hammonds, the bundys and all of the folks there in burns and surrounding areas a little hope that this thing is near resolution. we're coming right back. we'll be talking with congressman greg walden here next, stay with us. it's about the constitution and freedom itself. we told you about this congressman's emotional appeal on the floor of the house of representatives. >> we have a real problem in
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. lou: joining us tonight is congressman greg walden district includes wildlife refuge occupied by a group of protesters. congressman walden serves on the energy and commerce committee, chairman of the republican congressional committee as well, and congressman, great to have you here. i know these are difficult times for you. >> they are. lou: for the folks in the county. the hammond family. i want to say to you, what you said last night on the floor of the house, in my opinion, did more to set the record straight on the conflicts that are there, and how the history of those conflicts between the government, government management agencies like the bureau of reclamation, the
11:19 pm
bureau of land management, the interior department and ranchers, and i just want to salute you for that. i've been critical for the senatorses from oregon for not stopping this deal. you gave all of us hope that reason and considerable power is going to be brought to bear here in behalf of the hammond family? >> you know, thank you, lou, and i hope if people want the full text, they can go to your website or whatever and see the comments. i intended to give about a five-minute speech, and 20 years of standing up for the people in eastern oregon flood over me and i went almost half an hour. what i was trying say is look -- lou: it was a traffic half hour, i'm going to say that, too. >> what the protests or how they've gone about this, they've gone over the line, they really have. but what people have done is allow this issue to get to the national and international level where we can finally have
11:20 pm
a discussion about the overarching, overreaching, often arrogant federal government's mismanagement, lack of management of these federal lands and enormous fires. lou: let me boil down to what you are saying in a few words. amanda marshall, u.s. attorney, she's gone, she demanded that the appellate court overturn the sentences of both dwight and steve hammond. >> steve, right. lou: she is -- i mean, i think the woman should be investigated. i think she should be prosecuted for what she did to two american citizens, and i'm going to say further that the prosecution team should also in my opinion be investigated. this is such a lack of ethics. the trial judge as you know, stood up and said three months and one year and thought you could tell from reading at least, i could, from reading
11:21 pm
the transcript, he thought that was extraordinarily punitive, and then for the appellate court to come back and slam people who are doing burns on their land and the federal land that they had grazing rights to is obscene. >> and just to put it in perspective for your viewers. harney county, oregon, population 7,000, one person for every 1.4 square miles is a land mass larger than the entire state of maryland. this is high desert plateau. very, very few people out there. it wasn't like they were lighting up a sage brushfire going up a ravine in los angeles and burning homes. the judge said had that been the case the five year mandatory sentence would have made sense. in this case he said it was eighth amendment violation. it was wrong. we need to change the statute. lou: need to change the faught and this president, and you know, i've got to be honest
11:22 pm
with you, i can't imagine this president giving enough of a damn to do the right thing. the right thing is not what happens in this white house. >> wait, though, wait, i want to say you're right in terms of the pardon, the clemency, we should appeal for relief here, but he does have this ability, lou, in the neighboring county. same type of folks, same type of ranching, culture and lifestyle. he is threatening, we're told they won't be open about it to declare a national monument and lock up 2 1/2 acres. he is going to dampen it down, and say i won't do it. lou: congressman, this president -- i have to say to you, we're in the final hours of this presidency. >> can't come soon enough. lou: and showing every day what he is and what he is not, and what he is not is a compassionate and reasonable person who would care about the rights of those two ranchers.
11:23 pm
i can't even imagine him giving a whip. >> here's the thing his agencies could do. in order for the ranches to really survive, they own 6,000 acres, the hammond ranch. but because this is so sparse country and not the lush green, willamette, oregon. this is high desert. they lease ground from the federal government and pay for it. the leases need to be reinstated so suzy hammond, the wife of dwight hammond alone on the ranch or son or husband are gone now can continue to survive. she doesn't deserve to have the leasing taken away as well. lou: here's what should happen. you and the rest of the congressional delegation ought to be on the phone to the u.s. attorney's office in oregon, you should be interceding, intervening in this case, and anyone who says it's a criminal case and that's inappropriate
11:24 pm
is a damn fool. because the reality is these are two men in jail, and it is every minute they spent in jail is an injustice and one that should not be tolerated in this country. >> lou, i'm not an attorney, i was a journalism major. here's the problem. this has already been appealed to the ninth circuit and the u.s. supreme court who refused to take it. the ninth circuit said no, you have to impose the statutory five year rule. lou: they're damn fools. congressman, senator, it's time for people to talk straight, they're damn fools and don't give a damn about two american citizens, it's got to stop and soon because this is so outrageous, so obviously outrageous. >> the other piece of this is, and i talked about this in my speech in this county in 2000 bill clinton threatened a monument. we said stop, we'll write legislation and we did. >> and it worked.
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we've got to take a break here. what congressman walden is about to tell you is the bureau of land management and other agencies tried to screw up everyone in the district, and he stopped it. at lea
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. lou: a few thoughts now on what passes for leadership on our nation's capitol. i'm going to surprise you, i'm not talk about president obama. the house of representatives voted to repeal obamacare, 240 to 181 marking the first time such a bill will reach the president's desk. it's a fact touted by speaker ryan. in an interview with sean hannity ahead of the vote. >> i fully anticipate the president will veto this. how many times have we been saying week want to put bills on his desk versus what he believes and we'll have a veto. and we'll have an override veto later in the month. this is the first time we've
11:30 pm
been able to get on his desk a bill going after obamacare and planned parenthood. lou: i hope you're excited as i am. speaker ryan is doing something really important. it's going to move the argument. going to create a new reality. no, it's not. the speaker was asked what's going to be different in the house under his leadership. here's what he said -- >> i'm hitting the reset button and we're going to do things differently in the house. we have to go on offense in 2016 and offer a bold agenda to the country so that the people of this country who do not like the direction america is heading, which we don't, that we owe them an alternative. lou: well, where is it? and what's taking you so long. you've been running both houses for quite some time, not you specifically speaker ryan. ryan has never met a cliche he didn't like, he's going to do the reset. hell, that belongs to hillary clinton, resets. ryan doesn't appreciate the
11:31 pm
irony of stale tiresome rhetoric valuing a bold thresh agenda as my friend bill oriley would say, vowing to do things differently. the speaker apparently believes we won't notice that the house and senate voted more than 60 times already to either fully or partially repeal the president's signature law since 2011. what has the speaker said is the first order of business in the house this new year? yet another futile vote to repeal obamacare. ryan's right when he said a bold conservative agenda is needed but he's offering anything but that. as the republicans indulge themselves again in more absurd and highly political theater. their leadership was left scrambling for a response to the president's audacious executive actions on gun control. the republican leadership is about as disorganized and tone deaf on the issues as the previous speaker and his pals. i believe most americans now
11:32 pm
believe this speaker and his counterpart in the senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell are doing nothing more now than running out the clock, just like the lame-duck president they oppose. some of us would like to see whether it makes any real difference. whether republicans control both the house and the senate, and for many voters, that may decide who they cast their vote for, for president. our quotation of the evening, if i may on the new speaker's flat and often cliched language, this one from voltaire who said -- we're coming right back. donald trump exhibiting rare confidence. the donald said he can turn this kind of enthusiasm into votes. >> nobody is ever leaving me. i can be the worst person in the world, they're not leaving. lou: lo and behold some in the national media are beginning to like him.
11:33 pm
we'll find out if it includes ed rollins, not exactly liberal but he is in the media, and he is next. and sometimes there's such a thing as too big, and the drivers of these vehicles will
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. lou: joining us now, former reagan political director, republican strategist, fox news contributor ed rollins. great to have you. >> happy new year, lou.
11:37 pm
lou: happy new year! let's start with -- let's do it. let's start with donald trump who said quote, unquote, they're starting to get it. they're starting to like me. he's talking about the liberal national media. >> no disrespect to mr. trump, i don't think that's true. i think people are starting to take him seriously as a candidate, but i don't think in any way, shape, or form they have a love affair, they're going to take what he says -- lou: he didn't say love, he said like. >> like's a big move forward. lou: it sure is. but it's a big move forward for anyone in the national liberal media to put up with somebody without distorting them. the thing about the national liberal media, he's done it better than any other candidate, chris christie too, he puts his fist right in their nose every time they try to screw with him. i've never seen a candidate stand up and do it like he's done. >> he doesn't flinch. this is what he wants to say, saying in ads what he's been
11:38 pm
saying for months now and to a certain extent that's a lot of his appeal. how long that lasts, we'll see. lou: i want to get your reaction to this. this is hillary clinton talking to -- have we got that? i'm sorry, do we have it? we're getting it. chris matthews, he asks are you a democrat -- what's the difference between a democrat and a socialist? and then he gives her an opportunity to say, do you want to answer the question or don't you, here we go. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? is that an answer you want to answer or not. >> i'm asking you, are you a democrat or socialist? would you want somebody calling you a socialist. >> but i'm not one. >> what's the difference between a democrat and socialist. >> i can tell what you i am, i'm a progressive democrat. lou: that's all cleared up, what do you make of that? >> i call her a socialist. that's what a progressive is today. a socialist thinks if you've earned your money, they need to
11:39 pm
take it away and give it to somebody else. the difference with bernie sanders he's more extreme, he ran as a socialist when he started and continuing to run as a socialist and wants to tax 92% of -- >> what makes hillary a little hard to label is she wants all the bankers' money for her campaign and then wants to tax them all and break them up. >> shame on the bankers, that's all i can say. lou: you got that right. >> they're giving her the money. lou: let's talk about cruz, he seems to be making a move here, rubio is now the candidate of the establishment. they really gravitated to him, maybe he and christie, where are we going? >> the three people that are left that are serious with money, organization, what have you, are rubio, cruz and trump. all three are outsiders. and so the establishment people are all gone, christie is making little run in new hampshire, i don't think it goes much beyond that.
11:40 pm
lou: i got to ask you, how the heck are you an outsider of you are a senator of the united states? you have the chamber of commerce roundtable behind you. ed, i'm hurt if you sell me that. >> it's kind of like the socialist. [ laughter ] . >> you can be a progressive and run as a socialist. the players are on the left and bush and christie and the last two people that anybody said, the two young senators from florida and obviously texas, and trump is just turning the whole game upside down, but i think the reality is they're both tea party guys, and i think -- lou: all right, we got the caucuses coming up, do they matter in new hampshire in five weeks, who wins? >> i think at this point cruz would win iowa. he's got the organization, what have you, and trump needs to come in a close second, but if he comes in third or beyond, which is starting to look like
11:41 pm
he may, and you go to new hampshire which is a predictable state, and some of the socialists, some the democrats from boston may vote for bernie sanders and not play on ours. i don't think it matters with the delegates. delegates is march 1st. >> i ask the important questions and you tell me they don't matter. >> they don't matter when we quit talking about it and start talking about delegates and who gets more delegates. lou: you are always ahead of me. we appreciate it. ed rollins, that's why you're here. >> sure thing. >> i really like you. be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- you know, we've got a way to make money here, cast your vote at the most popular video on the "wall street journal" today. this bridge in -- [laughter]
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>> north carolina. it may be the world's most dangerous, certainly one of the world's most amusing. since 2008, more than 100 vehicles have crashed into this bridge because the clearance is two feet lower than the standard size truck. i hate to say this! but at some point, i've got to be honest with you, i could watch this for minutes and minutes except i've knot producers and other folks who would kick my tail. there it is, the last run. right there! that's it! up next, north korea defying the world. will president obama react? will he change a thing? no. major general bob scales and k.t. mcfarland are with me to take it up. and dashcam video capturing a driver who seems a little foolish doing everything you shouldn't while filling up at the pump. we'll show you the exciting results and consequences here next. we're coming right back.
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. lou: joining us now, the former commandant of the u.s. army war college, major general bob scales, and former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland. good to have you both here. let me start, k.t., the test,
11:47 pm
why don't we know whether or not the north koreans set off a hydrogen bomb or do we know and we're not saying? what's the deal here? >> well, when they bury a nuclear weapon they test them deep underground, they do it because they want to disguise what the test results are. in other words, they have radiation sniffer aircraft, they don't detect plutonium or fallout. historically when we and the soviet union tested --. >> you are scaring me. >> you're not buying it. lou: as sophisticated as we are right now, and the reconnaissance and imaging and sensing devices we have at 250 miles in space. bob, aren't we a little more -- i can't believe we're not any more sophisticated than that? >> we are, lou, in fact, my sources tell me it came in at about 8 to 9 kilotons, it was a
11:48 pm
tridium boosted weapon, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that they squirt in a millisecond before the bomb goes off and boost it. lou: boost it? >> boost it, yeah. >> sorry, nothing funny about one of these bombs, but it doesn't -- anyway, i'm sorry to interrupt. >> no, but my sources tell me that it was -- ended in a fizzle. it wasn't as big as they hoped. but then again it was a nuclear weapon. and what we look for next time probably in a month or two is testing the missile, this unha missile which has a range of 4,000 and 6,000 miles capable of reaching hawaii and alaska. this is sort of their double whammy to essentially extort the west. to shake down the united states. lou: but we've seen this since bill clinton. >> of course. lou: and the first deal. and we're no more
11:49 pm
sophisticated, and by the way, you know, the north koreans have got to be watching what president obama's done with iranians saying i think we can extort this guy. >> and they do, the north koreans have a crisis they manufacture every january, february, march, they're running out of food, provocative action. the worlds is no! don't do that! they get bought off, stop the executive action, get the goodies they want and start six months later. lou: let's turn to now china, which is not influencing apparently or constraining north korea and its adventurous experiments with at least at this point it appears fission rather than fusion, they don't yet have the hydrogen bomb, and what is a building alliance with russia and there seems to be no strategic response on the part of the united states
11:50 pm
government, either militarily, intensive intelligence or national security. the president doesn't even address the issue. >> all we have left right now lou, as k.t. and i said earlier today is to play defense. very little can you do with these guys. china's not going to do any, they have a gross domestic product of $16 billion, 4 of which goes to defense. what type of sanctions are you going to impose on that? lou: i'm not suggesting sanctions, i'm talking at least a discussion, a consideration by the best strategic minds of the scholars in this country, geopolitical experts about what is seems to be an obvious, looming, serious geopolitical partnership between china and russia and they could bleed us out and -- amongst other places, afghanistan and syria, and this president seems to be playing at that. k.t.? >> look, we're going to get pushed around for the next year, every country decides this is the moment do something. what we really need do is
11:51 pm
immediately start a missile defense program and president reagan started one in 1983 and successive presidents cut it back. as we're looking at north korea, iran and other countries potentially with nuclear weapons and missiles to hit the united states, the only thing we can do is missile defense. lou: bob scales, you get the last word real quick, please. >> k.t. is right, you can't play offense, you got to play defense, and unfortunately the administration has cut back ballistic missile so much, we've got to restart our defensive missile program otherwise we're vulnerable. lou: major general bob scales, k.t. mcfarland, thank you, both. >> thanks, lou. lou: here's what not do at a gasoline station. she had the clever idea of trying to defrost her gas cap with a cigarette lighter. as you see, that was not a particularly bright idea. the woman we're told, who would lie to us from russia, was not
11:52 pm
her, and we choose to believe that. gasoline station ideas we're told quickly put out the flames, not before she tried to light herself and a large portion of her car. we're repeating her doing this stupid thing, and we'll leave it with that. up next, vladimir putin inspiring a new, are you ready for this? perfume, inspiring being inspiring for 95 bucks, you could be putin on the spritz! we take that up and more with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky, who better to take up these lofty issues here next? stay with us.
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lou: the co-host of red aye on the fox news channel andrew levy. and joanne, let's get to the pig issue of the night. marco rubio's boots are the high heels. do we have a picture of those? you like them? >> i do. i do. i love them. i also feel more confident in high heels. so i applaud him for taking the risk and pulling it off nicely.
11:57 pm
>> i think we all feel more comfortable in high heels. but i notice there was a lot of spec flaights media these were expensive -- i feel like donald trump. but there is a lot of speculation these were expensive italian boots and the rubio campaign said they are from florsheim and fairly inexpensive. i need to see the booth certificate. i want to get to the bottom of this. >> we have a big deal, particularly as china is off trying to depreciate its currency to be more competitive. vladimir putin with perfume. this gets exciting. we call this putting on the putin on 9 spritz. -- on 9 spritz. i can't believe it.
11:58 pm
it 7 got a catchy title to it. >> i'll bet it smells like musk with a dash of sweat and horse hay. i imagine the tv ad of a man riding on a horse topless. it sells itself. lou: there goes the sweat. the twitter character, the possibility twitter is going to move from 140 characters to 10,000 plus. as somebody put it, twitter discovers email. >> any time twitter or facebook makes a change they start whining. people adapt and sometimes the changes turn out to be good. my take is this will ruin twitter. they don't know what their users want.
11:59 pm
i think it's stupid. >> i believe you should always keep them wanting more. lou: stay tuned? >> exactly. >> i'm not on facebook for a reason. this will turn twitter into facebook. they better watch out. lou: it would be a worry that they would be $300 billion in market capital. donald trump says the national media is starting to like him. is andy amongst those? >> i love donald trump i want him to be the nominee so he burns count republican party. huge fan. >> i like him because i like winners. lou: we thank you so much.
12:00 am
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