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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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dissident minority idea into a majority idea is if a society has the space to think. >> the space to think. that's worth bye. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. did north korea detonate a therm no nuclear bomb or did it no the north koreans today are boasting of the spectacular success of its first ever hydrogen bomb test. the explosion created a 5.1 magnitude seismic event which is modestly stronger than the last north korean detonation, but u.s. officials say they doubt the north koreans have a hydrogen bomb. >>he initial that were reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test.
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there's nothing that's occurred in the last 24 hours that caused the united states government to change our assessment of north korea's technical and military capabilities. >> but even if the north koreans did not explode a hydrogen bomb, there is no doubt that kim jong-un's unpredictable regime did carry out a highly provocative nuclear test. is there any radioactive fallout? why don't we know if the koreans exploded an h-bomb that is exponentially more powerful than fisson bombs? and also we look at the republican candidates battling it out on the campaign trail now. and they're in a bruising round of tough talk and more than a few insults. rubio after cruz, kasich after everyone. christie after rubio, fiorina after them all, donald trump taking aim at rival ted cruz,
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he's concerned and concerned deep by will cruz's citizenship, suggesting cruz's roots may be a problem if he were to win the republican presidential f nomination. >> it's a problem for him and for the republicans -- let's assume he got a nomination. the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two, three years to solve. how do you run? >> isn't that nice to see one candidate concerned about the problems of another? even if helping to create some of those problems. it's getting tough out there, like i said. former reagan white house political director ed rollins is the guy to help us sort it out. the standoff in oregon over federal government abuse of power and the rights of ranchers has stretched into the fifth day. the local sheriff says the anti government activists who took over a federal wildlife refuge near burns, oregon may face charges when the seize is over. one protester says he is ready
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to die free rather than going to prison? i will be talking with republican congressman greg walden of oregon who says the protests have gone too far but he hears from the farmers and the community, and he says the government has gone too far for far too long. joining me is major bob scales and k.t. mcfarland. let me start with the test. why don't we know whether or not the north caroliincom north kora hydrogen bomb or do we know and we're not saying? >> when they bury a nuclear weapon, they test them deep under ground, they do it because they want to disguise what the test results are. they are called radiation sniffer aircraft above it.
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they don't detect plutonium or fallout. historically what has happened -- >> you're scaring me, you know that. >> yeah. >> as sophisticated as we are right now, with all the imaging, and sensing -- >> we may not know. >> the devices that we have, and 250 miles in space -- bob, aren't we a little more -- i can't believe we're not more sophisticated than that? >> we are, lou. in fact, my sources tell me it came in at about 8 to the kiloto kilotons, it wasn't a hydrogen weapon it was a tridian booster test. but it also, my sources tell me -- >> boost it? >> yeah. boost it. >> there's nothing funny about these bombs, but it -- i'm sorry to interrupt.
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>> my sources tell me it was ended in a fizzle. it wasn't as big as they hoped. then again it was still a nuclear weapon. what we look for next time in a month or two is them testing a missile. this missile which has a range of 4,000 and 6,000 miles, capable of reaching hawaii and alaska, this is sort of their, you know, their double whammy to essentially extort the west, to shake down the united states. >> but we've seen this since bill clinton. >> of course. >> we're no more sophisticated -- by the way, the north koreans have to be watching what president obama has done with the iranians saying i think we can extort this guy. >> they do it. the north koreans have a crisis that they manufacture every january, february, march, they're running out of food. they have a provocative action, the word says don't do that. they get bought off.
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they stop the provocative action, they get the goodies they want. and the cycle starts six months later. >> let's turn to china, which is not influencing or constraining north korea and it's experiments with at least it appears this time fision instead of fusion, and their alliance with russia, there seems to be no strategic response on the part of the united states government either military, national security. the president doesn't address the issue. >> all we have left now is to play defense. there's very little you can do with this -- with these guys. china won't do anything. they have a gross national product of $16 billion, 4 of which goes to defense. what type of sanctions are you going impose on that?
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>> i'm not suggesting sanctions, at least a discussion. consideration by the best strategic minds, the scholars in this country, geopolitical experts by what is and seems to be an obvious looming serious geopolitical partnership between china and russia and they can lead us out -- amongst other places, afghanistan and syria, and this president seems to be playing around. >> we will get push around for the next year where every country decides this is their moment to do something. what we really need to do is immediately start a missile defense program. president reagan started one in 1983, successive presidents cut it back. as we look at north korea, iran with nuclear weapons and missiles that can hit the united states, the only thing we can do is missile defense. >> bob scales, you get the last word. >> i think k.t. is right. you can't play offense anymore. you have to play defense. unfortunately this
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administration has cut back ballistic missile defense to much in the last seven years that we got to restart our defensive missile program otherwise we're vulnerable. >> major general bob scales, k.t. mcfarland, thank you both. it's about the constitution and freedom itself. last night we told but this congressman's emotional appeal on the floor of the house of representatives. >> we have a real problem in americ america. >> congressman greg walden of oregon joins us tonight to talk about a conflict almost as old as the country itself. he joins us next. you pay your car insurance
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. congressman greg walden, his district includes the wildlife refuge currently occupied by a group of protesters. congressman walden serves on the energy committee. congressman, great to have you here. i know these are difficult times for you, for the folks -- >> they are. >> -- in the county, the hammond family. i want to say to you, what you said last night on the floor of the house, in my opinion, did more to set the record straight on the conflicts that are there.
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and how those -- the history of those conflicts between the government, government management agencies like the bureau of reclamation, bureau of land management, interior department and ranchers. i want to salute you for that i've been critical of the congressional delegation, the senators of oregon for not stopping this deal. you gave all of us some hope that reason and some considerable power will be brought to bear here on behalf of the hammond family. >> thank you, lou. if people want the full text they can go to your website or wherever and see the comments. i intended to give a five-minute speech. 20 years of standing up for these people in eastern oregon flooded over me, and i went almost a half hour. >> right. >> what i was trying to say is -- >> was a terrific half hour, i will say that, too. >> what the protesters -- how
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they've gone about this they've gone over the line. they really have. but what people -- what they've done is allow this issue to get to the national and international level, where we can finally have a discussion about the overarching, overreaching, often arrogant federal government, mismanagement, lack of management of these federal lands where we have these enormous fires and everything. >> let me boil down some of what you're saying to a few words. amanda marshall, u.s. attorney, she's gone. she's the one who came back demanding that the appellate court overturn the sentences of both dwight and steve hammond. >> right. >> she is -- i think the woman should be investigated. i think she should be prosecuted for what she did to two american citizens. i will say further that the prosecution team should also in my opinion be investigated. this is such a lack of ethics.
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the trial judge, as you know, stood up and said three months and one year, you could tell from reading -- at least i could -- from reading the transcript, he thought that was extraordinarily punitive. then for the appellate court to come back and slam people who are doing burns on their land and the federal land that they had grazing rights to is obscene. >> just to put it in perspective for viewers, carney county, oregon, population 7,000, one person for every 1.4 square miles, it is a land mass larger than the entire state of maryland. this is high desert plateau. very, very few people out there. it wasn't like they were lighting a sage brush fire going up ravines in los angeles and destroying homes. the judge said had that been the case, a five-year minimum sense would have made sense.
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in this case he said it was eighth amendment violation, it was wrong. we need to change the statute. >> need to change the statute, and this president and you know -- i got to be honest with you, i can't imagine this president giving enough of a damn to do the right thing. the right thing is not what happens in this white house. >> wait, though. lou, i want to say you're right in terms of the pardon, the clemency, though we should appeal for relief, did he have this ability. in the neighboring county, same type of folks, same type of ranching, culture, lifestyle, he is threatening -- we're told they won't be open about it -- to declare a new national monument and lock up 2.5 million acres without public involvement. he could help dampen this down by saying i won't do that. i promise you i won't, and not do it. >> congressman this president -- i have to say to you -- we're in the final hours of this presidency. this man is showing every day
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what he is and what he is not what he is not is a compassionate and reasonable person who would care about the rights of those two ranchers. i can't imagine him giving a whip. >> here's the other thing his agencies could do. in order for the ranches to survive, they own 6,000 acres, the hammond ranch. >> the hammond family. >> because this is so sparse country, it's not the lush green -- >> high desert. >> high desert plateau. they lease other ground from the federal government and they pay for it. those leases need to be reinstated so that susie hammond, the wife of dwight hammond who is in her 70s, alone on a ranch, at least her husband and son are gone now, can continue to ranch and survive. she does not need the extra punishment of having the grazing leases taken away as well. there's no reason for that. >> here's what should happen, in my opinion. you and the rest of the congressional delegation ought to be on the phone to the u.s.
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attorney's office in oregon, you should be interceding, intervening in this case, and anyone who says it's a criminal case and that's inappropriate is a damn fool. the reality here is these are two men in jail, it's -- every minute they spend in jail is an injustice. it's one that should not be tolerated in this country. >> lou, i'm not an attorney, i was journalism major. here's the problem -- this has already been appeal to the ninth circuit and to the u.s. supreme court who refused to take it. the ninth circuit said you have to impose the statutory five years. >> they're damned fools. if you're an attorney or not, congressman or senator, it's time for people to talk straight. they're damned fools, they don't care about two american citizens. it's got to stop, it's got to stop soon. it's so outrageous. obviously outrageous. >> the other piece of this is -- i talked about this in my
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speech. in this county in 2000, bill clinton threatened a monument. we said, stop, we'll write legislation, we did. >> and it worked. congressman, i can't go -- >> for a while. >> what congressman walden was about to tell you is the bureau of land management and other agencies tried to screw up everyone in his district. he stopped it. at least most of it thank you, congressman. we'll take it up later. up next a few thoughts on the greatest gun salesman whoever lived, at least in this whoever lived, at least in this country. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media.
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oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. a few quick thoughts on the president's latest fiat? mr. obama announcing executive action against guns with fanfare today, exploiting willing supporters, surrounding himself with the family members of some killed in shootings, all of them arranged as political props for
10:24 am
a president who has become incapable of reason and persuasion on seemingly every issue and who can't build national consensus on difficult and controversial matters and who instead declares unilateral fiats that are undemocratic of the peoples will and all the while he plays the part of a ten-horn dictator. the president allowed tears to roll down his cheek when talking about newtown and barely mentioning the city of chicago, his hometown. the murder capital of the country year in and year out. this just might be a first for him to mention chicago. certainly with a tear rolling down his cheek. the president wiped away his tears long enough to slam critics who say his latest fiat is an assault on constitutional rights. >> no matter how many times people try to twist my records around, i taught constitutional
10:25 am
law. i know a little about this. i also believe we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the second amendment. the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage now, they can't hold america hostage. >> that's not only pathetic rhetoric, devoid of meaning, america is hostage to a lame duck president. with his latest fiat on guns, i believe president obama is making criminals out of thousands of americans who sell guns by his decree to expand background checks. through such action, he has become the greatest gun salesman in the history of this country since he took office, the shares of smith & wesson and ruger are up more than -- you are ready for this? have risen more than 900%. to put that in perspective, the s&p 500 gained about 140% over the same time period. in 2015, the fbi conducted a
10:26 am
record number of background checks on gun sales. more than 23 million. including 3.3 million last month alone. merry christmas. this president is ending his reign as he began it -- seeming to pose a greater danger to the rights of american citizens that he should be serving than to the enemies of the nation. and that -- that is a sad, sad legacy not only for mr. obama, but for all of us. our quotation of the evening, this from thomas jefferson who said a bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference. it's not guesswork, it's our constitution. it's declarative. we're coming right back. donald trump exhibiting rare confidence. the donald says he can turn this kind of enthusiasm into votes.
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>> nobody is ever leaving me. i can be the worst person in the world, they're not leaving. >> lo and behold even some in the national media are beginning to like him. we'll find out whether that group includes ed rollins, not exactly liberal but he's in the media, and he is next. on the floor! everybody down! nobody move! on the floor!
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news contributor ed rollins. happy new year. >> happy new year. let's start with -- let's start with -- let's do it. let's start with donald trump who said, quote, unquote, they're starting to get it. they're starting to like me. he's talking about the liberal national media. >> no disrespect to mr. trump, i don't think that's true. i think people are starting to take him seriously as a candidate but i don't think there's any love affair, or they will take what he says -- >> he didn't say love. he said like. >> like is a big move forward. >> sure is. it's a big move forward for anyone in the national liberal media to put up with somebody without distorting them. the thing about the national liberal media, he has done it better than any other candidate -- maybe chris christie a little more, too he puts his fist in their nose every time they try to screw with him. i've never seen a candidate stand up and do it like he's done it. >> he doesn't flinch. this is what he wants to say,
10:32 am
saying in his ads what he's been saying for months now. to a certain extent, that's his appeal. how long that lasts, we'll see. >> i want your reaction to this, this is hillary clinton talking to -- have we got that? have we got that? we're getting it. chris matthews, he asks what is the difference between a democrat and a socialist and gives her an opportunity to say do you want to answer the question or don't you? here we go. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? is that a question you want to answer or would you rather not? >> you'd have to ask -- >> i'm asking you. you're a democrat, he's a socialist. would you like somebody to call you a socialist? i wouldn't like somebody calling me a socialist. >> but i'm not one. >> that's the difference between a socialist and democrat. >> i can tell you what i am. i'm a progressive democrat. >> that's all cleared up. what do you make of that. >> i would call her socialist. that's what a progressive is today.
10:33 am
a socialist thinks if you earned your money, they need to take it away from you and give it to somebody else. the difference with bernie sanders, he's more extreme. never backed away from -- he ran as a socialist when he first started, continues to run as a socialist, he wants to tax 92% -- >> what makes hillary hard to label is she wants all the bankers money and then she wants to tax them all and break them up. >> shame on the bankers. that's all i can say. >> you got that right. >> let's talk about cruz. he seems to be making a move here. rubio is now the candidate of the establishment. they have really just gravitated to him. maybe he and christie. where are we going? >> the three people that are left that are serious with money, organization what have you are rubio, cruz and trump. obviously all three of those are outsiders. and so the establishment people are all gone. christie is making little run in new hampshire, but i don't think
10:34 am
he goes much beyond. >> i have to ask you, how are you an outsider if you're the senator of the united states, you have the chamber of commerce roundtable's money behind you. i'm kind of hurt. >> it's like the socialist. you can be a progressive if you run against a socialist. of the players that are left, the bush people, the establishment people, and christie to a certain extent. the last two people anybody would have said -- the two young senators from florida and texas, but i think -- trump is just turning the whole game upside down. but i think reality is they're both tea party guys. >> all right. we got caucuses coming up. do they matter? do they matter in new hampshire in five weeks? who wins? >> i think at this point cruz would win iowa. he's got the organization, what have you. trump needs to come in close
10:35 am
second. if he comes in third or beyond which it is now starting to look like he may. if you go to new hampshire, some of those socialists may vote -- some of the democrats in boston that come across may vote for bernie sanders. i don't think it matters. >> i ask you these point questions, you tell me they don't matter? >> they don't matter. they don't matter when we quit talking about it and start talking about delegates, who gets more delegates. >> you're always ahead of me. appreciate it. ed rollins. joining me now, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. good to see you. happy new year. let's start with saudi arabia telling both iran and the obama white house to go to hell. severing diplomatic ties with the iranians. your reaction. >> welcome to 2016. in my little crystal ball that i
10:36 am
inherited from karnac, if you remember him -- >> i do. you and i may be the only folks who do. this will be a bad year. around the world they'll exploit obama's last year in office. as our president turned away from traditional allies in the middle east, the new king of saudi arabia had to get tough. the united states is not backing. he had to show that he was tough. so they do execute this cleric, this shia cleric for sedition. iran gets mad. the iranian sponsors the burning of the saudi embassy. it's just another -- >> i love the fact they said that was an act of extremism. they had nothing to do with it. >> at the beginning of this year, with that awful 2015 behind us, we have to stand back and look at what we got. we have a new kind of world war within the islamic world, between the shia and sunni. within it, there are all these
10:37 am
proxy wars, civil wars, varieties of terrorism. all of it is related. it's getting so bad now that we'll see the iranians double down. their response won't be a direct attack on saudi arabia. the saudis are already fighting in yemen, syria, elsewhere. >> they don't want to destroy -- let's be straight. the saudis and iranians are two countries that have infrastructure worth preserving. they can be torn up with a hundred billion dollars of damage with rocket attacks on either country. >> they have different fears. the saudis are afraid, despite the equipment they bought from us, military equipment, that the military will be exposed as being having trouble coping in
10:38 am
yemen. >> the saudis are not terrifically advanced. they have a miniscule military compared to the iranians who have a huge army. >> they have a lot of great equipment, they don't have a strong sense of service, duty, military affairs. the bottom line in this, lou, as we enter this new year, it will get worse, not better. the fact that our president has not only disengaged from our allies, but he is so -- he's like a child with a raggedy teddy bear. he is wed to this nuke deal that he and kerry cooked up. he's so -- he's gripping it so tightly that he won't do anything to stop aran because he iran because he's afraid it will jeopardize the nuke deal. meanwhile the world is going to hell in a hand basket. >> thank you for telling it like it is. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. thank you, sir.
10:39 am
president obama doing it again, boosting gun sales dramatically even as he announces his plans to limit gun ownership. >> it gets me mad. >> we have begun the year that the president said he wouldn't waste.
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there are some in the liberal national media who can't comprehend the trump phenomenon. more than 8,000 people showed up to trump's rally last night, braving temperatures in the teens to get there. that's a typical trump event. the "washington post" described it as absolutely mind boggling. joining jo well, it's boggle time. i get a kick out of the fact that apparently the "washington post" got the clue before the republican establishment. >> yeah. what i love about trump he seems to aggravate all the right people. all the people i want unnerved seem to be unnerved by him. that works out for me. i don't know what surprise is. why people are confused as to what people love about him.
10:44 am
he's straight up, direct, entertaining. do you want to sit in a room and listen to hillary clinton? you'll fall asleep, or jeb bush? this guy is charismatic, entertaining, he makes you laugh. he says things that are blunt that people are thinking at home. that's why they're there. >> there are people who say blunt things at particular times when they fit the particular moments. spiro agnew did it, well scripted scripted, but he did it, donald trump is doing it we won't see somebody like this again quick limit it's him, only him, and only he can get away with it now. >> you pluck from history two rather -- let's say -- >> i love agnew references. there's not enough. lou, i do think -- that event in lowell was notable. it's below freezing, it's at night. he packs the place to the rafters. >> the response of governor
10:45 am
christie, show time is over! who starts a show with show time is over? >> ridiculous. i don't know what to make of the people who call themselves establishment candidates. >> nobody has figured out how to take him on. the one guy who may have figured it out and not doing it is ted cruz if donald trump wants to win iowa, he needs to go negative against ted cruz. >> i think that's correct. >> i don't know if it matters about winning iowa. huckabee won it. >> yeah. >> santorum won it. who did they end up being? >> i love when people talk about iowa, like it's an indicator for the country. the pulse of the nation. i don't think it matters. i don't think it will help him to go negative on ted cruz. a lot of that negativity from other candidates to ted cruz has only helped him. it's hard to shake them when it
10:46 am
comes to his sense of reliability. >> is it a two-man race now effectively? >> it is. iowa will determine that to some extent. but the difference here is the rules that the republicans once had on how to pick a presidential nominee have changed. >> what will they do, adopt a democratic model? >> no. what i'm saying is there was more control. you have room for different kinds of players. ted cruz winning in ira is liow likely based on today's data. >> if trump loses in iowa, and depending on how he loses, if he does, his lead in new hampshire is not necessarily impregnatible. if he goes down there, it could be a big deal for his candidacy. >> trump, vulnerable, likely to lose, despite lead? >> it's not a national primary. the most reputable poll in iowa, he's ten points behind.
10:47 am
i believe he's more focused on that than you are. if he wants to win this nomination, he has to fight for it. >> i think that's probably true. then it becomes a matter of what is he working for. iowa has meant nothing in the last two cycles. why should we assume it means anything at all. >> both of them have more staying power, cruz and trump than rick santorum or hike huckabee. >> also more interest in them as personalties and candidates. >> that's a good observation. they have more staying power and people will be looking to see what trump does among the base of that republican party, which is evangelicals and others. >> what's the impact of this president with a tear rolling down his eye, on to his cheek, talking about gun control, making a big deal. it's as if the man has absolutely blinders on to the foreign policy, to the challenges, to the issues in this country and the pain that exists for millions of americans. >> and to the constitution, and
10:48 am
to the peoples second amendment rights. he does not understand the concerns people have about his executive overreach. the fact that he has no regard for the separation of powers. you can talk about background checks, you can have these conversations wi s wits with pe. he's not getting anywhere with congress, that's why he is going around them. >> he doesn't have the right to go around congress. >> but people look at that and say if this president can do that on an issue that i potentially i agree with, another president can do it on an issue that i don't agree with. >> you're getting to the point that i'm very concerned about. that's the republican party content to let this guy continue to press the outer limits of the imperial presidency so the next president, a republican, will have the same permissions. i say to hell with that. we need to reign in the power of this presidency, whether it's a republican, democrat, independent, whomever. >> not a new problem.
10:49 am
>> new or not, it's where we live at this moment. >> by the way, the extension of the federal government into our lives in ways they were not intended, republican or democrat. >> where will we get some men and women with the integrity to constrain power rather than seek to continue to expand it. rich? >> they won't do anything. they won't do anything meaningful. the only meaningful action taken against these unilateral acts is in the course which has blocked his unilateral executive amnesty. you started the portion of the discussion saying what does he get from this, the president? emotional self-satisfaction. he gets to feel better about himself, about supposedly doing something. even though these measures are merely symbolic. since 2010 and losing congress, this is the only way he's been able to govern. >> if he ever possess eed it, hs utterly lost the ability, talent, desire to actually
10:50 am
persuade people. >> never had it. >> reason with people. >> i don't think he never had it. >> why isn't the national media stepping up and saying enough. >> they're dancing around on foreign affairs and the failure to contain terrorism, but they won't say it. >> most of the national media supports him on this issue. they want him to succeed. >> they're in the tank farm. >> a tank that i hope gets markedly smaller. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> happy new year, guys. terrorists have a reason to visit chinaone of china's count. this is super. local businessmen and villagers spent $4.5 million to build a gold golden statue of a communist ruler. that's serious investment.
10:51 am
it's 120 feet high. the statue stands out from the rather plain surroundings. but even more so when you consider it was built in the middle of an impoverished rural village. i suppose that the communist government there might call that aspirational. historic. but expensive. and you don't need to be near a mountain to be caught in an avalanche. surveillance video capturing unsuspecting pedestrians walking by when snow started falling off a roof. it quickly turned into an avalanche. several people were buried in the snow. two women were sent to the hospital but they're okay. we are pleased to report. that's stunning stuff. whoa. very lucky people. up next, for the first time ever, donald trump paying to get his message across? are you kidding? he doesn't have enough air time? now his buying it? former trump adviser roger stone joins us next. you will want to hear what he
10:52 am
has to say about it all. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was
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went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree.
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i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. joining us now is former donald trump campaign adviser, roger stone. he has worked for presidents nixon and reagan and author of the recently published book "the clintons war on women." good to have you here. >> thank you. >> let's -- in lowell, massachusetts, donald trump is talking right now. we understand that donald has
10:56 am
been interrupted four times by protesters. i'll tell you, i witnessed one of those looking here during a commercial break. he was enjoying the interruption and the protests and the way the crowd reacted. he has a natural gift, it seems to me, on how to deal with all of these issues. there's no grandstanding, he's never perplexed, it seems. he handles it, i think, as well as one can handle such a moment. >> it's all instinct, too. in other words, he is uncoached. he is unscripted. he's free-wheeling donald trump. he's his own strategist, campaign manager, message maven and it's worked. he built this enormous lead in the polls. >> i have to ask you that, he puts out this ad that shows -- if we have this video, i would like the audience to see this again. people running across the border talking about border security, building the wall, his first
10:57 am
paid tv ad. and it turns out it's morocco. it's not the mexican border. immediately his campaign spokesman says, well, we're just showing what the border could look like if we continue at this rate. it's the kind of -- there it is. you know, it's the kind of just amazing, to me, flexibility, the ability to pivot on a moment and capture the advantage. >> if you look at this tv spot, it hammers the issues that made trump number one, immigration, trade deals where we're getting ripped off, isis and the rise of terrorism and obama's seeming inability to deal with it. trump is demonstrating alpha leadership. the country is desperate for alpha leadership. that's why he moved to the front in the polls. >> alpha leadership, he's having trouble with women. women, you know, they like the beta gamma -- whatever you would call obama.
10:58 am
soft and mushy. you know, he may be taking your guns away from you, but he's doing it with his voice low, a lot of bloviation and blather around it. do you think that will continue to sell to women voters? >> i don't. i think trump will do fine with women voters. they have a secret weapon, ivanka trump, who can promote his deep belief for equal opportunity for women. i think he will do well with african-americans and hispanics, because it's aspirational. trump stands for prosperity, for growth, for full employment. >> how about cruz? >> i like ted cruz, but he has not been in the senate long. i wonder whether he is not another career politician. he sounds great, he has a ton of special interest money in the bank account. i wonder if he would follow through. >> i don't know if career politician describes hillary clinton. she's sort of an
10:59 am
institutionalized politician, has been there forever. how does he stack up against her? they're within the margin of error in the last poll. >> the way you beat her, the reason that trump is the only candidate that can beat her, you have go right at her. no hillary, you're not an advocate for women, you abused all those women who have accused your husband of sexual abuse. no, hillary, you're not honest, the clinton foundation is a $2 billion global fraud, a slush fund for grifters. you have go right at her. trump has the courage to do that. >> and bubba out there on the trail boosting his wife today. is that going to work? >> i think it's a mistake. i see the mainstream media is trying to deflect questions of bill clinton on adultery, he's been accused repeatedly of rape and sexual assault and hillary clinton has bullied those women.
11:00 am
when voters learn that, they will this october and fall, it will make a huge difference. >> roger stone, always good to talk with you. >> nice to be here. good night from n [ dynamic music plays ]


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