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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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tomorrow congressman jim jordan, good night from new york. ♪ >> hello you, welcome to it. open arms, i am watching fallout from sean penn's meandering article o on the capture of "el chapo," i thought no one at "rolling stone" was fired after the uvarape i did balk el but i -- debacle but i guess i was wrong since no one was there to. >> if i am here, and you are here does it make it our time? >> yes, sean you waste our time, mine and yours, and "el
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chapos" that is telenovella actress issue that got it started. i would hope he would add to the discussion on war on drugs and broaden our horizons like he did with international fares during the iraq war. >> let's see how jim jong-il's panthers -- >> he loves his tyrants, just a lot of wordy preening there. penn solidifies himself as the dennis rodman of journalism. let me know. >> they just are the same person, rolling stone agreed to give "el chapo" final approval
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of the piece before it went to print, why did they agree? the drug war is defined in bodies and costs, penn sort of trying to make that valid point, it is time to end pro prohibition in this country. it is this faulty logic on which sean penn rests his moral equivalents. look out sean, montezuma has nothing on the revenge that "el chapo" has planned for you. >> on the show, hillary clinton has big problem in iowa, new hampshire and with the fbi. and billionaire politician
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michael bloomberg is considering making a run for 2016 as an independent. i am glad you are down for show issue come on in i am kennedy. >> because the news just has not been weird enough. jeff spikoli playing journalist for a few days, and interviews "el chapo." let's ask party panel, joanne from red eye. and. also michael malice author of dear reader. with north korean expertise. and dagen mcdowell from fox business network. welcome to you.
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>> yea, hey, girl, sean penn admitting in first 14 paragraphs that is a tech dolt, he does not even know if they make laptops any more. maybe that is why he was so easy to track, do you think that the drug lord will have revenge. >> we can hope, that is about as far as i got into article, i think any grown man when writing an essay who uses word abuzz in first couple of perhaps, i was reading it thinking, this me trying to imitate hunter thompson when i was 15. the -- he writes the most hideous pros that i have ever read, i could not get to point, he could call himself a
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journalist. i don't have a problem with what he did as much as he is not a journalist. execusion of it, heit. agreed to give "el chapo" the last approval. >> he could not remember the quotes, he gave him softball questions for which there was no follow-up, he e-mailed him some questions said go. do you think that the fbi and mexico an authorities tracked him. >> sean penn is a dorky person that uses facebook to check in where they are going on their trip, so their friends can think they are cool, i am sure that is what he did, maybe he should get credit for bringing warlord to justice. >> no way? >> he is learning disabled. >> not a smart person.
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i am sam is a closer portrayal. >> i said someone gave high a hard time about this at least he knows two syllable words, we know that about sean penn. >> or you know. puts in you know something. >> should sean penn be punished. >> for many reasons, i don't know how he would not be, if you know someone is a criminal, and being pursued by law enforcement, how could you be aid or hiding them. >> like hillary in that too, i look forward to reading more about the background. >> i think he has legal coff there. but, i think that the non-- extra legal cover he will need from "el chapo," even as a rich fancy pants millionaire actor, i think you will find him in haiti. >> i don't have a problem with a journalist pursuing somebody
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to to an interview, john oliver interviewed edward snowden. >> sean penn citize. >> so true, he is such an arousal for these latin american dictators. all right, ted cruz and donald trump neck-and-neck in iowa, just 3 weeks until the caucus, days here before the huge fbn --ate, a quentin tarantino "quinnipiac poll" haze trump up at. donald trump hounding cruz on >> i don't think. i really don't know it depends, does natural born mean born in the land?
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meaning born on the land? in that case he is not, but nobody knows what it means. >> it means being born in a cornfields. will this affect iowa voters? >> i don't think so. because, cruz is doing so well in iowa. i don't know it would really sway opinion but i do think that trump will going to win iowa, there are a lot of first time voters, i think they will come out and vote for trump. >> you bought a url with this in mind. >> i own ted cruz for prime, if he wants he can go to where he came from in canada, and i was always raised, if you were not born in america you cannot be president, i stand by that. >> you know, and i thought that this might be a trial balloon for a vice presidential candidate for trump, but, if he makes case he can't be president then he can't be vice president. >> this shows that donald trump has turned into a brilliant
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politician, it hey have been inside the entire time but quietly dropping word canada or canuck and plants doubts, people are saying, i don't know. it could drag -- in the court for a while? >> i'm not a lawyer but i say maybe if i were ted i would go in front of a judge get a declaration. >> but your mom planting seeds of bought about the dudes you bring home, i don't know, i have seen him with a lot of girls. myi brought ted cruz home and mom said muy malo. the panel returns, hillary clinton a worse nightmare starting to
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kennedy: sanders is beats hillary, 50 to 37%. what happens if bernie wins first two states? we ask the party panel. how closer bernie and hillary clinton? >> last time we had a couple of old white -- while white people they called it cocoon. this does not matter. the establishment makes sure she gets nominated. but two things. kennedy: in just a little bit we'll talk with an attorney about the fbi trouble she has looming there is a new fork in the road.
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and bernie, when bernie sanders seems like a good alternative, i think your candidate is hosed. >> i don't know, i think that trump's attacks on her, are maybe affecting her or just bernie sanders, people are more vocal at the moment. more push, however she is still a woman, she is a white male socialist, a woman is more progressive and will get the nomination in my opinion. kennedy: when democrats have been polled they say 56% of bernie sanders supporters, yeah, well, we'll support hillary, and 79% of her supporters are yeah we'll support bernie if he is nominee, that could be bad news, but what happens if bernie wins early states. >> it will put a stink on her campaign like in 2008, they are afraid of that. i cannot separate like in
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cocoon? actually getting it on, i am like there is little daylight between sanders and clinton. hillary clinton, when asked, what the difference between socialism and democrat was she was all well, well. >> i will tell you what i am, i am a lady with lady parts and lady feelings, and i feel that ladies should turn out to vote for me. >> maybe she could draw some votes. kardashian, clinton. clinton with a k separates her from bill. kim and khloe, like all the kardashians. >> we don't have close races. trump has 40%.
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the next four people combined don't have 40%. i don't think it's close in the democratic side either. kennedy: on the republican side i think ted cruz if he plays it right could use momentum. it will take a lot of work for him. it's not a foregone conclusion that trump will implode. either he has an entire silent majority who will vote for him or there is a good chance. the establishment hates cruz more than trump, i think. kennedy: everyone who knows ted cruz dislikes ted cruz. i don't know why that is. i never met the guy. would i let him babysit my cat? no, because i would never own a cat. you know who else has a good reputation, my party panel. and they are returning to talk about billionaire michael
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kennedy: more trouble in hillaryland. a recently released email shows clinton showing a maid how to send a fax over a nonsecure system. the f.b.i. has expands their investigation of hillary clinton's emails with an intersection between the clinton
8:21 pm
foundation and the state department which could violate election laws. arthur aidala. >> now they are investigating and there is some teeth to this. while she was secretary of state, certain contracts were given out, and the people who got those contracts made some huge donation to the clinton foundation. any indication there this is a quid pro quo for the first time. the criminal defense attorney lives in this world? i'm thinking it's in the realm of possibility. the united states southern general loretta lynch sits down with the president of the united states and says i know this is insane, but we really may have the leading in the presidential contendser having committed a real federal crime regarding public corruption. if you go on the f.b.i. website
8:22 pm
their number one agenda item right now is public corruption. kennedy: if you are her defense attorney giving her crown counsel throughout these dramas that have been stirred up throughout her career. what makes you gulp the more? is it the intersection or the email server hiding confidential missies. >> i think the president of the united states and everyone else involved, they figured out a way to get over the email server stuff. that kind of peaked and it has gone away. this, there is as pattern. if there is a clear pattern. it happened three times and i went to the defense attorney and received they are just showing how grateful they are. they gave it to the 501c3 to help children with aids in africa. but it's happening time after time.
8:23 pm
kennedy: at some points it can't be a coincidence if people are given favor when it comes to a contract. >> is it a month later or year later? obviously the patraeus case is kind of a precedence-setting case for this as well. i was one of these people who thought the story was over. kennedy: maybe it fizzled. >> i'll go with the fizzled. kennedy: i don't think justice should be based on public opinion. as an attorney you must feel the same way, that just because people lost their appetite for corruption doesn't make the actions any less corrupt. there are a lot of people who dispiedespice her politically. but you are talking about the f.b.i., this is a non-political body. what do you think the threshold is for them? >> from what i have read, they
8:24 pm
were disappointed with what happened to petraeus. they thought the amount of classified documents he gave to his mistress and he only got a misdemeanor, and he lied to the f.b.i. if you lie to the f.b.i., it's like martha stewart. almost everyone goes to jail if you blatantly lie to the fine. can i rationalize it. petraeus basically saved america for a period of time. if there is anyone who deserves consideration he may be the guy. but the f.b.i. agents who worked on the case were disappointed that's all that happened. now they are looking at is that all that's going to happen to hillary? as of now she is the frontrunner to be the president of the united states. even a grand jury investigation has been opened, that changes the whole thing. kennedy: we are so close, the early primary states. >> you can see michael bloomberg
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things happening. kennedy: you can see bernie sanders things happening. people are getting nervous. the timing of this is horrible and we'll see how much of this bears fruit. arthur aidala, you are the and the of my eye. arthur a day keeps the doctor away. what would you spend a billion dollar powerball on. if trucks is your cancer we have the story for you. the field goal that sent shock waves around the world. i'll explain in the "topical storm" which is next. seven peo. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here.
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kennedy: consider this your powerball of news. when it comes to delightful stories you are always a power ball winner. speaking of the billion-plus
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jackpot, a local reporter in nevada had the questionable sense to ask people what they would do with all that powerball money. ask and you shall receive. >> can i ask you if you won all the moanty, what would you do with it? >> a bunch of here and cocaine. >> we were hoping for a different answer. >> what answer were you hoping for? that this guy was going to single handedly nurse orphans back to health. no, he wants to party with sean penn and honest i. and photogenickity. genic-ity, i made up that word, i think. el nino recently kicked up a
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instagram on kennedynation. donald trump says hillary clinton is an enabler to bill. but she has nasty habits and so does he. the hillary firing back at the donald.
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[♪] kennedy: donald trump is dredging up bill clinton's
8:38 pm
sexcappades. here is trump on "fox news sunday." >> she is not a victim she is an even abler. she worked with him. some of the women have been totally destroyed. some of these women have been destroyed and hillary worked with him. kennedy: maybe i believe that, power hungry for decades back. here is what hillary has to say. >> if he wants to even gang in personal attacks from the past, that's his prerogative. they can say whatever they want. more power to them. i think it's a dead end blind alley but let them go. kennedy: . my panel is next. who wins in this enabler versus victim war? >> he's taking it a little bit
8:39 pm
further and it could be fairly effective because he's making her culpable and guilty as part of the treatment of women by bill clinton. i still think if she plays her cards right, she comes across as the victim. i'm not sure it will hurt her in the way trump probably hopes. >> i actually agree with you there. the thing that's always cure was that you pointed out is that hillary clinton uses this mind trick, something called the jedi find trick when she tells people when a story is done. and it's time to move on. it's old hat. >> the idea that hillary is a jedi. she is a calamity as i have been telling you for two years on this show. kennedy: is she even on the
8:40 pm
force? >> for decade the clinton techniques have been to say we talked about it already. was created for that. kennedy: what does that say about where we are with the 90s? >> he hasn't gone the a majority in 2008 and his political skills have not gotten better. kennedy: enabler or victim. >> she is the one in the relationship with all the control. even control over trump i think. and he recognizes that because people love bill clinton for the most part. but trump is right when says if he's campaigning for you web's
8:41 pm
fair game. i think more people should bring up the fact that bill has a sordid past. >> they have a right to bring it up because it's her number one surrogate and her reaction to it. when she is making the war on women the centerpiece of her campaign it's better to ask how to respond to these women who were potentially victimized. >> he was a perjurer. he was a felon. he was impeached because he lied under oath. kennedy: you know who hasn't forgotten how much he wants to be president. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is warming to the idea and he reportedly commissioned a poll to see how he would fare as a candidate against donald trump or hillary
8:42 pm
clinton. but he did not release the results today. >> i look at michael bloomberg and jeb bush is like space mountain in terms of the energy level and excitement. he just doesn't -- he was a great mayor, but a lot of people had it him for what he tried to do in terms of quality of life stuff. the eating and giant sodas. he just doesn't have the personality to punk much through. kennedy: he doesn't. >> i'm not sure, maybe clinton because of his progressive social views. but do we need another rich white man? i don't think sokennedy: million men have back hair and spend money to prune it. but one man hit the streets to
8:43 pm
see what people think about back hair art. reporter: a gentleman in idaho has a calendar of artwork that's been shaved into his back hair. >> it many brilliant. >> backpack made entirely of back hair. >> is he owning the fact he has an arrow on his back? that's sexy. reporter: tell me if you love body hair on men. >> i like body hair on men. reporter: some people are spending a lot of money and a lot of time removing their body hair. >> look at me, who cares.
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>> there is a reason you are single. >> wax on, wax off. >> you don't need to look like little boys. hair is okay on your body. kennedy: you always said you haven't lived until you had back hair stuck in your teeth. >> you have not lived until you dated somebody who had so much harrison your shoulders it looks like epaulets. i dmaitd my life the hairiest men walking on planet earth. kennedy: on purpose? >> no, i don't know what it is. and you know what? just own it if you have got a lot of hair. kennedy: the question is how sexy is it. >> a man who appreciates art is
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very sexy. but you are not supposed to get rid of it all. the hormones in the sweat is how people are attracted to each other. the male scent gets trapped in there. kennedy: michael, any comment? you are a hairy fella. >> i was part of a debate and i got my share cut and it got in the way. kennedy: he's nice and warm base has a human sweater of man hair. thank you so as much for being here. you have just made my monday dreams come true. netflix has left out interesting points in its movie.
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual iurance. kennedy: america is binging on the netflix docu-series "making of a murder." the series has led to 300,000 people signing petition for his pardoning. but what details has the series left out? welcome to the show, laura. i'm so interested in this case.
8:50 pm
especially from your perspective. clearly we are guesting a certain snippet of it through the docu-series. but when you went to wisconsin and covered the case in 2007 what did you find? >> i found a lot of hatred for steven avery and the whole family necessity live on the edge of a salvage yard. this is where the crime occurred. this is where prosecutors and the police say the crime occurred. when we went there in early 2007e was just about to go on trial. we drove down a long path. one of the things that struck me is just being on the property, thinking about what happened to teresa hall on this yard. thinking about how far off the beaten path, and if somebody were to scream you wouldn't hear it. i spoke to steven avery's mother and niece in the garage where part of the crime scene is
8:51 pm
alleged to have happened. they contend he was framed and he's innocent. i also talked to teresa's brother in 2007. he said it's unfortunate what happened to steven air river when he was spending 18 years in prison but we have to remember who the victim is, my sister. so back then in 2007 you have got really the sense being in this area, you could cut the anger with a knife. now you have got people who watched this series say let him out. kennedy: where was the anger coming from? some people were upset he spent 18 years wrongfully accused and convicted of rape in prison. but he did have a criminal history. what were they so upset about? reporter: they felt duped. you couldn't go into a diner or coffee shop. you just mention the name avery.
8:52 pm
you say have you seen "making a murderer "? he had just been let out and had a few days of freedom. he was let go because of dna evidence that cleared him. they felt like here we gave him a chance and this is what happened. kennedy: he abused our trust and goodwill. a lot of attention with the sheriff's department. it seems easy to make the case he was at least in part set up by them. i know you can't rush to judgment here. but also what about the fact that perhaps he was set up a little bit. perhaps they did plant evidence and he's guilty of murder. reporter: geraldo made the point sometimes a guilty person can be set up. just because there was a purported planted evidence by the police, it doesn't mean that there wasn't that and the guilt
8:53 pm
thing going on at the same time. we have seen it before in many famous cases. when you watch this docu-series, a lot of people say it was told from the perspective of the defense and it was. because that's who the film makers had access to. but going over the evidence, there is a lot of stuff. there is a key that's found. teresa's car key was found in steven avery's trailer. after multiple searches. ed the sheriff's department shows you have and all of a sudden the key is there and it wasn't there on previous searches. why did it turn up with only steven avery's dna and not hers. kennedy: what do you think is going to happen? do you think social media mob mentality is going to win the day? do you see hip being exonerated?
8:54 pm
reporter: everybody is asking for the president to offer a pardon. he can't, it's not a federal case. the only thing that can happen now for steven avery is there is new evidence. one of the things when we are watching this show "making a murderer." the first type he was convicted they had his blood. in this case they go back to look at the old dna evidence because his blood is in teresa's car. where did all this blood come from. go back to the original crime, look at the blood and see if it has been tampered with. if there is new evidence that can be pulled from that he may have a chance. but all of his appeals are over. kennedy: one of my favorites from kfi. david bowie is singing for the
8:55 pm
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kennedy: it is impossible to quantify the influence of someone like david bowie, whether it's music, arting with culture, film. he was a boundary pusher who deeply affected probably some of your favorite musicians and the songs that powered out of them. they were touched and changed and inspired by david bowie, knowing they would be pale imitations of that trailblazer. >> this is about procreation.
8:59 pm
i do it all the type. anything -- >> you can you be with everything that's come out. lenny kravitz. kennedy: of course nirvana paid whom and to bowie. in their famous unplugged performance in new york city. [♪] kennedy: don't try to make sense of the tragedy or quantify what it might mean. just play some music through headphones and live in a moment of pure genius. you can follow me on twitter and
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facebook, email have a beautiful night. i'll see you in two days. still love you bye. ♪ >> in a wild west ghost town... a teenager stumbles upon a dilapidated gold mine... and its owner. >> she had a "no trespassing" sign at the gate. >> does she say, "i'm calling the cops," or does she pull an "annie get your gun"? >> it's the start of an uncommon relationship. >> i'm thinking, "you're a smooth operator." >> no, it was just the history i was interested in. >> next thing her family knows, the guy's getting their strange inheritance. >> i said, "i certainly hope you're on the up-and-up." >> but is this old mine spent? >> ruth, i got a lot of respect for you now. >> or could it still make him rich? >> there's still gold here. >> this is by far the hottest result that i've ever worked with. >> holy christmas.


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