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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. now stay tuned for lou dobbs. we've got a special lou tonight, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. >> good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, and we have a lot to cover tonight. investors on wall street and a stampede for the exits today. this is now the roughest first four days of trading in any year in the history of wall street. china's market crashed last year. it is crashing again as we begin this new year. and today, chinese stocks plunged by more than 7% forcing chinese officials to halt trading for the day after less than a half hour of trading. we'll be examining what's behind all of this volatility, what's driving what is now a global market sell-off. and this is a big night for
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donald trump and certainly for the city of vermont. the democratic front-runner is also on the campaign trail, the republican front-runner as you see there, he has a rally set to begin in burlington in moments. city and law enforcement officials concerned about the massive crowds that are expected to descend on the city. here's why they're a little nervous. the trump rally is held at the flynn center for the arts, a venue that seats about 1400 people, but police in burlington say the trump campaign distributed 20,000 free tickets to the event and a third of those have confirmed they will be attending. so you see the problem. but there's more. burlington is also hosting senator bernie sanders and his supporters, and we're told some of those sanders supporters are planning to sabotage the trump rally by reserving tickets and not showing up, or by showing up to disrupt the donald's speech. we'll see, because we're going
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to be taking you live to burlington when trump starts talking. and president obama under fire from members of his own party for being soft on iran. seven democratic lawmakers including the chairman of the democratic national committee, congressman debbie wasserman schultz have joined republicans demanding new sanctions against iran. i'll take it up with john hannah. our top story, stocks plunging on wall street. worst beginning to the new year ever. the dow falling 392 points, the s&p lost 47, the nasdaq plummeted 146 points. volume on the big board, heavy trading, more than 5 billion shares. the wilshire 5,000 measuring today's market cap losses at almost $600 billion. this, the worst start as i said to a year ever the dow and the s&p, the worst starts since
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2000 for the nasdaq. markets losing 3 trillion dollars over the last four days or if you prefer the first four trading days of the new year. joining me to talk about what's happening to the markets, the economy and our money. north american economist for citigroup dana peterson. good to have you with us. forbes contributor gordon chang, great to have you with us, gordon. start with what in the world is going on on wall street? i mean it's just relentless, the selling. where does it end? >> well, it's really not clear, china is going through its adjustment in terms of transitioning from a more industrialized economy to a consumer driven economy. there are going to be aches and pains. lou: and we're going to be the ones with the aches and the pains, is that what you are telling us? >> certainly the u.s. is telling the depreciation of the u.s. dollar. lou: we know there is more to
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this than china. great difficulty in our own economy. these numbers are terrible numbers and we have a federal reserve that decided to raise interest rates in the face of what is an essence of inflation, and frankly very little activity that one would expect when seeing an interest rate hike. is it too early, do you think, and i know you are cautious, dana, do you think it's too early for another interest rate hike? >> we do think it is too early. march is certainly too early. lou: i'm being a little -- >> it's fine. we believe the rate hikes are backloaded into this year absent mid-2016. lou: i have a bet i'd make with you that the federal reserve is going to have to convene pretty soon and get its head straight collectively because there's a lot to answer for already, the damage is immense. the damage began at leasts in terms of datelines and chronology with the shanghai
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shin zing markets, hong kong, we're watching china implode here. a huge market crash back in august, we are watching another now. this is a communist government, people forget that they control markets. what's going on? >> first of all, it's more than a transition to a consumer economy. it's basically the exhaustion of china's growth model investment led, certainly focused on industrial activity. it's not working anymore, and china's leaders can't reform. so the problem here is you've talked about red china. lot of people said don't worry, it's a capitalist country. lou: at the worst, they're a bunch of communists with a bunch of markets. how bad could it be? >> how bad could it be? these people believe in strong state central control. china's leader xi jinping has a maoist model in mind and reversed the reform process over three years concentrating on state enterprises and state
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direction to the economy, and now seeing the whole concept fail before our eyes. lou: there is another concept failing right now, that's in our own economy right now. we're looking at the creation of new businesses now lagging behind the destruction of businesses. more are being destroyed than created. we're also looking at an economy that household formation is just lagging. it is not happening. we have a federal reserve that acts as though it can decide what the parameters are for an interest rate hike and simply disavow any reasonable economic theorem or the experience of history. this is not building great confidence among investors, the american people. >> you have to dig into the data a little bit. the manufacturing sector is slowing because the u.s. dollar is so strong. when we look at services, quite a bit of growth. overall employment last year
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added 2.5 million jobs, that's even folding in what we expect friday. another 200,000. lou: did youoon oo look at this, the labor force participation rate. this is not a joke. we're looking at an economy right now that is not creating jobs at a historically acceptable rate. but we witness the same thing. this is not a democratic/republican thing either. we've been witnessing over the last two major slowdowns, 2008 can qualify, also in 2,000, both under bush and under obama we have not seen creation of jobs at a rate that is near the norm for most economic recoveries. >> very interesting. we look at the jolt data. the job openings are quite high. problem is that we're not seeing a lot of hiring, because there is degree of caution among businesses as well as among laborers.
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lou: you surely agree that's not a compelling standard to look at the job opening data when, in fact, they're not being filled. secondly, what jobs are filled are not paid at a right commensurate to the levels before all of the jobs were lost. and we're looking at in some what is effectively a stagnant pay level in this country for the middle class. >> if we look at the overall wage rate, it is not accelerating, growing at 2%. if we look at the lower end -- lou: i'm looking at 300 million people who are scared to death because they're watching a market go to hell. i'm watching 300 million people, many of whom sitting here watching policies exploding in the face of this administration, whether it is the iran nuclear deal as its own party is beginning to desert him, and to call for sanctions against iran, not $150 billion in new capital
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with which to fund their own expansionists and also their sponsorship of terrorism. >> well, let's get to -- lou: i want to get to gordon on this. china is one of the players. it is in alignment with russia. russia had severe sanctions on it for two years now without effect. the result has been that now vladimir putin is standing far taller than barack obama and the united states and the middle east, and we'll have far more to do with the outcomes there. the same is happening in the south china seas. china asserts itself. are we watching the creation of a real alliance, a strong alliance between russia and china in what will be the geopolitical result in terms of influence, hegemony in the various regions around the world. >> this is the most important trend in the world today, beijing and moscow forming a
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durable partnership. look, these two countries at odds with each other, but they're coordinating foreign policies because they see themselves in the same term and what they're doing is opposing the united states. lou: and the united states with a lame-duck president who is in withdrawal is not doing much but expanding what is already a disturbing vacuum of power in the world. thank you, both for being here, good to have you. >> thank you. lou: we'll have extended coverage of the market turmoil today. we have an extra hour of programming devoted to what is happening to the slowing global economy. this slowing economy and markets that are in turmoil. so be with us throughout for all of that. we're now in the sixth day of the standoff in oregon. protesters still occupying some of the buildings on a federal wildlife refuge near burns, oregon. the community however is demanding to know when the stalemate will end. fox news correspondent dan springer is in oregon and has
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the latest for us. >> reporter: lou, looking more and more likely the standoff will end with the bundy brothers and supporters walking away from the refuge and driving home. a law enforcement source and a county commissioner telling me the fbi has no plans on conducting a raid or make arrests here. last night the community came together for a meeting to discuss the occupation. the place was packed with 300 people. the sheriff called on the armed activists to go. he talked about how the militia tried to intimidate him before the takeover by following family around town and flashing wife's car tire. they were trying to pressure the leaders of harney county to shield two local ranchers from federal prison. >> i don't believe that just a handful of people have the right to come in from outside of our area and tell us that we don't know how to live our lives. >> reporter: the bundys's demands are the same. free the hammonds and have the federal government give huge tracks of land that it owns to
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local management. area residents came out to support the message. ammon bundy said famy stands against the bureau of land management, emboldened him to take on the feds in oregon. the blm tried to collect grazing fees. they were divided over breaking laws to make political points. >> i don't agree with what's going on, the way it went on, and don't agree with what's going on with the government. the way they take care of our land. >> those guys need to go handle their issues. i will thank them. if nothing else, they gave a lot of the good people a voice. >> reporter: residents agree it's up to them to take on the fight over land rights. lou? lou: dan, thank you very much, dan springer reporting throughout this standoff from burns, oregon. we're coming right back with a lot, lot more on economies, on market, on the middle east and, of course, politics in washington, d.c., such as they are.
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stay with us. . mr. obama appeases enemies and isolates allies. will his reckless policies in the middle east lead to all-out war? foundation for defense of democracies john hannah joins us here next. and in drought-stricken california, they've been praying for rain for years. their prayers finally answered in almost biblical fashion. torrential rains, mudslides, freeways at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine
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. lou: iran and saudi arabia moving closer to possible conflict. iran accusing saudi arabia of having bombed embassy in yemen. eyewitnesses however say no damage to the embassy was visible to them. this is simply the latest confrontation between the two regional powers. they've been fighting a proxy war in yemen. earlier this week severing all diplomatic ties. joining us foundation for defense of democracy senior counselor, former cheney national security adviser, john hannah. john, start with the middle east. tensions rising there. we are also watching some very strong moves on the part of
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china in the south china sea. we're watching as terrorism becomes a rising threat throughout northern africa, the middle east, of course, and europe. you're assessment of where we're headed, first in the middle east, between specifically iran and saudi arabia? >> well, it's an incredibly combustible situation for these two powers to be going at each other. this, of course, lou, is symptomatic of the fact that saudi arabia and the rest of the sunni arab gulf partners, our traditional allies in that part of the world are voting absolute vote of no confidence in the obama administration. they believe this administration will do and has done nothing to stop iran's hegemonic march through the region. this can go in very dangerous directions. lou: is there anyone kidding themselves in any world capital that you're aware of about the
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inability and ineptitude of this administration in bringing to a reasonable result, a policy result in consequence in the middle east? i mean, no one has faith in this administration, it seems, whatsoever. >> yeah, they've lost complete faith in this administration. and the order that the united states has underwritten in the middle east for most of the last 70 years. the problem is that once the united states withdraw, there's no alternative order that comes in and imposes some kind of virtues cycle of peace, the only thing that follows u.s. withdrawal is chaos. that's what we're seeing emerge. lou: perhaps a bridge between chaos and the president's withdrawal is vladimir putin and the power of russia because he seems intent to assert the russian influence in that region as quickly as he possibly can across as broad
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horizon as he can. i'm stunned that today we've got seven, seven democratic members joining up with republicans to try to stop this president from absolutely stalling and releasing $150 billion to the iranians. is this, in your judgment, going to be something that grows among the democratic party, any hope in stopping a man who seems intent on aiding, abetting and creating even a greater foundation for a hostile power, iran? >> my guess is that there is no hope unless those seven democrats turn into 100 democrats, and you can actually override the president's veto on any new sanctions legislation that ought to be imposed on iran for a whole host of transgressions. completely outside of the nuclear deal, the ballistic missile test firing, shooting
11:21 pm
within a few hundred yards of our ships, taking another american hostage. lou: is this president, in your judgment, simply paralyzed? he is not reacting rationally. he's not reacting in the nation's interest. he seems afraid to move. he is very comfortable with rhetoric, and in point of fact, putting $150 billion in the banks of a country that is the largest state sponsor of terrorism and responsible for by all accounts, a third of american casualties in iraq. >> yeah, i wish it was only a matter of paralysis in complete incompetence. i think that's at work here lou, there may be something deeper and more sinister, a president who is completely driven by ideology and his own arrogant sense that he has a more far sided vision, that he can look over the horizon and see what america's true interests are, and part of that includes taking america down a
11:22 pm
peg. we're too big for britches. thrown our weight around too much in the middle east. lou: those words trip off your tongue readily there, john hannah, i got to say. you're talking about something sinister here, something ideological that would have him contravene an act in the interest of the nation. is that what you're really saying? >> no, i think the president, to his credit, actually believes he's acting in the best, truest, progressive interests of this country. lou: i'm not one of the fellas who thinks we've got to somehow perfunctorily give him credit. he's destructing the u.s. national interest. i don't think anybody thinks otherwise. you have people who haven't got the guts to speak up as you were doing, i think that's what we're watching here. >> whatever the mode of the result is clearly -- lou: i don't know what the motive, the effect of the policy is. >> exactly, exactly. i agree 100%, lou, we are
11:23 pm
watching chaos overtake the world and it's going to come back and haunt us for a long time to come. it's going to be very hard for any new president to fix this in short order. lou: john hannah, with those words we have to conclude. appreciate it as always. good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: john hanna. vote in our poll tonight -- we want to hear from you, cast your vote at follow me on -- links to everything at a rare sight for a southern californians, record breaking rainstorms driven by el nino flooding roads, forcing landslides and forcing evacuations and despite all the nasty wet weather it was somewhat welcome considering california in the grip of a 500-year drought.
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officials say despite the rain, residents should continue water conservation efforts because that 500-year drought is still in place. up next, a few thoughts on the effort to ensure the clinton coronation. and we'll show you the epic battle of man versus marlin, you don't want to miss this fish fight. stay with us, we're coming right back. much more ahead. you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want,
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. lou: time for a few quick thoughts if i may on hillary clinton and the disturbing deference of what has become a toothless trembling liberal national media covering her campaign. my colleague ed henry stands out from the crowd of cautious scribblers noting that the clinton campaign has used the former secretary of state's security detail to wall her off from the press. ed tweeted this --
11:29 pm
the answer to ed's rhetorical question is obviously no, but no or not, this isn't the first time she's been shielded from reporters as the secret service preserved the line, if you will. back in july, campaignies famously roped off the parade from the candidate in new hampshire. the press were herded like sheep, and many of them, like sheep, covered the event. when does obsequiousness become obscenity, clearly both qualities president is most recent ever so friendly interview with chris matthews. take a listen. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? is that a question you want to answer or rather not? >> you'd have to ask -- >> i'm asking you, you're a democrat, he's a socialist. would you like somebody calling you a socialist. i wouldn't. >> i'm not one. >> what's the difference
11:30 pm
between a socialist and a democrat. >> i can tell you what i am. i am a progressive democrat. lou: you got to love matthews' deference. obsequious? to a fault. astounding asking if she wants to answer the question or not, i don't want to be a problem here. good grief, matthews, come on! but the deference to clinton rises to the level of complicity and cost, institutional interference with justice itself. a state department inspector general found the state department misled, on yes, hillary clinton e-mails, providing what the inspector general called inaccurate and incomplete answers to groups seeking information, that is covering up and lying. clinton aides and the state department work hard and long to shield her private e-mail account from investigators and the public, and you know i once thought she'd never get away with it, but with four weeks until the iowa caucus, i'm no
11:31 pm
longer so sure, and that is truly disturbing. our quotation of the evening from w. edwards dimmey with a thought perhaps why we should be worried about worrying about the integrity of our electoral system and make is so november 8th of this year is absolutely on the up and up. he reminded us that, quote -- it's a phrase of warning, and i hope everyone is listening. we're coming right back. president obama isolated on iran even his own party losing patience with him. some democrats want sanctions against iran now. and with us next, eboni williams and doug schoen. and the folks at red bull seldom disappoint taking to the skies over the iconic city with the latest stunt with one heck of a view.
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you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness; feel unusually tired; have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor. . lou: as i said, a big night in burlington, vermont, donald trump has taken the stage. let's go in and listen to him for a second. we're sitting here with eboni williams and doug schoen, and we're going to get analysis of what's going on with this campaign, particularly the gop side, seems they want a canonization of the democratic
11:36 pm
side. by the way, burlington, we told you there would be another conflict in burlington. senator bernie sanders hometown and they're having a rally there tonight as well. let's go in and hear what he's got them stirred up about, this time. >> i've never done it before. that was pretty cool. we'll have to use that. and always be thinking of vermont when i used it. i tell you. [cheers] >> who's not going to pay for the wall? vermont. right. so it was interesting because when we said we're going to come up here, people said why? most of the guys are not coming up. they're afraid to come up here because it has a tendency to be a little bit liberal, pretty rough, okay? and if you look at the candidates that are coming here, i think i'm like the only one, i'm the only one, and i said -- [cheers]
11:37 pm
>> and all over the networks tonight, all over the networks all over the place this turned out to be different. i thought it would be nice, soft evening, we'll have 500, 600 people. we'll sit around a little fireside and talk and have some fun, and then i hear cnn all day long. this line is massive. and they haven't -- the line is so -- it turned out to be good. i'm here for a different reason, i'm here because you people are great. everybody said it. i have a friend who's in my campaign who's very much in tune to vermont, loves vermont. you want to do it, i want to do it. let's do it. and now i find out i'm the guy and everybody is going to remember that when it come time to pull the little lever, they're going to remember, they're going to remember. lou: a large crowd there, his campaign distributed some tickets but we'll get the back
11:38 pm
story on that. also there are people in the audience with bernie sanders buttons and so some people are expecting perhaps an interruption or two as trump continues his talk. we'll be going back to burlington, vermont and find out where sanders is too to bring some of his words of magic to you as well. but for now, the donald in charge in burlington, vermont. i want to get to eboni williams and doug schoen as i'm doing right now. great to have you here. >> thank you, thank you. lou: these numbers, there is all sorts of excitement around the fact what seems to be by some on the republican side perhaps less congestion as we work towards the next debate of the new year, the republican debate a week from tonight, isn't it? >> yes. lou: and so what do you think? are we starting to get more clarity, eboni? >> i think so. as we go into the debate, we go
11:39 pm
into iowa and new hampshire, talking about four people. talking about trump, cruz, rubio and whoever the fourth place person is maybe christie, probably. lou: christie, fiorina? who? >> maybe kasich. >> and maybe bush. lou: i saw numbers on him that looked good here. still far down, but -- >> i think it's going to be a four-person situation within the next monthish. >> let me offer a slightly different take, which is -- lou: that's why you are here. >> always why i'm here, lou! [ laughter ]. lou: we want to know how the radical fringe is thinking. >> i'm the radical center. lou: you're part of the democratic establishment. >> no, sir, they've written me off, they are more socialist than capitalist. lou: their loss. >> true, i agree with that. let me offer you some objective analysis. lou: yes, sir. >> if donald trump wins iowa, i
11:40 pm
believe he will get the kind of jolt that will lead him to potentially run the table. if as i'm more likely expect ted cruz wins iowa, i think he will jump up in new hampshire and it will be a four, five, maybe six-person race, then the question is who comes out of that. lou: great expectations of a place that hasn't produced, hasn't supported the ultimate nominee of the party over the last two cycles. >> and haven't had a republican president i think in 25 years who's not won iowa or new hampshire. >> i think trump is different, doug. i hear what you're saying and history is on your side. i think trump could afford to lose iowa. >> but then he's got to win new hampshire. >> and i think that he could. >> what gets intriguing to me is who's going to stop? the question was early on someone put to me what is the pathway for trump to win the nomination? to me it's fairly clear, if not at that point it was not
11:41 pm
certainly a sure thing, but seems now the question is, what will it take to stop trump? >> ted cruz in iowa winning big, that's the first thing. then cruz being close -- >> what about christie? rubio. >> not going to do it. i don't think cruz can do it. >> we'll see. but if it's close in new hampshire and cruz has the momentum going to south carolina, he could be it. lou: let's take a look at democrats quickly as we're running out of time. i guess the first question i have to ask is will hillary clinton be indicted very soon? >> i don't think so, and i'll say it again, lou, because even if the fbi director jim comey makes a recommendation for her to be he might, i don't see the attorney general loretta lynch doing it, i don't see it. >> i agree with eboni, i don't think hillary will be indicted. i think there will be a report critical of her. the question is will any of her aides be charged. >> that i could see, yeah. lou: what's interesting is the
11:42 pm
inspector general's report saying she and the state department covered up the fact she had a private e-mail server for years, lied and covered up the issue of her e-mails and the classified nature of many and her use of the private server, and what you may hear at the end of it is somebody dropping the phone and that's the end of it. >> a slap on the hand. politically it's damning to her but legally? i don't know. lou: every time she gets damned, she gets 5, 6%. >> who is she running against. >> are you prepared to see her as front-runner for president? lou: she? >> yeah. lou: i think the party may find that somewhat problematic in the course of time. >> so you don't see her as the front-runner for the election? lou: you're saying do i think she'll be elected president? >> yes, i am. lou: the front-runner thing threw me. i don't. >> we disagree. lou: of course we do, that's
11:43 pm
another reason you are here. good to see you, eboni williams, thanks so much. from time to time, eboni does agree with me. join us next thursday night for the next two presidential debates hosted by the fox business network, i'll be in south carolina along with my colleague, sandra smith and trish regan with the first debate and maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will moderate the primetime debate. who will the candidates be in the debates? monday night right here exclusively i will reveal the lineup for both debates. talk about a magical evening. be with us. talk about a close call for australian fishermen. look at this. these fishermen thought it was their lucky day. snagged a nearly 200-pound marlin, but as you see here, that fish wasn't going to go down without taking a shot and he was well equipped to do so.
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the man on the left narrowly avoided impalement. the fish got away, there's a happy ending. the fish was left with a tail he won't soon forget. we got the fish on video. it's immortalized and the fish is living the good life. and unbelievable video out of brazil. two european daredevils pulling off incredible synchronized skydiving, one of my things over brazil's rio day jan airo, allowing the men to free fall before pulling their chutes. capped it off before landing on a brazilian beach, not bad for a day's work. look at the spectacular pictures. i love it. smoke coming off the boots as they fly around. to me, i wonder when they took for nausea.
11:45 pm
no, they're daredevils. up next, president obama trying to win support for executive fiat on gun control. former justice department official christian adams is here and he will not be part of that support. small drones may be a think of the past. a chinese company says bigger drones is better. by the way, we'll figure this all out. this is a mega drone with mega engines. muy -- anyway, we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: joining us now christian adams former u.s. department of justice attorney, he served under both presidents bush and obama. author of the book injustice, exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department. christian, great to have you with us and happy new year. as we are now just hours from executive orders on further control of guns in this country. expanded background checks. your reaction to what has, i think what surprised republicans even though they've been anticipating it? >> well, because this president, lou, uses the same tactic over and over again whether it's coal, whether it's
11:50 pm
chrysler secured bond holders, whether now it's guns, and that's basically ignore the law. ignore what congress has passed and do whatever he wants to do, and that's a dangerous thing, you can't predict the atmosphere, if you have a president who is just make it up as he goes along. in this case, there was a clear, safe harbor for people who are not subject to federal oversight, if they were to sell a gun occasionally out of their personal collection, and congress made it very clear both democrat and republican congresses preserve this. this president like he does so often, issued an edict to do away with the law. lou: and it will stand? and why has it not been challenged already? >> well, it isn't ripe yet, but the first time that somebody is suspected to enforcement, they probably will challenge, it but you know the pain is the process, lou. there might be 2,000 people who
11:51 pm
enjoy the safe harbor, half will probably quit, and you have threats of subpoenas. lou: or ignore the law and be outlaws and do what they want anyway, because that's the way markets work. it's why there's a black market because when you put in regulations that are not in the interest of the community or the marketplace, people will do what people will do, don't you think? >> they will. it always happens when the government gets involved. talk about the reasons why the president has done it. he says it's going to keep people safer, save a couple lives. so many other things he could have done. he could have stopped the flow across the southern border that results in thousands of people getting injured by illegal aliens, thousands of murders have happened in texas alone. lou: you and i and the rest of the country, we don't -- i'll speak for myself. i'm a reasonably smart fella,
11:52 pm
but i believe that you don't have to be very smart to figure out this president doesn't really give a damn. he's moving on agenda, everybody can talk about motivation and everything else, it's got nothing to do with the betterment of the country because you know what? this president wouldn't do one thing, he wouldn't say which one of these terrible mass shootings would have been prevented by what he issued an executive fiat on. not once, and then he finally tips his hat to chicago, his hometown which is the murder capital of the country. embarrassing, embarrassing thing for this president to do. >> and dangerous, and dangerous because it takes san bernardino, there was a stand-down by law enforcement officials monitoring what was going on there that would have saved lives. why not ramp up enforcement and monitoring the potential terrorists if you want save lives.
11:53 pm
lou: christian, i'm going to -- i'm sorry we're out of time. i'm going to ask one other question. i think it's a little more direct and to the point why, in the hell doesn't he go kill them, he promised to destroy them, he has not. so much for that. >> consequences. lou: no question about that. christian adams, great to have you with us as always. >> you, too lou. lou: we want to introduce to you a gadget generating a lot of buzz at consumer electronics show. take a look at first drone built to carry a human. that's pretty fancy, isn't it? can carry a 220 pound person for 23 minutes. figure that out by the pound. it would take such a person about ten miles. passenger would enter a location in the app and let the drone do the rest. we're getting fancy. up next, jeb bush getting cocky on the campaign trail. here's what he said when he was asked to differentiate himself
11:54 pm
from chris christie. >> i think i'm much better looking. [laughter] >> look, chris is a great guys, i like him, great style about him, great personality. lou: words from a man -- we're going to take a look at the polls and take up the race with fox and friends brian kilmeade and his brand new book here next. next. stay with us. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. next. stay with us. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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lou: joining me now the host of fox and friends and kilmeade on radio. his name is brian kilmeade. he's also the author of "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." we are watching evenings rise in the middle east. saudi arabia and iran in a conflict. how i you're audience re -- how is your audience reacting. >> we had a cleaver attack and a fake bombing. we have the investigation in afghanistan. what are we doing there? have of any our candidate told was we can or should accomplish
11:59 pm
in afghanistan? a bunch of questions. you don't want to depress people, especially in the morning. but we are hearing chain ace our enemy. as their market crash we should be happy. but we are so intermingled, we are not happy. lou: there i no question the red store is rising. china is the communist nation we have been told for decade now. people have even lost site of the fact american market dominate the world and are the most important capital market in all the world than is no rival at this point. those who take joy in the fact markets are crashing in china ignore the fact that russia has been devastated the last two years by sanctions.
12:00 am
and our president tells us russia poses the biggest geopolitical threat to the united states. >> that's what mitt romney said and wasscorned by the national media. don't you wish we had a thomas jefferson in the white house. the hall of famers wrestled with the islamic extremist problem. in the end force, not just a display of force, but absolute force and a willingness to use it through a ground force brought us success. lou: your book remind us of vitality and principle.


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