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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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maria has an exclusive inter vut with j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon, his thoughts on it, you name it. and now it's all about charles payne in for stuart varney. >> i'll take it from here. i'm in all week for stuart varney. we've got the markets and the green after the worst week ever to the start of a year and el chapo, the mexican drug lord under arrest. and sean penn interviewed him and now penn in legal hot water. we've got surprising poll numbers which politicians people say respects women more, it's going to surprise you. a man shoots a philadelphia cop and said he did it and what's the mayor say, it's nothing to do with islam. and 1.3 billion, that's a lot of money for powerball. big week for "varney &
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company." about to begin ♪ ♪ >> that's we can be heroes by rock legend david bowie, of course, you woke up this morning to the news of his passing. he was battling cancer for a year and a half. we've been playing his music throughout the show in his honor. the dow futures, another long week for the market. no doubt about it. we were up big, down and now gyrating higher. you can see the dow 100 points and of course, the major influence is oil. we've got to look at it. under a lot of pressure, 32.75
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it keeps getting hammered and hammered. can there be leadership, apple broke under 100 to get back above 100 a share, time to jump on? we've got experts who say absolutely. alcoa, not a hopeful thing when you see alcoa kicks off the earning season, but it's higher. right now, keith, you say it's all about psychology and as far as fundamentals that mean nothing right now at this stage of the market? >> yeah, this is fairly typical whenever you had a big massive decline, particularly an extended one like we saw into the early part of the year. any headline, regardless whether it's good or bad, it's simply going to play on emotion. if savvy investors are on their toes they're going to look at a buying opportunity because it usually means everybody is headed for the exit when they should be headed for the entrance. >> the question, are there enough savvy investors to stop it going down no matter the use? >> people are going to sell,
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people are going to sell. it's a few area where individuals can get ahead of the institutions because individuals don't have to sell. institutions have to keep their money moving. so you have got an advantage as an individual investor. >> we love your advise and you'll be here. and ted cruz at 20%, marco rubio, and jeb bush bringing up the rear at 4%. and iowa, cruz has a lead over trump for 4 points and donald trump continues to hammer away at bill clinton's past. take a listen to this. >> she's not a victim. she was-- anyway, she-- >> she was an enabler. >> yeah, she worked with him. i mean, she were -- some of the women have been totally destroyed. some of these women have been destroyed and hillary worked with him. i mean, there's no feeling
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sorry for hillary in this situation and all you have to do is look at some of the facts and look at some of the settlements, there's no feeling sorry for her. >> of course, hillary clinton firing back away. roll tape. >> if he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that's his prerogative. you know? so be it. he can say whatever he wants to about me. let the voters judge that, but i am note going to let him or any of the other republicans rip away the progress that women have made. i can't run anybody else's campaign. they can say whatever they want, more power to them, i think it's a dead end, blind alley for them, but let them go. >> now, according to this fox news poll, most people think that bill clinton is more respectful of women than donald trump. katherine is here and i know you don't agree with that. >> no. >> are you somewhat surprised at it? >> a little. they're way more better at messaging, way better on the democratic side the war on women thing.
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and also the focus shouldn't be on bill clinton. you can say, you know, donald trump's accused of saying sexist things. bill clinton is accused of raping people, and 11 women. how did hillary react, and she says they have a right to be believed. how was she when they accused her husband, she was horrible. i think that donald trump is right. i think it might be up to people other than donald trump to push this message because he has the reputation of-- >> you said the key word from hillary's camp would be accused. he's never been convicted. never been in a court and his liaison and bill clinton when it comes to women, his track record, particularly things that went on in the white house are horrible, but by the same token, how does this message get out beyond donald trump then? >> i'm talking about it a lot. >> you were talking about it before trump. >> yeah, yeah.
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>> i think this goes beyond politics with you, maybe that's the key, it shouldn't be framed in the political world particularly after what we saw with the bill cosby situation. >> exactly. >> brushed off for a long time. >> and they're not that different, accused, accused, accused, a lot of commonalties, clinton's accusers are saying the same thing. hillary is saying no personal attacks, you're making part of your campaign, i support women, if hillary didn't want the attacks, she's the one making them relevant. and times changed now, there will be people supporting monica lewinsky if it happened today. ashley: i think the way she's handling it is probably the only way, fairly effective. however, trump is the only one that's going to bring this up among all of the candidates. >> there were some article that urged trump to drop it. i think beyond politics, it's a critical issue.
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forget about who is elected. now is the time in the country we could address the issue. >> thanks, katherine. >> thank you. >> we're hosting a republican debate this thursday from south carolina. tonight tune in lou dobbs 7 p.m. is going to announce the lineup. refer, you can only see it right here on fox business. and before lou, of course, my show, making money, we'll talk about the economy, markets, all tied together for you leading up to that big announcement. now, to germany. in your years eve attack on women have prompt more than 600 criminal complaints as well as weekend protests that turned violent. riot police broke up protesters in cologne saturday as they marched against the country's open door immigration party. colonel ralph peters, let the audience know, you lived in germany, you know it well and speak the language. what to you make of what's happening there. >> it's a real crisis and it's a much bigger crisis than the united states gets.
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let me try and put into perspective what happened briefly. the area where this happened in cologne on new year's eve and happened in other cities throughout europe as well. cologne was the worse in the main train station and the cathedral square, it's about the size of times square, a quarter of times square, imagine if on new year's eve over 500 women had been attacked with violence, hundreds of them sexually assaulted. at least two public rapes alleged. of course, the new york police department would never have permitted it, imagine if that happened here, over, well, over 500 assaults in one city in three hours, we'd be going crazy and germany is going crazy. this is the most ferocious, grotesque incident of sexual silence since the red army entered berlin in 1945. it's a shock to the germans and
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making them rethink many things, but you have a critical divide between the german elites pro immigration, touch and feely like the restaurants. and the german industrials wanted the free, cheap labor. the average german who has to bear the brunt of this massive immigration, 1.1 million people a year. they don't want it, don't want to pay for it don't want their kids facing harassment in the streets. >> and amerimerkel backing out davos and she's paying the political price. do you think what happened over new year's eve is enough to make a serious sea change? now germany is talking maybe not trying its multicultural experiment anymore. >> i think it's made a sea change caused a sea change in public attitudes. the problem is that germany's laws, and constitution is so liberal that they're shocked to
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discover how little they can do about these asylum seekers. once you apply for asylum status in germany, a lockdown mechanism. angela merkel, she's in a corner, and the only giant left on the german political stage, but her position is, well, she didn't cancel the trip to davos for billionaires. she said she never planned to go. that the other president was to go. stuart: lt. colonel peters, thank you, we'll see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: awards in the golden globes. >> thank you. >> i did miss it. >> and revenant won for best drama, and leonardo dicaprio. and the martian and actor matt
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damon for that category. and sylvester stallone for "creed", and won for pour trying rocky balboa and called him his imagery friend. uber says it wants to give them incentive to fight the january blue, get off the couch and do something. the yesterday's nfc wild card playoffs was the third coldest in history. 88-year-old viking bud grant came out in a short sleeve golf shirt in the weather. >> he's from a different era. men are men. >> what are they now. vikings lost that game. and eric coleman, and in the 11:00 hour, fran tarkenton e thank you. ashley: they're wearing pansies now. stuart: .
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>> a majestic snowy owl, it's their national bird, and millions and millions of people flocked to facebook to see it. it's a majestic scene. a little less majestic is sean penn and the meeting with el chapo coordinated for months. and we have to bring in judge napolitano. can penn face charges and then, of course, there's more with david bowie. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> el chapo back behind bars after meeting with sean penn and now mexican officials say this meeting actually led to the drug lord's arrest. ashley, what's going on with this. ashley: sean penn did an interview with el chapo guzman three months ago doing it for rolling stone. mexican authorities said they'd been surveilling, phones, house, communications, contacts. they were aware that the possibility of el chapo was in this region. they raided the area two days after sean penn left and he narrowly escaped. it turns out el chapo said he want a biopic or may have made about me and ultimately led to his arrest in a bloody gun fight friday night. charles: all rise, judge napolitano is here. now a lot of people are saying
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that sean penn is in legal hot water? >> you know, it may be in political hot water. he's got the bad boy reputation, he's an ardent leftist and a lot of those us who disagree with his view of the world say there he is being a jerk again, i don't think he committed any crime. it's not a crime to talk to someone who is on the lam. charles: really, and not report them? >> that's right, you have the right to remain silent. no obligation to speak, that appears in every instance except treason. charles: they're talking about him extraditing to america. he's run on our laws. >> el chapo? probably 200 counts adding charges against him, maybe 300 counts. that crimes were committed in the u.s. or by his people outside of the u.s. the charge is harboring,
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harboring a fugitive, that is concealing the fugitive, not talking to him. charles: but if you know, perhaps, his location and you know he's on the run. >> you have no obligation to reveal it. if you are asked by the feds you can remain silence. if you are asked by the feds and lie, that's another crime. the feds who knew where he was there, did not ask where he'd been now they want to prosecute h him. charles: aiding and abetting? >> no? >> not at all. it's in the middle of the conversation. if they see the mexican police coming, sean penn says, duck. that's aiding and abetting. but he has the right. you had the right to speak to usama bin laden when he was alive. these are interviews the public has an interest, they're protected by the first amendment. charles: and rolling stone for-- >> on the other hand,
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prosecutors are political people and sometimes they want to make threats because the public wants to hear the threat and do what the law retires them to do. charles: probably with this particular administration, probably no problem with sean penn. and being extradited to america, do you think that's going to happen? >> yes. ashley: it's going to take a long time. >> it will take a long time. charles: and the movie about this character. i watched it with my wife and we talked about pablo and el chapo. now, powerball, this thing is so big, even stuart varney will buy a ticket. ashley: that's big. charles: $1.3 billio what happened to the last guy who won the powerball? we'll tell you all about it next.
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comcast business. built for business. >> well, no powerball winner this week and the jackpot is now a mind-boggling 1.3 billion dollars. so how would that change your life if you hit it? let's ask jo ling kent and looked into the last powerball winner. jo: was february 2015, the big prize 554 million dollars.
9:24 am
and split three ways. a 26-year-old woman in north carolina takes home 88 million dollars so a pretty nice prize. according to powerball she spent the money largely really amazing ways. religious and charitable donations, finishing her college degree what she wants to do here, buying her mom a house on her list and securing her financial future of four kids. a couple of days ago, her boyfriend ought on bail for the third time, she's reportedly sunk $21 million into bond for getting him out. >> 21 million. charles: what did he do? these are murders or something? >> well, he's on the hook for multiple arrests, drug trafficking, pretrial release after being caught with guns in a police raid in a home. his name is lamar mcdowell nickname hot sauce. when asked about the situation because she sunk so much money into him, he says, if i had that money, i would do the same for her.
9:25 am
charles: i'm sure that's what he tells her, but-- >> she's got four children. >> three boys and-- >> has she done anything to put the money away so she couldn't touch it and hot sauce couldn't get his hands on it when they graduate from college they have something or going to college. >> according to powerball she's putting some money away for them, but we'll see what actually happens here, this is a pretty complicated situation and often times when you've got the money, people. ashley: they check the family tree, they're going to come out of the woodwork. charles: and never satisfied. if you win and and you have a boyfriend named hot sauce, cut him off. interesting sorry. your money and these markets, coming off the worst start to a year ever. are we finally going to see some green? we've got evidence of it early this morning and remember tesla, that burnt crisp while charging.
9:26 am
there it is, burning up. elon musk says it will never happen again and you can start your cars remotely. the opening bell starts next.
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>> a big fan, stuart. thank you.
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stuart: wait. wait. you know me? are you kidding? >> hey, i am retired now. i have to stay ahead of the trends. they are not cheap. stuart: why did you have to tell me that? ashley: that was baseball hall of famers. he watches "varney & company." if you are watching right now, mike, it is good to have you. it is good to have you each and every single day. the opening bell. here at rings right now. we will get a little bit of relief. last week, the worst week ever for the stock market. china off 13. let's bring in -- coming off the worst week ever. what will happen? >> i think that we will get a
9:31 am
little bit of buying. there will be relief. bargain hunting. they have to do some buying just to keep things moving. ashley: friday, we started out with a triple digit gain. it was a full-fledged selloff. you brought up a week ago that this whole thing has been orderly. >> yes. look. the fact that the central bank will not be there anymore. it is not working. slowly, but surely, wearing off. maybe these equities got out of the economy. we cannot be setting all-time record highs and have the economy setting all-time record lows. ashley: we went into this year it not on a very optimistic turn. now here we are. political things.
9:32 am
the earnings season coming up will be critical. the guidance will be critical. >> it was set up by all these guys. in fact, 16 of the top, ms., ubs said it will be an up year for the s&p 500 did they were wrong. practically every year since the year 2000. surprisingly to the upside. charles: i will ask you about alcoa, scott. golly. not exactly the name that you want on the market. >> no. you are exactly right. welcome to america where mediocre is the new excellent.
9:33 am
[laughter] i do not mean to laugh so hard. that is bad did i tell you what? the story this year is going to be about oil. it is all about oil aware that market goes. charles: last year it sort of masked the carnage in the moment. apple. apple, facebook, amazon. you can focus on apple a lot. price is pretty attractive right here. >> absolutely. this is a company that does billions of dollars in cash flow each month. it is way beyond the iphone. the company is 40% profit margin. that is a company that is not going anywhere anytime soon.
9:34 am
>> a lot of people wondering about tim cook now. one thing that is working for him is apple music. ashley: it is. the number growing, by all accounts, pretty steady. across 100 plus countries. plenty of room for improvement there. spot the five estimated around double of that. they have made a lot of ground. you have these three month subscription. and then it kicks in to pay. >> what would steve jobs be saying? tim cook is really trying to do the work year. apple is cheaply valued. >> following mohammed ali or michael kors. there is something to be said. >> talking up the stocks and fundamentals. working with steve jobs.
9:35 am
pa 16 left a gay look at oil. you think that that is where it goes america is still producing. to me, there is a lot of overhang. it will not be a sharp drop. i feel we have to get through that. charles: don't you stop no matter who you are? >> talking about the last $15. even $50 a barrel. i think we will be around these levels for a lot longer than people thought. not high enough that it will make everybody were cover and covered and do what they need to do. the story is low oil for longer.
9:36 am
>> $20. charles: it will be sharp. i will be in there. it is merger monday. that's also $432 billion. lori, what are the details on this? >> hey there, charles. burger monday. more optimism. thirty-seven and a half% premium. posing price back on august 3 of last year. first approached and maybe offer. this will create the world's largest developer treatment. proffered of 20 billion. by 2020. charles: eggs a lot, lori. merger monday. a lot of action. what do you see?
9:37 am
putting pressure on more these kind of deals? >> all, i think so. we will look for mergers and oil. mergers and technology. this long talked about tesla. jpmorgan takes out a competitor. it is your of the need to share. charles: elon musk. also driving itself across the country by 2018. >> yes. within two years. your phone will be able to call your car if you are in l.a. in the car is in new york. guess what i'm up the car will drive cross country by itself and come and find you. maybe i am a little optimistic on that. [laughter] it will be around in two years or so.
9:38 am
the car will need more sensors, cameras, you name it. charles: technology here a lot sooner than the laws. you have to have some serious new laws in place. >> look how long the laws took to catch up to drone use. the tesla car picking up a pizza. that is what i want to know. >> take a look at that. we were up 100. now the dow was up 64 points. we want to take a look at some of your bigger losers now. let's bring that up. not necessarily surprising. china related plays. walmart. i want to go back to you. the only winners so far, is that surprising you a little bit? the mac it does surprise me.
9:39 am
i rather look to companies like amazon and facebook. sort of a knee-jerk reaction. charles: walmart bit the bullet last week. way beyond on the internet and other things. you know, i guess the argument is to you change amazon? do you buy something that is oversold? >> pick it up. a did pick a heavy price. ultimately, some of these bank stocks or technology stocks, it is really hard for me to get on board. i think we will see more of this corrective action in the stock market. i will go for something that has already been beaten up.
9:40 am
charles: bernie sanders took to twitter over the weekend. you cannot continue to get tax breaks while children in this country are going hungry. >> let's not forget that all of those billionaires, charlie gasparino pointed out, let's not forget that. charles: populism is working for him. >> some of those millennial's will love those free handouts. >> interesting enough. it feels like no matter what, they make a pretty good target. >> i think so. we have known for a long time. it is about time you go after them. on the other hand, you really have to question how money is made and where it goes in the economy. >> a lot of people walking
9:41 am
through the factory. we will leave it there. thanks a lot. the dow was up 100 at the open. up 62. struggling to hold on. let's check on go pro. it is at a new all-time low. macy's. this time you get the activists involved. think about that. big-name store. it may be worth a lot more. alexander's had a store like that. it went to $400 later. >> they got rid of the store. putting it all together. fox business. we are hosting the republican debate. january 14. you have to check out lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. he will check the actual lineup. you can only see it here on the fox business network.
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he says he was inspired by isis. that is a knee-jerk reaction. he says it has nothing to do with islam. in our 11:00 o'clock hour. the champ is here. next saturday. "varney & company." ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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charles: chuck out our big board.
9:46 am
the dow is up 58 points. it was up 100. time now for your morning gold report. breaking a levin 89. in the meantime, this is good news for everybody. gasoline. your national average. that to philadelphia. pledging allegiance to isis. roll tape. >> in no way shape or form does anyone in this world believe that teaching islam has anything to do with teaching of the screen. it is terrible. it does not represent the religion in any way, shape or form of any of his teachings. a criminal with a stolen gun. it has nothing to do with being a muslim or following the islamic faith.
9:47 am
>> we were all born ignorant. apparently, he had mayor kennedy in mind. mayor kennedy is putting in overtime. that is an idiotic statement. this has everything to do with islam as a political ideology. i do not understand why he and some of his former lefties continue to live in denial about the fact that war has been declared and out has reached the homeland. not just law enforcement officers. that is always on san bernardino. the san bernardino marathon. it continues. it is either unwilling or incapable of doing his most solemn responsibility and that is to protect the american people. >> all of the above. to the criminal side of this.
9:48 am
i was shocked to see. once again, we saw officers in new york city assassinated last year. why were these people even out of jail to begin with. >> the president's wisdom or lack thereof of opening the federal prisons and returning these career criminals back into the neighborhoods at the local level that we will have to deal with. this will call for bold and aggressive action. a military strategy to do with the islamic threat. we also do not have domestic intelligence. i think they will lean on domestic intelligence. they have many of these markets before hand. that is where we need to be more successful.
9:49 am
the fbi is doing great work. we need before. one of the things that i propose is that the president take bold and aggressive action under article one. any united states citizen that declares allegiance to a foreign threat to this declared war on the united states, fix their citizenship. they should be charged with treason. they should be moved to gitmo. continuing that radicalization. not have access to american courts. i realize that there will be some legal things. let the lawyers handle that. the president of the united states is not doing enough to protect the american people. foreign government. all bets are off. 1000000%. you do not -- you are not a part
9:50 am
of it anymore. thank you very much. >> thank you, charles. charles: antonio round. exactly the kind of thing. the deliberateness of this was just absolutely amazing. donald trump is saying that the nfl has gone soft. he will be with us. that and more next. ♪ >> we are going soft just like the nfl. we are going soft. it is true. am i right? am i right? ♪ ow was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals...
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charles: antonio brown took a vicious hit to the head. he was diagnosed with a concussion. trying to prevent these kind of hid, but it does happen. i have to tell you something, almost everyone feels that that was a deliberate hit. a mean-spirited hit and so unnecessary. >> i am sure that they are going to find them heavily.
9:55 am
probably suspend him the next game of the season. >> this and the knucklehead. you get a 15-yard nop. then another one. you know, it was deliberate and it may have cost them the game. in incidental head-to-head contact. this is something physically and elaborately done. >> yes. it was delivered late done. you have to make sure that you impose your will. it is immature. it is selfish. there are a lot of people going through this season. the ownership. the fans. your teammates. >> do you think they will keep the coach on? >> i think that they will. >> i don't know.
9:56 am
he seems like such a gentleman. i want to ask you about seattle. the seahawks. it was mostly luck. the 10-nine victory. a chip shot. lost the team the game. everyone is shocked about this. one of the coldest days in history. what do you make of that? what happens from here? >> when i was a rookie with the jets, we had a situation like that. into regulation and overtime. we lost the playoffs. a lot of work is put into this. all you can do is regroup. we were not in that position. >> it is a changed game.
9:57 am
>> what would you tell donald trump? >> the nfl was smart. the concussion issue. everyone is getting her. >> these guys are 300 pounds. running like jesse l lens. technique is missing. what the heck happened to wrapping someone up. what happened to that? >> everyone wants to be, they want to make the big splash plays. >> thanks a lot. >> up next, el chapo is in custody. sean penn actually interviewed him. he did not break the law. he went to mexico. he explored that. the second hour of our need company is only two minutes
9:58 am
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>> i'm charles payne in for stuart varney and here are your big stories. the mexican drug lord el chapo arrested again. geraldo explored the tunnel used for escape. and in philadelphia, a man says he was doing it for isis, but the city's mayor said it had nothing to do with islam. and tweet your thoughts. we've got surprising polls who people say is more disrespectful to women. hour two starts right now. ♪ checking on the big board. we opened up 100, giving away very, very quickly. don't forget, last week the worst week ever.
10:01 am
and everyone's talking 20 bucks in fact on crude oil. all time low, peabody taking a beating. president obama went after them and they have been the biggest losers. they're going to file, i think, for bankruptcy. and earnings season kicking off tonight after the bell. liz macdonald with us. a lot of fear about the corporate earnings, they haven't been great and alcoa probably not-- liz corporate earnings and revenues possibly down for the second straight month. alcoa likely coming in 1/8 of what it was a year ago. citigroup and j.p. morgan, and may be a surprise from citigroup. the thing to watch are the holiday retailers, coming out from pre-announcements, talking best buy, lululemon and macy's. macy's and tiffany's among 25 retail companies that already gave profit warnings. so the consumer discretionary space was a positive. we're talking the only real
10:02 am
positive for health care, telecom, and consumer discretionary. here is the thing. it was being lifted, like amazon. that's the things to watch for that space. charles: i guess the argument for them would be just a matter that consumers didn't spend or just didn't spend in brick ap mortar. >> that's a great point. by the way, goldman sachs finally comingut and saying we're cutting earnings per share for s&p, for three years ago out. so we're talking flat growth and this is the way it's been for the past couple of years. charles: it has been. thanks a lot. this mexican drug lord, el chapo arrested after being on the run for just six months. geraldo is with us. >> hi, charles. charles: it's surprising they got him so quick? >> i wouldn't say so. it's an intense manhunt. charles: you thought it was a pure mhunt? >> i think there were elements of the manhunt that were sincere. the mexican marines, you can't mess with them nor corrupt them.
10:03 am
there was enormous pressure on the mexican government, humiliated by his escape and everyone suggested he'd return, where was he going to go, el chapo with this mexican guy that everybody knows his face, where is he going to disappear to. he went to where he knows, typically do, he knows best, his hometown where they nabbed him. charles: he was caught mostly by tracking his, i guess his ego, he got sean penn involved. and a famous mexican actress. he wanted to make a movie. >> i think that's the downfall of many of the guys, the teflon don, john gotti, i remember being in new york restaurants and he'd go in, and he courted the public attention and ultimately brought it down. i think in el chapo's place, i don't know the role made by the sean penn excursion with the mexican soap star, queen of the
10:04 am
south. kate del castillo, what roll that led authorities to his location in sinaloa state. i know it was a flesh and blood, blood and guts shootout when they took him down. mexican marines engaging 100 body guards and killing five and arrested six. el chapo's major lieutenant escaping and he almost escaped, getting into a sewer and getting out of a manhole, stealing a car before they ultimately nabbed him. a close call. i think that whole thing and just let me say this, charles, this whole focus of all of this negative attention on sean penn is really misguided. yes, he is an actor, but in this role, he was a journalist. he was a journalist in the same way that john miller, the now nypd commissioner was a journalist when he tracked down usama bin laden, who was on the run. the world's most wanted man in those days.
10:05 am
charles: let me chime in on this, geraldo. i don't know, maybe you think he's a journalist, but i can tell you right now rolling stone has a reputation for saying some of the ugly people in positive lights or or at least portraying them there, whether it's the boston bombers or these kind of guys. my son reads the magazine and he's 19 and forwards the article and almost, you know, john gotti walking in places and being a celebrity. almost mitigating the horrific acts that they commit and turning them into people to be admired and i think that rubs people the wrong way. >> first of all, you cannot deny, but that el chapo in many of these drug lords have the robin hood image in their home turf. why? >> look at all the civilians who have been slaughtered by them. >> i'm in no way diminishing. i interviewed charles manson
10:06 am
and doesn't make me a murderer. charles: awe gave-- >> we gave him plenty of coverage and it's a perversity, john dillinger, bohny and clyde, come on, charles and these people have a-- >> i understand that and i understand that and i. >> hitler, stalin. charles: back in the day is different, when you talk about the magnitude of murder and mayhem committed by someone like el chapo, he's committed more murders and slaughters of people-- if they're going out to glorify the guy. >> sean penn got an admission from el chapo's lips that said el chapo said i am the biggest dealer of heroin meth and coke in the world. charles: did he get an admission he's one of the worst person to talk the planet and committed mayhem across the word particular mexico and america? >> he said more important, he said even if i was captured, somebody would take my place.
10:07 am
charles: we've got to check out this movie that just came out. the bottom line, i think ultimately we've got to just like isis you've got to destroy and dismantle this thing. >> and the bottom line he must be extradited to the united states to spend the rest of his natural life underground in the colorado supermax. charles: you'll be interviewing. >> it won't be glamorous. charles: congressman richard hudson. you've got a bill on the table that would stop refugees from coming into america unless there's a serious vetting process. how would that process look? >> well, charles, great to be with you. you know, the bill we passed on the house was a bipartisan two-thirds vote simply says let's pause the flow of refugees from syria and iraq until president obama's own security officials can certify that they've had an adequate background check. charles: you say security officials, are you talking folks like jim comey who has
10:08 am
bumped the white house more than one time how safe we are. >> comey, the fbi director, frankly his testimony before congress when he said we don't have information on these folks coming from syria and you can query until the cows come home and nothing will show up and that's his testimony is what sparked the need for this legislation. hopefully mitch mcconnell will bring it up quickly in the senate and we can get assurance from the american people that their government is looking out for their security. charles: i think one of the big issues, we saw with this philadelphia police officer who was shot at more than a dozen times, and bravely got out and returned fire at his assailant who said he committed this atrocity in the name of islam. the philadelphia mayor said islam is not a bad religion and was not a part of problem.
10:09 am
philadelphia a sanctuary city. hundreds of sanctuary cities are rolling out the carpet and congress is trying to do something about it. seems like they continue to win at this. >> we've got to be honest with the american people and instead of calling acts of terrorism that are happening in america, workplace violence or trying to downplay them, we need to be honest what is happening. gun control is not going to solve it. we've got a very determined enemy and the fbi is doing a tremendous job, but we've got to be honest with the american people, what is happening. >> what about quickly, 1.3 billion muslims in this world. we do business with a lot of them. indonesia has a lot of them, more than probably any other country. business person. how do we separate them. or do we do the blanket thing, no one comes in, whether they've been known friends of ours for decades.
10:10 am
if you're taking about visa waiver, if you visited one of the countries we're concerned about, you could not come into the united states without the process of getting a visa or refugees from syria and iraq, ng i don't it's about religion. i think the better way to handle this, let's look at the problem areas and see them do a much better job. charles: it's been an intelligent approach and hard to imagine you get a lot of resistance for it. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you, charles. charles: don't forget, fox business, we're holding that republican debate on thursday, i can't wait, sandra smith and trish regan host the first debate and maria bartiromo and neil cavuto on the second debate. lou dobbs will announce the lineup, you can only see it here on the fox business network. and literally, jeff flock live at the big detroit auto show.
10:11 am
there's a lot of cool stuff there. what's caught your eye so far? >> this is going to drive you crazy, gas prices at $2 a gallon. look behind me the audi h-tron constant vehicle, a hydrogen powered vehicle. hydrogen, makes a bomb, can also make a car. i tell you, they're focused on vehicles with alternative power, but the sexist unveil thus far, you had alove it and a stork would love it, too. it's a minivan. take a look at the chrysler pacifica. you might remember the name plate. this is different, replacing the chrysler town and country van and dodge carivan and so, those are going away and a more sexy minivan is taking its place. >> this is cool, man. >> and also an electric version. >> that is cool. >> speaking of electric, you'll love that one, too, the bolt, the chevy bolt. if you didn't like the volt, i
10:12 am
guess you won't like the bolt. this one goes farther, 200 on a charge. a flat battery system, a lot of room and you know, the folks at tesla said they would be the first with a long range ev. they weren't. chevy was with the bolt. there you go. charles: i've been betting on the hydrogen car. >> i want one i can drink the exhaust from, thirty, check it out, suck on the pipe. charles: violence against women by middle east attackers, remember this guy, the scenes get worse and worse and so does the news. it sparked a lot of protests, ant anti-immigration sentiment growing there. we've got more. >> this is the most grotesque instance of mass violence
10:13 am
against women in germany since the red army entered berlin in 1945. it's a shock to germans. ♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> it's hanging in there by its finger claws, right? up 14, and drip, drip, drip. china was down overnight, guys. 5.3% and that does weigh on the market. it helps gold, gold is trying to make a move the last week or so, still has room to go. a lot of stocks hit, but few as much as gopro, another all-time low. barrett cut fitbit. 54 a share sending it down to a 52-week low as well. take a look at this video, it's anti-migrant protests in germany. this is over the weekend and it turned violent. protesters to violent assaults
10:17 am
that took place on women new year's eve. the muslim coalition founder is with us. what do you make of this? it happened in cologne, helsinki, hamburg, is that representative of the muslim faith or was there something else going on there? >> absolutely not. thank you so much for having me. the actions committed by some of these people have nothing to do with islam. if they were being good practicing muslims they wouldn't be assaulting women a causing so much atrocities. we're standing in solidarity with german law enforcement and hope that justice will be done. charles: with all due respect. how do you account for so far 600 criminal complaints in an area we're told is sort of like the size of times square, where all of these women, even a couple of allegations of actual
10:18 am
rape, if it's not about the religion, what is it about? because it involved a lot of men of muslim backgrounds and north african backgrounds. >> it's a lot of frustration, but if they were following islamic law there were be sanctions. that penalty is a sanction punishment for rape and sexual assault. they cannot harm a woman sacredness and honor. muslims cannot commit such crimes. if they read the koran on follow, it's completely not islamic behavior. charles: and there are different sects in the muslim religion, there's not one interpretation or sect there. let's move on a little bit. because the mayor of philadelphia right after the attack on a police officer there said, listen, this has nothing to do with the
10:19 am
teachings of islam. and saying preaching says one thing, but people who commit the act say they're doing it in the name of islam. what do you make of that? >> there are good and bad everywhere. because somebody uses religion doesn't become more muslim. just like kkk doesn't represent christianity, i wouldn't call terrorists muslim. they're committing crimes against law enforcement who are there to protect all americans, including muslim. we're horrified by the tragedy and thoughts and prayers are with the police officer and his family and wish him a speedy recovery. charles: what do we make as casual observers, you see people blowing themselves up and slaughter in the middle east. what's driving that, you're saying it's not based on religion. what's driving that?
10:20 am
there's a serious amount of-- >> it's horrifying atrocity, people are perverting islam to commit astrotrocities around th world. i don't think we should blame the religion, and what is behind the isis stuff in the middle east, that's stemming from the iraq war aftermath. i think there's a lot poof poliy issues. charles: thank you, we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. charles: sean penn arranges a secret meeting with el chapo. but could penn be in legal trouble? we've heard one opinion about it and we'll ask a lawyer, too. we're remembering actor,
10:21 am
dredge singer david bowie. ♪ ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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10:24 am
>> well, it's merger monday, drug maker shire buying backs al -- baxalta. and now back to sean penn, mexico formally starting the process to extradite guzman to the u.s. the attorney is with us. first, let's talk about sean penn.
10:25 am
now, i got into it with judge napolitano and i consider him my legal expert, but to the layman, it feels like, you know, the location perhaps of one of the world's biggest criminals, you know, there's-- of course, questions whether you're aiding and abetting. emily, is there anything we can say with respect to sean penn perhaps breaking some sort of laws here. >> it's limited for him, he's a civilian. what's illegal is harboring and concealing a fugitive. having a duty to report someone's location, that someone that's a u.s. employee or military. someone who is a civilian, a free-lance journalist or claims to be, none of his actions helped to harbor and conceal guzman. maybe some type of money influx or that he gave. it's limited liability.
10:26 am
charles: if i say i'm going to meet you tomorrow morning, you know the location, if i don't share that with authorities, isn't that defacto. >> as a civilian, you don't have that proactive duty to report and remember, also, that the entire time that sean penn was in the country, he was trailed and under surveillance himself. a lot of information that he had, it wasn't not known to the u.s. authorities and definitely, it was known to the mexican authorities. charles: let's talk about this extradition, you know, of course, we know they've had a hard time keeping this guy in prison down there. what would it look like and ultimately they've sent e-chappo here to the united states. >> it will happen, i agree with that. i think it might take a year or longer for the proceedings to unfold. guzman's supports are going to defend this. and he'll serve a 3 to 400 year
10:27 am
sentence and this time immediately they start. that's a signal that they're giving him up right away to the united states and basically appeasing to us. note the political climate in play for us. since 2009, the obama administration has now charged eight people under the espionage act when prior to that since 1917 there was only three. so what i'm getting at is that sean penn, he might not be facing criminal charges on his own, but likely be sought after for information, even if the u.s. already has it. charles: all right. well, one year, huh? we'll see if it makes it. and taking it anywhere in the world may take a schilling on my man breaking out before that. and donald trump takes more shots at bill clinton's past. and a poll shows that trump is fighting an uphill battle, even more so with women voters. we've got that for you next.
10:28 am
10:29 am
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10:31 am
>> a little spunk here, guys. the dow looked like it was going to go to the red, but then it were covered. let's look at oil. down a lot overnight. 3240. we will keep an eye on that. good news is gas is getting cheaper and cheaper. a buck 89 is your national average. the car will now park it self. it will come pick you up. the butler version of the tesla. >> yes. exactly. i tested it out myself. it feels pretty cool when you are doing it. up to 39 feet is how much you can summon the car.
10:32 am
flat driveway is required. you have to position your car basically where it needs to go. ironically, this is still in beta testing, of course. these cameras on the back of the cars do not protect bikes, necessarily. they not detect a child. residential areas, not allowed. certain other situations. they cannot see above and slightly below. charles: more cameras and more of dates. 2018. a street version, will it be ready by then? >> on the call this weekend, elon musk saying you could summon your car from new york city and have it drive cross-country and charge itself.
10:33 am
charles: i do feel sorry for kids that are born today. they may never learn how to drive. it is so cool to learn how to drive. according to the new fox news poll. most women say that bill clinton is more respectful of women than donald trump. let's see what former miss america and commentator has to say about that. does that surprise you? >> i was shocked by this poll. it is really their actions that speak louder. that is a common trait. when you look at the way that bill clinton talk to people, generally, very warm and friendly. donald trump has said some very demeaning things. charles: words, maybe to a third
10:34 am
degree, matter more than actions. that is kind of baffling when it comes to women. >> i would expect a lot of my fellow women to look past the words a look at the actions. donald trump have either worked for his organization or had interviewed him, worked with them. he treats women very well. they have a great empowering experience working with them. charles: you break it down. gop 68% say donald trump. independent slightly leaning towards bill clinton. last week some gop operatives said donald trump, you may be barking down the wrong path here. do you think you should stick with this bill clinton, hillary enabler? >> he has to be careful with how he ties hillary to bill. that looks like victim blaming and women blaming. with independent, you have to be careful. i think that it is totally
10:35 am
valid. they tend to like sanders. if he goes down that track of time, he has to be careful. charles: before i let you go, the bill cosby case, now the negative opinions about his wife camilla, does that have an impact? >> the mainstream media. once donald trump started talking about bill. i found that fascinating. they will see that gives donald trump the upper hand. i will not talk about it. we had to work really hard to get through this stuff. we have had a lot of trust issues. this is the real story.
10:36 am
charles: trump framing the agenda. >> he is. even if he keep saying no, he is. charles: it is not hurting her in the primaries. >> not yet. standards are coming up. listen to donald trump. he says he will be in it. roll tape. >> she is not a victim. she worked with him. some of the women have been totally destroyed. some of these women have been destroyed. there is no feeling sorry for hillary in this situation. all you have to do is look at the facts and settlements. >> the author of the book.
10:37 am
the clintons war on women. roger, i am sure you have seen this poll. the fox news poll. to me, it is really surprising. bill clinton is more respectful to women than donald trump. 55% of women say that bill clinton is more respectful. what the heck is going on here? >> it is january of 2016. most of this information has been suppressed by the mainstream media. hillary is an accessory activist. it is hillier aide who demo grades and discredits discredit and bullies his women victims into silence. as women voters, learn this information. from women. let kathleen hurley speak. let paula jones speak. let a half dozen other women who have been assaulted by bill and
10:38 am
intimidated by hillary speak. it will evolve. i think the clintons have learned the war on women issue. so successful for the democrats. it will not be used on donald trump. >> interestingly enough, hillary clinton's approval rating went from 66% in 1998. that was at the height of the monica lewinsky scandal. people, in general, the public, they had sympathy for her. some women in the gop, some gop women executives, watch out, donald trump. you get the sympathy approval rating again. >> i do not see that at all. nbc, for example, sat on the one edith broderick interview. they will look on that on youtube today. it is heartbreaking.
10:39 am
because the clintons dodged a bullet with the complicity of mainstream media does not mean that they will dodge that symbol again. >> take you very much. we will see you again soon. do not forget fox business. hosting a republican debate thursday. the first debate at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. maria bartiromo and neil cavuto post his second debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox thursday. tune in tonight. lou dobbs. he will announce the lineups. you want to watch it all tonight. only here on fox business. time right now for your sector report. i want to start with southern companies. what is the name you like, anthony? >> if you will force me into stocks today --
10:40 am
>> at some point, you think it is a bike? >> at some point, i think, probably. it has been around forever. 5.6%. a lot of the utility companies have been beat up. they have over a billion dollars set aside. >> there is no doubt utilities is a safe haven. >> yes. that is a little different story. it has been around for 70 years or so. they have been big in the toy industry. who does not like barbies. they have shown that they can push it down and make it look popular. because it is on sale. neil: barbara roberts has had a tough time lately.
10:41 am
>> this is really a play if you think the economy will do well. if you think they will do well, the united states economy, the fact is, a lot of people will continue to go to movies. there are some good releases coming out. the better the economy does, the better this company will do. >> all right. we appreciate your expertise. >> what really matters to the damask -- democratic party? they are lying to african-american voters. she is up after this. ♪ numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it.
10:42 am
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10:44 am
sid bit bid now below its ipo price of $20. 33% down already here today. much more "varney & company" coming up right after this. stick around. ♪
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10:46 am
charles: raising apple to a buy from a neutral. lauren simonetti had a chance to stop by the new york boat show. roll tape. >> i think a david bolt, i think of a money pit. 72% of voters out there had annual incomes of -- >> americans love to boat. one of the coolest things is that anybody can drive it. when early, a little boy can come on and figure out how to drive the boat. >> we can move the boat in every direction.
10:47 am
>> it is affordable, family fun pleasure boat. 1495. boat, motor, trailer. you can ski. two. comes with the trailer. easy to move. easy to drive. this is a big wide-open bowl. six people can get on it. you can bring your kids. >> the average american cannot afford a windshield? [laughter] >> they tend to get carried away. charles: lauren simonetti is here with us. what color did you get? >> i could afford it.
10:48 am
it is about $100 a month. $8000 a month. done with different types of americans. seven in 10 boat owners make under $100,000 a year. that is a part that shocked me. i think boat. i think rich. >> now to this. a little bit different. there is a new book out. there you go. how democrats gave up crime, century city, racial profiteering. hey. >> hey, guys. >> let's go through it all.
10:49 am
>> as a black conservative, i am asked all the time why i am conservative. it shows that democrats are not the party of diversity. they really have a war on black sand victims. a war on america, for that matter. you talk about abortion, right, hillary clinton is out saying she is championed pro-choice. did you know in 2009, hillary clinton got the margaret sanger award. planned parenthood highest honor. this is a real job. reducing the population of blacks through abortion. hillary clinton said she was honored to be honored in the name of margaret sanger. what i would tell folks is i wrote conduct to expose the democrats. lack lives do not matter to people like hillary clinton and barack obama.
10:50 am
they matter, the votes matter. charles: i have i am considered an billion. they try to silence me to try to quietly down. they will start silencing you. that is why. from 1964-2005, after the civil rights act in 1964 and lbj raised the war on poverty, do you know how much we try to raise, over $6 trillion. >> it is a lot worse.
10:51 am
>> that is the name of the book. you are one of the best. follow me on twitter. everyone is talking this morning about the minnesota vikings kicker. twenty-six like seconds left in the game. do not forget to tune in tonight for my show. making money with charles payne at 6:00 p.m. right here on the fox business network. ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the
10:52 am
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10:53 am
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charles: minnesota vikings kicker. my, oh my. newsday field goal with 26 seconds left in the game. baltimore ravens kicking coach randy brown is with us. what the heck happened? >> it is a shame. just missed it. him and the holder and snapper, first-class guys. great guys. all three of those guys took responsibility. charles: i would say 27 yards. last second kick to win the game. >> justin tucker walked on the field and made a double
10:56 am
overtime. at the moment, the kickers want the moment. he should be back, there is no doubt. you have been very strong on drunk driving. you have now partnership with hoover to offer free rides every night from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. how successful has it been? >> we are now four months in the program. we have taken home nearly 1000 residents. we have merger did to another town. we have taken the lead on this now. dui reduction rate, now down 85%. we have arrested three people. over 25 in a four-month period the overall duis were also down. charles: good for you. keep it up. more varney coming up next. ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> not going away. expanding judge andrew napolitano on that. no powerball winner over the weekend. next drawing on wednesday. $1.3 billion. the playboy mansion. ♪ we have a major development going on. actions as secretary of state that are concerning. judge napolitano is here with
11:01 am
us. now it is looking. the clinton foundation. how she intermingles. millions of dollars have changed hands. the allegations have been out there for a while. i will explain it in a moment. our colleagues have recently received credible information from sources in the law enforcement and intelligence communities. they are authorized to speak. with who we believe are speaking truthfully. one of the focuses of the investigation. we will put aside the e-mails for the moment. it actually came out at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. what this is about is an examination of out whether mrs. clinton, when she was
11:02 am
secretary of state, did favors for people in direct proportion to contributing to the foundation or hiring their husbands. if she did, let me take that back, if there is evidence for which they can prove that she did, this is an entirely different area of which she is likely to be a criminal target. >> to the average person, i have seen bill clinton speak in person. i do not ding had he is worth $5000. it went up after she became secretary of state. bills dealing with the u.s. government. it seems pretty obvious that there was some sort of connection. >> there is a team of financial guys.
11:03 am
your colleagues from wall street. they have been investigating this. it came into the hands of the fbi. it demonstrates more than just a suspicion. it demonstrates the need for a deeper more serious terminal investigation. interestingly, it may delay a recommendation about an indictment or no indictment. likely indictment, but it could go either way on the e-mails. pages got thousands and thousands of pages they may go through. two e-mails. that stuff is secret, but send it to me over the regular fax machine anyway. another where she direct did another in an e-mail to remove the top secret from something. that is all the fpa needs. it is a bow on the package right now. >> the indictment coming.
11:04 am
president obama refusing to endorse the candidate. >> joe biden saying he regrets. charles: let's check on the big board. remember last friday, we were up triple digits when we went into the red. it sparked a freefall. let's see how far the market starts to come down. one of the reasons, oil. i am 35. it does help gas prices. your average price is $1.96. that is the good news. demographic cliff. we know you are there. 2016. i could not think of a better view for any of the players out there.
11:05 am
>> we have been warning that the market has been topping. not a normal correction. greater than 2000 date. we have been looking for the small caps. they are doing that. the market has done very poorly in january and december. almost always about the month of the year. watch oil. they can control the economy and lots of ways. most importantly, look at china. china had a crash just like 1929. down 42%. the government steps in. buys its own stock market with billions of dollars. tries to stop the bubble from bursting. it is following the same thing
11:06 am
in 1929 he had i think within the next month or so, you will see china crash stronger. >> it will be a trigger. 57 trillion more in depth than it was in 2007. >> okay. you started off talking about bubbles. what is the course of action? what did you do in 2006? what do they do now? this is it. this is a crash that is finally here. >> bubbles across the board. globally, real estate. we are looking for 80. you get out of all of financial aspects. you get out of stock. that is much more tricky.
11:07 am
i rather people sleep at night. the key is to get out of the way of the bubble. they only burst, big time, once in a lifetime. nine out of 10 people id bait say this is not a bubble. it looks like a bubble,? like a bubble, it is a bubble. this is a bubble. you have to simply get out of the way of it. i am saying 6000. a year and a half. charles: very good. thanks a lot. i want to get back to politics. bill clinton more respectful than donald trump. with me now is frank luntz. i will go after bill. connect him to hillary. >> it is a dangerous strategy.
11:08 am
they want to know how you will challenge your opponent. it does not make sense. particularly this early in the game. this is a strategy. when someone asks you to give it one word, it is chaos. i am not surprised that he is doing it. charles: tromp followers would say it is working. leading in the polls. something that has been effective to everyone. you know, he is not saying he is not a citizen. you know, he plant those seeds more than anything else. >> let's talk about the positive for trump. second, his supporters are intense. every time i pull them, they cannot wait to vote. he was going to be brought down. he would have been brought down already. hillary clinton is doing better against tromp.
11:09 am
in the end, latinos are important voters. trump is doing weaker than any other republican candidate. you cannot win this election without 45%. neil: they are upset with the establishment letting them down here after year after year after year. maybe that demographic stuff you guys look at matters. not this election. getting enough to cross the line, the candidacy will be great for all americans. >> you cannot change the law of physics. what is going up or continue to go up. what is coming down will continue to go down. getting fewer latino voters into 2012. the african-american vote,
11:10 am
trouble give more african-american voters in any other republican candidate then ronald reagan. they represent 52% of the vote. i am still looking at that. >> president obama will deliver his last state of the union address tomorrow night. arkansas republican governor joins us next. also, of course, make sure you tune in on thursday. starting at 6:00 p.m. sandra smith and trish regan. the main event. maria bartiromo. mark your calendars. ♪
11:11 am
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11:14 am
story. going way under $30 a barrel. >> $200 million. it is a very exclusive area. telling you about the property if you would like. it has seven bedrooms. it is infamous for all of those. this is an outrageous amount of money. they will never get it. >> 2 billion. >> that is what i am hearing. it has you in it. >> this is your house. you pay 200 million for it.
11:15 am
>> it does not need a renovation. charles: on this, i will bet 200 million. they get 80. it is only worth 30. charles: seeing sales spike. here is a fact. arkansas. they are the most heavily armed state in the entire country. making a pitch tomorrow night. he is not taking on guns. governments did ultimately take people's guns. >> well, first of all, the president should be talking about terrorism abroad. terrorism that threatens the united states of america. that is what he focus on more.
11:16 am
whatever you are talking about guns in arkansas. we do believe the second amendment. it manufactures ammunition. we have great opportunity to bring more gun manufacturers. the second amendment. we have a great market their. obviously, regulating our citizens. you think it is in the near-term. our economy. those kids are 16 years. this is a big focus of yours. >> the education. >> we implemented this year.
11:17 am
300% increase in students taking computer coding. almost 4000 students. the greatest result is we have the highest growth in females and minorities taking coding. closing that gap. great job opportunities. it feels our business that we need. every sect or that needs those coders. charles: owning the next 100 years. you are joining. talk to us about that. >> we evaluate our candidates on what they are going to do. we need a president that is progrowth. i believe it promotes stability. it diminishes their own parties.
11:18 am
the role of partisanship and anger an hour so society. that is what we are looking at. >> the anti-pc movement, do you think that there is a danger that may go too far? apologizing from time to time is not being politically correct. i think admitting that you are wrong from time to time is not a slave to political correctness. just, sometimes, smart to do. >> you fight hard in a campaign. you fight hard on the issues. aggressive campaigning. we need to look at the best ideas for our country. we have to build bridges. i am hopeful, actually, from a governor standpoint that it is progress. we have a budget bill pass. i think we're making some
11:19 am
progress. >> governor, great stuff. that is a great progressive thinking we need. >> field-goal kickers and the nfl. we know this. the story of boil wash. the minnesota vikings. our breaking story. that is next. yes, i am playing double duty today. you have to tune in tonight. we are not only talking markets. we're talking politics. ♪
11:20 am
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neil: it is over. it is done. actually -- zero-nine. that makes it tough. hall of famer. i have to tell you something. twitter went crazy. they dissed vikings history. what do you say about this? >> it broke my heart. blair walsh is a great kicker. had a great record this year. he just missed badly on his
11:24 am
26-yard field goal. you have to make those. we have the game run in the fourth quarter. russell wilson used to say, a scrambler can never win. russell williams is a scrambler. the sender snapped the ball over his head. he got the ball. scrambled it around. down to the 2-yard line. that certainly was a play of the game. the conditions were tough. that field-goal miss, all of us were sure that was the game-winner. we had done a great job. >> you are right. up into that moment. you talked about how brutal the conditions were. your former coach, 88 years old.
11:25 am
out there in a t-shirt. what does that say? i don't know. what does it say about modern day? >> but would give us the talk. they built the railroad in alaska and never got cold. we did not have hand warmers. we did not have heating units on the sideline. we did not wear jackets on the sideline. you are right. eighty-eight years old did with a golf shirt on. >> i love him. you guys are one of my favorite teams. i want to shift it real quick. your opinion about this presidential election. which candidate do you like the best? who do you think an exit all? >> i like what is going on in the republican party. they are debating.
11:26 am
we can see the difference between them. it is all hillary. there is no debate at all. i like what is going on. i think that donald trump has brought something to the table. he is opening, he is not scripted. i like the fact that he is not scripted. a lot of good candidates. >> a presidential candidate the way you are a quarterback. pretty well at the end. takes a lot. we appreciate it. we have this powerball. i am sure that you heard of it. they got even bigger. >> i have a feeling it will go higher than this. $1.4 billion. what is today? it is going to go up.
11:27 am
>> i will say that a lot of the small convenience stores are pretty angry. they never predicted they would have a billion-dollar jack pot. >> this is christmas for those convenience stores. more trouble for hillary clinton. ed klein is here. remember, hillary clinton called him a total wacko. fox business is hosting the next republican debate. lou dobbs will announce the final lineup. 7:00 p.m. eastern time. more varney. next. ♪
11:28 am
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11:31 am
. charles: all right. guys, this market struggling a little bit. i know down 60 doesn't seem like a lot, but we were up 100. we've seen this script before. also seen the script in oil, and it's -- well, look at that. down a buck 66. this looks like the low of the day. a lot of people are saying well under $30. that is hard to imagine. i want to get back to the election because you talk about some unimaginable stuff. ed klein is here, the problem with hill. you recently said hillary is quote part of the rate culture herself. >> yes. charles: that's a tough statement to say. >> and that's why i get killed all the time from the left wing when i say things like that. but think about it.
11:32 am
when bill abused these women, who set up the committees in the white house and before that in arkansas to discredit these women, to abuse these women, to harass these women? hillary clinton. charles: which of these women, though, can we legally say, yes, they were abused. are you going on hearsay or allegations? where has it been proven that bill clinton raped someone or sexually against their will. >> well, hillary said we should always accept and believe a woman when she claims to be -- charles: that's a knee-jerk reaction, by the way, as a man. i think we should do that because it's such a horrible thing to could you say someone if it's not true. >> jennifer flowers, there's monica. we can go on and on and on. yeah, it's a little bit
11:33 am
different but nonetheless in every case there's abusive women because he was the boss and what were they going to do when he started to harass the. charles: so would you go as far as donald trump did over the weekend and say she enabled this. did she actually enable maybe slash encourage it. >> absolutely. but, you know, i think there's something even bigger going on right now. i have a feeling -- i can't prove this. that the walls are starting to close in on the clintons. and we maybe see a hinge of political history right now in which we're seeing the final days of clintons. and this is of course not for sure. the fbi investigation on e-mails on the clinton foundation. charles: overlapping of state department, clinton foundation, all of these donations. >> lying to the fbi. charles: right? >> there's three possibilities there for enindictments. and then there's the whole question of a new atmosphere in this country about rape that didn't exist back in 1992 when bill was in the white house.
11:34 am
charles: although there are a new fox poll where women -- 55% of women say that donald -- that bill clinton is actually more respectful to women than donald trump. and donald trump gets, like, 30%. so if it's donald trump versus bill clinton right now to this point at least in his latest poll it looks like this line of attack isn't necessarily working. >> then there's also hillary's health, which we should talk about as well. because all of these things come together. why is bernie sanders doing so well? why is this relic from the past, hillary clinton, being beaten by this guy from vermont? . charles: let me also -- a lot being made now over the weekend in particular that obama, president obama refuses to endorse a candidate right now. >> uh-huh. charles: it would seem that they've worked so closely together. isn't his not endorsing hillary almost -- i mean what does that say? that's not really good news.
11:35 am
>> the answer to that is according to my sources -- not this moment but for the last several weeks, valerie jarrett, the president senior advisor had been talking to elizabeth warren in the white house. called her in. asked her will she step in if hillary faulters? the obamas would like to see almost anyone other than hillary clinton. charles: now to your point with this mountain of bad news, who knows. thanks a lot, ed. >> my pleasure. charles: on top of it as usual. i want to get back to the markets. it's been a real tough start to the year. charlie gasparino says if this conditions, nothing but bad news for the democrats. >> absolutely. i want to get to one thing. i already made some really important points. there is a spectrum of charges that bill clinton was levied at bill clinton; right? >> that's right. >> simple, sexual harassment. i shouldn't say simple but that's what it is. all the way to abuse. i would is also say this. there was credible evidence on all of that stuff.
11:36 am
and one other thing no ceo in america could survive this charges leveled at bill clinton. nobody. now, he survived president. but as a ceo, you would be out sued and have a war on women. i would think, though, the bigger issue for republicans if this continues -- and i tell you this is a sloppy market. we were supposed to be up big time today after last week's selloff. is the economy the fact of the matter seven year -- generally economic cycles run seven years. i do know for a fact that hedge funds are liquidating right now. it's putting more pressure on the major indexes and this is going to be a problem for the democrats. if the markets implode -- which they're clearly going to be correcting, i think whoever is in the white house is going to have a lot of explaining to do. charles: so now, let's say it's hillary. and she says, listen, the dow is at 15,000, 1,300 points to the downside. that's still up significantly from when president obama was nothing rated. >> sure. charles: unemployment rate is
11:37 am
5%. you know, i mean wouldn't they counter with some of these things. >> yeah. that's the headline numbers are 5%? charles: sure. >> unemployment -- people feel scared. i think the trend is not your friend if you're a democrat. charles: so it's the most recent thing that's going on right now. >> well, if we see this market come down, as it probably will. as we see employment still at maybe growing but, you know, wage is still flat, under employment still high. i think they have a real problem. if we see a recession, which some of this is suggesting there is a possibility. i'm not saying it's definitely going to happen. china represents a small part of our economy but remember this is a economy with lots of regulations. there's a reason why we grow 2%. charles: right? >> you've got a problem with hillary clinton, and i tell you it's bigger than e-mails. the economy is always bigger than e-mails and bill's past indiscretions. charles: yeah, ultimately we vote with our wallets and our wages have not gone up. no matter what some of this
11:38 am
other stuff says. people don't feel richer. >> and that unemployment number is squishy. what does it mean? 20% of the -- charles: most people don't even believe it anymore. thanks a lot, charlie. next a more series topic. a man who allegedly shot a philadelphia police officer pledges his support to isis. zuhdi jasser is in phoenix. zuhdi, we immediately heard the mayor of philadelphia say this is in no way reflective of islam, it has nothing to with it, it's just a one-off. what do you think? >> well, charles, you know, listen. it's certainly not the islam that i practice or that we're trying to reform towards being consistent with modernism with the west. however, this dismissal of his is not only insulting, it's and if you want to engage muslims to wake up, this is not the way to do it. and it continues the denial and actually prevents a strategy. and this mayor, by the way,
11:39 am
signed a pledge against islam phobia from the arab american institute and that says islam has rights -- which it does not. it's an idea. muslim has rights but islam does not. so if we're going to reform the idea of islam patriotism that lead to radica radicalizing. how many times are we going to have this conversation every attack from chattanooga to fort hood, on and on. the reason we've gotten nowhere is a mayor like this. seems he's trying out to be a mayor in saudi arabia rather than america. charles: and we get at that all the time and blaming that rather than guns and getting to the heart of the matter. and it doesn't make americans feel safer but ultimately isn't he taking the leap to the president of the united states that follows the same line of excuses and some would say enabling. >> absolutely. and our president takes his lead from the islamist groups.
11:40 am
the legacy groups, be it the muslim brotherhood in the west, saudi arabia, the islamic public of iran. all of these other theocratic entities. we don't mind calling them islamic but, oh, no, a radical claims allegiance to isis, he's not abislamic. there's a problem here and the denial is enabling our community as muslims who love america and love the west to be dominated by theecrats and from the president down they're enabling it. we need an intervention to wake up from and say we have a problem. mayors like the mayor of philadelphia are continuing to be obstructionist to that strategic resolve we need. charles: all right., zuhdi, thanks a lot. we really appreciate when you come on. you bring the right kind of wisdom. >> thank you. charles: thanks a lot. appreciate it. speaking of fights, the champ is here. heavy weight champ going to fight in new york city this week and look at that. that is an imposing dude right there.
11:41 am
i don't know where the belt is but anyway he's going to be in the studio. we're going to talk right after this equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was
11:42 am
[bassist] two late nights in blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. >> and good morning from the new york stock exchange. usual suspects reeking havoc with the u.s. markets today. right now the nasdaq is down and at risk of posting its eighth consecutive day of declines. that would be the worst record in eight years for the nasdaq. the dow is up slightly. it's been bouncing around 100-point range or so.
11:43 am
getting to oil, at a 12-year low for the price of crude right now. falling below $32 a barrel. morgan stanley said earlier oil could drop as low as $20 a barrel. but you have buying back, $32 billion one of the biggest biotech fields we've in a while. the goal here to s to research treatments for some of the more rare diseases out there. interesting the shares are both down and that's unusual for a deal of this size. much more "varney & company" coming up right after this
11:44 am
11:45 am
charles: now, to the detroit north american international show where all the big automakers are rolling out their latest coolest concept cars perform jeff flock is there. all right, jeff, tell us the coolest stuff you've seen so far. >> you said sexy, and i'm giving you sexy, one you would even fit in, charles. take a look at this. convertible, that's a beauty. $320,000 but take a look at what inspired that. this one over here, a 1953 rolls silver dawn. only 12 of those made and that was made for the pharmaceutical lily junior. that's worth almost a million dollars for that one, by the way. this is over here a bmw i8. i don't know if you would fit
11:46 am
in that one. it is a plugin hybrid anyway so you probably wouldn't care. and then if you want something faster than that one. how about over here? this is a lamborghini aventador, zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds. take a look at that. a beauty on the inside too. and then i like the older ones, though. the older versions. this is a lamborghini also. this is 1950 -- let's see. 19 -- what in the hell is that? i can't find it on my list now. but anyway. it's older, and i'll leave you with this one, which i think you would love. a '67 corvette stingray. that's a beauty, isn't it. charles: that is. i like that true troubling next to it too. >> that's a jeep. charles: i like that. >> american expedition vehicle tricked out and a lot of room in that one. they call it the brute. charles: my wife won't let me have a truck.
11:47 am
so i might sneak in the truck. that's a jeep truck. thanks a lot, jeff. all right, guys, we've got a special guest right now undefeated world heavy weight champion and he's fighting january 13th. welcome to the program. >> thank you. charles: i'm a huge fan. boxing is my favorite sport, but it lost a lot of fans to ufc. i know is a lot more popular in other parts of the world but really reenergizing america. you up to the task? >> absolutely. when i got in this sport, i said i was the one for the job bringing it back, reviving it, and i really feel that speaking that i would be the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world and whoever gets america to get that really truly brings the stardom back to boxing. the last undisputed was 1999, and i think it's time for a change.
11:48 am
charles: you know, it's interesting because you just had this major upset with tyson, i guess it was a major upset and this guy mizrahiy talks a lot of smack, he was, like -- you know, a love hate relationship with him the stuff he says particularly back in his home country. i guess they have a rematch klaus. you fight the winner? >> i'm not sure. men -- we're pretty, you know, familiar with each other ther. charles: have you ever sparred with them? >> never. but if he defeats him again, he would fight me. so i told him to promise me that in 2016. charles: now, we know talking smack is part of the sport. does that make you want to beat him even more? you can be honest. [laughter] >> you know, my mind is already made up what i want to happen in the felony matter
11:49 am
what he may say, you know? it is part of boxing. sometimes we've got to say things that the nerves just get the best of themselves. and trying to convince themselves what they had to do northing because this is a brutal sport we're in period. but a lot of people say how do you get mad at somebody you don't know? my mind is always clear. no matter what they may say couple the night of that figh. charles: plus i know you fight for your daughter. >> most definitely. charles: so nobody is going to stand in between you and what you want to get. when b what the public wants is a knockout. 25-0, 24 knockouts, if you are going to resurrect, you've got to get the knockout. i know you can't guarantee it, but how are you feeling. >> i feel wonderful. these last couple of fights i've had to defend my title, my hand has been 85%, in the last one i broke. and it has taken a fourth of a year to recover. and as for now it feels
11:50 am
100% -- charles: now, it's exciting to see, my man, but you didn't bring the belt. what the heck? >> i didn't get the memo. maybe next time. charles: you've got to bring the belt. now, listen, you're a alabama boy. i spent a lot of time in alabama. you've got the championship game. i know you're going to win but by how much? >> i don't know. football is just, like -- opponent in-boxing. you can't -- you've got to respect every player that steps in the ring. just like football you have to respect every player. charles: so you'll say role tide. >> i'm going to say role tide. liz: good luck. charles: yeah, good luck. trouble over in china, stocks post their worst week ever in the first week of trading, former governor is going to discuss that. first, though, music legend david bowie also financial integrator himself died at 69. you both have a
11:51 am
11:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
11:53 am
>>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:54 am
charles: well, stocks started the year off with the worst week ever.
11:55 am
of course a lot of it centered about worries on china. former utah governor john huntsman joins me now. governor, you were ambassador to china, always been a proponent to china. is it a "house of cards"? >> well, i'm a proponent in china in the sense they reform. they opened their markets and engage in building standards that allow for fair play. that's what i'm in favor of and that's what they're having a hard time doing right now. they're trying to make a transition from an export model that has served them well for 30 years in which you can build a big reserve and draw in cheap labor and exports to the markets and that's an easy thing to do and done for decade. they're making it to a consumption model where they're going to have to be a whole lot better for their open markets and going to have great entrepreneurship thrive. and in a sense causing some of the wobbliness within the marketplace. they don't know how to govern
11:56 am
the big stock exchanges. they don't know what regulatory regime to have this place. they have nuclear bombs being blown up. and crisis in terms of pricing. so right now they've got a whole lot of indicators that are upside down. i think the short-term journey, charles, is going to be a rocky one like we've seen late last summer and indeed over the last week where 10% of the market has been cut right out. but i think longer -- ultimately they're going to get to where they want to be, which is more of a consumption-based model. charles: sure. well, you know, i think a lot of american companies hope they get there, and we hope they don't know into a trade war that would hurt both countries. now, also trade jobs and talking about balancing budget, all of these things. tell us more about that. >> well, we're here to recognize six candidates who have taken the problem solver pledge. republicans and democrats. people of differing ideological points of view.
11:57 am
anand what brings them here, and we're a mover of republicans and democrats and independents, we all have also view but above all we believe in problem solving at the end of the day. you need a president who has a plan that needs to work with both sides to get something done. i can tell you as a former governor you can talk about issues all you want. but if you don't have a process in place once you're attracted allows to you govern and to lead with both chambers, you're not going to get anything done. and i think part of the problem we've had in recent years is we haven't had a process of goal setting. setting bipartisan goals and actually having leadership -- so recognizing six candidates . charles: okay. we appreciate you holding. >> so recognizing six candidates. charles: what did she we've got to let you go, governor. the no labels event. we appreciate it. "varney & company" will be right back we live in a pick and choose world.
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stock market hanging tough. neil. take it away. neil: well, i'm just notifying you had the heavy weight boxing champ. pretty smooth. we have the international bocce ball champ. top that, payne. all right. thanks, buddy. we've got a lot going on in the next two hours up might have heard there's a debate later this week. there's a state of the union address. you know, this is when everything -- really, really serious right now. the state of the union usually provides the context for the first of the nation iowa caucuses, which come on february 11th as you know and the new hampshire primary on february 9th. but, again, you're going to notice in things rapid fire fashion right now. polls begin to really, really matter because they begin to really, really reflect on what's on people's nines all of these crucial states and some of the latest are very, very revealing. blake berman with the latest on that. hey, blake. >> yeah. you're exactly right. a lot of the people throughout this entire process have been saying wait until we get to


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