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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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drug problem or drinking problem. dierdre: it's a big change. even positive changing sometimes cause distress. thank you all. i wish you luck if you are picking numbers. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." make money with charles payne starts now. charles: stock market averages bounce back but beneath the surface the cas -- the cash cars worse than you know. donald trump continues to power ahead in the polls. one issue not helping as much as he thought. 237. surprising results on who women respect more.
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the frontrunner in the gop or hillary clinton. the f.b.i. is not just looking at hillary clinton's emails. tammy bruce, i want to start with you. what we are looking at, what the f.b.i. is looking at is the relationship between hillary clinton's time at the state department, bill clinton's speeches, the clinton foundation and what may or may not have gone through. when everybody else was looking at it, now it's becoming more. >> this is the commingling of money and power with her personal life versus what she was dwoght united states of mayor what with her position there. which set up an email server it's assumed it's to protect or hide something. moist' not just one issue. but the thing as they build up. this is something americans understand. this is problems with power and
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power corrupting. charles: the person who helped break this catherine herridge of fox news, our washington correspondent is on with us now. catherine we are glad to have you. first of all, give us the details on this and let us know what hillary clinton had to say about it today. catherine herridge based on our reporting and this came to us through three intelligence sources. these are three different individuals who were familiar with the circumstances of the f.b.i. investigation. they confirmed to us there were now two tracks. the track we are familiar with involving the classified information that was found on her server and this personal email she used to conduct state department business, and the second track looked at possible corruption violations. and in this case the intercession between donors to the clinton foundation and how the donors or their countries or
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organizations were treated in terms of getting state department contracts. in simple turns did the people who gave money to the foundation, did they have an inside track or more favorable outcomes when they came to the contracts? this is not a new idea. author peter schweitzer wrote about it last year in his book "clinton cash." our understanding is this public corruption piece has been going on since the spring of last year. mrs. clinton was asked about our reporting by the "iowa register." significantly what she said is she has not been contacted by the f.b.i. and said our reporting was unfounded. here is what's mislead being those statement. there is no way she could know there was no investigation because the f.b.i. is under no obligation to notify you that you are the subject of an investigation. only group that has a
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responsibility to notify you is a prosecuting authority. that's way down the chain. it would be the justice department. they sent her attorney once called a target letter. this gives you have an opportunity to come in and explain your side of the story. based on what mrs. clinton said to the "des moines register" sounds to me like the explanation on the emails, that nothing was marked classified. if you understand the process you know it doesn't matter if a message is marked classified it many the quality of the contents that matters. in this case there is no requirement on the part of the f.b.i. to tell her she is under investigation. and the lawyers temperature working with her are not familiar with the process. charles: hillary clinton and bill clinton know how to play
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with words. they cannot don't and it's echoing loird and louder. >> there is a big difference between the appearance of conflict of interest and an actual conflict, a criminal conflict. the fact of the matter is from all the reporting i have seen from all the individuals, countries and companies that gave money to the clinton foundation. i haven't seen one instance in which hillary clinton did anything at the state department to advance the interests of those people. that's way it's going to take for something to be criminal. charles: maybe some of those donors have buyers remorse. but bill clinton would get half a million for a speech here. an interesting correlation between the time hillary clinton was at state and his speaking fees went through the roof. >> fox news reporting began
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april 2015. you know what else happened is the "new york times" bombshell story of about the clinton foundation and the iranian deal that could have played a part in getting this our rainup one thing -- this uranium one deal. charles: people say this is why there was a flip floch on the keefe stone time line. this of course is something whoever the ultimate gop candidate is including your guy donald trump, it's got to hit him pretty hard. >> absolutely. and this will play out in the court of public opinion. if there were $40 million from foreign governments and hundreds of millions from foreign entities from shipping and energy. you name it, charles.
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but there is another question here. she has been out on the campaign trail talking about boko haram being a terrorist organization. but as secretary of state john s secretary of state she wouldn't declare them as one. >> there is no doubt when hillary said she was going to avoid the appearance of conflict. >> this is where we get back to the email server. when they uncovered the emails that were deleted. they are look at things we haven't seen yet. this is where the f.b.i. is getting excited. seeing enough to where it's public that this investigation. they are seeing things that they are determining that are serious enough. they are look at espionage
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issues, and now it's about enriching her own family. charles: it's hard to say -- it looks bad. adding fuel to the fire, earlier this morning i spoke with the author ed klein. he says he's calling this the end of the clinton era. off i have a feeling that the walls are start something close in on the clintons. we may be seeing a hinge in political history where we are seeing the final days of the clintons. charles: in a nbc-"wall street journal" poll sanders is ahead in new hampshire and in see youing what she is only ahead of by 5. it feels like she has a teflon coating. but when you look to closer it
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seems to be eroding. >> always the issue for hillary has been trust and lack of trust. that's her vulnerability. she seems to act that the rules that apply to everyone you and me, don't apply to her husband. that's a political problem, not a criminal problem. charles: the court of public opinion is important. >> it's hugely important. we have her not being up front and not being honest about her emails. she was saying we are going to avoid any appearance of this. she was saying we are going to disclose all this information. we have 2013 disclosures. i think we have a lot of information that's not come out yet. but the information that has come out, voters don't like it. i have a lot of young democrat friends who are fed up with hillary. it's a trust issue.
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charles: the question is how much the administration will provide for hillary. her relationship with valerie jerrod isn't so great. joe biden says he regrets not getting in. president obama has been reluctant and resist and the to even even dornin so far. >> aside from the server and the clinton foundation, we still have benghazi and the fact she lied about what happened there. there is movie coming out tomorrow that will tell another side of that story. i think this is the end of the clinton era. with a fractured candidate like this with whether it's with the emails or any kinds of corruption. i don't think the democrat party wants to put all their eggs in one basket. people want someone as taken
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outsider that can't be tide into this nonsense. charles: bernie sanders comes across as a crazy uncle dude. he's polling better against republicans than hillary. could they say hillary, you are damaged goods. would they go with sanders and send out an sos for bind or elizabeth warren? >> it's too late for that. bernie sanders is a reflection of how far the democratic party has moved to the left. young people and very old people seem to love bernie sanders. but he's the source of jokes on "saturday night live." she'll be the questioned barring an indictment or something that hasn't become public to this point. charles: has anyone seen the movie? in what i understand the movie on benghazi doesn't mention
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hillary clinton once. it's a mike baye movie. it will be interesting to see -- i think it's an amazing time to put it out there, by the would be disingenuous if they don't mention her name. >> they don't have benghazi in the title. when you are dealing with hillary running for president, people say on the bret baier show that hillary will get away with this and survive because bill did. but bill had the power of the office. he had the power of the inkusm ban i and -- of the incumbency. and bill was liked. she is not. charles: for iowa you can see hillary clinton at 48 and bernie sanders at 45:00. essentially a tie when you take the polling discrepancies.
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go ahead, katrina. >> the media covered for the clintons for a very long time. there is far greater media out there that will be willing to get out there and remind people of things they may not have heard the last go round. charles: we have a new fox news poll that asks, who is more responsible -- more respected oh women. or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone.
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>> this is about more than just business. this is about our values. our value system. how we want to live the next four to eight years. charles: donald trump attacking hillary clinton by going after her husband. but pollster frank luntz says he thinks that's a dangerous strategy. >> people want to know how you stand on the issues and trying
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to tie bill clinton into hillary, trump is doing weaker than any other candidate. you cannot win this elect without getting at least 45% of the female vote. charles: according to the latest fox news poll says hillary clinton -- bill clinton is more respectful of women than donald trump. you have been passionate about this. you talked about this over and over again for a long time. long before donald trump brought it up. you have got mixed feeling about how it's presented in the
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political arena. >> it can't just be that bill clinton is a bad guy. you have to look back at the way hillary treated these women who were accuse her husband of sexual assault. ' she called them names that i could not say on tv without getting suspended. we need to take a look at that. and put the focus on hillary and how she is relating to what happened. she played a direct active role. she did some things that makes me sick. it all makes me sick. charles: donald trump said he will be unrelenting with this, he will continue to pound away on it. some gop operatives think he's going down the wrong path. but donald we think will continue. >> you will recall this didn't come up until she called him a
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sexist. even saying that women who claimed to be raped should be heard and believed. she brought all these issues up which is why it's a topic of discussion. i don't care what gop people say at this point. they have done nothing but said negative things. when you are looking at who is being respectful or disrespectful to women, then you are probably not going to think much of trump. people probably don't remember what happened with bill clinton. we have a whole generation of people trying to figure out what this discussion is. but when the details come out now that never came out before, you will see a different picture. charles: what's the psychology behind more women finding bill clinton more respectful than women. >> i think katrina pointed to it exactly. people have short memories.
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but also, like katrina said, there are generations of people who don't know what happened. but if you ask them who's more trustworthy the numbers on hillary not being trustworthy are terrifying. donald trump hasn't even begun to campaign against hillary clinton. to date donald trump has never done anything that a pollster or consultant told him to do. he marches to the beast his own campaign drummer. and so far it served him very well. minute he starts to unleash on hillary she won't know what hit her. charles: the clintons have went in political arena a long time. but i was shocked at these results. >> i think we are going to see the tide shift quite a bit as donald trump continues on his path and starts to campaign as a
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general presidential campaign. let's remember that he is not focused on women yet. he's been very good to women as a businessman. when you look at policies, i think they will be more favorable as would any of the gop candidates than hoik. let's remember, there is good guys and nice guys. bill clinton may be a nice guy, donald trump is a good guy. charles: fox business, we have the next republican presidential debate. the candidates will be held at the north charleston performing arts center. thursday it remaining candidates will take center stage in south carolina. trish regan and sandra smith will be asking the questions. then at 9:00 p.m. maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will be hosting.
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charles: tensions rising in germany following a string of sexual assaults. it was revealed most of the suspects were asylum seekers. over the week nders anti-immigration protests took a violent turn. protesters clash with authorities, than were retaliatory assaults on immigrants. tammy, let me ask you this. angela merkel canceled a trip out of the country. she was adamant about taking in a million migrants last year. there are a lot of reasons for it whether you have say it's
6:27 pm
compassion or an economic issue. but she has been forced out to rethink this whole thing. >> politicians don't suggest things they don't have support for in general. so the european people thought this was a good idea. the germans did as well. but nobody talks about the truth of the matter about what's going on in the middle east, what the dynamic is. all of those conversations are forbidden. watch got is a cultural dynamic like the rapes in cologne. but assaults happened in every major city? germany. it brings to minds what happened in tahrir * square in cairo. and that has been imported. but because we are not allowed to speak about the truth, about the nature of what's occurring from this meltdown of the middle
6:28 pm
east, then we just pretend that it's not going to occur there. this is what we are seeing. this is the end result of it. of course, they lived in a fantasy world. now we have to face reality. charles: denmark and sweden went two different ways. denmark more conservative and sweden adopting some of those principles. last week you made a suggestion a brand-new policy that focuses on women and children as opposed to working able-bodied men who should be fighting for their country rather than seeking a welfare program. >> what we are seeing happen on the streets of germany is a glimpse that's a horror of the life of women in the middle east. many of these women are fleeing for legitimate reasons. but there is a difference between compassion and national
6:29 pm
security. in europe, germany in particular, being the ring leader, not even abiding by european union policy. they created these incentives to bring people in. there is little doubt with that much uncontrolled immigration you will have huge issues. charles: we talk about the vetting process. it's one thing to say i looked at the criminal record, i look at at all these things. how do you vet a culture that can be a danger to america. >> you can't. signs is on my side in this, charles. it's not just terror threat. i live in san diego. just from the illegal immigrants that come into san diego. we have infectious disease issues that we are dealing with that are swept under the rugby the media. i give you cuff doze for covering this issue.
6:30 pm
much of the media ignores these issues. even for the women and children, just because of the disease issues, why not help these people there? that's the part i don't get. why do they need to go anywhere? that makes no sense to me. charles: everyone is reef thinking their policies. philadelphia police probing a tip that a radical group of wants to harm all police officers. these reports suggest the threat to the philadelphia cops much longer than that sloan wolf attack. if the police are the targets, we know nobody is safe.
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charles: edward archer shot officer jess see hartnett and admitted edcommitted the fact name of islam. a woman approached a police officer on the street and alleged that archer had association with four individuals who are a threat to police and the threat is not over. officers have been instructed to remain with partners at all times until the threat is over. christopher, i was shocked that these guys are work alone to begin with. and i was not as shocked but certainly dismaid when the mayor
6:35 pm
temperatures knee jerk reaction was to defend islam. do you think this is a greater threat to police than something involving islamic radicals. >> there are terrorist organizations that want to terrorize civilian installations. the white house is the original target. they were looking to terrorize public. smaller cubes are look to terrorize the organization. the best case scenario he's work on his own, worst case scenario working with a larger group. in terms of the mayor, it doesn't help us to win this fight if we are not willing to rationally and honestly discuss
6:36 pm
the nature of the enemy me fight. all of my muslim friends are decent human beings. is laivments mean they want to replace islamists with jihadists. they have a critical mass and are able to conduct terrorist attacks on a regular basis. we have to deal with the reality as it is rather than the one we wish. >> this dismissal is not only insult be, it's orwellian. if you want to engage muslims to wake us up. it continues the denial prevents a strategy. charles: we'll find out what is going on in philadelphia. but there is no doubt about it.
6:37 pm
the knee jerk refusal to talk about what it is and the cover-up. the mayor of philadelphia saying it many not islam. i think it does a lot more harm than good. >> it sure does. where is the call-out to his officers as a hole other citizens and the community. he called out to the officers but he didn't call out to the police force. i find that shocking that he hasn't taken that step yet. he has taken a good step in reaching out to the islamic community. but some of the organizations he reached out to have anti-israeli sentiments and other actions that might make it hard to show he's bringing people together.
6:38 pm
charles: you can't deal with the larger threat unless you are willing to admit what the threat is. we have had this discussion. the problem is you have got a refusal. it's now a pathology in its refusal to look at reality. almost like i hate to say this, a cult-like response in that they won't see the reality because of the preferred narrative or because they are following the leased our president. charles: some people say it's all about politics. either way it's wrong and it's backfiring. we are just a few minutes away from the latest fox business network lineup. the plot is thickening. we'll be right back. feel a cold coming on?
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. charles: smoking in the boys
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room. 7 bags of weed. didn't get suspended. not in new york city.
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charles: a kid caught with 7 bags of marijuana got off scot-free. it's a violation that used to mean a criminal summons. but under a new program the kids get a warning card simply asking him to discuss the mat were his or her parents. several new york city teachers say the students know they can get away with practically anything. remember most parent can't discipline their kids any more either, particularly in new york city. there is another high school, a kid caught smoking marijuana,
6:44 pm
pot, in the restroom. just gets a warning card. do you think this is going to be a deterrent for these kids? >> of course not, charles. even the mayor making the statement that crime is down. crimes not down. crime is just being ignored. a teacher surveyed in that area. 81% of them said the problems in the classroom have gone way up. this is the agenda of -- you have to put the bus stopping where it is. and that's this administration. teachers unions have totally ignores the real plight of inner city children. >> you could argue this is racist. this is the kind of thing these kids are struggling and have odds against them. you going to tell me you are going to green light them
6:45 pm
getting high at school? somehow you think you are helping their future? >> i'm for legalization. if you get prosecuted at a young age it follows you all your life. but 7 bags of weed. 7. that's like a mini drug empire this kid is running. talk to your parent. maybe what's going on at home isn't so great, either. these kid aren't going have a chance because that's not what the real world is like and that's not where they are going after school. charles: we heard these excuses over and over again. it does not help these kid compete against rivals across town. and it doesn't help americans in general. you think about the global economy. it's a knowledge-based economy. you can't get high at 15 degree in school and think you can compete with the chinese kid. >> and the scientists there. you can be for legalization all
6:46 pm
day long. but it doesn't make it productive and i know this isn't what she meant. for those in the system that are pro legalization it doesn't make it okay to teach these kids lawlessness or doing anything to impair your brain when you are already disadvantaged. why would you do this to kid if you cared about them. those who say they care and they are condoning this behavior. 7 bags, the's insane. charles: i have some breaking news. the state department winds don't release of hillary clinton's official release of emails. judicial watch has gotten 20,000 pages released to huma abedin. many believe she has been a silent accomplice to a lot of things.
6:47 pm
we'll get more for you on that. there was a rape incident over the weekend involving teenagers in new york city and a couple of parents, others turned their sons in today. i think that's an amazing sign. >> a lot bert than the affluenza kid flying -- a lot better than the affluenza kid. for the record, i'm not saying kids -- kids should not smoke pot. charles: huma abedin, her emails will be revealed. david bowie was a financial pioneer. we'll tell you about it.
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charles: a tug-of-war. a rate hike in the first quarter looks farfetched. this doesn't address what the catalyst might be. the brakes could be in place for a moment. there is a camp look for more violent carnage in this market. for those of you who think the market is not in a true today it laying phase. less than 10 names in the new york stock exchange, the nasdaq less than 12. look at the new lows. after the bell alcoa.
6:52 pm
but zulu lemon and the burlington coat factory higher. take a look at lululemon and burlington. that's one of my mother's favorites. in the world of music mourning the loss of a legend. david bowie losing his life to cancer. in 1997 he sold $55 million of what was called bowie bonds and investors received a share of his albums in the future. it was an amazing thing. bowie used the money in part to buy some things from his former
6:53 pm
manager, out of contracts and things. we know it's big. we'll have to announce the candidates. you don't want to miss it. all the candidates going to be at the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center. announcement about 7 minutes away. ""lou dobbs tonight"." you have got trish regan and sandra smith. it's a huge week. all right here on fox business. with just a few minutes away from lou dobbs making that announcement in the next hour. we'll be right back as we come down to the wire. iowa right around the corner. who is your next president going to be? we'll know real soon.
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yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see
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away from the latest foxbusiness line of being announced. first was just a few weeks before the iowa caucus support for presidential candidates all over the place. no one's about 50 or 30 percent. but ted crews for the most part leading in iowa, new hampshire donald trump still dominating. you know, i think things are tight enough, particularly if you look at the bifurcation of the numbers, the next couple of debates really could shape the entire lesson. >> you will see a narrowing of the field. there will be seven contenders. it looks like carson, rubio.
6:58 pm
it will be absolutely fantastic, but after i -- after iowa you will see. you're pretty much done. charles: here is the thing, i look at the breakdown. if there was some sort of collusion particularly after iowa, christie,christie, rubio, bush, some of you drop out or at least two of you do we have a modified contender. >> i think -- charles: with the eagles be too big? >> it so far out of the hands of the establishment. however, i think it is a three legged race. at the debate thursday evening and certainly we will continue to see that.
6:59 pm
charles: a couple of people defected. the campaign spiraling completely out of control. polls over the last couple of years have been infamously wrong. if we are not what do you make of this debate, how important it is? >> i don't expect carly fiorino to be there. other people are going to have to realize this will start to whittle down. even as the establishment favorite student dropout, i don't know if that would make a huge difference. fewer people on stage perhaps trump will be delivering in a different way. it'llit will be interesting to see if mr. bush really
7:00 pm
cares. and plus a moderate. charles: really good. anyway, we have two of the best. right now you have the very best, lou dobbs at the announcement right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we now have the official lineup for the next two gop presidential debates. the debates take place later this week, thursday at the north charleston coliseum and the performing arts center in south carolina. the began it 7:00 p.m. eastern, the 2nd and nine. the candidates will be rand paul, carly fiorino, mike huckabee, rick santorum. in the 2nd debate the candidates on stage will be


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