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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  January 10, 2016 8:30am-9:01am EST

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wayne rogers recommendation. wayne, we love you and going to miss you like crazy. ford is up 20 percent. >> we loved wayne so much. cashing in will a tribute coming up. wayne, god speed. neil is now. the world on high alert for another global bear. should it be on an even higher alert for certain russian bears? everyone may issue a threat and the paper tiger and welcome and will china landing more planes on one of the disputed man made io islands there and jerry willis saying look out. countries often move mill tarly and we often pay a price.
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we're happy and honored to have jerry. if you're wounded, you deflect. >> look at the hand. we want you go focus on what we're doing. >> i see what you're saying. go ahead. >> you understand what i mean, were right? you need a distraction for those that are suffering. that's what happened to germany in world war ii. what can we do? well, we can go out and attack other countries. that's what is going on here. >> well, that's the case and it's going get worse. it's the deflation and russia is through the roof. the top larty is through you the
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roof. there's something to it, and it's probably going to get worse. >> i think the german analogy is wrong. >> hey. >> let me make my point. they attacked and the bigger point here. >> when hitler came to power they improved the economy and then the attack. i think the bigger problem is when the u.s. or any global you power as they did this europe stepped away. they did it and stepped away and looked the other way. we looked as we're doing it and then away. we're looking away and that's all. germany -- >> we're all going to same way. adam, we also look the other way. okay. fine. welcome to the show. we also look the other way on the chinese, you know, taking over and rebuilding the islands and then landing the military and passenger jets on them.
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>> well, i don't think -- the point that i would make is first of all these are concerning things and we're challenged from a foreign policy perspective under a president. i would just say that the chinese and the russian's are being consistent. i mean the chinese have been on the global expansion for quit some years and when the economy was tough. putin was behaving like a kooth. is this new and hard to understand? i don't think so. >> you're making my point then. it's not my economy stupid. it's the fact -- >> yeah, i think since he you grew the beard, he lost his mind. >> ben, i want to get your take on this and whether we should worry if the more disprit and let's say russia becomes. what do you think?
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>> ke with answer -- they call and this is how we answer. china is already in a state and then and it's it's 20 years before that. they're in a high state and russia is a different story. it's ran by a cope as my friend pointed out and there's no pattern unveiling the other countries and yes they changed everything. when they invaded russia and began as eastern and then the disaster, they were in a state of high. >> we all remember from it and we all remember the markets are crashing. >> of course, there's one thing. when a world power is generally
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accreted and engaged. >> just to get china there. it's lost the train dollars and margret value. >> now, the people are going to feel that and going to be missed off. how do you deflect it? >> i don't put them in the same as russia right now. it's invasive. i they there worst. i tell you that a year ago they were asked. i am telling you. they won the economy and it's going great. >> it pains me. this pains me to say this but i agree with charlie because the point that i would make. with charlie, you're not going to like it. >> because of the mustache of yours. >> the chinese are behaving rationally. the chinese believe that the last 200 years was a world
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power. they have signalled this. they have been doing this and we're going to expand throughout the pacific and africa and anywhere else that we plead. >> they bought themselves a lot of deals and this is a little bit different and a little bit and it will test to the war. by the way i know that china is doing well and they have the population and half of it is driving a mercedez and the other half is on bicycles. you have to be careful. that's a powder keg. >> the fact that there's a lot of people on bicycles has nothing to do with the foreign policy. they're wildly more than it was ten years ago. it's still a country that's on the out swing in a big way. that's higher than they were. it's a military treat to the u.s. at some point down the
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road. >> you can whistle past the graveyard but not here. >> i think that we would be really making a big mistake. my point is that while we're ut canni cutting it, it's a mistake. i think that it's on the part. >> they're making the condos out of islands. >> i love the military spending. >> then you're making my point then. i think that it's more and more military. >> what you're saying is that this has to do with us. we're cutting it. >> i completely agree. i completely agree. completely agree. >> i think that there's foreign policy and at home market is one of them. if you think internationally and not to send a message to the allies and people that you don't get along with, but the people inside the country. >> don't you think you that ben stine is whistling past the
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graveya graveyard. >> when i want you to talk, i will tell you. this is a trend that he does not appreciate. >> you just put the words in your mouth. >> you're not worried about any of this. you're not worried about it. the entire faith kingdom with the fake numbers and the fake job growth and statistics. that's a house of cards and they're saying well, they have the mercedez. >> it's not like a house of cards. it's a huge economy. >> it's a fraud. it's an illusion. it's a hollywood movie set. >> i am worried about everything but china as the economy is a bliss for the u.s. >> anybody worried about that? >> i will admit that i am
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worried about adadam. >> yeah, i am worried about this. >> yeah, it's a problem because the economy is a tall room. we should not have the worry about the chinese economy. >> don't say that i did not warn you guys ch . enjoy the life. in the meantime is there time for hillary and bernie to be piling on. >> no bank is too big to fail and no banker is to important not to jail. >> if wall street does not end the greed, we will end it for them. >> today on forbes on fox, two eastern refugees arrested in a terror sweep here in the u.s. is it time to take a
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test. i am uma and now back to more business. here is a new year's resolution that i will keep if elected president. if wall street does not end the greed, we will end it for them. >> you will not find a president that will be tough er. no bank is too big to fail and no banker is too important not to jail. >> i think that someone wrote the same speech. they're out vowing each other
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and the week was the week of going on the tirade. >> for the recovery because main street has not benefitted and try to get a lane and the lighthouse. >> you do not like the president, do you? >> well, i have a question with the policies. again and again it's just -- i admire that. >> you let a lot of people down. this is one area that you let a lot of people down. the bottom line is a scene. >> where are they doing it very well? >> we're going fine the held out of you and then they give hundreds of billions of dollars and everybody gets the pound of flesh and then they get zero. zero. >> what do you think? >> well, if you want me to take what the two i hdiots say, i wi.
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>> did you just call them idiots? >> yes. what they're saying is idiotic. wall street guys did not go to jail because a democratic looked and could not find a case. banks were too big to fail because the democratics in congress and obama administration got together and created big banks and by the way, wall street made a lot of money because there was no policy and because we lowered the interest rate and that helped anybody with money in the markets make money. that's it. what they're saying is stupid as my grandmother would say. >> you i guess that we're done here because charlie has it figured out. >> i disagree with that. i dare you. >> what do you think adam? >> well, we're beginning the de democratic primary. >> you don't think that's --
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>> yes. >> didn't you just hear what was said. >> i think if you yrate what thy say. >> you have to look at the news and going out and then the picks. no the secretary is taking it and it's down 800 points. they still go out there and i'm saying that you have to know and pick and choose the spots. >> the voters do not care. did they attack and why don't you attack them. liberals attack donald trump. >> why don't you just go to the garbage that they're saying. >> i deploy it to wall street. >> yeah, we know what's going on. they're offering and then they know what it is. >> ben stine, what do you think of all of this?
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>> i don't get what mr. sanders and clinton are saying. what did wall street do wrong? they're an important factor and allow americans to use the savings to buy into income streams and become business parts ners partners to some of the best in the world. they're highly paid and so are plastic surgeons, real-estate agents. this is just few sour grapes. they did not do anything wrong. >> here is what they're saying is wrong. it's so stupid and saying that banks lent money to people that could not pay them back. banks were stupid and part of a whole bubble and that somehow is fraud for giving people money. >> they should not have borrowed the money. >> they're saying that they did this deliberately.
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>> by the way, jerry will you pipe down? what are your thoughts on this? >> i agree on charles. >> which charles? >> mr. payne. the reason is the practical affects that have been put on and laid on to the industry. people cannot get loans and, you you know, they can not talk about the the banks that they want to do business with and the red banks and blue banks have gotten out and there's a lot of players. >> did the banks do anything criminal? >> i am asking her. i am not talking to you. >> i am talking about consumers. >> there's nothing criminal here. >> they're going to create a lie and they're going to help them. >> that's why he grew the beard.
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> >> it's perfect time to grow the beard. for the big debate for the first one of the new year and fox business has the honors again. we're going to pick up where we left off with the last debate. this one is going a little bit further. issues of terror, economic security, china. it's unfolding like a cheap suit. now, i would like to say that we like to do the math on this show. oil prices are down about 40 percent since the airlines hiked the fares. why are they hiking the fares now? down
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all right. does this add up for you? for months, oil prices down more than 40%. that's from the last timele they hiked fares in june. i checked with the airline industry to find out that's their biggest cause and they are hiking on. ben, you fly a lot, mostly private. are you insulted? >> i don't fly mostly private. ment i'm talking to a gentle man who flies private. it is price fixing. they are allowed to do it but not allowed to fix prices. they are not allowed to collude to fix prices.
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something is desperately wrong. it makes no sense. they have surplus airplanes, they have money for gasoline. they are making profits on a scale no one believed possible. raising fares makes no sense except as price fixing. this drives me over the edge. the airline situation. are we getting more leg room? more room in the seat? no. are you getting food? peanuts aren't lunch, okay? that's not a meal. we need food. >> you get peanuts? >> southwest gives you peanuts. >> customer satisfaction survey shows airlines rank 38th out of 41. the u.s. postal service ranks higher than airlines in consumer satisfaction. it's terrible. >> we know they suck. that's not the issue. the real question here -- >> it may not be the issue. >> why isn't there more competition. listen, why do you have cartels? you generally get cartels in industries that face massive
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regulation. >> i'm a free market guy. we have allowed them to become three or four and they park the planes. every plane will be packed. the reason is because they can. pretty soon we'll have to take a roll of quarters to use the bathroom. >> so i agree. charles, that's a factual statement. the other factual statement is every single one of the companies, except for southwest went bankrupt. they couldn't make a profit. now the balance sheets are better and there are fewer of them. let them el earn some profit so they can stay in business for the next time around. because we actually need them to get around the country and the world. >> i love you, but you're nuts. just gone. let's take a quick break. i want to thank charlie. the names getting caught up in the names getting caught up in last week's melt
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when others go for the sell off these guys run to the stocks on sale and find great bargains. >> hanes underwear and other products. we'll keep buying them. >> adam? >> vanguard large cap growth, neil. these will do well in any economy around the world. >> just simple spdrs. buy the index and you will do
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fine. what if you're 89? what happens? >> then you have a problem. >> i will thank you very much. >> this is where they come from. >> two iraqi-born refugee s living in the united states arrested in a terror sweep in the u.s. now some here saying what else do we need to see before we decide to put a pause on letting more mideast refugees in this year. are they right or wrong? welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus to find out which steve forbes is in washington today. elizabeth mcdonald, sabrina schafer. steve, what do you think? >> obviously there should be a pause. clearly they are not mechanisms in place to determine who should be here and who shouldn't. the fbi will testify to that. we don't have the means to determine that. what should have been done and should be done i


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