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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: as loon as we land in south carolina tonight, everything hits fan. donald trump tomorrow. state of the union tomorrow. there is something called a presidential debate on thursday. trish regan, don't hold me to it but i think fbn has that debate. trish: i will see you there. neil: all right, kiddo. trish: breaking this hour, the philadelphia police department is on the hunt for radical associates of a suspect who confessed to a shooting in the name of islam. welcome, i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." a woman stop ad police officer to worn them that the threat to police is not over. anonymous tipster said edward archer who pledged his allegiance to isis and ambushed his police officer in his patrol car was part of a group asking of three others and that the three others are more radical an archer. robert good to see you. in studio for a change. >> dea agent.
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trish: yes, dea, that's correct. so robert, how exactly does law enforcement verifying a threat like this? someone comes up to a police officer, says, hey, the guy that shot the other police officer he has got three accomplices, what do you do with that information? >> keep in mind that investigation was already going on when the woman came up to the police officer. police know he traveled to the middle east twice. he went to saudi arabia. he went to egypt. they know he involved in the mosque in philadelphia and has colleagues and associates there. this investigation was ongoing. they were looking at phone records and hard drive. they were doing search warrants. they were getting information from neighbors and family and other members of the community. this just added to the investigation. they will talk to the members of the neighborhood. they will be able to say who was he hanging out with? who was his friends? they will look at phone records. they will talk with his family and put this all together.
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is there conspiracy? is there more than one person involved? was he a loaner? was he involved with these three other people? these are the questions. trish: to your point they should been doing this all along, once they had him in custody they should be going through all the records. the fact we're hearing about this and woman came up to the police officer do you think he already suspected that? are these things already they were looking into? >> right, but it is helpful. anytime you get outside information, you're looking at a vacuum, looking historical records, forensic, information, hard drive, phone records, things in the past. when you have someone comes up in real time, a witness says i have seen them communicating. i know he is in cahoots with these other three people. whether or not they're radicalized, how far along they are, whether or not they traveled to the middle east, she didn't have the information at the time. clearly this is a good boost for the investigation. trish: robert, stay with me because we have a developing
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story i want to turn to right now. "el chapo" is behind bars but before he is captured by authorities, hollywood actor sean penn secretly met with the drug lord in the mexican jungle. penn details this encounter in a 10,000 word article in "rolling stone." it is a pretty interesting piece. now the secret meeting was brokered by a mexican soap opera stay, kate castillo. lots of questions i have to say. first of all, how the heck did sean penn find "el chapo" when the mexican and u.s. government could? should sean penn have told the u.s. authority what is he was doing? was this even journalism? after all sean penn agreed to give "el chapo" final approval for his work, not a smart move with "rolling stone" which compromised its ethics because of that phony university of virginia rape story. this meeting between penn and he
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"el chapo" never produce ad formal interview. penn sent questions and chapo taped responses. in the interview chapo makes it clear he had no choice but to go into the drug business. listen. [speaking spanish] trish: he also said that basically if he wasn't doing it, somebody else would. joining me now with analysis of this, of this developing story and whether or not we're going to see extradition for "el chapo" here to the united states of america, judith miller, criminal defense attorney brian claypool, who is also joining us and robert strang. you know, i will start with you again, robert because this is
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just incredible to me that a mexican actress and sean penn are able to travel to the depths of the jungle and find "el chapo" while law enforcement could not. >> yeah, well, it shows you how big this billionaire's ego is because he is someone who wanted his story told. he is someone that reached out for the actress and actor and was really part of his own capture because it was following them, their communication was able to get police close to him to make the arrest. so in a weird way this article, even though it came out the day after, you know, he was arrested clearly was responsible for his arrest. we have to thank sean penn, because if he hadn't done interview and hadn't followed through we would never have had him arrested. trish: brian claypool, what is the responsibility of someone like sean penn? could u.s. authorities or mexican authorities get him on the fact that, you know, he saw "el chapo" effectively before
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they did and he didn't report anything to them? you're a defense attorney. >> trish, the billion dollar question here is, was this a hollywood houdini act by sean penn and was it really journalism or was this obstruction of justice? i respectfully disagree with the prior comment. this interview took place in october, nearly, several months went by. "el chapo" was on his own. he could have killed other people and sean penn and kate dell castillo did not report it to authorities. there are two possible crimes they face. they don't have blanket immunity because they're allegedly journalists. one is accessory after the fact. they probably won't be charged with that. that requires sean penn's trying to help "el chapo" avoid being prosecuted. sean penn will say, look i was just doing an interview.
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the one that really applies, trish, should be applied to stop this from happening again, it is federal call, miss prison felony. tantamount to obstruction of justice. the element where i think sean penn will have trouble the prosecution would have to show sean and kate concealed where "el chapo" was, they concealed this information from authorities and they knew he had committed a crime so -- trish: i want to bring judy into this conversation too. what blurs all of this the fact that sean penn is not a journalist. he is an actor and you know, this sort of extraordinarily skeptical side of me, judy, kind of wonders, might he have been posing as a journalist because he wanted to team up with kate del castillo and her production company and actually maybe get access to "el chapo" to produce this of wonderful movie
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together? it is pretty bad if you're just the production company and you're going down there to produce a hollywood movie about "el chapo" and you don't report it to authorities. somehow traveling under the guise the journalism makes it somewhat okay? >> you all kinds of protections supposedly against the law, being accused of various crimes you've been discussing here on this show. the fact of the matter this in this internet era, social media, it is harder and harder to tell who is a journalist and who isn't. yes, sean penn, is an actor, an activist, but he also interviewed raul castro and other dictators of countries against american interests, whom he seems to like. trish: point out to the viewers, you have a very unique background, you have yourself interviewed -- >> pretty odious people. trish: you also protected sources and gone to jail for it. >> i wonder whether or not sunpenn would be willing to do that. as journalist, trish what offend
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me we've had 60 mexican journalists, real journalists die in the course of a decade trying to tell the story of the cartels and the mexican government and collusion between them. these are the people who are real journalists put their lives on the line every day and sean penn goes down there to do a scoop, definitely it's a scoop. he has gotten something that no one else has gotten, but, instead of telling the truth, he has glorified this man. trish: you're right, judy, he has. >> from a substance standpoint it's wrong. trish: i want to share with you the reason he is glorifying it man. here is quote. talks about "el chapo" charisma. throughout my introduction, chapo smiles a warm smile. with a seven-hour sit-down i saw him without the smile only brief flashes, as notorious men he has indisputable charisma. as i raid this piece, wow, this
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is whole hollywood movie unfolding before my eyes. by the way a big part of it is sean penn! sean penn his travel into the depths of this jungle to meet "el chapo," but you make a very good point that there are a lot of people have been lost throughout this, you know, tragic violence. >> how about the cops? look at all the innocent people, all the cops that have been killed? this guy, we're so lucky, i meant that tongue-in-cheek a little bit, about sean penn actually making arrest. think about the past even with chavez. even through surveillance and other items he doesn't work through the state department. he is not a real journalist. it is easy for the government to follow him, intercept calls. >> we have to be careful about this because real journalists don't have to on obligation to be arm of law enforcement. we're under no obligation to
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report these things, but from human standpoint -- by the way i'm not sure mexicans really used sean penn to track down this guy. if i hadn't been able to find him and sean penn did i would say -- trish: convenient excuse. >> right. >> i'm not sure ethics of this just reek. you don't submit an article like this for approval. trish: this is first thing you read when you read this piece, said that "el chapo" had to approve it. you think, in "rolling stone," come on, "rolling stone"? after what it just went through with the university of virginia and that big phony story they made up. >> the rape that never happened. trish: that the editor would have more sense than that. >> yes but jan winter defended piece that everyone else is just jealous they didn't get it. that "rolling stone" did nothing wrong how they handled it. i think most mainstream journalist was ace agree. trish: thank you, glad to have you here.
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brian. fox business debate this week, charleston, south carolina, this thursday starting 6:00 p.m. where i will be along with sandra smith. we'll be asking all the important substantive questions you need answered along with maria bartiromo and neil cavuto starting at 9:00 p.m. you can find out which candidate will take the stage on "lou dobbs tonight." lou dobbs is going to unveil all of it, at 7:00 p.m. only here on fox business. coming up violent protesters in germany after more than 600 attacks on women on new year's eve. the police say many of these felons are recent migrants from the middle east and from north africa. now reports of attacks on women in sweden. that is next. later, could hillary clinton lose to bernie sanders in both iowa and new hampshire? why a new poll shows the race for the democratic nomination is far from over. stay with me.
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trish: as president obama prepares to give his 8th and final state of the union address tomorrow night, they announce that syrian refugee will be sitting with the first lady. the 55-year-old fled syria in 2013 and cleared last month by authorities to live in detroit. this decision comes as republicans call for temporary halt on all syrian refugees coming into the our country. adding to the complexity of this refugee question here at home, overseas, violent clashes broke out over the weekend over reports of now more than 600 complaints of assault against women across germany on new year's eve. the government revealing that many of the then were recent my grants. we're now hearing from some of
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these victims, listen. >> translator: all of sudden these men around us began groping us. they touched our hinds and grabbed between our legs. they touched us everywhere. >> translator: they felt like they were in power and could do anything with the women who were out in the street partying. they would touch us everywhere. >> translator: i tried to somehow defend myself. i tossed my arm backwards. because of that i almost fell down the stairs. there were some people there i was no longer in control of myself. trish: here with reaction retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters who lived in germany for several years. i know you speak german and you've been watching all the german reports that came out on this situation, colonel peters. what is your reaction? >> i also had a close relationship with the city of cologne on personal level. my reaction is we still don't get how big of a story this is in germany. the migrant crisis, asylum seeker crisis, call it what you
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will, it was already a front burner issue in germany but these events really shocked country. by the way, similar events took place in austria, sweden and finland on smaller scale. in germ germany there is no parallel in recent history. since 1945 when russian troops went into berlin there hasn't been sort after aggravated sexual assault situation. in cologne, in small area about the size of times square, in space of three hours, alleged 550 attacks. half of them overtly sexual in nature. allegedly two public rapes. this shocked german consciousness has been enormous. it shifted immigration debate, shifted the middle to the right and it is going to go on for a long time to come, but the most, the most frustrating thing for the germans is that they're discovering their liberal constitution doesn't let them
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get rid of these guys very easily. their deportation measures make i.c.e. look supremely effective and fast. they even have trouble charging these guys. trish: colonel, i think people are watching this unfold, what is wrong with these people? what is wrong with these men that they would do thissen mass? do we think it was coordinated? is there something culturally really dement demented and wrong they think they can attack women because a woman is dressed differently and appears different than what they're used to? >> it is both. given the fact we had these simultaneous events, these attacks in some cities, at least eight in germany alone on new year's eve, all following same pattern, tells me they were coordinated by arab language chat room or somehow. we don't know how this is investigated. >> we though this happened before.
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reports of this happened in sweden in 2015. heard reports of this kind of stuff happening during the uprising in cairo with the arab spring. i mean extremely disturbing and now, go ahead, colonel. >> to answer the second part of your question, yes it's horrify ing but we have to face up to the fact the civilization in the middle east is in collapse. on "o'reilly factor" last week i made a mistake. i called this a clash of civilizations. it is not. it is civilization versus barbarism. young males, semiliterate, young males of military age who would not work to fix to their own countries come to germany on the hustle. they're not as sill loom seekers. they bring their values that demean women and women are has half human as most. their idea of western sexuality is formed by internet
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pornography. more than 60% are young males. very few women coming together. put them together with cultural values that do not match up -- this is not islammist terror. this is manifestation of export of the decayed cultural values of the middle east and we can not accept it. trish: it is absolutely horrible. it's a devastating story and colonel peter, i appreciate your analysis. we'll continue watching it for everyone. >> thank you. trish: coming up everyone, did hillary clinton break the law by directing a staffer to send classified material on unsecure fax line? the details of these emails bringing new allegations against the former secretary of state. we have that. new polls numbers showing rival bernie sanders is beating her in new hampshire, when we return.
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trish: aides say hillary clinton will propose 4% surcharge income tax of anyone making over $5 million annually. this has the perform former first lady in virtual tie with her rife sal socialist bernie sanders. clinton has a slight edge. kind of a virtual tie. sanders out in front in new hampshire, 50-46. both polls are within the margin of error. this as we learn that the investigation into her private email use has expanded to examine whether the possible intersection of clinton foundation work and state department business may have violated corruption laws. we have our political panel here to help us decipher all of it. progressive radio host chris hahn and mark serrano republican strategist. we have the latest on fbi investigation with catherine herridge. catherine?
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reporter: investigation into the exclusive use of private emails secretary of state has two tracks, one focused on classified material found on personal server an comingling of clinton foundation and state department business potentially violated corruption laws. fbi agents are investigating possible intersection of donations between clinton foundation dispensation of state department contracts and whether regular processes were followed. according to one of three sources spoke to fox news on condition of anonymity. fox news was also told that fbi agents will be quote, screaming if a prosecution is not pursued because many previous public corruption cases have been made in successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is apparently emerging in this investigation. with the latest state department email dumb, the number classified emails identified on mrs. clinton's private account hasries ren to 1340, a charge she dismissed over weekend and charges that she direct ad
2:27 pm
subordinate to send sensitive material her home account. >> in fact as the state department says there was no transmission of any classified information. so it is another effort by people looking for something to throw against the wall, as you said, in the beginning of the program, to see what sticks but there is no there there. reporter: recent appeal by the state department challenging the top secret designation of at least two emails has failed and this is now considered a settled matter. that means both emails were top secret when they hit clinton's personal server. fox news is also told 100 fbi special agents were assigned to investigation and asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. this suggestions it to sign the nda that they were assigned to handle classified emails or not to leak information about this case or both, trish. trish: thank you very much,
2:28 pm
catherine. turn to my panel, mark serano and chris hahn. starting with you, talk about the move to increase taxes on the wealthy. she has come up with a surcharge because god forbid, you're successful and you earn more than $5 million a year. guess what, the american government will penalize you for it even more. is this attempt to try to be a little more like socialist bernie sanders? bingo, trish. the new mood of the democrat nomination race is fear. let me tell you why. did you notice the title of the tax act from hillary clinton? it's we're scared to death of bernie sanders tax act. and you know, what is she going to do next, how she changes her accent for audience, she will start sound like new bernie sans in new hampshire, millionaires and billionaires will be taxed by my new tax act. they're scared to death of bernie sanders. clinton campaign will get ugly, very ugly in this race.
2:29 pm
this was probably concocted over coffee yesterday morning and they decided we need something right now to appeal to bernie's baseballs we're scared to death of him. the mood is fear. >> chris, he is going after wall street. he is coming out swinging. so this is her way of saying basically all those wall street guys, they're going to feel the pain too if i'm elected. >> i will not disagree with his political analysis of this, this has something to do with bernie sanders. >> red-letter day. >> i'm concerned when i win the lottery this week this will impact me directly. and i think those of you who are making five million dollars a year or more, god bless you but chance of this actually becoming law at some point is very slim, very remote and quite frankly we've got to find away for people who are making that kind of money to actually pay the same taxes that people like you and i are paying on regular basis because i think that is part of the problem with our tax code. trish: is this going to help her? >> yeah. look, all this talk about her fading in the polls and how she is losing iowa.
2:30 pm
she won't lose iowa. she hadn't winning in new hampshire most of the year. the fact it is this close in new hampshire is surprising. maybe there is chance for her to win in new hampshire. maybe that is why she is doing this now. i think it helps her and moves her to the left. trh: this is not going to fly in new hampshire. new hampshire has no income tax. >> right. trish: absolutely none. no sales tax. live free or die state. >> they have one guy that makes $5 million that lives in that entire state. i think it is scott brown, actually. he is not voting in the democratic primary. i don't think anybody there is worried. trish: but mark, speaks to sort of americans, part of the american dream, right, is get ahead. if someone is there ready to take something from you, i don't know, i don't think that really sits well with people. i know you can say it is $5 million, it will not affect most voters but somehow i think it does affect the psychology of some voters. mark, contrast her with say
2:31 pm
donald trump who is, you know, is going to tax everyone but it is a little more equitable. he is not putting any 4% surcharge on folks making more than five mil? >> absolutely and look, we believe that the best way to improve this horrendous economy is by reducing taxes. look, republicans will start to remind voters we've had eight years of tax increases. what hillary is doing, she has got to argue to democrat voters. she is talking to the base. she is going to be singing an entirely different tune a couple months from now if she becomes nominee. you're right, trish, from a practical standpoint it is absurd but she is full of fear and anxiety. these people run a race this way, wait for her next proposal. it is going to be you know we'll have child care for everyone. we'll have college for free for everyone. trillion dollars in tax increases. other proposals. >> bigger worries should be guys like you and me.
2:32 pm
should she lose both primaries all we'll talk about next three weeks is collapse of clinton campaign when we know full well, on march 1st she will win all those states pretty much, maybe not vermont which votes on march 1st. she is on the road to the nomination. no way bernie sanders is nominee of democratic party. donald trump has better chance. >> which joe biden will enter the race she may very well get indicted for this pay to play scheme which is lot more serious than emails. >> if joe biden thought she would get indicted she he would be in the rate race a long time ago. he gets information daily briefing. >> you know as well as i do there are meetings going on very nervous party elite. oh, my gosh if she actually gets indicted. >> there is very nervous party elite but not in the democratic party. it is in the republican party. >> no, no. -- trish: this is great i have to take a quick break to pay a few bills. see you later in the show.
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i do think she is getting a lot of pressure from the left and bernie sanders. this is perhaps what it's about the. donald trump has said he would slap a 45% tax on chinese goods. taxes from everyone here. now he says he may not because you know what? china will play fair if he is president. but does the billionaire businessman have a point when it comes to china? should we be thinking about something like a tariff? that's next. ♪ days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing
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>> trish: after saying he slapped chinese products with 45% tariff, now he says he does not need. because he's such a good negotiator, he can make the tax there. >> i never said i was going to do it. if you don't start living by the rules -- they're not living by the rules. what they're doing to devaluations is a disgrace to us. >> trish: all right, here is what he told "the new york times" last week, quote, i would do a tax and the tax, let me tell you what that tax should be, the tax should be 45%. well, does he have a point? are the chinese playing fair and would the tariff level a plain field, maybe the threat of one? joining me right now mark terry from aei, all right, guys, good
2:38 pm
to see you. i know this is not acceptable to talk about things like tariffs because we all believe in the power of growth through free trade. what would be the economic argument, if you can come up with any, humor me? what is the side of the thinking? >> well, look, there is a nonlevel plain field because the united states has a tax system, trish, and we have the highest business tax rate in the world so we are losing a lot of our jobs. people like myself, you don't want to impose all these knew -- new taxes on american consumers. you bring all those jobs back,
2:39 pm
you don't need a tariff. >> trish: you're not going to take the other side, so i will. [laughter] >> no, i'm not for tariff, believe me. >> trish: if you slap a 45% tariff, you make that chinese good that much more expensive, therefore the american good has a shot at competing where previously it couldn't because chinese goods are so cheap. the thinking is really be able to grow the economy by really rewarding producers here at home. now, the flip side as you point out eteve and i would like to get mark's take on this, it's hurting consumers, we've gotten depend on all the gidets we can
2:40 pm
buy at wal-mart. you and me and everyone else in america is going to have to pay for for this stuff and it's going to cost us and hurt us. >> that's a pretty standard analysis. we are living in a globalized economy. kim selber not just consumers that are going to get hit with the tariffs. we get products that come in from china and sell them abroad. if our manufacturers and the people make things are paying 45% more than products and services, it puts us in disadvantage. i don't see how it's helping our situation. it may actually hurt it. >> trish: mark, do you agree? >> sure. it would raise prices for low-end and middle-income consumers, it would raise prices for u.s. firms and manufacturers who are buying imports from
2:41 pm
china, would raise their cost and put them at a cost advantage. there's no way that would benefit economy, bad for consumers and bad for businesses and bad overall. >> trish: maybe we can say this, maybe it's an interesting place to start, anyway. thank you so much, mark and steve. tomorrow the president is going to give his state of the union address and would likely tell us that the state of the union is strong, strong is a relatively wrong because country is depending on food stamps, does it have anything to do with the success of donald trump andna bernie sanders?ee that's next my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it.
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2:44 pm
bankruptcy. we will be back with my intel and state of the union address and how trump has contributed and sanders
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>> trish: all right, tomorrow night the president will tell us the state of the union is strong, but we all know that strong well, relative term since obama took office the economy has been struggling to get by. americans aren't making as much money as they used, those things like rent keep going up. the number of people participating in the workforce, smallest levels we have seen since the 1907's and although we added 292,000 jobs last month and unemployment held steady at 5%, 5% sure ain't what it used to be. these are low-level service jobs that don't pay a lot of money. wages grow only 2 and a half percent in the last year and since president obama took office, they haven't been budged at all. people are unemployed for longer amounts of time. there are part time workers, way more people are collecting food stamps 47 million versus
2:47 pm
43 million prepresident obama. let's just say this is hardly an economic record to be bragging about and one that he should be pretty dishartened by and this maybe why we are seeing so much support for candidates like bernie sanders and donald trump in all these key primary states, voters want status quo. hillary was part of the obama administration. any way you slice it, she will deal with the ghost of obama economic. so there's real economic pain out there no, i doubt we are going to hear so much about it tomorrow by president obama. make sure you tune in to fox business tomorrow for president obama's final state of the union, special coverage kicks off at 8 testimony p.m. eastern right here on fox business. meanwhile new poll says ted cruz is gaining on donald trump with just three weeks before the iowa
2:48 pm
caucus, the texas senator and the real estate billionaire are in a virtual tied. these have republicans worried that the race could break the party. that's next. we will see you back in two
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>> trish: all right, everyone, donald trump is dominating the gop in fox poll. 35% of national support, however, senator ted cruz is quickly gaining momentum with 20%. it's his personal best and narrow it had gap by 6 points since last month between him and trump. as trump and cruz battle it out ahead of the fox business debate, new concerns that this race could forth a lasting split
2:52 pm
in the republican party. back with mark serrano. mark, i will start with you here. ted cruz and donald trump being sort of out of step, the rest of the republican party and that could have long-term ramifications? >> the mainstream has partisan throughout the country. what they want to believe that the gop is in disarray. gop will be out for decades because they want to paint this picture that republican candidates are extremists, they are sexists, antiimmigrant, they are fighting, split in the party because that's sensational and they think independent voters will abandon republicans to vote for hillary clinton. that's what's behind that picture. >> trish: i think even maybe a lot of democrat voters might think about a donald trump candidacy.
2:53 pm
he's got interesting cross-over appeal. anyway. >> for good reason. >> trish: this gets back to a lot of republicans don't like trump. chris, do you think this is going to be a problem? >> cruz is actually worse than trump is because he's so married to the ideological stuff whereas donald trump, i don't i don't think he believes half of the stuff he says. take that out of the equation. he is like ll. even people who like me and disagree with what he's saying find him entertaining and even sometimes charming. republicans are in trouble if it's cruz or trump at the top of the ticket. >> no way. >> we will see. >> chris, that sounds great.
2:54 pm
i like your bald head. >> thank you. >> that looks great. the truth is, trish, that there are people across this economy that have suffered under eight years of a democrat president no matter what bernie sanders and hillary clinton say, they're not going to be able to change that dynamic in the next ten months. >> suffered under the democratic president. let me get in here. last time i checked i just saw the numbers, 5% unemployment. we forget about the people living longer. let's not talk about that. food stamps. you remember the bush economy. look at the stock market in 2008. >> barack obama does not grow jobs, he grows poverty. >> trish: you cannot tell me the economy is in a good spot.
2:55 pm
>> it's in a better spot and nobody can argue with that. >> it's substantially -- he's created half a million jobs and that's why the market -- >> trish: i like, you were listening, mark. that's in part why bernie sanders is doing well too. >> yes. >> trish: people are in a bad part. good to have you guys here. all right. we have an hour left of trading and we have a market to talk about. 39 points there on the dow, s&p down, oil today quite some downside today. closing out below $32 a barrel, that is the first time since 2003 since we've seen oil close down below 32. all right.
2:56 pm
we will be back with more intel after this numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. eg ♪
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>> it's a very big week right here on fox business. so do not go anywhere. we are going round two with the republican candidacy in charleston, south carolina, in fact, in about five minutes i'm heading out the door it to charleston where i'm going to see sandra smith and we're kicking things off 6:00 p.m. thursday. we're going to be asking important substantive questions that you want and we need answers to.
3:00 pm
we're going to be followed by maria and neil 9:00 p.m. eastern and then of course there's the big question of what candidates are going to participate in which debate. you're going to find out exclusively tonight on lou dobbs first when he unveils that line up at 7:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime liz is taking it from here. liz: trish, safe journey, and be sure to ask the candidates about their wallets, their money, and the substantiating because we've go to a pretty alarming shakeout in oil that is choking all after the first day of trading after the worst week ever for stocks. not only do you have the dow jones industrial down 29 points which in and of itself is not the worst thing in the world but the russell small and mid-caps are at a bear market and the nasdaq is enduring its worst streak of losses in eight years. are the bears triumphing for the longer term? or will the bulls battle back? we've got the clause out in a bull bear debate.


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