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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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cares. and plus a moderate. charles: really good. anyway, we have two of the best. right now you have the very best, lou dobbs at the announcement right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we now have the official lineup for the next two gop presidential debates. the debates take place later this week, thursday at the north charleston coliseum and the performing arts center in south carolina. the began it 7:00 p.m. eastern, the 2nd and nine. the candidates will be rand paul, carly fiorino, mike huckabee, rick santorum. in the 2nd debate the candidates on stage will be
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donald trump, senator ted crews, senator marco rubio, doctor ben carson, governor chris christie, governor jeb bush, and for the 1st time state polling from iowa and new hampshire as well as national polling in the criteria to determine the debate lineup. the 2nd prime time debate and be sure to join us on the fox business network. the gop debates hosted by foxbusiness, broadcasting from south carolina along with my colleagues who will moderate the 1st debate. at nine our colleagues moderate the prime time debate. be suredebate. be sure to join us right here on the fox business network thursday evening for special coverage beginning at 5:00 o'clock eastern. now, where the candidates stand in the most recent polling. as of tonight donald trump
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continues to lead the republican field. the new quinnipiac poll out of iowa shows trump on top 31 percent. senator ted crews is close behind the 29 percent, senator marco rubio 3rd, 13 percent. donald trump's growing in drawing substantially. 32 percent support of six points from november. tied 14 percent support each, and the new arg new hampshire poll shows trump with 25 percent support and a commanding lead. tied for 2nd in the arq poll, both with 14 percent support. on the democratic side hillary clinton with her lead in iowa that has shrunk
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to three points over bernie sanders. and new hampshire sanders is ahead of clinton by four points among right-wing primary voters. tonight major developments that could affect hillary clinton's presidential aspirations, sources telling fox news that the fbi's expanding its investigation and the former secretary of state beyond her use of personal e-mail for government business. the fbi wants to know whether misses clinton's dealings while she was secretary of state violated public promotion laws. >> in a political season dominated by outsiders hillary clinton in iowa continued running a conventional insider campaign rolling out an endorsement from transportation secretary anthony fox. >> i feel really good about where we are, but i'm not taking anything for granted.
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>> no longer has that luxury putting both iowa and new hampshire up for grabs. >> two and a half million individual contributions from more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states of america. >> three weeks from the iowa caucuses, she leads sanders 48 percent to 45 percent, within the margin of error. the same poll and new hampshire shows and winning. they never name sanders. wrap her arms around president obama on the issue of giving gun manufacturers immunity. >> we were both in the senate and he voted no. senator sanders voted yes. that is a big difference between us.
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because i believe we have got to stand with president obama now. >> in an interview with fox the clinton team is still confident she has a firewall with southern states in march where her alliance with the president could help with african-american voters. today in the "washington post", if sanders did when iowa and new hampshire the momentum would become a total nightmare for clinton. another potential nightmare, the ongoing fbi investigation of her e-mail server. especially after sullivan was directed to send unsecured information. >> aren't you ordering him to violate the laws on handling classified material? >> not at all. and that did not happen and never would have happened because that is not the way i treat classified information.
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>> the fbi probe may be expanding to look at the intersection violating public corruption laws. moments ago she said that is an irresponsible claim with no basis and is simply not true but she added she has heard nothing of the fbi. >> thank you very much. potential legal troubles -- legal troubles for actor sean penn. penn interviewed joaquin l chappell guzman. he did not make an effort to contact a sort -- authorities afterwards. >> he is in custody, but getting into the us will be more difficult than anticipated. fighting extradition. under mexico's complicated
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legal system that means getting them into an american jail cell could take a year or more, and experts say time is not on their side. >> a guy who has always had a network biden paid for and a contingency plan. this is why extradition is important. >> now being held in the same prison he escaped from in july. another escape could endanger mexico's counter narcotics partnership with the us. >> the last time they tried to bring him to justice twice he escaped. >> meanwhile, we are learning more about sean penn's role. publishing surveillance photos of the academy award-winning actor reportedly taken by intelligence officials monitoring his meeting. some in hollywood criticized penn for fawning over a criminal. >> it is very personal. i would not like to meet a criminal. >> i'm sure he is pursuing
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something creatively. phone meeting with him would be valuable. >> the defense have three days to present their argument against extradition and 20 days to present supporting evidence. penn is not commenting on his meeting. in los angeles fox news. >> in philadelphia police are on edge patrolling in pairs after last thursday shooting of aa five-year veteran police officer. an anonymous woman later warned police that the gunman may be affiliated with the islamic state. part of a group consists of three others and that he is not the most radical of those four. the three remaining large. officer jesse hartnett is still in critical but stable condition in a local hospital. he is slowly improving. we are coming right back. we have much much more straightahead. stay with us.
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trump is back on top in iowa and a tight, tough race. >> he is the problem. >> i like and respect donald trump. lou: trump again centerstage in the thursday fox business network debate, and with us next monica crowley, ed rollins, michael goodwin. and lebron james dominates the basketball court, but sometimes his team is a little too eager to get him the ball. stunning video and more straightahead. stay with us. we are coming right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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♪ lou: joining me now, former reagan white house political director, pulitzer prize-winning columnist michael goodwin, washington times online editor, fox news contributor's and great contributor's and great to have you here. talk about the debate lineup. i want to show everyone what the lineup will be. 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. that 1st debate will be mike huckabee, rand paul, carly fiorini, rick santorum, the 2nd at 9:00 p.m. eastern, john "moneyline", chris christie,
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senator rubio, mr. trump, senator crews, doctor carson and former governor bush. that will be the lineup. >> first of all, the format is great. on the big stage. going to have a hard time, former iowa winners who are down. lou: as ed points out, mike huckabee won the previous two cycles in iowa which makes some question obviously the department nomination. some are questioning the power of iowa. senator rand paul has told cnn that he is not going to be in that 1st debate. we don't know what to make of it.
7:15 pm
what are you thinking? >> good riddance. >> i'm not a fan of rand paul. contrarian ideas about everything, and he has not impressed me as a presidential timber. there is no there there. >> he is actually threatened not to appear in an undercard debate. i'm not surprised he has said this. michael's point, he has run an incredibly embittered kind of campaign, and it feels like it is being dominated by happy warriors. you have people out there who are happy to be in this race, who look like they want to be there. >> i didn't no he was still in the race. at the end of the day command still has to get reelected in kentucky. you won't find any other audience that will be bigger
7:16 pm
and so it's foolish for him not to go. if i was his advisor i would say get your on the stage and perform well. >> center on the part of the senator. tried to step away. he just can't find anything. >> i think there have been rumblings as he was saying those things did not go well. certainly his standing has fallen. there is no enthusiasm, no kind of i stand with rand crowds anymore. >> a lot of enthusiasm surrounding particularly donald trump and now ted crews to a lesser extent. trump's numbers still remain commanding. >> and some of the latest polls, you see picking up
7:17 pm
percentage points which i don't think anyone expected, particularly in the state of iowa where you have the evangelical vote split among ted crews in particular and huckabee and santorum and others. ted crews is trying to mop up the residuals. >> donald trump can beat hillary. that is not a good argument. they can take that bottom tier. and then basically the three or four on the top stage really go at it. that's why this debate is so important. lou: look at iowa and you're looking at over 60 percent of the polls. outsiders or antiestablishment candidates. this looks like it is a convincing direction, the outcome we are looking at right now. let's turn to hillary clinton. i just learned that we have the senators, rand paul
7:18 pm
commenting on cnn if we could roll that. >> it is a rotten thing to do to try to designate which candidates have a chance and out. >> well, senator -- >> the 1st year campaign. >> reliable. a much stronger candidate. >> i think your eloquent. the american people make the decision. a third-party candidate that he attacked the party to
7:19 pm
minot, no basin the party. running for reelection as a senator. a tough go given her performance. >> very quickly, hillary clinton expanding investigation. many people are surprised here. public corruption was not already a consideration given all of the allegations around the clinton foundation. >> is not a lot of smoke there. an indictment. at the end of the day this thing is not going to go away. >> i agree with you. the public corruption is a stronger case against her. not a technical issue with all. the millions of dollars that the foundation got from people she met with an companies she advocated for
7:20 pm
speaking fees from some of those same companies. there is a real standup -- scandal. >> part of the investigation have been ongoing for quite a while. they are just hearing about it now. the other part of this is the co- mingling of classified material and in particular two of the highly problematic top-secret documents in question whether or not there were used as leverage. that is the ultimate bombshell. lou: decides what is or is not classified. someone might peek into that as well. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. do you believe the president will try to when the job of secretary-general of the united nations when he
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leaves the presidency? it may be the last time you get a vote on such an issue. follow me on twitter like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. everything found. basketball star lebron james probably a little annoyed tonight. warming up for a cavs 70 sixers game last night. everyone wants to be giving him an assist. straight to the head. is that you see is, everyone was relieved. up next, anext, a few thoughts on the state of the union under this president, and the search is on. a brazen thief who went to unspeakable links to steal a $200 python.
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lou: a few thoughts on the president's final state of the union. trying to prepare the nation for what be a different kind of obama speech. making the sunday talk show rounds. >> he will talk about the future, he will be optimistic. he wants to do is talk about the kind of country that he hopes will be present not just during the course of this year, but rather over the course of the next 20 years. lou: i think he had 7, one to go. the president in office 7 years, he will not be able to talk about his granda,
7:27 pm
ccomplishments. we will not be able to talk about national purpose he articulated for us all or unity he built around hissers and waysive -- persuasive leadership style, he will deliver more of a state of the citizenry. latest fox news poll shows that a majority of americans believe that administration has mostly failed on health care, the economy, country's image, and national security, transparency erase relations, immigration, and the islamic state, failed on almost everything that a president should succeed in doing much president's highest success rate on health care. only 41% of voters believe he is succeeded with obamacare. just over 11 million people have signed up for obamacare, but the rate of uninsured americans is unchanged in 2014.
7:28 pm
americans buying health insurance through federal and state exchanges will see their monthly premiums jump by more than 11% on average for so-called silver plans, higher than 7.5 increase highlighted by this administration, just two months ago, united healthy warning it may leave the exchanges because it is losing too much money, and obamacare does not work, that is why it sounds like our president has decided to spend a lot of him time tomorrow evening telling us what he thinks of us, what we should do, what he would like to us sound like. i had hoped that we would measure up on mr. obama's lofty expectations and direction. but then i'm sure the disappoinappointment is mutual.
7:29 pm
as we move on from this president to the next. as we recognize and rerecover from dale lure, and return to -- from failure, and return to to we building our great nation, johnny cash wrote, you build on failure, you use it as a stepping stone, close the door on the past, don't try to forget the mistakes but you don'te dwell on it don't let it have your energy, time or space, i would add, any more of those than we could help it has been a very long presidency. i can't wait to move on. still ahead, powerball jackpot $1.4 billion and climbing, it that game rigged? some say yes. we'll show you why, we're coming right back. >> next, see what a full on mexican marine raid look like as they capture car kel --
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cartel leader "el chapo," what about sean penn's role in it all, we take with up with our legal team, fbi arrested woman who pulled off a half dozen jewelry store heists across several states, she wishes she had worn a mask, "lou dobbs tonight" continues after these messages stay with us. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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drug king pin joaquin "el chapo" guzman's hid hideout, arrested after this happened. [ sound of gunfire ] lou: "el chapo" and one of his lieutenants tried to escape, they killed 5 of the drug king pin's men. right there in the house. he tried to escape through a tunnel, connected to the city sue system -- sue edge system but they were caught after
7:35 pm
being stopped by federal police, let me rephrase that. u.s. has been asked for him to be extradited, mexican government wants to get rid of him. to start sorting through this, two of the best attorneys in the business, lis wiehl, author of the soon to be released novel, "the newsmakers," we're joined by defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. let's start with -- that was amazing shoot emup. >> that was crazy but what is crazier that that we have "el chapo," ill idioto, and else dumb bo. sean penn, idiot, and the tella novella actress connects sean penn with the biggest fugitive of all-time.
7:36 pm
she connects them so sean penn can get media rights for his life, how about sean penn, calling fbi saying, i know where he is, how about they tweet each other for business financial gain. >> there is no good is sris >> he is now aiding and abetting an unknown fe felon, he is not a journalist. lou: i got a kick out of matt damon, talks about his creative impulses had to be flowing, does he face legal exposure. >> he does, if he is not a journalist he is then aiding and abetting. announce felon that is a felony in itself. >> yes, and a fugitive from
7:37 pm
justice, who every jurisdiction in the united states claims to have control over him. >> miami, chicago, new york. lou: admits he is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. >> i don't say admits, i say relishes, lik he is bragging. he is a big guy because he has killed, it is not a confession or an admission but he is bragging about it. >> he is so proud of his drug empire. lou: they were never able to get him to admit it before, perhaps sean penn would get an award. >> maybe then sean penn should have gone in with the fbi. lou: ask this way, if sean penn had been working with the fbi, do you think even he would be dumb enough to admit it?
7:38 pm
>> that is a good one, i don't know about that one. lou: turn to hillary clinton. investigation, fbi investigation widening to include public corruption because of the clinton initiative, clinton foundation. >> money going through that server or e-mail to her independent function, she is making money, this is a clear definition of 'you are a public figure, and you are offering people getting something for that offers money is put into your ark count and funneled to you that is a felony. >> we saw that with dean skelos in new york, the money came through based on your public persona. >> you think about correlation with general petraeus, what he did was wrong. he gave this information, but
7:39 pm
it was illegal, it was stupid but he was found to be illegal, he pled to it being illegal. lou: is clinton bad or worse than petraeus. >> certainly amount of e-mails, you know. that is way more than petraeus. >> information that should have been classified, she dictated this is classifies this is not, she should know better. especially when her husband of the president of the united states. states. lou: recommend prosecution? >> no, i don't think so. >> i don't think so either. >> i know. lou: i'm telling you. >> they will investigate. it political, the obama administration will have the justice department indict -- >> a democratic president with a democratic -- front runner.
7:40 pm
>> yeah. that is it. lou: you say -- >> i'm not saying legally. lou: you say public corruption covered a little bit. >> don't forget, investigations can go on for a long time, very long time. lou: none of us can forget, benghazi still goes ofor crying out loud. i want toed to ask you other questions we have used up all of time. >> so many questions. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: portland, oregon police searching for a thief who pulled off a heist. look at this, a man walked into a pet store, he tuck away a black pastel ball python, i don't know if it is pastel ball black or blackball python -- and way. the worse part he stuck the
7:41 pm
$200 snake down the front of pants, the thief awkwardly, we're told -- there is a brave fella. story owner said that the man is lucky it was not feeding day. the hunt is on as it were. a woman allegedly responsible for robbing 6 jewelry stores is behind bars, 2 24 year old was taken to custody, she robbed a number of jewelry store at gun point, and tied up bank employees on occasion, and she never tried -- she is pretty i would say productive there, kemp allegedly stole about $4 million in jewelry. never wore a mask. there was a play in the plan. up next, north korea claims it test the a hydrogen bomb, we
7:42 pm
still don't know the truth, united states responds by flying a 60-year-old bomber over south korea, we'll tell you how that worked. we'll tell you how many people tuned in to watch the global -- golden globes, ricky gervais trying to insult just about everybody he could take note of. >> i am going to be nice tonight, i've changed, not as much as bruce jenner. lou: we're coming right back. stay with us.
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ lou: joining us now former u.s. ambassador to united nations, john bolton, fox news contributor, and joining us, morgan ortegas. let's start with the overflight, john, in to over south korea. a 60-year-old b-52. overflight of south korea. because north korea is setting off what it claims is a hydrogen bomb that is more than 60-year-old technology, what is going on? >> i thought it was the strongest response to a foreign policy challenge in 7 years of this obama administration.
7:47 pm
from that point of view i give them a modest+. but what is dangerous they felt they have to do it, it was more of a signal to south korea than viewrth korea in my vie, to to say we have not forgotten you, this 7 years of inadequate attention to north korea. this is a very dangerous situation that this administration has all but ignored. lou: working hard to. to get 150 billion back in the hands ofs iranians. >> north korea and iran is the inabill febility of an adminisn to have cred bill tie, if ronald reagan was in office, he could fly a kite right now in north korea, they would be afraid, they know he means business. with iran this administration has tied compliance with the
7:48 pm
nuclear agreement, to releasing money to releasing sean sanctions they have carte blanche in middle east to engage in a lot of activity that is harmful. lou: is it your judgment that anybody can stop president obama from ending sanctions and putting $150 billion in the hands of the iranians. >> that is a testif tough quese has gotten this signed without the senate, unfortunately, i think you will see for the year, you will see a number of regulations, including the iran deal from this dodge obama administration he will be allowed to imminent flew executive order. >> this is madness. lou: he refuses to acknowledge you to use the word treaty. the ayatollah khamenei, you go
7:49 pm
through the list, they are proud, kerry, they are proud there is no signature on the treaty, no paper for crying out loud. >> this is baked in the cake, so-called. -- implementation day for the agreement will be soon, assets will be unfrozen, european business people will form lines outside of doors of iranian government ministries they understand this in white house and tehran, saying trying to make it impossible for a new administration to undo the damage that is being done, it will be hard, iran has a clear path to theuk nuclear weapons, by the way this test by north korea raises the question how many cooperation there is between iran and north korea on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. lou: the fact is that united
7:50 pm
states had time to know what is going on. if we don't know, if is on us. second there is no more pretends. either the republican party wants to constrain the power of imperial presidency, under mr. obama, and the republicans have to decide whether they will have the guts to constrain this president and his irrational acts and at the same time reduce, make considerably less expansive the powers of presidency were a republican. i don't think even the republican leadership at-this-point is prepared to show to courage and that principle when is a damn shame, ambassador bolton, and morgan thank you. >> thank you. lou: ratings are in, ricky gervais as return of host of golden globes pulled in 18
7:51 pm
million viewers, down a million from last year's telecast, that featured hosts tina pay and amy puller. renreceived honors fo for the -- "the revenant" and the martian, powerball officials raising jackpot, they say $1.4 billion. 6 months ago they raised the odds of winning, next drawing is wednesday, good luck. >> up next hillary clinton's lead in iowa narrows with just 3 weeks to go until the caucuses, david bossy will join us to talk 'what is next.
7:52 pm
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. of citizens united, nationalt conservative leader david bossy. let's start with public corruption charges, standing clinton investigation guy the fbi. i know your organization filed
7:56 pm
a lawsuit seeking e-mails among top clinton officials, state department officials, the foundation folks. to see what is going on. tell us where that will lead in your judgment. >> we've been filing these suits for almost last two years, that is one reason that we have been the only reason that public that american people know anything about these cases. we continue to file cases. we learned from the prior cases, today we filed a suit against state department for hillary's closest confidants, on point of what going on today. lou: on point, the fbi widening the probe we're told by catherine herridge, that probe has been going on for some time. but we just learned about it today. the widening to include public corruption issues.
7:57 pm
where do you think it will lead? what do you thinking be found. >> it is what we been focused on for last 9 month, the public corruption aspect, donors and hillary clinton, and bill clinton foundation, and access, what they have been able to do for those donors. i think that is where this turned. the intelligence failures at server is huge a huge legal problem for hillary clinton, she has serious problem. look, joe is a serious former u.s. attorney, making the statements that she will be indicted. i think i agree with him. lou: at-this-point, that will require some political forfeiture on the part of obama justice department, that is arguably the most politicized -- >> sinces clinton justice department in the 90s, you know. the fbi is working, i hear up
7:58 pm
to 150 agents, i hear there will be a revolt, inside of the fbi if there are no charges brought against hillary clinton. lou: you think that david petraeus would lead that revolt, because of what he has gone through. turn to politics, that is this primary, donald trump again commanding leads in polls, again emerging with a couple of points lead over cruz this inn iowa. your thoughts? >> you know, i think that christie, bush, rubio, kasich, they are all killing each other tip, only strengthening donald trump, their attacks on trump and cruz strong en them, one of those 2 will be the nominee, i am excited and grateful, this is the destruction of the establishment of the republican party that we've long needed. lou: of the republican party,
7:59 pm
but in hand with that, establishment of the country right now, which is quite used to being the dominant force in both parties. >> if i could make a point. on early presidential primaries. it is down ballots, trump and cruz effect, richard shelby, u.s. senator from alabama, will a navy captain running against him jonathan mcconnell. 75% of alabama voters will be for cruz or trump or carson. >> all right david bossy thank you. >> thank you. lou: good luck, 84% of you say that obama administration has the responsibility to immediately complete a screening of all refugees from middle east and north africa who have been brought in. period.
8:00 pm
that is it for us. tomorrow congressman jim jordan, good night from new york. ♪ >> hello you, welcome to it. open arms, i am watching fallout from sean penn's meandering article o on the capture of "el chapo," i thought no one at "rolling stone" was fired after the uvarape i did balk el but i -- debacle but i guess i was wrong since no one was there to. >> if i am here, and you are here does it make it our time? >> yes, sean you waste our


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