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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we're in the final stretch. republican races dead heat. they show donald trump and ted cruz neck-and-neck heading into fox business's second gop debate on thursday. tucker carlson will give us his take. david: it is a closer race on other side. [closing bell rings] bernie sanders giving hillary clinton a run for her money in iowa and new hampshire. we have all the political news covered as we look at closing bell on wall street. there ways a little turnaround. melissa: there you go. dow in final hour of trading up 50 points, sorry, 60 points as closing bell sound on wall street. here is where we end the day. s&p 500 up just barely. fractionally. crude oil lower. gold as well, david. david: yeah, still down quite a bit from a couple weeks ago. as markets wait for tomorrow here is what you need to know right now. donald trump and ted cruz leading the pack until the second fox republican debate.
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blake burman with details. blake? reporter: donald trump continues to raise doubts about the presidential eligibility of ted cruds who was born in canada to american mother. at a rally trump insisted that the legal guidelines defining what a natural born citizen means remains to be settled. >> ted cruz has a problem because the question is, is he a natural born citizen? you can't have a nominee who is going to be subject thrown out as nominee. you just can't do it. reporter: latest "fox news poll" shows cruz might be trumps threat for the moment. nationwide trump has support from 35% of republicans. that is 15 points clear of cruz in second. trump has larger lead in the first of the nation primary, new hampshire. in iowa the latest poll shows trump trailing. cruz's 27% puts senator four ahead of trump. the iowa caucus is just three weeks away. back to you in new york. david: going to be very tight. blake burman, thank you very
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much. melissa? melissa: this is the announcement we've been waiting for on pins and needles. lou dobbs will have the lineup for fox business's second debate. david: he looks very calm. melissa: he does but we know he is jittery. the first debate is 6:00 p.m. eastern hosted by sandra smith and trish regan. who will be in the 9:00 debate hosted by our own maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. you don't want to miss this. david: sticking with politics a new study showing democrats on decline. number of americans identifying with democrat party now at all-time low. according to new survey from gallup, only 29% identified as a dem down last year from 30% in 2014 as republicans gained 1%. now at 26%. the race for the white house seems up for grabs. 42% of the americans say they're independents. melissa: fbi expanding its
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investigation into hillary clinton of the agency is looking into whether or not the clintons use of a private email server violated public corruption laws. according to a exclusive report from fox news. here now is fox news's catherine herridge who broke this story. cat lynn, give us the details. reporter: thank you, melissa and good afternoon. the fbi investigation now has two tracks one focused on the classified information found on mrs. clinton's personal server and other on whether commingling of ton foundation work and state department business potential violated public corruption laws. fox news learned agents are investigating connections between the clinton foundation, dispensation of state department contracts and whether regular processes were followed. according to one of three sources who spoke to fox on condition of anonymity. author peter schweitzer investigated foundation last year and discussed the findings with fox's martha mack. >> it's funny because he says i cherry-picked information. i didn't cherry-pick the
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information. we followed the money. we looked at major foreign donors. we said do the people when making donation to the clintons is there business before the state department and how does it end up for them? what we find out it consistently ends up well. that is the key thing. obviously in terms of a quid pro quo, we don't have access to emails or to correspondence but the pattern of behavior is overwhelming. reporter: latest state department email dump the number of classified emails identified on mrs. clinton's private unsecured account has risen to at least 1340. on the weekend talk shows she dismissed that number and allegations she direct ad subordinate to send sensitive information to that home account. >> in fact, as the state department has said, there was no transmission of any classified information. so it's another effort by people looking for something to throw against the wall as you said in the beginning of the program to see what sticks but there is no there there.
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reporter: fox news was also told that fbi agents will be quote, screaming if a prosecution is not pursued because we were told many previous public corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence that apparently is emerging here, melissa. melissa: catherine, great reporting. thank you so much for that. >> reporter: you're welcome. david: here with reaction is fred tecce. former federal prosecutor. >> thanks for having me. david: what happens, fred, if the fbi recommends and indictment and justice says no? >> well, i got to tell you, unfortunately nothing because ultimately the decision to indict rests with the united states attorney, assistant u.s. attorney, main justice corruption branch main justice and fbi can scream or yell but if you're a federal prosecutor and agencies are unhappy with you, they're unhappy but your job is to kind ride it out to wait to see what happens. i think a travesty of justice.
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david: fbi could do something and they are in possession of a lot of information that we don't yet have, as much as we know now, they have more because they have been digging into this thing for a year now. >> correct, correct. david: is it conceivable some fbi agents might be so frustrated at justice's inability are one i willingness to indict they might leak some of this stuff? >> the answer to your question, david, is yes, they could leak some of this stuff. that may hurt her in the court of public opinion but unfortunately they don't have the authority, they don't have the ability to actually charge her themself. some rogue fbi agent can arrest mrs. clinton on campaign trail, i arrested her because i had probable cause to do so but whether or not she is ultimately charged is different story. david: fred, we have a couple different bits of information that came out, i think some of them damning. one email is looks likes she is telling an aide to go around seacrest at this rules and more
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information about the clinton foundation. we heard from peter schweitzer, the one who revealed some of this stuff. people were contributing millions and millions of dollars that had cases up in front of the state department when hillary was head of the state department. what from your perspective is most damning? >> where do i start. i think a lot of it is very damning, and as a prosecutor i find a lot troubling. email i talked about, they stripped off information about it so it couldn't be available for freedom of information act as far as intent on her part. remember under the hobbs act, what you're talking about a hobbs act violation, any public official obtains something of value they do not deserve is guilty after hobbs act violation and can be guilty of a hobbs violation, depending how many, if you string together enough hobbs act there is rico violation. what i've seen so far there is
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probable cause to be a problem. david: we have to run. will she be indicted, yes or no? >> personally you're asking me, if she broke the law, yet. whether or not the justice department has the guts to do it, that's whole another story. david: fred tecce, thank you very much for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: alcoa is kicking off fourth quarter earnings season. lori rothman has numbers for us from the new york stock exchange. we begin, lori. reporter: hi, there, david. better than expected report from alcoa. in perspective significant klein from same -- decline from same period a year ago. 4 cents versus the 2-cent estimate. that is okay. revenue slightly soft, 5.25 billion versus expectation of 5.29 billion. shares in the extended session are slightly higher, up about 2%. this is because alcoa has a good strategy to deal with declining raw aluminum costs.
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as you now raw aluminum fell 25% in the last year. last year alcoa ink ad deal with ge for 1 1/2 billion dollars for long-term supply for ge aviation unit. as part of earnings call, alcoa expects this year's global aerospace sales to increase by eight or 9% that is the story with ge. revenue down 17% from this time last quarter but they're working, as we know the global growth slowdown is big theme of everything lately. they're doing something to try to upset it. that is where we are with alcoa. david: very low and beat expectations. that is why they're up a little bit. lori, thank you very much. >> anytime. melissa: white house is promising a non-traditional speech when the president addresses congress and country tomorrow night. that is interesting. fox news's kevin corke at the white house with more on what we can expect. kevin, what does that mean? reporter: i guess i would look
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at this way, expect a lot of sizzle, probably not as much steak. not to say you won't get a broad brush speech and it could be compelling an interesting. if you're looking for broad policy proclamations you're probably better watching latest episode off doubt town abby on your dvr. they are trying to get something accomplished this year. white house officials told us specifically today they think they can work with republicans to get a lot done this year. >> there is strong bipartisan support for criminal justice reform on capitol hill. and white house has worked hard to try to nuture the bipartisan agreement that will be required to pass that legislation. we are hopeful that congress will take steps to ratify the trans-pacific partnership. reporter: clearly we should expect here on wednesday a great deal about executive action.
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we've actually heard a great deal about that already. i want you to keep this in mind as the president sort of unpacks that just a bit. as you and i talked about he has done that with guns and immigration an done it effectively to work around congress, something critics have taken a notice of. >> he has done executive orders. done it on border, all over the place. does meet with anybody? all he does is sign executive orders. reporter: don't forget we have omaha and baton rouge coming up for the president later this week. he will get out there and sell again what he talked about in the conversation with the american people. and also tout some of the successes of, melissa, of 2015. he has a pretty long laundry list to go along with laundry list of lack of success or failures some would argue. should be interesting couple of days here at white house. back to you. melissa: absolutely. kevin, thank you so much. david: we'll cover that on fbn tomorrow. oil dropping big time again
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today, ending down over 5% to $31.41. this is the lowest settlement since december of 2003. phil flynn, fox business, price futures group is with us today. we're close to $20 levels. >> dave, they are beating this market to a pulp. i haven't seen this since the 2008 financial crisis and it maybes mow worry the selloff in oil is signaling bad things for the global economy. what really started oil selling off today was overnight in china when we saw shanghai and shenzhen stock market get hammered. when the u.s. stock market rallied later in the day, oil tried to recover but could not hold on to the gains. what i'm concerned about the way these prices continue to get pummeled day after day after day, there is going to be ramifications out of u.s. production, energy companies, shale producers, you don't have
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a selloff like this without more pain to come. that will not bode very good for the energy sector. back to you. david: phil flynn, nothing like it for a long time. appreciate it, phil. melissa: philadelphia police are on high alert in the wake of last week's shooting. details of the potential plot that could put more officers in danger. david: donald trump hitting ted cruz even harder now that the two are neck-and-neck in recent polls. there is sure to be fireworks. tucker carlson with his thoughts coming up. melissa: tribute from around the world and beyond are pouring in from music legend and fashion icon david bowie. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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melissa: philadelphia police officers remain on high alert following an attack on one of their own last week.
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police are investigating a tip that there may be three other radical associates of the self-proclaimed isis inspired gunman. fox news's rick leventhal has the latest from philadelphia. rick, what can you tell us? reporter: well, melissa this tip came from a woman who stop ad police officer on the streets of philadelphia on saturday night to warn him the threat was not over, telling officer to be careful especially in the neighborhood where the shooting took place, but privately law enforcement are suggesting this may be a false lead. that they get tips these all the time and they're investigating but there is so far nothing to suggest that information is actually credible. we obtain ad copy of the incident report, detailing claims of this unidentified woman who told the officer, that suspect edward archer was part of a larger gang of four and not most radical in the bunch, suggesting more attacks were imminentgainst cops. the fbi and philly police department homeland security unit already searched homes used
4:18 pm
by archer. they're scouring his internet history looking for anything to support his claims he was inspired by the islamic state. officers are now partnering up since officer hartnett was alone when he was shot. meanwhile, the five-year veteran is still in critical but stable condition here at pen presbyterian medical center. he is in intensive care and scheduled for more surgery. a fellow officer said friends and family are at his bedside. he made slow improvements but his left arm badly damaged in shooting t makes it more remarkable he was able to exit his vehicle and return fire to actually hit the suspect as the man was running away before he was able to call for help for himself, bleeding badly from his left arm, medical list. melissa: wow. amazing story. rick, thank you so much for your reporting. reporter: it is. melissa: david? david: a few other stories on our radar. isis claiming responsibility for attack at mall in baghdad that killed 11 people and wounded 22.
4:19 pm
attackers detonate ad car bomb and threw hand grenades at shoppers as they enter the mall. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus are moving all their elephants this may to the elephant center for conservation in central florida. >> david bowie was a genius. provided soundtrack of our lives from first time i heard space odyssey, to watching athletes appear in the wonderful olympics to strains of heroes. david: british prime minister david cameron speaking on the death of music legend david bowie who passed away at the age of 69. memorials pour in from around the world. one from outer space. british astronaut tim peek tweeting his tribute to bowie from the international space station. sad to hear david bowie lost his battle to cancer.
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his music was inspiration to many. "el chapo" is back behind bars but the interview he did with sean penn while on the run is getting a lot of attention. >> i admire the fact that sean penn risked so much, physical and professional and financial to pursue the story.
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[gunfire] melissa: one of the world's most wanted drug lords was on the lamb but not exactly off the grid. sean penn traveled to "el chapo"'s secret mountain hideout in mexico late last year to interview the notorious cartel leader for "rolling stone" magazine. they claim they kept the meeting secret from authorities. the mexican police say they knew all about it. here to weigh in fred tecce,
4:24 pm
former federal prosecutor. the big question he knew where a fugitive was. he met with him. he left. he didn't report it to anyone. he didn't tell authorities where "el chapo" does. does he face any kind of penalty at all, sean penn? >> i'm not a big sean penn fan. i don't particularly care for the guy or his politics, but at end of the day whether or not he broke a law. he knew where a fugitive was. he didn't obstruct justice. didn't aid or abet in a chime called accessory after the fact. having bad judgment and stupid things is until that is violation constitution i think he is free from prosecution. melissa: amazing to so many people. here is this guy they're hunting all over the globe for. >> i know. melissa: escaped twice, he claims credit for having killed or indirectly gotten killed thousands of people. >> correct. melissa: he says, "el chapo" says and here knowing where he is when authorities don't is, you know there is nothing wrong with that. that is amazes. >> right. melissa: but at the same time,
4:25 pm
so although i would say sean penn led them to "el chapo" some way indirectly, inadvertently in some way. >> yes he did. melissa: the big issue now, will he be extradited, "el chapo"? they have had two bites of apple keeping him incarcerated. they haven't done it. proceedings have been started. what do you think? >> what sean penn did was repugnant, tried to make money from this guy's history of slaughtering people. as far as whether or not this guy will get extradited, there are some things involved i've been involved in extraditions in major drug cases in my career when i was prosecutor. there is a lot of things going on. our government has to ask the mexican government to extradite this guy. they have to agree to it. our government has been asking 15 years that this guy be extradited and so many things come into play. when you do extradition, the state department gets involved, all the different governmental agencies have the opportunity to
4:26 pm
weigh in. irony of all this, if ultimately mexico wants to do some trade deal with the u.s. or some other issue on the table and extraditing this guy helps them, he will show up. melissa: the irony we're all annoyed at sean penn and did interview sort of breathless, how exciting this is. he asked him really softball questions, what do you dream of? i mean it's really, it is really ridiculous, but, i bet no one is madder than "el chapo" who by virtue of doing this interview for god knows what reasons because he is so ego maniacal ends up getting caught, right, fred. right. if he wakes up one night in paranoid state and decides sean penn is reason he got caught that is not good thing for sean penn. the guy speaking out about guns may want to fire a few. melissa: sean penn may get his in the end. no, we're just kidding. >> wouldn't wish that on him. thanks for having me. david: you guys have another
4:27 pm
chance winning the powerball. it is up to $1.4 billion but uncle sam of course could end up being the big winner in this. melissa: always is. plus three days until the first republican showdown of 2016. we'll talk to tucker carlson about the latest poll numbers ahead of thursday's fox business debate. that's coming up next. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke
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melissa: just three weeks to the iowa caucus. donald trump and ted cruz are leading crowded gop field. in two key voting states according to latest fox news national poll in iowa senator cruz still leads with 27% but trump is within the margin of error but in new hampshire trump is dominating with 33% support, more than doubling rubio and cruz. here to weigh in what this means ahead of thursday's big debate, tucker carlson, "fox & friends weekend" quote host. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, kid. melissa: what is your take on this? because it seems like i don't remember a time when we've seen a republican candidate dominate like this ahead of the primaries for so long? what could possibly derail him here? >> well that is really smart analysis. you're the first person i heard note the obvious which these numbers are within the margin of error. so actually we're not certain who is leading. we know they're both up near the top. what you could see happen, everyone i know thinks cruz will win iowa and he probably will,
4:32 pm
but let's say trump wins. melissa: right. >> then you have for the first time in at least a generation, probably more, going back to at least 1980 never had republican candidate win iowa and new hampshire. if trump does that what happens? how is he not the nominee at that point? who knows what will happen. what you see in washington should that occur full-blown meltdown of republican establishment who hate donald trump more than hillary. i'm not taking sides. i'm just noting it. melissa: right. >> you will see party in chaos. top republicans talk about third party but i don't think they will launch one, talking about voting for hillary clinton. will be inflection point for sure if that happens. melissa: tucker, it is astounding and many ways to be a part of this part of history to watch this go on because it is so unusual. i feel like it is nothing we've seen in a long time. you are right there in the thick of it. what is your bet on what would happen in that scenario you just painted. he wins or comes in very close second in iowa.
4:33 pm
he wins new hampshire. all of sudden the establishment will go bananas? >> they will go absolutely bananas. part, i mean many reasons they object to his have -- vulgarity, the fact he doesn't talk like him and they object to his ideas and the fact they consider him super news, if not outright evil. nobody getting percentage of ad buys. he doesn't buy into conventional way of doing politics in washington. hard to understand the intensity of like. if you liked trump you would not admit it lun in washington. melissa: right. florida can not be denied the nomination. that is pivotal state, you can't be president without wing especially republican. bush as governor, rubio of sitting senator, if trump wins that state, how is he not the nominee? i don't know.
4:34 pm
melissa: andrea taken taros showed a article in "politico" to hire a ground game and political research companies that is the change in the narrative. people said he has no ground game -- do you believe that report? did you see the article and do you believe it? >> i did. i always assume trump is spending less than he says he is spending. maybe that is why he is rich. most enduring cliches ground game is everything in iowa. i was there in 2004 when tens of thousands of baristas came to support howard dean. he had better ground game and bigger ground game hand anybody in iowa and he came in third. i'm not saying it isn't relative but it is not dispositive. i'm not saying he will win. melissa: thanks, tucker, for your analysis. tune into tonight for lou dobbs
4:35 pm
at 7:00 eastern for the much anticipated republican debate lineup where we hear who will be in the first debate moderated by sandra smith and trish regan. kicking off 6:00 p.m. eastern on thursday and who will be in the second debate moderated by maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. that is starting at 9:00 p.m. david: does he have an envelope he is going to open very dramatically with a seal on it? melissa: i hope so. i love that. david: meanwhile an fbi investigation might just be one of many problems plaguing hillary clinton's presidential run. competition between sanders and clinton is neck-and-neck in iowa and bernie sanders taking the lead in new hampshire according to new "wall street journal" marist poll. joining me richard goodstein, former 2016 hillary clinton campaign advisor and hadley heath manning of the independent women ace forum. thank you for coming everybody. betsy, what is going on here? is bernie's lead for real or last or going to grow? >> without a doubt.
4:36 pm
bernie has most enthusiastic voters perhaps in this entire contest. one thing stood out for us, we have report up today, bernie sanders doesn't have a super-pac or a finance team. there is no one full time raising money for bernie sanders campaign. zero people. all the money he made in the last quarter was four million less than hillary clinton raised. all that money or bulk of it due to revolution messaging a small digital firm in downtown d.c. figured out how to transform the energy into cash and something to be hold. david: richard he has ground troops. i live in liberal upper west seidman hat tan. -- west side of manhattan his troops were out almost accosting if you would vote for bernie sanders. i wonder how much of that is due to hillary's slippage and email and other controversies. >> chris wallace always refers to the "real clear politics" averages on sunday morning. let me do that hillary is up by
4:37 pm
11 in iowa. bernie is up by five in new hampshire. he has been up all along in new hampshire. so if he wins new hampshire he will kept his lead. he is from neighboring state and hard to pick a state afterwards wherer is not down by 30 or 40. tucker carlson said florida is -- david: you're not answering question. i love you but you're not answering question. is his game because of his ground troops or because of hillary's slippage and emails. >> there is no evidence of gain in new hampshire david. he has been up all along. there is some polls, there have been really, go back and look at them n iowa she has been up all along. kind after bit -- david: nobody is the loser. nobody is ahead. nobody is behind. hadley, donald trump, i noticed something different this weekend. it seems like republican establishment who we heard from tucker can't stand the guy. it is beginning to recognize that he may actually be the nominee and changing their tune. over the weekend i noticed some
4:38 pm
change in language by establishment republican figures, kind of endearing themselves or trying to at least to donald trump. am i wrong? >> many republicans are trying to hedge their bets when it comes to donald trump but he like senator sanders has been really able to capitalize on anti-establishment feeling so many americans on both sides of the aisle are feeling. ultimately the contests in iowa and new hampshire will boil down to who actually shows up at caucus, primary. polls only tell us so much but ultimately who shows up will determine if it is hillary, if it is trump or one of these other candidates. david: but my question is, could they live with donald trump as nominee? couple months ago i know several of them said no, they couldn't. >> by far, in contrast to the other gop candidates mr. trump represents the biggest point of division among the gop base and among people who call themselves either establishment republicans or outsider republicans, tea party republicans. it will present a real challenge
4:39 pm
for party to move forward in unity should mr. trump get the nomination. david: hadley, richard, betsy, appreciate you coming here. >> sure. melissa: soft doesn't come to mind when most people think football but not donald trump. those two teams, one national championship clemson and alabama, are set to take the stage tonight in an epic battle! our experts will give you their picks. by that i mean david asman.
4:40 pm
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4:42 pm
david: surprise, surprise. donald trump making controversial remarks comparing united states and nfl take a listen. >> we're going bad, folks, we're going soft just like the nfl. we're going soft. it is true, think of it. am i right? am i right? , am i right? [shouting] david: joining us for reaction and more sports analysis is fox sports college football analyst joel chat and sports buddy
4:43 pm
co-host mike ozanian. mike to you, what do you think, generally speaking of donald trump's remarks? >> like a lot of remarks he has they're sensational. you know, football is not soft. i know first-hand. i think if trump were ever on the field he would know that first-hand as well. there are a lot of things going on, one of those particular the ncaa and nfl they have to protect themselves against litigation from business standpoint. the nfl already had to pay out at $700 million settlement in a lawsuit that resulted from concussions. right now the penalties he is referring to he saw from some of the games referring over the weekend, they are protecting powers that be in court of law. that is all they are there for football standpoint. it is still violent game. david: i know what he was talking about mike, he was talking about days of like dick butkus, i interviewed several times, who could take hard knocks and give hard knocks and
4:44 pm
didn't ever complain. however on saturday night we saw a game between cincinnati and pittsburgh, at end of it to give brief thumbnail prediction. cincinnati was behind the whole game. they came back with two minutes to play. looked like they were going to win the game. there was a linebacker named burfett, playing a great game, tore a guy's head off on tackle penalized 15 yards. he talked back to the ref, penalized another 15 yards and cincinnati ended up losing the game. kind of thuggery, different from dick butkus, more than rough play, would you agree? >> from the context you're speaking about, david, there are rules in place, to protect players from using your head as spear. what happened the game if anything gotten more dangerous and rules have not helped at all. that is context trump talks
4:45 pm
about, we have rules in place in economy and it is weaker and softer. david: that is very interesting point. joel, do you agree. >> i do agree. i think all the rules shifted responsibility. when i was growing up as a quarterback, it was quarterback as responsibility to protect his own wide receivers. you wouldn't hang them out to dry. you wouldn't put them in precarious situations. now onus and responsibility is on officials and on defenders. at the speed which these players are playing that is almost impossible to do for defender to think about well being of the offensive player while playing the game. david: on other hand, mike, we had another kind of expression of character on the field last sunday, yesterday. the vikings kicker, had a tablier shot. he missed the goalpost at the last minute. here is a replay of the shot. if they get this goal they win the game. it was only 21 yards and he missed it! and at end of the day he took full responsibility. he said it's my fault.
4:46 pm
i'm only one who didn't do his job. that's on me. wasn't that refreshing? >> stand-up guy. commentators during the kick afterwards, dade, they said, laces were facing -- snap and hold had been a problem. he didn't go there. he took full responsibility. i think there is great lesson in that. david: there is indeed. while the playoffs started in in nfl, there is one game left in college football. number one ranked son against number two ranked alabama. joel, this is all your baby. what do you think? >> at this point history can be greatest predictor of future success. nick saban and alabama have been in situation three times previously. in every one of those times they won going away fashion by 10 or more points. i think alabama has the better team, they have the better defense and normally, when you see a great defense like a great pitcher in baseball a great defense wins in these situation.
4:47 pm
david: mike, you have a rebuttal. >> 20-17 clemson with great quarterback. david: that simple, it was a quarterback. joel, what do you think? >> i was a quarterback but i think it is 'bama tonight. david: have fun tonight. appreciate it. melissa: there you go, whether on wall street or main street here who is making money today, football fans first time since it originally aired the first-ever super bowl is played for all fans to witness. the showdown in 1967 between green bay packers around kansas city chiefs is set to air this friday on nfl network. the powerball jackpot has been raised to $1.4 billion! oh, my gosh. but the government, are they the real winner? they usually are. the grand prize sum drops drastically after federal and state taxes are removed. that is shocking isn't it? if you want your money in lump sum, the prize shrinks to just
4:48 pm
$868 million. 62% of the advertised amount. you have to pay taxes on that. the force remains strong. "the force awakens" stayed on top of the north american box office for the fourth straight weekend beating out leonardo dicaprio and "the revenant" to become the highest grossing movie of all time. david: i still haven't seen it. melissa: why? are you a lunatic? come on! david: the machine takes the wheel. elon musk self-driving promise, how tesla cars will soon be able to drive themselves. we're live at the detroit auto show. the very newest technology about to hit the streets, take a look. >> tonight, expected unexpected.
4:49 pm
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: self-driving cars have not taken over just yet but when tesla unveiled new updates to the self-driving capabilities of their vehicles elon musk said the technology is better than a human driver. for all the details, deirdre bolton joins us now. i love it! >> i love it as well. better than a human driver. that is a pretty big claim. unfortunately this car automatically regulates your speed when you're on a highway. it also apparent in the next two years, according to elon musk will be able to go from one coast to the other completely
4:53 pm
driving itself. melissa: wow. >> elon musk tempered that but the technology will behere to do that. there is this thing called summon you call your empty car and it will come right to you. some pretty fancy things. melissa: i love that. >> take a look at stock, melissa. even on this day with a lot of news there, was a big release sunday, the stock closed lower. seems if a lot of investors want to wait and see. melissa: i always feel like i'm a good driver but my husband says the data doesn't support that assumption. i am a little too aggressive. gets me in trouble. deirdre, see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." david: speaking of the detroit auto show is where we find our own jeff flock. you've been covering new innovations all day. what do you have for us now? reporter: i saved the best one for you, david, here it is right here.
4:54 pm
the most interesting unveil of the show, it is a minivan. it is not your dad's minivan. look at unveil of this vehicle, new chrysler minivan. this is not the town and country. they brought back the pacifica nameplate. they unveiled it today. they say it changes whole gail on minivans. do not like like a typical minivan. i talked to the man in charge of passenger cars at chrysler about that topic. >> it looks -- unlike a normal minivan. has two sliding doors. more aggressive looking, 20-inch wheels. all that says not minivan. reporter: chrysler invented this segment as you know, david. it withered lately. maybe they get traction. maybe melissa will buy that one. i don't want to leave you with minivan. leave you with could be sexiest unveil of show, most unlikely
4:55 pm
source, buick, this is called the evista. concept car. built on camaro platform. sleek, fast, 200-horsepower. two-seater with two small seats in the back. sexy looking car. don't know if they build it because it's a concept car. if that is the future of buick, they will sell buicks not just in china but more in the u.s. as well. david: looks like a cross between bmw and bentley. beautiful. how much does it cost? any prices on these, jeff. >> it's a concept. so no price on concept. david: what a beauty. melissa: i want that one. i love that. reporter: that is cool looking car. david: no offense, you didn't sell us suv. sold us fancy one but not suv. >> stuart varney wants a van. david: he is in australia. he is riding a camel in australia. thank you very much, jeff flock. melissa: stuart varney and minivan. i don't need to see that. >> bentley, yes. minivan, no.
4:56 pm
melissa: "playboy" mansion is on the market, oh, goodness, with price tag of $200 million. roommate is included. david: which roommate? melissa: yeah. top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start
4:59 pm
and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. the iconic "playboy" mansion is going up for sale but there is a pretty big string attached. hugh hefner comes with it and perhaps some of his friends? the mansion sits on five acres in los angeles. whoever buys it will have to let the "playboy" founder live in the mansion until he dies. david: oh, that is kind of weird. "playboy" enterprises hopes to get 200 million bucks for property. >> great piece of land. david: he is a great dancer. buyers can tour the property have you heavy's bedroom is -- hef's bedroom is off limits. shuck. >> i would not like to tour that property. needs a face-lift. david: if i tour the property, last place i would want to go is his bedroom. i'm just saying.
5:00 pm
>> but very valuable piece of property. david: right in the middle of chicago. >> no, no. beverly hills. david: oh, beverly hills. thank you, melissa. that does it for us. just in time, "risk & reward" starts right now. [gunfire] [speaking spanish] deirdre: you're watching new video of the raid that brought down mexican drug lord "el chapo." this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. we'll share more video from his arrest momentarily. we're three weeks away from the iowa caucus. it is election year. this week's fox republican debate happen this is thursday. lou dobbs will announce which candidates in the first debate,


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