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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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maybe i'll share it over the weekend. >> and so many have been fired. dagen: jack, steve moore, steve courtney, charles, joni and keith mccollough, "varney & company" starts now. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed, i'll take it. the 2016 newscast cade rolls on, money, jobs, terror, we're only a week in. good morning, afternoon, after an 800 point drop in four days, the dow will open higher today, up about 160 odd points. here is the background to that. china stocks stabilize, 292,000 new the jobs created, modest by historical standards. the new normal in the obama years, but hourly earnings unchanged. that's important. terror, two arrests in america of muslim refugees, one in texas and one in california. they have ties to isis. texas governor abbott says halt the resettlement of these
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refugees in america. and politics, trump goes at hillary clinton on women's rights and brings in bill cosby and anthony weiner. more politics, the widow of chris kyle, the american sniper, goes right at president obama on guns. we've got it all. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right. we know the market's going to open a little bit higher this morning, up about 150. now look at some of the big name stocks that have taken it on the chin recently. look at apple, it's going up maybe a buck. roughly 1% of the open today at 97. how about facebook? it will be higher. it's been holding-- it's actually dropped below $100 a share and now back to 99 when we open up this morning. and how about amazon, yeah, we kept calling it the stock of 2015, it's going to be higher.
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up to around 619 when we open up this morning, do remember, it was near 700, what, two weeks ago. 700. now this. you think isis isn't already in this country? well, you better think again. two people who were refugees, feds arrested them on terror charges. there are links to isis. ashley, details, please. ashley: yeah, two men, one in sacramento, california, one is accused of travelling to syria to fight and then lying to investigators about what he was up to. then 24-year-old omar al-harden of houston, three charges, providing material support to extremists, by the way, al-jahad game as a refugee in 2012 and write in 2013 he was eager to quote, see blood as you mentioned, the text test governor abbott all over this
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saying this is precisely why i called for a halt to refugees entering the u.s. and later on, this program, we'll hear from senator rubio who says don't let anybody in. we're 100% sure who they are. so, isis terror is here and in the news. and more indeed. more politics, donald trump is taking direct aim at hillary clinton on women's rights. you've got to see the new video posted on social media. watch it now. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and more all, let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. stuart: all right, you can see that over and over and over again, by the way. now, here is donald trump defending that ad. roll that tape. >> they called me sexist, you've got to be kidding calling me sexist, i have more
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respect for women than anybody and more than hillary does. i'll do much more for women than hillary would. with hillary it's an act, it's theatrical, it's her whole demeanor. it's a response to what they said about me, it's not a response. when they hit me, they get hit back. stuart: we could start out this show on a friday morning with the stock market news, but we know, instead, no, no, we're going to do politics because tamara holder is here. arch leftist and opponent of all conservatives, just trying to warm it up. >> you start the day, you're kind of mild when i start on a tuesday and then, i missed you yesterday, you had to cancel me because of this market stuff or whatever, and. stuart: whatever. >> and now you continually get worse throughout the week. stuart: what is hillary's strategy when faced with these have a go at her from donald trump? >> well, i love how donald trump respects women. didn't he cheat on his wife.
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stuart: hillary's strategy. >> 0 being, hillary's strategy, you can't play with pigs in the mud because you'll get dirty, too, something like that. there is no strategy playing with trump. he's the roto rooter guy, he likes going into the sewer and going in and playing in people's, whatever, you want to call it. ashley: they created the sewer, the people he's going after. stuart: exactly. >> he goes in there and loves it and plays around in it. it's not a job that anybody wants except donald trump. stuart: do you think that hillary can ignore this. isn't this a repeat of 2008 when she's got a strong opponent right at her. >> you should ignore it. you know why? everybody is getting sick of it. sure, his numbers are going up, but that's in the primary. stuart: do you think everybody is sick of it? >> yeah, he likes it and that's why he continues to do it, but remember, stuart, there are
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people like me and a lot of independents who want to like trump who don't like hillary and the way that he's taking this approach is just making him look badme. he comes out of the sewer and he smells bad. stuart: and those ads, he's bringing uphillry and bill cosby and anthony weiner. and more as well. not just what trump says on the ad. and anita broderick resurfaced and we'll get into that later. >> i don't know what to say we'll talk about it nonstop. trump is not going away. he'll continue to roll around in feces and continue to throw it at people, that's what he does best and he likes it. stuart: you're remarkably defensive. >> you started by calling me an arch leftist. stuart: what's wrong with that. ashley: tell it how it is. stuart: i'm the donald trump. it's a compliment, anyway. ashley: you signed up for it. [laughter]
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>> don't sit back like that. come back on the show. keep it there and we're going to talk juanita broderick. >> oh, great. stuart: fox business hosting the republican debate january the 14th. all right. get to the jobs report, please. and the former labor department chief of staff, i'm going to call it a solid headline number. look at that, that's the participation rate, staying at a four-decade low. and what's the significance of that participation rate? >> here is the significance of it. you have huge swaths of americans that are well qualified and want to work in the opportunity created for them. in the participation rate number the lowest in four decades, they have two major segment, you have millennials that comprise 40% who are unemployed. these are folks that work hard and they want to make a difference and opportunity is not there and women who are unemployed. in particular, when you take a look at long-term unemployed,
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those who aren't in the labor force, young women, ages 20 to 24, 28% of them now are long-term unemployed. they're not opportunities for and for women 55 to 64, 48% of them unemployed or long-term unemployed. what you're seeing here is the failure to create opportunities that match the skills and the knowledge of those people who are out there who want to work and opportunities do not exist. it's a devastating number. stuart: one more for you. as i understand it, average hourly earnings were either flat or slightly lower. can't remember which it is. they didn't go up. the flat are lower. what is the significance of that? >> the significance is this, prior to the recession for 25 years, nonmanagers sought average income growth. 3%. it's stuck 2%. in practical terms you're seeing the hollowing out of increases people get from increased cost for health care,
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increased cost for consumer goods so you're not having the sense, the overall economic sense among workers in america that things are getting better and turning around. the economists will say unemployment numbers are down so things are better. but for practical purposes, people go to work and try to make a difference for savings for their kids, it's not happening and people know that. thanks very much indeed and joining us on friday. and now, let's get to the market. we were looking at a solid gain of what, 180, 200 points and now to a gain of 100 points, roughly. sorry about that, not-- about 100 points. and michael is with us. your point is that that's not a very good jobs report. if it is, it's the best of the year. >> you said there are no increase in hourly earnings, zero, because they're all part-time jobs and unemployment reading, it's a lagging indicator. i'll step out on a limb and
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tell you this is the best nonfarm payroll report of the entire year, 2016. you're headed into a global recession, everywhere you look, the biggest economies, growing 1%, japan 1% at that and i think that china is in a recession and i'm going to say right now, china is in recession, look at their currency, look at commodities, they're in a recession, don't believe that communist megalomaniacs in red china, they are liars. stuart: now, you've looked at this jobs report and don't think much to it. >> it's a good report, but there's no wage increase. stuart: so with this market, it's not going to go up? >> i tell you what it gives, it gives the phillips curve obsessed federal reserve more fodder to raise interest rates. they're going to raise interest rates four times in 2016 into a global deflationary depression and can't be good for the asset bubbles the fed worked hard creating for eight years. stuart: you're fired up this morning, stay there, we'll bring you for the opening bell. stay there.
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two refugees, under arrest in america. muslims linked to isis, they've been here for years, we're on that story and general jack keane coming up next, how do you fight this unconventional opposition? he's a conventional warrior. and in the next hour, senator marco rubio on isis, trump and guns. listen to this. >> criminals by definition ignore the law, that's how they're criminals. and these gun laws are going to do nothing to prevent violent crime. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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>> the defense department announcing the transfer of a gitmo detainee. do you have any more on this? >> i do, this particular detainee i guess was called by those investigating with the defense of-- department of defense, homeland security, decided this particular individual could be transferred to the state of kuwait. it's a transfer of a detainee from gitmo to kuwait.
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stuart: one of several today, today. general jack keane is with us, top military guy. general, the military cannot be pleased at gitmo guys getting sprung loose and some of them go back to the battlefield. what do you guys think of this? >> well, they absolutely are not. frankly, you know, the president made a campaign promise that he would close guantanamo bay, the coping has prohibited that from happening. so, he's made a decision to empty out the jail house as much as he possibly can. stuart: don't you have any say in this. >> what happens, these recommendations are generated by the senior political leadership in the pentagon and they're pressured quite a bit by the white house staff. the reality is, when we drop below 200 and now we're above 100 and drop below 200, we are dealing with hard core true believers, high like hoods to return to thefied. our fields commanders have-- absolutely don't want any part
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of this because they know what they're going to deal with. they'll see these guys on the battlefield again or at least in a leadership role. stuart: another example, again, my interpretation, another example of politics intruding into what should be significant military decisions. >> i agree with you. the soldiers always have some kind of gallows humor to describe what is in their life and they call this the catch and release program. and that's the harsh reality of what we're doing, so in one phrase they described the whole issue. yes, it is, it is caught up in politics and it's really unfortunate. stuart: okay. i want to bring your attention to what we were telling our audience earlier. two arrests today, one in texas one in california. two refugees tied to isis. in paris, a man wielding a knife killed by police, but he pledge of allegiance-- pledged allegiance to isis.
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you're a conventional warrior, how does a guy like you in a military like this fight this unconventional enemy. >> the united states military has been fighting an unconventional war for 14 years, we're experienced at it, the best in the world at it, so we have the skillsets in our officers and in our nco's in how to deal with this enemy and that's proven. the reality here, you have to have a very good defense in terms of security and the united states, in the united states of america has the best in the world. so nanybody suspicious to this country should not get in and maintain vigilance in it and seeing with the manifestation of two arrests. but we also have to have a good offense and one thing that we've learned, stuart, when we permit the enemy to have sanctuary bad things are going to happen. we permitted al qaeda to have sanctuary in the '90s and they
9:18 am
blew up two embassies and the u.s.s. cole. we didn't do anything and we got 9/11. two sanctuaries exist that the taliban have been using for 14 years, that's why the war is p protracted because we allow them to be used. isis has been in sanctuary since 2012. and as long as we permit that, they will be emboldened and attacks will increase in frequency. we have to have a good offense as well as a good defense. stuart: we'll leave it there. general jack keane, we appreciate it. >> good talking to you, stuarts. stuart: here is where we'll open in ten minutes. stocks, we were going to be up 150, 200 points. now it's maybe 90. first, however, bill clinton, an awkward response to an uncomfortable question about his past.
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look at this. >> juanita broderick, and are you going to--
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>> all right. here is what's going to happen in about eight minutes.
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the dow average is going up 120 points. the price of crude oil is 33 a barrel. that's the markets. let's go to the campaign, bill clinton avoiding questions about juanita broderick. and she accused former president clinton of raping her in the '70s. >> are you worried about the past might hurt your wife's campaign. >> i don't have any response. >> juanita broderick-- reemergence. what's your reaction-- >> a little awkward there. tamara, are you still with us. i think you should read the wall street journal today he takes a close look at juanita broderick. apparently way back when in the late '70s, early '80s, hillary clinton walked up to juanita
9:24 am
broderick and when it was known he-- she shook her head, thank you for all you did for bill, thank you for all you did for bill. that's intimidation and you know it. >> intimidation, and she was working with bill. stuart: she's the first lady of the state of arkansas, shortly to be the first lady of the united states of america, that's intimidation. >> well. stuart: and now hillary clinton-- wait a minute, now hillary clinton says these people must have a voice. they must not be silenced. what? >> now what's funny about this, all of a sudden the media cares about rape. all of a sudden, this is called politicizing rape and that's the sickest thing ever. where was the anger when ben roethlisberger was accused of rape and the campus rapes, no it's minimized. the statistics, there isn't a lot of this or that and women
9:25 am
are lying. so it makes it a bigger issue? no, all women, regardless of what they're doing or who they are, or who the man is, have an equal right to justice. and this is politicizing rape. now, on the second part of that, there's a lot of coverup in politics on both sides. you see with rahm emanuel in chicago right now. but that doesn't mean that this woman is telling the truth. maybe she is, but she's also-- she hasn't remained consistent, an affidavit. pulled the affidavit. stuart: a leftist calls the victim a liar. >> i didn't say that. she hasn't remained consistent. stuart: not telling the truth. >> no, not consistent. not consistent. stuart: i'm going to say it, it's been an extraordinary week on wall street. you just don't know where this market is going to go, do you? that's why you have to watch. later, president obama confronted by the widow of american sniper chris kyle during a town hall on guns.
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when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name yes, we are twins. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met.
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stuart: did you he attack? we stress that, $25 oil with eric bolling. we are almost bare with "the opening bell," they are ringing that bell. two people who are ringing the bell top left you conceive them like that, ken griffey jr. mike piazza one in the hall of fame. liz macdonald is here, scott shellady, and d r barton also with us. how have we opened up to start with? we are up. not much. in the early goings of the first 20 seconds we are up 50 points. ashley: better than yesterday. stuart: not much of of bounds. we are down 900 points in the past four trading sessions. >> if the world economy is really improving you expect someone to get a balance.
9:31 am
the great recession of 2009. stuart: you think oil goes down, stocks go down. >> a symptom of a slowing growth we have a round world. stuart: the dow is up 70 points. back to oil, scott shellady, $25 per barrel forecast by former oil trader eric bolling on this program. what do you make of it? $25 for oil. >> the $20 call looked good. gave me a shock that with saudi arabia, we couldn't cat a bit of oil, everybody downgraded the gdp and the oil will trade lower. stuart: that was your point. the whole world is slowing down. >> and committing raising rates four times in 2016 because they are worried about too many people working and that will create inflation.
9:32 am
the value of your currency doesn't come from prosperity. stuart: some individual stocks moving this morning. starting with apple. dropped below $100 per share taking $100 billion of thats market value in the past month. today it is up $2 at 98. facebook stock also below $100 per share recently. this morning it is still below $100 a share. facebook please. $99.59. amazon stock is down $90 away from its all-time high. where is that? stuart: give me netflix, another one took it on that sinn recently but it may be bouncing 116. not much of the bounce.
9:33 am
walmart had been higher for most of this week, close to 63, 64, 65 on walmart, the dow is up 110 points. we have a price of oil, still in the doldrums. no bounce back note, lost to royal dutch shell. the financials, and one% gain for most of the big games. any bargains? did you see any? >> not a ton of bargains. continued to avoid, the sound bite on the $25 oil. it was time to start bottom fishing in the energy sector. let's cross that one off the list.
9:34 am
the full back we have seen in big tech names the we talk about, facebook, apple, netflix, google, showing us that profittaking is going to happen and when you get into trouble in the portfolio in your account you take money off the table and big winners. and all of those have growth stories in place for this year. stuart: we have michael shaking his head. >> buying amazon, already priced in the global recession. and change in monetary policy in 2016, that will crash the dollar and why i want to start. if you start nibbling anywhere start nibbling on the depressed oil stocks. stuart: that is it for you. they fully --
9:35 am
>> my portfolio has been for quite some time, for many months. >> i have oil stocks -- 4% dividend on that. stuart: another issue to deal with is the jobs report at 8:attorney eastern time. pretty solid number, new jobs, that is the participation rate, it remains after a four decade low. doesn't sound much like -- ashley: 2% growth. others in that not exactly robust. it is still very high, no wage growth. stuart: it is 9.9%, the real unemployment rate. you don't think it is a rotten report. >> part-time job for obamacare, there is no employment gains in
9:36 am
this report whatsoever and saladin's of workers waiting to join the labour force that should be producing and inflation. liz: 2% annual wage growth, not a lot by lot, that is what chicago has been saying, two rate hikes this year, not four. stuart: who is trying to get into this? go ahead. >> we have a fed that is making decisions on the number of people working rather than what they should be looking at which is inflation. the average worker works, let them work, of the gdp is 2.2%. what i have to say is workers' lives matter. stuart: dealing with all kinds
9:37 am
of factors. a little bounce back after a rotten week so far for the dow industrial average dealing with the jobs report, pretty good number 292,000 new jobs and also dealing with the aftermath of china, set off a huge drop yesterday when they close their markets. what happened and last night? ashley: they took away the circuit breakers, the opposite of what happened earlier in the week, they took away circuit breakers, strengthened the you on. all of the settled markets, shanghai finish that 2% still down 10% for the week, and in the afternoon to stabilize. >> people's bank of china uses state-owned financial institutions to prop up the currency and the stock market. china took on 28 times increase in their debt since 2000 and
9:38 am
they did it to build on productive assets, bridges to know where and airports that can't wait any planes because the runways too short. china is a debt bubble, stay away. stuart: we hear that one. let me show you this sector's we follow frequently starting with technology. netflix alphabet, microsoft, twitter all up. not much but they are up. retail stocks are mixed bag recently. and target is up again, the financial institutions, where are they, goldman, morgan, jpmorgan, citigroup, all of them up but not by much. any bargain hunting among the banks. >> the increasing interest rate market, reasonably safe place to work like we were talking about.
9:39 am
things that are going wrong with the global economy. stuart: enthusiasm for buying anything. i am not picking up any enthusiasm at all, anybody want to chime in? we are only up 76 points for the dow industrials after jobs report, 67 points. >> net interest margin coming down the long yield curve is falling and short-term rates not a good recipe. stuart: netflix just announced yesterday that they are in 130 new countries including india and russia. >> and the middle east but not just china. now grand total of 190 countries netflix is operating in. here is the name of the game, they need to bring up local content that will appeal to
9:40 am
local individuals in the country, that could cut their net income in half. stuart: they are up in a down market. >> the news is 130 new countries. you would think it would pop it higher. stuart: some winners starting with walmart going to the list. >> the dow, the s&p, bucking a trend, and at the point, 300, 400 points. and the dow is still down 5%. and those are also, and the other two, there is good news there. and that is a real winner and that is a gunmaker.
9:41 am
and those stocks are up 130% over the last year but smith and wesson is up 10%, 11%. stuart: 10% this week. and if the president goes against guns up go gunstocks but they have been hurt. ashley: they got a downgrade. answer is selling guns to civilians. and -- stuart: politicians going against guns. here is an issue. donald trump wants up 45% tariff on items coming into america from china.
9:42 am
liz: there is a trade embarrassed -- imbalance in terms of jobs. the more -- against him as a pass through. and a 45% to jack up the price. liz: if you hit china with the tariff and print more money and the dollar goes up in value. stuart: wrap this thing up, we are open 12 minutes and not much of of bounds that for dow industrials up 70 points, we are down between 800, and 900 this week. it is friday morning, not much of a balance. baseball legend mike piazza is in new hall of famer and you saw him ring "the opening bell" on wall street. i am going to be talking to him, on this program very shortly.
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judge napolitano: the fox business network rising in the ratings. two reasons, one, they are good, shows anchored by stuart varney and lou dobbs better than a competition on their financial competitor cnbc. stuart: that was nice. that was bill o'reilly on a factor last night giving fox business and at the 3 especial shout out. we really appreciate that, thank you for your kind words. check the big board, this rally, whatever was is losing steam. now we are up 50 points having been down almost 900 on the week so far and this is why.
9:47 am
the price of oil is now going down. it is $0.12 but oil is getting perilously close to $32 a barrel and that is not good for the stock market. let's get to germany. reports of migrant rate gains in the streets and vigilante groups protecting women. it is the culture war. harsh culture war actually. just yesterday two iraqi murphy's were arrested in california and texas on terror charges, both with links to isis and syria. council on global security president kathryn walker, good to have you with us. it seems to me the culture war in germany and throughout europe is exploding. is almost a hot war now. do you think that could come to america? >> i don't think so. we are a nation built by refugees. all of us have refugees in our families or among our ancestors. i don't see us going that way as
9:48 am
that nation but i don't think it helps that the obama administration is skewing the threat assessment based on its own ideological biases. every program we have seen rolled out to address, quote, extremism has been focused more on right-wing extremism than the threat of isis. i think we are unprepared and people know that and it is making them angry. stuart: in america is there is growing tension between the majority community and the muslim minority. are you with me on that? >> i don't know. i feel like the anger is directed more at the administration because people know they are being lied to. that is the frustration i hear from law-enforcement, from people. they know the line being trotted out by the white house, this has nothing to do with this, people are angry about this. they know is not true. stuart: back to europe for a moment.
9:49 am
seems like the situation is exploding. new year's eve attacks throughout germany, we now find out there were attacks in finland, austria, switzerland. this situation in europe is exploding. how bad is it? >> i think it is bad and it is going to get worse. this is what we have all been afraid of, that europe could eventually go to the right, they have the potential, have a inert past and with bigger numbers that we are dealing with. it will get worse before it gets better and when you have politicians saying criticism of the refugees, refugees raping women, that will make people more bad. stuart: it is a revolt by ordinary people against the elite against political correctness. that is the case in europe and it is coming here because there's a result against political correctness in america
9:50 am
too. >> i agree absolutely but i think it will manifest differently in this country. i don't think you will see waves of americans attacking muslims. i don't see it happening. stuart: let's get that on record. we don't want that here. stuart: you are going to see it at the polls, i think you are going to see people voting for the politicians they feel like being honest about this threat and can address this threat. stuart: many thanks for being on the show. come back soon. ashley: a follow-up, out of pat chris bray, young women there, taking whatever means they can to defend themselves. and a great deal of talk that angela merkel will not be the chancellor of germany in the next election.
9:51 am
>> it is about common sense versus political correctness. stuart: who is going to tell me what i am allowed to say or what i can't say but more on that later. coming up marco rubio's thoughts on guns and the open carry law in texas. he is on the program in the next hour and the obama administration with new guidelines on food. they say eat less sugar and chicken. the government telling you what to we all over again. more varney in a moment.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: bet you are excited about this the obama administration is out with new dietary guidelines. sugar is bad, eat less chicken and mid meet not as dangerous as we have been told in the past. dr. kelly howard is here. eggs used to be bad, now they are good. are they bad again? >> when i woke up this morning i was afraid -- 5 cups of coffee. what came first? we don't know that answer, at a
9:56 am
is the winner, a chicken is not so great for us. i am still putting on salads. stuart: what is wrong with it? >> is classified as needed. according to the guidelines in 2010, it is a meat but we need limited in take because of the buffer of processed chicken. >> have the vegetarians and vegans gone control of the dietary guidelines. it sounds like it. >> it does. in 2010 the guidelines for cholesterol for a gift was less than 300 milligrams per day. now there's no numerical guidelines listed but they commentary, dialogue as far as what we can have. stuart: eggs co-pay, not so much okay if processed, red meat.
9:57 am
no surprise fish is going to be better for us. and i don't the there. high in saturated fats, high in sodium. however, there's a lot of criticism on there right now. and drinking milkshakes. you did. you confused the government. not this. those with ties to isis. presidential candidate marco rubio says we should not lead them unless we are 100% sure of
9:58 am
each and every one of them. my interview with him in the next hour, the second hour of "varney and company" street to minutes away. let
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: 10:00 eastern time. market is up. isis has come to america. two the muslim refugees arrest in california and texas. marco rubio response to those arrests moments from now. donald trump takes on hillary clinton over women's rights and bill clinton ignores the reporter's question about an alleged sexual assault. the widow of chris kyle, the americans sniper face-to-face with president obama on gun control. hour two starts right now.
10:01 am
and all kinds of factors involved. the participation rate is still extremely low and wages were virtually unchanged. as for the price of oil we are close began to a 12 year low, close to dropping below $33 a barrel. and apple is above $2. and facebook is couple, one investment firm cut its target price and that stock goes down 10% just like that. terror news this morning. two arrests in america, one texas, one in california, middle eastern refugees, terror charges tied to isis. i asked senator marco rubio about this earlier this morning.
10:02 am
listen to this. there have been two of arrests of muslim refugees in america planning terror in america. what new measures would you take to deal with this kind of situation. and someone was here illegally but looking for a job, but that issue is irrelevant in the twenty-first century, you have but radical jihadists group using immigration system against us. not to mention our vulnerability in the southern border. i have been governed by simple principles, if we don't know who you are and why you are coming you will not be allowed to enter the united states because this issue of immigration has changed. it would be a review of great
10:03 am
programs for immigration, the visa waiver program. and what will be about requirements to be substantially higher than we are seeing now. >> he is absolutely right. the enemy we face today, know how to manipulate the system and we are wide open when it comes to immigration and open to abuse and happening as we speak. i guarantee you. liz: this is not an attack on refugees but an attack on refugees who come in here or immigrants who got do not aspire to american ideals and standards. have to pledge allegiance to the constitution if you are a refugee. stuart: he said you got to know
10:04 am
100% who they are. stuart: later this hour. i asked about donald trump's proposal for 45% tariff on imports from china. we show you his response at 10:30 eastern this morning. we are up only 50 points. and it has only bounced back 50 points. black rock is a giant company of the enormous power in the marketplace. isn't that right? diplomatic answer. you got to tell us about china. the china market, have they fixed their market and what it does their market tell us about china's economy?
10:05 am
>> the problem with china, at the end of the day is what matters is doing quite well. we expected the slowdown going on for multiple years. it was nothing excited. stuart: you are telling us, something a lot of people disagree with. the economy in china has really slowed down and has taken a lot of other economies with it. you are saying not so bad, it is not that bad. >> if you were to compare what that country was going through, it slowed down to half that level, 11%, 5%, 6%, is not a bad level. there are significant problems in the chinese economy, sectors
10:06 am
of that economy a reading and too much capacity but there are other parts that are ignored. and the government and the forces that are keeping it again. this is not a booming economy but the weakness is in it. stuart: that is interesting. we are glad you are on the show because you are telling something we have not heard from other people. black rock. thanks for joining us. come back again. we have a very special guest with us this morning from the new york stock exchange, newly minted hall of famer mike piazza. i will ask what is the highlight of your career? >> obviously today my parents were inducted into the hall of
10:07 am
fame, a highlight of careers. major-league baseball player, that is the top achievement. stuart: i hate to interrupt a man like you. i remember the home run that you hit with the mets after 9/11. i thought that was the highlight of your career but correct me if i am wrong. >> that was a special moment. anybody -- it was a tough week. we were blessed to get back on the field and to have a big hit that night. anyone who was here knows that that was tough to get through, we were able to do that. stuart: you know why you are so popular? you are a great player and you have a smile on your face. do it right just like that. we got to keep going here.
10:08 am
stuart: financial analyst mike piazza, which stocks should not buy it. >> i don't know. apple, i have been on fire. it seems to be pretty safe. you are a great player and, great star, you know me? and kids are very expensive. i got to stay ahead of the trend. they are not she. stuart: why didn't you tell me
10:09 am
that? come to new york and sit next to me. >> give me tips, i need tips more than you do. how about that. the highlight reel, that is fantastic. i feel good. and you got to watch this. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. stuart: donald trump defended that ad on fox news and watch this. >> they called me sexist.
10:10 am
calling me sexist? i have no respect -- i have more respect for women than hilary duff as. i will do more for women if elected. i will do more for women than hillary will. with the rea is all an act, all free at trickle and the whole demeanor. the response to what they said about me, when they hit me i hit back. stuart: yes they do. >> i it is fabulous donald trump is taking the fight to the clintons, this is something the republican party has -- democrats have been able to punish the republicans on so many issues and gop candidates like mitt romney accusing him of murder at not paying taxes, this
10:11 am
is a time if republicans want to be energized they are ready to take on the clinton machine and donald trump is right. of the recurrent in has been hypocritical by protecting her husband, bill clinton who has been a serial woman abuser and that is something he is right on on this topic. stuart: before donald trump came along you couldn't run an ad like that, you could not have done that, so politically incorrect. trump is leading an anti political correctness revolt. >> this is something the gop has year and 4 by candidates that are swayed by the political rules, and for donald trump to take on the clintons. the trumps, they're beating up
10:12 am
on you. >> i don't think they're beating up on me because first of all you are saying i'm a gop establishment, we have this argument every week. i am a conservative latino woman. don't know where you are going, but that is an establishment, kind of interesting. i have friends in the gop establishment and on the conservative side too. fascinating to see where the site is coming up. more candidates, part of the gop establishment, their way of sounding a bit more nontraditional and it is once again the gop with their yearning for. we don't want the clintons to come back and bring their cover, see what we have seen with the scandals. someone needs to take iman and i give donald trump credit for being able to say if they call me a sexist let me point out
10:13 am
bill clinton was involved. he had to settle with special prosecutor, he was disbarred, he was impeached. we need to make sure we don't forget those messages and our society has evolved, it has changed and they want to hear from women who were raped or sexually assaulted by the president. stuart: i will never call you establishment again. but do come back soon. thanks very much. and a town hall on gun-control. he is asked a question by chris kyle, >> don't stop these things from happening. i want the hope and the right to protect myself.
10:14 am
10:15 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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10:17 am
stuart: we did have a rally and now we don't but that is not much as they say. why is this happening? the price of oil is at $32 a barrel. we are at a 12 year low. oil down, stocks down. that is what happens. low widow of chris kyle, the americans sniper challenges president obama on gun control. roll tape. >> most of us in this country feel like it could happen at any moment to any of us at any time. i want the hope and i hope i have the right to protect myself but i don't end the being one of these families. >> some criminals would get their hands on firearms even if there's a background check, someone may lie on a form. somebody with intent to commit a crime that they don't have a record that shows up. stuart: i want some commentary on that exchange. joining me is former special ops
10:18 am
guide jason beardsley. i am pretty sure you saw the whole thing last night. what is your response to that exchange? >> great to be with you. it is great to see the widow of someone who served this country having a voice in this dialogue and what she expressed was hope, the right that is guaranteed to was by the constitution, there are those who sees this as it not a right but a granted privileges. when you see this as the president does as a granted privileges make sense to die due those rights with that privilege when they are offended by the use of this so the abuse of that right in some places does not mean the we lose that guarantee. stuart: the president did say over a longer period of time, 10 or 20 years, if you put in some small controls now you reduce the level of gun crime, gun
10:19 am
violence over a very long period of time. what do you make of that argument? >> sounds like a lot of theory. in reality, our founders, madison, hamilton, washington, jefferson, what they were working on was experience, the basis of how other governments do it this, will boost to decrease circumscribe these rights to the most narrowly defined limits possible, what they knew was the original right of self-defense was important to liberty, to defend that right means we don't look at theories 10 or 20 years on the future but evans of the past. stuart: i am inclined to say that the exchange, the tone of the exchange was exactly where it should be. very contentious issue, life and death issue, constitutional issue but discussed last night in modest terms. there was not an expression of
10:20 am
violence he emotion legion that sense i thought that was a good exchange ended the debate. >> fantastic point. we see an hon. widow of a service member having a judicious conversation with the president. the president to his credit allowed her to speak, heard this, did not have to invite her in to this forum and what you said, this is the debate. we could have that forum in america and we could disagree but we could do that with gentility, civility. there is comedy in public discourse, and in this place. stuart: you can come back any time you like. thank you. massive -- we have a story for you. massive fraud in the public-school system, allegations of teachers using drugs with students, we are on it next. you both have a
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: dare i call this a wild week for stocks? "cavuto coast to coast" down to start with. backup only a little right now. the individual stocks moving all over the place. facebook dropped below $100 a share, backed up nearly at $100 a share. new allegations that employees in the chicago public school district engage in fraud, even used drugs with students. ms. harrington from the washington begin is reporting on this and has details. extraordinary allegation and i believe it was placed by the inspector general in chicago of
10:25 am
public schools, teachers use drugs. >> the inspector general release on the public school system. and the ceo having engaged in a kickback scam. and the teacher's assistant who was arrested with 18 pounds of canada's and another teacher who was arrested for smoking marijuana, and a security officer eliciting teenage high school girls for sex, other officials stealing from the cheerleading school funds to salvoes online or taking it with them and other officials use the impasse, kids' show for the first day of school, we should reward them for being good
10:26 am
students and they tried to sell the online. lots of bad behavior going on. stuart: a lot of examples here. can you draw the conclusion that this bad behavior so to speak is really widespread in chicago school districts? can you make that assumption? >> from reading the report and obviously this -- lot investigations, you do see a pattern here of lots of not seemingly qualified individuals getting positions in the school system and the right actions were taken in a lot of cases. stuart: didn't the teachers' union in chicago go on strike or threaten to go on strike and broke the back of chicago's finances and what was given inert contract, that is reality. >> they are threatening to strike again. this report adds to deport state of affairs of the public-school
10:27 am
system. the union, going after rahm emanuel as well. it is a bad position that doesn't help their standing for the rest of the nation. stuart: the worst pr for any major city i can imagine. thank you very much for joining us. donald trump wants to get tough with china. you wants to put a 45% tariff in all imports from china coming to america. marco rubio calls that an attack on america. you will hear from him in a moment. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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10:30 am
at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was stuart: the stock rally really fizzled. it was not much to begin with. near a 12 year low. gift to the 32-barrel just a
10:31 am
moment ago. stocks not doing much. boiled down. $1.98 is the national average. most survey, cheapest gas in america. averaging $1.69 in that fine state of missouri. the police chief of cologne in germany has re-signed. this is all about the new year's eve sexual attacks. ashley: that is exactly right. the police department and this particular, the head of the police department admitted they were overwhelmed by what had happened. eighteen of the 31 were refugees. nine out gerri ends. five iranians and for the reasons. there were five cities.
10:32 am
finland. very coordinated. the cultural mood has shifted in europe feared. >> oh, gap. now we have a group of vigilantes. stuart: negative development. very bad. donald trump. goods from china. slap it with a 45%. i asked marco rubio about that this morning. >> donald trump is adjusting we place a tariff tax on the products coming in from america on china. what do you make of that? >> i certainly am not a fan of what china is doing. a tariff is a taxon america.
10:33 am
we sell products that are made in china. that means your business will suffer. also the american consumer. a tear if is not paid by the exporter. the buyer will pay the tariff. i think the best way to protect them selves is the best way to protect ourselves and make the american economy stronger. we cannot control what they do. let's reform our tax codes. let's reduce regulations. let's allow the export of oil. let's deal with our national debt. let's do the things we need to do to strengthen the economy here at home. we will not have to import as
10:34 am
much from china. >> i want more of this. come on in. congressman bill johnson. republican from ohio. that was very precise. what do you make of it veered. >> i can tell you what the how you is. he is starting that national conversation. he is pointing out the sense of urgency around the trade implications that we have with china. whether it be steel. other goods that have been dumped here in america. a disadvantage. i think what you heard from senator rubio makes a lot of sense. there are unintended consequences. i agree. we cannot let china continue what they are doing.
10:35 am
we need fair trade. >> would you put any tariff on chinese imports or exports here? >> i think that marco rubio makes a very good point. american producers. on american businesses. we have to look at the unintended consequences of that. we need robust policies that protect american workers. donald trump is starting the conversation. i think senator rubio has some pretty sound ideas about how to address this in a larger context. a stronger economy. we are in control. we are leading. that is really what is this all about. stuart: you do not want a trade war. >> you do not want a trade war. i have said this to you before,
10:36 am
stuart. tax reform and regulatory reform are two of the most important things we have to do to not only shrink the size of the federal government, make it less a true seven and effective and efficient. make american workers more competitive on a global scale. stuart: you do not want a tariff on chinese imports to america. >> not a 45% tariff. >> 10%? 20%. >> i would have to look at the total issue. i cannot put a number on what that needs to be. the chinese will not just sit there and say okay. they will do something in return. therein lies bad trade war. that is what we want to avoid. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it, serve. big social media companies.
10:37 am
talking about fighting terror. what is it all about? >> how the social media companies, how they can combat terrorism. those people that use their platforms to recruit terrorist suspects. tim cook of apple has said, the moment we stop softening the encryption, the only thing that hurts is the good guys. stuart: the social media people say we are keeping encryption. the president says, no, open it up. >> it looks like maybe only tim cook from apple is going. it is clearly an indication that the government does not believe. the government feels that it is not doing enough to just monitor this at nvidia. they really had to get out the big guns.
10:38 am
the national director of intelligence. loretta lynch will be there. isis is threatening 9/11 attacks on the u.s. silicon valley is being asked to do more. stuart: checked the big board. this market could go anywhere. oil goes down $32 a barrel. i think that market will go down, too. ross gibbons is with us. you say do not panic, but by apple. make your case. >> there is a lot of great buys out there right now. apple is just one of them. one of the greatest companies in the world, to be honest with you. 150 billion offshore. the market is just wrong on this one. there is no way to sugarcoat it. you are a brave man. a guy that says that the market
10:39 am
is dead wrong on this one. not often we hear that. >> somebody has to say it, stuart. there are some smart guys on wall street. right now, the crowd is kind of winning. stuart: here is another one you like. berkshire hathaway. make your case. >> we saw something very similar to this back in 1999. people kind of abandoned the traditional. if you look at 2015, the same thing happen. we saw netflix's and amazons. meanwhile, burke scheier is down 28-30%. i have the opportunity to invest at 120% book value, it is a crazy market. we are on air every week trying
10:40 am
to figure out what is going on. i think buffett probably has a better look at this than i do. stuart: that is another story. icon enterprises. not familiar with this. what do they do, who are they? >> publicly traded entity. one of the greatest investors of all time. he obviously runs a big hedge fund. icon enterprises. he had, you know, probably one of the worst years of all time for him. a fantastic investor. created more millionaires than google has. the stock up 40% last year. you do not want to be holding last years winners. here is a great opportunity to get into that. stuart: all right.
10:41 am
ross, thank you very much indeed. we will see you again soon. bill clinton confronted by a reporter. dodge is an uncomfortable question about his past. we will be back with that. ♪
10:42 am
♪ stocks of. the dow is down about 5% for this new year.
10:43 am
right now the dow is up. 15,539. employment report. the s&p 500. looking at some of the dow winners. apple has in up area. of 97.61. microsoft. dupont. also winners. also a ladder. a new low. it is about 10% today. american eagle. holiday sales are weaker than expected. start your day on fox business 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti and i are here every day to get you started. ♪ tives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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stuart: there is no way you can call this a rally. up 14 points. 850-point drop. this is no bounds. this is no rally. the price of oil keeps going down. sit it. they have broken a three-day losing streak. not by much. of $0.31.
10:46 am
bill clinton ignoring a reporter when asking a question about the resurgence. the woman who accused him of raping her in 1970. roll tape. >> are you worried? >> i do not have any response. >> this comes one day after juanita tweeted this. i was 35 years old when bill clinton raped me and hillary try to silence me. now 73. it never goes away. that is strong stuff. there is more. a "wall street journal" today. what hillary tries to do. right after this incident,
10:47 am
hillary walked up and grabbed her hand and looked in her eyes and said, thank you for all you do for bill. kept a hold of her hand and said it again. thank you for all you do for bill. it was flat-out intimidation. telling him to be quiet. now hillary is saying they must have their voice. >> absolutely true. stuart: how does hillary deal with this? >> there was never any admitting of guilt. there was a settlement. there was a campaign going forward. i think that the right is very smart to seize on this. she has gone out there and been a spokesperson for it. i come ultimately, would point to bill clinton's popularity. these are issues that have been
10:48 am
settled. i would say that there is a whole generation of voters. they do not know about any of these women, but monica lewinsky. it is an opening. i do not think it is enough of an opening. they are not talking about maternity leave. >> a good representative for women. she has supported legislation. then the primary backer of legislation as well. it has push forward the woman's agenda. a big, big deal. >> monica crowley was on this program yesterday. she says that hillary will not
10:49 am
be the nominee. just roll that tape. >> responsibility that she will face an indictment. she will become rather toxic. i think that there is only one person that really matters here on the democratic side he had that is the president. i do not believe the president wants her to be the nominee. stuart: that is interesting. >> i have tremendous respect for monica crowley. i think that she is wrong right now based on the way that i see things and also being a democrat. having a feel for what is going on. joe biden would have been obama's pick. barack obama is a winner. he wants to win. i am politically savvy. a strong chance that what we
10:50 am
have of winning an election. we will be making some rough forms. doing exactly what he is doing against isis. stuart: that is a winning set. we are out of time. thank you for joining us. a violent sexual assault. assault, plural, several german cities. the accusers say they were attacked by young muslim men. maybe the political correct type did maybe it is turning in europe. maybe here, too. my take on that coming up. ♪ tucson.
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>> a big fan, stuart. thank you. stuart: way. way. you know me? are you kidding? >> i have to stay ahead of the trend. they are not cheap. ♪ stuart: a huge fan of stuart
10:55 am
varney. that is great stuff. lori rothman. lining up for lottery tickets. >> i got mine. did you get yours yet? you are putting me on the spot. all of my relatives that are sure to come out of the woodwork. the odds are 300 million to one. i come up or you or anyone else actually wins this jackpot. this is a powerball. that 165 seems downright. this is the largest in history. no 11 last wednesday. the next wrong is saturday night.
10:56 am
he has never had more business. first-time buyers. if you win and choose a lump sum for $128 million after taxes. you can choose annual payments of $23 million for the next few years. >> you are not going to share with me. >> they do come out of the woodwork. thank you so much. freedom of speech. telling me to get the heck off of it. you are beginning stewart's take on that at the top of the hour. how about this. democrats campaigning for donald trump. the third hour of varney is just
10:57 am
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stuart: germany opened its doors to 1 million migrants. it was a humanitarian effort. they were welcomed with open arms. the mood has shifted. a 180. no more open arms. the welcome mat has been with john. keep them out and send them back. that is the message of the day today. the turning point was new year's eve. violent sexual assaults. now in finland, two. over 100 young women. europe is in uproar over this. it has relevance here. the elites in europe suppressed the story. being in any way critical of muslims. it is politically incorrect. the attacks went unreported for days.
11:01 am
essentially, the truth was avoided had ordinary people were kept in the dark. doesn't that ring a bell here? how often have you felt that politicians and the media were tiptoeing around issues? if you disagree, you will be shut down. you are a racist sexist bigot. america is doing a 180 on political correctness, two. voters here are demanding free speech. they want direct debate. direct free speech. in germany, that outrage over the new year's eve attacks have reached such an point that angela merkel may not be reelected as chancellor. it has propelled donald trump to the top of the polls. deliver it late, politically, incorrect. he is right out front. here on this program, our assistance has doubled our viewers.
11:02 am
all good. ♪ stuart: breaking news. it related to what i was just saying. what has been going on there. this follows the new year's eve term. ashley: resigning after taking a lot of criticism. handling these attacks on new year's eve. north african descent. the police have admitted they are completely overwhelmed. doing very little to protect the women. thirty-one arrests. eighteen were refugees seeking asylum. it was not just go along. there were reports of similar
11:03 am
attacks in switzerland and austria. they were able to prevent those attacks. the tactic used here by these refugees -- >> if you are going to lead in these refugees, you have to make sure that your police forces are ready and can handle it. >> who are they? stuart: that is who they got. ashley: so far. there will be more to follow. free speech and politically incorrect. i think the pc type is being turned back. i think that turning back the pc tied is the most political
11:04 am
development in the last six months. they do not in a lot of these countries. does it change the human dynamic? the attacks on new year's eve. attacks across a wide range of cities that you just talked about. it is a clash of cultures. a theocratic believed system. they have done this in the middle east. you disrupt the culture. 1.1 million people. how do you pay for them? what about the economic cause. what others pay for.
11:05 am
>> all of that leads to the people. they can sit there and tell me this feels good. i have a problem with the treatment of women and gays within islam. why can't i say that? going against the make believe world. there is a huge problem with islam. what they do with their children. the people have said enough.
11:06 am
>> i would be fanned by the human rights commission. to how with them. a cost on society. >> we would not be here. stuart: thank you very much indeed serve. thank you. moving on. headlines from the jobs report. that is one of the headlines. not just new jobs created. that is a new one. 62.6% participation rate. that is a decade low. that is bad. >> carter era lows. a lot of them are retirees. the u.s. could turn upside down like japan. in terms of the expensive government. not enough workers to pay for them. individuals not getting the job.
11:07 am
not good. also four men and women. that is the issue. stuart: thank you. federal authorities. two men accused of having ties to isis. what is the latest on that? also coming back and lying. three elements of trying to provide material support to extremist. one of the california suspects was a refugee from syria back in october of 2012. he had been writing on his social media pages. eager to seek love. apparently, he had to go to syria. they are already here. >> thank you. another bounce back.
11:08 am
up 18 points. down over 800 points. why is the market like this? the price of oil is down again. $32 a barrel. there is that tight relationship. some individual stocks, notably, apple, $97 a share, as we speak. facebook right at 100 earlier. now it is that 99. up a buck. still below $100 a share. how about gap. cutting the target price on the stock. down it goes. if it fits. may have broken a losing streak. twenty-one. a dreadful year. dreadful week on wall street so far.
11:09 am
i think the tally is we're down about 850 points. we are only up 15 now. this is an ugly trend. >> it is a welcome trend. corporate earnings which really drives markets. they have not done anything in 2015. we do not expect the fourth-quarter to see any positive growth. especially with the energy sector being down so significantly. why am i paying for earnings that are not really moving anywhere? seventeen and a half times the earnings streak. i am a little bit worried that they pulled back. >> there is extreme anxiety out there. i walk around in all and all kinds of people come up to me. i said, look, i do not know what will happen.
11:10 am
the opening trend is pretty bad. i try to read between the lines of what was said. the immediate period ahead. >> not in the immediate term, no. we do have a strong consumer. we do have consumer spending. the job market, overall, creating a lot of jobs. the housing market is doing well. the consumers like cheap gas. earnings have been beaten up for the last year. by the second half of the year, we will see it turn around somewhat. stuart: traditionally, you get out of stocks. traditionally, you may want to get out of stocks. push them into bonds. you cannot do that today. you do not get much. >> market timing never really
11:11 am
works. a lot of people sold yesterday. today, the market is coming back a little bit. zero interest rates. i think people forgot about what risk really is. investing is where it is that to really build wealth. stuart: last one, karen. if you are in your 40s, think about retiring. not a bad time to buy. >> i would say it is a great time to buy. you are in it for the long haul. get out there and start an ira. you may be 20 years old. i do not care.
11:12 am
[laughter] stuart: thank you very much. two democrats. donald trump. with us. i will say why in a moment. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: we are off five points. oil at 32. next story. an update on powerball for you. it is much bigger. how big is it? >> it still has time to grow. 800 million. stuart: the powerball drawing is tomorrow night. >> a billion dollars. it is 70% of winners. you have a computer pick.
11:16 am
the controversy over four l.a. lakers tickets. this is a massive lakers fan. he bought four tickets last november. thinking this could be kobe bryant's last game in l.a. this was before he announced his retirement. kobe bryant announced his retirement. he paid $149. what happens? he gets an e-mail from stop of where he bought the tickets.
11:17 am
everyone is outraged. he was given tickets to the game. >> instead of investigating fantasy football, how about investigating these sites. >> how unusual that that happens. i use these sites to buy concert tickets. stuart: former democrats. rachelle richardson. better known as youtube stars for democrats. diamond and solely. well known for their outspoken
11:18 am
support for donald trump. they even show up on the campaign trail with him. welcome. lovely ladies. i will start with you, diamond, if i'm going to call you that. that is what we need. that is why we will be voting. >> he is a uniter. he will be the one that helps. have you turned off hillary and
11:19 am
other democrats? we are asking all democrats and independents. they can go. see to it is rare that we have seen such gung ho support for donald trump. let me ask you this. how many other people in the black community share your views. >> a lot of people share our views. a lot of people in the white community. the latino community. listen, he will be the next president of the united states. everyone needs to get on board and get behind our man donald j trump. stuart: this sounds like you are doing a you tube video right now. [laughter] donald trump.
11:20 am
mexicans with rapists and criminals. how do you feel about that? >> you talked about a legal immigrants crossing our borders. we look out. what do we say to the families? they have been gunned down or killed by illegal immigrants. you come into this country. common legally, not illegally. is the white house secure? america's house should be secure. we finally found a man that will get the job done. stuart: i am scared to death with you ladies. [laughter] you are killing me. youtube videos. do you have a lot of use? can you make any money out of this? >> we have gotten a lot of use. it is not about money.
11:21 am
it is about who we want to be the next president of the united states. people switch and you can switch your party to vote for donald j trump in the primaries and general election. stuart: you are brilliant. you pack so much into 90 seconds. i talk right off the top. this is how i feel. i have passion about what i am talking about. that is what we love about donald trump. he is passionate. plain and simple. stuart: not the republican nominee. if he does not make up for what ever reason, who do you support? >> i do not support anyone but donald j trump. rough publicans can win an election. you can go ahead and whip hillary or bernie.
11:22 am
>> that's right. [laughter] stuart: can you stay for another half hour? that was terrific. thank you very much indeed. i guarantee you have a lot more views on youtube because of this. how do you follow that? stuart: up next. bill clinton's special history comes up again on the campaign trail. you will see president clinton's response or lack thereof next. ♪
11:23 am
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:27 am
women made up 54% of up to that in the last election. so president obama got women's vote, beat mitt romney. he needs to move that higher. gop women officials advising donald trump's campaign, dial it down. they don't want hillary clinton to get sympathy vote. monica lewinsky scandal showed hillary clinton's approval ratings moved up 11 points at that time. stuart: do republican women want donald trump to soften up on going after bill clinton and juanita broderick or less of it? >> they don't want it to be about sex scandals. they want it about security. they want security moms to come out to vote for the gop candidate. stuart: good point. thanks very much indeed. candidate rubio says, president obama wants to take your guns
11:28 am
today. the senator was on the show today talking about the texas open-carry law. he is up next on that. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. stuart: dow industrials down 42 points. you can blame one thing entirely. that would be the price of oil which is now at 32.70 and
11:32 am
falling. watch out. to politics, my next guest has an article, rice of dooms day conservatives. divide among american conservatives. one side says the country has serious problems. the other says, we're on the verge of collapse. jim guarranty of "national review." apocalyptic right, disaster right, doomsday guys, how strong are they within the republican party? >> i think there is a large and growing segment. i watched this with a certain amount of unease because i don't think most folks on right, there would be broad agreement the country has great problems. you hear people saying we have no border security. well, no, we deported couple hundred thousand people last time. four years back we deported 100,000 people. if we have no border security, what are all the geismaring around the border in uniform? that no one speaks english anymore.
11:33 am
according to census numbers about, 92% of the americans speak english well. stuart: cataclysmic right, put it like that, doomsday right, exact opposite of ronald reagan is it? ronald reagan was mr. sunshine. things will get better. outlook is terrific. these guys are the exact opposite. >> i suppose every candidate worries about seeming too naive, a seeming too optimistic and cheery at a time the country feels down. i understand job numbers were okay. ultimately most americans feel like they were doing particularly well. san bernardino, paris, rice of isis, we don't feel like we're in safer country, but at the same time title of trump's book is crippled america. the country is bleeding out. stuart: are you saying trump is doomsday right? he leads the doomsday right. >> taps into sentiment more than anyone else. stuart: how about ted cruz? >> he is getting there.
11:34 am
incident earlier this year where he is speaking audience in new hampshire and he says, the world is on fire! the poor 3-year-old girl says world is on fire. yes, but your mommy and i will help fix it, things like that. he is echoing secretary of defense chuck hagel who said the world is on fire. on one hand good to have clear-eyed view of challenges before us. i just feel like this apocalyptic country is on verge of collapse tone alienates people. you come across as chicken little or like doomsday prophet. stuart: sounds like outsiders, trumps and cruzs of this world they're leading the republican party at the moment and they're the doomsday right. it is establishment republicans are on the other side. they're not winning the battle within the republican party. would you say the balance is like that. >> i think that is the case. who is doing worst or most disappointing so far this year amongst those who are still around not counting walkers and perries and jindals. stuart: jeb bush.
11:35 am
>> jeb bush. gallup has him with higher disapproval ratings than approval ratings among republicans never mind independents and democrats. why is that? jeb bush is most status quo candidate of all. seems least doomsdayish. stuart: not so much the doomsday scenario people are picking up on and wanting to go with, it is anti-pc. donald trump is not politically direct. talks about things nobody else even mentions. that is the source of his popularity, not whether or not he predicting doomsday. >> he taps into a lot of this. the other problem when trump talks about these issues a good portion of it, say 65% of the his base you could say, standard concerns about immigration, about a simulation of -- assimilation of immigrants, border security, points like that. there is section of trump base are unhinged and ugly in their centsments.
11:36 am
have you heard the term human biodiversity. words i won't use on fox business channel, get you guys in trouble. go on twitter, go on social media. you see this folks openly concerned about the changing demographics of america. conservatism works for anybody. you don't need a shade of skin. doesn't care what your ancestors were. stuart: good point. fair point, jim. wish we had more time. that is a fair point. jim guarranty, everyone, "national review." appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: i say, this is me, number one issue for millenials when it comes to finance is the problem of their student loan debt. with me now is the author of a book called, "the broke and beautiful life." that says a lot in the title, doesn't it. lady who wrote it, millenial financial advisor stephanie o'connell. stephanie, would you agree that is the biggest problem facing 20-somethings. >> i think it is a massive problem.
11:37 am
why is it a problem? millenials can not afford to keep up with payments on the debt because they're not making enough money. mean mean earnings of 25 to 35-year-old after inflation has dropped in almost every industry. millenials have been underemployed since becoming employed in the post recession economy. stuart: weak employment prospects, that comes first. overlaid with the student loan problem? >> exactly. stuart: where are we going here? no sign wages will improve significantly in the near future and every sign the student loan problem increases? you're right. we have to take personal responsibility for income potential. foster additional streams of income. improve skill set to be more in demand to command higher salaries. up to individual responsibility at this point if we want to bring your earnings alignment with today's cost of living. stuart: irfresh out of college. i haven't got a job meets ability to pay student loan.
11:38 am
>> yeah. stuart: what are you telling them? find another job or extra job or improve your skills or whatever? >> absolutely. all those things. stuart: that is kind of vague though, isn't it? >> is it? i did it myself. i used to make $20,000 a year, tripled my income, taking skill set, refining it bringing to market with demand. the problem we have skills. but we're not applying them in arenas where they're in demand like coding. here is an example. we're in need of coders. young people are not being trained in coding. stuart: they're not going into it. not whether they're being trained or not. they're not going into the field. >> indeed. they have a transto continue training with low cost and free resources. you don't have to rely on college education to be trained. you don't havespend a lot of money. stuart: that is the message. don't go to college. >> not go to college. stuart: it's a bad investment. >> you need critical thinking skills and acquire new knowledge. once you have the skill you
11:39 am
continue to learn for the rest of your life. college grads on average, even with student loans do make more money than those who don't have a college degree. that said, we have to think critically how we're applying that degree in the real world. stuart: all right. i will take your word for that. stephanie o'connell, thank you very much for joining us. need more time. >> we will. >> thank you very much. earlier today i spoke to senator marco rubio about gun control. here is what he had to say. yesterday president obama said to some degree he failed on guns because he hasn't gotten more control on firearms. what new controls, if any would you put in place? >> i wouldn't because these gun control measures do nothing to prevent violence. if you pass a gun law, law-abiding citizens will, they're going to follow the law, whatever the law is. criminals by definition ignore the law. that is how they're criminals. these gun laws are going to do nothing to prevent violent crime.
11:40 am
president says impetus for measures he took were mass shootings we've had in this country. not a single one of them would have been prevented by any of the things he is proposing. what you have here is solution that doesn't work. you apply to the problems he claims are the impetus for these measures and they don't work. he is obsessed with undermining second amendment. even if his solutions do nothing to prevent gun violence he will do it anyway. that gives you insight how anti-second amendment this president is. stuart: how do you feel about texas, new rule in texas where you can walk down the street openly carrying a rifle? how do you feel about that? how do you feel about guns making their presence very much felt openly in texas? >> well, i think there is nothing unsafe about that. i think an open-carry law is safer than concealed weapon, people know you have it. stuart: is it intimidating. >> why would it be intimidating? security guards have that now. police officers have that now. people today already carrying.
11:41 am
as long as it is well-secured and person knows what they're doing i don't see harm ordaininger involved in it. every state will make the own decision what they want their laws to be in that regard. i am personally not against open-carry. i don't think anything wrong with law-abiding citizens the united states are responsible gun owners. people we need to worry about are criminals going around doing this sort of thing. stuart: i will repeat i do feel a little intimidated if i see rifles carried in the street, how about you? >> i do too, stewart. we grew up in england with nobody carries guns. police officers and security officers carrying weapons, they're supposed to. stuart: yes. >> when you have every citizen with rifle shrunk over shoulder or handgun very prominent on his belt or her belt i do find that intimidating. >> for a guys brought up in england revelation. >> it is. stuart: i love this country. how did voters respond when they saw president obama in tears over gun control?
11:42 am
find out. we cover it next.
11:43 am
iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks taking a turn to the downside over the last hour or so. now for the week the dow is down 5.6%. at this moment the dow is down 4points with a loss on the s&p 500 of nearly eight points. energy is one of the reasons here. we're looking at names such as exxon and chevron. it is worst sector today right now.
11:44 am
we're looking exxon, chevron both down right now. exxon down 1%. chevron down 1 1/2%. apple, everybody loves apple, hitting highs. they say they're not making as many iphones with the supplier. still below that $100 mark. wall street analysts are lowering their targets on apple across the board. electronic arts, looking at that name. segment on "star wars" battlefront. that is up 2.2%. tune into fox business every day. lauren simonetti and i get you started.
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11:46 am
stuart: want to get reaction to president obama when he teared up over gun control. the response in blue, that would be democrats. the responses in red are republicans. and the responses in yellow, the lines are for independents. roll that tape. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [applause] stuart: lee carter from ma lance ski and partners. you did survey. you ran voters in front of screens there. it was clear to me that democrats loved what the president had to say and republicans did not like it. but that yellow line the
11:47 am
independents, that intrigued me. what happened. >> i think what is so fascinating, story is how independents are responding. not surprising democrats love him. not surprising, couldn't see line of republicans because it was so low but independents dialed down. i heard from folks -- stuart: they did not like it. >> they did not like it. stuart: independents did not like president obama tearing up on gun control? >> they didn't. they questioned whether or not it was true. people who are trying to make decisions about how they feel about it, a lot of people think it should be gun safety, not gun control. you know what? he is not speaking for me. they just shut down. they really question his authenticity, and authenticity is one of the things most critical to a leader. >> that is fascinating. up next we have donald trump on guns responding to the president. roll that tape. >> he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns. i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast. so fast. [cheers and applause]
11:48 am
stuart: looks to me like democrats hated it and republicans loved it and so did independents. >> it is story of gun control, independents are siding with republicans on issue of gun control. whatever statistics are saying, what we're talking to folks what we're hearing back, listen it is a right. we need to be reasonable about it. let's have compromise. say we still have our guns. let's be clear about it. we want this issue to be rational. what trump did here. i find trump so fascinating. he took nine seconds to say what other republican candidates are saying in 55. it is so, i will unsign that so fast. he didn't have to get into detail. he has art of sound bite like i ever seen anyone, nine seconds. all the clip was. it resonated off the charts. stuart: i have time to run this one. marco rubio on same issue responding to president obama. roll that tape. >> this is very significant executive action that he has taken. it is detrimental.
11:49 am
it undermines the second amendment. and it is part of a broader narrative, that this president is obsessed with undermining the constitution in general but the second amendment in particular. he is obsessed with undermining it. it will do nothing. stuart: strong with independents again. >> yeah. so the issue here is no matter how they communicate it, no matter what their style is, we are seeing that independents are tracking with republicans. and i think it is so important that people understand it. democrats if they want to enter to engage in this debate they need to become more moderate and understand what the other side is thinking. stuart: that is fascinating. congratulations. >> thank you. stuart: lee, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: two people have been arrested. they have ties to isis. one arrested in texas. another in california. after the break, a guest who says apocalyptic islam is the greatest challenge we face. you pay your car insurance
11:50 am
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stuart: wait a minute. what's this? breaking news on nfl, football. ashley has that. >> mike piazza with baseball. now we're on to the nfl, announcing they will live stream all three london games next season. this london thing is starting to more and more games are being played there. by the way we now know that apple and google will be among bidders for rights to live stream those games.
11:54 am
stuart: that is the story. >> it is now becoming an interesting phenomenon that we'll be seeing these live stream games. stuart: from london. >> from london. apple and google want piece of the action. stuart: thank you very much indeed. now this, federal authorities arrested two men with ties to isis. one arrested in california, one in texas. both of these men were born in iraq. they came here as refugees. joining me author of the book, the first hostage, joel rosenberg. joel, the premise of your book that isis and iran, they want to bring about the end of the world as we know it, it is that kind of cataclysmic. make your case. >> well, radical islam is bad enough. president won't acknowledge it. radical islam are people who want to kill, use violence, to drive the infidels, the west out of their holy lands out of the middle east. that is radical islam, bad. al qaeda, taliban, hamas. apocalyptic islam which is the center of this novel, the first
11:55 am
hostage, they don't want to just attack us but annihilate us. this is leadership of iran. leadership of islamic state. they're driven, animated by ancient islamic prophecies tell them if they annihilate jews and christians and other infidels, and build a caliphate, a kingdom they will bring about their messiah and build a global islamic kingdom. this is significantly, substantively different than al qaeda. stuart: is that what ahmadinejad, the previous leader of iran, he spent a lot of money waiting for the return of the 12th imam. >> the 12 imam the shia version of the madi. the 12th imam. you're right. he is first one that brought western attention to this because he used to pray at end of his u.n. speeches, oh, lord, hasten the coming of the promised one. people thought what in the world
11:56 am
is he talking about. we began to study it, began to study it, es can togy, end times scenario inspires iranian and isis leaders, not all muslims but leaders of these two states to try to foment genocide. stuart: if you foment end of the world by slaughtering the infidel en masse that brings back the mahdi? >> that is their belief. isis believes you build a caliphate and kill with the sword and ak-47 now and start taking land and hold it. the messiah will come. iranians don't believe you build caliphate. you build a path to nuclear weapons and kill people later. stuart: this is novel. >> it's a novel. stuart: joel rosenberg. you're on best-seller list. joel, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: thank you, sir. tonight, 6:00 eastern time, "making money with charles payne."
11:57 am
right at the top of charles's show, latest round of fox news pols released right there. find out if donald trump is still in the lead. that's 6:00 p.m. tonight. march varney in a moment.
11:58 am
marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. may not always be clear... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor
11:59 am see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> guns legally. not illegally. our borders need to secure. don't you secure your house? >>? yes. >> white house secure? >> yes. >> america's house needs to be secure. we found a man that will get the job done, baby, donald j. trump. stuart: they blew us all away. youtube stars, lynnette hardaway, rochelle richardson, passionately supporting donald trump. blew me away. >> more than passionately. they were tremendous. great television. stuart: work so well together. >> they rehearse, they said no. perfectly in sync. stuart: like to find out other
12:00 pm
views. >> find out more after being on your show. stuart: stole the show. that is terrible thing to do. neil cavuto. take it away. steal the show. neil: that would be like having steve moore, chief economist at jpmorgan together like back and forth, back and forth. stuart: i'd love it, frankly. neil: that was awesome. thanks very much. we are following a not so awesome, more like crazy day in the dow. i know this sounds a little crazy. i will show you these numbers here. we've been all over the map. we had a jobs number which was off the charts better than expected. almost 300,000 jobs created. so that was apparently taking the monkey off this market's back. now they're whining about, wait a minute, that means the federal reserve could tighten. these ungrateful sobs. this is what they do. wait a minute, they do commercial. anyway, anyway, we have latest what is going on. it has been a win sawing marke


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