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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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japanese markets were closed for holidays. european markets cutting earlier losses, let's take a look at how your markets are all down across the board and the dax is trying to stay in -- well, maybe trying to get to positive territory n. the u.s. we are expecting gain as at the start of trading, slight gains, 34 points on the dow futures. let's look back at the markets last week. worst start to a year ever for the dow s&p 500. yeah, that's right. it last almost 1100 points. that we need a lot more to begin this week. earning season start this afternoon. take a look at the cost of crude, oil weighing on the markets. crude down nearly 2% this morning on supply. a glut of supply. breaking news over night, music legend david bowie died.
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bowie died after an 18-month battle with cancer. he turned 69 last friday. we will have more about the music legend's life. meanwhile el chapo back in jail, that's what the new york post calls a grip and smirk. that's a grip and smirk. penn interviewed will chapo for a story and according to mexican authority that is contact helped lead to his capture. now méxico is formally starting the process to extradite him to the united states, but what about sean penn? what do authorities do with him? and golden globes hosting ricky gervais. >> i want to do this monologue and then going to hiding, okay. not even sean penn will find me. [laughter] >> snitch. [laughter]
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>> dagen: we have more highlights of ricky gervais, plus golden globes winners and losers. we saw lady gaga, she won. shanghai composite falling overnight. futures point to go modest gains this morning, but investors continue to worry about the global market picture and slow growth out of china, our next guest say it's not just china but central banks to blame for the recent markets. adam johnson, welcome. adam, what are industrial banks going to do about it? >> if they have been true of what they've done in the past, one and done as far as fed is concern. they raised rates once. seven central banks in 2013 up rates and lowered rates because we have a global problem. >> let's talk about that.
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the globe problem is deflation and slow growth. if you're janet yellen you're looking at the job numbers. one and done for all of '16? >> the world bank just slower it had global growth rate 2.9%. we are drawing slower than that in the country. you can argue that it was low rates for too long, which exactly what we heard from the dallas fed president last week, that's what inflated markets like china as investors had to go in to try to find returns, the problem is they overstayed their welcome and that's a concern. >> anthony: an economy like ours need 300 basis points of stimulus to keep it on a rough growth trajectory. the federal reserve has no bullets in the chamber, possibly quantitative. exactly. those are the only bullets.
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>> if they had done this a year and a half ago, they had up rates. they waited too long. >> dagen: what is the central banks going to do about this? what if, kevin, they are now powerless and have nothing left and this is just a payback and you can't stop it, is anybody talking about that because maybe it's a downturn in assets across the board? why can't that happen? >> kevin: that's getting back to the deflationary market because one of the reasons is they pumped all of the money into the system. look where we are. imf is predicting 2%. >> anthony: why are we in slow
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growth? >> mike: one of the reasons is because we have had unproductive assets and we've actually seen what easy money has done. it's thrown it into risky assets specially in china because we are talking about that right now. look at the unproductive factories. it made companies go out and build the other factories to feed the china beast. >> dagen: i want to bring in morgan, though. the come down with assets like oil, for example, you have a much riskier world in terms of action that is you're saying, vladimir putin, that actually causes rising tensions around the world in oil-producing countries. >> morgan: absolutely, dagen. you are all the experts on china, one of the things that i really thought over the weekend was the lack of the
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communication and sort of lack of pr strategy, so to speak, on behalf of the government to make people understand exactly what's going on with the currency and what they're going to do from a policy perspective. in my mind -- >> dagen: because they don't know. >> morgan: pr strategy as much as anything. >> they're trying to orchestrate major in the economy. that's hard to do. they're trying to go from rule of law, that's hard to do. and they're also trying to do a central economy to free economy. in china they're trying to do all three. >> morgan: while dramatically growing military spending at the same time. >> correct. still way below what ours is. they are trying to make incredible transitions and, kevin, you talk about the ghost cities, they are roughly 20 of them.
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i have to tell you guys, the trippiest thing you have ever seen, five lanes go this way, there are 20 lanes coming together and one blinking light and you're the only person there. buildings that are empty. they built up buildings because they thought they were going to bring all the manufacturers to china. that's the problem. >> anthony: i think there's a global macro force that we have to address. you have two and a half billion, possibly 3 billion people wanting a western-consumption base cap capitalist experience. he predicted the outcome. global deflation will slow down growth. the only way that this is going to get disrupted is that major governments and -- that's the
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only way. >> dagen: that's really what i'm talking about. do you believe for a second that any of the central banks will do that because certainly we're in a situation where in the united states where at least they are tied a little bit. >> anthony: dr. bernanke in the green book says it's time to do that. you have to let the markets. one and a half to 2%. >> by the way, with earnings shrinking 4% means we are going lower. >> mike: we have to get off the central banks and monetary policies. we have to look at what's actually happening and hampering the growth. we have too much government and corruption and too much debt going through the system. the government needs to address
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that, that's from brazil and china and anywhere else. >> dagen: the next president, they're going to be pressure on that individual to do something about janet yellen and do something, more control over the central bank, don't you think? that's dangerous. >> anthony: supergood leadership. two weeks before reagan was inaugurated where he met and said to the guy, okay, keep the rates where we are, we need the break the back of inflation. it's probably going to cost you the mid-term elections next year. he said i'm good. he took a nap, and he struggled for the first two years of presidency but got the economy going back in the right direction. >> morning in america. >> anthony: require tremendous amount of leadership. somebody is going to have to sit there, let it trade to fair market value, there's enough
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jobs to sustain that. >> if we give a holiday of corporations to bring that back and two jobs, that could spur -- >> anthony: i'm glad dagen has tissues. governor romney had the plan in place. he would have equalized those taxes. brought the real unemployment rate, not the one that we are talking about but the real unemployment rate into the mid-7's and gotten the economy growing already. your earnings nurse that you're talking about, they would be on the rise right now. >> start today alcoa after the close. tough to buy the market. >> dagen: i'm going to leave it at that. i would say as ronald reagan say, markets go up and markets go down. that's what he was really to commit to. adamonson. coming up republican front
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runner donald trump facing a test in iowa, don't forget the next republican petal debate will be right here on the fox business network this thursday night. the event will be moderated by maria bartiromo and niel cavuto. you're flying on my back, brother, my arms are longer. [laughter] when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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>> dagen: mexican officials beginning to extradition process to the united states to the infamous drug lord joaquín el chapo guzmán. cheryl casone has details on how he got caught. >> cheryl: after being arrested on friday mexican authorities are beginning the extradition process for el chapo, expected to face heavy delays and mull approximately legal challenges.
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the arrest coming one day before the release of rolling stone exclusive interview between actor sean penn and el chapo. penn secret meeting helped lead them to the drug lord. singer-song writer has died at the age of 69. >> who is going to call this sucker? if nobody has any objections, i believe i might be of service. >> cheryl: all right. he was so talented. according to spokesman the singer died peacefully after an 18-month battle with cancer. disappointed that you didn't win the power ball the weekend, don't be, starting november 4th, we are now looking at an estimated $1.3 billion by wednesday which is basically one day of salary for anthony scaramucci.
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this is the biggest jackpot ever. one comp plain of ticket sellers, some -- $999 million. the fact that it's gone over a billion, small store guys don't have the proper, you know, they don't have the signage on the stores and they are making just as much money as power ball people are. [laughter] >> mike: a lot of inflation. >> dagen: who is not playing? come on. turning back to the markets, worst ever start for the dow and s&p investors bracing for the coming weeks. you talk about going to selling to downturn? >> mike: that sounds about right. nobody is forcing anybody to be in this market. if you're nervous and don't have a grip on portfolio or view on where you want to be, whether it's, you know, oil, you're
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having problems with, if you're a millennial like me and sit on mothering -- merging market for 20 years -- >> dagen: stop bragging. >> mike: the markets may be down 2%. you can wait till there's an up tick and get more conviction. we have to see what's going to happen when earnings start coming up. >> anthony: when you're with nonmillennials you shouldn't mention that. >> morgan: wait a minute. speak for yourself. >> dagen: my mom is a baby boomer. i want to point that pensions and mutual funds have pulled $200 million over the last year. pensions are running the highest in about 12 years.
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>> mike: they can't lose that cash. they have liabilities. >> dagen: speaking of baby boomers. >> mike: you're only 75% funded, what are you going to do? they're so scare offed principal risk. >> dagen: you say cash but you say what? >> anthony: i like the fact that there's a lot of cash. assuming that the market will break down and trade into the multiple, dagen, that cash is going to get back into the market. so for me i'm cautiously optimistic that will end the year okay, we may go down another 5-8% from here from now and the end of 2016, just because you are going to get a meaner version that the feds are going to raise rates. >> dagen: the fed doesn't move at the earliest in april. >> anthony: market trades off
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more, wow, there's a bigger problem in the overall economy, overall earnings in the profile. think have to raise rates. >> dagen: donald trump issuing a direct threat to potential candidate hillary clinton what the two front runners are sparring about. right here tomorrow morning. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ the new 2016 ram limited. you don't have to be a king to be treated like one. ♪
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>> maria: s&p 500 decline last week of 6%. what do you think is behind the meltdown? >> well, if you look at the rest of the country it's not doing well. jobs are few and far between, you know, you have the phoney
6:23 am
statistics where they show 5%, 5.2%. the real number is well into the 20's people give up looking for jobs. >> dagen: that was presidential front runner donald trump speaking with maria. trump still leading cofortfully in a brand new fox news national poll. you can see the margin with donald trump and the closest comer senator cruz. trump appears to have competition in iowa. you can take a look at the iowa poll numbers. cruz is leading trump by 27 to 23% there. if you look at new hampshire trump has a solid lead in new hampshire, morgan, what do you make of as of this? >> morgan: cruz was 20%. highest he has ever been in national poll that fox has done. what that says that trump's
6:24 am
attacks if he's legally run to run for president of the united states since he was born in canada, i'm not sure it's affecting polls. if you look at the poll over the weekend and you look at state by state in iowa and new hampshire, cruz is still leading among caucus voters, he's leading trump by 4%. you look at new hampshire, trump is sugaring in new hampshire. he's at 30%. you have the quote, unquote establishment candidates that have 44%. everyone says on the show every day that right before iowa and new hampshire, a few days before that's how the voters break. >> dagen: who benefits, anthony, from the market downturn or who has a message that's resinating? >> anthony: i actually think trump, i think hillary clinton does get damaged by a big market downturn.
6:25 am
the republicans would say, jeez, democratic policy have failed, you're not going to see any sustainable growth. >> dagen: running on the obama -- >> morgan: bernie sanders are running neck and neck. this mainstream media narrative that race is locked up is reported. >> anthony: bernie sanders is ahead of her. he is doing better than barack obama when secretary clinton last ran for presidency. donald trump has got all of the establishment people, myself included staggered by the performance. there's something happening in the tails of american politics right now in terms of the more extreme levels of both parties for creating this environment. >> mike: it's yet to be seen what his popularity will turn into votes. we don't know -- we are seeing
6:26 am
all these polls. it's easy to answer a phone or answer someone in person, what do you think, but it's harder for them to leave their job or make time to go to the booth. we don't know how that's going to -- >> anthony: they are showing up at the rallies. >> dagen: you are to have a voter registration campaign which barack obama had one that no one had ever seen before and according to my report trump has not been able to convert support and fever to registrations at least in iowa. we can talk about this all morning long. tune in to lou dobbs tonight. he will announce lineups for the next presidential debates which will be held right here at the fox business network, earlier debate moderated by trish regan and later debate by maria
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bartiromo and niel cavuto. anthony will be there for color, shall we say, around the event. coming up china slowdown weighing on oil. we head to cme to find out where it is headed from here. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world.
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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>> good morning, i'm dagen mcdowel. maria bartiromo is on assignment today and with me this morning sky bridge capitol, anthony, morgan, with and recon capitol kevin kelly. stories in eastern time a wild market continues. shanghai composite sliding 5 pctd overnight even though china central bank 61 higher against dollar. remember last week deevalluation rattled it markets but maybe an ineffective unpredictable communist government that is
6:31 am
doing the trick u nowadays. moving between gains and losses, you have a decent one-third of a percent gain on the dax in germany at the moment. a little bit of buying at the start of trading today. dow jones industrial future u up 46 points u right now after that average and s&p 500 worst start of the year ever last week, and breaking news overnight, the world has a reacted far and wide to the news that music legend david bowie has died. a statement posted says that bowie do id after 18 month battle with cancer and turned 69 on friday when he released his latest album. bowie made it okay to just be weird and different. right, everybody can tbrea with that. mean meantime elle chopo, interviewed for a story pleasured in rolling stone
6:32 am
magazine and who knew that sean penn knew two syllable words that led to his capture. now mexico is starting process to extradite guzman to the u.s., and golden globes host rick can i waste nod time offering his take last night. >> into hiding. not even sean penn will find me. [laughter] snitch. >> we have more highlights of ricky coming up, plus two words, still sylvester stallone. winners and losers. oil prices kicking off week right here, oned downside at the cme group. oil down now six days this a row lost half of the value from the 52-week high. what shall we be watching this week in terms of what will move
6:33 am
the cost of crude? >> any stability in the global stock market. the reason why oil is down, we can talk about an oil glut but it is concern about the global economy. you know, you can talk about you know, a dplut going away if you have demand expectations but turmoil and markets those prices are down. we also saw another drop in gasoline prices that shifts or for some more demand as we come into this month. but it's beginning to be very difficult for oil to find stability unless we get stability in the global markets 36 the big support back to you. >> stay right there i want to bring in anthony in terms of the selloff. but the bigger picture for our country is how bad does the energy business continue to get hit? you know, the industrial economy is as maria talked about for months now essentially in recession. what impact does that have with the highly levered shale plays
6:34 am
in smaller produce centers >> there's a lot there so i'll break it down three points. >> i pulled a presidential press conference i asked eight questions in a row. >> one, the lower price is leading to a recession in north dakota, south dakota and texas nine percent is affected by this lower price. number two, there's going to be a huge opportunity here in the distress credit side for these emt producers now that have to restructure themselves because they were operating dagen off a priced 60, 70 per barrel and now in the 30s so that's a major opportunity for the hedge fund community to step in there at some point. last point that i'll make fed got this wrong. they said lower prices would be a boom to the economy and, in fact, has not been and just shows you how energy dependent now we are as a global potential
6:35 am
exporter of energy going forward. >> so ting i think another thing to take away from this is, you know, china in cheap debt has had chained the equation when it comes to commodities especially oil and going back to what you just said anthony we look at last quarter earnings with the e and p publicly traded companies therefore they were forecasting $50 a barrel of oil for this year. earning season is beginning to start this week we're going to get a major bolt next woke and what we need to see is what managements say. how are they going to navigate this oil market given that we have excess capacity. think about this china matters because they're woferld large test consumer of oil. right, and capacity it was built out for them. where's that excess capacity going to go? we need to hear emp producers give guidance on what they think >> how are these companies going out of business in the next six
6:36 am
to 12 months. they're bound to have estimates. >> i'm hearing 10 or 15 we call companies the walking debt in the industry. you know, we're waiting for the next ones to fall and this recent drop is going to speed that process along. we're hearing a lot of concerns of banks getting ready to pull credit lines from a lot of these companies right now. because there's no hope that these prices are beginning to come back so bankers aren't really interested in extending a lot of these restructuring. >> what are reasons why they haven't gone out of business yet is because they're selling as much oil as possible that's why we're seeing price go down, right? >> morgan you want to get in here? >> say this relates to middle east, saudi arabia, where we haven't seen any big moves by opec that i think any of us want expected. all shocked by the 98 billion that saudi posted. does anybody have thoughts on what the deputy krown prince said about iran potentially going public? for me that screamed --
6:37 am
>> you answer that. >> this could be huge but a sign that saudis are are feeling the pain. just even consider an ipo at this point means they feel there are major problems that oil prices aren't going up any time soon. so to me for them to even consider this possibility, they think that global energy landscape has changed for the long-term. >> phil good to see you. we'll see you in a little while at the cma for us. fresh trouble at yahoo!. reporting that marissa myer announce massive job cuss as part of a plan to cut the fat. a stun about face for myer hire inside 2012 to jump start struggling economy. they point out that more than one-third of the company's work force has left in the last year. shares of yahoo! fallen 38% over past year and if those acquisition and if they fail to deliver a turnaround morale is so bad "times" reports staff
6:38 am
have taken to call ling myer a vita behind her back. that's a reference to ava parone reviled for thirst for power and portrayed in new york post as maria antoinette with a party last year, lavish party with circus performers seated on the white thrown that people could come -- >> that was excessive party that she threw, a company holiday party. a roar 20s party because bubble burst at yahoo! look at what's happened since she's taken help. 5 tbl in rev nude down to 4.5 billion. hottest digital properties with page views and what have you pup what's happening? executives are leaving the companies in droves. the only reason this company has done well and been propped up
6:39 am
because of alibaba got that acquisition and stake, if you it can a step back and looks at this it has to go. you have egg on the face from the spinoff from shares figuring out what had court dig l tay. you have activists trying to shake things up but you have these -- as circling right now. [inaudible] she's going, so it doesn't matter where she does or doesn't. but again not trying to defend her. but this company is really been impaired. okay, they'res worth less than they can with the spinout the alibaba asset is in a deficit. >> could be sold for a dollar and take that alibaba out of there. >> if you look at the core business somebody that y'all would have to pay somebody it take it essentially -- >> would happen with "newsweek" and tailed media company pas,
6:40 am
but the problem here is not they isly her problem that goes back to that bust aphorism if you have a terrible business with a great manager you have a terrible business still. [inaudible] but a poor manager. all a of the reports coming out of yahoo! is that company morale and people there is at an all time low. people that used to work at home and flexible working hours have been complaining for months. >> apay package and got negative share price? >> i have seen who hngt seen this before you try to boost morale and you have a big party. [laughter] people don't want to party but they want to go to work every day and then party winds up, you know -- like somebody throwing an egg on your face. >> 7 million to throw that party when the company hasn't been doing well. pour that back into talent that can actually build and drive. i saw that after the internet bubble burst and companies, it was called a new austerity 2 million for a party instead of
6:41 am
five. >> it will burst per them because executive and core leadership is leaving. >> fundamentally not a great business, though. we can peck on her if we want to. but i challenge any of the four of us to try to run that business more success -- >> at aol did with turning that around. >> lady gaga tearfully walking up to accept her golden globeward she brushed by leonardo dicaprio who immediately did this -- you have to watch leo's face. [laughter] we will have more exciting details for the golden globes after the break. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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>> a show of force over the korean peninsula. cheryl has that and more in the flyover from the bomber follows north korea widely disputed claim of a hydrogen bomb test last week. kim jong-un said it was a self-defensive threat against nuclear war. call it a big wild card weekend for the nfl. on top of aaron rodgers two tv comebacks beat redskins sorry dagen they told me to do this story. real headline grabber coming out of minnesota, the game between vikings and sea hawk it is third in league history. viking selfing destructed when
6:46 am
walsh 37 yard field goal hocks left with 22 seconds remaining and sea hawkings the win. 88-year-old former coach bud grant came out for the coin toss in the minus 6-degree weather. seattle going to play next weekend at carolina. i want to do this monologue and then go into hiding. not even sean penn will find me. snitch. [laughter] >> that's golden globes host ricks can i he was talking about sean penn and actor secret interview with mexican drug lord guzman. by the way globe splits the top film honors into two categories. rev innocent best drama film this is where martian named best comedy. a plus or for that one. sylvester wins golden globe for best supporting actor for his role in creed. also thanking his imaginary friend, rocky balboa. back to you.
6:47 am
>> i dropped with my hands in the air like this -- exactly. >> steil stallone and then lady gaga nevertheless thank you, cheryl. turning back to markets u.s. futures pointing to a -- slightly higher open 79 points adding to gains from earlier in the morning. joining us now on the phone is president of capital management fox news contradict tore as well. u you've been barish are you barish from here where will s&p end this new year? >> it will look short a term i think we're beyond whey call oversold and probably get a 3, 400 point rile arely after this. but look transports are down 20. brussels down getting close to it about and so many areas of the markets are so much worse. i'm pretty sure when a bare market had for stocks in the 14s in the dow. if not less. excuse me, if not more. and my biggest worry again is i still think there's a ton of
6:48 am
leverage that may have to come off and maybe worse than nap time will tell. >> gary in terms -- i'll look at in terms of technical at markets just looking at the dow it's still about 4% above the lowest hit back in august. u do you need to see a reit is of that? >> but basically right there. but keep in mind small cap, mitd cap with transport and ton of other areas have already broke and i'll tell you my biggest worry. a believer in the market v. smart, and when you see transports retail, all of these economicking areas in bare markets whileest is food, drug, beverage household products in recession areas, it's telling me markets forecasting a darn good slowdown and growth if not a darned good recession going forward. >> so where do you think that fed will be if that is the scenario that unfolds? >> i don't think that -- i think janet yellen will have to wake up to not to anything else at this point and time but
6:49 am
look for me. i think that beingest problem is, that there is too much fed. there's too much central bank, and every day you wake up and hear something from another fed head or drogy or or dudes from japan. i just wish they would get out of the way and disported pricing yields for too long and i think this is come up. i think we're at the point and time where market snot listening in the last few weeks japan announced expansion of a qe so did europe and market close titsz ears to it ultimately is a good thing but get the heck out of the way. too much government intervention. they need to be themselves and you know, on i'm a being believer that interest rates is how you measure risk and when you're interfering with that, it is tough to measure rsk so i hope they get the heck out of the way. gary good to talk to you calling in this morning. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back a check on your markets this morning, the dow futures are up 70 points right now 5% selloff on shanghai in china, we have a kind of become and forth market in europe check on cost of crude as well. stocks lower about that the trend oil is actually down about half had a buck a barrel at the moment. below that 33 dollar a mark. i want anthony at the bit to wonder what garys of talking about. the fed needs to get out of the way but that to me if you want -- if you want the feds to really get out of the way, then rates need to be at as you were talking at a more normal level that doesn't mean do nothing at this point. >> listen, i think that more normal level is 1.5%. that is stan fisher what weern
6:54 am
learning from the growth in the economy right now. at the end of the day, i understand what they did in 2008 into 2009. but this looks like we're trading to 14, 15,000. which had would basically be a 15 multiple and you would be at a more normal environment. i think you set the stage for better growth at that level l. taking out the artificial stimulus dagen . >> that much of an impact, though, if you don't have central banks around the world working in concerts with the fed if they're going in a different direction? >> every man for himself when it is coming down to global growth but what ant nit is hitting nail on the head it was art usually suppressed by central bank and markets is trying to figure that out right now. fed balance sheet 4.5 a trillion dollars. we've done everything possible to stimulate growth. what do we get? we did get asset inflation but
6:55 am
now we're trying to figure out do we move from here especially when you look at the commodities and government intervention like anthony said rates at one and a half percent. and they're not. >> i want to point out that is the top story that federal reverse is actually looking at more control over the market it is that it's looking at the margin rule it is or rules that limit what portion of stocks or bonds can be purchased through brring this so the ped has greater control over markets when -- you have a lot of the presidential candidates who won't pay the fed to become off, right? >> absolutely. you think this is going to be the defining issue of 2016. if you look at the fox news poll that we talkinged about earlier people are concerned about national security, of course, that's taking a bit more precedence than economy in materials of what voters are concerned about but going into 2016 i think that anthony is clearly due for ab market correction. i think this will be a very big
6:56 am
impact on presidential election in the the summer and fall and so who are two general election kaingts that we put up that are able to articulate a vision of what they're gong to do with increasingly turbulent economy? >> trump is resonating thank you so much. we've got more markets to come plus presidential consistent and rand paul will be joining us in 8:40 today. don't forget to tune in tomorrow for maria's ceo jamie diamond. keep it right here.
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6:59 am
you got this. >> dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell. it's monday january 11th, with many this morning skybridge capitol anthony scaramucci and recon capital capital kevin.
7:00 am
>> dagen: investors wanted more action, more stimulus from the economist government, checking on the hong kong and south korea, japanese markets were closed for a holiday. you have gains across the board at the moment, we will take that as well as some gains here in the united states trying to bounce back from the worse start of the year. it'll be a big week in earning action and then you watch oil, oil moves down and stocks usual follow. oil slipping a half a buck a barrel at the moment. breaking news overnight, music legend david bowie has died.
7:01 am
he turned 69 year's of age on friday the same day he released the latest album but the response has been overwhelming from every corner of the globe, every imaginable person, actor, musician, artist, you name it, they are mourning his death. meanwhile el chapo in jail. not because of sean penn. penn interviewed el chapo, according to mexican authorities that contact helped lead to el chapo's capture. méxico is formally starting a process to extradite him to the u.s. and the new york post is reporting that the manhattan u.s. attorney is leading a federal probe of sean penn over his ties to the mexican drug lord. okay. mr. penn, you might not get off easy as well. leave toyota golden globe host
7:02 am
and leave it to ricky gervais offering his take last night. i'm going to read the monologue and go into hiding, not even sean penn will find me. snitch. [laughter] >> dagen: more highlights of my gervais plus the golden globe winners and losers. the shanghai composite sinking more than 5%, brutal first week of trading in 2016. >> the issue here in china is about the question of the economy, further extending the world's selloff. hang seng followed in hong kong driving the markets down. the falling prices in december for the 46th month in a row. real worry, dagen, whether t
7:03 am
ine vement can actua reassure global investors and seems like the answer is no and no signs of stopping any time soon. >> dagen: anthony, what do you want to know here? >> anthony: what i want to know is somebody that no one will be able to tell me, what is the level of intervention from china, everything that they try so far has failed. the real question is do they do what is an obvious things to do is let things go for some period of time. >> jo ling: it seems like they have done a little bit of both. we are going to take away the the cu -- circuit breaker.
7:04 am
>> anthony: they are growing about 1-2%. that's a recession for them given the magnitude of population growth. what steps do they need to take right now to improve that? my guess is really there's not a lot that they can do. it's something that would have to flow out of the system. >> kevin: i would like to talk about that and i think that there's something that they can do. could they devalue their yuan even further. people don't want to see that. that's really, really bad over there that they have to take that, step a little bit further. getting back to what we talked about, i mean, what they're doing is lead to go more volatility with the circuit breakers. it was meant to stop decline, all it did is enact it even further. now i need cash. i need to get out because i don't know if the government is not going to let me sell or not. >> morgan: that's sort of the
7:05 am
principle behind all of this. there's no clear communication from the chinese government of what they're going to do or how long they are going to let all of this fester. >> anthony: the fact that we are talking about this level of intervention, a sign that there's something seriously wrong. last years since the crisis, global macro interventions of governments. there's only so much they can do and it's not working. okay, so you have to pull back now. the fed has to get into a normal interest rate zone and the chinese are going to have to let the markets settle. >> morgan: pull back now? >> anthony: they have no choice not to. >> morgan: i don't think anybody here in this room has any confidence that the chinese officials running stock market or running the economy really know what they've doing. [laughter]
7:06 am
>> dagen: what they were doing with the yuan it smelled like a bar at 4:00 o'clock in the morning. it freaked people out. the economy is a lot worse than what we thought. [laughter] >> morgan: definitely a hole in the wall bar. >> dagen: doing and saying things. >> jo ling: if you had remember it had just opened up. you have entirely set of challenges that they were facing and if you look at the strategy, they claim they want to move in a free more market direction but they can't do that because the volatility and the growth and the numbers aren't there. but to cover that up and maintain stability for the growing middle class, they're just doing all the stop-gap measures and it doesn't look like according to analysts that it's going to stop. >> dagen: you also get the
7:07 am
reaction from presidential candidates from donald trump who threw out the idea of 45% tariff on imported chinese goods and he seem today backtrack on it on his interview with maria on sunday morning futures yesterday. let's put a 45% tax on every good made in china for the american people. that's really going to help our economy. >> kevin: listen, i need to control china and how am i going to do it is through tariffs. i need them to dictate to north korea that china is going to come in -- >> dagen: that's more government intervention, right, anthony? >> morgan: they don't know anything other than government intervention. >> kevin: casino community iesm. it's not going to work. >> jo ling: stock market is not that large. the only reason it's a jetering
7:08 am
market is and indicater of a stronger point. you don't need to be that worried. >> anthony: we've had a free market basis to what we are doing. chinese are going to struggle until they get to that point. as it relates to donald trump, he can't honestly believe that or if he does honestly believe that and and becomes president we should be worried. historically tariffs like that have caused deflationary global slowdown and lead to global wars. >> dagen: i will leave it at that. oil prices down for six days straight. phil flin at the cme group. phil, what are driving prices down today? >> phil: it's china, china and it could be china. that's really the force today. the dollar is fairly steady today. you would look to the stock
7:09 am
markets. it's obviously concerns about china. it does seem like the market is trying to dig itself out of the hole today. maybe if we can see some optimism on the u.s. stock market continue and oil has a chance to rally. let's face it. there's a lot of stuff going across oil right now and concerns about the glut and doesn't look like any smaller. >> dagen: anthony, we talked last week if you have risk and wanting buy oil companies and keeping your money in it, do you think it's a bad idea? >> anthony: we have a fun, basically the dogs of the dow approach, which is the ten least performing dow stocks typically have a outperformance. those dow stocks typically come with high dividends. if you're in allow-growth environment where the gdp is sort of 2% and the ten-year
7:10 am
treasury at two and a half percent, do i like the strategy. >> kevin: one of the reasons that you can get in the strategy is they have balance sheets and balance sheets, i mean, one of the great things that came out of the talk shows yesterday was barbara was on wall street, she said the most important thing to her was an exit strategic. what's your exit strategy? can you weather the storm? if you have 18-24 months and you don't need to worry about it and you can cover your ewes, that would -- eyes that would be a great opportunity. >> anthony: she has a home in canada and is packed to go. >> kevin: it's not specifically donald trump. >> morgan: if you don't like who
7:11 am
the president is i will pay for your ticket. get over it. >> anthony: she was making a comment about her business interactions with him over a course of 35-year period. >> morgan: that's interesting. >> kevin: he did get a lot of kudos in manhattan real estate. >> dagen: get out of here if you can't deal with a bad administration. hey, phil, thank you, we will see you shortly. >> jo ling: good to see you too. >> dagen: we want to know his future. jail. the only question is where. the latest on the arrest of el chapo, drug kingpin, what happens to sean penn, a prosecutorror that's sniffing around and not happy with what went down south of the border and the next presidential debate will take place right here on
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> dagen: mexican officials beginning the extradition process to the u.s. for the infamous drug lord joaquín el chapo guzmán. cheryl casone has details and other headlines this morning. >> cheryl: good morning, dagen, good morning, guys. after being arrested on friday mexican and u.s. authorities are beginning the extradition process for el chapo. is expected to face heavy delays and challenges. news coming one day after release of rolling stone
7:16 am
exclusive interview from sean penn and el chapo. you were saying they were looking at this now. >> dagen: leading a federal probe of sean penn over his ties to the mexican drug lord, looking to subpoena, to search his cell phone among -- among other things because, again, what was he doing down there and why was he meeting with this man who is wanted there and here in the united states. >> cheryl: we are going to keep everybody posted on that one. also sad news from the entertainment world. i mean, so much more, singer-song writer david bowie has died at the age of 69. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:17 am
>> cheryl: well, according to bowie spokesman the singer died peacefully after an 18-month battle of cancer. disappointed you didn't win the power ball, don't be. total pod has rolled 18 times now, estimated $1.3 billion by wednesday at least, this would be the biggest jackpot ever. it could break global records. some of the smaller businesses that are selling the tickets are upset, nobody thought it would get this big, i guess. >> dagen: i read who is -- >> anthony: my mom and dad. >> dagen: who isn't buying a ticket. >> morgan: i didn't buy a ticket. >> cheryl: thanks, anthony.
7:18 am
>> anthony: one and 192 million. >> kevin: ups went up. no one is winning and that's why it rolled over. >> dagen: you can't win if you don't play. just one ticket. just one ticket. you are sitting around and waiting for the numbers. >> anthony: you have 3-$400, $500 and you're spending 20-$30 on lottery tickets, you're not winning, it's not a great -- >> dagen: i'm not advocating -- >> anthony: i will split it with you if i win. >> dagen: thank you. ant apt i'm going to buy $20. the gentleman that i made the bet with sent to me. you're talking to a southern
7:19 am
girl that gets scratchoff tickets in her stocking from her mom. >> cheryl: $10,000. >> dagen: i didn't even come close to winning back the prize of the tickets. go power ball. nfl wild card participants with the field for the super bowl weedled down to eight. check out 88-year-old former vikings coach ignoring the historic cold before yesterday's -- i love him, before vikings-seahawks game. it wasn't a good ending for the vikings, sadly. don't forget the next presidential debate. come on man. that's awesome. thursday charleston, maria, niel, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ tucson.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> dagen: the pack is back sadly. greenbay topping washington to conclude the wild weekend in nfl playoffs. gerald joins us with the highlights. >> just for the record i am a minnesota vikings fan lifelong. could we please start with the other game. >> dagen: go. >> rogers threw a pair of touchdowns, 35-18 win over the redskins. greenbay completed and a weekend in the nfl, all four-road teams
7:24 am
won in the same peeked. packers travel to arizona next. coldest game in minnesota vikings history. >> dagen: yeah, baby. >> wearing only a polo shirt. they had no heaters on the sidelines back then. minus 6-degrees, minus 25 with the wind shield. beyond wide left. this thing was so far wide left it wasn't even in the ballpark as the vikings blow it. people talking about the movie ace ventura. what just happened? >> dagen: what did happen? >> i think he choked. he choked. i was tweeting about it and many others. >> tweeting about it.
7:25 am
oh, my god, if you're a vikings fan, can you believe it, baby? also basketball kris s humpries. >> dagen: i use today watch ace ventura. >> next week afc divisional playoffs. take a look at the schedule. i think we have a graphic for that. no, we don't have that. seahawks-panthers. >> who is going to the super bowl? >> seahawks and patriots, probably. kitchen -- >> kevin: look at the seattle seahawks, they should have lost that.
7:26 am
>> russell wilson play, he picked it up and made a touchdown. >> morgan: dagen, this is unbelievable. jerry and i were talking about earlier in the green room, just totally chokes and we don't go to the super bowl. it was going to be in miami. it's just heartbreaking. why are we -- >> this is the cost of admission . >> dagen: it doesn't matter. it's like the redskins. you live in a world of hurt. >> anthony: minnesota is 0-4. i hope i don't have wait a few more years. >> dagen: at least redskins didn't win as bad as the texans did.
7:27 am
>> all four road trips winning yesterday and all favorite too. >> dagen: i'm sorry, jared and joe. >> i appreciate you wearing black. >> i didn't wear it for you. i'm a spiller, coffee, stains, that's why i wear black. we will talk with the company mark fields coming up. finally opening in china. how well did it do? coming up.
7:28 am
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo is on as signment. monday january is 1th. with me this morning skybridge capital's anthony scaramucci. recon capital. kevin kelly. it has been a pleasure so far. keep up the good work. top stories at 7:31 eastern time. china's shanghai composite sliding 5% even though china's central bank fixed the juan higher over the dollar. it didn't smell of desperation as last week. european markets moving between gains and losses. gains across the board in england, france and germany. here in the united states after the worst start to the year ever for the dow and s&p we have gains across the board. you will have to do a lot more to make up losses from last week. the dow lost almost 1100 points
7:32 am
last week. news from overnight, music legend david bowie has died. he died after a 18 month battle for cancer. he released a brand new album on his birthday last friday, he was 69 years old. el chapo meantime in a mexican jail. is it because of sean penn? penn interviewed him in a story published in "rolling stone" magazine over the weekend. according to mexican authorities that contact with penn and other movie producers and talent helped lead them to el chapo's capture. preet bharara, the u.s. attorney here in new york, said to be looking into sean penn. a probe into sean penn's behavior. yeah, you got that right. golden globe host ricky gervais wasted no time offering his takes on the whole thing last night. >> i want to do this monologue and go into hiding okay? not even sean penn will find me.
7:33 am
[laughter] snitch. dagen: ricky gervais took shots at just about everybody. at times it was uncomfortable but deliciously uncomfortable. we have more highlights from gervais and the golden globe winners and losers coming up. turning to the 2016 campaign for the white house, brand new fox news polls show trump and cruz are leading the gop pack. blake burman has dug into all these numbers and you have what, blake? reporter: basically, dagen, new year, same storyline according to fox news poll. trump has support from 35% of republicans nationwide. that puts him 15 points clear of senator ted cruz in second. the showdown between those two in iowa remains with cruz ahead by four points. however, in new hampshire trump regains his massive lead,
7:34 am
extending it there to 18. the billionaire businessman raised some eyebrows last week when the "new york times" editorial board says trump favor as 45% tariff on imported chinese goods. yesterday on "sunday morning futures" maria pressed trump about that figure. >> you did say you want to have a 45% tariff on exports coming into this country, correct? >> no, no. i said if they don't behave that will be the number commensurate. >> yeah. >> i said if they don't behave, if they don't stop doing what they're doing with the devaluations in particular. >> reporter: dagen on democratic side "fox news poll" shows hillary clinton continues to hold a strong lead nationally over bernie sanders but clinton is not completely cruising. sanders leads by 13 in new hampshire. questions extend into potential general election run against clinton. when matched up against the top
7:35 am
tier candidates, clinton loses to both trump by three and cruz by seven. marco rubio has a nine point edge. that is the point that bernie sanders has been pounding. dagen. dagen: blake, thank you so much for that. blake burman in washington for us. let's bring in former club for growth president and marco rubio supporter chris coachella. good to see you i hope i pronounced your name right. >> close enough. dagen: chris, you recently endorsed the senator's run for president. you will join him in an economic forum later today. please tell us why. >> i met marco rubio in 2009 when he was starting his senate bid in florida and you know, my job used to be interview candidates all day running for the house and senate and try to understand what they believed in economic policy, whether they understood what leads to economic growth. you can imagine how exciting that is. but unwith most exciting days i
7:36 am
had when i met marco rubio because he understands what he believes. he understands why he believes it. he can articulate those beliefs in a clear, convincing persuasive way and he also can talk about the fact that free market principles are so important to raising people out of the poverty, increasing the standard of living better than any other candidate. there is hopefulness to his candidacy much like reagan's shining city on the hill that will serve him well in this race. dagen: chris, seems like latest polling iowa is a trump versus cruz competition at the moment. does rubio really need to come in a very strong second at least in new hampshire? you can take a look at the new hampshire polls there or there is the iowa poll. if we can pull up the new hampshire poll. does he need to come in very strong second in that state to
7:37 am
have momentum going into the south? >> well, i don't know that he has to come in as a strong second. i think that he will gain momentum over time. when the club for growth first endorsed marco rubio in 2009 he was at 3% in the polls against charlie crist here in florida. when people meet marco rubio, when they hear his message, see his optimism they like marco rubio and they will support him. the people of florida did that as they got to know him. i'm convinced people of america will do that as they get to know him over these next couple months. >> chris, how do you feel about 45% tariffs on china? what is your reaction to that? >> it is all of full. it is not pro-growth policy. it's one of the worst things we could do to our economy right now. and that's why marco rubio understands the principles that really lead to creation of jobs, wealth and economic growth. donald trump says he is the jobs president but that would be about the worst thing you could do to jobs in america is to put
7:38 am
a tariff like that into imported goods. so i think that people can see the difference. i think these things come out. when people go into the voting booth they will recognize that there are candidates that understand how to create jobs and those that talk about it. >> chris, this is morgan. how does rubio break out of the pack? we're seeing in new hampshire donald trump is leading a huge margin, by 30% and about 45% of the republican electorate tied between rubio, kasich, bush and christie. how does he break out of the establishment pack because i'm not see an early state he is going to win yet? >> people underestimated marco rubio as a candidate really throughout his career. talk to people who spent time with him or been to one of his town halls or events they can come away as supporters of marco rubio. rubio campaign has been smart. they have approached this in methodical way. they have confidence in the candidate's ability to connect with voters.
7:39 am
i think they're on track to do that. i think media makes a big deal out of polls in the early states. this is long effort and there are a lot elections to be had and i think he will be just fine. dagen: chris, good to see you. thanks so much for being here. be well. >> thank you. dagen: tune into "lou dobbs tonight" at seven p.m. eastern time. lou will announce the lineups for the next republican presidential debates. you doesn't want to miss that, 7:00 p.m. the debate is thursday right here on the fox business network. the earlier debate moderated by fbn anchors trish regan and sandra smith. the later one moderated by maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. catch every minute of it thursday night, 6:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. from charleston. this, anthony scaramucci was all over it. he put his phone under my nose to make sure we saw this shire, major deal in the biotechnology industry. buying bixalta $32 billion in
7:40 am
cash and stock. make a comment, anthony. >> this is sign of continued merger activity that puts a floor under the market. as they have more dollars on the balance sheet you will see more deals coming in 2016. dagen: i'm curious weigh -- we talked about apple with that the 200 million giant cash hoard. do they make a buy into the biotechnology industry with incredible innovations in that space and life-saving drugs coming out of those companies. you're likely to see a lot more activity in biotech. we'll talk about royaltying on the red carpet for the 73rd golden globe awards. the best and cringe worthy moments. it was uncop -- uncomfortable
7:41 am
what ricky gervais was doing but hilarious. keep it here. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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dagen: health officials in utah investigating an outbreak of hepatitis-c. cheryl casone has that story and
7:45 am
other news you need to know right now. cheryl? >> that's right, dagen. more than 7,000 patients were potentially exposed to hepatitis-c after coming into contact with an infected former nurse. however less than half have been tested to find out if they have the disease. several people have tested positive. they are calling this an outbreak once again. "star wars," "the force awakens" keeps finding ways to make more money. the film is the record holder for box office, opened in china this weekend. it took over $53 million in china so far. sylvester stallone winning best supporting actor at the 73rd bolden -- golden globes award for his perform performance in "creed." >> most of all i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being best imaginary friend i ever had. >> this is stallone's first golden globe win.
7:46 am
they split tom film honors into two categories. "the revenant" wan the best drama film. the mash shaun won for best comedy. even the director was making faces he wasn't happen about it. dagen: we'll see alejandro inarritu win and he his movie, "birdman" won. detroit auto show kicking off in michigan. jeff flock is standing by with somebody we know pretty well, ford ceo, mark fields. >> we thought we kick off the coverage right at the top with ford ceo mark fields. we have to ask you the hard question. >> car business, we have to have fun too, jeff, come on. >> i have to ask you about this economy that you are in teeth of right now.
7:47 am
you had a great industry last year. the auto industry had a great year. there is worry about china. you sell a lot of cars in china. is it as slow as the fear is? >> we project moderate growth in the car business. part of that the government reduced purchase tax at end of last year and we think that will support sales. clearly china going through a little volatility from investment led economy into consumer-led one. we think moderate growth in the u.s., continued strong and moderate growth in europe. >> reporter: do you think think the world economy have a slowdown? >> as you look at employment report last week, wage growth is good, labor growth is still good, low energy rates and labor costs. those things help fuel and support consumer spending. reporter: your competitor gm
7:48 am
announcing today, it will take a vehicle made in china and sell it in the u.s. any plans for ford to make vehicles there, sell them in the u.s.? >> well our strategy right now is produce what we sell and obviously we opened up a number of plants in china. reporter: how many years? >> we have a total of 10. we opened up 10 plants in the last three years overall through asia-pacific but we sold over a million units in china and right now we're producing for the domestic market there. reporter: no plans short term? >> no plans right now short term to do that. reporter: donald trump your friend and fellow new yorker talking about 35% tariff on vehicles made outside the u.s. that ford brings into the u.s. why is he picking on ford? >> well, listen, it is politics season. presidential politics season. sometimes it is really unfortunate when the facts get clouded by politics. facts are stubborn things. here in the u.s. we invested over billion dollars in our u.s.
7:49 am
plants. we created 25,000 jobs. in our uaw contract we committed another $89 billion. -- $8 billion. when you see that we're doing our part to drive economic development in the u.s. and we're very, very proud as a company. reporter: you sent him an email to tell him about this. >> we want to set the facts straight. reporter: i miss those days when we talked about looking at cars. >> new fusion is here. f-150 raptor. we're showing a whole bunch of important stuff here. >> you're too important to walk around. mark fields. appreciate the time. dagen? dagen: the ford raptor, shoot some of that. i want to check it out. thank you, jeff. thanks to ford ceo mark fields coming to us from the detroit auto show. we're keeping an eye on stocks today coming off the worst
7:50 am
starting week to a year ever. 54-point gain, 60-point gain for the dow. the new news that shire buying baxalta, a million at this billion dollar deal in the biotech industry. tomorrow don't miss maria's exclusive with jamie dimon. we have so much more to take care of on fox business this morning, stay with us. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
dagen: back to some market moving news that broke just a short while ago. the biotech company shire making it official buying baxalta for $32 billion.
7:54 am
there is a little bit of cash in there, cash and stock. it is an ireland-based company, buying a u.s. company. kevin your thoughts on this deal? >> my thoughts is getting back to the space, look at the health care space. this further credence to the market that the health care sector is further infancy of the bull market. we're seeing tons of deals likes allergan-pfizer. this was really a defensive deal for shire because they were actually approached in 2014 by abve for a 54 million-dollar merger. you will see a lost m&a happen whether defensive or companies doing synergistic acquisitions to in order to drive revenue growth because we're in a slow-growth environment. dagen: i want to bring in anthony scaramucci in this. fda has been very favorable to these companies but you have drugmakers, story in the "wall street journal," still
7:55 am
raising prices, pfizer, amgen, allergan, horizon, many others raising prices on branded drugs anywhere from nine to 10%. that will be a huge issue on the campaign trail and could it hurt these stocks? >> well, it already has. look at valiant and some of the other stocks last year, dagen, they got pounded by this. so for us on the hedge fund side we actually got this wrong. we had very big health care exposure. if you look where the beta was in our portfolio we had misjudged this because of this sort of political debacle. if bernie sanders or secretary clinton become the president of the united states, these guys are going to get pounded by them. i don't think it's any chance that they will be able to survive these price rises. dagen: would you be long a lot of these companies? you say pricing headline risk is greating than the upside for acquisition? >> i think it's even. right now we would be neutral position on these companies because of the policy risk going forward makes the valuations uncertain to us.
7:56 am
dagen: we'll talk more about this. thank you, anthony, thank you, kevin. next hour i'm joined by republican presidential contender and kentucky senator rand paul. stay right there. on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i saihi, i'm andrew luck.... could anyone use some of my lucky beard for retirement? i could use some luck. make a wish. nice. thanks. your turn! no... thanks andrew. see,td ameritrade has everything i need for retirement. like rollover consultants for assistance and portfolio planning tools to help me manage my ira. so, i think i'm good.
7:57 am
oh well. luck is in the air. um... td ameritrade. you got this.
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7:59 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo is on assignment. it is mon, january 11th. with me this morning this hour, skybridge capital's anthony scaramucci, morgan ortega, recon capital kevin kelly. joining the desk, fox news contributor and my friend, meghan mccain. let's check on wild markets. they didn't get any better. shanghai sliding 5% overnight. no, sir cut breakers to stop the flight or close the markets for the day. they got rid of those last week. china's central bank fixed yuan higher against the dollar. that was no elixir for nervous investors. european market searching for direction.
8:00 am
we have gains across the board, england, france and germany. we've got a gain of almost 3/4 of one percent. it would be a big week for markets her in the united states. look at futures, 49 point gain there. earnings season start this is afternoon. we got the news biotech companies are merging. shire, and baxalta. the pharmaceutical companies agreeing to a deal valued $32 billion cash and stock. concerns on the cost of crude oil. look what crude is trading at right now. we're off half a buck a barrel. trading below the $32 mark. this breaking news overnight, music legend david bowie has died. a statement posted to his social media pages, that bowie died of an 18 month battle with cancer. outcry and reaction around the globe was really overwhelming.
8:01 am
hard to find somebody who was not influenced by this man's music, this man's life. he turned 69 on friday. the same day day he released his latest and his last album. moving to el chapo, he is back in a mexican jail. was it because of actor sean penn? penn interviewed him for a story that was published in "rolling stone" over the weekend. according to mexican authorities, that contact meeting in october helped lead to el chapo's capture. the grip and smirk. i will say that all day. mexico formally starting process to extradite chapo to the u.s. preet bharara, the u.s. attorney here in new york is probing sean penn's contact with el chapo. ricky gervais, leave it to him as host of the golden globes to offer his take on sean penn. >> i want to do this monologue and then go into hiding, okay?
8:02 am
not even sean penn will find me. [laughter] snitch. dagen: more of mr. gervais and the golden globe westerns and losers coming up. we have to show you a photo of jane fonda's dress, please, let's get that ready. that was worth talking about. back to our top story, stocks in china falling overnight. shanghai stocks sinking 5% adding to a brutal first week of trading in 2016. jo ling kent is here with more. hey, jo. >> dagen, everyone is asking how low can it go. the chinese market selling off yet again. the finishing down 5.3% after central bank -- kospi in south korea was down more than 1%. japan was closed for a national holiday. also driving markets down, falling factory prices in december for the 46th month in a row. investors overall disappointed
8:03 am
the chinese central bank didn't introduce more easing measures over the weekend which is what they did last week but more action is expected in the coming months, maybe lower interest rates, cutting those bank reserves. dagen? dagen: thanks very much, jo ling kent in the newsroom for us. joining us from the cme, john brady. john, at least u.s. futures are not selling off that is about the only thing we have to hang our hat on at this point. >> that's right, dagen. last night we certainly opened up a little bit lower but i think a lot of that had to do with the fact that tokyo was closed. so there was thin market conditions early in trade last night. we found our balance a little bit. s&p futures bounced towards 1928, 1929 level which was breakdown from late friday night trade. overall volumes have been decent. most short-term technical indicators are flashing oversold. we're coming into earnings week
8:04 am
where sort of average earnings expectations are supposed to be down 4.1% for the second con tech tiff quarter f you strip out energy, earnings are expected to be up 1 1/2%. flashing indicators oversold and tokyo closed lending to illiquidity and bounce here in equity futures we'll start off with a very modest positive tone. dagen: anthony, i want to read something that charlie gasparino has been talk about most of the people he talks to are selling inventory moving into cash. they're looking to sell out of positions stocks, changed his word, because it stunk last year and uncertainty. a lot of future out there. talking about these hedge funds. do you see that anthony? this is your bread and butter. >> there is no question that the hedge fund industry has underperform at least in the last year. so you are seeing rotation back into structured credit. you're seeing rotation back into fixed income. you see guys like mark lazarus
8:05 am
at avenue capital moving what is energy distressed space. a lot of guys in the health care sector that actually got the merger activity right, dagen, but because ofpolitics, because of that famous tweet from secretary clinton earlier last year talking about the drug prices in the future those stocks did not do well. there is definitely a lot of uncertainty. you talked about a lot of cash being raised i think that is true. dagen: story in "wall street journal" cash levels of pen fun funds are highest they have been. pension and mutual funds told $200 billion in securities raising cash since 2014. highest pension funds at least since 2004. >> that is bullish sign. cash on the sidelines means any glimmer of good news they will start to allocate back into stocks. >> people are trying to see the factors, right, that will give a upside move.
8:06 am
there are a lot of risk factors implying downside move. chances are china could get worse before it gets better. u.s. markets still trading at historically high valuation basis. we're trying to figure out how stronger dollar will impact earnings as well as the price of oil and we just talked about that, right? we were in earnings recession. we have three quarters where earnings have gone down. people want to be in companies growing their revenues and there's very few of those. so there are overhangs. we'll need to see what happens in the earnings cycle. it is not earnings actually. it will be the guidance. that is what will drive market action. dagen: speaking of driving market action, maying began,dmeghan candidates on the right and left keel compelled to talk about the markets. donald trump throwing out idea of 45% tariff on chinese goods, he qualified that if china doesn't play right with his currency.
8:07 am
that is risk and causes more uncertainty with the headlines. >> i'm not like you guys specialize in finance and donald trump makes things easy and accessible. he talks in platitudes and hubris and talks about how he will fix everything. you're telling me that is risky move. he tells american public he will fix all the problems. people are being sicced talked down to. the last eight years the economy is not doing well and they want to feel safe and donald trump is telling them everything they want to hear. kind of like the guy you start dating and everything is perfect and loves you immediately, probably too good to be true. dagen: i predicted this summer on greg gutfeld's show over labor day i predicted that the summer romance would be never terms of trump. i was so wrong about that. he has gained and gained and gained. john, i want to bring in this point, it is hard to quantify the headline risk but is there risk and is that another reason to maybe carry more cash going into this year?
8:08 am
>> no, i think that's right. you're not going to get paid a whole lot for cash but you will not lose a whole lot specifically given inflationary backdrop. once upon a time before quantitative easing and zero interest rate policy cash would earn interest which would act as a way to diversify risk and lower overall volatility of a portfolio. it still can. you just don't get paid as much for it anymore. one thing that clients are talking about this morning, dagen, the fact that both the u.s. dollar and gold are moving higher and they have been moving higher for the better part of the last week which suggests in near term risk will still be under pressure most likely. seeing flight to quality in the dollar and seeing flight to quality in the second most important global currency which is gold. keep an eye on the relationship. dagen: john, good to see you. as always john brady. >> thank you. dagen. dagen: playboy mansion is up for
8:09 am
sale but long time resident hugh heavy any wants to stay there until he dies. that place needs a lot of renovation. we have someone on set who can tell you what the playboy mansion looks like up close and personal. >> there you go. dagen: braggadocio this morning. if you have a million dollars, we'll talk politics. next republican presidential debate is right here on the fox business network. i guarranty you the playboy mansion does not come up in that debate. >> you never know. dagen: maria and neil moderating thursday night. stay with us. ♪ all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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8:12 am
dagen: mexican officials beginning to extradition process to the u.s. for the infamous drug lord, joaquin el chapo guzman. cheryl casone has the news and other headlines.
8:13 am
>> you say it better than i do. u.s. and mexican authorities are beginning extradition process for el chapo, something expected to face heavy delays and multiple challenges. according to report in the "new york post" this morning, u.s. manhattan attorney preet bharara is leading a federal probe of penn over his ties to el chapo, sean penn. news coming ahead of one day before the exclusive "rolling stone" interview between penn and el chapo. mexican authorities said the interview helped them lead to el chapo. singer actor, songwriter david bowie has died at the age of 69. ♪ according to the spokesman the singer paid today's peacefully after a 18 month battle with cancer.
8:14 am
the playboy mansion on the block for cool $200 million but as a condition of sale, hugh hefner will have to continue to live there until his death. 29 rooms including the famous swimming pool where "playboy" bunnies partied with celebrities real estate say this mansion is likely a tear down and the asking price is ridiculous because of the fact that it is playboy mansion they might get 80 or 90 million. that is tops according to reports in l.a. meghan. >> it is gross on the inside. -- did really amazing expose's shows pictures what it looks like inside. notoriously deprep kit. "playboy" as a brand, whatever you think about, pornography wise, it was iconic american brand. >> why would you pay 200 million
8:15 am
for a geriatric, walking around, an old perverted gary act trick. >> they have animals. dagen: to clarify, that you've been there. >> i did an interview with "playboy" magazine, that is all i'm going to say. one thing i will say about "playboy," it was a giant brand we all grew up with for different reasons. now they're not doing nudes anymore. i don't know anything about finance butted brand -- dagen: like the grotto, it is like hung on the wall. >> there are reports this property is only worth about $35 million, given that it is unique property like the neverland ranch or certain properties like, that it could be worth $50 million. 200 million is worth more than the company is even worth. showing you how bad. dagen: he still wants to live there? >> he will pay rent. >> that is part of the deal apparently you have to let him -- >> one of the "playboy" bunnies, holly on the show i watched on e!
8:16 am
she wrote a book, in it talks about like dog peon the carpet everywhere. things she had to do with him. sad to see iconic american brand -- >> bill clinton has enough money. seems up his alley. dagen: you have enough swalinger to live in l.a., anthony. i think you have to work on your tan. >> not at the playboy mansion. dagen: i think he might. yeah. yeah. i think that you could -- >> nothing about it is cool anymore. that is the problem. old man with young women, even that look isn't cool any more. i think in era that we're living in. the aesthetic of isn't cool anymore. there are not even nudes in "playboy." the problem is branding. nothing is cool in "playboy." dagen: our new favorite wife on beverly hills housewives is erica jane. her husband is roughly 30 years older than she is. old versus young that is working. >> that is one woman, one man.
8:17 am
they seem completely in love and committed. didn't think i would talk about real housewives this morning but you and i are simpatico. >> did he finally -- >> he is married. >> he still has girlfriend around. dagen: he has a posse. >> is that is what is worth $200 million. dagen: he does have a life. before we digress, thank you all, up next. keeping your eye on markets after the massive selloff in china. what about the massive selloff here? great jobs number. you had unemployment at still 5% and you had the worst start to a year ever. for the s&p and dow. make sense of that. we will, or we'll try, oil under pressure. head to the cme and phil flynn for a look at energy. ♪
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
dagen: oil prices underpressure jet again. phil flynn at cme group. what is the driver today, phil. >> you know a lot of times we talk about oil prices driving stock market lower, today it is opposite. really oil price is got higher on the day and gave up weakness overnight on concerns of chinese market meltdown and slowdown in china but because u.s. stocks seem to be coming back, oil prices actually turned higher. now part of that could be when
8:22 am
we're not worried about china we start focusing about the possibility of a drop in production and last week the u.s. rig counts had biggest drop we've seen since last march. so that could be a sign that u.s. producers are getting ready to rollover. that won't matter if china slows down. higher on the day for a quick instant. back to you. >> phil, what price can smaller companies, newer companies get oil out out of the ground profitably? >> they keep saying number gets lower and lower. now it is about debt and efficiency. we heard early on $60 was number they need to be profitable. then we heard 50 and then 30. every company is a different. on the whole if had to get you average we need prices backs up to $50 a barrel for sustainable growth if u.s. production. dagen: thank you, phil flynn for us from chicago.
8:23 am
kevin, i argue, i heard ben carson speak last week, he said i'm not saying higher oil prices are better from america. lower oil prices are good. takes power from nations that hate us like russia and vladmir putin. >> you can see oil is used to fund nefarious initiatives, right? but what's important that came from phil he is talking about rig counts. rig count have been going down for so long, why hasn't it impacted price of oil? efficiency, right? energy, energy producers are getting more out of the their oil rigs, 60% more than last year. so rigs can keep going down but oil will not go up, right? i think what is important to take away is that you know, we're going to have deeper an longer, lower oil prices and that's the biggest thing to takeaway from this. even at $40 a barrel, that puts the most efficient oil producers in a bind. here we are at 33. we still need to see a shakeout. >> kevin to follow up on that,
8:24 am
saudi spoke at arab league and ask arab league nations join them condemning iran for all the recent spats. i continue to see massive geopolitical risk in the middle east over 2016. do you think we'll sustain the low oil prices considering we could have major events in the middle east this year. >> that is such a great question because look what happened already. there has been already geopolitical risk that happened. turkey shot down russian plane. guess what happened? oil moved 2%, right. we saw actually saudi arabia and iran go tit-for-tat, whether it was, you know, killing, cleric or it was just a attack on embassy. >> there is too much oil on the market. dagen: production capacity here in the u.s. >> big gorilla in the room and rising dollar is reducing price of oil as well. so morgan stanley saying this morning 20 to $25 seems to be the low point they are predicting. dagen: for oil. we heard --
8:25 am
>> still another 15, 20% move from here. >> there you go. i'm stoked. i don't want people to lose their jobs or go out of business but lower gas prices. coming up latest polls show trump and cruz in the lead? which candidate has the what it takes to beat democratic frontrunner hillary clinton? great moments out of the 73rd annual golden globes one was sly stallone thanking someone very special to him for his victory. >> most of all i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. thank you. [applause] we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
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>> brand new fox news poll shows that trump and ted cruz leading the g.o.p. pack. blake burman is standing by with more. >> good morning to you, new year. the same story line, according
8:29 am
to the latest fox news poll. donald trump continues to rule the republican field. he has support from 35% of republicans nationwide. as you can see there, that puts him 15 clear of senator ted cruz in second. the showdown between those two though, trump and cruz in iowa remains with cruz ahead by 4 points, however, in new hampshire, trump regains his massive lead, extending it all the way to 18. the billionaire businessman raised eyebrows last week when the new york times editorial board said that trump favors a 45% tariff on imported chinese goods. yesterday on sunday morning futures, maria pressed trump about that figure. >> you did say you want to have a 45% tariff on exports coming into this country. correct? >> no, no, i said if they don't behave, that would be the number, that would be commensurate, yeah, i said if they don't behave. if they don't stop doing what they're doing with the devaluations in particular.
8:30 am
>> on the democratic side, dagen, fox news poll shows that hillary clinton continues to hold a strong lead nationally over bernie sanders, but clinton is not completely cruising. sanders leads by 13 in new hampshire and questions to a general election run, when matched up against the top tier republican candidates, clinton loses to trump by 3, cruz by 7, and senator marco rubio fares best with a 9 point edge. over the weekend, bernie sanders was trying to make the argument that he is the most electable democratic candidate. back to you. dagen: thank you, blake. blake burman. megan, it's going-- >> bernie sanders is the most electable candidate? okay. too early for that. but now what? he's appealing in part to the same person that donald trump is appealing to, somebody who is sick of not having any wage gains, who is just sick of not getting ahead in this country, and they have different messages, obviously, but it's
8:31 am
clearly working. look at the jobs report on friday. private sector average hourly earnings actually slipped in the most recent months, which kind of speaks to the sense of malaise and upset out there. >> they're both token anti-establishment candidates in an anti-establishment election and that's well and good. and you saw the glory days of primary campaigning are going to turn into a general. at a certain point you're going to have to reach out to nonrepublican voters, women, minorities, and traditionally don't do well. i want to beat hillary. i'm going to have to go on medication if there's another democrat in the white house. i'm not kidding. anything, anything that's going to sedate me. >> and in the last hour, anthony, you talked about how the extremes of both parties have been getting more powerful. there's a piece in the atlantic actually talking about this, talking about the rise of the liberal in the party and how they're actually bringing, of
8:32 am
course, hillary and bernie sanders farther and farther to the left. he's an avowed socialist and gets away with saying and democratic party doesn't condemn that, they're embracing it. m meghan, bloomberg says he may run as an independent. we could have a democrat, a republican and one or two major independent candidates this year. dagen: here is how hillary responded the difference between a democrat and a socialist-- she wouldn't answers it. >> she couldn't answer it. >> she won't answer it. >> why won't she answer it. >> because bernie sanders is reaching out to so many young people and demographics she's going to need and at a certainly point she's going to want his endorsement she probably won't get. she'll do and say anything and she doesn't want to make any more people mad. >> there's real pain out there. when you listen to the average american who is struggling. the average american cannot come up with $500 for an
8:33 am
emergency. and so, the bernie sanders sort of a message is compelling to a lot of people. one. things that the republican party failed at is explaining to the average american like speaker ryan was supposed to what can you do from an aspiration aspiration aspirational message. the average person is seeing there's one political party, the incumbents and that's why you're seeing the establish pt getting decimated across the board and they're saying whatever they can to keep pan doring to the electorate. donald trump with 45% tariff that would reduce a 20 year reduction of prices. think of the price of a computer 20 years ago, so he doesn't believe that. he's just trying to get votes. >> and i completely agree with what you just said and you just said, but the problem is when you get down to the meat and potatoes and voters start
8:34 am
paying attention looking at a man that will not say whether or not he's going to attack the american public, 90% of their income every day. >> it's about the simple solutions you said earlier. one of the reasons that trump has resonated with the republican party, he has a simple message, i'm going to fix it, the same as bernie sanders. >> i bernie sanders doesn't resonate with minority, a little secret. they like the t-shirt and the slogan it's kind of like obama light. and i have yet to find a bernie sanders supporter, call in if you can. and he's a folk hero for a demographic. >> they want free health care, they want free college education so they have these basically, these socialistic ideas. they would never be enacted, it would collapse the economy and take us back 20 years. dagen: how in the heck does
8:35 am
hillary clinton run on obama's record on the economy? >> i don't know, but on top of everything else, all of these e-mails that come out basically saying she got asked to send the nonsecure e-mails back and forth, everything come out with benghazi, i don't know anyone could believe her, she's a stone cold liar, bad for america, but i have faith in the american public, they'll not vote for her. dagen: that's it for now. tune in to lou dobbs, he'll announce the next lineup for the next presidential debate, the later event moderated by maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. don't miss a minute of it. mornings with maria starts at 6 a.m. eastern time on the fox business network. here are some of the best moments if you missed something from earlier in the show. >> david bowie was one of the people who not only made incredible music, but made it okay to just be weird and different. right? i think everybody can agree with that.
8:36 am
>> saudis are feeling the pain, i mean, just even consider an ipo at this point means that they feel there are major problems and that oil prices aren't going up anytime soon. >> it was a roaring 20's party. you know what? they didn't get the memo because the bubble burst at yahoo!. look what's happened since she's taken the helm. >> there is too much fed and central banks, everything, you're waking up and hearing something from another fed head or draghi or the dudes from japan. i wish they'd get out of the way, they've distorted pricing yields for too long. >> the last ten years of the crisis we're in the age of global macro intervention by governments. what are governments learning? only so much they can do and it's not working. >> and caused her to scratch her hair. dagen: you know how much i won this christmas, i didn't come close to winning back the price of the ticket. a buck for 25 tickets. well, go powerball.
8:37 am
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>> the race for the white house hotter than ever with the latest fox news poll showing donald trump and ted cruz leading the g.o.p. pack ahead of the first republican presidential debate of the new year hosted by fox business this thursday, january 14th. let me bring this republican presidential candidate and kentucky senator rand paul. good it see you, thank you for being here. >> good morning. dagen: we've been talking with the markets, as horrible as they are, the worst start to a year ever for the dow and s&p
8:41 am
last week, even with the strong job numbers last month, even with unemployment at 5%. what would be the first thing that you'd do to turn this economy and this market around? >> well, you know, we're going to try to shed some light on it today. we'll have a vote on the fed. that's the first step because he think the fed is one of the most incredibly powerful and secretive of government institutions and i think we need to shed some light on it. i think the fed bears a lot of responsibility for the boom and bust cycle, particularly the real estate boom in the early 2000's that was devastating in 2008. the fed needs to be responsible for what they're doing and not doing in the economy. dagen: do you need legislation on that. there was a goa audit, it was inserted in the dodd frank bill. does the senate have the power to do that already? >> we had one single audit, but we don't have the power to have an annual audit and the audit
8:42 am
that we did have excluded the auditing of some of the most important activities of the fed that involved trillions of dollars, so, for example, when the gao auditor came before congress, she was asked what did you purchase with the $4 trillion during the 2008 crisis and she said she had no idea because it wasn't under her purview to have any knowledge of what the $4 trillion in assets, it's kind of a joke to think you're having an audit if you're not revealing what you buy with $4 trillion. dagen: well, in terms of the short-run and stabilizing the economy and getting wages up, you saw the average hourly earnings for private workers actually slipping last month. investigating the fed, auditing the fed. how would that change the average person's situation? >> well, when you think about it, you know, real household, median household incomes have been going down for about 15 years. people who are middle chas and working class has lost about 10% of their purchasing power
8:43 am
or more, eggs have doubled, white bread has gone up 50%. so, really, people are being squeezed and what the fed does, is it provides billions of dollars to very large banks to get to use the money first, but as the money trickles down into the system, the regular people, by the time they get it, they're getting no earnings on interest, but they're seeing their prices rise. so they're being squeezed. so when we talk about income inequality, there needs to be criticism of the fed. >> with the attacks in paris and san bernardino, the top issue has shifted once again to national security. the threat of terrorism and do you think that your noninterventionist policies or ideas have hurt you when a majority of americans in polls want more to be done when it comes to fighting middle east terror and more done over there? >> well, the good news is if you look at the last six polls
8:44 am
done, we've placed in the top five or six and should be on the stage this evening, in fact, we think the polling indicates we will be on the main stage. so, i don't know, i think our presentations the last couple of debates, you've seen our numbers go up and in every poll that's come out within the last two weeks of the last five or six, means we meet the criteria. i think there are people who are saying, you know what? maybe regime change in the middle east isn't the best thing, maybe toppling assad would make isis stronger, and toppling assad make us more in danger. same thing with libya, and when wanted to topple gadhafi, our ambassador was assassinated and now third of libya pledges to isis. and it often leads to unintended consequences, actually i think is resonating within the republican primary. dagen: senator, you touched on that.
8:45 am
you don't like the fact that there are two debates. will you be there thursday regardless? two debates? >> we meet the criteria for the first debate, if fox goes by its own rules, peel be in the first tier. dagen: we want you in the debate whether it's the first or second one. >> we'll be there if you guys go by your rules. in the last six national polls we've been in the top 5 or 6 and there's no scientific criteria that could exclude us. dagen: moving on, fund raising, can you tell us what you raised in the fourth quarter? >> i don't have the exact amount in front of me, we have continued to raise more than we spend. we continue to stay in the black. i believe we have a couple of million dollars on hand, cash on hand so really, we want, we run one of the most frugal operations, we have 50 people on the ground in iowa and new hampshire. we announced this week, a
8:46 am
thousand more than anyone else in iowa and 99 county chairman and in new hampshire our leadership list is over 500 probably the biggest list in new hampshire so we think what is unheralded and largely been unreported is our ability to organize. dagen: well, that cash on hand, how far can it get you in terms of months? >> as far as we need to go. we bring in more than we spend every month. dagen: senator, it's great to see you, thank you for being here. senator rand paul. take care. >> thank you. dagen: firefighters responding to an early morning apartment building fire in chicago. cheryl casone has the very latest on that and other headlines. good morning. cheryl: cheryl good morning, dagen. firefighters responded to an apartment fire, there was a stairwell collapse, we're told. we're told it ripped through the four-story building in the rogers park neighborhood. several analysts were sent to the scene. at this moment we know all residents who live in the building are reportedly saved.
8:47 am
we know that one firefighter was injured battling that blaze. the latest in sports, the game between the vikings and seahawks, the third coldest game in league history at minus 6. the vikings self-destructed when walsh's field goal try into the frigid wind hooks left with just 22 seconds remaining and handed the seahawks the win. seattle is going to travel to carolina next weekend to take on the number one seeded panthers. going to be a great game. well, lady gaga won a golden globe for her role in american horror story "hotel", and this video is trending everywhere this morning. on the way to the stage, i don't know, dagen, you've seen this, she bumps into leonardo dicaprio's elbow, and the actor's reaction, he has posted a tweet and says this, i just didn't know what was passing me, that's all. meanwhile, i know.
8:48 am
meanwhile, lady gaga called winning the golden globe one of the greatest of her life. dagen: she should not have won. should not have won. by the way, that's a lady bump of, hey, buddy, move your chair, it's in the aisle, it's in my way, i don't care who you are. that's what she was saying to leo dicaprio. cheryl: it's crazy, that video. dagen: i still want to see a shot of jane fonda's dress, maybe one of the ugliest gowns ever in the history of, well, the world. there you go. see, come on, man, that's ugly! you asked, you receive. cheryl: you're right, that's pretty bad. dagen: she looks phenomenal, but come on, man, that thing, i don't know what that is? that's a bib. are you going out to lopster afterwards. >> it's like what the clowns wear around their necks, that poor woman. dagen: anyway, she's not poor. she was married to ted turner, i don't know how much she got out of them. she's not poor.
8:49 am
thank you so much, cheryl. and extending gains up further, you can see the addition there, pre-market surge after shire announced it agreed to buy back salta, what is the price, $32 billion in cash and stock. we head to the new hampshire and news on that deal and straight ahead. intel claiming a new world record for the unmanned vehicle, calling it drone 100, they were launched into the air and controlled by a single piece of software and beethoven's symphony played in the background. we'll be right back. very close encounters, right? ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies.
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go long™. ♪ >> and after a tough week last week here on wall street, investors returning to work today, greeted by terrific news, monster and the biotech, 32 billion, the value of the deal, shire announcing buying baxalta. a 37 1/2 premium over baxalta's closing price when the deal was announced or at least the offer. the plan here is to focus on rare disease treatment. this combination will create the largest company biotech firm devoted to research and development for treatments for rare diseases. much more with mornings with maria straight ahead. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people.
8:54 am
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>> final thoughts? morgan. i want to point out that we have three millennials on the set this morning. and i think that-- millennials. dagen: you're going to start bragging about the arms that-- and arms thatdon't wave? >> and we're talking the millennials are about disruption and i think that 2016 is the year of disruption and the year of disruption in the economy and geopoliticals in the middle east and asia and with the economy. with the 2016 presidential election, i expect massive disruption in every aspect of what we talk about on television every morning. dagen: disruption in the markets, too. >> disruption in the markets. this is the year where we're going to figure out whether or not we have secular stagnation, are we in a low growth permanent base of the economy or are we going to figure our way out of this thing. my prediction is we're going to figure our way out and the fed is going to continue to raise rates going into the back end of the year.
8:58 am
it will mean for choppy markets, but long-term better for the u.s. >> yes, i think we are going to be volatile throughout the year and we're seeing that happen already, we're going to the normal satisfaction where volatility should be. those levels. there are overhangs and the market is relatively expensive, but in this low growth environment, stick to cash flow, right? what's generating cash. and dividend stocks, they return capital to you. that's why southern did well, it's a utility. get into the safe names, get into names that can grow revenues in this type of environment. dagen: final thoughts? >> i'm looking forward to the debate this week, the fox business debate, hosted by maria and doing a great job. anthony and i were talking during the break, new hampshire is a fickle place, and voters are notoriously fickle. i i wouldn't be surprised for a sleeper, chris christie, i wouldn't set on donald trump right now. dagen: and we're fixated on new hampshire.
8:59 am
malott of nominations decided by extremely moderate states and we'll soon talk about california. >> and what will be fascinating if ted cruz wins iowa, and donald trump begins new hampshire and what happens in south carolina. >> cruz is smart about playing strong in the sec primary states, in the souths. dagen: what about the fund raising. you're the money man. is the money out there for the candidates? when you get down to one or two remaining candidates unless donald trump is one of them, argue will be, he'll be able to raise money as well. people will start sending him money even if he's not asking for it. the money is clearly out there. right now, it's in a pause period because you have still too many candidates in the race. dagen: and my final thought is godspeed to david bowie. morgan, anthony, kevin and my girlfriend meghan mccain. >> thank you. dagen: don't forget, tune in to mornings with maria tomorrow,
9:00 am
maria has an exclusive inter vut with j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon, his thoughts on it, you name it. and now it's all about charles payne in for stuart varney. >> i'll take it from here. i'm in all week for stuart varney. we've got the markets and the green after the worst week ever to the start of a year and el chapo, the mexican drug lord under arrest. and sean penn interviewed him and now penn in legal hot water. we've got surprising poll numbers which politicians people say respects women more, it's going to surprise you. a man shoots a philadelphia cop and said he did it and what's the mayor say, it's nothing to do with islam. and 1.3 billion, that's a lot of money for powerball.


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